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In the antisemitic swamp with Jenny Tonge – the journey of a single post

Jenny Tonge – the Baroness

Jenny Tonge is a member of the House of Lords. Tonge is a key anti-Israel activist, but for years has been faced with allegations of extremism and antisemitism. In 2004 she had stated that she ‘might consider becoming a suicide bomber if she were Palestinian’. In the UK such remarks are clearly rewarded and a year later, Tonge was made a life peer in the House of Lords. By 2006 she was speaking about the western world being the ‘grips of the Israeli lobby‘. In 2010, an online newspaper of which Jenny Tonge was a Patron, made outrageous claims about an Israeli team sent to help earthquake victims in Haiti ‘harvesting organs’. A week later Tonge suggested Israel should set up an ‘independent inquiry‘ to investigate these claims. As a result she was sacked from her position as the Liberal Democrats health spokesperson.

In 2012, blogger Richard Millett recorded Tonge commenting that Israel ‘would not be there forever’. This led to her resignation from the Liberal Democrats whip. In 2016, I attended an event with Tonge, in which several attendees made antisemitic remarks. My report led to Tonge’s final departure from the Liberal Democrats. Since 2016 she has been sitting as an Independent.

In March of 2018, I exposed Jenny Tonge as one of the political figures actively posting in a secret Facebook Group called Palestine Live. A group swimming in antisemitism. This week, following the horrific attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Jenny Tonge created a post on Facebook that blamed Israeli actions for the attack:

I saw the post, published it via Twitter, it went viral and it was soon picked up by several major news outlets. This latest antisemitic incident has led to her resigning her position as a Patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

The basics

As someone who spends time researching antisemitism within anti-Israel activism, I frequently come across Jenny Tonge’s activity online. What I have known for a long time, is that many of the supporters she regularly interacts with are hard-core antisemites. I pointed this out in my report on Palestine Live, and even to this day, Tonge has remained a member of the group:

Jenny Tonge

One of the key elements of my research is not to simply suggest ‘some’ people are antisemitic, but rather to quantify the problem. Highlighting that 40% of people in a crowd are antisemitic (as with a demonstration of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign) or even 50% (a demo by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign) makes an important statement about the level of antisemitism in anti-Israel activity.

To do this I use an enclosed environment, where I can identify the anti-Israel activists involved, and then use their social media activity to check whether they promote antisemitic ideologies. Jenny Tonge’s resignation from the PSC provided a good opportunity. As is always the case with this type of research, I make no attempt to identify the people offline. The assumption is that these accounts are real and they are who they say they are. Additionally, I do not base the identification of antisemitism on the IHRA definition. The bar for antisemitism has been set unnaturally high and deflections over Israel cannot be used against it (this report is available for download and contains a full explanation about the *definition* of antisemitism used).

Jenny Tonge – the resignation post

Following her resignation from the PSC, Jenny Tonge, made an announcement on Facebook. This is the original post:

Jenny Tonge

There were 68 comments made on this thread (and a few comments had responses). I wanted to look at those people who made comments. This is the Facebook account of a sitting member of the House of Lords. Many of the people who responded can be seen on her threads all the time. Given her position, you would expect the majority of those exchanging views with her, not to be racists. As I have noticed in my years of research, with Jenny this is simply not the case. For whatever reason, whenever Jenny Tonge interacts online, hard-core antisemites are always present. I wanted to use this opportunity to highlight just how high the concentration levels are.

At the time I took the image, I identified seventy-four people who interacted with the thread. To confirm these were not casual observers, I cross-referenced with Jenny Tonge’s Facebook friend list. Of the seventy-four posters, seventy-one of them  (96%) are Facebook friends.

As is always the case, privacy issues hinder a comprehensive check of everybody who had responded. Of the seventy-four, sixteen had too little public activity to investigate. Some of these (five) are also members of Palestine Live but still had to be discounted from this investigation. One comment was left by someone who opposes her. This left a sample of fifty-seven Facebook accounts to look at. How many of these accounts share antisemitic images? That was the question.

In the antisemitic swamp with Jenny Tonge – part one

*These images are not from the thread, there are from the social media activity of those who responded*.

