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Palestine Solidarity Campaign – paving the road to extremism

The UK government recently adopted a new definition of ‘extremism’. They will begin to label groups ‘extremist’ if the group promotes an ideology based on ‘violence, hatred or intolerance’ which aims to negate the freedom of others, undermine democracy, or help others do the same. It is seen as a way of helping to remove oxygen from groups that are pushing poison into the veins of our society.

Given everything we know about the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), it should be near the top of any list of extremists that the government produces.

The price of blindness

On September 9 2015, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) held a protest outside Downing Street. One of those demonstrating with the PSC was Salman Abedi, the Manchester bomber:

When extremist groups meet on the streets of the UK the police take the opportunity to gather intel. Faces are photographed, people are traced – and UK security services attempt to protect citizens by identifying potential dangers linked to these extremist networks.

So what would have happened if the UK had *fully* recognised the extremism connected to the PSC before 2015? Perhaps diligent officers would have been alerted to that young face standing alongside the Libyan flag. Maybe initial security checks would have picked up that his family had deep ties to Islamist groups opposing the Gaddafi regime. Perhaps they would have uncovered images of Salman Abedi and his brother carrying weapons alongside Al Qaeda figures. It is therefore possible Abedi could have been clocked as a major risk and the Manchester Arena bombing may have been averted.

It is not like our government was not consistently warned.  Whilst most in the Jewish community leadership would rather gorge themselves on gala dinners than upset their parliamentary connections, some, like the NGO Jewish Human Rights Watch were compiling information on the PSC and trying to get the British establishment to wake up to the dangers. I have personally seen JHRW correspondence dating back almost a decade – addressed to the UK government – calling for action against the PSC because of its ties to terrorist groups.

And let us not forget. Within weeks of Abedi’s appearance at a PSC demo, the Co Op bank closed down the PSC’s bank account because of fears money could inadvertently be funnelled to illegal groups in Gaza. How many red flags did the authorities need?

In plain sight

It is not as if the PSC was keeping its Hamas fetish a secret. Since Hamas violently took full control of the Gaza strip, key PSC figures made regular visits to the terrorist enclave.

And then there is this incredible image from Gaza, taken in June 2012. Standing alongside the Hamas chief Ismael Haniyeh are (with their official 2012 PSC titles)

  • Stephen Bell – Campaign Officer at PSC
  • Hugh Lanning- Chair of PSC
  • Sarah Colborne – Director of PSC

When the PSC uploaded this image onto its website, the photo was given the title ‘PSC-leaders-with-Hamas’. The PSC were not hiding the extremism back then.

Also in the image with Haniyeh are Mohammed Kozbar, Mouhamed Sawalha, and Zaher Birawi. Sawalha (a former Hamas leader) helped found the Muslim Association of Britain, and Zaher Birawi has been a leading figure at the Palestinian Forum of Britain. Both the MAB and PFB are organising partners (alongside the PSC) of the regular hate demonstrations currently taking place every two weeks on the streets of London.

These mass demonstrations are organised by a coalition of ‘friends of Hamas’.

October 7 2023

The open support for terrorism is not just historical. By 13:53 on October 7, the PSC social media channels had begun to post excuses for the Hamas atrocities even as they were still unfolding. By 16:00 they had already organised a ‘mass protest’, calling for an emergency demo to ‘stand with Palestine’. At this point in time, social media was awash with the Hamas horror videos, over a dozen Israeli communities were still in Hamas control – and Israel was reeling in shock as it counted its dead.

PSC branches swiftly moved into action. Manchester PSC held a demo on Sunday 8th. With big signs proclaiming that ‘Manchester supports Palestinian resistance’, they marched through the streets. On the website they put out a statement on the 7 October that spoke of the ‘heroic’ actions of Hamas, claiming it is their ‘duty’ to give ‘unconditional support’ the attacks.

Manchester PSC extremism

Following the public outrage at this PSC support for Hamas atrocities, the PSC hierarchy put out a weak statement distancing themselves from the branch, suggesting they had ‘suspended’ the unnamed officials (chair, treasurer, secretary and campaigns officer) – and then they just carried on as if nothing had happened.

