Inminds, thugs, conspiracy theorists and antisemites

Inminds Jew haters gather. Fools, conspiracy theorists and antisemites

On Saturday 14 October, a group of anti-Israel activists went to protest outside of Jason Atherton’s ‘Little Social restaurant’. The group behind the demonstration was ‘Inminds’, a small, highly active, and particularly thuggish group, whose activists clearly have an issue with Jews. This time, they gathered to protest a restaurant participating in ‘Round Tables‘, an international culinary festival in Tel Aviv. As is so often the case now, you can become a target for these haters merely for not being antisemitic yourself.

When I arrived, Jonathan Hoffman was already there. Standing by the door of the restaurant with an Israeli flag. Taking this position meant the Inminds crew wouldn’t be able to crowd the restaurant door and intimidate the restaurant’s clients. Three other counter demonstrators arrived, Richard Galber, Tony Jacobs & Stephen Franklin.  These four Zionists spent their Saturday lunchtime, countering an attack on the legitimacy of the State of Israel.

On the other side of the argument, the Inminds crew arrived. In the end there were fifteen protestors in total (not counting two children). As is always the case when dealing with material of this sort, many of the links on this page may not be safe to open at work.

The Inminds ringleader

Sandra Watfa is the ever-present face of Inminds:

Sandra Watfa Inminds

At the Al Quds march in June, she was one of the speakers. Sandra Watfa was also picked up by my PSC report (page 35), that detailed antisemitic posts inside PSC related activism.

As an example of Sandra’s feelings towards Jews, this is a hashtag she used on more than one of her posts:

Sandra Watfa, Inminds

She frequently shares antisemitic conspiracy theories. Just two examples:

Sandra Watfa inmindsThis is another Rothschild conspiracy post, that Watfa shared. Just in case you thought Jewish global financial control, accusing Israel of being behind 9/11 and 7/7 was as far as Watfa would stoop, here is a little bit of Holocaust denial thrown in for good measure:

Watfa Holocaust denial

Like most activists who search for anything that stokes their own personal demons, Watfa shares material from people like David Icke and pushes website material awash with Nazi ideology. Often sharing hard-core Jew hatred, far removed from any excuse about Zionism. This is a link to the post she shared on the ‘Holohoax‘. The video on the right  was of a history lesson given by  antisemite and Holocaust Denier, ‘Eustace Mullins‘. Sandra Watfa, is the public face of Inminds.

The anti-Israel mob

At the peak of the demonstration, there were fifteen people in total on the ‘anti’ side, and three of those were there to film (Seymour Alexander, Peter Marshall and Abbas Ali). This left twelve anti-Israel demonstrators. Ten of those twelve are regulars, whose faces are often seen at these types of events.

One of those, Derek Jardine was holding up the far right hand side of the banner. Jardine had also been to two other recent Inminds demonstrations.

Derek Jardine, Inminds

When Derek Jardine wasn’t busy singing ‘from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’, he did take time to suggest ISIS was an Israeli supported thing. I confronted him on this, and asked where it is possible to gather more information; what is his source? He said ‘everywhere, and then, just google it’. I told him this isn’t on the BBC website, at which point he sneered at me.  ‘Is that where you source your news from – the Zionist BBC‘, he responded. I did ask him to clarify exactly what ‘truth telling’ sites I should be visiting, I received no response.

Jardine’s Facebook profile seems entirely public. A quite search highlighted some of Jardine’s posts:

Derek JardineJardine’s Facebook profile suggests he used to work at ‘Gay News’. He shares material from PressTV, a propaganda arm of a nation that well, oppresses and has executed gays. He oddly speaks of Bashar Assad being ‘respected’ before 2011, and welcoming foreigners. The Syrian regime has never been respected and has always persecuted Gays.  Some of the material Jardine shares comes from Holocaust denial sites like Veterans Today, and his timeline gives access to material from many right-wing ‘alternative news’ websites. Sites that also have issues with Muslims and Gays. The man is clearly not just someone with issues against Jews, he is also really, really stupid.

The cameraman

Seymour Alexander was one of the three ‘anti-Israel’ cameramen present to record a demonstration of twelve people. Seymour Alexander is also known for sharing antisemitic material.

Seymour Alexander InmindsHere is another hideous post:

Seymour Alexander Holocaust

This from the article:

‘Since the dawn of Zionism in the late 1800s, Jewish-Zionist ideologues had been ravenously promoting the story of “six million” persecuted and oppressed Jews. “We Jews need a homeland of our own because we are persecuted wherever we go” was the traditional Zionist argumentation. But the First World War did not produce the circumstances needed to foist this propaganda on the world. Jews were not singled out for persecution or mistreatment by any belligerent in that war, which is why the Zionists, following the dictates of their founder Theodore Herzl, deliberately aided and abetted Hitler’s forces to corral their fellow Jews into ghettos and concentration camps during the Second World War..

And this:

‘Revisionist scholarship has determined that somewhere between 100-150 thousand people perished in Auschwitz mainly as a result of disease and starvation, which was not a deliberate act on the part of the Germans but rather the outcome of Allied carpet-bombing of Germany’s infrastructure.’

A copy of the article is available here.

The ‘Palestine Live’ thug

Elleane Green was also at the demonstration.  Green is a co-founder of the secret Facebook Group ‘Palestine Live’. The other ‘co-founder’ is Tony Gratrex, a hard-core 9-/11 truther and rabid antisemite. The Facebook group is a cesspit of anti-Jewish activity.

