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My family are evicted from the #Palestineexpo at the QEII conference centre

The Palestine Expo was advertised as a cultural event and a family affair. So I went to the QEII Conference Centre to engage with the atmosphere with my wife and youngest son. I knew that the content of the speeches would be full of hate, so rather than listen to hours of anti-Israeli rhetoric, I wanted to enjoy the exhibits and activities. Most of all I looked forward to the food. Myself, my wife, and my eleven-year-old child were evicted half way through our lunch. What we suffered was unacceptable discrimination. Here is the report:

The Palestine Expo event

We had booked a family ticket over both days at the Palestine Expo. I took my youngest on the first day. The intent was to take the eldest on Sunday, because on Saturday she was at the London Pride event. The tickets were being advertised with a huge discount. I have already posted my thoughts on the programme for the event. I hadn’t commented or opposed the idea of a cultural festival. Once the programme was released I criticised the clear political element.

There are many cultural and historical elements that could have been included to engage with the Arab association with the land. A look at life during Ottoman times. The Islamic conquest and empire. The waves of Migrants over the past three hundred years, or the nomadic lifestyle of Bedouin. The Egyptian conquest of 1831-1833 is an interesting one. A battle over ‘Greater Syria’ between the Egyptians and the Ottomans that gave ‘Palestine’ the ‘zero acknowledgement’ that its non-existent 19th century status fully deserved. All these are fascinating historically accurate and culturally significant areas, that would never be represented at an event such as this. The only discussion on show was anti-Israel venom, the actual concept of  ‘Palestine’ or ‘Palestinians’ didn’t figure at all.  The ‘Palestine’ at this event, was one created merely to de-legitimise Israel.

The circle of hate

soas, prc, pscI had my family with me, and to be honest, I had little intention of suffering the talks. I looked at the list of speakers and I have seen all these circus performers before. In fact, so confident am I of this now, I challenge Pappe or Peled or Barkan to allow me to write the speech for their next event. I am sure I will create ‘pitch perfect’ diatribe, fully in tune with the message they wish to deliver. Ben White would be more troublesome. Not that I couldn’t write it, but simply I wouldn’t want to make the effort of finding 200 irrelevant statistics, that he uses to deflect the attention of the audience with.

The groups behind the ‘expo’, those  ‘supporting’ the political side of this event are also all known to me. There is the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC). A group that is riddled with those who believe Jews are evil, rule the world and didn’t actually suffer a Holocaust at all.  The Palestine Return Centre, that ran the event that saw Gerald Kaufman suggest ‘Jewish money‘ control’s the UK government.  Or the Queen Mary University, where I saw Jewish students with a question stand accused of being ‘paid’ and controlled by the Israeli embassy.

How about the P21 Gallery, a regular venue for anti-Israel activism, that saw Milo Peled blame Zionist Jews for deliberately creating Islamophobia and is used to having its room full of hard-core antisemites. The UCLU, that saw an intimidating attack on its own Jewish students last year.  How about Friends of Al Aqsa, that believes Jews should be subordinate. Have I mentioned SOAS yet? I have been living inside this venomous pit for a while now. I recognise the poison.

So I chose not to engage with this hatred. I wanted to enjoy the ‘cultural’ aspect. I spent years living and working with real Palestinians. Not the fake wannabee ‘solidarity type’, but those who live in Ramallah, Jericho and Gaza. Those Arabs and the Israelis are neighbours. I lived nineteen years in the Middle East. Why would I not want to go to this event. Why should I not feel at home?

I walked around the upper floors, and because of the time, I went upstairs to eat. This action was to see me thrown out.


The vast majority of the crowd seemed Muslim. I would guess the split was 80/20. Perhaps even higher. The pool of white British anti-Israel activists is limited, so at an event like this they get swamped. The dining area was full, and there was a logistical issue with the kitchen. It was taking a long time to bring food to some of the stalls.

I was spotted by members of a local anti-Israel group ‘London Palestine Action’.  I saw an activist called ‘Andrew Nelis’ before he saw me. I then saw Jackie Walker enter the room and start talking to him. They began looking over in my direction. Then Tony Greenstein showed up. I am never confrontational, never impolite. I walked over to say yes ‘this is me’. If they sought engagement. I am always willing to talk. Greenstein didn’t seem to believe I was there for the food. So I went to sit back down.

Jackie Walker chose to come to the table I was sitting at.  Greenstein followed. Walker then began to tell the other two attendees already present at the table (see image) how I call events like this ‘hate fests’.  I was polite, on topic and suggested we meet up for coffee if she wanted a proper discussion. I responded nicely to everything was said. I was there with my family and what I wanted to do was to relax.

I wasn’t going to be allowed to though. A few months ago Walker shared an image of me online, telling people to report me when spotted. Such is the life of being an independent member of the press that these people do not like. A few minutes passed and Andrew Nelis returned. Security was with him. I am asked to leave.  I ask on what grounds – none given. “I want to know” I respond. “write a letter” is what I am told.

This was clearly wrong. I am sitting eating lunch at a cultural event in a public building, I have several activists who claim to be upholders of ‘free speech’ come to the table and I am evicted. I looked straight at Jackie Walker who said clearly “I don’t agree with this”. I think for a split second she understood it looked bad. Then, as I turned away to leave I suddenly I heard her shout ‘How dare you’ at me ‘and ‘Liar’. I am not sure whether she spied a camera, but the comment was entirely out of context with what had occurred. Did she really want to create an image of me being evicted after having said something unacceptable? A viral video for her to use? Jackie, I know you will read this – so let us be clear – you did yourself no favours, but the offer for coffee is always open. I am always willing to point out where you have gone so badly wrong.

I left in accordance with the requests of the security team. I told them I was a member of the press, who was being evicted on discriminatory grounds. They apologised, but insisted on politely doing the job they had been instructed to do. I behaved as I always do. I have no idea why I was evicted and I have no intention of accepting this type of discriminatory behaviour.

The aftermath and celebration

What then, do self declared humanitarians do when someone is evicted on discriminatory grounds? They celebrate of course. This in a blog from Greenstein:

During lunch I and others spotted one David Collier, a Zionist snoop who makes a profession out of defaming activists and groups as ‘anti-Semitic’.  He came up when he spotted me all friendly.  I asked him how he was enjoying the ‘Jewish hate fest’ that he and his compatriots had called Palestine Expo 2017.  He denied this and resumed his lunch, however we called for the security to evict him when he did.  His wife was most put out at this attack on freedom of speech, which is rich coming from those whose whole life is spent trying to suppress Palestinian freedom of speech.  Given the anti-Zionists are never allowed in Zionist functions and when they are spotted are usually assaulted Mr Collier should be grateful  that we didn’t behave like his friends.

