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A point or ten about the Palestinian flag

I recently spent a night in Belgium doing some research. As soon as I came out of the Brussels Midi Eurostar station I was confronted with a huge image of the Palestinian flag that had been graffitied onto one of the station walls. I took a photo of the flag – and posted it in a tweet – noting my discomfort.

That simple statement of fact – that the Palestinian flag can be viewed as a symbol of hate, went viral – receiving over 3.8 million views – and over 3,280 comments. For several days my notification feed was a tsunami of abuse. Some even suggested that my discomfort made me ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’:


Most of the comments were just mocking. After all they said – ‘it is only a flag’. This is a ridiculous position, more so given that I can think of dozens of examples of ‘only a flag’ that most right-minded individuals (left and right) would find threatening or offensive. Like many emblems of hate – the problem lies in what the Palestinian flag represents – and what many of those waving it support. Only a fool would believe that the person who placed that graffiti on the walls of the Brussels Midi station has any good intentions vis-a-vis Jewish people in Israel.

Ignorance on this subject is everywhere, so here are ten points looking at what the Palestinian flag actually means – and why Jewish people have every right to view it as offensive:

1. The truth hidden in plain sight: 1964

Firstly, let me put the record straight. At the start of the 20th century there was no ‘Palestinian flag’ – just as there was no ‘Palestinian people’. Before the national Palestinian identity was created as a weapon with which to fight Zionism, Arabs under the mandate saw themselves as part of the greater Islamic or Arab nations. In August 1929, while Arabs massacred Jews throughout the British Mandate area, the Arabs in Nablus tried to revolt against the British. Briefly declaring independence, they raised the Turkish flag:

Buffalo News 29 Aug 1929
Buffalo News 29 Aug 1929

This next clarification was made during the Arab revolt in the late 1930s. That the ‘Arab nationalists fly a variety of flags, generally Islamic green’:

1937 - no Palestinian flag
Daily Telegraph, 21 July 1937

1 continued – the birth of the Palestinian flag

Only in May 1964 when the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) was established, did they fully adopt what we now know as the Palestinian flag – as the flag of the Palestinian people (not the flag of ‘Palestine’, that came later). The PLO also created the ‘Palestinian Liberation Army’ to work towards the ‘ultimate goal of liberating the Arab homeland’. The flag was the banner under which they would unite to destroy Israel:

PLO formation 1964
Daily Progress 30 May 1964

The flag is based on the flag of the Arab revolt (which is why the flags of so many Arab nations are similar). It was part of the pan-Arab cause, and the colours are in remembrance of Islamic conquests.

This point is reinforced by various Fatah spokespeople, such as this example from 1969. This Al-Fatah ‘commander’ did not care what flag he stood under – as long as it was an Arab one:

Herald Sun 28 Oct 1969

In 1964 the Arabs were in total control of the West Bank and Gaza, so the *ONLY* land they could ‘liberate’ was Israel behind the 1949 armistice lines. The very origin of the flag is one that sought the destruction of the Jewish state. This was the sole purpose of its adoption.

2. The age of terror

For six decades the PLO adopted ‘Palestinian flag’ has been associated with the slaughter of Jews and the desire to destroy Israel. Such as this threat from Arafat – as he pointed to the Palestinian flag – promising ‘the flag will fly on the road to Haifa‘ and they would keep their guns ‘raised‘ until they took Jerusalem:

Baltimore Sun 20 Sep 1978

And these were not idle threats. Wherever there was terror and the murder of Jews – the Palestinian flag was present:

Palestinian flag

In these images – honoured with the Palestinian flag:

  1. Leila Khaled – a PFLP terrorist and plane hijacker.
  2. The funeral of Mohammed Oudeh – the mastermind behind the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972.
  3. Celebrating Samir Kuntar – who slaughtered Israeli civilians in a terrorist attack on an apartment block in Nahariya in 1979.

3. London’s streets

The genocidal hatred is not restricted to the Middle East. At anti-Israel gatherings across the west, activists chant chilling Arabic threats about the Islamic slaughter of Jews. And in convoys that drove through Jewish neighbourhoods – threats to ‘rape our daughters’ were made under the banner of the Palestinian flag:

Threats under the umbrella of the Palestinian flag

4. The antisemitic violence of BDS

The boycott Israel movement (BDS) – which is linked to genocidal Islamic terror groups – is out to destroy Israel. And we have seen countless examples of the antisemitic violence behind BDS on our streets:

On one occassion, a 13-year-old Israeli schoolgirl received a cruel BDS reply from a Cambridge academic to an innocent question she had sent about horse breeding.

And every times BDS violence surfaces – it is waving the Palestinian flag:

BDS Palestinian flag

Many in the west choose to remain blind to the violent message of the boycotters – but like everything else to do with antisemitic hate – the evidence is there in plain sight. Intifadas 1 & 2 saw the murder of 1200+ Israelis. ‘Long live the Intifada’, ‘glory to the intifada’, ‘victory to the intifada’ – all rallying cries for BDS activists waving the Palestinian flag:

Glory to the intifada

5. Replacement ideology and the Palestinian flag

We all know the chant – ‘from the river to the sea’. It is a call for the elimination of the state of Israel. Palestinians are not western progressive liberals, and there is not a single Palestinian political party that truly promotes peace based on a two-state solution. Whether they know it or not the people who sing this are pushing for an Islamist terror state to replace Israel.

From the river to the sea - Palestinian flag

6 Union of antisemitic hatred

The Palestinian flag does not stand alone and has nothing to do with democracy. The flag stands alongside those of radical Islamic terror groups such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah.

Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Islamic Jihad - with the Palestinian flag

Each of these terror groups have issued genocidal threats against the Jewish state – and some had the slaughter of Jews written into their Charters.

And let us not forget the other emblem that the Palestinians have used alongside their flag – cementing a relationship that goes back to WW2, when their leader, the Mufti of Jerusalem sat with Hitler, trying to persuade him to extend his ‘final solution’ to the Jews in the Arab world. Palestinians in Gaza holding up the Palestinian flag with the swastika:

7 The Palestinian flag and the celebration of death

Every time Jews in Israel are murdered – the PLO (Palestinian) flag is raised in celebration. On January 27 2023 – on Holocaust Remembrance day – a terrorist murdered seven Israelis outside a synagogue in Jerusalem. Within minutes celebratory comments flooded social media – many containing the Palestinian flag (trust me, names have temporarily been shielded for good reason):

And after every terrorist attack that slaughters Israelis – sweets are given out in Palestinian towns – accompanied by the Palestinian flag:

Handing out sweets with the Palestinian flag after terror attack

8 The antisemites in the west

The anti-Israel movement in the west is fuelled by antisemitic hatred. This is why those like Sarah Wilkinson – years after she was exposed as an antisemite and Holocaust denier – are still favourites of the pro-Palestinian crowd:

Wilkinson is not an outlier. I have written detailed reports covering 100s of such activists – all leading pro-Palestinian activism in the west. Here are two more – Carol Foster (left) and Elleanne Green (right) spreading antisemitic hate on Facebook:

Carol Foster, author of the piece, is a veteran trade unionist and retired member of the RMT. She was also an admin in Palestine Live, one of the largest, and well-connected of the anti-Israel groups on Facebook. Palestine Live contained high-placed representatives from almost every anti-Israel activist organisation. Elleanne Green, the one who liked the poem so much, was the founder of the Palestine Live group. The group was a secret nest that contained hundreds of antisemites. The poem was published inside the group – which contained over 3000 members – and did not receive a single negative comment.

