Speaker at leftist ‘antisemitism’ vigil – shares antisemitic websites

A few days ago there was a vigil held to stand in solidarity with Jews against recent antisemitic attacks. We all know about the antisemitic graffiti that turned up in the Hampstead area just a few days before the new year. There is no way of being absolutely certain of the political leanings of those behind the attack. However, this is not the US, and 9/11 conspiracy is more prevalent in the hard left of UK politics. In fact, show me a Corbynista and I will show you someone with 9/11 conspiracy theorists for friends. I’ve been researching this for years and it is by far one of the most common of the antisemitic accusations that has spread throughout Labour party forums.

Which made it so odd that the Labour hard left would want to come out in solidarity with the Jewish people over this particular episode. It isn’t as if they have a major problem blaming Zionists for 9/11, and they’ve spent the last 4 years talking down this antisemitism – which leaves them doing little more than protesting the act of graffiti rather than the antisemitism behind it.

They can’t openly stand against all their friends – so they first cast doubt over the 9/11 message. They blamed this act on the far-right. The date of Kristallnacht was put forward as an alternative meaning behind the antisemitic message. Kristallnacht occurred on the night of 9-10 Nov. This seems somewhat absurd although not impossible. Far right antisemites tend to be ‘in your face’ Jew haters. It seems odd that they would leave a message so unclear about what it is they were trying to say. Google ‘9/11’ and ‘Jews’ and you’ll see that this invariably is about the attacks on September 11.

A few points

I had originally decided not to write anything about the event. The vigil was a sickening act of appropriation and I felt loathe to bring it even more attention. It was the type of political stunt we have come to expect from the hard left. The vast majority of the Jewish community were not welcome at the event. There were even activists pointing out ‘Zionist’ reporters who turned up. People came with badges calling for the boycott of the Jewish state. It was a highly offensive event.

Token Jews were of course put forward at the vigil. A handful of people from the fringe of the community. Corbyn’s hard left still haven’t learnt the basic lesson that tokenism is racism. As a group Jewish Voice for Labour were explicitly set-up to deflect accusations of antisemitism – they even counter-protested Jewish community events on antisemitism – who in their right mind would think it appropriate to have them attend?

My work over the last few years has made a time-consuming investigation into an event such as this unnecessary. We know antisemites are present. Take for example this post by United Community Camden thanking Carol Foster for her ‘help’:



Carol Foster? Carol would be known to readers of this blog as one of the admins of Palestine Live. Here is a ditty she wrote about the ‘Jewish lobby’ who in her eyes are ‘demons’ that need to be robbed of ‘their power’:

Gerry Downing was also there:

gerry downing

Downing was expelled from Labour for writing about – you guessed it – things like 9/11. He also put out an article about the need for Marxists to address the ‘Jewish question.’

Heckled at the vigil

The focus of this piece however is one of the speakers at the event – Louise Raw. Most of the Jewish community stayed away from the event in anger but some Jewish people did turn up to voice their displeasure. The issue of antisemitism was being hijacked by people they felt were chiefy responsible for creating it – and they wanted to have their voice heard.

Since the event Louise Raw has been busy attacking them (the Jewish demonstrators) rather than the antisemites. Raw even went so far as to imply that prominent Jewish campaigners against antisemitism had been singing ‘Tommy Robinson’ chants.

And here we run into trouble. Louise Raw is referencing a second event – which took place the night before the election. She is claiming the Jews at the vigil were also at the Corbyn event and as they left they were ‘chanting for Tommy Robinson.’ What an awful smear. Trouble is – I was at that Corbyn event. And as I always do for safety reasons – I have my camera on from the moment I arrive until I have left. And for their own protection, the Jewish demonstrators all left the event in a group. It goes without saying that at no point did these Jewish campaigners start singing about Tommy Robinson. Which means I have complete timestamped footage on a memory card that proves this smear is a baseless lie.

Who is the trusted source that Louise Raw has used to build this smear upon? It is a Corbyn radical called Guy Smallman. Smallman is just another anti-Israel activist. He has also defended Labour from charges of antisemitism. Here he is both hiding behind a radical Jewish sect and calling the Labour antisemitism crisis out as some type of plot:



When Raw uses the word ‘reliable’, she simply means she likes his politics. It is a self protecting bubble. Here is Smallman starting the vile smear on Raw’s Facebook post. This seems to have been enough for Raw to make the accusation with. No evidence at all.

jounro vigil

Finally – a point to make to Louise Raw herself.  As a speaker at the event – it seems odd that Louise has personally shared hard-core antisemitic websites with her friends.

vigil louise raw

The fake-news website – ‘friendsofsyria’ is full of the most extreme antisemitic material, from Holocaust denial to – yes of course- 9/11 conspiracy theory.