An admission I did nothing wrong. Apparently I should be thankful I was not assaulted.

This ‘real time’ post from activist Barry Ackerman:

Barry Ackerman, evicted

This a thread after a comment from activist Elleane Green:

Elleanne Green

Elleanne admits to helping ‘report and identify me’. Nelis is clearly proud. Sandra Watfa is the face of InMinds and has previously used the hashtag ‘jewnitedstatesofamerica’. But on that thread is also a comment from a sitting member of the House of Lords, Jenny Tonge.  I witnessed and reported on the event that was to lead to Tonge’s resignation from the Lib-Dems, so it is possible Tonge does not think highly of me, but she is still a sitting member of the House of Lords.  She is congratulating a fascist style eviction of a person who has done no wrong. Truly disgraceful, from someone who should inherently seek to protect our freedoms, not cheer on those that seek to destroy them.

Not the only one

I later found out I was not the only Zionist Jew evicted. Someone named Jason was inside the event, had attended speeches and  had wandered arounded unhindered *until* he wore a Jewish head covering. Ten minutes later, he was evicted:

No excuse

There is absolutely no excuse for allowing this type of hatred to go ahead in Central London. A celebration of the marriage between Islamists who refuse to accept a self-defining Jewish presence, Marxists who are inevitably at war with the self-determination of Jews,  and hard-core antisemites, who just do not like Jews however they are defined.

Nor is there any way people should be evicted from these events on discriminatory grounds.

This video was taken outside the event. It is five minutes long and worth watching until the end. Coincidentally, the policeman in the background for the first half of this video, is the same one (or appears to be) as the earlier video of the eviction.

The videos of the event speeches are flowing freely on social media, thousands attended the event, and the hatred of Israel and Jews has just received a government assisted boost in the arm. We all know the hate is there. We all know there is a network of groups who have issues with Jews. What on earth was the reasoning behind allowing them to takeover a public building such as the QEII in London?

Our Jewish children are no longer welcome at the heart of the Democratic Estate in a building owned by Her Majesty’s Government. Why? Because the people inside do not want them there. No further excuse necessary. Just a month after Hezbollah flags were being waved in Oxford Street, Jew hate was allowed a weekend of celebration at the QEII. There is perhaps something symbolic in this, From Oxford Street to Parliament Square. The Jew hating flags have moved ever closer to the UK Parliament.


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123 thoughts on “My family are evicted from the #Palestineexpo at the QEII conference centre

  1. these happeinngs are taking place with the blessing of the mayor of London

    1. I think you’ll find that Sajid Javid is more to blame for this than Sadiq Khan.

  2. David, by now you should know that I support your endeavours and admire your courage and determination. However I must demur on this occasion. I have little direct experience or awareness of the world that you occupy but it appears to be quite small and incestuous in the grand scheme of things. You know all the players on the opposing side and they clearly know you . Your relative positions are played out under the gaze of social media readerships and so context can be entirely manufactured by one side or the other to suit their purpose away from the actual scenarios that unfold. So seriously, what did you expect to happen? You know precisely how the game unfolds and you placed yourself in a position to be played. It should come as little surprise when that is exactly what happened. Even some of the idiots here couldn’t use their ingenious interpretation skills to contrive that as a win. Seemingly, the only beneficiaries are the very narrow group of ‘activists’ that keep score of these things and the prick Bellamy who will earn a few Qatari Riyal from his customarily crass paid media responses.

    1. Ian, presumably what he ‘seriously expected to happen’ was to be allowed to attend the exhibition unless he did something wrong rather than be thrown out merely because of his political views!

      The ‘way the game’ is meant to unfold in a free country is that people are not barred or expelled from places merely due to their political or religious beliefs.

      That freedom is won and maintained by people like David standing up for it, and is lost by people like you arguing he shouldn’t exercise his freedom if he can expect to have it unjustly curtailed! Some kind of ‘freedom’ that leaves us all with!

      You’re a victim blamer. Simple as that. The people who benefit from David’s actions are all of those whose eyes are opened to the fascistic character of the culture of the people and organizations who threw him out.

      1. Sorry Aron, that’s just naive bollox. I repeat. The theatre in which David operates is a narrow one where all of the actors are known to each other. Our opponents have no interest in playing the sort of straight batted game that you seem to envisage and David will know this. They will take any opportunity to score easy points using any tactics necessary. So your bleating about freedom and fairness is all well and good and may allow you a better nights sleep but it is childish nonsense. As I said to another respondent here this is a dirty war and the fact that the deceitful, fantasist narrative of our enemies has prevailed for so long is testament to the fact that we have failed to understand and satisfactorily address the tactics of our adversaries. I suggest you concentrate your energies on attacking those that would do you harm. Raging at me is pointless. I’m on your side you idiot.

    2. Ian – “So seriously, what did you expect to happen? You know precisely how the game unfolds and you placed yourself in a position to be played.” Its precisely because David expected (and no doubt hoped) something like that would happen that he put himself in that position! I daresay this is the story he wanted. Forget his insistence that he went to ‘view the culture’, he went to look out for ‘a bit of bovver’, something to hang his jaded and we’ll-worn slanders on, with all his favourite targets lined up in one place. So convenient. Or maybe he went there to flaunt his presence within the ‘enemy camp’, wife and child in tow as…no!…as…surely not?…as a human shield, David? “I woz just minding me own bizness, gov, I never done nuffing , then they frew me out…can’t fink what I done wrong, gov…the little’un got right upset. It weren’t my fault. Can’t understand why they hate me.”
      Member of the Press? Do me a favour! What did he expect Walker to say…”oh David, how lovely to see you, do come and join us and tell us where we’ve gone wrong… you have such a way with words”…..??
      David says he could write the scripts for those people he names because he’s listened to so many of their talks. Well, most of them could probably write his!
      But this is a sideshow. Meanwhile in Palestine there is the matter of a 50 year occupation…

      1. I didn’t consider Walker’s presence at all. As I have said consistently. The make-up of the audience was distinctly Arab / Asian Muslim. Perhaps 80% perhaps higher. This was a Palestine expo no? The only ones who had me thrown out of this event was an Irish activist who thinks Churchill is a war criminal, a Marxist from Brighton and a suspended Momentum politician. This was not ‘their event’. I did not consider them when going, they did not feature in my calculations. I went because this is my area of research / interest, we are at home with Middle Eastern culture, we miss it, and this was ‘the biggest’ cultural / social event. I took my family because why wouldn’t I. Opposing viewpoints are not provocation. Different opinions are not reasons for exclusion. Not in my world. Not ever. Will you stop looking at the girl in the short skirt and start pointing the finger of blame were it belongs.

