It is absolutely wrong to say that Arab residents of Mandated Palestine did not suffer a NAKBA (catastrophe) in 1948. History shows that from their perspective, whatever the truth of the conflict itself, the end result was a catastrophe for them. But is accepting they suffered a catastrophe the same as accepting that the Palestinian NAKBA narrative is true? No, it most certainly is not.

This is not about where you sit on the issue of settlements, Gaza, the PA or a Palestinian state. This isn’t about what you think of Tzipi Hotovely either. The position here is one of historical truth.

Oral v Written history

The Jews were a state within a state and meticulous record keepers. The Arabs had been virtually leaderless since the brutal British crackdown during the uprisings in the 1930s. The Jews were a community – a people, the Arabs were a clan based, disconnected society.

When the dust settled, the Jews had it all written down. The Arabs had virtually nothing. The two situations naturally create completely different dynamics. One side has a written history, the other almost totally dependent on an oral one:


Written – Over time the chest-beating myths give way to a more balanced view of events. With the periodic publication of sealed historical records, adjustments are made allowing for further introspection. As generations fade into history, a far more critical approach begins to take place. The graph is an over-simplification, but in general, the narrative should begin to reflect more of a balanced truth.

Oral – People are terrible witnesses, they personalise everything, are the heroes of their own stories, exaggerate, hide their own crimes and demonise their enemy. This gets worse over time and narratives become further twisted according to fading memories or necessity. Handed down to the children and removed from facts and context, oral history often turns into a quicksand of self-glorifying – or self-victimising, mythmaking.

The Nakba Narrative

The current Nakba narrative is based on oral history, with the added ability of being able to selectively use Jewish written history where convenient. Rather than help, this further distances the tale from truth. One part of a written source will be used because it helps the cause, the other parts ignored as ‘Zionist propaganda’. Effectively cherry-picking what suits them. It creates a non-critical dynamic that grabs at archives, building a narrative dynamic that only pushes in one direction.

The revisionists

There is no intention to suggest written history is perfect, merely to state the obvious – that providing the written documents were never intended to deceive, written history is far superior to an oral one. The lack of a counter-balance, that is a self-critical Palestinian Nakba narrative, creates a peculiar dynamic. The Zionist written history can become distorted by those who place ‘oral history’ on top of established facts. Simply put, when you add lots of falsehoods to a story that is trying to be true, it does not make a better story. Further, in order to combine these two incompatible narratives, you can end up building conspiracy theories to plug the gaps. This is what happened to academic activists such as Illan Pappe.

The two stories cannot be combined. One is fundamentally true, the other fundamentally false.

What we know of the 1947-1949 events

  • We know that the Arab side rejected partition
  • Arabs began to violently attack Jews almost immediately
  • Threats to commit Genocide against Jews were published in Arab capitals
  • There were reprisals and counter reprisals in civil fighting
  • Arab irregular forces entered the area from January 1948
  • Full civil conflict started
  • Many Arabs fled because they could (approx 70-100k), before the fighting intensified
  • The first part of the Haganah’s battle was almost exclusively defensive
  • The Haganah suffered unsustainable losses which led to a rethink in strategy
  • There were Arab villages which were hostile and some that remained passive
  • Casualty figures between the two sides were roughly even throughout the civil conflict
  • By April the Jews urgently needed to prepare for the full invasion of the Arab armies
  • Most of the Arabs fled voluntarily as people always do in civil conflict
  • Some strategic hostile villages would undoubtedly have needed to be emptied
  • There were probably a few ‘massacres’ on both sides
  • The stated Arab intention was to eradicate the Jewish state and in areas they won- Jews were completely ethnically cleansed
  • The Arabs eventually lost, leaving 100,000s of Arab refugees who had left, unable to return
  • Efforts during armistice talks to repatriate some of the refugees failed

From the above, it is clear that the Arabs suffered a catastrophe – but this is not the Nakba narrative, not even close.

The Nakba narrative

  • The European Jews should not have been there in the first place
  • The international community had no right to partition the land
  • Arabs and Jews lived in peace before Zionism
  • Israel is European reparation for the Holocaust
  • Zionism is racism
  • Zionist intention was always to get rid of the Arabs
  • Jewish acceptance of the partition was bogus
  • Once partition was announced, Jewish militia began to clean out Arab towns
  • The Jews had a plan to ethnically cleanse all of Palestine
  • Jewish forces were well armed and met almost no resistance
  • The massacres were deliberate, numerous and one-sided
  • The Jews did to Arabs what Nazis did to the Jews
  • The Arabs did not want conflict
  • Arab states came to help the Arabs in the mandate area by sending armies
  • The Jews took this opportunity to carry on with the ethnic cleansing
  • Because of international military and financial support, the Jews won
  • Most of the Arabs were expelled and 500-700 towns were emptied and destroyed

Two vitally important details

There are a few vitally important details in the Nakba narrative, such as Zionism is a racist endeavour built by European Jews, and that European Jews had no place in Palestine. These elements are fundamental pillars upon which the rest of the tale is built. The pure Nakba narrative is an ahistorical, hard-core anti-Zionist position. It is not possible to build a bridge between a Jewish state and those pushing the Nakba narrative. It can be well argued that this was always the intent – just as with the refugees, to create an environment of perpetual conflict.