Louise Raw vigil speaker

Raw clearly had no problem promoting this site to her friends as something to read. So yes, a speaker at this insulting vigil has shared Holocaust denial websites. A historian who has no sense of real of fake. How refreshing.

Perhaps it would be helpful if Louise Raw would stop smearing the Jewish people who have a problem with the disgraceful vigil – and started thinking about why they have a problem – and look more closely at those people she stands alongside. Does she really believe that Carol Foster and Gerry Downing are the anti-racists? Because she is clearly standing in solidarity and defending them as she attacks and smears British Jews.

But then again, Raw also felt that a vile antisemitic website was worth sharing with her friends. Perhaps we shouldn’t take much notice of her opinion at all.



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163 thoughts on “Speaker at leftist ‘antisemitism’ vigil – shares antisemitic websites

      1. You fail to comprehend that the struggle for Palestinian freedom and the struggle against antisemitism are part of the same global struggle for justice for all.

        People of conscience must continue to escalate the struggle for full Palestinian freedom. We must also take aim at emboldened Zionist nationalists that use Jews for political purposes and to further their own hidden agenda.

        1. People may struggle with you being the same Bruce Levy that came here to defend sex worker Madame Corvid (see earlier article) as the most moral person he knew but who was then de-selected by her political party for being a racist?

          So, tell us again……….

    1. Hate is a strong word as most of the hard left are victims of NLP. They wouldn’t under normal circumstances become vitriolic and hatefilled themselves. As a collective noun for those who dislike method and ideology of the hard left, ‘the sensible’, would cover it.

  1. “I had originally decided not to write anything about the event.”

    But then a utilities bill came in, David?

    Your funders’ll cover that.

  2. David references the rent-a-mob as “Jewish demonstrators”.

    Others know them as Zionist demonstrators as with his ‘Jewish Community’.

  3. “neteuri karta” represent Jews as

    the “westboro baptist church” represents Christians.

      1. The KKK are your soul brothers, Brutes, not mine. Don’t slap the hand that at least for now wants to feed your sorry ass.

  4. Thanks for what you do David. I was one who put forward the Kristallnacht reference because the images were so similar and I figured that Momentum had some members who were ‘fully cogniscent’ of history in the Holocaust and might have deliberately done that to ‘scare’ the community. Anyway, I’m still not sure that I am wrong. There’s a big force out there with a lot of power and I really wish it wasn’t that way. One thing I can adamantly say, is that there is a huge proportion of British people who will stand with the Jewish community. Spent many hours discussing this with my husband. I just ask that the Jewish Community embrace our efforts. I understand the difficulty of trying to see the wood for the trees. We don’t know how it feels to be in your situation. We can try. We feel huge empathy and we believe this antisemitic resurgence to be repugnant. I have learned new words like Goysplaining and would hate to be unhelpful when I only mean the best. My one plea, please encourage the Jewish Community to understand that we don’t fully understand but we are shocked at this antisemitism.

  5. Five ‘facts’ for the simple :

    1. Israel is the Jewish state

    2. Jerusalem is the capital

    3. Israel is *by far* the most free, liberal & democratic nation in the ME.

    4. Israel has a duty to defend itself from those that seek to destroy it.

    5. Antisemites tell lots of lies about Israel.

    5 actual facts :

    1. The state of Israel has Jewish/Muslim/Christian etc. citizens.

    2. Israel’s PM Netanyahu has declared that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. Trump agrees. The world doesn’t agree.

    3. Israel has abandoned democracy and recognises only its Jewish citizens and any Jew anywhere in the world as being a part of the state yet denies Israeli statehood even to its non-Jewish resident citizens.

    4. Israel attacks its neighbours on a regular basis and dishonestly spins it as ‘defense’.

    5. Those who criticise Israel’s actions are labelled as antisemites by the racist Zionists though the criticisism is directed at the Israeli gov. not its Jewish citizens.