      2. Not occupation Jane, victory. People won’t take you or your vocab seriously when even your Arab chums don’t believe it. No doubt you’ve seen the quote a million times from PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein, in a 1977 interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw. I never tire of reading it. “The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct ‘Palestinian people’ to oppose Zionism.”
        No doubt your ingenious use of flexible interpretation will allow for a perfectly functional explanation of this. I can’t wait.

        1. It wouldn’t matter if they called themselves Martians or Troglodytes, Ian, the fact remains that there were hundreds of thousands of people who for generations had been living in the piece of land called Palestine who fled the conflict and were banned by Israel from returning to their villages when the conflict was over. Thankfully there are increasing numbers of Jews – religious and secular – who recognise the injustice of that.

          1. Nice try Jane but the sidestep is as transparent as a Katie Price blouse I’m afraid. I’m not re-pasting the quote much as it would give me great pleasure. Just read the bit over again to yourself where the Arab says that there is no such thing as a Palestinian people. I wonder where he believes that all of those Jordanian passport holders are actually from. Any ideas?

  3. Once the anti-Zionists saw you, it was clear that this was going to end badly for all concerned.
    You got evicted from an event you had every moral and legal right to attend. And, after all, if they are not doing anything wrong, they have nothing to hide!!!!
    The antizionists have proven everything they have ever been accused of, and more.
    All I will add is, remeber what Winston Churhill said: “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

  4. Well done, David

    I ask myself why, if PalExpo is allegedly not antisemitic, they overreacted in this fashion. What have they to hide?

    @IanKay, I have difficulty understanding what point you are trying to make. So what if David would have been recognised? Surely there’s a principle at stake here – freedom of access to an allegedly open meeting (to everyone except Jews, that is). Of course he was testing the allegedly “all are welcome” stance of the organisers.

    I would venture to suggest that David knew that he would probably be played, and, that being the case, what does that say about the idiots in charge of the event, who just couldn’t stop themselves from rising to it? Ask yourself what might have happened had David been ignored at this “definitely not antisemitic” event?

    That the key players rose to the bait, if bait it was, is hardly David’s fault simply for being there.

    And shameful was the police reaction and the lamentable lack of judgement of Sajid Javid who allowed it to take place in these troubled times.

  5. I came in peace Babs. As I indicated I am a great admirer of David and his work. However when you pit high principles against someone with a decent film editing suite and some social networking skills the truth will not only be lost but entirely distorted to suit the opponent. It matters not one jot that David was able to say that he proved a point. He has already lost control of the message to opponents that have no interest in truth and are prepared to shout their lies loudest. This is a dirty war Babs and unfortunately our opponents are playing with a bent deck. David is a seasoned campaigner and may, on this occasion have been ill-advised to allow himself to become the story.

    1. I have no reason to doubt that, Ian.

      Was David’s message really aimed at opponents or to try to point up the double standards which obtain in respect of the notice taken of muslim as opposed to Jewish sensitivities? Surely a person as knowledgeable about islamism and its relationship to the I/P issue, as David, is well aware that trying to influence the opposition by dint of argument is akin to bashing his head against a brick wall.

      No, his treatment by these people pointed up, in sharp relief and very publicly, all the lies promoted about the raison d’etre of PalExpo, among them:

      1) That PalExpo is about promoting Palestinian narratives rather than undermining and lying about Israeli/Jewish ones. Its treatment of David and his family makes no pretence towards even-handedness.
      2) That they it is even capable of making distinction between its anti-Israel and anti-Jewish stance. That is the more damning, particularly so since the policeman involved was ineffectual.

  6. Ian Kay I think you are wrong. David has every right to take his family to a public meeting in a public venue and report accurately on the proceedings. His courage and tenacity need your applause not your critism. Why don’t you walk in his shoes before offering advice?

    1. He does have every right Janet and is smart enough to anticipate the likely outcomes. He knows who he is dealing with and of what they are capable. They did not disappoint. I offer no apology for my assessment and stand by it. The gentle passivity and mannered approach of our side of the argument is in stark contrast to the very dirty tricks campaigns prosecuted by our opponents against us. I have no interest in walking in David’s shoes. I am an Israeli and we tend to use to a different playbook.

      1. Ian, as you saw the police are either woefully out of their depth (so terrified are they in case they should offend every other minorities’ sensibilities except those of the Jews) or they are multicultied into mindless action against the person protesting, however fair and peaceable is his/her protest. I agree with you that we Jews tend to be far too supine in the face of the the dirty tricks brigade and I, for one, have long ago lost faith in the capability of police to protect and deal fairly with us in matters of this sort.

        Our religious and community leaders are useless in this regard, too, preferring rather to ignore experience and common sense and instead persisting in trying again and again to deal with such people as if they are capable of acting in good faith in the face of reasoned approaches. Most of them are not.

      2. The gentle passivity and mannered approach of our side of the argument? Ian, really, you must be joking. Maybe you haven’t actually read David’s posts, then, or encountered Hoffman?

    2. Palestinians have every right to live in their own homes, work their own farms, in their own country but the Zionist Israeli occupiers don’t allow any of that, so start ranting about that instead of some two-bit journalist who couldn’t stir up trouble as he wanted before reporting back to his Zio paymasters!

      1. ‘Zio paymasters’. Thank you for coming here to highlight once again why Israel needs to exist.

        1. David David David. The joke ” definition” you refer to is not enshrined in UK law, But you knew that already. Naughty naughty naughty

          1. Anyway I will be fascinated to know how your ” crime report” fares, I trust you will keep us updated

            1. Not my crime report. I think his name is Jason. I simply contacted FOA today to ask them to refund my expenses. I don’t think I have any intention of taking it further than that despite the clear issues with my eviction.

          2. Stephen, that is not me in the video. I do know this. I am aware the person in the video is clearly not a lawyer. This was a second eviction. Someone who they did not recognise and who wandered freely until he placed a Jewish head covering on. Ten minutes later he was out.

        2. Yeah I should read more carefully. But you are noe implying that he was thrown out because he was identified as being Jewish. You want to run with that ?

      2. Yes they do.
        They were offered their own country in 1947 but instead insisted on trying to beat the Jews in the first of many war and kept failing again and again. There’s a particularly unhealthy sort codependency between them and the sort of people who support them in that rather than encourage them to make a lasting peace from which they would benefit.