The extremism magnet

This has always been the PSC’s layer of protection. The branch system provides deniability. The PSC share toxic material, spread lies throughout the solidarity movement and radicalise its membership. When a member is caught promoting antisemitism or terrorism and becomes a public liability – the PSC distances itself by suggesting it cannot be held responsible for PSC branch behaviour.

But anti-Israel activism acts like a magnet for antisemites and terrorist supporters. The PSC branches are filled with radicalised extremists. Just a few examples from the recent past:

  • Sarah Wilkinson used to run the West Midlands PSC social media accounts. She is a Holocaust denier.
  • Tony Gratrex led the Reading PSC branch. He is an antisemite and 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Even after all this was exposed, the PSC still let him in to their AGM.
  • Mary Beaman ran Merton PSC. She is an antisemitic conspiracy theorist who shared posts blaming Israel for the European ISIS attacks.
  • The PSC Richmond and Kingston website was registered by Seymour Alexander. He is another antisemitic conspiracy theorist.
  • Malik Zubair has been an admin of the PSC Medway FB page for years. His own feed contained endless antisemitic conspiracy posts, including references to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
  • Tapash Abu Shaim was a PSC Director. He has run the PSC stall at the Labour Party Conference. He is another believer in global antisemitic conspiracies.
  • Elleanne Green, the founder of the antisemitic group Palestine Live, and someone who has shared almost every antisemitic libel imaginable, was instrumental in setting up Luton PSC.

Evidence for all of this can be found in research I carried out in 2017. In case studies set up to attempt to quantify the problem, it was shown that 40-50% of all those attending PSC actions were hard-core antisemites. Extremism and antisemitism is present in force at every single PSC event.

The ones who turn to violence

And then there are those who break away from the PSC brand to openly commit crimes. Huda Ammori was the Campaigns Officer at the PSC. She then co-founded Palestine Action, and has spent the last few years at the helm of a group destroying property and seeking to cause mass disruption:

Palestine Action extremism
photo: Vladimir Morozov, Wales News Service

The Bristol example

A clear example of the way PSC action is driven by extremism comes from Bristol PSC. The branch put out a simple call for help on the stall. Three people responded to the call, Shirley Dodd, Cookie McBride and Owen Williams:

bristol PSC extremism

This open, honest and unstaged exchange show us exactly who is in the engine room of Bristol PSC to get the message out on the streets. Yet their social media posts tell us that the motivations of all three PSC activists are driven by raw, naked antisemitism.

This post from Shirley Dodd pushes the myth that Zionist Jews are not real Jews (the Khazar Myth).

Cookie McBride shared a video from the notorious antisemite Brother Nathanael, which claims Israel was behind 9/11.

This Owen Williams Holocaust inversion / denial post is a share from the website ‘Jew World Order’.

And this dynamic is repeated across the streets of the UK. If the PSC are setting up a stall today – anywhere in the country – you can be certain that antisemitic conspiracy, support for terrorism, or Holocaust denial, is helping to set it up.

It is simply time to end this façade. The PSC is an extremist group that perfectly matches the criteria set out by the government in the new definition. The Government must therefore send a clear signal and name the PSC in its list of extremist groups.

Lives may depend on it.

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14 thoughts on “Palestine Solidarity Campaign – paving the road to extremism

  1. David

    Colonel Richard Kemp gave you a big and well deserved shout out when he spoke at St John’s Wood today and specifically mentioned this article.

    Thanks as always for your efforts


  2. Palestine Solidarity: where Islamist radicals and neo-Nazis share the same view.

    The third group is either confused, naiive or a mixture of both with an added bigotry spice on top.

  3. Hamas, Gaza Arab “Palestinian” captors kept talking about one thing: Jihad. They want “a world of Islamic state.”


    CNN, ‘The Whole Story,’ 7 April 2024. “Hostages: The road home.”


    Bianna Golodryga:

    Yarden Roman-Gat understands Arabic, but spoke with her captors in English…

    They only want one thing. Jihad

    Their aim is to get the world to be Islamic.

    They spoke about it that all the time.

    They want an Islamic State

    Israel should not exist?
    No two states?

    They want “a world of Islamic state.”

  4. Oct 7 atrocities? A continuation of over 100 years of genocidal Arab campaign

    On CNN, Apr 11, 2024. 10:42pm with Abby Phillip, Pro Nation of Islam Hitler-fan Farrakhan – Melina Abdullah, Islamist bigot, ‘naturally,’ refused to denounce Oct 7.

