SOAS opens its doors to EUROPAL and neo-Nazi antisemitism

SOAS are hosting a purveyor of Nazi and KKK antisemitic theory on March 7. The event is billed as a student workshop offering advocacy for ‘Palestine’, however this Hamas linked group -EUROPAL – has previously published a booklet pushing hard-core neo-Nazi antisemitism

SOAS is known as a hotbed of antisemitism. It has the dishonour of being a university in central London where Jewish students have said they are ‘scared to wear the star of David and speak Hebrew’. For years SOAS has been at the forefront of hostile campus activity. I have seen too many toxic events to list them all – terrorists are honoured there and platforms given to an endless stream of antisemitic speakers.

But surely – there has to be a line they won’t cross – even at SOAS? It seems not. In two weeks they are hosting an event by an organisation -EUROPAL – that has been caught before spreading antisemitism. To turn disrespect for Jews into absolute mockery – EUROPAL are on campus at SOAS to teach students about – yes, you guessed it – antisemitism.

The all-day event – due to be held on March 7 – is described as a ‘student workshop’ – teaching other students how to be better advocates for ‘Palestine’. It is co-hosted by the SOAS Palestine Society. The first two sessions to be presented are about method, delivery and BDS – which means they will be full of the usual lies and propaganda we are all used to. It remains heart-breaking that students are fed this type of ahistorical and demonising garbage in a place of learning – but nothing new for SOAS. The real problem arises in the third session – which is about ‘antisemitism’:

SOAS antisemitism

EUROPAL are teaching students about antisemitism, which means that this event isn’t about the history of a conflict, or anti-Israel advocacy, but rather explicitly talking about anti-Jewish racism. So who are EUROPAL and why are they qualified to hold events about antisemitism?


EUROPAL have been around since about 2014. It is run by Zaher Khalid Birawi. Birawi is frequently referenced in the ‘Terrorists in Suits‘ report recently released by the Israeli Ministry for Strategic Affairs. He is one of those figures with close links to Hamas, who connect the British ‘hard-left’ – with the terrorist group. This image was taken in Gaza and has the leader of Hamas standing next to Birawi – who has brought with him key figures from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

europal hamas

The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism information centre call Birawi an ‘‘affiliate’ of both Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. ‘Terrorists in Suits’ label him a ‘known supporter of Hamas’. It is worth browsing those documents for a history of his activity.

Given these links, it is beyond belief that organisations such as these would be allowed to spread their hatred onto a British campus. This is a classic radicalisation technique. EUROPAL are given access to students – they slightly tone down their message – gain new recruits – and save their harsher words for their new recruits at events they hold elsewhere.

EUROPAL and antisemitism

What is EUROPAL’s understanding of antisemitism? Putting aside the links to terror groups, we do not have to look far for evidence that these people spread Jew-hatred.

In March 2019, FOSIS held their annual Palestine Conference, co-hosted by Olive. It took place at Kings College. At this conference, a booklet was given out, titled ‘Basic Facts on the Palestine issue’. It was written by Dr Mohsen Mohammad Saleh.

The author is General Manager of the Islamic Strategic think tank ‘Al-Zaytouna‘. From his extensive writing, it is clear he also has solid links to Hamas leaders. The text itself is beyond offensive and glorifies and legitimises terrorism. The author approaches the conflict from an overpowering political Islamist perspective. There is nothing here about peace or equality at all. This is about Islamic rule, ownership and conquest seeking to ‘expunge’ Zionism completely from ‘all of Palestine’. The book ridicules Jewish claims to the land and when it deals with the origins of the Jewish people on page 7 – it pushes the Khazar Myth .

Khazar myth2 europal

The pamphlet was published by EUROPAL, the Hamas linked group that SOAS considers an authority on Antisemitism:Europal

You can download the pamphlet here. It is beyond belief that this type of material should be distributed at a London campus.

The Khazar Myth and the Nazi – Arab alliance

This myth suggests Jews do not come from Judea, but rather from a mass conversion of nomadic tribes around the Black Sea region in the 8th century. The Khazar myth spread where it was seen as a useful counter to Zionist arguments over British Palestine. It is obviously total bunkum. Even putting aside the silliness – and the inherent racism – of the argument itself, the majority of Jews in Israel are not even Ashkenazi.

In typical antisemitic fashion, the ‘Khazars’ have been demonised into a ‘warlike race’ who engaged in ‘phallic worship’. This type of rancid antisemitism can be seen today throughout hard-core Islamist anti-Israel propaganda. It is scary to think that the person who wrote the vile piece in the previously supplied link is credited with being the ‘Chairman of the Palestinian Encyclopaedia’.

