Hamas antisemitic propaganda story taught in our schools

The Times ran an exclusive in May 2018 about a young child, an aspiring footballer in Gaza being shot whilst playing football with his friends. A few months later the World Health Organisation (WHO) published an embellished version on their website -having the Israeli soldier deliberately shoot the child after a face-to-face confrontation. Schools provides the WHO story as a key case study for students to learn. The only problem – much of the story surrounding this tragedy was created by the Hamas propaganda machinery. Bookmark this blog – it details how the propaganda of a radical Islamic terrorist organisation ends up being taught to British students at school.

The boy who plays football

The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), Scotland’s largest teaching organisation, provides material on the Israel /Arab conflict for both teachers and students. As you would expect, there is a lot of disinformation and distortion in their content. I was going through it to highlight the errors when I came across a shocking case study (activity 5) regarding the shooting of a young boy along the Gaza border.

The case study is a horror story. It is about Abdul, an eleven-year-old boy who loves to play football. He was too scared to play in his neighbourhood because of the ‘March of Return’ protests. Eventually his friends convinced him that his playground was far enough away from the fence. Then this happened:

One of the boys shot the ball too far and Abdul started running to get it. He was not aware that the ball had landed near the fence until he found himself face-to-face with an Israeli soldier. Abdul-Rahman had no time to run before the soldier aimed his gun at Abdul’s leg and fired. Because the bullet was fired at close range, Abdul-Rahman’s leg shattered and needed to be amputated below the knee. He is now the youngest amputee as a result of the mass demonstrations.

the propaganda story

Propaganda Problems

Almost anyone who understands the Gaza protests can immediately see there is something wrong with the story. It claims Abdul came ‘face to face’ with the soldier who then deliberately shot him at near point-blank range. Israeli soldiers are not standing by the fence. Abdul would never have been face-to-face with anyone.

The case study describes a brutal, callous and deliberate shooting. It reads like it is carefully written propaganda. No student ever reading this would be left untouched by the tale. The story even has an image of a schoolboy kicking a football – designed to created identification between the student and the victim. The horror of this story made me look a little closer at the details. I am glad I did.

The World Health Organisation spreads propaganda

I soon discovered that the Scottish education piece was quoted directly from the World Health Organisation (WHO) website. The WHO story was written on 9th August  – four months after the incident.

Some facts are beyond dispute. On 17th April 2018 during the ‘march of return’ protests, a young boy was shot in the leg by an Israeli soldier. Within a week he had his leg amputated. It is one of those events that leaves everyone heartbroken. A young boy was shot, and nobody is trying to suggest this event was not tragic. These children are brainwashed from birth. Hamas and Islamic Jihad use them as shields. The parents allow them to participate in violent protests against armed soldiers. This piece is about how a propaganda myth developed – willingly assisted by the Times and WHO – and how radical Islamist lies and demonisation of the Jewish state are taught to students in our schools.

The background

The location was near the Gaza fence just east of al Bureij refugee camp. It was one of five key established demonstration sites. There is no playground here although families did gather to play in areas away from the actual protests. It is easy to see the people looking towards the fence. In front of them are the smoking tyres, stone throwers and any terrorists trying to breach the fence or launch incendiary kites. Any child kicking a ball around would be behind the protestors, not in front of them.

Times. EIS, WHO
East of the al-Bureij refugee camp, the center of the Gaza Strip. Photo by Khaled al-‘Azayzeh, 13 April 2018 (4 days before incident)

The real story

Having established there are immediate problems with the propaganda story – what really happened? France 24 published an article on 23rd April – whilst Abdul was still in hospital -but the story is VERY different.

stone throwing propaganda

The early article carries a quote from Abdul –He went to join the protest and to throw stones at soldiers. He did so and was shot amongst the crowd. Gone is the football, the accidental approach of the fence, the face to face confrontation and the soldier shooting him before he could run away. Notice too he ‘dreamed’ of becoming a doctor. The article says he still wants to. Early Arabic articles mention his ‘participation‘ in the protests. Al Quds, the largest Palestinian daily, also published the quote about Abdul going with his friends to throw stones.

In the WHO piece – the whole story has changed. Suddenly he dreamed about being a footballer – and importantly, wants to be a Journalist so he can ‘let the world know’.

propaganda gaza

Source of the propaganda myth

The source of the football myth seems to be an article in the Times. The Times ran their story on May 21. An exclusive from Bel Trew- the Independent’s, anti-Israel hack -four weeks after the France 24 piece. The Times story introduces the ‘aspiring striker’, the football match. And there is a new quote from Abdul:

I had no stones, no knife, nothing, just a football. I keep asking myself why did they shoot me?”

The first interview (stones) took place in the West Bank hospital after the amputation. The second (football) after he is back in Gaza and after the Hamas propaganda team had taken control of his story. But the evolution of the story is still not complete. The ‘face-to-face’ confrontation and deliberate action of the Israeli soldier were not part of the story when the Times published it.

Abdul’s local playground

The problems with the story are so obvious that it highlights the shoddy work of the western journalists. The Times / WHO story implies that Abdul Rahman just wanted somewhere to play football.

The report makes it sound as if he lives there, by the protest – and he has been too scared to play since the demonstrations started. There is even talk of a ‘playground’. But Abdul-Rahman lives in the Al Nuseirat camp. If he wanted to play football with his friends, there are playgrounds there for him to safely do it.

Somehow, he ends up several miles away -east of Bureij Camp, where the violent protests were taking place. Worst still – these protests at the time were highly charged. The area of protest towards the fence was a warzone. The story Abdul was giving first – that he went to the protest to throw stones – makes absolute sense. The later story, that it was all about finding a safe place to play football – is absolute gibberish.

Between May and August

Somewhere between May 21 and August 7, the propaganda story evolved again. Like a game of Chinese Whispers. Somebody took the Times story and turned it into an act of deliberate sadistic malice. No longer is it a boy standing amongst a violent crowd throwing stones at soldiers – it isn’t even just an aspiring footballer running after a ball that has been kicked. Now we have the added element of deliberate sadistic malice. A soldier looked at the boy, knew he was playing football – and shot at him from close range. Only when these elements were added did it make it to the website of the World Health Organisation. And from there into classrooms for students to learn just how evil Israeli soldiers can be.

Antisemitism everywhere

This isn’t about Israel or Israeli policy. Nor is it about the tragic shooting of a child. This provides clear evidence of the highly skilled propaganda machine of a radical Islamic organisation taking an endless stream of gullible and lazy journalists for a ride. Someone has taken a tragic story and turned it into an antisemitic libel. A tale of sadistic Jews deliberately looking in the eyes -and then shooting at a young football playing child.

Where did the WHO story come from? Why didn’t the Times do a basic search of the history of this event? This myth is being taught in schools! If students are being taught lies about sadistic Jewish soldiers deliberately shooting kids playing football -is it any wonder antisemitism is on the rise?

How many hands did this propaganda myth pass through and why does it always take the independent Jewish researcher to expose the lies?



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542 thoughts on “Hamas antisemitic propaganda story taught in our schools

  1. What is that saying,

    ‘If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth’

    Couple that saying with a particular bias, here it’s being Antisemitic /anti-Israel/anti-Zionist, and you have a rather toxic mix

    1. Richard, the tale concerns a young lad and an Israeli soldier. The facts confused.

      How is this tale(true or not) held to be anti-Semitic?

      David has just suddenly converted an Israeli soldier into a Jew. Now why would a scrupulously honest writer do such a thing.

      I note that yourself, just like David equate antisemitism, anti-Israel and antiZionism. Also dishonest and flawed.

      Your ‘‘If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth’ applies equally to Richard Galber and David Collier.

      1. O if we were to divine the matter of terrestrials and galaxies alike, and shall we seek the most empty and resonant of quadrants, verily we would begin inside Muck Framer’s head.

  2. I agree that “atrocity stories” are a staple of war propaganda dating back as far as the Crusades but there are other stories of Palestinian civilians being shot by IDF personnel that CANNOT be debunked as Hamas propaganda!

    1. HamAss LIES and morons like you swallow it.

      HamAss executes gays by pushing them off rooftops.

      Fascist Iran executes gays by hanging them from construction cranges.

      ISIS beheads people, burns Jordanian pilots to death, posts the videos of their atrocities and morons like you sweep it under the carpet

      Look at what’s happening in Syria. Arabs/Muslims flee for their lives from Syria to Turkey and get punted by Muslim Turkey to Europe.

      What is WRONG with the Arab/Muslim World?

      What’s WRONG with YOU??

      1. Dead right Bellers. But as long as this fixture is alive and there’s an audience of two, there’s always the Poke til you Croak Game.

      1. You are right Mike – my Twitter numbers are down. Over the last 4 weeks my tweets have only had 3.1 million impressions – a drop of 4.9% over the 4 week period before it. Tragic. On the upside, I tweeted far less – so impression per tweet is actually better. But hey.. half full – half empty.

        1. That’d be 3.1 false ‘impressions’ then, David.

          But hey.. wallet half full – half empty.

  3. Well I am off anyways. Don’t forget to switch the light off Ian. Gnasher and me are going to hang out on Pitcairn Island, good look to the rest of you

    1. > Well I am off anyways.

      Dumb Bellamy, you’re off your meds, off your rocker, off your nut – and it shows.

      Happy Nakba!

  4. Your vile hatred against Hamas is evident as it is against every entity that campaigns for equality and freedom for a persecuted people. You may not agree with 100% of their policies, but Hamas were elected in a fair democratic election and has long provided essential social services for Gaza’s population who are imprisoned in the world’s largest concentration camp and under siege by the vile, racist, apartheid Israeli state.
    Should Sky, Channel 4 or the Beeb telecast Gaza’s Al-Aqsa TV programmes?

    1. Wow, all decent humans should hate the vile Hamas terrorist group. You are delusional that they are campaigning for equality and freedom. Their goal is the destruction of Israel, as plainly stated in their charter. And just FYI, the Nazi party was also elected before their leader created actual concentration camps to actually exterminate 6 million innocent souls.

        1. Are you unaware of the old testament, archaeology and genealogy of the region going back several thousand years, Mike Farmer, or are you just as lazy as the journalists cited in the article?

        2. You do know that 9/11 was brought about by Muslim terrorist scum, Sharmuta?

          As were London’s 7/7, Pan Am 103, beheading of Lee Rigby and journalist Daniel Pearl and others, Charlie Hebdo massacre, Bataclan massacre, Manchester arena, DC Beltway, Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, Madrid train bombing, Bali beach massacre, Mumbai India massacre, Nairobi Kenya mall massacre, Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Moscow subway bombing, Beslan school massacre, Luxor tourist massacre, London and Manchester car rammings, London bridge stabbings, Boston Marathon bombings, Fort Hood Texas massacre, thwarted Garland Texas attack, thwarted sneaker and undewear plane bombings, Halabja WMD (Poison Gas) massacre of Kurds by Sadaam Hussein, Brussels airport bombing, destruction of two 1,500 year old Buddahs of Bamiyan Afghanistan, stoning to death of girls over “family honour”, execution of gays by HamAss and fascist Iran, assassination of Robert F. Kennedy by a Pal-e-STINIAN, hijacking of the 1972 Olympics and murder of athletes, shooting of Pope John Paul II, car ramming attack on Manhattan bike path, truck ramming massacre in Nice France on Bastille Day, 500,000+ dead in Syria in the Syrian “Civil War”, 1,000,000+ in the 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran War where Poison Gas and Land Mines were used, Rotherham rape gangs, Boko Haram kidnapping Nigerian girls for Sexual Slavery, ..

          Sharmuta, your HERsterics are Laughable.

    2. You may not agree with 100% of their policies, but Hamas were elected in a fair democratic election […]

      In 2006. No elections since. As they say: One man, one vote, one time.

      Also, they’re violently antisemitic, misogynistic, totalitarian theocrats. No decent person would defend them even if they had been elected last Friday.

  5. Thanks David for a very good article. It’s interesting to see the path propaganda takes. I would have never guessed that WHO would be distributing such lies.

  6. Carl, what’s wrong with working for the the destruction of a violent, repressive, fanatical, racist, neonazi entity whose existence has brought suffering and death to countless people and whose gross human rights violations go back decades?
    Concentration camps also existed during the Boer War and going back further, many would call the Confederate Andersonville prisoner-of-war camp a concentration camp that existed during the American Civil War.
    I don’t accept the figure you quoted, but that aside, there were many others who lost their lives during the 1933-45 German regime – which proves how historically and politically illiterate you are.

    1. Bruce Levy, You sound like one of those people who couldn’t find Israel on a map, let alone having ever been there and gleefully soak up all the anti Israel propoganda going. You know exactly what the ‘figure you quoted’ represents and it doesn’t minimise the other millions who died. It’s just not relevant in this context. I suspect we could get into a long tit for tat debate but won’t waste any more time on yet another irrational Israel hater.

      1. Why is a figure of 6 million constantly touted. It was far greater than that.

        Others are deliberately wiped from History.


        1. Michael, we have talked about this.

          Using the same tactic day after day and expecting a different result is inadmirable.

          Are you surprised that Bellers has flounced (again)? I know he gave you a hard time and frankly, accusing you of being a liability was a bit of a stab in the back (No Arab terror pun intended).

          Anyway, I’m still here so let The Resistance resist !

          Bella Ciao.

        2. Muck, seriously go fuck yourself with your latest low-rent Holocaust denial and whataboutery; no one is going to buy that you give a damn about gays and Gypsies and Communists except as a way to sneer at the people who were murdered with the most machinery and highest #s by your beloved Nazis. You’ve been locked out of this board before for this shit, and deservedly so. Are you really looking to permanently get yourself banned from one of the few places that lets you spew toxic hot air?

          1. “Holocaust denial”?!?

            But it ISN’T is it, Ben. It’s a MISNOMER. Just ANOTHER untruth to garner sympathy.

            I am correct that not only Jews were dispatched in the Holocaust but that is the narrative that is pushed.

            New York Holocaust Museum puts the figure of those that died as 17 million. Why isn’t that figure quoted?

            1. Now Michael. I can’t help you if you don’t want to be helped.

              Simply saying the same thing over and over has got you nowhere so far. All this “Yeah, but my gay gypsy Uncle Oleg died too.” is an interesting deflection but everyone is wise to this approach now.

              If you want to be taken seriously, attract more than 9 followers in 12 years and do more than have a bit of a poke at David, you have to be more serious about this.

              I’m afraid your mate Bellers was right. You really are a liability.

                1. He’s not a sad old man, he’s a smacker of ugly, pathetic trolls named Muck. Bollocks for you, you fake human rights activist.

                2. Don’t be a ninny Michael. You know I’m only here for the banter.

                  You need the followers. You’re The Resistance.

                  Bella Ciao.

                    1. Yes. The Nakba. The CATASTROPHIC FAILURE of barbaric heathen Jihadis to defeat a bunch of Jews.

                      Happy Nakba!

  7. Collier tweets

    “You give material on the Israel conflict to students. You have a case study about a football playing child being deliberately shot.

    It is fake Hamas antisemitic propaganda.”

    David, was it an Israeli or a Jew that shot and maimed the young lad who presented no direct threat to himself?

    You’ve called it anti-Semitic …. does that mean it was a Jewish sniper that shattered his leg?

  8. As terrible and as real as the Holocaust was, 6 million is a wildly fictional statistic. Some time ago, I wrote an article that was published in the Blood & Matzo’ journal of Jewish free thought entitled ‘The myth of the Holocaust’ that examines the many untruths of the Holocaust that’s used mostly by Zionists to defend the existence of apartheid Israel.
    The Six Million figure tends to crop up again and again, even used quite often (ie: Six Million Dollar Man, etc…) to describe vague amounts that have nothing to do with the Holocaust.

    1. Good to see a rabid dog chewing off his own leg. For someone who lies as often as you do, how come you’re really bad it?

    2. SHlTlerhead, You’re just upset that the Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2.

      Happy Nakba! 🙂

      1. Trailer Trash Ted – who ever said that Israelis are Jews? The two terms are NOT interchangeable. When will you learn? Go back into self-isolation.

        Norman Finkelstein described apartheid Israel as “…a nation of murderers.”

        I wholeheartedly agree.


    For anyone interested, Bruce Levy is invoking the ‘Blood Libel’ that has been used time and again to malign Jews.

