relentless - weekend at David's

Weekend at David’s. Relentless attacks – on Jews, Zionism and Israel

The current attacks on Jewish people, Zionism and Israel are relentless. Zoom provides a cheap and easy option to hold an endless stream of events and anti-Israel activists are making the most of it. This is the story of my weekend:

Weekend – Friday night starter

On Friday night, just before I sat down to eat dinner and welcome the Shabbat with my family, I sat through a David Miller support event. There is no rational reason for supporting Miller – the professor clearly overstepped the mark in his comments on Bristol’s Jewish students. If instead of Jews, he had attacked members of the black community or British Muslim students in a similar fashion – he’d have been fired the same day. We all know this is true, but because Miller attacked Jews – he didn’t just avoid sanction – he has a support network.

The organising group for Friday’s event was ‘Labour Campaign for Free Speech‘, which like ‘Labour Against the Witchhunt’ appears to be just groups of people who want to freely attack Jews with impunity and are annoyed that currently there seems to be a price to pay for doing so.

The event was mainly attended by ‘suspended’ or expelled Labour Party members and their friends. People who in many cases were caught sharing antisemitic posts or commentary – and want to blame the ‘bad Jews’ for the situation they find themselves in.  Attendees included well-known Labour antisemitism figures such as Tina Werkmann, Moshe Machover and Jonathan Rosenhead. Approximately 150 people attended in total.

Labour Free Speech - toxic

The list is long. Other familiar faces included antisemitic conspiracy theorist Tony Gratrex of Palestine Live fame – and long time anti-Israel activist Tony Greenstein. It was Tony Greenstein who made the message stream the most colourful with his talk about CST and their ‘strong connections’ to the Mossad:

The speakers told the usual lies about the IHRA, spread disinformation about Labour’s antisemitism – and some made the most outrageous of remarks. The truly frightening thought is that some of these people used to be Councillors or hold posts in their local constituency party. One of them stood to be Treasurer of the Labour Party in the 2020 NEC Elections.

Steven Burgess (Labour Left Alliance Manchester) went on some absurd rant about how the IHRA doesn’t explicitly find Adolf Hitler guilty of antisemitism. Does all this actually make sense to him in his head? These people have lost themselves completely in a conspiratorial, nonsensical mess. I felt a high sigh of relief when the event eventually finished. This sewer is toxic.

Relentless – Saturday relaxation

Saturday was a day spent crunching the 200+ names on the published academic letter of support for David Miller. I had to make sure that all of the names included have been captured by my wider research into academic antisemitism.

There were few surprises in the letter. Even convicted IRA terrorists such as Feilim O’Hadhmaill made sure David Miller knew they were behind him. Chomsky, Pappe, Norman Finkelstein, Bazian, Pilger, Butler, Bresheeth – all the usual names appear along with some we are not so familiar with. Originally, there were claims that some of the names were there without consent – the list disappeared – and returned with some names edited out. Jonathan Hoffman spent much of his weekend – going through the latest list – and published a blog on what he found.

Antisemitism aside – what I find amusing is the duplicity and hypocrisy of some of those who signed the support for Miller. They are arguing in this case that academic freedom is paramount – and no matter what – should never be infringed.

Unless of course, you are an Israeli academic. Because many of these names are also on endless letters and petitions calling for an academic boycott of Israel. It seems their belief in total academic freedom doesn’t stretch as far as their antisemitism.

Ismail Patel is even on the list. Chair of Friends of Al Aqsa and supporter of terrorists. Academic freedom? This man supports blasphemy laws and has written that adultery is a crime worthy of a death sentence! Do they not understand how ridiculous this is? Ismail Patel doesn’t support academic freedom – he is demanding the right to be racist against Jews.

Relentless – Sunday fun

Sunday afternoon there was an anti-Israel event about British volunteers in the Israeli army. Because these haters think that Israel is a rogue terrorist state – they believe that British people who volunteer for the IDF – are the same (or even a lesser evil ) as British radical Islamist extremists who went to fight for ISIS. I took this one a little personally, seeing as my daughter is currently serving in the Israeli army as part of a lone soldiers program.

The speakers were Haim Bresheeth, Tom Suarez and Wafa AlUdaini. The Chair was Mick Napier. The event was organised by –

These type of events are my home turf. Napier, Chair of the SPSC opens the event, Bresheeth (JNP) speaks first, then Al-Udaini (a ‘Journalist’ from Gaza), followed finally by Tom Suarez. It only lasts one hour but not a single minute passes without major lies being told to the audience. It was relentless.

