back on the streets with the haters

Our cities and streets are full of haters

All of us are finding it difficult to digest the full horror of what took place just a week ago – and I am no different. I have barely slept since the attack, and I am spending most of my days using my social media platforms to battle for the truth to be heard. But this is not a post about events in Israel. I want to talk about is what is taking place here – in the west – and most specifically in the UK.

The Islamist Demonstration

Yesterday, Saturday 14 October, there was a large anti-Israel demonstration in London. It is part of my ‘fight’ to follow these groups around – so just seven days after 1300+ Jews were massacred by Hamas terrorists, I found myself walking amongst people who by and large (whether they want to admit it or not) – identify more with the terrorists than the victims.

The demo began by the BBC offices at Portland Place and walked via Regent Street towards Westminster. Staying back to count the crowd, I would estimate about 70,000 attended. All of the nasties were there – the Muslim Association of Britain, Friends of Al Aqsa, the Palestine Forum in Britain – a whole run of Islamist organisations with a history of supporting the baddies in the Middle East:

This demonstration was overwhelmingly Islamist in character. Over the years this has been the big change. Gone are the days in which hard-left white faces dominated the view at anti-Israel events. Now it is a sea of Islam. My estimate is that about 80-85% of the demonstrators appeared to be Muslim. Many of the white people who did attend, did so accompanied by a Muslim friend.

Then there were some of the signs these people were holding up:

‘Victory to the resistance’ – the same ‘resistance’ of course that just brutally murdered 1300+ Israelis.

The other well-known group that organised the event was the toxic Palestine Solidarity Campaign. The ‘exist, resist’ placards they were handing out were equally as offensive:

Other had made their own offensive signs:

Some even placed images of paragliders on their backs. No doubt to stand in solidarity with the terrorists who massacred 100s at the music festival.

What I did not see was a single sign anywhere of solidarity for the slaughtered Jews.

I attended the demo with Simon Cobbs from Sussex Friends of Israel. We watched as this depressing parade of tens of thousands of people marched past. We felt like Jews have no future here. And then we went home.


The demonstration though is only the tip of the iceberg. Imagine how Jewish students at university have felt all week. As the tragedy was fed to them through their social media feeds, Palestinian flags were the ones waved on campus. They needed their universities to be there for them. But that is not what happened.

In 2019 there were terror attacks against two mosques in Christchurch. 51 innocent people died – and the entire world stopped. One example: the Cambridge UCU issued an immediate statement of solidarity:

Cambridge UCU

They even set up a vigil – and arranged buses for those who wanted to join in the events taking place in London.

The massacre that took place at the music festival alone saw at least 250 people slaughtered. 5X the size of Christchurch. Yet following the terrorist attack in Israel there was nothing on the UCU Twitter feed at all. No statement of support for Jews – and no vigil. In fact when Cambridge University eventually put out a statement they actually put out a ‘both sides’ statement. Hamas terrorists have literally raped women, murdered babies, massacred party goers, and slaughtered over 1300 people. What TWO SIDES?

Even the Varsity article that dealt with the university response felt the need to ‘both sides’ the narrative by reaching out to the Palestinian society for comment – and they in turn swiftly tried to rationalise and excuse the attack. Can you imagine after 9/11 the university reaching out to any Islamists on campus to see if any would provide ‘context’ and a message about the ‘evils of American imperialism’? Surely 9/11 didn’t happen in a ‘vacuum’ either. Nothing does.

The problem is a simple one. The university did not put out offers of support to Jewish students because they were worried about offending their Muslim students. For the last few decades Islamists (no, not all Muslims), have been drip feeding poison into the nation’s veins – and it has completely broken our nation’s moral compass.

Our rancid media

The BBC will not call the attackers terrorists. They are bending over themselves to weaken support for Israel. Don’t just point the finger at the leftist tendency. There are also Islamists working at the BBC, at Sky, at the Guardian, and almost everywhere else these days.

For decades we only called out ‘violent extremism’, allowing for ‘non-violent extremist’ Muslims to teach at our schools and our universities, and to become journalists in our media outlets. How can the BBC produce content that offends the religious and ethical sensibilities of its own staff? It won’t, it can’t, and it doesn’t. The BBC constantly shapes its own content so as ‘not to offend’ its own constituent parts. They have hard-left Jews, and non-violent extremist Muslims working together to forge a path. ‘Israel hostile’ is the natural one to follow.

And remember, step too far into criticising Islamist extremism of the non-violent kind and you’ll be swiftly labelled an ‘Islamophobe’.


While the media is still held back by certain standards, academia is the land of freedom. Islamists and the hard left can do what they like there. For decades they have been drip-feeding destructive pseudo-science into wider society. The ‘decolonisation’ agenda is everywhere from the museum space and education to the NHS. The tsunami originated in academia, alongside other poisons such as gender studies and critical race theory.

But what does ‘decolonisation mean’? Well it seems we all found out on Saturday morning, when as over 1300 Jews were slaughtered, academics reminded us that ‘decolonisation is not a metaphor’.

Yara Hawari

The author of that sickening tweet is Dr Yara Hawari, who was a product of  Illan Pappe’s conveyor belt at the University of Exeter (I first ran into her at a conference in Exeter in 2015). This vile message about decolonisation was repeated throughout the academic sector- with various tweets on the subject going viral.

These horrific retweets were from Dr Sara Camacho Felix. She is an Assistant Professor (Education) and Programme Lead at the LSE. She appears to support Palestinian resistance in ‘all its forms’. Which on that Saturday morning including raping young girls and butchering babies.

Dr Sara Camacho Felix

Dr Sara Salem is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at the LSE. She deactivated her twitter account, but not before I had archived this tweet. In her eyes, no matter how bad the actions against them – Israelis can ‘never be the victims’:

How can academia be so lost, that 1300 Jews are slaughtered and these people still side with the murderers?


With academics such as those above – what can we expect our students to turn out like?

  1. Hanin Barghouti, Women Students’ Officer at the University of Sussex students’ union spoke out at an anti-Israel demonstration in Brighton calling the Hamas attacks ‘inspiring’ and ‘beautiful’.
  2. The Student Welfare Officer at Cambridge University liked a run of outrageous tweets, including one that suggest the terrorist attack was a cause for a day of celebration – and the actions needed no apology.
  3. At a public demonstration, Dana Abuqamar, the Diversity Officer at the University of Manchester, spoke of her ‘pride and joy‘ in the Hamas ‘resistance’.

All students serving as part of their student unions. They all have roles dealing with the welfare of other students. All willing to applaud the slaughter of innocent Jews.

On the streets

With academia and the media poisoned from within, the nation’s moral defences have crumbled. Within hours of Jews being slaughtered – masses of people went out to support Palestinian ‘resistance’. Images from London and Manchester:

London and Manchester

It is not just the Islamists. The hard -left put out their posters calling for victory to the Palestinians – an event about why it is right to ‘resist’.

Why it is right to resist

And then there are the open calls for violence. On 8th October, Richard Barnard (the co-founder of Palestine Action, the group that continually vandalises factories in the UK) – spoke at a pro-Palestine event about the current violence. He used the Hamas attack as inspiration – telling people listening that ‘this was just the start for them’ – and they need to turn the ‘Al Aqsa Flood’ (the name of Hamas operation) into ‘a tsunami over the whole world’.


In the clip he is supporting a proscribed terrorist group and inciting violence against British Jews. At the time of writing, he has still NOT BEEN ARRESTED.

A depressing mess

These are scary days. Academics and students – along with those claiming to be progressive – are standing alongside the terrorists in their quest to kill as many Jews as possible. This is stuff you could not make up.

They said, ‘never again’. But the simple fact is this: Following the day that saw the largest slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust – they celebrated in academia – there were celebrations amongst students – and there were celebrations on the streets of Europe and the US. As for our media, and national and community bodies – they were mostly too busy trying not to offend Muslims to be able to stand in solidarity for the 1300+ massacred Jews.

