Ismail Al Ghoul terrorist supporter

Ismail Al Ghoul – a case study in the failure of western media

On Monday 18 March, Israel arrested Al Jazeera ‘journalist’ Ismail Al Ghoul. As usual all was not as it seemed.

The collapse of media honesty

Since October 7 we have witnessed a complete breakdown in the quality and honesty of western media coverage on Israel. The media lens has never treated Israeli fairly, but since the Hamas attack many of the world’s most famous media brands have reached a whole new level of toxicity .

In fact, mainstream media outlets have been caught lying so many times they have started to defend themselves by blaming Israel – suggesting it is because Israel won’t let them in. This is a nonsensical claim considering in late November the BBC flew its own man on the ground OUT of Gaza because of his ‘safety’.

And anyway, if I can do research in London and find out that people pretending to be journalists in Gaza work for Hamas or the IRGC – then so can the BBC, CNN, NYT, and Sky News.

The awful quality in reporting isn’t about a lack of access. It stems from a complete indifference to the lies of the Palestinians that goes back decades. Palestinians learnt long ago that they can say whatever they like, and their words will run as headlines throughout the world without anybody ever asking them for proof.

Hamas members only need to put on a press jacket to be given opportunities to present Hamas propaganda live on the BBC or Sky News. This culture of deceit defines not only the Palestinian experience with western press and politicians, but the manner in which Palestinian society has evolved. The mess you see today is the result of a society that has never been forced to face its own failings. Too many in the west are more than happy to help the Palestinians spread libels and blame Israel for absolutely everything.

As a result, nothing that we see on our screen from Gaza is trustable. We were provided with another excellent example this week with the arrest of the Al Jazeera journalist Ismail Al Ghoul.

The news of the arrested journalist

In the early hours of Monday morning the IDF re-entered Shifa Hospital.  Hamas had regrouped there in force – hiding among civilians and patients.

By Monday afternoon the usual Hamas propaganda stories were circulating. There was also news of the arrest of an Al Jazeera journalist Ismail Al Ghoul.  According to the first reports he was ‘brutally beaten’:

Within an hour the Hamas propaganda channel, QNN had posted about it, and fifteen minutes later, the Qatari mouthpiece Middle East Eye followed suit.

At 13:14 the International Federation of Journalists posted the story along with the claim he had been severely beaten. A couple of hours later the Committee to Protect Journalists also posted the news.

Al Ghoul was released about 12 hours after he was arrested. Here is a photo of him (left in image) the following day – 24 hours after he was ‘severely beaten’:

Ismail Al Ghoul  – the immediate doubts

It took me about two minutes to notice something looked suspicious about Ismail Al-Ghoul. His X account was created in January 2024. His Instagram account appeared on 28 November, and his Facebook page was created on 17 December.

Within days of his deployment as an Al Jazeera journalist he was making outrageous claims – such as this one – where he claims Israel threw a woman out of a window and then executed her in front of her family:

In a sign of how far media coverage of this conflict has fallen, footage taken by Al Ghoul found its way into reports on the conflict from the BBC, NYT and Le Monde. He was also part of the propaganda team at Al Shifa in November reporting on ‘massacres’ at the time.

Yet not a single mainstream outlet questioned just who this man was the day before he became a new face on Al Jazeera. They all just ran the story of his arrest.

Meet Ismail Al Ghoul

Before he was given an Al Jazeera badge, this is what Ismail Al Ghoul was posting:

Ismail Al Ghoul celebrating a terrorist attack

Posted on the 20 Nov 2021 it celebrates the murder of Eliyahu David Kay who was gunned down in Jerusalem. The post salutes Jerusalem ‘resisting’.

It is possible to see from his old Twitter account that he used to work for Hamas run newspaper outlets such as Felesteen and Al Resalah. Even the PA banned both of these media outlets because of Hamas affiliation.