9 A symbol of oppression

Only antisemitism can properly explain the blindness of the progressive left to the reality behind the Palestinian flag. What other reason can explain LGB campaigners standing alongside a symbol that oppresses them. Or unions waving the flag of a movement that denies union power, just as journalists wax lyrical about groups that torture their own colleagues. Western leftists have fallen madly in love with a movement that oppresses an entire population as its leaders line their own pockets with gold.

Because this is the truth: The Palestinians were given the Palestinian flag to deliberately keep them in bondage and to deny them any opportunity to seek a better life. It is perfectly reasonable to argue that the Palestinian flag has done the Arabs of Ramallah and Gaza as much harm as it has done to the Jews.

10 The cancellation of everything else

The world is not a nice place. Whether it is oppression, slavery or war, 100,000s are murdered each year across the globe. 100s of minority groups are oppressed and need  attention and help. As many as 360 million Christians experience “high levels of persecution and discrimination.” The list is endless. Meanwhile those groups waving the Palestinian flag are having none of it. They have even captured the world’s largest human rights organisations – leaving them as Israel-obsessed empty shells. The UN, UNHRC and leftist politicians talk about little else. Every cause is appropriated by those waving the flag. If you are not talking about Palestine – your cries will not be heard.

This is what the flag has done. It has rendered the west incapable of dealing with real oppression, wherever it may occur.

Reason to feel uncomfortable

I am always willing to stand alone and tell the truth. Too many in the west have fallen for a dangerous and deceptive cause. The Palestinian flag is currently a symbol of hate.

Those who mock me the loudest are often the secular Jewish hard-left – trapped in their bubble of believing that a progressive, illusory, ‘tikkun olum’, rather than their religion, or state, will save them. My comment on the flag was even referred to as ‘narcissistic‘. There is no future for these type of Jews. Virtue signalling to a crowd that would (and will) turn on them in an instant. It is all about their immediate comfort.

The underlying truth is that there is not a single political Palestinian group that seeks to make genuine peace. If there ever comes a time when people waving the Palestinian flag truly want to make peace with Israel – then my feelings towards the flag may change. Until that day –  along with every other Jewish person – I have every right to view it as hostile.


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193 thoughts on “A point or ten about the Palestinian flag

  1. ‘Some bad people fly the Palestinian flag in offensive, violent and racist contexts, therefore the flag itself is bad.’
    It’s such a poor argument, David.
    Would you say the same holds true for the English flag, famously sometimes flown by far-right antisemitic groups? Or for the Israeli flag, famously sometimes flown by far-right anti-miscegenation groups?
    No. The only flag you have a problem with is the Palestinian one. So of course people draw the conclusion that you’re racist. Why are you acting surprised?

    1. You are a hit and run coward Gabriel. You blocked me years ago on Twitter and just pop in here now and again to have a dig and run. That is the behaviour of a coward. For a Rabbi you also seem to have serious comprehension issues. At no point did I say that the flag is offensive just because some nasty people wave it – and in fact the article above goes to great lengths to stress that there is far more to the problem of the flag than this. The flag was ONLY ADOPTED as a rallying banner for those seeking the destruction of Israel long before the 1967 war. But as usual you pay no attention to what is actually written – and come out with a non-factual and childish position. For example – you say it is the only flag I have a problem with? That is blatantly false. I have problems with numerous flags and emblems and even link to the ADL page on hate flags. Do you think I do not have a problem with the flag for Patriotic Alternative? What about the Nazi flag? Or the Confederate flag? Or those of the KKK and numerous other white supremacist hate groups?

      I am not surprised by your errors. It is par for the course. No am I surprised by your reaction – or that of others. You call everything you do not like racist. It is your way of avoiding any real discussion of the naive and silly positions you hold.

      1. “Coward”, “silly”, “childish”, “for a rabbi you seem to have serious comprehension issues” – it’s just empty invective and namecalling 🤷

          1. Actually I came here to point out what it is about your behaviour which leads people to draw the inference that you’re racist. What was that about comprehension issues?

            1. Dear Ima-m Oron,


              From the River to the Sea,
              Fascist Pal-e-SWINE Will NEVER BE!


            2. Oh bless Gabby… you have shown from your posts that you did not even read the post before commenting. You’ve embarrassed yourself enough.

              People tell me they cannot believe you made a ‘Rabbi’. I tell them that in two generations the UK won’t have a sizeable Jewish community (outside of the Orthodox) – and you are merely a symptom of the decay.

                1. Funny how people call themselves “Rabbi” thinking it will somehow add weight to what they say? But then proceed to type a whole load of utter bollocks ?


                2. non orthodox Jews won’t die out silly, but UK Jews – outside of Israeli ex-pats and the orthodox won’t have a recognisable community anymore. Sadly I know I am right and you are wrong and throwing silly dates like 1820 around as if they have relevance today is just made-up, deflective, nonsense. Most of the boxes that kept us as around for 2000 years you are busy unticking. Eventually you and your flock will just melt away…..

                  1. As I say, people (often Jew-hating Jews like yourself) have gleefully been prophesying such doom upon non-Orthodox Jewish communities for 200 years. They were proved wrong when they said it in the 19th century. They were proved wrong when they said it in the 20th century. And, hopeful as you are of being proven right this time, I’m sceptical.

                    1. and now you – who accused me of name-calling, have moved on from calling me a ‘racist’ to calling me a ‘Jew-hating Jew’..


                      Have a nice day Gabby…..

      2. David: “You call everything you do not like racist. It is your way of avoiding any real discussion of the naive and silly positions you hold.”

        David, you’re a Jewish hypocrite. You do the same thing by attempting to put people on the defensive and label everything and everyone you don’t like and those who criticise the racist, apartheid state as “antisemitic.”

        I think an apology to the learned Rabbi is in order.

        1. Look at Joey lad accusing David of being a hypocrite when he openly champions vile oppressive regimes like Iran and Pakistan whilst simultaneously slandering the only true democracy in the ME ?


          How about that for GENUINE hypocrisy


          Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


        1. Care to admit you lied by saying large Jewish families get more in State allowances? Guess not – too much to ask of a Finkler Jew who – incredibly – purports to spiritual leadership.

          1. If you have an issue with the source I cited (which you haven’t read), state it.

            1. I have evidenced your lie and the book’s lie. Enough said. Such is your hatred of Israel you think nothing of lying to back it up. You’ve learnt from Greenstein in Brtighton.

              1. Criticising a source you haven’t read is such an intellectually dishonest way to behave

                  1. So have the guts to say, unambiguously, that the published academic sources I quoted, is a lie.

                    1. You lied. I proved it. Your source is 25 years old. You failed to check the current situation. Because you’re intellectually lazy when it comes to fact checking arguments that support your Israelophobia. And you’re a coward who lacks the guts to admit it.

              2. Oh bless you Jonathan, you misread what I wrote in the blog! I didn’t refer to “the current situation”. I referred to a law passed seven years after the Koenig report.

                  1. Most of us learned about the past tense while still in primary school.
                    Which, to be fair, is entirely consistent with how you behave and communicate.

    2. Palestinians are not a race, and anyone trying to make such statements is using the cover of racism to try and close the argument

  2. Two questions concerning this Gabriel chap. First, does he include the word “Rabbi” in his sign-in for the same reason as our resident comedy cleric, namely to wind up a few over-sensitive Jews that drop by? He appeared in a previous episode on 20th Aug and was not using the title. Perhaps I am being uncharitable and his ordainment only occurred in the last few days

    Second, I recall that back in 2014 there was a Gabriel who opposed charitable giving to some of the most vulnerable members of society because the donors were Jews and the donations were kosher food products (obviously) to food banks. He wrote quite tastelessly in various media that this didn’t count as charity as the donors’ motives were political and not altruistic. Are these Gabriels the same person or am I mistaken?

