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Amnesty International- from bias to obsession – the report

My report into Amnesty International is now published and the 200-page analysis is available as a PDF for download. This research was some of the most challenging I have undertaken. I linked to dozens of Amnesty social media accounts and monitored the output of over 40 staff / volunteers.  Many of the case studies concern people who are (or were) instrumental in directing Amnesty’s focus. The research took several months and hundreds of thousands of social media posts were logged. The project was commissioned by Jewish Human Rights Watch

Amnesty International bias

Most people know that Amnesty International is biased to some degree, but even knowing this, I was still shocked at what I found.

There are clear political and discriminatory influences at work at Amnesty. Targets are not chosen for their actions but rather for their identity. A controversial action by India is almost certain to receive attention. Persecuted Christians are blatantly ignored. Attacking Israel is top of the list. Pakistan can literally make opposition figures disappear and Amnesty International can rarely even be bothered to yawn.

Every part of Amnesty’s arsenal spends a disproportionate amount of time attacking Israel. When fused together in a coordinated manner, the focus appears obsessive and persecutory. Campaigns against Israel are visibly better funded, more frequent and promoted with far more energy – than anything else Amnesty International undertakes. More worrying still is the alignment between Amnesty’s anti-Israel campaigns and the aims of the BDS movement, which leave little room for doubt that it is coordinated rather than coincidental. This claim will not surprise you once you have read the sections on their recruitment policy and their campaigns.

Deep hostility

Israel is not treated by Amnesty International as a legitimate state. When Amnesty talk about Israel their language changes and there is deep hostility. Amnesty officials can direct praise to the most brutal of regimes – but never is a good word said about Israel. The only free society in the Middle East is instead held up by Amnesty International as an example of one of the world’s worst regimes.

Time after time, important Amnesty officials were found sharing more material attacking Israel than anything else – even if officially their attention was meant to be elsewhere. You could also see in many accounts an unnatural hostility towards India. There is post after post criticising India’s human rights record. Yet when you searched in that same Amnesty official’s social media – for comment on Pakistan, there was little or nothing. Sometimes there was even praise. It is clear that the level of Amnesty’s attack, depends more on national identity than the actual facts on the ground. Or in harsher terms, Amnesty’s activity is inherently racist. When directed towards Israel, the cumulative obsession can clearly be labelled antisemitic.

If you want Amnesty to help your cause, perish the thought you are a Christian persecuted in a Muslim majority state. These are Amnesty’s forgotten victims. Whilst Christians in some areas face genocide, Christianity is more often referenced by Amnesty International as part of the far-right movement in the USA. There is a general anti-western attitude across most Amnesty activity.

The Amnesty International trick

Amnesty’s problem has been a long time in the making. Almost two decades ago they dropped rules that protected them from ‘conflict of interest’ issues and began to employ ‘one cause’ activists – in other words – people filled with hate who use human rights activism as a convenient disguise. Amnesty is now full of such activists.

Amnesty’s people in Israel already possessed the CVs of hardened anti-Israel activists when Amnesty took them on. There is no excuse for that failure to strive for balance and the results of this dereliction of duty are everywhere. A torrent of one-sided disinformation coming out from Amnesty International as it edges ever closer to supporting BDS and calling Israel an Apartheid state. It employed activists who were already libelling Israel – what did it THINK would happen?

One Amnesty consultant was found posting an image of two fallen Islamic Jihad terrorists, with a love heart next to the word ‘heroes’. One account, listed by Amnesty as a ‘Middle East and North Africa Media Manager’ appears to have sent advice to factions in Gaza not to claim fallen ‘martyrs’, when they are killed, but rather leave the west to think they were innocent civilians. This from a person Amnesty use as the point of contact for western media.

amnesty international bias

A Deputy Director for MENA at Amnesty is just a Palestinian anti-Israel activist from Ramallah who used to have a terrorist as his Facebook profile picture. He is officially meant to focus on abuse throughout the region – all he does is post anti-Israel rhetoric. Another of Amnesty’s people just says ‘f**k Israel’, one boasted of helping pass the BDS motion at her university, one tweeted ‘from the river to the sea’ another called for Israel to be dismantled. The list goes on and on.

Amnesty International, because of their reputation, take their twisted bias into international forums where they try to influence other decision makers. The UN, UNHRC, ICC – all international players that Amnesty pressure to act against Israel – whilst holding up their biased material as ‘trustworthy evidence’. The damage this does is incalculable.


This is where it becomes insidious. Amnesty International finds a hard-core anti-Israel activist, wraps them up in Amnesty branding and sends them into the field as human rights campaigners. Except they are not human rights workers at all – they are partisan activists given a blank cheque to do or say what they like.

The nation being targeted isn’t fooled at all – and reacts, often restricting their activities where they can. Amnesty then play victim and publicly berate their target for curtailing human rights activists – thus demonising the state even further. This is no joke, we can see them pushing this type of messaging all the time. They will no doubt try to deflect from this report in the same way – even though there is more than enough evidence that there is nothing impartial or professional about Amnesty at all. This is all as disgraceful as it is deceptive.

We need to have this conversation

There is nothing acceptable about any of this. Amnesty are pretending to be something they are not. They clearly have a political rather than humanitarian world vision. They only have energy to act when it suits them and there is a clear racist and antisemitic element to much of their activity.

And it gets worse. If you employ someone who is a partisan activist in a sectarian conflict, and you dress him up as if he is impartial – you are endangering the lives of real human rights activists in the field. It becomes difficult for nations to know who is genuine and who is not.

Then we can ask – what about the forgotten? If Amnesty is spending far too much time on issues that politically tick their discriminatory boxes, what about all the conflicts and victims that do not? Is it fair on persecuted Christians around the world that Amnesty International have virtually forgotten them?

This report calls for Amnesty to open itself up to an immediate external and independent enquiry, to look at its activity, processes, allocation of resources and recruitment policy. JHRW are ‘formally submitting the evidence revealed in this report to Amnesty’s Global Assembly and International Board.‘ They are also ‘assessing referrals to the appropriate regulatory bodies including the Charity Commission and the Equality and Human Rights Commission.’

Although the evidence in the report is all about Amnesty, it is time we had this conversation more generally about this type of human rights NGO. Read the report and be as shocked and sickened as I was discovering it all. And then let us all start doing something about it.



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200 thoughts on “Amnesty International- from bias to obsession – the report

    1. TRUTH is that Amnesty is doing far for more mankind than Collier and ‘the Jewish Community’ have ever done.

      Shame on the smearing, hating Collier that he seeks to turn the public against this praiseworthy organisation which seeks to bring humanity to the world. Collier smears them for pointing out Israel’s lack of decency.

      No doubt he wishes to damage its income. Reprehensible.

      1. er, no it isn’t Mike. Amnesty is serving those it wants to. And it is making that choice based on identity. Where I come from we call that racism.

        1. “.. it is making that choice based on identity. Where I come from we call that racism.”

          The place “I come from” is the UK where ALL citizens are seen as part of the state (but not in Israel), where all students, Jews included, have equal funding on education(but not in Israel).

