Jews ethnic cleansing

The ethnic cleansing of Jews and left wing hypocrisy

Talking about the historical ethnic cleansing of Jews from the whole of North Africa and the Middle East is an easy method of proving the antisemitism within the Palestinian cause. This example started with a simple tweet. A tweet that clearly points out that whilst Arabs make up more than 20% of Israel’s population, the rest of the Middle East and North Africa has virtually no Jews in it anywhere. Given some of these areas, like Morocco and Iraq had large Jewish populations – it becomes obvious that the Jews were ethnically cleansed from the MENA region.

Ethnic cleansing Arabs Jews

The tweet was popular – it was retweeted 2500 times and received over 6300 likes. Its message is clear and easy on the eye. There were a million Jews who lived in places such as Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Tunisia. In one way or another the Arabs in the region turned on their Jews, persecuted them and in most places drove them out. An act of quintessential antisemitic persecution. So when people reference ethnic cleansing in relation to the Arab / Israeli conflict – there is ONE obvious ethnic cleansing we really have to discuss. These people were not part of a civil conflict, they considered themselves at home and identified – as Jews always do – with the host nation. There were not even violent groups amongst them. They were simply othered, persecuted and driven out from their homes – often forced to leave all their posSessions behind.

Ethnic cleaning – a simple equation

A simple equation then for the human rights activist. *If* the people who hold aloft the ‘Palestinian cause’ do it because of ‘human rights’, *then* the very least of expectations, the lowest of bars, would also have them sympathising with these Jewish victims of ethnic cleansing. If this does not occur, we have solid evidence that their support for the Palestinian cause is not driven by human rights issues at all.

*REMEMBER* All these responses that follow came from one single tweet:

Response – the obvious antisemitism

There are those that resort to ‘I don’t care if you know’ antisemitism. There are accounts that publicly wear their antisemitism with pride. These people do not even try to hide it:

ethnic cleansing antisemitism


Response – a natural occurrence from the creation of Israel

There are those who simple write off the uprooting of 1000s of years of community life, by suggesting a million Jews – all of them – simply decided to move to Israel. The fact Jewish communities still exist in all the other nations where they have historical diaspora ties – such as the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Holland, France, Argentina and Brazil is never considered. Only throughout the Muslim world – did they disappear – and these people want you to believe -despite all the evidence to the contrary – that it was a natural occuRrence:

ethnic cleansing or aliyah

ethnic cleansing whataboutery

ethnic cleansing whataboutery

Then there are those who cannot be bothered to pretend to care. People who just want to talk about how evil Israel is. None of these response references the ethnic cleansing of Jews. They feel compelled to turn the conversation over to Israel. They push empty claims, twisted propaganda, antisemitic imagery and anything they need to do to deflect from the conversation taking place. Whatever is driving them, it clearly isn’t a concern for human rights.

ethnic cleansing whataboutery

ethnic cleansing whatabouterethnic cleansing whatabouter

Response to ethnic cleansing – the Jews did it

The response of the more professional propagandist is to blame it on the Zionists. This is a truly vile attempt to turn everything on its head and blame the victims. The fact that in some places, Zionists were actively trying to gather support is used to suggest that every single Jewish community in the MENA region CHOSE to leave – or in some cases- were driven to fear by the Zionists themselves. When attacks took place, most notably in Egypt and Iraq – the Jews were blamed.

Historically we know there were pogroms, massacres of Jews throughout the MENA region. It is also factually correct that many nations imposed harsh restrictions on their Jews, some expelled them. None of this is historically disputed. Neither is it disputed that Jews were often forced to leave all their possessions behind. For these people the antisemitic conspiracy theories hold a stronger attraction. It doesn’t matter if Arabs were persecuting Jews, killing them or expelling them. Nor does it matter that there is ample evidence of this. All that matters is that they can blame the ethnic cleansing on the Jews themselves.


ethnic cleansing the zionists fault

ethnic cleansing whatabouter

Response – but only some of them – so it wasn’t that bad – right?

