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Glasgow University publishes antisemitic conspiracy theory

Glasgow University is ranked as a top UK university. The University is a member of the Russell Group. It runs a platform called esharp which is an ‘international online journal for postgraduate research.’ The University is very proud of the outlet. It states that all the papers are ‘double blind peer reviewed’. The university claims that the ‘rigorous and constructive process is designed to enhance the worth of postgraduate and postdoctoral work.’

glasgow peer review

A paper on the ‘Israel lobby’ appeared in issue 25 volume 1 (June 2017). It was written by Jane Jackman, an academic product of the universities of Durham and Exeter. There isn’t much to be found about Jackman online. She spoke at events in Exeter and SOAS and was an active member of the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies (BRISMES).  In 2017 Jackman was being supervised by Willaim Gallois at Exeter. Unsurprisingly, the conspiracy theorist and ‘liar’ Ilan Pappe was a co-supervisor.

There is almost no sign of public activity from Jackman on social media. There is an inactive Twitter account in her name, which only follows accounts linked to Israeli advocacy or the fight against antisemitism. Given her academic focus on the ‘Israel lobby’, it is a safe bet to assume it is hers. She did spend some considerable time commenting on blogs and articles, including mine.

Glasgow University and the Jackman paper

Jackman’s paper was titled ‘Advocating Occupation: Outsourcing Zionist Propaganda in the UK‘. The key thrust of the argument is that people like myself (I feature prominently) have been recruited by Israel to spread disinformation. I have studied the entire article. My key questions would be –

  • How did Glasgow University ever permit this to appear in their journal?
  • How is it possible that this was peer reviewed?

The paper isn’t just laden with conspiracy, antisemitism and errors – much of the time the reference material does not even support what the article is suggesting. The work is beyond shoddy. Jackman makes unsupportable outlandish statements, that are far more fitting for gutter press journalism such as the Independent than an academic journal. The paper frequently contradicts its own logic. This is in no way an academic piece of work. It should be hung on the walls at Glasgow university as a reminder of the shame that they ever allowed this to be published. The only justification for ‘peer reviewers’ to have accepted this piece is that they agreed with its content and wanted it published. The entire process is rife with heavy antisemitism. Who were the editors that sat around a table and accepted this submission?

The shame of Glasgow University

The paper is so bad and the errors so numerous, that it would need a book to address them all. I did not want to burden this blog with a long rebuttal, so I created a simple PDF that highlights *some* of the *academic* issues I found with this shoddy piece of work. You can download the PDF and see for yourself. However bad you think it could be – it is worse. Unforgivably, Jackman even refers to ‘the infamous Jenin massacre‘:

glasgow jenin

Any student of the conflict knows that there was no massacre in Jenin and the misreporting of the incident in 2002 swiftly brought shame to much of the British press. Which academic outlet in the world today supports the notion that there was a massacre in Jenin in 2002 and how is an outrageously unreferenced (unsupported) statement such as this acceptable in a peer reviewed article?

How is it possible that this was ‘peer reviewed’? Are the ‘peers’ all this unprofessional? The entire piece describes how British Jews are directed (and funded) by Israel to manipulate opinion and lie to the British public. How was antisemitic conspiracy ever published and uploaded on the Glasgow University website? Glasgow University – shame, shame, shame!

Once published

Glasgow University makes a great show of talking up the professionalism of their esharp platform. Which means this article is used to support antisemitic conspiracy in academic circles. The article has an ‘’ website address. It is available on ‘Google Scholar’. How is this not Glasgow University’s fault?

Once green-lighted by Glasgow University, the paper can be referenced by others who assume it has passed through some type of rigorous peer review. For example it appears as a reference in the International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives Vol. 17, No. 1, 2018, pp. 7-2. In an paper written by Lou Dear, who ‘coincidentally’ has a PhD from Glasgow University. How is a Russell Group University awarding PhD’s to ‘academics’ that can read Jackman’s article and consider it worthy of reference. How?

The paper was presented at the BRISMES annual conference. BRISMES is the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies. The Vice-Chair is Nicola Pratt from Warwick University, an anti-Israel academic with whom readers of this research should be familiar. This is evidence of the enormity and dangers of the problem. Once you let unprofessional, sloppy, bias enter academia – other academics follow suit. Each climbing on the shoulder of the one before them. They create a network and spread out like a cancer. In the end, truth becomes lost.

A long road back

For so long we ignored what was happening on campus or casually dismissed it as irrelevant. We only woke up after antisemitism had become normative. It is astonishing that this type of antisemitic discourse was not immediately identified. If Jackman had been writing about any other minority group, this paper would have immediately been rejected as blatantly racist. Instead Jackman finds herself published in a postgraduate journal and proudly hosted on university websites. This is also our fault for being so passive for so long. It took the advent of Corbyn to wake most our community up and it is going to be a long struggle to reclaim the lost ground.

Please contact the Principal of Glasgow University Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli  ( Ask him how the University ever felt this paper was worthy of academic publication. Make sure you attach the PDF.

If you are not satisfied with his response you should contact the Scottish Ombudsman.



