PSC antisemitism

Hey PSC, no antisemitism? you are having a laugh!

On Monday night (23/5), I went to a PSC event held at the P21 Gallery in Euston. Miko Peled was speaking at a book launch for the latest edition of his book ‘The General’s son’. Peled outdid himself; nastier than Blumenthal, more distortion than Pappe, more unhinged than Barkan.

Miko Peled is lost. I am not a great believer in generalisations, so dislike the all-inclusive labels such as ‘self-hater’. Each of these individuals has taken a different journey along the way, but there are clearly deep personal issues with them all. Miko Peled bathes in the perverted adoration of the similarly inflicted. Like a Big Brother winner, Peled profits through what is wrong with him. It is highly unsettling to witness.

I do not need to go into detail over all the distortions of yesterday’s talk. The trap Miko Peled fell into is evident from the outset. He realised that some of the Zionist tales were myth, which to him made the Arab narrative pure gospel. This argument I have heard from them all, the flawed logic of the true believer – one false idol replaced by another. The classic ‘non sequitur’ of the ignorant.

For Peled, Israel has to be removed from the map, no question. The ‘settlers of Tel Aviv’ could become, if the Arabs are willing to forgive them, just the ‘polite guests’ inside the new state. His historical narrative is so false it has to be deliberate, his description of the present seems designed to mislead.

Miko Peled overstepped the mark several times, most notably when he spoke of antisemitism and Islamophobia. It was this, rather than the fake stories about the conflict, that I found the most objectionable. I’ve become immune to the constant distortion about the historical conflict, and more attuned to the underlying messages. Peled did not disappoint.

The video of the event will shortly be released by the PSC. I suggest you bookmark it for reference to use, if anyone dares suggest the PSC or BDS are not war movements, or that the true aim of both is not the total destruction of Israel.

Jews causing trouble

Miko Peled suggested that the crisis in the Labour party is caused merely by ‘Zionists’ stirring up trouble. He said “Everyone knows this entire antisemitism thing is nonsense”. Then he pointed out that ‘Islamophobia’ is also a strategic creation of the Zionists:

“If anyone has any doubt, that this entire Islamophobia thing isn’t coming directly from pro-Israeli groups, then excuse me you are out of your mind.  Absolutely. And when you look at each case, individually you will see, the hand, the fingerprints of some Israeli lobby, some pro-Zionist groups”.

Those pesky Jews stirring up trouble. Antisemitism doesn’t exist, Islamophobia does and both of these issues are the fault of the Zionists. Peled returned to the theme of non-existent antisemitism on several occasions. Similarly, at another PSC event on Saturday, I heard the same tune played. So, rather than dissect Peled’s flawed narrative, I will turn my focus on those listening. Those inside the hall. I will show that antisemitism and the PSC are Siamese twins.

Antisemitism and the PSC

One thing you notice straight away about these people is many focus almost exclusively on the conflict. Their Facebook pages are simply all about Israel. It is by any definition an obsession. They consider Israel to be demonic, all powerful and all controlling. The accusations are relentless. The comparisons with the Nazis are pervasive.

(I have used Facebook posts and the PSC event listing as an indication of those that attended. Apologies to those that said they would go / went, but didn’t. Importantly I have also ignored all posts related to the conflict itself regardless of how obscene they may have been. These posts have nothing to do with the conflict.)

At the event itself, in one of the front rows sat Pamela Hardyment. Well known for years as part of the active boycott movement, Hardyment was visibly popular amongst the other delegates. On Facebook, Hardyment apparently changed her Facebook name to Pam Arnold, having apparently switched identities after being caught last year hurling vicious obscenities on a video.

Hardyment, who said of Lieberman that “he makes Hitler look like a good guy”, also posted these:


Andrew Nelis, was also present. Nelis, who thinks Winston Churchill was a war criminal, posted this from


On his timeline, Nelis posted a photo of himself with Ovais Mughal at the event. This is from Mughal’s timeline:

antisemitism at PSC

Another at the event was Tony Gratrex. Like Hardyment, Tony was also welcomed by several members. Gratrex is a conspiracy theorist. At the infamous Palestine Return Centre event that saw Kaufman speak of ‘Jewish money’, Tony asked a question about the 1913 Federal Reserve act, asking ‘who really controls the money?’. This is a classic antisemitic myth. These are some of Gratrex’s Facebook posts:


Sarah Brookes was also there. Brookes shares many of Tony’s posts, including a recent ones that suggested the antisemitism crisis in the Labour party was nonsense and that Israel’s ‘global reach’ threatens free speech. Brookes also posted about 9/11 conspiracies and also posted this:

rense antisemitism

Viviana Lombardi was also there at the event. I think she asked one of the questions during the Q&A session. These are her posts:

lombardiChoci Mckenzie was there too. Mckenzie is another one who has posted 9/11 conspiracy videos. Here Mckenzie is sharing posts comparing the ‘Zionist lobby’ with Cointelpro, ‘a series of covert, and at times illegal,projects conducted by the FBI aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting and disrupting domestic political organizations’. He also pushes Atzmon’s ‘Elders of Labour’ onto his friends and shares posts on ‘how the Israel lobby drives US policies’:


choci3Alan Niel also apparently attended:


On Paula Milton’s page, there is a photo from the event titled “a fabulous gang of wonderful human beings”. Pamela Hardyment is in the forefront. Nice crowd. Milton herself posted a wonderful conspiracy piece after the Brussels bombing. It implies Israel was involved in Brussels, Paris and of course 9/11. It even links Israel to the 7/7 London bombings:


Karen Mint was also in the photo with Hardyment. In March, also after the Brussels attack, Mint also shared a conspiracy tale, suggesting that the bombing was possibly related to European nations voting on Palestine:


mintThis is another of Mint’s posts:


Sandra Watfa was tagged in a photo and also seemed to have been there. Sandra holds nothing back. This is one of her recent posts:


Notice too that both Pam Arnold and Andrew Neils, two of the other attendees ‘like’ the ‘#Jewnitedstatesofterrorism post. Here are a few more of Wafta’s posts:


Seymour Alexander also seems to have gone to see Peled speak.  Meet Alexander:


and this is worthy of note more for the response:


Padma Sol Mera was also tagged as being at the event:



This is one incomplete look at just some of those in one event, one room. One gathering of PSC supporters.  This isn’t marginalised, nor is it simply a few that cling to the skirt tails. Just these people alone have tens of thousands of friends between them and make hundreds of posts *every day* on the subject of ‘Zionists’. This is an engine room. These are the people in the front row, the ones with selfies taken standing next to Peled, some of those that went out with him to dinner:

peled dinner

Control of the media, control of the banks, control of governments, false flag operations, conspiracy theorists. Even Fagin and Shylock got a mention. This is the power, part of the driving force of ‘pro-Palestinian’ activism here in the UK.

Just a few days ago, I was evicted from the HQ of the National Union of Teachers (NUT).  These are the people that were let in, it was this type of gathering that was sponsored, hosted, supported, by the union of those that educate our children.  Are you paying attention Christine Blower? Both you and the PSC say you ‘challenge’ antisemitism. Really? You should be ashamed of yourself.

The question is not ‘does ‘ antizionism equate to antisemitism’. That is a straw man argument designed to derail and defocus. That question provides cover for real antisemites. The real question is how many antizionists are antisemites? How many inside every single gathering of the PSC? This was one small room, look what you find when you just turn over a few stones.


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35 thoughts on “Hey PSC, no antisemitism? you are having a laugh!

  1. David
    Such an important post must be widely disseminated . The PSC has always been a repository for antisemites. Most of them remember their well rehearsed lines referring to ‘ Zionists ‘ as if that somehow makes it ok . Then there are those who simply couldn’t care less and are overt in their full on antisemitism . Hardyment and the others mentioned realise there is no comeback , no exclusion . In fact they revel in their notoriety . They are feted , admired by PSC as free spirits who scorned Greenstein’s attempt to purge the organisation of its antisemites ( he got rid of one scape goat at an AGM a few years ago , but even then a fifth voted against his expulsion ) .
    God only knows what happened to Peled . Maybe like Greenstein , he was the son of a successful charismatic father and simply couldn’t take living in the shadow all his life . For both this is their way to gain attention and controversy . Who knows ? Both are terribly damaged individuals . No wonder they are held in such high esteem by the PSC . Useful Jews they maybe , but make no mistake they are reviled by Hardyment and her ilk . After all they are still Jews .

  2. You are not a great believer in generalisatiins and yet you whole post is based on making generalisations about several people baded on obviously pre collected & (obsessive!) postings and trawlings through their social media accounts. Is this your hope? That generalisations will become stuck and twisted or turned into more serious accusations? I haven’t seen a single shred of evidence other than your obsession to out several people by taking out of context shots from their profiles (did you get permission by the way?) and trying to turn it into a story.
    Shame, because I was interested in what your opinion was as it started off on quite an intellectual note. Maybe thats also part of your modus? To sound intelligent and therefore more credible?