    1. Ian

      It would seem that this particular “Rabbi” is about as frum as a bacon sandwich


      So it’s no wonder he disapproved of orthodox Jews donating kosher foods to foodbanks


    2. This chap is a Rabbi in the modern reform UK sense. Part of the Leo Beck self-destruct strategy for UK Jews. Recently placed in some seriously unfortunate synagogue in Brighton.

      1. Thankfully the vast majority of us Jews (Reform Jews included) recognise the importance of the existence of the state of Israel as a Jewish state and the need for it’s continued existence


        Am Yisroel Chai


        1. I’ve nowt against reform, just as I have nowt against the Orthodox – we are all Jews. My problem is one of continuity. We are a ‘hand-me-down’ people, and this is the way the diaspora survived both the good and the bad. For 2000 years the diaspora was the ship upon which the Jewish people sailed. That all changed in 1948. Outside of Israel (In Israel this is irrelevant) you can be Jewish religiously or you can be Jewish nationally – and you can be Jewish using any mix of the two. But if you try to be Jewish while rejecting the nation and also water down the religion into a universalist progressive thing that is tied to the fads of the day – it may work for you – some of what you do may possibly survive a generation – but it has no legs and soon enough your descendants will simply not see anything in value in what you have passed on. To me that is the ultimate failure. Everything the Jews did right – the modern progressive Jews are doing wrong. Outside of the Orthodox – Jewish numbers are falling (again excluding Israel) and the high orthodox birth rate hides the scale of the impending disaster. Gabby can deny it all he likes – but the numbers just do not lie. We are on an express train heading for a swift and mighty crash.

          1. Go ahead, salivate over the prospect of Jewish groups you dislike collapsing, and persuade yourself that you’re a good Jew.

            1. Oh bless. Again – you are not reading or understanding properly my dear Gabby. Everything I do is about education – I am well-known for all the right reasons in much of the community (yes, yes, not in your neck of the woods) for the work I have done – and I see my role in informing as many Jews as I can. I have spoken in dozens of synagogues, dozens of schools and have written over a million words on subjects related to Jews and our survival. The information I have put together has appeared in newspapers across the globe. The BBC, Guardian Telegraph etc have all run headlines that I generated – sometimes even without my name attached. So no, I am not salivating over anything – I am predicting what will happen – and spending my life trying to save as many Jews as I can

              A key essence of being Jewish – that I would want my children to marry a Jewish person – is undoubtedly a ‘racist’ notion in your quarter.. how do you think that will work out for you all?

              Now you run off back to your tiny little clique in Brighton and tell them how nasty Zionist Jews are.. how we are all racists and Jew haters… And see how that works when their grandchildren end up not even knowing they have Jewish ancestry.

        2. Yes Ken. A vision comes to mind of the Mahdi Army rounding up their enemies as they prosecute their Holy War on the streets of the West and as this Gabriel chap is pushed against the wall he’ll be squealing ” But look. I wrote all that anti-Jew stuff on the internet.” The Comedy Cleric will simply scream, “Don’t hurt me. I’m not a real Rabbi !!”

          1. And here’s Ian gleefully fantasising about the prospect of a rabbi he doesn’t like being violently attacked, in a guided tour around the Freudian nightmare of his mind.
            You guys are Jew-haters. Fact.

            1. “You guys are Jew-haters. Fact.”

              And you hate the Jewish state of Israel

              The world’s only Jewish state?


              So what does that make you “Rabbi”


              1. “Jewish State”? I think not. Israel doesn’t represent me. Not a Jewish State, but a ZIONIST one, with special privileges granted only to Jews.

                1. Look at who thinks he can redefine the cultural and religious identity of someone else’s country!


                  You do make us laugh on here Joey lad


                  At least we can always rely on you for laughs

                  1. “…someone else’s country!”

                    Apartheid Israel calls itself a “Jewish State.”

                    Myself, as well as millions of other Jews, say NOT IN OUR NAME and condemn the racist political doctrine of Zionism and say apartheid Israel neither speaks for nor represents us.

                    1. Millions ??

                      Sure thing Joey lad

                      Just like the “hundreds of thousands” that never turned up to that recent protest at the Israeli Embassy ?


      2. Shabbat Shalom (from San Francisco) to everyone, but not the Hitlerist, posing as a supposed “jew” the Fadcistic ‘Johannes’ or ‘Johanes Juden’.

  3. You’ve been called out publicly over your transgressions DC, not by one learned rabbi, but by two; Deputy Chief Rabbi Dr Levy and Rabbi Kanter-Webber. And there are likely many more who’d like to queue up to tell you so. What message does that convey to both yourself and your readers?

    Everything the racist, apartheid state of Israel and Zionism represents is antithetical to Judaism. How many times must one repeat themselves before that fact sinks in?

    Over to you David.

    1. Well now. This is interesting. I wonder how this Gabriel chap feels about having his rabbinic credentials likened to those of the Comedy Cleric in a public forum. I imagine that this must be quite demeaning.

      Lazy Brucie. Always grasping for the low hanging fruit.

      Loafer to you David.

      1. What’s really demeaning Ian, is your un-Jewish defense of the genocidal, racist neo-nazi, Zionist apartheid regime.

        Over to you David.

        1. Cheer up Joey lad

          It’s almost Shabbat

          Maybe see you in Piccadilly Gardens tomorrow ?

          There are usually a few pro Palsters there on a Saturday (4 or 5 anyway) wearing socks and sandals and really shit cardigans


          And you can smell them as far away as Stockport !


          Save me a cherry Bakewell will ya JJ


            1. I don’t encourage anything my dear Gabby. As everyone knows I hate censorship (unlike your little clique who want to smear and no-platform almost anything that does not suit their politics) AND just as importantly, I am busy fighting antisemitism and those who actually hate Jews (unlike your I know what real Jew haters actually look like).

              I can either close the message stream completely (which I have considered at times), waste time by consistently reading every comment on here, or just let the comment stream be… If I close the message stream – I am shutting down something that has fed me information in the past – so I have refrained from doing that even though eventually I may take that nuclear option. I don’t want to let trolls like Juden waste my time by needing to read every comment, nor do I want to act like a policeman deciding what is and what is not acceptable (something your clique loves to do). So it is what it is.

              1. Posting on Shabbat, David?? We’ll make a Progressive Jew of you yet 😘

  4. David, the arogance of you Zionists is appalling. Most of you have your heritage in Europe, yet you have the nerve to lay claim a piece of land thousands of miles away because you say that your ancestors lived there some time in the distant past. In an attempt to justify your claim, you weave a preposterous story out of myths and lies. This is bad enough, but then you go on to say that Palestinians who do live there and can trace their unbroken heritage back to biblical times, have no right to be there, utterly astounding! Now you are saying that the Palestinian flag is an insult to you. Let’s hope it may long be the case, because you truly do deserve to be insulted by a people with more tolerance and humanity than most Zionists will ever have.

    The world is waking up to the iniquities of Zionism and it has Zionists in a turmoil trying to suppress the truth in an attempt to hold on to land they colonised using terrorism and murder.

    1. The Jews got their country back so it’s all good


      You might not like it Jack T(wat)

      But who gives a f@ck what a racist Jew hating sack of excrement like you thinks ?


      Shabbat Shalom everybody


      1. Shabbat shalom from the Jewish State, Ken.

        We’ve had all the Muppets out for this one. They’re really not keen on my country are they? Perhaps Benidorm for them next year?