Green proudly boasts she was the one who helped identify me, so as to have me removed from the QEII Palestine Cultural event. As she also took a photograph of me to disseminate online when I was at the Labour Party Conference, it seems Elleane Green has a thing for me. She has a thing for other Jews too:

Elleanne Green Inminds

Talking to other haters

I spent much of the two hours, trying to talk to some of the demonstrators. The amount of ignorance, from people actively trying to attack a liberal democracy, was astounding. I have been around this block before, I know that most people engaged are ignorant of certain facts, but I am always surprised at how under-prepared the hard-core activists are when it comes to having their central beliefs challenged. It is almost as if they haven’t even run through these arguments with themselves.

I was told by three different demonstrators, this was about the creation of a ‘one state for all’ secular democracy. This as they stood under the banner of Inminds, an ‘Islamic group’. One spoke to me about the slave trade and Jewish lobbies. Another spoke about false flag attacks. Yet another about Jewish cowardice. None of them had a historical grasp on the conflict at all. These people are clearly driven primarily by prejudice.

As is always the case, the statistics speak for themselves. Even though some of the demonstrators remain unidentified, we know at least 50% of those present, have shared or voiced antisemitic ideology. Of those identified, the figure was over 75%. It is simply unacceptable that groups displaying this level of anti-Jewish prejudice, should be free to demonstrate against any business they choose.

Harming business

At one point, one of those demonstrating tried provoking Jonathan Hoffman. Repeatedly poking him, daring him to react. He was clearly spoiling for a fight. Jonathan did not respond and eventually another counter-protestor, Tony, came to diffuse the situation.

But this isn’t just a game between a few Jew haters, and some Jewish folk. This demonstration took place in a narrow street, directly outside of one restaurant, but impacting also on one or two others nearby.

These business owners are directly affected by those with anti-Jewish prejudice. In response, if you are going to a restaurant in the area, take a small detour, and book at Little Social. It is in a central location just two minutes from Oxford Circus. There are places to eat next door and opposite that were also intimidated by the demonstration. Booking a meal at any eatery in Pollen Street would be a solid response to this type of thuggery.

I have two hours of footage before my mobile camera died. I have gone through quickly and placed together a few small clips.

On a final note, one of the photographers, posted a report online about the event

Peter Marshall

Look at this group of conspiracy theorists and antisemites. How can anyone consider this gang a ‘Human Rights Group’. Peter Marshall’s description is a disgrace. It is this central public misconception that must be fought. The battle is not between us and them. The real fight is having this hatred recognised by others for what it is, and then dealt with accordingly.


Help support my research

I fight antisemitism and the revisionist narrative that removes context and demonises Israel. My research is intensive and I am currently working on both short and long-term projects.

This research does make a difference. I was recently named as one of the J100 (top 100 people positively influencing Jewish life) by The Algemeiner. The generous donations I receive from the community allow me to carry on with this work. I am independent and cannot continue without your support.

Please if you can, consider making a donation to help with the fight. I believe that attacking the lies and distortion is vital. We need to be there to expose it. We need to research the facts to tell the truth. Even producing just one of these pieces does take days, sometimes weeks, and whilst I do what I can, there are serious constraints that impact on what is possible. Your assistance can and does make a difference. Every contribution is greatly appreciated.

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189 thoughts on “Inminds Jew haters gather. Fools, conspiracy theorists and antisemites

    1. Not my remit Stephen. Trying to pretend I am a fascist because I oppose racial hatred is too weak to hold together. If a group gathers outside anywhere to fuel their racial prejudice against any minority group, I would expect they would be treated accordingly. If 15 really nasty anti black racists gathered to tell people not to shop somewhere because of some race hate argument or another, I’d expect some type of resistance to their freedom to stand wherever and whenever they want… even if it was in the form of large public opposition. No different here.

      1. Hardly answers the question David. Who exactly are these “others” . What would you have done ? Are we talking like broken on the rack type stuff ? Or what ?

        1. no, you want me to push a fascist line because it conforms to the image you wish to push. I believe societal rejection comes with perception. You do not need laws to stop the unacceptable, you just need people to see the truth.

          1. David but having seen the truth there needs to be action they have to ” act accordingly” . I am just wanting to know what this would entail. You must have something in mind. Hard to understand why you are going all shy on this.

            1. I am not going shy at all, you are simply missing the point. If everyone acted ‘accordingly’, the societal pressures would keep thugs like this off the street, for the same reason, racist thugs against other minority groups, do not gather to engage in racist protest.

          2. But David if me and the other folks that want to act accordingly don’t know what that entails how can we do so ? You get us all excited and then just pull the rug. You must have certain actions in mind why can you not put us out of our misery

          3. Stephen arguing with David about issues which don’t seem to be relevant is silly. We are all adults with a common foe; splitting hairs seems pointless. I am totally unsure what you are disputing with David.

        2. So much for the flounce eh? Not sure that the paymasters would fall in with that tactic as it makes their hired help look a bit wet.

          Great article recently on the phenomenon of the ‘sock puppet’ trolls and the ways that they are used in an attempt to skew the comment sections of special interest sites like this. Not much of a tactic but I suppose that if you’ve lost the argument, making mischief for money is all that’s left

  1. Excellent article. I can only agree that the vicious rhetoric dished out by this group is mostly fueled by hatred. at no time is an intelligent argument ever offered. it is always slogans. and when the slogans do not suffice, a new line of discourse is offered until that one is proven to be suitably vacuous as well. and lastly they then go quiet and refuse to speak. The only person that offered any reasonable discussion was the man with the USS Liberty picture on his t-shirt.
    I think a better way of protesting venues like this is to encourage people to utilise the services of those companies while mentioning the positive connection to Israel

        1. Harv where and when did I say BDS was winning? You just made that up. I merely was pointing out to Richard that buycotts in respect of demos against particular shops don’t work. Your and Hoffies shutting down of Ahava proves the point. Even the EDL couldn’t save you.

          What care I for uk/israeli trade ? I don’t care if it is 70 trillion. TBH I am more interested in last Sundays results in the 4th division of the Albanian basketball league.

