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Scottish BDS in Glasgow who protest Radiohead promote Holocaust denial

‘There’s no antisemitism ‘ere guv’. We are just humanitarians who want to protest the Radiohead gig in Israel.

Just four days ago, on the 7th July, a few Scottish anti-Israel activists set out to protest the fact Radiohead are going to perform in Israel. As usual, this BDS activity is noisy and makes local and industry press. Here is an image of the protestors in Scotland.


Let’s play a game called “how many Holocaust deniers can you spot”? It is only a group of about twenty. The person who posted the images, Jolanta Hadzic appears to be the one in the green top. This is one of Jolanta Hadzic’s posts:

Jolanta Hazdic

She tags someone called Erika Coey Ali in the group image. This is one of Ali’s posts:

Erika Coey Ali

This is a link (NSFW) to the article.

Some of the text:

“As people around the world turn to alternative and social media to get real news, Israeli hasbara agents panic and wage war on truth-seekers. I have been blocked on FaceBook for 30 days dozens of times, and it is happening to thousands of others. They say that they remove posts containing bigotry, but most anti-Israel activists are not any kind of bigots. They OPPOSE the bigotry, terrorism, and lies of Israel and the Rothschild cabal, the ADL, the WJC, and other jewish organizations and institutions who are aligned with the theft of Palestine and the enslavement through usury that affects most of the world. They oppose the wars that the jewish lobbies are pushing us into.”

and also

The “holocaust” story is a complete fabrication, created by the international banking mob which if totally jewish.

Also in the group image holding the Radiohead banner in the red top is Patricia Athena.

This is one of her posts:

Patricia AthenaThis is a link to the video (NSFW).  Just so nobody thinks that was too long ago. Athena posts scores of false flag, global conspiracy and anti Jewish Rothschild articles. Here is another.

Athena Rothschild

This is the link (NSFW). It contains a David Duke video title CNN and the ZIO Matrix.

Samantha Penman was also apparently there:

Samantha Penman

Here is one of Penman’s posts:

Samantha Penman

That is four people, in a group of perhaps twenty, who share material that denies the Holocaust. This is #BDS.

Holocaust denial is not the only measure of antisemitism though.

The person in the group image on the far left in the red ‘free Palestine’ t-shirt is tagged as ‘Barry Dalgleish’. Here is one of his posts:

Barry Dalgleish

This from the text:

“He also kept the vultures of the Rothschild networks at bay for more than four decades. Anyone the Rothschilds want dead as much as they do Gaddafi can’t be all bad – far from it. Throughout Gaddafi’s reign the Rothschilds wanted his independent state banking system and the biggest oil reserves in Africa, but they couldn’t get them – until now. Private Central Bank=Zionist Rothschild(that Yahusha mention about in the book of Revelation 2:3 and there satanic agenda.)”

Saeed Sarwar was also present:

Saeed Sarwar

And posts:

This is the link to the article on the left (NSFW). Smoloko is another brutal antisemitic site that spreads material that denies the Holocaust. This an image from inside the article Sarwar shared:


As almost nobody was tagged I have only been able to identify six of the attendees out of a group of about twenty. Of those six, four share Holocaust denial material and two more post vile antisemitic images from sites that do promote Holocaust denial.  This is Scottish BDS.  It is worth remembering this next time they try to tell people to boycott the Jewish state, or a Jewish business, or Jewish academics or protest against Jewish cultural festivals.

They also raised a few flags (7?) inside the Glasgow Radiohead concert.

James Tait

And some posts from James:

James Tait

Here is another one: Link to article (definitely NSFW)


(*all of the people listed here have posted several antisemitic images, even if only one is included in this article*)

Attacking Radiohead

The actions by the group were picked up in the media. The Guardian, giving the BDS activity positive publicity, spoke of  Thom Yorke’s ‘arrogant response’ to protests.  Given he is meant to have signaled his dislike for the group with one of his fingers, I would argue that Thom Yorke gave an appropriate response to a bunch of Holocaust deniers. I wonder why  chose to promote BDS rather than attack the antisemitism of the people driving it.  Just like Roger Waters it seems, Randell is blind to the Jew hate inherent in so much of BDS activity. Just look at this mob. How can you justify standing in solidarity with this vile hatred? An open question to Dave Randall. Do you now think that Yorke gave an appropriate response?