It is true that in some places, such as Morocco, a tiny community remain. For some – rather than focus on the million that left – they chose to talk about the fraction that remained. Can you imagine any other ethnic cleansing producing a response of ‘well some survived’ – or ‘not all of them were expelled’. This one does:

Simple and aggressive

There are those who can’t even be bothered to raise an argument:

ethnic cleansing lies

The ‘I don’t know what I am talking about’ response

And those that do want to raise an argument and are desperate to belittle the persecution of Jews, but have no idea at all what they are talking about:

ethnic cleansing

The obvious conclusion

The first thing to remember is that this all came from one simple tweet. It isn’t the result of deep digging or long-term research. When you post something about the persecution of Jews – this is what you receive in response. This brutally exposes a clear and blatant truth. None of this has anything to do with international law or concern for human rights. These activists fail the most basic of tests. They simply do not care about people being persecuted. When the ethnic cleansing of Jewish people from Arab lands is placed before them – they respond with whataboutery, insults and antisemitism. If you need proof that the Palestinian cause is more about antisemitism than human rights, just look at the response to this tweet. It is *always* worth remembering this when you hear them talk about how much they care.



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67 thoughts on “The ethnic cleansing of Jews and left wing hypocrisy

  1. As usual David, you are trying to drag the discussion off into the long grass – the old smoke and mirrors trick. What is happening TODAY is the point. You cannot name me one area in the world where Jews are being mistreated in the the same way that Palestinians are being oppressed and brutalised by Israel.

    I suggest you and your readers watch ‘Occupation 101’ to see just a fraction of the cruelty the Israelis are inflicting upon the Palestinians.

    1. As I write, rockets are flying onto Israeli towns, fired often from civilian areas, schools, mosques & hospitals. This is a doule-war crime, admits a Palestinian leader. Incendiary devices from Gaza are targetting Jewish children inside Israel, eg schools & kindergartens. Next you will complain that Hamas/Islamic Jihad have inferior weapons & is “resistance” to their “oppression”! But this supposed “oppression” ie murderous attacks on Jews began long before modern Israel. Palestinian children are abused. They are inculcated with antisemitism ie Jew hatred. Hitler is praised. The UK has confirmed the school books encourage children to die as “shaheeds”.

      In 2005, Israel unilaterally left Gaza. It is Judenrein – except for 2 kidnapped dead soldiers & 2 mentally handicapped Israeli, one of whom is an Israeli-Ethiopian Jew. Hamas staged a lood coup: they shot memers of Fatah, threw them from the tops of buildings & crucified enemies. They use monies to build terror tunnels & buy sweapons from Iran – the humnitarian disaster is the result of Hamas. Israel sends in tons of humanitarian aid daily. It is Fatah who refuse to give money to Hamas for electricity, medicine, sewage. Israel left thousands of green houses – it was all lown up. Israel has offered to build a water desalination plant, Hamas refuse. Israel prevents importans of sustances for “dual purposes” Israel treats Palestinians in Israeli hospitals. You never mention Egypt’s actions against Hamas or their demolition of homes. Why? Ecause you can’t blame the evil Jews/Zionists/Israelis.

      The Palestinians are being oppressed by their corrupt, antisemitic leaders, whether the PA or Hamas, plus their own Arab “brothers”.
      Christian-Arabs are persecuted. Under Israel, Bethlehem was a Christian majority. Today, Christians are a minority
      Where were you when thousands of Syrian Palestinians died of starvation, ombs, chemical attacks & shot by Iranian forces in the Yarmouk refugee camp? Israel saved 7000 Syrians in their hospitals; the Syrians now know the lies of their leaders.

      Why are you silent about the real apartheid against Palestinians in Lebanon. Like Syria, Iraq, Lebanon was created after WW1 as a Christian country. It is now run by Hezollah, for Iran. The UN Resolution 1701 should have disarmed Hezbollah. The UN did nothing. Instead of 10,000 rockets, they have 100,000 rockets pointed at Israel & terror tunnels.

      Reads the reports from Muslim Arabs such as Khaled Abu Toameh & Bassem Tawil. Read assem Eid, an international human rights activists who notes that not a single Palestinian has been helped by “pro-Palestinians” like you or BDS.

      As usual, you troll just to spew Jew hatred with a pathological obsession. Yet you fail to produce a shred of evidence other than your antisemitism.

      1. Hey Jew-duh, Good. May endless rocket attacks come raining down on the apartheid state and its supporters, accompanied by the involuntary suicides of Israel’s political/military leaders, fanatical right-wing Jewish fundamentalist settlers and their staunch allies like Hagee.

    2. Nice try, Jack. Now here’s the real skinny: The most free Arabs throughout the Middle East are those who are citizens of the region’s sole free nation: Israel. Next in line are those Arabs who are residents of territories Israel controls. The remaining 98% of Arabs, occupying over 99% of Middle East territory, live without freedom in countries without freedom.