    His use of the term ‘Blood and Matzo’ is invoking the claim that Jews use the blood of Jews for the Passover Holidays, and has been used by Antisemites for centuries

    It was a claim often used to incite Antisemitic mobs prior to pogroms that more often than not, left many Jews dead or injured

    This use of the ‘Blood Libel’ is purely Antisemitic rhetoric of the worst kind

    1. Richard, I think our Mick is still smarting a little from Bellers grassing up his real identity. “Bruce Levy ” indeed! It’s hardly Eli Cohen style deep cover. Just a rather insignificant little Jock Jew Hater with more time on his hands than me.

      I’m up for the banter with these lads but only for the piss-take, nothing more.

      1. Are you saying that “Bruce Levy” is actually Mick Napier of The SPSC? That would make sense and his rhetorical “style” is similar to the grandiose posturing on his “My Story” YouTube film, which I thoroughly recommend for lolz. Mick Napier: inadequate pensioner justice “warrior” and convicted criminal (for harassment of a Jewish businessman in Scotland). A classic example of a working class Scot who managed to self educate himself into a pedantic, bigoted bore with an especial animus against Jews because, I suspect, a Jewish child once beat him at a maths quiz at primary school. The man’s an absolute joke.

    2. “Jews use the blood of Jews for the Passover Holidays”??!?

      Can’t see how using Jewish blood is antisemitic, Dick. Are you drunk?

    3. Hey Dick – let us not forget that the last refuge of a Zionist scoundrel (like yourself) is to accuse others of being anti-Semitic.

      The real anti-Semites are in apartheid Israel.

    4. Hey Dick “Jews use the blood of Jews…” How is that antisemitic? If I use my own blood, does that make me an anti-Semite? Dick.

  10. Hey Dick, ‘Blood & Matzo’ is a name of the progressive JEWISH newsletter of Temple Beth Springfield. Dick. If you want to make an arse of yourself and associate it with the BLOOD LIBEL, be my guest. Dick. Can’t be an anti-Semite because I’m a 100% Kosher Jew. Dick.

    Hey Dick. I read that Netanyahu recently discussed that it would be beneficial for the rumour to spread that Jews created the coronavirus because the backlash would force many to end up in the apartheid state and increase its ‘Jewish’ population. Sounds very plausible.

    1. Moooohammed, You are as Kosher as a Ham Sandwich.

      Happy Nakba!

      P.S. We’re coming up on the 75 anniversary of your furher blowing his brains out in his Berlin spiderhole.

      Double Happy Nakba!

  11. Bruce Levy talks of Temple Beth Springfield.
    As of now this purported jew has yet to explain which Temple Beth Springfield it is.
    Is it the same Temple Beth Springfield which featured in the Simpsons TV series.
    And if he is a member of said Temple Beth Springfield, how is it that this purported jew is then claiming that he will be running for political office in London.

    Is this Bruce Levy, with his string of Antisemitic comments and innuendo, really an ‘as a jew’ or just a pure Antisemite posing as a jew.
    This is the question.
    And as surely as day follows night, we will not get any meaningful answers from this ‘as a jew’ and/or Antisemitic racist bigot

    1. Hey Dick, as a Jew, I’m sickened by self-appointed witchfinders, such as yourself who believe they have the authority to define what is anti-Semitic and what isn’t. People like you are a stain upon the tribe. Dick.
      Hey Dick, I also laugh at your suggestion I’m not Jewish, which is so absurd it doesn’t even deserve comment. Nor would I divulge — especially to ‘your kind’ — details of where I worship. Stew in it. Dick.

      1. Hey SHlTlerhead, You’re as Jewish as your namesake.

        Happy Nakba!

        Keep your calendar open on April 30 and May 8th. LOL!

        1. As I’ve said before Trailer Trash Ted, The Zios owe Hitler and the Nazis a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid. For the Zios, the Nazis are ‘the gift that keeps on giving.’

          In addition to the Zios partnering with the Nazis during the 1930’s, ‘your kind’ also uses Nazi policies to explain away and excuse the genocidal actions carried out by the apartheid state.

          Besides,what would ‘your kind’ call those who disagreed with you if the Nazis didn’t exist?

          1. Alright Mick

            Good banter but you can overdo the buzzword repetition. Single insertions of your ‘genocidal’ ‘apartheid’ and ‘ZioNazis ‘ might make you look more authentic then the current hysterical overplay; like you actually meant this stuff rather than just used it to wind up Jews.

            It’s way too easy for people to just write you off as another internet idiot as things stand.

  12. Has Mick been writing “as a jew again” ?

    Honestly, Bellers couldn’t have been clearer when he blew the whistle on “Bruce”. There’s only one thing for it. I’m going to have to speak to Domina Corvid. Regulars will remember Mick declared his association to her when David outed her as an antisemite during her campaign to become a Labour candidate. Mick described her as the most moral person he knew just before she was deselected by the party as a racist !

    Given their association I imagine the errant sex worker will have some physical evidence to incriminate our pseudo-Semite. If she has the abovementioned Mick-dick-pic on record, I shall ask her to fax over a copy for our attention.

    Updates to follow without foreskin…………..oops sorry, without forsaking truth.

  13. When Bruce Levy tries to make a case for himself, the method he uses is of ad hominem personal attacks .

    He employs personal insults and attacks in leau of any meaningful argument.

    This method of attack has always been employed by individuals and groups who, lacking either the ability or desire to debate factually and with honest intent, resort to obfuscation, insult and false allegations that cannot be substantiated.

    Bruce Levy has employed countless Antisemitic tropes in comments on this blog in the knowledge that he can never be made accountable for those vile comments.

    Due to the anonymous nature of the web, we can never even be sure that Bruce Levy is actually Bruce Levy

    So Bruce Levy, on the evidence available from your postings, I do accuse you of being an Antisemetic racist bigot

  14. Hey Dick – To quote you: “Jews use the blood of Jews…” Your mask slipped, huh Dick?

    Your vile accusations are based on my anti Zionist, anti-Israel stance. Don’t flatter yourself. No one cares. The opinion of a vile Islamophobe like yourself is meaningless. Dick.

    1. You’re here to be the uglier, Nazi-ass kissing version of Muck Framer. That’s your job. If no one cares about you or what you write–and no 1 here does–it’s because we know your act, and your act is completely tired and worn-out.

  15. Collier tweets
    “What do-

    Hamad Amar (Israeli Druze)
    Osama Saadi (Israeli Arab Muslim)
    Said al-Harumi (Israeli Bedouin)
    Mtanes Shehadeh (Israeli Arab Christian)

    Have in common?”

    What they have in common is that although they live in Israel and are citizens of Israel Bibi tells them that they are NOT a part of Israel and can never have statehood of Israel.

    The recent racist Nation Law forbids that to them.

    Put 2 Arabs in a room. Invite 8 Jews to join them in the room. Tell the Arabs that they aren’t really part of those in the room. Any decision taken by vote in the room can be touted as being democratic, but it’s still a Jewish room.

    1. Gawd. What’s with you an Mick today? You really are intent on making yourselves look like idiots.

      Look at your last post above and re-read it. You know the point you want to make but have used your words in all the wrong ways so that the post makes no sense.

      Try and break it down so you dont end up confusing 2 points in your own mind.

      Please dont expect me to keep helping you like this. You’re lucky I’m at home with time on my hands.

      1. If you haven’t got the point how do you know that I’m using the wrong words?

        I made my point on Collier’s tweet without your attempt to safeguard him by acting as a fawning secretary..

        1. Don’t be silly Michael. Please re-read your post and it will be clear to you where you’ve muddled it up.

          We know the point you want to make. You’ve attempted to make it dozens of times already in dozens of articles. But when you’re just copy your square pegs and try to paste them into round holes, it shows that your neither reading the articles nor respond with care.

          This is the last hole I’m digging you out of. You’re Bellers’s liability, not mine


    To the Bruce Levy – whoever you are

    I made a typo, which you rightly picked up.
    I now correct my typo

    The ‘BLOOD LIBEL’ is the Antisemitic charge that Jews use the blood of Christian children for the Passover Matzo

    Religious Jews who practise Kashrut(Kosher) are prevented by religious law from the intake of any blood in the food supply chain (animal and/or human)

    Therefore your reference to a so-called Shul magazine called ‘Blood and Matzo’ is clearly a reference to the ‘Blood Libel’; something no responsible Jewish religious organisation or group would ever do

    Therefore , my charge that you are an Antisemitic racist bigot remains as valid as before

    And I will try to spend a little longer editing my posts to pick up future typos

    1. Any Antimuslim racist bigots you’d like to take issue with on this blog, Richard?

      1. Hey Dick, how about that Islamophobe, racist, bigot, Trailer Trash Ted?
        Why so quiet?

        1. Bruce Mooooohammmed, Tell us ALL BOUT

          Islamo-o-FAUX-bia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          WRT 9/11, London’s 7/7, Boston Marathon, ISIS, Al Qada, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, SOAS, beheading of Lee Rigby, beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl, Pan Am 103, …

          Happy Nakba!

  17. Hey Dick, as I stated in a previous comment, don’t flatter yourself. No one cares. The opinion of a vile Zio Islamophobe like yourself is meaningless. Dick.

  18. The Bruce Levy, or whomever he may be has once again resorted to ad hominem personal attacks against me, while offering no argument to try refute my claim that he is an Antisemetic racist bigot.

    I again refer to his comments on this blog to back my claim that he is an Antisemetic racist bigot.

    This Bruce Levy is constantly accusing others of being Nazis, but has never offered an iota of proof to substantiate his wild allegations. But then should we expect anything more from a person whose entire argument consists of insults

    Ho hum, tweedle dum

    1. Hey Dick, the Zios took their modus operandi direct from the Nazis playbook. You just have to look at the news to see the latest outrages committed by apartheid Israel against Palestinian civilians to see the connection between the Nazis and those, like yourself and others, who support such a murderous and vile government. #NotInMyName Dick.

  19. ” resorted to ad hominem personal attacks”?

    Pity you’ve never challenged Collier over his constant personal attacks on Jeremy Corbyn over the years, Richard. Had a delivery of morals recently?

    1. Michael, please stop going in about this bloke Corbyn. Nobody remembers who he is anymore. Move on.

      1. No will do, Ian

        Collier’s ‘antisemitic’ smears and lies against Corbyn are witness to his seething hatred and his dishonesty, Mr. Secretary.

  20. Don’t you worry Ian. JEREMY CORBYN will be around for a long, long time — both as an MP and an elder statesman. He’ll be keeping an eye on you violent, slandering, thieving, lying, apartheid-loving, child-killing, land-grabbing Zios and will call out injustice both domestically and internationally.

    1. Alright Mick.

      Got all the slogans in there I see. Bit of a mouthful, as the Domina never said to you.

      How is the forgotten Trot going to do all that stuff. Aren’t you Septugenarian Brits all in isolation for the next 6 months?

    2. > GerryMe CORBYN will be around for a long, long time

      And fascist LaBOOR will continue to lose badly (worst in 80+ years) as it did in the last cycle.

      Happy Nakba to Everybody!

    1. Alright Mick,

      Full marks for your efforts. Bellers blew the whistle on you and legged it. Michael’s barely clinging on by the skin of his three slogans and here’s you, probably in over 70s isolation still tapping it out. As the rest of the Brits are down the boozer having a last hurrah over a Watneys Party 7, you’ve forsaken contact with family and friends to keep poking. Such dedication to a pointless exercise.

      Remember the message about Ibuprofen when the fever comes and looking forward to The Last Post, ” It was the Jooooooooooooo…………..”

  21. Ian, hopeful that the most, if not all, of Netanyahu’s government succumbs given the majority of expenditure is spent on oppression and genocide.
    Btw there is rumoured to be a bust of Der Fuhrer in a secret Knesset room because the apartheid state owes and maintains its very existence to the 1933-45 German regime. and also uses its modus operani as a model.

    1. See, that’s more like it Mick. A bit more imagination in that one and a welcome break from the customary “ZioNazi baby murdering oppressor” toss.

      Still quite tepid though. I’m sure you’ve still got a few gears in the box to get the Jews here whinging. How about ” I hope your wife and baby daughter both die of excruciating pancreatic cancer.” I’ve seen your kind use that one to modest effect in the past.

      Come on son. Go large.

  22. Here is the ‘Bruce Levy’ (or whoever he/she/it is) doing what they do best; Wishing for the illness and death of Jews

    Continuously pushing the ‘BLOOD LIBEL’ by referencing a so-called Shul newsletter called ‘Blood and Matzo’ is another of the ‘Bruce Levy’ gambits

    To all who do not know of the ‘BLOOD LIBEL’; it is the accusation that Jews use the blood of Christian children for making the Passover Matzo.

    This accusation has led to the death of thousands of Jews

    Jewish Religious Law (Halakha) prohibits the use and/or imbibing of any blood in any form, including for food production

    1. Hey Dick, “… doing what they do best; Wishing for the illness and death of Jews’

      Not true sunshine.
      Whoever claimed Netanyahu and members of his cabinet were Jews?
      Not in my book son.

  23. The ‘Bruce Levy (whomever he/she/it is) has again made spurious, unsubstantiated allegations against Jews and Israel.

    These wild allegations are always non-specific, implying that Israel is copying the Nazis.
    But never is there a specific incident that can be argued about/against.
    Are these allegations about issues that face every army and police force in the battle to keep law and order; or are these allegations specific to some particular action that this ‘Bruce Levy’ claims are particular to the Jews/Israelis alone.

    We must remind the ‘Bruce Levy’ that the actions that made the4 Nazis notorious was their industrialised mass killing of Jews in ‘human abattoirs’ on a scale never before perpetuated in human history

    If the ‘Bruce Levy’ has any allegations of this nature, please let him/her/it let us know.
    As Israel/Jews have never committed atrocities similar to the Nazis, the accusation of such is Antisemitic

    Therefore, I stand by my accusation that the ‘Bruce Levy’ is an Antisemitic Racist Bigot of the first order

    1. Don’t think that Bruce mentioned Jews or accused them of anything.

      He accused Israel, Not the same thing, as most don’t live there. You seem to have the same confusion that David has, mapping Jews to Israelis.

      True that Israel has not embarked on the mass killing of ‘undesirables’, most of them Jews. An act that could not take place in the modern world, with its ever-seeing-eye.

      Where they are similar is their lust for land that leads them to occupy and to annex land they wish to take. Also to strive for ‘racial purity’ within their state by passing laws that favour their own ethnicity.

      Antisemitic? As false as David’s utterings are.

  24. Hey Dick, as I said again and again, the last refuge of a Zionist scoundrel (like you) is to accuse others of antisemitism. Your and your kind’s silence concerning the many Islamophobic comments posted on this page is deafening. You really showed yourself up for the hypocrite that you are. Dick.

    1. Alright Mick,

      Back to the tepid stuff again. You and Michael really don’t have the balls to go all in do you?

      “It’s the Joooos. Hope you all die” is all fine if you’re just trying to mug off a couple of Yids here but it’s all so 2nd gear. I used to wonder whether nutcases like you and Michael could actually keep this up for a lifetime because, after all, that’s what it will take. But now you older Brits are dropping like flies, a lifetime may not be that long.

      I was also going to suggest that your BDS pickets would be at risk but they’ve only banned groups of over 10 at the moment, right?

      Anyway this working from home is mint and given me loads of time to play with you, so it’s not all bad.

      1. ” But now you older Brits are dropping like flies, a lifetime may not be that long.”

        Even by the standards of a disgusting racist like you Kay, that remark is repugnant beyond belief.
        Your pathetic attempt at ‘humour’ deserves to be soundly condemned by ANYONE with any moral fibre or a modicum of decency.
        No doubt riding to your rescue will be the other racists and xenophobes, who like you are devoid of even the slightest amount of human decency.

        May God forgive you and have mercy on your soul, if you have got one.

        1. Here you are Kay.
          The latest figures for Italy have just been announced.

          Deaths in Italy up 475 to 2,978.
          28,710 people are currently infected, 2,648 more than Tuesday.

          Those are the figures for yesterday.

          Go on ‘Funnyman’ make one of your usual quips about that!

            1. You, Kay, are a sick and depraved individual.
              Even after the record number of deaths in one day, you attempt one of your humourless quips.
              Are you that desperate for attention, you sad lonely old fool?

              Now Fuck Off! You disgust me.

                1. Temper temper Bellers.

                  Although I do like the pivot of the peeved pretend Welshman persona into this Alan Partridge character. As they say about Heather Mills; “It may have legs.”

                    1. Oh come on Michael. It was a decent enough gag.

                      I notice that you guys have all taken my advice to be more balls-in with your remarks. Well done.

