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The Guardian attacks the Jews…. again

It is almost impossible to overstate how far the Guardian has fallen. Once the voice of the liberal left – the paper has turned into a ‘Palestine’ obsessed rag that consistently promotes voices that are attacking British Jews. Just this week we were given yet another example – Haroon Siddique wrote an article about a report attacking the use of the IHRA definition of antisemitism on campus grounds.

Haroon Siddique - Guardian

Two organisations are behind the report – ‘BRISMES’ and ‘ELSC ‘ (I will deal with both later in this piece) and at no point does Siddique mention the fact that these anti-Israel organisations – and many of the names attached to them – have spent the last few years promoting and defending antisemites.

Why give their rancid report legitimacy? It is so blatant in its flawed methodology that none of the other mainstream outlets appear to have gone anywhere near it. It was promoted in Middle East Eye – a Qatari state mouthpiece. Also in Mondoweiss, a US based anti-Zionist conspiracy rag. As it stands – these are the Guardian’s ideological bedfellows.

Haroon Siddique

The Journalist, Haroon Siddique is a habitual offender. Just a few months ago, in a post attacking the government’s anti-BDS bill, he tried to pass off a bunch of extremists, antisemites and Muslim Brotherhood figures as UK ‘civil society’. He has also consistently attacked the Government’s counter-extremism policy ‘PREVENT’.

I searched his Twitter account for use of the word ‘antisemitism’. I found ten tweets:

  1. Report attacking the IHRA definition of antisemitism.
  2. Dropping of lawsuit against Labour over antisemitism.
  3. To attack EHRC commissioner, who led Labour party antisemitism inquiry.
  4. Ditto..
  5. Ditto.
  6. Support for JVL’s Diana Neslen – against the IHRA and in support of anti-Zionist belief.
  7. Ditto.
  8.  On Telegraph apology for false description of Laura Murray as ‘anti-Jewish racist’.
  9. On Charity Commission opening case against the CAA (Campaign against Antisemitism).
  10. On Toby Young apologising to Philip Hammond over accusation of antisemitism.

That’s it – all ten. A one-way narrative. On the Guardian website I also found these articles – all authored by Siddique:

  1. Council worker sacked for comments about Zionism wins back job
  2. Tracy-Ann Oberman pays ‘substantial damages’ for antisemitism claims
  3. New NUS president accuses media of printing falsehoods

On the subject of antisemitism during the Corbyn years – including the period covering the EHRC investigation which found the Labour Party had committed ‘unlawful acts of discrimination and harassment’ – Haroon Siddique used his social media feed to push the idea of a ‘smear campaign’.


To check for balance, I switched up the search. Siddique has been pushing a different narrative – for a very long time – when it comes to ‘Islamophobia’:

Guardian lies, Islamophobia

The bias here is obvious. He presents ‘Islamophobia’ as a problem that must be urgently addressed, while antisemitism is mostly shown as a smear campaign.

We have every right to question Siddique’s motivations.

The latest article

Haroon Siddique has once again given legitimacy to a bunch of nasties. He neglects to do any investigating or proper journalism. He *chooses* to give non-critical, undeserved legitimacy to a toxic report. How could ANY JOURNALIST write this piece, without apparently doing even the most basic background research?

This is a report about anti-Jewish racism on university grounds. The most basic questions:

  • What is the history of the authors when it comes to antisemitism?
  • Are these groups qualified to be held up as experts on the subject?

As Haroon Siddique failed to do the basic job of a journalist and check these organisations (or the report) out before promoting them – I have done the work for him.


On their website the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies (BRISMES) claims the aim is ‘to promote interest and study of the Middle Eastern cultural region’ – but much of their firepower appears to be pointed directly towards Israel. They even set up a separate company ‘BRISMES Campaigns’ to focus exclusively on boycotting Israel. This is a group of activist academics who hate Israel.

Until recently BRISMES was run by Nicola Pratt (no stranger to readers of this website) and based at the University of Warwick. These days it is headed by Neve Gordon and uses one of those ‘fake’ paid-for office addresses in Central London. There is only one resolution posted on the main website – a call for the academic boycott of Israel.

There are 14 people in the BRISMES Committee on Academic Freedom. SEVEN of these ‘academic freedom fighters’ actually signed a letter to Pressureacademic institutions and organizations to respect the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions of Israel.” It seems these BRISMES hypocrites are not about ‘academic freedom’ at all – and seek to silence voices when it suits them.