Napier SPSC relentless

The modern focus was on lone soldier Lian Harush, who successfully thwarted an attack by a terrorist before her commander neutralised him. Of course, at this event, all the context is removed – and all the viewers are told is that Harush assisted in ‘murdering’ a 17-year-old boy. Lies, lies, lies.

These people just do not know how to tell the truth. Every quote is mangled, every fact distorted. When they try to recount historic events, it is *at best* nothing more than cherry-picked half-truths. Suarez once wrote a book on the history of the British Mandate that was little more than a web of antisemitic lies with punctuation.

After a while, it becomes clear that none of the speakers is actually knowledgable about the current Israeli army volunteer programs at all. The entire event is a mess, with speakers who only turned up because they want to suggest that a British Jewish volunteer in the Israeli army is worse than a radical Islamist heading off to fight for ISIS. And of course, they want to continually draw parallels between Israel and Nazi Germany. Totally incoherent, antisemitic, bunkum.

The Hamas connection

The one speaker who warrants special mention is Wafa Al Udaini. I have come across Al Udaini before and she is clearly linked to Hamas. Her tweets are full of praise and propaganda for the terrorist group:

Al-Udaini opened a new FB profile in 2019, so we cannot tell what was in her older account. In 2019, she was leading a propaganda effort to interfere in the UK election. Al Udaini was the admin for the FB group of KhamakarPress. Al-Udaini is also connected to the 16th October group. Both these propaganda outfits are tied into the Althora Foreign Media outlet – which again has Al-Udaini as a senior figure. The main website was run by Hoda Naem – a Hamas MP. Wafa Al-Udaini is clearly a Hamas propaganda mouthpiece.

During the 2019 election, Khamakar Press would give orders to online propaganda agents to either attack those against Jeremy Corbyn or defend those defending him. The online response was relentless and overwhelming. There is an army of online trolls at their disposal.

‘Coincidentally’, AL-Udaini is often the first person in Gaza to spread propaganda photos after an Israeli retaliatory strike. Always the first on the scene. This person is in the pocket of the radical Islamic terror group Hamas. This is probably why the Islamists of the IHRC and their friends like her so much.

The event finished without audience questions being tabled at all. The two platforms – YouTube and Facebook only managed to draw a total audience of 60 combined. That’s the draw from the IHRC, SPSC, JNP and Inminds. A truly pathetic turnout. It seems – that even in the extremes – these people are now a step too far for most. It does show that the intense campaign to expose the toxic truth about them, is having an effect.

That was my weekend. Now I am ready for the relentless stream of toxic events this new week will bring.



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182 thoughts on “Weekend at David’s. Relentless attacks – on Jews, Zionism and Israel

  1. Thanks for all the effort you put in David. It takes a strong constitution to endure their vitriol.

    And as you have highlighted time and again, it’s a small number of very vocal activists that create a noise far greater their total

  2. Your efforts are terrific David. It must be a welcome relief to occasionally pop in here away from the real activists, where the opposition is of a more gentle and unthreatening nature.

    1. David has provided a nice picture of kowtowing Dick Napier of the SNP Scottish Nazi Party and

      Wafa Aludaini of Gaza modeling the latest in

      Subservient REGRESSIVE Female Slave Fashion.

      How many British women would like to be part of that – especially the FGM part?

    1. Bellers and I have become mates, Richard. I think he’s making his peace with me and the Zios before he croaks it. Have you not spotted the gentler, kinder approach to his provocations?

  3. This small group of hate warriors and their supporters distort the truth to perpetuate Jew hate and spread lies about Israel. Their ignorance knows no boundaries. If only they would challenge their prejudices to realise it’s much of the Arab world which brings terror and suffering to its own people.

  4. It’s important that anyone, out of curiosity who reads this blog, understands that the rants by David Collier and the attacks upon people such as Professor David Miller have zero to do with antiSemitism. They are solely to do with attempting to protect the racist State of Israel which by violence and force, is continuing its occupation of Palestinian homes and land. This is not about attacking Jews or Judaism, as Collier attempts to make it, many thousands of Jews also object to the Zionist colonisation of Palestine. David Miller is merely one of dozens of acedemics, many of them Jewish, who deplore the Zionist project to dispossess Palestinians of their homeland. Zionism is racism which should be deplored by all fair minded people.