And he posted persistent support for terrorism and the death of Israeli civilians. In this example he celebrates the murder of civilians who died during a rocket attack on 11 May 2021:

Al Ghoul also has a fetish for Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas:

In the next example Al Ghoul ‘remembers‘ and honours six Hamas terrorists who died in a ‘work accident‘ (handling explosives) on May 5 2018.

Ismail Al Ghoul remembering hamas fighters

He celebrates Eid, by honouring rocket attacks on Israel.

Ismail Al Ghoul celebrating rockets

And in this one he is glorifying Hamas fighters during a Qassam parade:

I was not alone in noticing the suspicious activity. Another sleuth, Eitan Fischberger also did, and his thread on X contains several other images – including this one displaying classic ‘Jews as a virus’ antisemitism:

As is always the case with a little research, when you strip away the press jacket you find a Hamas supporter who dances when the blood of Jewish civilians is spilt.


This is also a reminder of how sinister Al Jazeera is. Ismail Al Ghoul’s history was deliberately scrubbed to create a new clean face. And the whole world fell for it. And of course it matters. If Ismail Al Ghoul has ties to Hamas – why on earth wouldn’t the IDF take him in for questioning?

When Al Jazeera took on Ismail Al Ghoul – all his old accounts were publicly available. What was it on his CV that made Al Jazeera employ him, the terrorist support? The Hamas ties?

And even today, this evidence is easy to find if you CHOOSE to look. So the question has to be asked – why on earth are NO JOURNALISTS in ANY mainstream media outlet doing this research themselves?


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13 thoughts on “Ismail Al Ghoul – a case study in the failure of western media

  1. Speaking of biases..


    The Long Terribke Recird of Racist Francesca Albanese

    UN Special Rapporteur to hand in report stating Israel should be placed under arms embargo.
    By Jerusalem Post Staff Published: March 26, 2024 13:05.
    A report compiled by UN Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese, expected to be delivered on Tuesday…

    FEBRUARY 23, 2024
    The only source for the allegations of sexual violence by Israeli forces that several United Nations “experts” were willing to point to was a public report by an organization called Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counseling (WCLAC). Given that this is all the public has to go on to scrutinize the allegations, it is worth examining WCLAC’s report.

    FEBRUARY 21, 2024
    CNN bewilderingly decided to amplify an antisemite’s horrific allegations against the Jewish state, notwithstanding they lacked any supporting evidence, and without mentioning her extraordinary bias on the subject.

    MAY 12, 2023
    Some lies are clever. Then there are The Guardian’s lies.

    MARCH 22, 2023
    CNN International’s Isa Soares brought on one deranged racist, the United Nations’s Francesca Albanese, to accuse Israelis of being deranged racists. Lest one ponder whether Soares believed “it takes one to know one” when it comes to racists, her viewers were left in the dark about Albanese’s widely known and condemned history of antisemitism.

    Francesca Albanese must be fired from the UN – editorial
    By JPost Editorial. Published: April 19, 2023 01:07

    Albanese violates the UN Code of Conduct for Special Rapporteurs and indeed the basic principles of human rights upon which the United Nations was founded.
    As deadly Palestinian terrorism against Israelis continues unabated, some have tried to justify the attacks – and some have gone even further.
    In a stunning exercise in victim blaming, UN Special Rapporteur on the Occupied Palestinian Territories Francesca Albanese has denied that the country has the right to defend itself against Palestinian terrorism.

    NOVEMBER 8, 2022
    When actors like the UN Commission of Inquiry perpetuate such blatantly one-sided narratives, they are not playing an impartial role.

    AUGUST 15, 2022
    There is a pattern at the UN of selecting those with a demonstrable enmity towards the Jewish state for positions dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Commission of Inquiry members are only three examples. Media consumers beware.

  2. Related:


    PBS News Hour, 3/14/24, Josep Borrell childish non-answers re his accusations

    Nick Schifrin:
    This week, you told the Security Council that Israel is using starvation as a weapon of war. How so?