BRISMES and the Jane Jackman article

But what is important here is antisemitism. It was BRISMES that first gave the platform in 2016 to the antisemitic conspiracy paper by Jane Jackman at their annual conference. I exposed the depth of the problem in the paper – it was so bad that Glasgow University even apologised for placing the substandard conspiracy junk in a journal:

“This article does not meet those standards of scholarship. In particular, this article employs some discursive strategies, including a biased selection of sources as well as the misrepresentation of data, which promote what some would regard as an unfounded theory regarding the State of Israel and its activity in the United Kingdom.”

But even that didn’t stop BRISMES. Even though the paper is absolute antisemitic conspiracy junk (and I openly challenge ANY of the BRISMES academics to a public debate on the substance of that paper) – they chose to ATTACK Glasgow University, trying – but failing – to get the university to remove the criticism.

Defending the indefensible

It wasn’t just the blatant antisemitism of Jane Jackman that BRISMES tried to defend. BRISMES defended the disgraced academic David Miller too. Neve Gordon, the head of BRISMES, is a supporter of a world without a Jewish state (one state solution), he writes for the Qatari mouthpiece Al Jazeera, and pushes the Apartheid smear. He has worked closely with the Yevsektsiya group ‘JVL’, promoted Jackie Walker’s film ‘Witchhunt’, and defended Chris Williamson.  Shahd Abusalama too. Many of the other figures involved with BRISMES are long-time anti-Israel campaigners such as Nicola Pratt and John Chalcraft,

No experts on antisemitism to be seen – just a bunch of anti-Israel propagandists.


The focus of the European Legal Support Center is not academic freedom at all – but rather it is a hard-core Palestinian propaganda NGO, set up to empower anti-Israel activism in Europe through ‘lawfare’.

The ELSC do not care about antisemitism – and even came out to defend the disgraced NUS ex-President Shaima Dallali:

And in the ELSC Twitter feed – we learn that the origins of this report are with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign – an organisation riddled with antisemites itself:

No experts on antisemitism to be seen here either.

The junk report

The report deals with just 40 cases, spread over five years. Almost all (by their own admission) didn’t amount to anything. To put it in perspective – in December 2017, in just one month, I logged 187 anti-Israel events taking place across the country – most on campus. From within this ongoing obsession the report presents just 40 cases. There is no room to talk about ‘stifling voices’ at all.

Digging into the report quickly exposes it is little more than a propaganda exercise. The report is full of lies about what the IHRA definition is, says and does.

One of their case studies, 17SOC1 (row 46) is about an Apartheid Week event at Exeter in 2017. It was one of those events that sets up a fake checkpoint on campus and dresses some students up as Israeli soldiers – no doubt to be cruel, rude and offensive to other students. The university did not give permission for this particular event (they let others go ahead). The event was cancelled over ‘safety and security concerns’ given that even the organisers recognised that it was being held on ‘a busy part of campus, potentially posing an impact on students and staff’. Exeter did not even adopt the IHRA definition until 2019 and the inclusion of this case in the report appears completely bogus.

This is taken from the Guardian’s own report at the time:

Perhaps someone at the Guardian should teach Haroon Siddique how to use the newspaper’s archive.

Other examples are just bizarre. Case ’18S1′ (row 40) from 2018 lists a complaint about a social media post that the university did not even investigate. If the university did use IHRA to decide against investigation – then it suggests the opposite of what BRISMES and co are arguing. The inclusion of this case in the report is completely bogus.

But it gets worse. My expose on the Jane Jackman article was written in December 2020 – so it is included in their timeline for their study. The BRISMES / ELSC report lists the Glasgow University case (anonymously) in ‘appendix 1′ as case ’20S1′ (row 39). We can test the honesty and accuracy of the BRISMES study and here we run into a MAJOR problem.

This is how they describe the incident:

The ‘smears’ description sounds like the words of a Corbynite antisemite more than it does academic opinion. My report was an accurate 17-page rebuttal of a paper that should never have been published by any university. Using extracts from the original article, and relying on dozens of references from quality sources – my report clearly shows that the Jackman paper relies on an antisemitic conspiracy – woven through a argument full of errors and unsupported accusations.

My complaint was upheld – the university accepted that the article was full of errors and unfounded accusations – and placed a preface to the article laying out these concerns. Yet the report claims (p18) that ‘for all 40 cases analysed, except two ongoing cases, the accusations of antisemitism have been rejected’. From the Jackson case we know this statement in their report is just not true. Not all the accusations were rejected.

To drive their errors home further; Nowhere in my own report in the paper do I even mention the IHRA. The entire case has been misrepresented and misused in the BISMES report.