          I’ll assume that these are things that you are in favour of, David.

          Do you think that Israel should aspire to these aims? Reply carefully now, hence others accuse you of antisemitism, which how you refer to criticism of Israel.

          1. Sharmuta, Do Jews and Christians have Equal Rights with Muslims in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Fascist Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia?

          2. Your looking at this through the same rose tinted spectacles worn by Amnesty. Google United Kingdom of Israel. Google UN partition plan 1947. Israel has done everything possible to avoid war. Do some research instead of throwing ignorant claims about. Somebody does not spend this much time putting together a 200 page report for no reason.

        1. Who were these friends that were silent,

          Who are these ‘friends’ that you have a grudge against?

      2. TRUTH – is something that neither you nor Amnesty are capable of doing. The SHAME belongs to YOU!

        WHERE is your EVIDENCE against David? Go through his Amnesty Report, which I doubt you have even read, & REFUTE each example!

        Your silence will confirm that you are guilty of PROJECTION!
        YOU are guilty of the “SMEAR” against Jews & Israel!

        1. Just refuted (below) something I found at the start of the ‘report’.

          Shall read more later.

          I trust that it’s more believable than his ‘Palestine Live’ attempt.

          1. you silly boy. You cannot refute the conclusion before you have read the evidence. Didn’t you finish school?

            1. So David has his conclusion before assembling his’facts’.

              On which of the 200 pages will I find the ‘proof’, David?

              1. It is called an ‘executive summary’ Mike, you place it at the beginning of the piece of work – before the intro – but it is written at the end – after you write your conclusion

                Which page? That isn’t how evidence works Mike. A case isn’t built by just showing the jury a gun. It isn’t just about the motive or the opportunity. Unfortunately the Jury have to see it all and hear it all – to come up with the notion of ‘proof’.

                  1. I produced the PSC report- they’ve been correctly identified as antisemites and on the back foot ever since. I produced the SPSC report and like with the PSC – their political support fell as everyone realised what an antisemitic bunch they were. The Palestine Live report led to the snowball of Labour’s antisemitism crisis. Pearsons are currently reviewing one of their books because of another report of mine. My report on the Adalah scam – proving the idea of racist laws in Israel is bunkum remains one of my most regualrly downloaded pieces of work. My report on the Suarez antisemitic fiction has left him rightly branded a fraud and left as an outcast. The Labour radicalisation report is now in the hands of the EHRC. And now there is this Amnesty report. I’ve written over a million words and listed 10,000s of checkable references. I have been personally referenced by every major news outlet. As yet, nothing I have ever written has been seriously challenged.

                    You just keep doing what your doing because you are clearly having a major impact on my productivity.

                    1. So, those that seek news fodder jump on anything you write, as the the pro-Tory papers did with J.C. printing untruths.

                      You’re a useful source, not a truthfull one.

                      p.s. has anyone ever challenged the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ story?

                    2. “p.s. has anyone ever challenged the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ story?”

                      Er yeah Mike, they wrote about book about it.

          2. So all your shitty comments are after reading 0 of it. Case closed. Shut the door on your way out. And while you’re out try and do your own research on ‘Palestine ‘.

      3. Mankind? Your kind of “mankind”

        hijacks passenger planes and flies them into buildings,
        bombs London transport
        beheaded Lee Rigby
        massacred the staff at Charlie Hebdo
        bombed Pan Am 103
        bombed the Boston Marathon
        massacred people in Sir Lanka on Easter Sunday
        stabbed people to death on London bridge
        ran people over on London and Westminster bridge
        bombed the Manchester arena
        executes gays in Gaza and Fascist Iran

        The collapse of the Fascist Laboor Party is just the tip of the iceberg.

      4. Mike, you make your primary concerns (anti-Zionism) clear, but consider another angle: Amnesty is not just obsessively anti-Israel (which you clearly approve of), but a toxic organization. All that good?
        And if they’re cruel and abusive to their own people, what good do you think they’re doing around the world?

  1. I read what you wrote … And I’m shocked!
    The paradigm of your studies is “Israël better than every one”, then you can explain why who criticize Israël is antisemit…
    What you should do is help Israël to change its politics because this is the first reason of antisemistism propagation.
    Their is 2 problems for Israël :
    – it’s a democracy so you face critics. Same as France with les gilets jaunes
    – the place is very important for a lot of people in the word so you’re under spotlight

      1. A strange comment from a lobbier who reads criticism of a Jewish/Muslim/Christian state as a criticism of the Jewish personality and sees distastd for racist Zionism as antisemitic.

        1. Your comment makes no sense! It is incomprehensible except for the “insult” which is what antisemites do – they insult Jews.

          Nothing better to do, Michael?

          An example of your sad life! Trolling Jews with your hateful antisemitism.

          Merry Christmas!

          PS Yeshua was a Jews, taught as a Jew & died as a Jew. He lived in JUDEA ie ISRAEL!

          No doubt you would troll him too!

            1. Jew by blood, Christian by soul. He had interest in ALL, Jew or Gentile

              I take it that you haven’t read His words.

          1. It’s Collier that bizzarely maintains criticism of the Jewish/Muslim/Christian is antisemitic.

            Perhaps Judah can explain how.

            Off you go …. make it logical.

  2. The short version. :…….An unwelcome attitude to the State of Israel is anti-Semitic. And were i David I would not be celebrating endorsements from the Uber racist Stephen Pollard. Not a good look especially in the light of all his other iffy associations

    1. Ian 1 – Stephen 0
      Ian did nail the ‘look at David’s besties’ comment, so VAR awards a clear goal.

      1. Yes David I was aware of what Ian was doing there. I figured out a long time ago that one of the most effective ways of preventing someone doing something is to publicly predict what they are going to do. It worked for me on numerous occasions in respect of Arkush. The problem is, it doesn’t ALWAYS work

        1. I’ve predicted that every one of your posts won’t be worth shit. Haven’t been wrong yet and don’t expect I’ll be wrong in the future.

      2. Agent Michael to the rescue though.

        200 pages of forensic research is one thing, but a quick “Collier’s a liar” can really take the shine off.

        And we’ve still got Agent Bruce and his Kaddish for the Zyklon B suppliers that got knocked for payment when Nazi Plc went bust.

  3. I envy those with the ability to read a 200 page report, consider the evidence in it, the conclusions, analyse them and then comment in the short time the report has been available.
    As it is the start of the holiday season, and I have a substantial amount of reading already to catch up on, I will not be able to spend the time reading the report it deserves.

    Maybe, next year.

    In the meantime I will be popping in now and again to see how this is going, “JHRW are ‘formally submitting the evidence revealed in this report to Amnesty’s Global Assembly and International Board.‘ They are also ‘assessing referrals to the appropriate regulatory bodies including the Charity Commission and the Equality and Human Rights Commission.”

    The responses from those bodies should be interesting.

    1. Jackass Gerry, Thanks for keeping everyon informed of your holiday plans.

      Happy Nakba to you and your fellow Fascist Laboorite Corbynistas

      and Happy Chanuka to those who celebrate Jewish Self-Determination.

