Board of Deputies

The Board of Deputies don’t want us to talk about their survey

I start with an apology. This blog is one that I am forced to write. The trigger is a survey that the Board of Deputies is trying to put together. One I feel poses a real threat to our community.

Over the last few weeks I have tried in vain to open a dialogue with the Board of Deputies. I have not been alone in this and several avenues were tried. I contacted the President directly – and I did originally receive a swift and semi-positive response. Marie van der Zyl thanked me for reaching out and suggested we meet up after the New Year break. I waited and on the 7th January I wrote to her again:

Marie van der Zyl Board of DeputiesThis time I was blanked. Not even the courtesy of a rejection. From an organisation that is so desperate to steal the credit of everything that anyone else does – I thought they could at least acknowledge an email from one of those from whom they steal.  I did receive contact from several ‘gatekeepers’, who told me that criticism of the Board should be made ‘privately’. Odd that an organisation that so publicly throws Zionists under buses to score brownie points seems suddenly so shy of bad publicity. But I still held fire.

The Board of Deputies survey

That changed very recently. I was given the opportunity to pose a direct question on the survey to the very person running the Division responsible. To call the response ‘rude’ would be an understatement. I am precluded from giving the precise details but in an environment for open discussion – I was told I could not speak. Silenced – ‘No Platformed.’

As the Board of Deputies refuses point blank to discuss this the way it should be discussed – I have little alternative but to tell people just what the Board are refusing to address. The matter is serious and involves the entire community. Given the risks, you have a right to know. Whilst I find myself in the unfortunate position of needing to fight an internal community organisation – I feel it justified and I hope after you read this – that you will understand.

The information I have is this. That when the Nation State Law was introduced, the Board of Deputies issued a statement attacking Israel for it. The Board was criticised by some members of the community, who felt it has no place making such a public and negative attack. Those that have spoken to me about the survey have pointed to this event as the catalyst. The motivation stems from a desire to criticise Israel.

The survey is to be an internal one. A survey that seeks to assess the attitudes towards Israel of the Deputies.

I don’t care what the Deputies think

The vast majority of Deputies are not there because of their political positions on Israel. In other words, their view of Israel is entirely irrelevant to the Board’s policy. What does matter is that one of the nine constitutional objectives of the BoD is this

‘the Board shall take such appropriate action as lies within its power to advance Israel’s security, welfare and standing’.

If any Deputies have a problem with this – they should either keep quiet or leave. Beyond their fulfilment of this objective – their position on Israel is irrelevant. But for some reason – the Board has decided it is vital to know their stance.

Skewing to the left

Surveys are easy to skew to the left. This is an atrocious example of a statement from the Yachad survey in 2015

“I feel a sense of despair every time Israel approves further expansion of settlements on the West Bank”

How leading is that? The clearly negative overtone of the statement itself tells the person settlements are bad. ‘Despair’?? And what are settlements – is Jerusalem a settlement? If you ever want to see confusion on the face of a person who feels ‘despair’ when they hear Israel have approved further ‘expansion’ (which could mean they’ve just built a school or a library) – ask them to name just three settlements, see if they can explain areas ‘a’,’b’ or ‘c’, or even better- ask them to point out a settlement on the map. These surveys prey on peer pressure, virtue signalling and ignorance.

I have seen a draft of the proposed questions. They are highly complex and detailed knowledge would be required to answer them properly. Many Deputies simply do not have the knowledge – like the person who is in charge of the Division. I am told their knowledge of Israel is extremely weak. Which means the Chair of the Division pushing for this survey, cannot see or understand the pitfalls. He / she is however convinced it is a ‘good idea’.

And to the left it will skew

So what is going on? The driving forces behind this petition include three Yachad supporters – who all sit on the relevant Division. That’s right, Yachad are now so entrenched, they can have at least three of their own on a single committee.

One of these – incredibly – is someone who advertised the Kaddish for Hamas event. That’s right, we have no standards at all now, he is a Deputy –  ‘looking after British Jews’. Already we know that on a committee of just 16 we have at least 3 Yachad entryists working to influence a Division leader with a risible knowledge of Israeli politics.