          1. You see Harv I don’t give a holy crap about Israel. It is happily carving out it’s own place in hell, it has made it’s bed and will just have to lie on it. It will implode under the weight of it’s racist contradictions, just like apartheid South Africa and the Soviet Union imploded under the weight of their contradictions.. A little nudge along the way won’t do any harm I guess.

            This is why I don’t waste time and energy arguing about Israel.

            What does concern me is that while on its way to hell, it, and its UK shills are busy subverting British democracy and hard won human rights and civil liberties.

            And this is where my issues with David are located

            1. ‘Subverting British Democracy’. Oh my. ‘hard won human rights and civil liberties.’ Jeez Stephen, I write stuff. My activity goes no further than using words to create an argument in the hope that my argument, being well researched and persuasive, is the one people understand and support. If they choose to go with the badly researched, racist argument instead, then I try to improve my argument. Your understanding of the basic principles of democracy, that think it is subverted by little old me writing a blog, well,,, I don’t quite know how to respond…

            1. Yes, Stephen it is what I do. It is funny, that you of all people, should be busy trying to squeeze me into the box marked ‘fascist’, when your own experience with me, counters that very perception. There are almost no sites that provide for the counter argument the way I do, and whilst I appreciate you do ‘restrain’ yourself somewhat here, I wouldn’t dream of cutting you off, just to stop you putting your point across. My methods and beliefs fight against propaganda and stifling voices. Always have, always will. I know it isn’t the way you want to paint things, but hey, two years down the road and we are still sparring here. I hate fascists and I hate censorship.

          2. Your obsession with Israel is eating you alive Bellamy , hence your constant return to this blog . That’s ok. No charge for the therapy

          3. I am glad about the no charge Harv. Because the therapy hasn’t made me feel any better.

      1. There is no genocide. Don’t be silly. Why do you think so many of those identified in the demonstration share material from white supremacist websites?

        1. According to you genocidists not according to the actual definition and the facts on the ground.

        2. Of course you would say that you are a propagandist for it. I am not being silly you are really sick to deny it.

          1. Do you understand the meaning of the term genocide.
            Under Israeli control the Arab/Palestinian population has grown exponentially. Israeli medical care etc has reduced child mortality to the same as the west and extended healthy old age. Israel has contributed to the growth of the Arab/Palestinian population of the area and also their health. Does not look like genocide, or else Israel is a very inept and useless actor in this field

          2. In stages and the definition – it’s precisely what you are doing to the Palestinian people and Palestine.

      2. Falsely accusing anyone of genocide is slanderous. Blake. Define “genocide”, and then present evidence about who you feel is committing it. Bonus points for including info about Myanmar and Rohingya Muslims.

  2. Ahava was an Israeli store with direct connection to Israel
    This is an individual participating in an event in Israel
    An interesting question for which I do not have an answer; but go on we must in whatever manner we feel is appropriate and useful
    We must though ensure that Davids posts reach the widest possible audience as they reveal important points that would otherwise not be in the public domain; like the proclivity of those anti-Israel protesters to be followers of rabidly anti-Jewish sites

  3. What is the Zionist enterprise legal moral and ethical right to exist in Palestine at the Palestinians expense? It’s you who is the hater. European colonists dispossessing the natives because they aren’t Jewish is extreme hate. A demo seeking justice against that injustice is all I see here.

  4. Palestinians only exist as a result of the existence of Israel
    Before 1917 no Palestinian state or people had ever existed in history
    The Romans in about 140AD/CE created an undemarcated area called Syria Palestina to try and eradicate the Jewish state of Judea and Samaria
    Zionism is the national movement for the emancipation of the Jews in their ancient homeland; a place where Jews have lived continuously for thousands of years despite the attempts of Jew haters to remove us from there. Jerusalem and the ‘Land and people’ is mentioned hundreds of times in our religous texts many written over two thousand years ago

    1. ‘Land and People of Israel’ as in Eretz Israel and Benai Israel in the above comment of mine

      1. No you exist on stolen Palestinian land. NO legal moral or ethical right to exist there at their expense. It’s an unststainable pipe dream of an extremist ideology.

        1. How can one live on stolen land when it was stolen from the Jews many times.
          Please show me the existence of Palestine and Palestinians before the Mandate of Palestine . Did not exist, and the Arabs invaded from Arabia in the late 600’s into the 700’sand conquered and occupied the land as settler colonists, followed by others to the present day. The Jews are the only constant residents of the area for thousands of years, which is provable historically. The easiest example is the arch of Titus in Rome showing the plundered goods and slaves from the Jewish city of Jerusalem

          1. Richard spare me the propaganda. Palestinians have the deeds of 85% of the land. UN figures. 80% according to israeli ministry of agriculture in 1949. Both had Jewish owned land at 6%. It was NEVER stolen from Jews and definitely not you Eastern European variety. Furthermore, purchasing land is for investment not for dispossessing the indigenous inhabitants because they aren’t of a certain persuasion.

            1. ‘State owned land’. There’s the problem with your argument. Do you really believe the stuff you come and use, or are you aware your argument is just silly?

          2. State owned land would be the ‘public and other land’. In the case of the UN figures that would be 9%. In the case of israeli ministry of agriculture that would be 14%. You should stop projecting your foolishness on human beings trying to right a grave injustice.

            1. I do have a question about this for you. If as you say, Jews only owned 6% of the land, and if as was reported through the Peel report:

              “The shortage of land is due less to purchase by Jews than to the increase in the Arab population. The Arab claims that the Jews have obtained too large a proportion of good land cannot be maintained. Much of the land now carrying orange groves was sand dunes or swamps and uncultivated when it was bought.”