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167 thoughts on “Glasgow University publishes antisemitic conspiracy theory

  1. Quite keen to see the response to this article, particularly from regular contributors like Michael Farmer who has said in previous threads that they gets cross when Jews complain about prejudice towards them.

    Michael, how come this makes you so cross?

    1. Oh Stephen, I don’t actually think Ms Jackman is Scottish. I think her and her hubby Phil are both from Sth of the border.

  2. “This is in no way an academic piece of work.”

    “The work is beyond shoddy”

    Colliers description of Jackman’s paper. Lol.

    Ex travel agent Collier of blog fantasy fame has spoken.

    David, quote the antisemitic sections please. Without referencing Israel.

    1. Interesting. If I am ever dumb enough to engage Israelists on the subjrct of antisemitism I always make them an offer.

      ” Let’s talk about antisemitism in the uk and I won’t mention Israel if you don’t. Deal ? ”

      None have ever taken me up on the offer

      1. Because it is silly. It is disappointing that you even think it is a strong argument. There are very few people who do not believe that some treat Israel as the global Jew – even hard-core anti-Zionist players accept this as a core truth. The argument over antisemitism is ONLY about how many there are and where to draw the line. Placing yourself outside of this paradigm and suggesting ‘Israel’ cannot be part of any conversation on antisemitism is beyond silly. It negates all basic logic and every understanding of how all racisms work.

            1. you don’t even have to be factual. You have an inherent right to be wrong. The entire free speech argument is bogus. Only hard-core racists suggest our rights to free speech are restricted because we cannot freely be racist. Same applies here.

                1. They do Stephen – because if you were to stand up in London and scream out something highly (racially) offensive at a black man, you would face arrest. In court, when you tried to rely on article 10, it would fail. Which means that the qualifications in article 10, whilst not explicitly citing racism, clearly include it. The EHRC for example – cite racism –

                  “An authority may be allowed to restrict your freedom of expression if, for example, you express views that encourage racial or religious hatred.” when answering the question about restrictions inherent in the article.

                  1. article 10 does accept the prohibition on inciting racial hatred. Obviously there is nothing you could say about the State of Israel that would be held to be inciting racial hatred.

        1. it must take a alot to be “disappointed” by Bellamy the jew-baiterm, given how consistent he is with it.

    2. Oh Mike, how do you still not get it. That is precisely the point. People like me have our own opinions and drivers. When you want to talk about what drives and motivates me – you should be able to write a paper without suggesting that I am a puppet without opinions or personal drivers and stating you believe that everything I write is paid for and directed by Israel. I didn’t reference Israel – she did.

    3. When somebody lie repeated against Israel, the only majority Jewish country, and doesn’t attack other countries in the same way, it is obvious that they are being antisemitic.

      Incidentally neither the BBC nor the UN are known for being friendly to Israel nevertheless the BBC reported the UN’s confirmation that no massacre occurred in Jenin.

    1. you are a person who felt screengrabbing my inactive FB membership of a group was equivalent to the Palestine Live expose with Corbyn and you rushed out a post to prove it. Hardly a sign of good judgement. We are several years down the line now and the worst people have on me are decontextualised and grainy images of me standing somewhere near someone. I am an investigative journalist and researcher. If trying to smear me is all you can do, you’ve lost the argument.

      1. That was merely to point out that membership of a FB group was not the silver bullet it was being made out to be. The question I have long wrestled with is are you be judged from my perspectives or from yours ?

        And I don’t really do arguments so I don’t care if I am deemed to have lost one

        1. So are Jews entitled to be upset when malicicious accusations that are made against them are proved to be not true?


            1. Yes of course…

              When the EHRC report came out he didn’t make a fuss about it did he?

              What a guy….


              1. He pointed out that the occurrences of antisemitism against the party had indeed been exaggerated. The EHRC report confirmed that to be the case.

                Collier blagged for years that the party was institutionally antisemitic. The EHRC found no such thing, also finding no antisemitism on the part of Corbyn..

                Collier had been smearing Corbyn for 5 years … all shown to be untrue, confirming Collier to be a deceitful lowlife but that of course ruffles no feathers with you and your cronies.

                You are correct. Corbyn made a statement, not a fuss. It was the wolves, including Starmer, that attacked.

  3. Ah Michael. You’re back.

    I am keen to know more about a post you made in a previous article. You said that it made you cross when Jews complained about prejudice towards them.

    When I’ve asked you about this in the past you have appeared very reluctant to answer for some reason. I think it is quite a reasonable question given the subject matter in the articles.

    How come it makes you so cross ?

  4. Three words: “Grasping at straws.”

    Now if you’ll excuse me, Hashem awaits.

      1. I have special permission from Hashem and my Chief Rabbi to deal with subhuman vermin 24/7.

  5. Michael, I noticed you commenting on remarks above. Perhaps you could comment on a remark you made in a recent article.

    You said that it makes you cross when Jews complain about prejudice against them. How come this makes you cross?

    1. Methinks Ian is talking off drink. But then falsehoods and misrepresentations are rife from David and his fawning supporters.

      Chill, Ian. There’s a good boy.