    1. interesting. I am the problem. If someone posts that Israel is behind 9/11 or 7/7, that should be ignored, but the messenger, yes, he has to be shot. Because he is ‘obsessive’ (have you seen these peoples timelines?). These people aren’t just sitting quietly in the back row. And ‘pre-collected’, I resent the accusation.

      As someone suggested, you should read the recent article in Jewish news. A scary social phenomena (not just on the left, but on the right too). I am just also highlighting it.

      1. Who said that you are the problem?
        I was talking about your apparent hatred of generalisations, not about you – and then said that much of your post is based on the same generalisations that you claim to hate. The first few paragraphs give ample evidence of this:
        “I do not need to go into detail..”.(therefore be general by any chance?.)…. “realised that some of the Zionist tales were myth, which to him made the Arab narrative pure gospel” please explain and dont be so vague and general…”true aim of both is not the total destruction of Israel.” it really? Where explicitly does it say that? As far as Im aware BDS for equal human rights and a change of the policies which oppress or favour one community over another – is equal human rights for all = total destruction?? etc etc etc Every paragraph has similar wildly general accusations or statements without backing them up. This undermines teh authenticity of you argument and also contradicts your initial assertion that you hate generalisations.

        1. Anto, Peled doesn’t deny it, he is quite brazen about the fact he doesn’t try to be balanced. Take it up with him, not me. As for BDS, it is clever PR, but it still is what it is. BDS is inconsistent, hypocritical, chooses which international laws it respects and which it ignores and seeks the destruction of Israel. The situation only came about because of Arab violence. It started as early as 1920. It is what it is.

      2. How proficient are you with photoshop? I researched a few of your photos and it seems that the photos, content and dates dont tally…was it simple copy paste or photoshop? Either way, I presume you asked the owner of each photo, or the publisher if you could use it, especially as a means to make broad malicious or negative accusations or slander against them? How doe this and your penchant for using vague generalisations to come up with distorted narratives coincide with your masthead of “the truth matters”?

        1. not very proficient. All of the photos are genuine, captured and time-stamped. It also isn’t logical, there are about 13 above, the issue isn’t about an individual, but about how rabid some of this blind hatred is. What would be the point?

          1. not very good at answering questions are you? Or of telling the truth – a bit of a conundrum with your pager header… I suggest you tell your colleague to be more careful when they post photos, dates and headlines that dont match – all together in one shot. Its lazy, and also illegal and defamatory. Or else change your page header to something more appropriate – sensationalist and trying to create or manipulate a story by hashing a lot of manufactured and manipulated pieces together – thats a mouthful, but its more appropriate to your header that anything mentioning truth.

  3. Look at the Jews News website to see the vile anti Muslim hatred spread by your Zionist friends…..

  4. Reporting on Goebbels and Nazis is now “obsessive” and therefore makes anyone who does so a “bad” person?

    Do you think reporting the truth about the KKK and it’s leaders who poison the atmosphere with hate and lies and cuckoo theories is somehow below your “standards”?

    These aren’t generalizations. They’re facts. If someone is dabbling in hatred and racism they deserve to be outed. After all, they want their views publicized. Don’t they?

    The fact that it reveals that they are diseased with Antisemitism is something you appear to have difficulty facing. Is it like looking in a mirror?

  5. David collier your a nasty sad piece of work .everyone is awakening to the simple fact that zionism is not Judaism. I mean is this pitiful piece of work the best you can conjure in trying to accuse people of sectarianism . It’s quite clear your the one that is the Anti semite , you have zero respect for peace Christians muslims and jews who are semites from that region .you do you honestly think you are kidding . Israel are a terrorist and a Apartheid state who will be brought in front of the hague sooner rather than later because of yhe destruction and pain they have inflicted upon the Palestinians. Your obsession with peoples profiles is disturbing .and I would warn you that you are nastily accusing ones of sectarianism and hatred when it is very clear your the one that needs to be brought to the courts for encitment of sectarian tensions and defamation of one’s character . You carry on the way you are going . You pathetic excuse of a man .