A depressing mess.

Jews should just be thankful there is a Jewish state. And we all need to do whatever we can to support it.

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137 thoughts on “Our cities and streets are full of haters

  1. In the end and especially now Jews should leave the UK for Israel. But it is worth noting that despite the noise made by the unworthy people identified in this piece the extent of their influence among the wider British public may be questionable- major political forces in the UK have stood by Israel and I also ask myself whether Islam really has much of a positive image among the wider public, both ordinary and the self-claimed educated. On the BBC (which I watch from here in Canada) you can observe a kind of struggle with balance and often when the presenter speaks in hyperbolic tones the ensuing visuals do not seem to bear them out fully. I wonder what the wider viewer reactions are?

    1. Why should British Jews leave for israel? This week British Jews weren’t being killed and Israeli Jews were. Dont know about you but I want my family to be safe.

      1. you sure they are safe where you are? I am British and lived in the UK – in Golders Green. I did not feel particularly safe and you are not as safe as you suppose. What future do your children have in the UK really? I would ponder this pretty carefully in case you wind up putting them at greater risk

    2. In general the British public are absolutely NOT anti Semitic, despite David’s ravings. In fact surveys show that Jews are the least descriminated group in the UK.

      Contrary to the leaders of our two main political Parties most of the public are fully behind the Palestinians, including Jewish Palestinians, in their opposition to Israeli apartheid and occupation of Palestine.

      1. But there is no apartheid in Israel: non-Jews can be found in the highest echelons of Israeli society – in academia, in medicine, in the financial sector, in commerce, in research, in the legal profession etc even in the Knesset. All are free to speak their mind provided they’re not agitating for the obliteration of Israel or violence against Jews and all citizens regardless of faith are free to vote in local , regional and national elections.

        As for the so-called occupation of ‘Palestine’, Israel totally withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and handed responsibility over to the PA. As for Judea and Samaria (aka the West Bank), Transjordan (later Jordan) acquired that by force in 1949 and Israel took it back in 1967.

        The Oslo Accords and Camp David Agreement divided Judea and Samaria into three Areas – Area A for the administration of the PA under Yasser Arafat, Area C for administration by Israel, and Area B for joint administration – as a precursor the permanent boundaries to be agreed by both parties.

        Despite vast sums being provided by the international community for socio-economic development, the PA failed to develop Area A. Worse still for the Palestinians, the PA refused to attend any negotiations regarding land-swaps without Israel agreeing to onerous and unacceptable pre-conditions and they demonstrated their good intentions by launching terrorist attacks on Israel

        To the best of my knowledge, Israel has not contravened any of the terms and conditions of the Accords or Agreement an developing Area C and has not sought to impinge on Area A in any way.

  2. Isn’t this normally the cue for the Comedy Clerics and the Jews of Convenience to lead a Kaddish for ISIS on the village green?

      1. I mean you do understand – somewhere underneath the layers of stupidity that progressiveness has covered you with – that you CANNOT racially profile a religion.

        1. So your contrast between ‘visibly Muslim’ and ‘white’ has no ethnic component to it? And you can identify a Muslim’s religious beliefs by sight, totally uninfluenced by their skin colour? OK boomer.

          1. you are so far down your own rabbit hole that it is scary you still actually make sense to yourself.

            So if someone says the majority of the people in this photo look visibly Jewish. You would call them antisemitic? And you would claim that they were being racially profiled. You claim the person would be basing their assumption on skin colour. Is that your argument here?

            silly Gabby

            1. It’s sweet that you’re pretending context doesn’t matter, but we both know that it does. Saying that people in that photo look Jewish is, technically, racial profiling (you’re making an assumption about their racial group), but it’s quite innocuous.
              But your blog wasn’t innocuous, David, it was intended to demonise Muslims by suggesting that they – and their “white” stooges – are a collective threat to British Jews. And you know that that’s what you intended.

              1. Bullcrap.

                The people who turn up to these demos waving FOA or MAB flags are not my Muslim neighbours, nor yours. It is absolutely disgraceful anti-muslim bigotry not to differentiate between Muslims who reject violence and those who defend it. You conflate them here – claiming that criticising Islamists is the same as criticising all Muslims. If you believe this then you are an anti-muslim bigot.

        2. What non-racial criteria did you yourself use to draw a line between “the white ones” and “the visibly muslim ones” in your own writing for this article?

          “This demonstration was overwhelmingly Islamist in character. Over the years this has been the big change. Gone are the days in which hard-left white faces dominated the view at anti-Israel events. Now it is a sea of Islam. My estimate is that about 80-85% of the demonstrators appeared to be Muslim. Many of the white people who did attend, did so accompanied by a Muslim friend.”

          “Gone are the days [of] *white faces* ”

          “Now it is a sea of *Islam*.”

          “the *white people* who did attend, did so accompanied by a *Muslim* ”

          It’s fine for your reply to be rhetorical or condescending, but that attitude must be backed up by an actual explanation of the use of “white” vs “islam/muslim” that you have in your own article, and how you expect that part to be non-racial.

          If you believe that an “Unnamed Third” race is collaborating with the White race to attack the Jewish race, and this “Unnamed Third” race tends to “be islamic”, then you must be clear about this opinion you have, and edit your article to provide details about it.

    1. Care to lead your flock in giving the ISIS lads a good send off ?

      ……יִתְגַּדַּל וְיִתְקַדַּשׁ שְׁמֵהּ רַבָּא

    2. Rabbi – is that really what you take away from the article? I am bewildered by your response

        1. That is because Islamophobia is ‘a word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons’. It won’t work in these parts. Now run along and prepare your congregation for next year’s Ramadan…

  3. This is a confused remark. Here I can identify muslims by dress, hijab and associated voluminous womes’s clothing; among men the various forma of explicitly muslim dress, eg long white tunics, pants ending above the ankle, muslim headgear etc. Also there are those who ostentatiously (deliberately so) where keffiyehs in various forms as scarfs or headbands etc. Skin colour has nothing to do with it: there are muslim Bosnians, Sudanese, Nigerians, Egyptians , Albanians,. Chechens etc. The rabbi’s remark seems curiously uninformed

    1. It’s fascinating to me that you apparently can’t even hear that you’re doing it.
      “The keffiyeh originated amongst the Arab people as a practical and protective covering for the head and face, especially in the arid desert climate in which they have traditionally lived.”
      In what sense, then does it denote religion? None at all. If it denotes anything, it denotes ethnic and/ or geographic origin.

      1. High quality shithousery from our soi disant cleric.

        Will it be enough though when ISIS (Hastings Chapter) come a calling. Better do an extra Kaddish for them at Mincha, just to be safe.

      2. Complete ignorant nonsense. You clearly know absolutely nothing! the Keffiyeh, worn as a scarf or as a headband by young people is a deliberate political statement. There are variations on this theme: the way the keffiyeh is folded for example. Islamic or related political attire has many variations and is subject to fashion: the “Spanish” style of hijab; whether a hijab is worn with some hair visible or not, the “khaliji” hijab with a support under the back of the hair, the hijab worn as a loose scarf or pinned up, worn with a plastic forehead insert or not etc Male attire also may reflect a desire to imitate the practice of the ahl al-bayt, the family of the prophet, These are all explicitly Islamic dress (there are even shops that specialize in these styles of clothing). If you dress this way you are certainly a muslim just as if you dress like a chosid (with all the variations) you are certainly a chosid. Ethnicity has nothing to do with it. Islam explicitly tries to include people of all ethnicities even if as some non-Arab muslims have told me , Arabs often think that they are somehow a more original kind of muslim than others, something that sometimes provokes resentment among non-Arab muslims. You really need to educate yourself – get some educated muslim friends perhaps 🙂

          1. You’re quite right, It’s an indication of support for terrorists who behead babies, rape women, slaughter innocent unarmed civilians of all ages, and take others hostage.