Which means the line in Siddique’s Guardian article where he states:

“meaning  that none of the allegations – all based on the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition – have been substantiated,”

Is a blatant lie.

We can add to this mess the case of David Miller. His case was deliberately excluded from the report. How many other cases involving antisemitism have been left out of their study? What about the antisemitism and extremism of Shaima Dallali. Isn’t that included?

The Guardian helps  to spread antisemitism

Make no mistake – the Guardian has journalists who are actively helping to spread antisemitism. When a report like this is given legitimacy, it is used by antisemites as a weapon with which to attack Jews. It is worth remembering – this is not about Israel – it is about trying to protect British Jewish students on campus in an increasingly hostile environment. It should be clear to everyone – when it comes to the battle between the antisemite and the Jew – the Guardian appears to have taken the side of the former.


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138 thoughts on “The Guardian attacks the Jews…. again

    1. Because it is a word that does not make sense – and I do not use it. OTOH – you want to talk to me about anti-Muslim bigotry – go ahead – I am happy to stand by your side and fight alongside you..

        1. That is a silly argument Gabby. You can justify anything using that line – every word becomes equal – and all things lose meaning.
          Why isn’t anti-Muslim bigotry a good enough description for you?

            1. Oh my word. You understand nothing about antisemitism at all. Or how it differs from classic forms of racism. This equalness you feel the need to provide to the unequal defies all logic. I honestly don’t care what you call ‘antisemitism’ as long as the meaning is the same. We use antisemitism because it is the phrase we have used to describe it for over 100 years. As long as I wasn’t arguing with someone over the meaning – I wouldn’t care (would even prefer) if they called it anti-Jewish hatred’ or something similar. It is only a word.

              Islamophobia is a new term -and it is a deliberately loaded and uneccessary one that conflates Islam with Muslims. Many Muslims have a problem with it – normally those on the more moderate and secular side and it is a shame you are not listening to them. Why do you take your lead from more orthodox Muslims yet when it comes to Jews you take the lead from the more secular Jews? I know the answer but would love to know how you have rationalised it. You treat the two communities very differently it seems.

              What is your word for an act against someone who is Hindu? Sikh? Mormom? Buddhist? Samaritan? Shinto? Please let me know. I am fascinated.

                1. Now you are just making things up. You avoid questions and just come back with something that categorically is just not an accurate reflection of the truth – nor my poosition. Again thinking you are more intelligent than you are. There is no point discussing with you if you argue like a 14 year old.

                2. The word entered common usage in 1997 so not that long ago. For someone who seems to run to the dictionary a lot, I’m surprised you didn’t already know this.

                    1. Mate, it was first used around 1923, mainly by religous scholars, so, yes – 100 years ago. However, as is your habit, you did not read the comment before responding to it. If you had, you would have noticed I was referring to COMMON USAGE. Now, go away, have a nice cup of tea and stop making a fool of yourself.

                    1. Apologies – I shouldn’t have referred to you as “mate”, rabbi. It was disrespectful.

  1. The Guardian a long time ago, in my opinion, became a mouthpiece for anti-Jewish Antisemitism as a result of its anti-Israel and anti-Zionist obsession.

    Too often it seems that this anti-Israel and anti-Zionist obsession is either a cover for naked anti-Jewish Antisemitism or results in initial anti-Israel criticisms morphing incrementally into anti-Jewish Antisemitism

  2. Within an hour of the Guardian article being published, I emailed Haroon Siddique directly with a simple question: as a journalist, did it ever cross his mind to question the institutional anti-semitism of the ELSC and the BSMES? I urged him to amend his article to point out that the two groups behind the report he was writing about are “steeped in their hatred of Jews.” Surprise, surprise – I didn’t get a reply.

      1. What an absurd statement to make, sir. Of course he does not have a contractual duty to amend his article but I would argue that he has an ethical obligation as a professional journalist (as I am, by the way) and a member of the NUJ for his report to be fair and accurate as well as to contextualize the veracity of his sources.

        1. Mr. Morris, any expectation that you may have of a fair and reasonable exchange with our soi disant cleric is likely to fall short. He has become a frequent attendee in recent episodes and has a well rehearsed formula for “engagement”. You may care to observe this by perusing the previous 2 or 3 comment sections for examples of his contributions. You will see that it follows the well trodden path of the amateur online activist with all of the customary deflections and demeaning remarks, all underscored by faux indignation and finally a very cowardly dash for the exit. It is quite possible you could have some fun with him.

