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The colourful Twitter history of Palestine

Social media sites such as Twitter portray a wonderful history of a state called Palestine – but first let us quickly remember the truth.

The historical facts:

For the Islamic world, the area of 19th century Southern Syria was a sparsely populated forgotten backwater with rival clans and nomadic tribes presenting a hazardous obstacle for every trip. The weakening of the occupying power (the Ottoman Empire) and growing global trade – resurrected European interest. It was Christian travellers recognising this area as their ‘Holy Land’ that put an anglicised version of the name given to it by occupying Roman forces – ‘Palestine’ – firmly back on the map.

European Christian and Zionist investment increased opportunity, and immigrants (mostly Muslims from the collapsing Ottoman Empire) began to flood into the forgotten backwater. This time period culminated in ‘Palestine’ being used as the name for the British Mandate, awarded to Britain by the League of Nations to resurrect the Jewish homeland.

‘Palestine’ was never anything but a name of European imperial colonial conquest (Greek, Roman, Crusader and then British). Even the root derives from the ‘Philistines’ – European Invaders from the Aegean. This is why when Arabs bringing Islam had invaded and colonised the area they didn’t adopt it, and even local usage soon fell out of favour. ‘Palestine’ was not native to the land and had no meaning at all to Muslims. It remained just Christian terminology for the Holy Land – the Jewish ‘Land of Israel’.

The anti-Zionist problem

This may all sound cold and heartless on the notion of a ‘Palestinian identity’ but it remains the historical truth.

None of this helps the anti-Israel crowd that is desperate to argue that Jews came and took over a prosperous land full of indigenous Palestinian people who had lived there as a nation for millennia. As Zionism rose – Muslim interest in the area simply rose to oppose it. They had no interest until the Jews sought to reclaim the land. The Christian world divided – with supersessionists seeing the rebirth of Israel as a direct threat to their own theology – while most Christians saw natural support for Zionism in their bibles. What had been a forgotten backwater was suddenly the most important thing in everyone’s heart.

Even the precious Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa (‘Haram al-Sharif’) built on the Jewish Temple Mount had been left to waste away. Don’t take it from me. This is from the Jordanian Royal website which explains that it was the Zionist ‘threat’ that made them wake up  – and led to the 1922 restoration of these holy sites that turned them from decaying relics into the iconic images we all know so well today:

But the anti-Jewish movement still needed a banner to gather around and in time, Arab – Soviet anti-Zionist mythology created the ‘Palestinian’ in order to do battle with Israel. They then set about rewriting history, both by belittling Jewish ties to the Land of Israel and embedding a narrative of the indigenous Palestinian hero/victim.

The Twitter history of the Palestinians

When your truth is rooted in historicity, the rest is easy. You have nothing to fear, and your role is to educate those around you. With the anti-Zionists- the opposite is true. Education is the enemy – and so they rely on distortions, outliers, misinformation, fake news, and ignorance to help spread their ‘word’. The result is that an army of anti-Israel activists base their ‘truth’ on a mountain of nothing but lies.

This is easily shown by turning to social media. Here are some examples of how ignorant anti-Zionist history is. As each of these examples have been used 1000s of times (with many of them receiving millions of views) I thought I would present them here – along with the truth behind the image:

Palestine Airways

These tweets hold up the ‘Palestine Airways’ plane as evidence of Palestinian life ‘before the Zionists arrived’:

Palestine Airways - twitter history

That plane actually has ‘the Land of Israel airlines’ written across it in Hebrew. Palestine Airways was a company founded by a Zionist Jew Pinhas Rutenberg, and in conjunction with both the Histadrut and the Jewish Agency in the British Mandate of Palestine. It was a ‘Jewish aviation company’ that had trouble maintaining its service due to Arab violence against Jews.

Qalandia / Jerusalem / Atarot airport.

This one is sinister. These tweets reference Zionist ‘theft’ and the ‘Nakba’ using an image of the Palestinian airport near Jerusalem:

In 1924 a military airstrip was built by the British Government on land owned by the local Jewish settlement ‘Atarot’, displacing part of the Jewish settlement in the process. In 1931 the British expropriated additional land from Atarot to expand the airport – demolishing homes and agricultural fields in the process. On top of this ‘Jewish’ land – the British built their airport. In 1948 the Jordanian Army looted and burned down the rest of the village – ethnically cleansing the residents. Only the Jews have been victims of war crimes and ‘theft’ here. Perversely this land is now considered ‘occupied Palestinian territory’.

