SOAS hosts Islamist linked fake Jewish group – created to attack Jews

This exclusive account demonstrates that SOAS has been the venue for a hate-infested political group set up explicitly to attack mainstream British Jewry. The official minutes from this group’s meetings demonstrate-

  • That it was set up by academic(s) at SOAS. The university hosts the group’s strategy meetings
  • Calls itself Jewish even though it is driven by non-Jewish antisemites
  • The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) – the radical Islamist group behind the pro-Hezbollah Al Quds demonstrations -gives them directives to act against the Jewish community
  • A volunteer from Interpal and the Campaign Manager for the PSC have also been part of the ‘Jewish’ steering group
  • At its first public outing -two of the three official attendees were non-Jews who share antisemitic conspiracy theories
  • They do not have a connection to a single Rabbi and struggled to find somebody who could fill the role
  • They prepared a ‘lecture series’ to tour on UK campuses which will create hostility towards Jewish people in the UK and destabilise the Jewish community

There is no justification for SOAS continually being permitted to get away with so much flagrant antisemitic activity. It isn’t just about the poor Jewish students who study there – SOAS is incubating groups that align with Hezbollah, Iran, Islamist movements – and that are created with the purpose of helping to tear the world of British Jewry apart. And if you complain – they will shield antisemitic political activity as being under the umbrella of ‘academic freedom’. How toxic is that!

Jewish Network for Palestine

This twisted little movement calls itself ‘Jewish Network for Palestine’ (JNP). When it was formed in 2018, it launched itself as the UK branch of the US based ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’. It was conveniently founded just in time to add itself to the ‘Jewish’ anti-IHRA letter published in the Independent newspaper. The group was the brainchild of Haim Bresheeth – an academic at SOAS and an active member of the rancid Facebook Group Palestine Live. Bresheeth doesn’t mince words and openly states he believes the antisemitism crisis in Labour is fake:

Haim Bresheeth

I have heard Bresheeth talk myself several times. At an event with Illan Pappe in 2016, I heard him say this:

“Everything in Israel currently has to go. Zionism has to go.….the JNF, the Jewish agency, every single authority, every single institution, is Zionist.”

Is that ‘the voice of peace? There is little that is ‘academic’ in the hate and distortion he spreads. Haim has links to the pro -Iranian Islamic Human Rights Commission and he spoke at their annual pro-Hezbollah rally in London:

The last time Bresheeth founded an anti-Zionist ‘Jewish’ group -he platformed Lenni Brenner at the inaugural event. Brenner and his Nazi – Zionist theory are behind the antisemitic bunkum Ken Livingstone felt compelled to air. The Bresheeth event took place in 2003 and Brenner was touring at the time to sell a new book, ’51 documents’ – all about Zionism and Nazis, which was promoted and sold at the event.

On his own webpage Bresheeth hosts scores of Latuff cartoons. Latuff is well-known for producing highly offensive antisemitic cartoons. He even entered and came second in Iran’s 2006 ‘Holocaust Cartoon Competition.’

The JNP Chair

The Chair of JNP is David Cannon. Cannon appears to be of the type we know well. Jewish heritage tucked away somewhere – probably in the father’s line – not an ounce of Jewish upbringing – but still a man wrapping himself in a Jewish identity because it suits his agenda. The Chair of JNP also appears to be an antisemitic conspiracy theorist:

david cannonHumans are free is a Holocaust denying, Nazi-apologetic, antisemitic, extreme-right, junksite. The second share is of far-right conspiracy theorist Luke Rudkowski. Once again we have evidence of anti-Zionist activists happily associating with ‘extreme-right’ antisemitic conspiracy.

JNP began to hold their meetings at SOAS. A sign of everything that is wrong with academia today – and more certainly with SOAS. What on earth has this got to do with academia? This group was set up to attack the Jewish community – and for no other reason – what should a British Jew make of a British university providing the safe space needed for them to plan their attack?

I obtained the official minutes for three of the JNP’s meetings.  You can see them here – September 2019, October 2019 and January 2020. What they reveal is jaw-dropping.

SOAS incubator – the star performers

Here is the list of the steering group from the meeting held on 27th October 2019 at SOAS:

David Cannon was chair, Bresheeth is also listed but they are not the only stand-out characters in the group. Elleanne Green is also part of this inner circle. Green is not Jewish:

Elleanne Green

But she attends events suggesting that she is.

Green also signs every letter that she can as a ‘British Jew’. I have lost count of the number of times I have seen a letter, supposedly from British Jews – and found Elleanne Green’s name among the signatories. Despite everyone knowing that these open letters are extremely deceptive and misinform the reader –the Guardian endlessly publishes them.

