Jewish money. An evening with the PRC, Kaufman and classic antisemitic libels

CSWQDUdWIAgX7v8It is 27/10/2015 and I am at 1 Parliament St for a ’roundtable event’ organised by the Palestine Return Council and hosted by Gerald Kaufman. I had not been to one of these before and therefore had no idea what to expect, but as all the names on the invitation were hostile to Israel, I was hoping for a little excitement. However, even I did not expect to be taken down the route of global Jewish conspiracy theories.

The room was small, but it was packed full. The table was not round but rectangle and Kaufman was very late (this not the first time the Palestinians have said one thing and done another, nor that their friends make them promises of support and fail to deliver). The subject was to be British Foreign Policy towards Palestine since 2010, so it came as no surprise when the early attacks were directed towards the Conservatives; I need not have worried though, this room contained people with far greater hatreds.

Before Kaufman belatedly arrived and spoke, there were those such as Martin Linton, who used the time to speak. A red light was flashed to all those who support partial boycott and are unaware of classic PLO strategy. Back in 1974 the PLO changed strategy and rather than reject all compromise, stood behind a new ‘Ten Point Program’ that would see them accept any part of ‘Palestine’ Israel was willing to cede through negotiation. Their goal was still the same, and they would not deliver peace at any point, but felt the only way they would defeat Israel would be by using what Sir Humphrey Appleby referred to as salami tactics (slice by slice). In 2015, BDS is hiding behind the same strategy. Promises that call only to boycott settlement products are merely a ‘first step’ with what they refer to now as the ‘stepladder approach’ outlined in stark detail by one of the speakers. I wonder if those aligning with ‘boycott lite’ are aware the cynical goal is to use those waving a banner of ‘ethical shopping’ to eliminate Israel from the map.

Gerald Kaufman got up to speak and quickly announced he would soon be leaving as another vote in the Commons was taking place. Kaufman is a skilled performer and his age adds a subtlety to the strength of his delivery. He only spoke for 10 minutes, but it was 10 minutes I will never forget. He started by reading an email, an email written by a friend of his in East Jerusalem.

(This is as accurate as possible in the circumstances *please note there may be some minor errors* a written version of the full speech is here.)

“The majority of the “attempted stabbing” incidents are based on false claims. They are executing Palestinians on the streets and then they fabricate the stabbing story. Several videos came out after some of these incidents that clearly show those Palestinians killed posing no harm at all but they got shot anyway and some were executed after they were injured on the ground. It is enough for an Israeli to scream terrorist and if you look like an Arab you will be shot dead on the spot. I wanted to say they shoot and then ask questions, but the truth is they shoot and then they fabricate a stabbing story. No questions asked. More than half the stabbing claims were definitely fabricated. The other half, some were true, the others there was no way to tell since they executed Palestinians and no one asked questions. Not only that, they got the point of executing Arab looking people and in the past few days they killed 2 Jewish Israelis and an Eritrean just because they looked Arab. They fabricated a stabbing story to justify the killings before they found out they were not Palestinians. ”

Having suggested Israel is murdering Arab children and then simply making up excuses and deliberately fabricating terror attacks, he ended by saying “That’s life for the Palestinians today”. Telling people that despite dead Israelis and videos of bloody knife attacks, most of the events are fabricated, because Gerald received an email from a ‘friend’ in Jerusalem who apparently had eyes and ears at every incident. Kaufman is a man who can do all this without flinching.

His talk immediately turned to focus on why the Conservative government is so pro-Israeli.

“Martin wonders why this governments policy has gone farther and farther and more and more pro-Israeli, but I’ll tell you because I can tell you in a way which perhaps nobody else in this room can tell you. It’s Jewish money, Jewish donations, to the conservative party as in the general election in May, support from the Jewish Chronicle, all of those things, bias the conservatives. There is now a big group of conservative members of Parliament, who are pro-Israel whatever government does and they are not interested in what Israel, in what the Israeli government does. They’re not interested in the fact that Palestinians are living a repressed life, and are liable to be shot at any time.”

I tried to digest that comment. Jewish money buying MP’s. MP’s not serving the government but serving Israel, and Israeli Jews walking around having bought the British MP’s silence, using innocent Palestinians as target practice. This man is an MP. And he thinks he can say all this because he is Jewish? The term kept repeating in my head. Not pro-Zionist money, not hidden behind some artificial smokescreen, but  good old ‘Jewish money’; ‘Jewish money’ being used to buy silence, so good old Israeli Jews get to kill people ‘at any time’.

