West Dumbartonshire supports antisemitism

Scottish antisemites in Dumbarton get to throw a public party

From London to Dumbarton, we have to stop the spread of antisemitism.

The Barbara Stanwyck smoking advert is probably from the late 1940’s or early 50’s. When I was growing up in the 1970’s, despite a growing understanding of the dangers, you would still see images of the connection between status and smoking. It was still seen as ‘cool’. Non-smokers who avoided the intense peer pressure, could still be ridiculed. Have you seen a cigarette advert recently? One on a sports car? Watching a movie? No, thought not.

Why am I talking about cigarettes?  Let me look at antisemitism in the UK in the summer of 2017.

As those who follow my blog know, just a few weeks ago I was walking with Islamic radicals who were waving Hezbollah flags as they marched through London. Last weekend, my family was thrown out of an event in a large public building just a few hundred meters from the Houses of Parliament. On the same day in Glasgow, a group gathered to protest against Radiohead’s upcoming gig in Israel. In a group of about 20 people, at least four spread material on Holocaust denial. You simply cannot have a demonstration against Israel today without significant hard-core antisemitism being present.

A party comes to Dumbarton

On July 29th – July 30th, Dumbarton are throwing a ‘Palestinian Weekend Festival’. No doubt ‘anti-Israel activists’ will tell you anti-Zionism isn’t antisemitism and that this is just a collection of people who sympathise with Palestinians.

Dumbarton party advert

‘West Dunbartonshire Supports the People of Palestine’ is the group behind the event. The people in this group have been accused of antisemitism before:

Dumbarton 2

“We are not racist” screams the headline. Three people are in that image: Chris Docherty (the ‘Chris Doc’ hosting the FB event), Martin Milligan, and Aminah Frank.  They are part of the central force of Dumbarton anti-Israel activity. As is openly admitted in the article, the group is small. Scarily, according to the article, this group receives ‘good support’ from the local council. Just like the Holocaust denying BDS troop, these activists are soldiers of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC).

They are clearly proud of the event:

Dumbarton advert

We can see this group has council support. So let us meet them:

Dumbarton activism on the streets

This is Martin Milligan, with Aminah Frank on the streets of Dumbarton. This time outside Asda:

Martin Milligan


Meet Martin Milligan:

These are both brutal antisemitic sites. On top of Jew hate, these people are also sharing rabid hard core Nazi messages.  This the link (NSFW) for the article on the left. Smoloko (image right) is a Holocaust denying website.

Martin Milligan

Then there is Margaret Frank:

Margaret‘Veterans Today’  is another nest of antisemitic thought. Here is an article from the site dealing with the ‘Holohoax’ (NSFW). As is typical of these ‘humanitarians’, they frequently post hard -right messages. Here is another article shared by Frank. This time a David Icke post. Icke endorses the classic antisemitic forgery ‘Protocols’, and promotes Holocaust denial.


‘Liked’ by Martin Milligan of course. Frank also supports the idea America is controlled by a ‘subversive’ foreign entity.

Margaret Frank

This is ‘Chris Doc’, outside Barclay’s Dumbarton. The image was posted by SPSC ‘royalty’ Karen Bett. The king of ‘SPSC’, Mick Napier, Karen and Chris, all enjoy banter in the messages:


Chris Doc

Some of ‘Doc’s’ posts:Chris Doc


And back to the ‘illuminati’. Hashtag, ‘noZionism’, ‘Mossad’, ‘Rothschild’.

That means all three people mentioned in the article that denied ‘racism’, all share multiple antisemitic posts. I wonder if Martin Laing, who was editor of the Lennox Herald, even bothered to do a cursory investigation.

Here is more action from the streets of Dumbarton.  Chris and Martin are present. We are now introduced to Caroline Wardle.


Meet Caroline:

Caroline Wardle

Icke.com. A fixation with ‘Jews’. 25,000 Ukrainian children kidnapped for organ harvesting. No surprises. The Rothschild conspiracy of course:

This is the mindset necessary to stand on a street stall in Dumbarton in December and persuade people to boycott the Jewish State. These people have invited everyone to their festival. Another photo:

Louise Robertson

Outside Barclays again. How is it that people who adhere to a rabid antisemitic mindset are allowed to stand on UK streets and promote a boycott of the Jewish state? We are now introduced to two more Dumbarton activists, Stephen Mcg and Louise Robertson.