Non Jews as Jews

There is no need to cite here further evidence that Elleanne Green has shared every antisemitic libel and conspiracy available online. The Palestine Live report laid it all out in stark detail. Green has associated with the most toxic antisemites, Holocaust deniers and extreme-right groups. She was recently exposed as attending events held by another ‘extreme-right’ group ‘Keep Talking‘.

Also in the steering group is Jonathan Coulter. Coulter is another non-Jewish long-term member of Palestine Live:

Jonathan Coulter

Coulter is one of those who swims happily with the antisemites. He is friends with the likes of Elleanne Green, Tony Gratrex, Tony Greenstein and Jackie Walker. He sometimes shares material from antisemitic websites himself – like this post from VNN that calls David Cameron an ‘agent’:

The website is now gone, but was part of the Veterans Today Network. An antisemitic fake news website. The author of the piece (via the internet archive) was Stuart Littlewood, a man who has been writing antisemitic conspiracy bunkum for a decade. Coulter also thinks the ‘Zionist lobby’ damages our democratic health and ‘can’t be touched’:

Les Levidow is another well-known name. He is an ‘academic’ who is a regular speaker at the annual pro-Hezbollah Al Quds demonstrations that take place in London. This image was taken by the Islamist group Inminds and he can clearly be seen next to the Hezbollah flag.

Hezbollah flag

This linkage -between a handful of radical activists and Islamists is extremely concerning. It is no surprise that when the IHRC want a speaker or an article to belittle antisemitism they turn to people like Les Levidow for legitimisation. But more on the IHRC linkage shortly.

Even the more unrecognisable names seem no better. Linda Speight is another active contributor to Palestine Live. These people just grab at sources that confirm their distorted world view and their bias. Just recently she shared an article from the rabidly antisemitic ‘redressonline’ in support of Gilad Atzmon. Anyone who has read Atzmon knows the man is neck deep in hard-core antisemitic fascist – racist theory.

From the minutes – the IHRC

From the minutes of the meeting on Sunday 15th September 2019:

This is a real smoking gun. The Islamic Human Rights Commission – the radical Islamist group behind the pro-Hezbollah Al Quds demonstrations -ASKS fringe Jewish groups to write a letter to denounce the Board of Deputies. This provides real evidence of who is wagging the tail. When these fringe Jewish groups produce a joint letter – has it been directed from Iran?

These outliers – consisting of a handful of extremist Jews and ‘self definers’ – are acting as legitimisers and proxies for radical Islamist movements in the UK.

From the minutes – the Jewish group who have no Rabbis

It is in the minutes of the meetings that we find the really sinister. This is an ‘action’ from the meeting of the steering committee from the 27 October 2019. The group were asked by the supercessionist Christian group ‘Sabeel-Kairos’ to supply them with a Rabbi.

This shouldn’t be downplayed or written off as an amusing anecdote. A group claim to be led by a segment of British Jewry but has no contact with a single Rabbi. This is evidence that even they KNOW they are not connected to any part of the Community. In the end, the only option left is for them to contact an external fringe ultra-orthodox sect -Neturei Karta.

From the minutes – who is fronting their BDS activity

It was decided that Jonahid Miah will be leading the cultural boycott on behalf of JNP.


So who is this steering committee member of JNP who is leading their cultural boycott? Jonahid appears to be a Muslim:

He is also a volunteer at Islamic Relief UK and Interpal. Like Green, Jonahid Miah also seems to add his name to these Jewish ‘open letters‘.

From the minutes – spreading the message

This is where it gets even more insidious. I have established the group is a tiny band of toxic extremists and antisemites, who even take instructions from the IHRC. But the aim of this group is to present itself as an authority on antisemitism and they have prepared ‘lectures’ which will create hostility towards Jewish people in the UK and destabilise the Jewish community.

Toxifying campus space:

Toxifying the external political space:

There is evidence this is already underway. The meeting discussed Bresheeth’s attempts to arrange lectures:

At least one of these did take place – with Nira Yuval Davis speaking at SOAS in January. Through the event page on the SOAS website you would never know it had been organised via a toxic little group such as this.

From the minutes – on the street

The group had banners printed -to take to demonstrations. On the street people who see these will think that a large number of Jewish people align with the group. At events we can now see 4 or 5 different banners – all screaming the name of a ‘Jewish’ anti-Zionist organisation. Only those who are aware of what is taking place understand these are just the same dozen or two people wearing different hats.

This means that the first time these banners were seen on the street – they were held aloft by Elleanne Green  -founder of Palestine Live, Dave Cannon -who shares Rothschild Conspiracy -and Haim Bresheeth who speaks at pro-Hezbollah rallies.

