Hamas propagada at the BBC

The BBC Palestinian propaganda machine at work

On 12 January 2016, the NHS junior doctors went on strike. As is the norm these days, a social media campaign of people posting pictures of themselves with signs of solidarity took place. In Shifa Hospital in Gaza, Dr-Abu Rayan Ziara, a ‘recently qualified’ Palestinian doctor also posted a tweet, with a photo of himself and some colleagues holding a sign that stated: ‘Doctors of … Continue reading The BBC Palestinian propaganda machine at work

BBC – Guilty as charged

I do tend to write about most of the events that I go to, but walking into a room full of people who do not spend their time spreading lies about Israel is an odd circumstance for me. So despite the serious nature of the BBC Watch events this week, it was a refreshing experience and in an odd way I could relax; I was … Continue reading BBC – Guilty as charged