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The crypto currency that ridicules and trades on the Holocaust

Some things are too sickening to digest properly, and I can rarely remember being as horrified by an item as I was whilst researching this. Some things cannot be unseen. This exclusive is about a new Crypto currency that turns the Holocaust into a sick trading joke.

I am neither pretending to be an expert in crypto-currency nor do you need a working knowledge of crypto-currencies to understand the issue. Some things are clearly sick on sight.

The Holocaust as a crypto currency

This crypto currency was brought to my attention by Jonathan Finberg – who originally contact Jewish Human Rights Watch. It is called ‘Holocoin‘. Incredibly, it gives you the option to buy or sell Jews. The website asks the trader clearly – ‘will you save them, or let them burn’:


crypto-currency 2

With the website burning Jews ‘at the rate of 4,107 each day’, (the website claims this is equivalent to the rate at which Jews were slaughtered in the Holocaust), a ‘by-product’ is created – ash. It is therefore also possible to buy ‘ash’ – the remains of the Jews they have burnt:


There is no denial here. Nor open glorification. To excuse themselves, the founders claim the crypto-currency is educational. They are pretending to care.

The new crypto currency

The website, ‘’ was only purchased on April 2nd. The site is registered and hosted by the Canadian internet service company Tucows. The Twitter handle appears to have been set up in the last week. The only Tweet so far is a proud announcement that the crypto-currency has been listed on the ForkDelta exchange. Holocoin started trading just a week ago. For those that understand or want to – it is an ‘ERC-20‘ token, which means it is designed for use on the Ethereum platform (a ‘competitor’ to Bitcoin).

There appear to have been hundreds of trades in the past week. At the time of writing, there are 208 accounts holding the currency.

The two founders have the usernames ‘Smaug Hitler’ and ’30YearOldHimmler’:

There is a reddit article they used to promote themselves, which provides a link to their community on the social media site ‘Discord’ The community currently has 153 members. Here is an example of a trade:

Crypto-currency 3 A crypto currency that burns Jews

The user -Smaug Hitler -burned 4107 Jews on 12/4 at 17:43. A link to this transaction is available online.

Two separate crypto-currency reviewers have seen and written about the ‘Holocoin’. One on the 6th April and another on the 7th. Neither of the reviewers are sure whether the currency is a serious attempt at Holocaust education or a joke of the worst kind. They obviously don’t live on the same planet as I do and clearly did not do any research. Reading through the Discord comments is more than enlightening. The founders knew exactly what they were doing.  They had created a crypto currency they could not market on social media and that would only appeal to ‘edgy right wing folk’ (That’s neo-Nazi to us ordinary folk):

They claim this is their first attempt at creating a coin. And of course there are the giveaways. The comment that ‘for the sake of this project, they are not denying the Holocaust’: This means that they can’t mock the Holocaust and use it as a way to make money if they openly say it never happened. Holocaust denial is something to joke about:


Burning Jews, buying ash. Welcome to 21st century Jew-hate. Sometimes, there is no need for 1000s words to explain how horrific -or innovative some of the antisemitism online is.



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151 thoughts on “The crypto currency that ridicules and trades on the Holocaust

  1. I’m sure the Zios would have no qualms about accepting the Holocoin to fund their war crimes.
    There are many parasites who make their living off the back of the Holocaust.
    Where’s your sense of outrage against Elie Wiesel, Simon Wiesenthal and Abe Foxman?
    I heard that Holocaust porn is quite a thing in the apartheid state.

    1. You, “Sir”, are definitely one of those sick individuals who are blinded by sheer hatred, without any knowledge of history and reality …

    2. Elie Wiesel was a FRAUD, but died wealthy though. Made his living off the Holocaust. Didn’t even have a tattoo! I believe there was also a song about this.

  2. This concept, this idea they are trying to sell is so totally bizarre that I’m still trying to get my head around it

    The names and terms play on historical events, and make fun of mass murders and racial bigotry. Trouble is that this appeals to some

    Odd. Will be interesting to see other comments on this

  3. I did forget that we do have the ‘Bruce Levy’s’ (whoever he/she/it is) of this world who claim to be one thing while rubbishing the mass murders of Jews on an industrial scale, and invoking the ‘Blood Libel’ that Jews use the blood of non-Jews in baking the Passover Matza (kosher law requires Jews to remove all traces of blood from food before it can be consumed)

    1. This “Bruce Levy” is lower than dirt on the bottom of my shoe. While he whinges about Israel and supposed apartheid, he makes false claims against the only Jewish state. Methinks this is due to his hatred of Jews and using anything he can against Jews. Seriously, bringing up Elie Wiesel, et al in light of a clearly anti-Semitic bitcoin shit? And then twisting things by claiming it will be used by Zionists? That is some messed up thinking. Seek help, Bruce. Something happened to you when your parents dragged you up.

