BUSTED – Hamas linked propaganda unit interfering in UK election

Hamas and pro-Hamas outlets are conducting an online campaign to help Jeremy Corbyn win the election. A Hamas propaganda outfit deploys armies of trolls to attack Jewish campaigners fighting antisemitism, they support Corbyn online, help to create pro-Corbyn trends and vote for him in online polls.

Take the account, KhamakarPress. They have a website, with contains a link to join a WhatsApp group. When you join the WhatsApp group, other numbers in the group become visible. Several carry the 972 59 country and area code – including the group admin. 972 is Israel. 059 is the code explicitly reserved for Jawwal, a Palestinian mobile network.

gaza hamas propaganda

The admin of the group is Wafa Aludaini, a propagandist from Gaza. Aludaini’s FB page is connected with 100s of key anti-Israel activists in Europe and the US.

The website’s European HQ seems to be in Holland and it is linked to an Islamic Organisation there. The Dutch Islamic website even defended a Salafi school that was closed due to links to terrorism.  The KhamakarPress Facebook page is run by Henny A.J. Kreeft. He is a Dutch convert to Islam and has penned antisemitic articles about the ‘Jewish empire.’ He co-founded a political ‘Muslim Party‘ in 2007.

When you follow Khamakar Press, you soon realise that they are connected to massive anti-Israel initiatives. Take the ‘Palestine Ambassador’ website. It is a website set up to train anti-Israel activists. Another connection is the 16th October Facebook group – an anti-Israel propaganda outlet. All run by those who run Khamakar Press. The 16th October group claims it is unit of ‘Aithoraya Institute for media and communication.’

corbyn hamas propagandaWhatever it is, ‘AlThoraya’ is official. Remember, 16th October is run by the same Aludaini that is the admin of the WhatsApp group.

Hamas propaganda  – Al Thoraya

The Althoraya website is in Arabic. They have a section on ‘media and communication’ which is run by none other than Wafa Aludaini. The aim of the unit is to train people to be anti-Israel propagandists.

corbyn hamas propaganda

And here we run into serious trouble.  On the studies and research page, the website informs us that it was headed by Hoda Naem, a Hamas official and deputy on the legislative council. A Hamas MP was running this website. This is a not just a Gazan propaganda outlet it is linked explicitly to Hamas. When they wanted the website updated, they used the same person who updated an official government ministry website.

The Facebook page is run by Ibrahim Abu Naja:

corbyn hamas propaganda

Everyone involved in this outfit studied at the Islamic University of Gaza, which has been described as a prime method through which Hamas converts Palestinians to its cause. One of those currently running the research unit is Suzan Ziyada. This is her account:

hamas propaganda

This specialised propaganda unit has Hamas written all over it. If this is not a Hamas propaganda outfit – why was a Hamas MP running it?

Khamakar and Jeremy Corbyn

What does this account run from Gaza do – it actually gives ‘missions’. Such as voting for Jeremy Corbyn in a poll over who won the leaders debate:

Or telling people to retweet and like Jewish Voice for Labour articles.

The JVL Tweet received over 2000 retweets. Evolve politics over 6000. Corbyn won the poll above with 93% of the vote.

An example of an order to attack

Take this tweet. Gnasherjew had posted a viral video of Jeremy Corbyn, So had I. The order went out from Gaza to target our tweets. ‘Mission 2a’:

hamas propaganda

The instruction to target the tweets is given, along with 3 suggested phrases for the disrupting accounts to use. I need to introduce another two suggested responses suggested by the ‘mission’ account at the same time:

Agents were given 5 suggested responses:

  • Jeremy Corbyn is a supporter of Palestinian human rights
  • Israel is an Apartheid state. Israel has murdered 42,000 Palestinians since 1967
  • I stand with Jeremy Corbyn
  • This is a smear campaign to smear anti racists as racists
  • There is no evidence of Jeremy Corbyn’s alleged antisemitism

They are even told not to copy and paste to reduce the evidence. This is Gazan interference in our elections, run by what seems to be a Hamas propaganda outfit. So what happened?

The Hamas propaganda attack

The response was overwhelming and immediate. These are all individual accounts, some posted on both tweets:

Rabosh is an account that was created in December 2019.

Another account from December 2019:

And another:

The same came from Kikiprince (created November 2019). Ruba (June 2019) managed two lines.

