Yes, we should talk about the ‘i’ word

Trigger warning: If you think you will be triggered by discussion of the word ‘Islamophobia’, then you should not read this article – in fact you probably should not be reading my blog at all. It is too honest for you.

The most offensive article in the history of the world

On December 16th Melanie Phillips wrote an article about the use of the word Islamophobia. The article was 725 words long. Judging by the reaction, Melanie’s article was clearly one of the most offensive pieces of writing that has ever been published. Luckily, as I have both Mein Kampf and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion on my overflowing antisemitic bookshelf, I felt I had the stomach to have a closer look. I want to tell you what I found:

Words 1-140

The article opens with a general introduction to the topic. Phillips suggests reaction to the level of antisemitism in the Labour party is muted and she lays a platform for the article by suggesting there are two causes for this.

Words 141 – 381

Melanie factually addresses the level of antisemitism in anti-Israel activism. Anyone who still doubts this, has no place in any discussion on anti-Jewish hatred. It has been proven beyond all reasonable argument that everywhere that people gather to demonstrate about – or talk against – Israel – you will have a room at least half full of Holocaust deniers and Rothschild Conspiracy theorists. It is like a high-powered magnet.

Words 382 – 450

Melanie suggests that it is difficult to discuss these attitudes without being called Islamophobic. She then states some of our own Jewish leadership have gone along with this – even equating ‘Islamophobia’ with ‘antisemitism’. When she makes this point, she raises the issue of the levels of antisemitism within Muslim communities. All this is equally well-known factual commentary.

Words 451 – 507

Phillips then clearly distinguishes between anti-Muslim bigotry – prejudice against Muslims – which she condemns – and cynical and manipulative use of the term Islamophobia. It is important to make this distinction and she was absolutely right to make it. Although there may be a problem with the way the word ‘Islamophobia’ is being used – the key point of the article – it does not mean for one second that anti-Muslim bigotry is not a problem.

This leaves about 218 words still to consider.

Words 511-591

Having separated Anti-Muslim bigotry from ‘Islamophobia’, Melanie now talks about the historical misuse of the term Islamophobia (which is nothing to do with a denial of anti-Muslim bigotry).

Phillips suggests *the term* Islamophobia (as we understand it today) was styled by the Muslim Brotherhood explicitly for misuse. This is not a new claim. In fact, in an article designed to attack the Phillips piece in, the author explicitly accepts that ‘the term can certainly be misused’ in the way Phillips describes, before going on to wrongly suggest Phillip’s article had denied the existence of anti-Muslim bigotry.

Recently, Seyran Ateş in the Telegraph, suggested adopting the currently circulating definition of Islamophobia would protect and help Islamist groups, and names the Muslim Brotherhood as a possible benefactor.

It is interesting that the al-bab piece suggests the first recorded use of Islamophobia in the UK, was against Salmon Rushdie. The charge against him at the time was blasphemy – and a fatwa issued from Iran.  Do we have a problem with blasphemy? Back then, we protected Rushdie, today he would have been called an Islamophobe – and that difference is certainly an issue for legitimate debate. Is blasphemy – Islamophobic?

Phillips suggests that the misuse was deliberate. Antisemites see the charge of antisemitism as a shield. Antisemitic Islamists saw this as something to mimic.

I don’t need to agree with Melanie on each point to suggest these conversations should be on the table. Phillips is not talking about my neighbour, or yours. Hamas use civilians as human shields.  It is deliberate strategy based on an understanding of a weakness in western society. When western media fall for this strategy they play into the hands of radical Islamists. Pointing this out is not Islamophobic. Precisely the same logic applies here.

There is nothing here that deals on a personal level with Muslims as people, nor does it detract from the real abuse some Muslims receive. Is the charge of Islamophobia misused or not? Is the term itself acceptable? Many think not. What is wrong with discussing this? The biggest victims of Islamic blasphemy laws are Muslims and the term is used to shut down criticism of extremism and shut down criticism of religious belief (particularly by ex-Muslims).

Words 592-725

In almost a prophetic ending Melanie then covers the smear campaign that occurs when anyone discusses this subject. One only needs to look at the response to her article to know she had a point there.

Equating antisemitism and Islamophobia

Melanie was chiefly attacked by those who suggested that as we are fighting antisemitism, we need to be seen standing shoulder to shoulder with those fighting Islamophobia. Thus drawing a direct equivalence. Given so much antisemitism is actually coming from the Islamic world, little can do more damage to the Jewish people.

