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‘Jew being bad’ – let the cameras roll

No people on earth are under the watchful gaze of cameras more than the Jews. On one side, Jewish organisations use cameras for protection – and every Jewish school, every synagogue has a network of CCTV cameras acting as a deterrent. Yet for every camera that offers Jews protection, 100 others are used to demonise them.

Social media provides the perfect platform for the viral dissemination of decontextualised, carefully edited footage that was deliberately shaped, and then uploaded to make Jewish people look bad. We’ve seen countless examples throughout the years. And millions of antisemites are eager to use their social media accounts to share the antisemitic messages as often and as widely as they can.

Just this week, one of these videos received over 9 million views. It ‘shows’ – according to those that shared it – two Christian women being abused by orthodox Jews – mostly children. The intention of this video was to make people believe innocent Christian tourists are being abused in Israel.

But as usual – things are not as they seem. These are not tourists at all – but part of an extremist Christian mission to ‘spread the truth’ to Jews and Muslims in Israel. Under the name of  ‘Sarah’s ministries for Jesus Christ‘, Sarah Wallis (as her PayPal account identifies her) is a troublemaker. She, along with a like-minded friend, deliberately places herself in religiously sensitive environments in Israel – and provokes Jews or Muslims. There is nothing subtle about her messages, and she clearly has no respect for the religious beliefs of others:

cameras rolling

Look at this short clip, taken as she spoke to the Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem – in the speech in which she called Mohammed a liar – she told Jews the Talmud was a ‘wicked book’:


Why wouldn’t orthodox religious people get angry if someone comes to their doorstep to insult them? If this were taking place anywhere else – these people would immediately be called out for their insensitive provocations. But this is Israel – and the cameras are always rolling. And when someone bites – she uses the footage to elicit sympathy – claiming she is the one being persecuted.

cameras - claiming persecution

The video that went viral is a petty little spat – the likes of which are inevitable in every state all over the world. There is worse every Sunday at Speakers Corner. Yes the behaviour of the children is wrong, but what? It’s a choreographed event that sets out to provoke Jewish people in their holy places with cameras rolling.

Just a few days ago, a Christian was burnt alive in Nigeria. In Pakistan a Christian couple with three young children were just jailed on baseless blasphemy charges. The 11-year-old Hindu girl who was recently stolen from her home – forcibly converted and then married off to her 40-year-old Muslim neighbour, received no attention in the west.

None of these stories – nor any of the many others like them – went viral. Instead it is the one of the orthodox Jew spitting on a provocateur that gets 9+ million views. Talk about the far more real persecution occurring across the globe and you will be called an ‘Islamophobe’ or silenced with accusations of whataboutery.

Don’t believe me – ask yourself this. Why is it the video with the Jewish children that went viral – while the video of the two Christians being abused by Muslim children gathers dust in a quiet corner of their toxic YouTube channel. What is the difference?

The preacher in Jerusalem cannot even get into Mecca – and if she tried playing her tricks in many Muslim majority places in the world – her life wouldn’t last long. So too the anti-Israel activists with all their cameras rolling in the faces of IDF soldiers. These people would not last five minutes if they tried that with many other armies in the world. And let us not forget the lucky journalists, sitting under the umbrella of Israel’s freedoms while deceiving their readers over how demonic Israel is.

There is not much we can do about any of this but call it out as we see it. Jews are badly outnumbered in a numbers game. Those cameras will keep rolling – all to try to make Jews look bad. The cameras may belong to Amnesty International – or a BBC journalist – or an anti-Israel activist – or a Christian preaching troublemaker – it is all one and the same.

We cannot expect every Jew to be an angel, and in the end we will be left feeling bad – or needing to distance ourselves from the actions we see – when the next ‘Jew being bad’ video goes viral

But the bottom line is this simple truth. The Jews are being held to different standards in a very antisemitic world. Always were. Always will be.


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33 thoughts on “‘Jew being bad’ – let the cameras roll

  1. “And let us not forget the lucky journalists, sitting under the umbrella of Israel’s freedoms while deceiving their readers over how demonic Israel is.”

    Just because Israel [for now] has laws upholding the right to freedom of speech, doesn’t mean it’s somehow ungrateful or hypocritical for the press to exercise that right in order to critique the Israeli government. That’s literally the reason why, in a [for now] democracy, the law protects freedom of speech.

    (After all, here you are, a lucky blogger sitting under the umbrella of the West’s freedoms, while deceiving your readers over how demonic the West is.)

    1. Putting aside your various straw men – I beg to differ on a key point.

      If a Journalist cannot visit ‘a’ because of the brutal oppression there… it is their DUTY to place their reports in the far safer and freer place ‘b’ into that context – else they are not just being hypocrtical – they are distorting the truth to others. Just as EVERY REPORT on mainstream news that comes from Gaza should carry a ‘truth warning’. The lack of such commentary from journalists isn’t about free speech – it is about honest journalism…

      something I doubt you care much about.