      1. Michael, you posted your remarks only a couple of days ago and despite this silly response you were quite clear that it made you cross when Jews complained about prejudice against them.

        I asked why this was so and even though you didn’t want to reply, your mate Bellers rushed to answer on your behalf, twice. So, are you saying he imagined your remark?

        Let’s just address the point you did make and again I ask, why does it make you cross when Jews complain about prejudice against them?

  6. As Weinreich demonstrated in his 1946 book, Hitler’s Professors, using the universities to spread anti-Jewish ideas was an integral part of the process that led to the Final Solution. Today, the Final Solution translates to the elimination of Israel, the Jewish State. Newspapers and TV have been spreading misinformation about the Palestinian War Against Israel for decades. Now, “peer reviewed” journals are getting in on the act.

    1. “Israel, the Jewish State”

      Israel is a Jewish, Muslim, Christian etc. state that flouts International Laws, constantly breaks the Geneva Conventions, shoots protestors dead on their own land and refuses to join the NPT. Hence criticism of it.

      Do you consider such criticism to be antisemitic?

      1. Michael, I noticed you commenting on remarks above. Perhaps you could comment on a remark you made in a recent article.

        You said that it makes you cross when Jews complain about prejudice against them. How come this makes you cross?

      2. Israel is the state of the Jewish people, not the Jewish religion. Muslim, Christian, B’hai, Zoroastrian, English, French, Russian, American, Nigerian, Japanese, etc. citizens of Israel enjoy equal rights under the law.

        The fact that Israel is constantly accused of breaking International law and Conventions does not make it guilty of breaking them. “Protestors” attempting to breach the border of a country they don’t have permission to enter risk being killed by soldiers stationed to protect their citizens from harm; especially, when the protestors have announced plans to kill civilians and soldiers they encounter after the border is breached.

        “Protestors” providing cover for border breachers are put at risk by those attempting to breach the border, and are sometimes victims of the chaos such “protests” produce.

        There are scores of countries with human rights records that actually are criminal, yet Israel haters obsess over Israel. Demonizing, delegitimizing and using double standards to criminalize Israel, all while ignoring actual perpetrators of actual crimes is not criticism. It is antisemitism.

      1. I don’t like to talk about ideas that haven’t in some way mainfested themselves. People should be free to have whatever ideas they want to have. I’d say it is probably the only absolute I believe in.

        1. Have I as much right to decide what is or is not antisemitic as David the Jews has?

          Just a thought … they’re free I think.

          1. Agreed…

            What do Jews know about antisemitism

            What do Muslims know about Islamophobia

            What do black people know about racism


            You really are a c@nt aren’t you Farmgirl


        2. “ideas that haven’t in some way manifested themselves”

          You constantly accuse others of having thoughts that haven’t manifested themselves … you fabricate their being antisemitic … for at least a decade.

  7. The interesting thing about those that bring up the ‘Jenin Massacre’ is that they always ignore the real massacre that preceded it that resulted in 30 dead Jews and over 150 wounded Jews.

    That anti-Jewish massacre occurred on the first night of the Jewish holiday of Passover. A Palestinian terrorist murderer walked into the Park Hotel in Netanya and detonated a suicide vest packed with explosives and nuts and bolts to ensure even greater death and destruction.

    So a Palestinian terrorist murderer walks into a civilian hotel on the first night of the Jewish holiday of Passover and murderers 30 Jewish civilians and injures over 150 Jewish civilians while they were celebrating a Jewish Religious holiday.

    And the Palestinians and their western liberal acolytes want us to trust and believe them when they say they want peace, especially as to this day the Palestinians venerate these ‘suicide bombing’ terrorist murderers, naming schools etc. after them and paying them and their families handsome salaries

    1. Careful Richard. We have seen contributors here commenting how cross they get when Jews complain about prejudice against them. Our old friend Michael made this very clear.

      Wonder why it makes them so cross. Care to tell us Michael ?

  8. Waiting for Michael to comment on the Jenin massacre saying that because Israel is a country of Jews, Muslims and Christians, it couldn’t be a Jewish holiday and the people that were murdered there therefore couldn’t possibly be Jewish. With his warped sensibilities all those people that were murdered were Israeli, despite the fact that they were targeted and murdered only because they were Jews