    She went on about “75 years ago” and even stated “a state that was founded on G”. Nevermind that the –Arab on Jews– massacres and the genocidal calls of Itbakh [Adbakh] al Yahud began over 100 years ago: in 1920 [*], 1921, 1929 [*], then some 3 years after Arab-Palestine’s leader, al-Husseini the Mufti rushed to offer help for the Nazi regime barely 2 months with Hitler ascend to power, that 1936-9 terror with the help of Nazi Germany’s weapons, and of course we all know his crimes during WW2 and the consensus among Arab-Palestinians right after that, cheerfully backing his leadership.

    As a journalist put it: ‘The language of Hamas’ leaders echoes the language of Al-Husseini, who invoked listeners on Radio Berlin in 1944 to “Kill the Jews wherever you find them.”‘

    As to mass-rape, that was already back then in 1929 Hebron massacre: “He learned that they had been living in Hebron for generations, that they knew their Arab neighbors well and regarded many of them as friends. In fact, the Sephardic community had been living in Hebron for eight hundred years, the Ashkenazim for perhaps one hundred. … Sixty-seven Jews had been killed. Most were Ashkenazic men, but there were also a dozen women and three children under the age of five among the dead.” [*]
    [*] on non-Zionist pious Jews, as well as in the other massacre which the aforementioned al-Husseini and Arab-Palestinian teachers instigated ahead of the Al-Muthanna / Futuwwa led Arab-Nazi pogrom in Iraq June-1941, the Farhoud. Author: ‘Toddlers and babies were murdered in the arms of their parents. They also attacked girls and women and raped them in front of the men and then abused them, cut them to pieces and spread their organs all over.’ [*].

    And what about “75” years ago? Truth must be told about the genocidal calls by Arab leaders, from the Muslim Brothethood (Hassan Al Bana on Aug 1, 1948: “If the Jewish state becomes a fact, and this is realized by the Arab peoples, they will drive the Jews who live in their midst into the sea” [*]) to Arab League (Azzam Pasha on Oct 11, 1947: “a war of extermination and momentous massacrewhich will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacre and the Crusades” []), and others. As well as the massive German Nazis, ex SS, training and aiding Arab soldiers to fight in 1947/8.

    The first “liberation” guy [PLO], Ahmad Shukeiri [Shukairy] who advocated for Hitler during WW2 [*] [*] [*] and, with Jamal Husseini, had justified the Holocaust [*] less than a year after, declared days ahead of the Six-Day war that “none of them will survive.” [*].

    Worth mentioning, that Oct 7 Arab Palestinian sick attackers were laughing [*] as they raped and shot people in cold blood, or the large group surrounding hostage girl jeering as she wails [*], or the racist Arab nasses in Gaza rejoicing with jubilation upon receiving the injured hostages and some beating a boy too. I.E. it is the frightening revelation what happnes when just given the opportunity, the twisted groomed masses, to dehumanize Jews, by radical Imams’ sermons and official media – burst out in the open.

    First Abdullah tried to cop out by saying she is not a member of Hamas, but the anchor replied “I’m also not a member of Hamas and I have no problem to condemn the Oct 7 attacks.” Then she began that ranting: “I find it…”

    She appeared with Israelophobe Cornell West and reaffirmed proudly BLM’s pro-Palestinian statement right on Oct 9.

    The issue of Hamas’ vision of an only Islamic state was not mentioned.

    West (who also repeated that “75” song) seems more misguided seen it in his black liberation lense, than cynical malicious-Melina.

    One can fairly assume, these two “activists” would not want to know that the essence of Arab rejection in 1947/8 was explicitly Arab racism. In the words of aforementioned Jamal Husseini representative of the Arab Higher Committee (AHC) at the time, that it would be against “Arab homogeneity.” [*]. This same Jamal, on Sep 29 1947 served notice that they would drench the soil of the Holy Land “with the last drop of our blood in the lawful defense of all and every inch of it.” [*].
    If one seeks the ‘perfect’ combination of racism and genocide, that is.