      1. Speaking of Apartheid…

        How many Jews LIVE in Gaza???

        How many anti-Zionist Jews LIVE in Gaza???

          1. They withdrew, which is quite different. How many Jews live under the PA? Abbas has said he won’t have a one of them living in any Palestinian state (which has been rejected 8 times, so no fear of that happening soon.) Now, that is apartheid. Oh, look at all those Arabs living happily in Israel!

            1. The settler Jews didn’t withdraw. IDF threw them out.Despite some violent reluctance they weren’t shot.

              Those happy Arabs were already there when your Jewish immigrants arrived.

              Given how kept Israel currently is, they benefit from the world’s charity. Meanwhile Israel keeps the Palestinian economies at subsistence level, grinding them into the dust.

              Vile Israel.

              1. > Israel keeps the Palestinian economies at subsistence level, grinding them into the dust.

                LOL!! What can we expect from a LYING SHARMUTA.

                Show us the “tattered canvas tents’ and “ragged clothing” in Gaza. LOL! There ain’t any such thing.

                Google Gaza City Images

                I’ll make it easy for a VILE LYING SHARMUTA like you.


          2. STUPID Sharmuta, the IDF dragged the Jews living in settlements in Gaza OUT of Gaza so they would be safe from savage HAM-ASS.

            How many Jews live in Apartheid Gaza City today, which is under Full control of HAM-ASS???

              1. HAM-ASS forbids Jews from living in Islamofascist Apartheid Gaza.

                Funny that Israel does NOT forbid Muslims from living in Israel.

    1. The League if Nations decreed that the British Mandate of Palestine was to be divided with 70% of the land to be given to the Arabs (Jordan) aand 30% of the land to the Jews (Israel).
      The area called Palestine has never been an independent State. No Palestinian people existed before or after Jordan invaded across the river in 1948 until Arafat invented the term in the mid 60s.
      Bleat all you like Jack T but your hatred of Israel is antisemitism. Nothing more. Nothing less.

      1. “your hatred of Israel is antisemitism.”

        How do you work out that hatred of a Jewish/Muslim/Christian etc. state is antisemitism, Damon?

        Go on, give us a laugh.

        1. How do you work out that a Jewish state….that defines itself as a Jewish state…is not in fact a Jewish state?


          Go on….give us a laugh….


    2. It’s important that anyone, out of curiosity, who reads your reply, understand that your rants have everything to do with antisemitism and that you are talking through a giant hole in your (choose relevant piece of anatomy here). David Miller would never be allowed to bait students of other ethnicities and get away with it. Therefore, he chooses to go after Jews because he knows that academia is riddled with antisemites and he has found a willing audience

      1. How is Miller baiting? He gave his views on Zionism and Israel. The dishonest mob now accuse him of … wait for it … antisemitism. Surprise surprise.

        This dishonest mob are so full of hate that they call for him to be sacked. That’s their vitriol.


      2. Students should record, audio and video, Millers classes.

        Documenting his classroom activities will be the end of him and other like-minded fascists.

        1. Classroom activities will present no antisemitism, yet more fool you will listen to Collier’s false accusations and like the dullard you are will believe him.

          1. RECORD Millers classes.

            What he says.
            How he treats students.
            How he handles opposing views.

            If Miller has nothing to hide, should not be a problem.

            Just ask jeremy corbyn.

    3. Duplicitous dishonest zionist grifters like Collier are degenerate cranks. They’re the kind of Jews who corrupt and endanger other Jews.

  5. Jack T

    The Muslims conquered the area in 638AD, in probably the biggest colonisation and empire building in the history of the world.

    The last time the indigenous people, the Jews/Hebrews/Israelites, ruled the area was during the time of the Second Jewish Revolt in 132-135AD until the Jewish Emancipation in 1948.

    The only racist is you and the anti-Jewish Antisemites of the world

    1. you mean the blue eyed blond jews/hebrews/Israelites, of whom i met quite a few in California when I lived there? not a hooked nose amongst them. those indigenous
      middle eastern people, you mean?

      1. Very good Charles, but did you ever clear up your little contretemps with Michael ?

        He says he wants all the Jews in Israel to go back to Europe. You say you want all the Jews in Europe to go back to Israel.

