First they came for the Jews

What if they were ‘coming for the Jews’. What would you do?

There is an oft repeated poem that begins ‘first they came for the socialists’. It was refined over several years by German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemölle as he described the general cowardice of German intellectuals during the rise to power of the Nazis.  The central message is clear and it can be adapted easily to suit the person who wishes to use it. Given the background, Jews are always one of those they came for.

So what would happen if they did ‘come for the Jews’?

The UK in May

What would the Scottish Parliament do if Scottish thugs really came for the Jews?

On 18th May, antisemitic thugs came for Jews in Edinburgh. The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) walked up to the Scottish Parliament building to protest the arrival of an Israeli Ambassador on Scottish soil (no, this is not about Zionism, read on).



In that small crowd, here is an image of one SPSC activist (‘Alba Palestina Romano’):


Here is another, ‘Billy Hendry’:

Billy Hendry

Here are some of their posts. These are publicly available on their FB accounts: (NSFW) is a brutal antisemitic site that promotes Holocaust denial. Another post:

Khazarian ‘fake Jews’ control and own everything.


Here are some posts from Hendry:


Holocaust denial. And more:


The ‘opening lines’ mentioned, were about Jews leading the world to war and having to pay a price. (Video link – NSFW).  Clearly, like most hard-core anti-Israel activists, these thugs are conflating their attitudes towards Jews with sympathy for Palestinians. . So what happens when antisemitic thugs ‘come for the Jews’ outside the Scottish Parliament?

When it comes to choosing sides, the antisemitic thugs get their support. Here is the protestor who spread Holocaust denial material proudly showing the solidarity:

Hendry Holocaust

So proud of this ‘solidarity’ are the MSP’s, they openly blog about it:

Claudia Beamish

That is what happens in Scotland, when antisemitic thugs come for the Jews.

The UK in June

What would the London’s Mayor do if they came for the Jews in London? We know the answer – they would let Hezbollah flags occupy Oxford Street.

The Al Quds day march is simply a march in solidarity with radical Islamic terror. Designed in Iran after the revolution, this day sets out to unite those professing Islamic hatred of Jews. So rabid is the ideology behind it, that several anti-Israel organisations step back and will not associate openly with it.  The terrorist group Hezbollah are openly supported during the march. The only difference between the ideology of these radical Islamic terrorists and the ideology of those spilling the blood of UK civilians in Manchester and London, is that these Islamists focus on the Jews. If Hezbollah were to announce tomorrow that with immediate effect, their targets now included all enemies of Islam and not just Jews, they would never receive permission to march in London again. The ‘permission’ exists only for as long as it is a ‘Jew only’ policy. It really is that obvious.

At the march, in an openly antisemitic attack ‘the ‘Zionists’ were blamed for murdering the innocent victims of the Grenfell fire.  In the context used in the video, the word ‘Zionist’ makes no sense, it only works when it is translated back to ‘Jew’.

One of the speakers was Sandra Wafta from ‘InMinds‘. Here is an image of Nazim Ali (the man who accused the ‘Zionists’ of murdering the Grenfell fire victims), handing the microphone over to Sandra Wafta at the event.

Sandra Watfa

Wafta is one of the most prolific activists on the London anti-Israel scene.  These are some of her posts:

Sandra Wafta

The next is a ‘Brother Nathanael’ video. Another rabid antisemite with a fixation on ‘Jewish control’. This is his YouTube channel:


So what happened when the Islamists came to attack the Jews in London? They were given permission to march through the central streets of the city, waving their flags as they went.

The UK in July

In July there is the ‘Palestinian Expo’.

Palestine expo

A two day event, taking place at the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II centre in Westminster. Five floors of activity. Organised by Friends of Al Aqsa. Another Islamist event taking place in a city under attack from radical Islam. The organisers had this to say about the event:

“Palestine Expo will be the biggest social, cultural and entertainment event on Palestine to ever take place in Europe.”

So I paid a visit the website. Looking for evidence of the ‘social, culture and entertainment’ activity. As soon as you actually look beyond the promotional material, the tone changes.

“Join the top names from the worlds of media, politics and activism for an enlightening and empowering day.”

You then find out the live entertainment isn’t part of the exhibition at all, but rather a separate one off evening event that requires a separate ticket. And it turns out, that the main event isn’t cultural at all either.

The ‘about’ section, is just a page about Balfour, the ‘Occupation’ and the ‘Siege on Gaza’. Standard anti-Israel rhetoric.

And it goes on

“It is the combination of these tragic episodes for the Palestinians that we are marking. This is the time to unite and be a part of the movement to end their suffering. Palestine Expo will be the major platform pushing to end the oppression of the Palestinian people.”