What possible motive could Yachad supporters have to want this survey – unless they were pretty certain the results would support their own cause?

And this survey certainly will do that. They have ensured that the designers of the left-leaning survey of 2015 are behind this one too.

What happens if?

What happens if the results skew to the left (which they will)? Are we really meant to believe that some leftists won’t leak it for political expediency?

Worse still – they can then apply ‘legitimate’ pressure on the Board to issue more frequent condemnations of Israel. This is probably a key motivation. After all, if it turns out that a large enough proportion of the Deputies have an issue with ‘settlements’ (a loaded word not clearly explained in the survey) will the Board then begin to offer public criticism of Israel when new settlements are announced?

If you say ‘no’, you are being short-sighted. The hard-left don’t ever rest – they destroy from within – it is what they do. If you don’t believe me – go and look at what they did to the Labour Party. The BoD will criticise – you will complain – and they will point to their survey as justification. What will you be able to do? Nothing. It will be too late.

The very fact that it is the hard-left pushing it should set off warning bells. Does the United Synagogue for example – really want to be funding a Yachad survey that will almost certainly be used to justify more frequent criticism of Israel by the Board of Deputies? I very much doubt it.

The Board of Deputies and a costly mistake

The BoD make too many mistakes. The latest was their ‘10 pledges to end the antisemitism crisis’ – directed at the Labour leadership contenders  – which did not contain a single mention of the word Israel. After all we have been through in the last four years – how can the BoD be so tone deaf? The Muslim Council of Britain automatically filled the void – producing their own ‘10 pledges‘ and making sure ‘Palestine’ was well covered.

The Board of Deputies displays an arrogance, a level of incompetence, which leaves them overly defensive to criticism and willing to stick their fingers in their ears to make a bad situation – a whole lot worse. I wanted to sit down and talk to them – instead they went out of their way to turn me against them. How that helps, I have no idea – you’ll have to ask them – assuming of course they’ll even be bothered to meet you.

Gone in two generations

This survey is another one of their mistakes. And it may be a very costly one. Their response of course will be to paint me as a right-wing extremist. That one-size-for-all smear used against anyone that criticises them. They won’t do it directly – perish the thought – they’ll send a few of their gatekeepers onto Facebook to post a few nasty messages. These are the games they play now.

We have real enemies out there. And I want to be focusing on fighting them. But this isn’t just a sub-plot. Nor is it a battle for Israel. Israel is going to be fine – this is a battle for us – the Jewish diaspora. Two generations from now – when the number of British Jews sits at under 150,000 – the remaining small pockets of secular Jews will look back at us – at the generation that taught their children to dislike Israel. Without success they will try to understand just what we thought the result of such a strategy would be. Let us not be that stupid.




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79 thoughts on “The Board of Deputies don’t want us to talk about their survey

  1. I agree with you entirely.
    Amongst other things we are giving the candidates for LOTO a free pass on Israel.
    It shouldn’t just be about antisemitism.
    It’s also encouraged the Muslim Council to produce a manifesto, which of course they’ve all jumped (blindly?) to agree to.

    1. yes, Yachad in the UK were built to be akin to Meretz. It isn’t a direct fit, but it is close enough to identify them.

  2. The point is well made David but this is nothing new. The relationship that the BOD has with Israel has always been complex with them treading a delicate diasporan path beset on all sides by the people it claims to represent, the Jewish State it claims to support and the wider establishment with whom it wants to remain on-side. In their case, these agonising contortions; striving to be all things to all people ends up appealing to nobody.

    I am quite interested to watch the contortions from your trolls as they try to react to this one.

    1. Hi, Ian.

      BOD stands for ‘THE BOARD OF DEPUTIES OF BRITISH JEWS’….. not of Israeli Jews …. not of British Zionists.

      Contort, contort?

      1. Mike Farmer,

        I suggest you read the Constitution of the board of deputies. It says that deputies must take proactive steps to promote “Israel’s security, well-being and standing“
        What happens in Israel and to Israel directly affects Jews in the UK and the rest of the world. That should surely be obvious to you.