                      Mix it up now and again though. You don’t want your half dozen followers to get bored seeing the same old shtick. Don’t forget they’re all at home like you and are looking for their antisemite needs to be met with bright, breezy content.

                      Do you know what a meme is and how to create them. You may be in isolation but you could Skype your grandkids to show you how. You could really have some fun with them. There’s loads of funny stuff with comedy Nazis, massive hook nosed Jews, the delightful Bibi murdering small Arab babies. You know the sort of thing. Could be a game changer for you. the more balls-in the better i’d say.

          1. Kay wouldn’t be admitted to Hell. Satan has standards too.
            Betcha when he was born, his mother tried to push him back into her womb.

            1. Bruce Mooooohammed, When you were born, your mother took a look at you and tried to shove you back up her azz.

              Happy Nakba, SHlTlerhead!

  25. Hey Dick? Aren’t you outraged by this cruel, racist comment by one of your fellow commenters:

    Kay: ” But now you older Brits are dropping like flies, a lifetime may not be that long.”

    Why no comment from you Dick? Why so silent? Aren’t you sickened by Ian’s comment?

    Or perhaps not, mainly because it doesn’t imply any harm to your beloved, murderous apartheid state.

    1. Alright Mick !

      I knew we’d have fun together in this new work from home arrangement. 3 name checks in 2 posts, ta!

      Wouldn’t mind a catchy nickname though. Bellers had a go at the KKKay. Not bad but it didn’t really stick. I could live with “ZioNaz-ian” or maybe “Genocidal Ar-ian ” Whaddya think, legs?

      You’ll always be Mick to me though.

      1. You’ll always be a sad, little, attention seeker.
        I bet you hang around the children’s play parks sniffing their bike saddles. Typical of a sociopathic pervert like you Kay. You substitute the lack of attention you get from adults by molesting children.

        Are you on the Sex Offender’s Register in Israel?

        1. You’re really investing in this part Bellers. When are you coming back as you?

          We’ve all got time on our hands now. It could be fun.

          1. So Kay, you are NOT denying that you are on the Sex Offender’s Register in Israel.
            Not surprising, a disgusting deviant such as you Kay is bound to be known to the authorities.

        2. Eurotrash Gerry once again projecting his depraved desires onto others.

          GFY sicko.

          The only ray of sunshine in your life is Nakba. Eternal Nakba. 🙂

          1. Trailer Trash Ted could you re-write your ‘post’, only this time in English.
            If you can’t manage that on your own wait until an adult comes into your basement and ask them.

            By the way, if Kay comes into your basement run, and phone the authorities.

            1. Bellers, aren’t you the nosey parker today? These new personae have really taken our relationship to the next level. I am concerned about your obsession with my sexual history but I suppose you’ve got to write something with all this time we have on our hands. I suggest you ask my second husband. He has all the goss and will happily spill the beans for a Cherry B and a packet of pork scratching.

              Bella Ciao

              1. So the self-confessed pervert Kay, does not deny his deviance.
                Let us hope the neighbours are aware of the presence of a ‘Kiddy-Fiddler’ in their community.

                1. So you’re working from home too Bellers?

                  Been good today hasn’t it? Loads more time to do the shtick. I’ve still not decided which of your persona is more fun. Far less cat gags with your Gerald but much more inverted commas. Homage to Michael no doubt.

                  Anyway, we’re a few hours ahead here and it’s getting dark so I’ve got to prep for that sexual deviance. in our house that means ‘er indoors letting me keep the lights on.

                  Same again tomorrow. We’re changing the world.

                  Bella Ciao.

  26. We don’t have to create memes Kay. ‘Your kind’ does a good enough job in destroying yourselves without any additional help. I wouldn’t even go so far as to call you Jews. Hopefully one day, you’ll get an intimate view of a Qassam missle if COVID-19 doesn’t finish you off first.

    1. Alright Mick,

      Just giving you options. You’ve done all the slogans and ramped up the tone of the abuse to a moderate level but you know what they say; a picture paints a thousand words.

      One of those gargoyle images of some money-grabbing Zio yid holding onto all the vaccine with his foot on the throats of some infected Arab children …right up your alley I’d have thought. Want me to send you the link to share ?

      Bella Ciao.

    2. Bruce Moooohammed, Go to Syria where ‘Your kind’ are enthusiastic killers of ‘Your kind’ .

      Happy Nakba!

  27. Collier tweets “… Labour insisting #COVID19 was a Zionist plot”

    But Labour hasn’t, has it.

    More Collier lies and smears

    More Collier deceit.

    More evidence of Collier’s hate-filled neurosis.

    1. Michael. I’m worried. If you die, how would we know. As far as I can tell you have set your computer to place your 3 slogans here on a timed basis every day. You may have set this on permanent loop. As none of it ever relates to any of the content in the articles you could have been dead for weeks.

      If you are still kicking on, please can you make sure that David is notified by your next of kin in anticipation of this event so that he can moderate your posts accordingly.

      Also The Resistance may want to send a guard of honour to deliver a two gun salute.

      Bella Ciao.

      1. If Kay the ‘Kiddy-Fiddler’ was to die who would care?
        Would anyone miss his cheap attempts at smutty schoolboy humour?
        Would anyone miss his constant craving for attention?

        Of course not. And the World would be a much better, happier, place without the sad little, humourless, attention seeking cockroach.

        Now I wonder which one of his set piece rejoinders he will post.
        Whichever one it is, you can guarantee it will be devoid of humour, wit, or originality.

        1. Nice scripting Bellers.

          Obviously, I love the attention. You’re so much more responsive as Gerald than you are as you. And between you and me the copy/pastes of barmy incidental yids from your 2002/3 archive were getting very same-ish.

          I was going to ask if you’d completely washed your hands of ‘you’ but given the current climate, that’s probably a tad insensitive, especially for you Brits who I see are still bluffing it out down the boozer and in the shops.

          Do me a favour and check on Michael. After the support he’s given to you it’s the least you can do and of course the “Collier tweets…” shtick helps David enormously.

          1. As predicted completely devoid of humour, wit or originality.

            If this childish remark is directed towards me, “for you Brits who I see are still bluffing it out down the boozer and in the shops”, then you could not be more wrong.

            So you are not only devoid of humour, wit, originality, but also accuracy.

      2. Kay, there doubtless many who would refer to yourself, ‘Dick’, Trailer Trash Ted and others as ‘Jew Bastards’ but I wouldn’t, because the vile filth that you spew, no person who practices the Jewish faith would write.

        1. Looks like you’ve got yourself another tag there Mick. Nice diversification.

          I guess that in these isolation days, imaginary friends are the best you can get. At least the Brits are still letting you lads splutter your lattes on the tubes and heave your kebabs up over each other.

          On small tip. You’ve got to mix the style up a bit though. Dead obvious it’s you at the moment.

        2. Comrade Daddy,

          So NO words of reproach for Ms. “Mike Farmer”, Gerry, GerryMe Corbin, Brucie, Al Bag Daddy, Solemani, Ayatoola X, Louie FarraKLAN, Fascist Iran, Assad’s Syria, Al Qada, ISIS,Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, …

          I wonder why.

          Happy Nakba to you too.


  28. A website with links to the Israeli government has reported that the coronovirus was created in China by Israeli scientists originally intended for use against Palestinians. I find this plausible given Chinese-Israeli relations and my knowledge of Israeli modus operandi when I served in the IDF.

    1. To put it as diplomatically yet succinctly as possible, you are a F*cking Nutter!

      You are as disgusting at the repugnant racist Kay with his schoolboy humour.

      Now as I requested of Kay yesterday, I make the same request of you.
      Fuck Off! You disgust me.

  29. “The coronavirus MUST kill all the Israelis.”

    What are you waiting for Richard Galber and Ian Kay?

    1. Alright Mick. Can’t speak for Richard but I’m waiting for Godot.

      Apparently he’s very good in the new Wonder Woman.

  30. Collier tweets “As dark as these days are, I cannot express how lucky I think we are that @BorisJohnson won in December – and so convincingly.

    I dread to think what we would be dealing with had we faced a different result.”

    Collier speaking for Israel.

  31. “I dread to think what we would be dealing with had we faced a different result.”

    ‘We’ being Israel and the UK Zionists.

    1. Michael, I know you’re not always clued in on this social media lark. But you can’t have just spotted that you’re on a Pro-Israel, Pro Zionist website can you?

      Is it any wonder that your former mate Bellers branded you a liability just before he legged it?

      1. “you’re on a Pro-Israel, Pro Zionist website”

        Yet the greatest damage to the Pro-Israel, Pro-Zionist cause is not done by Farmer, Stephen or Bruce Levy BUT, by the antics of Kay and Trailer Trash Ted.
        Kay an anti-Arab racist who thinks it is amusing to indulge in smut and schoolboy humour. Who is sick enough to think it is amusing to make fun of Heather Mill’s disability and mock the victims of the Coronavirus pandemic.
        While many thousands of people are suffering Kay is smirking like a schoolboy, and smugly hiding behind his keyboard.

        Ted who is a gibbering xenophobe and is clearly as nutty as a fruitcake. The content of his posts are a gift to those who claim that Israel is racist.

        Both of these clowns do more damage to the Pro-Israel and Pro-Zionist cause than anyone else.

        1. Classic Bellers.

          Love the switch from Partridge to David Brent. But the best bit was the ” I live in Italy ” like that fruitcake Chris Activist used to do here.

          Bella Ciao.

          1. Thank you Kay.
            The content of my posts above and below, have been confirmed by your childlike attempt at humour.

  32. Though it may appear to be a blog focusing on anti-Semitism, this blog, intentionally or unintentionally, provides strong evidence against Zionism and Israel.

      1. Sort it out amongst yourselves you two. Come back when you’ve sussed it.

        A coherent Resistance is an effective Resistance.

        Bella ciao

  33. You must ask yourself why so many (including myself) are finding irony in the first Israeli COVID-19 death?
    I don’t buy your usual antisemitism rubbish David.
    Likely because of its widely-publicised, internationally- condemned actions that made apartheid Israel a global pariah. You Zionists have no one but yourselves to blame.

  34. Can I make a sincere appeal to ALL who read and post on this blog.
    Please stop using COVID-19 as a stick to beat Israel with, or as the subject for some disgusting schoolboy jokes. It is NOT funny. It is NOT political. It IS the cause of much suffering and many deaths throughout the World.

    There will be time to investigate and decide on what lessons can be learned AFTER the virus is starting to come under control.

    I live in Italy.
    The figures for today, Saturday, are grim yet again.
    Deaths in Italy up 793 in the last 24 hours.
    Italian COVID19 death toll now 4,825.
    Number of infected up by 4,821 to 42,681.
    Number of recovered up 943 to 6,072.
    Overall tally of Italian cases (currently infected + dead + recovered) is 53,578 .
    Hopefully tomorrow, Sunday, the effects of the ‘Lockdown’ we have been living under for the best part of the last two weeks will start to show in improved figures.

    Try and show some respect for the victims and their families, WHEREVER they are.
    Thank You.

    1. ….bleats the self confessed kiddy botherer and piss stained lonely old drunken bore Stephen.

      That’s how you do it in character Bellers, right?

      1. The problem for you Kay is that you do not have any character.
        Probably a side-effect of your Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which you are exhibiting more and more.

        1. To be fair Bellers, I’m really enjoying your Gerald; a nice homage to old Chris Fruitcake of blessed memory. He liked to play around with his “I’m Welsh, no I’m Asian, I know some lapsed Jews called Cohen who hate Jews now and may have been in the IDF before they were gay” His character even dabbled with the use of sincerity to bait his lines from time to time. Clumsy but entertaining.

          The funniest bit with your new shtick is still the cringey Partridge routine. Great versatility son. Is this where Mick got his idea to be “Bruce Levy?”

    2. If you read Collier’s Twitter feed, you’ll see that the Zio has weaponised COVID-19 to attack human rights campaigners and Palestine advocates.

      1. Bruce try occupying the moral high ground instead of aping the tactics of those you’re opposed to.
        To quote, I think originally Michelle Obama, “When they go low, you go high.”

          1. I think her mantra was actually, “I can’t believe how bad ‘Bruce Levy’ smells.” How often can one man shit himself in public?

      1. “There will be time to investigate and decide on what lessons can be learned AFTER the virus is starting to come under control.”

        Which part of that sentence from my post above did you fail to understand?

        1. Ted, two points on your question.
          !) Italy has an elderly population of 23% of the total, higher than a lot of countries.

          2) Here the Government took the decision to be transparent about the facts and figures. For example the majority of people who have died, throughout the World, have had a pre-existing condition, heart disease, cancer etc. Some countries have recorded their deaths as being due to the pre-existing condition, in Italy the death is recorded as being due to the virus.

          BUT along with other questions we will have to wait for answers based on science and the facts.

    1. Every tactic should be used to target and wipe that dirty little apartheid state and those who support it off the face of the Earth.

      1. “Every tactic should be used to target and wipe that dirty little apartheid state and those who support it off the face of the Earth.”

        Really Bruce.
        I support Israel.
        Now if you think you are capable of wiping me off the face of the Earth, you’re welcome to come to Italy and attempt it as soon as the ‘Lockdown’ is over.
        Personally I think you’re full of wind and piss and nothing else, but we shall see.

          1. As I am sceptical that there is such a thing as ‘racial purity’, except in the fevered imaginations of right-wing bigots. And the term ‘racial purity’ is not a concept I would support, even if it existed, how logically can I?

            Do you support my move to grow feathers in my armpits and a jet engine up my arse, so that I can fly back to the U.K.?

            1. Israel’s Nation Law is an initial step in that direction, Gerald.

              Only those that are Jewish can claim statehood and hence self-determination. The law states that other measures will later flesh it out.

              The current ‘Peace Plan’ (Bibi’s Wish List) seeks to have Arab-Israelis relinquish their statehood ,leaving Israel Arab free.

                  1. Farmer is your alleged ‘Nation Law’ in conflict with the peace process laid out above on the EEAS website?

                    Answer that, and you have my answer.

        1. If you support that dirty, little, apartheid Zionist state Richard, what on Earth are you doing in Italy?

        2. Come to Italy? Don’t make me laugh! Your kind Gerald isn’t worth it.
          Looks like you’re doing a good job of destroying yourself.

  35. If you support that dirty, little Zionist, apartheid state Gerald, what on Earth are you doing in Italy?

    1. I am living there Bruce.
      Now when are you going to come over and wipe me off the face of the Earth as you threatened in your post?

      I have seen the video of you and Jonathan Hoffman performing in the street in London and frankly I doubt if either of you are capable of wiping your own arses, never mind anyone or anything off the face of the Earth.

      1. Now now boys. Play nice. Remember you’re The Resistance and your real enemy is oppressive nasty little apartheid ZioNazis like me busy slaughtering the babies of the goyim to make our Passover matzoh before doing some more of that racial purifying.

        You’re not going to change the world squabbling amongst yourselves.

        Bella Ciao.

        1. No I’m not trying to wind you up.
          Now then about this threat of yours to wipe my kind of the face of the Earth.
          Do you want to withdraw it, or leave it stand so that everyone can see what an empty vessel you are full of wind and piss but nothing else.

          1. Don’t have to waste my time.
            I’ll just let COVID-19 work its magic.
            One less fascist Zio.

            1. What a remarkably silly, infantile remark to post.

              I’m sure that the families and friends of the many thousands who have died Worldwide because of COVID-19, will find your petulant remark as distasteful as I do.

              So I take it that your stupid remark is to cover up for your inability to carry out your threat to wipe my kind off the face of the World.
              Thought so.
              Full of wind and piss and nothing else.

                1. Bruce what an incredibly flawed and sick excuse for a human being you are.
                  Get well soon Bruce

                  1. The flawed, sick and rotten excuses for human beings are the sadistic Zionists like yourself who support a murderous, brutal and racist state like apartheid Israel Gerald.

                    1. Bruce you’re not improving.
                      Better visit your Doctor and get them to increase your medication.
                      Sad to see you continue to degenerate.

                    2. If you hurry up.
                      They MAY be able to save part of you.

                      Clearly your brain has long since wasted away, and you’re obviously spineless.

  36. Collier tweets “Gaza is under the control of a radical Islamic terror group.

    When Hamas had the chance they murdered the political opposition and started firing rockets at Israeli population centres.

    With their money they invest in hate, terrorism and little else.

    But hey, let’s blame Israel.”