  6. A quick guide to Israel’s PR methods:

    1. We haven’t heard reports of deaths, we’ll check into it;

    2. The people were killed, but by a faulty Palestinian rocket/bomb;

    3. OK we killed them, but they were terrorists;

    4. OK they were civilians, but they were being used as human shields;

    5. OK there were no fighters in the area, so it was our mistake. But we
    kill civilians by accident, they do it on purpose;

    6. OK, we kill far more civilians than they do, but look how terrible other
    countries are!

    7. Why are you still talking about Israel? Are you some kind of anti-Semite?

    Test this against the next interview you hear or watch.

    1. Is this the same Bruce Levy that came here to defend sex worker Madame Corvid (see earlier article) as the most moral person he knew but who was then de-selected by her political party for being a racist?

  7. “Which made it so odd that the Labour hard left would want to come out in solidarity with the Jewish people over this particular episode.”

    The “hard left” as you wish to spin the Labour Party have always been the prrime movers against racism. For this reason they have sought a peaceful solution to the Israel/Palestine problem.

    Zionists, David included, have as their goal an Eretz Israel which by necessity means the destruction of Palestinian rights. Labour opposes that and hence a Labouŕ government would cease the appeasement of Israel’s actions and not be directed by the powerful UK Jewish lobby
    that constantly has the ear of Conservative governments.

    Since Corbyn was elected as Labour leader, David and his ‘Jewish community’ have waged a smearing witchhunt against him painting him as antisemitic. Corbyn’s history in fighting racism, antisemitism included, is testament that David’s allegations and accusations are but lies.

    David and his ‘Jewish community’, i.e. the BOD, Jewish Chronicle and the others tabloids have printed ludicrous falsehoods to further their Zionist agenda.

    The ‘Jewish community’ is in reality the Zionist community.

    She who voted leave shouldn’t be so easily taken in by David’s ‘Jewish community’ farce .

    1. She who voted leave is so very thankful that we will. Common sense and democracy prevailed against a force that the silent majority rejected. Brainwashing, insults, arrogance, noisy demonstrations and barely veiled threats did nothing other than make that majority determined to stop that behavior from taking over the country.

    1. Yes Ed, pretty huge development that. Not going to rejoice in the violence. Its not going to be me, you or anyone else here that has to deal with the aftermath. It will be my children and the children and grandchildren of many others here.

      1. > Not going to rejoice in the violence

        Violence is how WW2 was resolved.

        The world already has to deal with Islamofascism and World-Wide terrorism.
        9/11, London’s 7/7, constant calls for death to America and Israel by fascist iran and their military parades.

        khomeni’s “islamic revolution”, aided by Dhimmi Carter, is about to suffer a terrible Nakba.

        BTW the big difference between Iraq and Islamofascist Iran is that the Persian people are sick of the Ayatoolas.

    2. “The White House and the Pentagon confirmed the killing of Soleimani in Iraq, saying the attack was carried out at the direction of US President Donald Trump and was aimed at deterring future attacks allegedly being planned by Iran.”

      Yep, the murder should ensure there’ll be no retaliation. Smart man Trump. 😉

      1. President Doofus seems eager enough to start a war, but, remember when he was asked to serve his country he ran away! An alleged medical condition.
        The only condition that President Doofus suffers from is being a cowardly megalomaniac.

          1. Trailer Trash Ted, the crying you will hear will be that of those who have to suffer the consequences of the actions of the Draft-Dodger, President Doofus.

            You better stay safely in Mummy’s basement in case you hear any loud noises and you piss yourself in fear again!
            It is easy for you to fantasise that you are strong and tough while you are running around Mummy’s basement in her undies and wearing your tin-foil helmet with MAGA on it.
            If you ever have to enter the real World it will be too big a shock for your system.

            Happy Snack Bar.

            1. Eurotrash Gerry,

              I see you have a Full Blown case of TDS – Trump Derangement Syndome.

              Go crawl up in Jeremy’s lap. He’ll stroke your belly.

              Happy Nakba Comrade Gerry!

              1. Trailer Trash Ted so you have confirmed that you and President Doofus are a pair of cowards prepared to fight to the last drop of someone else’s blood, as long as you two gutless retards don’t get hurt.
                Better put your tin-foil helmet on again. We wouldn’t want a spineless, keyboard warrior like you Ted to get frightened. Mummy has to mop up the pool of your urine every time you get frightened.