    Josep Borrell:
    Do you think there is a starvation in Gaza? Yes, it is a starvation in Gaza. Hundreds of thousands of people are starving literally, among them many children who have been dying by this nutrition.

    If there is starvation, why there is starvation? Because there is not enough humanitarian support entering to support these people? And why is it? Because Israel is controlling the border, and not letting humanitarian support to come in.

    So it is the logical consequences, no? You prevent humanitarian support from coming and people are starving, isn’t it logical cause and effect there?

    Nick Schifrin:
    But accusing them of having — of using it as a weapon of war is suggesting they are doing so purposely.

    Israel specifically says that there is no restriction on the number of aid trucks getting in or the amount of aid getting in, and they blame the United Nations and a lack of capacity for the lack of it.

    Josep Borrell:
    Well, I don’t think so.

    Nick Schifrin:
    Why not? What’s your evidence that it is Israel’s fault?

    Josep Borrell:
    There’s a lot of evidence that the controls in the border prevent the support to come in.

    I don’t think Israel can say that it’s doing everything in order to support coming in to Gaza.

    Nick Schifrin:
    In the same speech where you accused Israel of using food as a weapon of war, you did not call on Hamas to release the hostages or lay down their arms.

    Josep Borrell:
    Oh, come on. I’m saying that every time. Every time I take the floor, I start saying that the freedom of the hostages is a must and Hamas just to release it.

    I have been saying and resaying and repeating. And I don’t care to say it again, that Hamas is considered a terrorist organization that launched an attack that is completely unacceptable, and the hostages has to be freed.

    Nick Schifrin:
    Let’s switch to Ukraine…


    Note how Borrell could not give one shred of evidence to his terrible accusation that it is “intentional.”

  3. David, your zeal for concentrating your fire onto anyone who speaks up for the Palestinians is a good
    example of the mental illness which afflicts Zionists, as described by Avigail Abarbanel the Jewish psychologist. There is a bottom line to all this, which is that Palestine was and continues to be, illegally occupied by European Zionists. A situation which cannot be tolerated and will never be accepted by Palestinians.

    1. Ha! I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist Jack. You must have been pacing your mum’s spare room like a caged mongrel, itching to post. Poor lickle soldier.

      Well done you for 10 days of patient stakeout and for leaving no slogan behind why you finally got here. Your direct action is changing the world, you bad ass desperado, you !

    2. Most Israelis are BROWN, not “European “.
      Racist-Arab Omar Shalir knew that and so do you, Mr Pallywood: pushing PallyWeid fake buzzwords…

  4. AND MORE PALLYWEID (fake Apartheid/Genocide Pallywoody buzzwords).

    Hamas document reveals it hides casualties, blames failed rocket launches on Israel – IDF.
    By Ohad Merlin. Published: March 31, 2024 22:30. Updated: April 1, 2024 17:45

    An official Hamas document recovered by IDF soldiers proves that many Gazan casualties are the direct result of failed rocket launches by Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
    The IDF spokesperson in Arabic exposed close cooperation between terror groups in concealing information and choosing launch areas far from houses of Hamas leadership, not Gazan citizen..


    Now, if to assume that some 25% or more are failed rockets….think about that.

  5. All you needed to know about twisted mind of “author”/propagandist Gilbert Achcar.

    On Hamas’s October Counter(sic)-Offensive
    Gilbert Achcar
    “..Gaza’s latest counter-offensive brings indeed to mind the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.”

    Nevermind his phrasing of the atrocities on civilians as “counter”, but the sick glorification and belittling the Holocaust by auch a terrible comparison is beyond justification.

  6. Oh look. What a urprise. Bigoted Cobb-Smith “provides his expertise” to WaPo on the WCK accident.

    Quoted in:
    IDF chief apologizes as details emerge of strike that picked off Gaza aid cars one by one
    Halevi: Deaths of 7 WCK staffers ‘a mistake that followed a misidentification, at night, in very complex war conditions’; report claims ‘each commander makes his own rules’ in Gaza.
    By Jacob Magid. TOI, 3 Apr, 2024.