Hotovely and the Nakba narrative

Why am I bringing all this up? At a recent Board of Deputies event, the current Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Tzipi Hotovely said this:

I think the importance of bringing this story up is also to fight a very, very strong and very popular Arab lie. And the lie is the Nakba. We just mentioned this week the UN resolution, the partition plan, the fact that the Palestinians, the Arab neighbours had the chance to have, again, I think throughout history this is the most shameful moment where they choose to deny the right of the Jewish state to exist, they choose to fight and then they made up a story that is called the Nakba.  

Hotovely is 100% correct.

The Rabbi responds, the Jewish news publishes

Anti-Zionist Na’amod (the group born out of an event where Jews said prayers for Hamas terrorists) posted about Hotovely. This outrageously equated rejecting Palestinian lies to racism.

Nakba Narrative Na'amod

Then Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner used Na’amod’s tweet as a platform and posted that these views ‘negate those of the majority of British Jews‘ disgracefully linking it with the argument for or against the Palestinian state. What you believe happened in 1948 does not dictate your political position today – it only suggests how well you read history. One would hope the majority of British Jews do not believe the Nakba myth.

nakba narrative Klausner

The Jewish News, which is becoming a frequent mouthpiece for the views of fringe anti-Zionist Na’amod publicised Klausner’s message, spreading it further. JN also misinforms readers by describing Na’amod as an ‘anti-occupation group’. The history of Na’amod clearly shows many of its roots are in anti-Zionism and sympathy for terrorists. You may as well call North Korea a democracy because that is how NK describes itself.

These are Jewish outlets telling us that we must believe in lies.

Questions for the Rabbi and Jewish News

I ask the Rabbi and Jewish News a simple question: Can you point me to the Nakba narrative that you consider to be true? If Hotovely cannot call it a lie, what is it specifically that she cannot question?

Is it the Nakba narrative of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign? The Nakba narrative of the BDS Central Committee? Or the one promoted by Fatah or the PFLP? Is it perhaps the Nakba narrative of Hamas? Ilan Pappe’s conspiracy theory? I’ve read the books and have seen the story told to students on campus. It is an antisemitic pack of lies. Is it this narrative you want us to believe?

Which one? Don’t just tell us we cannot question it – point specifically to the one you categorically believe to be true. Until you can do this – and I won’t hold my breath, nobody has a right to tell us not to call it out for what it is – a pack of lies.

The Nakba narrative and Holocaust equation

The Nakba narrative was designed to equate itself to the Holocaust. You can visibly see the Holocaust denying discourse surrounding those who question the historicity of the Nakba narrative events.  See these two images:

Nakba narrative denial

There is nothing accidental about this equation. The Nakba is as bad as the Holocaust which makes it an untouchable historical event and Zionists are therefore as bad as the Nazis. Na’amod who won’t tell us what the Nakba even is, ethically compare questioning the event to Holocaust denial. The paper above it was the online TRT outlet – a Turkish state-owned channel. The false narrative is designed to self-protect and we are told that if we question their lies, then we are as bad as Holocaust deniers. This strategy is dangerous and sickening.

Anti Board of Deputies punchbag and the survival of the diaspora

Some of this is the Jewish hard-left picking up anything to throw at the BOD. Hotovely provides a convenient punchbag and they can and will attack any community body that platforms her. It is something we will see frequently during her time of service in the UK. Hotovely is the Israeli Ambassador. Her role is to represent Israel. It is absolutely vital that the lies of the Nakba are confronted. As certain left wing groups are spreading such a false narrative within the Jewish community, it was right and proper for Hotovely to use the platform of the Board of Deputies to address this.

When I talk about the Nakba in this fashion – some in the community feel real discomfort – but there is no denial here that the Arabs suffered loss. This conflation is part of a politically correct cultural conditioning and we have to break through these walls. These ahistorical lies MUST be opposed.  Zionism cannot exist within the Nakba narrative. It is a simple equation. If secular diaspora Jewry swallows the false narrative of our enemieS , then secular diaspora is burning the only ship holding itself afloat. This ahistorical hard-left poison must not be allowed to filter into the mainstream.


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158 thoughts on “There is no room for Israel in the lies of the Nakba narrative

    1. everything is relative. In Syria, Yachad would be considered far-right Zionist extremists.

  1. “Zionism cannot exist within the Nakba narrative. It is a simple equation. If secular diaspora Jewry swallows the false narrative of our enemie , then secular diaspora is burning the only ship holding itself afloat. This ahistorical hard-left poison must not be allowed to filter into the mainstream.”


    1. Pretty obvious if you ask me, but I have often said I think diaspora secular Jewry is pretty much a doomed ship anyway.

      1. So what is it that you are trying to save ? Religious diaspora Jewry ? Or are you merely concerned that it isn’t said that diaspora Jewry went down without a fight ?

        1. Orthodox Jewry is growing and doesn’t internalise modern revisionist stuff. Nowt really to worry about there. It isn’t about saving secular diaspora Jewry, the diaspora is pretty much stuffed. It is about people, the Jews, not the place where they live.