      1. Don’t fret Zandra. He’s not real. He was fingered by one of his disenchanted mates a few articles back. He’s actually a little man called Mick who does those weird pickets on UK streets armed with a decorator’s table and few badges and some old dears who like the company of a weekend.

        This shtick is his stock in trade where being in The Resistance means writing any old bollox to get a rise out of a few touchy yids.

        I like his presence here. It entirely validates David’s efforts and keeps a focus on the nutcases of his kind that still live in our world. For further reference on nutjobs, keep an eye out for my good friend Michael Farmer.

        1. Kay, you’re wrong. Again. Btw, decorator’s tables went out ages ago. It’s all digital now.

          As for you “Zandra” personal insults only confirm what kind of person you are, your intellect and the weakness of your argument.

          Again, Israel is NOT a Jewish state. Every crime against humanity that apartheid Israel commits goes against the tenets of Judaism. Kay has a problem comprehending that too.

          Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray.

          1. You are just a hypocrite Bruce, you criticize Zandra for throwing personal insults then go and throw an insult about his intellect back. Your use of the hijacked word ‘apartheid’ shows that you belong to that very small and insignificant group who attack Israel in order to express their own rabid antisemitism and hatred of Jews. Why are you suggesting that Israel is something other than a Jewish state? go on spit it out man we are all dying to know why, in your eyes, it is not. We all want to know why in your eyes, the Balfour Declaration of 1917, the San Remo conference of 1920 and UN resolution 181 in 1947 did not take place in your own history book, if not then what did take place then? Of course it is the Jewish State it was created as a shelter for the 850,000 Persian Jews, the Jews of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya Syria Trans Jordan and Egypt who were being persecuted by the 22 Arab countries formed at the break up of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the 1st world war. What better place to create the modern day Jewish state than the historical homeland of the twelve tribes of Israel. Spouting your lies changes nothing as history is already written one can only make history by recognising that events did happen and living together in the peace that everyone living there deserves.

            1. Neil, If our Mick wants to do his “Bruce” shtick here, set his CAPLOCKs to stun and scream that my country is not the Jewish state until he is sick all over his BDS T shirt, it is to be encouraged.

              Isolation days are long days and I need entertaining until Fauda re-starts.

            2. The only good Zionist is …. well you get the picture. 6 feet under. Such a stellar record of oppression, genocide and deaths of so many.

              1. Alright Mick.

                You’ve really put a shift in with the old activism on this one. Must have narked you boychik. It’s still not exactly Baader Meinhoff is it? But I suppose that bearing in mind your limitations it’s as much as we can expect.

                Are you ready for a go at our new Isolation game “Beth Springfield. Goyim I have shagged.” ?

                I’d say being a friend but Bellers said they’re all dead. Ah well. Just you and me kiddo.

            3. ” Why are you suggesting that Israel is something other than a Jewish state?”

              It is a Jewish majority state.

              It is a Jewish/Muslim/Christian etc. state.

              Balfour states ‘His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.’

              As this states, a National home IN Palestine, which Jews now have, though some insist that it gave ALL of Palestine to them. Clearly not.

              A National home was presumably at that time not seen as the racial endeavour that it is viewed as today, where non-Jews are denied its statehood, not seen by its PM as being a part of the state. Israel cannot now claim to be ‘the only democracy in the ME’. It clearly is not now a democracy since the introduction of the racist Nation Law.

              I note that you mention “850,000 Persian Jews, the Jews of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya Syria Trans Jordan and Egypt who were being persecuted “.

              There is much hasbara broadcast on how these Jews were ethnically cleansed from MENA. countries.
              Truth be told the vast majority of them emigrated to the new state of Israel persuaded and assisted by Mossad and many Zionist groups working in those countries.
              Many of the MENA countries were loath to see them leave, some even forbidding them to leave, this happened years after the Nakba where large numbers of Arabs were driven from their destroyed villages as Jewish militia murdered and raped.

              At least tell a true story, Neil.

