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SOAS Director – caught lying to the Jews to keep them quiet

Last week I reported on a Europal event due to take place on the SOAS campus. Europal have links to Hamas and have spread antisemitic material on a UK campus. Several Jewish organisations set up campaigns and angry members of the community sent emails to the university in protest. Eventually SOAS responded -and sent out a reassuring email from the SOAS Director. The event would go ahead but was a ‘student only’ event. There would be no Europal presence. SOAS promised they would be ‘no external speakers. The event took place and now we know the truth. SOAS has been caught lying to us.

This is the email SOAS sent out:

SOAS emailThe email is clear. This is a student only event – there will be no external speakers – and Europal are not going to be there either.

The SOAS Europal event

The event took place on Saturday. This is an image from one of the sessions.

SOAS Europal event

Speaking at the front is Shamiul Joarder. Jorder is Head of Public Affairs of Friends of Al Aqsa (FoA) – another Islamist group. For many years FoA supported the Iranian, pro-Hezbollah ‘Al Quds’ day march in London. The FoA founder Ismail Patel has spoken at the event. Patel has also recommended the writing of Roger Garaudy -a 9/11 truther and convicted Holocaust denier. Friends of Al-Aqsa has also published work by Holocaust denier Paul Eisen and antisemite Gilad Atzmon. In the following image Patel can be seen with Hamas leader Ismael Haniyeh:

Patel has openly said that Hamas ‘is not a terrorist organisation’ and fully supported the speaking tour’ of Raed Salah, who has since been found guilty of inciting terrorism. Patel himself has advocated the killing of adulterers.

 The SOAS antisemitism training that wasn’t

In the above image of the event -at the back on the left -are two gentlemen who do not seem to be students either. The one closest to us is Jonathan Rosenhead from Jewish Voice for Labour. A Yevsektsiya type movement of people who have no regard for the Jewish community at all – but rather are set up to attack and divide it -whilst giving protection and fodder to antisemites. Rosenhead was at the event to talk about ‘antisemitism’. He did so alongside another well-known JVL founder -Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi:Idrissi at SOAS

This provides us with two more of the external speakers that SOAS promised would not be there. Worst still – they were there to do what they always do – legitimise Jew-hatred. Both Rosenhead and Idrissi are long time members of the toxic Facebook group Palestine Live. Idrissi has also spoken at the pro-Hezbollah Al-Quds event:

Any organisation -on campus or otherwise -that engages with these fringe figures knows exactly what they are doing. It isn’t an accident that Islamist groups turn to groups like JVL or ‘Jewish Network for Palestine‘ – they legitimise antisemites. How can they ever be allowed onto campus?

There was also a Europal official at the event. Something else that SOAS said would not happen. The image is of Robert Andrews

Robert Andrews

Andrews is a ‘researcher’ at Europal. The email SOAS sent out to reassure the Jewish people who were concerned at the extremists on campus – was an absolute and total lie.

Losing control at SOAS and lying to the Jews

Between Friday and Sunday SOAS held three separate toxic events on campus. One of them from a group set up to attack the Jewish community and legitimise the hate against them. Students also advertised another event to be held on their campus – featuring Chef Rubio. Rubio has a ‘history‘ of using antisemitic language.

But what is important here is not just the rampant antisemitism on the SOAS campus – it is also the email response that the Jewish people who complained received. Either the SOAS hierarchy is no longer in control of what is taking place on their campus -or this is just more evidence that this London university is too far gone to care. Are SOAS in control – or has control been handed to Hezbollah supporting radical Islamist groups? This is a university in London, not Tehran. When those students leave, they walk onto our streets.

Either way – this is an issue that government really needs to start dealing with. SOAS is incubating antisemites and extremists – handing them degrees and sending them out to unleash their hatred onto all of us. It is time this was stopped.


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95 thoughts on “SOAS Director – caught lying to the Jews to keep them quiet

  1. This information should be forwarded to Eric Pickles the Minister for Universities, and copied to the Univeristy of London’s Chancellor..

    For the best part of 50 years I’ve tried to inform, using lectures, events and historical presentations, the Jewish Community of our history. We cannot possibly tackle anti-Judaism (a more exact noun0 without knowledge. This does not mean the information provided by blogs such as these have no purpose, they’re important informatonal tools. However, they’re essentially inward looking, name and shame and provide little or no background history of anti-Judaism or anti-Zionism.