Rua went for the 42,000 Palestinians:

Dadoo (July 2019):

Lara (November 2019):

One with an Arabic name created in July 2019:

hamas propaganda

Wessam created November 2019:

Baka created August 2019:

Aya – (August 2019):

Four in row here Roba Shama (March 2019 ), Roba Waleed (October 2019), Viva Palestine (November 2019) and Justice for Palestine (May 2019 )

hamas propaganda

Two more. Nour Palestine (created November 2019) and Sarah Ahmed (December 2019):

There were more – all these also replied using one or more of the suggested responses:

  1. Sarah Adam (created November 2019)
  2. Jesse NR (November 2019)
  3. Another Arabic account ( Dec 2019)
  4. Amany Ahmad (Nov 2019)
  5. Islam (Nov 2019)
  6. Deema Waleed (March 2019)
  7. Araw SH (Sept 2019)
  8. Roro (Oct 2019)
  9. Arabic account (Nov 2019)
  10. Barak H – says they’re from the US (Aug 2019)
  11. Raneen GH (Feb 2019)
  12. Haneen GH (Aug 2019)
  13. Nada GH (Nov 2019)
  14. Kathy Zyach (Nov 2019)
  15. Helen US98 – also suggesting from US – (created March 2019)
  16. Arabic account (Nov 2019)
  17. Haneenghassan98 (Nov 2018)
  18. Noura Ayyad (Nov 2019)
  19. Etidal (Aug 2019)
  20. Arabic account (Nov 2019)
  21. Carlos Florse (July 2019)
  22. Robrob (Oct 2019)
  23. Ruby Kan (Oct 2019)
  24. Gaza (August 2019)
  25. Palestine (Aug 2019)
  26. A Palestine (Aug 2019)
  27. Maram Elhelou (Sep 2019)
  28. Toto (Oct 2019)
  29. Aya_Gaza (Nov 2019)
  30. Nema (Nov 2019)
  31. Whitesand (Nov 2019)
  32. Arabic account (Dec 2019)
  33. Noorelhuda (Nov 2019)
  34. Angham (Sep 2019)
  35. Falestine (Nov 2019)
  36. Freedom (Dec 2019)
  37. Mohammed Tamer (Dec 2019)
  38. Shimaa (Nov 2019)
  39. Arabic account (Nov 2019)
  40. Adam (Nov 2019)
  41. Jakooo (Nov 2019)
  42. Shireen Hamouda (August 2019)

Which reaches at least sixty accounts that appear to have followed instructions from a Gaza based propaganda account with clear ties to Hamas. These agents explicitly targeted Jewish accounts fighting antisemitism and deliberately promoted Jeremy Corbyn, through the use of simple repetItive comments and careful use of hashtags.

Sharing material

These 60 accounts are just those caught from a single tweet. How many others are there – how many control accounts giving out missions? The way social media works, especially through the repetitive use of names and hashtags, impacts on how other see issues.

These accounts don’t just spread the good word about Jeremy Corbyn using hashtags. They are told to share material. There are endless retweets of all of the anti-Israel websites, with a special focus on the UK and US. Everything from Jewish Voice for Labour to Ilhan Omar.

hamas propaganda

Hamas propaganda targets

These agents are used to dog-pile artists who are going to Israel. Iron maiden, Celine Dion and Amorphis have all been targeted:

And they’re told what to say:

America is a target too.  This Hamas linked outfit is directing people to ‘show the love’ for Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib:

The UK is the main focus

Currently the UK is the main focus and the knowledge of who to target and who to share is scarily accurate. This is clearly a two-way relationship. How would someone in Gaza know to promote the Canary or Jewish Voice for Labour unless someone here was telling them? Put alongside other known connections such as Walid Abu Rouk and it begins to appear like a widescale coordinated Hamas campaign to help Jeremy Corbyn win the election – that receives information from the UK about who to target and who to promote. How would Hamas based propaganda outfits know to attack Joseph from the Israel Advocacy movement?

As if British Jews didn’t have enough problems already – now we are targeted by Hamas. When British Jewish activists post anything negative about Jeremy Corbyn we are instantly targeted. When pro-Corbyn accounts post something positive it gets quickly promoted and shared. Nothing is as it seems. Pro-Corbyn hashtags soon become trends – others see pro-Corbyn hashtags trending and are influenced. This is terrifying stuff. There is clearly a Dutch influence but the WhatsApp group contains the Gaza activists and it is all led by a man who runs the media control unit for an official outlet that is linked to Hamas. 60 accounts targeted a single tweet – almost all of them accounts created in the last 2 months- explicitly to fight in the UK general election. This is direct interference in UK elections by a radical Islamic terror group. In his hour of greatest need – Jeremy Corbyn’s friends seem to have come to his aid.