      Ever wonder why the so-called “Palestinians” stay put? It’s because there’s no better place for them to live.

    1. Still trolling David as a pathological obsession. Jew hatred & David is what you live for it seems. What a sad life! You contribute nothing other than Jew hatred.

      1. Not trolling at all, Judah. Merely suggesting a solution.

        One which David’s and other Zionists’ Xenophobia will reject.

  2. Israel seems to bring out an irrational hatred that seems to lurk beneath our civilisation

    Another very basic term to describe it is Antisemitic hatred against Jews

    1. Why do you describe criticism of Israel as Antisemitic hatred against Jews?

      Explain your rationale …… if any.

      1. Why do you describe criticism of Islamofascism (9/11, London’s 7/7, Mumbai, Syria, Iraq) as “IslamoFAUXbic” hatred against Muslims?

        Explain your rationale …… if any.

  3. One thing to remember is that on the internet, nobody knows if your only 11 years old. Some of the comments you showed us are wildly immature.

  4. Excellent report. All your reports are excellent. Many thanks. You are doing great work.

  5. Two hundred and sixty thousand Jews from Arab countries immigrated to Israel between 1948 and 1951, accounting for 56% of the total immigration to the newly founded state; this was the product of an Israeli policy change IN FAVOUR OF MASS IMMIGRATION focused on Jews from Arab and Muslim countries.

    Zionist groups and Mossad worked in those same countries to persuade, sometimes by violent means, Jews to emigrate to the new Zionist state.

    The Israeli government’s policy to accommodate 600,000 immigrants over four years, doubling the existing Jewish population, encountered mixed reactions in the Knesset; there were those within the Jewish Agency and government who opposed promoting a large-scale emigration movement among Jews whose lives were not in danger.

    David, did you not know this when you sought to rabble rouse by yet another THE WHOLE WORLD IS ANTISEMITIC money-making blog?

  6. Up to 1950 Iraq actually banned Jews from leaving. No ethnic cleansing there.

    Later Israel mounted an operation called “Operation Ezra and Nehemiah” to bring as many Iraqi Jews as possible to Israel.

    1. Russia also banned Soviet Jews from leaving Russia.

      Sharmuta, you REALLY are DUMB. Are you of DUMB Bellamy’s distaff side?

      1. Yes Edward. It didn’t ethnically cleanse them.

        Just like Iraq didn’t cleanse them.

        Are you on something?

  7. Given Islamofascism’s eagerness to kill ANYBODY – men, women and CHILDREN, “The Religion of Peace” and “ISLAMOPHOBIA” is a horrific joke

    Given Islam’s eagerness to kill ANYBODY – men, women and CHILDREN, “The Religion of Peace” and

    “ISLAMOPHOBIA” is a horrific joke

    – 9/11
    – 1993 truck bombing of the World Trade Center
    – 1968 assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy
    – 1972 hijacking of the Summer Olympics in Munich and murder of athletes
    – 1981 assassination of Egyptian President and Peace Maker Anwar Sadat
    – 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103 which crashed on the town of Lockerbie of Perfidious scotland
    – 2005 London’s 7/7 transport massacre
    – beheadings of Lee Rigby, journalist Daniel Pearl, James Foley and other victims of ISIS
    – Boston Marathon bombing
    – London and Westminster bridge car ramming attacks
    – Manchester arean bombing
    – Rotherham rape gangs
    – Bastille Day truck ramming attack in Nice France
    – massacre at Charlie Hebdo magazine offices in Paris
    – massacre at Bataclan music venue
    – massacre at Manchester music venue
    – massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando
    – massacre at Christmas party in San Bernardino
    – stabbing to death of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh
    – Fascist Irans death threats against writer Salman Rushdie
    – 500,000+ dead in Syria (Arabs killing Arabs)
    – 1,000,000+ dead in 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war (Muslims killing Muslims)
    – Mumbai India massacre
    – Nairobi Kenya mall massacre
    – Sadaam Husseins poison gassing of the Kurds of Halabja Iraq
    – ISIS beheading videos
    – HamAss executing gays by pushing them off rooftops in Gaza
    – Fascist Iran executing gays by hanging them from construction cranes
    – Coptic Christians being murdered in Egypt
    – massacre of tourists in Luxor
    – Manhattan bike path car ramming attack
    – failed sneaker and later underwear suicide bombing of an inflight plane
    – failed SUV bombing of Times Square
    – public threats on placards of 9/11 scale attacks on the UK and Europe
    – Brussels airport bombing
    – bombing of USS Cole
    – Fort Hood Texas massacre
    – foiled attack on Garland Texas conference
    – death threats on creators of South Park cartoon series
    – Brooklyn Bridge shooting
    – Empire State Building Observation Deck shooting
    – Fascist Irans calls for Death to America
    – Taliban shooting girls who want an education
    – Muslim families stoning their daughters to death over “family honour”
    – DC Beltway sniper
    – Boko Haram kidnapping and raping girls in Nigeria
    – ISIS murdering Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai
    – ISIS burning Jordanian pilot to death
    – Taliban destroying two 1,500 year old Buddahs in Bamiyan Afghanistan
    – ISIS destroying antiquities in Palmyra
    – Hezbola and Hamass using children as Human Shields
    – Christmas market shooting in Strasbourg France
    – Armenian Genocide by the Turks
    – 1/15/19 Shabab terrorist attack in Nairobi Kenya
    – 2019 Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka
    – London Bridge stabbings