              1. Mike your response is typically concealing the truth
                You say “Many of the MENA countries were loath to see them leave, some even forbidding them to leave”

                Absolute tosh, how can you insult people’s intelligence and claim it is hasbara? is that why Jews in Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Syria, and Yemen (Aden) were persecuted?
                is that why their property and belongings were confiscated? is that why they were subjected to severe anti-Jewish riots instigated by those governments?
                In Iraq, Zionism was actually made a capital crime. In Syria, anti-Jewish pogroms erupted in Aleppo and the government froze all Jewish bank accounts. In Egypt, bombs were detonated in the Jewish quarter, killing dozens. In Algeria, anti-Jewish decrees were swiftly instituted and in Yemen, bloody pogroms led to the death of many Jews. Those who were brave or foolish enough to stay still had to pay ‘Jizya’ just to stop them being harrassed, although you are correct some did leave of their own accord, but what choice did they have when all the above were denied them?
                Many like my mother-in-law were lucky to get out alive, she and thirteen of her family escaped from Casablanca to Israel, however a couple of her family did not make it out of Morroco alive. You give the impression of being TFOAK, but you are not because you only read or remember what sits comfortably with your own narrative.
                If the Nation State Law was such a big issue, why was there not peace before it was written and even before Netanyahu?
                Why do the two governing bodies within Gaza, Judea and Samaria still to this day have written into their constitutions their determination to totally eliminate Israel? It was recreated to be the nation state of the Jewish people but rather than be apartheid they include, accept and live with people of ALL religions. How many Arab countires can you say that about? Very very few indeed 16 of them deny entry to Jews. THAT IS INDEED THE TRUTH

                1. In March 1950 Iraq reversed their earlier ban on Jewish emigration to Israel and passed a law of one-year duration allowing Jews to emigrate on the condition of relinquishing their Iraqi citizenship. According to Abbas Shiblak, many scholars state that this was a result of British, American and Israeli political pressure on Tawfiq al-Suwaidi’s government, with some studies suggesting there were secret negotiations. According to Ian Black, the Iraqi government was motivated by “economic considerations, chief of which was that almost all the property of departing Jews reverted to the state treasury” and also that “Jews were seen as a restive and potentially troublesome minority that the country was best rid of.” Israel mounted an operation called “Operation Ezra and Nehemiah” to bring as many of the Iraqi Jews as possible to Israel.

                  Hardly ethnic cleansing from Iraq, Neil. Mossad wanted, persuaded and assisted Jews to leave for Israel.

                  1. Says Mike quietly ignoring the racist policies of the other 16 Arab states, give me a break. Call it what you want racism or antisemitism, but the fact remains, Arabs hate Jews, Arabs are brought up to hate Jews they are educated to hate Jews, throughout history Jews have been oppressed and murdered which is why there are only 15 million in the whole wide world, yet there are 1.8 billion Muslims, but still that superiority of numbers is not sufficient for them to let their foot off the pedal of oppression whilst Jews are living, winning all the Nobel Prizes, inventing the most amazing devices, becoming the 5th most technologically advanced country in the world whilst the Arab world just sits and dictates the price of crude oil to the rest of the world and winges about the Jews.

  4. Sir, I would like to invest in Holocoin – much more ethical than Israeli bonds. Can you please tell me how to go about it. Thank you.

  5. I don’t expect to see Muck Framer (who goes by the pseudonym Mike Farmer) on this thread unless he decides that his one-note “Jews are not Zionists” pablum somehow relates to this story. Muck is stupid and he is tiresome but unlike Brutes, he doesn’t regret never being allowed to give Himmler analingus.

    1. Hi, Ben.

      All Zionists are not Jewish.

      All Jews are not Zionists.

      Therefore Antizionism CANNOT BE Antisemitism.

  6. Shalom David

    Empty supermarket shelves
    Long checkout queues
    Rationing and shortages of food
    Most businesses closed, many for good
    Hardly any cars/lorries on the roads
    Major rail and air transport disruptions
    Nation’s supply chain in disarray
    NHS unable to cope with the number of patients
    Mass unemployment
    Police forcibly keeping people off the streets
    Religious and other large gatherings banned

    Did Jeremy Corbyn win the election?



    1. David reckons it’s good that Boris is in charge.

      Not sure the min.wage care home employees without PPE would agree.

    1. Pal-e-SLIME accepts NAKBAcoin donations.

      Happy Nakba Moooooohammed!

      BTW, we’re coming up on the 75th anniversary of your fuhrer SHlTlers blowing his brains out in a Berlin spiderhole AND the Unconditional Surrender of SHlTler’s Turd Reich.

      What a Nakba!

        1. Bruce Moooooohammed,

          I’ll raise you 20 Mega Tons and 10,000C in Tehran if the US or Israel suffer a WMD attack.

          Happy Nakba Piglet!

          1. Trailer Trash Ted, during these uncertain times, I’d like to offer you a job shoveling ash with the Am Yisrael Chai Ash Disposal Company.

            1. Bruce Moooooooooohammed,

              2020 being the 75th Anniversary of your furher SHlTler’s First Marriage, and coincidentally his Death Day, I wish you and yours …

              a Happy Nakba!