      2. Gabriel
        All differences aside, why do you constantly find yourself defending blatant antisemitism while attacking those like David who forensically research and expose it for what it is? It transcends the realms of so called antizionism -antisemitism in its own right IMHO . It’s akin to an involuntary tic. Do you not see it as a part of your job as minister of a Jewish congregation to speak up for your people ? It’s a genuine question as I just do not get your reticence .

  3. I wouldn’t expect much from an Islamist bigot like Haroon Siddique. It reminds me of Arab Hitler-celebrations of Durban-2001, where, as a writer put it: “Racists cry racism.”

  4. To so called “Rabbi” Gabriel Kanter-Webber.

    Actually. The Torah speaks about judging favorably fellow Jews. I’m sure you know that. But no one has seen the slightest EFFORT from your part. Only “bad” you speak on Jews. Shame on you.

    Especially that anti-Semites use you and Haaretzidm-virus to da#n all.

    Shana Tova to all.

  5. Homework for the anti-jewish do-called “rab#i” Gabriel

    The PA and the Holocaust

    Maurice Hirsch, Adv.  | Apr 17, 2023

    PA religious Antisemitism reaches new heights
    | Jul 31, 2023.
    Antisemitism reaches new heights by PA

    The UN must recognize the 1000’s of Israelis murdered by Palestinians as victims of religious violence.
    | Sep 14, 2023

    Palestinian Terror Organizations Incite On Social Media: The Time Has Come To Kill The Jews.


    He Said It All Already In 2018 And More: Jews Poison Wells – Mahmoud Abbas’s Antisemitism And Holocaust Denial In Perspective.

  6. The word’ Antisemitism’ was a non-existant word devised by a Jew hater to vocalise his hatred. Semitic refers to a language group, but the legions of anti-Jewish Antisemites have shown their ignorance by using it to refer to some mythical people.

    Islamaphobia is suggesting that there is a phobia against Islam, which in and of itself is not racist because a religion is not a person but a belief system

    1. One should be more comfortable with factual Jihadophobia.


      On Antisemitism, Jew hatred and PalestiniaNazi propaganda – strategy in Hitler era:

      Nazi propagandists in desperation to court Arabs: first in exchange of letters with Rachid Ali, then in Nov 1942, Nazi spokesman reassured Arabs, that “Antisemitism Confined to Jews.” (Exclusively).

      Goebbels, Rosenberg, Himmler, all in their turn, discovered the im-passes created by the word antisemitism when confronted with alleged Semites, not only in the Middle East, but in the Soviet Union or in Germany… the Mufti of Jerusalem and Rosenberg in Mai 1943 Hans Hage- mayer, the director of the department ‘Überstaatliche Mächte‹m’ in Rosenberg’s ministry recommended in a letter to Werner Koeppen, Rosenberg’s man in Hitler’s headquarters, that the German Press should avoid  the use of the word antisemitism because the enemy abroad is made to believe that ‘we make no distinction between Arabs and the Jews’.


      In May 1943, after Alfred Rosenberg met with the Palestinian” national Arab leader, al-Husseini – Hitler’s GrossMufti (- backed by most “Palestinian” Arabs – per Edward Said):

      A secret Nazi order, dated May 17, 1943, reads as follows: “When the Grand Mufti visited Reichsleiter Rosenberg, the Reichsleiter promised to instruct the press that the word antisemitism was henceforth to be abandoned.”

  7. To the anti-Jews campaigner Gabriel. (Haaretzism hate virus)

    Unrabbi-ying you, is ‘favoring millions of Jews in Israel.’ And others who fear Arab-Islamic racist terror campaign since 1920.

    And thousands of Jewish students under B(d)S hare drive with or without Hitler admiration (See examples at ) .

    What a disgrace.

    May Hashem have mercy on your soul.

      1. We agree on that part which states Jews should speak out when they see or hear wrong doing but that’s not what I asked. Again why do you feel it necessary to criticise the thrust of David’s well researched article which exposes the overt antisemitism of one of the speakers as depicted in the Guardian. Your remit as minister to a Jewish community is to uphold their beliefs and values.I just dont see that is the case

          1. The article is about the Guardian’s trivialisation of antisemitism – and indeed their support for antisemites.

            You are trying to make this discussion – as you do – about anything but.

              1. I am not trying to wriggle out of anything. I don’t use the word – and there is nothing wrong with opposition to using it. You are – as you always do – pretending their is a problem when there isn’t – in order to deflect.
                I suggest you go away and read about why many (many!) moderate and not-so-orthodox Muslims also have issues with the use. I do not take my cues from organisations such as CAGE, MEND, the MCB, MAB etc etc. and I am astonished that you seem to.
                So tell me…

                Why do you take your lead from more orthodox Muslims yet when it comes to Jews you take the lead from the more secular Jews? You treat the two communities very differently it seems.