Having delivered those sickening comments, Kaufman made a few more comments about the Israelis not ‘understanding morality’, that it isn’t just the fault of the Israeli government but the Israeli people too and swiftly left the building, others got up to speak and soon the Q&A started. It is always when the Q&A session arrives, you get to feel the genetic make-up of the room. Someone made the point that British citizens serving in the IDF should be treated by the government as if they are Jihadi John and one suggested that the Gaza conflict was one of the worst conflicts that has ever been. I heard that there are twinning campaigns between British and Palestinian towns, that the Conservative MP for Bath is ‘being turned’ and may well create a Conservative Friends of Palestine and that we are soon going to be able to buy a British/Palestinian jointly brewed beer called ‘Peace’ at the local pub. And then there was this:

A man describing his motivations, had worked briefly in Israel for Israeli Aircraft Industries and clearly didn’t like it. So much so it was the ‘turning point of his life’ and he has hated Israel ever since. And he wanted to know why no-one was willing to deal with the ‘elephant in the room’

“…which is I think one of the most important questions that you can ask, and that is, “how does Israel get away with it”. And this is a really important question, and I have never really heard an adequate answer to that. Because it seems to me that the answer is always the elephant in the room……. it has flouted 65+ resolutions and nothing has ever been done about it and I come back to the question, and I have never heard an honest answer about it. The most honest answer I have heard so far was when Gerald himself broached on was ‘Jewish Money’. Now it is not just a question of who gives the most donations, what I suggest is people here do serious research and find out how for instance the federal reserve in America came into existence. It came into existence in February 1913 and there was a secret meeting that took place by two (ten?) bankers a couple of years before that and if was sneaked through, so when we talk about money it is important we know who controls the money. That’s where the money is important.”

A room of 40 people, politicians are present and nobody said a word. Actually that is not true, the man was thanked for his contribution. He told people should research, well try it, the only place you will find talk like that is on sites like Jewwatch, Stormfront or Rense (*ALL NSFW*) and the ADL wrote about it as a classic libel.

This isn’t about Israel, this isn’t part of the conflict, this is classic Jewish conspiracy theories, this is NAZI talk. The hidden Jews controlling the world. Jewish money buying permission to kill children. Classic antisemitic libel played out in-public in 2015, politicians present and nobody in the room says a word. I actually felt physically sick. I wasn’t sitting in some dark room in a hidden building in a far away town listening to people whispering amongst themselves, I was sitting on the central estate of one of the greatest democracies on the earth with Westminister Station but 10 meters away.

In all honesty, at the end I felt almost as sorry for the Arabs in the room. It was a sad reflection of their position, MP’s telling them they have no money and the only supporters, either simpleton pacifists or antisemites, egging them on to continue the struggle. This has been the problem since forever, Arabs refusing to make peace, given hope where there is no hope, and in turn this perpetuates the conflict. If instead of suggesting boycott and conflict, their ‘friends’ told them to let go of the more insidious demands, perhaps peace would come sooner. But as is clear from the question on the Federal Reserve, the Palestinians are not the focus of many fighting the Palestinian cause, the Jews are. And the Arabs use the antisemites to bash Israel and the antisemites use the Arabs to bash Jews and another generation of Arab children are born unnecessarily in refugee camps.

And whilst they use all the money they receive to perpetuate the suffering, fight battles they cannot win and maintain the conflict rather than invest in housing, education or infrastructure, Israel grows stronger with each passing year. That’s not the Jews fault at all, and when looking to truly place the blame on the shoulder of those responsible, some of the Palestinians greatest friends should look long and hard in the mirror. That is, if the Jews have allowed them to have enough small change so as to be able to purchase a mirror in the first place.