                1. Eurotrash Gerry, Collect your tears over Corbyn and LaBOOR’s loss, put them in a crystal vial, and shove it up your bum.

                  Happy Nakba A-hole!

      2. When you heard Sleomani was dead Muck did you cry or sink into a dark place knowing that you’ll never have your chance now to have anal sex with him?

    3. “Pre-emptive self defence is never a legal justification for assassination. Nothing is. The relevant law is the United Nations Charter, which defines self defence as a right to respond to an actual and significant armed attack,” she said.

      “The use of a drone to kill Iranian Gen Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad was not in response to an armed attack on the United States. Iran has not attacked the sovereign territory of the United States,” she said.

      “In this case, the United States has not only committed an extrajudicial killing, it has carried out an unlawful attack within Iraq.”

      1. > she said.

        Who is “she”, you dumb sharmuta?

        Fascist Iran is heading for a reckoning. Pres. Trump isn’t Obama.

        It’s time for the Persian people to rise up and bring the fascsist ayatoolas to trial and face justice.

        1. It’s Trump and buffoons like yourself that are currently intent on pouring suffering on the people of Iran through biting sanctions, designed to put the people on a desperation diet.

          1. The Persian people want Freedom, NOT the SLAVERY of Satans Khomeni

            “islamic revolution” which has been a blight om the Entire World – but especially on the Persian people.

  8. And speaking of falsehoods, this is should be presented to the Jew haters when they mention “Palestinian rights”. Not my opinion, that of the PLO !

    This from PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein, in a 1977 interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw. The trolls here hate it.

    “The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a
    Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle
    against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality
    today there is no difference between Jordanians,
    Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and
    tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of
    a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand
    that we posit the existence of a distinct ‘Palestinian
    people’ to oppose Zionism.”

    1. “And speaking of falsehoods,… Not my opinion, that of the PLO !”
      The opinion of the PLO? Or that of a member of its Executive Committee, well known for his pro-Syrian, Pan-Arab views and for being constantly at loggerheads with Arafat?
      Of course, if it was the opinion of a leading member of the Pan-Arab faction within the PLO and not of the PLO then that would be a falsehood.

      “The trolls here hate it.”
      I suspect that the people who assassinated him, hated it even more.

  9. Which just goes to illustrate that the notion of a Palestinian state is batshit. Who cares if their is a Palestinian people.There are people living on the land. Hopefully Ian is looking forward to Mo and Fatima from Nablus moving in next door and strolling down to the polling station with them.

    1. Nah Bellers. Looking forward to moving in next door to Mo and Fatima down my way. Their house is loads bigger than mine and they have a Merc. They vote Bibi.

        1. “My work is done”

          Stephen that is the funniest thing you have written.
          What would you know about ‘work’?
          Other than how to avoid it.

          1. Don’t tell me, Gerald. You worked down t’pit most of your life and have never set eyes on an office chair. Correct?

                1. Farmer, you got your industries wrong.
                  My background is Construction, a Carpenter by trade.

                  I haven’t done much in a while, but, I’ll happily make a coffin for you free of charge.
                  The sooner the better.

            1. Farmer, yes I have ” set eyes on an office chair”
              I have also set eyes on a Soyuz space capsule, but, that does not make me a Cosmonaut.

  10. Collier tweets “Every real freedom fighter in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon & beyond is rejoicing today. Only the terrorists – of the Middle East are weeping.

    Look at the tears and anger of the new left in the west. How out of touch – how irrelevant they have made themselves.#Soleimani”

    It is Collier who is out of touch. Soleimani does the West a favour by saving Baghad from being overrun by Isis and is rewarded by being taken out in typical cowardly US fashion.

    Who will now suffer because ov Trump’s need to distract the US public from his problems?

    1. You’re a broken clock that’s had its LED display smashed in. You’re not even right twice a day. It shouldn’t be so easy to show that a troll like you has brain damage–but it is.

      1. “Soleimani does the West a favour by saving Baghad from being overrun by Isis and is rewarded by being taken out in typical cowardly US fashion.”

        Ben, do you dispute the above?

        1. The US is saving Baghdad from being overrun by ISIS and Fascist Iran.

          As for cowardly, that’s what your Islamist fiends do when they attack while HIDING BEHIND women and children.