How it spread into Islamism

Most Arab Anti-Zionist arguments originally were political arguments. They focused on the McMahon correspondence, Balfour or Arab rights to independence. The adoption of antisemitic ideologies such as the Khazar Myth into Islamist writing is a neo-Nazi influence and occurred later. The Nazi apologist Benjamin H Freedman has been credited as being the person who ‘sold this’ trope to the Arabs (US embassy letter in the British archives, FO371/522557).

Anyone who wishes to swim in a sewer of pure antisemitic hatred, can listen to Freedman’s 1961 speech at the Willard Hotel in Washington or read it here. When Islamists talk about the Khazars, it is Freedman that they reference. According to historians such as Albert and Cecil Hourani, Freedman convinced the Mufti’s cousin, Amin al Husseini of its merits. At the time everyone knew that Islamic anti-Zionism and the neo-Nazis were in bed together. A truth the current ‘PC’ crowd don’t want us to talk about. These days we let these people onto campus and then wonder why we have a growing problem with antisemitism.

When we sit quietly as extremist groups with ties to terrorist groups push the Khazar myth onto our campuses to spread their ideologies, we are allowing neo-Nazi thought to spread amongst students. From the adoption of this myth spreads the idea of Zionists being ‘Talmudic Jews’ – whilst anti-Zionists are the purer ‘Torah jews’. Clean Jews and dirty Jews. Much of the European Islamist antisemitism that we experience today is coming from people who have been radicalised by this stuff in *western* Universities.

Kick hate off campus

This mix between neo-Nazi and anti-Zionist ideologies creates the sewer we have become far too accustomed to today. The CST recently published a report highlighting how the two seamlessly mix and mingle at events. In two weeks SOAS are hosting an event explicitly designed to teach students how to make life more hostile for British Jews. Who in their right mind thinks that EUROPAL are fit to talk to students at all, let alone given them instructions about antisemitism? Are we in the Twilight Zone?

We should take a stand. It would be possible to focus on the extremist Islamist influences and the support for terrorism. There seems to be little point as SOAS does not seem to care if radical extremist ideologies or support for terrorism is spread in its halls. SOAS does not care about truth, history, peace or equality. The only question now, is whether even SOAS would draw the line at the Nazis? I suggest we do not leave it up to them to decide, but rather take action ourselves. If we sit and wait for SOAS to take a stand against the rise of neo-Nazi ideology – our children will never forgive us.



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    1. Dumb Bellamy was told to blow up a bus, and he burned his lips on the tailpipe.

      An oldie, but goodie.

      Happy Nakba to All!

  1. I wrote a piece for History Today back in the 1990s about the Jewish Khazars, advancing the ideas of Arthur Koestler. It was an attempt to highlight the nonsense of racism and antisemitism in Europe. Unfortunately, I understand it is now being used by bigots as propaganda to spread anti-Zionism and antisemitism. Since then, Kevin Alan Brook has demonstrated through DNA evidence that the overwhelming number of Ashkeni Jews can trace descent back to the ancient Israelites. In addition, the vast majority of the 800,000+ Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews who were forced to leave their homes across the Arab world after 1948 went to Israel. Therefore, most of the Jewish Israeli population today has direct ancestral links to ancient Israel.

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            FYI, that was an episode of Ellen where she gives that Wedding Singer gal that did ‘Shallow’ on the London Underground, £10K and a 12 month saver seven tube ticket. You’ve still not sussed this YouTube carousel have you?

            Non-tech savvy Resistance

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          2. Why Stephen you old right-winger you.
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                1. A clip of Tailka Waititi talking about directing ‘JoJo Rabbit’ ?

                  Very on-topic Bellers. David writes about Jew-haters lecturing on antisemitism. You link to a Jew lecturing about being a good Nazi.

                  The Resistance doesn’t just through this Panto Activism together.

                  Bella Ciao.

                  1. Why does he need to figure out how to do it?
                    He already has his pet idiot, you, to do it for him.
                    Obviously smarter than you.

    1. “In addition, the vast majority of the 800,000+ Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews who were forced to leave their homes across the Arab world after 1948 went to Israel.”

      So, the Dark Side still pushes this falsehood. No honesty there, or didn’t you know that some countries strove to keep their resident Jews and that Mossad and Zionist groups worked within the Arab countries to cajole Jews to emigrate to the new state of Israel.

      800,000 forced to leave their homes? Naw.

  2. “EUROPAL are on campus at SOAS to teach students about – yes, you guessed it – antisemitism.”

    David, having seen some of your ludicrous accusation of antisemitism over the years, Europal probably have a better idea of what is or isn’t antisemitism than yourself.