What happened to the cultural event?

Then the list of speakers, is just a who’s who of anti-Israel activists who tour the university circuit during ‘Apartheid week’ to tell lies about Israel to students, and whip up hate against ‘Zionists’ (read the vast majority of UK Jews).

Speakers include “Ilan Pappe, Farah Nabulsi, Lina Hadid Bouricha, John Pilger, Ben White, Miko Peled, Malia Bouattia, Chris Rose”



Ilan Pappe




Ben WhitePeled:



In February the government issued guidelines clamping down on ‘Apartheid week’ so students “do not suffer discrimination, harassment or victimisation”.   A government that had said ‘enough is enough’, and claims to have understood the clear link between antisemitism and anti-Israel activity.  How feeble and weak minded their resolve. All that needs to be done is to re-label ‘Apartheid week’ as a ‘cultural event’, and the newly empowered lynch mob can continue spreading the same propaganda without restriction. It really is that easy.

That is what the government did when they came to spread poison about Jews in London. They gave them the Queen Elizabeth II centre in Westminster so they could spread that poison in style.

What is in a word?

Just replace the words ‘Apartheid Week’, with ‘cultural event’ and you can rent out the QE2 building. You do not need to change anything on the program.

Just replace the words  ‘support for radical terrorists ‘, with ‘support for Al Quds’, and you can still wave your flags. In fact, you can wave them through Oxford Street.

Are you a Holocaust denier? Not to worry, just pick up a Palestinian flag, protest against the Jews, and Scottish Members of Parliament will stand in solidarity with you.

It doesn’t matter how blatant the cover up is, the thinnest layer will do. A good example of this can be shown here. It is from an article that was shared many times last year amongst anti-Israel activists.

replace Jew with Zionist

The original article seems to be from the ‘Ste Matthew Murray‘ blog.   The only problem of course is that the quote has been butchered.  It is from a Theresa May’s speech that addressed Jewish concerns over rising antisemitism in the UK.  However, it is difficult to attack the real speech without crossing over into antisemitism. Why? Because Theresa May had spoken about Jews. The answer was simple, they just changed the word ‘Jew’ for ‘Zionist’ inside the quote. Nobody cares. Hey presto, attacking Jews via a falsified quote becomes ‘legitimate criticism of Israel’. It really is that easy.

Where hating Jews is tolerated

Antisemitism is tolerated in a way no other racism would be. If Regev was an ambassador from an African state, and a group of racists who promote deeply offensive racist material, turned up to hound and abuse the ambassador. There is little doubt the police would intervene and arrest those present. Holocaust deniers and those that spread conspiracy tales about Jews? They get solidarity. All they have to do is wear a mask.  So too with the Hezbollah march. As radical Islamic terrorists spill blood on the streets of our cities, Hezbollah are free to march through Oxford street.  This Saturday in the QE2 building in London, people who regularly lie about the Jewish state will gather to do so in luxury. How can they do this? Because they put the word ‘culture’ into the event title.

This week a student at Edinburgh university posted this on twitter:

a flag that hates the Jews

As Islamic terror spills civilian blood on the streets, a student proudly wears a radical Islamic emblem to ‘dinner’. Perhaps she thinks it is funny. This dangerous naivety is an absolute failure on the part of our society to gain a footing on what is becoming an increasingly slippery slope. If you do not draw the lines clearly, they become blurred. If all blood is not equal, then Jewish blood becomes cheaper. You can wave the flag in support of Hezbollah’s political wing? You are having a laugh at the expense of increasingly unsettled British Jews.

It is a choice

There are those that are coming for the Jews.

At the moment the Scottish Parliament stands in solidarity with them, the Mayor of London allows them to wave radical Islamic flags in Oxford street and the Government of the UK gives them permission to use the QEII building to promote their hate.

You can choose what it is you see. You can view the people outside the Scottish Parliament as anti-Israel activists and turn a blind eye to the rabid antisemitism. You can choose to see a march down Oxford Street as a message of solidarity and excuse the Jew hating Islamic flag. You can see a cultural event at the QEII in London and ignore the fact it is simply the same old hate-fest dressed up in a tuxedo.

It is your choice to decide what you see and what action you take. ‘Palestinianism’, or anti-Israel activity, is clearly a fetish for the antisemite. They are coming for the Jews. What will you do?

Help to fight antisemitism

I fight antisemitism in the UK. I am currently working on some in depth long-term projects. My usual activity into antisemitism involves attending hate events, frequently I do this undercover. I also fight the revisionist narrative and am engaged in historical research. The generous donations I receive from the community allow me to carry on with all of this work.