  3. Funny. Van de Zyl did the same to me. She issued an invitation to meet me in a group email saying I should email her and Bowman privately to arrange a date. I didn’t hear back despite a reminder, me thinking she’d missed my first mail. I then put it back in the group email and received a response to the effect that she’d since seen my output and didn’t think there was any point in meeting. Since then of course my name has been rubbished by people I’ve never even heard of, me being accused of all sorts. Followed then by no support when I was beaten to unconsciousness outside a Labour meeting, despite an open question at a live-streamed plenary meeting. That was followed by the retraction of a booked ticket to one of the BoD events. I have been advocating that a new body be set up that genuinely represents all of the UK Jewish community instead of this fast deteriorating left wing political lobby group using innocent deputies to parade as a democratically elected body. Join me in this. We have a name, a logo and a constitution. Let’s do this. There’s no point in attempting a reform. There’s more important work to do than wasting time on egocentric political wannabes.

  4. The BoD tries to please everyone and succeeds in pleasing no one

    Since Arkush left it has been on a downward spiral to nowhere

    Its leadership has become the same as career politicians; in it for the job security, the perks, the social importance the position gives and a subsequent sense of entitlement

    They seem to have lost their moral compass and forgotten who they represent

  5. “What does matter is that one of the nine constitutional objectives of the BoD is this –

    ‘the Board shall take such appropriate action as lies within its power to advance Israel’s security, welfare and standing’.”

    Israel’s Nation Law is a racist move. This law strips ALL non-Jewish Israeli citizens of statehood and classing them as second-class citizens that are NOT part of the state.

    The Board obviously sees its passing as something they cannot agree with as it breaches the constitutional objective above. i.e. its obvious racism weakens the ‘standing’ section of the objective.

    Having been only too eager to push the false narratives that you, Collier, have gleefully pushed over the past years the BOD has no doubt been seen by yourself as them being in your pocket.

    You must be wounded now that they’ve shown this not to be the case.

    Hell hath no fury as a Collier scorned? Poor thing.

    1. nothing more absurd than BDS Nazis whining about racism. That is so social media. The bds goal is to falsely accuse Jews of what they themselves openly do. There is total freedom of religion in Israel and there are no second class citizens. There are countless countries like Poland, Ireland, Finland, etc, not to mention actual theocracies like Iran and Gaza, that have National religions. Palestine takes it one step further and is constitutionally Islamic AND Arabic. Does that make Palestine ultra racist then? No? You don’t care?

      There is nothing more revolting than a Corbynista left wing Nazi. This one, Mike Farmer or whatever his name is, doesn’t even pretend to hide his obsession with the Joooos.

    1. Stephen

      Considering that the BoD is one of your pet hates , that is a pretty lame retort.
      Are you mellowing with age, or are you just shocked wordless that you are not out in the cold on this one

      When are you going to finally supply some evidence to back your claim (in Nov 2019) that the present and past Chief Rabbis’ are unqualified racist
      If you make wild allegations, at least try to have some verifiable and substantial evidence to back it

      1. “When are you going to finally supply some evidence to back your claim (in Nov 2019) that the present and past Chief Rabbis’ are unqualified racist”

        Don’t both identify as Zionists? There you go then.

        1. Sharmuta, the Racist LaBOOR party was REJECTED by the majority of the voters.

          Even LaBOOR party members voted for Boris Johnson because they were disgusted by Fascist Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters.

          The disgust over the London Bridge stabbings (2 dead) helped defeat Fascist LaBOOR.

          1. Thankyou to our US political trainee; Ted.

            Ted will be trained in European Politics before his next biting assessment on European matters. He’ll be started on maps for the first two months … colouring them. He won’t be rushed of course.

  6. Good article, David. I couldn’t agree more with its sentiments. You’ve certainly rattled cages here. Well done! Richard Galber if you’re talking about the Jonathan Arkush who met with Corbyn and Milne and let them walk all over him, then I very much disagree with you.

  7. As an observer from Australia who lived in the UK for many years and has written widely on Anglo Jewish history, it seems clear that the present President of your B of Ds is simply not up to the job, and should retire.