    1. This is what I mean Michael. You just say the same 3 things in every article. I can’t be part of your team. You’re just not taking this seriously.

    2. S’allright. You wouldn’t want to continue with the obvious truths. You’d want to start fabricating just to continue …. as David does.

    3. Next we’ll read that Davy’s judged Disney’s film ‘Pinocchio’ to be anti-Semitic and calling for the film to be banned along with compensation paid to ‘recognised Jewish groups.’

      1. You didn’t have much of a mind to begin with Brutes, but you’ve lost quite a bit of it since your 1st posts.

  3. It is interesting that David has finally conceded that who one is standing next to is damning. But we won’t go there for the moment. To everything there is a season

  4. Davy, do you have a problem with academic freedom? If you do, why not p!ss off back to the undemocratic apartheid state? Go and burn books, along with your ghoulish mates Mark & Mandy.

    Your kind invites hatred, anger and ridicule by trying to ban teachers and speakers that you don’t agree with, or you feel are hostile to your racist Zio ideology, from being heard.

    What little anti-Semitism there is in the UK, you certainly know how to fan its flames and exploit it.

    1. Alright Mick? Was that you on the Brighton Picket last Saturday ? C&As anorak, Jezzer cap and keffiyah ? Going back this weekend? My JDL mates are on the prowl and I dont want you to miss out. You’re known to them since Bellers grassed you up and us Zios do get lairy after a few sherbets. Not sure pretending to be a yid will help your kind either.

      Bella Ciao.

        1. I can’t tell you stick to what you do well Muck, because you don’t do anything well. Well, there are a few things that I surmise you do well in your private life (in a passive sense), but those wouldn’t be appropriate to cover on this blog.

  5. Ian, the JDL are a bunch of cowardly scum and once confronted, can be recognised by the smell of excrement emanating from their trousers. You seem to fancy hanging around single-digit, IQ mentally challenged simpletons pretending to be Jews. In your case Ian, it’s like attracts like.

    Earlier this month, the JDL were supposed to meet in NYC to restart their branch, but once exposed, sh!t themselves and scuttled their plans thanks to local anti-fascists. Read this and weep:

      1. Look Mick, I gave you fair warning. What you do with it is down to you. Just don’t say you weren’t told. You can ‘Bruce’ around all you like here, but the smell of Asa Chew is as distinct and acrid to them as smoke from a German chimney. Maybe wear a different cap.

      2. Typical crazed Zionist, definitely not one of God’s people.
        And they call us ‘haters.’ lol

          1. Next month it will be 2,064 years since Gaius Julius Caesar was assassinated.
            Not a Muslim in sight for you to blame.

            1. Eurotrash Gerry, there were NO Muslims or Pal-e-STINIANS around 2,064 years ago.

              But Jews were.

              Happy Nakba you ignorant knuckle dragging Eurotrash!

              1. “..there were NO Muslims or Pal-e-STINIANS around 2,064 years ago.”

                Really, Trailer Trash Ted?
                So tell me ‘O Knowledgeable One’, did the Grand Mufti ever meet Adolf Hitler?
                Only you have never mentioned it, if he did.

            1. Betcha lotsa Brit Jew pedos are also escaping justice by doing the rat run to apartheid Israel. And with aid from their own kind.

  6. Is it any surprise that the apartheid state is the destination of choice for countless Jewish pedophiles who escape justice by exploiting the Law of Return?

    These monsters are not much of a priority for the Israeli government who are too busy persecuting Palestinians to care.

    As long as they’re Jewish, few questions are asked.

    And there are those who exploit anti-Semitism for ulterior purposes who’d call this CBS News report just that:

    1. Priorities Mick, priorities.

      BTW, you’re doing a bit of a Michael with the old slogan carousel. I told hin to mix it up more but you lads have been at it this so long that’s probably too late in the day to think about something more effective.

      As The Borg say “Resistance is futile”

      Bella Caio

  7. Bunch of uneducated bastards, go back to the caves you belong , from where you should have never left.
    Most likely, Israel will do you this favor.
    You don’t feel adapted to modern and civilized societies.
    BTW, when you did get any Nobel prize ? Unless there is one for terrorism…..

  8. David – “The boycott movement (#BDS) against Israel is so obviously rooted in antisemitism.”

    Not at all.

    Israel is a Jewish/Muslim/Christian etc. state.

    The movement seeks to sanction Israel for its actions.

    How is that anti-Semitic?

    Do you also consider Israel blockading/sanctioning Gaza antimuslim?

  9. Collier retweets ”

    American Jewish Committee


    We are appalled by Baroness Tonge‘s latest antisemitic remarks in which she described Israel as the “puppet master“ of the United States. Her long and extensive record of Jew-baiting has proven time and again that she is utterly unfit to sit in the British House of Lords.”