              P.S. Send my regards to Arafart, Khomeni, Solemani, Bag Daddy, Saddaam. 🙂

              P.P.S. Best Wishes from the IDF and IAF too!

    2. Brutes, earlier in this thread I wrote that you regretted never being able to lick Heinrich Himmler’s asshole. I have to admit I got this wrong: what I should have written, and am now writing as a correction, is that you regretted being able to perform analingus on Martin Bormann and Joseph Goebbels. I deeply apologize for my earlier error. Have a great end of Passover, you subhuman troll.

        1. Pearls of wisdom from a true asshole. And I stand by everything I wrote. You’re that much of a vomit-filled broken toilet Brutes.

  7. To the ‘Bruce Levy’ (whoever he/she/it is)

    You are continuing the time honoured tradition favoured by Antisemitic racist bigots who have been spent centuries calling for the deaths of Jews

    You claim to be Jewish, yet call for the deaths of Jews

    And you reference the ‘Blood Libel’ which claims that Jews use the blood of non-Jews for the Passover Matza, while ignoring the fact that Jewish kosher law prohibits the religious Jews from consuming blood of any sort. Is that ignorance or just Antisemitic racist bigotry on your part

    And back to the eternal question; is the Beth Springfield Shul you claim to be a member of the same as the Beth Springfield Shul that featured in the Simpsons

  8. To the ‘Dick’ Richard

    Not all Zios are Jews, just like not all Jews are Zionists. In fact, many non-Jewish Zionists are anti-Semitic.

    Our Shul newsletter is called ‘Blood n Matzo.’ Tough if you have problem with that.

    As for details of Temple Beth Springfield, our website is

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray. Dick.

  9. To the ‘Bruce Levy’ (whoever he/she/it is)

    Who do you pray to?
    By your intemperate language ad hominem personal insult, is it not perchance to satan

    1. To the ‘Dick’ Richard

      No. Satan is the god of Zionists who watches over and guides the actions of the apartheid state.


      1. Satan is the prophet of Fascist Iran, Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, Ham ASS, Hezbola, Muslim Brotherhood, NOI and the Fascist LaBOOR Party’s Jeremy Corbin.

        That’s why LaBOOR lost in the last elections. People don’t like Corbin or his Rascist Pro-Islamofascist LaBOOR Party.

        Happy Nakba! 🙂

  10. Q: “What have you done to expose antisemitism in the Tory Party? Over to you David…”

    A: Crickets.

    1. Alright Mick,

      Are you using your “Bruce” routine to keep Michael’s side of the bed warm?

      You’re using all his slogans.

  11. To the ‘Bruce Levy’ (whoever he/she/it is)

    If you are so interested in Antisemitism in the Tory party, why don’t you research it?

    Methinks a task like that would be beyond your capabilities ⁸

    1. Q: “What have you done to expose antisemitism in the Tory Party? Over to you David…”

      A: Crickets

      1. Alright Mick.

        Are you using your joke “Bruce” shtick to say that cricket is antisemitic?

        I’ll have you know that there is a very active cricket league in Israel and lots of the guys that play it are from India. That doesn’t sound antisemitic to me. What have you heard?

        1. Crickets definition: Noun 1. plural form of cricket 2. (Slang, humorous or derisive) Absolute silence; no communication. Derived from the cinematic metaphor of chirping …

      2. “Bruce Levy” (Bruce Lee)??? But I thought you were Mick Napier, convicted of harassment of a Jewish businessman in Scotland?
        Heart warming to see you’re not having to schlep your old bones round the cold streets any more and have finally got to grips with the Internet! Although as an “educator” I would have thought that was a given.
        Even more heartwarming to know that Israel will thrive and prosper long after you’ve gasped your last bigoted slogan. Must be a joy to know at your age that your life’s “work” has been utterly pointless.
        Am Yisrael Chai.

        For everyone interested here is the man himself –

        1. Yes Barbara, our Mick was outed here a while back, fittingly by friendly fire from one of his own. Says it all really.

          His banter is rubbish but the daft booby does entertain me and this is a valuable commodity during the long days of isolation.

          1. Ah, I see.
            I don’t often visit the comments here anymore as I’m tired/bored/sick of the laddish banter that surrounds some truly sickening material. And now that I know that Bruce really is spittle-flecked hate monger Mick Napier then I guess I have even less reason to visit the comments section.
            Guys: stop feeding the trolls please. They will still be allowed to post as it’s David’s thing, but it’s beginning to look like you’re all in love with each other.
            David, respect. Your work is stunning. ?

            1. Sorry Barbara. Guilty as charged and if David tells me to bugger off I will do so with good grace.

              Truth be told I rarely get as much personal amusement and enjoyment as I do taking the piss out of Mick and old Michael Farmer. Isolation days are long days and they are such easy targets.