      1. oh dear nothing makes David tetchier than not being taken with the same seriousness with which he takes himself

        1. Shrieks the bellend from his mother’s basement, where he writes a blog that 3 people read.

  8. I had to check to find that your Yachad appears to be the same sort of scum as the U.S. Jews for Peace and J Strreet. Unfortunately Jewish self-hatred transcends borders–there is even its Israeli examples both among the Haredii on the right and the far left. THe University of Exeter even gave a professorship to one of the most vicious of the second group

  9. David, the concerns that you express seem to be shared by many other contributors on your various social channels and channels of others, elsewhere. If these concerns are representative of even a significant minority of Jewish people in the UK, then what, in your opinion is the alternative to the status quo?

    1. That’s the question Ian – ‘if not this, then what’. In truth, the make-up of the Board and its activities will always displease some. The Board accommodate a spectrum of opinion. In the short term, I think the visible problems are down to weak leadership (a point someone else made here). A stronger leadership would certainly make a positive difference. However the problem is not a short term one. British Jewry as we know it is dying – it just doesn’t understand it yet – or simply chooses to ignore it. In 1955 there were 410k British Jews – in 1990 340k – in 2011 270k. Within this number are a growing % of orthodox. Secular British Jewry is walking towards extinction without stopping for pause or question. The ‘tikkun ulum’ crowd are an important and inevitable part of the slide towards oblivion and the future of British Jewry is orthodox. There is little you, I or the Board can do to stop it. What I do feel the role of the Board should be – in such a circumstance – is to assist those that do care – not those that don’t. At the moment they are akin to the band on the Titanic. This should stop. There should be a far greater emphasis on education for example – secular Jewish children who grow up without a flag waving element – will always be far more likely to assimilate. If being Jewish is important to the Jews – then the Board must reflect this – as it stands it does not – and there is the problem so many have with it.

      If you are asking me whether a different organ could be created to take its place – ‘the alternative’ – I do not think this is important. The decline is inevitable. From a Zionist perspective the only question is – how many can you save?

      1. “If being Jewish is important to the Jews – then the Board must reflect this – as it stands it does not – and there is the problem so many have with it. ”

        The Board looked at the Nation Law and found it wanting in its treatment of non-Jewish citizens of Israel. It said so.

        It is there probably to represent British Jews.

        You live to represent Israel and its Jewish citizens.

        There’s your problem.

      2. I think I have got the gist. The Jewish population is going down the pan. The task is to make sure the rump that is secular contains as many flag wavers as possible.

      3. David, thanks for the comprehensive reply. I hadn’t realised the decline was as significant as the figures indicate. This squeeze on the secular Jews was predicted in Robert Eisenbergs book “Boychiks in the hood” back in 1995 who projected that by around 2030 50% of diasooran Jews would be charedim and most of the rest assimilated. To the extent it’s easy to see why the appropriate action of the BOD is to do nothing. If they’re still around in 10-15 years they will exist to claim to speak for a few hundred families in Stanmore, Prestwich and Moortown. The ZF will promote aliyah with the movements and Yachad will promote Hanas.

      4. No doubt in the future a Collier lie-alike will write on a blog that UK Jew decline was down to Jeremy Corbyn ethically cleansing them from the country, their having absolutely nowhere to flee to but ….. Israel?

      5. “There should be a far greater emphasis on education for example – secular Jewish children who grow up without a flag waving element – will always be far more likely to assimilate.”

        Which ‘flag’ should they be taught to wave? Union Jack? Likud Flag?

  10. To be fair the BoD President Marie van der Zyl is reportedly very much opposed to this Survey which is being driven by the International Division which as you say has at least three Yachad supporters – who are supported by the Division Chair Sheila Gewolb.

  11. Stephen

    That sounds like you looking in the mirror

    When are you going to supply verifiable evidence to back up your allegations that the Chief Rabbi and his predecessor are racist.
    When you make wild allegations, try to have some evidence to back it up.
    Otherwise you just make yourself look like a giant ar..hole

    1. First, is Collier going to supply verifiable evidence to back up his allegations that Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semitic.

      In the past 4 years he has produced nothing but slurs and accusations. Most dishonest….. perhaps you can.

  12. Amusing to see the Zios fighting among themselves.

    Commenting as a Jew, Mayor Sadiq pledged £300,000 of Londoner’s money for the refurbishment of the Auchwitz-Birkenau tourist attraction in Poland followed by a taxpayer-supported junket to the site later this month.