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28 thoughts on “Jewish money. An evening with the PRC, Kaufman and classic antisemitic libels

    1. On 6 Oct. 2015, soldiers assaulted Palestinian Ansar ‘Asi, 25, while he was standing at the entrance to a storage room at his workplace in al-Bireh watching clashes between soldiers and Palestinian youths. The soldiers violently beat ‘Asi and arrested him. The incident was captured on his employer’s security cameras. ‘Asi was injured and taken to Hadassah ‘Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem. He was held in detention for two days before being interrogated. Police interrogators told him that soldiers had identified him as a stone thrower, refused to listen to his denial of the allegations, and made no attempt to check his version despite the existence of the footage. Only following a military court hearing did the police view the footage. Even then, ‘Asi was held for another two days due to the weekend sabbatical.

      Footage raises grave concern that Fadi ‘Alun and Basel Sidr were shot while no longer posing danger.
      In two cases, video footage published by the media raises grave concern that the security forces shot to kill even when it was clear that the Palestinians no longer posed a threat and could be apprehended in other ways. Security forces have the authority to use the minimal amount of force necessary to achieve that end, according to the circumstances, but law enforcement officers cannot act as both judges and executioners.

      In August :228 people – including 124 minors – lost their homes in a demolition spree in the West Bank by Israeli authorities. Most demolitions were carried out in small shepherding communities which face the constant threat of expulsion from Area C. Under the guise of enforcing construction laws, Israel pursues a policy to minimize Palestinian presence in Area C by making life there unbearable. This policy, systematically implemented for years, constitutes the forcible transfer of protected persons inside an occupied territory, be it directly – through the demolition of homes – or indirectly, by creating an intolerable reality.

      1. Anthony, thank you for posting Btselem accounts of two situations, one concerning footage of what appears to be a violent arrest, and the other comments, concerning how soldiers reacted when someone with a knife began attacking people in the street. *If* everything you say is true and this is the best that you can provide, then it suggests Kaufman indeed gave voice to outrageous, unsupportable and quite sickening lies about Israel. If there have been over 50 attacks in Israel, Kaufman stated that more than half (25+) of these events involved Israelis randomly executing people in the street and then pretending they had stabbed someone. You then come onto a site detailing these horrendous accusations by showing us footage of someone being ‘beaten up’. If I show you footage of UK police allegedly engaged in a violent wrongful arrest, does this by extension mean UK police are child killers who randomly shoot people and pretend they were engaged in terror attacks? I do hope you see the irony in what you are doing, you accuse Israel of not caring about the truth by not caring about it yourself. As I continually stress, the truth matters.

    2. Labour do something?

      Be aware that marxist labour have corbyn, a similarly vile man, as the muslim vote attractor.

      It speaks volumes that they have not thrown out corbyn, let alone kaufman.

    3. To make allegations that Kaufman, who is himself a Jew, is anti-Semitic, is not only laughable, but it discredits everything that any one of you say. You can say many things about him. But this insanity of “self hating” because one differs in a political ideology that differs from their own, and they (Kaufman) can obviously place the good of the many as well as the oppressed before his own culture makes him far from self loathing. It makes him courageous, because to spite the obvious fact that he is correct about money purchasing favor, one of the oldest known FACTS this world has ever seen…….your only true opposition to him is that what he says goes against your beliefs. Fine. So say so, and stick to facts. But when you call him an anti-Semite…..all you manage to do is discredit yourself.

  1. They will no doubt claim it was a private meeting and free speech in a democracy, but they should be called out for their racist hate speech, and reckless and demonising incitement. But by whom?

  2. What is the problem with Gerald Kaufmann’s remarks? Doesn’t the pro-Israel/Zionist lobby proclaim that everything they do is on behalf of the Jewish community? Don’t Jewish donors, the Adelsons and Sabans, boast about the effect of what they say is Jewish money in the influence of policy?

    As for half the stabbings being faked well what’s new? Let’s add in the lynchings,, the ‘mistaken’ attacks on Jews by Jews (one of the problems of being an anti-Arab racist in Israel is that so many Israeli Jews are from Arab countries) and this was probably an underestimate.

    We should praise Gerald kaufmann for having ditched Labour Friends of Israel and crossed the border. A fine man indeed from someone who once had harsh words to say to him – personally.