    1. Andrew. I am not the one who posted from Rense, you did. You posted something vile and extreme. Remember too you liked a post with the hashtag’‘#Jewnitedstatesofterrorism’. You have come on here and told me I have zero respect for peace, I am an antisemite and I should be brought to the courts. I have no obessions with anyone. I sourced one event and the people that went to it. All in a single blog. All I did was highlight extremism and some very nasty conspiratorial posts. Get a grip man. If there is something factually incorrect about what I have posted, let me know and as always I will be happy to edit it.

      1. I have seen what you have written an’s say again how dare you call people anti semites when it’s very clear your stirring sectarianism hatred . I am not the one a ideology or its supporters calling for the elimination of a entire population a job that was started in 1947 and continues to this day . You support people like Ayalet shaked of the home party ” Palestinian mothers should be terminated because they are giving birth to what she described as little snakes. Ben Ari We must banish the infiltrators! Israeli democracy ok son . And your asking me to get a grip. Who’s permission had you to try and defame me and use my photos and that of my profile . You belong in court and done for incitement you nasty **** . Now go and yes Churchill was a war criminal unless you believe the the black and tans were noble .get me **** !!

        1. Another wee note for that nut of yours . Zionism is not Judaism. Zionism is the biggest cause of anti jewish resentment around the globe many many jewish people want nothing to do with israel or zionism . And it’s growing among many in that community. #BDS #freepalestine #israel4icc. Netanyahu gantz feiglin Bennett all belong in the hague and you well !! Keep that shite up

        2. Andrew, thank you for your response. As I stated earlier, I have made no mention in the blog of the conflict, so it is odd you seem to be focusing on that, rather than the post itself. I would truly like to know if you see any issue in the posts of, for example Pam or Tony. Do you think ‘#Jewnitedstatesofterrorism’ is something to be liked? You seem to think in one dimension, I don’t think Suarez is a racist, but he can make a racist comment and be called up on it.

          As for your description of the conflict events. Just when in 1947 did it start? My understanding of events is that in November 47 the UN partitioned. It partitioned because since 1936 the British had understood the Arabs would not stop killing the Jews. This is the basic platform that destroyed the one state idea. In November after partition, the Arabs declared it would not be allowed to happen and they would destroy the Jews. I know you think it is just zionist propaganda but hey, check it out on something other than Then guess what, they started doing it. By January irregular arab forces had entered the mandate area to kill Jews. By March the Jews were suffering heavy losses. Why do you think the Jews fighting back is somehow wrong? Because they won? What would have happened had the Jew not fought back? Doesn’t work so well when you place one narrative on top of another does it?

          Who said I like Ayalet and what has she got to do with anything. Do we get to destroy the UK and demonise it because I don’t like one of the Tory MP’s comments and find them racist? Recognising Israel as a national entity supported by International law is not the same as condoning everything it says or does. Thinking the anti-Israel crowd in the UK resembles a vile lynch mob has nothing to do with Lieberman. Wanting to highlight the deteriorating environment for Jews in the UK isn’t about a West Bank settlement.

          Your additional ‘wee note’ is just a straw man argument. Find someone who likes arguing with them.

          I built a case in the blog and needed to highlight examples. I found 13 from a single event, even given the restrictions I placed on myself. If there are any factual errors in the post, I will happily edit them.

          1. You waste your breath. We are dealing with a part of the brain that is inaccessible to reason. “Jew” was defined for many people before they could tie their shoes; and the definition derives from the New Testament Western cultural idea (now Muslim) that Jews are the Devil.

            Hence any opponent of the Devil/Zionists is by definition on the side of the good and cannot be critiqued. Just swap in ‘Devil’ for ‘Zionist’ and it will all come clear. Everything the Devil does is malevolent; the Devil is all-powerful; the Devil works in secret ways; it’s an oxymoron to be “anti-Devil”; and above all, the Devil must be destroyed.

            Fact: the majority of Jews are Zionists. That itself is a reason Zionist Jews are the ones to hate (and why you don’t see this same venom flowing toward Christian Zionists). Anti-Zionist Jews are easy to love because they want to destroy something that, despite denials, is quintessentially Jewish: the Jewish State.

            Jews will get whacked again, make no mistake. So don’t waste your time on debates; they are hopeless. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow…you know how it goes.

          2. Complety ignores long post to state what you actually are is creepy and demonising human rights activist… which by definition… is not a crime. Human rights people care for all persecuted people.. whereas you arseholes are on the side of the persecutor… FACT

          3. Liberman… the 3rd generation Russian ex bouncer who calls for the beheading of Palestinians and has only just joined that wanker’s coalition because he allowed Liberman to get his death penalty for Palestinians only on the agenda.. you sick bastard..

