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The BBC can only find Christmas trees in ‘Palestine’

On 5th December, BBC Newsround published a page titled ‘Christmas trees from around the world.’ If the BBC take it down, the page is archived. It was published on their Newsround pages and is explicitly targeted at children. The item is intended to raise the Christmas spirit and brings images of impressive Christmas trees across the world. So far, so good.

Until you look at the page. I have a radar for anti-Israel activism and propaganda. To analyse articles and work out which ones are subtly twisted by a journalist who wants to weave their personal dislike of the Jewish state into the words on the page. On many occasions that bias is subtle and can even be expertly hidden. Rarely are these people caught with their trousers so firmly down around their ankles as with this particular BBC page. Outside of the world of a petty anti-Israel activist deliberately writing a piece of Palestinian propaganda fit for a Hamas PR unit – this BBC article makes absolutely no sense.

How many impressive Christmas trees are there in the world? The BBC webpage published 10 days ago managed to find seven. Just seven. The page hasn’t been updated since and there are still seven trees. The BBC found impressive trees in Vilnius, New York, Gaza, Prague, California, Ramallah, and Bethlehem.

BBC Christmas treesThree trees in PA/Hamas areas. Three. This is not education – this is blatant propaganda. Even the Arab outlet ‘Gulf News’ wouldn’t publish such a piece. They found other images from Dortmund, Strasbourg and the Vatican – cities with Christmas trees that for whatever reason – the BBC just couldn’t find.

Christmas in the PA /Hamas areas

Whatever initial motivations may have been behind the page are captured in the 7 trees that have been listed. I think it is clear that whoever wrote it did not start without the ‘Palestinian’ trees already in the hand – and those trees gave them the idea for the piece. In other words, it was deliberately written as a propaganda piece – and probably wouldn’t have been written if it had no pro-Palestinian value. You don’t go looking for Christmas trees around the world and accidently find 43% of them in Gaza, Ramallah and Bethlehem. The world is too big for that.

They even disgracefully use the name of ‘Palestine’ as a location. This piece was penned by someone who used the BBC for anti-Israel activism:

BBC Christmas Palestinian propaganda

The article is spectacularly twisted. Christmas in Gaza? There are just 1000 Christians left in Gaza – if that. Christians have been hounded out of Gaza for decades. Permitting Christmas to be celebrated publicly in Gaza today is no more today than a PR stunt for a radical Islamic terrorist group. Just last year a flyer was handed out warning Christians not to celebrate Christmas. There used to be a Christmas tree set up in a central Gaza Square, but that hasn’t happened since Hamas took control. Now, it is just at the YMCA a celebration takes place, an up-scale and prosperous part of Gaza City. In 2008 the library of the YMCA was attacked and bombed – with the gunmen asking the security guards, why they worked for ‘infidels’.

YMCA Gaza have not updated their website in 9 months. They didn’t even upload a report on this Christmas event. In fact, there last post is a February 2019 upload about Christmas 2018.

Christians flee

How about the others? On April 25, the ‘terrified residents of the Christian village of Jifna near Ramallah asked the PA to protect them after they were attacked by Muslim gunmen‘. Three days later it was the turn of the Anglican church in the village of Aboud, west of Ramallah. No suspects have been arrested. Churches in Bethlehem has been subjected to several attacks in the last few years, including a 2015 arson attack that left one badly damaged.

The Christian population in Gaza and the WB used to count for about 10% of the population, now it is about 2%. Like in much of the ME, Christianity in Gaza and the WB has been under Islamist attack, sometimes violent, and it has virtually wiped the religion out. Open Doors, an organisation that reports on persecuted Christians, and publishes reports – writes of ‘Islamic persecution‘ of Christians in PA controlled areas. Open Doors highlights that converts to Christianity are particularly at risk. The organisation has called what is occurring to Christians in many parts of the world as ‘Genocide’.

The Arabs deliberately push Christmas out because of the propaganda value. It reaches the west and it enters churches – where the image of poor Christians persecuted by Israelis is the story they can tell. If not for this value – then outside of Bethlehem there would be no trees. In Gaza? Really? What next – in 2020 will the BBC tell the story of how ISIS does Christmas?

Newsround when it isn’t Christmas

I quickly went looking for more on Newsround. Take this basic history.