        As for the rest, your friends are paranoid indeed if David’s mere presence could stir up trouble. Again I ask myself, what had they to hide?

      3. I am always puzzled by the people who come on to boards like this (usually anonymously like “Nightbusker” so we have no idea what nationality they are, what age, what background) and with sheer disregard for facts, history or in fact reality, make nasty and untruthful “statements” against the ethnic people of our ancient homeland – the Jews/ Children of Israel/ Israelites, against the Holy Bible, against the State of Israel, against the IDF and against our citizens. ….
        With their MUFs (made up facts) these cowards don’t know the truth and I can only assume they don’t want to know the truth.
        So I ask myself what is their motivation for the lies and the nastiness because they can of course never produce “facts” to support their scorn and hatred – just vile words, unfounded accusations and pathetic mud slinging slurs?
        I suppose it’s the age old question. Is anti-semitism learned or in your genes? Engendered by hatred, fear, envy? I guess there is no answer. And I ask myself if we are wasting our time even trying to respond to them.
        But then – I am immensely grateful to brave people like David Collier who DO stand up to their lies and their hatred. Well done, David.

        1. Pamela, I think you’ll find the ethnic people of your ancient homeland were the Canaanites, and probably someone else before them. Not that it matters. What matters is the way the people were treated who were living there when modern day Israel came into being. Anyway, how do you know the people who support the Palestinian cause are filled with hatred – what, all of them? And the lies you mention – how do you know they are lies? You talk passionately about ‘nastiness’, ‘mud slinging slurs’, ‘vile words’, all of which are in David’s toolbox, so why don’t you upbraid him for using them?

          1. Because dear Jane I am Israeli and so have been witness from close up to the suicied bombings and car rammings and knifings that have cost almost two thousand Israeli lives and thousands more maimed in the last 20 years alone. None of these are casualties of war. These are children in discotheques, Families at Holy day meals in hotles, people on buses and in the streets and in restaurants. I have crouched down in a park where I went to feed the ducks with my six year old grand-daughter beneath me whilst a missile flew overhead, pretending it was a game. We have been attacked in our city and the only reason our casualties are low is that we run for the shelters. Can you imagine what it is like to hide in a narrow corridor shelter with a whole kindergarten of children listening to the sirens and praying that the Iron Dome will shoot them down? No you can’t.

          2. Jane. Do you have no interest in reading history books? Informing yourself before making statements that are not grounded in facts? Here are some that I guess you don’t know. You don’t have to believe me but please at least have the courtesy to check them.
            When you refer to the history of Palestine I believe you have (perhaps not surprisingly) been confused by modern use of the term. You don’t understand that (until the name was hijacked in 1967) the “Palestinians” were the JEWS. You probably thinks the Palestine Brigade, which was a British unit fighting in WWII, was made up of Arabs instead of JEWS! (Actually the Arabs were supporting Hitler). Do you think the “Palestinians” who drained the swamps in the 1800s were Arabs? They were JEWS who had bought the worthless land off absentee landlords. Maybe you don’t want to hear that the majority in Jerusalem in 1860 (yes I said 18 not 19) was the JEWS – more than all the others put together! You seem to be unaware that most of the Arabs were nomads from many lands who wandered through this sliver of land . They only settled in the early 20th century after the JEWS had made the land habitable again by draining the afore-mentioned swamps and getting rid of the malaria mosquito. I am pretty sure you haven’t studied the coins that the BRITISH issued whilst they occupied Israel, then called Palestine, to see the writing in Hebrew which said Eretz Yisrael – the Land of Israel. You are totally oblivious to the fact that the Jews never left – just weren’t in administrative control – after the Romans conquered our land, and other occupiers came after. Do you know that most of our definitive religious events happened in so called “Palestine”. The Mishna, the Gemorrah, the Jerusalem Bible all originate here (2nd, 3rd, 4th centuries). I doubt that you even know what they are or how significant to Judaism and the Jewish people. Perhaps you have (thanks to Madonna) heard of the Kabbalah, also written here in Israel? Remains of glorious mosaics in synagogues of the 5th and 6th centuries can be seen here in Israel, attesting to a thriving Jewish community but I presume you haven’t visited them. You won’t know what the Golden Age of Sfat (15th century) was (more Jewish teachings of incredible significance). And you don’t understand that, looking back before the Romans, the Bible (before the Jew, Jesus Christ’s New Testament) spans over a THOUSAND years of Jewish history in our homeland. And will you ever ask yourself why the so called Palestinians of today built a museum to their heritage which is EMPTY * whilst the Israel Museum in Jerusalem consists of enormous buildings full of historical artefacts of the four thousand year heritage of the Jews/ Israelites / Israelis, many of which are mentioned in the Bible. You could touch the stones but you don’t seem to want to hear the truth. May I ask why?
            (* Don’t believe me that the so-called “Palestinians” of today are a made-up people? Check this BBC report.

      4. Jews have every right to live in their own homes, work their own farms, in their own country. Sadly the paymasters of the self-exploding pal terror gangs can’t cope with any of that, and they insist on abusing their children by bringing them up with pure hate. It will take two generations for this hate to even moderate, so why would anyone bother trying to come to a “peaceful” settlement with people who have been raised with one single purpose in life, to destroy?

        The truth should be out there, and most non-muslims need to understand the extent to which they are being duped and taken for idiots. People like Ackerman and Greenstein have no place in any tolerant society; they should go live in Ramallah and practice their sordid politics on people who have been brought up to respect and love a rampant paedophile.

        1. Pamela – in answer to your first posting above. You’re quite right, I can’t imagine what you’ve been through, so I won’t pretend to.
          Re your second comment – thank you for the history lesson, though I sense your contempt for me in every line. For your information, as a bible believing Christian I am not unaware of the Jewish presence in ancient Palestine, or the importance of it. – and yes, I have been to Israel a number of times. I’ve spent time in the West Bank too, talking to people, witnessing the hardships, humiliations and deprivations of life under occupation. So please don’t make assumptions about what I have or haven’t done, or about who I am.

          1. Hi Pamela. Your post was detailed and informative and inevitably entirely lost on the recipient who has no interest whatsoever in sincere discourse. It is not her role here. She is the worst sort of respondent who appears entirely embittered by the existence of the Jewish state and our wonderful achievements. I imagine that even the testimony of her remaining Christian brethren in Bethlehem on their long standing persecution at the hands of the local Arabs would be spun to suit her vile and mendacious narrative.

          2. Ian – tell me, which bit of my reply to Pamela leads you to the conclusion that I am “entirely embittered by the existence of the Jewish state and our wonderful achievements”? You are such a sick and twisted man! I pity you.