              1. Eurotrash Gerry,


                – Trump is President
                – Boris Johnson is Prime Minister
                – Al Bag-Daddy is Dead Daddy
                – Soulemani Sleeps with the Fishes
                – Your LaBOOR Party got Beat, Badly with the help of cross-over votes by people sick of what the Labour party has become.

                All your Hopes and Dreams end up in the crapper.

                Happy Nakba, comrade!

                1. Trailer Trash Ted.

                  – Xi is President of China
                  – Modi is Prime Minister
                  – Big Daddy (wrestler) is dead
                  – My pet Goldfish sleeps with other fish.
                  – President Doofus got less votes than Sen. Clinton,
                  but has now been impeached by the House of Representatives.

                  Happy Snack Bar, inbred retard.

  11. Goodness, how you are such experts in international affairs. Reading all these comments made me realise that it is absolutely pointless discussing anything with the left. However, I’m sure you all felt very superior and vicious, sorry, meant victorious.

    1. We are experts because we don’t follow David’s constant hasbara. That anyone swallows such dishonest tripe is tragic. I trust you don’t.

      1. Farmer to quote Erasmus,
        “In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king.”
        There are some who are deliberately blind to the truth, because it is inconvenient to them.
        The right-wing, in any country, are not only blind to the truth and the obvious, they are also deaf to it as well.

      2. Arabs around the world are chanting “Death to I Jews. Death to Israel” . This prompts the big question; where are they getting all their Israeli flags from?

        1. Q. This prompts the big question; where are they getting all their Israeli flags from?

          A. Israel gets money from Fascist Iran for Israeli flags that Fascist Iran burns.

          Those crafty Zionists win all the time

  12. Collier tweets “Considering the Iranian proxy Hezbollah has over 100k rockets aimed at Israel – I think it makes it logical to warn Israel before you poke Iran by targeting #Suleimani

    As for not warning @TheDemocrats. Look at them- it’d be the quickest way to make sure Suleimani was tipped-off”

    Wonder if Israel’s proxy the US has any plans prepared to strike at Iran when Israel asks them.

    Seems that the US didn’t warn the UK of the impending murder. More cavalier action from Doofus.

    Collier insults the Democrats by implying that they are traitors to their own country. The same Collier who has helped ensure a further growth of needed foodbanks in this country. His first love are the Zionists of Israel … not the needy families of the UK.

    1. This is the same Michael Farmer who criticizes Jews that donate to food banks saying it doesn’t count as charity.

      So tell us again. Giving food to food banks; good or bad?

      Hint. Ask Bellers. He’s not a fan either.

            1. Trailer Trash Ted, the main source of funding for the IRA was the USA. It took President Clinton to put a stop to it.

              I wonder how many innocent people lost their lives, or were seriously injured because of funding from your country the USA.

              YOU are in no position to lecture anyone on terrorist funding.

            2. …………. and charity to Israel … from the US … over $3,500,000,000 year on year. ….

              A truly dependant state.

          1. Hang on Bellers. You said it didn’t count as charity because it was Jews doing the giving.

            Are you now saying that it was charity ?

              1. You asked why they stopped giving charity, so they must have started Bellers.

                Up to some mischief here boychik?

                1. Ian people might wonder why you don’t answer the question instead of just playing silly buggers. There is no shame in not knowing the answer. There are only four people in the world that do. Simple Simon Cobbs , Anthony “significant danger to the public ” Denison, Simon Johnson and me. So, as I say there is no need to need to feel any shame over this.

                  1. I’ll look forward to the copy/paste of your 12 year old films of them Bellers. Remember not to link to the YouTube show tunes this time.

    2. This is the same Mike Farmer that noticed that the only food that the Zionists(not ‘Jews’) used in the ‘foodbank PR stunt’ was food produced in the illegal Jewish only settlements in the Palestinian territories.

      1. Aha, the Oxfam defence ” We’d rather see people in poverty than working for Jews”

        Updated as the All News Bellers Substitutive Test; ” We’d rather people went hungry than eat food from Jews.”

        Gotcha !

      2. Zionists(not ‘Jews’)

        plus …. don’t misrepresent the posts of others. Makes you appear toady, slimy, dishonest …. like Collier.

        1. Aha. So using our old friend, the Bellers Substitutive Test and your own words

          ” We’d rather people went hungry than eat food from Zionists (not Jews).”