      1. Sharmuta, World-Wide massacres are a specialties of your vile Islamofasicst jihadi terrorist scum.

        Q. Wonder why there are checkpoints at every airport in the world to scan passengers, luggage and cargo???

        A. – – – –
        – 9/11
        – 1993 truck bombing of the World Trade Center
        – 1968 assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy
        – 1972 hijacking of the Summer Olympics in Munich and murder of athletes
        – 1981 assassination of Egyptian President and Peace Maker Anwar Sadat
        – 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103 which crashed on Lockerbie scotland
        – 2005 London’s 7/7 transport massacre
        – beheading of Lee Rigby, journalist Daniel Pearl, James Foley and other victims of ISIS
        – Boston Marathon bombing
        – London and Westminster bridge car ramming attacks
        – Manchester arena bombing
        – Rotherham rape gangs
        – Bastille Day truck ramming attack in Nice France
        – massacre at Charlie Hebdo magazine offices in Paris
        – massacre at Bataclan music venue
        – massacre at Manchester arena concert venue
        – massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando
        – massacre at Christmas party in San Bernardino
        – stabbing to death of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh
        – Fascist Irans death threats against writer Salman Rushdie
        – 500,000 dead in Syria (Arabs killing Arabs)
        – 1,000,000 dead in 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war (Muslims killing Muslims)
        – Fascist Iran using children (given plastic keys to paradise) to clear minefields
        – Mumbai India massacre
        – Nairobi Kenya mall massacre
        – Sadaam Husseins poison gassing of the Kurds of Halabja Iraq
        – ISIS beheading videos
        – Hamass executing gays by pushing them off rooftops in Gaza
        – Fascist Iran executing gays by hanging them from construction cranes
        – Coptic Christians being murdered in Egypt
        – murder of tourists in Luxor
        – Manhattan bike path car ramming attack
        – failed sneaker and later underwear suicide bombing of an inflight plane
        – failed SUV bombing of Times Square
        – public threats on placards of 9/11 scale attacks on the UK and Europe
        – Brussels airport bombing
        – bombing of USS Cole
        – Fort Hood Texas massacre
        – foiled attack on Garland Texas conference
        – death threats on creators of South Park cartoon series
        – Brooklyn Bridge shooting
        – Empire State Building Observation Deck shooting
        – Fascist Irans calls for Death to America
        – Taliban shooting girls who want an education
        – Muslim families stoning their daughters to death over “family honour”
        – DC Beltway sniper
        – Moscow subway bombing
        – Boko Haram kidnapping and raping girls in Nigeria
        – ISIS murdering Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai
        – ISIS burning Jordanian pilot to death
        – Taliban destroying two 1,500 year old Buddahs in Bamiyan Afghanistan
        – ISIS destroying antiquities in Palmyra
        – Hezbola and Hamass using children as Human Shields
        – Christmas market shooting in Strasbourg France
        – Armenian Genocide by the Ottomans
        – 1/15/19 Shabab terrorist attack in Nairobi Kenya
        – 2019 Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka
        – London and Westminster bridge stabbings and car ramming
        – Pensacola FL. AND Corpus Christi TX Naval base attacks
        – Reading, UK, stabbing of 6, 3 of whom died
        – beheading of French teacher Samuel Paty over a lesson on Freedom of Speech

        P.S.SCREW Deir Yassin and Snake Yassin and Pal-e-SWINE.

      2. Michael

        You are a dimwit

        The battle at Deir Yassin was between the Palestinians (Jews) and the Arabs.

        Until May 1948 the Jews called themselves Palestinians and the Arabs called themselves Arabs or Syrians

        The Arabs from Deir Yassin and other villages on the road from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem were blockading the road, preventing the Palestinians (Jews) from getting supplies including food.The Palestinians (Jews) were being rationed as there was not enough food for them. The Arab residents of Jerusalem were unaffected as their supplies were coming from the East.

        The Arabs of the Mandate of Palestine lost their war/civil war against the Jews in part because of the way they propagandized the battle at Deir Yassin; they exaggerated and embellished what happened there to such an extent that it caused a panic resulting in many Arab civilians fleeing the advancing Palestinian Jewish/Israeli Jewish forces

        Not really interested in another one of your stupid replies because I doubt you know much about Deir Yasin and its aftermath

  9. At sunset, we light the second candle against injustice and discrimination against the Palestinian people.

    …and then we enjoy Sufganiyot and latkes.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray ✡️

    Happy Hanukkah and Shabbat shalom ?

      1. I have special dispensation from Hashem and Chief Rabbi to save others on Shabbat.

        1. I have a feeling that you might not actually be a real rabbi after all….


          Oh boy…did you have me fooled for a while…!


          Think I’m gonna stop calling you rav now and switch to something more appropriate…



            1. Tw@t – a way to call someone as stupid, useless, or otherwise contemptible…


              I think I used the correct word as described in the the dictionary….

              Besides I didn’t think you were so sensitive? I know how you hate that? Well I know how you hate it when Jews do it?




              1. Rather than use foul language, why aren’t you praying and studying Torah and the Tanakh on this holy day Ken Dobkin?

                As the Talmud states: “You can educate a fool, but you cannot make him think.”

      1. DeadHead Ed: “If silence be good for the wise, how much better for fools (you).”

  10. So is Britain an apartheid state because Christmas and Easter are public holidays but Jewish and Muslim holy days are not?

    Asking for a friend….


      1. Michael, you seem totally reluctant to answer a really simple and straightforward question relating to one of your posts. Instead you have chosen to make some silly remarks and childish insults.

        Please can you explain why Jews complaining about prejudice towards them makes you so cross.

        1. Yes and do tell us again why you think the EHRC was a good result for Labour and the former Labour MP for Islington North?


          1. Easy, having for years been accused of being an antisdemite, nothing of the sort was found by the EHRC. The report even showed that Corbyn had IMPROVED complaints processing from the Blair era.

            The report also showed that the Labour Party was not institutionally from its antisemitc, all this after the ‘Jewish Community’, its tabloids and all the misinformation peddled by its predatory blaggers over the years.