Tourism and visiting Palestine

Sometimes, the appropriation of  the Jewish story in ‘Palestine’ (the Arabs wanted little to do with it) by anti-Zionists brings about side-splitting moments. The ‘visit Palestine’ tourism posters provide such an opportunity. In the tweet on the left is a screenshot from a PRESSTV (Iranian mouthpiece) interview with Shahd Abusalama – a key figure in the UKs anti-Israel activist circle.  Abusalama actually has the poster on her wall.

The image in the post was created in 1936 by a Jew named Franz Krausz and published by a Zionist Development Agency. Krausz, who fled Europe during Hitler’s rise, designed a variety of posters for Zionist groups encouraging Jewish tourism and immigration to the Land of Israel.

The British mandate government

The League of Nations Mandate to recreate the Jewish homeland was awarded to Great Britain who set about putting in place the trappings of government – and in 1927 the British decided to create a currency for the area.. This all provides material for people who set out to deceive. Probably the most well-known of these examples is the image of the coin with Palestine written on it. Displayed as proof that ‘Palestine existed’ – these images have been shared millions of times across social media platforms:

coins palestine - twitter history

The coin has ‘Palestina’ written in Hebrew, and more importantly contains in brackets the Hebrew letters ‘Aleph’ and ‘Yud’ – the abbreviation of ‘Eretz Yisrael’ (the Land of Israel) and part of the mandate’s official title when written in Hebrew.

The British also issued postage stamps:

The anti-Zionist lies do not come out of thin air. These lies are what these people are taught. In Palestinian schools, textbooks were found in which the Hebrew had been digitally removed from images of the stamps. What makes it even worse is that these were used inside UN schools funded by the west:

One of the funniest of these examples is this one. They even went for the manholes:

Manhole Cover - Zionist - Twitter history lesson

In the image, which reads ‘Government of Palestine P.W.D Haifa District’ are two giveaways. The first is the Hebrew writing in the top right which spells out ‘Kremener’. The second is the logo underneath.. Alexander Kremener was a German Jew who had fled Hitler in 1933. These were made by a company owned and run by Zionist Jews.

British documents

Some even try to use an image of official British documents to prove that ‘Palestine’ existed. These literally have the words ‘British’ plastered throughout. First there is this British Passport:

And then the British driving  licence:

The Palestine Football team

Another much used (and funny) example is the idea that the imaginary state of Palestine had a football team:

The team sent to Australia in 1939 was the Maccabi Tel Aviv side – with a few players taken from other local Jewish teams to legitimise the use of ‘Palestine’:

This from the Daily Telegraph, 3 June 1939:

The emblems of the modern identity

Far too many just do not understand the history. 4400+ retweets and half a million views just for posting an image of this flag with the words ‘Palestine will be free’:

The history of this flag only goes back 59 years. It was adopted by the Palestine Liberation Organisation in 1964 as a symbol for the liberation of Palestine at a time when all of Judea, Samaria (the West Bank of the River Jordan) and Gaza was in Arab hands. Which means this 1964 flag was born as a symbol for the total destruction of Israel.

The absence of real history does lead to absurdity. In 2021 the Palestinians ‘lowered‘ the flag as an act of mourning for the Balfour Declaration – that took place 47 years before the flag had even been invented.

Twitter history – ‘Free Palestine’

And finally, there is the outline of the ‘state’ itself. With half a million views and almost 5000 retweets, this one sure is popular. It is a map of the ‘Palestine’ that anti-Israel activists want to be ‘free’:

Twitter history - map of Palestine

This map did not exist until the 20th century when colonial powers drew it. It is a map created to facilitate the rebirth of the ancient Jewish homeland. The only thing that differentiates an Arab in Akko from an Arab in Southern Lebanon, or Syria or Jordan, is a colonial pen.

When the Muslims last had control (this from 1899) this is what the map looked like – with the entire area split into Ottoman administrative areas:

Twitter lesson map

It was the colonial powers that drew the new lines. Adding space (the deserts) south of their Holy Land in order to give the Jewish homeland some ‘depth’. In the end the British chopped it up anyway – and gave away some of the Holy Land to create Trans-Jordan (now Jordan).

When they hold up the ‘free Palestine’ map they are worshipping a colonial construct.

There is nothing authentic about their argument at all.

Support the truth

These are dark days and antisemitism is on the rise. Fake news about Israel and Jews is everywhere and there is an industry churning out material 24/7 – all to demonise the World’s only Jewish state.

You CAN HELP me to fight the lies – and push back against rising antisemitism.

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59 thoughts on “The colourful Twitter history of Palestine

  1. These fantasies lay bare the true motivations of the anti-Israel voices. They have no interest whatsoever in Arabs and have less skin in the game than the off-cuts from an average brit mila.