              1. Oh dear! Take up baking instead? I find that kneading challah is great therapy. Obviously, I too would like to punch Napier’s ratty little face in but he’s not worth it, as they say.

                  1. You are an unhinged and violent person ‘Bruce Mooooohammed’ – typical Pro-Islamofascist.

                    75th anniversary Brucie on April 30 and May 8th.

                    Happy Nakba! 🙂

            2. David’s work is nideed stunning. He’s stunned his supporters so much they just swallow his lies wholesale, you included it seems.

  12. Ah bless. Just nipped next door to see if I left my car keys at the previous blog and Michael is still sat there on his tod mumbling some slogans to himself. Poor sod.

  13. Speaking of car keys, I gotta find mine because soon I’ll be off to a BOYCOTT ISRAEL AND SAY ‘YES’ TO BDS motorcade around town.

    1. Alright Mick,

      Seriously, you can drop the “Bruce” shtick now that everyone know it’s you.

      Are you doing your big demo on Zoom with all the old dears? Here’s the new chant.

      “To Zio Goods, we say Fuck Off
      But not if they can cure my cough !!”


      1. Incredible Kay. According to ‘your kind,’ Zio’s were responsible for winning the first world war, winning the second world war, liberating the concentration camps, the atomic bomb, inventing the automobile, computers, television, the mobile phone, space travel, rock n roll, sending a man to the moon, the internet, drugs that cure every known disease, etc…etc…etc… What bull?!

        The only thing ‘your kind’ do is make the world a worse place to live.

        1. Alright Mick.

          “Incredible Kay” I like that. Cheers.

          You are right we did all those things, obviously. That’s why we’re the chosen people. We get to live our lives in our own country and you get to live your life bleating and whining about it. Fair deal I’d say.

          1. in·cred·i·ble (ĭn-krĕd′ə-bəl)
            1. So implausible as to elicit disbelief


  14. STOP PRESS! The JC reports the BoD and CAA are demanding that Labour denounces and expels the anti-Semitic, Jew-hating virus Covid-19.

    1. You’d think these bossy-boots wish to rule the world, not just the political parties.

  15. To the ‘Bruce Levy’ (whoever he/she/it is)

    I see that they have recognized your name change and are calling for your expulsion (couldn’t resist that)

  16. To the ‘Bruce Levy’ (whoever he/she/it is)

    If you want research into Tory Antisemitism, you do it

    Why should David research anything at your behest if you are to incompetent and/or ignorant to do it yourself

  17. To the ‘Bruce Levy’ (whoever he/she/it is)

    That reminds me that you are to incompetent and/or ignorant to do your own research

    And back to the eternal question; is the Beth Springfield Shul that you claim to be a member of the same as the one featured in the Simpsons.
    We’ve susussed and exposed you for the fraud you are.

  18. To repeat: “Bruce Levy” is Mick Napier, chairman of the SPSC, convicted of harassment of a Jewish businessman in Scotland and Press TV YouTube rentagob. He routinely calls for the destruction of Jews on this forum and imagines he can get round any hate crime laws by referring to us as “Zios”, which I believe is now accurately recognised as the offensive term that it is. Avoid him. He’s toxic waste in human form and outstandingly inadequate.

      1. Your mask slipped TESCO Harve. Betcha the rickshaw business is pretty quiet nowadays. Maybe you’ll end up as another ‘scrounger’ or you might get lucky and catch the JoooFlu Holocough.

            1. Happy Snack Bar to you Ted.
              Apart from being related to The Poison Dwarf Levy, have you had relations with him Ted?

  19. Whenever I reply or comment on the ‘Bruce Levy’ it’s not to address whoever he/she/it is, rather it is addressed to any others who may be viewing the blog

    ‘Bruce Levy’ (whoever he/she/it is) is a purveyor of hate and intolerance, and some of the comments need an explanation as to why they are so offensive to anyone who may not understand issues such as the ‘Blood Libel’ etc.

  20. Interesting
    Thanks for that

    I often wonder how someone can hold such animus towards others because they disagree with them. What breeds such hatred that they can call for the deaths and destruction of an idea and a reality because they hold different beliefs

    Intolerance comes in many shapes and sizes; but it still amazes me

  21. Tory Councillor and former Lord Mayor of Portsmouth bakes swastika hot cross buns.
    Where’s your sense of outrage? Imagine if it were a Labour councillor? Where’s the CAA and BoD? Why aren’t they calling for his expulsion? Where are the Zionist blog posts denouncing this Jew-hating antisemite? Where are the demonstrations?

    Over to you David….