              Then what was the problem? Why were Arabs slaughtering Jews in the 1920’s & 1930’s? They didn’t own much land, most of what they purchased was uncultivated. You claim, the Arabs owned almost all the land in 1947. So why did so many Jewish refugees get slaughtered? It was this violence that led to partition, and this violence that led to the creation of Israel. If the Jews only owned 6%, why was this violence necessary? What percentage of UK land is not owned by the White British (it isn’t a serious question, it is a statement to show how absurd it all is)? Is anyone massacring Syrian refugees on our streets(ditto)?

        2. That is an empty argument. People escaping persecution arrived into a land under British control. History does not play out well for the Arab ‘narrative’ (storybook). It doesn’t matter if you do or do not agree with what happened regarding Balfour, the Mandate or even Partition, the fact remains that Arab racism, violence and rejectionism combined with appalling leadership, led the local Arabs off a cliff. So many times they had the opportunity to make better choices, but failed, and each time, making a larger and larger wager, until what remains, is what we see today. Blaming all those losses on the Jews is lazy, inaccurate and racist. It turns every Arab loss into a deliberate deception by Jews, when in reality, this was a spiral of events, that brought about today’s reality.

          Israel does not exist on stolen anything. It has every legal moral and ethical right to exist. Simply regurgitating propaganda won’t work here.

        3. I remember you from a previous thread Blakey. You were being very rude to someone which I assumed was just part of your role play. I’ve seen versions of your act on other sites; you know where someone goes to e.g. an astrophysics enthusiasts group and pretends to be a flat earth supporter and acts contrary to wind up the locals. You’re not great at it but I suppose it’s the taking part that counts.

  5. Te vast majority of the land was unused state owned land of the Ottoman Empire. Most of the Arab owned land was held by absentee land owners. Only a small portion of he land was arable as it was either swamp or desert or rocky hills. Old fashioned farming methods, lack of capital etc restricted farming and thus the value of the land leaving most of the land state owned and unused. Why would the UN have lists of land ownership in the area from the Mandate of Palestine when neither the Ottomans or the British had accurate details

    1. This reminds me of John Wayne’s honest admission re North America

      ” sure we stole this land,but we were the only people able to drag it into the 20th century”

      David we may have our Blake but you have your Richard and Ian.

      1. Seems like the pre-flounce has become a non-flounce Bellers. Come on son, sort it out. If you’re going to do your media response shtick at least commit to it.

  6. please supply actual proof of this 94% figure. Details of sites etc. Believable facts not opinions please

  7. and what precisely does that mean. it certainly would not pass as intelligent argument as it says nothing but tries to disparage others. some people specialise in argument without substance

  8. Looks like Jeremy ” preposterous arrogant liar ” Newmark ha bitten off more than he can chew with Moshe Machover.

    But anyway back to the topic……

    David of course I don’t think that David Collier is single hendedly subverting our democracy, destroying our civil liberties etc.

    What has happened is that you, whether you like it or not have become, a kind of guru for the sans culottes.

    The Embassy, BoD, JLC, CST, JLM etc do the heavy lifting on a macro level, working on the political parties, the churches, the universities, and other major institutions you sans culottes guys take on more modest micro level duties. Like an unruly bunch of street urchins with close associations with the far right, Including Britain First , the org that spawned the killer of Jo Cox. you go for soft inexperienced targets.

    A venue denied here, a meeting cancelled there, an individual smeared here, a meeting disrupted there.

    Drip drip drip drip drip

    1. Nah, much preferred you’re early stuff when you used your media response role just to be rude to people. This new you, trying to make proper points for money doesn’t quite fit somehow. You should have flounced when you had the chance.

      1. Agree that Ian. Bellamy as the Court Jester was good value. Now we have Pseuds Corner meets Storm Front.

        1. So looking forward to it Stephen. Like I say , it’s a win win for us . The rampant systemic antisemitism that reigns supreme in this grotesque approproation of New Labour will be there for all to see. If his expulsion is rescinded on a technicality, Labour will continue to be seen as the toxic party of antisemitism. If his expulsion is ratified in court , well that’s just one less scum bag. Either way,it’s popcorn time at Zionist Central . Let me know your preference – salt or sweet. Producing these ‘ as a Jew ‘ types fools no one

          1. Well Harv I do agree that the thing is going to be definitive. If Moshe wins his case it will be the end of the AS in the LP bullchit.

            If he loses there will be a purge that will make what has gone before seem like ringa ringa rosy.

            How stupid of Jeremy Preposterous Arrogant Liar Newmark to provoke such an unnecessary risk when they had it all sawn up.

            Are you feeling lucky punk ?

            Like your Tablet link. Freedland and Hirsh do seem rather frit don’t they ?

            Anyway what say we pool our resources to buy some popcorn in bulk, and share it. It’s cheaper that way.

        2. Ha! Not only do we not get the full flounce that we were promised but now he’s taking his paymaster’s shilling for self promotion. What a tart!

          1. Its not much of a self promotion Ian. It was never brain surgery A polite but firm FO would have sorted things out in no time.

    2. Stephen. Again for the record. I do not associate with the far-right. They are an enemy of the Jews. If you were paying attention, you would see much of the material I expose is from far-right websites. I don’t expose it because I support it, but because I find it offensive.

        1. Firstly I know of nobody associating with truly right wing elements. The only people I see sharing material from white supremacist sites are the anti-Israel activists. There are of course a small minority, those who see Israel through the eyes of anti-Muslim hatred, both Jew and non Jew and I reject entirely this mindset. I voice publicly my opposition to misplaced alignments with those that traditionally oppose Jews. I lived in Israel, and the reality of Israel and the perception of that reality over here (on both sides) are two different worlds. Israel is a nation of the Middle East, in the Middle East. I personally, have socially more in common with someone from Taybe, than I do with someone from Mea Shearim, even taking into consideration the traditional & religious connections I may share with the latter. I have no time for, *nor will I co-operate with*, groups that do not understand this central reality.