I have also opened a fundraising page on Jewcer and you can donate from anywhere in the world (including the UK).

Please consider helping. Every single £ or $ is truly appreciated. Please do share the page with anyone you feel might be interested in helping. The page takes donations in dollars and donations there are meant to be tax deductible.

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33 thoughts on “What if they were ‘coming for the Jews’. What would you do?

  1. The disgusting defamatory lies about Israel from 2017 Al Quds Day speaker Sandra Watfa:

    “1 Palestinian child us abducted every 4 hours”

    “3 out of every 4 Palestinian children are tortured”

    “40% of Palestinian children are physically or sexually abused by the IDF”

    1. Jonathan:
      Firstly I suppose it depends how you define ‘abduction’, torture (of children), and ‘sexual abuse’. With torture, for example, not being able to contact their parents from a police cell could reasonably be construed as torture. So could a number of other things that would not terrify an adult. I’m not saying the accusations listed above are true. But I’d like to see your proof that they are not.

      1. The burden of proof is on the plaintiff here. The onus is never on the defendent to prove a negative: ingenious on interpretation but clueless on law.

      2. No. Rather it depends on whether she SAID

        3 out of every 4 Palestinian children are tortured

        40 % are physically or sexually assaulted by the IOF

        It is highly doubtful that 3 out of 4 Palestinian kids come into any kind of contact with the IOF

        Jonathan is lying here. But he did famously declare ” When I lie I apologise.”

      3. are you nuts? 3 out of 4 children tortured. Do you really think 75% of palestinian kids have been in a police cell, never mind tortured? Do you really think a Palestinian kid is “abducted” — the silly woman’s words — every 4 hours? Come on. If you think there’s a possibility those things are true, you’re dumber than you let on. As for the sexual abuse, let’s see: 40% of Palestinian kids physically or sexually abused: of course, because Israelis are evil. We know they’re evil because they DONT rape Palestinian women, according to an award-winning thesis by an anti-Israeli Israeli. So which is it?: Do they abuse pal kids sexually because they’re evil? Or do they not rape pal women because they’re bigoted and evil? enquiring minds would like to know. stupid stupid stupid.

  2. Further to the Scottish Parliament incident, on 18 May a Labour MSP, Anas Sarwar, made various allegations against Israel in a question to Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister. Miss Sturgeon did not challenge any of the allegations and assured him of her support for “a two state solution in Palestine”. Yes, you read that right. Not “between Israel and Palestine”, but disregarding the existence of Israel entirely. A Hamas state and a Fatah state? Who knows?

    The SNP is the only major political party in the UK not to have a “Friends of Israel” group. At the recent General Election, not a single SNP candidate signed the “Pledge for Israel”, a dishonour they shared with only Sinn Fein and Plaid Cymru among the parties represented in Parliament.

    1. Edward – I like what you have said. At a recent pro-Israel meeting it was clearly suggested that the 2-state solution would be one for the Palestinian people and one for the Israeli people.

      The Israeli people in this instance refers to the Israeli Arabs, not the pluralistic democracy that Israel is at the moment.. This is what the Jews are up against.

        1. No prob David. It is not my journalistic credibility that is at stake. I don’t have any.

          If you want to come over like the Mail, the Express, the Sun and the Jewish chronicle.

          If you want to present yourself as a poor man;s Jonathan Hoffman, or a paupers Marcus Dysch

          Well I wouldn’t want to get in your way. Not that I could if I would.

          1. RE: I don’t have any.

            truer words never spoken. or any credibility at all, jew-baiter.

    1. Classic paid media response; brief, efficient, inconsequential. Now quickly off to the JNS. They have genuine contributors on there with sincere views. They’re much easier to demean. Your paymasters will be chuffed to bits.

  3. You literally have to be a knuckle dragging moron to buy into any of their garbage. It’s embarrassing.

  4. Well done David. This is an excellent article and full of challenging issues with answers that are self-explanatory.

    Yes, the Palestine question is now an industry. Flags, kefiyahs, badges, books and of course famous names form the world of show business.. Ken Loach, Roger Waters et al. However the key point here is the use of the word Zionist instead of Jew.

    When I first became active in supporting Israel some 7 years ago, my aim was to bring the opposing sides together to create a dialogue. Forget it. This is not going to happen. In my opinion, one of the biggest hurdles is the sheep mentality of the PSC. Many of the pro-Palestine supporters are simply brain-washed by a professional and determined assembly of radical left-wingers who cannot see the wood for the trees.

    We have an uphill climb, but we must not be deterred by the gradient.