“After World War II and the Holocaust in which six million Jewish people were killed, more Jewish people wanted their own country. They were given a large part of Palestine, which they considered their traditional home but the Arabs who already lived there and in neighbouring countries felt that was unfair and didn’t accept the new country. “

How absolutely vile. This is the disgraceful propaganda the BBC are feeding our children. Sweetened up further with images of Christmas trees in Hamas territory. I could ask writes this stuff – but I don’t need to. The real question is how does it ever get published? It is obscene that Palestinians use the Christians they persecute as a propaganda weapon in an anti-Israel brainwashing campaign – but it is unforgivable the BBC become willing accomplices. But then such is the attitude of the west. Rather than stand by persecuted Christians, western Christian organisations side with Hamas, the very organisation persecuting fellow members of their faith.

Delete and move on

It took 10 seconds to find the Zocalo Christmas tree in Mexico City another 20 to find both the Floating Christmas tree in Rio de Janeiro and the Bee themed tree at Galeries Lafayette in Paris. There is no shortage of ‘festive firs’ as the BBC webpage describes them.  So why only seven? Because only three were important and they were already on the page. In reality the Bethlehem tree, because of its religious significance is the only one that should have been considered relevant.

It is the cleverest type of disinformation, because the person who complains looks like a troublemaker and at times even heartless. It is finely-tuned devastating propaganda. When it is Propaganda directed towards children there is justifiable reason to be angry. The image that this presents to the world is entirely false. It is fake news.  Put together by an anti-Israel propagandist. This stuff brainwashes children.

It is rare that such a raw example is found. Someone is responsible for this. It is no good just updating or removing the page. We can’t just delete and move on. There is evidence that a propagandist used the BBC to deliberately promote their own agenda. That person should be held to account. Paul Plunkett is the current editor of Newsround. Georgina Bowman is listed as a deputy editor. They’ll know who it was.

The BBC should be made to tell the tale of how such a blatant Hamas propaganda article ended up on its pages and ensure that whoever it was responsible, never writes for them again.



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57 thoughts on “The BBC can only find Christmas trees in ‘Palestine’

  1. People like you and those who profit out of antisemitism, have to create a problem in order to justify their efforts and I’m uneasy about the credibility of most of your stories. Are they true or accurate? Likely not. Davy, you’re doing more harm than good and what’s wrong with the BBC exposing their viewers to other parts of the world that they would otherwise not see?

    Your kind, who see antisemitic conspiracies everywhere, like to pretend that Gaza, the Occupied Territories and Palestinian culture don’t exist. But they do and there’s nothing you can do about it except spread lies and propaganda on behalf of your paymasters in Tel Aviv.

    With Hanukkah fast approaching, please remember to light a candle for the people of Gaza.

    1. Failure of logic. Constructing an argument and making a case is difficult to learn, but it is possible. Instead of just ascribing certain motives to your interlocutor, what you can do instead is read the argument they have made, consider it, and address any weaknesses you see in it.

      So rather than just implying that the BBC is not being biased here, you would give reasons why you think so. This would also add one case for your assertion that David Collier (and “people like him” — who you need to identify a bit more clearly than that) “see antisemitism everywhere”.

      Similarly, to argue that Mr Collier “profits from antisemitism”, you would need to show that he indeed has made a profit from it; and that this has skewed his coverage of the issue.

      (And incidentally, I expect plenty of Jews light a candle for the people of Gaza, and pray that maybe one day they will have the right to elect the leaders of their choice, a fair justice system, women’s rights, gay rights, and child protection laws. And those who support their struggle against oppression by Israel may also pray for them to be able to develop effective political activism rather than turning to random pointless terrorism that has achieved nothing except keep an oppressive dictatorship in place for a decade and a half.)

        1. I thought you cried yourself to sleep by reading all of the “Corbyn’s gonna win!/Corbyn got his sorry ass blown out of the water by Boris” posts from 4 days before and after the election. You should really have Muck Framer come over instead, if you know what I mean and I’m quite sure you do. YOU ARE A LOSER.

      1. “maybe one day they will have the right to elect the leaders of their choice”

        They did, Yaky, despite efforts by Israel and the US to skew the election against Hamas by disallowing their campaigning. Suggest you research before putting both feet in.

        “a fair justice system”?