        2. No one collaborates Stephen. People turn up at protests and stand in the vicinity of our supporters. We cannot dictate who attends these protests , just as the few remaining people of conscience in the PSC cannot be held accountable for the deluge of antisemites fouling up what is meant to be a worthy humanitarian cause .
          Proximity is not indicative of collaboration except in the sordid , twisted minds of wretched antisemites who are forever clutching at meagre crumbs of cheap lying propaganda. So Post as many photos from way back when as you wish. That’s the nature of Marxist Propaganda .Ultimately it means nothing. Just like you in fact.

  9. Last comment from me.
    Stephen Bellamy seems to comment endlessly in the same way that commentators on radio etc make inane stupid comments to hear themselves and to try goad others into a respunse.
    Intelligent argument is a pleasure; win or lose it doesn’t matter.
    Inane mindles comment is both boring and wastefully time consuming

  10. Harvey, what is your view of the opinions of Sharon Klaff, one of the principal organisers of the protests against the Palestine Expo festival?

    Sharon Klaff May 16, 2011 at 1:59 pm:

    “It never struck anybody amongst the Jewish community in teh UK that just as we the Jews and Israel are subject to adverse propaganda so are the EDL demonised. I have met some of them and spoken with them and they are salt of the earth people fighting for a democratically free England and Englishmen based in Christianity and the morals and ethics of the Old Testament, just as we are fighting for Israel and Jews based in the same ethics and values of the Old Testament. Just as we have little in common with Islam and the liberal secular “elitists” who desire that Jews, Israel and the EDL would simply pass on by, so does the EDL. As I said many times before, Jabotinsky taught us that in times of strife we must fight the greater enemy together with those whose greater enemy we share. We all share the greater enemy that is Islam and all it represents in its efforts to destroy the Judeo-Christian ethic that is our Western Civilisation and we must hang together in peace for the sake of peace.”

    1. Oh yeah David’s mate Sharon Klaff

      ” Hey Richard – great piece! Nice to see the view fromWagamamas as it is evident that the suport was miniscule!! Bravo to the youngsters who came out for Israel – no violence on their tongues and no hatred in their eyes; and thanks to the EDL who supported us from across the road, resepecting the fact that many amongst the Jewish community did not want them to mingle with us, unlike the hate filled mob sporting Hizbollah flags emblazoned with a rifle, supported by those frock-coated filthy bearded Yiddish speakers. They will one day have to account to God for their sins!”

      1. Isn’t it wonderful. An entire piece on hard-core conspiracy and antisemitism, and all you want to talk about is the EDL.

      1. Harv why would ask anyone other you what your views are. I know you have a very damning past and an equally damning present. Why don’t you just plead the 5th ?

          1. yyyyyyyaaaaaaaawwwwwwwnnnnn

            That is rather a sad attempt at deflection. And no I didn’t watch/listen to it. So many hard right arse holes to listen to so little time.

            But I can confidently predict it didn’t have anything to do with your opinion of the thoughts of Sharon

            1. Stephen. I answered your posts on the subject. More than once. Can we not have the entire thread hijacked. Nazis hate Jews and hate Israel. The suggestion of Zionist and Nazi alignment doesn’t work when referencing the 30’s, and won’t work about today either.

  11. David, the point at issue is whether you are prepared to acknowledge that there is a problem of far-right extremism within the Jewish community.

    1. that isn’t the point at all. It is presumptuous and deflective. You have turned up on a post about a real visible issue with far right extremists who hate Jews, and opted to deflect with nonsense.

  12. David, as far as I have been able to determine, none of the protestors sought to prevent the restuarant proprietor from exercising his lawful right to trade, nor did they harass or intimidate prospective customers. Given this, what was the purpose of staging a counter-demonstration, which you filmed?

    1. Hi Joish. Over half of the protestors share hard-core antisemitic & / or Holocaust denial material. Given the group self-identifies as a ‘human rights’ group, do you not think it worth highlighting this clear contradiction between what they say they stand for, and the white supremacist material they promote?

      Given what is highlighted in the article, and even putting aside the sheer ignorance and stupidity of some of the protestors, I really don’t see how you can ask that type of a question. They have a right to be racist, but I do not have a right to point it out?

    2. Don’t be ridiculous Robinson. Why erect a 70-foot banner in front of a restaurant, if not to harass and intimidate customers – and those of neighbouring businesses? The same as they did at Ahava. Fortunately the restaurant was full, people didnt seem to be deterred. In fact it probably did better than usual: 4 of us ate there after the fake ‘human rights’ protestors had gone.

      1. Hof someone who shoves scurrilous leaflets about her daughter into the hands of a grieving mother and then brags about it is not likely to be taken seriously on the subject of intimidation.

        Sick Sick Sick Sick

        1. Stephen, aside from the fact there was nothing ‘scurrilous’ about the leaflets at all, as I have mentioned already, that is hardly a credible argument. It is a propagandist’s sound-byte.

        2. Never knew about this restaurant before . We have booked it for a birthday celebration. Ten covers the restaurant would not have benefitted from prior to BDS profiling. It won’t be the last either.

      2. Never knew about this restaurant before . We have booked it for a birthday celebration. Ten covers the restaurant would not have benefitted from prior to BDS profiling. It won’t be the last either.

    3. If all those people were as innocent as you make out, then what was the point in assembling there in the first place? And your use of the word “protesters” rather gives the game away – what were they protesting about, and whom were they trying to influence?

      1. They were protesting the fact that the play was built on lies and agit prop. Corrie was the victim of ISM , a heinous organisation that placed her in a militarised zone with zero concern for safety and well being. It’s a win win for ISM. Stop the IDF from conducting essential security measures or die in the process in which case the propaganda benefit as a Shaheed is immeasurable. If the leaflets caused one theatre goer to read and question Corrie ‘S death , it would suffice. Ultimately it’s about letting the Israel haters know , we will be there to counter each and every action by all legal means.