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    1. From Sussex Friends Of Israel
      7 hrs

      ‪From the river (Thames) to the (North) sea, ‬
      ‪Britain is going to be Corbyn free! ‬


  1. But we’re told that Comrade Corbyn has spent his life fighting antisemitism. Why would he align with Arab terrorists that are committed to annihilating Israel and all the Jews in it?

    Bruce, Michael, is this another cunning smear by Pretend Hamas to make old Jezzer look bad?

    1. Oh no – I don’t get to go to the palace. The problem is Stephen, truth be told – you don’t dislike me at all – you just wish I was batting for the nasty team.

  2. Your kind David wants to work outside the democratic system and destroy the UK by promoting a Tory government, or you are are a sadist and get pleasure out of libeling and destroying people’s lives and careers with distortes lies, or are seeking to earn a crust from your writing – or possibly all three.

    1. Bruce, what do you mean by “your kind”? You mean Jews! You are into Jewish conspiracy theories – and just for kicks, like Stephen, you troll Jews who stand up to antisemites.

      Prove that David is guilty of libelling! Prove that this article is based on lies.

      Of course, you can’t!

      You can’t stand a Jew standing up to antisemitic liars & haters!

      Perhaps we could ask a lawyer to contact you about your comments – I know a good one, rather busy, who is suing antisemites for their abuse.

      Care to leave your address?

      1. “I know a good one, rather busy, who is suing antisemites for their abuse.”???

        Going to test the ludicrous IHRA definition is he, Jen?

        Can’t wait ….. love a laugh.

        “Prove that David is guilty of libelling!”??

        Does ‘J en Zion’ actually believe that which Collier writes? You poor gullible thing.

      2. J en Zion, your kind always attempts to stifle and distort the truth.
        FYI, the Malicious Communication Act is null and void outside the borders of the UK, which is why Trailer Trash Ted gets away with his vile Islamophobic comments.

    2. Such frustration there Bruce. But you have to admit that David is on top of his game. Your favourite Domina has been de-selected. Your antisemitic text books have been re-called, your leftists allies in the UK are in meltdown and your constant whining about my kind and the Jewish State have come to nothing.

      Shame. Maybe you and Hamas can say Kaddish for Comrade Corbyn’s career.

    3. He wants to tell the truth, you want to–as you so non-literately put it–distortes lies. That’s who David is, and that’s who you are. You’ll post hundreds of bullshit troll-bleatings but nothing’s going to change that equation Brutes.

    4. Levy, you are a disgrace. David Collier is a brave and principled journalist, turning over stones to reveal the scum lurking in ghd slime beneath.

      1. “principled journalist”??!?

        Lol. Journalist? Hilarious. He’s a bs shoveller….. no more.

  3. It seems that Collier tweets “Jewish students protested Labour antisemitism at a Corbyn visit to Bristol today. Not only did local labour supporters counter-protest, but accused them of occupying Palestine and Kashmir. Police were called.”

    Translation : ‘At a Labour Party rally with Jeremy Corbyn a group of young Zionists attempted to disrupt the meeting in Bristol today.
    This naive rent-a-mob were confronted by local Labour supporters who reminded them of crimes that Israel visiting on the Palestinian population currently under Israel’s heel.’

    The police were already there at the rally to control the expected crowd.

    Local Bristol News carries no mention whatsoever of any trouble at the rally.

    More imagined rantings from Collier in his lucrative smearing of the Labour Party.

    1. Michael, writing reviews on books you’ve never read again and travel guides for places you’ve never been. Tut tut.

    2. I hit the nail on the head as evidenced by the sudden appearance of all the cockroaches who are likely all pseudonyms of Collier’s.
      “Brave and principaled journalist?”
      Are you for real? Anyone who stifles free speech, libels those who criticise the ZioNazi apartheid state and seeks to destroy people’s reputations is the lowest of the lowest of the low.
      And the funny thing is, Collier complains vociferously when people attack him in print and physically.
      Just like Richard ‘He touched me’ Millett.

      1. Sadly for Terrorist KoraNazis

        (HamASS, Hezbola, Al Qada, ISSI, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Shabab, Islamic Jihad, IslamoFascist Iran) …

        the Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2 or Khaybar.