  4. Margaret Brennan, moderator of CBS News’ “Face the Nation” (Oct.15.23) asked Ron DeSantis: “Arabs are Semites too”

    Does Mrs Margaret Brennan’s know that Hitler’s Arab Palestine leader al-Husseini -the Mufti was also a Semite?

    Here are at least 3 facts:


    Rebecca Simoni Stoil:

    “Poll: 93% of Palestinians hold anti-Jewish beliefs”

    TOI, 13 May 2014.



    Hund, ‎Wulf Dietmar. Koller, ‎Christian. Zimmermann, Moshe. “Racisms Made in Germany.” Austria: Lit, 2011. p.52:

    ‘Goebbels, Rosenberg, Himmler, all in their turn, discovered the im-passes created by the word antisemitism when confronted with alleged Semites, not only in the Middle East, but in the Soviet Union or in Germany… the Mufti of Jerusalem and Rosenberg in Mai 1943 Hans Hage- mayer, the director of the department ‘Überstaatliche Mächte‹m’ in Rosenberg’s ministry recommended in a letter to Werner Koeppen, Rosenberg’s man in Hitler’s headquarters, that the German Press should avoid the use of the word antisemitism because the enemy abroad is made to believe that ‘we make no distinction between Arabs and the Jews’. ‘

    Jamison, Albert Leland. “Tradition and Change in Jewish Experience.” United States: Department of Religion, Syracuse University, 1978, p. 243:

    ‘A secret Nazi order, dated May 17, 1943, reads as follows: “When the Grand Mufti visited Reichsleiter Rosenberg, the Reichsleiter promised to instruct the press that the word antisemitism was henceforth to be abandoned.” ‘



    “Facts,” Volumes 15-17, Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, 1968, p. 424:

    ‘During his various tenures as a delegate to the United Nations, [Ahmad] Shukairy demonstrated virulent hatred of Israel and Jews … he declared: “I have never been an anti-Semite; I am a Semite myself.” This semantic dodge has long been used by anti-Jewish Arab bigots, and by their supporters in the American anti-Jewish press, to obfuscate the palpable evidence of their anti-Jewish prejudice. During his various tenures as a delegate to the United Nations, Shukairy demonstrated virulent hatred of Israel and Jews which transcended even the passionate excesses other Arab delegates brought to the same subjects. In 1962 at the U.N. , Shukairy even went so far as to praise the militant, anti-Jewish and neo-Nazi sstorm-troop gang in Argentina known as Tacuara.’


    BTW, this same Ahmad Shukairy justified the Holocaust a mere year after. As reported in B’nai B’rith Messenger on July 12, 1946. He would serve as first PLO’s chairman in 1964, more infamous for his genocidal pre Six Day War: “none of them will survive.”

  5. No sympathy for apartheid Israel here. The racist, Zionist, apartheid state reaps what it sows.

    I proudly attended several marches and rallies in support of the Palestine people and burned my fair share of Israeli flags. I might be Jewish, but in my heart, I’m Palestinian

    And also, the racist, apartheid state proved to be nothing but a paper tiger 🐯✂️

    Remember kids; Zionism = Antisemitism.

    1. Johannes your insane ranting is obviously an attempt at general provocation. Well I am mildly provoked. Your pigeon-chest beating will just get you the reaping that you have sown.

  6. The so-salled “rabbi” also “didn’t” hear the Arabic accent of “gas the Jews” by hundreds of racist-Arabs in Sydney on Oct 9. Or about the Arabs spraying swastika in Bogota. Or the Muslim displaying swastika in NY Oct 10. He also “doesn’t” know that 93% of Arab Palestinians are antisemitic, per ADL in 2014.
    Sick. Sick
    Would there even be a conflict if Israel had been an Arab Republic or an Islamic Republic? Of course the root is bigotry. Ethnic Arab racism and/or Islamic bigotry. Since 1913.

      1. questioning your credentials based on your corrupted ideology is not antisemitism. Personal attacks based on real issues people have with that one person is not antisemitism. Funny how you see it in every comment directed toward you – but have trouble seeing the very real antisemitism everywhere else.

          1. I am surprised you are a Rabbi too Gabby. If someone attacks a journalist because of his bad reporting and smears him as a ‘so called journalist’ – it isn’t racism – it is an attack on his professionalism. Being a Rabbi is what you do – it is a job – and if people think you do it badly they have the right to call you out on it without you screaming ‘Antisemite’ – every time as a means of playing victim. Stop it. You demean antisemitism when you do this.

      2. The Comedy Clerics are circling the wagons. Is the Mahdi Army (Kemptown Chapter) on the march looking for infidels?

        Perhaps an extra Rabbonim Kaddish at Maariv for their ISIS martyrs at Kibbutz Be’eri, Nir Oz and Zikim may help.

    1. ADL’s lifeblood is anti-Semitism and often exaggerates and creates anti-Semitism where there is none.

  7. The Palestinian flag has become the equivalent of a swastika to us Jews now

    It represents those who want to not just harm us but also those that celebrate the harm that they do to us

    Like the swastika it is nothing more than a symbol of hatred

      1. From the river to the sea
        Palestine will be free ??

        That’s a chant that was heard vociferously and repeatedly throughout all of the “Palestine solidarity” rallies that took place all over the world this weekend

        You can pretend to not know what this chant means if you like

        But like most Jews I know what it means

        And the Palestinian flag wavers that chant it certainly do….

  8. Question to Israelophobe: Gabriel Kanter-Webber.
    Why do you humanize only people that are not Jewish?

  9. How many Apartheid Israeli flags have you seen where the Star of David has been replaced by a swastika?

    LOTS I bet.

    Over to you David.

    1. Aah, the Comedy Clerics. Never ones to let a bit of Jewish baby beheading get in the way of an internet poke.

      When these Jews of Convenience assemble down the High Street to recite their Kaddish for ISIS maybe suggest that they also say one for Eitan Kapitsher. He was a little 5 year old boy who was made to watch his parents and family be murdered by the Hamas terrorists in his home and succumbed to his own wounds last night. He has nobody left to sit shiva for him or recite a Kaddish. Perhaps the Comedy Clerics could oblige.

      1. I mean, *obviously* when I led Shabbat services at the weekend I included all those who had lost their lives in the latest Hamas atrocities in the Kaddish reflection. Did you think that was some kind of gotcha?

        1. I wonder whether these reflections included the question of why Hamas felt it was necessary for 4 year old Omar Kedem to be slaughtered in front of his 6 year old twin sisters, Shachar and Arbel and parents Jonathan and Tamar before they too were all brutally murdered in their own home.

            1. And as I’ve said before, we both know what we’re doing here and I am sure that you are as happy with the tactics that you are using to demean and disparage as I am with mine.

              And whilst you’re pondering the required response, perhaps you may choose to further reflect on 85 year old Yaffa Adar, kidnapped by Hamas and held hostage in conditions unknown.

                1. I am sorry that you consider the mention the slaughter of Jewish babies, children and adults as “scraping the barrel”; a truly grotesque media response tactic here. Nonetheless, I’d urge you to take a moment in your reflections to consider Shira Hana Georgy; a 22 year old Israeli kidnapped and then brutally murdered by Hamas gunmen along with 266 other young people who attended an outdoor music festival celebrating peace.

                    1. The way you choose to interpret the English language for your own nefarious purposes is what is truly disgusting Gabbie lad


                    2. I am genuinely at a complete loss to understand how your downplaying of the abuse of Jews “Rabbi” serves any purpose. It seems scarecely in line with any duty towards the sane judgements of Jewish tradition.

                    3. I have reviewed your statements Mr KanterWebber. I suggest you stop. You show repeatedly that you are uninformed and increasingly childish. It is becoming a chillul ha-Shem

                2. How many were in your temple on Shabbat VS thousands who see your isrealophobia silence on Islamic-apartheod venom here?