    Hamas is the democratically elected government of Gaza, despite Israel’s attempts at disruption banning its campaigning in Jerusalem.

    But the democratic election resulted in a Hamas victory, much to Israel’s anger. They immediately arrested many Hamas representatives and held them in administrative detention. i.e. without trial.

    Hamas began to fire its tube rockets leading to the imposition of the crippling blockage of many goods essential to an industry and economy.

    Yep, let’s blame who is responsible. Let’s blame Israel.

  37. Collier – These haters don’t seem to actually care about the Palestinians at all. For them, their antisemitism trumps everything.”

    The usual self-pity. Everyone hates me more than they love Palestinians.

    O me miserum.

  38. Collier tweeted: “Yesterday Israel suffered the first #coronavirus fatality of an 88 year old Holocaust survivor.”

    No doubt Collier and the apartheid state are milking this for all its worth. What isn’t publicised is that this person’s death was likely a result of the extreme poverty that about 50,000 of apartheid Israel’s elderly Holocaust survivors are forced to live by a government that spends the majority of its budget on genocide and oppression.

    1. Alright Apartheid Mick,

      In an apartheid moment of apartheid boredom I apartheid challenge you to apartheid beat your apartheid personal apartheid best for the apartheid insertion of the apartheid word apartheid in your apartheid next apartheid post about the apartheid ZioNazi apartheid oppressive apartheid genocidal apartheid baby-murdering apartheid Jewish apartheid State of apartheid Israel.

      Apartheid writing apartheid lots of apartheid consecutive apartheid times doesn’t apartheid count.

      Loving this apartheid isolation.

  39. Totally worth this work from home routine when I get to spend more time here with you lads.

    The Resistance is so thin on the ground these days that Mick is being Bruce, Stephen’s being Gerald and Michael’s stopped being Maria and, happily for us all is back to being Michael.

    I may try one of these capers myself quite soon. It seems fun. Always fancied pretending to live in Phuket, maybe as a neighbour of Chris Fruitcake.

    Bella Ciao.

  40. “We should be thankful we actually have a real *leader* at this time.”

    You fawning creep.

    1. Poor you Michael. Over a decade of heckling and this is all you have to show for it; a tepid insult on social media that may get 1 or 2 views. Not exactly Baader Meinhof activism but I suppose that as Bellers says, “It’s the taking part that counts”.

      As a matter of interest, what would you point to as your greatest achievement in activism in your time as a participant?

  41. Here’s one for you Michael and the rest of the Qwerty Queens. Remember those Arabs that you pretend to care about? ‘Ave a word will you? When the rest of world leadership is doing its best for its citizens, putting out wanky nonsense like this is not a great look.

    I know it’s not as easy as pinging a few lazy insults at a bloke on the internet but it may be more useful.

    1. Damned if you do.
      Damned if you don’t.

      Happy Nakba to the PA and HamASSholes, Hez-ebola.

  42. Collier tweets ” I research and expose antisemites and the organisations that shield them …… a researcher with time to do lots more research. ”

    Oh, goody.

    Here’s an idea and a target for you.

    Why not ‘research'(misrepresent and smear) another of our major parties, the Israel appeasing Conservative Party?

    You’ve refused to do this so far for some reason though you have been questioned about it before.

    From one who says “As always, I hope I can learn something too.” I’d say ‘Off you go’.

    1. Sharmuta, Thanks to the likes of you, the LaBOOR party suffered its worst loss in 80+ years and the Tory’s (Boris Johnson) are leading the UK.

      Happy Eternal Nakba!

      Sharmuta, maybe you can get some business in Rotherham.

        1. Michael, you old cloth-ears. We’ve talked about this. People prefer the Tories to their rivals in England. Typical you, doing the old repetition tactic. Why have you stopped the “Collier tweets…” thing?

    2. Michael, you’ve spent a lot of time recently going on about the UK Conservative Party. How come?

      Didn’t their elections show you that they are far more popular than their rivals, at least in England. People knew that Tories liked Jews and Israel and voted for them. People knew that the Labour Party was less keen and didn’t. Seems clear enough to me. Why are you making such a song and dance about it now?

      Have you heard that Lucy Frazer or Nicola Richards have needed bodyguards in order to attend their party conference or local constituency meetings? If so, you should tell David immediately. I’m sure he’d want to know.

  43. “We should be thankful we actually have a real *leader* at this time.”

    On the box this morning the MD of the company that manufactures PPE masks relayed how they had offered to supply consignments of them to the gov.
    The gov. declined the offer.

    Meanwhile they are satisfying orders placed by other countries, but not the UK.

    Yep, David, thank goodness we have stable-door Boris as leader. Lol

  44. Shalom David, Since our kind is manipulating and exploiting this crisis, one of the first things Boris should of done is rounded up us fifth columnists — who are 100% more loyal to Zion than the UK — and have us ‘quarantined’ in camps in Scotland or the Shetlands. No doubt there would of been a collective cry of ‘antisemitism’ like we did during your last election and the British schmucks would of believed us. Anyway, lucky escape. Stay safe. Shalom.

    1. Alright Mick.

      Fair few tags you’ve got going in this thread. I did say that your style reeks like a Hamas fart in a narrow tunnel. The grammar errors are also consistent.

      Even with all the activists working from home, The Resistance is still just a trio.

      Bella Ciao

        1. Michael, you big girls blouse. We’ve talked about this. People prefer the Tories to their rivals in England. Typical you, doing the old repetition tactic. Why have you stopped the “Collier tweets…” thing?

      1. You’re meshuge, meshugas, krigerish and dreck Edward.
        Now be a good boy and go sit in a quiet corner.

        1. Golda Meir is a major figure in the “Nakba” – thwarting Islamofascism against Israel..

          BIG Thank You to Golda Meir for the “Nakba”!

          And Happy 75th Anniversary of the unconditional surrender of the Grand Moofti’s allies!

  45. I do like this site.

    As the chore of quarantine extends into periods unknown, along with all the new stresses that come with it, this is delightful escapism. It is lovely to be able to turn off the anxieties of family health, safety and security for a few moments and retire into the fantasy world of the anonymous and occasionally fictitious online Jew hater.

    Proof positive that no matter how dire things get in the real world, there will always be weird nutcases in some dark corner of the internet to take your mind off things.

    Michael, Mick, Bellers. you are fulfilling an essential public service and now you even get to do it in Resistance Masks

    Bella Ciao.

  46. Collier – “No other country in the developed world is shot at as often as Israel”

    Nope, Israel fires more into Gaza that Gazans fire into Israel ….. why not, it’s FREE from its partner the US

    1. Every 2 minutes, Israel shoots an innocent young mum in Gaza. …..

      and she is getting really pissed off with it.

      The lesson to you Michael is that when you make up shit, do it with humour. It plays better to our vast audience.

      1. You’re right, Ian.

        IF 6,000,000 died in the Holocaust think how unlucky number 6,000,000 was.

        Naw, both our examples aren’t funny really, are they?

        1. Six million, twelve million, five million…What’s next? Every couple of decades, the numbers change.

          You’d get more a more accurate count from a Las Vegas slot machine or a roll of the dice.

  47. Collier accuses others of have “a broken moral compass”

    Collier , a constant lobbier and propagandist for Isreae is the LAST person to accuse others.

    1. Collier accuses others of having “a broken moral compass”
      Collier , a constant lobbier and propagandist for Isreal is the LAST person to accuse others.

      p.s. damn this industrial injury.

  48. As an educator who earned a BA in History, I can confirm that evidence suggests that Anne Frank DID die of typhus.

    David, retract your Tweet NOW!

        1. “As an educator…..”
          Pity you did not become educated in the English Language. It would have saved you from writing gibberish such as this.
          “I thought you’d of turned into another statistic by now Gerald.”
          Oh Dear, another one educated in the English Language by the Teletubbies.

  49. David, why not follow the crowd and write a post how you and your family are ?-ing your selves over that anti-Semitic virus COVID-19 that attacked AIPAC delegates in America, closed synagogues, disrupted travel into the apartheid state, killed a Holocaust suvivor and other Joooos?

    Still waiting for your post on anti-Semitic cinema. Heard that all-star musical film version of The Protocols is in pre-production, though there were award-winning Egyptian and Syrian versions made.

    1. Alright Mick.

      We’ve had this conversation you dopey old soak. Now pay attention.

      If you want to really ramp up your rather tepid posts you’ve got to be bolder. Forget all this ZioNazi nonsense and the 20 uses of the words apartheid Israel in every post. You’ve done it to death. Go for the bollox with a cutting ” oi, yids. I hope the person you love the most dies of excruciating pancreatic cancer” That will give you a lovely warm sense of self gratification. You can then sit back for the day with a brew and a dunker and say ” Yeah. Gotcha”

      Proper Resistance that.

      Bella ciao

  50. This is a Beyond the Great Divide public service announcement.


    It cannot be isolated.

    It cannot be eliminated.

    It must be EXTERMINATED.

    Every moral person can help achieve this.

      1. Sharmuta is referring to the Death Cult oxymoron that calls itself

        “The Religion of Peace”.

        9/11, London’s 7/7, Pan Am 103, Metrojet, Boston Marathon, beheading of Lee Rigby, journalist Daniel Pearl, James Foley, burning of Jordanian pilot, Rotherham rape gangs, DC Beltway snipers, London and Westminster car ramming jihads, Charlie Hebdo massacre, Bataclan massacre, Pulse nightclub massacre, Bastille Day truck ramming attack in Nice France, terminated Garland Texas jihad, Fort Hood Texas massacre, thwarted inflight bombings (sneaker and underwear), Madrid train bombings, Mumbai India massacre, ISIS beheading videos, Nairobi Kenya mall massacre, 1993 truck bombing of the WTC, London bridge stabbings, Moscow subway bombing, Brussels airport bombing, Manchester arena bombing, Bali beach massacre, Luxor tourist massacre, Brooklyn Bridge massacre, Manhattan bike path jihad, failed truck bombing of Times Square, execution of Gays by HamAss and Fascist Iran, stoning girls to death over “family honour” LOL!, shooting of Pope John Paul II, destruction of the two 1,500 year old Buddahs of Bamiyan Afghanistan, 500,000+ dead in Syria, people fleeing Syria and heading to Turkey which kicks them to Greece, near nuclear war between India and Pakistan over who own Kashmir, ….

        Happy Nakba to Pal-e-STINE and other bastions of Isalmofascism and Eurotrash supporters of Islamofascism.

    1. The best you can hope for are 72 Virgins who all look like Sharmuta “Mike Farmer”.

      Happy Nakba to you and Paleswine!

        1. Michael, you big soft ‘ay’peth. We’ve talked about this. People prefer the Tories to their rivals in England. Typical you, doing the old repetition tactic. Why are you obsessed with Tories?

    2. Alright Mick,

      “Exterminated”, seriously? That’s it?

      After all my advice on putting your cock on the block and really going for it, the best you can offer is an impersonation of a Dalek from a 1976 episode of Doctor Who?

      Honestly, I’m starting to think that you’re just going through the motions here. Do you even care about any of this stuff? Are you even a real activist? Andreas Baader will be turning in his grave.

      You’re just a shit Michael Farmer.

      1. Some uncouth and narrow-minded individuals would refer to you as a ‘Jew Bastard’ Kay, but you’re no Jew.

        1. Alright Mick.

          Now you’re getting the gyst of it. You’re getting a little bolder but the material isn’t original. It reprises the old gag ” Hey Mick. They say you haven’t got the brains of a pig. But I defended you and told them you had.”

          Keep at it though. You’ll get there and we have loads of time.

    1. Look Michael. I’ve had to have a word with Mick this morning about unimaginative, lightweight activism and frankly it’s getting tedious.

      Now you’re starting a new day here with what; some incisive, hard-hitting stuff that will make people sit up and take notice? Some vicious, mean-spirited assault on the philosophical foundations of Jewish self-determination? No. Just the same “Collier’s shit” nonsense that you copy/paste every day, day after day.

      All I can say is that it is a good job I’m also here every day too pointing this stuff out to you. Hopefully, one day it may lead to you and Mick upping your games a little.

  51. Colliar tweets “Tribute? After what he did?

    Dear @jeremycorbyn

    Don’t forget to close the door behind you on your way out.

    – pretty much everyone who is sane”

    What DID he do, David? More for UK Jews than YOU ever have.

    What did YOU do? Nothing but hateful lies and smears.

    You’re feeding your family on the proceeds of your hate and lying rhetoric

    1. Michael, seriously?

      Ask not what David has done for you. Ask what you have done for anyone.

      1. Sharmuta, Ask the voters who chose to OVERWHELMINGLY VOTE for Boris Johnson and NOT for Hezbolas Friend GerryMe Corbins Fascist LaBOOR Party.

        Are Hezbola or HamAss or Taliban or Al Qada or ISIS or Muslim Brotherhood or Fascist Iran…


        1. Trailer Trash Ted I hate to confuse a President Doofus supporter with facts.
          But, when you write “..OVERWHELMINGLY VOTE for Boris Johnson..”
          that is being economical with the truth.
          Yes the Conservatives had the largest share of the vote 43.6% but that is not a majority of the vote and hardly overwhelming. In deed the percentage increase in the Conservative vote was only 1.2%
          Yes, people didn’t like or want Corbyn for a number of reasons, but, it was not an OVERWHELMING vote for BoJo either.

            1. Which part of the sentence “Yes, people didn’t like or want Corbyn for a number of reasons, but, it was not an OVERWHELMING vote for BoJo either.” Did you fail to understand Ted?

              1. Which part of the sentence “Worst night for Labour since 1935” did you fail to understand Gerry?

                GerryMe and his Hizbola friends were Electoral POISON.

                1. Ted you might be surprised to discover that if you mentioned ‘Hizbola’ to the majority of the British electorate they would think you were talking about a ‘Boy Band’ on The X Factor.

                  Corbyn had, still has, a number of flaws.
                  The main one is that as a Leader he was F**king useless!
                  The second one is that his mindset is stuck in the 1970s

                  I invite you, and others, to read my posts on this site before the election.

        1. Michael, you big cream horn. We’ve talked about this. People prefer the Tories to their rivals in England. Typical you, doing the old repetition tactic. Why are you obsessed with Tories?