      2. Ah Brucie… I do love it when an abusive troll no other website would tolerate comes to my website and in the middle of a vile personal attack accuses me of amongst other things ‘stifling free speech’.
        You are not even trying to be taken seriously.

          1. Mike the right to free speech does not encompass the right to be listened to. I for one have never blocked anyone on Twitter but that’s because I am too nosey

          2. Sharmuta get her panties in a bind over Twitter, but NOT over Islamofacists stabbing people to death on London bridge.

        1. When you stayed “I do love it when an abusive troll no other website would tolerate…” I thought you were referring to Trailer Trash Ted.

          Maybe I stand corrected on that hecause the only other website that would tolerate Trailer Trash Ted are right-wing ZioNazi extremist hatesites.

          Davy, when was the last time you offered to post a guest blog by JVL, Tony Greenstein, or one of the many fine pro-Palestine journalists? You won’t because you’re afraid of publicising their logic concerning apartheid Israel’s persecution and genocide of Palestinians.

          And then there’s the matter of those you silenced by blocking on Twitter…

          Checkmate ♔

          1. Brutes has reached the final level of Palsabra insanity: he has literally become too stupid to talk to.

  4. The award for Zio Activist of the Month for December goes to Michael.

    Thanks to his new “Collier tweets..” feature which links readers to David’s Twitter feed, that account has gained 1843 more followers in the last 4 weeks.

    Your prize is a copy of The Eternal Jewish State by Sid Applebaum and signed by the author.

  5. Excellent expose David. The British Corbynite scum who are helping the genocidal Hamas are the new fascists. You dont’t just find Nazis on the right!

      1. Bruce, will you be joining Michael as his ‘plus one’ at the Award Ceremony. I would advise against you bringing Maitresse Corvid as your escort for the evening. There is a very strict door policy that expressly prohibits entry to Marxist, antisemite sex workers from the former colonies.

        How you manage your own entry is entirely your own affair.

        1. Though I have the highest regard for Michael and wish him well, I’m afraid I’m unable to attend because my stomach can’t cope with the vile stink of all your people in the room.

          1. That, my contrary, colonial curmudgeon, is the sweet smell of victory; irritating the nostrils of antisemites since 1948. Take a deep breath and let it linger.

            1. Your kind is like pack of rabid Zio skunks Ian. The stink is of those who believe in oppression, violence and apartheid.

              As I earlier mentioned, it took several weeks to get the Zio stink out my clothing after I returned from apartheid Israel.

              My washing machine can only do so much.

              1. Cracking effort Bruce and certainly solid activism. All the main buzzwords on display and a brilliant central theme of the smell of opponents. You have achieved your full potential.

              2. > My washing machine can only do so much

                Go beat your stinky clothing on rocks – while you’re wearing them.

  6. Good morning !!!!

    Your daily intro to the truth ftom Davids bestie Honathan Scoffman

    Replying to
    Because Labour antisemitism is mostly about Israel
    8:57 am · 10 Dec 2019·Twitter Web App

    1. And yet Bellers, Trot tarts get de-selected, antisemitic text books get withdrawn, Jew hating political parties get rumbled and nut-job opponents run out of steam and fall by the wayside.

      I do agree with you on one thing though. The only way you’ll prove that this was a useful activist tactic is to outlive David.

      If you fail on that, at least you’ll have Bruce to say Kaddish for you.

      1. Outlive. Ian if I quit today David would still have at least another nine years to serve

              1. I see. Been a fascinating tactic to watch over the last 7 or 8 years. On a par with Michaels ” Collier’s a liar.” and Bruces arrangements of the words “ZioNazi, Apartheid Israel, Genocidal, Oppressors, Your Kind and Domina Corvid.”

                Here’s to 5 more years.

  7. Collier has tweeted “The tweet below blames the Jews for the Holocaust and all the persecution they suffered – put out as a ‘human rights’ message on #HumanRightsDay – it will receive 100s of retweets

    Human rights activism has been poisoned with #antisemitism and they simply cannot see it.”

    Collier is a deceiver and a liar.

    The tweet that he references is truthful in saying that at largd Jewish communities lived peacefully in Arab countries.
    When Jewish militia attacked Arab communities in Palestine, destroying their villages, murdering and driving out their populations SOME Arab countries did indeed harass the Jewish community to leave. Mossad and the Zionist cult in those countries also urged thei community to flood to their new state founded in Palestine.

    What Collier doesn’t admit is that some of these Arab countries tried to persuade them to remain.

    But when has this serial hasbarist EVER put forward an honest blog?