  7. Bullshit! You were there to cause trouble, the authorities knew it and pre-empted you by throwing you out. I didn’t see any family with you so pull the other one you mackerel!
    #FreePalestine #BDS

    1. Michael. If you actually read the blog, you’d realise I link to Tony Greenstein’s own version of events. If you read that, you’d be aware that he openly admits to simply wanting me gone. If you look further into the post of Elleanne Green etc, you’d know they too simply wanted me out. Suggesting I would ’cause trouble’, won’t work, because this blog has history, and everyone knows I do nothing but report what I see. There is not a single instance of me causing a disturbance anywhere. Throwing worthless accusations is just pointless. Greenstein also mentions my family BTW. He even took photos of us.

      The saddest thing is that there was no trouble at all between me and the Arabs present. The troublemakers are those claiming to stand in solidarity with a people they do not even care about. Conflating their hatred of Jews with sympathy for Palestinians.

      1. Suggest that Michael reads all he can find online about Greenstein too. I note that Michael also tacitly admits that the anti-Israel PalExpo were ready to make trouble. for David

        Tell me @Michael Cohen, how exactly is it causing trouble to simply be among others at a conference unless the conference organisers and others have something to hide? I’d seriously like to know.

  8. I felt sorry for the policeman. His brief to “keep the peace” in order to meet the criteria involved in peace keeping at this event meant he allowed himself to become complicit in an act of discrimination. I felt even more sorry for this particular policeman whilst watching his desperate attempts to excuse the perpetrator’s discriminatory actions to the victim of said discrimination as the result of “legitimate paranoia”. Representative of models of abuse and reminiscent of sus law. As such, I’m left wondering who is in fact being played?…

    1. This is what “maintaining community cohesion” has come to mean. It is keeping the peace at all costs even if it includes mollifying those which threaten it.

  9. Babs, I can’t say how many people peer into this eco-system but those that follow David and his work will have been able to write the headlines long before he entered the building. This is my point. It is all so depressingly predictable. Another respondent above had some childlike notion about fair play and spoke of high principles like freedom and morality. These are not part of the playbook for our opponents and if we are to fight on their playing field the tactics need to be modified accordingly. It is pointless submitting sincere and earnest exposes to sympathetic or apathetic readers pointing out how mean and beastly our enemies can be. Lots of nods of agreement are great but they don’t trump a well manipulated viral clip with a demeaning message. Ask the idiot Bellamy who comes here and does this sort of thing for a living.

      1. You don’t pick your fights on social media Babs if the best you’ve got is whiny complaints about the beastly baddies and anyone that appears critical of the tactics of your own side. You have to be a lot more creative than that and be prepared to end up with hands as dirty as those of our opponents. Lamentably this is a bridge too far for most of the gentle, fair-minded, moral high-grounders on our side of the fence. This is also known by the authorities and guides their actions; upset our opponents and they blow themselves up in a packed concert venue. Upset us and you get a strongly worded letter on solicitor’s stationary.

        1. If I have you correct, it also skates a little too near going beyond the law.

          I sometimes wonder whether the authorities would be so quick to appease anti-Israel/anti-Jewish temper tantrums if Jews were as easily angered and resorted to violence at the drop of a hat?

  10. And at no point did anyone suggest that Jews were responsible for the Grenfell Tower fire so that’s an unconscionable lie on your behalf.

    1. That complaint, with video evidence, is from the Al Quds march and in the hands of the police.

          1. You didn’t. I stand corrected. You just posted the video of Jason filming the policeman – it was Jason who said it. The fact you posted it kind of implies that you endorse what he said, David. If you don’t, then maybe you should clarify that.

            1. Jane. I used the video to show he was evicted and why. I do not endorse everything he said at all. He overstates the usability of the Government’s definition of antisemitism too. He is also clearly not well versed in the legalities surrounding the law of contract. However as far as I am aware, he is not on trial. He was an innocent victim of vile discrimination, that seems to have been brought about once he visibly identified as a Jew. That is the evidence the video brought and why I posted it. There was no need in these circumstances for me to walk through a ten minute video highlighting which of his comments I accept, and which I think are mistaken

  11. 1. If an event is a ‘hate fest’ and a cesspit of anti-Semitism, it is surely morally wrong to support it financially by buying a ticket, and to expose a child to such an atmosphere.
    2. If an event is a ‘hate fest’ and a cesspit of anti-Semitism, it makes no sense at all to go there. Why go to an event you know you will find offensive? That’s like wandering onto Salisbury Plain during rifle practice and complaining when you get shot.
    3. You were presumably evicted because they knew you were there to write a hostile blog post about their event. Evicting you under such circumstances is childish but not anti-Semitic; you were only there to advocate against them so they were under no obligation to offer you a warm welcome.
    4. Conspicuously absent from the “I was thrown out for wearing a kippah” video is any evidence that the guy was thrown out for wearing a kippah. I am also confused about why he spent three hours at the event before putting a kippah on: are we supposed to believe that he had a sudden religious awakening?
    5. Ugh.

    1. Oh Gabriel, sometimes your blindness & hypocrisy oozes from your keyboard. I think your number 5 answers you questions 1 – 4 quite admirably.

        1. There is nothing there to rebut. You have simply decided I went to stir up trouble and have created irrelevant questions based on a false assumption. I should not have been evicted. Certainly not as I was with my family, eating lunch and the organisers and vast majority of the crowd were oblivious of me. These activists are not representative of the crowd. I am perfectly at home in the Middle East and I was perfectly at home there. We as a family have far more in common with the Arabs who were attending, than the fascist thugs who caused us to be evicted.

    2. Don’t you get it?
      He put on the kippah and, in a civilised gathering, pro or anti Israel that should not have got him chucked out! It got him chucked out of this one. Now, why do you think that was?

      1. (A) The video did not show that he was ejected on account of the kippah. The video started after he was asked to leave so it is impossible to say what prompted the organisers to eject him.
        (B) As I said, I’m confused as to why he only started wearing a kippah after three hours. Some people wear a kippah the whole time. Some people never wear one. Some only wear one in shul. I’ve never yet come across anybody who wears a kippah only once they enter their fourth hour in a Palestinian exhibition. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

        1. Oh Gabriel If you could bring yourself to analyse some of the video’s the hard core activists in Israel share, the way you analyse this one, you know, we could actually be friends.