      2. What makes the lives of the countless Palestinian babies and young children who were murdered by jooo Zionists any less important?

        Over to you David 🎤

        1. If racist-Muhammed-Johannes cared about his Arab kids, he would blame Islamic apartheid regimes Gaza, W.Bank and not spew his racism on “joos”.

    2. Islamic apartheid – scratch that. Islamic “free palestine” genovcide

      The Star of David was graffitied on multiple homes, a chilling echo of Nazi-era Germany, as “some Palestinians are openly and blatantly calling for a kind of Kristallnacht 2.0.”

      I’ve Never Been So Scared’: The Nazi-Era Practice Some Jews in Berlin Are Beginning to See

      Leah Barkoukis, October 16, 2023 9:00 AM
      Some Jewish residents in Berlin are living in fear after the Star of David was reportedly graffitied on multiple homes, a chilling echo of Nazi-era Germany. ..
      It comes as a German intelligence chief claimed that ‘some Palestinians are openly and blatantly calling for a kind of Kristallnacht 2.0,’ in reference to the Nazis’ violent coordinated attacks on Jewish homes and businesses in 1938.
      [ Townhall]

  10. Can mr. Gabriel Kanter Wenber the apologetic for racist-Arabism / Islamic-fascism: , identify any non-Arab, among the nazi-smile cheering “free Palestine” beheading babies – awaiting outside shul last Friday?

    What statehood is Gabriel he talking about? all demonstrations are slurring Israel with Hitler’s helper (1940+) and Holocaust justifier (1946) and neo-nazi group oromotier (on Nov.30.62): Ahmad Shukeiri’s Oct/1961 invented apartheid slur. (That was almost 6 years begore the “occuoation” of 1967. And promoted by infamous Arab bigot Omar Shakir abusing HRW for his propaganda he began as a st 2010).

  11. The “palestine” Nazi-Imam (under ‘Johannes’, ‘Joe_Juden’ or ‘Johannes_Juden’, JJ, etc.) spamming at [] with Taqiyia as if he is “not” Moslem.

    * Denying the Holocaust (July 4, 2023)

    * Laughes about a “Kristallnacht vibe…”
    And again denying the Holocaust (July 17, 2023)

    * Recycling ancient Blood libel (Sep 24, 2023)

    * The racist expresses his venomous contempt for Jews. In his wording: “if your’e a joooo” (Sep 26, 2023).

    * Questioning the Holocaust and spews about ‘joooos’. (Oct 1, 2023)

    * Following gruesome atrocities by Arab Islamists “Palestinians” (Gaza regime –proxy of Islamic Republic of Iran– with other Jihadists and PFLP/DFLP), Oct 7, 2023, under a barrage of rockets, with sickening selfies, to the cries of Allah Akbar: torching up families, machine gunning youth; grenades into bomb shelters to suffocate masses, massacring anyone, beheading babies, raping at times before murdering the girl, at times after; mutulating bodies, (some having a halal-meal next to the dead victims), snatching men women toddlers and the elderly into captivity (main targeted villages, peacenicks and who previously had called for a two state):

    Mullah Johannes says: no sympathy (Oct 16, 2023):


    Dubbed “Johann von leers.”

  12. “joo zionists” tells you all you need to know about this despicable person. It does not take much for such creatures to feel free to raise their heads above the parapet. Identify them and call them to account.

  13. That is your reply! Bit of a stretch. You are digging yourself ever deeper into the ditch. Also, speaking as someone with connections both family and personal to Reform and Reconstructionist, you are casting the Reform movement in a very negative light – both as unthinking and uninformed

      1. Yes, but this is not about you is it?

        So rather than focus on your own agenda, you may instead extend your reflections to the Kalderon family; father, children aged 16, 12 and 11 and their 80 year old safta, all brutally beaten in their home and then abducted by Hamas/ISIS.

        Perhaps a more dignified use of your ministry rather than rushing here every 10 minutes to disparage and demean Jews.

          1. Perhaps you could set your vile media response tactics aside for a moment and instead dignify your ministry with sincere reflection on Itay and Hadar Berdichevsky both murdered by Hamas/ISIS whilst trying to save their 10 month old twins from these murderous animals.

            I suspect that it may be more sensible to leave it to other readers to conclude which of us is abusing these horrific events.

              1. I’d suggest you re-read your own 21 posts in this thread. Obsessively dashing over here a dozen times a day to demean the author, disparage Jews and bleat about your own woes speaks for itself.

                Of course, to a remote media provocateur like you with no skin in this game, this is obviously just “tossing their names out”. To all of us in Israel, these are our family, our friends, our colleagues and our fellow citizens.

                Perhaps instead of tapping out more of your crass response tactics, you may use your ministry to reflect on the 6 members of the Fogel family murdered by Hamas/ISIS in their own home, found by the IDF riddled with bullets including an infant and a baby of less than a year old.

                  1. We have now agreed on a few things here, notably the comfort we both find in the tactics that we use on this site. We both know what the other is doing and why, and in all likelihood this will continue.

                    In the meantime, I suggest that your ministerial time might be better spent reflecting on Silvia Mirensky, an 80 year old grandmother burnt to death in her home at Ein HaShlosha by Hamas/ISIS. As you’ve said, this is just a name to you that is tossed out. To everyone else, this is an honor to her memory. Perhaps you could respect this.

                  2. Yes I thought you would say that Gabbie lad


                    Shamelessly using your Judaism as a shield in some desperate attempt to silence the debate despite the overwhelming hypocrisy and idiocy of your position ?

                    Personally I’m happy to call an idiot an idiot regardless of their gender or race or religion and if that makes me an antisemite in your book then I can live with that


                    But we see you for what you really are Gabbie lad

                    And it has absolutely nothing to do with your religion

  14. Here’s how it’s going to work for the duration of this thread.

    The Comedy Cleric will post, only about how Jews who are mean to him are antisemitic and how everyone is one of his made up “phobes” or “ists” when they mention that Hamas/ISIS behead Jewish babies and rape and murder Jewish girls in their homes or parade in cities wearing shirts that rejoice in the slaughter and scream for more Jewish blood.

    I will reply to each post suggesting that it will engender far more respect for his ministry if he reflects on the murdered victims at this time, victims like 21 year old Maya Shem, beaten and kidnapped by Hamas/ISIS from the music festival for peace she attended with her friends, many of whom were slaughtered as they ran from these murderous animals. The victims will be named here as a reminder of their lives and to honor their memories and their sacrifice.

    Sadly there are so many names that this thread could run for some time. So Gabriel, let us continue…….

    1. On the Arab fascists who bite kind Jews’ hands:

      Kibbutzniks who drove Arabs from Gaza for treatment in hospitals in Israel saw those Gazans participating in the looting of the kibbutzim.
      This is what Avigdor Lieberman says on N12 that he was told by people from the Kibbutzim.
      In addition, those Arabs from Gaza passed on information about the moshavs and kibbutzim.


    2. He likes to pretend people don’t like him because he is Jewish and not because he’s an idiot

      I can see how this would help someone like him

      It’s his thing Ian

      Probably best to leave him to it

        1. Our “Ken” performs a valuable service by making Zionists look foolish and ridiculous by pretending to be one. Rumor is he’s a life member of the PSC.

        2. Gabbie lad

          If someone talks like an idiot and behaves like an idiot it is safe to assume that they are an idiot

          This makes it okay to call them an idiot

          This rule applies regardless of the gender or race or sexuality or religion that person happens to be

          If you were a lesbian I could call you an idiot (if you behaved like one) and that would not make me homophonic or misogynistic

          I really can’t believe that I have had to explain this to someone as “learned” as your good self but there you have it

          Hope this helps you with your life moving forward

          Best regards to you Gabbie lad


          Please feel free to have the last word on this


            1. Suggestions from 2 of your former Yachad mates here in Israel Gabriel, that you were quite supportive of their “Kaddish for Hamas stunt” at the time. Will you be attending the follow-up that I hear our Brucie is organizing for all his old dears in England that support the murder of Jewish babies ?