There are 15 million Jews on the planet. About 33% were wiped out just a few generations ago. Jews have suffered horrendous persecution from enemies that seek to eradicate them. They were chased from nation to nation and eventually, when they returned to Israel, Arabs nations sought to annihilate them there. From far-right to far left and across the Islamist world – we have enemies that still want us gone. We are 15 million. A tiny minority.

The Muslims are about 1.8 billion, or one in every 4 people on the planet. They have majority status in dozens of states that cover enormous parts of the globe. Some of their lands are drowning in mineral riches. They absolutely face bigotry -some of it deadly – but the biggest killer of Muslims today is other Muslims.

Outside of one tiny strip of land – Jewish people pose no threat of any kind to anyone. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the Muslim world. There are groups inside the Muslim world that do pose a threat. In the last few years we have seen mass killings in cities such as London, Manchester, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Nice and so on. We have to be allowed to freely research and criticise these forces without it being suggested we are engaging in anti-Muslim bigotry.

If you feel I am out of order for saying so, something is wrong with your own basic logical functions.

The Muslim world is rife with antisemitism. If the term Islamophobia cripples those who seek to address this or criticise acts of terror (or those behind them) – it is the term that needs to be adjusted.

Different opinions

As it happens I agree with much of what Melanie Phillips says (not all) – I often do – but that is not important here. You are free to disagree with her every word. What matters is what happens when we don’t agree with someone’s opinion. After the Phillips article came out  – I got told it was racist. I asked which part exactly – I was met with silence.

What happened to Melanie, as with what happened to Richard Kemp was disgraceful. We have a ‘moral police’ operating in our community. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sit in the centre of the spectrum, but rather quite a bit to the left of it.

These moral police have a problem with Melanie. And they will have a problem with anyone who stands by her. They have a problem with me too. Their role is to paint anyone who is not of the far left – as an extremist. Does it sound familiar? It should – this is Corbynista strategy. Most of my centrist friends online have been attacked and at some point called a racist, a fascist, an Islamophobe – or any of the other smears that fly around these days.

It is the way the far left behaves. The soft left never stands up to fight – so those at the extremes keep shifting the goalposts. The nervousness and insecurity of those near the centre has everyone reacting – to virtue signal and attack whoever is the latest victim of this lynch mob. Remember – Daniel Sugarman who jumped on Melanie here – was left ‘ashamed‘ when his ‘rush to be first to condem virtue signalling’ went badly wrong before. Some people are sitting in their offices just desperate to show the rest of the world how upright and moral they are.

Little by little the attitude of the virtue signallers and the far left consumes free speech, alternative opinions and anything they disagree with. Everyone but them becomes a fascist.

Does Melanie Phillips have a point?

Does Melanie Phillips have a point? Well we should perhaps ask Daniel Sugarman.


Is Daniel Sugarman an Islamophobe? He was the author of the key tweet attacking Phillips. If the accusation of Islamophobia is always sincere, then you would have to conclude that he is. I could have conducted a far larger exercise, to show that all the key members of the Board, the JLC and everyone else who criticised Melanie have wrongly been identified as Islamophobes – many times. It is a way of shutting down criticism. Which is in effect, what I think Melanie Phillips was trying to say.

Put it this way. If antisemitism is a problem in parts of Muslim society – how can we address it critically and forcefully without being Islamophobic?

Brave voices

I am a truth teller. I am not here to make friends or only write things with which people feel comfortable. The attitude of perpetual pacification is a disease of the Jewish diaspora. Being vulnerable is in our DNA. Submission is in our DNA too. But Zionism arose as a response to the inevitable destruction of a community with such an attitude. Zionism allows us to leave such folly behind. I am here to fight against those that wish us harm and to tell people the truth. What I write here is truth as I see it.

There are few brave voices in our community. And unfortunately responses such as the one Phillips received makes it all the more difficult to speak out. Even though this piece has been carefully written in an attempt to ensure there is no misunderstanding, it will still be used against me.

Our thought police on the left are attacking the only people willing to stand up and fight for our community. We either learn to stick up for – and stand by them- or accept the fact that our entire community will be swept away by the tide.