      1. I see. So, for example, journalists reporting on antisemitic attacks in Britain (for example that episode on the bus a couple of winters ago), are under a “DUTY” to accompany their output with a contextual note that Britain is a lovely, safe and free society where Jews are far less likely to face violence than they would in other places? I don’t remember you making that point at the time. Not that I disagree, mind.

        1. A journalist from Israel reporting on it in the UK? – sure. of course he should? Isn’t it obvious. It is his DUTY. He will be lying to his readers if he doesn’t place the attacks into context and just writes as if the UK is as bad in its treatment of minorities (or worse) than the worst despots in the world.

          For journalists in the UK / from the UK – the UK IS their context.

          See the difference?

          1. It’s quite telling David that you present a piece about a Christian woman publicly provoking Jews and Muslims with intent and our soi disant cleric dashes over here to make a point about the Israeli government and your own motives

            Then again we suspect that this may be the same Gabriel who said that the altruism of old dears didn’t count as charity because they were Jewish and politically motivated. So, if it is the same one, he does have form for this and I guess we need to expect a degree of disingenuity and bad faith in his contributions here.

              1. No need to re-read, although I accept that patronization is always a key feature of a cutting riposte.

                Just to return to my point, the article focused on the attempts by a Christian person to provoke Jewish and Muslim people with intent. As you appear to be a person with religious interests of your own, one may have imagined that you might have felt compelled to offer some remarks on this matter rather than place your emphasis on the freedoms of speech and publication that we enjoy here in Israel. Assuming that you have come here in good faith, that would have more likely, wouldn’t you say?

                  1. Is this intentional discourtesy? In your first response to me you were patronizing. In this one you are demeaning but on neither occasion do you want to address the question that I asked in good faith. To remind ourselves, I asked why someone like you who has an interest in religion has nothing to say about a Christian person willfully provoking Jewish and Muslim people. This ought to be quite a serious concern for any reasonable person let alone a cleric and I thought that you may have some thoughts on it that you would care to share. Or am I mistaken?

  2. It’s amazing how a the always odious ‘Rabbi’ Webber never has a good word to say about Israel. Even if he believes the lies he propagates about Israel’s government’s policies, the ‘apartheid’ and ‘genocide’ being practiced against the nonetheless curiously burgeoning and in many cases wealthy population of Palestinian controlled areas, there’s never a mention of the Syrians rescued by Israel, the field hospitals set up and aid given in disaster areas all over the the world. The life saving medical care given to people of all backgrounds, including on many occasions, family members is officials of Fatah! Tech used to give water to drought hit countries! No, nothing good to see in the world’s only Jewish state, according to a man charged with teaching G-d’s Torah, in books filled with mention of Israel and the Jewish connection to all of its lands, especially Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria!
    Webber gives most of the hate filled imams and mullahs a run for their money, when it comes to spreading Jew hate!

      1. You are not worth troubling them but I am concerned your progressive Synagogue failed to do due diligence on you before appointing you as their ‘leader’

          1. Why on earth would I do that? As long as you are there doing your progressive thing , you are not bothering some other unsuspecting community. One day you will grow up and stop playing the Nuddnik

            1. Why would you do that? Because you clearly have some unresolved משוגעת‎ about my employment status.

              It’s not actually normal for grown adults to spend as much time as you do fixating on, and posting internet comments about, the employment status of a total stranger who has zero impact on their life.

              But that’s what you do.

              And since you seem to care so deeply, I’d like to help you find a way to resolve whatever issue it is that you have.

              1. I note that you chose to sidestep a perfectly legitimate question posed several times above and in good faith.

                To remind ourselves, I asked whether you had anything to say about the main point of this article that showed a Christian person willfully provoking Jewish and Muslim people with intent. As a person with your own religious interests, this does seem like the sort of thing on which you would have an opinion, right?

                Why the reticence?

                  1. That’s just tabloid tagging – the process of creating and reinforcing the characterization of a subject for repetition in print to inform a specific view of them where accuracy is not a criteria.

                    Let’s imagine a sensible conversation. We can agree that Islamist drove in motorcades through English towns last year screaming for violence against Jewish men and the rape and brutalization of Jewish women and girls. We can agree that this is likely to place the safety of British Jews at risk from these protagonists. We can also agree that you hold out as a Rabbi in the Jewish faith and that as such these protagonists may regard you as a legitimate target for the violence that they threaten, notwithstanding your frequent posts on social media in which you choose to show your anti Israel credentials. I am not a UK citizen but as an outsider looking in I would suggest that you may be at some risk from such actions. You may choose to call this “my fantasy” in order to do your tabloid tagging. I would suggest that it was simply fair warning of the risks that you may face, made in good faith.

                    So, with this said, can we return to the initial question, in peace? To remind ourselves, I asked whether you had anything to say about the main point of this article that showed a Christian person willfully provoking Jewish and Muslim people with intent. Do you have an opinion on this?

              2. Actually Gabriel I have rarely interacted with you and the one occasion I did caused you to block me – mutually – on twitter. Whenever you do enter my social media, it’s inevitably in a negative fashion as you go about decrying Israel and those heroes like David who advocate for Zionism
                But that’s what you do. Thanks though for the offer of counselling. I think I might just pass.