    Supporting the Palestinian Cause is simply saying ” I’ve found a stick to beat the Jew over the head and I’m going to use it…….virtually, of course.” Wimps !

  2. I find, in my opinion, that so much of the anti-Israel and anti-Zionist movement seems to have stemmed from the Cold War propaganda of the Soviet Union and its willing ‘useful idiots’ in the western intelligentsia and academia
    It would also have drawn on the KGB’s predecessors in the Tsars secret police, who have been accused of creating the virulently Antisemitic ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’

  3. Police Agree Arab Illegal Immigrants Match Jews Fifty to One], ”The Canadian Jewish Chronicle”, Oct 19, 1945

    “JERUSALEM (JPS-Palcor) — Assistant Superintendent of Police, Matthews, a Briton, confirmed charges by Jews that every Jew crossing the Syrian-Lebanese frontiers into Palestine, fifty Arabs have entered the country without permission.

    Mr. Matthews confirmed the Jewish charges at a conference attended by him, of Jordan Valley settlers and Assistant District Commissioner J. F. Cornes at Safad. The settlers pointed out that the Trans-Jordan Frontier Force, comprised mainly of Arabs, made no effort to halt the engaging in provocative acts against Jews crossing the frontier and Jewish settlers in Galilee.”


    Sheree Roth, Were the Arabs Indigenous to Mandatory Palestine?, ‘Middle East Quarterly, Fall 2016.
    “…most of today’s Arabic-speakers do not trace their roots back for centuries…Arabs Attracted to Jewish Settled Areas.”


    RESEARCH: “Palestinians” = Arab immigrants’ children / Desolate land pre increased Jewish return FR, 2.9.11.


    “Reuters Parrots Palestinian Historical Revisionism in Archaeology Report,” by Chaim Lax, HonestReporting, July 25, 2023

    the fly in the ointment for both Al-A’utul and Abu Reida’s claims is that these tombs predate the Palestinians and are entirely unrelated to Gaza’s current inhabitants.

    According to a 2014 historical survey in Haaretz, the Gaza of Roman times was inhabited by a diverse population of Jews, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Persians and Bedouin.

    Notice who’s missing?

    The Palestinians didn’t reside in Roman Gaza because there weren’t any Palestinians yet.

    The Palestinians claim to trace their heritage back to the Muslim Arab conquest of the region in 637 C.E., hundreds of years after these ancient tombs would have been sealed.

    By ludicrously alleging that these tombs are evidence for 2000 years of Palestinian history and that they also serve as a refutation of long-standing Jewish ties to the region, Al-A’utul and Abu Reida are not only distorting history in the service of modern-day politics but are also calling into question the integrity of any academic archaeological work that is conducted in the Hamas-administered coastal enclave.

  4. The Jordanian royal website you referenced also contains this bald-faced lie: “Salah Eddin’s minbar, in al-Aqsa Mosque suffered great damage when it was set on fire on August 21, 1969, by an Australian Jew, Dennis Rohan.” Rohan was an Australian Christian, not a Jew. He was tried for attempted arson in an Israeli court and found to be insane.

  5. Palestine. (1946). United States: American Zionist Council.., p. 71.

    The Palestine press reports a constant influx of illegal Arab immigrants from neighboring lands.
    ” Zionist menace ” notwithstanding , Palestine’s higher wage level and general development attract citizens of the large and decidedly underpopulated Arab states. It is significant that King Abdullah of Transjordan is reported by a Palestine Arab paper to have issued an order permitting free immigration of Arabs, particularly Bedouin tribes, with a view to overcoming the present sparsity of population.
    Palestine apparently has no need to issue orders permitting free Arab immigration.


    Representative American Speeches, 1941-1942. (1952). United States: H.W. Wilson, p. 138.

    Approximately 100,000 illegal Arab immigrants to Palestine also fled, but were not accepted by their countries of origin and have now joined the ranks of the bona fide refugees..


    Bangor Daily News, Apr 28, 1978, 14.

    Another Viewpoint. By Dr. G. Kenneth.
    “Arab Argument.”

    One of the key Arab arguments today against Israel is their claim that the West had “given” the Jews Palestine, a so-called Arab country, by supporting the UN resolution of November 1947 to divide the country in two.
    This was done, they say, as a sop for their consciences over the slaughter of 6 million Jews in Europe by the Nazis, but was unfair to the Arabs, who had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

    I believe the Palestinian Arabs are more culpable in the extermination of the Jews of Europe than is generally known, and that furthermore to their complicity in this crime, they inherited it as well.