A moment of victory

In other news, last October at the request of both UKLFI and the Zionist Federation, I conducted an analysis of a Pearson school textbook on the conflict. The book was full of errors and bias. I produced a report and Pearson created a panel to digest the findings. Pearson have just announced that they have withdrawn the biased book and are rewriting it for next year. Schoolchildren will no longer have their minds poisoned by that particular text. This shows that this research has a far reaching effect and makes a difference in the real world.



Please help to support this research

This blog is unique. I engage in deep research, much of it undercover, into anti-Jewish hatred, anti-Zionism and anti-western extremism. Your support really does make all this possible. Reports such as this can take months and consume considerable resources. By placing the evidence in such concrete form, they do change the narrative. My work is fully independent and I uncovered many stories on this site that created headlines across the globe. I was recently named as one of the J100 (‘top 100 people positively influencing Jewish life’) by The Algemeiner.  If you can, please consider making a donation towards the research.

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    1. On intellectual issues Muck, you’re a Lilliputian. Don’t try and compete with Gullivers unless you want to continue to come off as a shining accidental comedian.

        1. You clearly haven’t, or more to the point can’t, read anything of more substance than Middle East Monitor in the past 10 years, you simple and sorry sod.

  1. Very good result with Pearson, David. I remember the article here in which you wrote about this and thought you may have had your hands full with them. Terrific work.

    1. Cheers Ian. I was pretty confident they’d withdraw the book – there were too many factual mistakes – but I did think they would whitewash it. My guess was they’d procrastinate until the end of the academic year and just produce a new version without comment. That they withdrew immediately – have admitted sourcing errors – and explicitly stated they’ll pass the new book under the nose of the BOD – is quite a result.

      1. Yes, pass it under the noses of the BOD, MCB and more importantly under the noses of several eminent historians.

        1. Your hero and failed sexual-fantasy target David Irving doesn’t qualify there Muck. Just making that clear at the outset.

  2. “so those at the extremes keep shifting the goalposts.”

    Hence the introduction of the IHRA definition to widen the posts?

  3. I’m certain this post would appeal to your in-house Islamophobe, Trailer Trash Ted.
    Sure sooner or later, he’ll sliver on out from under his decomposing log.

    1. SHlTlerhead, Tell us all about


      9/11, London’s 7/7, Boston Marathon, DC Beltway snipers, beheading of Lee Rigby and Daniel Pearl, Manchester arena bombing, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Bastille Day in Nice, London bridge stabbing, London and Westminster bridge car rammings, Beslan school massacre, WMD attack on Halabja Iraq, Bamiyan, Palmyra, Fascist Iran and Fascist HamAss executing gays, failed sneaker and underwear bombings of in-flight passenger planes,

      Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood, HamAss, Hezbola (jeremy corbyns friends), Al Nusra, Al Shabab, Mumbai India massacre, Nairobi Kenya massacre, Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka,

      Ukrainian passenger plane shot down by Fascist Iran.

      Happy Nakba, Islamo-FAUX-boy!

      1. Trailer Trash Ted, tell us how many people were killed or maimed by the IRA terrorist campaign which went on for decades, mainly, funded by your country the USA.

        Look in the mirror before you go on about terrorism, you hypocritical retard.

          1. Trailer Trash Ted.
            Thank you for confirming the obvious.
            You don’t know about those killed and maimed by the terrorist attacks funded by YOUR country.
            You only want to post about those terrorist attacks that you believe support your anti-Muslim bigotry.

            How fortunate for David that on his thread about anti-Muslim bigotry you pop up, like the turd that will not flush down the pan, and give a prime example of what it is.

            1. Eurotrash Gerry, The Greatest Haters of Muslims…

              are OTHER Muslims.

              See the 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war – 1,000,000 dead
              500,000 dead in Syrian civil war

              GFY Eurotrash.

              1. Trailer Trash Ted so tell me how many ‘Americans’ killed other ‘Americans’ in the American Civil War?

                Does that make Americans the ‘Greatest Haters’ of Americans?

      2. Trailer Trash Ted,
        Tell us all about the many people, men, women, children, killed and maimed by the decades long terrorist campaign fought by the IRA.
        A campaign that was mainly paid for by funds from your country the USA.

        Then go look in the mirror you hypocritical retard, you are in no position to go on about terrorism after the record of your own countrymen.

        1. Eurotrash Gerry,

          Tell us all about the many people, men, women, children, killed and maimed by the decades long terrorist campaign wage by Right-Wing Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, HamAss, Hezbola (Left-Wing Jeremy’s friends in Hezbola), Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram.

