antisemite - the wack a mole game

Catching the antisemites – playing a whack a mole game

Whack a mole is a popular game based on a repetitive and futile task. You are faced with numerous holes in the ground and you can never be sure out of which one the mole will appear. Your role is to ‘whack them’ wherever the pesky animals surface. The task is endless.

Most of those who are seriously fighting antisemitism understand this concept perfectly. It is what most of us do. In the real world however, we are not waiting for a mole, but an antisemite. Our ‘holes’ are newspapers, institutions and educational environments such as the BBC, the Labour Party, national unions and on the university campus.

There are dozens if not 100s of skilful, dedicated fighters against antisemitism who have their eyes firmly fixed on the ‘holes’ – waiting for the antisemites to appear. They always do appear – we catch whichever ones we can and the task is endless.

The mole, the hole and the task at hand

This is one of the reasons I rarely publish news of success stories. The research behind this blog has been at the forefront of the battle against antisemitism for years. I have been responsible for countless headlines in every major media outlet in the UK and many abroad. On Saturday it was the Telegraph and yesterday I even made the Bookseller. Many exclusives give credit to my research – some do not. Publicity is never sought for publicity’s sake. The problem is inherent in the game we play – ‘catching an antisemite’ or ‘whacking the mole’ is of limited value if we do not follow through and ensure the hole itself is filled.

Is Pearson a victory?

I can use Pearson Education as the first example. Over the last few days I have received dozens of congratulatory messages over the withdrawal of the Pearson Education book. On the face of it, the story is a success. The Zionist Federation and UKLFI turned to me to with concerns about the bias in a school textbook. They asked me to do a proper analysis, which I did. I was left in no doubt – the textbook carried major historical distortions and many of the usual anti-Zionist messages. It wasn’t just a slight bias – but a rewrite of the historical pillars upon which the conflict was built. I published the report – Pearson went off to conduct a review – and recently announced that the book has indeed been withdrawn. Success claimed – the book is no longer available. Mole duly ‘whacked’.

But look closely at Pearson’s announcement. They claim they found ‘no overall evidence of anti-Israel bias’. This is a lie. I know it is a lie – and I am pretty certain that they know it is a lie. In their own response they claim they need to ‘rebalance’ sources. How can there be no bias if the sources are unbalanced? Might I suggest they invest in lessons in verbal reasoning or logic solving. They can order helpful textbooks from their own warehouse.

None of this matters. Pearson has shareholders and a duty to look after its own credibility. We do not need a public admission that their processes are flawed.

A messed-up system

And make no mistake the Pearson system is messed up. This book was not produced in a garage by a couple of teenagers. There was a process. It goes through many stages – it passes through several hands and quality checks. The book should never have made it through – but it did. There was a weakness in the system – and that weakness was exploited. The result was that 10000s of schoolchildren were fed propaganda. So I whacked that mole. But what now? Can I claim a victory just because future children will not be fed that same propaganda from a single book?

10000s were brainwashed and because of the way they responded I have no way of knowing if Pearsons have plugged that hole.

One of two possibilities are likely. Pearson either:

  • issued a minimalistic statement that says a new book will take the place of the old one. Case closed. Until the next time. That is an example of whack a mole.
  • investigated thoroughly how the propaganda textbook was published and are currently introducing new processes to close the weaknesses in the system.

It is not about accepting a ‘victory’ or chest-thumping on the nearest rooftop. I have sent an email to Pearson asking them if they have investigated how the book ever made it through the quality control process in the first place and asked if they are taking steps to ensure this can never happen again. I don’t just want to whack the mole – I want the hole filled.

A Whack a Mole nightmare like the BBC

Which brings us to the BBC. A news story is not put together by two hands. In a complex news article – between the field and the editorial team a dozen people can have input. Time and time again, the BBC produce a catastrophic article. The problems are so common that there is an organisation, BBC Watch dedicated to monitoring the bias.

As an example, last Christmas they published an article about Christmas trees from around the world that only managed to find seven trees – three of these were in Palestinian areas. That is beyond outrageous. It indicates that the article itself was always intended to be a propaganda piece. It was put together and published by people using the BBC for their political activism and exploiting a weakness in the system. I did whack that mole. They responded by introducing just four more trees to dilute the propaganda. The propaganda remains. Each time we do this we are playing whack a mole with the BBC.