    and on and on….

  8. “Islamist terrorists are firing rockets at Israeli civilians.
    Israeli children are running for shelter again.”

    How do you know that they’re firing at civilians, David?

    Israel is at war with Gaza remember.

  9. Brucie babes

    Spouting your Das Sturmer rhetoric again about the killing and death of Jews.

    And then you ‘claim’ to be Jewish.

    But then claiming that your Beth Springfield Shul has a newsletter called ‘Blood and Matzoh’ in a previous post puts you all in context

    Incidentally, this Shul you claim to belong to that you refuse to identify is that the Beth Springfield Shul that featured in the Simpsons.

    And when are you going to run for political office as a Jew as you suggested in a previous post.

    Questions questions questions, but never an answer to be found

    Keep up the good work Brucie, as we really appreciate your allegations, as they go a long way to confirming David’s blog

    1. Love how Bruce has you dangling, Dick.

      p.s. all David’s blogs are rabble-rousing-rubbish.

      1. Giving the Panto activism a bit of leg today Michael.

        Honestly, I don’t envy you lads. You’ve got to keep this act up for a lifetime. I can see how the old “Poking David Collier” Game may occupy you for 5, 10 or even 20 years but writing the same 4 things every day for all that time without ever getting anywhere is just like getting infinite lines from your teacher.

        Still, you’re responsible for your own tactics and you are The Resistance so resist on.

        Bella Ciao.

        1. Well, don’t know what’s important to you Ian but every time Collier trundles out one of his fairy-tale blogs of rampant-antisemitism at every turn full of falsehoods and quarter truths there has to be some rebuttal.

          Those four things are true, Ian. Remember that the truth is ALWAYS the truth, Collier just misrepresents it for gain and for Israel …. not for UK Jews, a section of whom he hates.

      1. But it doesn’t go anywhere at all Michael. You may dislike David’s tactics, but they are very effective. He gets things done time and again. You and The Resistance just write the same things here day after day, year after year like some eternal punishment, turning the crank on the wall that isn’t connected to anything.

        Seriously, I couldn’t do what you do. It must be soul-destroying.

        Do you want me to come over onto your team for a bit to even things up? I could do what you do “Collier’s a git. Israelis are apartheid Nazi baby-killers and I hope they all die of excruciating pancreatic cancer.” See. Dead easy. I’ll even play in goal for a bit.

        Bella Ciao ( I know all the words ).

    2. Hey Dick

      It’s Der Stürmer, not Das Sturmer. At least get the name right. Even if German isn’t your first language Dick.

      Loved how you suddenly ‘discovered’ it and now expect you to include it in every future comment you make against me.

      Hey Dick, did I ever mention that we sued the JC for libel ages ago — and won?

      Now about you accusing me of being an anti-Semite…

    3. Hey Dick, whenever the next election rolls around…

      In the meantime, let’s all work together to make London a Zionist-free city.

  10. Brucie darling

    Whether its Der Sturmer or Das Sturmer is totally irrelevant, except to nitpickers who have nothing to say, or to writers/commentators whose output closely resembles that produced by such publications

    And about the JC; have no idea what you’re talking about and/or the relevance

    And about Shul; how is Homer today – is he also thinking of running for political office in the UK ‘as a jew’ as you want to do.