          Then go look in your broken mirror you hypocritical Eurotrash, you are in no position to go on about terrorism after the record of your own countrymen.

          ESAD Comrade.

          1. Trailer Trash Ted nice of you to copy and paste, part of, one of my sentences from my post above.

            So tell us all little Teddy when you, in a failed attempt to be clever, write
            “ are in no position to go on about terrorism after the record of your own countrymen.”

            Exactly what record of terrorist acts by my fellow Welshmen are you referring to?

            Happy Snack Bar redneck retard.

            1. Eurotrash Gerry, I’m just mirroring your idiotic comment and showing you how DUMB you are.

              BTW Stupid, is “Wales” an independent country and a member of the UN – or is it part of a REAL country, the UK??

              Happy Nakba, Eurotrash!

              1. Trailer Trash Ted, as I posted on a different thread. You really are so stupid that you don’t understand how stupid you make yourself look.

                Please keep it up, there is very little more amusing than watching you make a complete clown of yourself. You are very much like one of Pavlov’s Dogs in your very predictable reactions.

                Happy Snack Bar retard.

  4. Collier tweets “Am I the only one who thinks that Iranian forces probably shot a commerical airline out of the sky – killing 176 innocent people – including three Brits?”

    Yep, you’re the only one dopey enough.

    More likely to be the US or Israel, they’re well known for downing passenger planes and attacking ships.

    Iran Airflight 655 was a US Navy hit wasn’t it?

    1. Well, well, well. Seems I must hold my hand up and admit that David very likely has made a correct assessment on the matter of the downed passenger plane.

      Iran 1 : 1 US

  5. Any further attack on Iran will most likely be carried out not by America, but by its surrogate, the greatest threat to peace on Earth today, apartheid Israel.

    1. Fascist Iran, at War with

      – US
      – Israel
      – Saudi Arabia
      – UK
      – Sunnis
      – Persians
      – Kurds
      – Gays
      – Women

      Who will prevail?

        1. Farmer yes, yet again it demonstrates Trailer Trash Ted’s ignorance.
          The man who insisted foreign embassies use Iran and not ‘Persia’ was Reza Shah back in 1935.
          But it has been known as Iran by Iranians since the time of the Sassanids at least.

          The Sassanids were ruling Iran PRIOR to the rise of Islam.

  6. Collier retweets a young Katerji tweet “Western Left: How dare you call the head of the Quds Force a terrorist? He was a military general!”

    Israeli Right : How dare you call Menachem Begin and Iztak Shamir terrorists? They were Prime Ministers of Israel.

    But Israel abhors terrorists…… doesn’t it?

    Bet Katerji thinks so.

  7. “More than 60 civilians were killed or wounded in a US drone attack targeting a top Taliban splinter-group commander in the western Afghanistan province of Herat, local officials said.”

    Seems the US is a “monster”. Wonder why it is hated in the region.

    1. Sharmuta, the LaBOOR party, the one that APPEASES Hezbola, HamASS, Fascist Iran, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Jihahdis, …

      LOST in the recent elections in the UK.

      Happy Nakba!

      1. Perhaps our Ted could explain how would sanctions against the Jewish/Muslim/Christian etc. state of Israel be “antisemitism”.

        David hasn’t been able to. Perhaps it’s another of his lies.

  8. Using the charge of Islamophobia to silence any justified criticism of the intolerant “religion of peace” Islam, is similar to the accusation that any criticism of the diva-like behaviour of the Duchess of Sussex is racism.

    1. Similarly using the charge of antisemitism to silence any justified criticism of the intolerant racism of Zionism is all Collier has done for years and years, Ray.

      1. If Zionism is an intolerant racism, how come there are large, and growing, non-Jewish populations in Israel? Look at actual intolerant, racist countries like Pakistan, where non-Muslim minorities are gone. The Ahmadis, the Bah’ai, Christians are hounded out. Look at the collapse of Christian numbers in all Muslim majority nations. But you concentrate your attention and contempt on the only Jewish majority country.

        1. It’s the gall of Israel to describe itself as ‘democratic’ whilst moving to racial purity necessary for Zionism.

  9. Collier tweets “So those like @IlhanMN oppose sanctions against theocratic Iran because sanctions are a form of warfare and hurt innocent people

    But they support sanctions against democratic Israel – and say that is ‘different’.