Meet Louise:

Louise Robertson

The image on the left suggest the US and UK are at war with Syria because of Rothschild / Zionism / Israel .  The article on the right (NSFW), from the ‘Veteranstoday’ website suggests Israel has launched a nuclear strike on Yemen.

“We expect Mossad and ADL trolls to be driven crazy by this one. No one watching this video can have a second’s doubt that they are seeing an Israeli neutron bomb. Israel is the only nation that openly deploys neutron bombs, there is no one else.”

Meet Stephen:

Stepehen McgThis Jews (not Zionists this time) control the world’s media. And another posts by David Icke, a clear favourite in SPSC ciricles. Stephen also shared this video:

Which suggests the Germans had won the First World War by 1916. The ‘Zionist Jews’ saved the UK in exchange for Palestine. The British stole Palestine by drugging the Turkish troops & the UN is a tool that pirate banker Zionists used to control the world.

As evidence that ‘like attracts like’, Milligan went to the Palestine expo. This is what the Government allowed to assemble in the QEII building.

Simon Collins

Both wearing the ‘t-shirt’ of the group behind the Dumbarton festival.  As further evidence of the small ‘incestuous’ world this group lives in, the two visible likes on the post, Jolanta Hadzic and Andrew Nelis are both known anti-Israel activists. Hadzic was one of those at the Radiohead BDS demonstration. Here is an image of her hugging Jackie Walker at a Glasgow event to deny the existence of antisemitism, alongside another post she shared suggesting that only 271,000 people died in concentration camps,.

Jolanta Hadzic

Nelis was one of those who reported my presence at the Palestine Expo to have me evicted.

The other person tagged in the image is fellow Dumbarton activist Simon Collings. A fellow ‘host’ of the Dumbarton festival. Here is Collings on the streets of Dumbarton last month.

Simon Collings

Meet Simon:

Simon CollinsThis is the link to the video (NSFW) . At one point during the antisemitic production, it suggests the bad Jews hired Hitler to kill the good Jews. ‘Smoloko – NSFW‘ (see image), is a Holocaust denying website. The next image perfectly encapsulates how ‘Zionism’ has replaced the ‘Jew’ of classic antisemitism:

Simon Collins

It is a truly horrifying scenario. Almost every single person who is tagged into these images of Dumbarton activism, share hard-core antisemitic ideologies. Almost every single one.

These are not ‘fourth kinders’

This is not the same as groups of people who think they have had a ‘fourth kind‘ experience and have been taken aboard an alien ship. This is not a funny distortion of truth. These people seem to believe that the vast majority of British Jews are some type of dangerous, subversive group. These people throw regular events to bring others into the fold, to convert them. They conflate a clear issue they have with Jews, with sympathy for the Palestinians. These are the people behind the festival in Dumbarton.

They deny it of course. The use the anti-Zionism is not the same as antisemitism defence. You only need to look at the images they share to know this is nonsense. Which brings me back to the opening image of the cigarette advert. Smoking doesn’t equal lung cancer, and not every smoker dies from a smoke related disease. But if you go and look for cigarettes in the local shop you will not see any on display. Eventually people woke up and understood the dangers. Every image of anti-Israel activism on the streets of the UK contains images of people who hate Jews and deny the Holocaust.  When will people understand?

Just who are the council members supporting this group?

It is time we realised there is a disease moving swiftly through the British undergrowth. It is using sympathy for the Palestinians as a means of spreading across the countryside. It poses a threat to every single Jew on these islands. It poses a threat to the fabric of British Society. We have to stop it.


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24 thoughts on “Scottish antisemites in Dumbarton get to throw a public party

    1. For sure Deja Vu . England and Wales PSC is no different . David exposed the systemic antisemitism several months ago . If he were to research any PSC org anywhere he would uncover the same vile hate for Jews masquerading as so called antizionism . Unfortunately Bellamy , you are very much a part of that disease .

          1. Harv I don’t purport to to be able to see into your mind and soul, as you purport to be able to see into mine. Everything I say about you is based on your very own words.

            And I will not, of course, take seriously allegations of racism that emanate from someone that eulogises Roberta Moore and compares her to the Bielski brothers.

            Enjoy the rest of your day

            However, I can safely say that I am a more emphatic Zionist than you.