These were the first three people on the list:

Jenny Tonge 2

Seymour Alexander has for years acted as a photographer for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. He also posts conspiracy theories:

Semour Alexander

Bilal Hasan, and the first of far too many posts calling the Holocaust a ‘hoax’:

Bilal Hasan

Sandra Watfa from the Islamic activist group InMinds. Sandra, who frequently posts antisemitic images, is often on London’s streets protesting against those who trade with the Jewish state. We can start with Holocaust denial:

Sandra Watfa

Two more posts just to remove any doubt:

Sandra Watfa

Continuing to work through the list. Number four – Hale Armani:

Hale ArmaniNumber five – Hussain Hoz Shafiei

Number six, John Karabinas:

The account of number seven, Hanan KH, was only partially accessible, but I still managed to find this admiration for David Duke:

Number eight, Derek Jardine is an InMinds activist:

Number nine, Patricia Athena:

Number ten, Suhad Suhad. These are in Arabic but suggest Israel created ISIS so that Muslims would kill Muslims and to enhance its own security:

Number eleven, Tony Gratrex was an admin of Palestine Live. I have hundreds of such images of his posts:

Number twelve is Stephen Sizer:

Number thirteen Mohammed Zakaria and more on the ‘Holohoax’:

Number fourteen, Bill Marquis, another one with a fascination for the Rothschild’s and the Holocaust:

Number fifteen, Malcolm Chapman

In the antisemitic swamp with Jenny Tonge – part two


Number sixteen and it is more Holocaust Denial and Rothschild conspiracy from Nola Lloyd Griffiths Wolley:

Number seventeen, Mari Zadeh, and the obsession with Holocaust continues:

Number eighteen, Arnie Hindaugh, ‘putting the Holocaust to bed’ (it is a letter of Holocaust denial):

Number nineteen, Yunus Elias, more Holocaust Denial:

Number twenty, Asif Rana, has a fixation with Gilad Atzmon and the ‘Neo-Nazi‘, Trevor Labonte. Rana liked or commented on all these posts (JWO is ‘Jew World Order’):

Number twenty-one is Zarina Bhatia (link to the video in the second image):

Number twenty-two is Paddy O’Keefe providing another link to a David Duke video:

Number twenty-three is Gilad Atzmon fan, Charlie Blake:

Number twenty-four is Kathyln Gadd, sharing Rothschild and 9/11 conspiracy, along with talk of a ‘Jewish Lobby’:

Number twenty-five Janet Hussain has the Mossad blamed for Lockerbie. With an additional example of how David Irving videos are still doing the rounds:

Number twenty-six is another one who loves conspiracy theories, especially involving Zionists. This is Karen Mint with a Charlie Hebdo conspiracy alongside a couple of truly unsettling comments that she ‘liked’:

Number twenty-seven is Jahn McCallister:

On top of conspiracy theory, number twenty-eight Patrick Mansfield, provides us with a history lesson on the ‘Holohoax’:

Number twenty-nine is Pat Mc Ginley:

Number thirty is David Mills:

In the antisemitic swamp with Jenny Tonge – part three

Number thirty-one is Damian Moran:

Number thirty-two is Sean O’Donoghue sticking up for his ‘Zionist conspiracy’:

Number thirty-three is Anton Lloyd-Wallis. Wallis is a friend of Holocaust Denier Alison Chabloz and ‘managed’ the Facebook group in the name of convicted Holocaust Denier Sylvia Stolz:

Number thirty-four is Debbie Moustafa with some Rothschild conspiracy:

Number thirty-five is Choki McKenzie:

Number thirty-six is Holocaust specialist David Carter:

In the antisemitic swamp with Jenny Tonge – part four

An additional five of the fifty-seven posters have not been listed as having shared antisemitic posts online but have been set aside.

Mick Napier. Napier is the head of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign. As my own research has shown, his movement is riddled with antisemitism. Just recently he introduced a new group of ‘anti-Zionist Jews’ who were fronted by someone who has shared Jewish conspiracy and Holocaust denial posts.

Karl Sabbagh owns a publishing house. Last year he published a book full of antisemitic conspiracy theory.

Alan Maddison spent much of last year producing distorted statistics that were designed to deflect from accusations of antisemitism. Even though he was a member of Palestine Live and was able to see the evidence himself, he set out to deny the existence of antisemitism in Palestine Live. Absurdly he seemed to suggest that Israel as ISIS, Mossad 9/11 conspiracy and Rothschild Zionist conspiracy is *NOT* antisemitic because of the use of the word Zionist instead of Jew:

Abbas Ali is chair of InMinds. A group that often puts antisemites on the streets (two examples are above). Additionally Ali openly supports Hezbollah, a genocidal antisemitic organisation. Their military wing is proscribed in the UK. Ali supports the ‘resistance’. This is what Ali said of the Hezbollah leader Nasrallah:

Abbas Ali

Tony Greenstein has been expelled from Labour (not for antisemitism), has a fetish for ties between Jews and Hitler’s Germany and is widely regarded as an antisemite. He is at the head of the movement ‘Labour against the Witch Hunt’. The argument that a Jewish person cannot be antisemitic is deeply flawed. Many Jewish people, including most of the anti-Zionist Jews in the Labour Party, regard Gilad Atzmon and Paul Eisen as antisemites. It seems odd that they deny the possibility when they themselves believe in it.