    Another bunch of retards who can’t tell the difference between the racist state of Israel and the majority of decent Jews who don’t live there.

  10. Breaking character from this Pantomime for a moment, here’s a proper question. How many of the contributors here would still post if text-only submissions were eliminated as an option and only accredited video comments were permissible? In other words you had to show your faces and present a tone in order to post.

    This was a suggestion at a recent conference hosted by a bunch of the big players of the internet. It was promoted by the trending #beKind campaign and addressed many of the antics of people here and frankly far, far worse.

    This place and others like it always encourage participation from the sorts of contributors to whom this question is addressed. I wonder how many of you would continue to poke if the notional veil of protection was lifted.

        1. Which response are you leading with Bellers: the deflection or the wanky one? No need to be frightened of giving a normal reply. I didn’t ask to make some dick move. The topic was interesting and if some of these big actors get their way it could happen one day. And there is more than adequate authentication tech available to mitigate fakery.

          If you don’t fancy this one, so be it.

              1. Haven’t seen General Solemani, Scumbag Daddy, Ayatoola Khomani around lately. Have they turned into a good Sand Nazi’s yet?

                La! La! La! La! La! La!

            1. David, Menachem, Meir, Moshe, Theodor, Yitzhak and everyone else down here are all waiting for Hanathan to join us. But tell him not to take too much clothing, it’s really hot. Oy-vey the heat!

              1. 1,500 MILLION Muslims are bested by 12 Million Jews?

                Looks like Quality over Quantity.

                What a NAKBA! 🙁

    1. Hey Zio?. Your kind thinks it’s so clever. Very easy to use an avatar and use a voice synthesizer.

    2. You mean bring out from behind the cowardly curtain the following? :

      Wa go


      As David’s secretary, where do you find the time to file your nails etc.?

    1. ZioNazi convicted criminal Simple Simon talks (((B@LL0cks))).
      Love the music – hate the cretin.

  11. “EUROPAL are teaching students about antisemitism, which means that this event isn’t about the history of a conflict, or anti-Israel advocacy, but rather explicitly talking about anti-Jewish racism. So who are EUROPAL and why are they qualified to hold events about antisemitism?”

    David, why would you think that EUROPAL are any less of an authority on antisemitism than you are?

    I notice that their section is on the ‘new antisemitism’.

    I’m assuming that they are referring to the false equivalence used by yourself and other propagandists that being against Zionism, with its racism and land seizures, is anti-Semitic.

    I remember when ‘antisemitism’ was railing against Jews just for them being Jews. The goalposts have now been widened to include criticism of Israel and recognising that Israel, having initiated the first step in its move to racial purity’ with its Nation Law v.1 is indeed a racist endeavour. The IHRA definition is being touted as the new standard.

    Roll on a UK court case to test that ridiculous definition.

    1. Michael. You and others have been trying to push this case in the hope that it will stick somehow. It’s clear why you’re doing it so there’s no need to trouble ourselves with that. But it does highlight the main differentaitor between you and David; direct action, sensibly targeted, leading to desired results versus repetitious messaging in an echo chamber leading to nothing. Obviously you represent the latter.

      If you have these sincere beliefs perhaps you should do more. Rather than simply saying David’s a liar over and over, it may be worth doing the work, building a following and then amplifying a more popular message to the people that make the decisions.

      Of course your bar may be as low as simply playing along with Bellers with his “Poking David Collier” Game, in which case I’ll leave you to it.

      Bella Ciao.

      1. I’ve shown that David is a liar “over and over”, Ian.

        Understandable that, as his secretary, you deny everything. Scared of the sack?

      2. I have many disagreements with Farmer.
        But at least he has never set his bar as low as you Kay.

        A combination of unsubstantiated allegations, which upon examination are shown to be at best half-truths, more often false. Smutty ‘schoolboy’ attempts at humour. And blatant racism against Arabs.

        1. Your pretend Welshman persona again Bellers?

          You are The Resistance

          Bella Ciao.

          1. As usual, a lame and limp response from Kay.
            Devoid of wit or intelligence.
            A man so desperate for attention and interaction with a human being that his ‘posts’ are clearly a cry for help by a sad, lonely, old drunk.

            1. Slogan #17 from the archive Bellers.

              The Resistance now numbers 7.

              4 are you.

              Bella Ciao.

              1. its so funny. Ian has a punt at being the thinking girl’s contributor but can’t hack it and reverts to being the 9 year old from Bash Street playing hooky om Morecombe sands. Still it was fun while it lasted

                1. Sad, would be a more apposite description.

                  Of course you’re happy, compared to you and your efforts, Kay makes you seem like a latter-day Oscar Wilde.