  1. David has done an excellent job in compiling this ‘gushing mass of anti-Semitic’ hatred. The common denominator is the remarkable similarities the tropes have with the anti-Semitic style of the Nazis. Needless-to-say, it is simply about substituting Zionist for Jew.

    However, let us not be intimidated by these morons. We have leaned a lot from our experiences under the Nazis. We have the intelligence and the cohesiveness to ‘read in between the lines to comprehend that the SPSC are using the plight of the Palestinians to vomit hatred of the Jews. Frankly, in reality I don’t they care tuppence for the Palestinians.

    My theory is that some Scots still feel oppressed by being a part of the UK even though they have their own assembly. They use the Palestine situation as a way of legitimising their own insecurities..

    1. I live in Dumbarton and while I don’t know any of these clowns, I am looking at the names and most seem to be second or third generation Irish. They are on the far left so, as is their custom, they make up wild allegations about conspiracies involving, as illustrated in their posters, hook-nosed guys who want to take over the world and are responsible for everything from the situation in Korea to the bad summer in the west of Scotland. This imagery goes back to Shylock and the Merchant of Venice and, as any academic will testify, is classic anti-Semitism.

    2. With respect, Mike, the vast majority of Scots and Scots who want independence do not care about the situation with the Palestinians. Like most people in the UK, not just in Scotland, they pay little attention to foreign affairs, being more concerned about their own daily lives.
      Nevertheless, the struggle for self-determination in Scotland is entirely legitimate and stronger than ever, now that we are entering the morass that is Brexit (which two thirds of Scots voted against). Although the narrow victory to leave the EU was partly justified by some understandable concerns about the huge levels of bureaucracy and the lack of accountability of Euro-bureaucrats, much of it was based on barely-disguised xenophobia. In other words, racism. I feel that Scotland, and some parts of England, are the most progressive, politically in these islands. Most of the anti-Semitism reported comes from either a) the regressive, far-left or b) small, pro-Islamist elements and condemnation from all political parties has been swift. There is very little racism north of the border; sectarianism has been the main concern though that is in decline now.

    1. You think outing those that actively spread Jewish conspiracy tales and Holocaust denial and the actions of McCarthy are the same thing? Oh Stephen, get a grip. Wasn’t the basis for McCarthyism the lack of evidence? Isn’t the work I do based on the very thing McCarthy didn’t need?

      1. David I am not here concerned or questioning the work you do. ( here). My concern is the concerted campaign to restrict freedom of expression and assembly.

        1. Stephen. I am not trying to restrict freedom of expression or assembly at all. I have absolutely no problem with anyone forming a local we hate the Jews club, flying a we hate the Jews flag, and praying for the return of Adolf. They can try to advertise their event in the local paper, and whoever so wants to go can go. In return, as part of my own freedom of expression, I get to call them names and attack the paper for accepting the advert. As you probably know, all our rights are trade-offs between opposing forces.

          However, attacking drug addicts running an anti-drug campaign, homophobes running gay pride, sexists running an equality service, violent wife beaters running a home for sheltered women or anti-Jewish racists running an anti racist movement, has nothing at all to do with restricting freedom of expression. I am surprised you think it does.

          1. David I never claimed you were trying to restrict freedom of expression. I completely accept your right to dig up what you call ” facts” , publish them, highlight them, interpret them as you please, attack persons and venues, and turn up at them. Your pre written scurrilous headlines are hardly edifying but that is ok too. I don’t even have much of an issue with your acolytes disrupting events , this is just welcome counter productivity.

            My problems arise with the use that is being made of your work. Don’t bother saying you have no control over that. I understand that already. Here I am directly affected. When someone’s civil rights are curtailed, we are all threatened. First they came for the guys and gals in Dumbarton…….

            The increasingly prevalent attempts by Zionist orgs to shut down events because of who is going to be there, in effect to have people black listed, is classic McCarthyism . In one sense it is worse. Doubtless McCarthy thought his actions were in the best interests of the US, where he lived and was a citizen. Here we are talking about activity in the service of a foreign power and behaviour directly contrary to the best interests of the UK. At least if you think this country’s interests are best served by the preservation of the hard won civil liberties of its citizens.

            The most glaring example of this is the cancellation of Gilad Atzmon’s concert at the Northern College of music. see here….