      1. I have. Twice. Those racists protect hard core antisemites. Like many who are so far left they are out with the daisies, it is the point of ’cause before all’. They are free to say what they like. Others are free to attack them for it. They do seem to have been a little stupid.

    1. Thanks for posting Josh. I wasnt aware of it till now . All the antisemites under one heading . A very useful tool . Shared

  13. Stephen, I would surmise that the fingerprints of David’s junior research assistant are likely to be found in the vicinity.

  14. David, I presume that you are aware of the law of unintended consequences. If so, you may recall the case of the S.H.I.T. list. We’re all rogues now.

    1. So can you direct me to some of your posts, that attack these racists for personally attacking me? Surely you run to inform them of the ‘law of unintended consequences’, as my address is made public, my wife is threatened, and so on. ‘we are rogues too’ it seems. Do you know how many times some of us have been contacted at home? If you just direct me to a link of you sticking up for people like me, I might take you seriously. As it is, I think your vision is a little tainted.

  15. David, you appear to have misconstrued my rather cryptic remarks. No offence was intended on my part. Rather, I was making an ironic allusion to the “Gallery of Rogues” on the spoof JVL website.

      1. Not quite Ian. The sources are the racists themselves. All the info is available elsewhere. Tony just put it all together in one place. Do try harder.

  16. Happy with my efforts thanks. Maybe you are too. You get your rate for the crass submissions. David’s site gets the credit in the analytics from the deeper engagement. Thanks for playing!

  17. Ian, perhaps you ought to consider the lead editorial in the week’s edition of the Jewish News:

    The shameful agenda of Hippodrome hypocrites

    “Are these concerns being used by some to mask race-based opposition to an influx of Muslims into an area popular with Jews? Undoubtedly.
    Does this show, in 2017, that those engaged in interfaith work have their work cut out? Sadly, it does.
    When asked to support the campaign against the mosque, Jewish News said no.
    When offered money for an advert for said campaign, Jewish News again said no.
    For this we were called “kapos” and peppered with hatred from within our own community.
    We are only saddened that the irony of asking to parade a campaign of thinly-veiled hate in Hate Crime Awareness Week was lost on those who subsequently sent us all those vile messages we had to delete from our website.
    Such rhetoric, from those who are rightly quick to oppose anti-Semitism, undermines our community’s real battle against intolerance . . .
    Enough with the protest. Let’s welcome this religious community to the area. Acting to the contrary makes us hate-mongers.”

    1. Foreign news is of no interest to me Josh. I am an Israeli living in the Jewish State. For me, this sort of thing carries the same weight as I imagine a terrorist rocket from Gaza landing on our civilian community or an Arab stabbing a granny or a young mum on a Jerusalem street carries for you.

      1. Ian this entire blog spot is about foreign news. You seem to have a lot of interest in it.

        1. More macabre fascination in elements herein than interest. Rather like a fly round a pile of shit. For clarification I play the part of the fly. You can draw any conclusion you fancy on your casting.

    2. So your news is that the Jewish community, as clearly supported by the mainstream Jewish press, see no problem with planning application for a mosque in Golders Green. Okay. And whilst Tony is busy smokescreening the 40%+ of rabid racists inside anti-Israel activism, he writes a propagandist piece that over-amplifies and in some cases de-contextualises the thoughts of a minority of Jews. He even needs to add non Jews into the mix to make the number seem larger than it is. Okay again. We get it.

      I grew up in an area that was predominately Jewish. It isn’t today. This happens, neighborhoods change, demographics change. Life moves on. Neighborhoods don’t get destroyed because someone else’s religion sets up a camp. The world is a dynamic place. People should calm down.

  18. Ian, you were the one who raised the issue of the credibility and reliability of Tony Greenstein’s posts. Whatever one’s view of Tony, it is undoubtedly the case that he has maintained a principled and consistent position in opposing the currents of virulent Islamophobia within the Jewish community. On this issue, his views are consonant with mainstream Jewish opinion. While I don’t accept his contention that there is a necessary connection between Zionism and Islamophobia, it cannot be disputed that the militant wing of the Pro-Israel solidarity movement is tainted by the prevalence of Islamophobia in its midst.

    1. No Josh, I was the one that raised the issue of the crass nature of the post from the media response bloke.

      1. No Ian you raised the issue of the credibility of the info. The info is what has come out of the mouths of Jewish racists 6000 of whom have signed a petition demanding the Islamic centre not be allowed in GG.

        1. I think we’ll have to agree to disagree . But as you have said a simple FO will suffice henceforth.

    1. Oh, you mean the event David Hirsh also spoke at? Yes, I was on a panel. I do love this endless desire to smear that you have.

      1. Thats the one . Glad you brought Hirsh up because at least you then can’t accuse me of deflection. Here is Hirsh. I never thought it possible for someone to spin so many lies in an hour, That’s before we get to the the bits he left out, particularly that the tribunal found a good number of Fraser’s witnesses were lying through their teeth.

        Hirsh is so transparent a dissembler . He should give up lying he is absolutely crap at it.

    2. Haven’t heard that talk for a while actually Stephen. Thanks for bringing it up again. Quite pleased with the content.

    1. Do I behave as if I dance to your tune? I have been over this 1000 times here. Me, my words, my deeds. I have no interest in wasting my time dealing with your desire to smear me.

      1. David I don’t think anyone is trying to smear you as a racist, a fascist or anything similar. I certainly am not. I don’t think you are anything like such. I think, as you yourself put it, it is a case of ” the cause is all”, and you simply don’t care about anything else.