    1. >What is the problem with Gerald Kaufmann’s remarks? They seem virulently antisemitic. Forget about the political bribery element. ‘Jewish money’ is not singular and does not exist as a silent force, manipulating its way into the halls of power and getting people to do its bidding. Kaufman is a Jew, does his money also control the Tory party? How about mine? My parents? Does Gilad Atzmons or Ilan Pappe’s money do the same work as those in the Board of Directors and are those within the board of directors also seen a single group when it comes to their own private donations? What about other groups that donate, or people both zionist and non zionist supporters of the Tories who are not Jewish? The idea behind Kaufmans comments seem to be a, that Jewish money is singular, b, that it is insidious, c, that it is stronger than non-Jewish money. Classic signs of antisemitism.

      As for the idea that Israel is randomly shooting people and then making up stabbing stories. It is part of good old blood libel style antisemitism. Kaufman didn’t say this himself, but used a 3rd party to bring this information to the room. The claim that at least half the stabbings were fabricated is outrageous. But the real underlying question is, if the case you support is so strong, why the constant need to make up stories? I have never met people before so thoroughly convinced they are right, yet for some reason simply cannot stop making up stories to ‘prove it’, or exagerating events, taking things out of many different ways of distortion. . If you are right – why is there that need?

  3. I agree with your first paragraph. I couldn’t have put it better myself! And that is why Zionist claims that Israel represents, not its own citizens but Jews wherever they live, throughout the world, are equally anti-Semitic. Jews are no more homogenous politically than their money is financially. But this is one of the main Zionist nostrums.

    Your second paragraph is, as befits a Zionist, way off beam. The blood libel is about whether Jews bake their matzot in the blood of non-Jewish children. Saying that half the stories of stabbings are faked doesn’t quite match up to that. In fact it is a complete non sequitur.

    The fact is that Palestinians have been killed and knives then thrust at their feet or in the case of one video I have seen, soldiers passing along a knife between themselves and then planting it on the body. Is that so strange? It was what happened in the USA to Mumia Abu Jamal, the most famous Black prisoner on death row.

    I’ve also seen the video of Fadi Alloun, chased by a lynch mob and executed by the Police. No weapon in sight and the Police have refused to release other video footage and have secretly buried his body.

    We all know of the lynch mob that attacked the Eritrean refugee and the Jew who was killed by Israeli soldiers who they put in a Black ‘terrorist’ body bag only to discover that he was Jewish. He was quickly ‘deterrorised’ and put in a white bag.

    So if the above accounts perfectly verifiable are equivalent to the blood libel then what you are saying is that the blood libel is true. In short you are the biggest anti-Semite of all. Now that can’t be true can it!!!

    1. Okay Tony. So over the first paragraph we have almost total agreement, which in turn means I hope you agree there is a major problem with Kaufmans comments and I would be worried if you didn’t. That said then, I am not sure why you started by asking what is wrong with them. That you then tried to deflect is of no interest to me. We agree Kaufman’s comments are not about Israel at all, but about Jews, and people shouldn’t go around talking about insidious Jewish control. It is a sign of classic antisemitism

      Onto the 2nd paragraph. Are you actually suggesting that over half of the stabbings have been fabricated? Can you support that accusation? Or with Israel are you allowed to make vicious and false accusations just because they fit the paradigm you have created for yourself? Are you also sure that you saw what you say you saw in the video with the knife? And if that is the case, how do you know that the knife wasn’t the knife used and dropped and then placed back by the body? (just a suggestion). My argument is not about whether there was hysteria or not on the streets (lets face it, one day of attacks in the UK and we are shooting up tourists on tube trains), but whether someone who seeks the truth, someone who truly wants justice, would be simply spreading clearly false information to demonise and delegitimise the other persons argument?

      Once again, I am not interested in your attempt to deflect. There is a difference between terror attacks creating a negative response within a society (in context) and Israelis randomly killing people for sport and then making up stories to cover their actions (bloodlust). One we can discuss (I am always willing to discuss the truth, even when it is not favourable) the other is turning Jews into childkillers. (I am not the one who confuses the Israeli, with the Jew – Kaufman is – see first paragraph).

      I also notice that you skipped the final issue completely. If you are so convinced you are right, why would you try to support arguments that are so clearly wrong?

  4. The language Kaufmann used wasn’t helpful but it is not out of the ordinary. The term ‘Arab money’ is also used and I took the London Jewish Chronicle to the Press Council successfully 30 years ago for using this term.

    My first para was intended to be ironic.