This is Dave Cannon with the banner. The photo was taken by Elleanne Green.

From the minutes – the PSC in the steering group

In the January meeting, ‘Jonahid and Huda’ discontinued their steering group membership:

Who is Huda? She is Huda Ammori, the key Campaign Officer for the antisemitic Palestine Soldarity Campaign. She used to be with ‘Manchester Palestine Action.’ Her mother was born in Iraq, the less said about her ‘Palestinian’ father the better. Why on earth was the PSC campaign officer on the strategic round table of a ‘Jewish’ group? -(rhetorical question). You can read more about Ammori on Harry’s Place.

And it goes on

The January meeting of the steering group indicates they had successfully brought events to another university – Queen Mary.

And this continues to be a key strategy of the group:

Time to call time

None of this would be acceptable even if it was organised in a private house. This is a movement linked to extremist groups, radical Islamist organisation and antisemites – pretending to be something it is not. The PSC, Interpal and the IHRC pretending to be Jewish. That this group gives itself an academic veneer and is hosted by SOAS – moves it into the categories of ‘insidious’, ‘dangerous’ and ‘sickening’.

The SOAS attack on Jews is relentless. On Friday there was an event at SOAS. On Saturday they held another. The JNP steering group was due to meet at SOAS on Sunday.

Academia at SOAS cannot help itself – and it will not be able to self-police or self-regulate. Given all this evidence, is it wrong to think that SOAS have declared war – not on Israel – but on the Jews. It really is time for the government to take firm action. This is antisemitism of the worst kind.



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      1. Bruce Moooohammed,

        What exactly is your complaint over the 48 second newsreel documenting a meeting between Hitler and the Grand Mufti???

        1. An attempt to fan Islamophobia?

          David carps on constantly about fanning ‘antisemitism’.

          1. Sharmuta, You know what fans “Islam-o-FAUX-bia”?

            Jihad, hijacking passenger planes, bombing passenger planes, bombing the London Underground, stabbing people on London bridge, running people over on London and Westminster bridges, attempts to smuggle liquid bombs onto passenger planes, attempts to detonate bombs hidden in sneakers and underwear, bombing music venues, massacring the staff at satire magazines like Charlie Hebdo, “Asian” rape gangs in Rotherham, cutting the throats of British soldiers on the streets of London (Lee Rigby), beheading captives and posting video of the beheadings on Islamist websites, killing people on Bastille Day in Nice France, killing people on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, bombing people in Manchester at a concert, issuing death sentences on writers like Salman Rushdie and Danish cartoonists, backpack bombings of the Boston Marathon, Fascist Iran holding rallies calling for death to America and Israel, HamaAss and Fascist Iran executing gays, ….

            Happy Nakba and Islam-o-FAUX-bia!

            1. Trailer Trash Ted you keep posting the same old drivel.
              You do not know what a ‘phobia’ is, and clearly from your posts you do not know the slightest thing about Islam.

              In your unsuccessful attempts to tar Islam and Muslims with the same brush of terrorism, you regurgitate the same old list of terrorist incidents and attacks, by the way anyone who checks your list can see that your list is factually incorrect.

              What is noticeable is the selective list you use. You appear to have forgotten about the assassination of President Kennedy but remember the assassination of his Brother Robert, who I have no doubt would have found your views as vile and nauseating as I do. You neglect to mention the assassination of Martin Luther King, or the activities of other right-wing racist terrorists.
              You neglect to mention the recent murders in Germany by a right-wing racist terrorist who went on to murder his own Mother.
              You neglect to mention the recent knife attack at a London Mosque.

              A one-eyed, bigoted, pig-ignorant, anti-Muslim xenophobe is accurate in describing you. But, you are also a ‘poster boy’ for everything that is repugnant about this planet.

              1. Hey Stupid,

                Which of the terrorist attacks I listed above your ignorant, slobbering rant did not happen?

                Additionally, Remember Ilan Halimi?

                “The killing of Ilan Halimi (Hebrew: אילן חלימי) was the kidnapping, torture, and murder of a young Frenchman of Moroccan Jewish ancestry in France in 2006. Halimi was kidnapped on 21 January 2006 by a group calling itself the Gang of Barbarians. The kidnappers, believing that all Jews are rich, repeatedly contacted the victim’s modestly placed family demanding very large sums of money. Halimi was held captive and tortured for three weeks, and died of his injuries. The case drew national and international attention as an example of antisemitism in France.[2]”


                Remember Sarah Halimi?