              Whilst considering this, you may wish to use your ministry to reflect on the 5 members of the Sandler family from Kibbutz Nir Oz who were slaughtered in their home by Hamas/ISIS including 3 children under the age of 5. You may wish to join with me in honoring their lives and their memories.

      1. Yes Ken. Even Al Jazeera Journo Farida Khan who is in Gaza is reporting (with film) that the terrorists hit their own civilians whilst aiming at ours.

        I am sorry that you guys will face the brutal backlash of another misinformation campaign when the Comedy Clerics and their army old dears in kagools socks and sandals and ex-Yachadnik gals with hairy armpits simper up to you in the high street with florid faces and wagging fingers.

        1. “Ken” your beloved Zionist, lying, satanic monsters also claimed they didn’t murder the Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. The facts proved otherwise.

      2. “Ken”: “Islamic Jihad rocket misfire did that Joey lad”

        Yeah, and I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

        You Zios are all alike. Wouldn’t put it past “your kind” to bomb a hospital.

        1. Silly Brucie. You just concentrate on rehearsing your rendition of Kaddish for ISIS. I trust that you have extended an invitation to your clerical colleague Gabriel whom I am told may have some interest in such things.

          1. I don’t know who told you that. When Kaddish for Gaza happened, I (a) didn’t attend and (b) went on the record saying it was tasteless and inappropriate.
            But hey, why would you let a little thing like truth bother you?

            1. Calm yourself Gabriel. These are not my words but those of former Yachadniks of your acquaintance. Take it up with them and whilst so doing perhaps use your ministry to reflect on this. Carmela Dan celebrates her 80th birthday today. Not with her family. They were murdered by Hamas/ISIS, but in a Gazan location unknown, a hostage of the brutal terrorists that slaughtered her friends and neighbours. We mention her here to honour her life and her name so it is not forgotten.

        2. If the rocket had blown up an Israeli hospital (like it was supposed to) you would have been laughing not crying like a slapped b1tch

          Now stop being antisemitic or I will have to inform the police 👮‍♂️

  15. Over 3 days, this Gabriel fellow has posted 27 times here, dashing over almost hourly to ensure that he can deflect, disrupt and distract from an article about the slaughter of Jewish babies children and the elderly. These actions makes him an enemy of Jews and of Israel but despite this he is still given unrestricted freedom of expression here by our host.

    He may choose to reflect on this whilst also considering the Idan family, Roy, Samdar, Michael (9) and Amalia (6) brutally slaughtered in their home in Kibbutz Aza, whilst little 3 year old Abigail is missing feared kidnapped by the vicious terrorists of Hamas/ISIS that this Gabriel would prefer us not to mention.

  16. Arab Apartheid: Al Ahli hospital Gaza: radical Fascist “Palestinian” crimes on their own people and blaming the victims

    Islamic Jihad failed rocket destroyed Gaza hospital al-Ahli. Naturally guilty Palestinian Hamas regime blamed Israel for their “accident”, which triggered protests among the Arab world.

    The failed jihadists’ missile was one of approximately 450 that land within the Gaza Strip. In fact, “radar detected outgoing rocket fire at the same moment the blast at the Gaza hospital occurred,” In addition, Gaza-regime Hamas, often working with Islamic jihadists at rocket launchers had warned, one minute before the hospital explosion on an upcoming missile to reach Haifa, which didn’t reach that city at the end, and missiles launched do trigger second explosions.

    Nevertheless, the Arab world continued to blame Israel, with rioters breaking into the Israeli embassy compound in Jordan, and protests outside Western embassies in other Middle Eastern countries. Hamas / other Jihadists’ mouthpiece Al Jihadzeera (Hamas’ financiers Qatar’s Al Jazeera) incited the Arab world, with the “Palestinian” Rashida Tlaib — silent on Palestinian atrocities against Israeli-civlians suddenly — waking up and repeating despicable Hamas’ lines, and initially some at MSM blaming the non-jihadi side too.


    Yair Lapid @yairlapid:
    At around 19:00 this evening, a failed rocket launch was shown live on air on Al Jazeera. The rocket was launched and fell in Gaza causing an explosion.

    They don’t only kill our children, they also kill their own.
    Oct 17, 2023

    Netanyahu: ‘Those who brutally murdered our children also murder their own children’
    “The entire world should know: It was barbaric terrorists in Gaza that attacked the hospital in Gaza and not the IDF,” said the Israeli prime minister.
    (October 17, 2023 / JNS)
    Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a terrorist group based in the Gaza Strip, fired a rocket that killed hundreds of Palestinians at Gaza’s al-Ahli Arab Hospital, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed on Tuesday.

    “An analysis of IDF operational systems indicates that a barrage of rockets was fired by terrorists in Gaza, passing in close proximity to the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza at the time it was hit,” he wrote on social media. “Intelligence from multiple sources we have in our hands indicates that Islamic Jihad is responsible for the failed rocket launch which hit the hospital in Gaza.”

    “The entire world should know: It was barbaric terrorists in Gaza that attacked the hospital in Gaza and not the IDF,” he added. “Those who brutally murdered our children also murder their own children.”

    IDF: Military intercepted communications indicating Islamic Jihad fired hospital rocket
    By AP and TOI STAFF
    Oct 18, 2023, 4:45 am 0
    In a briefing with reporters, IDF spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said radar detected outgoing rocket fire at the same moment the blast at the Gaza hospital occurred on Tuesday, and intercepted communications between terror groups indicating that Islamic Jihad fired the rockets.

    The army determined there were no air force, ground or naval attacks in the area at the time of the blast at the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital.

    Hagari also shared aerial footage collected by a military drone that showed a blast that he said was inconsistent with Israeli weaponry. He said the explosion occurred in the building’s parking lot

    LIVEBLOG: PIJ rocket caused Gaza hospital explosion, according to IDF; Biden en route
    October 17, 2023 at 11:47 PM
    latest revision October 18, 2023 at 12:48 AM
    Israel Defense Forces (IDF) conducted a comprehensive investigation of the hospital incident and concluded that it was a failed Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) rocket launch, one of approximately 450 that land within the Gaza Strip.

    Nevertheless, the Arab world continued to blame Israel, with rioters breaking into the Israeli embassy compound in Jordan, and protests outside Western embassies in other Middle Eastern countries.

    Misfired Palestinian Islamic Jihad Rocket Responsible for Hospital Explosion, IDF Says
    By Ari Blaff
    October 17, 2023 3:59 PM
    …members, including Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) as well as Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.), cited articles relying on the Palestinian Ministry of Health reports..
    Images have circulated online showing Hamas announcing on Telegram, a social-media network, minutes before the hospital strike that the terrorist group was set to launch long-range missiles capable of striking the city of Haifa in northern Israel.
    “One minute before a rocket blew up a hospital in Gaza, Hamas announced on Telegram that they were launching their most robust weapons in the arsenal at Haifa.
    No rockets reached Haifa. High probability these hit the hospital and set off secondary explosions within building.”


    Reporting Biases

    Jan. 2, 2002 6:12 pm ET

    Amir Taheri’s (“Bin Laden’s Private TV Channel”) insightfully exposes the true nature of Qatar’s Al-Jazeera TV channel and its adversarial role in the current conflict. Perhaps a more fitting name for this channel would be “Al-Jihadzeera”! With regard to the Bush doctrine that “You are either with us or against us”, the article makes it abundantly clear where this particular Arab institution stands.