    1. You’re really an active but brain-dead revisionist historian there Muck, since you combined lying about how Jews were treated in Arab countries AND didn’t get the timeline right for any Israeli-Arab clashes (plus, you don’t appear to know your pet Arabs started the 1948 war; then again, Muck being Muck, maybe you’re just lying about it). We both know David’s on point with his reporting, it just pisses you off that he’s a terrific writer and you’re a sub-moronic troll. Too damn bad for you.

  8. A vote for JIhad Corbyn and his Fascist Laboor Party is a vote for MORE Terrorism in the UK.

    See the recent London bridge stabbing, London’s 7/7 by British born Muslims, the London and Westminster bridge car ramming attacks, Pan Am 103, beheading of British soldier Lee Rigby, Islamists spitting on British soldiers in Luton, open threats of 9/11 scale attacks on the UK for not “respecting” Islam.

      1. Sharmuta, a Right-Wing Ultra Conservative “government” that calls itself

        HAM – ASS

        which pushes gays off rooftops
        executes suspected opponents and drags their bodies behind motorcycles
        uses children as human shields
        uses schools, mosques, hospitals as weapons depots and launch sites

  9. “We both know David’s on point with his reporting,”??!?

    You may think that but those that are informed know differently. You poor, ignorant sop.

    1. You cant out-inform our Michael. He has a book and everyfink. He told me that’s all he needs.

  10. Michael, you’ve changed the wording of your “Collier tweets..” feature, presumably in the belief that this will prevent further linking and therefore growth of David’s following. It won’t.

    In fact he has seen a 7.3% growth in coverage since you started this tactic, hence your award for services rendered this month.

    Good work.

  11. If by any chance Corbyn loses, especially by a slim margin, the UK will experience a sharp rise in antisemitic acts by people who confuse Zios with real Jews and blame them for Corbyn’s defeat coupled by years of repressive Tory policies.
    I truly hope those who don’t support Corbyn will think twice before voting.

    1. Well, David pretends to confuse Zionists with Jews.

      In reality (where he has never been) David smears and deceives on Israel’s behalf.

      No-one will be happier than David should true antisemitism break out as a result. His fiction come true.

    2. Dear piece of shit: It’s not a secret you’re a braindead moron and we will never be friends. So I’m going to say this in a manner simple enough for even you to understand: don’t you EVER threaten anyone on this board again with violence. EVER. If you’re stupid enough to do so again, I’ll try and succeed in getting your malignant troll ass and any trace of your noxious presence on this board erased from this blog permanently. Please have someone read this to you, assuming you can pay some grossed-out stranger enough to be near you for that long.

  12. Collier tweets “True story from ultra orthodox Jewish school today.

    Teacher, not Jewish in class on election – I’m voting @jeremycorbyn
    Student – so you don’t like me much
    Teacher – why
    Student – he’s an antisemite
    Teacher – he isn’t, the party is
    Student- so why vote for them
    Teacher – silence”

    Ignorant teacher … ignorant Student. True story? Lol.

    1. With any luck, Gerald will land, hard ( F = ma ), on you and your Islamofascist-phile Pals.

      Boris for the WIN!

      Jihad Corbyn for the NAKBA!

      1. Meanwhile Israeli troops jackboot their way on non-Israeli land as their state occupies, annexes and abusing all they meet.

        Echoes of the 1940s doñcha think?….. Judafascists

      2. Trailer Trash Ted I don’t know why, or care, you believe an election victory for the Conservative vermin will cause me to be greatly upset.
        The people who will be upset are the elderly, the young, the poor and the vulnerable.

        Those who expect a change in British Foreign policy in the Middle Eat will also be upset and greatly disappointed. Boris Johnson, apart from being a serial liar, is also incredibly lazy. He has been correctly described as “wanting to be something, but not wanting to do anything”.
        Foreign policy will remain firmly in the grip of the Foreign Office, so no change there.

        Even if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister the changes would only be cosmetic. Britain would probably recognise Palestine and vote more often against Israel, rather than abstain, at the UN. So no great change there either.

        When it comes to Britain’s Foreign policy in the Middle East whether it is Corbyn or Johnson makes little difference. The FCO will decide and carry out its own policy irrespective of who the Prime Minister is.

        1. Gerald, it is noted that you have joined Michael and Bruce in tabloid tagging as a tactic to demean contributors with whose opinions you disagree. Perfectly legitimate and common activist approach.