    And how about letting us know which Shul you claim to belong to and whether it is the same as the one in Springfield that was featured in the Simpsons comedy series

    Questions questions; and never an answer.

  11. Brucie babes

    The intelligence and added value of your comments is increasing daily.
    At this rate you may be eligible for a school place

    You seem to have left out your usual Der/Das Sturmer level vitriol. Please continue with it

    And back to the eternal question about Beth Springfield Shul and your claim to membership there.
    You still have not answered which Beth Springfield Shul it is, and whether or not it is the Beth Springfield Shul as featured in the Simpsons

    Questions questions, and never an answer from you.

    1. ? Land grab, land grab
      Land grab, land grab
      Dickie, you bigot,
      want some Zio-nism?
      Rats and mice,
      they’re so nice…?

      (with apologies to all rats and mice)

  12. Actually the point is just a different one.
    It’s about the question:
    are the descendents of Jewish refugees, who left or were expelled from Arab or other countries, entitled to a right of return and citizenship in those countries?

    Yes / No?

  13. Collier tweets:
    “Those who think Israel is the biggest problem in the Middle East – are no different from those Europeans (Nazis) – 80-odd years ago who thought the Jews were Europe’s biggest problem. The difference today is the Jews can defend themselves.”

    1. Davy’s clearly confused between Zios and Jews. Many Jews dislike and DO NOT identify with the apartheid state. In fact many Jews (and gentiles) would argue that Zios are the modern-day Nazis.

    2. Get real. The apartheid state (ie:Israel) is reliant on and can’t defend itself without American military aid.

    1. Alright Mick ……..Oops, sorry Bruce. ( wink wink).

      Michael said I could come on your team for a bit to help you lads out. Can’t promise much but I’ve been watching you lot and I think I’ve got the gist of it. Here goes.

      Hey Collier, you git. How’s all that getting paid to be a big liar on the internet going? Your IOF murderers rape a young Palystinian mum every 2 minutes in Occupied Palestine and she’s getting really fed up of it. What else can you expect from ZioNazis in an apartheid state (i.e. israel) with loads of guns that aren’t even theirs but Americas and all the money you steal. Tut, tut!!

      (Too tame ??)

      1. You’re not doing it right, Ian.

        You need to show that the picture that David paints is a false one.

        You need to counter his misrepresentations with the truth that some Arab countries DIDN’T expel Jews.

        You need to explain that Mossad and Zionist groups worked hard in Arab countries to ‘persuade’ Jews there to emigrate to the new state of Israel.

        You need to inject some truth into this. Not sure it’s in you. Think you’ve been taken by the Dark Side.

        1. Good tips Michael. Where will I find the stuff on Mossad. Don’t want to go off half cocked.

          Honestly, this was my main peeve with you lads. You just say the same 3 or 4 things every single day. Collier’s tactics were obviously getting him results. Yours weren’t. I’ve come over to help you do better.

          Now, about this Mossad stuff ……

      2. Pleased to announce that on 1 March, congregants from Beth Springfield will be joining thousands of other righteous Jews and Gentiles in DC to teach those AIPAC Zionist devils a lesson they’ll never forget.

        1. Come on Bellers. I’m batting for your team now. This is what we do, right?

          I need more info on the “Poking David Collier” Game as well. Don’t want a bollocking like you gave Michael last week.

          We are The Resistance.

          1. “I need more info on the “Poking David Collier” Game as well.”

            Ok. This is how it works.

            Wait until David posts one of his blogs. It’ll be accusing some institution or some person of antisemitism.

            You’ll find either that Israel has been criticised or some book doesn’t have the pro-Israeli slant that are the hallmark of his blogs.

            All you need to do is to show that David’s claims are the product of a shaky mind and a compulsion to lie by posting the truth.

            Of course you’ll be treat as a troll but, hey, that’s half the fun.

            1. Cool, and what do we get out of it?

              I came over to get the ball in the back of the net, not just to turn up. How do we do that?

              Dont forget to get ne that Mossad stuff. Cheers

              1. Ok, Ian here it is.

                Operation Yakhin was an operation to secretly emigrate Moroccan Jews to Israel, conducted by Israel’s Mossad between November 1961 and spring 1964. About 97,000 left for Israel by plane and ship from Casablanca and Tangier via France and Italy.