        I also think a charge of hypocracy is a fair one. For example you are routinely critical of venues that host people and groups that you disaprove of. Would you be critical of a venue that hosted Campaign4Truth ?

        1. Why would I be critical of a venue that hosted C4T? We have our differences and some of them run deep, but to date, I am unaware of anything they do that would warrant actual opposition. What are they, Likud?, Jewish Home?

          1. It never struck anybody amongst the Jewish community in teh UK that just as we the Jews and Israel are subject to adverse propaganda so are the EDL demonised. I have met some of them and spoken with them and they are salt of the earth people fighting for a democratically free England and Englishmen based in Christianity and the morals and ethics of the Old Testament, just as we are fighting for Israel and Jews based in the same ethics and values of the Old Testament. Just as we have little in common with Islam and the liberal secular “elitists” who desire that Jews, Israel and the EDL would simply pass on by, so does the EDL. As I said many times before, Jabotinsky taught us that in times of strife we must fight the greater enemy together with those whose greater enemy we share. We all share the greater enemy that is Islam and all it represents in its efforts to destroy the Judeo-Christian ethic that is our Western Civilisation and we must hang together in peace for the sake of peace.”

            ” Hey Richard – great piece! Nice to see the view fromWagamamas as it is evident that the suport was miniscule!! Bravo to the youngsters who came out for Israel – no violence on their tongues and no hatred in their eyes; and thanks to the EDL who supported us from across the road, resepecting the fact that many amongst the Jewish community did not want them to mingle with us, unlike the hate filled mob sporting Hizbollah flags emblazoned with a rifle, supported by those frock-coated filthy bearded Yiddish speakers. They will one day have to account to God for their sins!”

            1. You think associating yourself with the EDL should be a no-platform offence, but yet seem to have no problem with those that associate with Hezbollah. Oh Stephen.

          2. Oh Davidddddddddddddddddddddddddd

            I don;t think either of those is a no platform offence. You think one is but not the other.

            I don’t believe in no platforms unless someone is going to get up there and incite violence.


            1. I actually do think Hezbollah are no-platform material. I am rather stunned you think Sharon is so far beyond the pale, my reactions to her comments are sought. C4T are Likud, or perhaps Jewish Home. I might not vote for either party, but suggest they are part of the legitimate Israeli political spectrum. There is nothing hypocritical here. No right is absolute and the two Hezbollah / C4T, aren’t exactly comparable…

      1. Harv tell us again about your admiration for, nay hero worship of, an organiser for Victor Vanciers Jewish terrorist organisation ? Or would you prefer that I did it ? I am sure the people would love to hear it direct from you.

          1. Harv it is now Sunday morning and I am a graduate of the Shane McGowan school of drinking to whit ……If you drink enough you don’t get a hangover.


            Harv tell us again about your admiration for, nay hero worship of, an organiser for Victor Vanciers Jewish terrorist organisation ? Or would you prefer that I did it ? I am sure the people would love to hear it direct from you.

  19. Some excellent news being reported this morning that should make life much easier for the Jew haters, specifically the ones that have to tie themselves in knots pretending to have some interest in Arabs, two state solutions and peace negotiations with the Jewish State. Your burden is over.

    It is widely reported that senior figure in the brand new Hamas/Fatah coalition Yahya Sinwar declared that “The time in which Hamas discusses the issue of recognizing Israel is over. The discussion now is about ‘when to erase Israel.’”

    So there it is. The newly unified Arab leadership has spoken and we can all stop pretending that any of this nonsense is about land or borders or anything other than Jew hatred.

    Lucky for us we are stronger, smarter and with a 100% home win record. Very much looking forward to a future with unambiguous battle lines and ultimate victory. In steering clear of their internal horse trading it has been a good hand well played by our lot I’d say.

      1. Crushing.

        I can barely bring myself to complete the crossword in the Samaria Sentinel, Settler Supplement.

  20. Media Response Bloke; ” It never struck anybody amongst the Jewish community in teh (sic) UK that just as we the Jews and Israel are subject to adverse propaganda so are the EDL demonised. ”

    Me: ” You say “we the Jews”. So after all of this you’re Jewish???”

      1. Sorry old boy but given your profession is media response I assumed you’d employ a little more precision in your editing. You couldn’t even be bothered to indicate that the initial sentence was part of the quote. Very shoddy.

  21. David, you stated that you were not “aware of anything they [C4T] do that would warrant actual opposition.” What, in your view, would constitute sufficient grounds for opposing their activities? There are several factors that you ought to consider: most notably, the virulently racist views of the organisation’s founder, Sharon Klaff, as cited in this thread; and giving a platform to the fascist movement Im Tirtzu.

      1. Just saying Oh please Josh doesn’t hack it David .

        David are you saying that Sharon Klaff does not hold and express virulently racist views ?

        If the word virulently was struck out to leave ” racist” would that make it any easier for you ? Or does that not help and you deny that Klaff holds and expresses racist views?

  22. David you brought Hezbollah into it. It is a red herring comparison. The comparison is between Klaff and shiterite et al and the people in this country that you seek to no platform.

        1. It looks bad to you Stephen, because you operate by drawing together bits in your head, when in reality they don’t exist. It is guilt by association at its finest. Look at what Josh just did with Im Tirtzu. But hey, if some professor says they have ‘fascist potential’, and David doesn’t think they should be no platformed, there are smear tactics can we use here. Its a pile of tosh Stephen and the tactics don’t intimidate me.

  23. David, you are a prominent anti-racist campaigner, whose reputation was established on the basis of your courageous and principled opposition to antisemitism. Yet, in the case of racism within our own community you have, to the point of dogmatism, refused to acknowledge that this is a genuine problem. Whenever evidence is adduced, which reasonable observers would accept was indisputably racist, your reflex response is to engage in exercises in sophistry. The tenor of your responses reflects very badly upon you.