            This of course was led by that branch of the Zionist sans culottes NWFOI. You can say that these are just a bunch of fringe nut jobs not typical of Zionist orgs. However, their activities are funded by the BoD and the JLC. Atzmon wasn’t even going to be there to make a speech, but just to blow his freaking sax. McCarthy of course was largely motivated by a desire to prevent undesirables earning a living.

            The event in Dumbarton is a perfectly lawful gathering. It is chilling to witness the venue being bullied, threatened and black mailed.

            If they were there to call for the killing of Jews, for discrimination against Jews and/ or the persecution of Jews it would be entirely different. ( psstt thats what the expression antisemitism means). Even here the time for action would be after the event not before.

            1. Stephen. This is wrong on so many levels. Let’s start at the top.

              You, like others, are trying to define antisemitism for the Jews. Even putting aside where we draw the line of what is included in antisemitism or not, you cannot logically suggest that antisemitism is only the persecution or (active) discrimination of the Jews. Following your logic, a town with no antisemitism, could suddenly experience a pogrom. It is an idea devoid of intellectual support. Far more in tune with reality to suggest antisemitism is a belief about Jews that sets them apart. Then, it becomes clear that the town with a pogrom was a town with an antisemitism problem, waiting for the flame to be lit. Only my way does it make sense.

              Secondly you misread my comments over Dumbarton. I no more believe antisemitic thugs should be able to hide behind the Palestinian flag than I believe cigarettes can be sold as candy. I said if they openly support the antisemitic ideology, I would not seek to close down a ‘we hate the Jews club’. You would expect societal norms to place such groups in the shadows. This is where the thugs of Dumbarton belong. All I did was remove the mask. Do I think cigarettes should be sold as candy? No, I do not. Is that position one that restricts freedom of expression. No, I do not believe it is.

              Thirdly, you misrepresent McCarthyism. I have provided solid support to the claim these thugs spread antisemitic ideology. It is not about who they know, who they met or what I think they did. I deliberately avoid tagging people who have not spread such images, include nobody in the report to smear by association and therefore work in a method entirely opposite to McCarthyist principles. Blacklisting isn’t the essence of McCarthyism, what defined McCarthyism was the lack of evidence or reckless use of guilt by association.

              Finally, Atzmon. Gilad enjoys the notoriety. It is why he deliberately provokes. He plays the game, sometimes the dice fall well, sometimes they do not, but he isn’t an accidental victim. Like others such as Walker, I think it is a career move. Blumenthal & Peled are two others. Gilad is a very clever guy. Really clever. He is one of the few I would like to (how do you put it) spend some time in a pub with. He knows what he is doing, he knows what strings he is pulling and therefore, he is very much lying in the bed he himself created.

    2. That’s two Jewish papers which focus on the Jewish community . Letters, Births , deaths , marriages Under 10 football leagues , fund raising / charity events etc . That sort of thing , with a few columns concerning Israel often highly critical . That’s Bellamy’s ‘ Zionist gutter Press. I have no idea why David allows you to post your filth here . It fouls up an otherwise excellent blog . I guess he’s just a very fair minded man . You should have been kicked out with your first hate filled antisemitic rant .

      1. Harv you are having a laugh. But that is ok. They do say laughing is good for us.

        In one edition of the JC last year I had to get to page 21 before I got to a page not dominated by Israel related propaganda and/ or phony allegations of antisemitism. Its racist editor Pollard, ably assisted by Dysch, have turned the rag into a cess pit.

  2. OK let us start at the top……….

    Trying to define antisemitism for the Jews ? Understanding the “ for the Jews “ bit I find elusive. I assume you mean telling Jews what the expression “ antisemitism” means. Well I wouldn’t waste too much energy telling anyone what the expression means. If they were unable to grasp it immediately I would just point them in the direction of a good dictionary. This shades into the curious assertion that Jews are better placed than the rest of us to know what the expression means. This presumably is on the ground that they are the victims or potential victims of it.
    Well this is either a privilege that is peculiar to Jews or it is a universal principle. I doubt you would want to argue the former. If the latter then the people best placed to know what Zionism is, are the Palestinians, they being the victims of it. And of course they would tell us that it means Jewish racism and kleptomania.

    The whole notion is, of course, nonsense. That is not how natural language works. Meanings are established by the sum force of the uses of the expressions. In the case of English expressions the sum force of the uses of the expression by the 1.5 billion speakers of the language. Each use of the expression is a vote. And my votes count as much as the votes of any Jew, in the case of “antisemitism” as well as all other English expressions. A word means whatever I/we mean by it is the surest sign that Humpty Dumpty was nuts.