                “The Sarah Halimi case concerns the murder of a Jewish woman aged 65 in Paris on 4 April 2017 by Kobili Traoré, a native of Mali who shouted “shut your mouth”, Allahu Akbar, and “I killed the Shaitan” during the murder. The suspect claimed insanity and was hospitalized. “

              2. Eurotrash Gerry said…

                > by the way anyone who checks your list can see that your list is factually incorrect.

                For example???

                  1. I would, particularly, remind you of the final paragraph. Which you have proven yet again.

                    “A one-eyed, bigoted, pig-ignorant, anti-Muslim xenophobe is accurate in describing you. But, you are also a ‘poster boy’ for everything that is repugnant about this planet.”

                  2. > by the way anyone who checks your list can see that your list is factually incorrect.

                    You can’t prove your idiotic claim with even ONE example, you DUMB POS???

                    No surprise, comrade Eurotrash.

                    P.S. The thousands of Syrians fleeing Syria, heading to Turkey who doesn’t want fellow Arabs/Muslims in their country, passes them onto Eurabia.

                    Comrade Gerry, YOU are a prime example of why your furher Jeremy Corbyn led LaBOOR to its WORST showing in 80+ years.

                    May your vile life be filled with Nakba.

                    1. That is it, Trailer Trash Ted.
                      You keep howling at the Moon
                      and frothing at the mouth.

                      It just proves what a despicable
                      right-wing nutter you truly are.

                      Why should I waste my time demonstrating to you your factual inaccuracies, when clearly being able to understand the truth and fact and the difference between them and the drivel you spew out is well beyond your very limited mental ability.

                      Happy Snack Bar, and
                      Mars Bar you retard.

    1. Counter chant with this…..

      From the River to the Sea,
      Ted a nutter will ALWAYS BE!

  1. The problem David has in taking on SOAS is this. The powers that be take advice from Yair Wallach and his mates in the Israel Studies department. They are rabid Israelists but their understanding of what is and what is not antisemitic is rather different from the understanding of David and the rest of the lunatic fringe.

    Ian, as ever, does not have the remotest fucking clue what is going on.

    1. Ooh I like this Bellers. You name-checking me even when I’m not here. You tease.

      As we’ve agreed in the past, nobody gives a rat’s ass about your opinions or mine and why should they; just two more wanky strangers on social media.

      So, poke til you croke boychik.

  2. Went to the Friday SOAS event with Hanan Zoabi
    As I heard it, she said something very interesting at the beginning of her talk; that the war is NOT about territory, rather it is an IDEOLOGICAL WAR between Jews and Arabs
    Her talk started quite hopefully, but as time went byyyy, it just went on as an unending ramble.

    Once I would have expected the SOAS lecture theatre to be full, but there were many unoccupied seats.
    Once again my old uni lives up to its name ; SOAS = School of AntiSemitism

    1. “Her talk started quite hopefully, but as time went byyyy, it just went on as an unending ramble.”

      Lost you did she? Duh.

      Wonder if SOAS was anti-Semitic before you went there, Richard?

      1. Islamofascism tries to HIDE BEHIND “Islamo-FAUX-bia”.

        9/11, London’s 7/7 transport massacre, Pan Am 103, Grand Mooofti, Charlie Hebdo massacre, Bastille Day truck ramming massacre in Nice France, 2019 Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka, ISIS beheading videos, Moscow subway bombing, Manchester arena bombing, beheading of Lee Rigby, beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl, Rotherham rape gangs, Pulse nightclub in Orlando FL, DC Beltway snipers, thwarted sneaker and underwear bombings of in-flight passenger planes, Bali beach massacre, Mumbai India massacre, near nuclear war between Pakistan and India, 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war 1,000,000 dead, 500,000+ dead in Syrian “Civil War”, HamASS executing gays, Fascist Iran executing gays, Fascist Iran stoning girls to death over “family honour”, London bridge stabbings, London and Westminster bridge car ramming attacks, Fort Hood Texas massacre, thwarted Garland Texas jihad, death sentence on writer Salman Rushdie, death threats on Danish cartoonists for drawing a cartoon.

        Why are there checkpoints at every airport in the World to screen passengers and luggage???

    2. Hey Zio Dracula Dick. Heard the shop in Finchley where you usually buy your blood was closed down by environmental health.
      You can always try Brent Cross, Amazon — or Al Quds, Hebron, Gaza…

  3. Fancy that, an organisation pretending to be something it really isn’t.

    You did say ‘Jewish Labour Movement’ didn’t you, David?

    1. “…a hate-infested political group set up explicitly to attack mainstream British Jewry.”

      Could be the BoD, CAA, Zionist Federation, Sussex Friends of Israel and every other pro-Israeli group funded by the Embassy.