      1. Stephen
        The PSC is not really a problem . Very few Israelis are aware of its existence. They are far too busy building a thriving economy that is the envy of the world including the Arab nations, at least those that haven’t collapsed under the weight of corruption and barbarism .
        You and your ilk are tilting at windmills. You need to question your motives and issues which drive this unhealthy obsession with Jews and the Jewish nation .

  5. I really enjoy reading your articles, David. They are both thoughtfully and calmly written. Long may you carry on digging.

      1. Subject ignored, respondent demeaned, paid media response task completed and still an hour or so left to bully some grannies over at

  6. Claudia Beamish’s father was pro-Arab anti-Israel Tory MP Sir Tufton Beamish, who was Jewish on his mother’s side though he kept that well-hidden. His Mancunian booba was a Zionist, indeed!

  7. David, you’ve exposed some truly vile attitudes here – although what you have to say about the Palestinian Expo is nothing but the same old smear-and-fear mongering, and hyperbole (“newly empowered lynch mob”?? ). Are you telling me that Zionists (Jewish and Christian) don’t use their cultural events to put across their message? I attended A Night to Celebrate Israel earlier this year, which was also billed as a cultural event so I didn’t expect to hear as many as five pro-Israel speeches, including one from an Embassy representative – oh and a video message from Mark Regev (no show without…). Political? You bet it was! Partisan? Yep. Jingoistic? Oh yes, with much flag waving (we were all handed one on arrival) and whipping up of the crowd to mobilise and put an end to the ‘haters’. Cultural event? Do me a favour!
    Presumably you and Jonathan will go to the Expo and give your usual balanced report afterwards, right?
    presume you’ll be going. Jonathan too? No doubt we can expect another of your balanced reports.
    Ian Kay – FYI, Stephen and I don’t get paid till the end of the month – I know you worry so about that.x

    1. Thanks but I wasn’t pitching for your general accounting work. I’m as unqualified in basic booking as you are on Middle Eastern Affairs. Interesting that you separate your personas for accounting purposes. I wonder if HMRC is aware of this. On your own interpretation of the burden of proof above the onus is upon you to show that you are not Stephen. No room for hypocrisy here eh?

      1. RE: I’m as unqualified in basic booking as you are on Middle Eastern Affairs.


    2. Jane

      Yes, the antisemitic attitudes were vile. The question of course is ‘quantification’. When a crowd of 100 gather together, how many are driven by these attitudes? We cannot consider it an irrelevant question. If a crowd of 100 were to gather for some reason on the common, and let us say 40, were card carrying KKK adherents, it would be pretty difficult to join the band. If it were only 4, then hey, statistically, every group has its demons.

      My problem is that everywhere I look, these attitudes are visible in approximately 40% of hard-core activists. Not virtue signalling students who have turned up for an event, but the organisers, stall-running, demonstration going, activists. Those that carry the message. And I see these same faces everywhere. At the InMinds demo’s in London, (all I have checked) over half the people turning up carry these attitudes. The PSC report showed the same. My soon to be published new report, claims in some areas it is even higher. If there is a stall in a high street and two of the three people are Holocaust deniers, what do we make of the stall? If it were activity against an African nation, and these people were all hard-core racists, I think we both know how such a group would be socially ostracised and refused a platform.

      This isn’t anti-Zionism being (allegedly) confused as antisemitism. This is hard-core classic antisemitism.

      So my first issue is with attendance. How many of those gathering in the name of ‘Palestine’ at this ‘cultural event’ are actually conflating their issues with Jews with sympathy for Palestinians. And my follow up question would be to you. Is there a percentage at which you begin to have discomfort? Is there a line at which point you look at the event, look at those attending, and begin to feel this isn’t a ‘Palestine flag waving’ event at all?

      As for the event itself. My only concern is the venue. I really do not have an issue with haters gathering (however vile, all opinions must have a place somewhere). I go to these events to out the hate. Sometimes they do not cross the line, for the most part they do. I never protest outside, I never protest inside. I go to witness and tell people outside what is happening inside. So nobody can claim they ‘didn’t know’. And as I do know that hundreds of believers in global Jewish conspiracy are gathering in London to feed their hatred, I would much rather it took place in a private venue.

      Finally, I have no problem with Palestinians celebrating their culture. I have no problem with Palestinians at all. I think it tragic that a celebration of culture should not include a single speaker that is actually going to celebrate the people, land, culture at all. Rather, 95% of the discussion will be about how nasty Israel is. It will only be when the Palestinians begin to look internally for solutions, will any be found. For as long as they believe in the all-powerful, all-controlling bogeyman, and they run these events to convince others to do the same, they will be stuck firmly in the desert sand.

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