            1. Meanwhile….back on planet earth ? this is what really happened…..

              The EHRC found “a practice of political interference in certain complaints” by the then-leader of the opposition’s office (LOTO), directly contradicting Corbyn’s claims that there was no interference in the complaints process by his inner circle.

              What does the report say?

              Caroline Waters, interim chair of the EHRC, writes that the investigation found “multiple areas” where Labour’s approach and leadership on tackling anti-Semitism was insufficient. “This is inexcusable and appeared to be a result of a lack of willingness to tackle anti-Semitism rather than an inability to do so,” she added.

              In what The Guardian describes as a “particularly serious finding”, the report highlights “a practice of political interference in certain complaints”, meaning the party leadership under Corbyn did play a role in the handling of complaints over anti-Jewish hate.

              The EHRC found 23 instances of inappropriate involvement by LOTO and others in the 70 complaint files it assessed and ruled the activity to be “indirectly discriminatory and unlawful”. The interference “puts the person making a complaint of anti-Semitism at a disadvantage as they could face different and detrimental treatment”, The Guardian adds.

              “A transparent and independent anti-Semitism complaints process, where all cases of alleged discrimination, harassment or victimisation are investigated promptly, rigorously and without interference is an essential part of the reforms needed to rebuild trust”, the report states.

              Described as an “absolute thunderbolt” by PoliticsHome editor-in-chief Alan White, the report says that “LOTO staff directly interfered in the decision not to investigate” Corbyn’s support for an anti-Semitism mural. It also found evidence of “LOTO staff being directly involved” in complaints against ex-London mayor Ken Livingston.

              Livingstone is one of two Labour figures named in the report as “key to its finding that the party engaged in harassment”, The Guardian adds. Pat Bromely, a Lancashire councillor, is also named in a section in which the EHRC says the party “through its agents” harassed members in relation to Jewish ethnicity.

              Labour “at best did not do enough to prevent anti-Semitism and, at worst, could be seen to accept it”, the report continues, and was “inconsistent and lacking in transparency in its process and decision-making”.

              A “significant number of complaints” were never investigated at all, the EHRC states, with The Telegraph noting that the watchdog says this was particularly true for “those with their roots in social media activity”. While the party has “acknowledged that the policy was wrong and has not applied it since mid-2018”, the paper adds, “59 of the 70 cases investigated by the EHRC concerned social media”.

              Disgusting really….


                  1. Anti-oligarch, Dobby .. pay attention.

                    YOU’VE never never been able to show it’s antisemitic.

                    1. I wonder if he asks for proof of anti-black racism when someone talks links them to watermelons. Or Arabs to terrorism. Or. Or. Or. Or.

    1. That’s a difficult question to answer Stephen. What pool of people are we relating it to. British? Absolutely she is.

        1. If we restrict it to British Jewish community, then I think we both are. In a bell curve neither of us would be at the peak, but both would certainly be considered mainstream. Just as many Labour, Lib Dem and Tory MPs are all mainstream. It doesn’t neccessarily mean much though – beyond not being part of the fringes.

          1. Adding that the mainstream itself is very diverse. Orthodox Jewry is a large and growing block. They too must be considered mainstream. I think each part of the whole can also be viewed on its own spectrum. It kind of makes the question a little nonsensical.

            1. I have literally just told you that the question is somewhat nonsensical.

              Of course I am not part of a ‘political’ fringe inside the Jewish community. Activism aside (in the sense I am active and most are not) I am obviously part of the mainstream.

              1. Suppose that you’re part of an ‘activist’ fringe inside the Jewish community. One who works to lead the sheep.

                Haven’t you determined that the Jews you criticise are part of a fringe?

                p.s don’t forget to premise any reply with ‘Oh, Mike’ 🙂

  11. At sunset, we light the third candle and recite:

    “I light this candle against the Zionist hooligans and fake Jews who cut down Palestinian trees and steal the olives, and who last year destroyed 5000 Palestinian homes, who besmirch the honor of Judaism.”

    Happy Hanukkah and Shabbat shalom.

  12. Yes I’m sure it’s a priority for those evil Zionists to steal Palestinian olives…

    ? ?

    Shabbat Shalom Rabbi Tw@t…


  13. Brucie babes the pretend rabbi and Holocaust denigrator

    Which internet bucket shop did you manage to purchase your so-called rabbinical qualifications

    Somehow I don’t think language like this is that of a man of the cloth, especially the words ….’subhuman vermin 24/7.’ which is the way the Nazi Germans described the Jews…..

    …………….”Rabbi Dr Levy, Intifada Rabbi on December 11, 2020
    ……………..I have special permission from Hashem and my Chief Rabbi to deal with subhuman ……………..vermin 24/7.”

    1. But of course Dr. Levy is describing Zionists … not Jews..

      There’s that lack of comprehension again, Richard.

  14. Brucie Brucie the Holocaust denigrator, pretend rabbi and Antisemite

    You have claimed that all the founders of Zionism were atheists as per your comment below….

    ……….(The Learned) Rabbi Dr Levy, Intifada Rabbi on December 6, 2020
    ………..That said, the Zio founders of apartheid Israel were all atheists.