    *sigh* #Antisemitism”

    How would sanctions against the Jewish/Muslim/Christian etc. state of Israel be “antisemitism”, David?

    Please explain.

  10. Collier tweets “When I say the Palestinian cause was created as a weapon with which to fight Jews – people say I over-reach.”

    The “Palestinian cause” was created for the Arabs of Palestine to resist those Zionists that were given the land that they already lived on. It would have been no different had it been Martians who had invaded the region.

    The “Palestinian cause” does nor rail against the majority of World Jewry who live elsewhere. They want to continue living in Palestine.

    1. Hey Stupid Sharmuta,

      JORDAN is “Pal-e-STINE” and wholey exists on the EAST bank of the Jordan River.

      Happy Nakba!

  11. Collier tweets “Labour supporters are actively trying to have me expelled from @uklabour for the crime of being a Jew who doesn’t like antisemites.

    That is what 4 years of @jeremycorbyn did to the party.”


    A blogger who has for years been on a mission to ensure that the Conservative party renains in power is sobbing that there are moves afoot to rescind his membership.

    Remember that a Mr. Wadsworth, a lifelong campaigner fof the party, was ejected for merely arguing with Ruth Smeeth, a Zionist Friend of Israel while Collier has spent years personally vilifying Jeremy Corbyn with insults and untruths. Remember how Hodge (another Zionist ‘Friend of Israel’) was appeased after her foul-mouthed verbal lying attack on Corbyn in the House.

    Smeeth was later disgraced having been caught lying about a conversation with a Labour supporter.

    That Collier fought to ensure the policies of Labour would never be implrmented yet pleads to remain within thd party is amusing.


      1. Ignorant Sharmuta, FYI, LaBOOR decisively lost the last election.

        LaBOOR lost due to people seeing the depths that LaBOOR has reached, and the Jihadi stabbing rampage on London bridge shocked people.

        Happy Nakba!

  12. How would sanctions against the Jewish/Muslim/Christian etc. state of Israel be “antisemitism”, David?

    Please explain.

  13. Collier tweets “The plane did not ‘crash’ it was blown out of the sky by the Iranian military”

    …… and Iran Airflight 655 was blown out of the sky by the US Navy.

    Mistakes do happen. Don’t they, David? Agree?

    1. Worth remembering the USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air flight 655 in 1988 ,over the Persian Gulf during the first Gulf War, killing all 290 passengers aboard. The US never apologised.

      1. … and the Commander got a medal for an excellent tour.

        NO mention of the careless downing.

        1. NO mention of the careless downing of the Ukrainian passenger plane by Fascist Iran…

          But what do we expect from a Sharmuta?

  14. I know I’m not alone when I say the creation of the racist, apartheid state of Israel was a mistake as well.
    A very big mistake.

  15. “A Zio will always tell you what happened to him, but not tell you why it happened.” – Old Proverb.

    1. “A Pali will always tell you what happened to him, but not tell you why it happened.” – Old Proverb.

      1. “Trailer Trash Ted is too stupid to know what has happened to him, or why it happened.”
        – Old Proverb

    2. “A Brutes Loo-Vee will always be wrong, double down on being wrong, confirm his pride at being wrong, and ultimately spin off into eternal self-delusion.” – Klingon Statement #1

  16. Collier tweets “Protests are clearly taking place in Iran but the hard left won’t support them.

    They’d rather defend the murderous regime that oppresses its own & spreads terror throughout the region.

    Those who stand up to Iran are the real freedom fighters.”

    Relatives and friends of those killed when the plane was downed in error are protesting in Iran.

    Anti-West protestors are burning UK and Israeli flags in Iran.

    Those suffering through America’s vindictive sanctions on Iran are also protesting.

    David and his ilk spin that as a desire to embrace the West … the West that is intent on crushing them.

  17. Collier tweets “Take it from those fighting Jew-hatred- it hasn’t gone anywhere. I see little difference in the level of hate and in some ways it is worse”

    Fighting Jew-hatred?

    Feigning Jew-hatred! …….. It’s his means of income …….. how dare it not be rampant?

  18. For those who are fed the lie that Israel is a democratic state, ponder these points ….

    1 The Israeli PR system normally requires coalition governments but the Joint List has never been invited to join such a coalition. For most Jewish parties this is a matter of principle; full political rights are thereby barred to the Arab community.