          In terms of a future UK government of either shade and its position on foreign aid the matter may no longer be in its own hands.


          I doubt that HM government will want to be tarred by association with this brush. You can imagine the reaction of either Starmer or Cox being told to go to battle to defend a charge of abetting war crimes with the construct “we didn’t realise, your honour” in light of Taylor Force and the recent decision of the Dutch government.

          Boris has already mooted the complete overhaul of the Foreign Aid policy. I imagine that your Marxists may do the same, although with a somewhat different emphasis.

          So, by all means play your silly name-calling games in a childish attempt to demean me, but do not deflect from the issue that is very real, as you well know. Do you concede that the UK government has given and may continue to give aid to the PA that is used to reward Arabs for killing Jews?

          1. Before you criticise anyone it would be a good idea if you realised there is a difference between the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, who have responsibility for Foreign Affairs, and the Department for International Development which has responsibility for overseas aid and development.

            Such a pity you wish to criticise when you clearly are unaware of what you are talking about, or what the content of my post refers to.

            As for an “attempt to demean you”, what a pompous little, self-important pipsqueak you are. You do not need anyone to demean you. You are more than capable of demeaning yourself and do so very often.
            Once again, when Nye Bevan originally used the term about Conservatives and vermin, many decade ago, I seriously doubt you were in his mind anymore than you are in mine.

              1. “The activist route it is for you then”
                As an activist is “a person campaigning for political change”
                Yes, and it has been my ‘route’ for more than the last 50 years and will be my ‘route’ until the political change I wish to see is achieved.

                The irony of you, a vile anti-Arab racist, using the International Criminal Court as a source is as close to being amusing as you will get.

                Refresh my memory when exactly did Israel ratify the Rome Statutes of the ICC?
                Or is it another body, like so many others, that you know ‘SweetFA’ about?

                1. I see. But I terms of my question, Do you concede that the UK government has given and may continue to give aid to the PA that is used to reward Arabs for killing Jews?

    2. Ben knows we’re correct.
      That’s why he’ll be voting Corbyn out of concern for himself and others.
      You’re doing the right thing Ben.

      1. I’ll put this so simply that even someone as brain-damaged as you can understand it: everyone under the age of 83 in the UK in 2019 had NEVER seen an election defeat as overwhelming as the one that poor ol Corbie richly earned.

  13. Bruce, you reckon Mistress Corvid will get her escort licence renewed when the Tories sweep up on the South Coast or will she be made to wait for a more sympathetic opening?

    As Tommy Robinson said “I wouldn’t pay to shag her with yours”.

  14. Why am I not surprised you’d be quoting Tommy Robinson Ian?

    Under a Corbyn government, Cllr Corvid would make an excellent MP who’d help teach you Zios a lesson you’d never forget.

    1. Bruce for clarification, when The Mistress teaches me her lesson does she accept payment via PayPal or is it cash only?

      And will you be leaving your mark in her box today?

    2. A Vote for the Fascist Socialist Laboor Party and its candidate Jihad Corbyn is…

      a Vote for Hezbola, ISIS, Al Qada, HamAss, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Jihad
      a Vote for Terrorism
      a Vote for 9/11
      a Vote for 7/7
      a Vote for attacks like the knife attack on London bridge
      a Vote for bombing passenger planes like Pan Am 103
      a Vote for beheading British soldiers (Lee Rigby) on the streets of London

  15. Another Collier tweet in support of the Likud party “Trying to stay jovial. The truth is, that along with my heroes like @GnasherJew and @LabourAgainstAS – I have been fighting rising antisemitism for 4 long years – I am tired, exhausted & full of unease. I can’t entertain the thought this country is voting in an antisemitic party.”

    More BS from the resident drama queen. He has been feigning antisemitism for 4 long years … lucrative ones.

    Tired and exhausted with touting for charity? Good job the snowflake doesn’t work for a living.

    Perhaps Collier, Gnasher and L_aas should enter for Miss Israel.

  16. Fantasist Collier tweets “Jeremy Corbyn-
    Supported the IRA,
    Called Hezbollah & Hamas his friends,
    Liked an antisemitic mural,
    Was racist to British Jews,
    Hugged terrorists,
    Turned @UKLabour into a racist party,
    Took money from Press TV”

    Spot the deliberate errors did you?

    Corbyn supported Sinn Fein, the IRA’s political wing, as Likud is the IDF’s political wing.

    Corbyn appreciated the anti-Oligarch mural.