    Where is your proof, or is this just another of your attempts at a provocative statement that you couldn’t back up with proof because their isn’t any evidence to back up your ignorant stupidity

    You still haven’t answered my question about Islamophobia.
    I know from your comments that you are prone to either misreading and/or misunderstanding what I write, so can you please show me what/where I have evidenced any Islamophobia as per this ridiculous post of yours…..

    ……….”The odour of Islamophobia eminates from every one of your comments. You need to take a …………shower to wash all the hate out of your heart.

    You are an Antisemite despite your attempts to claim you are Jewish.
    Satan, or whatever it is you pray to, is eagerly awaiting your presence, and please don’t desecrate the Jewish Sabbath and Judaism with your your foul, vitriolic language

  15. Michael

    You have said you don’t know any Jews and you don’t know anything about Judaism, yet you insult the Torah ‘holy’ book of the Jews.
    What are you insinuating about the Torah

    ………..”Mike Farmer on December 12, 2020
    ………….Ah,you have something in common with Margaret Hodge …. a foul mouth.
    ………….Learn that from Torah?”

    Or are just a common and garden Antisemite

  16. Stephen

    Is this another of your mindless, cliched ‘village idiot’ type comments; no evidence, no facts, no sense……

    ……”The EHRC is as bent as a wad of 9 shekel notes”

    Where is your evidence that the EHRC is anything other than above board

    1. EHRC report states “We found evidence of political interference in the handling of antisemitism
      complaints throughout the period of the investigation. We have concluded that
      this practice of political interference was unlawful.”

      ‘Friend of Israel’ MP Tom Watson had asked for accusations of antisemitism to be sent direct to himself while Jennie Formby was the one charged with investigating them.

      Yet no mention of Watson interfering is to be found anywhere in the report, yet accusations of Corbyn’s office doing so are prominent.

      Hardly gives confidence in the impartiality of the EHRC.

      Elsewhere The EHRC chair equates Israel to Jews in its reference to Ken Livingstone.

      Again, hardly gives confidence in the impartiality of the EHRC.

      1. Well you need to choose an argument and stick to it…

        You keep telling us that Corbyn was absolved by EHRC

        Now you are saying they are not impartial?


        Not very good at this debating lark are you Farmgirl?


  17. The Farmer and Levy duo of Antisemitic pantomime return with their silly oft repeated cut and paste slogan are at it again…..

    The Farmer used this cut and paste eight times today between 11:55 to 12:38

    ………. Mike Farmer on December 6, 2020
    ……….Nakba? That reminds me.
    ……….No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.
    ………..Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Labour … for money.

    And here I paraphrase it to good effect

    ……….Nakba? That reminds me.
    ……….No ‘Farmer & Levy research’ into UN, Islamist and leftwing antisemitism. They are frauds.
    ……….Don’t fight antisemitism … they only smear Jews … for money.

    1. If you think me antisemitic, show the reasons, not the bizzare workings of your mind, Richard.

    2. No Holocoin milk chocolate gelt for you this year, Stinky Dick Galber.

  18. Why are there so few Hanukkah movies?

    Collier: “Antisemitism”

    Stinky Dick Galber: “Antisemitism”

    Knobby Dobby: “Antisemitism”

    Wrong again schmucks!

    Now if you’ll excuse me – I’m going to enjoy my dark chocolate Holocoin gelt and leave you with this. Happy Hanukkah!

    It’s hard to make a decent movie about the Jewish holiday. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying.

    It is no longer enough to label a film a Christmas movie. The sheer volume of entries in the genre demands a more specific taxonomy: There are the standard-issue comedies (Santa Clause, Jingle All the Way), canonized classics (Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life), Yuletide horror (Black Christmas or the more recent Krampus), and mistletoe-decked rom-coms in the vein of Love Actually. Hell, A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas even brought the stoner-flick genre into the fold. That’s not to mention such essential viewing as the Rankin-Bass stop-motion TV specials, The Grinch, and miscellaneous Christmas-set genre pictures that get tangentially caught under the umbrella. (Call it the Die Hard effect.)

    Hanukkah has Eight Crazy Nights and The Hebrew Hammer. That’s pretty much it.

    Every year when the holiday season rolls around, Jewish pop-culture addicts find themselves left out in the cold. The dearth of movies centered on Hanukkah has grown especially glaring as Hollywood has expanded to make room for a wider diversity of filmmakers and stories across racial, sexual, and gender lines. It’s almost suspicious that a culture with such a rich history and vibrant present would go almost entirely ignored by the movies — after all, we do supposedly control the media — though the underlying cause may have less to do with the fact that only around 2.2 percent of American citizens are Jewish, and more to do with the holiday itself.

    The Hanukkah movies we do have only barely engage with the holiday itself
    The province of Hanukkah entertainment has historically been television, where nodding to a Jewish viewership doesn’t demand such a great expenditure of time or resources. Plenty of shows have shifted focus for an episode to a token Hanukkah-observant character so that they may share their customs and provide a little background on the holiday.