  52. What did Jeremy Corbyn do for Jews, David?
    Much, much more than you’ve ever done.

    Corbyn organised the Apr. 1977 defence of Jewish populated Wood Green from a Neo-Nazi march
    EDM3933 7 Nov. 1990: Corbyn signs motion condemning the rise of antisemitism
    EDM634, 11 Apr. 2000: Jeremy Corbyn signs motion condemning David Irving for being a Holocaust Denier
    EDM1124, 6 Nov. 2000: Jeremy Corbyn praised the ‘British Schindler’, Bill Barazetti, for his WW2 kindertransport
    EDM742, 28 Jan. 2002: Jeremy Corbyn signs motion praising football clubs for commemorating Holocaust Day
    EDM1233 30 Apr. 2002: Corbyn was a primary sponsor on a motion condemning antisemitism
    11 May 2002: Jeremy led a clean up of Finsbury Park Synagogue after an anti-Semitic attack
    EDM1691, 23 July 2002: Corbyn condemned attacks on a synagogue in Swansea
    EDM123 26 Nov. 2003: Corbyn officially condemns attacks on 2 Istanbul synagogues
    EDM298, 16 Dec. 2003: Jeremy Corbyn signs motion commemorating International Holocaust Day
    2004: Jeremy condemned news that anti-Semitic hate crimes had risen for yet another year
    EDM461, 21 Jan. 2004: Jeremy Corbyn condemned the French government’s moves to ban the Jewish Kippa in French Schools
    EDM717, 26 Feb. 2004: Jeremy signed a motion praising Simon Wiesenthal for bringing Nazi perpetrators of the Holocaust to justice
    EDM1613, 8 Sept. 2004: Corbyn co-sponsored a bill expressing fears for the future of the United Synagogue Pension Scheme
    EDM1699, 11 Oct. 2004: Jeremy Corbyn condemned arbitrary attacks on civilians in Israel and Palestine
    EDM482, 12 Jan. 2005: Jeremy Corbyn signs a motion commemorating International Holocaust Day
    EDM343, 16 June 2005: Jeremy condemned the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in east London
    EDM1343, 11 Jan. 2006: Jeremy Corbyn signs a motion commemorating International Holocaust Day
    EDM1774, 8 Mar. 2006: Jeremy Corbyn led condemnations of an Iranian Magazine soliciting cartoons about the Holocaust
    EDM1267, 16 Apr. 2006: Jeremy Corbyn condemned Bryan Ferry for anti-Semitic remarks
    EDM2414, 26 June 2006: Jeremy Corbyn praised British war veterans for their efforts to combat the Holocaust
    EDM2705, 10 Oct. 2006: Jeremy signed a motion marking the 70th anniversary of Cable Street
    EDM271, 14 Nov. 2007: Jeremy co-sponsored a motion lamenting the poverty and social exclusion East London Jews suffered
    EDM153, 12 May 2008: Corbyn praised the efforts of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto during the uprising of 1944
    EDM2350, 27 Oct 2008: Jeremy Corbyn signs a motion marking the 70th anniversary of the horrors of the holocaust
    EDM173, 8 Dec. 2008: Jeremy condemned the Press Complaints Commission for refusing to sanction The Times for antisemitism
    EDM461, 14 Jan. 2009: Jeremy Corbyn condemned a wave of recent anti-Semitic incidents targeted
    EDM605, 27 Jan. 2009: Corbyn signed John Mann’s motion condemning antisemitism on university campuses
    EDM917 26 Feb. 2009: Jeremy signs a motion condemning antisemitism on the internet
    EDM1175 24 Mar. 2009: Corbyn signs a motion praising the heroism of British Jews during Holocaust
    EDM337, 2 Dec. 2009: Jeremy Condemned Iran’s treatment of Jewish minorities in Iran
    EDM850 9 Feb. 2010: Jeremy joins in calls for Facebook to do more to fight antisemitism
    EDM891: 22 Feb 2010: Corbyn co-sponsors a motion calling for Yemen’s Jews to be given refugee status to the UK
    EDM908 27 Oct. 2010: Corbyn praises work of late Israeli PM in his pursuit of a 2 state solution
    EDM1360, 27 Jan. 2011: Corbyn co-sponsored a motion praising the ‘never again for anyone initiative’
    EDM1527, 3 Mar. 2011: Corbyn backed Ian Paisley’s motion condemning the anti-Semitic remarks of Dior’s lead fashion designer
    EDM2870, 14 Mar. 2012: Jeremy Corbyn condemned the sale of Nazi memorabilia at an auction in Bristol
    EDM2866, 14 Mar 2012: Jeremy Corbyn co-sponsored a bill condemning the rise of antisemitism in Lithuania
    EDM2899, 20 Mar. 2012, Jeremy Corbyn condemned a terrorist attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse
    EDM168, 12 June 2012, Jeremy co-sponsored a motion condemning anti-Semitic attacks during EURO 2012 in Poland
    EDM 195 13 June 2012: Jeremy attacks BBC for cutting Jewish programmes from Its schedule
    EDM 1133 1 Mar 2013: Corbyn joins a chorus of calls condemning antisemitism In sport
    1 Oct. 2013: Corbyn was one of the few MPs who defended Ralph Miliband from Daily Mail antisemitism
    EDM 932 9 Jan 2014: Jeremy praises Holocaust Memorial’s work on antisemitism education
    EDM 165 22 June 2015: Jeremy condemns a Neo-Nazi rally planned for a Jewish area of London
    Sat 4 July 2015: Jeremy co-planned a counter-fascist demo in defence of Jewish residents at Golders Green. The march was re-routed
    18 Nov. 2015, Corbyn used one of his first PMQs to challenge Cameron to do more on antisemiUsm
    9 Oct 2016: Corbyn, close to tears, leads commemoration of the Battle of Cable Street
    3 Dec. 2016: Corbyn visits Terezin Concentration Camp to commemorate Holocaust victims
    In 2017-19 Jeremy introduced 20 new measures to combat antisemitism in the Labour Party

  53. David, I’d like to propose you host an online farewell party ? for your Zio mate Boris. I’ll save the bubbly ??
    ‘Zio Dracula’ can toast the Tory SOB ⚰
    An event not to miss! ??

    1. The Poison Dwarf Levy slithers along spitting his venom.

      You, my friend (irony), are about as useful and welcome as a woolen sock filled with diarrhoea.

    2. Time to lay off the drink ‘n drugs, Bruce. Good lad. No need to stoop to Zionist level.

    1. “You still around?”
      A stupid question, even more so as The Poison Dwarf proclaims him/herself to be an ‘educator’.

      “Thought” A function that a hate filled sac of pus such as The Poison Dwarf is clearly incapable of.

    2. Alright Mick,

      I know you’ve got a secret soft spot for us ZioNazis. I bet you wish you were one now. You lads are going to be stuck in big Amazon warehouses when you get it with knock off Chinese respirators and a 2017 edition of Womans Own to wipe your botty. Our lot have commandeered a dozen lovely hotels in Tel Aviv and our capital, Jerusalem. So it’s Ambre Solaire and Mimosas all round for us and Pilates by the pool every day at 10.

      Still, you can’t be in The Resistance without making some sacrifices.

      Bella Ciao

      1. NEWSFLASH: The British government just announced that they have a warehouse full of back copies of The Jewish Chronicle, Jewish News and the Jewish Telegraph, as well as literature from the UK Zionist Federation and a consignment of Israeli flags that can serve as toilet rolls should the nation’s supply run out. ###

        1. NEWSFLASH: The Nakba continues unabated!

          Happy Nakba to Pal-e-CRIME and its fascist supporters from the LaBOOR Party, Hezbola, HamASS, PSC, MSA!

          1. I’ll wipe my derrière with you T.T.T. and then flush you down the toilet and into the sewer where your kind belong.

        2. Alright Mick,

          Looks like you’re running low on Donepezil. Are you struggling to get out to Boots.
          That’s the one thats supposed to help with dementia as opposed to your Anusol which is a applied further south, after your visits to the Domina.

          I mention it because you may be unaware that you did the flag/bog roll gag earlier in the thread, possibly twice.

          Isolation has its challenges, right?

  54. Collier pontifictes – “Browse Twitter to see the vile comments directed towards @BorisJohnson who tested positive for #coronavirus

    Those posting the hateful messages are the same people who want you to believe they are ‘progressives’ & morally superior to everyone else.

    Remember what they did today.”


    read the Jerusalem Post to hear that Danon, Israel’s UN ambassador wishes to make Coronavirus relief to sanctions weakened Iran dependant on it giving up its Nuclear ambitions.

    That’s even sicker David as you write the usual hate from your London sever base

    Let’s hear you condemn Danny Danon Mr. morally superior.

    1. Michael, nice work with the re-brand to “Collier pontificates…” These times do require a certain adaptability and luckily it’s still having the same effect of increasing Davids following, so well done you.

      Also well spotted with the opportunism. Just as Boots are trying to fleece you Brits with 300% increases on masks and latex gloves, we reckon we can tighten the screw on the Mullahs for our advantage as well. That’s how crises work.

      Look at those Arab lads in Gaza last night. They get it. When we announce a joint initiative with the Asians to innovate new testing methods this gets us loads of sympathy. The Arabs and you hate this so they lob a rocket over at some civilian community causing mums and kids to have to run to shelters. You know, when we have isolation and curfews. We fire back, get slaughtered on social media by a million pricks like you and its Rag Heads 1 Humanity 0.

      The game is opportunism and we’re all playing it. That’s how things work.

      Bella Ciao.

      1. But they’re not tightening the screws on the Mullahs, Ian.

        They’re condemning Iranian families to death as the US condemned hundreds of thousands of Iraqi babies to death once with their sanctions.

        Why is Israel even in the conversation on Nuclear? They haven’t signed up to prevent its spread? It’s an annoying little parrot on US shoulders.

        1. Cos we’re a bunch of shameless opportunists Michael, looking to use a crisis for our own advantage just like you’re doing here. That’s how it works, right?

          1. I’m pointing out David’s hypocrisy. Missed the link? Duh

            Shameless? … and heartless.

            1. And I’m escaping the mundanity of isolation with a bit of this nonsense.

              Shameless, heartless and listless

                1. It’s a good gig Michael. One of the KPIs was upping the following. That’s the easiest bit. Every time I poke you into another post the numbers climb. I’m betting on 50K by June. Reckon we can do it?

        2. The Ayatoolas of Fascist Iran care more about their nuclear weapons then the Persian people.

          The day of reckoning is coming for the Ayatoolas. The cruel reign of the Ayatools is coming to an end.

          1. The Hawks of America care more for orders from Israel than for the lives of Iranian people.

            1. Business is business Michael.

              On the upside, the burka crew were the butt of every postbox themed gag around. With the mask shortage, who’s laughing now?

  55. Collier tweets: “…A call for the destruction of the democratic Jewish state of Israel… – those antisemites just cannot help themselves. They cannot leave the Jews alone.”

    NOT TRUE! 1) Apartheid Israel is not a democratic state. 2) Apartheid Israel does not practice Jewish values — there’s nothing Jewish about occupation and oppression.

    1. Bruce Moooohammed,

      1) Terrorist Pal-e-SLIME is not a democratic entity.
      2) Terrorist Pal-e-SLIME practices Islamofascist values — beheadings, stoning, stabbings, bombings, hijackings, burnings, raping, death decrees (writers and cartoonists), invasions, murder of children, brainwashing, assassination, butchering people.
      3) Jordan is “palestine” – if King Abdullah will allow it.

    2. Alright Mick,

      Tepid posts from you at the moment. Obviously all the usual apartheid this and ZioNazi that. But it’s all dropped down a notch or two.

      Is the mask steaming your specs up, blurring the keyboard?

      Get some Vitamin C down you. I’m not playing here on my tod.

  56. Trailer Trash Ted, may the mighty and righteous sword of the Prophet (pbuh) bring you eternal peace.

    1. That won’t work Brutes, he has to use that sword to cut your penis off first (talk about a good deed)!

  57. Collier tweets “Knock on the door of ANY ‘anti-Zionist’
    and the antisemite will come out to play.”

    Another example of his ignorance.

    Not all Jews are Zionist

    Not all Zionists are Jews

    Lack of logic, liar or just a rabble rouser?

  58. “The more I research the new ‘hard-left’ – our PC ‘progressives’ –

    The more I realise how delusional and hate-filled these people all are.

    No-one pens more hate than smears-for-sale’ Collier.

  59. An example of hate: That rag the Zionist Jewish Chronicle recently published “Jewish community death toll hits 34 – Number means that Jewish deaths are 4.5 per cent of national total” – implying to their readers, that only ‘Jewish’ lives are of value, when the righteous know ALL lives are valuable.

    That’s why in my campaign manifesto, I called for Zionism to be declared a hate crime and be a criminal offence.

    1. “Bruce Levy on March 22, 2020
      Let nature do its work Gerald and rid Italy of more Zios. Permanently.”

      “Bruce Levy on March 29, 2020
      … when the righteous know ALL lives are valuable.”

      What a hypocritical, lying Poison Dwarf you are Levy.


      1. I didn’t state I wished death on anyone “Gerald.”
        But thanks again for displaying your stupidity. Much appreciated.

        1. The Poison Dwarf tries, and fails, to twist its way out of its own words. It only succeeds in digging its own grave even deeper.

          Although you are a small person physically, and obviously even smaller mentally, everyone can see you for what you are.

          The only support you will get from me is, to paraphrase Lenin, ‘the support a rope gives to a hanged Poison Dwarf.’
          You are doing a good job at hanging yourself, please carry on.

        2. “Bruce Levy on March 29, 2020
          I didn’t state I wished death on anyone “Gerald.” ”

          “Bruce Levy on March 22, 2020
          Every tactic should be used to target and wipe that dirty little apartheid state and those who support it off the face of the Earth.”

          “Bruce Levy on March 22, 2020
          Let nature do its work Gerald and rid Italy of more Zios. Permanently.”

          “Bruce Levy on March 22, 2020
          Don’t have to waste my time.
          I’ll just let COVID-19 work its magic.
          One less fascist Zio.”

          1. Thanks again for making yourself look like the idiot you are “Gerald.”
            Provide me with your address in Italy and will be glad to visit once this is over…if the coronavirus hasn’t finished you off first that is…

            1. I am more than happy to meet you either in the centre of Rome, or one of the towns nearby, as soon as the Lockdown is over.

              I have a long memory, and an even longer reach as you will find out.

              1. I am waiting.
                Are you about to prove that you are not only a lying, Poison Dwarf but a spineless one as well?

                As I have written before on this thread.
                You are full of wind and piss.

                1. Leave me your address and some of the brothers will pay you a visit. What’s your address coward?

                  1. Aaah so your threat is that you will get someone else to visit me.

                    IF you ever develop a spine YOU come and visit.

                    I’m not a coward and I’m not stupid either.

                    When are YOU going to visit Italy, you spineless, lying Poison Dwarf?

                  2. By the way.
                    Is The Poison Dwarf Levy, still festering in Glyndon Road, Plumstead, London?

              2. This poison dwarf has a much longer reach and comrades in many places.
                We’ll teach your sorry self a lesson you’ll never forget.

                1. Ooooh now I’m really scared (irony)

                  Too much of a coward to make your own threats.
                  “We’ll teach your sorry self a lesson..”

                  “..some of the brothers will pay you a visit..”

                  Really? The Poison Dwarf Levy when he/she/it has finished making its empty, and childish, threats will stamp its feet and scream and scream until it is sick!

                    1. The Poison Dwarf Levy is like a duck farting in a Cathedral. Inaudible and of no consequence whatsoever.

  60. Do you support Israel?

    Answer = yes = you are supporting a undemocratic racist endeavour.

    Answer = no = you have decent morals and a credit to all that is good in humanity.

    1. Do you support Pal-e-STINE?

      Answer = YES = you are supporting a undemocratic racist fascist endeavour.
      See 9/11, London’s 7/7, butchering of Lee Rigby, Charlie Hebdo massacre, HamAss, Hezbola,..

      Answer = NO = you have decent morals and a credit to all that is good in humanity.

  61. The influx of Moslems into the U.S. and elsewhere has resulted in an increase of antisemitic propaganda they spread. However, such antisemitic drivel Moslems spew out is so obviously stupid and malicious that it’s hard to imagine anybody taking it seriously.

    However, combined with postmodernism, such malevolent Moslem propaganda gains in influence. Postmodernists have decided that truth varies according to culture and race. Thus postmodern liberals regard those who’d apply Western standards of truth to such insane utterances as themselves guilty of hate, bigotry, intolerance, xenophobia, Islamophobia, racism, etc, etc., ad nauseam.

    Thus Moslems are allowed to spread their hateful propaganda including out-and-out lies about Jews in university classrooms, in the media, all over without challenge, without criticism, without the application of reason, observation, evidence, without anybody pointing out inconsistent facts, without anybody mentioning just how absurd it all is. Antisemitism itself becomes academically respectable and/or politically correct.

    Inevitably, there are people who actually come to believe all that pure unmitigated, uncontested insanity and act on it.

    1. Jim, has there been an increase in Moslems entering the U.S. or an increase in A.S. propaganda from Moslems?

      Can you cite examples of what you term ‘anti-Semitic propaganda’? Would be enlightening.

  62. “Earlier this week, the official spokesperson for Boris Johnson suggested the UK had declined an invite to join the EU’s ventilator procurement scheme for the vital equipment because it is no longer a member of the EU.”

    Yep, David, good job your right-wing hero Boris became the PM. Duh.

  63. Boris Johnson…
    FAILED to stop the spread, called the British people ‘a herd’ and said they should let the virus spread
    FAILED to lockdown 3 weeks earlier when other countries were
    FAILED to implement a full lockdown
    FAILED to close the borders
    FAILED to buy ventilators for 7 weeks
    FAILED to join the EU ventilator purchase scheme
    FAILED to get protective equipment to NHS workers
    FAILED to test NHS workers for 3 weeks
    FAILED to mass test the public
    FAILED to bail out workers for 2 weeks
    FAILED to bail out self-employed workers for 3 weeks
    FAILED to follow his own advice and caught the virus

    1. Everybody on Earth is better at everything they do than you are at anything, stool sample.

  64. Alright Mick

    Challenging times ahead for you as reports suggest that you could be in isolation in the UK for months. You’re ‘Bruce Levy’ shtick is going to need to be far more imaginative here but you’ve gone too early.

    You’re already at Dalek Defcon 4 with all your “Exterminate, Exterminate all Zios” toss and I worry that you’ve nowhere to go now. I think you’ve tried the Anne Frank stuff. The Holocaust stats routine is now Michael’s main bag and there’s obviously Boris, but that’s a bit off the beaten track really isn’t it?