    (Palestinian Fatah:)

    Fatah: Al-Jazeera is a mouthpiece for Hamas
    By Khaled Abu Toameh Published: March 9, 2008

    Meet Al-Jazeera’s pro-Hamas mouthpiece

    The al-Jazeera network has chosen a clear side in the Gaza–Israel conflict, and anchorwoman Ghada Owais is taking the lead in the network’s one sided-coverage.

    Roi Kais |Published:  08.11.14,7340,L-4557111,00.html

    (Ghaith Al-Omari, Advocacy Director at American Task Force on Palestine):

    Hamas Has Fractured the Arab World
    America Must Help Prevent a Wider Conflict—in the West Bank and Beyond
    By Ghaith al-Omari
    October 13, 2023
    The situation among the Arab Gulf states is similarly complex. Qatar, which backs Hamas and funds Gaza, has held Israel “solely responsible” for the escalation, mirroring Hamas’s rhetoric. Moreover, Al Jazeera’s Arabic language channel, a news station funded by Qatar that reaches tens of millions of people across the Arab world, has effectively served as a mouthpiece for Hamas.

    Al Qaeda tape ‘given’ to ‘Al Jihadzeera’ shows Bin Laden ‘lieutenant’ Al Zawahiri threatening attacks on UK and US
    Bush dismisses Al Qaeda warning
    August 5, 2005

    Al Jihadzeera’ Reporters Charged With Belonging To A Terrorist Group
    February 1, 2014

    [House Hearing, 113 Congress]
    [From the U.S. Government Publishing Office]
    Denouncing The Use Of Civilians As Human Shields By Hamas And Other
    Terrorist Organizations. July 25, 2014

    … Qatar, the same question that we entrusted to watch over to the Taliban 5 that has been supporting terrorists and radicals all across the globe and offers them sanctuary. Qatar, the same country that we just signed an $11 billion arms deal with, $11 billion, is the very same country that serves as Hamas’ mouthpiece through Al Jazeera, airing Hamas propaganda that then gets broadcast to the world.

    Al Jazeera thanked by Hamas for “exemplary coverage,” as reporter’s story of Jerusalem arrest appears to be debunked
    Jun 11, 2021 | Judy Maynard and AIJAC staff

    Vicious “Palestinian” Islamist murder of Naomi Pilichowski VS accident of Jihadzeera’s propagandist Shireen Abu Akleh
    [on item: CAIR and American Islam]
    Submitted by Karen (United States), Nov 27, 2022

    Islamist media competes in portraying Palestinian terrorists as victims
    By Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury- October 15, 2023
    …Qatari regime’s propaganda machine Al Jazeera…

    The Real Story Behind the Anti-Israel Al Jazeera Network – A Mouthpiece for Qatari Propaganda

    …the worst offender of them all is none other than the Al Jazeera Media Network. It is a Qatari state-owned Arabic-language international news television network that failed miserably at an attempt to gain a foothold in the cable news business in the United States. Ultimately, they were compelled to shutter their doors due to exceptionally poor ratings.

    Since the war began last weekend and for many years prior to that, Al Jazeera’s anti-Israel agenda was in high gear as their biased and slanted reporting was illustrated through their own inimitable style of propaganda.

    Al Jazeera has taken heat in the past for their coverage from some unlikely sources at times. At the onset of the Qatar diplomatic crisis in 2017, several national governments of the Arab League called for the closure of the entire Al Jazeera conglomerate as part of a list of thirteen demands that were presented to the Qatari government in exchange for re-normalized relations… Al Jazeera has been accused of pushing “Qatari propaganda” by many countries and organizations, including those in the Arab world.

    An article by Sherry Ricchiardi in the American Journalism Review (AJR) noted that critics of Al Jazeera have “assailed what they see as anti-Semitic, anti-American bias in the channel’s news content,”…
    On May 30, 2017, Al Jazeera’s English-language account retweeted an Anti-Semitic meme. The network tweeted an apology after the incident, calling it a “mistake.”

    In May 2019, AJ+ produced a video denying and minimizing the Holocaust. Al Jazeera suspended two journalists over the video. Wikipedia reported that the video stated that “the number of Jews murdered in the Holocaust] had been exaggerated and ‘adopted by the Zionist movement’, and that Israel is the ‘biggest winner’ from the genocide.”

    During the Second Intifada, Palestinians killed by Israelis were referred to as “martyrs”; Israelis killed by Palestinians were not…

  17. The BBC is being attacked by Zionists because it does not describe Hamas as ‘terrorists’.

    One of the first definitions that comes up when Googling for a definition of terrorist/terrorism is this:

    “One who favors or uses terrorizing methods for the accomplishment of some object, as for coercing a government or a community into the adoption of or submission to a certain course; one who practises terrorism.

    Israel which was founded by terrorists 75 years ago and has been terrorising Palestinians ever since, fits this definition perfectly.

    Could that have anything to do with the BBC’s decision, whose presenters constantly fawn in front of Israeli liars and criminals?

    The BBC knows that Israel should be on the proscribed terrorist list.

    1. So Jack, you’re saying that by your definition above, Hamas are terrorists? Have you written to the Beeb to point this out?

      1. Ian, enjoy your little game. In international law, Israel, an illegal occupier, does NOT have a right to defend itself against those it occupies. However, Palestinians do have that right, using force if they see fit.

        As Avigail Abarbanel said, Zionism is a mental illness, the belief that you have rights which do not exist.

        Get well soon Ian.

        1. Jack, I think that’s what ISIS supporters like you call “context”. It’s a tactic whereby you say that a Gazan terrorist can infiltrate another country with malice aforethought, break into a home, decapitate a baby, slaughter its siblings and parents and kidnap its nan and there’s nowt that they can do about it because , you know, Israel.

          You have just supported terror and done so in a public forum. Now, I don’t know where you live, hopefully the UK and that like our Brucie, DC has your IP address which is easily traceable. I mention this because the Brits have something called the Terrorism Act 2006 and your words have just met the minimum standards for prosecution under the act, the penalty for which is imprisonment. Might be worth finding yourself a semi competent lawyer.

          As the Comedy Cleric would say “over to you Dave.”

          1. Ian your stupid comment is the reason Zionists are becoming more and more reviled. Anyone who points out the iniquities of Zionism or supports the rights of those whom the Zionist terrorists have colonised, instantly becomes a target for your ludicrous accusations. Try and be a little more mature.

  18. So it would seem that in the light of day the Ahli al Arabi hospital is virtually intact apart from a few broken windows so it seems the car park took the direct hit and not the building

    So regardless of where the missile was fired from can someone tell me how (according to the Gaza Health Ministry) “at least 500” people were killed in this incident ?

  19. “Palestinian” Arab, Johannes islamofadcists raped the Jewish (or like racist Johannes says: “jooo”) girls then murdered them. Then they switched, first murder thrn raped them. And. They always LAUGHED while comitting their animalistic atrocities .
    Per eyewitness:

    1. NOTE TO READER: Don’t be fooled. All this is Zionist hate propaganda, created in Tel Aviv. The first causality of war is truth.

  20. When Soviet soldiers freed the concentration camps, they insisted on the local German population walking through them to see what happened under their noses in such a “civilized society.” If every Zionist were to walk through the 25-mile ghetto know as Gaza would 90-92% of them still be cheering on this extermination campaign?

    1. Hang on a sec. First Brucie says there weren’t any concentration camps. Now he says there are.

      Today he says there are ghettos in Gaza. Tomorrow he’ll probably say there aren’t. And all this from a chap that can’t even get his own name and occupation right. What an oddball.

      1. Joey Ju-Dumb

        Literally the living personification of exactly why Israel needs to exist

        Thanks for the work that you unintentionally do for us Israel supporters on here Joey lad

        👍🏼 🇮🇱

  21. From an article by Juliet Samuel in today’s Times …

    For some critical number of hours, the BBC, The New York Times and various other globally significant western media declared as verifiable fact that Israel had killed 500 civilians by destroying an entire hospital.
    Vital summits between President Biden and Arab leaders aimed at preventing escalation were cancelled and mass protests erupted across the Middle East. The “fact” of the hospital strike is still very much alive in large parts of the world, aided on its way by our own connivance.