  2. Though this piece calls for the JN to state what it belives is the Nakbha, it fails to state what its author believes. It is unclear, whether David thinks that the creation of Medinat Y’Israel is the cause of what Arabs subsequely call Nakhba, or some other reason.

    In fact, Arab sources originally attributed the Nakhba to the defeat of the invading Arab armies. One of the best accounts is Efraim Karsh’s ‘Palestine Betrayed’.

    Unfortunately, despite all the evidence contradicting Rabiiinc opinion, many continue to believe in the Arab narrative. A recent D’var Torah, from Rabbi Alexendra Wright, Senior Rabbi of the LJS, incorrectly accuses Israel of, ‘ creeping annextion, denying Palestinian rights, kneeling on the neck of Palestinians , refusing to negotite with the Palesinians and occupation’. My detailed rebuttal of all these allegations hasbeen met with a refusal to engage in scholarly dialogue, or to support the views expressed in the D’var Torah. This amounts to ‘no platforming’, perhaps even the ‘cancel culture’.

    If this is the best suppport Israel can receive from Anglo-Jewry, enemies are unnecessary.

    1. Alexendra Wright is no Rabbi.

      She’s as much of a Rabbi as a Muslima is an Imam.

      Alexendra Wright is afraid to debate a REAL Rabbi because she knows she would be intellectually, morally, spiritually crushed like past False prophets.

    2. Progressivism seems to have become the guiding light and point of principle for many on the left of the Jewish diaspora.

      It almost seems to have become a new form of religion and religious practice. Some of its adherents self-identify as jews even though they are not actually Jewish. The whole thing is a bit bizarre, especially the self-identifying bit

  3. Happy Nakba to All !

    The “Nakba”, being the 1948 (just 3 years after the end of WW2 and the Holocaust)

    FAILURE of 5 attacking Arab armies,

    NONE of which was an army of an existing “palestine”

    to push the Jews into “the Sea”.

    The “Nakba” is as “terrible” as the Unconditional Surrender of National SOCIALIST Germany to the US, UK and Soviet SOCIALISTs.

    Bonus: Here is a 37 second Youtube of a newsreel documenting a sit-down meeting between National SOCIALIST SHlTler and his Sand Nazi ally, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

      1. Michael

        Your constant repetition of this meaningless mantra puts you firmly in the class of the ‘brain dead’

        I’ll keep a tally of you and the pretend rabbi’s usage

              1. Sharmuta, Are Ham-Ass, Hezbola, Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Fascist Iran, Boko Haram,

                Right or Left wing?

                Does Fascist Iran and Ham-Ass executing gays help you decide?

  4. The Palestinian leadership refusal to accept the partition proposal in 1947 is basically the main source of all of their subsequent problems…

    The Nakba is on them…

    All the Gaza conflicts are on them….

    The WB intifadas are on them…


    Their plight is bogus because it is 99% self inflicted….

    A much bigger historical (genine) tragedy is the Jewish Nakba. The emptying of the Jews from Arab countries which did not need to happen and shouldn’t have happened….

    1. Plus Arabs/Muslims don’t live in Peace with Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, BaHai’s

      or FELLOW MUSLIMS (Sunni v Shiite v Salifis v Wahabbis v Klingons)

      so how can Arabs/Muslims get along with Jews/Zionists/Romulans?

      Let’s see Islam live up to its claims of it being “The Religion of Peace”.

      There is plenty of evidence to the contrary.
      (9/11, London’s 7/7, Pan Am 103 bombing, Rotherham rape gangs, London and Westminster bridge stabbings and car ramming attacks, Charlie Hebdo massacre, Bataclan massacre, Bastille Day in Nice France truck ramming attack, death decrees on writer Salman Rushdie for writing a book, the beheading of French teacher Samuel Paty for teaching a class on Freedom of Speech, Mumbai India massacre, Nairobi Kenya massacre, Boston Marathon bombing, Moscow subway bombing, Beslan school massacre, poison gas attack on the Kurds of Halabja, …

      Resist the Red/Green Axis of Evil.

  5. David, Anyone who has even only occasionally dipped into your comments can have no doubt that you are obsessed with defending the evils of Zionism. However now that more and more Jews are beginning to recognise the falshoods and iniquities of Zionism, your urge to protect it and the racist Israeli State is becoming even more manic. Drop the obsession and take up something a little more relaxing and rewarding, your paranoid fixation is getting you nowhere.

    1. David….

      If you are upsetting the likes of Jack T et al….you must be doing something right…


      1. Ken Dobkin, I’ve obviously upset you enough for you to want to give DC a slap on the back :-).

        1. Jack shiT, when the doctor saw you when you were born,

          He slapped your mother.

          Happy Nakba Piglet! 🙂

    2. Jack shiT,

      Zionism isn’t murdering people all over the World.

      Jihadis from your Sand Nazi Pals in Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, HAM-ASS, Hezbola, Muslim Brotherhood

      have made it necessary to screen ALL passengers, luggage, cargo for knives, bombs, poisons, at EVERY AIRPORT IN THE WORLD.

      Happy Nakba!