                What is your word for an act against someone who is Hindu? Sikh? Mormom? Buddhist? Samaritan? Shinto? Please let me know. I am fascinated.

                  1. Fascinating.

                    So the defintion you are working to is this one:

                    “Intense dislike or fear of Islam, esp. as a political force; hostility or prejudice towards Muslims”

                    So if someone has a dislike of political Islam. You have a problem with them?

                    Can you explain why?

                    1. Not cherrypicking at all…. You said you rely on this definition. So help me out.
                      The definition includes all the variations. Some of the variations are nasty – (eg: prejudice towards muslims)
                      One of the possible variations is a simple one…

                      An intense dislike of Islam as a political force.

                      This makes someone an ‘Islamophobe’ according to the definition you are using.

                      What is wrong with someone who doesn’t like a religion as a political force? Can you explain this to me?

                    2. Another question for you.

                      Do you think someone who has a dislike of Islam as a political force should be rejected with the same force as someone who dislikes someone because of the colour of their skin?

                    3. Oh Gabby. You gave me your definition. I asked you a question based on your own definition – and now you realise the hole it has placed you in – you have run away.

                    4. At the point I think I need to make a little more noise about this. This is a Rabbi in Brighton. One who even felt the need to give a sermon about ‘Islamophobia’ in his synagogue. Does anyone think I have read this exchange wrong?

                    5. But tell me (not that you will answer – you have clearly run away from the main confrontation) – do you often given sermons on subjects you do not understand at all – even if they could pose a danger to the Jewish community?

                    6. I know it will be upsetting for you to hear it, but just because you disagree with the content of my sermons doesn’t mean that I don’t understand the subject matter of what I said. Only a monstrous egotist would suggest otherwise.
                      I’m really enjoying your attempts to be intimidating though, as are members of my WhatsApp network. I might get some screenshots of your impersonation of a Mafia don framed as well 😉

                    7. Aynone reading through this exchange can see (I do things in public, not in secret WA groups) that this is about you NOT UNDERSTANDING a basic definition of Islamphobia – one you yourself brought to the table. You attacked me for having an issue with a word – it is why you came here – and in the end – it was shown that you haven’t a clue about serious dangers that lie within a push to have ‘Islamophobia’ placed on the same level as antisemitism or racism. It is why I prefer ‘anti-Muslim bigotry’ – because it is a simple and usable description of what should be opposed. Yet you – a rabbi who gives sermons on Islamophobia – attacked me – suggesting explicitly that my opposition to ‘Islamophobia’ was as bad as someone having opposition to ‘antisemitism’.

                      And let us not forget one simple fact. I did not come looking for you. You came looking for me.

                      Have I got any of this wrong?

                    8. I am indeed a rabbi, I do indeed give sermons condemning Islamophobia, and I do indeed say explicitly that your petty objection to the word Islamophobia is is (a) itself a form of anti-Muslim bigotry, and (b) as bad as if someone had a petty objection to the word antisemitism.
                      If you want to do a hit piece on me because of that, go for it. I’m fairly confident it won’t affect my reputation one iota. The sensible people who stand alongside me in the fight against Islamophobia will laugh. And your gang of loons, who already fantasise about my death, will continue to hold the slightly scary views they already held.

                    9. So you are saying that objecting to the word ‘Islamophobia – which includes in its net people who have a fear of Islam as a political force – is as bad as someone having an objection to the word antisemitism. Astonishing.

                      Do you NOT FEAR Islam as a political force? I mean there are probably a few hundred million Muslims who do – so I am just wondering what the Rabbi from Brighton knows – that they don’t.

                    10. You continue to skirt around the key issue here – which in itself is telling me a lot.

                      What about those who dislike Islam as a political force? Why do you have a problem with them?

                      Follow the logic. You use Islamophobia as a clear smear – you hold it on a pedestal with antisemitism and racism – and yet your own definition captures all those who have a dislike of Islam as a political force – which includes 100s of millions of Muslims…

                      You see the problem here? Why do you use it as a smear?

                  1. Like I said… a plaything… Do you want me to tell you the Oxford dictionary definition?

                    Now run along and carry on telling your poor congregation that opposition to the back-door promotion of Islamic blasphemy law is as bad as Jew hate. As I said to you before – you are just punching holes in the bottom of your own ship.