                    1. One of my favourite Wilde quotes is one I wish people would take heed of.

                      “There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book.
                      Books are well written, or badly written. That is all.”

      3. Ian, seems your Boss David bruises easily. He’s blocked me on twitter.

        What a Jelly. Allergic to truth, eh?

        1. I don’t bruise easily at all – as EVERYONE here and elsewhere knows. I am just tired of having a stalker who doesn’t contribute at all – but rather endlessly deflects – regurgitating the same stuff over and over again. How many times do you have to post exactly the same tweet under everything I post. You bore me. Go bore someone else

              1. Trailer Trash Ted resides in the ‘Trailer Park for the Developmentally Disabled’ in Arkansas, which is run by volunteers from the local Mosque.

          1. You’re nor bored. You’re bruised.

            Rebuffing your constant falsehoods isn’t stalking. It’s showing your deceit to be just that.

            For 3 or more years you peddled the lie that the Labour Party was riddled with antisemitism.

            You peddle the lie that anti-Zionism is antisemitism.

            You peddle the lie that all Arabs are knife killers.

            When challenged as to why you don’t investigate the Conservative Party on antisemitism you are lost for words.

            Just a rabble-rouser, David, a mud-slinger by trade, a vile racist and an Israeli scribe.

              1. ….. and there’s me thinking it’s a message blog with a comment section.

                Didn’t know I’m only allowed a thumbs up.

        2. Michael, in fairness I did suggest you mixed it up a bit. Writing the same 3 things under every single thread is pretty pointless and if you have this amount of time on your hands you should do more.

          At present you make it impossible to tell whether you sincerely care about any of the issues or are just playing the Bellers game of “Poking David Collier”.

          Either way,The Resistance can’t do much resisting if it’s invisible and mute.

          Bella Ciao.

          1. You haven’t noticed that David always blogs untruths to paint a picture of Jews everywhere being hated and maligned by non-Jews everywhere. ….. that is ONE thing…….. every single blog?

            The truth is ALWAYS the truth … hence the repetition.

  12. Collier retweets an illogical car-crash of a tweet by one Andreas Fagerbakke @afagerbakke .

    “How to spot an antisemite:

    Opposes Zionism
    Compares Israel to Nazi Germany
    Compares Israel to Apartheid South Africa
    Calls Palestinian terror legitimate resistance
    “Arabs are semites too!”
    Cites Pappe, Finkelstein, Neturei Karta
    Says Gaza is Auschwitz

    Not a mention of Jews there, all references are only to Israel, the Jewish/Muslim/Christian state.

    Andreas has problems. David retweeting this must also have problems. David has ‘anti-Semite Tourettes’, can’t stop blurting it out at every turn.

  13. Not only does Davy has antisemitism on the brain, but he’s trying to make a living out of it, which brings shame and disgrace to the religion that he claims to be.

    1. Alright Mick! My JDL associates say they missed you again in Brighton at the weekend. The old dear on the line with the twin set and Paly scarf said you’d cried off at the last minute claiming a bit of a snuffle. Very considerate, wanting to avoid infecting all our lovely Zio supporters. Are you a a secret Zio too?

        1. Michael, this is another reason for people to block you; minimum standards of literacy.

          As Bellers suggested, read your stuff before you post. It’s easy enough.

          1. Didn’t write it to be marked.

            If you don’t understand the meaning you’re quite slow.

  14. I OPPOSE Zionism

    Israel IS WORSE than Nazi Germany

    Israel IS Apartheid South Africa

    Palestinians have A RIGHT to resist oppression

    Arabs ARE Semites

    Pappe – “Most Zionists don’t believe that God exists, but they do believe that he promised them Palestine.”

    Finkelstein – “The Zionists indeed learnt well from the Nazis. So well that it seems that their morally repugnant treatment of the Palestinians, and their attempts to destroy Palestinian society within Israel and the occupied territories, reveals them as basically Nazis with beards and black hats.”

    Neturei Karta are REAL Jews

    Gaza IS WORSE than Auschwitz

    1. Bellers, are you going to tell him or should I ?

      It’s not just Michael who’s becoming a liability to The Resistance in your “Poking David Collier” game.

      Bella Ciao

    2. While you’re at it, always remember…

      From the River to the Sea,
      Pal-e-SLIME Will Never Be!

  15. Ian tweets ” 3rd effing election in months, a worse shit-shower of candidates than the UK and we’ll be doing it all over again in June. Sometimes being the only democracy in the Middle East (Tunisia notwithstanding) is a complete pain in the arse.