          So, you’re okay with them eating food donated by Jews, right?

  13. In America as in many other countries, there are human leeches who call themselves ‘Jews’ who put their allegiance to the racist, apartheid state before their native countries.
    These blood suckers are truly are the lowest of the low who support a murderous gangster-run country whose founders hijacked the Star of David for their own flag.
    The one silver lining in the cowardly attack on Soleimani is that Iran possibly retaliate via Israel and/or its senior politicians.
    On another note, this Sunday will be attending the big Jewish march to stand against antisemitism and give pushback against dem Zio’s who will no doubt try to steer the event towards their own pro-Israeli agenda.

    1. Happy Nakba to you and your Sand Na zi pals!

      When you feel down in the dumps, think of Al Bag-Daddy and General Salami.

      BTW, are you entitled to 72 virgins too?

    2. Dear Sack of Socialist SHlTler,

      Still upset that your side SURRENDERED, UNCONDITIONALLY in 1945 to the US, UK and SU?

      Still unhappy that the Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2 or Khybar?

      Upset that Al-Bag-Daddy and Sulimani were brought to Justice?

      Well expect 2020 to be FILLED with NAKBA for you and your comrades.

        1. As your side surrendered to Israelis, Sharmuta?

          Soon Fascist Iran’s Revolutionary Gestapo will surrender to the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kurds, UK.

    3. “big Jewish march to stand against antisemitism ”

      No doubt David will be there.

      Not to march against antisemitism but to snap the marchers and then write a blog on how these Jews are traitors to Israel …. and other loopy accusations.

      1. This is a march across the Brooklyn Bridge. Lots of progressive and righteous antiZio groups (JVP, etc…) present to argue the case against and counterbalance the Zio’s argument why Israel’s needed as an insurance policy against antisemitism.
        Collier here? Some of their kind — like Scoffy — may be ‘personna non-grata’ due to their far-right extremism, racism and/or criminality. We have enough homegrown Zio loonies as it is.

  14. The fat cat, vile, warmonging Zios must be rubbing their hands in glee of the prospect of a war between America and Iran. Sooner or later, the whole Zio experiment will implode and disappear in a puff of smoke.

    Despite what Collier, his Zio mates and the JDL would like you to believe, Jews were not persecuted in the USSR as a matter of policy. In fact, a high percentage of Jews were quite successful in their fields.

    Those who were unhappy with the economic system left and the ZOG paid their air fare.

    Once many highly educated former Soviet citizens arrived in the apartheid state, they were forced to live in dire poverty, some on the streets and some in tents in local parks. The lucky ones were offered menial jobs and others chose to beg, turn to prostitution, alcohol or drugs — or commit suicide.

    So much for the apartheid state welcoming persecuted Jews.

    Elderly Holocaust survivors who are paraded around on occasion are treated the same way.

    1. Top notch activism Bruce. My worry is that you seem to be holding back.

      Having a crisis of faith?

    2. How did you manage to write that much and get every single thing wrong? Most bullshit posts are a lot shorter–you should know, you write most of them.

  15. Watch this Collier, this fighter against racism, this believer in ‘TRUTH’ , this member of the Labour party ….. what????

    Watch as he squirms … as he wriggles as he shows that antisemitism by any other political party can be excused.

    Fancy attacking ONLY the party of which you are a member … if he truly is.


  16. Collier tweets “Once more neo-Nazi David Duke stands in solidarity with Corbynites & far left elements of @TheDemocrats”

    So he equates a neo-nazi with the anti-racist Labour Party.

    The man’s internal hate has made him unhinged.

    So obsessed with Labour he shows that he isn’t against antisemitism … he’s against the Labour Party’s stance on Israel.


          1. Stephen how would Frances Weetman, or Sara Gibbs, fare if you Stephen Bellamy are “the very benchmark against which sanity is to be measured”?

            I’m asking for my friend and advisor, the Emperor Gaius. Because he believes that if you are the benchmark for sanity then he would be judge sane.

            1. As my good friend Dr James Bickford once said to me……Some people are bad, some are mad and some have just gone off the rails a little.

              He was called away on an emergency before he had a chance to tell me which category I fell into

              1. Bellers, the measure of Ms Weetman is her only her ability to copy/paste onto a social media site. In that, she appears to be top notch and the image – Stop The War Coalition declaring war on Israel – is priceless.