    I think you’re going to need to go far more balls-out if you’re going to keep this going. Learn from the Michael Case Study. Recycling the same 3 things every day just makes it too easy for The Zio Massive and frankly, in these listless times I need more of a challenge. FFS, you did the ‘Let’s use the Israeli flag as arse-wipe gag 3 times in this thread alone !!

    Bella Ciao

  65. “This is what antisemitism looks like. Antisemitism is terrorism.”

    Wasn’t antisemitism. Was a burglary gone wrong.

    Antisemitism is racism….. not terrorism

    Your AntiArab statements are racism, David … are they also terrorism.

    1. The most AntiArab people are – Arabs.

      Arabs are killing Arabs in Syria (500,000+), Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, Gaza, Lebanon, Turkey, …

      That’s why Arabs are fleeing Arabia for Europe.

      Happy Nakba you ignorant Sharmuta!!

  66. “Clubs, buses, malls, restaurants, synagogues, schools, hospitals – you name it – the Arab terrorists attacked Jews there.
    Family after family destroyed by terrorists who just wanted to kill Jews.

    So no – they don’t want you to talk about that.”

    Nope, they want to live again on the land they were driven from by Jewish terrorists… and no, Zionists do NOT want to talk about that …. they want to lie about it.

    1. Michael, your biggest revelation to us came almost 2 years ago. In response to my question you admitted you had never been to Israel nor ever met an Israeli Jew, Arab or Christian. You also conceded that all your opinions were informed by a book you had read on the subject.

      It still took a full 2 years for your former Resistance colleague Bellers to write you off as a liability. No surprise he left you to it.

      Bella Ciao.

      1. “You also conceded that all your opinions were informed by a book you had read on the subject”

        Er, nope.

        1. ‘fraid so Michael. Those were your own words.

          Look, reading books is no crime and if you’ve never visited a place or met any of the people about whom you express strong opinions then again I am sure you plan to rectify that in time in order to test your assumptions. That would be the smart move, right?

  67. “No country in the world has more lies spread about it than Israel.” ……. Lol. David, there is no country in the world that spreads more lies about itself than Israel.

    “Anti-Israel activism is a pyramid of falsehoods built on a base of rabid antisemitism.” …… no doubt David thinks that Anti-US activism is also a pyramid of falsehoods ……. rabid antisemitism. They have almost as many Jews there.

    p.s, Israel is not the Jews. Majority live elsewhere.

    Rabid? If anyone’s ‘rabid’ it’s David.

  68. “In Israel all citizens are working together to fight against #coronavirus – in no other nation in the Middle East will you see Jews, Christians and Muslims working as one. ”

    That’s because it’s the Jewish/Muslim and Christian State, David.

    1. …. which incidentally only allows its Jewish citizen to have statehood. Bibi tells others that they are NOT a part of Israel.

      1. Michael, full marks for resilience. 4 years or more, saying black is white and being universally ridiculed for it would do for some people but you just keep it going day after day, just turning the crank that connects to nothing.

        I don’t know how old you are now but you do realise that you’ll need to keep this going for the rest of your life, right?

        1. Just pointing out that David’s hasbara is just that. Each tweet a dishonest one.

          Being a Zionist you’ll think that’s ok. But I can’t let lies stand.

          Anyway as I’m the greater part of your life, I’ll carry on.

          I’m all you’ve got really.

          1. Michael, that’s a quite sweet thing of you to say and obviously I encourage to carry on as you are an excellent foil here. I bear you no ill will as you are quite harmless and I take your classification of me as a Zionist as a huge compliment. It is certainly true and gives me enormous pride.

            As we are destined to accompany each other here until journey’s end I remain hopeful that you will one day elevate the debate beyond the customary 3 slogans. It will certainly relieve the monotony of quarantine.

            Bella Ciao

  69. That scummy Zio rag, Jewish Chronicle, in a story headlined “Coronavirus: Are Jews disproportionately dying after contracting COVID-19?” claims the ‘anti-Semitic’ COVID-19 virus is killing off more Joos than the Natzies ever did.
    Of course, the Zios always claim they’re the helpless victims, especially after the apartheid state mercilessly bombed Gaza, exploited COVID-19 to expand their illegal settlements and attacked Palestinian medics with impunity.

    1. Alright Mick,

      Good to see you followed my advice and got back to some imaginative activism. The virus shtick offers you a rich seam of opportunities and the stuff about attacking Arab medics “with impunity” is a nice touch. You can do more though. Try, “stealing ventilators from Arab babies to keep alleged Holocaust survivors ticking over”. That’s a great wind-up.

      Also don’t get drawn in to comparing the size of your genitals with those of other contributors here. I’m not sure that’s a winnable fight for you. You’re no spring chicken so just keep The Resistance resisting.

      Bella Ciao

  70. Interesting to note the extremely high COVID19 Israeli casualty rate.

    Justice comes in many forms.

    1. Alright Mick,

      Well played and right on message as I suggested to you earlier. The ‘Bruce Levy’ routine is really humming. Now, get in a cheeky dig that apartheid, imperialistic, oppressive, land grabbing, ZioNazi Joooos are half inching the ventilators from Arab paediatric wards to keep fake holocaust survivors sucking air and your shift is done for the day. Same time tomorrow, right?

      Well done also on not rising to that poke about you and the South London brass from Karl (?) earlier today. Good self-discipline.

  71. Coller spits “Jeremy Corbyn was an unintelligent, terrorist supporting extremist whose little band of behind the scenes Stalinists spread anitsemitism throughout the UK. His clan totally destroyed @uklabour & gifted the Tories another decade in power.”

    Yes, no-one is happier than David. Israel will continue to be appeased by the UK government and will continue on its immoral grab of more land.

    Corbyn has principles and humanity. You, a liar and a deceiver, won’t understand.

    1. David, do YOU condemn the terrorism of Begin and Shamir or, like Netanyahu, eulogise them.

      You continue to spin that Corbyn was terrorist loving.

      How about your loves?

      1. ? Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu tests positive for COVID-19 ?

        Justice comes in many forms ?

        1. ? The Israeli State Comptroller’s Office issued a report that warned Israel’s health system is not prepared to deal with an epidemic.

          The report, written before the outbreak of the coronavirus, said the apartheid Israeli government did not draw up sufficient plans to deal with an epidemic or stockpile a sufficient amount of medicine and ventilators, among other shortcomings.

          Prime Minister Netanyahu, WHO WAS HEALTH MINISTER during part of the period covered in the report, acknowledged “there was room for improvement.”

          Money better spent on occupation, oppression, murder, bombings and building apartheid roads than health care, huh Bibi?

          Netanyahu was recently diagnosed with COVID-19.?

          Isn’t Karma a bitch?

          1. Alright Mick,

            Great to see you’ve followed my advice on content when you’re posting as ‘Bruce Levy’.

            I knew you’d be keen on the virus material. Right up your alley. There are some good quotes from Abu Mazen as well accusing the Zios of deliberately infecting the Arabs by contaminating the packaging on their Amazon home deliveries. Search it out. It’s activist gold!

            Bella Ciao

  72. “You can’t be pro-BDS AND pro-free speech – they contradict each other. ”

    Another example of David’s befuddled mind.

    Another totally illogical statement.

    1. Honestly Michael, I could write your posts now. They’re that predictable. Copy/paste of David’s bit followed by ‘Collier’s a liar’ or some tepid insult.

      Tell you what. I’m going to do a couple of posts as pretend you, lets call the poster Fike Marmer and see if anyone notices. I think I’ve got your little peccadilloes in hand and there’s hardly the variation to make it complicated.

      See what you think.

      1. Brilliant, the more truth in reply on these blogs the better. Remember, the truth is ALWAYS the truth.

        Go ahead.

  73. … and in David’s right wing rag “Revealed: UK firm is selling coronavirus testing kits to EIGHTY countries because labs here ‘can’t cope’ – while NHS swabbing stations stand deserted in Britain ”

    Yep, thank heaven for Boris.

    1. ? David, are you not going to be writing a blog post on the anti-Semitic coronavirus and how Jews are its primary victims? ?✡️?

      1. The Poison Dwarf Levy continues to leave its trail of slime and venom.

        It looks very probable that the Lockdown will start to ease after Easter.
        I will be waiting for YOU and your team of ‘Ninja Lady-Boys’ with an Italian welcome.

        Ready when you are Poison Dwarf.

          1. Hey Poison Dwarf you claim to be an ‘educator’, educate yourself and find it.

            There is an excellent Jewish Museum in Rome, Museo Ebraico, perhaps you should visit it and educate yourself about where the venom and anti-Semitic filth you vomit out leads to.

          2. Poison Dwarf and self-proclaimed ‘educator’.
            IF you had read the link you provided you would have clearly seen
            “Collezione privata”

            I’m not surprised that you would find the art of a Catholic Fundamentalist who wants to turn the clock back to before Vatican II, enjoyable.
            After all you reactionary, anti-Semites have to stick together.

      2. Alright Mick

        When I started mentoring you, I confess I had few expectations. It’s always harder with goyim. But you’ve surpassed yourself with the ‘Bruce Levy’ act..

        You’ve taken my advice about poking David about the virus and cunningly adding the antisemitism angle. But best of all you’ve found the emoji function and are now adding features to your posts. You know you can also do poos and willies. That seems like something you’d find cool, right?

      3. I think David’s time would be better spent writing about the nexus of syphilis and bigotry, which will be the easiest post ever to research, as it will consist 100% of things you have written, schnorrer.

        1. “I think David’s time would be better spent writing about the nexus of syphilis and bigotry”

          Well, you probably have some knowledge of both, Ben. How embarrassing for David.

          1. “the nexus of syphilis and bigotry” the Sharmuta AKA “Mike Farmer”.

            Happy Nakba!

  74. Taking a short break from taking the piss out of The Resistance lets spare a thought for the poor Arabs. With every government on the planet prioritising their health services and front line medical staff at this time, there is one glaring exception. Just one. Let’s guess who is actually cutting the wages of their hospital staff in order to maintain the stipends of terrorists and murderers. Yup. You got it, our old pals at PLO Plc.

    You won’t hear a peep from The Resistance about this because they don’t care about Arabs, do you boys?

    Bella Ciao

    1. Well, if the US stops the money that will effect how much they have to fight the virus.

      But, being the occupiers, it’s up to Israel to care for these ‘protected persons’ … which they won’t.

      1. Careful Michael. You do this a lot. In your rush to post your slogan you miss the point and make yourself look daft. Bellers warned you about this although calling you a liability was quite cruel.

        Let’s remind ourselves of the point. With every government on the planet prioritising their health services and front line medical staff at this time, the Arabs in Ramallah are the only ones – the only ones, doing the exact opposite. They are cutting the wages of those hard working medical professionals in order to keep paying stipends to terrorists and murderers.

        Let’s spell it out one last time so we’re clear. Murderers get paid at the expense of medical staff – people who are treating and caring for the sick and elderly.

        The message from the Arabs; Taking lives is more important than saving lives.

        Quite shocking.

        1. The point is that money to the PA has been cut by Israel’s patron and caregiver the US. Gaza has a destroyed economy due to US and Israeli actions.
          As I said it’s Israel’s responsibility to care for these ‘protected people’ and ensure their welfare.

          Are ventilators on the forbidden list for the residents of Gaza, Ian?

          Are the thuggish IDF still trampling into Palestinian homes to destroy belongings, no doubt a priority to the Israeli authorities and possibly spreading the virus? You seem to have the sources.

          1. Why do you keep avoiding the point Michael?

            For the 3rd time we remind ourselves of the actual point. The Arabs in Ramallah have a financial resource at their disposal now. It may be allocated to pay nurses or pay murderers. It cannot do both. Their decision has been to prioritise the murderers over the healthcare professionals.

            This is not complex geopolitics. It’s a simple day to day accounting decision where murderers are prioritised over nurses. Are you saying you’re okay with this?

            Put the slogans down for a sec and have a proper think about this one.

  75. ? Israeli settlers spat on Palestinian cars in the village of Beit Iksa, northwest of East Jerusalem in what locals fear is an attempt to spread the deadly novel coronavirus, according to locals.


    The settlers from Ramot on Tuesday evening reportedly spat at cars driven by Palestinians that were entering and leaving the village.

    Local Palestinians say this was a case of trying to spread coronavirus after a number of the settler population was tested positive for deadly disease.

    Palestinian youth chased the settlers away after confronting them. They then proceeded to disinfect the road and cars to prevent an outbreak.

    Ramot settlement has reported 17 cases of coronavirus out of its overall population of 550 people.

    Settlers from Ramot are notorious for harassing the local Palestinian population, often caught vandalising their cars and spraying hateful graffiti on their property.


  76. The Italian Jewish Museum virtual tour is quite amazing
    Definitely worth a visit when in Italy

    Problem is, Antisemitic racist bigots like the ‘Bruce Levy’ (whoever he/she/it is) will always go out of their way to rubish anything nice and try to reduce it to the filth they endlessly spew to denigrate Jews and Israel and Israelis .
    (Please note l called the diatribes filth, not the person. I’ve never met the poster in question, so I’ll reserve judgement on the type of person they are)

    1. Richard,

      if you or anyone else is visiting Rome it is well worth taking the train to Ostia Antica, which was the sea port for Rome.
      Apart from extensive Roman ruins, there is also a ruined Synagogue that dates back to 1st century AD/CE.

      Link below is to the plans, a brief history and photos of the ruins of the Synagogue.

      1. Think about this…one day someone will point to a pile of dirt and rubble and say this is where the Knesset used to be and over there is where the Zionist Ehrentempel, used to be…

        1. But, before any of that happens they will be saying “This is the sewer we flushed The Poison Dwarf Levy down.”

        2. Bruce Moooohammed,

          More likely that there will be Virtual Tours of the glass craters where Mecca and Tehran/Qom etc. once stood.

          That would be the case if the US or Israel suffer a nuke attack.

          1. Edward Mohammed (pbuh) – No nukes. There are many other ways…

            ???????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ????????????

            Did Netanyahu turn into a good Zionist yet?

            1. Netanyahu has always been a good Zionist.

              OTOH Arafart,Snake Yassin, Gen. Solemani, Al Scum Bag Daddy, Grand Mooofti, Kuntar, Osama bin Laden, Ayatoola Khomeni

              are all good Pal-e-STINIANs.

              Happy Nakba!

  77. Collier spouts “Goodbye Jeremy Corbyn. They said you don’t have an antisemitic bone in your body. That may be true, but your brain is full of it. Can we remember all the examples? Probably not but I’ll have a go”

    But you know inside that there’s nothing about Corbyn that’s anti-Semitic though you’re a lobbier for Israel so you’ve had no qualms about lying and smearing for years now and that’s how you’ve fed the Collier household.

    Ok, go on …. give us YOUR examples. Try and be truthful … difficult for you I know.

  78. Michael, are you seriously failing to condemn the Arabs; the only ‘leadership’ on the planet that is failing to support its own health workers in order to carry on paying murderers?

    For a 4th time we remind ourselves here that the Arabs have decided to allocate their finite financial resources to pay murderers a full stipend, facilitating this by cutting the wages of nurses who are caring for their sick and elderly.

    Luckily for those suffering at the hands of their diabolical leaders the World Bank has stepped in with funding.

    Do you continue to support the appropriation of these essential funds to pay criminals rather than nurses and doctors?

    1. “Luckily for those suffering at the hands of their diabolical leaders the World Bank has stepped in with funding. ”

      Remember that the US has withdrawn $65 million in aid to the PA. Meanwhile the US continues to lavish Israel’;s military with over $3,500 million to continue its occupation of The Palestinians.
      It’s Israel’s renaging on its responsibilities that is robbing the people.

      1. Why do you keep going on about Israeli responsibilities and US money Michael?

        This is just an accounting decision for the Arabs, nobody else. They have a simple decision to make; pay the nurses or pay the murderers. They can’t do both. They have chosen the murderers and abandoned the most vulnerable of their people to suffer. They could have paid the nurses instead. Why didn’t they?

        They are saying that taking life is more important to them than saving it and you are deflecting away from it. Why?

        Again, the only ‘leadership’ on the planet that is cutting resources to its healthcare workers at a time when they are needed the most. Why are you okay with this?

  79. The hate-filled Collier spews more invective from his obsession with Jeremy Corbyn – “Jeremy Corbyn is a disgrace – an antisemite – a liar – and history will record him and his vile little cult as a blot on the history of this country.
    Pass it on.”