        1. I love the Muck-Brutes-Bells chains of idiocy. Reading them is like watching three pigs who have syphilis fucking in a pile of their own shit.

          1. ZioNazi Ben – You have an obsession with feces, as it’s a reoccurring theme in most of your comments. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, since many of your kind have an anus for a mouth.
            Maybe your name should be JooDoo.

            1. Glad to see you don’t really have a counter to the notions that A) you’re the human (to a very limited extent) equivalent of an animal with a sexually transmitted disease and B) you and your cohorts are so vile that raping each other is quite routine. And if I keep mentioning shit in relation to you, it’s because your writing and personality are 100% composed of it. Kisses!

  4. There were times before the Panto Activism when people, often strong opponents would post here to discuss points raised in the articles. Go back a few years to around 2016-17 and even Bellers can be seen writing long paragraphs of counterpoint. Now everyone’s deep in character, recycling slogans, copy/pasting stuff from 2003 and doing silly name calling.

    Still, there was still liquid soap and bog roll on the shelves in those days and a young Jewish mum could wheel her buggy down the main drag in Jerusalem without being stabbed by an Arab for her hand-sanitiser. Simpler times.

        1. More than my interest in safe spaces for snow flake Jewish students on campus cuz that is just a big yawn but less than my interest in Gnashers progress in figuring into a packet of dreamies all by himself cuz I love the prospect of the lazy bastard behing independent of me. More time for picking my nose

    1. When have you ever penned in support of any point that David is attempting to sell, Ian?

      1. Michael, really?

        You know I’m only here for the banter and to watch you and The Resistance do your thing.

        Bella Ciao.

  5. Seems David, the Chicken Licken of the Jewish world, thinks that he speaks for all the sane people of the UK.

    I think this serial rabble-rouser is a tad deluded, keeping friends like Scoffie and the ranting Simon.

      1. Have you asked Michael to do your social media promos Bellers? Look at his stats. Before he began his “Collier tweets…” shtick David had around 20K followers. With Michael’s enthusiastic promotion and re-shares he’s now touching 43K.

        You may see him as a liability but imagine if he could get you up to about 500 readers. “Bellers blogs…” could be his next big thing.

  6. “When members of the Labour Party are suspended for alleged antisemitism, the media automatically assume they’re guilty.

    When Trevor Phillips is suspended from the Labour Party for alleged Islamophobia, the media automatically assume he’s innocent.

    Draw your own conclusions.”

    1. Michael. People aren’t listening to you. 8 years of writing the same 3 things and you’ve actually lost 10% of your followers. Its 10 today.

      I’m not sure that all this promotion of David has helped and I have to agree with Bellers. You could be a liability to The Resistance.

        1. I think that there are many Zionists that owe you a debt of gratitude Michael, amplifying David’s work and contributing to his successes, possibly even his donations. Thank you.

          1. Zionist fools and their money are soon parted, even after David’s lies have been exposed.

            1. This is what I mean Michael. Every time you say you expose David’s lies, he gets more followers, more support and more donations and you lose followers and credibility. No wonder the Zios are grateful to you.

              Maybe go back to being Marie Farmer or some other nomme de guerre that doesn’t play so badly with the audience.

              1. Look on it as even more of his followers can see how deceitful and dishonest he is…. if they care. You certainly don’t. You swallow everything. 🙂

                  1. The book that a Zionist group charged David with havng withdrawn has been revised and is back in the schools.

                    You’d think David would reappraise it and let people know if he has indeed been successful in having it be pro-Israel.


                1. Muck, you are the wrong person to accuse anyone else of “swallowing anything”, considering who you intellectually fellate. But your job here is to be a lying asshole, and that’s what you’re going to do even as it ultimately doesn’t benefit you nearly as much as people like David or Ian or myself.

        2. You’re a no-trick pony, a troll on a board where both the host and the regular commenters are infinitely smarter and more on-point than you are. We both know this. One of us lives in the real world and deals with this fact. You’re the other one.

          1. When was the last time you contributed anything aside from ad hominem attacks on your fellow commenters Ben JooDoo?

            1. My comments about you are accurate. If you want to cry over how I’m being a big meanie, go somewhere else to pull out your tampon and wipe your syphilis-infected face with it. Kisses!

  7. One of the huge bonuses of being a genocidal, oppressor with a highly militarised border and ZioNazi Imperial storm troopers armed to the teeth at every checkpoint is that we can lock down our country really quickly. Even the Arabs are buying into this, recognising that pandemics can kill them faster than our super efficient IDF snipers.

    Even the BDS lads have cancelled their Purim Mingler – wimps.

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