  4. Speaking of holiday reading. I always get given a book at christmas. Last year I got a hard back edition of The Complete Dialogues of Plato. This year I am getting ” Robert the Allotment Cat and Friends”, kindle edition hard copy available in January. Deffo for the Booker prize.

    Since Israel’s puppet at the CC, Shawcross ,is no longer there they may struggle with a CC complaint. On the other hand since EHRC and JHRW are both as bent as a wad of 9 shekel notes, they may have better luck there.

    1. Really Stephen.
      As I remember it was Mickey Mouse who did most of the talking, Pluto was just a dumb comical dog.
      So I can’t imagine there was a lot of content to a book of “The Complete Dialogues of Pluto.”

  5. “When directed towards Israel, the cumulative obsession can clearly be labelled antisemitic.”

    Mr. ‘Comprehension’ once more displays his complete lack of it…… as flawed as his mapping of antizionism to antisemitism

  6. Memo from the Grand Cyclops to all Agents.

    Good work today. More needed as that bastard Collier has added several hundred more gullible Zios to his following since this morning.

    Agent Bellers(Gerald). Nice touch with the random deflection and the tried and trusted “bent as a 9 shekel note” slogan. More of the same tomorrow please maybe veering off into an argument between your multiple personae and ending with a pretentious dig at that little wanker, Ian.

    Agent Michael. Keep up the simple but effective “Collier’s a liar” routine. Also throw in your “Other holocausts are available” line. It’s starting to stick.

    Agent Bruce. Pull your fucking finger out. These twating Yids aren’t going to bait themselves. No point in having an “as a Jew..” on the books and then leaving him on the bench. Get on the park son.

  7. Re. Amnesty, Collier tweets “You might want to consider stopping your direct debit.”

    Next target Salvation Army?

    You’re a sicko.

    Is that a Zionist soul? …. a Jewish soul? ….. a lack of soul?

  8. Memo from the Grand Cyclops to all Agents – Priority; HIGH

    FFS get in the game lads. He’s getting positive reviews from swots at NGOs now. If this gets in the papers before tea time you can kiss your Christmas bonuses goodbye.

    Agent Bellers (Gerald); More of everything. Dig out any old Beta-Max films of those shouty yids and copy/paste everywhere. More snark about the bent Jews the run the show whose wives you know. Any smart-arsed back chat, just throw in some inverted commas and spelling corrections as Gerald. You know the drill. Oh, and the cat thing…

    Agent Michael. He’s making you look like a prat. “Collier’s a liar” is fine but it’s not enough. We need more personal abuse. Suggest the time honoured “ooh Matron, he’s forgotten his meds” or “It’s NOT A FUCKING JEWISH STATE”. Come on man. Look busy.

    Agent Bruce. Put the pissing Domina down and get in the game. Bait these bastards or you can collect your final paycheck from the post office in Khan Younis and there won’t be many of them joining you for Kaddish there.

    Now, get cracking.

    1. UPDATE from the Grand Cyclops to all agents – 14.27 Palestinian Mean Time. URGENT

      Too late you dozy fuckers. It’s out there

      All hands on deck NOW!! Discredit, deflect and demean. I want “Zio Media control”, I want ” Collier earns a wedge for this”. I want shouty yids, bent yids, wimpy student yids. I want Kaddish for every last fuckin’ dead Gazan. And if I don’t see results before midnight, you dopes are on your own time from now on.

      As Eva, the barmaid down the Raus and Crown would say “What a shower.”

      1. Except Ian i24 news does not count as ” there” anymore than the Dandy or the Beano count as there. I mention this in passing because I couldn’t give a fuck if it was out ” there”

          1. Calm down Bellers and take it up with your handler. I couldn’t give a toss really.

            And as deflections go, Human Leagues “Dont you want me baby” is a but obscure.

  9. Anyway…….wot no antisemitism

    Reasons why voters who voted for Labour in 2017 did not vote for Labour in 2019, via @YouGov, 13-17 December:

    35% ~ Jeremy Corbyn / Leadership
    19% ~ Brexit
    16% ~ Policy / Economic competence
    10% ~ Tactical voting
    5% ~ Didn’t get around to voting
    9% ~ Don’t know
    23% ~ Other

    1. Correction : wot no accusations of antisemitism?

      Most of the actual antisemitism on this series of blogs has been from Mr. Collier himself as he has regularly castigated decent non-Zionist Jews for having the affront to not fall in line with the smearing, dishonest witchhunt campaign directed at JC, a lifelong campaigner against real racism. Collier take note.

        1. Trailer Trash Ted, the voters saw through Trumps LIES and more voted for Senator Clinton, but ended up with Doofus Trump as President.
          No wonder the North Koreans are envious of you, even they couldn’t get away with a stunt like that.

            1. Forgot to give you a Christmas message Muck, as I was spending time with family and friends (BTW, “friends” are people I am unrelated to who like spending time with me, and “family” are people I am related to who like spending time with me; as you most certainly have no one in either category I decided to post those definitions for your education). So here’s my seasonal message to you: you’re the dumbest troll I’ve ever seen and your boy Jezza got his ass kicked in. Jolly good!

  10. Collier tweets “Although #Christians are persecuted throughout the region – those in Israel are different. They have safe haven – and their community continues to grow and thrive.”

    Pity that Israel will never allow them to be a part of the state or to allow them self-determination in the state they live in.

    Israel has a long way to go to catch up with the West on rights and civilisation.

    1. His tweet finished with “I wish all Israeli Christians a very merry Christmas.”

      Nothing for the visiting Palestinian Christians then?



  11. Collier tweets “I thought I was an investigative journalist exposing lies, bias and #antisemitism.
    What I found at Amnesty was inexcusable.

    But according to @amnesty I have a ‘clear agenda’.

    Don’t you just love how Jews are always accused of having ulterior and hidden motives.”

    David imagines that he’s an investigative journalist. Bless.

    David, you’re not ‘Jews’. You’re a Zionist blagger employing lies and smears with very clear motives.

  12. 21 comments from Mike Famer who admits to not reading the report. That’s called trolling and considering it is against someone whose report highlights antisemitism then you are in it up to your neck. So if I may be impolite. Please just fuckoff you antisemitic twat.

  13. Not so. I have read some of the report.

    Thus far it is a compilation of inferences and falslely drawn conclusions.

    I always reply to Collier’s twisting of the world. Several of his pets on here never reference the content of his blogs. There are your ‘trolls’, Derek.

    Collier also wrongly labels criticism of Israel as ‘antisemitism’ which you have slavishly followed.

    An illogical mapping.

    1. “Not so. I have read some of the report.”


      It’s almost cruel………

      1. “PISSED MYSELF”

        Yes KKKay you do that rather a lot.

        It is only to be expected from someone like you a boring, and incontinent, old drunk.

        1. That’s NOTHING.

          Gerry SHAT himself when Corbyn and his Fascist Laboor Party LOST to Boris Johnson and the Tory Party by a WIDE Margin.