    Corbyn has done more for the Jews of this country that collier ever has yet Colliers persists with the smears. His love is Israel, first and foremost.

    The man is racked with hate. He needs help.

    1. Michael, you are sinking deeper into your own hole.

      You have chosen to respond to my post 4 times. The post presented an accounting dilemma for the Arabs; pay their nurses or pay some imprisoned murderers. They couldn’t do both so chose to pay the murderers. Even in the face of a deadly global pandemic affecting everyone on the planet, your obsessions prevent you from condemning this grotesque approach. Is your hatred of Israel and Jews so much greater than your compassion for vitus infected humans?

      1. “You have chosen to respond to my post 4 times. ” ….. you’re right, but you ARE a secretary bird. Should I let you get on with filin your nails then.


        1. Michael, you have now chosen to respond to my post 5 times. The post presented an accounting dilemma for the Arabs; pay their nurses or pay some imprisoned murderers. They couldn’t do both so chose to pay the murderers. Even in the face of a deadly global pandemic affecting everyone on the planet, your obsessions prevent you from condemning this grotesque approach. Why?

  80. Collier, you Zionist bastard. You’re not good enough to shine Corbyn’s shoes.

        1. Michael, you big soft ‘ay’peth. We’ve talked about this. People prefer the Tories to their rivals in England. Typical you, doing the old repetition tactic. Why are you obsessed with Tories?

      1. ? May the merciful, mighty and fearsome sword?of the Prophet (pbuh) send you to your eternal?doom ?Trailer Trash Ted?

        1. Alright Mick.

          Youre well into your emojis now.

          What do the gherkins signify?

          Are you coming out against pickled vegetables now as well? Where do you stand on the brine vs vinegar question?

        2. Poison Dwarf Levy.

          May your ear-holes turn into arse-holes and shower your shoulders with the shit that is between your ears.

            1. No Brutes. Accurately describing you (which means being brutally honest i.e. negative to the millionth degree) takes 30 seconds.

    1. Yep, and continues to live off his smears and lies.

      David, weren’t Menachem Begin and Iztak Shamir terrorists?

      Didn’t Israel reward that terrorism with PMship?

      Cat got your tongue?

  81. Michael, seriously. Why do you find it impossible to comment on the Arab ‘leadership’ cutting nurses wages so that they can pay murderers?

    To remind ourselves, an earlier post and link above presented an accounting dilemma for the Arabs; pay their nurses or pay some imprisoned murderers. They couldn’t do both and chose to pay the murderers. Even in the face of a deadly global pandemic affecting everyone on the planet, your obsessions prevented you from condemning this grotesque approach. Instead you want to deflect.

    Imagine if you made your first and only ever visit to the region to test your opinions, got the virus and ended up in Al Moustaqbal Hospital. On admission, suffering from acute breathing problems you are told by one of the nursing staff that you’re on triage with a 4 hour wait because they can’t afford to pay for additional care professionals. After 5 hours and still waiting along with dozens of other patients, you’re told that they would have been able to help you sooner but the budget allocation for wages for 6 nurses has gone to pay 3 convicted murderers. With a shrug, the nurse sighs, “That’s how our leaders do things here.”

    Again, how come you are okay with this?

    1. Collier – “The Brits are not terrorist supporters. ”

      But Zionists are, aren’t they, David?

      Can’t bring yourself to condemn killer PMs Begin and Shamir?


      1. Why do you keep going on about ventilators In Gaza Michael?

        Each time I ask you about Arabs docking the wages of their nurses in order to pay murderers, you go on about something else, like you’re scared of expressing an opinion on this. What are you frightened of?

          1. Why do you keep going on about ventilators In Gaza Michael? Do you need one?

            Each time I ask you about Arabs docking the wages of their nurses in order to pay murderers, you go on about something else.

            You are terrified to break cover and respond to this. Why?

              1. Why do you keep going on about ventilators In Gaza Michael?

                Each time I ask you about Arabs docking the wages of their nurses in order to pay murderers, you go on about ventilators and Gaza. What has one to do with the other?

                Should Corona virus patients be put at risk in Arab hospitals because the money to pay their nurses has been spent instead on murderers ?

                1. “Each time I ask you about Arabs docking the wages of their nurses in order to pay murderers,”
                  Aaah yes, Kay is sinking to the Joseph Goebbels tactic
                  “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

  82. Collier – “The Brits are not terrorist supporters. ”

    But Zionists are, aren’t they, David?

    Can’t bring yourself to condemn killer PMs Begin and Shamir?


  83. Peled-Elhanan (2012: 16) describes Israeli school education as follows:
    The Palestinian citizens of Israel do not have their relative share or rather any share at all in any report that concerns them in the textbooks studied here; they are practically absent from the texts, except as negative phenomena: a primitive lot which is a developmental burden or a security and demographic threat.

  84. Popular and respected Christian pastor Rick Wiles said that the coronavirus outbreak is spreading to synagogues, and is a punishment from God because Jews don’t follow Jesus.

    “Stay out of those things, there’s a plague in them. God’s dealing with false religions,” he said on TruNews, which he founded. “God’s dealing with people who oppose his son, Jesus Christ. He’s dealing with the forces of Antichrist. And there’s a plague moving upon the earth right now, and the people that are going into the synagogues are coming out of the synagogues with the virus.”

    “It’s spreading in Israel through the synagogues,” he continued, before blaming the Jewish state’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Anti-Defamation League.

    “Let me tell you Mr. Netanyahu, let me tell you ADL: God. God is spreading it in your synagogues. You’re under judgment because you oppose his son, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

    And I thought the Rothchilds were behind it!

    1. “Popular and respected Christian pastor Rick Wiles…”

      ‘Popular’ with who?
      ‘Respected’ by who?

    2. Alright Mick,

      You’ve given your “Bruce Levy” shtick a real run out in this thread and at over 420 comments this could be close to a record.

      Which of your posts do you reckon were the most effective; the ones where you tried to have the pissing competition in Rome or the ones with the gherkin emojis ?

      Personally, I liked the ‘Blood ‘n Matzo’ series. It showed you were still having a go at being imaginative with your provocations. Bangin’ effort.

  85. In a post dated April 1, the resident Golf Club bore Kay claimed, “With every government on the planet prioritising their health services and front line medical staff at this time, there is one glaring exception. Just one. Let’s guess who is actually cutting the wages of their hospital staff in order to maintain the stipends of terrorists and murderers”

    Yet a link he provided in his own post says, “”It is clear that the PA sees the payments as a statement of priorities since they put medical personnel as first recipients and security services second and this is logical. However, their putting terrorists third before welfare cases and teachers shows the tragedy of the PA value system. Terrorists still reign as PA heroes,” Itamar Marcus, Director of Palestinian Media Watch said.”

    Another deliberate attempt at disinformation by Kay, or the consequences of being drunk in charge of a keyboard?

    1. You’re so funny Bellers. I do miss the real you.

      Hows The Resistance holding up on Pitcairn Island or is it Rome this week?

      Bella Ciao.

      1. A poor attempt at wit, and an even poorer attempt to cover up a failed attempt at disinformation.

        I’ll leave others to answer the question in my final sentence.

        1. Banter Bellers. Such a scamp in all your personae.

          Michael is lucky to have you. Still think he’s a liability to The Resistance?

          1. The only liability I see on this website is you Kay.
            You Kay are doing more damage to Israel and Zionism than everyone else combined.

            1. That’s me Bellers. damaging Israel and Zionism since 1967.

              Coming from The Resistance, I take that as a huge compliment.

              Bella Ciao

              1. Interesting glimpse of your state of mind.
                I point out the lie you have posted, and repeated ad nauseam, the obvious fact that your lack of any credibility, as well as your schoolboy attempts at smutty humour are a liability to Israel and Zionism.
                So your conclusion is that I am part of The Resistance.

                This might be hard for you to accept, due to your overblown ego, but YOU Kay are not Israel or Zionism.
                You are just a Golf Club bore who belches out schoolboy humour for his own amusement.

                Sad, very sad.

                1. It does amuse me Bellers and fair play for keeping up the “Gerald” routine after 440+ posts. I still reckon we can hit 500 if we keep this bollox up until weekend.

                  1. “It does amuse me..”

                    Of course it does.
                    As the aphorism says, “Little things please little minds” You have just proven how accurate that aphorism is.

                    1. Love the occasional slink back to Partridge, Bellers. Just the right amount of cringe.

                    2. Kay I refer you to my post above.
                      Please continue to show how correct the aphorism is.

  86. The Israeli Defence Ministry will appeal against a supreme court ruling banning the use of Palestinian human shields in raids, officials said.
    The Israeli supreme court ruled last Thursday that the ‘human shield’ procedure used by the IDF when detaining Palestinian terror suspects is illegal and violates international law.
    Israeli Defense Forces made use of ‘human shield’ procedures on 1,200 occasions over the last five years, officials said.

  87. Collier tweets – “For 5 years extremists in @uklabour drove a massive antisemitic misinformation campaign. Millions of people were misled on Zionism, Israel & Jewishness.”

    Unbelievable. Collier after 5 lucrative years smearing, lying and spinning accuses others. The man is a joke.

    Collier has NEVER been able to define Zionism to me.

    1. Good work Michael. We did predict that with a bit more effort from you on the old “Collier tweets…” thing, David would be up to 50K followers by June. Looks like he’s well on his way.

      BTW, did you get the ventilator that you were going on about all week?

      1. Are ventilators on the forbidden list for the residents of occupied Gaza, Ian?

      1. Nothing for you to worry about then Michael. No need to activate the Hypocritivator just yet.

  88. Collier tweets “For 5 years extremists in @uklabour ….”


    Extremism, David, is shooting protesters dead on their own land …

    Extremism, David, is depriving non-Jewish Israelis of their statehood ….

    Extremism, David, is bulldozing the homes of innocent family members

    1. Ooh, not to worry Michael. They’re just Arabs and as you recall, you don’t really care about them do you?

  89. Condolences, David.

    Your wife needs you now more than Israel does. Time for silence all round.

    1. It’s time for you to keep any mention of David or his family out of your disease-ridden sewer backflow pipe of a mouth, Muck. Seriously, I mean this with love: fuck right off into oblivion.

  90. Are ventilators on the forbidden list for the residents of ‘occupied’ Gaza, Michael?

    1. Amid much sadness, it was wonderful to read about that dirty Zio rag, the JC folding. It was down to simple greed on behalf of the crooks running it.

      But now I guess I’ll have to go back to using toilet roll or bits of the Israeli flag.

      Sure the greedy Rothchild cabal can come thru with the moolah to save it. Stereotypes die hard.

        1. You’re right! I do. The apartheid Zio state has bottomless pockets when it comes to Hasbara. Wouldn’t be surprised if they were the ones who always settled Pollard’s padded expense account.

        2. Silly Michael. Lobbyists are supposed to be good at lobbying. Ours are world class. It is not their responsibility to help a weak ineffectual opponents on your side. Dont whine. Get better lobbyists.

      1. Alright Mick,

        Pay attention. I told you in post 211 after the 2nd outing of your Israeli flag gag; You will never experience luxury like our 400 stitch count cotton on your goyshki rectum. It is the wipe of your dreams.

  91. Collier snides that Bernie Sanders has won the argument.

    With policies such as ‘healthcare for all, free public college, raising taxes on the wealthy and increasing minimum wage’ so he should.

    Against healthcare for all, or raising the minimum wage, David? Prefer the Trump agenda?

    1. Tell me more about the residents of ‘occupied’ Gaza, Michael.

      Are ventilators on the forbidden list there?

  92. ” There is nowhere like Israel.” …. for being appeased for its occupations, annexations and its war crimes.

    1. The CST, proving its callow disregard for everyone else and attempting to justify its funding, published a recent report entitled ‘Coronavirus and the Plague of Antisemitism’ about how the forces of evil are using the coronavirus to scapegoat Jooooos.
      Never mind those of all backgrounds and nationalities whose lives the virus had already claimed, but the CST proves once again that those with ulterior and political motives will seek to portray Jooooos as the main victims in any crisis or disaster.

      Meanwhile that Zionist rag, The JC, reports that UK Jewish cononavirus deaths stands at 152 out of 7,097 – but only the Jooooos count.

      1. Is there a reason you’re quite so proud of your illiteracy? Most people who legitimately can’t read don’t flaunt that the way you do. Not that you’d be any less of a tapeworm if you hid your disability in shame, just think your (failed) approach is interesting.

  93. Happy Passover to everyone from all of us at Temple Beth Springfield ✡️

    Remember its Kosher to BOYCOTT ISRAELI GOODS and say ‘YES’ to BDS!

    1. Alright Mick,

      Fair play keeping the “Bruce” shtick going for nearly 500 posts. Careful though. Since you were outed by Bellers you may need to slice the ham a little thinner, for effective provocation.

      Tip. British Jooos say Shul instead of Temple but it’s probably unreasonable to expect local goyim to know this.

  94. to the ‘Bruce Levy’ (whoever he/she/it is)

    I am still waiting, after months, for you to tell which Beth Springfield Shul you belong to.
    Your reply to date lead me to believe that the Shul you refer to is the one that featured in the comic strip cartoon ‘The Simsons’.

    Another fact that leads me to this belief is your talk of the Shul newsletter being called ‘Blood and Matzo’; which can only really refer to the ‘blood libel’ that Jews use the blood of non-Jews for baking the matzo for Passover.
    The ‘blood libel’ has been the catalyst for the murder of an untold amount of Jews over the generally

    Your posts generally point to someone who has some knowledge of Jewish custom, but is actually an Antisemitic racist bigot

    Do try answer which Shul you are talking about, and do continue your Antisemitic rants.
    They are mostly quite entertaining

    1. Hey Dick, you claim that I’m an “Antisemitic, racist bigot.”
      You’re wrong, I am not a member of the Conservative Party.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray.

  95. To the ‘Bruce Levy’ (or whatever he/she/it is)

    You have not answered the question as to whether the Beth Springfield Shul you claim to belong to is the same as the one featured in the Simpsons

    Whatever identity and/or affiliation you claim to be or belong to, you will always be an Antisemetic racist bigot as your commentary on this blog clearly indicates

  96. Another glorious day in panto activism land.

    Michael, you were going to tell me more about the residents of ‘occupied’ Gaza (brilliant, that).

    Oh, and how many BDS Bad Bois here are going to wimp out and take the Israeli drugs ‘cos your big baby gaffer said you could?


    1. Kay, You mean the drugs that the Israeli ‘Dr Mengeles’ experimented on Palestinian prisoners with?

      1. Alright Mick.

        Nice poke about Zio drug experimentation and the Nazis.

        But we both know that testing our superior Pharma Tech on Lab Rat Goyim wont help us cleanse our racially pure Zio bodies so we stick to our own.

        It wont help your kind but as Bellers said earlier, you lot will have the Chinese knock offs at Poundland that may work. But as the nurses in A&E will tell you when you get there “dont hold your breath.”

    2. ?You mean the Israeli drugs that will cure me of the ‘JoooooFlu’ or the ‘Holocough’?

      1. Alright Mick.

        Dont get excited. It’s not for you. It doesn’t work on goyim and it knows when you’re pretending. Get yourself down to the Spar for your Chinese knock offs.

  97. To the ‘Bruce Levy’ (or whatever he/she/it is)

    The constant reference to the Nazis and Israel is the epitome of Antisemitic racist bigotry.

    The Nazis committed probably the most heinous crime in the annals of human history against the Jews; the beauracratic mass murders of Jews in human abbatoirs 9

    To try and accuse Israel, which has now come to represent the Jew in the world, is once again the absolute epitome of Antisemitic racist bigotry.

    Accusing Israel of such crimes whilst ignoring the absolutely awful crimes committed by other states such as Syria and and the Congo and China (Uighurs) etc. is again the epitome of crass Antisemitic racist bigotry

    And even if Israel does wrong, it is nowhere near the actions committed by the majority of the members of the United Nations; and yet you fail to compare these other countries to the Nazis.
    And why is that, other than the manifestation of Antisemitic racist bigotry by you

    But do keep on with your bigoted racist rhetoric, so that others can see it for what it is

    1. “Accusing Israel of such crimes whilst ignoring the absolutely awful crimes committed by other states such as Syria and and the Congo and China (Uighurs) etc. is again the epitome of crass Antisemitic racist bigotry ”

      Again a dishonest attempt to map antizionist to antisemitism.

      Israel is NOT the Jews, Richard. Most Jews prefer to live elsewhere. Most Jews would not support the racist moves that Israel is embarked on.