    (1) In 1939, in the wake of the Munich sell-out of Czechoslovakia, the British, reneging on their solemn commitment under the League of Nations mandate for Palestine to encourage the Jewish National Home in Palestine, published a “White Paper” sharply restricting future Jewish immigration into Palestine.
    This was meant to appease the Arabs of Palestine, the great majority of whom were themselves immigrants or sons and grandsons of immigrants who came to partake of the newly-engendered prosperity the Jews had brought that benighted land.

    While the gates were kept shut in the faces of the Jews desperately trying to save themselves from Nazi barbarism, the Palestinian Arabs’ recognized leader, Haj Amin el Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, was doing his part.

    He spent World War II in Nazi Germany, propagandizing, raising bosnian SS divisions, and hob-nobbing.. And what did he demand, and get? That Germany “do all that is necessary to prohibit the emigration of Jews to Palestine” (letter to Heinrich Himmler). There is evidence that he even visited Auschwitz, to enjoy the sights. At the same time, innumerable non- Palestinian Arabs immigrated without hindrance to Palestine to work at the docks, oil refinery, etc. I suppose that many of them are today “Palestinian refugees.” If only a small percentage of those doomed European Jews had found succor in Palestine, they would have become a majority, as the League of Nations Mandate had envisaged.

    (2) Murderous pogroms against helpless Jews were carried out during World War II in such Arab countries as Libya and Iraq. We can well ask just how it was to be a Jew in an Arab land, when we realize that more Jews from Arab lands fled to fledgling Israel than came from Europe, and. that they were more numerous than the Palestinian Arab refugees of 1948 (whose brethren consistently refused to help them financially).

    (3) Many Arabs actively supported the Nazi effort in the Middle East. A pro-Nazi coup was foiled in Iraq in 1941, and Sadat of Egypt was imprisoned as a Nazi collaborator. An extremely high percentage of Palestinian Jews joined the British army.
    An extremely high percentage of Palestinian Jews joined the British Army. The ironic rewards: today there are a score of independent Arab nations, with over 5 million square miles, whereas the Jews have had to fight alone for 30 continuous years to hold on to its tiny land.

    (4) The West did not give the Jews Israel. When the Arabs rejected the UN partition resolution, the Jews literally had to fight for physical survival no less than to keep their new country alive. 
    The titular head of the Arab world at the time, Azzam Posha, Secretary-General of the Arab League, told the press, “This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongol massacres”;  and this, less than three years after the crematoria of Auschwitz had stopped belching their horrid smoke!


    Medoff, R. (1997). Zionism and the Arabs: an American Jewish dilemma, 1898-1948. United Kingdom: Bloomsbury Academic, p. 43.

    American Zionists were correct that Jewish development of Palestine was benefitting Arabs as well as Jews ; the large influx of illegal Arab immigrants was proof of that.


    Brog, D. (2017). Reclaiming Israel’s History: Roots, Rights, and the Struggle for Peace. United States: Regnery Publishing.
    Ch. 3. ‘The Jews Come Home.

    ‘Arab Population Growth’

    … During the period of the mandate, the country had absorbed an estimated 100,000 legal and illegal Arab immigrants and their offspring..


    Edelheit, A. J. (2019). The Yishuv In The Shadow Of The Holocaust: Zionist Politics And Rescue Aliya, 1933-1939. United States: Taylor & Francis, p. 139.

    Indeed, Shertok argued that the British had created an artificial labor shortage in Palestine that could be solved only by employing Arab labor.” In turn, the higher standard of living that Palestine’s Arab population enjoyed attracted large numbers of illegal Arab immigrants.


    Shield of David: The Story of Israel’s Armed Forces. (2019). (n.p.): Plunkett Lake Press.
    Ch. 3, ‘Haganah Takes Root’

    … The trouble was certainly due, in part, to the hundreds of ‘illegal’ Arab immigrants who had poured into Palestine in 1935..


    Harrison, B. (2020). Blaming the Jews: Politics and Delusion. United States : Indiana University Press, p. 176.

    Even so, Bachi, using official records, reports that the Palestinian police actually discovered and expelled nine hundred illegal Arab immigrants per year during the years 1931–45.


    Lissak, R. S. (2021). When and How the Arabs and Muslims Immigrated to the Land of Israel—Period of British Rule, 1918–1948: Volume Two. United Kingdom: Xlibris US.