            1. Fender do you know the difference between a book review and a report?

              You have linked to a book review. A book by this person.
              “Peter was born in Cape Town and brought up in Rhodesia – now Zimbabwe. He converted to Christ in 1977, worked in Scripture Union and Hospital Christian Fellowship, served in the South African Defense Force and studied at Baptist Theological College, Cape Town. He also earned a Doctorate in Missiology. For more information about his book..”

              Another right-wing, anti Muslim bigot raises his ugly head.
              You should get on well with Trailer Trash Ted and KKKay.
              Do carry on posting, I find you and your ilk amusing.

              1. Gerry, You F’ing Moron,

                The most “right wing” people today are Muslims.

                Muslims who hang gays, push gays off rooftops, stone girls to death over “family honour”, deny the holocaust, fly the swastika, made the arabic translation of socialist SHlTler’s mein kampf a best seller, force girls into sexual slavery to provide more jihadi youth for allah, have dress codes, denounce un-Islamic “degenerate art”.

                The question is WHY do supposed “progressive”, “left-wing” people side with “right wing” Muslims? Why the Red/Green Axis of EVIL?

                1. “The most “right wing” people today are Muslims.”
                  So that is your problem with Muslims Trailer Trash Ted, you tried to convert to Islam but they rejected you.

                  Probably because you ae too much of a right-wing fruit and nutcase for them.

          1. Trailer Trash Ted, still trying to ignore and avoid the fact that Senator Clinton received, in total, more votes than President Doofus but Doofus was elected to the White House.

              1. So Trailer Trash Ted,
                Doofus-62,984,828 46.09%
                Clinton-65,853,514 48.18%

                But, Doofus is elected even though he lost by over 2.5 million votes.

                1. Considering the kind of disgusting things you’d be ready to do and say if Corbum had won the GE, I don’t think you’re in a position to offer any insight or analysis. Of course, considering your 20-IQ level posts, you’ve never let your incompetence stop you before. I do wonder: do you actually have an IQ or 20, or are you just putting on something of an act with your gruesome stupidity? Curious.

    2. Do you think it is right for a MENA media manager for Amnesty to be telling factions in Gaza – like Hamas and Islamic Jihad not to claim their dead, but rather to leave the west to think they are unafiliated innocent civilians?
      Can you not see a problem here?

  14. Memo from the Grand Cyclops to all agents. Priority; Very Urgent
    Time. 7.58am Palestine Mean Time

    Too little too late, you useless planks. That shit Collier has got another thousand followers while you’ve been scratching your bollox, arguing among yourselves and posting Human League tunes; the Human League FFS !!

    Agent Bellers (Gerald) Have you forgotten all your training? You’re a pretend Irishman. What the fuck has Phil Oakey got to do with it? He’s from fuckin’ Sheffield!! We’re paying for a smart arse, now get out there a be one.

    Agent Michael. What the twating hell are you playing at, defending yourself to a rookie poster and having religious arguments with Agent Bellers…, out in the fucking open? This is Activism 101 you dope so stick to the script in the book we gave you and no ad libing.

    Agent Bruce. You’re sacked. Please return your laptop, “Jewish Memorial Prayers for Dummies” handbook and Leila Khaled mouse mat to central stores and make sure the Mistress signs them in. You’re on your own now son.

  15. Like I was saying…..


    you said the Jews don’t fight #antisemitism alone.

    A new report found
    obsesses over Israel and works to harm it. Yet the *ONLY* media outlets to report on this have been *all* the Jewish ones.

    Where are these friends who care?

    Warm regards


  16. When Israeli firing-squads murdered over 100 on their own land over a year ago Hamas claimed 50 as their members.

    Collier spun them as terrorists(terrorism is bad. Right?)

    Hamas were democratically elected to govern Gaa, Hamas member run the infrastructure, the hospitals etc. as Zionists do in Israel.

    Given that Collier and his ilk spin in this manner wouldn’t it be foolish to seek funds for Gaza given this corruption of the truth?

    Israeli officials said soldiers would be permitted under certain rules to fire live ammunition at anyone attempting to damage the border fence, and even against people coming within 300m (985ft) of it – a figure that was reportedly later reduced to 100m. So, Israel gives its squads permission to murder. Foul.

  17. “Agenda” is a word, taken directly from Latin, meaning “things which must be done.” It is often (but not necessarily) used with the negative connotation of “hidden plan.”

    Amnesty got it right.

    1. Here’s one carol that we’ll be singing.
      Happy Christmas all!

      Lyrics: Anonymous

      On the twelfth day of Christmas, Netanyahu sent me:
      Twelve assassinations,
      Eleven homes demolished,
      Ten wells obstructed,
      Nine sniper towers,
      Eight gunships firing,
      Seven checkpoints blocking,
      Six tanks a-rolling,
      Five settlement rings,
      Four falling bombs,
      Three trench guns,
      Two trampled doves,
      and an uprooted olive tree.

      1. You left out Eternal Nakba for Terrorist Jihad.

        Merry Christmas, Happy Chanuka and Happy Nakba to all!

  18. In the language of heaven – Welsh

    Cyfarchion y tymhorau.
    Iechyd a chyfoeth i’m ffrindiau,
    yn Bollocks i bawb arall.

    In English,

    Seasons Greetings.
    Health and wealth to my friends,
    Bollocks to everyone else!

  19. Mike Farmer is one of those people that lives their lived with their eyes shut and their ears covered. The world is far from perfect, but an organisation such as Amnesty MUST be beyond reproach. Faultless. David Collier has spent a great deal of time, effort, and probably money, pointing without doubt, to institutional anti Israel behaviour and targeting by Amnesty. People like Mike Farmer are scared of the truth. That’s the only explanation for someone that refutes such powerful evidence as David has strung together. Their will be evidence of mistakes made by Israel, of course there will. But when those mistakes are placed side by side comparatively with Palestinian Arab behaviour their dwarf in significance. Keep avoiding the evidence and truth Mike. By doing that you aid the people that refer to themselves as Palestinians. But if and when they gain control of serious weapons in the future and they target the West, I hope your offsprings offspring will know how you bent over for the threat.