      1. Edward, “Zionism isn’t murdering people all over the World” take those Zionist blinkers off Edward.

    3. The greedy Joo is attempting to monetize antisemitism.

    4. Hello Jack-off! It’s so wonderful to get a representative of the online broken sewer called Electronic Intifada, as well as a cheerleader for the Olympian-level non-talented writer Asshole Wistfully! Isn’t it weird to be on a board where your bankrupt claims of awesomeness (we both know you’re a suck-ass failure junkie) get to stay in place? It’s certainly not like that at the edited-for-false bravado circle-jerk known as EI. Well, that’s my “welcome”. Feel free to come back and get your sorry prostate kicked in as often as you can stand. I’ll be waiting with tea and crumpets 🙂

  6. Benny Morris(Zionist Historian) on his later book ‘The Birth of the Palestinian refugee problem – revisited’

    “”The revised book is a double-edged sword. It is based on many documents that were not available to me when I wrote the original book, most of them from the Israel Defense Forces Archives. What the new material shows is that there were far more Israeli acts of massacre than I had previously thought. To my surprise, there were also many cases of rape. In the months of April-May 1948, units of the Haganah [the pre-state defense force that was the precursor of the IDF] were given operational orders that stated explicitly that they were to uproot the villagers, expel them and destroy the villages themselves.”

    Yes, David, it WAS written down.

    Strangely the IDF archives have been closed again. Why?

    1. 800,000 Jews from Arab/Muslim countries


      were expelled, losing their property.

      “Throughout 1947 and 1948, Jews in Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Syria, and Yemen (Aden) were persecuted, their property and belongings were confiscated, and they were subjected to severe anti-Jewish riots instigated by the governments.”

      1. As Hanukkah gifts, I’d like to see apartheid Israel thrown into the furnace of history and Zionism reduced to ash. Is that too much to ask?

        Instead, I have to be happy with my “World’s Best Rabbi” coffee mug and a few more model train box cars for my collection.

              1. A state that RESiSTS … Islamofascism.

                Are the checkpoints at every airport in the World which scan passengers, luggage, cargo, ….


                Happy Nakba to All !

        1. Brucie babes the foul mouthed pretend rabbi and Holocaust denigrator

          So you have now expanded your Holocaust denigration to include box cars, alluding to the rail wagons used to transport Jews to the concentration camps.

          You are the perfect example of an Antisemetic racist bigot

          You threatened to sue me for Libel a while ago for some reason or another, and I was wondering if that was just another of your wild ramblings or not

          1. I bet you received nothing for Hanukkah, Stinky Dick Galber.

            I will pray for you.

        1. The Mossad, CIA, MI6 implanted a transmitter in your scummy mouth while you were taking your usual Nakba Nap.

          Happy Nakba Sharmuta!

    2. Michael, have you read Benny Morris’ book or are you just quoting a select piece that has been plucked and highlighted by others.

      Ilan Pappes’ constant repetition of his opinion on the ‘plan dalet’ is a case in point of someone reading something and after the event misinterpreting it to suit their chosen agenda

      It is a commonly accepted practice, including within the Geneva Convention, that it is legal
      to force civilians to leave an area if it is a military necessity for the immediate security of the army during combat. It’s not legal to force civilians to leave after the event

      In the Ramla and Lod area there was a lot of combat and a large group of Arab refugees were moved on because of the combat security situation. Most of them had arrived from other areas,and were not native to that particular area

            1. I wonder why David didn’t investigate Boris for antisemitism?

              Maybe it’s because he never once called Jew murdering terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah his friends?

              Just a hunch…


              1. Because Boris doesn’t give a toss about Israel’s criminality, Dobby.

                My, you’re slow.

                1. The Fascist Left doesn’t give a toss about

                  9/11, London’s 7/7, bombing of Pan Am 103, beheading of Lee Rigby, beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl, ISIS beheading videos, jihadis stabbing and ramming pedestrian on London and Westminster bridges, assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy by a “pally”, Boston Marathon bombing, murder of Yvonne Fletcher,

                  beheading of French school teacher Samuel Paty.

                  “F” the fascist Left.

  7. I jumped into my wholly fictitious time machine this morning and set it nearly 3 decades into the future, just to kill a few moments before brekkie.

    Israel was celebrating its centenary and despite having 126 elections in the intervening years was getting by quite happily. A quick snoop at the Collier blog of the day saw an interesting piece about the new regional harmony since the Shah of Persia had visited Israel to join the celebrations as a guest of Bibi, now in his 52nd year as Prime Minister.

    I noted that Michael was till posting his Nakba slogans but there was no sign of Bellers.

    Got back just in time for a nice bowl of Crunchy Nuts and steaming mug of self satisfaction.

  8. I’ve always had this feeling that the Palestinian refugee problem had a lot to do with European and western Antisemites who hoped to use as a tool to finish off what Hitler had started.

    It was the west in the United Nations that started UNRWA and have been it’s primary financiers from the beginning

    Every other refugee crisis has been solved over years, but for the Palestinians, and I personally believe that it exists for political purposes/reasons

    1. This is the secret sauce of foreign affairs and diplomacy Richard; the ability to engender a sense of global influence and relevance for maximum prestige without ever having to do anything. The West has been adept at this approach for decades with civil service grandees ensuring that the more transient politicos tread the line that they have drawn and preserved, very carefully to maintain the status quo.