    The Palestinian National Movement and its Palestine Authority aim to rewrite the history of the Land of Israel. They have developed several agendas about the history of the country. One agenda claims that they are the ancient population of the country they call Falstin (Palestine). The other claims said they settled in the country in 640; they have a history of 1,381 years…
    But the historical facts tell a different story. This book is the second volume of When and How the Arabs and Muslims Immigrated to the Land of Israel. The first volume deals with 640–1914 and brings evidence that most Palestinians are descendants of immigrants who came to the country from Arab and Muslim countries in small numbers during a slow process over hundreds of years; and between the end of the nineteenth century and First World War, their number grew by immigrant workers.
    This volume brings evidence that under the British Mandate rule (1918–1948), waves of Arab/Muslim immigrant workers entered the country illegally because of the British policy to ignore illegal immigration. The British mandate government actually ordered the Transjordan army responsible for controlling the borders to ignore illegal immigration.
    Also, the British Army brought Arab workers from Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon to build and work in their camps. The economic and employment opportunities created by the Zionist Movement, Jewish investors and immigrants, Christian organizations, and the British Mandate in the Land of Israel drew an increasing number of Arab immigrant workers. These opportunities were much better than those they had in their home countries.


    (New Arab immigrants:

    Dangers of a Palestinian State. (2002). Israel: Gefen Publishing House, p. 133.

    Already wide evidence exists of tens of thousands of illegal Arab immigrants into the country , who are aided and sheltered by the Arab citizens of Israel. Therefore, any solution of the Palestinian problem …

  6. Shabbat Shalom everybody !

    I just got back from Shul where we all prayed for the swift coming of Moschiach and the rebuilding of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem in accordance with the Messianic prophecies

    We also pray for this every day whilst putting on Tefillin

    And may the redeemer come unto Zion and let us all say



    (Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb)


  7. Rob Rinder and JC Editor to discuss new concept of ‘Israelophobia’ at JW3 event

    Jake Wallis Simons introduces the term and defines it in his new book, ‘Israelophobia: The Newest Version of the Oldest Hatred and What To Do About It’

    By Katie Grant, August 03, 2023'israelophobia'-at-jw3-event-3Cxfqqn5GStmekL0uPLUak


    Israelophobia – (The new Anti Semitisn).
    Apr 3, 2022.

  8. Not now Victoria. I’m watching that great, award-winning Iranian film, “Saturday’s Hunter’s” about two Jewish chaps who kill unarmed Arabs for their land and also in the belief that killing them will grant them special powers.

    If this film was screened in any British cinema, or on the BBC, the ugly Zionist octopus will emerge from the sewer and its Zio tentacles come into play.

    Regardless, great film!

  9. Britain’s home secretary Suella Braverman says Iran’s Revolutionary Guard poses the a serious risk to UK’s national security amid fresh evidence of its reach.

    As pressure is growing on the British government to proscribe the IRGC, Home Secretary Braverman fears that the outfit is stepping up its activities, attempting to recruit members of organized crime gangs to target opponents of the regime.

    The Sunday Times quoted a source close to the home secretary as saying that “The Iranian threat is the one that worries us the most.”

    “It’s a big issue because they are getting much more aggressive, and their appetite is increasing. They are very defensive to anyone challenging their regime and just want to stamp it out,” the source said, underlining that “They are increasing their agitation.”

    In February, Security Minister Tom Tugendhat told Parliament that the Iranian regime was behind 15 credible threats to kill or kidnap British citizens or people based in the UK in just over a year.

    However, last month, the government again rejected calls to proscribe the IRGC as a terrorist group in favor of expanding the criteria by which its supporters and affiliated companies can be put under sanctions. The UK Foreign Office seems worried that designating the IRGC as a terrorist group could permanently harm diplomatic relations.

    The new sanctions regime would allow ministers for the first time to sanction Iranian officials and individuals for their activities both Iran and in the UK, where they seem to have increased their sway.

    The Home Secretary’s warning came just after Iran’s IRGC commanders were revealed to be spreading extremist antisemitic propaganda in UK universities via a London student organization. The Sunday Times disclosed earlier in the week details of the close relationship between the Islamic Republic and the Islamic Students Association located in a former Methodist church in west London.

    The association was set up to promote the religious and political philosophy of Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder and first Supreme Leader of the regime who ruled until his death in 1989.

    The center hosts discussions with Iranian government officials and hardline clerics at Kanoon Towhid, an old church in Hammersmith that carries a portrait of Khomeini at its altar, as well as the Islamic Republic’s flag.

    According to an investigation by the Jewish Chronicle, since early 2020, at least eight IRGC leaders addressed British student audiences, trying to radicalize them. The speakers, some of whom are sanctioned by Britain for human rights abuses, have been involved in suppressing dissent within Iran.