    As regards the fascist character of Im Tirtzu’s ideology, I would direct you to the opinion of the Israeli scholar Professor Ze’ev Sternhell, a leading authority on the history of fascism, cited in this article published in Ha’aretz:

    ‘In his deposition, Prof. Sternhell says there is no clear and unequivocal definition of a fascist movement, and that no movement in history has all the components of the definition.

    In texts written by Shuval, Sternhell sees a clear expression of fascist thinking. References to the nation as an organic body, Sternhell says, are fundamentals of fascist thought. Other signs of fascist thought include the view of an atrophied West and the sense that the situation in Israel is an emergency requiring extremist action and struggle against the “traitors.”

    Sternhell points out that a decision on whether a movement is fascist or not must be based not on comparison with a classical fascist state but with movements at their early stages, and which later turned the state into a fascist one.

    “If we take into account that Im Tirtzu is just beginning and is operating in a society where rejection of the fundamentals of liberalism is perceived to be a sin, then it is showing early and troubling signs of fascist potential,” Sternhell writes’.

    1. I am a man of the left, and you provide a perfect example of how corrupt leftist ideology has become. Why I have had to find a new political home. They are fascist because they have fascist ‘potential’. Do you understand what you are saying? We are now condemning people, not because of what they are, or what they say, but because of what some people think they may become. A reason to incarcerate potential criminals because of early signs of errant behaviour. It is truly scary that the ideological position you occupy in the spectrum actually considers itself ‘progressive’. And then you spend real energy, trying to smear everyone you disagree with into a box marked ‘unacceptable’. Frightening.

      Me, my words, my deeds. Else I am really not interested.

      1. David your capacity for denial is really quite extraordinary. Well very extraordinary actually. You are one of the most adept wrigglers I have ever encountered.

        So how about Britain First. Does not Klaff and Hoffman’s close collaboration with the org that spawned the killer of Jo Cox trouble you ?

        1. David it comes down to this. You are forever complaining that folks refuse to acknowledge antisemitism when it stares them in the face. But it is becoming abundently clear that when it comes to refusing to acknowledge racism when it stares him in the face you are in a class of his own.

          Which brings me back to the question…….

          Do you acknowledge that racism is a big problem in the Jewish community ?

          If so do you have any intention of opposing it or at least distancing yourself from it ?

          1. I oppose racism in the Jewish community. I consider racism a problem everywhere. I do not think racism in the Jewish community is any bigger, than racism is in any other community. That is it. I am done and I will no longer respond to any attempts to unfairly corner me or find a way of taking something I say out of context. If it continues, I will place your posts into moderation and delete any on the topic.

        2. I am entirely unaware of any close collaboration. Your making it up. It is too transparent, you are wasting my time and you are using this platform as a way of trying to implicate me, an anti-racist anti fascist, in some type of web so you can smear him. Me, my deeds. I am not playing your guilt game anymore. It really is a sickening tactic.

            1. That statement holds more truth, than almost anything else you have written here. I am a threat because I at least try to maintain integrity in my research. An adherence to real truth (within the subjective position) as I see it.

              This makes me a target. So deception, traps, deflections, lies, distortions, and all manner of other propagandist tools are deployed in an attempt to build some sort of narrative that can take a half quote here, a photograph there, and somehow tie together enough material to build a conspiratorial tale of how I support the very elements I actually oppose.

              This is the anti-Israel narrative and strategy in a tiny little sentence. Somehow feeling justified in using this sentence on a web post – ‘c’est la guerre’. It proves that for you, even at the level of simply forum discussion – the cause is all.

  24. Harv why are you telling me this ? Like what care I for PSC, who is on its wotsit or your petty squabbles with it.

    Do have a learning disability

  25. I’ve come to learn that you’re an antisemite. There’s nothing else to concern myself with . It goes with the Republican territory and grannies milk.

  26. Media Response Bloke; “You seem to have difficulty grasping what my cause is David.”
    Me: ” We all just assume it’s getting paid per post by your clients. Don’t be embarrassed about it. These are hard times and income’s income – ‘c’est la guerre’ Don’t make me laugh!”

    1. With 61 paid comments on this thread alone I’d imagine not. God only knows your hit rate over at and With this output who has time or for causes eh?

        1. Maybe. I’ve been trying to get into your game for a bit now. I met some guys like your sponsors at an over 50s mingler for like minded genocidalists, imperialists and Zio-Nazis. They thought that the tone of my posts was too ironic and not demeaning enough. You’ve got all that sorted but I suppose you’ve been at it longer.

  27. Anyway brilliant demonstration by Reading International Solidarity Centre of how to deal with the hasborafia when they try to bully, threaten and blackmail you, that is don’t deal with them at all. Sidestep the fatal embrace by not engaging in any way whatsoever.

    It reduces then to impotent rage. The operative word being ” impotent” .

    1. So you are call with psc types inviting Atzmon to their hate fest . That’s just about a wrap. Antisemite !

  28. David, your Twitter account is most instructive. It would appear that you have aligned with those in our community who are engaged in an attempt to excommunicate Anti-Zionist Jews from the Jewish body politic. Can I ask whether you endorse or repudiate the following comments, which were posted in response to one of your tweets?

    “There have always been KAPOS, self-hating JEWS, they ingratiate themselves with the virulent anti-Semites.”

    “Kapos and brown (self)hating Jews? Infiltrate and spread anti Semitism?”

    1. Josh, you dullard. Your weasel-word agenda is about as cunningly disguised as a Lion in a false beard at a Zebras Only disco. Even Bellers has the decency to pretend to have some opinions before embarking on one of his torturous voyages of self abuse for money. Up your game son. You’re only letting yourself down.

    2. You want to hold me responsible for something I didn’t write, like or share? You are so boring.

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