    I don’t quite get your pogrom in the town thing. The meaning of “ antisemitism” encompasses dispositions, inclinations, attitudes. If I am constantly privately muttering to myself “ I hate fucking Jews, they should all be killed,” then clearly there is an antisemitism problem here. Even if I haven’t actually killed any.

    I didn’t misread you at all. They say what they want, you say what you want, I say what I want. If there are consequences they will have to be born. My issue is the use of what you call your work to bully, threaten and black mail venues, and thereby, in effect, black listing people and shutting down perfectly lawful events. All in the service of a foreign power.

    We will have to agree to disagree on the essence of McCarthyism. The world is full of people who don’t find much need for evidence and the reckless use of guilt by association. Your own piece here has a fair bit of that. Or if you prefer, guilt by linking to. McCarthy and his committee applied a political test, had people black listed and took away their ability to earn a living. No matter. Nothing turns on it.

    What Atzmon is, is by the by. As well as the things you list he is a professional musician. He was going to be at the place in question in furtherance of his trade. His perfectly lawful gig was shut down by shameless and unlawful bullying, threatening, and blackmailing of the venue. All in the service of a foreign power.

    Re your last para. I think what you have in mind is Stephen’s famous four hours in the pub test.

    1. On point one. Defining antisemitism. It isn’t about privilege. Sexism is not defined by men, racism is not defined by whites, homophobia is not defined by straights and Islamophobia is not defined by non Muslims. Whenever there is an abuser and a target, it is never left exclusively to the abuser to define the rules of engagement. Except with antisemitism. The people most active currently in suggesting antisemitism is either the exclusive property of the far right, or a minor inconsequential problem, are groups riddled with hard-core antisemitic ideologies. Those naturally most alarmed by this occurrence are Jews. It is a ridiculous scenario. There is no way anybody would permit the NF to define racism.

      My ‘pogrom’ comment was only because your original definition required specific action /abuse. I was merely pointing out that clearly racism can be passive, and violent acts of racism are merely the physical expression of racism rather than racism itself. The pogrom can only occur where antisemitism is already present.

      Your comments on blacklisting and bullying of perfectly legal events are interesting. So you utterly condemn BDS with the same rigour?

      You can saying ‘we will have to disagree’ over McCarthyism if you want, but your use of it was still totally misplaced. McCarthyism was simply a modern form of the witch hunt. It isn’t too difficult to understand. It wasn’t about a political test. You can outlaw a group, seek out its members and ostracise them completely without resorting to McCarthyism. I’d argue that the process of unfair accusation, misplaced allegations, lack of evidence and guilt by association are central pillars. As is clear with my research, I vigorously apply standards to avoid all of these issues. (I therefore reject your comment about my own research). Every nation has its banned groups, its fringe groups, and every nation restricts those groups and taints the membership. That isn’t inherently a McCarthyist approach. If it were, they’d be nothing special about McCarthy.

      Atzmon should be free to play music in a swamp. With the swamp people. Or to buy a building of his own and play there. Or play in a venue owned by someone that adheres to his own ideologies. They can even put a swastika up for all I care. But if he is going to play in a public venue and he cannot help but to spread his ideologies when he is there, then it is perfectly legitimate for the targets of his abuse to inform the owners of the establishment exactly what they have accepted to play at his venue. Atzmon knows this. He also knows he deliberately pokes Jews. He likes the response. It helps him sell books. Career move.

      Yes, the four hours in the pub test. That’s the one. It’s an idea I have adopted from you (with credit of course).

      1. As always this could go on forever unless a line is drawn. So I will restrict my response to one word in your above.

        ” inform”

        That’s one word for it I guess.

  3. Atzmon is renowned for incorporating political rants during his set , so much so that the manager of the Pizza Jazz in Soho warned him not to include his political ramblings to an unsuspecting audience. As for ‘ perfectly lawful gig shut down by shameless unlawful bullying and blackmailing of the venue etc ‘ . That’s rich coming from an advocate of BDS which regularly does just that to every single Israeli artist, dance and theatre troupe and the IPO performing in the UK . Seems that rank hypocrisy sits well with you Bellamy.

    1. You are funny Harv. You hug your precious categories so close to your chest that you can’ function outside of them. I advocated BDS when ? where ?

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