    Recordings obtained by media outlets exposed statements from commanders like Saeed Ghasemi, who claimed the Holocaust was “fake” and advocated for violence against Jews in “an apocalyptic war.”

    Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


  10. The Israeli military, which brands itself as “the most moral army in the world,” documents the demolition of the Karousha family home in Askar Refugee Camp, Nablus.

    Israel’s home demolitions are a form of collective punishment outlawed by Article 33 of the Geneva Convention.

    1. Always keen to point out that our comedy cleric above once told us that his life’s work was the complete dismantling of the apparatus of Zionism and the elimination of The Jewish State. His main tools are writing things on the internet and using silly names.

      The ambition may be a little misguided but you have to admire the commitment.

  11. First Intifadah and Arab-Fascist attempt to poison waters (Sep 1936):

    Arielli, N. (2010). Fascist Italy and the Middle East, 1933–40. United Kingdom: Palgrave Macmillan UK, p. 121.

    The search for Libyan saboteurs and indirect military assistance 

    In his initial meeting with th Italians, on Sept 9 1936, Musa Alami asked for not only money and arms but also for assistance in the form of technical advisors.
    These would help to carry out more efficient attacks on the pipeline from Iraq to Haifa and would arrange for the water supply of Tel Aviv to be “contaminated”.
    On 26 September, Ciano told Alami that Italy would be willing to provide the necessary ‘material’.
    The request for men would have to wait for a later date once the possibility of instructing Libyan non commissioned officers to carry out these tasks had been examined. Mussolini personally approved this response.

  12. While I am a peaceful person, I can understand why people want to kill Israeli Zionists with their bare hands every time the media reports the many cruel and unwarranted atrocities committed against Palestinians by the IOF.

    Over to you David.

  13. Isn’t it amazing that Israel, which was originally set up as a safe haven for Jooos, turned out to be one of the least safest places in the world for the evil Zionist occupiers.

    Over to you David.

    1. The IDF and IAF prove you to be a blithering idiot.

      Happy Eternal Nakba to Fascist Pal-e-SWINE! 🙂


    Glad to see that the proper comparison is again being noted in Israel’s own paper which would be very difficult to headline in a western paper. Some of the things I would correct is that the IDF is not “BECOMING” a party to war crimes but IS a party to war crimes, and always has been. It is not “rotting from the inside” but has always bern rotten from the inside and outside. It’s also not only the West Bank that should invoke Nazi Germany, but within Israel itself where no democracy has ever existed since 1948.

    Former Northern Command commander Amiram Levin says West Bank reality is ‘total apartheid,’ resulting in the IDF ‘rotting from the inside’

    The Israeli army is becoming a party to war crimes in the West Bank in processes that resemble Nazi Germany, a former top Israel Defense Forces general said on Sunday.

    Speaking to Israel’s public broadcasting station Kan, Amiram Levin, former head of the Israeli army’s Northern Command, said that “there hasn’t been a democracy there in 57 years, there is total apartheid.” According to Levin, “the IDF, which is forced to exert sovereignty there, is rotting from the inside. It’s standing by, looking at the settler rioters and is beginning to be a partner to war crimes. These are deep processes.”

    When asked to elaborate on the specific “processes,” Levin invoked Nazi Germany. “It’s hard for us to say it, but it’s the truth. Walk around Hebron, look at the streets. Streets where Arabs are no longer allowed to go on, only Jews. That’s exactly what happened there, in that dark country.”

    Levin’s comments come a day after a fiery speech he made at the weekly pro-democracy demonstration in Tel Aviv, in which he called on defense leaders to stand up to Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, who “are trying to drag you into war crimes.”

    If the terrible moment comes when you will be required to decide between the court and a government of criminals – Choose democracy! We will all stand behind you, fearlessly and unreservedly,” said Levin.
    Levin’s Sunday comments echo a stark warning issued in 2006 by then-IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Yair Golan. In a now-famous speech, Golan – who was speaking at a Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony – likened recent developments in Israeli society to processes that unfolded in Europe before the Holocaust. Golan went on to become a lawmaker from the left-wing Meretz party.

    Over to you David.

    1. It always gives me great pleasure to point out that our comedy cleric above once told us that his life’s work was the complete dismantling of the apparatus of Zionism and the elimination of the Jewish State. His main tools are writing things on the internet, using silly names and poking a few diaspora jews.

      In the case of this old booby it looks like life really does mean life.

  15. Happy Eternal Nakba to Jihadist, Terrorist, Genocidal, Racist, Homophobic



    From the River to the Sea,
    Pal-e-SWINE Will Never Be!