                Under the 1961 arrangement between HIAS and the Jewish Agency, over 100,000 Moroccan Jews, including entire villages in the Atlas Mountains, were directly helped by the Americans in emigrating to Israel; thousands more were later indirectly assisted by HIAS in leaving the country. The cost to HIAS, which relied on contributions from American Jewry, was close to $50 million. Wonderful what you can do if you have really rich relatives.

                Doesn’t sound like Ethnic Cleansing to you. Right, Ian?

                You can help by posting that David’s heart-wrenching fabrication on this blog is more of his deception with the above example.

                Thanks for joining us …. off you go.

                ps. Thanks for causing David buckets of angst, Ian.

            2. Include such things as “In 1954, Mossad had established an undercover base in Morocco, sending agents and emissaries within a year to appraise the situation and organize continuous emigration.
              ” and post “So much for ethnic cleansing.”

          2. I knew what you did in the general but I didn’t know that you raped the same mum every 2 minutes. Even the Red Army on route to Berlin didn’t manage that. Obviouly those Slavic piss pots were not as virile as moden day Jewish boys. It may be sick sick sick but it is hard not to have a sneaking admiration

    2. “Many Jews dislike and DO NOT identify with the apartheid state. ”

      They are Jews that David hates and is ‘antisemitic’ to.

    1. Cheers Mick. Is he one of the lads too?

      I’ll have another crack at this tomorrow. It was still all a bit name cally today as usual. When do we get to do the real stuff?

      Bella Ciao.

      1. But this IS the real stuff.

        If you read the following, instead of just replying, you’ll see that David’s ‘ethic cleansing’ is just more of his falsehoods.

        Operation Yakhin was an operation to secretly emigrate Moroccan Jews to Israel, conducted by Israel’s Mossad between November 1961 and spring 1964. About 97,000 left for Israel by plane and ship from Casablanca and Tangier via France and Italy.

        Under the 1961 arrangement between HIAS and the Jewish Agency, over 100,000 Moroccan Jews, including entire villages in the Atlas Mountains, were directly helped by the Americans in emigrating to Israel; thousands more were later indirectly assisted by HIAS in leaving the country. The cost to HIAS, which relied on contributions from American Jewry, was close to $50 million.

        You could do a Ted and repeat the posting.

        C’mon, off you go.

        1. Look Michael, I appreciate that practical limitations dictate strategy but this doesn’t feel like the way to win. Just writing things here day after day is all a bit underwhelming. Collier is writing up his achievements with depressing regularity by actually getting things done and this all feels a bit limp. You say this is the real stuff but It’s not exactly Baader Meinhoff is it?

          FFS, you tweet your one-liners on Colliers feed every day and you’ve still only got 11 followers and he’s got nearly 42 thousand; – Forty Two Thousand !!!!!! Bellers has been at it for years and is barely better off; posting films of daft old yids that nobody gives a shit about. Do me a favour. Didn’t you lot used to do letter bombs and stuff?

          You may want to keep walking very slowly towards the enemy positions with a fixed bayonet, but you’re going to get cut to ribbons without even making a dent.

          I came over to bat for you lads for a bit but I don’t think you’re taking this seriously.

          1. Wow … 42,000 people watching.

            West Ham get 59,000 watching regularly.

            And ….

            On this blog only about 5 or 6 can be bothered to post …. none of your crew ever verify his ludicrous claims.

            Panic easily you Zionists don’t you.

            1. I suspected you didn’t understand how social media worked Michael. You keep drawing attention to the “Collier tweets..” as if that’s harmful to him. In fact there’s no such thing as harmful here. It’s just attention. When people have it in sufficient numbers, their message is amplified, they get heard by the target audience and shit gets done. This is the Collier approach and he does it very well.

              You and The Resistance have opted not to take direct action but to heckle and poke. This is why you are stuck in your rut and in all likelihood will remain so unless you become more proactive.

              Doing big copy/pastes from god-knows-where isn’t rebuttal either. It’s just more poking.

              I thought I’d give you lads a hand but frankly you could all be replaced with bots with your approach and it’s all a bit boring.

              I resign from The Resistance and leave you to it.

              Bella Ciao.

              1. Well, you really belong with Davy, Gnasher et cetera.

                Posting truths would have choked you.

                I’ll send the P45.

            2. That…makes absolutely no sense. What is the medical term for what is wrong with your brain Muck? Because you aren’t writing like a person with his faculties intact, not that you were good at posting before your brain illness manifested, but you were slightly more coherent about a month ago. I’d say get well but, come on.

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