        Which one is it ?

        1. Charles is not good at answering questions Ian…

          I don’t think he understands them….

          ? ? ?

        2. I have given this some thought Ian, and here is my theory: Mrs. Alban is a Nazi who has a deep and abiding love for ultra-Leftists, and Muck Framer is an ultra-Leftist who has a deep and abiding love for Nazis. That’s my call and I’m sticking to it 🙂

  6. as a goy i have to laugh. all this agonising about people who don’t like the behaviour of jews, or Zionists, or Israel, or something, who seem to include a lot of jews. are there not more important things to worry about? people seem to have too much time on their hands.

    come and live in Italy, as i do. only 50,000 jews here. you wouldn’t even notice, Mario Draghi notwithstanding, but he seems more like an Italian than a jew. much nicer.

    1. That’s weird Charles. Last time you posted you said you lived in the US with your mate, the plumber who definitely had proof that Belsen was just a Dry Cleaners run by Jews as a tax fiddle. I’d just come round to that idea and now you say you’re in Italy. Which one is it ?

      1. Mrs. Alban moves a lot, that way she can always be ready to lick Andrew Anglin’s balls on a moment’s notice.

  7. Charles Alban the self confessed Antisemitic Jew hating racist and Holocaust Denier

    At least you admit to your bigotry and biases.

    I really find those that think and feel like you about Jews, but do everything they can to deny it, are hypocritical bigots who pretend to be anti-racist while exhibiting all the traits of racism when it comes to Jews. They try to hide their anti-Jewish racism behind the cloak of anti-Zionism

  8. Charles Alban the self confessed Antisemitic racist bigot and Jew baiter

    Go and meet the Jews of Israel who are mostly descendants of the Jews of the area who are olive skinned and dark haired and brown eyed. They compromise half of the population of Israel and possibly half the Jewish population of the world

  9. Collier – “There is no rational reason for supporting Miller”

    Miller criticised Zionism. Miller criticised Israel. Miller did NOT criticise anyone for being Jewish.

    Yet we now have a rampant mob of Israelists baying for him to lose his job. That’s how vile this witch-hunt has become.

    Clearly Collier lacks rationality …. or is willing to lie and misrepresent to prevent criticism of his beloved Israel.

    1. Very true…

      EI and Al Jazeera both back Miller and you can always 100% rely on those publications to stick up for the good guys….

      ? ? ?

  10. David, please give an example or two of the ‘relentless attacks on Jews’ which you witnessed.

    1. David, I notice you have still not been able to substantiate the outrageous claim you made that you witnessed reletless attacks on Jews during the ‘Labour Campaign for Free Speech‘ event.

      How on earth is anyone going to believe anything you say when you come out with such preposterous lies as this?

      1. David Collier, still no examples of attacks on Jews. Could any of David’s supporters please help him to find an example of the ‘relentless attacks on Jews’ to which he referred?

        It should be more than obvious to anyone with an open mind that this blog is no more than an extension of your obsession to smear anyone who is critical of the Zionist project by trying to label tham as antiSemites. You then have the cheek to try and disguise your lies as ‘research’ and appeal for money to enable you to contiue with this vile activity.

        1. Edward, David Collier said there were reletless attacks on Jews during the ‘Labour Campaign for Free Speech‘ event and neither he nor you have been able to point to a single incident. It’s par for the course that Zionists lie to try and protect their racism and no amount of smoke and mirrors from you can hide it.

          I will check back again to see if you have been able to post anything sensible.

          1. Jack shiT, I provided you with multiple links.

            You chose to completely ignore them because they don’t fit your dishonest narrative.

            All right then.




            Happy Nakba! 🙂

            1. Edward, you continue the lie, you have a good teacher. I’ll make it easier for you. Just give me ONE example FROM THE EVENT of attacks on Jews.

        2. Edward, it’s quite obvious from some of your posts here that you are not very bright but even you should know that the event about which David Collier lied was on the 26th Feb. The latest date on the irrelevant examples you gave was the 23rd Feb i.e. no relevance to the event. Collier knows he lied which is why he has not answered. I suggest you keep quiet just like him and take your ‘psychic skills’ to the nearest fairground where you may just earn a living by attempting to scam the gullible.

  11. Amazing work you are doing, David. It’s like a sickness that rots these people’s brains, a really, really dark side of human nature. Keep on exposing these scumbags.