  5. Wonder when South Africa or Nicaragua will be taking Iran to the ICJ for war crimes??


    I won’t hold my breath

  6. Translated from Hebrew

    The young Iranian woman went viral: “We don’t want war”.
    Elica Le Bon is a lawyer of British and Iranian origin who often shares her views on social networks, which do not really match the approach of the extreme Islamist regime in the country. Le Bon is now calling for calm and claims that the Iranian people are not interested in escalation.
    Digital |
    Published 19:48 15.04.24 | Updated 01:06 16.04.24

    In recent hours, a video of a young woman of Iranian origin who does not hesitate to express her opinion has gone viral. Alika Le Bon, a lawyer of British-Iranian descent who currently lives in the United States, has popular accounts on Instagram, where she has 180,000 followers, and on Tiktok, where she currently has 90,000 followers.

    In the viral video, as well as in other posts she published on her accounts, Le Bon calls for calming the situation between Israel and Iran and even goes against influencers who “heat” the atmosphere according to her, such as the anti-Semitic tweeter Jackson Hinkle. In the video in question, which is almost 4 minutes long (quite a bit compared to what is common on Instagram and Tiktok), Le Bon expressed a protest against the silence of the world around the protest of the women who were massacred because they did not wear a hijab and came out against those who are trying to degenerate the situation into a regional war.

    Le Bon also criticized the fact that many in the West claim that “Iran has the right to defend itself”. “What the Iranian Republic is doing is not a reflection of the Iranian people,” Le Bon claimed in the viral video. “We were clear about what we wanted – peace.”

    View this post on Instagram
    A post shared by Elica Le Bon

    Le Bon also condemned the militias and proxy forces that Iran is strengthening throughout the region to create instability, including Hezbollah, Hamas and the Houthis, and hinted that those enlightened people who condemn Israel on social media “discovered the Middle East yesterday”.

    In her words, Le Bon also mentioned the October 7 massacre, and also the missiles that Hezbollah launches on a daily basis into the northern region. “If you had listened to us, you would have known that the Iranians do not want a war with Israel. The people of Iran have said this over and over again. It is you who want a war with Israel, it is your hatred of Israel and the Jews that is dragging us into a war that we did not ask for. Leave us alone, we do not want that.”

    This is a rare statement, though, it must be remembered that Le Boon does not live on Iranian soil and therefore she allows herself to speak like this freely on social networks. Also, many in the comments praised her words, including one commenter who identified herself as a citizen of Lebanon and wrote: “I don’t know how long we have to keep telling the world that the Islamic Republic is not Iran, Hezbollah is not Lebanon. Those who say ‘Iran has the right to defend On its own, they also think that Hezbollah, which has killed more Lebanese than Israelis, is a ‘resistance’.

    Another commenter who identified himself as Syrian, wrote: “Thank you for speaking up for humanity, we love the free Iranian people. Stay strong, stay free, the day will come when we celebrate together.”

    The viral video has already reached more than 1.2 million views on Tiktok, and on Instagram it has accumulated tens of thousands of likes and comments, which indicates that it has a lot on this platform as well. Also, Le Bon’s words were also quoted in media around the world, including in the New York Post.

  7. Iran’s assault on us showed a small snapshot of our own defensive capabilities as well as the collaborative arrangements for aerial defence in the region which have otherwise been very much under the radar for obvious reasons.

    For the time being anyways, there is a modest relaxation of the global hate-fest on Israel and this has caused me an unforeseen problem. I drew “nil pointe” in the company sweepstake on how many total votes we’d get in the Eurovision Song Contest. I thought I was nailed on to win. Now I’m not so sure.

  8. As a wise person once said:

    ‘There is no such a thing as “pro palestine,”

    you have either Israelophobes (majority),

    or full anti-Jewish bigots (second group),

    or a small group: the naive…’


    No, the people disrupting traffic Monday are not “pro-Palestine”.
    The local news media all get it wrong.

    There protesters are not “pro-Palestinian.”

    If they were “pro-Palestinian,” they would protest how terribly Lebanon treats its Palestinian “guests.”

    If they were “pro-Palestinian,” they would protest how Egypt doesn’t let any Gazans desperate to leave to enter Egypt without paying hefty bribes.

    If they were “pro-Palestinian,” they would have protested how Syria besieged and starved Palestinians at Yarmouk camp.

