Lies and more lies. Raw hate on campus

At what point does a university assist in inciting and supporting violence? How about charities and NGOs that are supposed to be on a mission of peace? These are questions I was left asking myself after recent events at both the University of Kent and UCL. The latest event in Kent, involved a speaker from the charity ‘War on Want’, Ryvka Bernard. Ryvka is listed … Continue reading Lies and more lies. Raw hate on campus

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UCL: Religious hate and boycotting Jews

Yet another page of shame has been written in the history books of a student union in the UK. This time it was UCL or UCLU (University College London Union). On Tuesday 8/3/2016, a mob of rabid, semi-ignorant, hate-filled ‘red fascists’ assembled together to play ‘government’. One of the motions tabled (unsurprisingly, given the make-up of the council), was to decide whether or not to … Continue reading UCL: Religious hate and boycotting Jews


What is a ‘pro Palestinian’?

It has been a year now since I changed strategy and began to go to events that are held in the name of the ‘Palestinian cause’. I joined many activist groups and have met with 1000’s of self-declared pro Palestinian activists. Some of those I have had long exchanges with are the ‘stars’ of BDS activism. In only the last ten days, I have been … Continue reading What is a ‘pro Palestinian’?