Israeli Apartheid week: The shame of UK students

During these weeks across the UK, universities are holding ‘Israeli apartheid week’. I have sat and viewed with revulsion as images have emerged of students on campus being fed raw radical Islamic propaganda. It has turned into a show, with each of the universities trying to outdo each other. This year Cambridge received praise for placing a military checkpoint in the centre of the Sidgwick … Continue reading Israeli Apartheid week: The shame of UK students

The ‘schizophrenia’ of Palestinian NGOs

These days, barely an hour goes by without a piece of news about the brutal ‘Israeli occupation’. 1000’s of outlets, whether NGOs, reputable media sources or random blogs, have their output disseminated on social media by an active group of people who simply hate Israel. With this crowd displaying an insatiable thirst for the gruesome and inhumane, market pressures result in a spiral towards higher … Continue reading The ‘schizophrenia’ of Palestinian NGOs