    Held a meeting with the democratically elected gov. of Gaza.

    Chided two disruptive Zionists …. Collier misheard that they were Jews.

    Jeremy Corbyn’s only fault is his reticence to call out Collier’s infamous ‘Jewish Community’ for what they really are. An organised bunch of politically motivated Zionist propagandists afraid that the UK’s appeasement of Israel’s vile actions is at risk.

  17. “Collier tweets ” antisemite Marxist vermin slaughtered in UK elections.

    Being gracious and charitable in stunning victory Gerald, best of luck with your social media activism.

    (Smug self satisfied wink from the golf club bar)

    1. As you are being ‘gracious and charitable’, I will not mention that I have not used the term social media activism, but the correct definition of activist.
      I will also not mention that in your final sentence, you used the wrong vowel in ‘wink’ to describe your activities.

      1. I prefer my version of your activism Gerald. Safer for you to stick to social media as well. The real world isn’t going too well for you and the other trolls here is it.

        Anyway back to the golf club bar for me. Bit of serious celebrating to do. 5 more years of those verminous Tories supporting Jews and Israel. 5 more years of watching you and your mates bleating on about it with nothing to offer than some inverted commas and a spellchecker.

        Never mind.

        1. It is noted that you prefer your version of everything.
          Especially your version of the truth and facts. Such a pity that your version of everything is always at odds with reality. Probably why you have to resort to misquoting and attempting to twist other people’s posts.

          Anyway back to the Golf Club bar for you where you can belch out your anti-Arab racism and spurious allegations.

          1. Sure Gerald. How come you have never offered any remarks about UK foreign aid being used to support Arab murderers to kill Jews? Do you think about it or prefer to ignore it?

            1. I make it a policy, not to comment on allegations. Particularly when they are from dubious sources and belched out by a boring, racist, idiot who is clearly addled by alcohol.

              I believe the Americans refer to it as “fruit from a poisoned tree.”

              1. Your deflection is noted again.

                Do you consider it an allegation that there have been cases of Arab terrorists murdering Jews and Christian’s? Do you consider it an allegation that the Palestinian Authority pays stipends to people who murder Jews? Do you consider it an allegation that the UK gives aid to the Palestinian Authority? Do you consider it an allegation that the UK is aware of the existence of the so called “pay to slay” policy?

                Or is it more in line with your style of social media activism to name call rather than address issues?

                    1. That may very well be your assumption.
                      But, that does not mean you are correct.

                      Assumption is the process by which the uninformed and ignorant arrive at their conclusions, and consider them to be facts.

  18. A very bad night for Labour.
    To see traditional Labour Party strongholds fall, in the way they have, can only be described as a defeat.

    The candidate I voted for won her election, although with a reduced majority, so she is returned as the Labour MP for Newport West.

    The Labour Party has been here before, think back to the 1983 and 1987 elections, so it is a pity that they had not remembered the lessons from then. IF they learn the lessons again, then on a positive side those defeats laid the ground for the stunning Labour victory in 1997, with a Labour majority far bigger than Boris Johnson will achieve today.

    But, it will need a major clean-out of Corbyn, Milne and ALL their crew.
    I don’t believe anti-Semitism was a major factor in Labour’s defeat, Brexit was much more of a factor in the losses in the ‘Labour heartlands’.

    Whoever the next Labour leader is they have to remember that when it comes to anti-Semitism, or any form of discrimination they have to be like Caesar’s wife, they not only have to be above suspicion they have to be seen to be above suspicion.

    1. The Fascist Laboor party will find some other fascist commie to replace Corbyn.

      Another snaggle toothed, bearded, second-hand clothed, disheveled racist – like Corbyn, just a few years younger and more thoroughly brainwashed.

    2. It was Corbyn’s wish for a two-state solution that prompted the false antisemitism accusations.

      Zionists’ branding of Israel as the ‘Jewish State’ has led to criticism of it as somehow being an attack on the Jewish people and siezed upon by the falsehood peddlers such as Collier to convince the weak-minded that the accusations were true.

      Good to see that those who set fire to the Labour ship before jumping overboard are now without a job.

      Merry Christmas to all.

      1. Don’t be modest Michael. You played your part. All those “Collier tweets..” promoting David elsewhere and all the preposterous post from you here over the years showing the true face of antisemitism online. I reckon that you and ‘your kind’ did the Jews and Zionists in the UK a huge service and therefore all of us here in the Jewish State as well.

        You’re the new Rachel Riley.