    1. It’s just a matter of time my dear Edward.

      The birthrate of our Palestinian sisters and brothers far outnumber that of you Zionist turds who are also emmigrating from “The Jewish State” in record numbers.

      It’s just a matter of time my dear boy.

      Now kindly put that up your chimney.

      Over to you David.

      1. Sorry Joey lad

        The Jewish birth rate in Israel is higher than all the other religious groups and is rising not falling

        Best stick with your plan B and just keep typing bollocks on the internet

        It won’t actually achieve anything but at least it’s amusing for us


        Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


          1. You can humiliate a racist vermin scumbag on a daily basis but that won’t stop him talking bollocks


            Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


        1. Palestinians won’t reclaim their land not with missiles, bombs, guns, knives, Zionist blood and boycotts, but with the wombs of their women, Inshallah.

          1. Current numbers of the 2 largest religious groups in Israel

            Jews – 7.15m

            Muslims – 1.7m

            And this gap is growing not shrinking


            Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


              1. Maths not your strong point huh Joey lad ?

                As well as intelligence ?


                Ah well never mind

                Ju-Dumb by name and by nature


                1. Interactions with individuals like your disgusting and obscene self Ken help explain the existence of anti-Semitism.

                  Over to you David.

                  1. Your every utterance and the limited mental capacity and intelligence you (and your ilk) display explains perfectly why there will never be an independent Palestinian state


                    Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


                    1. Remember this Ken Dobkin:

                      NOTHING LASTS FOREVER!

                      Sooner or later, apartheid Israel will go the way of apartheid South Africa.
                      Always remember that nothing lasts forever.

                      Over to you David.

                  2. Apartheid?

                    That’s funny Joey lad


                    You do make us laugh on here




                    As always


  16. I think I’m gonna stop using the term “Comedy Cleric”. It seems inappropriate for a silly dog endlessly going round in circles, chasing a picture of some jews that is tied to it’s tail. What should I call him?

    Rover to you David.

  17. Getting back to the gist of this blog; it fails to answer the question whether “X” (formerly Twitter) is anti-Semitic or not.

    Over to you David.

  18. Isn’t it interesting (and also funny) how it’s only sh1thole countries that choose to boycott “apartheid” Israel ??


    Always cracks me up that one does


    Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


  19. With Autumn just round the corner our hapless house troll will be cleaning off his decorator’s table and old stack of pamphlets for another round of Saturday afternoons with the old dears up the High Street croaking on about the dismantling of the apparatus of Zionism and the eradication of the Jewish State (his life’s work, you know.) With a cold snap forecast, I hope he’s well wrapped up against the chill.

    Pullover to you David.

  20. Gabriel

    The Palestinians claim they have a history that goes back to forever and they claim both that the Jews have no history and no connection to the land of Israel. Very rough and ready description, but that is why an issue like how long the flag and insignia have been relevant to the parties is important

    1. ‘The Palestinians claim the Jews have no history.’ What’s you source, Richard?

      From what I understand, you are unashamedly a Zionist, so your comments will almost certainly be slanted in favour of the racist, apartheid state.

  21. There has never been an independent country called Palestine throughout all of recorded history

    And that is all….


    Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


    1. Ken, reports have reached me that our hapless house troll has bottled it on street activism and has moved his centre of operations for the dismantling of the apparatus of Zionism and the eradication of the Jewish State (his life’s work, you know) to his front room. He’s even got some new comfy cushions and a nice throw for his 2-seater.

      Sofa to you David !

  22. Israelis like to contend that Israel is Jewish akin to how Finland is Finnish. This analogy is false. Israel defines itself as the nation-state of the Jewish people and not all Israelis. While someone can be a Finnish Jew or a Finnish Muslim, in a state defined as the nation-state of Jews, non-Jews are permanently left out of the notion of nationhood as one cannot be a Jewish Muslim or a Jewish Christian.

    In fact, there is no official Israeli nationality. Israeli citizens are categorized by their religion: Jewish, Muslim, Christian, etc. Over a fifth of Israeli citizens are non-Jews, but they are treated as second-class citizens.

    In 2014, when a handful of Israeli Jews attempted to change their state-issued identification cards to read “Israeli” rather than “Jewish,” the high court rejected their appeal and ruled that the plaintiffs had failed to demonstrate the existence of an Israeli people.

    Over to you David.

    1. Now, not a lot of people know this, certainly not our hapless house troll, but in March 1913 a handful of people from Kent attempted to change their state issued identification documents to read “Independent Republic of Kent”. The authorities rejected their appeal on the grounds that they were probably barmy.

      Dover to you David.