                    1. I cannot believe that your comprehension is that bad Gabby, so can only assume you are deliberately misreading.

      1. Our soi disant cleric (not Brucie, this chap) once looked at his computer screen and claimed he saw me “openly salivating” at the thought of him being rounded upon by the same people that drove through London screaming for violence against Jewish men and the brutal rape of Jewish women and girls. He got quite cross with me for the suggestion that holy war could be a thing and that he could be a target. Now, I definitely want me one of those computer screens. Very futuristic.

        More importantly though, it got me wondering. If he was getting a bit of a toweling from the Hastings branch of the Mahdi Army, seething with rage at his apostacy and general Jewishness, how many of his brethren would be dashing to his aid? I have a cousin in Hove. Perhaps she’ll know.

          1. Now then young man. At 2.33pm on 14th September in a contribution that you posted during the last episode, you said I was “openly salivating”. At 12.49pm today in this thread you say you have a screenshot of this. I would very strongly encourage you to place it in the public domain as an open source reference for all PC developers whom I’m sure would be excited to see it.

            Whilst the image of me salivating is probably rather unflattering I’m happy for you to prove your point and gain the kudos for this tech innovation. I’ll even waive my customary fees for image royalties. Sound reasonable?

              1. Careless Cleric. The issue is not what I said which is in the public domain and not in dispute. It is how you can see me “openly salivating” through your computer screen. Are you hacking me?

                1. Oh, I see, you’re pretending that you don’t know that the verb “to salivate” has a figurative meaning. Again, rather childish. I hope you have family or friends who can offer you support, because the way you’re behaving on here is really quite worrying.

                  1. Oh dear. Taking refuge in the time-honored “Oooh take your meds” gambit. All very 2014. You don’t like talking about Muslims publicly threatening violence or the rape of Jews or about Christians openly provoking Jews with intent. Can’t think why.

                    Anyways, speaking of 2014, that was the time that a Gabriel came online opposing charitable giving to the most vulnerable in society because the donors were old dears from the Jewish community, the donations were Kosher food items and the beneficiaries were Food Banks. That Gabriel said that it didn’t count as charity because all the old dears were politically motivated. I wonder, are you that Gabriel ?

                  2. What an inspirational teacher you are Rabbi Webber


                    As long as your lesson is “how to behave like a petulant child”


  8. Gabrielle
    Do you agree with those people who say that Antisemitism cannot be anti-Jewish because they are themselves Semitic because they are Arabs

      1. and all things being equal (because in your world all things have to be equal) those people, who play pedantry with the word Islamophobia….

        How naive..

        At what point will you admit that you did not understand that a fear of Islam as a political force was included?

  9. Now why would I deliberately call you the wrong name.
    Are you so computer illiterate that you are unaware of predictive text that often overrides what one has typed

    1. There is a delicious reassurance here that whether a diasporan Jewish community is thriving or simply surviving, there are always the same common ingredients that make up the sums of its parts.

      In Brighton for example there are actors hard at work to re-establish a sustainable community for the 2700+ Jewish residents with the types of institutions that bind and support members from cradle to grave. Then of course there are others who exist on the margins who actively and vocally sow the seeds of division, normally through the promotion of a self-serving and somewhat linear agenda that actively works against cohesion and communality. Still, I suppose that one person’s fringe crank is another’s demagogue. Jewish communities the world over have had their fair share of both and clearly Brighton appears to be no exception. To this extent we may simply have to look on at our latest clumsy cleric contributor, shrug a little and acknowledge,
      “t’was ever thus”.

  10. David, remember you were once run out of Brighton when you attempted to interfere with the PSC stall. Are you still bitter about that?

    1. I’ve never been run out of anywhere. Been kicked out of events once or twice by antisemites because the antisemites don’t like me exposing their anti-Jewish racism – but run out? Never.

      I think you are talking about the time the Brighton BDS lot kept taking pictures of my kids when I was on a day trip to the beach. Wrote about it here

      1. Thanks for that. But before you make yourself look ridiculous, and refer to them as Jew-haters, antisemites and the like, the overwhelming majority of human rights activists are of the Jewish faith.

        But if I was you, I’d consider myself persona-non-grata in Brighton and wouldn’t show my face there again. Consider it a win-win situation.

  11. It is quite incredible how racist the Brighton PSC brigade are – they no longer even try to hide their hatred of Jews. It must be the sea air!

        1. Easy to throw out cheap ad homonyms when you disagree and don’t have any facts to back up your opinion. Stew.

          Btw, I’m Jewish and certainly don’t hate myself. Stew.

          Get my drift. Stew.