      2. Ken: “But who gives a f@ck what a racist Jew hating sack of excrement like you thinks ?”

        👉🏽YOU obviously do Ken, otherwise you wouldn’t have replied!

        Shabbat Shalom!

        1. So you don’t deny he’s a racist Jew hating sack of excrement?


          That’s what I thought


          And according to your impeccable logic you must care greatly about everything I say here or else you wouldn’t reply to me which you ALWAYS do !


          Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


      3. Dozey Dobkin, the Zionists stole and are still stealing someone else’s land, nothing good about it at all. No doubt you support Trump, another imbecile who makes up fairy stories for the knuckle draggers to cling on to.

        1. Thanks for replying AGAIN


          I live in the UK Joey lad

          It’s you who lives in the apartheid USA 🇺🇸

          So Trump and Biden are your problem not mine


          And the Jews got their country back

          So it’s all good


          Shabbat Shalom


  5. *Corrected: “Shabbat shalom from the racist, apartheid Zionist State that likes to falsely call itself Jewish, Ken.”

    You’re welcome Ian.

  6. 99.99% of the world’s Jews will always be comforted and reassured by the continued existence of Israel as a Jewish state


    This can only be a good thing


    The .01% of the world’s Jews that hate Israel can go f@ck themselves


    And that is all


    1. If that’s the case, Dopey Dobkin, then how come apartheid Israel is losing so many Jooos to other countries like a badly leaking sieve? Everyone’s emmigrating! 🤣

      1. Population is increasing year on year as it has done every year since 1948

        As is the Israeli GDP

        Israel is the success story that the rest of the Middle East can only dream of


        Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


        1. Apartheid Israel is apartheid South Africa and Nazi Germany rolled into one.

          Apartheid Israel only exists because it is protected by AmeriKKKa and its Zionist lobby.

          Your beloved racist, apartheid state is considered a pariah by the international community.

          If it’s so wonderful like you claim it is, why don’t you move your racist arse out of your ghetto and live there?

          1. Nice rant there Joey lad


            Always satisfying to see you frothing at the mouth about the imaginary (Zionist) demons that occupy your head


            In reality….

            My beloved Israel is considered to be the only genuinely free country in the Middle East

            A vibrant democracy with a thriving economy with equal rights for ALL it’s citizens

            If I could afford to live there I would move there like a shot

            Who wouldn’t ??


            Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


            1. Dopey Dobkin: “My beloved Israel…”

              If you love the racist, Zionist apartheid state so much, why aren’t you living there?

              Over to you Dopey Dobkin…

              1. Reading and comprehension are really not your thing are they Joey Lad ?


                If I could afford to live there I definitely would

                Question is why aren’t you living in Iran ??


                1. Why not panhandle outside of shuls? Attendees might feel sorry for a lowlife like you Dopey Dobkin.

                  1. Jews aren’t allowed to carry cash on Shabbat Joey lad

                    If you were a real Rabbi

                    Or if you were Jewish

                    You would know that




  7. It’s funny how the people who bang on and on the most about Israeli “occupation” and “ethnic cleansing” have absolutely no problem whatsoever with white Europeans occupying and ethnically cleansing the entire continents of Australia and North America ?


    Wonder why that could be ????


  8. Israel is a racist, satanic, degenerate and anti-jewish apartheid state.

    Over to you David.

    1. Ken, I’ve heard that our Comedy Cleric has lost his Saturday pitch on the high street and the decorator’s table and pamphlets are locked away in his flat over the bookies with the Kagool and sandals. His old dears must really be at a loose end at the weekend now.

      Now the old soak is having to do double time here if the apparatus of Zionism is to be dismantled and the Jewish State eradicated (his life’s work, you know?). At least he’s got some other self styled supplicants and a fellow WUM for company in this episode, which is nice.

    2. Joey is a racist satanic degenerate supporter of the vile racist oppressive misogynistic undemocratic and GENUINELY apartheid regimes of Iran and Pakistan


      Go figure?


      Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


      1. Yes Ken. Apparently if you write stuff on the internet and say “apartheid”, “racist” and “ZioNazi” a lot, you have a chance of dismantling the apparatus of Zionism and eradicating the Jewish State (our Comedy Cleric’s life’s work, you know).

        I think he also mentioned that if you spin a dead black cat over your head during a full moon you can get rid of warts.

        1. Correct Ian

          But don’t forget about the standing around for hours outside M&S on Saturday afternoons wearing sandals (with socks of course) annoying shoppers whilst munching on lemon drizzle cake and cherry Bakewells

          I mean seriously what chance does our beloved Israel have in the face of such a dedicated and determined onslaught ??


  9. Let’s get to the point about what the flag of apartheid Israel 🇮🇱 means to me:

    Apartheid Israel insults Judaism by incorporating a Star of David in its design despite all of the actions of the apartheid state being anti-Jewish. It’s the same as putting a Star of David on the flag of Nazi Germany. Apartheid Israel uses and abuses Judaism and antisemitism in order to defend it own rotten and miserable existence.

    The flag of apartheid Israel represents the opposite of Judaism: cruelty, land theft, genocide, collective punishment, militarism, Jewish supremacy, the abuse of religion, baby killing, colonialism, hasbara, murder and assassinations, as well as the use of antisemitism for political purposes.

    One of my favourite YouTube videos is one that depicts the flag of apartheid Israel being flushed down the toilet to the accompaniment of the Hatikva. Very appropriate. That’s where the racist doctrine of Zionism belongs. I can go on, but I won’t.

    Over to you David.

    1. It’s just so satisfying to see how our beloved Israel puts such a blight on every aspect of your life


      How your every waking is consumed with paranoia and ignorant obsession


      It’s also very very funny


      Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


  10. Congratulations to Israeli (Ethiopian) runner Maru Teferi who made history in Israel on Sunday, winning the country’s first medal (silver) in the men’s marathon at the World Athletics Championships, and the fifth from the competition in total.


    Weirdly some people claim that Israel is an apartheid state ?

    I can only assume that they must be impaired in some way ?

    Emotionally if not mentally ?

    Or maybe even both ??


    Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb

      1. Small question of clarification Ken. When the Comedy Cleric signs in using a funny name to wind up a few Jewish readers, is he doing the same when he writes “jooos”?

        It’s always struck me as odd especially when he pretends to be Jewish when he posts here despite admitting to us on this site that his mother wasn’t a halachic Jew.

        This sort of inconsistency may be the reason he hasn’t managed to dismantle the apparatus of Zionism and eradicate the Jewish State (his life’s work, you know).

      2. Mohamed Abu Arisha (born 1997) – professional and Team Israel basketball player
        Marian Awad (born 1996) – Team Israel footballer
        Mu’nas Dabbur (born 1992) – professional and Team Israel footballer
        Hatem Abd Elhamed (born 1991) – professional and Team Israel footballer
        Marc Hinawi (born 1997) – swimmer
        Beram Kayal (born 1988) – professional and Team Israel footballer
        Eduard Meron (born 1938) – Israeli Olympic weightlifter
        Dia Saba (born 1992) – professional and Team Israel footballer
        Ranin Salameh (born 1996) – Team Israel footballer
        Nora Shanab (born 1987) – Team Israel footballer
        Salim Tuama (born 1979) – professional and Team Israel footballer

        Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


        1. Apartheid South Africa also used token minorities. And despite that, we all know what happened.

          And the same will happen to apartheid Israel.

          Over to you Dopey Dobkin.

          1. No Joey lad

            There were no black cricketers or rugby players in the South African National teams under apartheid

            In fact under the apartheid system in South Africa even all visiting players had to be white

            Kind of like when Iran refused to allow one of their athletes to wrestle an Israeli athlete ?