The statistics

Thirty-six of the fifty-seven accounts have shared hard-core antisemitic material. Another five accounts are set aside as ‘special cases’.


The shame of the Baroness

63% of posters were found to have shared antisemitic material. When we include those who are responsible for putting antisemitism onto the streets, or helping to spread it, then we reach 72%. These are her Facebook friends. Even for me, with years of research behind me, these concentration levels are as high, if not higher than I have experienced before. This on the social media account of a member of the House of Lords.

These levels reinforce the underlying issue with antisemitism in anti-Israel activity. Whether Jenny Tonge is an antisemite herself is an irrelevance. What is certain is that she is surrounded by it. Antisemites are attracted to her presence and form the main basis of her visible support.

How can Jenny Tonge not be aware, after all this time, that so many of these people swarming around her social media pages have deep issues with Jewish people? Far too many of these posters are attracted to Holocaust Denial, and a support for ideologies of the hard-right. In the images above we have support for David Duke, Trevor Labonte, Gilad Atzmon and there is even a link to the white nationalist, neo-Nazi website Renegade Tribune. How many Holocaust deniers, how many people sharing white supremacist material, do we need on ONE THREAD, before we can call them ‘far-right racists’? More to the point, how can Jenny Tonge swim in this antisemitic swamp every day and not realise that there is a problem she needs to address?

Perhaps the time has come for other members of the House of Lords to force her hand.


Help support my research in the fight against antisemitism and delegitimisation

This research is largely dependent on community support. It is no exaggeration to say that without you, much of the work I have completed would never have been published. I fight antisemitism and the revisionist narrative that demonises Israel. I was recently named as one of the J100 (‘top 100 people positively influencing Jewish life’) by The Algemeiner. My work is fully independent and can and does make a serious difference. In the last few years, many key stories on antisemitism that received global coverage were uncovered by this research and originally broken on this site.

If you can, please consider making a donation. Either a single amount or a small monthly contribution.  Research such as this is intensive and at times really expensive. We need to be there to expose the hatred and the lies. We have to shine a light into the shadows and show people what is happening. Every contribution is greatly appreciated.

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      1. Don’t be such a big gay baby Bellers. It’s 4 days since you missed the start of the thread. Just banging out one of your massive unrelated copy/pastes under the first comment only makes you look really desperate.

        1. Don’t be such a big Jew baby, Ian. More folk than ‘Bellers’ will be interested in the Al Jazeera “research”..

  1. Tremendous research as always David. Have you established how many are Labour members or associated with Labour?

          1. In other words Harv……first rule of advocacy……..Never ask a question the answer to which you don’t already know. Don’t worry Harv I won’t be sending you a bill on three counts

            1) I understand the rickshaw business has experienced a bit of a downturn

            2) I think you are kinda cute, not withstanding your demand that folks of colour should get out of your country

            3) David claims to share many perspectives with you and I kinda like him

    1. “In 2004 she had stated that she ‘might consider becoming a suicide bomber if she were Palestinian’. ”

      Might Mr. Segal consider joining the IDF firing squads at the Gazan border?

      1. I don’t blame Jenny for considering suicide. Just look at her face.

        I feel bad for the bathroom mirror.

          1. “Seems one of David’s pet cronies is determined to make this blog a swamp.”
            Of course, Farmer, because slandering a people with a charge of wanton murder is so much less a serious breach of good etiquette than calling and old bigot ugly.

            1. “slandering a people with a charge of wanton murder ..”

              Which text is that, Jeff? Which ‘people’?

      2. Antisemitism is a suicide bomb, for Britain.
        As for you, you’ve already died a thousand deaths on these threads and others.

  2. Horrible sickening anti-Semitism. The far Right we know about, but some of the far Left are now expressing vicious anti-Semitism – which I suppose was always there, but until recently concealed – quite openly. Some of the stuff posted goes back in a straight line to ‘Der Sturmer’.

  3. “Whether Jenny Tonge is an antisemite herself is an irrelevance. What is certain is that she is surrounded by it.”

    But to read David’s blogs month-on-month he himself is surrounded by it, but he would deny that he is actually antisemitic.

    We can deduce from this blog that David is certain that Jenny Tonge is certainly NOT antisemitic, he would have trumpeted so instead of his usual tarring-by-association.

    Bit shameful of him then to give this exhaustive attempt the address –

    Tut tut.

  4. “Baroness” Jenny Tonge is nothing but a filthy anti-Semite and long-time hater of Israel. The press is generally quite lenient about her hatred of Israel – even if some of her remarks are so obviously false and libelous that they could be disproven in an instant – yet draws the line at her more obviously anti-Jewish statements. Whether or not her anti-Semitism and hostility to Israel are really just the same thing I will leave for others to debate, although as far as I am concerned there is no difference – at least in the case of someone with her extreme views.