      We obviously see all this through the lens of our own specific interests but the view finder could quite easily be placed on many other theatres of activity around the world where the same precarious tightrope is being trodden. Put simply, the politics of inertia suits the politicians. It makes for an easier life, preserves reputations and ensures decent book deals and lecture tours.

      The Corbyn fans didn’t get this and were naïve fools. It suited them to blame his evisceration on Jewish smear campaigns. He actually presented a far greater risk to the wider establishment with his crank views and the risk that if elected he may subvert the desired inertia and actually try to do something. The fact that he and his PR chums were as naïve as their fans and constantly fanned the flames of Jew hate just made the job so much easier.

      1. Ian how did you do at your political analysis GCSE ? I ask because this sounds very much like the ramblings of someone that doesn’t have the remotest fucking clue what is going on

        1. Why would anyone give a toss what it sounds like to you Bellers. The nibble is everything, sucker.

  9. Brucie babes the foul mouthed pretend rabbi and Holocaust denigrator

    I got the best gift of all for “Chanukkah, a blessing from Hashem and the pleasure of seeing the Zionist dream become a reality

    1. Hey Stinky, I had a vision that you were thrown into the eternal oven until you turned to ash.

      May very well come true.

      You are suffering from holocaust on the brain.

      1. Hashem will punish “Stinky Dick” Galber with eternal damnation in his own time.

  10. Michael

    You have admitted that you haven’t met Jews and you don’t know anything about Jews and yet you are always pronouncing on Jews.

    Here is your latest……..

    ………..”Many riots were instigated by Mossad.”

    Who told you that?
    Where did you get the information?
    Who verified the facts.

    Or are you in your dimwit manner just parroting what you have heard someone, anyone saying anything

        1. Hey, you two scamps.

          My Great Aunt Lotte and Uncle Leopold were in Dachau as I’ve mentioned in the past. She never got out. Luckily he did.

          Does that count?

          1. Well I am sorry to hear that. But why are you telling me this. Are to trying to lure me into telling you all about how Gnasher was abducted by aliens again ?

          2. Are you going to use that to try and justify your outrageous statements defending the actions of the apartheid state for the rest of your life?

            Move on already.

            1. You tell him Bishop.

              Peddling the same cat gag for years is no way to live.

              Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to spay.

                1. Wonder why David didn’t investigate Boris for antisemitism?

                  Maybe it’s because he never once called Jew murdering terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah his friends?

                  Just a hunch…


                  1. David hasn’t ‘investigated’ (i.e. smeared and lied about) Boris because the Conservative Party continues to appease Israel in its actions.

                    Many MPs call Israel their friend. A friend that flouts conventions and humitarian laws while shooting dead the protesters at the fence , on their own land.

                    Forget the hunches. You’re clueless.

                    1. It’s kind of uncanny that you’ve posted thousands of times here and you’ve never made a single valid point. I could give a chimpanzee a laptop and he’d accidentally type out something of value here. But you don’t have that in you.

                    2. I really value the opinion of zionist Ben something-or-other.

              1. Spay? Wtf?

                (be spayed)
                sterilize (a female animal) by removing the ovaries.
                “the animals must be spayed or neutered before they are given up for adoption”

          1. Sharmuta is so tired that she can’t even type more than a couple of keys.

            There’s always Tomorrows NAKBA.

  11. Michael

    You are a dimwit

    What utter rubbish is this that you posted?
    What are you trying to say/prove?

    ………”Yu never met Hitler did you?
    ……….Weren’t there in the camps?”

    What relevance has this got to do with this blog, or anything else for that matter.

  12. Hodge – “”I joined the party on the basis that it was a party that fought racism.”

    Strange, Hodge is a ‘Friend of Israel’…. and Israel is a racist endeavour.

    1. Labour was a racist endeavour under Corbyn…

      Fortunately the former Labour MP for Islington North is now a full time gardener….


  13. The Farmer and Levy duo of Antisemitic pantomime return with their silly oft repeated cut and paste slogan are at it again. They must be such lonely little darlings as they come onto this site to peddle their incoherent, repetitive, out of context and silly statements in an attempt to get some meaning into their empty lives

    The Farmer and the so-called rabbi used this cut and paste eight times since yesterday……..

    Farmer on December 6, 2020
    ……….Nakba? That reminds me.
    ……….No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.
    ………..Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Labour … for money.

    And here I paraphrase it ……

    ……….Nakba? That reminds me.
    ……….No ‘Farmer & Levy research’ into UN, Islamist and leftwing antisemitism. They are frauds.
    ……….Don’t fight antisemitism … they only smear Jews … for money.

    1. No criticism of ‘Edward’ for his joking about the Nakba when Jewish militia drove hundreds of thousands of Arabs from their villages through destruction, murders and rapes?

      Has Richard been counting there? Are both Jewish?

      1. Very sad that the Arab leadership did not accept the country that they were offered and chose war over peace….

        Very sad….

        1. Very sad that you cannot be honest.

          They didn’t accept the gift of half the country they lived in being given to foreign Zionists.

          1. Jordan, entirely on the EAST bank of the Jordan River,

            is your “palestine”.