Outsourcing the problem to the activist Jews

Once an article has been red-flagged and edited, as part of their social responsibility the BBC should check the supply chain of that toxic article. The people responsible should either be shown what they have done wrong – or in the case of activists exploiting weaknesses – simply removed from their roles. There is no excuse whatsoever for a situation where the activist who produced the Christmas tree article is sitting today behind a desk at the BBC wondering where else they can use BBC resources to make a Palestinian propaganda piece.

As we saw with the Labour party- the problem at the BBC is institutional. The BBC are clearly the most important of the news providers but there are dozens of large and important organisations with similar issues. The NEU, Unite, Amnesty, the list goes on and on. Because none of these organisations are dealing with the antisemitism and propaganda as they should – they have all outsourced their antisemitism problems to the Jews – who are a minority group left to play whack a mole against those that hate them.

We must demand a follow through

None of this is good enough. They have a duty to do better. We have a right to demand a follow through.

There are armies of hard-core anti-Israel activists, who constantly look for weaknesses in the system. Last year at UCL, some ‘academic activists’ placed a propaganda exercise, dressed up as an informative art display, in a central position on campus. It must have been seen by 1000s of students. The exhibition was so badly put together – that a 1957 letter from Jordan was on display for months as a pre-1948 letter from ‘Palestine’. Only one student brought it to my attention. I turned to Jonathan Hoffman for help. We complained and Hoffman spent several weeks in communication with the university. UCL went through the motions of pretending to care.

We did not get the exhibition removed (failure) – however I have been informed they have put in place a new process to ensure it does not happen again (success).

The situation is the most toxic on campus. Where the ‘activist-academics’ have real standing and legitimacy. You might ‘whack a mole’ once or twice – but these academic activists will constantly be looking for weaknesses in the process and receive ‘freedom of speech’ protection from their university. This is where government help and a well organised community response is needed the most. Nobody has a right to lie to students without challenge – certainly not those paid to educate them.

Much to do – do not waver

I refuse to play whack a mole or accept that organisations such as the BBC can outsource their problems to people like me. They employ antisemites, propagandists and others – willing to twist the news for their cause. This is their problem – not mine. It is time we began to make demands of any organisation that has allowed antisemitic anti-Zionism to become an acceptable part of its own culture.

The advent of the recent crisis in the Labour Party is the result of decades of BBC headlines, university events and Amnesty propaganda. It was also the result of us accepting our roles as willing participants in a Whack a Mole game. It is time to say enough.

There is so much to do and 2020 will be a busy year. We have a right to expect everyone to deal with antisemitism – and the anti-Israel propaganda that helps to spread it – with all seriousness. The organisations have a duty to do so. We can and should demand more from them. Next week we mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Antisemitism is not a game.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill.



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83 thoughts on “Catching the antisemites – playing a whack a mole game

  1. As you have implied elsewhere I think, David, a lot of the problem lies in the conflation of Zionism and support for Israel with Jew-hatred. Once I might have agreed that organisations like Campaign Against Antisemitism were the go to organisation for support and action, but we are not hearing much from or about them in terms of what they are up to lately

  2. The outcome of the Pearson work and other notable successes over the past 12 months are clearly welcome results David, but doesn’t all of this link back to your previous article in which you question the role of the BOD?

    Should they not be positioned to support UK Jews who see prejudice against them coming from these sources, are offended by it and seek more effective recourse than can be achieved from the self regulators within those orgs.

    To have seemingly abrogated this role as you say and been content to ‘outsource’ this to independent activists, seems literally careless and again prompts the question “if not this, then what?”

  3. Since Ian doesn’t have the remotest clue what the fuck is going on it falls to me to educate him…….AGAIN

    In the beginning there was The Bored. They proved themselves to be so drop dead useless it fell to a bunch of rich Jewish grandees to take them over. They replaced them with the JLC. They allowed The Bord to continue to fuck about at the edges and periodically declare themselves to be important. Since then The Bored have lived in a state of abject terror. Terror of impecunity which the JLC kindly protect them from and allow them to be a constituent part of their organisation. Terror of irrelevance, having been replaced at the top tables of the UK establishment and continually being sniped at by the likes of David and his fellow sans cullottes.

    Money talks, The Bored walks. It was not The Bored that decided Israction day should be no more it was Simon Johnson. If you don’t belief me ask Simple Simon Cobbs.

    So David has chosen the soft, irrelevant target. A bit cowardly really. He knows that if he went after the JLC he would be met by a big yawn

    1. Stephen, helpfully if unintentionally amplifies David’s main point; that UK Jews are being let down and are entitled to expect more from organisations that claim to speak and act on their behalf. Quite rightly, he points to the fragmented representation amongst these orgs and makes it easy to draw a logical conclusion. If the problem is this apparent even to someone as remote from the issue as him, surely it must be glaringly obvious to those with genuine concern.