    Now, the more interesting question is where all this comes from. There are plenty of British people who hate Israel and/or Jews for many reasons or none at all, but most do not try to make a career out of it – especially when they have plenty of other more worthwhile things to do like, say, being a doctor or a politician. So the question is, why?

    I don’t really know the answer, any more than I do for most people who are Jew haters or even “just” Israel haters. It seems to be, as some have already said, a conspiracy theory believed by individuals with a kind of mental illness. After all, do Israel and/or the Jews really control the British government or the world? Seems a little far-fetched – because it is. Clearly, for example, the Jews are not doing a very good job with the Labour party in the UK, infested with anti-Semites top to bottom as it is.

    I may not agree with their point of view, but I can at least understand why the Palestinians believe that Israel and the Jews in general have done them wrong and deserve payback. There may be a lot of imaginary thinking going on their part, although on a superficial level their arguments at least halfway make sense. So what’s in it for Jenny? Why does she obsess about Israel and Jews almost to the exclusion of any other worthy subject. After all, she’s a British doctor. She must have had many Jewish colleagues, not all of whom could have ruined her day at some point. Britain has a lot of serious problems. Why Israel? Why the Jews?

    I really don’t know, but if someone has any good ideas please clue me in. All I can surmise is that she has a kind of paranoid delusion view of Jews and Israel that makes them the cause of all evil and injustice in the world, and that it is her job to right this. In other words, she is mentally ill, though apparently not murderously so. In any case, can someone toss her out of the House of Lords and take away that silly title before she opens her mouth again?

    Thank you!

    1. “on a superficial level their arguments at least halfway make sense” – what utter crap.

  5. Just took a look at her Facebook page. She’s obsessed with Palestine – even when discussing the murders of 11 people at the synagogue in Pittsburgh, she drags in Palestine, for some reason. I would have thought that someone in the House of Lords might spare a thought or two for what’s going in Britain itself.

    1. Naughty Jenny, having thoughts for others.

      David is obsessed with Israel, yet lives in the UK.

      1. Jeremy Corbyn is obsessed with Israel, yet lives in the UK.

        Happy Nakba to Fugly Jenny and Fascist Jeremy!

        1. So Rebecca’s calling a reference to ‘an obession’ has been rubbished by Ted. 🙂

      1. Excrement is a prim way of saying ‘shit’, as in, “And this pile of shit is a ‘peer’…”
        I, for one, am sorry she held back.
        Then there is you, Farmer, the hypocrite, obsessed with Israel and Jews, and calling out others for living in the UK for the sin of revealing the UK’s self-destructive failings in tackling its antisemitism problem, the Jew haters who promulgate this irrational hatred, and the enablers of such, who occupy the halls of power, e.g., the subject of David’s piece, Jenny Tonge.

  6. The UK doesn’t have an antisemitism problem.

    The Labour Party has a problem that the ‘Jewish Community’ is engaged in a dishonest witchhunt against Corbyn’s Labour Party for his condemnation of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

    Witness the constant devilling of Jeremy Corbyn in David’s hate-filled blogs. No substance, just innuendo.

    Should be renamed ‘Ensuring a Great Divide’.

    1. > The UK doesn’t have an antisemitism problem.

      And Islam is “The Religion of Peace”.

      For proof see London’s 7/7 2005 massacre, beheading of Lee Rigby, Manchester arena bombing, London and Westminster bridge car rammings, Rotherham rape gangs, public demos of placard waving Islamofascists threatening 9/11 scale attack on the UK for not treating Islam is a respectful way…

    2. Well said Mike. This constant conflagration of Zionism and Judaism is beyond the pale. Anyone that knows anything knows that ANYONE can be Zionist (I have a Christian Zionist in my own family!) but not anyone can be Jewish. Makes me absolutely sick that people like David spend their lives screaming Antisemitism (most of which is more honestly classed as Anti Zionism) while actively promoting Islamophobia. I’d highly recommend the documentary “Defamation” by Israeli Producer Yoav Shamir for a more balanced view. It’s older now but it does give a very interesting insight. It can be watched online here: (add https: // then the link).

      Final note, despite the AJ Undercover exposes of both the UK and US lobbies, David Collier still seeks to deny they exist. He must think we all came down in the last shower or something :/

      1. Do you acknowledge that 9/11, Boston, Orlando, San Bernardino, Pan Am 103, London’s 7/7, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan, Bastille Day in Nice, Mumbai, Nairobi, Bali, Moscow, Beslan, Bamiyan, 1972 Olympics and more were perpetrated by Muslim Terrorists???????????