            Now if only someone could get Arabs/Muslims to stop killing Arabs/Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Algeria, Libya, .

            then just maybe Arabs/Muslims could live in Peace with NON-MUSLIMS AKA Infidels.

            Happy Nakba!.

      2. Dumb Sharmuta. I NEVER joke about your “Nakba”.

        I LOVE your “Nakba”.

        Your DEFEAT.
        Your FAILURE.

        Your “Nakba” is as terrible as the “Nakba” of nazi Germany SURRENDERING, UNCONDITIONALLY to the US, UK and SU.

        Happy Nakba to All ! 🙂

  14. Michael

    What is the connection here…..

    …….”Mike Farmer
    ……..But that’s for right-wing Zionists and Nazis, Ted.”

    The Nazis have become infamous for their propensity for mass murder most foul, especially for their desire to solve the ‘Jewish Question’ by eradicating/wiping out the Jewish people/religion/nation from the face of the earth.

    So why do you bring Zionists into this other than the fact that Zionism is a Jewish endeavor, and that you hope that by linking Zionism, via the suffering of Jews during the Holocaust, to the Nazis you can rubbish Israel.

    Now comes the Farmer attempt at deJudaising the Holocaust, which is his other Antisemitic party trick

    1. Do you have tunnel-vision, Richard?

      Edward on December 15, 2020
      You practice your occupation Sharmuta.

      Mike Farmer on December 15, 2020
      But that’s for right-wing Zionists and Nazis, Ted.

      Put yourself in a home. At least the nurses will be able to read and explain the posts to you.

      1. I think you will find it was a certain Mr Adolf Hitler who “judaised” the holocaust…


        1. …. says Dobby. Ignoring 11 million deaths of others. Nice.

          …and on a page where Collier denies the Nakba.

          1. Sharmuta, Why was your “grand mufti” allied with National SOCIALIST SHlTler?

            Hooray for the “NAKBA” – the “catastrophe” of the Failure of 5 Arab armies, NONE of which was the army of an existing “palestine”, to drive the Jews into the Sea.

            Happy Nakba to your Grand Mooofti!

          2. Well the Jewish population of Europe was the main target of the holocaust…

            Again that was Hitler’s decision….not the Jews themselves in case you were confused about that?

            70% of Europe’s Jews were murdered in the holocaust….

            If you can think of another religious group that suffered a higher percentage loss please do let us know….


  15. Michael

    You dimwit

    What about the Jewish Nakba where nearly a million Jews were dispossessed and Ethnically Cleansed by the Arabs from the countries of their birth because they were Jews.

    Wait. The resident Antisemite Michael will now tell us that the omnipotent Jews that control the world and the all powerful Mosad that has an ear and a guiding hand over the entire world did it. We are so powerful and privileged that we couldn’t stop six million Jews being murdered in the Holocaust, and periodic killings of Jews in the world because they are Jews. But Michael, who doesn’t know Jews has all the answers

    1. Be informed that Mossad and Zionist groups worked within those countries to persuade many Jews to emigrate to Israel BEFORE any Jews were ‘cleansed’. Manyn of those countries didn’t want the Jews to leave.

      It was years after the Nakba that Jews were told to leave.

      First Hasbara David …. now Hasbara Richard.

      1. “It was years after the Nakba that Jews were told to leave.”

        And that makes it okay?


        Not too good at this debating lark are you Farmgirl?


        1. What it DOES do is make it a later reprisal for the Nakba.

          Neither were okay. … Collier of course disagrees …. and closes his mind to Arab suffering, but that’s his agenda.

          1. So ethnically cleansing Jewish citizens from your own country is okay because of what happened in Israel?


            Makes no sense…

            Either you are against ethnic cleansing or you are not?

  16. Michael

    You dimwit

    You still haven’t explained why you linked Zionists to Nazis

    Remember China occupies Tibet; no Nazi Comparison. Turkey occupies part of Cyprus; no Nazi comparison there….. Morocco occupies parts of ex-Spanish Sahara; no Nazi comparison there…… Russia occupies Crimea; no Nazi comparison there……and the list can go on and on.

    What about the possibly one million Uighur’s held by China in Re-education Concentration camps and purportedly being used them as forced/slave labour

    But you are not interested in any of these occupations and concentration camps because there are no Jews involved. Hiding behind the Zionist accusation doesn’t conceal your Antisemitic usage

  17. Michael

    You dimwit

    You said…..

    ………”Mike Farmer
    ……… response to richardgalber:
    …………p.s. it was Jews that Judaised the Holocaust. 11 million non-Jews died also.”

    Compact Oxford Dictionary 2005; the Holocaust – the mass murder of Jews under the German Nazi regime in World War II

    The Jews called the mass murder of six million Jews the Holocaust decades ago. Long before anyone tried to call the entire Nazi genocide the Holocaust

    It is the Antisemites that have tried to deJudaise the Holocaust because they feel that they cannot attack Jews with the openness, impunity and ferocity they would like because the Holocaust restricts their field of play; the Antisemites have to control and conceal their animus and venom towards Jews as a result. DeJudaise the Holocaust and the anti-Jewish Antisemities will have a field day

    And because you keep repeating the same things over and over about Jews, which are either based on anti-Jewish animosity and/or ignorance, I call you an anti-Jewish Antisemite

    1. But by now it’s a worthless jibe, Richard. It is all things to all Jews, isn’t it?

    2. Your comment, Stinky, demonstrates a wanton lack of concern and empathy for ALL victims of genocides.

      Look within. YOU are the real racist. Your kind give us real Jews a bad name.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray.