    If they were “pro-Palestinian,” they would protest Palestinian laws that are officially anti-women and anti-gay.

    When thousands of Palestinian Arabs were killed during Black September in 1971, there were no crowds protesting at Jordanian embassies.

    When hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs were expelled from Kuwait in a single week in 1991, there were no rallies supporting them.

    When Hamas and Fatah fought in Gaza in 2007, none of these activists called for a “cease fire.”

    There has not been a single pro-Palestinian protest since October 7, or even for years beforehand. They are all anti-Israel.

    The two are not synonymous.

    Being anti-Israel does not mean you are pro-peace, pro-Palestinian, or anti-war. It means you are against human rights for Jews.




    Hitler, Khomeini and Red Danny: the dark history of student organizations in the world.
    In light of the anti-Semitic demonstrations on campuses in the USA, I set out to check whether the students tend to stand on the right side of history
    By Israel Shammai 17th of Nisan, 5784. (04/25/2024 17:26)

    On November 15, a violent protest took place at the headquarters of the Democratic National Convention in Washington. Pro-Palestinian groups blocked the entrances to the headquarters building with several party members besieged inside. When the police tried to disperse the protesters, including by using pepper spray, exchanges of blows began between the parties, and the results of the incident amounted to 6 police officers and nearly 100 protesters who were injured, and for over three hours when the party members were besieged in the building.

    A wave of criticism of the protests swept the US, and in response an American named Jeremy Flood wrote the following post on the X Network (formerly Twitter):

    “A rule of thumb is that if you find yourself in any period of history opposing a student movement while siding with the elite, you are wrong. Every time. Every time. No matter the issue.”

    Flood’s post, a current and former member of several democratic bodies and even worked in the Bernie Sanders election campaign and in the organization that helped Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to be elected to the House of Representatives, has received no less than 8.5 million views to date.

    Now, in the shadow of the violent pro-Palestinian protests at the “Ivy League” universities in the USA, we have returned to prominent student protests in the history of the USA and the world in general to test Flood’s claim: are the students always on the “right” side of history?

    Before we get to the roots of Flood’s claim, it is important to note that student movements played a central role in many positive protests during the 20th century and at the beginning of this century. Student groups joined the resistance movement to Hitler, in the civil rights protests in the USA students were dominant and they also took part in the Velvet Revolution in the Czech Republic in the late 1980s. Similar examples can also be found outside the Western world, such as: the protesters in Tiananmen Square who were students, movement The Mexican students were the ones who demonstrated and demanded political freedoms and an end to the authoritarianism of the PRI regime in ’68 and more.

    Whoever claims that students have always been on the “bad” side of history must be wrong, but Flood’s claim was that they are always on the “good” side, and this claim will now be examined under a microscope.

    You fell on the wrong side.

    In the service of Hitler

    Alongside the student movements that opposed Hitler, there were also those who stood on the other side. Those who led the burning of the books in 1933 were students from 34 universities throughout Germany and tens of thousands of books penned by Jewish and American writers went up in flames.

    Josef Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda who led the burning of the books. Photo: Getty Images.

    There were also a number of student media outlets that fully embraced Nazi ideology. For example, the newspaper Die Bewegung (the newspaper of the Nazi Student League) declared at the end of 1938: “The goal has been achieved! No more Jews in German universities”, when the writer of the article congratulated the students for being the pioneers of Nazism in institutions of higher education.

    Until 1945, the Nazi student organizations were a significant factor in the academic surveillance of faculty members and other students. In this framework, students passed information to the Nazi authorities about many lecturers and students who were imprisoned, tortured or murdered.

    Guerrilla fighters.

    The student organization DR-13-M actively assisted Fidel Castro’s rise to power in Cuba and even organized an attack on the presidential palace that ended in dozens of deaths. In 1959, after the rebellion was successful and Castro seized power, the Revolutionary Committee, a student-based organization, united with Castro’s movement, the July 26 Movement, and together they formed the Union of Revolutionary Organizations government. Under Castro’s regime, students took an active part in murdering, torturing, re-educating, and arresting those considered suspects.

    By the way, the United Party has rebranded itself twice since then, but controls Cuba to this day under the name “PCC”, or “Communist Party of Cuba”.