        2. Gabriel, if you understood anything about Jewish tradition, you would know that many Jewish people would put on a kippah when they are eating. So if he was not wearing one when he was looking through the exhibits, or listening to the talking, that would be normative behaviour, possibly because he might not have wanted to attract unwelcome attention to his religion. If he then wanted to have a meal, it would be quite likely that many Jewish males would put on a kippah for that. So your argument (B) needs some education.

        3. Maybe he put the kippah on because the stuff he was listening to was so horrendous

          1. Johnnie, comparing you to ************* is an insult to ********.

            I’d say instead you share similar characteristics to the *******************.

            So is it OK if I refer to you as the **********?

            1. It is very simple here. I am an adult and I hate the fact I cannot just leave the comment section untouched. I have never edited or refused to allow a political or on topic response. Opinions, however diverse or offensive are warmly welcomed. This type of thing (Bruce), is pointless. You have Twitter for that. Next time, I will simply place you in the spam folder, but I wanted to show you there was a reason your post did not appear on the site that has nothing to do with your politics..

    3. Actually he was filming. Also, as Gabriel asks… why did he suddenly decide it was time to wear his kippah?

      1. This line of questioning is truly vile. Why did she wear that skirt. Why did she only put it on after more alcohol was introduced at the party. I don’t usually use colourful language here but no, the Kippa is not incitement, it is not provocation and well basically, those using this line of questioning should F.O.

        1. Well let me put it another way. Why was he walking around filming the event, when by his own admission (to the copper) afterwards he was so opposed (to put it mildly) to it? Was it because he wanted to go home and watch it all over again because he’s enjoyed it so much? Any barrister worth his/her salt would want an answer to that question.

      2. What does timing matter? Either wearing a kippah is “incitement” or it isn’t. Would a Muslim woman covering her head with a hijab be accused of incitement? If a Muslim man puts on a taqiya is that incitement? If a Sikh wears a turban, is that incitement? If the Pope wears a zucchetto, is that incitement?

        Incitement to what exactly? To be attacked? To face discrimination? To be subject to abuse?

        If someone thinks it is incitement for a Jew to don a Jewish head covering at any time he chooses in any place he chooses, then that person is revealing themselves as a bigot and a racist. Simple as that.

          1. Except there were a lot of Jews there . Jonathan,Jason needs your legal advice like he needs a hole in the head. Maybe Anthony Julius might help ha ha ha.

            Come to mention it, Julius has been very quiet last few years. Silent even.


    1. I agree that “Palestine” should be free – from Hamas, from the PA and from the codependent hangers on who, rather than encourage co-operation, crank up existing discontents.

    2. Hey Dopey, tun off your cap-locks, calm down and read this. It’s great. I posted it above but I love it so much I thought it was worth repeating. It’s from PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein, in a 1977 interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw. I never tire of reading it. “The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct ‘Palestinian people’ to oppose Zionism.”

      Free where?

    1. Stephen, I do appreciate your direct but polite manner. The only trouble with the idea that I deliberately ‘staged’ this, would be to understand both the layout and demographic at the venue. I accept there was a hate-fest, I hadn’t known about it originally (as the programme was only released a few days ago), but even then it was centered on the main hall on the ground floor. This was an area I had no intention of approaching. Most of the activists gathered to hear the speeches, not play the children’s activities. My wife is half Egyptian, half Moroccan, my son was born in Israel. Arab culture is not alien to us at all and my wife’s family sometimes spoke Arabic at home. I felt totally comfortable at the QEII and have no problem socialising with Muslims (why on earth would I?). It was only when some of the small number of British activists went upstairs to the food area, that they reported my presence. None of the Arabs were bothered by me being there. And with the demographic at 80% + Muslim, and this being an Arab themed culture event, it is lunacy that the a British Marxist, an Irish activist and a suspended Momentum politician are the ones who created the noise that got me evicted. I wrote to the head of FOA in an email today, that at some point surely we have to live together. How crazy they align with agitators rather than choose to open dialogue.

      I couldn’t really have predicted they would throw me out, as I have only been excluded on one occasion (and that a PSC AGM I ‘sneaked into’). I would have to have been pretty smart to work this all out in advance and swing it to my advantage. No?

        1. Of course Muslim does not equal Arab, which is why I specified the demographic was 80% Muslim (lots of non Arab Muslims there too) and spoke of my wife’s own (Jewish) Arabic family. I know that it suits your agenda to paint me a ‘racist’, but I am the wrong one to try it on. Read the post again. Go away, get a real argument.

    2. So Stephen – you admit this was a venomous hate fest? Then can you explain to me with all the laws about racial discrimination, hatred etc. why this event was allowed to take place?

  13. I applaud you, David, for your tireless and valiant work. And reading some of the spiteful comments from bigots always saddens me. When one thinks of “Free” in an Islamic World context, and then think of Christians, Yazidis, Baha’i, Ahmadiyyas, gays, independent-minded women, apostates and, if any remain, Jews, than I would doubt if any future Palestinian State could ever be “Free” for a huge chunk of their population. Because why on Earth would it be any different?

  14. I was denied admission — despite having a ticket. I repeat: What did they have to hide?

    Here are some of the things they should have been ashamed of.

    Here are 24 extremist speakers they should have been ashamed of:

    I spent two days outside the event giving out these booklets. Some of the abuse was horrific, It was sad to see the children on Sunday who were brainwashed, chanting anti-Israel slogans,under the eyes of their adoring parents.

    But there were some good conversations too. Thanks to the Muslim who offered to take me for a drink. And to the guy from the National Zakat Foundation in York who thanked us for being there even though he did not agree with some of what were were saying.

    Hopefully were were able to at least make some of those who attended PalExpo, think!

  15. In the video featuring the policeman , hovering in the background is one Timothy Horgan spectacles and tie. Here is his twitter stream

    A short tour of it will highlight an individual with a pathological hatred of Jews masquerading as anti Zionism. He is a serial stalker of Jewish activists. He is fairly deranged in his fantasies obsessed with imagined coupling of various individuals . Sadly his Irish Provo background must at least be held partly responsible given the twinning of IRA with Hamas . This is the sort of person attracted to the Palestinian cause .


    This is the sermon where Bham (a Palexpo speaker) quotes Goebbels, comparing Jews to fleas. I was told at PalExpo that I should look at the context of the speech: that Bham was using the Goebbels quote to show how dehumanisation is wrong. But listen to him (11.50) about Israelis:”They do not regard the Palestinians as human beings”.

    He said that Golda Meir said “The Palestinians do not exist”. It’s a lie. She never said it. She said they DID not exist. She was referring to history.

    Bham dehumanised Israelis in that sermon. It is therefore perfectly defensible to say that Bham quoted Goebbels who compared Jews to fleas.”