      2. “Well said Mike”
        Yes, Euthanasia, he’s a real brainiac.
        As for you, Jews returning to Zion has nothing whatsoever to do with Jews as any idiot could tell you, an apt description of you and the formerly Michael Farmer, now just casually “Mike”, since he loosened the top button on his brown shirt.
        Remember, not anyone can be Jewish, at least according to your Nazi ideology, as opposed to Jewish law, but what do Jews know about Jews after all? You’re obviously in charge here.
        I’d highly recommend “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” by William Shirer for a more balanced view on how first world nations turn themselves into shit pits over antisemitic quackery.
        Final Note, I have no idea nor do I wish to know what you do in the shower, but you need a good washing badly. Your “ideas,” to use that word extremely liberally, belong in the toilet of history. One day perhaps humanity will be rid of you and the unmistakable stench of your unwholesome bigotry. To that I say good riddance.

      3. ” This constant conflagration of Zionism and Judaism is beyond the pale. “?

        You are on the blog of one who aligns antisemitism with antiZionism on a regular basic. David will fall out with you.

        You seem stressed. Calm down.

        1. Antisemitism and anti-Zionism are aligned on a regular basis by antisemitic anti-zionists. David is only pointing it out.

    3. The UK has always had an antisemitism problem. It’s just bubbling to the surface…again.

  7. It’s an unseasonally lovely autumn day in the Jewish State today. Several EU countries appear to be joining Brazil in a recruitment drive to select staff for their new embassies in our eternal and undivided capital and new and peaceful relationships are forming with some of our neighbours. It seems that the Arabs are finally coming to terms with the fact that there is no more mileage to be gained from the fantasy people they created in the 60s and they’re better off buying up UK footie clubs for their jollies. Someone in the supermarket said they’d arrested the leader of the British Labour Party as a racist and antisemite. Is this true?

  8. “Is this true?”

    No, there’s no evidence at all that he is either, whereas Israel has legislated that the state is now racist and even David doesn’t think that he’s antisemitic. He just cons his associates into reaching that conclusion by weasel words.

  9. And to make the point the Arab owned lads put 6 past their opponents. Good investment. They say the British police are all over the Labour party for this racism. Did David make this happen?

    1. No, the police will need evidence that the Labour Party is racist. David would be no help there, whereas the Israeli Knesset has self-diagnosed as such. But then it’s par fof the course there.

  10. This must be driving Bellers and the Personae mental. Months of bleating on about smear campaigns and denial of racism and now the British police are all over it. All the ” yeah, but isn’t Israel shit…” posts won’t change that.

      1. And of course I don’t do much in the way of Israel is shit posts. That’s a given, hardly worth mentioning. Arguing about Israel is a deflection and a distraction.

      2. I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist Bellers. Predictable as your slogans. If you’d only been a proper activist…….

          1. Gate-keeping is a lonely life Bellers so I’ve order some e-mates from using your name for the offer code. All the Mikes, Gabriels & Janes had sold out so we’ll have to see what they send me. I’m planning my first Zio-mingler for Chanukah. Just think, if you and I turn up we could set for 20 people!!

  11. Exciting to see if David’s assertion that the Labour Party is racist is upheld by the British Law Courts.

    1. British “law” courts? lol
      We can’t have the British investigate themselves! This calls for an international investigation and tribunal. Perhaps we could find an organization with the right bonafides to head it, such as the Simon Wiesenthal Center. They have a great reputation for weeding out antisemites.
      Perhaps Corbyn and Jenny should start planning their escape to Argentina. You could go to, posing as her fiancé. I bet you’d like that!

      1. The Simon Weisenthal Center is a disgrace to the man’s name. It is in the grip of Jewish racists including the man responsible for hijacking Kenneth Stern’s work and landing us with the batshit IHRA thing.

        1. Islam calling itself “The Religion of Peace” is a disgrace.

          9/11, London’s 7/7, beheading of Lee Rigby, Daniel Pearl and others, Rotherham rape gangs, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan, Bastille Day in Nice, ISIS, Al Qada, Taliban, Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood, Fascist Iran, Hamass, Hezbola, Ayatoolas, Assad regime, …

  12. World’s greatest nation, Jeff. Gave the Zionists a land to be racist in! Not ungrateful?

        1. No. The United States of America. E Pluribus Unum. We just had an election. Do you know what that is?

  13. Exactly, David’s blogs are mere food for those hooked on victimhood, fixes for the addicts.on a regular basis.

    1. But you and your sick cadre believe Corbyn is the victim of a vast Jewish conspiracy. We’ll give it a code name, “e-i-e-i-o”. Keep projecting, Farmer.