    The Red Guards.

    During the Cultural Revolution in China, the “Red Guards” movement functioned, an extensive movement of students and other young people. The movement believed in spreading Mao’s centralist communist ideology, used violence against people who believed they were leading China back to the path of freedom and capitalism and even helped imprison and murder millions. Those students were eager to help eliminate Mao’s opponents.

    And what about the “elite”? The fate of educated and influential people whose luck was better for them amounted to only being removed from their jobs.

    Danny the Red.

    In May 1968, student demonstrations broke out in Paris against the French leader at the time, Charles de Gaulle, which developed into a general strike and then into confrontations with the authorities and street fights. The protests were so widespread that about two-thirds of the French workforce at the time was Saturday and in the country there were even fears of a civil war breaking out.

    The one who led the protests was Daniel Cohen-Bendit, a German-French Jewish politician, nicknamed “Danny the Red” because of his red hair. The government was on the verge of collapse and the protests even drove de Gaulle, who was certainly no coward, from French soil. Eventually the protests subsided and in the elections that year, de Gaulle’s party won.

    History is repeating itself.

    Did you miss the Democratic convention? Don’t worry, here she is back to us.

    1968 was a particularly tumultuous year in the USA. The Vietcong attack, the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy and in addition it was an election year. Several protest organizations, including student organizations such as the SDS, Students for a Democratic Society, started a protest against the Vietnam War and elected the Democratic Convention which took place that year in Chicago.

    The protest events began in the days before the conference and included several focal points, in many of which the protests deteriorated into violent confrontations, severe violence, including throwing stones at police officers and even live shooting.

    Over 500 protesters, over 100 uninvolved civilians and 152 police officers were injured in the riots. One, the civilian who fired the gun, was killed.

    By the way, as you know, this year is also an election year and the destination chosen for the Democratic convention is none other than Chicago.

    Kidnapping in the service of the Ayatollah
    A large Iranian student movement also aided the rise to power of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini as part of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979.

    On November 4 of that year, a group of Iranian students invaded the US embassy in Tehran and took the embassy employees hostage. The hijackers demanded that the US extradite the deposed ruler, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, who was staying in its territory at the time to receive medical treatment, to Iran in order to to stand trial for crimes against the state. The plot of the Oscar-winning film “Argo” is based on the fascinating tragedy.

    Khamenei goes up to Khomeini’s grave. Photo: EPA.


    Student movements are a very young phenomenon on a historical scale. Nevertheless, there are those who wish to grant them a kind of super status of promoting justice and progress that is always on the right and good side. However, in light of the examples we saw here as well as in other cases – many students supported the dark side of history.

    Even today, when the prevailing sentiment in the American ivory tower is that students physically harming their classmates in countless anti-Semitic incidents, harassing people on the basis of their origin and calling for genocide are the good side, the world needs to oppose this with a clear voice as Republican Senator Josh Hawley did in his speech in the Senate:

    “As a nation, we need to speak with one voice. There is right and wrong, good and bad, and threatening to murder an entire group of people is wrong and bad. Calling it genocide is wrong and bad, threatening the lives of your fellow students because they are Jewish is wrong and bad. These institutions, The so-called higher education institutions have failed with these students because it is quite clear that they have no ability to distinguish between good and bad.”

    It seems that Jeremy Flood and the masked gang who roam the campuses, terrorizing and calling for intifada should leave the lawn and open a history book every now and then.

  10. 3 layers to the pro-hate “protests” on campus

    1. The initiators and still the base:
    Arab racism / Islamist bigotry from SJP (and the likes org.) oiled by Arab oíl Qatar.

    2. Marxists (and the likes) who like them.

    3. Gullible who think it’s cool but don’t know exactly what it’s about.

  11. Swastika Palestine “protests”

    Arab Qatar main financier [*];
    Samidoun/PFLP links,
    (PalestiNazis [*]); fascistic Muslim Brotherhood Hitler obsession [*];
    Infamous [*] – racist Arab “palestinian” [*] Hatem Bazian – founder of SJP and its ofshoot WOL by Nerdeen Kiswani – infamous for [*] disrupting Holocaust memorial ceremonies) uses JVP – which he is very active in actor – to deflect his real hate nature [*].

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