      How is criticising the Jewish/Muslim/Christian state of Israel described by yourself and Collier as anti-Semitic. Either you can …. or you’re telling lies.

      Which is it?

  98. Hey Dick, I’m Jewish – in fact 100% Kosher. Israel doesn’t represent me, nor the countless ever-growing number of Jews who don’t recognise that the racist, vile, neo-Nazi apartheid state represents us or our religion. Dick.

    1. Hey SHlTlerhead,

      You’re as Jewish as 72 Ham Sandwiches, your Grand Pooofti, or your namesake the Prophet of Satan who you call Mooooohammed.

      Happy Nakba! and Happy 75th Anniversary of the first marriage of your furher SHlTler!

  99. To the ‘Bruce Levy’ (or whatever he/she/it is)

    I neither questioned, or am interested in whether you are Jewish or not.

    If you took the time to read and understand my post, you would have seen that I am suggesting that you are are an Antisemetic racist bigot because of your constant invoking of the comparison between Jews/Israel and the Nazis.

    If you condemned the vast majority of countries on our planet that are far worse in their treatment of their citizens and others than Israel, then I would not call you a racist bigot.

    But as things stand, I can think of no better label than to call you what you are, an Antisemetic racist bigot (whether you are Jewish or not)

    1. Yet another deceiving parrot ….anti-Semitic … anti-Semitic … anti-Semitic … anti-Semitic …

      Totally meaningless these days.

      1. Yet another deceiving sow ….IsalmoFAUXbia … IsalmoFAUXbia …IsalmoFAUXbia … IsalmoFAUXbia … !!!

        Totally meaningless after 9/11, London’s 7/7, Boston Marathon, Pan Am 103, ISIS beheading videos, beheading of Lee Rigby, journalist Daniel Pearl, Pulse nightclub, Charlie Hebdo offices, Bataclan, Manchester arena, Rotherham rape gangs, Bastille Day truck attack in Nice France, Mumbai India massacre, Bali beach massacre, Madrid train bombing, DC Beltway snipers (john Moooooooohammed was executed for his crimes), 1993 truck bombing of the WTC, London and Westminster bridge rammings and stabbings of pedestrians, threats of 9/11 scale attacks on the UK, ….

        Easter Sunday 2019 massacre in Sri Lanka,…

  100. Collier tweets “One of the most basic facts about Jews is that the overwhelming majority of them (90%+) are Zionists and hold Israel as a key part of their Jewish identity.”

    David has always has never been able to define Zionism in any of these blogs yet says 90%+ of Jews adhere to it.

    But David … what IS Zionism. Come out of the shadows …. define it.

  101. Hey Dick, you forgot to add ‘IMHO’. Who are you to define what is antisemitic and what’s not. Your kind is too quick and too careless judging others.

    And David, you tweet the overwhelming number of Jews are Zionist?! Are you kidding me?! Are you for real?! Have you been drinking too much Passover wine?! If anything, more and more people who identify as Jews are ashamed of and disassociating themselves both from apartheid Israel and the hateful and racist political doctrine of Zionism.

    When it’s published, both of you NEED to PURCHASE and READ my new book; ‘Those ‘effin (((Zios)))’.

    1. Islamofascists can’t defeat a bunch of JOOOOZ?

      WWMS – What Would Moooooohammed Say?

      Maybe WHAT A NAKBA!

        1. Michael, this is the 11th outing of this slogan on this thread and the 11th time I’ve had to remind you. Most people in England prefer the Tories. That’s why they won and their rivals didn’t .

          I imagine that this must be pretty obvious to you and anyone else. I don’t mind you doing The Repetitious Response tactic. Just pick one that is more likely to be relevant.

          Anyway, nearly at the 500 mark. A bit more bollox from you and the lads this weekend and we’re there.

          1. “Most people in England prefer the Tories.”

            Most Jews prefer NOT to live in Israel or the PT ….. Collier included.

            1. Sharmuta,

              Most Irish prefer NOT to live in Ireland.

              Most so-called “palestinians” prefer NOT to live in “palestine” AKA Jordan.

            2. Michael, responding to accusations if sloganeering with another slogan. You’ve invented the Doubke Repetition Tactic.

              And is so doing take the Bollox-ometer up to 499. I’ll forgive one of your wanky slogans to bring up the 500 if needs be.

  102. ‘Report in to antisemitism in Labour Party concludes that Jeremy Corbyn and senior leadership WERE STITCHED UP’
    What a surprise.
    Wonder what those ZioNazi, apartheid-loving, lying, land-grabbing, murdering, child-killing, law-breaking, apartheid road building, water poisoning, thieving, religion-stealing, terrorist, slimy Zio bastards say now?

      1. Nakba? That reminds me.

        No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.

        Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only fights Labour

  103. To the ‘Bruce Levy’, (whoever he/she/it is)

    The Dorset Eye.
    The world’s most read news rag.
    And the report was an internal Labour Party inquiry
    You are truly scraping the barrel there

    And your continuous comparison between Jews/Israelis/Zionists is still the same Antisemitic racist bigotry.

    Trying to compare Israel and Jews to the Nazis who mass murdered six million Jews in gas chambers and mass graves is the epitome of Antisemitic racist bigotry, which seems to be your stock in trade

    Still waiting for you to say whether your Beth Springfield Shul is the same as the one featured in the Simpsons.

    1. “comparison between Jews/Israelis/Zionists”

      Richard, they are all different entities. Concentrate.

      Six million Jews? Seventeen million people died in the Holocaust yet you mention only Jews.

      You make Bruce’s point for him.

      Richard, if you are against racist bigotry why do you support the author of this blog, and Israel?

    2. To the Dick Richard

      Apartheid Israel is a carbon copy of Nazi Germany. The only thing different are its symbols.

      The biggest antisemites are your kind who associate one of the most evil, vilest and most satanic countries on Earth with Judaism. You help promote antisemitism by supporting the apartheid state and this blog.

      Zionists such as yourself claim crimes against humanity are permitted in the name of Judaism. How sick is that?

      Dick Richard, I don’t think you’re even mentally capable of understanding the differences between Zionism and Judaism.

      As for the details of Temple Beth Springfield, keep waiting Zio bastard.

  104. Collier, who lauds Israel as the greatest place in the world(yet remains in his London sewer) accuses Corbyn of being “a terrorist supporting antisemite “.

    Another of his lies.

    I remind him that Israel has several times appointed Jewish terrorists with blood on their hands as leaders of that state.

    Living off lies, untruths and hypocrisies …. Collier.

  105. From the National Anthem of Israel …

    “As long as in the heart, within,
    The soul of a Jew still yearns,
    And onward, towards the ends of the east,
    an eye still gazes toward Zion;”

    Now tell me again the Zionist rulers want inclusion with their fellow Arab citizens when there is no mention of them in the lyrics, no updating of the lyrics to reflect that Israel is a Jewish/Muslim/ Christian etc.state.

    Given that Israel’s Nation Law denies Nationhood to all but its Jewish citizens it’s just an another example of Jewish-Israeli determination to follow its racist ideals.

  106. To the ‘Bruce Levy’ (whoever he/she/it may be)

    Your mindless rants and personal invective directed at me serve to confirm both your inability to enter into intelligent debate and your ignorance of historical facts

    And is the Beth Springfield Shul that you claim membership of the same as the one featured in the Simpsons

    1. Alright Mick,

      You’re “Bruce” shtick has helped us sail through the 500 mark. Between you and Michael this Panto could run and run.

      Keep this up much longer and Bellers will he back as himself. I’m missing the copy/pastes of incidental yids from 2007. Can you mass oblige,

  107. Another glorious morning in the Jewish State and another day of wonderful panto activism from the going-on 600 Club.

    After yesterdays poor showing The Resistance must be realising that if you want your enemies eliminating you get a ZioNazi, apartheid-loving, lying, land-grabbing, murdering, child-killing, law-breaking, apartheid road building, water poisoning, thieving, religion-stealing, terrorist, slimy Zio bastard to do it.

    We’re really effective at it.

    Bella Ciao.

  108. “My name *only* appears 44 times in the Labour Party report on antisemitism. I feel neglected.” – preens Collier.

    What? Only 44 examples of your smears, lies and fantasies.

    You’re so obsessed with Jeremy Corbyn you must have smeared him with lies many more times than that from your London sewer.

      1. So was Hitler, Ian.

        17 million wasn’t it? The minority of them Jewish.

        Counts for little.

  109. David, some daft bird on your Twitter feed; a regular bollox-basher, just accused you of complicity in the sabotage of her party. You must be extraordinarily proud.

    Note: the tweeter, one Carol, may or may not be a Michael Farmer persona. Similar panto style.

    1. Chicken Licken Collier fantasises “a real risk for Jewish people fighting #antisemitism”.

      No doubt all UK Jews will be dead by tea-time, Ian.

    2. Gnasher too tweets about someone, ” he can’t differentiate from anti-Israel views & antisemitism”

      Thing is they’re two separate things But that’s David, surely. He’s never got it right.

  110. Shlomo #CorbynWasRight

    So Ken Livingstone was suspended for comments that offended Jewish people

    Tom Watson delayed the expulsion to make Corbyn look bad & make Corbyn look Anti-Semitic

    In other words Tom Watson used Jewish people as a football to hit Corbyn with.

    1. Michael, pay attention

      In comment 483 above, I suggested that rather than whining all the time with your perpetual sour grapes, just do better activism. Another 15-20 years of the same slogans will be soul destroying for you.

  111. Yep, David’s Tories are trying to supply sufficient equipment to those on the front line. Still, it’s the thought that counts.

    Very trying.

  112. WHY PEOPLE HATE JEWS* (*though IMHO, these vermin aren’t ‘Jews’, but cult members):

    In Jew York recently, despite a ban on social gatherings, there have been numerous large funerals consisting of SEVERAL HUNDRED Hasidim held for ‘Rabbis’ (Lol) who died of Covid-19 in violation of state social distancing guidelines.

    The funerals sparked a massive police response who tried to break up the crowds by using sirens and blaring social distancing messages from tannoy systems. Young Hasidim who were argumentative and hostile called the police who tried to break up the gathering “Nazis” (what a surprise) and refused to obey instructions (another surprise).

    These Jooooos think they have a right to be a law unto themselves and jeopardise the safety of others (sound familiar?).

    On the positive side, if these Hasidim keep gathering like that, those funerals will be happening a lot more often.

    Meanwhile, coronavirus is spreading in Hasidim neighbourhoods like wildfire and local hospitals are inundated with them.

    How right is that?

    1. Alright Mick

      Well, we’re into the 520s now and I’m guessing that that the only people bored enough to be still reading this toss are the usual 4 or 5 suspects.

      Michael is wedded to his 4 slogans so I don’t see much to entertain me there and the various Bellers personae have been furloughed for now. So it’s on you son. What’ve you got for me in the “Levy” Locker today? I warn you, I’m a stern ZioNazi who will be bringing all my apartheid-loving, lying, land-grabbing, murdering, child-killing, law-breaking, apartheid road building, water poisoning, thieving, religion-stealing, terrorist, slimy Zio bastard critique to the table.

      Let’s play “I’m Beth Springfield – Guess the Goy I shagged.” Go on, you go first………..

  113. Er, David. 75 years ago there wasn’t an ‘Eretz Israel’. Jewish terrorists were busy in sunny Palestine attacking those who had fought against Hitler and who had liberated the said Belsen.

  114. Who stops funding WHO in a pandemic? David’s hero Donald Trump, that’s who.

    1. Michael, what are you still doing here? The Panto has moved on and they’re all waiting for your slogans over the road. Mick’s all on his tod doing his “Bruce” routine and has even had to do some of your lines for you. Help the poor twat out for heavens sake.

  115. David Collier
    I am a proud Jewish Zionist.
    I fight against fake news and those that spread lies about Jews, Zionism & Israel.

    Those that hate me do so because they want to spread fake news and lies about Jews, Zionism and Israel.

    If you are not with me, you are on the wrong side of this.


    1) You’ve NEVER been able to define to me what Zionism is, David.

    2) It is yourself that posts fake news, you’ve done it for years now.

    3) Those that ‘hate’ you can’t stomach the outright lies, deception and vitriol that you spew against those that have done more for the UK Jews than you yourself have ever done. You have vilified Jews that do not follow your pro-Israel propaganda and steadfastly refused to ‘research’ any antisemitism in those UK parties that are currently appeasing Israel and its flouting of International Law and the Geneva Conventions.

    You only ‘research'(slur) those that seek a fair solution to the Palestine problem as shown here ..

  116. “endless vile abuse”

    Yep, that’s all that David has posted on this blog….. all to benefit racist Israel.

    1. Just popped over to lock up this one Michael. Why are you still sat here in the dark chuntering to yourself?

      Old Mick is on his tod doing his Bruce routine next door and is having to do all your lines as well. David has demoted me to janitor now with a huge pay cut so I’m going to have to ask you to drink up and leave now, please. All your slogans will be waiting for you next door.

  117. “Within hours of the UN vote on partition of the Palestine Mandate – some Arabs starting murdering Jews.” – Collier

    Meanwhile, for months before that Jews had been murdering and raping Arabs as they ethnically cleansed hundreds of thousands from their villages.

  118. Collier now tweets “The #labourreport explicitly whitewashes Jeremy Corbyn’s activity in the toxic antisemitic FB group Palestine Live.”

    Some years ago Collier blogged that Corbyn was an ‘active member’ of a ‘secret’ FB anti-Semitic facebook group, Palestine LIve.

    On the blog he produced a collection antiIsrael, antizionist posts labelling them ‘anti-Semitic(Collier constantly dishonestly maps antizionism to Antisemitism i.e. lying) Only a small minority of the posts were indeed anti-Semitic, but when has Collier ever been interested in truth or facts.
    Corbyn had been joined to the group by an existing member and only used the group tp post support for another member on one occasion

    Collier was unable to present any anti-Semitic content from Corbyn himself, but that’s never stopped rabble-rousing Collier from blogging his deceit.

  119. David.
    Menachem Begin and Itzhak Shamir were Jewish terrorists weren’t they. Israel elected them as PMs.

    Corbyn has never been a terrorist.

    Isn’t Corbyn less a terrorist supporter than Israel …. or yourself?

  120. The Palestinians who live under Israel’s occupation are a people bereft of rights. For decades, their existence has been governed by the arbitrary whims of their occupiers. They cannot vote for the government that controls every aspect of their lives. They have no army to defend themselves. They do not control the borders of their own territory, or their ability to travel abroad, or even how long it will take them to get to the nearest Palestinian town – if even allowed to do so.
    They also have no recourse to justice through Israel’s legal mechanisms. Israeli prosecutors and judges process Palestinians in the occupied territories through a “justice system” that delivers an almost 100 percent conviction rate. At the same time, this system works to ensure impunity for Israeli security forces who kill, abuse or torture them.

  121. The Holocaust didn’t just happen to Jews.

    At this time we must remember the other 11 million that are all too often wiped from memory, as are other examples of mass slaughter that have happened through the centuries.

    Remember the past of course, but not at cost to the more important present.

  122. Collier tweets – “6 candles have been placed at the monument at #Auschwitz II-Birkenau that commemorates the victims of the German Nazi concentration and extermination camp.”

    Any of those candles to commemorate those, other than Jews that perished in the camp? …. the Poles, the Roma , the Russian prisoners of war ……. or only the Jews?

    Shouldn’t there be 17 candles lit?

  123. An article in the Jewish Chronicle states that “Yasser Arafat is the grandfather of modern terrorism”

    But we know that dishonour is being fought over by the ghosts of Jewish terrorists Ben Gurion, Menachem Begin and Itzhak Shamir.

  124. Here we are, back on an older blog. Why was the newer one withdrawn? Libelling Jeremy again?

    Anyway, Collier tweets -stop “payng their families the reward if they are killed”(terrorists)

    Given that Israel breaches the Geneva Conventions by bulldozing the family home look on it as rightful compensation for Israel’s crime.

    David would see innocent families without a home. Nasty. Evil. Zionist!

  125. Collier tweets – “If a Palestinian murders an Israeli he gets *rewarded* by the Palestinian leadership.
    He gets a salary for life
    The more Israelis he kills the more he gets
    If he dies -his family gets the reward.

    We do. The EU does”

    We fund it? No you don’t Collier. Those that pay you to write poison and slurs fund it! …. and the impoverished innocent family of any murdered by Israel aren’t left destitute. David would see them starve.

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