    NOT ON MY DIME MATE!!! I work for a living, earn my keep and unlike the parasitical Zios, don’t live by exploiting others.

    Mayor Sadiq is not the Foreign Minister and should not be allowed to donate taxpayer money to foreign entities. Think of how £300,000 can be used to improve life for Londoners. This should not be permitted by any UK authority.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one that objects to Muslim Mayor Sadiq giving Londoner’s hard-earned tax money away to save his political skin and refute accusations that he’s anti-Semitic.

    It’s not enough that Zio Dracula and his cohorts helped to destroy Socialism in the UK by defeating Corbyn. Now empowered, they’re shaking down politicians to concede to their demands.

    As documented in Yoav Shamir’s film ‘Defamation,’ the apartheid Z.O.G. regularly brings their brainwashed teenage schoolchildren to visit where they are further subject to abuse and further Xenophobic brainwashing prior to entering the IOF.

    If Mayor Sadiq goes ahead with this giveaway to save his own political skin, then Londoners should demand that half, or another £300,000, be donated to the authorities in Gaza to help restore its essential public services that were destroyed by “the most moral army in the world.”

    1. “The Religion of Peace”

      – 9/11 and now necessity to X-Ray all luggage/cargo and scan/interview all passengers
      – 1993 truck bombing of the World Trade Center
      – 1968 assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy
      – 1972 Hijacking of the Summer Olympics and murder of athletes
      – 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103 which crashed on Lockerbie
      – 2005 London’s 7/7 transport massacre
      – beheading of Lee Rigby, journalist Daniel Pearl, James Foley and other victims of ISIS
      – Boston Marathon bombing
      – London and Westminster bridge car ramming attacks
      – Bastille Day truck ramming attack in Nice France
      – massacre at Charlie Hebdo magazine offices in Paris
      – massacre at Bataclan music venue
      – massacre at Manchester arena
      – massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando
      – massacre at Christmas party in San Bernardino
      – stabbing to death of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh
      – Fascist Irans death threats against writer Salman Rushdie
      – 500,000 dead in Syria (Arabs killing Arabs)
      – 1,000,000 dead in 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war (Muslims killing Muslims)
      – Mumbai India massacre
      – Nairobi Kenya mall massacre
      – Sadaam Husseins poison gassing WMD of the Kurds of Halabja Iraq
      – ISIS beheading videos
      – Hamass executing gays by pushing them off rooftops in Gaza
      – Fascist Iran executing gays by hanging them from construction cranes
      – Coptic Christians being murdered in Egypt
      – murder of tourists in Luxor
      – Manhattan bike path car ramming attack
      – failed sneaker and later underwear suicide bombing of an inflight passenger plane
      – failed SUV bombing of Times Square
      – public threats on placards of 9/11 scale attacks on the UK and Europe
      – Brussels airport bombing
      – bombing of USS Cole
      – Fort Hood Texas massacre
      – foiled attack on Garland Texas conference
      – death threats on creators of South Park cartoon series
      – Brooklyn Bridge shooting
      – Empire State Building Observation Deck shooting
      – Fascist Irans calls for Death to America
      – Taliban shooting girls who want an education
      – Muslim families stoning their daughters to death over “family honour”
      – DC Beltway snipers
      – Boko Haram kidnapping and raping girls in Nigeria
      – ISIS murdering Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai
      – ISIS burning Jordanian pilot to death
      – Taliban destroying two 1,500 year old Buddahs in Bamiyan Afghanistan
      – ISIS destroying antiquities in Palmyra
      – Hezbola and Hamass using children as Human Shields
      – Christmas market shooting in Strasbourg France
      – Armenian Genocide by the Turks
      – 1/15/19 Shabab terrorist attack in Nairobi Kenya
      – 2019 Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka
      – London Bridge stabbings
      – Pensacola Fl. massacre

      and on and on….

      AND Fascist Iran is at War with the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UK, Germany, France, Kurds, gays, and Persians.

      khomenis Islamic Revolution is about to fall through the gallows trap door.