  18. Michael

    You ahistorical ignoramus

    The anti-Jewish pogroms in the Arab/Muslim lands started started long before 1948.

    A short while ago I posted about Jews being murdered in a number of Arab/Muslim lands after the UN vote on partition in November and December 1947. You even made one of your incoherent, off-topic nonsensical comments about it then.

  19. Brucie babes the foul mouthed pretend rabbi and Holocaust denigrator

    So you are back to your Holocaust imagery again. Today it’s furnaces and ashes. Previously it has been striped pyjamas, soap, lampshades, tattoos. What will it be tomorrow.

    The language that you use, and the Holocaust denigration and diminution and your various other insults and threats expose you as a anti-Jewish Antisemite

    Still waiting to hear about your threats to sue me for Libel or similar.

    1. Foul-mouthed … reminds me of Margaret Hodge vice-chair of the right-wing Zionist JLM.

      What on earth is a right-wing Zionist doing in Labour other than working to prevent a Labour government..

      1. The former Labour MP for Islington North did a most splendid job of preventing a Labour government…..

        He really didn’t need any help from anyone else…

        1. … not the Colliers of hate-blog infamy? … not the Zionist-Jewish rags? … not the Zionist ‘Jewish Community’ mobs? … not grateful Tory rags? … not the ‘Friend of Israel Labour rats?

          1. Stupid Sharmuta, how influential is one-man operation Davids blog?

            Why your HERsterics?

  20. Running Orders 2014

    They call us now.
    Before they drop the bombs.
    The phone rings
    and someone who knows my first name
    calls and says in perfect Arabic
    “This is David.”
    And in my stupor of sonic booms and glass shattering symphonies
    still smashing around in my head
    I think “Do I know any Davids in Gaza?”
    They call us now to say
    You have 58 seconds from the end of this message.
    Your house is next.
    They think of it as some kind of war time courtesy.
    It doesn’t matter that
    there is nowhere to run to.
    It means nothing that the borders are closed
    and your papers are worthless
    and mark you only for a life sentence
    in this prison by the sea
    and the alleyways are narrow
    and there are more human lives
    packed one against the other
    more than any other place on earth
    Just run.
    We aren’t trying to kill you.
    It doesn’t matter that
    you can’t call us back to tell us
    the people we claim to want aren’t in your house
    that there’s no one here
    except you and your children
    who were cheering for Argentina
    sharing the last loaf of bread for this week
    counting candles left in case the power goes out.
    It doesn’t matter that you have children.
    You live in the wrong place
    and now is your chance to run
    to nowhere.
    It doesn’t matter
    that 58 seconds isn’t long enough
    to find your wedding album
    or your son’s favorite blanket
    or your daughter’s almost completed college application
    or your shoes
    or to gather everyone in the house.
    It doesn’t matter what you had planned.
    It doesn’t matter who you are
    Prove you’re human.
    Prove you stand on two legs.

    1. How many seconds warning do Palestinian suicide bombers give to Israeli citizens Farmgirl?


    1. Alright Bishop,

      “Boycott Puma”

      Not a footie fan eh? Puma signed a long term kit deal with Man City last year reportedly worth £65m per annum. The club owners and our Peace Partners in the UAE are shrewd operators with a keen eye for a deal which is why we love them.

      Of course the 350 shekels from your Puma Classics may make a dent.

  21. I wonder why David didn’t investigate Boris for antisemitism?

    Maybe it’s because he never once called Jew murdering terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah his friends?

    And never once laid a wreath in the memory of someone who had murdered Jews multiple times….

    Just a hunch…


    1. “And never once laid a wreath in the memory of someone who had murdered Jews multiple times….”

      Ignorance rears its head again from Dobby.

      1. Sharmuta, your ignorant head – bobs up and down.

        Break Time is Up.

        Get Back To Work, Sharmuta!

  22. Michael

    You in your anti-Jewish Antisemitic mindset will never accept that the Jews were the primary intended target of the German Nazis mass genocide.

    Before Hitler was elected he voiced his animus and hatred towards the Jews and said he would solve the ‘Jewish Question’ for Germany.

    The anti-Jewish laws of the Nazis were being instituted from the moment they seized power, and were not applied to any other group, besides the Gypsies, with the same venom

    So the Holocaust was an extremely unpleasant, but solely Jewish catastrophe; whether you agree or not.

  23. The Farmer used this cut and paste seven times between 13:31 and 13:40 today…………….

    Michael Farmer on December 6, 2020
    ……….Nakba? That reminds me.
    ……….No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.
    ………..Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Labour … for money.

    And here I paraphrase it to highlight the stupidity of Michael’s post……
    ……….Nakba? That reminds me.
    ……….No ‘Farmer & Levy research’ into UN, Islamist and leftwing antisemitism. They are frauds.
    ……….Don’t fight antisemitism … they only smear Jews … for money.