    2. The central wording on current Israeli id cards reads as follows…..



      All of the wording on the card features an Arabic translation for the benefit of it’s Arabic speaking citizens

      Some apartheid huh ?


      Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


      1. You’re a real dummy Ken. And ignorant too. What it says on an apartheid Israeli ID card and how Palestinians are treated in real life are two totally separate things.

        South African ID cards were also printed using indigenous languages. Didn’t stop the evils of South African apartheid though.

        1. These are Israeli id cards we are talking about Joey Liar

          All citizens of Israel are treated equally so all their id cards are identical for Jewish and non Jewish citizens


          Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


          P.S. No apartheid in Israel

          👍🏼 🇮🇱

            1. Joey

              “Israel is an apartheid state”


              Over to you Ju-Dumb


      2. Israelis like to contend that Israel is Jewish akin to how Finland is Finnish. This analogy is false. Israel defines itself as the nation-state of the Jewish people and not all Israelis. While someone can be a Finnish Jew or a Finnish Muslim, in a state defined as the nation-state of Jews, non-Jews are permanently left out of the notion of nationhood as one cannot be a Jewish Muslim or a Jewish Christian.

        In fact, there is no official Israeli nationality. Israeli citizens are categorized by their religion: Jewish, Muslim, Christian, etc. Over a fifth of Israeli citizens are non-Jews, but they are treated as second-class citizens.

        In 2014, when a handful of Israeli Jews attempted to change their state-issued identification cards to read “Israeli” rather than “Jewish,” the high court rejected their appeal and ruled that the plaintiffs had failed to demonstrate the existence of an Israeli people.

        Over to you David.

        1. The central wording on current Israeli id cards reads as follows…..



          All of the wording on the card features an Arabic translation for the benefit of it’s Arabic speaking citizens who are all treated as equals under Israeli law

          Some apartheid huh ?


          Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


  23. Palestinians are not Israeli citizens dipstick,but there are Jewish and Muslim Israelis

  24. Here is a list of Arab Israeli professional footballers in “apartheid” Israel

    Mahmoud Abbas (footballer)
    Hatem Abd Elhamed
    Ahmed Abed
    Eyad Abu Abaid
    Murad Abu Anza
    Atef Abu Bilal
    Shadi Abu Dib
    Mohammad Abu Fani
    Joel Abu Hanna
    Yosef Abu Laben
    Obieda Abu Rabiya
    Mahran Abu Raiya
    Ala’a Abu Saleh
    Salem Abu Siam
    Hasan Abu Zaid
    Maria Almasri
    Murad Alyan
    Weaam Amasha
    Zahi Armeli
    Karem Arshid
    Marian Awad
    Mohammed Awaed
    Ahad Azam
    Walid Badir
    Rajid Baransi
    Noor Bisan
    Hassan Boustouni
    Hamudi Brick
    Islam Cana’an
    Anas Dabour
    Mu’nas Dabbur
    Sari Falah
    Sayef Fedoul
    Hamad Ganayem
    Maroun Gantous
    Mohammad Ghadir
    Qays Ghanem
    Najwan Ghrayib
    Ayid Habshi
    Adham Hadiya
    Eyad Hutba
    Abdallah Jaber
    Ataa Jaber
    Mahmoud Jaber
    Marwan Kabha
    Mohammed Kalibat
    Muamar Karakra
    Ahmed Kasoum
    Beram Kayal
    Amir Khalaila
    Khaled Khalaila
    Osama Khalaila
    Anan Khalaily
    Ali El-Khatib
    Abdallah Khlaikhal
    Hisham Kiwan
    Mohammed Kna’an
    Amran El Krenawy
    Mahran Lala
    Hisham Layous
    Anas Mahamid
    Samah Mar’ab
    Amer Masarwa
    Victor Merey
    Firas Mugrabi
    Hilal Musa
    Azmi Nassar
    Siraj Nassar
    Hana Nasser
    Ali Ottman
    Mahmmoud Kanadil
    Zaid Qunbar
    Abed Rabah
    Maharan Radi
    Ismaeel Ryan
    Dia Saba
    Ahmad Saba’a
    Ramzi Safouri
    Kenny Saief
    Ranin Salameh
    Ahmed Salman
    Hamudi Salman
    Hasan Sarhan
    Rubel Sarsour
    Shadi Shaban
    Muhammed Shakhbari
    Nora Shanab
    Hamza Shibli
    Abbas Suan
    Loai Taha
    Taleb Tawatha
    Salim Tuama
    Rifaat Turk
    Muhammed Zbidat
    Hisham Zuabi

    Over to you Joey Ju-Dumb


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