      1. “AND Fascist Iran is at War with the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UK, Germany, France, Kurds, gays, and PERSIANS.”????

        Kinda gives you faith in US schools. Lol.

        Ted DID go to school didn’t he?

        1. “Ted DID go to school didn’t he?”

          Yes, Trailer Trash Ted went to a very good school.
          It was Approved.

          I borrowed that very old joke from Stephen, who is also a very old joke.

          1. Eurotrash Gerry was “Home Schooled” – in an Outhouse.

            That’s why his head is Full of Shit.

            Send my regards to Jeremy and the rest of the Socialist Politburo!

            1. Why Trailer Trash Ted what an old tart you are.
              Cosying up to Stephen Bellamy.

              If you two get married will we all get invites?

                1. “You have a 24/7 365 standing invite to..”

                  But what about Leap Years?

                  You really are a ‘Thicko’ , Trailer Trash Ted.

                  1. What do you think Eurotrash Gerry?

                    You get a 366th day to


                    Really, you are as Dumb as a Sack of Bellamy’s.

                    1. Trailer Trash Ted, so are we all getting an invite to you and Stephen’s wedding/civil partnership?

    2. Don’t fret little Yevsektsiya man . Labour in its current form is dead and buried and we can refocus our energies on antisemites like you

  13. Very intuitive observation Bellers
    I thought this one would be over your head
    Giggle giggle and all that

  14. The BoD actions may be totally irreverent in the long run. Jews around the world are making Aliyah to Israel without local organizational help. They are just packing up and leaving.

  15. David, what was the question that YOU posed directly to the Board?

    Were others asked to pose questions?

    Was YOUR question rejected?

  16. 2015 Survey : On settlements, 75% (as against 14%) agree that “the expansion of settlements on the West Bank is a major obstacle to peace”.

    Little wonder that Collier is against the views of UK Jews being sampled.

  17. I think I am grasping most of this. The bit that eludes me is why, given Israel is going to be just fine anyways, it matters how many secular Jews there are waving flags.

    Also does this represent an hitherto unsuspectred business opportunity. Or has Scoffie been faster off the blocks and cornered the market? Is this why his garage and garden shed are stuffed with flags. ? Know wot I mean guv , nudge nuge, wink wink

  18. wipe that golden tear from your mother dear and wave whats left of the flag for me…..

  19. David, having covered Yachad and their stunts in previous articles it seems extraordinary that they could have gained influence in any organisation that operates more broadly than their own fairly narrow and specific position. Do you think that this has been some sort of invasion by invitation or another example of the ease with which the BOD can be blindsided?

  20. On the last Survey I wonder how David answered this when posed.
    “I feel a sense of despair every time Israel approves further expansion of settlements on the West Bank” Yes/No

    1. David, the “flag waving” sentiment makes sense. I imagine that a UK that is tolerant enough to watch UK citizens wave flags for terrorist groups like Hamas & Hezbollah in its streets & listen to them call for the destruction of Israel would be equally tolerant of other UK citizens waving Israeli flags to present the counterpoint.

      Unhappily and too often it was the ZF and the movements rather than the BOD that encouraged this approach.

        1. Again, you remain focused on the issue of flag waving Michael. Thank you.

          I am sure you’d agree that if a number of UK Jews were offended by a group of other UK citizens waving flags in UK streets in support of terror groups like Hezbollah and Hamas, rather than standing by silently, listening to calls for the death of Jews and the destruction of Israel, they may want to do more. They may want to wave flags of their own to signify support for Israel as a logical counterpoint.

          The question that you sensibly raise here is who facilitates this; the body that claims to speak for them and to whom many pay a subscription through their synagogues or some other organisation.

          Again, you are correct in inferring that there is no clarity at the moment, hence David’s article. Perhaps you have finally found common ground with him.