  24. Mr Collier,

    Perhaps you could fisk this.

    In a February 2007 judgment, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) noted that the term “ethnic cleansing” was used in practice “to mean ‘rendering an area ethnically homogeneous by using force or intimidation to remove persons of given groups from the area’”.[101]

    By any of these definitions, ethnic cleansing is precisely what occurred in Palestine during the 1948 war.

    As Ilan Pappé writes in the beginning of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, “This book is written with the deep conviction that the ethnic cleansing of Palestine must become rooted in our memory and consciousness as a crime against humanity and that it should be excluded from the list of alleged crimes.”[102]

    Indeed, what happened in Palestine in 1948 was not an “alleged” ethnic cleansing, as Benny Morris would have us believe. It is regrettable that he seems to have decided that trying to justify Israel’s legitimacy as a “Jewish state” is more important than presenting the public with an honest historical representation of how Israel came into existence. But far from being “alleged”, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine must today be recognized as an uncontroversial historical fact. That this ethnic cleansing occurred is indeed today very well documented—including in Benny Morris’s own important contributions to the literature on the subject.

    1. I don’t need to. Anyone who relies on Ilan Pappe doesn’t need discrediting, they have managed that pretty successfully all by themselves.

  25. Brucie babes the foul mouthed pretend rabbi and Holocaust denigrator

    So you are back to your scurrilous, evidence free accusation, allegations and insults.

    Can you please show one comment I have made that shows ‘wanton lack of concern and empathy’ for any genocide anywhere.If that accusation is directed at anyone, it should be to you Brucie with your constant, disgusting attempts at Holocaust mockery, denigration and diminution.

    Will you show one instance of racism in any of my posts. You on the other hand display distinct racist tendencies with your insults directed at Jews as per your ‘Your kind give us real Jews a bad name’

    This is your recent post where you display all the characteristics you try to besmirch others with…..

    ………..”(The Learned) Rabbi Dr Levy, Intifada Rabbi
    ……………….Your comment, Stinky, demonstrates a wanton lack of concern and empathy for ALL ………………..victims of genocides.
    …………………Look within. YOU are the real racist. Your kind give us real Jews a bad name
    …………………Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray.”

  26. Brucie Brucie the Holocaust denigrator, pretend rabbi and Antisemite

    You have claimed that all the founders of Zionism were atheists as per your comment below….

    ……….(The Learned) Rabbi Dr Levy, Intifada Rabbi on December 6, 2020
    ………..That said, the Zio founders of apartheid Israel were all atheists.

    Where is your proof, or is this just another of your attempts at a provocative statement that you couldn’t back up with proof because their isn’t any evidence to back up your ignorant stupidity

    You still haven’t answered my question about Islamophobia.
    I know from your comments that you are prone to either misreading and/or misunderstanding what I write, so can you please show me what/where I have evidenced any Islamophobia as per this ridiculous post of yours…..

    ……….”The odour of Islamophobia eminates from every one of your comments. You need to take a …………shower to wash all the hate out of your heart.

    You are an Antisemite despite your attempts to claim you are Jewish.
    Satan, or whatever it is you pray to, is eagerly awaiting your presence, and please don’t desecrate the Jewish Sabbath and Judaism with your your foul, vitriolic language

  27. The Farmer and the foul mouthed Levy used this cut and paste nine times between 16-12-20 and today…………….

    Michael Farmer on December 6, 2020
    ……….Nakba? That reminds me.
    ……….No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.
    ………..Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Labour … for money.

    And here I paraphrase it to highlight the stupidity of their posts……
    ……….Nakba? That reminds me.
    ……….No ‘Farmer & Levy research’ into UN, Islamist and leftwing antisemitism. They are frauds.
    ……….Don’t fight antisemitism … they only smear Jews … for money.

  28. Brucie Brucie the Holocaust denigrator, pretend rabbi and Antisemite

    You still haven’t answered my question about Islamophobia.
    I know from your comments that you are prone to either misreading and/or misunderstanding what I write, so can you please show me what/where I have evidenced any Islamophobia as per this ridiculous post of yours…..

    ……….”The odour of Islamophobia eminates from every one of your comments. You need to take a …………shower to wash all the hate out of your heart.

    You are an Antisemite despite your attempts to claim you are Jewish.
    Satan, or whatever it is you pray to, is eagerly awaiting your presence, and please don’t desecrate the Jewish Sabbath and Judaism with your your foul, vitriolic language

    You threatened to sue me for libel or some-such thing a while ago; I’m still awaiting for your comments or something. This waiting is getting tedious

  29. You have written well before about Adalah nonsense. Please could you respond to this. Thanks

    an examination of the validity of judicial review of a Basic Law by using the tools that paved the way to its legislation, from the Israeli point of view, is like appointing a cat to guard the cream. If the High Court does not examine the Jewish nation-state law according to norms external to the Israeli system and in accordance with criteria derived from consensual universal and international norms and values, it will justify the existence of a regime of constitutionally-mandated segregation for every ethnic dominating group trying to grant itself exclusive supremacy in any country, not only the Jewish people in Israel.

    Attorney Sawsan Zaher is deputy director general of Adalah – the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, and a member of the team that appealed to the High Court against the nation-state law.

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