    A large number of the attacks have been fabricated. The most recent, the shooting of a mentally ill Arab woman in Afula was just such an example, as is now recognised. There is no comparison with London. Israel is maintaining a harsh military occupation of the West Bank and as Netanyahu has made explicitly clear this week to his fellow Ministers there will be no Palestinian state and there will be no annexation. In other words a continuation of the present Apartheid situation indefinitely or until he can effect a population transfer across the Jordan.

    Knives don’t fly and then magically return! This is not Harry Potter.

    The phenomenon of marches, especially in Jerusalem, chanting ‘death to the Arabs’ is my concern. It is an exact reflection of similar chants in Europe 7-0years ago except then it was ‘death to the Jews.’

    It is no surprise that a Border Guard last night threatened to ‘gas’ the inhabitants of a refugee camp. Even the metaphors are coalescing with the Nazis. It is little wonder that Netanyahu sought to blame the Palestinians for the holocaust and exxonerate Hitler. This is where the Israeli state, a ‘Jewish’ racist state has ended up.

    1. Tony, so when you say you saw the term ‘Arab money’ used by the JC, it was such a bad term that you felt the need to take them to the press council, but yet when a British MP used the term ‘Jewish money’, you suggested there is nothing wrong with his comment. You go onto a website to attack someone who suggests there is a problem, and eventually, having realised that it is a little bit of a hole you are digging, you grudgingly accept the term is ‘not helpful’. Finally you suggest it is ‘not out of the ordinary’, which does kind of support the idea you believe that rampant antisemitism does exist, it is a type of racism that against another group you would actively oppose, but in the specific case of the Jews you seem to think we should put up with it. Okay, I think I understand now.

      Your accusation about fabricated attacks is absolutely baseless. Even the premise on which it is founded is irredeemably flawed.You seem to be part of a machine that fabricates or disemminates stories that demonize Israel. You cannot know this story is true and you dismiss out of hand every and any alternative suggestion. Sorry to point it out, but in a struggle, knives can get dropped, and if he was shot but still moved whilst shot (having let go of the knife), there is a real chance that the knife was no longer by the body when he finally died. A perfectly plausible suggestion that you discard as ‘Harry Potter’ because your story *has to be true* because it makes Israel look demonic. Maybe having been shot, he threw the knife at a soldier. Another plausible suggestion. There are probably 100 other alternative possibilities for a grainy image that doesn’t show anything clearly, but your mind is made up. Good to know. You then extrapolate from this that despite all the very real video footage of brutal attacks, over half of them have been fabricated. Typical dynamic of a conspiracy story.

      Of course it is comparable with London, why are there always excuses as to why Israel is different. When in London there was a single day of attacks, everyone got so jumpy, people got shot on trains. That is what happens in society when people start to get worried about where the next attack is coming from. It happens. Just as people get shot when they start waving knives around in public and attacking people. See how it works. Israelis are being stabbed and you want to talk about grainy images and make wild and vile accusations. I have no interest in engaging with the continual deflections yout try to drag into the dicussion. As for the idea Israel has ‘ended’ up like the Nazis, it just shows how far down the dark road you have travelled.

      And it all just hlightlghts the final point even further. If you are so convinced you are right, why would you try to support arguments that are so clearly wrong or simply made up? Why are you apparently running scared of the truth?

      1. The National Socialists…..when you take for one moment the Holocaust itself ….just for one moment and put that aside…. “just for a moment”….. Compare the National Socialists to the Nationalism / Socialism in Israel….. and the Youth Brigades etc.

        What you have is the EXACT SAME THING……they originated from the EXACT SAME PLACE……and you can put lipstick on a pig……but it is still a pig.

        Now as for the Warsaw Ghetto – Compared to Palestine it was a picnic…..Why do I say that?
        IT ENDED ….. Palestine is ongoing, and from land theft. Zionists never had the authority to seize what was not theirs….and don’t give me any chosen people bunk…..because most Israelis are secular Atheists and mostly Communists. So spare me.

        The Holocaust can no longer be Israel’s go to excuse. Most Israelis today never knew that suffering. To victimize them with the weight of it only allows them to dehumanize those who had nothing to do with it and feel somehow justified as long as they can chant “Never Again” as if all of the evil of the Nazis somehow is applicable to assign to Palestine. ————->Bollocks !