    2 The Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People exists precisely to make clear that non-Jews are “type-B” people.

    3 There may be no cities denied to Arab residents but there are certainly neighbourhood communities where this is the case, and the right to exclude non-Jews is enshrined in law.

  19. Collier retweets “Today, it is the truly brave and heroic Iranian women leading the uprising against the #Iran regime!”

    The women are not attempting to overthrow the gov. They are protesting the hijab laws.

    Don’t Israeli women protest restrictions on them at the wall?

    1. The organisation that campaigns for the simple right of women to pray with Torah Scrolls and tefillin at the Western Wall is called Women of the Wall who’ve been met with scorn, verbal abuse and violence.
      . …and those racist, ignorant, hypocritical Zios complain that Islam is anti-feminist?!

  20. Antisrmitism. Without hate and fear, what would the Jewish identity become? Could it survive?

    1. Reminds me of the quote from the late great Aaron Dover. ” And God gave the Zionists antisemitism”

    2. Take the crocodile tears to your momma’s nursing home, asshole. You don’t get to be completely toxic and then whine about how everyone’s not signing Kumbaya. G-d you’re evil but you’re also a total dumb-ass.

        1. Whining? The call it “The NAKBA”,

          because Islamofascists from Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Egypt,

          could not defeat Israel.

          Happy Nakba!

      1. Just as the Zio screams out in pain and cries ‘antisemitism’ when he strikes you, the crocodile sheds tears when eating their prey.

        1. Just as the Jihadi screams out in pain and cries ‘Islamo-FAUX-bia’ when he stabs, shoots, bombs, stones, rams you,

          the Islamofascist snake sheds tears when Infidels resist Sharia.

          BTW, Fascist Iran is on its last legs. The Persian people are rising up.

          So the Ayatoolas are facing opposition from without AND within.

          Happy Nakba to ayatoola khomeni and his “islamofascist revolution”.

  21. Collier tweets “pay their respect to the victims”


    They are out there protesting against the regime. Absolutely shameless from Amnesty”

    I think we can believe Amnesty International before a pro-Israeli poison-pen in London ….. with his allocated agenda.

    1. “The Religion of Peace”?


      9/11, London’s 7/7, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Manchester arena, Boston Marathon,
      Pan Am 103, Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, DC Beltway snipers, London and Westminster bridge rammings and stabbing, hanging gays, stoning girls to death to restore “family honour”, Orlando, San Bernardino, Brussels airport, MUmbai, Nairobi, thwarted bombings of inflight passenger planes, Beslan, Bamiyan Halabja, HamAss, Hezbola, Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, Pensicola FL Saudi jihadis, …

      Dishonesty International gets its marching orders from the Kremlin.

  22. Collier tweets “No Jewish person says criticising Israel is anti-Semitic”?

    What’s up, David …. memory gone?

  23. Collier tweets “No Jewish person says criticising Israel is antisemitic.

    Whazup, David … memory gone, has is?

    1. Zionism can seriously damage one’s mental health. Scoffy, Harvey the Rickshaw Puller, Trailer Trash Ted and Zionist ‘Chief Rabbi’ Dracula are a few examples.

  24. Collier tweets “No Jewish person says criticising Israel is anti-Semitic”

    When it is critiicised for its racist Zionism the wailing can be heard in Australia.

    1. “UK and Europe. ”
      The UK is geographically part of the continent of Europe. It has played a major role, not only as the UK but also the constituent countries that currently form the UK, in events in Europe for millennia, and doubtless will continue to do so.
      While the UK is due to withdraw from the EU, it is remaining a member state of the Council of Europe.
      Geographically the UK will remain a part of the continent of Europe. Politically it will still be playing a role in Europe, albeit not in the European Union.

      To use the term “UK and Europe.” displays a level of ignorance that is not surprising considering its source.

  25. Michael, I am sure this was high on your list of posts today, but you’re tardy so I’ll help out again!

    “Collier tweets”……As we leave the EU isn’t it time @BorisJohnson @foreignoffice @DominicRaab
    @DFID_UK looked at exactly what UK taxpayers are funding – and STOPPED pouring money into terrorism & spreading antisemitism. People have killed enough Jews. We shouldn’t be funding those that still do.

    Given that some of you may be UK tax payers do you think this is fair comment?