  21. Collier tweet ”

    Sole democratic nation in the region
    Only Jewish state in the world
    Fullfillment of the Jewish right to self determination
    Oasis of freedom – whatever ethnicity or religion
    Surrounded by radical Islamist enemies that seek to destroy it”


    No longer democratic after passing the Nation Law, only Jews can have statehood.
    It’s a Jewish/Muslim/Christian state.
    Only its Jewish citizens have the right to self-determination … obviously others don’t have that right.
    Oasis of freedom for Jews to discriminate between themselves and other ethnicities.
    Regularly ventures into and attacks its neighbours under the pretext of ‘self-defense’

  22. Thinking about ‘flag wavers’, these are the people that regularly take to the UK streets with their flags alongside those of other terror groups like Hezbollah

    When they march on UK streets and call for the murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel it would seem likely that some UK Jews may want to offer a proportionate response and flag-wave themselves in support of not killing Jews and not destroying Israel. No need to mention Zionism at all. Often it may just be the revulsion of listening to people on UK streets screaming for the murder of Jews.

    As Michael helpfully indicated this is a matter of priority for organisations claiming to speak for UK Jews, leaving the question of who takes responsibility to enable them to act in a cohesive and constructive manner to present a counterpoint.

    A reasonable expectation in a balanced and tolerant society ?

  23. “The Board of Deputies displays an arrogance, a level of incompetence, which leaves them overly defensive to criticism and willing to stick their fingers in their ears to make a bad situation – a whole lot worse. I wanted to sit down and talk to them – instead they went out of their way to turn me against them. How that helps, I have no idea – you’ll have to ask them – assuming of course they’ll even be bothered to meet you.” I am inclined to agree with you David, particularly in terms of the arrogance and over-defensiveness. This is what happens if your organisation is an echo chamber in which no disagreement is tolerated. Unfortunately this is far too often the case in organisations in which positions of importance are offered to those available to perform the duties rather than to those who are clear-minded and sensible enough to act even in ways which may be unpalatable to others who merely want a quiet life.

    You’re personna non grata because you dare to question them (and well done you!) which wobbles their overblown sense of themselves.


    “On Tuesday 14th January 2020 at 10:00am a report was released by Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, on the CSE scandal that had not only gripped the City but also the nation at large. The report highlights a possible 57 mostly white female child victims to a potential 97 perpetrators, who are mainly men from a Pakistani and Muslim background.

    The nature of the crimes against these children were that they were groomed and sexually abused by gangs of men. This involved plying them with alcohol and drugs, buying them food as well as physically and mentally threatening them. It would be correct to say that what the victims had to endure, was beyond anything a child should have to bear and it was an unfair experience of which it is unlikely that they will completely heal from for the rest of their lives.”

    This is “Diversity” of Cultures.

    1. “Diversity” of Cultures was also to blame for conflict in the Middle East when a wave of Jewish immigrants were allowed to set up home on land where others already dwelt.

  25. So, Israel passes its Nation Law, enshrining state racism. A law that discriminates between Jewish and non-Jewish citizens in stripping non-Jewish citizens of their statehood.

    The Board of Deputies of British Jews, as David states, has, as one of its objectives ..”‘the Board shall take such appropriate action as lies within its power to advance Israel’s security, welfare and standing’”

    I suggest that criticism of Israel’s law came from the damage to Israel’s ‘standing’ in the world because of the racism evident in the law.

    Remember the BOD’s first responsibility is to British Jews. Additional animosity towards Jews from the law would not be welcomed by the body.

    No doubt Collier, whose first thought is for Israel and not British Jews throws a strop.

    “The vast majority of Deputies are not there because of their political positions on Israel.”… that is how it should be for the Board of Deputies of BRITISH Jews.

    1. Again, Michael, focuses the issue correctly. This is about the facilitation of a cohesive voice for British Jews.

      Sensibly, Michael avoids making this about Zionism. It is not. It is about enabling people with the opportunity to act in concert when they see a course of action taken by others that offends and repulses them. An example would be the one mentioned above where UK citizens parade through UK streets waving the flags of terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah in support of the murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel.

      I imagine that all fair minded people (and perhaps Michael is one of them) would choose to rail against this sort of thing and would appreciate the existence of a body that would enable the counterpoint to be presented in a reasonable and measured way, signifying that UK citizens do not support the promotion of the murder of Jews.

      The expectation from some people has been that this facilitation would be offered by the BOD. David’s article suggests that this has been misplaced and he and others are entitled to challenge this.

      As I suggested above, it may be that Michael has finally found common ground with David

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