    Back in reality, it turns out that what had actually happened was that a terrorist rocket misfired and landed on a car park, killing an as yet unknown number of innocent people but leaving the hospital almost entirely intact. When the truth emerged, most of the media outlets did not issue corrections, admit they had relied on Hamas sources for a major news story, send out fresh notifications, review their editorial policies or reverse their emotive headlines to blame the terrorist group for the latest senseless massacre. They prevaricated, added weasel-worded caveats and quietly tweaked phrases to maintain the initial impression so that, for example, a BBC subhead stating “hundreds killed” became “hundreds were taking shelter”. And almost a whole day later, demonstrably false social media posts parroting Hamas’s original lines were still live online.

    The very worst offenders were those most likely to lament the spread of “fake news”, to see themselves as guardians of moderation and truth; the same outlets that had taken days of careful parsing to verify and report claims that dozens of Jewish babies were murdered by terrorists last week.

    By contrast, the leading voices debunking Hamas’s lies were a set of scrupulous, open-source intelligence analysts employed at various global think tanks or niche media, posting the evidence for free on X/Twitter.

    Now, as with Israel, I very rarely weigh in on the BBC. It’s another debate poisoned by bad faith. But these events are utterly beyond the pale. The BBC is this country’s most recognisable and credible presence in the world and is still seen domestically as an authoritative source of fact.

    Yet on a story with implications for the stability of the entire Middle East, if not the world, and for the safety of Jews here in Britain, the corporation became a conduit for terrorist propaganda. Will its journalists go to bed plagued by doubt and introspection? Will anyone be fired? Will any of its policies change?

    I have always thought that, despite its flaws, the BBC was ultimately a force for good. But everyone has a moment when their perception flips … And this is the moment when I stopped believing in the BBC.


  22. The PSC is spot-on:

    “Israel killed Shireen, then lied about it. Israel killed Razan, then lied about it. Israel killed Palestinian kids on a beach, then lied about it. Israel bombed a UN school, then lied about it.

    Israel kills Palestinians, then its PR machine deflects blame to muddy the waters.”

    1. “waters” Would that be Roger Waters, Brucie?

      Anyway, putting aside he and other supporters of baby beheading, child immolation and the rape and slaughter of 90 year old women, let’s hope that they can use their time to reflect on Eric Peretz and his 16 yr old daughter Ruth. Both were murdered by Hamas/ISIS as they fled from the music festival, father carry daughter in his arms as she was confined to a wheel chair suffering from cerebral palsy. They are named here in honor their lives and their memories.

  23. Flashback:

    On Oct 17, 1961 [1] the apartheid slur was invented [2] by Arab Hitlerist Ahmad Shukeiri.

    (Ahmad Shukeiri [Shukairy / Shuqayri] propagated for Hitler, [3] testified in his (Beirut, 1969) book that they (Arabs in Palestine) sheered for Hitler [4] and , with Janal Husseini had justified the Holocaust – months after WW2, in 1946. [5]).



    Y. Oron: ‘Middle East Record,’ volume 2, 1961, p.188

    History’s Worst Serial Abusers.” December 8, 2014. 
    Ahmad Shukairy, Husseini’s former aide, was the next leader of the Palestinians. In 1964, the Arab League appointed him to head the newly created Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)… Shukairy was the first to hurl the apartheid slander at Israel even as he tirelessly advocated “driving the Jews into the sea.” “We shall destroy Israel and its inhabitants, and as for the survivors – if there are any – the boats are ready to deport them…


    “A response to David Grossman.”
    By Amnon Lord, ILH,  08-05-2018.

    “…the first person to accuse Israel of being an apartheid state was Ahmad Shukeiri, a U.N. diplomat, in 1961 in the context of the Eichmann trial. Grossman remembers that Shukeiri was the founder of the PLO, and served as head of the group prior to Yasser Arafat. Shukeiri was also a fervent supporter of the Nazis. Shukeiri is what links the Arabs’ support for the Nazis and the use of the terms “Nazis” and “apartheid” against Jews, who were victims of the Nazis. Amal Assad, therefore, is in bad company. His rhetoric places him as a PLO nationalist, not as a proud Druze.


    “HRW’s condemnation of Israel: Apartheid appropriation, racism in name of ‘human rights’?”
    Dan Diker and Olga Meshoe Washington, 08 May 2021

    Even more far-reaching, PLO founder Ahmed Shukeiri exploited the Israeli apartheid libel well before Israel was forced to enter the West Bank and Gaza in the defensive 1967 war.>/blockquote>

    Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the … Congress, Volume 107, Part 24. United States. Congress – U.S. Government Printing Office, 1961. p.5735.

    …he belonged to a group of fanatical extremists ed by the ex-Mufti. This gang cooperated with the Communists and prior to the Hitler-Stalin Pact sought in every possible way to sabotage the Allied war effort against the Nazis in the Middle East. However, when Soviet Russia joined the Allies, Shukairy’s group split with the Communists and went all out for Hitler.

    Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the … Congress, Volume 110, Part 22, United States. Congress, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1964, p. 524-5

    Shukairy has had a remarkable history . As has been revealed… he worked with the Nazis in the Middle East and was a henchman of the notorious Mufti…

    “Behind the British Conspiracy.” B’nai B’rith Messenger. 12 July, 1946, p.6. 

    Achmed Shukeiri, chief of the Arab Office, who reiterated in his conversation the words of Goebbels justified the murder of six million Jews of Europe “because Hitler could not have been all wrong.”

    “Arabic Political Memoirs and Other Studies, Cass books on the Middle East,” Elie Kedourie, Professor of Politics Emeritus, Psychology Press, 1964, p. 189. 
    [blockquote]”Our sympathies werep with the Axis powers being led by Hitler from victory to victory, and with our sympathies went our prayers for the victory of Germany and her allies, and defeat for Britain.”

  24. In 10 days, the brutal oppressuve (real apartheid-regime against all minorities) Islamic Fascist Republic of Iran, had activated its proxies:

    * Hamas (Oct 7+)

    * Palestinian Islamic Jihad PIJ (the one responsible for Al Ahli hospital casualties Oct.16.23 which Tlaib was so , so, so sad about)

    * Hezbollah.

    * From bases in Syria.

    * Military in Iraq

    * Houthis rebels in Yemen.


    The BBC writes a clarification: “It was incorrect to assume that the explosion in the hospital was caused by an attack by Israel”
    The British media body, which on the day of the attack on the hospital in Gaza presented the claim of Hamas, published a correction to surfers • “This does not represent our coverage”, they said in their message • The CNN network investigated and determined: “The explosion – did not result from an Israeli attack”
    | Posted 10/20/23

    Media has egg on its face for allowing Hamas to set initial tone of Gaza hospital coverage without skepticism
    ‘It is no exaggeration to say the media breathlessly amplified a terrorist organization’s blood libel,’ Isaac Schorr wrote
    Brian Flood By Brian Flood Fox News
    Published October 20, 2023 3:00am EDT

    Islamic Terrorists killed their own people in hospital explosion – then falsely blamed Israel.
    NYPost cover, Oct.19.23

  26. Just a little note to our house provocateur Jack T.

    I am not sure whether you are a UK citizen. Our host can confirm this. If you are, you are bound by the laws of the UK, just as everyone else is. You have come to this site to provoke Jews as your record of posting here shows. Specifically, you have come to this thread, the subject of which concerns the brutal atrocities prosecuted on Jews in Israel by Hamas/ISIS a group proscribed by the UK government as terrorists, the expression of support to whom contravenes the Terrorism Act 2006. In your posts you have clearly stated that the israeli Jews had no right to defend themselves against such atrocities but that “Palestinians” had the right to use violence if they saw fit; your own words. By any reasonable test you are supporting violence on Jews by proscribed terrorists, condoning their actions and demeaning the fate of the Israeli Jewish victims.