  3. These Jew haters are normally to be found skulking around Jewish suburbs particularly shopping centres and bus and rail termini. They target in the main Jewish youth who strike them as vulnerable and open to persuasion and conversion as unlikely as that may be.
    This has been going on for some 2,000 years with Jews being forcibly converted under pain or death . Jews locked in towers and burnt alive . Fast forward to the Inquisition and the same happened to the Marrano Jews. Jews in Muslim lands at least were given a choice . Death , conversion, exile or pay a tax Jizzyh
    These appalling individuals are not even trying to hide what motivates them and instead of picking off the low hanging fruits, attempt to proselytise where they will get the most resistance but the most publicity.
    As David states , there’s no mention when they try the same stunt at Damascus Gate . Only when it involves Jews does it become interesting

  4. David, I am starting to think that this Gabriel fellow is not posting here in good faith. Despite his sign-in name suggesting that he is a cleric of sorts, he quite bluntly refuses to comment on a story in which Christian people are deliberately provoking Jewish and Muslim people with malicious intent. This seems odd and the justifications for his reticence even odder.

    He was equally reluctant to confirm whether he was the same Gabriel who publicly opposed charitable giving by old dears to some of the most vulnerable people in UK society because the donors were Jewish, the donations, kosher food and the recipients, food banks. That particular Gabriel claimed that this did not count as charity because the old dears had political motivations rather than pure altruism. Another odd approach for a cleric.

    As long as this chap simply tosses in his grenade and then legs it home, it really does create the sense that there is nothing but bad faith in his participation here.

    Still, i suppose it takes all sorts.

    The real reason for the post was simply to wish you and your family shana tova and a year ahead filled with renewed vigor, resolve and determination as well as the more customary wishes for good health, happiness and much joy amongst your friends and family in the UK and in Israel.

    1. Thanks Ian – and wishing you and yours a sweet and happy new year too.

      As for Gabriel. Take no notice of him. He is part of the early Yachad crowd, and like the other members of that team – have spent much of their time both bashing Jews/Israel and believing they are ethically and intellectually superior to all those who disagree with them. As you saw from Gabby’s response here – he picks a single sentence to deflect with – and then will talk about anything but the key focus of the piece. There is nothing honest about the way he approaches discussion. He is not here to engage – he is here to disrupt and mock. Sadly – being a lot less intelligent than he thinks he is – he cannot see how transparent and ridiculous he actually is.

      1. Is there a list of words that you could and could not say before Orthodox Jews? I’d buy that next time I visit.
        Is this reciprocation also approved for Jewish Producers in Hollywood that insult Jesus and Christianity in their movies and TV ?

  5. Palestine. (1946). Vol. 3. United States: AZC, p. 3.

    Palestine – Volume 3 – Page 3 – 1946

    Rights Without Obligations

    The ideological defeat that has followed the military victory of the democracies is beginning to unravel before our eyes in all its ugliness.

    A case in point is the relationship between the Arab States and the United Nations.

    Having been actively or passively in Hitler’s camp all through the war , the Arab States were invited to jump on the bandwagon of the democraecies when the defeat of the Axis became an absolute certainty.
    To this they graciously consented.
    The were allowed to join the U.N.O., without even being asked for guarantees that in the future they would abide by the principles and ideology of progressive mankind. They were welcomed as they were, with their medieval way of life, reactionary background and pro-Nazi leanings. No wonder that the Arab ruling cliques now feel free openly to disregard and even violate the fundamental principles of world peace and cooperation; free, even to defend Nazi ideology and glorify Adolf Hitler. An Arab newspaper in Jaffa, Falastin, protests against the Nuremberg trials, stating that “Nazism ought not to be tried in court, because it is just a principle, like democracy or Socialism.” Another Arab daily in Palestine, Ad Difaa, the ex-Mufti’s organ which was subsidized by Dr. Goebbels, gives much prominence to Adolf Hitler’s recently discovered political testament, quoting his allegations that the Jews were responsible for the war and printing a large photograph of the Fuhrer on its front page.

    If the above belongs to the category of ideological regurgitation, the boycott of Jewish-Palestinian goods proclaimed by the Arab League is a direct assault upon the system of world cooperation. Iraq’s and Syria’s official refusal to grant visas, even transit visas, to Jews on racial grounds is a slap in the face of the entire democratic world. Ibn Saud’s recent statement that the Arabs would not fight the Jews “because we consider them unworthy foes” is further proof that one can belong to the U.N.O. without dropping Nazi ideology and phraseology and further indication of how dangerous it is to have members of the United Nations who enjoy all rights but refuse any obligations.

    Shana Tova!

  6. “part of an extremist Christian mission to ‘spread the truth’ to Jews and Muslims in Israel”

    Oh no, not people talking about Jesus! That’s worse than genocide!

  7. Just like some jew gone in mosque in Jerusalem and pray his god. He wasn’t done it for same reason as these girls?

    Kids should be better or shut up.

  8. The only aim of these extremist “missionaries” is to dam*n the Jews. Including online.
    Because 2,000 years of genocide wasn’t enough…

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