In a tweet retweeted 322 times, Liam O’Hare also gave this Jew hate publicity. One wonders why O’Hare felt the need to align with those that share Holocaust denial material, believe rich Jews control the world, and still link to the classic antisemitic forgery, Protocols of the Elders of Zion? It isn’t as if we do not know anti-Israel activism is riddled with those who hate Jews. Perhaps he should be asked whether he still thinks ‘Glasgow showed its opposition’, or rather it was just a few twisted individuals, many of whom clearly have a problem with Jews?

Samantha Maine at the NME also publicised the activity.  This isn’t unusual. Music industry magazines often recite Roger Water’s claims verbatim without looking at the clear Jew hate that is always present in BDS activity. I wonder if Samantha will follow up her article with a piece on how Scottish Holocaust deniers got her to write a positive article about their pet cause? Or perhaps we should ask another question. Samantha, how many people spreading Holocaust denial material would you expect to find in a group who claim to be anti-racist?

I would ask everyone reading this, to search out those that promoted this activity, and contact them pointing out just what level of Jew hatred, they have been busy promoting. Radiohead are on their way to Tel Aviv. Good for them. After all, you wouldn’t want them to be bullied by a bunch of people who promote Holocaust denial. Would you?


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10 thoughts on “Scottish BDS in Glasgow who protest Radiohead promote Holocaust denial

  1. David
    This and your previous expose of antisemitism with the PSC is simply too important to let remain within the confines of this blog . It must be disseminated as widely as possible to politicians and organisations in order to bring it to as wide an audience as possible . It simply confirms what we have always known ie that the BDS movement is a safe place for those who seek to conceal their hatred of Jews under a pro Palestinian banner. This proves it once and for all

  2. The Glasgow BDS mob seem to be particularly militant. While I lived in Glasgow for five months in 2014, I noticed that they enjoyed a distressingly high profile as I marked their stalls in the main streets almost every weekend. Hardly surprising in a city where the council endorses their views by sometimes flying the Palestinian flag from the Town Hall! The Glasgow Friends of Israel really have their work cut out and work tirelessly to counter this viscerally anti-semitic mob.

  3. I have a barrister friend who is currently reviewing this site for defamation of character and libelous statements. I am sure you’ll be hearing from us sooner rather than later. Better start saving.

    1. Two things.

      1. I base my work on factual and vigorous research. The article above simply reproduces posts that were shared by individuals who attended the protest. If you are one of those, then you shared truly vile material. If you believe anything is incorrect in the article, just point the way and I will happily edit any mistake.

      2. Lawsuits don’t actually work that way. You have just indicated you are aware of a mistake (which I do not believe exists) but have chosen not to inform me what it is. Good luck chasing that.

    2. oh, and I have to add. Interesting that you choose to attack me after I highlight Holocaust denial. It is like I turned over a stone. Shouldn’t your anger be directed at those who conflate their Jew hate with sympathy for the Palestinians?

    3. Another prick that once watched half an episode of Rumpole of the Bailey. Fascinating isn’t it that even when they are at their most threatening they still need to hide behind a veil of anonymity. Wimps!

    1. See, this is where accuracy becomes important. The argument is that ‘opposing Israeli policy is not antisemitic’. You said ‘opposing Israel is not antisemitic’. These are not the same. I can give you many examples of antisemitism that would be disguised as criticism of Israel. None of these would have anything to do with the Palestinians or Israeli policy. Can’t you see the difference?

  4. We would probably disagree hugely on the Palestinian issue I suspect.

    But these people are a vile cancer. BDS just isn’t effective politics no matter what your opinions are on the conflict. And as long as hideous people like this are sheltered then they will always set back the Palestinian cause.

    1. Thank you for your input. It is possible we’d ‘hugely’ disagree on the Palestinian issue, but I never consider that relevant. I am not ‘anti-Palestinian’ by any considered measure and view Arab freedom and prosperity in the WB and Gaza as an all round win. There is no down side to ending this conflict properly, and many of the principles that stifle negotiations between enemies are irrelevancies between friends. My starting point is and will remain that in a post-Holocaust world there is a moral imperative for Jews to be in control of their own destiny and be masters of their own defense. The world has no say in this / that question is not on the table. Beyond this, the borders and so on, are not and should not be ‘deal breakers’. Finding the balance between security and the possibility of ending the conflict should be the goal.

      And you are right. People like this will always, and have always set back the Palestinian cause. With friends like those.

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