  14. David, no doubt you’ll label me as an anti Semite for criticising the Israeli Government. They murder children with sniper rifles, burn crops, Demolish homes and schools, bomb pregnant mothers in their beds, allow illegal settlers to steal homes, stone mother whilst they are driving their children to school. imprison without trial, steal land using a load of bullshit to justify it and then get Hasbara to output lies and propaganda to hide their crimes and complicity. people like you should hang your head in shame for being part of all this bullshit. #BDS is working and growing and will be the sounding of the death knell for the apartheid regime.

    1. “David, no doubt you’ll label me as an anti Semite for criticising the Israeli Government”.

      I’ve never done that to anyone in my life. Like the rest of what you had to say, you even got that bit wrong.

      1. “… demolish homes”

        “… imprison without trial”

        The Israeli gov. don’t do that, David?

        Ever labelled anyone an anti-Zionist?

        1. anti-Zionist?

          What are you Pro?

          Pro “Pal-e-STINE”? Pro-Jihad? Pro-ISIS? Pro-Al Qada? Pro-Hamass? Pro-Hezbola? Pro-Fascist Iran? Pro-Muslim Brotherhood? Pro-hanging gay teens? Pro-pushing gays off rooftops in Gaza? Pro-dress codes for females in Fascist Iran? Pro-Sharia? Pro-Taqiyya? Pro-Taliban? Pro-hijacking? Pro-beheading?

          What are you Pro, you silly fascist?

          1. Jewish settler violence against Palestinians :

            Sept. 11: 500 trees burned on land belonging to the village of Deir al-Khatab.
            Sept. 15: 17 olive trees chopped down on land belonging to the village of Kafr Laqif.
            Sept. 17: 18 olive trees chopped down on land belonging to the village of Kafr Laqif.
            Sept. 20: 27 olive trees burned in Kafr Qaddum.
            Sept. 21: 70 trees chopped down in Kafr Qaddum.
            Oct. 2: Serious damage to several olive trees on land belonging to the Raba’i family.
            Oct. 2: Serious damage to about 30 olive trees in the village of Jit.
            Oct. 3: 48 olive trees of the Shatat family chopped down.
            Oct. 5: Serious damage to 130 olive trees of the Fukha family.
            Oct. 5: 15 olive trees chopped down and olives stolen in the village of Deir Sharaf.
            Oct. 7: Serious damage to about 60 olive trees and olives stolen in the village of Jit.
            Oct. 7: Serious damage to eight olive trees on land belonging to the village of Ras Karkar.
            Oct. 7: 35 olive trees in the village of Far’ata chopped down, and about a quarter of the olive crop stolen.
            Oct. 8: About 400 olive trees in the village of Jalud set on fire.
            Oct. 13-14: Olive trees and grapevines vandalized in the village of Far’ata.
            Oct. 20: Yitzhar settlers assaulted Palestinians and human rights volunteers as they harvested olives, leaving two farmers and two volunteers – a 71-year-old man and an 18-year-old woman – injured.[67]

            According to Yesh Din, 97.4% of complaints submitted to Israeli police by Palestinians who had suffered damage to their olive groves between 2005 and 2013 were closed without indictment.

            1. Olive Tree Lives Matter!

              But people, if they’re not Koran compliant Muslims, Nah. Just stone them to death.

              1. Jewish Crops Lives Matter!

                But people, if they’re not Torah compliant Jews, Nah. Just have Israeli firing squads shoot them dead.

            2. Farmer,
              No indictments from your entire cut and paste effort? Wow! Gee wiz, Farmer, maybe that’s because police couldn’t find the perpetrator, or maybe it was because they didn’t find the evidence to make such a charge stick, or maybe their was no
              ‘settler’ that perpetrated the incident, or maybe the incident is something the ‘palestinians’ made up. You know, they do a lot of that too.
              But you forgot to mention any incidents of vandalism or violence against Jewish people. Could that be pure coincidence? I think not.
              I guess you tango alone.

              Anyway, the real point is David’s post above, the evidence, and your desperate efforts to deflect. In other words, the usual.

              There is no question of the presence and participation of hard core antisemites. Why not admit it, disavow them, dissociate yourself from them, condemn them, and stake out a separate position? Why not purge such people from your politics? Yet you don’t, and come to the very place where incontrovertible evidence of their existence is presented to pretend they don’t exist. You are strange.

      1. “Every single word in this latest troll’s unhinged rant is delusional crap.”

        I’m a fan of concision.