          1. Aaah, our Comedy Cleric. We’ve discussed this above and in many previous episodes. To remind ourselves, when your mum is not halachically Jewish, it means you’re not. Now, be a good boy and say sorry to Mr. Morris for being deceitful and rude and we’ll say no more about it.

  12. Racists ethnic cleansing by “johannes”:

    SEPTEMBER 23, 2023:
    From the river to the sea


    He is “only” gainst Zionists and pigs fly too

  13. Mr Collier, where can one obtain that “special ingredient” for when one is making their own matzo? Asking for a friend.

        1. If you were Jewish then that question would have offended you Joey lad

          But you are clearly too stupid to realise that


          But your posting here during Yom Kippur kinda takes care of that big fat lie once and for all


            1. I posted at 8-20 “Rabbi”

              Obviously the timings are an hour out on here ?

              But you would know that as you will have posted an hour later than it says on your post to me or you would have posted during Yom Kippur too ??

              And I don’t think that even a progressive Rabbi would do that ??


              But it’s very telling to see how you fall over yourself to defend a vile scrote like JJ ??

              Not taking screenshots of his Holocaust slandering and sharing it with your WhatsApp pals ??


              Truly embarrassing


                1. Even if you can’t see the irony in your last comment most of us on here certainly can !


                  Oh and please do feel free to screenshot this and share it with your WhatsApp pals if that’s what floats your boat ?


  14. JJ, probably also known as the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    Contact the Orthodox BetDin and also Rakhusens who will be able to give you the definitive answer.

    Be aware that asking the anti-Jewish Antisemitic bigots of the various anti-Israel Palestinian groups for the recipe will get you the infamous anti-Jewish Antisemitic ‘Blood Libel’ which is no doubt what you are really after

    If anyone wants information on the anti-Jewish Antisemitic “Blood Libel’ please let me know after Yom Kippur

  15. JJ also ask the progressive Rabbi Gabriel for the recipe. He may believe in progressivism but I’m sure he will know

  16. These pro Palestine lot are just not very bright are they ??


    Ah well…..never mind


    Well over the fast everyone


  17. As the 2 progressive “Rabbis” that post on here seem to be falling desperately short in their rabbinical duties allow me to share some thoughts ahead of Yom Kippur

    1. Pretending to be something that you aren’t doesn’t add any weight or value to your arguments. None whatsoever

    2. The ability to read and understand what someone has said is a really useful skill


      1. Some of our older readers may remember “Hinge and Bracket” form the telly. It was two blokes dressed as women who’d do some shtick as crusty old dowagers in a Victorian drawing room. There was no pretense. We were all in on it. Everyone knew they weren’t women and they didn’t expect to be taken seriously. It was just an act to get a rise out of the audience.

        That’s our Comedy Clerics.

    1. Don’t fall for Moslem ?-Nazi-Palestine (Johannes, Joe, etc ) posing as “jewish”. These are known tricks especially post 9/11. Enough said. (Just picture a kaffiya typing words picked up words online…)

  18. The Union of European Football Associations (#UEFA) has just announced that #Israel will officially host the prestigious European #Under19 championship soccer finals in 2027! This is the first time in the Jewish country’s history to host such an event, with 8 other nations taking part including the talented young Israeli team which has both Jewish and Arab players. Amazing! ⚽️🇮🇱 ההתאחדות לכדורגל בישראל – The Israel Football Association


    Yet another crushing blow to the racist BDS movement….

    And yet another spectacular victory for the world’s only Jewish State


    Am Yisroel Chai

    1. This past Yom Kippur, no doubt every Zio had many digressions to reflect on. The most observant ones must have spent a very, very, very long time, praying to and begging HaShem for forgiveness.

  19. Apartheid Israel IS a democracy…but only if you’re a Joooo (It’s a “Jewish State” after all!). If you’re Palestinian, it’s a vicious apartheid state and you’re treated as human garbage.

    Just saying.

      1. This Yom Kippur, how many hours did you beg and pray to HaShem to forgive your virtual transgressions “Ian” and Richard and “Ken”? 🙏

    1. “It’s a “Jewish State” after all!”

      It certainly is – very glad to see that you have finally conceded that it is


      Just like The Islamic Republics of Iran and Pakistan are Islamic States


      At last we are getting somewhere!


      1. Your attention is drawn to the quotation marks, “Ken”.

        Apartheid Israel is no more a “Jewish” state than England is.

        1. Correct

          England is a Christian country

          The big cross in it’s flag gives it away

          Just like the big Star of David in the Israeli flag gives away it’s religious identity


          Well done Sherlock

          You’re learning !