    2. 17th August you said I quoted something 2014 . It’s above and saved . Your going to court. I am taking this to a soliciter and to the police , that wasn’t my photo in 2014 and the article is fake . So now you are going to pay for sinister lying and defamation of character it’s all logged . See you in court

      1. no fakes, no tampering. Like I said to you twice, if there is anything you believe not factual, just let me know and I will edit it. All of the photos are genuine.

        1. See you in court . That’s all I am going to say now . Let’s see how smart you are when you are sued

          1. I suppose you had to drop the case because your barrister was that Nicholas Kollerstrom-buggering slob who stole millions of pounds in trying (illegally) to prove the UK was collectively guilty of war crimes. So sorry he got your version of disbarred–you’d have been his textbook client.

        2. I will say again twice . And I will hand all in and have been legally advised 1.that was not my profile picture 2014 2. That article you alleged connected me is no where 1914 2014 . So you are liable for prosecution and you will belive me .trolling sadly someone’s account . One thing I stand by Churchill was a war criminal his brainchild the black and tans murdered thousands of innocent people . Now you think I am going to be silenced by Some one like you . You know me . We’re I am from . I have come across your typeant times in diffrent aspects in life . Court and free palestine you mouth piece .

        3. Like I said to you three times.. The next time you do this will see your life splashed across a counter blog… we’ll bring in everything about you.. who you eat with.. meet.. which fellow fascists you are partying with.. Don’t threaten women you pig…

  6. Thank you so much for this article, I can’t remember the last time I had such a good laugh.
    You have obviously not bothered to do any proper research, but never mind, I’m sure one day you will manage to educate yourself better with matters that are going on in the world around you.

    I am not an antisemite. I have many Jewish friends, some of whom live in Israel, who I love dearly. My boyfriend is Jewish, I’m not, so you can’t label me a self hating Jew.

    I’ll give you a little tip, when you start doing some research, follow the money and see where you end up!!!

    Palestine is occupied and that is a FACT.


    1. Paula, not sure what your problem is. I did plenty of research as I always do. If you put 5% of the thoroughness into your own research that I put into mine, you would already know much of what you believe is tainted. That post you linked to is conspiratorial vile junk that screams antisemitism. If you and Andrew wish to get together and meet me for a serious chat, I think you will find I am highly knowledgeable (and moderate) about the conflict. I think you will also find there are problems with your narrative. I didn’t label you, nor would I, I labelled your posts and your limited global understanding. You also try to create the classic straw man. Because I do not accept some criticism of Israel, you think I equate all criticism with antisemitism. This is wrong and not included in my post. What I said was that a post that links Israel to 9/11 and 7/7 is deeply troubling. There is not a single post in this blog related to the conflict or the Palestinians. Every single one is related to conspiratorial nonsense about Israel.

      1. I’ll tell you what her problem is… a creepy supporter of fascist occupiers is spending hours up late at night jacking off to photos of normal every day activity thinking he is James Bond but without the fkn girls.. cash or car.. Who the fuck are you God now… Who do you think you are telling anyone what to do let alone strangers… there’s a one word definition for occupation and that is WRONG.. Do you get it.. How is Israel suddenly more important than the actual Israelites who started Judaism.. Here’s a clue.. it isn’t. Ram Israel up your arse!

      2. And if I catch you creeping about her again I shall report you to the police. I hope I make myself clear…

  7. Put bars on the windows, and voila`, an instant sanatorium. Add meds and stir gently.

    1. Greta, do you actually believe that is a coherent argument? On these thoughts you think you should be an activist? Talk about distorted logic. wow.

  8. Who the fuck is this clown Collier… is this like your perversion… as if somehow these people havd done something wrong.. sticking up for occupied people is not wrong.. Occupying people is wrong… Are you saying it was okay for the nazis to occupy Warsaw you idiot… The Zionists rejected Judaism as they were actually SNOBS.. and to this day ridicule real actual religious Jews only citing the Torah when it suits them. Once your movements are known you’ll be getting a camera stuck in your face and every tiny little detail about each step you make will be put into a counter blog… things like David ate a fkn cheese sandwich you idiot.. Zionism is a blight on original Judaic purpose which is tikkun olam.. not that you’d know anything about that with your need to control!!!

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