    1. Alright Mick.

      So are you saying cricket is or isn’t racist? In your posts above you couldn’t decide. Now you’re telling David that he should be investigating. Are you blowing the whistle on the whole of the cricket establishment or just certain clubs.

      I can tell you now that the Israeli Cricket League is clean as a whistle. The President is Indian, the Secretary, Sri Lankan and Board made up of Brits, an Aussie and a Bangladeshi. So it’s well able to defend itself against your silly remarks.

      You’re on a sticky wicket here son, so you better have something to back this up or you’ll find yourself being trapped by your own googleys.

      1. Thought it would warm your hearts knowing that the BOYCOTT ISRAEL SAY ‘YES’ TO BDS motorcade was a success. Dozens of cars. Congregants were waving at us and gave us the thumbs up when we we drove past several synagogues (unfortunately not Beth Springfield). Even the Rabbi of one shul came out to greet us and offered us biscuits.

        Kay – pay attention: CRICKETS: (Slang, humorous or derisive) Absolute silence; no communication. Derived from the cinematic metaphor of chirping crickets at night, signaling (otherwise) complete quiet.


        1. Alright Mick,

          So are you now saying that BDS is anti-cricket? Were they the ones that tried unsuccessfully to stop Haslingden Cricket Club from touring here? Sir Clive Lloyd used to be their professional you know. Sounds a bit racist don’t you think?

          1. Kay, you’ve been inside too long. Go out for a walk and discover East Jerusalem. Damascus Gate area.

            LOVE JEWS, HATE ZIOS.

            1. Alright Mick.

              Funny you mentioning Jerusalem in the context of antisemitism in cricket. Did you know that legendary pace bowler Fred Truman mentions our capital in his autobiography. Apparently old ‘Fiery Fred’ discovered that he was actually born of a Jewish mother but adopted and brought up a Christian. He said that he was very keen to visit on the condition that he didn’t have to give up his bacon butties. Another Jewish cricket legend Dr. Ali Bacher offered to give him a guided tour although it is not reported whether that included the Damascus Gate.

              Is your BDS crowd now coming out against Fred Truman (RIP) ? Shameful.

  22. “Mercy does not abandon those who are left behind. Now, while we are thinking of a slow and tiring recovery from the pandemic, this danger insinuates itself: to forget who is left behind. The risk is that we are hit by an even worse virus, that of indifferent selfishness It is transmitted starting from the idea that life improves if it is better for me, that everything will be fine if it is good for me “

  23. Mr Collier, I shall be glad to answer any questions your readers have about Covid-19.

    1. Dr Memegle, Do Jewish people have a special gene that protects them from COVID-19?

      1. No. Current research doesn’t support an ‘immune gene’ theory.
        If you’re overweight, have cardiac issues or generally live an unhealthy life, you are at risk. People who have diabetes and high blood pressure are at risk. If you are a pensioner, you are at risk since the body’s immune system is weaker in old age. Certain ethnic groups are also at risk due to socioeconomic reasons.
        Some tips: Wash your hands frequently and carefully, avoid putting your hands near your face, don’t share personal items, avoid personal contact, avoid shaking hands or cuddling (for now), eat healthy, get some exercise, sufficient rest and keep a positive mental state of mind. And don’t forget to wear a face covering and gloves when possible.
        Be healthy!

    1. my my; a play on spelling
      Memgle to Mengle

      Mengle had the blood of hundreds of thousands on his hands.
      And on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day you invoke the memory of a mass murderer to try score political points

      You are sick
      You are obscene

  24. The so-called ‘Holocaust Rembrance Day’ is an exercise in hasbara
    There were many genocides throughout history and some still ongoing. Why does it seem that the 1933-45 Holocaust is the only one worthy of remembrance?

    1. As I often tell old Michael (still chuntering to himself in the dark over at the last article), “other Holocausts are available”.

  25. If you we not so stuck up your own arse and living in the dark you would have actually attended one in the UK and would know that other genocides are always included but then you are too much of a bigot to accept the truth.

    1. Maybe they don’t have them – as with so much else like a congregation, Rabbi, Ark, etc etc- at his imaginary Shul?

        1. Why would Barbara, who unlike you isn’t an infected genital boil, take the plunge into whoring when the field is already filled so capably by the mother, sister, cousins, and grandmas of Brutes Levy?

  26. Partook in a webinar with YadvShem yesterday on the Holocaust
    Half way through a massive swatstica on a red background with the words ‘kill the Jews’ and ‘gas the Jews’ appeared.
    The hosts cleared this in a second and carried on as if nothing had happened.