            That’s what apartheid REALLY is Joey lad


            So well done on destroying your argument


            Back to you Joey Ju-Dumb


            1. No mention about international competition, Dopey.

              Educate yourself about Black sports stars under South African apartheid:


              And what happened to apartheid South Africa will certainly happen to apartheid Israel. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

              Your attempt at gaslighting failed Dopey.

              Over to you David.

              1. Have you even read the article you linked to ?

                You just proved my point and destroyed yours

                Thanks Joey lad


    1. Yes this is all fascinating but did anyone confirm whether this was the same Gabriel chap that in 2014 opposed charitable giving to the most vulnerable in society because the donors were Jews, the donations were kosher food products and the recipients were food banks. That particular Gabriel argued that it didn’t count as charity because the motivation of the old dears was political rather than altruistic. There was even a tasteless remark about kosher crisps. Is this the same Gabriel or am I mistaken?

      1. Does it matter if it was or wasn’t Seems like a very trivial matter.

        Are you running out of straws Ian?

        1. Look who thinks someone else is “running out of straws” ??


          You couldn’t make this sh1t up


      2. Obviously something doesn’t count as charity if the so-called charitable giver is doing it deliberately inefficiently to promote a political cause/ to garner attention, rather than as efficiently as possible out of a genuine desire to support the charity’s beneficiaries.
        Maimonides said that almost 1,000 years ago; if you don’t like it, take it up with him.

    2. Guess what happened when Dopey Dobkin unfurled the flag of apartheid Israel inside the Royal Albert Hall during a performance by the IPO?

    3. You are such a hypocrite and so typical of the modern left. You come to enjoy the freedom I provide here – using it as a platform – yet on your own site – you run a strict moderation policy that hides criticism and only presents a one dimensional view. Jonathan for example – posted his piece on your site and you wouldn’t let the comment through. These values you pretend to have are all fiction. In truth – as I said in my first response you are a nothing but a worthless coward.
      Gabby is a coward and a hypocrite

        1. Oh Gabby – we all know that real ‘supremacists’ sit on the left…. Thinking they are ethically and intellectually superior, censoring comments they don’t like, spreading misinformation, no platforming differing opinions, smearing all those they dislike, looking down on the rest…

          We see you for what you really are.

          1. Yes, yes. But is he the same Gabriel who was cross with the old dears who made donations to the food banks saying that because they were Jewish and the donations were kosher, it didn’t count as charity? That doesn’t seem very rabbinical so maybe I’m mistaken.

            1. I was going to say that I didn’t think so, but Gabby’s latest response tends to suggest you are right.

              1. Yeah. Hurling four-letter words at a rabbi young enough to be your son is true courage.

                  1. There’s the true courageous Jonathan we’ve all come to know and love 😘

          2. You see, your tone there strongly implies that you think I’m ethically inferior to you. In which case you must think that you’re ethically superior? Ie exactly what you’re accusing me of? What a charming metaphysical conundrum.

            1. What a dazzling demonstration of your “superior intellect “ you just gave us there Rabbi Webber


  11. Yes these so called “anti apartheid” activists are very confused about what apartheid actually is ??


    They see apartheid where it doesn’t exist and yet don’t (or refuse to) see it where it does exist ??


    But it is funny watching them repeatedly destroy their own arguments courtesy of their spectacular ignorance and stupidity


    Long may it continue


    Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


    1. Protest outside cinemas that screen “Golda,” the film bio about that Zionist, racist, genocidal, ex-PM of apartheid Israel, Golda Meir.

      DISRUPT screenings. BOYCOTT the film.

      Palestine flags

  12. Raise awareness of apartheid Israel’s war crimes by plastering OVER any advert or billboard poster publicising the film “Golda” with the truth about this evil woman.

    Over to you David.

    1. Ken, you need to check in on The Comedy Cleric. I think he’s completely lost it.

      He’s really cross today coz he thinks Helen Mirren is really Golda Meir. What if he thinks Gene Wilder actually runs a magic chocolate factory and Julie Andrews is a singing nun?

      Surely this chap can’t be left in charge of a decorator’s table and a hazardous kagool (They’re highly flammable, you know).

      1. Yes Ian

        He does seem to have spectacularly lost the plot (again) doesn’t he ?


        Considering that his sole raison d’etre is to wind us up it’s always amusing to see that backfire onto himself !


        I think the link he posted about “non white” cricketers in South Africa (that he clearly didn’t bother to read as it completely destroyed his own argument) has tipped him over the edge this time


        It’s a fact that the only person he has ever successfully “wound up” on here is his own sad self


        So pleased that David allowed him back

        This kind of entertainment you just cannot buy


  13. Finally a response to my question as to whether the Gabriel chap in this thread is the same one who wrote some nasty posts about how he opposed charitable giving when it came from old dears who were Jewish and whose sincerity he suspected was not altruistic. The Gabriel here posted a response above yesterday that went like this:-

    “Obviously something doesn’t count as charity if the so-called charitable giver is doing it deliberately inefficiently to promote a political cause/ to garner attention, rather than as efficiently as possible out of a genuine desire to support the charity’s beneficiaries.”

    Sounds to me like it’s the same chap. I wonder if he’ll have the courage to finally admit it here.

    1. Maimonides defines eight levels in giving charity (tzedakah), each one higher than the preceding one.

      On an ascending level, they are as follows:

      8. When donations are given grudgingly.

      7. When one gives less than he should, but does so cheerfully.

      6. When one gives directly to the poor upon being asked.

      5. When one gives directly to the poor without being asked.

      4. Donations when the recipient is aware of the donor’s identity, but the donor still doesn’t know the specific identity of the recipient.

      3. Donations when the donor is aware to whom the charity is being given, but the recipient is unaware of the source.

      2. Giving assistance in such a way that the giver and recipient are unknown to each other. Communal funds, administered by responsible people are also in this category.

      1. The highest form of charity is to help sustain a person before they become impoverished by offering a substantial gift in a dignified manner, or by extending a suitable loan, or by helping them find employment or establish themselves in business so as to make it unnecessary for

      So where on this list would you put old Jews donating kosher food to a food bank ?

      2 or 3 maybe ?

      Still quite high on the list ?


      Over to you Rabbi Webber


      1. Yes Ken, he seems to be quite an unpleasant fellow, this current Gabriel whom you will note has still not confirmed whether was the original Gabriel who opposed charity.

        Nasty double standards too. I saw he’d had a bit of a set-to above with a poster called Hoffman whom he disliked for calling out a poster of the female gender, younger than himself. For sensationalism, he chose to characterize this as “harassing a girl, young enough to be his granddaughter” . Now we see this same Gabriel turning on old dears of an age where they could be his nan because he suspects that their altruism is a mask for sinister political motives. How ludicrous and disrespectful.

        I am fast coming to the conclusion that the Comedy Cleric was onto something when he suggested that both had acquired their rabbinical credentials from the same place.

        1. Some time ago, I personally witnessed that chap Hoffman aggressively harassing a teenage schoolgirl because she was wearing a Free Palestine badge and myself and a kindly police constable had to intervene.

  14. So rude. That’s not very “Jewish” of you Ian. But then again you never were…

    Over to you David.

    1. Imagine a “Rabbi” not knowing that Jews can’t carry money on Shabbat?

      That’s not very “Jewish” is it ??

      Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


      1. Great way to begin Shabbat.

        Shabbat Shalom all!

        😀 BREAKING: Pop-Kultur Berlin festival dumps apartheid Israel

        Six years after the first artists withdrew from Pop-Kultur Berlin over its partnership with the embassy of apartheid Israel, the festival has finally ended the shameful, long-standing collaboration.