    1. – 9/11 and now necessity to X-Ray luggage/cargo and scan and interview all passengers
      – 1993 truck bombing of the World Trade Center
      – 1968 assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy
      – 1972 Hijacking of the Summer Olympics and murder of athletes
      – 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103 which crashed on Lockerbie
      – 2005 July 7th London transport massacre
      – beheading of Lee Rigby, journalist Daniel Pearl, James Foley and other victims of ISIS
      – Boston Marathon bombing
      – London and Westminster bridge car ramming attacks
      – Bastille Day truck ramming attack in Nice France
      – massacre at Charlie Hebdo magazine offices in Paris
      – massacre at Bataclan music venue
      – massacre at Manchester music venue
      – massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando
      – massacre at Christmas party in San Bernardino
      – stabbing to death of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh
      – Fascist Irans death threats against writer Salman Rushdie
      – 500,000 dead in Syria (Arabs killing Arabs)
      – 1,000,000 dead in 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war (Muslims killing Muslims)
      – Mumbai India massacre
      – Nairobi Kenya mall massacre
      – Sadaam Husseins poison gassing of the Kurds of Halabja Iraq
      – ISIS beheading videos
      – Hamass executing gays by pushing them off rooftops in Gaza
      – Fascist Iran executing gays by hanging them from construction cranes
      – Coptic Christians being murdered in Egypt
      – murder of tourists in Luxor
      – Manhattan bike path car ramming attack
      – failed sneaker and later underwear suicide bombing of an inflight plane
      – failed SUV bombing of Times Square
      – public threats on placards of 9/11 scale attacks on the UK and Europe
      – Brussels airport bombing
      – bombing of USS Cole
      – Fort Hood Texas massacre
      – foiled attack on Garland Texas conference
      – death threats on creators of South Park cartoon series
      – Brooklyn Bridge shooting
      – Empire State Building Observation Deck shooting
      – Fascist Irans calls for Death to America
      – Taliban shooting girls who want an education
      – Muslim families stoning their daughters to death over “family honour”
      – DC Beltway sniper
      – Boko Haram kidnapping and raping girls in Nigeria
      – ISIS murdering Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai
      – ISIS burning Jordanian pilot to death
      – Taliban destroying two 1,500 year old Buddahs in Bamiyan Afghanistan
      – ISIS destroying antiquities in Palmyra
      – Hezbola and Hamass using children as Human Shields
      – Christmas market shooting in Strasbourg France
      – Armenian Genocide by the Turks
      – 1/15/19 Shabab terrorist attack in Nairobi Kenya
      – 2019 Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka
      – London bridge stabbing (2 dead) and Jihadi died of lead poisoning

      and on and on….

      1. Hanukkah celebrates light overcoming darkness and the ever-present potential for liberation from oppression. It’s a celebration of our people’s victory over tyranny — and by extension, our obligation to fight oppression wherever we see it.

        As we light the Hanukkah candles, let us recite:

        “I light this candle for all the fighters against occupation and oppression (in the spirit of the Maccabees) who are the sons and daughters of the soil.”

        “We reject Zionism because of our Judaism. We refuse to let our spiritual traditions be hijacked by racism, discrimination and violence and by all those Zionists who call themselves Jews.”

        “And inshallah, we will keep campaigning, working and fighting for Palestinian liberation and the eradication of Zionist imperialism wherever it may exist.”

        “We join with our sisters and brothers all over the world to fight for a free Palestine.”

        On the morning of 27 December 2008, the sixth day of Hanukkah, Israel initiated a massive military assault against Gaza with “Operation Cast Lead.” The name of the operation was a reference to a popular Hanukkah song written by the Israeli poet Chaim Nachman Bialik: “My teacher gave a dreidel to me a dreidel of cast lead.”

        When Israel’s military actions ended on 18 January 2009, some 1,400 Palestinians had been killed. Among the dead were hundreds of unarmed civilians, including over 300 children.

        This Hanukkah, we would also do well to shine a light on the larger context of the reality in Gaza. We cannot forget that Israel’s military assault occurred in the midst of a crushing blockade that Israel has imposed upon Gaza since January 2006.

        As a result of this collective punishment:

        – 80% of the Gazan population is dependent on international aid.

        – 61% of the population is food insecure.

        – The unemployment rate is approximately 39%, one of the highest in the world.

        – Power outages usually last 4-6 hours a day and often longer.

        – 60% of the population receives running water only once every 4 or 5 days, for 6-8 hours.

        – 50 to 80 million liters of untreated or partially treated sewage are released into the sea every day.

        – Approximately 90% of water supplied to Gaza residents is not suitable for drinking and is contaminated with salt and nitrates.

        – 78% of homes with major damages from Operation Cast Lead have not been rebuilt.

        Rabbi Brant Rosen, a respected leader in the American Jewish community, wrote in 2010:

        “This Hanukkah, how will we Jews choose to commemorate a legacy such as this? Many of us will invariably retreat behind a veil of defensiveness, claiming Israel’s action was an appropriate, commensurate response to the threat posed by Hamas. Some of us might be troubled, but choose to look away from the hard and painful reality of this bloodshed. Still others may simply allow Gaza to become subsumed by the sheer volume of world crises that seem to call out for our attention.”

        “On Hanukkah, the festival that enshrines the ongoing human struggle for freedom, the season that seeks to shed light on the dark places of our world, it is time for us to stand in solidarity with all who are oppressed.”

        “It is time for us to light a candle for Gaza.”

        During the next eight days, consider lighting a candle to remember all the Palestinian women, men and children whose lives were ruthlessly cut short and destroyed by Zionist oppression, especially in Gaza, and recite either this prayer, or one of your own.

        “Lie us down to peace Hashem and raise us up to life. We pray for peace and a shelter of strength to settle on Palestine and her defenders.”

        “May Hashem’s mighty and righteous sword of justice strike down those who falsely use his name to justify occupation, oppression and apartheid.”

        Let the prayer and the flame of the candles in our hearts mobilize us to act for justice.

        As Mother Jones taught; “Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.”

        1. Yeeeaaawn!!!!

          Was that your punishment from The Domina; 3000 words on “What I did in the holidays ” for not getting your Kaddish for Murderers stories here in time?

          You need another go Haboobi.

        2. Ham Sandwich, Why doesn’t Neteuri Karta live in Gaza and show the World how tolerant HamAss is of “authentic Jews”?

          Is it because they know they would be slaughtered by HamAss jihadis?

          In Honour of Chanuka and Christmas, chant this…

          From the River to the Sea,
          Pal-e-STINE Will NEVER BE!

          1. Hey Islamophobe, some of my Antifa comrades want to have a polite word. Please message me the address of your trailer park.
            Thank you.

    2. “David Collier has spent a great deal of time, effort, and probably money,….”??!?

      He doesn’t SPEND money on doing this.

      He MAKES money from doing this. Every lying blog ends with a ‘send me money’ plea.

      Bit like US evangelists.

  20. Christian Today – Horrific Persecution Of Christians In Pakistan Highlighted In New Amnesty Report
    Charlene Mason – Wed 21 Dec 2016 21:14 GMT

    Pakistan: How the blasphemy laws enable abuse
    21 December 2016, 10:48 UTC

    Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are often used against religious minorities and others who are the target of false accusations, while emboldening vigilantes prepared to threaten or kill the accused, a new Amnesty International report says today.

    “There is overwhelming evidence that Pakistan’s blasphemy laws violate human rights and encourage people to take the law into their own hands. Once a person is accused, they become ensnared in a system that offers them few protections, presumes them guilty, and fails to safeguard them against people willing to use violence,” said Audrey Gaughran, Amnesty International’s Director of Global Issues.

    The report, “As good as dead”: The impact of the blasphemy laws in Pakistan, shows how people accused of blasphemy face a gruelling struggle to establish their innocence. Even if a person is acquitted of the charges against them and released, usually after long delays, they can still face threats to their life.

