Elbit – Meet the six Palestine Action activists charged with criminal damage

It is important to state that at this point – these people have just been charged with criminal damage and are awaiting a possible trial. The activists claim their action is ethically justifiable. No guilt can yet be assumed.

Yesterday six activists from Palestine Action were charged with criminal damage after their attack on the Shenstone offices of the Israeli company Elbit on Tuesday. It is time to meet them:

Elbit – the three key figures

One of those arrested should be well known to readers of this blog – Kajsa Anckarstrom:

Kajsa Anckarstrom Elbit

Although she went by the name of Kajsa Anckarstrom in her anti-Israel activism, her real name – and the one on the charge sheet – is Vienna Lstadt. She is one of the key faces of the Islamist group ‘Inminds‘ – which was fronted by the Holocaust denier Sandra Watfa. Like other Palestine Action activists – Lstadt is no stranger to antisemitism herself:

Kajsa Elbit Palestine Action

Another of those arrested may not be known to you – but his father probably is. Michael Sackur 23, is from West London:

Michael Sackur - Elbit

His father, Stephen Sackur is an award-winning BBC journalist and the regular host of the BBC’s frontline news programme HARDtalk. Stephen Sackur has a very long history of anti-Israel bias in his reporting.

There is no intention at all to blame this alleged act of vandalism on the father – we are all only responsible for our own actions – but given his apparent hostility towards Israel, perhaps we should not be so surprised that his son may have ended up vandalising buildings of Israeli companies.

Nick Georges was another of those charged. In the Palestine Action video, whilst Georges is spreading lies about Elbit and Israel, he also tells us he was sent as a ‘witness’ to ‘Palestine’ for three months:

In fact, he was sent as part of the Quaker supported Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme run by the World Council of Churches. This is a hard-core propaganda tour – that as part of their deal – ensures that the ‘witnesses’ upon their return must spread the propaganda by speaking at a certain number of events. On the tour – they ‘witness’ exactly what the propaganda NGOs arrange for them to witness and are fed a diet of hard-core disinformation, sprinkled with thousands of lies. They return as radicalised members of a cult.

Want to feel really sick? This is Nick Georges, the thug who vandalised the Israeli owned business, spreading his propaganda to hundreds of school children at Ashcombe School in Dorking:

No wonder antisemitism is on the rise! Just as with Amnesty International spreading lies at schools, we HAVE TO kick all these thuggish propagandist organisations OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS. They are out to spread lies and demonise Zionism and Israel and they have no business telling their lies to school children.

Charged – the final three

We do not see the final three faces in the video of the attack that was posted by Palestine Live. This makes identification far more problematic.

Ruby Baker, our fourth Elbit thug – is from Bristol:

Ruby Baker Elbit

There is not much sign of activism from Baker online, but she seems to have been radicalised while a student at Sheffield University:

Dexter Herd was another name released by the police. It is an unusual name and using the genealogy websites, it seems there is only one in the United Kingdom. He was born in Sheffield in 1992 but is currently living in Bristol. There is almost no online footprint, but he appears to be attached to the University of the West of England in Bristol:

Dexter HerdI found no record under this name of previous anti-Israel activism before this Elbit attack and his academic field of conservation and the ecosystem in the Department of Applied Sciences suggests he may come from the Extinction Rebellion alliance with Palestine Action.

Which after many hours of deep digging, just leaves Nic Aaron -the other arrested activist – who also goes by the name Nicci Shall:

There is a 2018 letter against the arms trade, that is linked to the LGBTQ community that was signed by ‘Nic Aaron’ and Nic appears to be an organiser with a group called ‘Community Action’. A PhD student at Bristol University, – David Miller’s university, Nic / Nicci is a hard-left, Jewish Trans activist.



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        1. Hello Charles. Did you resolve your conflict with Michael ? You say that all Jews in Europe should go back to Israel. Michael says that all the Jews in Israel should go back to Europe. Which one is it?

      1. What’s that Chris? Those 7 thugs setting about the unarmed Palestinian(on his own land) were JEWS?

        Who would have thought it?

        Thanks for that. I saw them as just the IDF.

        anti-Semite? Don’t be silly.

        I’m anti-Zionist.

  1. David, the real thugs are those in the IDF the best equiped terrorist force on Earth who almost every day, deliberately persecute and murder Palestinians in their own Homeland. Has your daughter not yet been in touch to let you know how disgusted she is at the cruelty and brutality of the IDF which by now she will have witnessed first hand?

        1. Sharmuta, Please go to Syria and during your downtime, be a Human Shield for the Iranian backed militias.

          Happy Nakba you Dumb Cow! 🙂

  2. David how can this be ? Our Palestinian human rights warriors are forever telling us that it’s never antisemitism only ever antizionism . Are you saying that the two are one and the same? Tell me it ain’t so . Peak Irony on

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    That wasn’t supposed to happen….was it?


    Ah well…..

    Happy Purim everyone……

    1. Apparently it was a “defensive” attack. Israel also does them.

      Wonder if any other countries are allowed them.

      US/Israel. Axis of evil?

    1. Yes anti-Zionism is toxic. It’s a fig leaf for Jew hatred. The irony is that the Arabs you claim to support regard you as infidel scum, useful idiots at best. Too funny.

      1. Wonder if Jewish self-determination is a fig-leaf for racism against others, a Jewish distaste for democracy.

        It is said that over 90% of Jews are Zionist. Not a statistic to be proud of I would think.

        1. Well we Jews would rather not have to face the prospect of discrimination and persecution in our host countries anymore without the guarantee of having another safe country to flee to….should that prove to be necessary….

          I guess we are a bit funny like that…

          NOT sorry if that upsets you….


          1. … and your bags are packed in case the IDF come for you at 2 am?

            Ooops. sorry that’s what Palestinian kids worry about.

            1. It’s what my ancestors in Romania and Poland certainly worried about…

              Be grateful that yours didn’t….

  4. The loony left are always just a hair trigger away from violence despite their ‘peaceful’ protestations. Repellent little thugs. Hope they feel the full force of the law.

    1. ‘The order is to be enforced with an electronic ankle tag.’


      Good guys, David?

          1. Me and Bellers are going on a bijoux flouncette in the DeLorean back to 2003 to visit his copy/pastes. Anyone want anything from C&As?

  5. “Trump’s erratic, impulsive actions are the last thing we need as Commander-in-Chief. No president should order a military strike without fully understanding the consequences.”

    Biden tweet from June 2019….




  6. Good job that Israel struck a deal with Pfizer.

    ‘Thousands of people attempted to walk to Jerusalem by foot, with some walking kilometers on highways to reach the capital on Shusan Purim on Sunday in an attempt to avoid police checkpoints and enter the city despite coronavirus regulations.
    Israel Police called on the public to listen to guidelines and police instructions and to avoid taking such action, as walking on the highway poses a danger to both those walking and those driving.
    The R number rose to nearly 1 on Sunday, raising concerns that infection rates are beginning to spike again. Over the weekend, mass parties took place in Tel Aviv, with many participants not wearing masks and crowded in tight quarters, despite Health Ministry regulations.’


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      Land of hope and glory ? Hahaha !!

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        Had to post something to make you snap to.

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        Say ‘thank you’.

        1. Always good to keep the trolls honest. Wouldn’t do having a new reader thinking they were here for anything more than Panto provocation. Mission accomplished.

      2. Very true Ian…

        Business is still booming at the Iranian flag factory where they sell 2,000 US ?? UK ?? and Israeli ?? flags per month for demonstrators to burn….

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