  16. Anway there is one thing that puzzles me about this SOAS thing that puzzles me. So an open question, anyone can answer. If the Nazis didn’t think the Jews were Jews, why did they kill em ?

    1. Because they killed not only Jews.

      Sorry, David, if you think that’s an anti-Semitic statement. it is true.

  17. “The Arabs in Ramallah & Gaza don’t vote because their leaders CHOOSE not to hold elections.”

    In Ramallah they wouldn’t be voting for who those who rule them. The would be voting for who polices them on Israel’s behalf.(in Netanyahu’s peace plan the PA would continue to police any Palestinian state on Israel’s behalf irrespective of any elections or result.)

    The last time Gaza voted, they voted for Hamas. Israel and the US rejected the result, arresting its members, holding them in admin. detention and imposing restrictions on the enclave. Hamas responded by firings rockets and Israel imposed the crippling blockade and occupied their waters.

    1. Yes Michael, and don’t forget their “Mountain Springs” that you very knowledgeably referenced in an earlier article.

      1. Mountain Aquifer would have been what I posted.

        Israel takes 80% of the water, leaving the Palestinians with the remainder.

        Certainly not a Christian action.

      2. Michael , we can all learn valuable lessons from your detailed topographical expertise.

        I disagree with Bellers. You are not a liability at all. You are an asset to the Zionist cause.

  18. Oi vey! I was so wrong about the Palestinians. I was on the wrong side. Please forgive me Hashem.

  19. Davy, being Jewish is about living your life practicing what is written in the Tanakh (Torah), not about attacking and slandering people who are believe in equality, altruism, compassion and human dignity for all.

    1. Alright Mick! How topical. Lesson on antisemitism from antisemites and now lessons on being Jewish from goyim.

      Back to your barricades Partisano.

      Bella Ciao.

        1. Stephen do you know what the racist idiot Kay is talking about?
          Kay is typical of a racist, an illiterate idiot in more than one language.

            1. Aaah you think he means Partigiano.

              Typical trying to be clever without the intelligence or wit needed.

      1. No different to lessons on antisemitism from a London-dwelling Zionist, Ian.

  20. Ian Kay, be kind to your fellow human beings or you’ll end up where I am now.

        1. Certainly as wild and imaginative as your interpretation of the geography of Gaza Michael.

          A liability, according to Bellers ? Not a bit of it.

    1. Bruce Muhammed AKA “Bruce Levy” is going to HELL to join Yassir Arafart, Ayatoola Khomeni, Osama bin Laden, Sadaam Hussein, Snake Yassin, Rantisi, Muhammed Atta and his fellow 9/11 pigs, the British Muslims of London’s 7/7 massacre.

      Happy Nakba to ALL!

      1. Don’t be meshuga Edward.

        YOU’LL end up down here Edward. Being hateful, mean, intolerant , racist and cruel is not very nice. I learned this the hard way, as you don’t want be eternally tormented in a place where it’s very unpleasant (and hot).

        You need love Edward. My advice is to find someone who’ll love you.

        Don’t be a schmuck all your life Edward.


        1. This another one of yours Bellers?

          There have to be some real Jew haters out there that want to join the Panto without you having to go into your fancy dress box every day. No wonder Michael’s getting confused.

          The Resistance could end up as a one man show.

          Bella Ciao.

          1. Must be comforting for you and your boss to attribute any dislike of Israel, yourself or the likes of crazy racist Ted to a dislike of anything Jewish.

            Perhaps indoctrination at a young age? Did Mum say, it’s not you, Ian, you’re a loveable darling. You’re disliked because you’re Jewish.

            1. You have to be quicker voila-ing Bellers or it looks like you’re poking Michael. You may see him as a liability but there’s no sense in adding to the humiliation.

                  1. Viola Jokes.

                    What’s the difference between a Viola and a Violin?

                    You take your shoes off to jump on a violin.

                    What’s the difference between a Viola player and a prostitute?

                    The prostitute knows more positions.

  21. ‘New antisemitism’? I’ve heard that term before. Is it in any way related to old antisemitism.

    Is the IHRA def. a definition of ‘new antisemitism’ I wonder, just a widening of the goalposts, or goalposts on a different pitch?

  22. “Israel withdrew from Southern Lebanon. Today it is a radical Islamic stronghold with 100,000s rockets aimed at Israel.”

    Little wonder, given a radical Zionist stronghold invaded it murdering thousands and overseeing the butchering of many women and children in two refugee camps there.

    Withdrew??!? You shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

    1. Were we doing genocidal butchering Michael or just the normal butchering?

      Asking for a butcher.