    Remarkably, when I saw the swatstica and all, the first thing that crossed my mind was the images of Bruce Levy comments.
    Methinks that says a lot

    1. Hey Einstein, I know you’re intellectually stunted, but at least learn how to correctly spell Swastika.

      1. Oh, don’t be so hard on someone for spelling. The other day I was trying to spell out “pus-infested bag of shit” and I ended up spelling it “Brutes Levy”. O the humanity!

  27. To the ‘Bruce Levy ‘ (whoever he/she/it is ‘

    Yes. The Holocaust is a genocide; but it’s a different type of genocide to any other genocide. That doesn’t diminish the disgusting savagery and barbarity that are other genocides.

    The Holocaust was the first genocide that was undertaken as an industrial slaughter carried out by bureaucrats using human abbatoirs.

    I realise that this is a concept that will escape the minds of Antisemitic racist bigots, but there you have it

    I thought of you while partaking in a webinar on the Holocaust with YadvShem, when hackers placed a swatstica on a red background with the words ‘kill the Jews’ and ‘gas the Jews’.
    It was so you with your Antisemitic racist bigotry that is apparent in your comments

    1. Jewish lives are no more or less valuable than Gentile ones.

      Because you’re so thick, I’ll repeat that:

      People like you who believe in Jewish supremacy, help promote antisemitism.

  28. To the ‘Bruce Levy’ (whoever he/she/it is)

    It took you much to long to criticise the spelling.
    Little things amuse little minds.

    No nasty comments on the Antisemitism on display on the hacking of the YadvShem webinar. You’re letting us all down

    1. If the event was recorded, I’ll grab some popcorn, soda, sweets and enjoy the recording later.

  29. my my my dear bruce Levy (whoever you may be)

    Lots of capital letters and general insults.
    Did you read my post, or do you juswt wildly assume whatever it is that you imagine.

    At no point did I try to demean or lower the status of anyone; that is your forte.
    What I did say was the Holocaust was a one off; an event that thankfully has not been repeated.
    The Holocaust was the first genocide that was an industrial and bureaucratic mass murder; it was preplanned in far noff offices and executed in the field by workers as opposed to all other genocides that have been more or less spontaneous than planned.

    So let us see how you can mangle and twist this to become a meaningless rant against those you differ from and/or hate

  30. Why are you asking yourself that question? Have you fallen out with your other persona?

        1. There’s probably much you can’t remember about the past four years, David.

          But as Judy says, if you don’t tell lies then you don’t need a good memory.

  31. Thinking about the original theme of this article today.

    75 years ago the Jew haters’ weapons of choice were knives and guns and gas and they did some damage. Today, it’s a a few half arsed words of provocation on social media and a boycott of things until they’re actually needed.

    Looking out on my brilliant country as the sirens sounded at 11.00 it is obvious to us all. We won and this is what our victory looks like.

    Am Yisrael Chai.

    1. Your ‘victory’ is a pyrrhic one.

      There were many genocides throughout history and some still ongoing. Why does it seem that the 1933-45 Holocaust is the only one worthy of remembrance?

      Yom Hashoah as well as antisemitism, is exploited by apartheid Israel as an exercise in ‘Hasbara.’

      The (Israeli) documentary film, ‘Defamation’ clearly proces the case in point.

      On this day of Zionist propaganda, it’s worth checking out on YouTube.

      1. Alright Mick. As I said above, we have our country. You have your keyboard. We have our victory. You have………some heckling.

        Seems about right..

  32. Good morning (it’s morning here in the U.S.)! I hope everyone on this board is staying safe and healthy, with the exceptions of Mike “Muck Framer” Farmer and Bruce “Brutes” Levy. I wanted to post a sort of Intro to Trolls for this site, as an overview for the 99% of readers/posters on this board who aren’t pieces of shit. Here we go:
    1. Muck Framer is, like a piano that’s been blasted with a shotgun, one note: he repeats that Zionism and Judaism are not the same thing in order to Naturei Karta his credentials. He’s a bore and a monomaniac but he’s nowhere near as vile as…
    2. Bruce Levy. Ugh. Put it this way: Brutes (my unkind nickname for him) has the kind of logical thinking where he A) loves Nazis, B) hates Zionists, and C) gets confused as to how bad Nazis are because he can’t favorably compare them to Zionists. Was never a smart poster but has devolved considerably, going from long lists of demands for the dismantling of UK Jewry to screaming at legitimate posters to kill themselves.
    3. Sigerico. Genuine Nazi but less resilient than Brutes. Not prolific. Easily put down.
    4. Stephen Bellamy. No comment.
    No need to worry about any of these losers, but they’re honestly fun to take the piss out of.