    Sri Lanka: Halt forced returns of Pakistani religious minorities
    14 June 2019, 12:09 UTC

      1. Our Gabriel’s got form for this; doing book reviews that he later admits he’s never read.

        Cliche activism.

        1. You’re a liar.
          You know I stated I had not read the book *before* writing the comment.
          And my comment was not a review.

          Looks like hasbara trolls really can’t help but lie.

          1. Don’t blame me for your stupidity Gabriel. If you come here to comment on a book and then admit you’ve never read it, you’re obviously going to make yourself look like a bit of a dick aren’t you.

            Are you also the same Gabriel that came here a few years ago and said that when Jews make donations to food banks it didn’t count as charity ?The argument was that they only gave Israeli products and that wasn’t really helping to feed those most in need?

          2. Forgive Ian, he’s low on comprehension. What was a drive to have settlement products bought under the pretence that it was charity to the poor was actually charity to the illegal settlers movement.

            …. or he may be dishonest …. like our host.

            1. Michael, were you also one of the ones that opposed charitable giving to the most vulnerable in society because it was the wrong sort of charity?

              Enjoy your Christian Christmas.

      1. Bellers, that was a clip from The West Wing FFS!!. I’ve told you about this.

        Was it a copy/paste of one of Daves bezzies shouting at someone again?

        1. KKKay still announcing that you have “PISSED MYSELF” ?
          If you call Matron perhaps she can help.

          Must be awful for your family and friends, if you had any, to put up with your incontinence as well as your unpleasant personality.

      2. Gerky Gerry, Your posted video is from 2015. BEFORE Trump was elected, overwhelmingly, by the Electoral College AND BEFORE Johnson was elected, overwhelmingly by the British voters.

        Happy Nakba Gerky Gerry, you dumb PoS!

        BTW, President Trump will get along famously with Prime Minster Johnson – common goals, common interests, common values.

        From Dec, 2015

        1. Trailer Trash Ted his comments about your President Doofus are still correct, whenever they were made.
          Doofus is “clearly out of his mind”, still true
          “stupefyingly ignorant”, still true
          “unfit to hold the office of President”, still true and confirmed by a vote of the House of Representatives to impeach President Doofus.

          Keep clutching at straws Ted.

          1. Dumb Gerry, but Trump is the President of the US.

            Tough Shit Wanker.

            Do you want “biscuits” with your WHINE?


            1. Trailer Trash Ted, yes Doofus was installed as President of the US, in spite of receiving LESS votes than Senator Clinton. Just think of all his fellow tin-pot dictators who are envious of the way Doofus managed to override te wises of the majority who had voted by 2.5 million to elect Senator Clinton.

              Boris Johnson was correct in 2015, is correct in 2019 and will be correct in 2020, unless President Doofus is impeached by the Senate as well as by the democratically elected House of Representatives.

              Even if the Senate, behave like lap-dogs, roll over for their bellies to be tickled and do not support the overwhelming evidence and impeach President Doofus the following will still be true.

              Doofus is “clearly out of his mind”, still true
              “stupefyingly ignorant”, still true
              “unfit to hold the office of President”, still true and confirmed by a vote of the House of Representatives to impeach President Doofus.

              Happy Snack Bar Ted.

        2. “common goals, common interests, common values.”??!?

          Nothing is further from the truth … save Collier’s blogs.

    1. Boris in 2018 expressed “the need for Israel to carry out a transparent, independent inquiry into the loss of more than 120 Palestinian lives during the recent Gaza protests, as well as over 10,000 injuries.”

      Fat chance that Israel would do anything like that.

      1. Boris also expressed concern over the disproportional ferocity of the IDF’s attack on Gaza during its 2014 blitz on the enclave.

          1. Trailer Trash Ted, do you really want Gaza to be liberated by the Red Army as 1945 Berlin was?
            I’m surprised you Ted, of all people, want to see the Red Flag with a hammer and sickle on it, raised over Gaza.

            Be careful what you wish for Ted it just might happen.

            1. Dumb Gerry, 10 Downing St. just missed having the Red Flag with the hammer and sickle, raised over it.

              Gaza and Tehran, for starters, looking like 1945 Berlin would be quite a sight – and a distinct possibility if Fascist Iran or its puppets do something really stupid.

              1. Iran will carry on working towards having the means to deter the US and Israel from threatening it militarily.

                The Mullahs are far smarter than US/Israelis.

                Any war won’t be initiated by Iran. The others are dumb enough.

                1. Mullahs smart? LOL!

                  Your war monger ayatoolas have made enemies of the US, Israel, UK, Kurds, Saudi Arabia and the Native Persian people.

                  The only hope for Persia is a Revolution. A Persian Spring to do to the ayatoolas what they did to the Shah.

                2. Farmer I’ll make a little prediction.
                  2020 will see President Doofus cosying up to Iran.

                  Why? Because his cosying up to North Korea failed to win him the Nobel Peace prize he craves.
                  So in President Doofus’s deranged mind if he cosies up to Iran it might be enough for him to win the Nobel Peace prize.
                  It wont, but, Doofus is desperate for a Nobel Peace prize because President Obama has one, and the envy and jealousy is gnawing away at him.

              2. Trailer Trash Ted are you denying that the Red Army liberated Berlin in 1945, and hoisted the Red Flag with a hammer and sickle on it?

                Or are you, as usual, ignoring the facts and history because you are ignorant or stupid or both?

                1. Eurotrash Gerry,

                  Yes they did. But FIRST your Socialist Scumbag Stalin had a Non-Aggression Pact with National Socialist Scumbag SHlTler (1939-1941)

                  Stalin SWITCHED SIDES in 1941 when his partner SHlTler broke the pact and attacked his erstwhile partner.

                  Read All About It Comrade Eurotrash Gerry.


                  The US and UK bombed the crap out of 1945 Berlin.

                  1. So Trailer Trash Ted, explain why you want the Red Army to liberate Gaza and hoist the Red Flag over it?

                    Seems a strange desire even for an obvious weirdo like you Ted.

                    1. Eurotrash Gerry, explain why you want ISIS to take over Europe and hoist the black ISIS flag over Parliament?

                      Seems a strange desire even for an obvious A-Hole like you Gerry.

                    2. Trailer Trash Ted, so the answer to my question is that you can’t explain why you want Gaza to resemble Berlin in 1945.

                      As I have NEVER expressed a desire for ISIS to take over Europe or hoist any flag over Parliament, the rest of your post is just very silly.

  21. Collier tweets “For decades Jews across the world let go of the word ‘Zionist’. They let others – their enemies–define it for them.”

    David, YOUR weakness when challenged several years ago as to what Zionism was was to reply to me that it was different things to different people. Ready yet to tell us yet what Collier defines it as?


    “As usual, Israel demands rights it neither deserves nor grants. Here it is today, aspiring to obtain enormous amounts of money from Arab states as compensation for the Jews who emigrated thence long ago. However, it [Israel] does not recognize its own role in this displacement, to wit “intimidation [and] encouragement” operations carried out by officials in its intelligence service (the Mossad), in order to force the Jews of the Middle East to depart to their “new state”.