  5. Well we can always swap videos but I seem to remember one of the more distinguished and learned Israelis, Yeshayahu Leibowitz talking about Judeo Nazis. It’s those who burn crops, burn people aliev and all the rest that I’m concerned about. If like the Amerindians, the natives occasionally get their revenge then so what? That just makes them more human doesn’t it? Or did the attempts of revenge of Abba Kovner, including poisoning Germany’s water supplies make him a Nazi?


    1. Stephen, I refer you to your own comments on your own blog post of 1/11/2015. “The Jewish population of this country is pretty much like the general population. Geographically, temperamentally, and dispositionally scattered. The idea that it constitutes a community is absurd.” Given you believe this, how can the concept of ‘Jewish money’ exist without it being antisemitic in construct?

    1. If strawman arguments are ‘your thing’, you can attempt to put words into my mouth using whatever absurdly constructed argument you like. I’ve been around the block too many times to get involved. Why is everyone attacking the proposition incapable of contructing a coherent argument without bringing in irrelevant details to deflect, using deliberate evasion as the standard technique, and now creating falsely constructed arguments so they can then ‘prove’ they are false. It is all so weak. Stephen, your own quote implies that ‘Jewish money’ as a concept cannot exist. How can it possibly exist if Jews are ‘geographically, temperamentally, and dispositionally scattered’ and that ‘The idea that it (Jewish) constitutes a community is absurd’. Are you now going back on what you said? And as icing on the cake, you believe you have placed me in a corner by asking my thoughts about the existence of something that you say cannot exist. Are you following your own logic here? Do you realise how absurd you have made this?

  6. I am not comfortable with the expression ” Jewish money”. Apart from anything else it is a category mistake. Money is not the kind of thing that has ethnicity. Suppose I was of the view that there are people that use money to influence the government’s policy vis a vis Israel. Not surprisingly these people are Jewish, since securing a positive attitude to Israel is a common desire among Jews. Now how would you have me express this ?

    I could use the expression ” Zionist money ” ? Then what would you say ? ( a rhetorical question )

    What if I said there are Jewish people buying favour for Israel from the govt. ? Would that be ok ?

    You say the use of the expression ” Jewish Money ” is prima facie evidence of antisemitism . That may well be but is a long way from proof of ” a hatred of Jews, a wish to discriminate against Jews, a wish to persecute Jews”, which is what antisemitism means.

    I am not trying to paint you into a corner. I am asking questions the answers to which I really want to know. When my questions are rhetorical that will be plainly indicated.

    My questions are…..

    1) Given what was in Kaufman’s mind how might he have safely expressed what was in his mind ? How would YOU have him express it ? This information will be useful to a lot of people do you not think?

    2) Once he has expressed himself ” correctly” would the truth or falsehood of what he said be in any way relevant to whether what he said was antisemitic or not ?

  7. The term ‘Jewish money’ or ‘Arab money’ are intrinsically racist. The problem with the former is that Zionists continually assert that it is their money and power that is responsible for the adoption of pro-Israel positions by the US. Aipac boasts of its power via the funding of candidates or their opponents. They claim to do so on behalf of Jews, not Zionists. Therein lies the problem.

    Just as Zionists hold people like myself, anti-Zionist Jews, as ‘traitors’ thus repeating the dual loyalty trope.

  8. Boy are we making heavy weather of this. Jewish or Arab or whatever group’s money is inherently racist because it assumes that whole groups, whether they actually exist or not, act as one. This is the basis of the world Jewish conspiracy. Its mirror image is that Jews , regardless of whether they speak the same language, live in proximity, share the same economy, culture etc. are one nation. And that is what Zionism is, a mirror image of non-Jewish anti-Semitism. That is why it can accuarately be called and was called when it began, a form of Jewish anti-Semitism.

  9. I have problems with the expression ” Jewish money” but the assertion that it implies that Jews ” act as one” is ludicrous. Certainly none of the Jews I know could afford to buy a knighthood. Sorry Mick didn’t see you there.

    1. Carefully calibrated means, in this context, carefully adjusted to suit whatever purpose is in mind. In other words Cameron adjusted Tory policy on Israel in order to satisfy Jewish donors.

      The Independent article was about Jewish donors giving to the Labour Party or not giving on account of Israel. In essence th is was what Gerald Kaufmann was referring to when he talked about Jewish money.

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