    Here is a bit about this propagandist Cobb-Smiths.

    StandWithUs @StandWithUs:

    One example of Cobb-Smith’s bias – he wrote the guide that is linked above for an organization that opposes Israel’s existence.

    May 24, 2022


    CAMERA, January 9, 2024.

    Cnn’s Investigations: Biased Expert Analysis
    Expert analysis, when used properly, can help audiences contextualize factual reporting. But when used improperly, it can mislead audiences by exaggerating or downplaying certain details to fit into a preconceived narrative. Repeatedly, CNN’s investigations have fallen into the latter category by portraying demonstrably biased “experts” as neutral sources…

    Another glaring example is the reliance on Chris Cobb-Smith in CNN’s May 2022 investigation that accused Israel of “targeting” the journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, who was killed during an IDF counterterror operation in Jenin. Cobb-Smith is introduced to readers as “an explosive weapons expert.” Authored by Zeena Saifi, Eliza Mackintosh, Celine Alkhaldi, Kareem Khadder, Katie Polglase, Gianluca Mezzofiore, and Abeer Salman, the article uses him for the proposition that there was “no chance” the gunfire that killed Abu Akleh could have been “random firing” because of the “tight grouping of the rounds” that hit a tree nearby the journalist. The proposition was questionable for several reasons, explored here.

    But like Garlasco, the authors hid Cobb-Smith’s affiliations that raise questions as to his credibility. Cobb-Smith was an adviser with an organization known for its anti-Israel advocacy, Forensic Architecture, which also promotes the boycott and sanctioning of Israel. That is, CNN turned to an advisor from an organization that advocates against Israel to make a claim against Israel without mentioning that detail.

    And that organization is known for making clearly absurd allegations against Israel.

    For example, well after it was plainly clear for any impartial observer that the explosion at al-Ahli Hospital was caused by a misfired Palestinian rocket, Forensic Architecture, and Cobb-Smith in particular, were still engaging in pseudoscientific analysis to suggest it was an IDF (referred to as “IOF,” which stands for “Israeli Occupation Force,” showing clear bias) artillery shell that hit the hospital. The social media thread even compared the scene at the hospital to an image of what it claimed was an “artillery shell” impact in Ukraine that actually turned out to have been caused by a rocket (Forensic Architecture quietly” admitted this a month later).

  7. Watching WCK’s Jose Andres today, I saw a man with understandable emotions. But still, mistakes happen (in chain of orders/action) it was believed to be a hostile target in that dangerous area at low visibility. Israel is the last one to seek any friction with WCK, after shunning –justifiably–UNRWA for its terror involvement.

    Unlike known longtime racist Francesca Albanese since her vile expressions in 2014/18.

  8. David, this belongs in those WaPo files…

    Another racist “journalist” based in London, contributed to WaPo, Palestinian-Arab: HAJAR HARB.


    Sean Durns @SeanDurns
    “One of the @washingtonpost reporters responsible for the March 22 story, Hajar Harb, celebrated Hamas’ Oct. 7 massacre…Ms. Harb would go on to write dozens of Post reports *after* she cheered Hamas’ handiwork.” Is this par for the course @SallyBuzbee?
    Sean Durns @SeanDurns:
    Blame terrorists, not Israelis, for the suffering in Gaza – Washington Times
    Apr 3, 2024 On

  9. Another detail of Oct 7 atrocities that have not been elaborated… the chemical weapon.
    Anna Ahronheim @AAhronheim:
    According to Israeli media, Hamas used poisonous gas during its attack on the Nachal Oz army base on Oct7th. An IDF investigation found that the gas caused suffocation and loss of consciousness that resulted in death within a few minutes.
    Dec 13, 2023

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