    2. Silly Billy, You will no doubt label me as an “Islamophobe” for exposing “the Religion of Peace”

      which hijacked planes on 9/11 and murdered 3,000 people, bombed London transport on 7/7, beheaded Lee Rigby, ran over pedestrians on the London and Westminster bridges, operate rape gangs in Rotherham which target non-Muslim girls, held demonstrations waving placards threatening 9/11 scale attacks on the UK and Europe, bombed Manchester arena, murdered filmmaker Theo van Gogh in the Netherlands, massacred the staff at Charlie Hebdo and people at Bataclan, ran over people in Nice France on Bastille Day, publish videos of ISIS beheading and burning prisoners, hang gays in Fascist Iran, push gays off rooftops in Gaza, bomb the Boston Marathon, massacre people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, massacre people in San Bernardino, massacred people in Fort Hood Texas, massacred people in the DC Beltway, bombed Pan Am 103, massacred people at a mall in Nairobi, Pakistani massacred people in Mumbai India, massacred vacationers in Bali, massacred people in the Moscow subway, Sadaam Husseins use of POISON GAS, a WMD, on the Kurds of Halabja Iraq, Assad murdering 500,000 people in Syria, Taliban murdering people in Afghanistan, Coptic Christians being massacred in Egypt…

      Silly Billy, you overplayed your hand. The civilized world is waking up from the trance and YOU and your friends are going to end up in a very bad place.

  15. Your suggestion David that you do not base the identification of antisemitism on the IHRA definition. and that ‘the bar for antisemitism has been set unnaturally high and deflections over Israel cannot be used against it’ is of course a lie that is wearing somewhat thin.

    You say that I have been expelled from the Labour Party without also saying that it was NOT for antisemitism but ‘abuse’ of Israel supporters of child abuse like Louise Ellman. Rather dishonest of you not to mention this wasn’t it?

    You say I have ‘a fetish for ties between Jews and Hitler’s Germany’

    again not so. I have written about the documented links between the Zionist movement and the Nazis. That is a fact – Ha’avara, Kasztner, Shamir’s proposal for a military alliance with Nazi Germany, the staffing of the Judenrat, Katznelson’s expression of joy at the ascension of the Nazis to power – do I need to go on. These are facts.

    Then in another dishonest swipe you say: ‘is widely regarded as an antisemite.’

    Not true only Israel Firsters like you say that but even the Board of Deputies at one time praised my opposition to Gilad Atzmon and accepted I was not antisemitic. The fact that I am accused now of antisemitism is because antisemitism has been weaponised by the Zionist far-Right like you.

    ‘The argument that a Jewish person cannot be antisemitic is deeply flawed. Many Jewish people, including most of the anti-Zionist Jews in the Labour Party, regard Gilad Atzmon and Paul Eisen as antisemites. It seems odd that they deny the possibility when they themselves believe in it.’

    That isn’t my argument. You are a very sloppy ‘researcher’ when you attribute straw man arguments to your opponents. I accept that someone who is Jewish can be antisemitic. That is why I hold that many Zionists, yourself included, are antisemitic! Zionism is and was always regarded by its Jewish opponents as a Jewish form of antisemitism. Both accepted that Jews did not belong in the diaspora hence why they collaborated.

    It is you and your Tommy Robinson supporting friends who best merit the title of ‘antisemite’. How is Dr Brian of London by the way?!!!!

    1. Hello Tony. My research clearly does not use the IHRA definition and it is not used precisely because such use would lead to deflection. It is visibly true this is the case. Not one of my examples is based on the IHRA. All of them are either dealing with Holocaust denial and / or the idea Jews are secret manipulators who control the world. As I have explicitly sidelined you and others like Napier at the bottom of the report, rather than simply label you antisemites is clear evidence you are wrong in your assertions. So as you accuse me of lying – there are several reports to choose from – can you show me examples of where you think I have set the bar for antisemitism ‘too low’?

      I have edited the comment on your expulsion. It wasn’t a deliberate omission, I don’t work that way. Given that your writing is consistently full of major errors, it seems odd you have suddenly become so pedantic.

      Tony you clearly have a fetish for ties between Jews and Hitler’s Germany. When you use them you often decontextualise them, use ‘Zionists’ as a broad brush as if all Zionists were in favour of the dealings that took place, and rely on a conspiratorial mindset throughout your analysis. Nobody denies there was contact just as I would hope nobody denies some Zionists opposed that contact. These were players existing in the same geopolitical world, just as Hamas and Israel do. Israel and Hamas also make deals – some Zionists oppose this too. Israel probably also has secret understandings with Hezbollah. Chamberlain wasn’t a Nazi himself because he tried to broker a deal with Germany and Israel weren’t Hamas collaborators because they arranged a prisoner swap. Given the context that every Jew that escaped Germany was a Jew saved, I find your obsession with this rather tasteless to say the least. But then you also have an obsession with the place most Jews escaped to, so perhaps it isn’t surprising.