        Israeli has a Justice System? Really?

      2. Yaky, it wasn’t “effective political activism” that finally brought Israel to fruitiion. It was Jewish terrorism. Israel even elected two of these terrorists to lead the Zionist enterprise.

          1. Yes, well spotted. Michael is not here for any other reason than to copy and paste slogans into these threads. Whether these are his/her own views or are being placed here on behalf of others really doesn’t matter. His participation simply serves as quite a useful example of the way antisemites and their agents went about their business on social media at this time and mostly does David’s work for him. You’ll notice one of his new tactics is a “Collier tweets…” thing, not realising that he was actually driving traffic to Davids site and increasing his following and reach. This is what happens when you let the older people near the tech without supervision.

          2. But it’s true, Yak.

            You’ll see it as strange because here in the UK the ‘Jewish Community’ Israelists are known for ther love of untruths and propaganda. This blog is a prime example, wild blog after wild blog.

  2. Collier tweets, “The Christian community of Gaza was asked to comment on the inclusion of their tree in the BBC list. Both of them agreed that the tree was nice enough but Hamas asking that fat lass from TOWIE to turn on the lights for the third year in a row was a bit much”.

    Note from Ed. The above is not a real quote from Mr. Collier and does not represent his views on Christmas trees, fat celebrities or reality TV shows.

    1. Dead right Bellers, top of the pile after outing the UK Trots as racists, getting daft dominas deselected and antisemitic school text books re-called. My fave is the way he’s kept this comment section going to enable you and The Bellers Botty Bois to do his work for him.

      You know that’s a thing, right?

  3. The right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.


    1. Michael, I think you meant to copy/paste ; “The right to exercise national self-determination in the Jewish State is unique to the Jewish people.”

      You’re welcome.

  4. Oh no! This is going to make Bruce and Michael furious.

    So, whilst the Trots are still busy blaming the Jews for their destruction, the glorious Boris seems to be practising a gentler, kinder politics. Seems he agrees with the French, the Dutch and the Americans, that anti-Zionism IS antisemitism.

    Never mind lads. You’ve still got Iran, North Korea and Islington North in your corner.

      1. Look Bellers, I don’t want to go all Gerald on you, but if you can’t even be arsed to check your own sentences, why the fuck should I spend a second constructing a hilarious and witty put-down?

        You brought that on yourself.

    1. Ah yes the glorious Boris who has just reappointed Dominic Raab as Foreign Secretary.
      The same Dominic Raab who in an article in The Times of 25th September 2011, wrote this, “Israeli settlement building undermined prospects for a contiguous Palestinian state.”

      I keep telling you it doesn’t matter who is Foreign Secretary, or Prime Minister, the FCO has a decided outlook and one way or another it will stick to it.

      1. Good lad our Dom. His Jewish dad has given him a perspective from our side and his work in the 90s with the Arabs, evaluating World Bank projects in Ramallah opened his eyes to the consequences of wasteful aid funding.

        Change is coming and there will certainly need to be amendments to the law that currently requires adherence to aid rules set by the OECD. But with a thumping 80 seat majority, this should pass quicker than Bruce can saying a kaddish over an Arab murderer.

        1. Poor old KKKay. Telling half a story, twisting it to fit his own agenda, and hoping nobody will notice.
          Raab was not working ‘with the Arabs’, he was working FOR the PNA and one of the senior PLO negotiators.
          If you want to foolishly believe that the ‘magic fairy’ is going to come along and change decades of FCO policy, carry on.

          1. Gerald, you have been mixing in your Trot circles for too long now and are as guilty as them of failing to learn lessons.

            Like yours, their tactical emphasis has been “it can’t be done and it won’t happen.” naturally punctuated with some low level name calling and deflection when things go wrong.

            Their approach has achieved nothing and neither has yours.

            1. You haven’t got the faintest clue what you are talking about.
              When you are caught out lying and or twisting the truth, your response is to write nonsense and hope nobody notices or is just so bored by your drivel that they ignore it.

              It really is pitiful the depths to which you have sunk.
              But, it is not my problem so I’m quite happy to watch you choke on your own lies and Bullshit.

              Please continue it is amusing to watch Conservative vermin behaving like the proverbial lemmings.