      1. Israel charged a Lebanese Christian militia with clearing the refugee camps at Sabra and Shatila of Palestinians. While Sharon’s IDF lit the camps with flares the militia set about massacring the old men, women and children that were trapped inside. Sharon was later stripped of his command.

        But later this butcher Sharon was rewarded with PMship.

        Israel has a habit of rewarding its terrorists. Begin and Shamir were similarly rewarded.

        How are things in Pittsburgh, Ian. Still fun?

        1. You dope Michael. You’re supposed to put your funny reply after MY posts not your own. No wonder Bellers calls you a liability.

          Here. Watch and Learn.

  23. Any future videos that Trailer Trash Ted posts will be reported for encouraging anti-Palestinian and Islamophobic views to YouTube. A few already have been taken down.

    You’re welcome! 🙂

      1. Trailer Trash Ted. Tell us all about…..

        Mommies basement you’re confined in.

          1. Did Teddy get angry and have a poo poo?
            Never mind your carer will be along and change you soon.

              1. Dear Peach,

                when you’re dealing with a knuckle dragging, anti-Muslim xenophobe logic, reason and wit are wasted on them.
                If they had a modicum of intelligence they wouldn’t be an anti-Muslim xenophobe.

                Now are you going to condemn the anti-Muslim xenophobia displayed by Trailer Trash Ted, or the anti-Arab Racism expressed by Kay?

                Or can we expect you to exhibit the same indifference exhibited by others towards anti-Muslim Xenophobia, and anti-Arab racism of the repugnant clowns Ted and Kay.

          2. Trailer Trash Ted, isn’t it past your bedtime?
            Go count missles until you fall asleep.

    1. Hope the 5 foot turd that tries punching the girl while his bigger friends rag her around feels proud of his little self.

      Little wonder Israel is condemned. It’s rogue state.

      Does David condemn this abuse? Do you, David? Ian? Edward? Judah?

      1. That’s a big turd Michael, almost as big as a mountain. Was it the Gazan Mountain Turd that you’ve been mistaking for a real mountain?

          1. You mentioned them Michael when you were trying to convince Bellers that he was wrong about you being a liability.

            Are you saying you were mistaken?

              1. It also has Parmigiano.
                But, I am reluctant to mention it in case you think I’m being cheesy.

              2. Oh go on the Bellers. We were scheduled to send in 100 trucks of bog roll on Monday. We’ll do the mountain instead, if you reckon it’ll make Michael less of a liability.

  24. Collier tweets ”
    Ken Loach called the antisemitism crisis in Labour a ‘smear’ – an ‘outrageous lie’.

    SRTRC_England are happy to stand with those who ridicule antisemitism & defend antisemites.

    Shameful and unforgivable”

    Ken Loach is absolutely correct. But then Collier knows that the ‘crisis’ was an engineered smear because at every turn his blogs fabricated ‘examples of antisemitism’ where in reality Israel was being criticised.

    Yes, it was Collier himself, and the UK Zionist communities that were wrongly termed ‘the Jewish Community’, that constantly smeared the Party.

    He himself penned a report where Palestine Live was accused of being an anti-Semitic group. Collier even attempted to smear Corbyn as an active member. The report quoted posts from its Facebook page that were critical of Israel and Zionism. Collier, in his true dishonest, claimed them to be anti-Semitic. A small percentage only actually were.

    If anyone is ridiculing antisemitism and devaluing its meaning it is Collier himself.

    His constant crying wolf has made the accusation almost worthless. A disgrace.

  25. One of apartheid Israel’s ‘tentacles’ is the BoD. Just because those ZioNazi Jews are under the illusion that they were responsible for Corbyn’s defeat, they believe they can judge who is antisemitic and influence decisions and policies of other organisations.
    Well guess what? It ain’t happening sunshine.

    1. In my previous comment, I generously used the term “Jews” to describe the creatures who make up the BoD.
      They may call themselves ‘Jews,’ but all their actions negate everything that Judaism represents.
      They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

      1. Alright Mick!

        Goyim lecturing on about Jews again eh? Is this what that daft prick that lost the UK election meant by ‘British Irony’?

        Can’t remember his name.

        1. David’ll know. Stalked him for years lying about him.

          Straight lad David. Defines his cult.

        2. Ian, Corbyn’s defeat in a British election won’t stop a people from achieving independence, justice and freedom. Remember this: History is on our side.

          Ian, your kind, along with the apartheid state, will end up in the furnace of history — just like apartheid South Africa — and will disappear in a puff of smoke.

          1. Alright Mick!

            You seem a little out of sorts with yourself there. Going down with something?

            They say that the older goyim are most at risk. Hope you’re stocked up on bog roll and hand sanitiser.

