February 2017

Antisemitism inside the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. A look into branch activity of the PSC.

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July 2017

Jew Hate and Holocaust Denial in Scotland. A focus on the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

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September 2017

Exposing an antisemitic fraud. A deconstruction of the book ‘State of Terror’ by Tom Suarez.

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March 2018

Antisemitism in Palestine Live. An analysis of Facebook Group Palestine Live (with Jeremy Corbyn)

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July 2018

The Adalah Scam. A look at the non-existent ‘discriminatory laws’ inside Israel that underpin some of the boycott movement.

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November 2018

Jenny Tonge – a Facebook post. A look into the concentration levels of antisemitism underneath a single Facebook post.

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March 2019

An industry of antisemitism denial. A look at the anti-Zionist Jews who ally themselves with people who share neo-Nazi & white supremacist material.

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June 2019

Antisemitic conspiracy – spread by activists for the Labour Party. A compilation of antisemitic conspiracy theory, with examples that have been shared by Labour ‘members’.

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August 2019

Labour Party and radicalisation – how the party enabled the spread of antisemitism within the Labour Party supporter base.

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October 2019

UK school textbook – A look at revisionist anti-Israel material being taught at schools

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December 2019

Amnesty – A look at the bias inherent in Amnesty International activity

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December 2020

Glasgow University – A look at a paper on the esharp platform

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October 2021

Antisemitism in Ireland – A focus on antisemitism in Ireland

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January 2024

Exposing an antisemitic conspiracy – the lie about the journalists in Gaza

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