  26. Michael, this really is the last time I help you out today.

    Collier Re-tweets Sadiq Kahn’s actions today “Breaking: London is to donate £300,000 to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation”

    You must be furious about this. No mention that other holocausts are available nor mention of donations to the Foundations for Russians, gays, Roma or people with physical or mental handicaps. I am sure you are searching the internet right now to post support on their blogs

    1. On October 5, 2011 President of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski, signed special act (supported earlier by all parliamentary clubs of the lower and higher chambers of Polish Parliament) according to which Poland supported the fund in the amount of 10 million EUR (which is about 8% of whole fund amount).[8]

      Prime Minister of State of Israel, Benyamin Netanyahu, declared support of 3.6 million NIS (about 715 thousand EUR).[9]

    1. The convicted criminal Jonathan Hoffman ADMITS to watching revenge porn. Typical Zio. Why am I not surprised?

  27. “Phillips then clearly distinguishes between anti-Muslim bigotry – prejudice against Muslims – which she condemns – and cynical and manipulative use of the term Islamophobia. It is important to make this distinction and she was absolutely right to make it.”

    Pity Collier and Phillips themselves cannot distinguish between actual anti-Jewish bigotry and their own cynical and manipulative use of the term antisemitism . Funny that their overuse of the term is key to both their livelihoods.

  28. Michael, how many times am I to do your work for you? Come on man. I have a busy day today.

    “Collier Tweets..” I see the antisemites are complaining again about Israel attacking terrorist targets in Gaza.

    A simple message –


    Fair comment, right?

  29. FFS Michael. Are you doing your “Collier tweets…” or not?

    Collier re-tweets the Imam of Peace “Hamas and BDS don’t want you to see this picture. Israeli Muslim Hijabi female medics that volunteer in the United Hatzalah of Israel. They provide fast medical service to ALL citizens of Israel regardless. When Hamas bombs Israel, they’re not defending Muslims. It’s all lies.”

    I’ll even do the bloody link for you, you lazy sod.

    Great organisation Hatzalah; 800 call-outs a day across the Jewish State and always first on site for all Israelis. They’re in the UK and Europe too!

    Good, right?

  30. Collier tweets “Hamas and BDS don’t want you to see this picture. Israeli Muslim Hijabi female medics that volunteer in the United Hatzalah of Israel. They provide fast medical service to ALL citizens of Israel regardless. ”

    You’ve some cheek.

    Pity that these Muslims, who put people before blood line, will never be rewarded by being accepted as part of the state of Israel, never be granted statehood according to the racist Nation Law. Though they do good work for ALL Israelis they will never be treat as equal to Jews by the apartheid state of Israel.

    Aren’t you, Collier,as a pro_Israeli, ashamed?

      1. “Israeli Muslims who will never be granted statehood”

        You didn’t mean to write this did you Michael?

        1. “Israeli Muslims who will never be granted statehood”

          “You didn’t mean to write this did you Michael?”

          But he didn’t write that did he.
          You are deliberately misquoting his post, for your own reasons.
          Such a deliberate, and obvious, lie.
          Pathetic the depths to which some people sink.

            1. Trailer Trash Ted do they allow you to have mirrors in the Asylum they keep you in?
              Or have you seen a picture of a mirror in one of your colouring books?

              Happy Snack Bar retard.

              1. Eurotrash Gerry,

                Your “colouring” books only have one ONE crayon.

                RED – You commie bastard.

                1. Trailer Trash Ted, I’ll take that as a no.

                  Perhaps if you’re a good boy and keep taking your medication the staff might let you have something to play with that is sharper than a crayon.
                  Who knows they might even let you out of the ‘rubber room’.

    1. Aren’t you Muck, as a palsabra troll, embarrassed by how downright asinine your writings are? Probably not; you’d have to beat the hell out of yourself if you acknowledged how much you suck. Never change, stool sample thou art.

  31. Collier tweets “Okay. So now we have a new trend.

    @uklabour members are resigning from the party because they feel that under a new leader it will not be antisemitic enough.

    Yes, you do need to read it a few times for it to fully sink in.”

    Not at all. They can just skip over to the Tory Party which was found to be more anti-Semitic than Labour which was, of all the parties, found to be the least anti-Semitic.

    They’ll be fine there given that David, who he tells us fights against antisemitism wherever it raised its head, is ok with it there. Coincidently the Tory Party is ok for the UK to trade military equipment to Israel whereas Labour would stop it.

    Don’t believe it? Watch witchfinder general spluttering …

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