    Friends poked fun at the tough sell of Hanukkah over the flashier, more popular Christmas with Ross’s feeble attempts to get his son jazzed over his dual-religion heritage using the “Holiday Armadillo.” Saturday Night Live’s “Christmastime for the Jews” sketch turned a Phil Spector-styled girl-group song into an ode to the joys of avoiding Christmas. Who could forget the Rugrats Hanukkah special, in which Tommy Pickles and his infant buddies travel back to the time of Judah the Macca-baby to learn about the strife of the ancient Hebrew people? And of course, The O.C.’s “Chrismukkah” episode remains one of the cornerstones of Western art. (Or at the very least, a pretty deft take on increasingly common multiculturalism within a single family unit.)

    Out in the bigger arena of the movie biz, however, Hanukkah has gotten an unreasonably short shrift.

    Adam Sandler has taken up the unofficial mantle of the Festival of Lights’ primary defender, drafting his much-beloved “Hanukkah Song” specifically as pushback against the paucity of Jew-friendly holiday entertainment. He continued on with his mission in 2002 with Eight Crazy Nights, his equally misanthropic and sophomoric cartoon about one screw-up’s attempts to scrape his life back together during the holiday season. In addition to co-writing the script with three fellow comedians, Sandler voices Davey, an ill-tempered wastrel with a taste for booze and destruction of public property. In between set pieces of scatological majesty (one incident involving a port-a-potty, a water hose, and a deer isn’t easily forgotten), Davey bitterly shuts out the world and undergoes a fairly standard redemption narrative.

    The extent to which Sandler and the film actually interface with Hanukkah and its significance is questionable. The holiday pops up all over the film; Davey’s parents died during a childhood Hanukkah, and the card they left to him represents his one link to his lost loved ones. As the title makes clear, the events of the film play out over the course of a single Hanukkah, and in a pivotal moment, it’s the nebulously defined “spirit of Hanukkah” that guides Davey back to his senses. But mostly, the film’s ostensible reason for being gets reduced to set-dressing and wordplay for the many musical numbers.

    Lesser known and less critically loathed, The Hebrew Hammer trades Cuban-link chains for Star of David pendants to send up blaxploitation cinema. The comic chronicle of a mensch-Superfly named Mordechai and his heroic exploits is packed with inside jokes for the in-the-know faction of viewers, mining punchlines from bar mitzvahs, Manischewitz, and ritual circumcision.

    A perfectly cast Adam Goldberg blends silky-smooth 1970s panache with the neuroses endemic to cultural depictions of Jewish men as he foils a plot from a power-mad Santa Claus (Andy Dick) to permanently cancel Hanukkah. But all along, director Jonathan Kesselman places more emphasis on absurdist gags (a key character is named Mohammad Ali Paula Abdul Rahim) than on faith itself. At a key moment, Mordechai starts to explain the importance and meaning of Hanukkah to Andy Dick’s evil Kris Kringle, but realizes he has no follow-up.

    At first blush, it’s baffling that these two films comprise pretty much the entire canon of what could be accurately deemed Hanukkah movies. Where’s the CGI-heavy studio adaptation of Herschel and the Hanukkah Goblins, which was read to me annually as a child? Where’s the heartwarming Hanukkah family dramedy? The modern Jewish family experience certainly appears ripe for comedy and pathos — everyone has that kooky relative that would make for some colorful comic relief. Family is a cornerstone of Jewish community, and that should translate to crowd-pleasing seasonal entertainment.

    Hanukkah doesn’t easily lend itself to seasonal cheer. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying.
    In her 1995 article “Jewish Humor, Self-Hatred, or Anti-Semitism,” published in The Journal of Popular Culture, Nancy Jo Silberman-Friedman states that “while [Hanukkah] is relegated by the rabbis to a relatively minor status among other Jewish holidays, in America it has taken on a ‘Jewish Christmas’ element.” Hanukkah is a fundamentally different holiday than Christmas, however, with a radically opposing set of animating principles that may help explain its relative absence in the holiday-movie realm.

    The story of Hanukkah is that of suffering and hardship: The Maccabees had just survived a brutal conflict with the Greeks, when the ragged surviving Heebs made their last pittance of lamp oil stick for eight days. The great miracle of Christmas is the arrival of the savior, but the great miracle of Hanukkah was keeping the lights on in the rubble-strewn aftermath of a costly war.

    To varying extents, all Jewish holidays are oriented around austerity and guilt, which don’t lend themselves as easily to screenplay-friendly warming sensations as peace on earth and goodwill toward men. An honest Hanukkah movie would almost necessarily be a movie about taking a long, hard look at yourself and your choices, which is the last thing most audiences want at this time of year. It’s the stuff of great drama and blackly sardonic comedy, but not exactly spritely seasonal cheer, which box-office receipts have determined to be the prevailing tone for holiday movies.

    Setting aside the fact that the vast majority of Americans identify as Christian, Christmas also happens to turn on such bottom-line-friendly sentiments as forgiveness, hope, new beginnings, and salvation. And while Hanukkah has dreidels and latkes and a goodly amount of fun, the celebration’s underpinnings just don’t strike the same sort of jolly chord, one that viewers want to return to (and pay for) season after season.