      He prompts the question ‘If or when UK Jews perceive prejudice or feel collectively threatened and seek to respond to it, are they are as entitled as any other group of people to have their concerns addressed in a cohesive and effective manner?’

      The example I have used has been the frequent incidences when UK citizens marched through UK streets waving flags and proclaiming support for Hamas and Hezbollah and calling for the death of Jews and the destruction of Israel.

      Many may ask if it matter whether it’s the BOD, the JLC or any other impenetrable acronym that provides the representation as long as it there, and visibly so.

      It seems that after 5 years both Stephen and Michael have finally found common ground with David.

        1. Not at all Ian. The point is that if David had the courage of his apparent convictions he would be arracking the organ grinder and not its monkey. He could start by demanding to know why they pulled the plug under the brave lads and lasses of SFI and NWFOI by ordering them to dump Israction day. He could test the veracity of the response by checking it out with me

          1. But then as David thinks Simple Simon mail bag sawing Cobbs and Anthony significent danger to the public Denison are the real leaders of the famous ” community” it could all get very messy.

            1. Very much on point again Stephen. Lots of acronyms, lots of fragmentation and very little to help or support a group of UK citizens who should be as entitled as any other group to address whatever concerns that they may have to a cohesive representative body. Instead, as you say, there is a poor patchwork quilt of current and historic orgs and individuals that serve nobody.

              On this matter, you and David do seem to share a general view, although your emphasis differs obviously.

              1. Not quite. I couldn’t give a flying fuck whether this group of citizens or any other group are able to address their concerns are able to express their concerns to a coherent representative body.. Let them be unrepresented I say. It might encourage them to get over themselves

                1. Quite so Stephen and again you bring us back to David’s point. Helpfully, you show that as long as people who are remote from a particular group express disinterest in and disdain for their genuine concerns, there will always be a need for some sort of cohesive representative body to address them.

                    1. nobody gives a shit about my concerns nor would I expect them to. I don’t want or need representation. What is it about you snowflakes

  4. Thanks for all your work David. I wonder if you saw the BBC item showing a nativity scene by Banksy which had a backdrop of the security wall on the West Bank. Propaganda again, with no explanation of the situation.
    Of all the nativity displays they had to choose that one from a known Israel hater. I complained- whack a mole- but have yet to receive a reply.

      1. Disliking Islamofascism is Racist?

        9/11, London’s 7/7, Pan Am 103, Ukraine Air, murder of Lee Rigby, beheading journalist Daniel Pearl, DC Beltway sniper, London bridge stabbings, London and Westminster bridge car rammings, torture and murder of Ilan Hailmi in Paris, Charlie Hebdo massacre, Bataclan massacre, Moscow subway bombing, Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka, Pensacola Naval base massacre, Fort Hood massacre, Beslan school massacre, Mumbai India massacre, Nairobi Kenya mall massacre, Halabja WMD (poison gas) massacre,

        checkpoints at every airport in the world?

  5. to whit…….

    In a separate case Mr Hoffman’s membership of the BOD international division has been suspended for one week. He was involved in a verbal clash with division chairman Paul Edlin. Mr Hoffman said attempts had been made to humiliate him during the meeting and he had defended his dedicated Israel activism.

    1. Anybody understand what Dumb Bellamy is babbling about???

      Although it’s been said,
      Many times,
      Many ways,
      Happy Nakba – to YOU!

    1. …..but because it wasn’t written by Corbyn or a member of the Labour Party Collier won’t be complaining about this book.

      1. What size boiler suit do you wear, Trailer Trash Ted?
        You can have any colour you want, as long as its orange.
        Be sure to pack light because where you’re going, it’s gonna be hot.

          1. “I’m going to Florida.”
            Trailer Trash Ted is going to Walt Disney’s.
            Very appropriate, Disney was a repugnant right-wing bigot as well as Ted.
            One is dead and the other is dead from the neck up.

            If you take your President with you, you can go as Doofus and Goofy.

                1. SHlTlerhead, you want to know what

                  “reinforces negative Arabic stereotypes”?