    1. Amazing that anybody believes the crap Collier writes week after week. Always dishonest. Always misrepresenting. Always begging for money.

      …. and Erin marvels at it. Poor Erin.

      1. Meanwhile Farmer makes excuses for violent incidents of antisemitism claiming that they are merely acceptable expressions of anti “Israelism” whilst simultaneously maintaining that Israel is not a Jewish state….


        Poor Farmgirl….he’s a bit of a c@nt don’t you know….?


          1. You have done that numerous times on here as well you know….

            Seems that you are also a bit of a forgetful c@nt….?


          2. A Sharmuta dishonestly hiding behind a man’s name, “mike farmer”, doesn’t misrepresent?

            LOL! 😮

            Happy Nakba Fascist Bitch!

      2. Ad hominem doesn’t cut it and denial and slurs are not refutation. Supporting David always because he nails the truth and backs it up splendidly. Farmer? Oh dear, poor Farmer, lost in the dell, or is that hell.

        1. David called Corbyn an antisemite, yet can’t produce evidence.

          David preaches antiZionism is antiSemitism, an obvious lie.

          Nails the truth? Are you blind?

          1. If Corbyn thinks he’s been libelled by David then he could / should sue him…

            Funny that he hasn’t done that….?


  12. Collier writes “disinformation about Labour’s antisemitism”

    What antisemitism would that be? You can’t find any.

    1. Yes exactly….

      When the credentials of a Labour leader are endorsed by a former grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan you can be 100% sure that you absolutely don’t have a problem with anti-Semitism….




      1. Again, attempt to show Corbyn’s antisemitism. You are just another who cannot.

        1. Anyone who wants to see an obsessive troll in action, check out our Michael on DC’s latest tweet. The daft booby is darting from one tweet to the next, dropping the slogans like a frenzied wasp with ADHD that’s had too much sugary pop. It’s so indiscriminate the dozy twot even pokes a team mate trying to be ironic.

          There’s even a bit about how gentiles are better than Jews at the arts and literature.

          Quality banter.

      2. Sorry for the interruption from mr. lonely, Dobby.

        Found any Corbyn antisemitism yet?

        Thought not.

        1. Well how about laying a wreath on the grave of a murdererer of Jewish athletes….?


          How does that one sit with you?


          1. But he didn’t. He was at the graves of civilians killed by an Israeli airstrike.


            1. Sharmuta said…

              > He “corbyn” was at the graves of civilians killed by an Israeli airstrike.

              Oh yes.

              – Pally “civilians” with AK-47’s, kassam rockets, wearing civliian clothing

              – Pally “children” with facial hair and AK-47’s.

              Happy Nakba to All! Esp. corbyn and his fascist LaBOOR party.

                1. Sharmuta, it ain’t a “smear” when it’s True.

                  That’s why in 2019, the Fascist Socialist LaBOOR party suffered its Worst Defeat at the polls in 85 years.

                  Happy Nakba! 🙂

    1. “Zionists (that is, patriotic Israelis) “? Makes those racists sound almost cuddly.

      1. Socialism, as Fascistic today as it was in WW2.

        – National SOCIALISM
        – Soviet SOCIALISM

        and BOTH were and are allies of Pal-e-CRIME.

  13. Stephen

    You’re Jew Baiting again

    An article on how Jews control others , here the Methodist Church

    Next you can find an article on the ancient Blood Libel of Jews using blood in the matza.
    Bruce Levy, the Antisemitic bigot, can help you on that

    1. Which bit isn’t true Richard. I was especially proud of that effort. So much so that I am reproducing it, tarted upa bit. David will have to wait a little while longer

  14. David Collier
    I am so grateful to the BBC for having a non-Jewish panel discuss whether Jews are an ethnic minority.

    Which program was that, David? You were very vague …. by design?

    1. C’mon, David. reference the program…. unless it was a ‘faux pas’ of yours.

          1. Well he hasn’t fabricated anything…


            A ten seconds Google search was all I needed to find this….

            Sorry if this is too much for you to manage….


      1. Sharmuta, your ‘faux pas’ is


        9/11, London’s 7/7, Pan Am 103, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Bastille Day in Nice, ISIS beheading videos, Fort Hood, Pulse nightclub in Orlando, thwarted bombings of inflight passenger planes by new adherents to “the Religion of FAUX Peace” by richard reid, …

        Happy Nakba!