              1. That’s 4 paragraphs of text in which you managed to say absolutely nothing Gerald.

                With the personal insults, bad language and rudeness you’re almost indistinguishable from Michael and Bruce.

                Actually you’re coming across more like that idiot Chris Whatshisname who also attempted this tactic here for a while. He also pretended to be a socialist and a Welshman from some vowel-less village in the valleys. He also reckoned he was Asian and once knew some Jews and used to get very very cross if he was ever challenged.

                Are you him?

                1. Poor old KKKay.
                  I am considering printing off your posts as classic examples of psychological projection, so do carry on posting.

                  1. Now now GGGerald. You Trots are supposed to be the party of climate consciousness. You should be promoting paperless activism.

                    You old hypocrite.

  5. My dear Ian, the wonderfully proactive and robust BDS and pro-Palestinian human rights community in the UK are more than capable of creatively protesting anything the Tory government comes up with.
    On another note, please message me your address, as I would like to send you a (badly needed) horn sharpener for Hanukkah.
    And speaking of Hanukkah, don’t forget an extra candle next week next to your menorah to bring light to the continuing Zio imposed darkness of Gaza.

    1. No need for candles Bruce. The TAR 21 is now fitted with the Armasight Avenger night-sight as standard. The snipers accessory of choice when slotting armed Arab infiltrators with murderous intent.

      The Tavor; putting them down faster than you can say Kaddish for a terrorist.

      1. Ah yes Ian. The caliber of the defenders of apartheid. I remember when I was in the satanic State, I took a photo of an IOF soldier who was fast asleep on duty in the checkpoint booth. Guess there was more in the can than Fanta.

        1. You’re not the right person to talk about who’s drinking what kinds of things, considering the kind of things you put in your mouth Brutes 🙂

  6. The BBC has, for decades now, been so desperate to be right-on and progressive that they accept as truth revealed anything an angry Muslim tells them. Especially to blame the “occupation” for the collapse of the Christian population in PA/Hamas controlled areas. So this article fits their narrative perfectly.

  7. Collier tweets “They did not choose to create a Palestinian state. They chose to create a ‘liberation organisation’ to ‘liberate’ (get rid of the Jews) the small piece of land the Jews held.”

    “the Jews”??

    An immigration of some Jews into land taken from those Arabs who already lived there.

    Still a minority of world Jewry …. and giving the word ‘Jewish’ a foul taste.

    1. Michael, Bruce. You two are always going on about bad smells and bad tastes. These are classic symptoms of a deviated septum. You should get this checked out.

      1. Michael and I both received clean bills of health.
        Proves that you’re wrong yet again Ian.

        1. Good. I know the Domina has a strict policy where regular health checks are concerned. Wouldn’t want your memberships revoked so close to the festive season.

    1. She’s terrific isn’t she Bellers?

      Bruce told me that when he’s being spanked by the Mistress, he’s thinking of Mel.

    1. Please Michael, you may enjoy being on the receiving end of Madame Corvids “well deserved kicking” but we’d prefer if you kept your smutty pecadilos and pervy vocab to yourself.

  8. Collier tweets “Corbyn hugged people who deliberately slaughtered innocent men, woman and children. They blew up commuter buses, people praying and children in fancy dress. Corbyn called them friends. There is nothing ‘right’ about it.”

    Such spin.

    There are many MPs Labour and Tory that declare they are friends of Israel, a state that in 2008/9 bombed a passing out ceremony of police-cadets leading many dead and injured, and has no qualms about dropping high-explosives into a crowded market-place attempting to kill Hamas members.

    Israel killed far, far more woman and children than Hamas ever will.

    1. Yes Michael. Every 3 minutes the Israelis bomb a young mum in Gaza. And she’s getting really fed up of it !

      Such spin.

    2. Muck Framer baseline: Loser Loser Pig Loser Loser Piece Of Shit Loser Submissive Loser Loser Loser Biggest Pig Ever. I like it!

  9. “Simple message:

    If you talk about the terrible state of #gaza but don’t blame #Hamas then you don’t know what you are talking about.”

    Simple messenger….. and a dishonest one.

  10. Collier tweets “Regards The UK”

    No, you don’t speak for the UK.

    You speak for Zionism, for racist Israel.

    1. you do know, I have a link to my Twitter feed on my homepage. I mean thanks for bringing my tweets to the blog, but there is really no need.

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