    Reconciling the solemn roots of Hanukkah with the upbeat spirit that holiday movies demand remains a challenge for some enterprising screenwriter, but one eminently worth undertaking. For one, it’d make a lot of Jews who are tired of rewatching a cartoon Adam Sandler make poop jokes very happy to get some fresh material. (Most of us have eight nights of family time in need of filling, for Judah’s sake.)

    Beyond that, though, there’s rich narrative ground in the Jewish heritage waiting to be broken, and good stories deserve to be told. The time has come — Hollywood’s ready for The Schlep Around the Corner.

      1. Knobby, I’m blown away by your sophistication.

        Bet you stayed up all night thinking of that.

        Now go study your Torah.

          1. Nakba DeadHead Ed?

            A reminder from your self-appointed spiritual leader of this blog:

            No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.

            Doesn’t fight antisemitism … his kind only smears £abour … for money.


            PS: Everyone on this blog already knows you’re a moron.

            1. Sharmuta, if “He” (Socialist SHlTler and Socialist Stalin) were right-wing,

              If Israel is right-wing,

              If the US is right-wing,

              Is HAM-ASS right-wing?
              Is Hezbola right-wing?
              Is the Taliban right-wing?
              Is Fascist Iran right-wing?
              Is Al Qada right-wing?
              Is ISIS right-wing?
              Is the Muslim Brotherhood right-wing?
              Is Pakistan right-wing?
              Is Pal-e-SWINE right-wing?
              Is the racist LaBOOR party right-wing?

  19. Seems like Panto Season is in full swing here.

    All the comedy villains are poncing around the stage and all the lines are reassuringly familiar.

    Speaking of cartoon activists, that reminds me. Michael, in the Matinee performance last week you said it made you cross when Jews complained about prejudice towards them. How come?

    (Ian, soto voce from stage left) “Michael, if you ask Bellers nicely he’ll leap in and answer for you like he did all last week.”

    1. “Islam-o-FAUX-bia” is a Crime Against REALITY.

      See 9/11, London’s 7/7, Pan Am 103 (thanks SCUMBAG scotland and BP/UK for releasing the convicted bomber), London and Westminster bridge stabbings and car rammings, beheading of Lee Rigby, Rotherham rape gangs, murder of Yvonne Fletcher, Charlie Hebdo massacre, Boston Marathon massacre, thwarted attempts to bomb inflight passenger planes with bombs hidden in sneakers and underwear (hence checkpoints at every airport in the World), Bastille Day truck ramming attack in Nice, France, Bataclan massacre, Mumbai India massacre, Nairobi Kenya massacre, ….

      beheading of teacher Samuel Paty in France for teaching a class on Freedom of Speech.

      Happy Nakba to Sinister ImaM Oron.

  20. Stephen

    Hitler won the election with less than 35% of the vote.
    He then manipulated von Hindenburg to make him Chancellor
    He then created a diplomatic/legalistic coup .
    Then the Reichstag conveniently mysteriously burnt down.
    Then he became the Dictator of Germany.
    Could you take a moment to imagine Corbyn doing something similar; if you want to bring Hitler into the debate of Corbyn’s voting percentages the debate can go anywhere

    1. But we know where the lies, smears and misrepresentations would come from. Don’t we, David and Ian?

      1. Blair won 3 elections on the trot…

        How does that fit into your Corbyn narrative Farmgirl?


  21. Brucie Brucie the foul mouthed Holocaust denigrator, pretend rabbi and Antisemite

    Despite all your protestations, you are still an Antisemite

    You mock the Holocaust and Holocaust survivors, you are constantly invoking Holocaust imaginary (such as Holocoin, furnaces, showers, striped pajamas, lampshades, soap, tattoos) and use Nazi
    Language to describe Jews (sub-human vermin)

    You are an Antisemire

    You were threatening to sue me for libel or similar a while back.
    What has happened?
    Have you realised the stupidity of your threats?
    Or are you just a stupid Antisemite

  22. The Farmer and Levy duo of Antisemitic pantomime return with their silly oft repeated cut and paste slogan are at it again. They must be such lonely little darlings as they come onto this site to peddle their incoherent, repetitive, out of context and silly statements in an attempt to get some meaning into their empty lives

    The Farmer and the so-called rabbi used this cut and paste seven times today between 04:44 to 09:01

    ………. Mike Farmer on December 6, 2020
    ……….Nakba? That reminds me.
    ……….No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.
    ………..Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Labour … for money.

    And here I paraphrase it to good effect

    ……….Nakba? That reminds me.
    ……….No ‘Farmer & Levy research’ into UN, Islamist and leftwing antisemitism. They are frauds.
    ……….Don’t fight antisemitism … they only smear Jews … for money.

  23. When this idiot has nothing to sat he posts this cut and paste nonsense that he hes used for ages…….
    ……Mike Farmer commented on Glasgow University publishes antisemitic conspiracy theory.
    …….No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.
    …….Doesn’t fight antisemitism … his kind only smears £abour … for money.
    ……..I think we all have Collier sussed

    This must be the 6th or 7th time today this nutter has posted this.

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