  15. David Collier
    I am so grateful to the BBC for having a non-Jewish panel discuss whether Jews are an ethnic minority.

    Which program was that, David? iPlayer link?

    1. Sharmuta, how much do you charge your customers for BJ’s?

      After 10 BJ’s your customers get a coupon good for a Free Carwash.

      BTW, it’s time for you to Powerwash your nasty parts.

      Happy Nakba! :-).

  16. David Collier
    I am so grateful to the BBC for having a non-Jewish panel discuss whether Jews are an ethnic minority.

    Which program was that, David? iPlayer link? Don’t hide.

      1. Benjamin says “‘We face anti-Semitism and racism, very clearly. We’ve just seen that with many years of racism and anti-Semitism within the Labour Party,”

        Oh no you haven’t, Ben.

        Benjamin is obviously parroting others.

  17. Stephen

    You misread and misunderstand my post

    I was referring to the way the article resurrects the centuries old anti-Jewish Antisemitic trope of Jews/power/money

    That is what the article is all about from beginning to end

    If you don’t understand that I recommend you do the YadvShem course on Antisemitism to educate yourself on the subject; and it’s free

  18. “The legal duty, anchored in Article 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, requires that Israel, the occupying power, must ensure that all the necessary preventive means available to it are utilized to ‘combat the spread of contagious diseases and epidemics’”. AJ

    1. Yes, the General was discussing this with occasional tweeter Maria Farmer. Perhaps you are related to her?

      They were discussing the use and value of alter-egos when out for a bit of trolling. In the end they were split.

    2. Wonder what the actual job of the Palestinian Health Authority is then?


      Sit around and and watch people die?


  19. I’m just wondering…..what would happen…..if I were to say the words…..


    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Now, why would you poke fun at a time when hundreds of villages were razed by Jewish militia. there were also instances of rape and massacre.

      Would you be pleased were I to post ‘Happy Holocaust’ on a daily basis?

      1. Too stupid to realise that the “fun” being poked….is at you?




          1. By pointing out what a parrot you are….

            (my sincere apologies to parrots for the comparison….how insulting this must be for them)


            Go on….

            You know you want to…


    2. Nakba. That reminds me. They can pay Arab murderers $1.970 per month as a reward for killing Jews but it doesn’t get them vaccinated.

      Ah well.

      1. Do they get paid in Dollars or Shekels, Sterling, Pounds, Rubles, Dinars, Reich Marks, Monopoly money?

        Happy Nakba!

      1. Sharmuta offered herself as a Human Shield for HAM-ASS

        but during work hours, when she’s on all-fours, no one believes she is Human.

        Happy Nakba to All!

    1. Always amuses me how you somehow make the link between Nakba and David (allegedly) not investigating tory antisemitism?

      How exactly does one “remind” you of the other?

      Please explain…..


    2. The key to understanding Muck Framer’s POV, before he left this board after either being committed to an asylum or killing himself, is that he demands we all agree that the primary victims of the Nazi genocide were a combination of Russian soldiers and collobarating/indifferent residents of Nazi-occupied countries who were later double-crossed and killed by the SS and Wehrmacht. I don’t want to give the wrong impression of him–so I’m going to post the right one wherever it’s needed.

    1. Anyway, time for my weekend flounce now. Keep up the Panto Provocation and I’ll see you all next week for another rip-roaring episode of “Activism on a Budget”

      Shabbat shalom from the Ethnic Massive down here in The Jewish State.

  20. I see the anti-Jewish Michael Farmer has been exercising his right to verbal diarrhoea in the comments section.

    It would appear that his existence seems to revolve around postings on this site

    The best antidote to his Antisemitic animosity is for other posters here to take it on a duty roster basis to deal with his stupid hatred

      1. Over 300 academics sign petition supporting Miller’s removal from Bristol Uni….

        Book burners….every one of them….


            1. That’s over 400 Zionists not realising that Bristol Jewish Society and the Union of Jewish Students are Zionist too.

              Over 400 Zionists that will stick together like sh*t, however wrong.

              1. Yeh whatever…


                I’m guessing that 300 Jew haters will always trump 400 Jew likers in your shitty book….


                Btw do you get a lot of spam emails by any chance?


        1. “Over 300 academics sign petition supporting Miller’s removal from Bristol Uni….”