    “Quoting Israeli television [programme] ‘HaHadashot’, American website Bloomberg has reported that the Israeli government seeks to obtain an estimated 250 billion dollars as a compensation for the property which the Jews left behind after they fled Arab and Middle Eastern states and immigrated to Tel Aviv [sic].

    “The report indicated that Israel had hired an international accounting company, [whose name] it won’t disclose, to estimate the damages that the Jews had suffered prior [sic] to the establishment of their state.


    “By this move, Israel pretends to forget that it itself was a reason for the Arab Jews’ displacement from their [native] states to the nascent state [of Israel. This occurred] under the pretense of ‘eradication’ and ‘extermination’ which the founders of the Jewish state had hyperbolicallyy evoked when discussing [the topic].

    “Israeli plans of terrorization:

    “Israel carried out several operations to force the Jews in the Arab states to immigrate to it. One of the most famous was [Operation] ‘Ezra and Nehemia’, which drove Iraq’s Jews to seek asylum by orchestrating bombing attacks targeting Jewish synagogues, [as well as] stores and cafes which Iraqi Jews either owned or frequented.

    “Then it spread rumors throughout [Iraq] in order to incite Jewish panic, eventually forcing one hundred and twenty-three thousand Iraqi Jews to immigrate to Israel in 1951.

    “In Yemen, meanwhile, Mossad agents sowed strife and unrest that ensured the success of the ‘Magic Carpet’ mission, thanks to which the transfer of fifty thousand Yemenite Jews to Israel was carried out throughout 1950.

    “The situation wasn’t very different in Egypt, where rumors that the then president Gamal ‘Abd an-Nasser was an anti-Semite and forced the Jews to emigrate are still widespread. [In truth,] bombing attacks targeting Jewish businesses [in addition to] lurid and intimidating rumors played a role in driving the Jews of Egypt to move out. This culminated with the 1956 tripartite aggression against Egypt [i.e. the Suez crisis].”

    1. Michael. 10 whole paragraphs! Had one of your traditional Christian family holidays and been banished to the shed with just your keyboard?

  23. Collier tweets “Everyone from @bbc, through to the UN or ICC – the public attacks on Israel are shaped by one of two issues.

    They get angry that Jews defend themselves from radical Islamic terrorists.

    They get angry when Jews build houses to live in.

    I think they have a problem with Jews.”

    Yet another dishonest tweet of tripe.

    The civilised law abiding world has a problem with a Jewish cult that, having been foolishly given a place to live among others, now seek to turn it into a racist endeavour by occupying, annexing and legislating ‘racial purity’ into its laws.

    No, David, they don’t have “a problem with Jews”, most of whom live elsewhere in the world. They have a problem with the majority of them that are Israel.

    1. You DUMB Bitch, the MAJORITY of Irish people live OUTSIDE of Ireland.

      What’s your point Sharmuta?

  24. Just coming back to the subject of David’s article here, I have now read it in full. I wonder whether anyone else that has read it, has looked at the content and source materials listed and drawn any conclusion from these about the work of the organisation.

    Imagining that supporters of the organisation hope to see fair and impartial operations, do they think that this is improved or inhibited by the changes over the last 15 years in its recruitment policy regarding its field workers – as referenced in the report?

    Fair warning; this is a proper question so respondents that prefer to lead with the customary activist approach will be talking to themselves.

  25. Collier tweets “The right of Jews to self determination in their historic homeland is a fundamental right, ethical imperative & non-negotiable.”

    Does that mean that the Muslims also in their historic homeland now do not have the right to self-determination as a fundamental right, ethical imperative & non-negotiable but must now become second-class citizens to the recent immigrants from other countries?

      1. Bullshit!

        “1.To make one’s own decisions without outside interference”

        Stephen, I decided to write the word ‘Bullshit’ without any outside interference.
        So your claim that “Nothing and no one self determines.”, is not only wrong it is indeed Bullshit!

        Have you been taking English lessons from Trailer Trash Ted?

          1. Stephen the only problem is that as monarch, absolute or otherwise, you might have to actually do something.
            That might be too great a shock to your system as you are a long standing lazy gob shite.

  26. Sorry, Gerald, seems that in order to make your assessment you have had to refer to a dictionary of sorts …. ‘by necessity’.

    No self determination there.

    1. Farmer, who do you think made the decision that I used the word?
      You? No
      Anyone else? No

      I made the decision.

      As you are, suddenly, an expert on the English language. Perhaps you will be good enough to give the dictionary definition (OED preferably) for the noun ‘self’. Then the dictionary definition (again OED preferably) for the verb ‘determine’.
      Don’t worry about ‘determines’ being the third person of ‘determine’ I don’t want to overtax your brain during the festive season.

        1. Farmer I have heard of
          Aristotle and Logic,
          William of Ockham and Logic, and
          George Boole and Boolean Logic.

          But your brand of Logic is novel.
          Was it something that fell out of one of your Christmas Crackers?

    2. No, no Farmer you are a silly goose.
      It wasn’t ‘by necessity’,
      It was ‘by wiktionary’. Boom, boom.
      (Well, it is the pantomime season.)

  27. David’s report mentions the EIU Democracy Index and the Freedom House Index which is used as an independent means of measuring the level of democracy and freedom in individual countries against a uniform benchmark. The report specifically references the indexes for the 47 countries that made up the UNHCR in 2018 after the US quit.

    Should the supporters of Amnesty International expect the organisation to prioritise and focus its attentions on those countries that receive poorer scores for their freedom and democracy on these indexes rather than those with above average scores?

    (Note the average score amongst UNHCR members was 5.67. So, as an example, Pakistan scored 4.17 whilst Belgium scored 7.78.)

    1. Noted that both the US and Israel are not in the top 20 but are in the ‘flawed democracy’ section.

      Wonder where Israel will list next year, after the passing of Israel’s racist Nation Law which strips nationhood from its non-Jewish citizens.

      1. The question related to the expectations of Amnesty supporters. Are they entitled to expect the organisation to use its resources to campaign against countries that score poorly on independent democracy and freedom indexes rather than those that do not?

        Davids report raises this legitimate point. Will there be a response from the charity or its supporters?

  28. Collier tweets “Showing everyone else how it is done. Turning an anti-racist party into a world leader in spreading #antisemitism. Special member to @uklabour leader @jeremycorbyn for his personal contribution.”

    Witness here true obsession. For years now Collier has fed, clothed and housed his family not by honest work but by lying, smearing and attacking a man whose integrity he will never be able to match.
    Witness also the hatred that festers in his sick mind as he takes others in the ‘Jewish Community’ with him on a campaign to reject all that is decent in the UK as they further a Zionist goal of deception.

    With his campaign against Corbyn the Tory press was only to eager to print Collier’s lies and fake accusations.
    Collier’s brazen, flawed and arrogant attack on one of the world’s most admirable NGOs is now the product of an overinflated ego. No doubt the zionist gutter press Chronicle,News etc will parrot his scribblings, deceivers too.