                  It’s not some cartoon you F’n Moron. It’s …

                  9/11, London’s 7/7, ISIS beheading videos, 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war, butchering of Lee Rigby, beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl, massacre at Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan, bombing of Pan Am 103, shooting of Pope John Paul II, assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy, attack on 1972 Olympics and murder of athletes, DC Beltway sniper, Mumbai India massacre, Pulse nightclub in Orlando Florida massacre, Sri Lanka massacre, Beslan school massacre, Bali massacre, Boston Marathon bombing, 500,000+ dead in Syrian Civil War, Rotherham rape gangs, Bastille Day truck ramming attack in Nice France, London bridge stabbings, London and Westminster bridge car ramming attacks, death threats on Salman Rushdie for writing a book, …

                  1. No Trailer Trash Ted, the main cause of reinforcement of negative Arabic stereotypes is the ignorance of xenophobic bigots such as you.
                    You are a disgrace and your ignorance and xenophobia brings shame on the whole of the human race.
                    While you’re in Florida see if you can find an Alligator to ‘French-kiss’, you would not be a loss.

                    1. Comrade Eurotrash Gerry,

                      Are there Checkpoints at airports for “XENOPHOBIA”…

                      or for Knives, Guns, Bombs, Liquids???

                    2. Trailer Trash Ted, there is not a word in any Dictionary that adequately describes how stupid you are.

                      Normally I would hope that you recover from your state of ignorance, but in your case obviously stupid is forever.

                      Now slither off you slimy little racist.

  6. This has been a useful thread David, specifically when read alongside the previous article about representation. It has highlighted the serious failure of orgs that claim to act on behalf of UK Jews, the vacuum that this has created and the need to fill it with a more credible and sustainable solution than the current patchwork quilt offers.

    The trolls here have unwittingly amplified this message quite helpfully. Certainly in the cases of Michael and Stephen we can see posts in which they suggest that UK Jews are not as entitled as other UK groups to cohesive representation in times when they perceive prejudice or discrimination; feelings which in any event are to be dismissed or demeaned.

    Let’s remember also that none of this has anything to do with Zionism or Israel but merely the right of a certain sector of UK citizens not to feel threatened or unsafe on their own streets and be adequately supported by competent and sympathetic representatives. Expressing the view that this group has a lesser rights to this than any other UK group really does make it impossible to defend against the accusation of overt antisemitism.

      1. “I gpoget my violin and light up a hamle”

        Oh dear.
        Poor little Stevie babes has been imbibing too much of the O’Hara.

  7. Ian I don’t think you have helped David much here. You have painted UK Jews as a bunch of narcissistic, snowflake wimps wracked with self pity. I am not sure that was David’s intention

    1. On the previous blog David indignantly complained that “when the Nation State Law was introduced, the Board of Deputies issued a statement attacking Israel for it. ”

      He even provided us with this information …‘one of the nine constitutional objectives of the BoD is this –‘the Board shall take such appropriate action as lies within its power to advance Israel’s security, welfare and STANDING’.

      The B.O.D no doubt found the following section of the Nation Law objectionable for its racism – “The right to exercise national self-determination in the tate of Israel is UNIQUE TO THE JEWISH PEOPLE”

      A hint that further racism could hortly be included comes in the repeated words “Details of this issue will be determined by law.”

      The B.O.D. recognised that such blatant racism against non-Jewish citizens of Israel would lower it’s standing in the UK and how Jews are perceived given the many references to Israel as the Jewish State.

      David and Ian,Zionists both, seem more concerned with Israeli Jews than UK Jews.

    2. I agree that you have been far more helpful to David than me here Stephen. You have shown how those that are remote from a social group and its issues are easily dismissive and disdainful of its sincere concerns. In so doing, you amplify the central point, that groups like UK Jews and others are better off taking a self-supporting position than relying on the efforts of those once removed and consequently less sympathetic, as and when they have concerns.

      We do seem to have agreed that the orgs that comprise this representation at present are unfit for purpose although we will have different motives for so doing.

      1. This whole ”UK is a dangerous place for Jews’ fiction spun by David has even fooled Ian.

        The BOD and the Jewish tabloids have used his fabrications to spread the lie that antisemitism is at large in the UK. David must have thought that they were under his control. They obviously saw him as a useful trickster for a while.

        Now they’ve dumped him David’s heart is broken….. and the jilted is lashing out.

  8. So, Stephen questions how UK Jews should be represented and Michael questions whether UK Jews need to be represented at all.

    Reminding ourselves of the earlier example of the UK groups that march through UK cities waving flags in support of terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, screaming for death to Jews and the destruction of Israel, are UK Jews less entitled than other UK groups to react and respond to prejudice and hate, cohesively and proportionately?