    The other factor is that Anglo-Jewry’s leadership is totally, as it has always been, useless. With a couple of eceptions, it it too cowardly to raise voices where it matters, or openly challenge the misrepresentation of antagonist groups like JVL. This is no surprise, since even the Jewish Museums portrayal of Anglo-Jewish history has serious defects that should not be acceptable. It is acceptable because of widespread ignorance within the Jewish Community, aided and abetted by the Rabbinate.

    Abnother problem is that the Jewish Community does not speak with one voiced on this extremely important issue. There are too many competing and selfish organisations that need to unity, so the message is focussed. As they say, ‘from my lips to HaShem’s ears’.

    1. John of course is talking about the interminable war between the Jewish establishment and the sans culottes. I am only grateful that there is no panic buying of pop corn

  2. “Patel himself has advocated the killing of adulterers.”?

    Follow the link and see that he doesn’t advocate such a thing. He explains the Islam teachings.

  3. If I read correctly, the dear leader of SOAS, the Baroness Amos, is shortly to leave the ‘hallowed’ halls of SOAS to lead some other poor and benighted institution in Oxford or Cambridge

    This would suit the dear leader wonderfully, as she would not be there to suffer any fallout, if there is any

    SOAS certainly lives up to its infamous moniker; ,the ‘School Of AntiSemitism”

  4. Collier tweets ” Not sure why some say Corbyn hasn’t done enough about the spread of antisemitism in the UK.

    I can think of no British leader in living memory who has done more to spread antisemitism throughout every town in the UK – that(than) Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.”

    No leader in living memory has done more for the Palestinian cause in its search for justice than Jeremy Corbyn. THAT is the reason for Zionist David’s serial attacks on him.

    David’s obsession with him over the years has seen misinformation and lying smears on almost every one of his blogs.

    Far from spreading antisemitism Corbyn has fought against it and has done more to combat it than Collier with all his bluster and lies.

    A virulent campaign against Corbyn(personally) and his party has been David’s raison-d’etre for years.

    David represents not the Jewish Community but the Zionist Community. Non-Zionist Jews are attacked on his blog for not being hateful and Israel supporting as himself and his circle of thugs and criminals.

    Other parties are ignored and his self-description of a fighter against antisemitism are a lie as shown in this expose ..

    No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.

  5. If I read correctly, the dear leader of SOAS, the Baroness Amos, is leaving SOAS to become the leader of some other benighted academy in Oxford or Cambridge

    This would suit her very well as she would no longer be at SOAS in the event that there was any fallout (wishful thinking perhaps).

    SOAS is certainly living up to its notorious moniker; the ‘School Of AntiSemitism’.

    1. No good reading these blogs correctly, Richard.

      It’s the content that’s flawed.

  6. SOAS Public Events

    Saturday 07 March 2020
    Surveillance and Repression of Muslim Minorities: Xinjiang and Beyond
    Various speakers
    This public event aims to show how China’s extensive repression of the Muslim population in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China connects to regional and global trends.

    Sunday 08 March 2020
    SSAI International Women’s Day Concert: AKHTARI – the Musical
    Chandra Chakraborty (singer-actor), Kiran Thakrar (keyboard), Hamit Walia (tabla), Indrani Dutta (Kathak dance), Satarupa Ghosh (actor)

    David, when did this EUROPAL outrage occur at SOAS? It didn’t.

  7. “The hard-left and radical Islamists have joined forces to destroy us. No, not just the Jews, not just Israel – they want to destroy the west – burn all our flags.”

    Calm down, David …. it’s all in your mind. Wild deranged rhetoric.

    1. I’m waiting for Collier to write a post exposing the coronavirus as antisemitic since it successfully disrupted Zio events, religious services, attacked AIPAC delegates in Washington DC, closed the Auschwitz tourist attraction and even played havoc in the belly of the apartheid beast.
      If that’s not a Jew-hating virus and right up there with Hitler and the Nazis, I don’t know what is.

  8. I’ve never been antisemitic myself, however after observing Zios in apartheid Israel, the UK and America, as well on this blog, I can very well understand why some people are.

        1. Sharmuta, The Voters realized that LaBOOR is a fraud, and voted accordingly.

          Hence PM Boris Johnson.

          Happy Nakba!

  9. Collier tweets ”
    Never forget-
    If an Arab in Ramallah goes out and kills Jews – he is officially rewarded for it by the PA leadership. The more Jews he kills the greater the reward. His family are looked after for life.

    And who is funding this? Western democracies. EU money. #payforslay”

    But Israel is at war with the Palestinians.