      I added you ‘are widely regarded as an antisemite’, because I think that you are. I’ve even seen Corbyn supporters refer to you as such. Note, I do not call you one, although I understand why others do. I have seen you fight antisemites Tony, I have seen you leave Palestine Live because of antisemitism, and then I have seen you rejoin the same group, which has exactly the same people inside it. You have the same problem most have in your corner, that if you don’t turn a blind eye to antisemites, you’ll get very lonely. You know many of the people I have detailed in my reports, they are not your target, instead you hang out with them online and belittle the reports I create that detail them. Needs must I suppose. That and your insistence on distorting the Zionist/Nazi relationship because it suits your political purpose leaves you on very shaky ground.

      I know that you fought Atzmon. In fact you played a large part in his alienation from the PSC camp. You have no trouble identifying antisemites on the right, of which you consider Atzmon one. And that comment about Jews being antisemites wasn’t directed at you, but rather other members of JVL and their supporters. You should re-read the comment. It is clearly about those who defend you by suggesting a Jew cannot be antisemitic. I simply point out the hypocrisy.

      Your constant need to tar me with people on the extreme right is tiresome Tony. The issue is one of perspective. The further to the left you go, the more everyone seems like an extreme right-winger. Politically I am of the centre-left / centre in both British and Israeli terms. Most people who read my writing have correctly identified me as such. Too left for the hard-right and too right for the hard-left. The failure you have to be able to spot major differences is a blind spot that renders most of your writing so wildly inaccurate.

  16. Watch your back Ed. You should know by now that you can’t present stuff here about Islamists/Muslimists/Arabists doing their global slaughter thing without some cock coming back at you with horror stories about injurious topiary.

    1. Would think that in this Israel themed blog(aren’t they all) highlighting the crimes of Jewish-Israeli settlers would be more pertinant than Ted’s macro about Islamist crimes.

      “injurious topiary” …. olive trees are harmful?

      1. Ed, You must understand that olive trees is one of those symbols which helps to create the myth of the ancient, indigenous ‘palestinian people’. They invented the olive tree, the bedroom community, and of course the saying, “the Jews were never here.”

        Then we have Tony who likes to talk about Zionist connections to the Nazis, but not Arab connections to the Nazis. It’s like the fun house at the carnival; full of crooked walls & floors, and distorted mirrors.

        1. “It’s like the fun house at the carnival; full of crooked walls & floors, and distorted mirrors.”

          Not sure David will appreciate your making fun of his methods, Jeff.

    1. no, the IHRA helps to understand antisemitism because it underlines the obvious -that people who don’t like Jews – real antisemites, will have a problem with Israel, a nation with lots of Jews. They will see in Israel all the characteristics of the antisemite’s Jew, manipulative, controlling, money-grabbing, soul-less, bloodthirsty. If you are unwilling to accept this you are simply a fool. Therefore some people are saying ‘Zionist’ when they mean ‘Jew’. However it must be permissible to attack Israel verbally, even in a somewhat exaggerated fashion. Therefore it is logical to create a guide, that gives examples so people can criticise Israel for some of the shitty actions it may take, whilst not doing so in a racist or exceptional manner.

      But the anti-Zionism =/does not equal antisemitism argument is for me an unnecessary deflection. I do not need it to prove the swamp is half full of antisemites BY ALMOST ANY STANDARD. If I use the IHRA, the levels will be much higher, but people will just say ‘oh, he is just stopping criticism of Israel’, which may fool some people. This let’s everyone off. I wanted to step away from that, confident in the level of antisemitism to such a degree that I remove all criticism of Israel from the equation completely. It is why I am dealing with levels of 40-60% rather than much higher levels. It is also why I tend to refer to the posts referenced as ‘hard-core’. That is why my reports received the national coverage they did – because the deflection against them does not work. Anyone who looks at the posts in my reports with an open mind will be shocked. Therefore the concentration levels become frightening. As the Scottish Sunday Times pointed out ‘to be included you would have to work very hard at it’.

  17. Mike : “David, do you think that the IHRA definition deflects from recognising real anti-semitism?”

    David – “no, the IHRA helps to understand antisemitism because it underlines the obvious -that people who don’t like Jews – real antisemites, will have a problem with Israel, a nation with lots of Jews. ”

    Puerile logic from you there, David

    David : “That is why my reports received the national coverage they did”

    Your posts received the coverage they did because you were bad-mouthing and hopelessly attempting to paint Corbyn as an antisemite. Gleefully the anti-Corbyn press just cut and pasted your reports as useful.

    Your ego causes a smile.

    1. Oh Mike, you silly thing (my new fav), you call it puerile logic. It is your stubbornness in the face of the obvious that outs you as not worth the time.

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