    You may consider yourself to be sufficiently anonymous to escape prosecution for transgressing UK law but as other activists have discovered to their cost, the cyber world is accessible and its users easily identifiable. I know of a couple of “sympathetic” lawyers who take on cases like yours although cannot attest to their success rates. One tip; I wouldn’t call Mark Lewis.

    1. Hey “Ian”, what about the Palestinian victims? Why so silent, for so long, about them?

      Over to you David.


    2. Ian, you and Dozey Dobkin need to brush up on international law. If you do, you’ll find much to your chagrin that what I said is perfectly true. I also note your threats, typical of Zionists who have no sensible answers. Just for the record, my comments are not to provoke Jews they are to inform the casual reader of the inherent evil in Zionism.

      1. “International Law” Jack ! Which one? I had a quick check this morning and the only one I saw was in section 209, clause 2, sub clause iii (c) of, you know, that International Law, which clearly states that ” idiots that spend their days on the internet telling people how much they hate Jews and Israel will live depressed and unfulfilled lives and should get a hobby.”

        Anyway, can’t hang around today. Those Hamas/ISIS terrorists aren’t going to wipe themselves out. Gut shabbos

      2. Jack

        I am Jewish and you are provoking me and goading me with your comments here

        That makes you an antisemite

        It’s as simple as that

        I have screenshots of your postings and may have to inform the police

        1. Dozy Dobkin, to be honest, I don’t really care if you are insulted. There is no right not to be insulted. Zionists are always insulted when when the evil of Zionism is highlighted. Go to the police if you wish, they will laugh at you 🙂.

          And Ian, please let me know if you wish me to send you a copy of the Geneva convention detailing the rights of the Palestinians. Careful though, it could send you and Dozy apoplectic.

          1. By all means send me a copy Jack. But conventions aren’t laws as you well know, so please put the laws you mentioned in the envelope as well.

            Anyway, bit late for banter. Those Hamas rocket crews in the churches and UNWRA schools aren’t go to destroy themselves. Sleep well, pet.

            1. Ian, for your education, as requested:

              On December 3, 1982 UNGA resolution 37/43 removed any doubt or debate over the lawful entitlement of occupied people to resist occupying forces by any and all lawful means. The resolution reaffirmed “the legitimacy of the struggle of peoples for independence, territorial integrity, national unity and liberation from colonial and foreign domination and foreign occupation by all available means, including armed struggle”

              Section 21 of UNGA resolution 37/43 strongly condemned “the expansionist activities of Israel in the Middle East and the continual bombing of Palestinian civilians, which constitute a serious obstacle to the realization of the self-determination and independence of the Palestinian people”.

              Some bedtime reading for you and all the other Zionists who, according to Avigail Abarbanel, have the same mental illness.
              “UN Resolutions\volume-1125-i-17512-english.pdf”
              “UN Resolutions\NR042521.pdf”
              “UN Resolutions\NR073916.pdf”

              However, we know “the most moral army in the world” 🙂 doesn’t give a damn about international law, not least, as seen by the bombing of the hospital in Gaza.

          2. Thanks for your reply Jacky lad

            With every word you type you only reinforce the dire need for world Jewry to have their Jewish state

            You (and your kind) are the reason that Zionism exists and the reason that Israel exists

            It’s all because of you

            Never forget that


            1. NO Dozy, its because Zionists couldn’t live with other Jews and wanted to distance themselves from them and decided to inflict themselves on Palestinians who didn’t want them either.

              “Let us not ignore the truth among ourselves … politically we are the aggressors and they defend themselves… The country is theirs, because they inhabit it, whereas we want to come here and settle down, and in their view we want to take away from them their country.” ~ David Ben-Gurion

  27. So why didn’t BBC/NYT jump to conclusion that Palestinians ‘intentionally’ murdered their people (- not just by accident)?

    Everybody knows: Arab-Islamic Palestinian radicals – Gaza regime, or Hezbollah have been using their non-combatants population as human shields, cannon fodders for decades: firing from among residents; storing weapons in mosques and under UNRWA schools; using ambulances to transport terrorists and weapons; military headquarters beneath hospitals, etc. It goes back to the early 1980s – Arafat’s initiating of this method in Lebanon. It always ‘worked’ to propagate against Israel.

    (Despite BBC’s longtime Israelophobe Jeremy Bowan lying already years ago – supposedly “not” knowing about Gaza regime using human shields, but facts are facts. Matti Friedman’s Nov.30.14 criticism of his former employer, the AP, is famous).

    Has the BBC/NYT ever stopped to explain why one certain structure was targeted but the one next to it is unharmed? Don’t Israel have powerful weapons?

    The question is, in the hurry to jump to conclusion — Oct.17.23 Palestinias-killing-Palestinians at Al Ahli hospital — at the same ‘enthusiastic’ fast broadcast, instead of blindly repeating Hamas/its Al Jazeera [dubbed Al Jihadzeera] mouthpiece blood libel, why not rush to blame Arab-Palestinians ‘intentionally’ killing their people, for that ‘dead baby strategy’ to defame Israel – which is the only side that really cares about non-combatant Arab-Palestinians: risking its soldiers lives in urban combat; roof knocking – while terror operatives might flee; always inproving precision weapons, etc.
    Why do you thing that is?

  28. I think that the BBC should not define militant Palestinians Arabs as terrorists, but rather: ‘killing their own people’ regime/entities.

  29. Islamic bigotry. (Jack T/ or J.J.Johannes) working overtime. It’s Friday, sermons awaiting at mosques.

  30. Imam Johannes/HJ’s “people”

    Chriscoveries @Chriscoveries:

    “Get the f###ing Jews wiped out!” Shouts ring out at today’s Palestinian protest in Sydney.

    3:27 AM · Oct 15, 2023


    EXCLUSIVE: Israeli morgue worker says horrors inflicted on Hamas’s victims are ‘worse (images) than (what I’ve seen at films made about) the Holocaust’ including decapitated pregnant woman and her beheaded unborn child,” by Nick Fagge, Daily Mail, October 20, 2023:

    A volunteer who works in a military base morgue cleaning the bodies of mutilated Israeli soldiers before they are buried says the brutality of Hamas’ massacre of innocents is ‘worse than the Holocaust.’

    Shari has the grim task of pulling mutilated corpses from the body bags that are lined up on stretchers at the morgue of the Shura military base near Tel Aviv before preparing them as best she can for funerals.

    The architect and mother-of-four told MailOnline: ‘I heard stories about Auschwitz as a child growing up in New Jersey. But what I have seen here with my own eyes is worse than the Holocaust.’…

    ‘There is evidence of mass rape of so brutal that they broke their victims’ pelvis – women, grandmothers, children….

    ‘I am a mother from New Jersey. I moved to Israel 20 years ago. I’m a normal person….

    ‘People whose heads have been cut off. Women standing in their night dresses woken up and shot. Faces blasted off. Heads smashed and their brains spilling out.

    ‘A baby was cut out of a pregnant woman and beheaded and then the mother was beheaded.

    ‘Women and children burned to charcoal. Bodies murdered with their hands tied behind their backs.,,,

    While Shari was explaining her work she was flanked by a row of refrigerated containers holding bodies – and a stand of blood-stained military stretchers….

    1. You apartheid-lovin’, baby-killing, land-grabbing, thieving, bloodthirsty, murdering and plundering Zionists wrongly refer to apartheid Israel as “The Jewish State” – this is what to expect.

    2. * NOTE TO READER: the Daily Mail is a British right-wing rag that also supported Mosley’s fascist Blackshirts and Hitler during the 1930’s.

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