        More than twenty artists have boycotted the anti-Palestinian racist festival since 2017, including headliners Young Fathers that year, responding to the call from Palestinian society to hold Israel accountable according to international law, just as apartheid South Africa once was.

        Media reports have speculated on the reasons for the festival not partnering with Israel this year, giving credit to the “impact” of the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, as well as ongoing protests from liberal Zionist Israelis against judicial reform.

        Typical of the festival’s unprofessionalism, evasiveness and deceit, organisers have told the media that no Israeli artist wanted embassy support this year.

        Yet, several artists told campaigners that the festival promised them months ago there would be no involvement of any embassy this year. This strongly suggests that the festival’s public statements are intended to disguise the festival’s earlier decision to deliberately exclude apartheid Israel in 2023.

        Last year, the festival irrefutably concealed the resumption of its partnership with the Israeli embassy, claiming it was only agreed last-minute. Now they expect artists and the media to believe that it would have been impossible for any participating Israeli artist to make a funding application at short notice. Both cannot be true.

        Regardless of these inconsistencies, we agree with the musicians who wrote in an open letter yesterday that they “hope the festival continues its ethical stance by not partnering with apartheid Israel in the future”.

        Should the festival resume its partnership with apartheid Israel, whichever colonial faction of its far-right rulers is in government, we will urge participating artists to withdraw once again.

        1. I say. A flurry of late posts in this episode. Must be chucking out time at the quarterly dinner for the alumni of the Grand Order of Online Clerics and Druids. They’re a rum bunch and quite snarky about Jewish people. Ah well. You can’t please ’em all.

      2. I wouldn’t worry about it Dopey Dobkin. A common acquaintance told me you’re just a wanna-be-Jew Gentile. So begging for a pound or two outside shuls is permitted. Start saving.

        1. Reading and comprehension are really not your thing are they Joey lad ??


          And your use of the term “common acquaintance” would imply that you have friends

          When you clearly don’t


          Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


  15. Staging the FIFA Under-20 World Cup was meant to be a badge of pride for Indonesia this year. While not known for its soccer prowess—the men’s team is 149th out of 211 in official rankings—the Southeast Asian nation of 277 million people is renowned for its passion for the sport: 78% of Indonesiansconsider themselves soccer fans, compared to 46% in the U.K. or just 32% in the U.S.

    But the tournament, which was set to kickoff in May, was abruptly pulled from Indonesia costing the country billions of dollars, shattering the dreams of its young would-be representatives on the pitch (as their team only qualified to play as the host), and leaving millions of fans bitter and angry at the politicians believed to be responsible for the muck up.

    FIFA made the decision to strip Indonesia of it’s rights to host the tournament chiefly because there had been a series of pronouncements by local government officials calling for the Israel team to be banned from the competition despite its performance based qualification for the tournament.

    The Indonesian government had anticipated tensions rising over Israel’s participation, but it had tried to strike a balance by insisting that it would welcome and guarantee the safety of all the teams invited, including Israel, while also maintaining that its commitment to Palestine was unwavering. “We cannot mix up sports and politics,” President Joko Widodo, commonly known as Jokowi, said in a statement in late March, as the controversy unfolded.

    FIFA’s decision upended Indonesia’s years of preparation since its bid to host the tournament was chosen over Brazil and Peru back in 2019.

    It is believed that the overall cost to the country of Indonesia is “very detrimental,” both from investments that will now not be taken fully advantage of as well as from the loss of earnings across a variety of sectors.

    The tournament took place in Argentina instead and was a great success with the Israel reaching the semifinals before being knocked out

    Well done to FIFA for having zero tolerance for bigotry and racism


    Am Yisroel Chai

    1. Just looking at the picture again in the headline above again Ken, I couldn’t help noticing the old dear in the middle holding her skinny latte from Costa who’s obviously thought : I’m not doing any of that flag – burning until I’ve had my brew.”

      It made me realise that this activism can be a hazardous business. Do you think that the Comedy Cleric has special shoes for when he’s doing his flag-stamping near a naked flame or he just wears his sandals?

      1. I would like to share this short article with you and your readers.

        By Tarak Kauff
        September 3, 2023

        The Zionist State Of Israel Has Betrayed The Very Essence Of Everything Good And Decent About Being Jewish.

        I was born in 1942 to a Jewish family while WWII was raging. My mother hated not only the Nazis but the German people for allowing that to happen. She never forgave them. Never would she buy or touch anything made in Germany. In 1948 the Jewish State of Israel was founded. My family were fiercely proud and supportive of what we felt was the heroic Zionist achievements in Israel. We knew nothing about Palestinians. All we knew was that Arabs hated Jews and did terrible things. At a young age I decided to join the US Army and “become a man.” I spent three-and-a-half years, mostly in the 101st Airborne division as a paratrooper, and now I’m an 81-year-old veteran.

        After my military discharge I became involved in efforts to stop the Vietnam War. I also started to hear negative stuff about Israeli treatment of Palestinians, which of course I was in denial about. The Arabs were the bad guys after all. Nonetheless, I began to do some research and soon saw that there might actually be something to the criticism. Eventually I went to the West Bank with a team of US veterans along with a former IDF paratrooper to experience the reality for myself. Four of us on that team were Jewish. I made two trips a few years apart. What I saw and experienced directly confirmed much of what I had researched, and it wasn’t pretty.

        I’ll cut to the chase. The Zionist State of Israel has betrayed the very essence of everything good and decent about being Jewish. Instead of being kind, compassionate and empathetic to the oppressed and dedicated to truth, Israel has become a most vicious oppressor. I saw Palestine children brutalized. They are killed on almost a daily basis. Children! Many are languishing in Israel prisons for throwing rocks at occupying soldiers or for just being suspected of that. Israeli soldiers often break into Palestinian houses in the dead of night, terrorize the family and arrest children. And there is no such thing as a fair trial. If you are arrested, you are guilty. Palestinians are considered vermin.

        And the armed settlers with their hatred and biblical stupidity—“God gave us this land”—are the worst. Yes, their god is a real-estate agent in the sky. Idiocy. And there is no excuse for it—none. Just as there was no excuse for what the Nazis did and what they became—arrogant monsters. How ironic that I saw such a similar phenomenon in Israel, especially in my direct confrontations with the IDF and the rabid settlers. Now I understand my mother’s revulsion to everything German. I’m a Jew and I wanted to see the truth, to actually see the reality apart from the mythology and the hasbara. The reality is that Israel has become an anathema to the humanistic tradition of Judaism. Instead it is sadistically violent and ruthless, as were the Nazis, but it is the arrogance most of all that repulses me.

        Finally, I suggest that people who want to defend Israel first spend some time in the West Bank as an objective observer. As many have, you will then see the truth. It may shock and disturb you, but you will become a better, more honest person because of it.

        Over to you David.

        1. Anyone else been here long enough to remember former House Troll Chris Rogers? He used to drop by with stories of some of his best friends who amazingly were all Jewish, all called Cohen and all ex-IDF officers who now hated Israel. Looks like our Comedy Cleric is sticking to the pamphlet ‘religiously’, bless his mildewed Kagool.

          1. Hey Joey

            Maybe you could send Tarak Kauff some of your famous boxcar brownies ?

            I’m sure he would appreciate them

            Yum yum 😋

            Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


        2. Why would the moslem – fascist muhammed-Johannes post this silly peace which he would like us to believe that Iin the past he did support the zionists…TAQQIYA again.

      2. There are always so many who want to spit on, stomp on and burn the flag of apartheid Israel that I struggle to even get near it.