  21. Hatred? Naw. I leave that to David and Edward.

    I just correct folk. Sorry, I know you love to be hated. Strange bent.

    1. You ‘just correct folk”?


      When did you do ever that? Must have missed it….


  22. Stephen

    You seem to be back to trying to solicit readership of pettish blog.

    The few times I’ve had the misfortune to view your blog I was struck by your mindless obsession with British Jews and their communal organisations; you should maybe get your obsession looked at

    1. I was struck by how factual it was and in direct contrast to Collier’s misrepresentations, which more fool you, you perpetuate.

      1. Farmer….you wouldn’t know what a fact was if it jumped up and f@cked you up the arse….


        With all due respect….


  23. David Collier Retweeted

    Board of Deputies of British Jews

    .@BoDPres Marie van der Zyl reacts to the decision made by ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda yesterday to open a formal investigation into “alleged war crimes in the Palestinian Territories”. Read our full statement below.


    The Israeli led BoD dishonestly states that it was the murder of 3 young Israelis led to the 2014 attrition on the people of Gaza.

    It was the murder of 2 Palestinians on Nakba day by a border policeman that was the spark.

    Israelis then burned to death a young Palestinian.

        1. Dumb Bellamy, how many people were murdered at the 1966 world cup final?

          You really are brain damaged.

      1. Pay attention, Dobby.

        The Israeli policeman shot dead the Palestinians on Nakba day.

        In retaliation 3 Israeli youths were killed. NOT by Hamas but hey, Was an excuse to shoot a few of them.The perpetrators were gunned down some tome later.

        Ben David and 2 accomplices then burned to death the Palestinian youth.

        1. Yes “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” is a sure way to leave the whole world blind and toothless….




          1. Wonder what the 120 or so rockets fired from Gaza into Israel from January-April 2014 (well before Nakba day) were in “retaliation” for ?


  24. Now, why would the UK Board of Deputies of BRITISH Jews be against an investigation into war crimes committed in the Occupied Palestinian Territories?

    Not keen on any truth and Justice?

    Reminds me of Collier.

    1. Maybe the British Board of Deputies of British Jews is just showing solidarity with the world’s only Jewish state?


      Why would you not get that?

      Are you impaired in some way?


        1. By pointing out something that even you have just admitted….

          Palestine is not a sovereign state….


  25. So let me get this straight….

    Palestine wants to be considered to be a sovereign state when it comes to qualifying to make a complaint about Israel to the ICC….but when it comes to taking responsibility for the health of their own citizens then all of a sudden they no longer want to be considered a sovereign state?


    Really you could not make this shit up…


    1. But they ARE occupied, whatever their hopes. The occupier is currently responsible for their citizens.

      You really are stupid, Dobby.

      1. So they are not a sovereign state and therefore don’t qualify to have their complaint heard by the ICC….?

        Is that right?


        Choose one story and stick to it…

        Or is that too much to ask?

        1. So, while Israel occupies the Palestinians they cannot have a state.

          While they have no state Israel can commit war-crimes against them and Israel cannot be held to account.

          Yep, very Israeli. Very Zionist. Very Dobby.

          1. Sharmuta,

            JORDAN is “palestine” and it exists on the EAST bank of the Jordan River.

            Get thy Fat Ass to “palestine”. There is an urgent need for your services.

          2. Well either it’s a state or it isn’t….

            Pick one and stick to it…

            Sorry if that is too difficult for you to manage….


            1. it is land belligerently occupied by Israel, Dobby, as the Israeli Supreme Court has ruled.

              1. So it’s not a sovereign state and therefore cannot bring a case against Israel to the ICC…

                Glad we got there in the end….


  26. David Collier
    Been busy

    BIG *EXCLUSIVE* STORY coming this Sunday

    No clues.

    Shabbat shalom everyone – have an awesome weekend!


    At last!! Mother Teresa smeared as a rabid Jew-hater.

    Never eat a bagel in her life .. read all about it.

    Long time coming, Dave.

    Another good earner.

  27. David Collier
    Been busy

    BIG *EXCLUSIVE* STORY coming this Sunday

    No clues.

    Will it be about real anti-Semitism this time …. or just the usual ‘Someone said something about Zionism that upset me’ garbage?

    1. It’s the former, but leave it to us literates to cover it. Give you more time to finger-pop Mrs. Alban’s asshole anyway.

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