  29. In Feb 2014 Oxfams Director of Policy, Ben Phillips famously said that his anti-poverty charity wanted to see the closure of the Sodastream factory in Maale Adumim near Jerusalem despite the risk to the livelihoods of over 500 Arab workers and their families. Newsnight presenter clarified that a Director of a publically funded charity that campaigns against poverty was urging actions that could only drive vulnerable people into poverty. Mr. Phillips had trapped himself in a corner and despite being quite savagely mauled by the relentless Paxman, he at least had the bravery to appear on British TV to present his position.

    Given the content of Davids report and the accusation that a charity founded on fairness and impartiality is now conducting itself in a way that is neither, will a director of Amnesty International appear in the media to present the case for the charity?

    1. This will hurt the blacks more than it hurts us. Now where have I heard that one before.

      But anyway the Amnesty response ” Not worth commenting on ” was precisely the right one.

      1. So , do you think that those people who continue to support Amnesty, do so precisely because of whom they target their attentions ?

        1. I cant’t be sure but my best guess would be it is because of all the great work they do. I mean if you were a tortured political prisoner you would be glad of their help would you not ? David would, would he not ? Or would you both prefer to suffer on becauseof of their unwelcome attitude to the God forsaken Stete of Israel ?

          1. Commenting on prioritisation Bellers; same Stephen Bellamy who saw images of swastikas daubed on North London shops today and prioritised a comment about the poster rather than the images.

            As you and Amnesty share a common approach, there’s not much hope for all your political prisoners is there?

  30. Your kind has always played the victim card Davy. What do you hope to accomplish by creating and publicising this libelous fiction against a highly respected human rights organisation and their highly diligent staff? And how much did you receive by Jewish Human Rights Watch to compose this rubbish?

    Do you have a normal job? – or do you live off the money paid to you by agents of the apartheid state?

    1. If you have read the report Bruce, you will have noted that it mentions the EIU Democracy Index and the Freedom House Index which is used as an independent means of measuring the level of democracy and freedom in individual countries against a uniform benchmark. The report specifically references the indexes for the 47 countries that made up the UNHCR in 2018 after the US quit.

      As a supporter of Amnesty International do you expect the organisation to prioritise and focus its attentions on those countries that receive poor scores for their levels of freedom and democracy on these indexes rather than those that do not?

      1. Note none of my questions were answered. Typical ZioNazi tactic.

        Your ilk Ian expects all the crimes committed by the apartheid state to be ignored.

        They may not receive coverage on Zio-controlled media platforms, but there are enough brave people, journalists, bloggers — and organisations — who expose racism, injustice, genocide and human rights abuses for all to witness and act against.

        1. Bruce, attention surely should be focused on those with a less than commendable democracy.

          Both the US and Israel fall into this category in Ian’s EIU index

        2. He completely answered your question, Brutes. You’re just too much of a rabid liar to accept that his accurate conclusions point out what a complete asshole you are.

  31. “A more incidental illustration of the “big prison”, as Gazans see it, was the cancellation of the Palestinian FA cup final because Khadamat Rafah FC was denied – for purported security reasons roundly rejected by the club – Israeli permits for the team to play its second leg in Nablus.”

    …. and David, who awkwardly refers to Israel as ‘the Jewish state’ is mystified as to where antisemitism and loathing of Israel comes from.

  32. “Beyond saving. Can’t self correct if they’re never at fault. Destined to fall off an ethical cliff.”

    Israel to a tee.

  33. A superb study of Amnesty, David, and very troubling to read. I must add that your comment section is now ruined by the incredible hostility of a very few regular trolls, who seem to spend their entire free time here singling out the world’s only Jewish State for special treatment, posting an astonishing amount of aggression.

    1. Ray, do you expect David’s blogs attacking those whose boots he is not fit to kiss not to be criticised?

      He’s a smearer, a propagandist… nothing more.

      Israel is the name of the state that he constantly whitewashes and lobbies for. It’s a Jewish/Muslim/Christian etc. state. If you wish Jews to take the blame for its flouting of the Geneva Conventions, for introducing Nuclear weapons to the region and Israels lurch to racism as it legislates in favour of ‘racial purity’ then so be it.

    2. Ray, the trolls and their approach in these comment sections provide a very useful and visible public record of the way antisemites / antZionists went about their business using social media as a tool at this time. This in itself has some value and it is worth noting that before they amplified their bile, David had a following of around 8k on his social feed. As you will see it is now at 36k so they may have contributed unwittingly to David’s reach. I have often said that they do his work for him. They often get quite cross when this is mentioned.

    1. after an attack of anti-Jewish racism – did you just come to my blog, which has focused on anti-Jewish racism – and blame the attack – on well, me, my family my community? Did you really just blame the vitcims?

      1. “my blog, which has focused on anti-Jewish racism”?!?


        Your blog has focused on false accusations of AS against the Labour Party and its leader in order to keep in power a UK gov. that will continue to appease Israel’s racism and brutality … plus, it pays you well.

  34. Oh come now. Your blog has more to do with defending oppression and apartheid than focusing on anti-Jewish racism.
    You and your kind certainly helped to encourage actions like this by your constant attacks and lies against Corbyn. Did I not predict this would happen?
    Those who support the racist, apartheid state — and the Israeli government — have always cozied up to antisemites.

    1. David, in terms of posters like Bruce who, let’s be honest may or may not exist, you need to check out the TV show “Kimmie Schmidt.” In one episode and for reasons beyond explanation we learn that she spent years as a captive, locked in a basement where she was required to turn a big crank fixed to a wall for hours on end. She had been told that this was vital and essential as part of something bigger beyond the wall. When she finally got out and looked at the other side of the wall there was nothing there at all.

      Bruce, Michael and all are our Kimmies and their posts are the cranks. When that’s all you have, you just keep cranking. Simple really.

    2. SHlTler-head,

      It’s True. The Joooz control the World.


      Happy Eternal Nakba, LOOOZER!

      P.S. For 2020, expect MORE NAKBA.

    3. Collier cares nought for the UK’s non-Zionist Jews ….. Israel is his love-interest.

      Plain as day.

  35. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was revealed that ZIOS vandalized the high street to play the victim card yet again and generate sympathy.
    Wouldn’t even surprise me if the Israeli Embassy masterminded it.

    1. Well, ‘The Lobby'(youtube 1/4) showed how the Israeli Embassy works to undermine the UK’s democracy. … AND remember Mossad’s role in having Jews leave Arab countries in the 40s with help from the Zionists.

      Collier dishonestly touts that they were ‘cleansed’. Israel conspired to have them leave.

      You’ll never learn the truth from Collier’s poison-pen.

        1. Always useful (snicker) to have Gilad Atzmon’s perspective on things. That being said, would Muck and Brutes be so kind as to fellate each other somewhere else?

  36. Good thread this David.

    You’re onto something when pups like Bruce and Michael have to crank up their hysteria levels to extreme and Bellers needs the full bucket of shithousery to do the activism.

    Nice work.

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