      2. Stupid bitch, THANKS for helping Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party elected!

        Happy Nakba to All!

  19. This is priceless. Just when the Trots thought it couldn’t get any worse they get Comrade Livingstone on the telly blaming the defeat on the Jews!

      1. Dumb Bellamy, Don’t forget 5 years of Boris Johnson, the Conservatives, Brexit, rejection of Fascist Socialism and

        Hezbola, HamAss, IslamoFascist Iran AND the Kremlin crying bitter rivers of tears.

        1. Makes sense Ed. To Corbyn it was the weather, to McDonnell it was Brexit, to Ken it was the Jews so obviously to Bellers it was the wimmin.

          5 more years.

      2. Collier tweets “If you backed @jeremycorbyn even when his own MPs refused to. If you stood your ground as the terrorist ties and anti-Jewish racism came to light. If you hurled abuse at Jewish @uklabour MPs even as they shed their tears in parliament.

        you are responsible for the Tory victory.”

        I backed Jeremy Corbyn for his desire to end the foodbanks that have been a testament to Conservative meanness and policies.
        I backed Jeremy Corbyn for his pledge to tackle the homeless crisis.

        Too many people unthinkingly were swayed by lies and spin from a campaign group I can only refer to as ‘the Skewish Community’ who have for the past 4 years made personal attacks on a non-racist leader, led a dishonest witchhunt to prevent a Labour government. This scum has for the moment succeeded.
        At least the party can hold its head up high that it did not resort to the vilification of others that is the hallmark of the Colliers, the Gnashers and the fake men of God liars that have become political hit men.

        Amazing to read that Fiend of Israel Hodge has berated J.C. for the party having lost. It has been the intention of liars Hodge, Smeeth, Ryan et al. to prevent his success for years now.

        Another Liverpool win. 🙂

        1. I love reading the pissy bitterness and sour-grape ramblings of pathetic wastrels like Muck Framer. Sorry Muck but YOU. ARE. A. LOSER. You lost. You failed. And you have to live with that for a looooong time 🙂

    1. Farmer you are correct.
      Not many have noticed that for the first time the majority of the MPs elected in Northern Ireland are nationalists.
      With the surge in support for the Scottish National Party in Scotland, they now have 48 out of 59 MPs. I wonder which will happen first.
      Ireland re-united or Scottish Independence?

        1. Sharmuta, THANKS for helping elect Boris Johnson and the Tories!

          I see a BROMANCE between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump.

          Happy Brexit and Happy Nakba!

    2. Sharmuta, Two States NOT OK for Ireland? LOL!

      Thanks Sharmuta, for HELPING to DEFEAT Comrade Corbyn!

  20. I remind everyone of the words of the Polish patriot, Józef Piłsudski:

    “To be defeated and not give up, that is victory. To be victorious and rest on your laurels, that is defeat.”

    1. I remind Gerald of the words of great Polish vintner Perchik Palwin who famously said ” you can’t make wine from sour grapes”.

      1. Then, if he existed, he knew as much about wine as you know about International Aid and Development, SweetFA!

        1. Schmuck,

          A BIG – THANK YOU for your idiotic outburst which helped convince Laboor members to VOTE FOR BORIS JOHNSON!

          Happy Nakba to you and your fellow fascists!

          1. Trailer Trash Ted the reality is that the Labour candidate I voted for was re-elected.

            Has the Orange coloured buffoon in the White House been impeached yet, or is it this week?

      1. Same issue Bellers had there Gerald. When you copy/paste from YouTube, their programmatic servers play from the proximate list, a sort of shuffle. I dont know what you intended to post but I’m getting acts from Britain’s got talent and funny moments from Spanish football coverage.

        Try a straight paste of the URL after the tabloid tag next time or get the young lad next door to help you.

          1. Oh (insert unimaginative tabloid tag) Gerald. You’ve spent way too long doing your social media activism that you appear stuck in this ultra persona; all the cliched ad homs and rudeness. Of course, it is entirely possible that you’re actually like this in real life.

            Anyway, must dash. A cheeky snifter with the Lady Captain beckons, so I’ll leave you to your copy/pastes of Hugh Jackman show tunes and pretend Welshness.

  21. Collier tweets “As we approach Xmas & Palestinians start their ‘Christian friendly’ propaganda campaign – worth remembering there are 300% more Christians living in Israel than in the WB & Gaza. ”

    Collier omits that Gazan Christians are being forbidden fron leaving their prison to visit their holy places.

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