  33. I shall be pleased to answer any questions about Covid-19.

    Remember to wash your hands frequently and carefully, avoid putting your hands near your face, don’t share personal items, avoid personal contact, avoid shaking hands, eat healthy, get some exercise, sufficient rest and keep a positive mental state of mind.

    And don’t forget to wear a face covering and gloves, when possible, in public.

    1. Dear Dr. Joe.
      My question for you is not about COVID-19, but about one of our ‘posters’.
      We have on this site a ‘poster’ who signs in as “Bruce Levy”.
      As you can see from the content of his ‘posts’ ‘Mr.’ Levy is a particularly repugnant, egotistical, noxious creature.
      If you look at a photo of ‘Mr’ Levy I posted, in a link from a local newspaper, you will notice that ‘Mr’ Levy is a Dwarf.

      My question to you is. Are ‘Mr’ Levy’s multiple, and severe, personality disorders caused by his being a Dwarf or is it just a coincidence?

      1. There are worse things than being short of stature. German Ludwig van Beethoven the greatest ever German Composer who did more to move music into a different world was also small of stature.

        Some folk are born Zionist, another severe personality disorder.

        1. Farmer try to read my post, and the points in it, instead of rushing blindly into defending your soul mate The Poison Dwarf.

          Some people may well be born Zionist, and a lot are persuaded to support Zionism by the antics and posts put out by clowns like you.

          1. I was ‘rushing’ to defend those of small stature, except of course the two ‘Poison Dwarves’ Jewish terrorists Begin and Shamir, no doubt David’s terrorist heroes.

            1. “I was ‘rushing’ to defend those of small stature, except of course the two ‘Poison Dwarves’ Jewish terrorists Begin and Shamir, no doubt David’s terrorist heroes.”

              But including those well known, fun loving short-arses;
              Franco 5′ 4″
              Kim Jong-il 5′ 3″,
              and never forgetting Genghis Khan 5′ 1″.

              1. Farmer, by the way I am NOT linking the above three with The Poison Dwarf Levy.

                The above three ALL had/have at least one redeeming feature.

          2. Gerald, you retard. These are the REAL poison dwarfs:

            Yitzhak Shamir – Height: 5’0

            Ariel Sharon – Height: 5’3

            David Ben-Gurion – Height: 5’0

              1. Gerald, shall I ask Dr Memegle if he could perform a lobotomy on you? Or has that already been done?

                1. “Dr.” Joe is a product of your warped and infantile mind.
                  Sadly for The Poison Dwarf it is not as clever as it imagines itself to be.

      2. Gerald, I don’t know this person, but I’m worried about you. It sounds as if you’re projecting your traits and inadequacies onto others which how some people cope with stress. I would suggest you practice meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques and find a hobby to keep you occupied during this quarantine.

        1. Dear Dr. Joe,

          try answering the points and question raised in my post.
          I am waiting.

          1. My advice is to concentrate less on others and more on yourself.

            That’s all the advice I can offer you Gerald.

            Dr Memegle

            1. I did NOT request advice.
              I asked for your medical opinion on whether or not there is a connection between The Poison Dwarf Levy’s diminutive stature and his multiple, and severe personality disorders.

              Clearly you are not qualified to give a medical opinion.
              Where, exactly, do you claim to have qualified in medicine?

              1. By the way, Dr. Joe you do realize that it is a criminal offence in Great Britain to claim to be a Doctor if you are not qualified.

                1. Medical Act 1983,
                  “Any person who wilfully and falsely pretends to be or uses the name or title of physician, doctor of medicine, licentiate in medicine and surgery, bachelor of medicine, surgeon, general practitioner or apothecary, or any name, title, addition or description implying that he is registered under any provision of this Act, or that he is recognised by law as a physician or surgeon or licentiate in medicine and surgery or a practitioner in medicine or an apothecary, shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale’ ”

                  I shall enjoy The Poison Dwarf spending time behind bars, where it clearly and justifiably belongs.

                    1. Farmer I doubt that the situation you describe is covered by the Medical Act 1983, or the Fraud Act 2006.

                      Would you like to stop making yourself look even more ridiculous than normal?

                      You really are embarrassing yourself and the cause you claim to support, by your puerile attempts to support The Poison Dwarf Levy.

                    2. Was posting on the subject of deception, Gerald. Sorry to have disturbed you.

                      You are disturbed. No?

                    3. No, Farmer you don’t disturb me.
                      Feel free to carry on making up your own subjects that have no relevance to the content of my, or other people’s, posts.

  34. Also in every Muslim country, including both Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, the Quran are written into law as the guideline for their constitutions

  35. And each one a towering giant in comparison to you and your petty little intellect.

    And as a bonus, we must not forget your petulant Antisemitic racist bigotry

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