            1. Me? Gentile? lol.
              Get your act together Ian. Maybe it’s you that caught something, as those who are mentally disabled, are often the most vulnerable.

              Here’s another quote from Davy’s bestie: Scoffie:

              “The PSC cultural terrorists included all the usual suspects who picket Ahava in Monmouth Street…
              Bruce Levy…also attempted to disguise himself, by growing a beard. (Finkler Jew Levy famously said that Gilad Shalit should be dug up and then reburied). The PSC Jew haters tried to stop me doing an interview with the BBC outside the Hall after the concert, by yelling and screaming. If you can’t win an argument try censorship – that’s the way these Stalinists operate.”

          1. I can see why you’re confused Bellers. A 4min 21 second clip from episode 11 of the Netflix show “Love is Blind” is not the most compelling proof of anything. Was your mate Mick one of the contestants?

  26. So, David, NOT obeying a directive from the B.O.D. is spitting on British Jewry?

    Sillier and sillier with your drama.

    1. If Islam is “The Religion of Peace”, why are Syrians fleeing Syria, entering Turkey, then fleeing Islamist Turkey and fleeing to Eurabia?

      Maybe Islam ISN’T “The Religion of Peace”?

      “Syria war: Refugees eye Europe as Turkey hits breaking point”

      Oh, and Syrian refugees don’t flee to Russia or Fascist Iran. I wonder why.

  27. Collier ill-advisedly tweets – “13 mil sq km is the land area of the Arab league.

    Israel is about 25k. A land the size of Wales for the Jews to call their own & defend themselves.

    Too much for some. They don’t want the Jews to have anything. How sick is that?”

    The immigrants that came to live in the state imposed on the previously Arab majority land of Palestine came from various lands. Europe, the US, Australia, Russia etc.

    Europe is 22,000,000 km2

    US is 10,000,000 km2

    Australia is 7,600,000 km2

    Russia is 16,000,000 km2

    Totalling an enormous 55,600,000 km2. More than 4 x the area of the Arab league trumpeted by Collier. Bags of room for those that wished to have elbow room.

    These people wished to move to an area given to them by the world powers, an area that they now wish to expand and rule as ‘racially pure’.

    Yet Collier implores us to sympathise with the Zionists that shape the state.

    Given that original occupants of that land driven out by Jewish militia now eke out an existence in refugee camps, ignored by those same world powers, I’ll find it difficult to do so.

    “They don’t want the Jews to have anything”??!?

    Those Jews that have chosen to squeeze themselves into Israel are a MINORITY of world Jewry.

    i.e. Israel is NOT ‘the Jews’. Collier has been told this many times. Yet the hasbara and the deceit continues blog on blog.

    1. Set your Cap-locks to stun Michael. Your pretend rage is pulsating like the vein in your temple. You and The Resistance are going to need to keep this up for a lifetime. Good luck with that.

      Bella Ciao.

      1. Good game you’ve got going on here Bellers. If you’re gonna commit to…what did you call it… “Poke David Collier” for his or your lifetime, I’m all in, Zio-manufactured genocidal pandemics notwithstanding.

        Bella Ciao.

          1. Good man Bellers. Few more years of life in the ‘Gnasher’ dig as well.

            I reckon we’re due a 15 yr anniversary for some of your copy/pastes though. I wonder who’ll die first; the old incidental yids or you.

  28. Alright Mick!

    You’re a greedy little goy aren’t you? Wanting to have your Blood ‘n Matzah cake and eat it.

    First you want to use the shouty incidental Yid from 2002 as the unreliable twat that demeans David. Then you try to tell us that we have to believe him because he proves you’re you.

    Which one is it Mick? Asking for some lovely Zios.

    1. David demeans himself with his careless tweets, Ian. I just spread the icing.

      1. You ice away Michael. I wasn’t talking to you. It was our wee pretend Joo, Mick. He’s getting his Goyshky Gussets in a twist and I was just trying to bring some good Zio sense to the discussion.

    1. Bruce Moooohammed,

      “How Iran Completely and Utterly Botched Its Response to the Coronavirus”

      “Yet at least 107 people in Iran have been killed by the new coronavirus, the largest number of deaths outside of China. The dead include a senior adviser to the supreme leader. One of the country’s vice presidents, 23 members of Parliament, the deputy health minister and several other senior government officials are among the 3,513 people officially confirmed to have been infected.”

      Happy Nakba!

  29. Collier tweets – “Walked in main Liverpool shopping area. There’s an anti-Israel stall where young & dumb Marxists talk shite to all who walk past.

    Collier is the last person to accuse others of talking “shite”.

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