    Using the simple substitutive test and replacing the Hamas supporters with any group opposed to people of colour, members of the gay community, Catholics, or Quakers who march and scream for their deaths on UK streets, would the same disdain and disregard be applied?

    Of course it wouldn’t and that is why this thread has been so useful in removing the “It’s all about Israel” justifications to leave simple antisemitism.

    1. Not sure I get that but if you are saying I don’t give a flying fuck whether Jews are represented or not you are correct. Why should I care more about Jews representation than my own representation which I don’t give a flying fuck about? Jews are your thing. Get over yourselves for fuck sake

    2. “and Michael questions whether UK Jews need to be represented at all.”

      Not at all. Ask your caddy to explain things to you. Your mind is wobbling.

  9. are UK Jews less entitled than other UK groups to react and respond to prejudice and hate, cohesively and proportionately?

    They can do what the fuck they want

  10. Collier tweets “September 1939. The Poles & Jews beg the British to allow 20,000 Jewish children from Poland into Mandated Palestine.

    The British say no, it’s impossible because they don’t want to annoy the Arabs.

    That ‘no’ was a death warrant for 20,000 Jewish children”

    David, the camps weren’t built until ’41. The communique was written in ’39.

    It wasn’t a death sentence. You’re spinning again.

    Your second sentence is not a part of your provided copy. Can’t you write without being dishonest?

    1. Always nice to see your true colors shine through, and to notice you’re as bad a wannabe Holocaust denier as you are at Palsabra. Seriously, you are not good at anything.

      1. Your colour blindness is doing you a disservice, Ben.

        “Holocaust denier”? here comes the usual illogical hasbara.

      2. Michael is far from being a holocaust denier Ben. In fact he’s the exact opposite, aren’t you Michael?

        He spends his days being enraged that every mention of six million deaths promotes more sympathy and support for Jews and Israel. So much so that his response has been to develop the “Other holocausts are available” tactic. This requires him to chime in at every opportunity to tell us about all the Russian, Polish, Gay and other casualties that were also victims. He doesn’t call them victims though. That would mean he couldn’t call out Jews for playing the victim card. Can’t be having double standards eh? Watch. It’s only a matter of time before he wheels it out here.

        1. Sure am, Ian. I believe that were was a Holocaust at Hitler’s hand in the 40s. Not an expert though on the terminology.

          Perhaps you can help there.

          Suppose that you have to deny that there was any Holocaust under Hitler to be a ‘Holocaust Denier.

          Am I correct?

          1. no.

            If you believe the world war was fought between India and Australia, over land rights in Uganda – and it took place between 1939 and 1945 and led to 67,000 deaths – you are not denying the advent of a world war between 1939-1945 – except you are really.

          1. How could a bunch of weak Jews prevail over the mighty armies of Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon???

            Happy Nakba anyhow!

            1. They’d been armed and trained in warfare by the British during WW2?

              More a warring race?

    1. So-so. The lad’s definitely mine but the twins could be James Hewitts. Wonder if that gets me cheap flights to Canada.

      1. Tabloid Brain has been fantasising out of his league again.

        David did that when he tried directing the B.O.D.

      1. “Her morals were suspect anyway”

        Farmer politics is about one thing, gaining power.
        The main difference between politicians is in whose interest they exercise that power when they have got it.

        If you’re interested in morals and morality then study for your ordination and become a clergyman.

          1. Quite so Farmer.
            Of course if I had no intelligence then I could become a Village Idiot, like you Farmer.

  11. Poor trolls. Hating a group of people and a place so much and only ever being able to write things on the internet about it.

    Dreams of the activist brutality of Andreas Baader. Inert as the legs of Douglas Bader.

    1. There’s a street in the West Midlands city of Birmingham called ‘Bader Walk’.


  12. Collier tweets “As George Galloway and other rabid Israel haters know, when you spread lies about Israel – the more rancid the lie – the more popular the tweet.

    Seeing 1000s of retweets on every hard-core antisemitic libel is a sign of the level of hate out there.

    As scary as it is sickening.

    Lies about Israel? Which lies are they, David?

    Is this a recent conversion to championing the TRUTH, David? A change of career?

    1. Again, David, you attempt to equate criticism of Israel with antisemitism.

      Carelessness … or yet another deliberate lie?

  13. Collier tweets ” …… As the Arab world opens up to business with Israel – it is the antisemites in the west who boycott it. BDS that.”

    More confusion in Colliers mind as he maps anti-racists to anti-Semites…… or one more lying tweet from him.

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