    If the Arab kills a Jew, the Arabs innocent family are made homeless for life. It is fitting the family is compensation and able to replace the house. Does David think the family should be made homeless.

    Should a Jew kill an Arab the Jew will receive no harsh sentence and probably receive the backing of the Knesset.

            1. Did you Michael. Nice that you spend a lot of time wondering about me ?

              Now tell us more about this war you mentioned.

                1. No one intelligent enough to have ever heard of A) the Cuban Missile Crisis, B) the rights of sea territory for nation-states, and/or C) defining a war by non-random terms, would have made such a dumb dumb dumb argument. But that’s what you are here for, Muck! Seriously, if you want to be an asset as a bootlicking Pal advocate, why are you an airhead creep like you are?

  10. Collier tweets “Here is a puzzle.

    bla bla bla …

    Also according to Twitter I:
    have worked flat out for 4 years

    But I only have £36 in my wallet? Am I due a lot of back pay?”

    It’s certainly a puzzle why David has only £36 of other people’s money in HIS wallet.

    He constantly begs for donations, blog after blog.

    Trust he’s not wasting that charity money.

    1. Michael, did Bellers get in touch with you?

      I recommended you as the Social Media Manager of his blog. Your promo work for David has been top notch and frankly the stats speak for themselves. If you could do the same for him “Bellers blogs….” could be trending to 3 or 4 hundred people every month. You could promote the portfolio as Farmers Stable, but some readers may see that as a bit of a stretch. Your call.

          1. I’m more stable than Edward ……. and Chicken Licken neurotic David, Ian.

            That’ll do for me.

            1. “I’m more stable than Edward ”

              Not setting the bar at a high level with that standard are you.

                  1. Your self proclaimed “Religion of Peace” is a fraud.

                    9/11, London’s 7/7, Lee Rigby, Daniel Pearl, Boston Marathon, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Manchester, Moscow, Pan Am 103, …

      1. Explained it to you once, Ian, but seems you don’t retain.

        Bellers blogs are informative and truthful so no discussion or questioning needed.

        David’s blogs are works of misinformation and obvious untruths. Hence the many rebuttals.

        You best write it down.

        1. Farmer a question for you.
          Are they “works of misinformation”,
          Or are they “works of disinformation”?

  11. Michael, you silly goose. The content here and there is incidental. What matters are your promotional skills. Your “Collier tweets..” routine has been hugely successful at elevating David’s following to around 43K, an increase of nearly 90% since you started. If you could do the same for “Bellers Blogs…” he’d could be up to around 450 by the end of the month.

    If you can do it for someone you oppose, imagine what you could do for someone you admire.

    1. I’m probably also responsible for the Covid19 outbreak, Ian. The timeline matches since I did “Collier tweets”.

      1. Then you should definitely be helping to push “Bellers Blogs…” You’re obviously influential. 90% increase in followers is very significant. I can have a word if you like. He told me you didn’t have the brains of a pig. I told him you definitely did.

        You’re welcome.

        1. Strange that Twitter tells Ian that David has 43,000 ‘followers’ yet his blog is only visited by the same 6 or 7 posters year on year.

          So much for the ‘following’ statistic. Damned lies?

          1. Sharmuta, Damned Lies – AKA Taqiyya.

            Like Islam is “The Religion of Peace”.

            See 9/11, London’s 7/7, Boston Marathon bombing, Pan Am 103 bombing, Sri Lanka massacre, DC Beltway snipers, beheading of Lee Rigby, beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo massacre, Bataclan massacre, Manchester bombing, London and Westminster bridge car rammings, Bastille Day truck ramming attack in Nice France, hijacking of 1972 Olymbics, hijacking of the Achille Lauro and the murder of a disabled passenger, Rotherham rape gangs, death decrees against writer Salman Rushdie and Danish cartoonists by Fascist Iran, …

          2. WOT!!!!

            You mean you’re doing your activism to 6 people, 3 of whom are Bellers?

            Ah well, as he often says, “It’s the taking part that counts”.

              1. Come on Michael. This is the 21st century. Have you heard of Omnichannel? David’s reach is 43K + 6. Yours is 9 + 6. ( notwithstanding adjustments for Bellers’s various personae.

  12. Iran has given a home to 951,142 Afghan refugees, 1.5-2 million Undocumented Afghans and 8,268
    Iraqi refugees.

    How many refugees has Israel recently given a home to.