  20. Johannes #2:

    Refaat Alareer: Gaza Nazi Palestine “speaks”…

    Hitler is as peaceful as …
    Sep 25, 2020


    Penn Jewish Center Vandalized Ahead of University Conference Featuring Anti-Semites

    Adam Kredo, September 21, 2023
    …Another scheduled attendee, Refatt Alareer, is a professor at the Islamic University of Gaza. He often shares anti-Semitic materials on social media and lashes at out Zionists, who he has dubbed “the ugliest, unfunniest, and most untalented people on the globe,” according [] to Camera, a pro-Israel watchdog group.

  21. Racist islamist with the empty “apartheid” slur (which Hitler’s pal Shukeiry invented in Oct.1961).

    But he knows the preferential treatment Arabs get over Jews in democratic Israel.

    Such as;
    * In academia, the so called affirmative action.
    * In court, which is why was founded.
    * Any land issues. Which is why was founded.
    * Access to sites, such as on Ramadan days.
    * Harsh jail treatment “settlers” get vs racist-Arab-terrorists.

  22. Da-Muslim-Nazi uses here “hashem” instead of Allah. To fool. Just like the Islamofascistic Iranians created Aduk…
    [Notice how he uses his racist-hate on “jooos” – his choice of wording.]


    Iran set up fake social media network to stoke violence, tensions in Israel – report

    3 de fev. de 2022 — ‘Aduk’ group, masquerading as a nationalist and ultra-Orthodox news outlet, redistributed extremist and anti-Muslim material to encourage attacks on Arab Israelis..

  23. JJ,probably the fake rabbi and Holocaust revisionist and denigrator

    If you are Jewish you would know that the introspection of Yom Kippur is a deeply personal and private affair, and not for anti-Jewish Antisemitic bigotry to be displayed on sundry blogs

    1. Hi Richard. Actually Yom Kippur is a deeply public affair. It is not private, at least, not in normative Jewish practice.

      Synagogues – that’s what Jewish places of worship are called – hold services all day long, and they are some of the most bustling and busy services of the year.

      The confessional liturgy Jewish people recite is in the plural: congregants repent together for the sins “we” have committed (using the -נו suffix in Hebrew). Everyone who was present at Yom Kippur services on Monday would have noticed that.

      Moreover, Yom Kippur has always has been a deeply public affair since Temple times. The original Temple service, described in great detail in the Torah and in the first seven chapters of Masechet Yoma in the Mishnah, was, again, a bustling public event, in which the High Priest made expiation on behalf of all the people.

      I’m surprised, what with you being such a devout and learned pillar of the Jewish world, that you didn’t know this.

  24. As you say, it is a very public affair as evidenced by the need to have a minyan before services, and certain prayers, can be recited

    But Yom Kippur is also a deeply personal and private affair, in effect the individual communing with G-d for atonement and forgiveness and the striving to become a better, nicer person

    My original post was concerning certain individuals using this blog to denigrate others, and Jewish religious practise, as well as Holocaust denigration and revisionism

      1. And yet again the “real” Rabbi falls over himself to leap to the defence of the Holocaust slanderer and Jewish blood libel perpetrator ?


        Embarrassing as usual


          1. I much prefer it when the Comedy Clerics just come over from Pseuds Corner to be snarky. When they start spouting all their voodoo, it gets a bit much.

          2. “And yet again Ken, who claims to understand Judaism, is apparently unaware that אונעת דברים is forbidden by halachah.”

            But you (a Rabbi?) think it’s okay to use your phone to post here on Shabbat ??

            Isn’t that also forbidden by Halacha “Rabbi”


    1. Please ignore Galber, who has his own interpretation of Judaism.

      You can take the man out of apartheid South Africa, but you can’t take apartheid South Africa out of the man.

      1. Has anyone checked in with the Comedy Cleric lately to see how he’s doing dismantling the apparatus of global Zionism and eradicating the Jewish State, his life’s work you know.

  25. Gabriel

    I think you are a bit confused.
    I never called you the fake rabbi.
    I don’t much agree with your strain of progressive Judaism but each to their own.
    The fake rabbi is the dear Brucie Levy, who was also the mayer of London and is also a Holocaust revisionist and denigrator. JJ or whatever he calls himself, is in my opinion, one and the same

    1. Richard, you have to say that these Comedy Clerics can get very chippy here. For fellas that have no skin in the game (but presumably the appropriate amount of skin everywhere else) and only sneak in for a quick poke, it’s quite surprising really. Maybe they’re having a crisis of faith in whatever voodoo they’re peddling this week.

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