        Over to you David.

  16. David mentioned 1964 Ahmad Shukeiri [Shukairy] founding PLO era…

    Worth mentioning, Shukeiri’s 1956 declaration that Palestins is but Southern Syria. *

    Asides from Shukairy’s Arab-supremacy dirty record since the 1930s – fascist-Mufti-linked terror including assisting in murder of his brother Anwar in 1939 *; his pro-Nazism during WW2 *** his bragging that the Palestine Arabs as a whole were pro-Hitler**, Shukairy justified the Holocaust in 1946 * he continued “to spread Nazi-style hatred of Jews, even in the United Nations,”* and had promoted neo-Nazis at UN in Nov-1962 ***. (A year ealier, he invented the apartheid slur*). He is more infamous for his genocidal “none of them will survive” *** (dubbed the “Shukeirian” *) pre Six-Day War.

    Three years later, Shukairy claimed “that when in his days of glory he publicly advocated the liquidation of Israel and ‘sweeping of the Jews into the sea’, he reflected the accepted official Arab outlook, an outlook that was changed only by the outcome of the war of 1967.” *

  17. Negev Bedouins, a Muslim minority which includes about 12% of Israeli Arabs, tend to identify more as Israelis than other Arab citizens of Israel.[33] Many Negev Bedouins serve in the Israel Defense Forces. Each year, between 5%–10% of the Bedouin of draft age volunteer for the IDF (unlike Druze and Jewish Israelis, they are not required by law to do so

    During the Palestinian Arab national movement’s formation, Bedouins often perceived their tribe as their principal focus of identity, and they generally did not view themselves as a component of the emerging Palestinian identity.

    Bedouins had long standing ties with nearby Jewish communities. Bedouins of Tuba-Zangariyye helped defend these communities in the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine. Formal co-operation between Jews and Bedouin began in 1946, when tribal leader Sheik Hussein Mohammed Ali Abu Yussef of the al-Heib tribe sent more than 60 of his men to fight alongside Zionist forces, forming the Pal-Heib unit of the Haganah. During the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, the Pal-Heib unit defended Jewish communities in the Upper Galilee against Syria. Sheik Abu Yussef was quoted in 1948 as saying, “Is it not written in the Koran that the ties of neighbors are as dear as those of relations? Our friendship with the Jews goes back many years. We felt we could trust them and they learned from us too”.

    Maj Fehd Fallah, a Bedouin from the village of Saad in the Golan Heights said in an interview: “Yes, I have fought against Muslims in Gaza,” he says. “And I would fight again if I had to,” he added. “Israeli Muslims who don’t serve in the IDF should be ashamed for not serving their country.”

    Ismail Khaldi is the first Bedouin deputy consul of Israel and the highest ranking Muslim in the Israeli foreign service.Khaldi is a strong advocate of Israel. While acknowledging that the state of Israeli Bedouin minority is not ideal, he said

    “ I am a proud Israeli – along with many other non-Jewish Israelis such as Druze, Bahai, Bedouin, Christians and Muslims, who live in one of the most culturally diversified societies and the only true democracy in the Middle East. Like America, Israeli society is far from perfect, but let us deals honestly. By any yardstick you choose – educational opportunity, economic development, women and gay’s rights, freedom of speech and assembly, legislative representation – Israel’s minorities fare far better than any other country in the Middle East”


    Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


      1. IAF was formed in 1948 Joey lad


        Auschwitz was liberated in 1945


        Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


        1. I was referring to the annual fly-over of the Auschwitz tourist attraction by the criminal air pirates of apartheid Israel.

          It’s times like these I’d love to get my hands on a surface-to-air missile 🚀 🛬

          1. You’d most likely blow yourself up with it Joey lad


            As for the IAF fly past- anything that annoys and upsets a vile racist scrote like you can only be a good thing


            Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


      2. But the hero of your “palestinisns” were your leader: Nazi Mufti who toured Monowitz and Trebbin.He actually founded the conflict based on Arab suprenacy and Islamic jihadi genocide.

    1. Dozey Dobkin, I have been to the Naqab desert and met many Bedouin. Not one of them had any love for Israel. It’s not surprising when many of them have had their camps attacked and wrecked by IDF Israeli thugs.

      On the other hand, if your story is true, it’s not surprising that there are quislings is it? Jews who were sacrificed by Zionists during the Holocaust know all about them, don’t they!!!!

  18. Dopey Dobkin,

    There exist marginalised “Palestinians” & “Muslims” who bow down to and break bread with, their Zionist oppressors.

    Why? They may be threatened, blackmailed, bribed with “Jooish money,” promised a better life, and/or their homes of those of their relatives may be threatened with demolition.

    Over to you David.

  19. Get a kick out of this: Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldinho is currently in Israel with the FC Barcelona legends’ team. They will face former Maccabi Tel Aviv players on September 5, followed by a match against Maccabi Haifa legends two days later. Ronaldinho expressed his excitement at being back in Israel, stating that he loves the country and the people.

    Ronaldinho, Israel loves you too!🇮🇱⚽

    StandWithUs Brasil


    Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


  20. I remember when you’d get some proper “hostiles” dropping in here. Real hardcore nasties that gave it both barrels of high velocity Jew hate; no timid tippytoeing around the fringes. They had summat to say, thought they were saying it to Jews and didn’t feel the need to hide behind silly names, gentle provocations or vague analogy. In real life they’d be the one’s you’d see screaming for blood and the rape of Jewish women and girls on city streets.

    Standards of opposition have fallen a long way in 10 years.

    1. Yes Ian

      During the last (full scale) Gaza war it wasn’t looking very promising for us Jews here in the UK

      That conflict was literally screened live on TV 24 hours a day for it’s entire duration

      You couldn’t escape it if you wanted to

      It got to the stage that if you were walking around wearing a kippah then you were effectively a target.

      What was happening in Israel became an excuse for vile and unfettered antisemitism and it’s fair to say that the UK was a scary place to live in for a while

      I lost a lot of “friends” (that I was ultimately glad to lose) because of the racist bile they were spewing on a daily basis on FB etc

      But 10 years later it’s a different story

      People have a whole host of other priorities and personal problems to deal with and so protests that used to attract thousands now only attract a few hundred at the most

      Added to that most people are starting to see the Palestinian “plight” for what it really is…..namely…..100% self inflicted and 100% unworthy of the sympathy or support of literally anyone at all

  21. That judge is antisemitic.
    HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! 😂😂😂😂😂

    Everyone in Wolverhampton are Joo haters.
    HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! 😂😂😂😂😂

    There must be a lot of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth up in North London.
    HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! 😂😂😂😂😂

    HaShem has answered our prayers 🙏
    Free at last! Free at last! Free at last!

    Over to you David.

    1. Ken, do me a favour and remind the Comedy Cleric that an attempted wind-up only works when the targets have a clue what he’s on about. At the moment he’s all emoji and no knickers.

      1. I think it’s best to leave him in his own little imaginary world where he can be happy 😆

        At least until the drugs wear off !


        1. Glad to have joined the Deputy Chief Rabbi/Mayer of London at London City Hall last Sunday along with dozens of others to pray 🙏 for a positive outcome of the sentencing of the Palestine Action human rights activists, including Mr Greenstein.

          They were given suspended sentences (wise decision), so that means they’ll be able to continue their good work against the racist, apartheid state.

          HaShem is great!

          Over to you David.

          1. Sorry Ken. The Comedy Cleric is babbling again. Any ideas? This befuddlement may be why he’s struggling to dismantle the apparatus of Zionism and eradicate the Jewish State, his life’s work, you know.

            Shabbat shalom.