    1. All in that Sermon Babs. I do not know what he said at PalExpo because I was refused admission.





    1. The worlds largest and longest suffering refugee population weren’t there. They are languishing in refugee camps whilst these impostors from anywhere but Palestine squat in their homes and on their land.

      1. Oh give over do! Change the record. One of the pillars of islam is supposed to be zakat. Not one Arab nation has behaved charitably and stood by the side of the Palestinian people – not one encouraged them to act in ways which would enable at least non-belligerence towards Israel so that they could co-exist and the “poor palestinians” could benefit from that. Instead they cranked them up still further and two-faced as they are, bleated about their plight, and they left them to fester and stew in their grievances and carefully directed the blame for them, not to those whose fault it was (the venal Palestinian leadership), but to Israel. Palestinians are actively persecuted in Lebanon, in Jordan (their true homeland) and elsewhere in the Arab world. And the media and their codependent useful idiots blame others, not the intransigence of Palestinians for it.

  18. U r such a pathetic little man without a modicum of morals; ethics and decency. ‘Israel’ has no legal moral or ethical right to exist at the expense of the Palestinian people.

    1. It’s called victory Blakey . It’s what happens when someone attacks you a gets crushed and then tries again with the same result and then again. We take a dim view of being attacked We don’t like fighting but we’ll continue to crush anyone that has a go. Does that clear things up?

    2. Your post says it all – lacking in connection with the reality and you show no evidence whatsoever that you actually know the political situation and indeed the history. The refugee situation in the make believe entity of Palestine has been caused by those in charge in Gaza and on the West Bank. It suits their agenda to keep their own people oppressed, downtrodden, and enslaved to their murderous agenda. Impostors? Look in the mirror, you are an original brainwashed weak little man. Israel is there, has been there for almost seventy years, while the imaginary Palestinian entity has not yet learned to stop the violence. By supporting them you show your own pathetic wrong-headed submission to the ongoing abuse of the people of the West Bank and Gaza. Well said, Claude Hasson!

    3. Perhaps you missed this, Blake? Even though Mr. Kay already posted this I am taking the liberty of showing it to you.
      Quote from PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein, in a 1977 interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw. “The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct ‘Palestinian people’ to oppose Zionism.”

    4. OK, if the Palestinian people exist, please tell me, Blake:

      When was Palestine founded and by whom?
      What language did the Palestinians speak?

      What writing did they use?

      What manuscripts have they left?

      What was their religion?

      Where are their temples?

      What monuments attest to their existence?

      What were its borders?

      What was the name of its capital?

      What were its major cities?

      What is the name of the currency that they used?

      What was its form of government?

      What achievements have they accomplished?

      What other peoples did Palestine interact with?

      Where can one find any records where in the name of the country of Palestine & its people are mentioned?

      What Archaeological sites can you name?

      Where can one find the recorded history of these people?

      Whom did they conquer or were conquered by?

      Was Palestine ever recognized by a country whose existence, at that time or now, leaves no room for interpretation?

      Can anyone name at least five Palestinian leaders before Arafat?

      And, finally, since there is no such recognized country today, what caused its demise and when did it occur?

      What really caused Palestine’s demise, if it existed?
      And here is the least sarcastic questions of all:

      If the people arbitrarily & mistakenly calling themselves ‘Palestinians’ are anything but generic Arabs collected from all over the Arab world, if they really have a genuine ethnic identity that gives them the right for self-determination, why did they not declare their independence between the years 1948 till 1967 ?

      1. Unhinged Propaganda hoping to appeal to the intellectually uninterested. “There is no intelligent person around today who argues the existence of the Palestinian people.” – Israeli historian, Tom Segev.
        I rest my case. Your own historian calls you propagandists imbeciles and mental defects.

        1. Relax Babs. Blakey’s one of those pricks that goes “Yeah Atzmon, Pappe, they’re Jews and even they say you’re wrong” and thinks that’s a clever put down. Bloody amateur. Trust me he’s not here to debate and although it may be counter intuitive it normally suffices to offer some critique of his reproductive organs and then walk away.

          1. Do you have a mandate to speak for me? Human beings tend to speak up for the oppressed and wont be silenced by bullies just because they are armed sociopaths.

          2. Worry you not, although I do feel a bit guilty for baiting this idiot.

            Please don’t refer to his reproductive organs. It’ll put me off my dinner.

        2. You shouldn’t use “intellectual” if you are referring to yourself, Blake. It’s very dishonest of you to do so, and you’re peeved because you can’t answer my questions can you?

          Blake, reason and emotion cannot be employed at the same time. If you are good at nothing else, you are living proof of that.

          1. Babs, I think that we can agree that we will never speak of Blakey’s appendages again.

            David’s work is admirable and well worth following . The trick is navigating the Comment section and knowing which respondents are here to engage with any degree of sincerity, which are the shock-jocks looking to offend and then run, which are the cap-lock ranters with intractable positions and which are the paid media responders. As David will only ever promote the polemic he gets his fair share of all of the above. For clarification I play the part of the cynical over-written boor.

  19. Well put.

    Since then, Fathi Hamad of Hamas (he who was so proud on YouTube that Palestinian women, children and the elderly make the best human shields) has argued that Palestinians may originally have come from Egypt! (Actually that may be true. What people call Palestinians came originally from the Saudi peninsular and may well have to to what became Jordan via Egypt).

    1. Another unhinged mad hatter zionist. The entire Levant know Palestinians are the natives and you are from eastern Europe. 3500 yrs ago one couldnt tell one goat herder from the next but now you all stick out like eyesores. Freeloading squatter bums

      1. Why, because you know I wrote the truth and you cannot dispute it? How old are you?

  20. Completely and utterly horrifying and despicable. For all the unfounded equating of Israel with apartheid South Africa, I don’t recall white South Africans being subjected to this kind of systematic hatred and maltreatment.

    1. Who are you kidding? Israel is far worse as veteran South African anti apartheid activist of all races; cultures and creeds could tell you.

      1. Except so many do not. It is so silly to look at Israel and compare it to Apartheid South Africa.

        Two brothers lived in Haifa and for whatever reason separated in 1948. One stayed. The other left, perhaps to avoid being caught up in conflict. He ended up in Tulkarm. Today one is an Israeli citizen, part of the only free nation in the entire region. The other lives under PA rule in area A of the West Bank.

        Whatever separates these two brothers, whatever defines the different systems they live within, it most certainly isn’t race.