    Little wonder that the United Nations High Commissioner for REFUGEES (UNHCR) praises the Country for its work.

    1. Sharmuta, Why doesn’t Fascist Iran provide sanctuary for 10’s of millions of fellow Muslims?

      Why does Turkey KICK OUT Muslim refugees and send them to Eurabia?

      Why don’t Russia and China open their doors to 10’s of millions of Muslim refugees?

      1. Why doesn’t Israel open its doors to refugees, Ted.

        Instead it’s trying to get rid of its Muslims.

      2. Trailer Trash Ted,

        The Chinese send Aid and help.
        YOUR country, and its impeached President Doofus suspends flights!

        Thank you PRC.
        F*ck You President Doofus!

        1. Eurotrash Gerry is suffering a bad case of TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome.

          Maybe GerryMe Corbyn can wipe the dears from your beady eyes.

          Happy Nakba to you and GerryMe!

          1. Trailer Trash Ted,
            are you disputing the facts in my post above?
            Are you disputing the conclusions drawn from those facts?

    2. Michael, when you say ‘recently’ how far back do you mean?

      You need to be careful before attempting a clever activist post. You don’t want your team branding you a liability again.

      1. By ‘team’ do you mean like Labour Friends of Israel’ MPs and the Israeli Embassy as shown in ‘The Lobby’ expose?

        1. Confused about which team you’re batting for Michael? No wonder you’re down to single figure followers and Bellers considers you a liability.

          Our team are very happy with your work.

            1. Did you just write pppsst Bellers before a full deployment of your inverted commas?

  13. I pray that there isn’t a Zionist connection to the coronavirus, because if there is, I predict swift and horrific retribution on an unprecedented scale.

      1. Trailer Trash Ted, may the sword of the Prophet (PBUH) bring you eternal enlightenment.

        1. Good advice. Here in the UK we don’t discriminate against certain ethnicities, despite Collier’s hasbara. Unlike Israel.

          Say something, Ian?

  14. To be expected in a country that that spends more on genocide and oppression than on social and health care.
    I once read an article that compared the economies of apartheid Israel and Nazi Germany. And not surprisingly, they were quite similar.

    1. Well, Shamir did admire their thinking in some areas….. but attacking the British in Palestine on his behalf didn’t appeal to them.

      1. Good banter lads. But you’re up against it. What’s the point of being the world’s Bond villains if you can’t do some villainy now and again.

        Hope you’ve got your bog rolls and hand sanitizer stockpiled. We’re not releasing the secret antidote until you’ve shat your last pairs of pants.

        1. We can wait for the Chinese.
          Technologically more advanced, more efficient, more reliable, and cheaper than Israel or the USA.

          1. Oh we’re not offering Bellers. Our secret ingredient is the blood of Arab babies, filtered through a mesh of a hundred matzot. It only cures Zios. You lads stick to the knock offs, made in China in Poundland.

            1. Obviously your ‘secret ingredient’ would not include, wit, intelligence or humour as you do not possess any of them.

          2. “The first specialized drug to attack the Sars-CoV2 coronavirus has been developed. It is a monoclonal antibody, specialized in recognizing the protein that the virus uses to attack human respiratory cells.

            The research is published on the BioRxiv website by the group of the Dutch University of Utrecht led by Chunyan Wang.”

            Thank God for the Chinese.

  15. If anyone runs out of toilet roll, just use an Israeli flag that you can still find buy in shops around Finchley and Golders Green. To make it last longer, just cut it up in squares.
    Or just contact the embassy and say you’re a teacher and need some Israeli flags for a class project.

    1. Good advice Mick. We dont scrimp on our gorgeous national flag. With a 400 stitch count your goyshki arse will not have received such a luxurious caress since you paid Domina Corvid the extra score to wear her velvet opera gloves.

  16. Of course, you don’t have to be a slave to consumerism and also go green at the same time.

    People would be wise to do what’s done in most of the world today; use a water-filled jug and your hand. No loo roll required.

    1. More good advice Mick, as you and Michael have shown. Just cut out the water altogether as you do with Bellers and lick your mates arse until it’s clean as a whistle.

      1. “lick your mates arse until it’s clean as a whistle.”
        Clearly Kay that is a speciality of yours, and doubtless one that you participate in regularly.

        Try and remember that very few, if any, have the same low standards and are as lacking in morals as an alcohol addled, racist, old bore like you Kay.

        1. Good banter Bellers

          The character development with the cringey Alan Partridge-isms is a nice touch.

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