            1. He thinks that the non imprisonment of these (convicted) Palestine Action thugs somehow signals the beginning of the end of Zionism ?

              I expect that sales of lemon drizzle cake and cherry bakewells (not to mention kagools) will be soaring in the coming weeks


              We really have no chance in the face of this onslaught do we Ian ?

              Is it time for you to make the move to Bury or Oldham now ? Before it’s too late ?


  22. Another Islamofascist hate crime.
    Johannes_juden’s buddy:



    Hate crime in Harish: A delivery guy tears mezuzah in front of the cameras – without fear – shocking documentation
    Ovadia Touboul, 24 Elul 5783 – 10.09.2023 – Horrifying and anti-Semitic documentation: an Arab courier of the McDonald’s company in Harish tears off a mezuzah from the door of a building and throws it in the trash…

  23. It would be poetic justice if part of the Auschwitz tourist attraction was converted into a working prison and turned over to the ICC to cage apartheid Israel’s political and military war criminals.

    1. Over the years there has always been a debate about the value of this Comment section and the contribution it makes to the wider subject of online prejudice targeted at Jews and Israel. Opinions have often been split. However, I have always taken the view that it provides an excellent archive resource for people to consult and see the tools and tactics that were used at this time by the hostile voices to prosecute their bigotry and hatred. The submissions of our Comedy Cleric have always been a useful case in point.

      1. It’s funny how he doesn’t bother to make any effort to hide his true agenda anymore? With his nazi username and holocaust slandering?

        He certainly makes an excellent case for the continued existence of Israel (basically the exact opposite of what he thinks he’s doing) but he’s just too stupid to realise that


        Long may it continue


        Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


        1. Truthfully Ken, I’m not convinced of his motivations here. Since his admission in these threads that his mother was not a halachic Jew, I suspect that he is simply acting out against those whom he blames for the probable difficulties that must have befallen him as the product of a mixed marriage.

          People can be cruel and often fail to realise the lasting damage that they can cause through their words and deeds. Our boy here seems to be a case in point with his life appearing to have been defined by those early experiences. The subsequent obsession to rail against the Jewish collective is perhaps a coping strategy to find some peace or even closure.

          1. Incorrect again Ian. You seem to ignore, or are ignorant of the fact that there are many, many Jews who are anti-Zionist and see the racist, apartheid state as a curse and a stain upon Judaism.

            As the chant goes:
            “Judaism YES!
            Zionism NO!
            The state of Israel
            must GO!”

            1. Keep chanting it Joey lad


              What a difference you are making


              Back to you Joey Ju-Dumb


              1. He would make an interesting study Ken and I wonder what a CBT specialist would make of him once all the superficial silliness and childish provocations were stripped away. Somewhere deep in the chap’s psyche there is clearly a damaged soul who has been scarred by events in his past. It is such a shame that these have fed his obsessions and framed his behaviour in adult life. When parents talk to their children about marrying outside the religion and the potential challenges that they may face in so doing, our chap here provides a useful case in point.

                1. Sorry to disappoint you Sigmund Freud. I’m just yet another Jewish, anti-Zionist, human rights activist.

                1. You are as Jewish as a bacon sandwich and as thick as pigsh1t Joey lad

                  And that is all

                  Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


  24. The problem with soi disant activists of a certain age like our Comedy Cleric is they don’t understand that things that they post here don’t just disappear. They remain in the ether, accessible and a reminder to us all. So when, about 34 episodes ago he admitted to me in text that his mother was not a halachic Jew, didn’t keep a kosher home nor observed the traditions, it is pointless him now acting like it never happened.

    For this reason I seriously doubt that his silly provocations here are motivated by a real hatred of Jews and Israel. He probably hasn’t met many of the former or ever visited the latter. I am now more convinced than ever that this is simply a very sad reaction to events that took place in his past which have left some very deep scars. This sort of acting-out may be a coping strategy but I doubt that it will ever create the closure he needs without professional intervention.

    1. Yes Ian

      And have you noticed that whenever he gets caught out on his Holocaust slandering (and embarrassing lack of Jewish knowledge) he then immediately posts something “Jewishey” in a clumsy attempt to row back on what he’s said??


      Like you say – his vile words are there for all to see and will be there for evermore


      Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


    2. There is lots of research that has been conducted in the field of mental health in apartheid Israel, and experts from America’s National Institute of Mental Health concluded from studies that Zionism is a form of mental illness.

      1. Of course there is Joey lad


        I’m sure this “research” that you refer to is as real as the “hundreds of thousands” of activists who didn’t turn up to protest outside the Israeli Embassy?


        Turned out to be just you and your mum and a 3 legged dog ?


        Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


      2. It is nice that we can talk about more serious subjects here rather than engage in all the typically contrived exchanges and childish provocations. Mental Health is an important topic and certainly we have seen some pretty acute case here over the years. It was brave of the Comedy Cleric to raise this and I for one will be happy to engage with him sincerely and free of judgement if it was done as a genuine cry for help.

          1. ????


            Desperate or what ?


            Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


  25. Regarding Eichler’s statement …


    No Haredi leader or community ever took Medinat Israel as a Lekatchilah or even approval after the fact. But the struggle is, after the fact, how to behave as citizens.

    All that does not excuse the confict, which is based on Arab racism, often mixed with jihadism, ever since the 8-Chesvan-5674 – (8.Nov.1913) Antisemitic poem in the Falastin paper by that Sheikh (Suleiman al-Taji al-Faruqi). Then 7 years later by al-Husseini ym”s (the inventor of genocidal: “Adbach al Yahud”) and his ilk, followers whose first slaughter were (mainly) on non Zionist pious religious Jews.. 5680/1/9 (1920/1/9) especially in Jerusalem and in Hebron.

    Then, the najority of Arabs in E.Y. “Palestine” supported the Nazis (as, for example were: Sakakini’s 1941 poll, statement by Templars’s paper in 1935; Auni Abdel Hadi statement to Nazi paper in Jan-1937; German consul in 1937; CIA report in Aug 1942 and Ahmad Shukeiri’s statement in his 1969 book), or all major Arab newspapers glorifying A.H. ym”s (save from those times under censorship threats). And after WW2 trained by / working with Nazis against the Jews in 5708/9 (1947/9).

    1. Deflections are easy here but it takes courage to confront real demons openly and sincerely. I will happily engage on this subject without judgement. Let us simply address your contradictions about your status as a non halachic Jew as we have already discussed together and the ways that this has affected your life and I will discuss my deeply held and unshakable commitment to Zionism and my country, Israel. Sound do-able?

  26. Israel is one of the happiest countries in the world according to most surveys of the matter, so maybe the world needs more of the Zionist mindset for a happier and healthier life. But then the anti-Israel, anti-Jewish Antisemites are just jealous anyway.
    And I got woken up by rain beating on the shutters, so all is good 👍 in the Land of the Jews

    1. Absolutely Richard. Very welcome rains this morning and whatever gods there may be have certainly brought life back to my very parched garden. Shana Tovah !

  27. Anti-Jewish, pro-Arab apartheid in Israel:

    The IDF admits: Arabs enter Area A freely, Jews do not

    Pinchas Wolff, 12.6.2011

    The order issued by the General of the Central Command in 2000 regarding the ban on the entry of Israelis into the territories of the Palestinian Authority, is enforced on Jews only. The Knesset is outraged: “There’s ‘discrimination’ on a racist basis.”


    A road for Arabs only

    Since the inauguration of a bypass road Al-Arroub, the residents of the area are struggling to keep the old road open to Jews as well
    Amichai Shilo, 27 Elul 5783 – 09/13/2023


    Shana Tova.

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