          1. That creates a separate argument Stephen. Clearly though, ‘race’ as a simple answer, as in ‘Apartheid’ has to be rejected. In Apartheid, you cannot have one brother living as a member of the ‘privileged in the section marked ‘whites’, and another brother living as a second class citizen in the section marked ‘blacks’. It makes a nonsense of Apartheid and is a brutal rejection of the very real regime of persecution that blacks in South Africa suffered.

          2. I agree with that pretty much. Calling Israel an apartheid state is lazy and unhelpful. Rather the West Bank is an apartheid Province of Israel and the rest of Israel is characterised by racial discrimination way way way way in excess of what would be tolerated in a true liberal democracy.

        1. There is not one veteran anti apartheid activist who says it isnt worse than apartheid SA ever was. Even the veteran anti apartheid Jewish South Africans like Denis Goldberg and Ronnie Kasrils (just 2 examples) who were imprisoned by the apartheid SA regime say it is.

    1. “Shocking events” would be decades of terror; ethnic cleansing and massacres of the Palestinians by zionist terrorists – earliest record of that being 1891 – and not being disallowed into an expo where you were going to be an unhinged nuisance:

      A first-hand glimpse of the pioneering zionist settlers came from:
      1] Jewish essayist Asher Zvi Ginzberg. Visiting Palestine in 1891, he reported that the settlers “behave towards the Arabs with hostility and cruelty, trespass unjustly upon their boundaries, beat them shamefully without reason and even brag about it.”
      2] “A campaign of terror modelled almost on Russian pogrom models.” – Dr Paul Nathan on the early Zionist settlers in Palestine,1914
      3] Ben-Gurion in 1951: Only Death Penalty Will Deter Jews From Gratuitous Killing of Arabs

      1. A Jew evicted for putting a kippa on is a shocking event. Except for those proud Leftist ‘antiracists’ who never acknowledge racism against Jews involving Israel.

        1. You would play the victims taking nail bats to baby seals. Palestinians were/are evicted from Palestine because they are not Jewish. He was evicted because hes a known trouble maker. He has been evicted from Parliament too. It has nothing to who he identifies as its who he is and what he does.

          1. Liar Bellamy. I was holding an Israel flag after your mates had disrupted the IPO. Go back to the sewer.

      2. Blake.

        1. Speak of Peter Sutcliffe
        2. Find any quote from the 1980’s from any commentator that talks of vulnerable women
        3. Declare Brits a people who rape and murder women.

        It is a tactic that is inherently racist. The weight of evidence up until 1936 shows Arab hostility with outbreaks of violence that was met with a restrained Jewish response. There will always be exceptions that can be found because people are people, but if you choose to use these to deflect an argument or steer away from the truth, then you become nothing more than a propagandist.

        A stronger Arab argument could be that they felt justified in being angry and resorted to violence through what they perceived as a lack of choice. The trouble with this argument (apart from being false), is that they were opposing refugees fleeing persecution. This message doesn’t sit well in the left, so to sell it, they turned these refugees into thieves, zealots, thugs. It is a demonisation process that leaves the Arabs as innocent victims of evildoers. Historical twaddle.

  21. “I had my family with me, and to be honest, I had little intention of suffering the talks. ” – So, you took your family to a pro-Palestinian event, knowing that you’d be recognised. Sounds more like you decided to go and be an agitator (the very thing I’ve read you rail against) and your family could’ve ended up in the firing line. Very classy, David.

    “I later found out I was not the only Zionist Jew evicted.” More proof you went there with one intention. I’m still wondering why your family would ever trust you again, considering how well known you are and you dragging them into your stupid wars with the idiots claiming to be Pro-Palestinian. Having spent a few hours reading your site, seeing how you pick out any and every opportunity to play the “victim” and every pro-Palestinian as a “violent racist”.That’s insulting but, unfortunately, something many of us NON-violent PRO-Palestinians have come to expect from people like you.

    You like to wind people up and while many of your points ring true, just because you spent time with “real” Palestinians (and that, in itself, is a massive insult to the real Palestinians being murdered on a regular basis by Israel) you think you can just waltz in like the big “I am”, which, when it comes down to it, sounds more like the egotistical ramblings of an overpaid shill.

    I always hoped that open-minded people, like you claim to be, could actually sit down with like-minded opponents (of which there are many) but instead you go straight into the fire and then start complaining when you burn yourself. Considering the danger you put yourself and your family in, that fact you still like to lump one and all under the “anti-Semite” cop-out, leave them at home when you are peddling your one-sided diatribe. They don’t deserve to see the hate that’s out there, sure, they certainly don’t need a husband and father willing to endanger them just for his own ratings.

    From a Pro-Palestinian, interested in a two-state solution and an end to the illegal activities of the IOF and Hamas.

    1. I’ve been around the block too many times to be taken in by this. If you do want to play a real ‘two stater’, you should at least remember to stick to IDF and not ‘IOF’. Your post was too full of empty statements that miss the target by 100 miles.

      1. I had only ever been evicted from one event in my life, and that a private affair. How could I have possibly known I would be evicted here, in a public event?
      2. I was sitting down eating a meal. How is this being an ‘agitator’?
      3. How does the comment about me later finding out about other evictions, ‘prove’, I went there with any intention?
      4. At no point *EVER* would I suggest everyone with sympathy for the Palestinian cause is a violent racist.
      5. Why do you consider a visit to the QEII building ‘placing me and my family in danger’?
      6. At no point were any of the Muslims there, bothered by my presence. Why would they be?
      7. Only British (non Muslim) agitators had me evicted. The conflict is nothing to do with them.
      8. I am perfectly at home in the Middle East, and feel absolutely comfortable socialising with Arabs. Don’t paint me as something I am not.
      9. If you really were interested in a two state solution, you would be asking why, someone else who would be interested in such an end to the conflict (me), is being evicted from a London event.
      10. The truth is I am a moderate, without a racist bone in my body, and the Palestinians over there could do with some real friends here, not just those who wave the flag so they can pick on Jews.

    2. Not “murdered”, OFTO, neutralized; same difference really but with less aggressive undertones. We do tend to take a dim view of arabs who try to stab our grannies, young mums and schoolkids with screwdrivers and other household implements on our streets. We find that our approach is quite effective on several levels not least as it ensures that there will never be anything as preposterous as another state inside my country. Just as well really.

      Love the name by the way. Always appreciate a nice touch of Dostoyevskian pretentiousness.

  22. You’re full of shit Collier. You were on your own at Pal Expo. You didn’t have anyone with you so stop lying. ☺

    1. Oh that’s pleasant. Why not check out Tony Greenstein’s blog on the event. I am sure he will put you right on that……

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