              2. Stephen this Bickford chap, wasn’t he a ‘luvvie’ appeared in the film “The Big Country” along with Gregory Peck?

      1. You meant to write either “syphilitic”, “mentally retarded” or just “Bruce Levy” (man that’s mean) instead of “old” there.

        1. As always, Mr Dover, your reply (and name) says more about you than me (man that’s true).

          1. That confirms the right word instead of “old” is “syphilitic”. Thanks for the confirmation.

  17. ‘Going to war’ with apartheid Israel needn’t just be a military option. It could be economic as well.
    Think of BDS on steroids.
    How awesome is that?

    1. Why are you always going on about drugs Bruce?

      Still backing all the wrong sides as well; anti war orgs that declare war on Jews, anti poverty charities that prefer people to be in poverty than work for Jews and anti bias charities that appoint bias regional representatives to report on Jews. You see the pattern, right?

      Ah well…..

      1. Ian if you are ever to live anything resembling a normal life you are first going to have to get over your thing about Jews and your attendant rampant self pity. Just because you are paranoid it doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you but it doesn’t mean they always are either.

        1. Bit too much of the Gerald persona in that one Bellers. I was going to be charitable and say it can’t be easy for you keeping up, but I know how you feel about Jews giving charity.

            1. Now now Bellers. As my good friend Dr. Ignatius Pickle once said to me, “If you’re gonna put all your exclamation marks on the table, make sure you nail it”.

              According to Bruce and the Bellers Botty Bois , it’s “Blood sucking Jews” this month.

              Get it right boychik.

                  1. “In America as in many other countries, there are human leeches who call themselves ‘Jews’ who put their allegiance to the racist, apartheid state before their native countries.”

                    Wrong again Ian, you Zionist whore.

    2. BDS is already on steroids: their so-called achievements are lies and morally bankrupt, they’re scarred with thick acne (seriously, have you seen how insanely ugly the average BDS supporter is? Pig city!), their testicles have shrunk, and they’re likely to end up with terminal cancer. What an analogy you handed me Brutes! I’d hug you if you weren’t a 5-foot tall pile of shit.

  18. Ha! Just got the drug reference Bruce.

    Now that the French courts have judged that smoking weed is defence to murdering Jews, you think you’re onto something, right?

  19. Missed our episode of “Collier Tweets..” this morning Michael.

    Don’t worry, I’m here to help. https://twitter.com/kishkushkay/status/1214229807766134786

    It’s actually a re-tweet from the inspirational Kay Wilson showing images of some of her 35+ machete wounds when she was hacked up by an Arab terrorist who went on to murder her Christian friend who was walking with her. At his trial it emerged that he had simply wanted to kill Jews and now receives a handy $1730 per month from the PA. Not even a rebate for missing the Jew!!!

    Not really your thing though is it?

    1. Collier tweets “At its core ‘Palestine’ is replacement ideology born from a wish for a genocide of Jews.”

      Another fuzzy sentence.

      Is Collier attempting to smear those that support a state of Palestine by labelling them as wishing a Genocide of the Jews? Remember that Israel only contains a minority of world Jewry.

    2. ….. and those ìn the Israeli firing-squads at the Gazan fence who “has simply wanted to kill” Arabs, do they receive even more than $1730 per month from the US via its welfare to Israel?

      1. Sharmuta, Arabs/Muslims kill Arabs/Muslims (Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Sudan, Lebanon, ….), and you blame Jews.

        You really are a Stupid POS.

  20. Collier retweeted a ‘ Michael Dickson’ tweet “Billboard in Jerusalem features Arab and Jewish kids with the slogan written in 3 languages: “Growing up together.”

    Nothing on the billboard reminding the non-Jews that they won’t be allowed any statehood though and they will never be a part of Israel then?

    Bit sneaky not mentioning that isn’t it.

    I’m sure slaveholders’ children and slaves’ children also ‘grew up together’.

  21. “Iranian legislators pass bill designating US military, Pentagon as terror groups for ordering Soleimani’s killing.”

    Still anti-terrorist, Ted?

        1. You have the intellectual capability of a hippo that was hit in the head with an iron crowbar. In simpler terms just for you: MUCK, YOU ARE SO STUPID.

  22. I warned you before the UK General Election that it would not matter who won, the Foreign Office (FCO) has its own agenda and policies and will stick to them.

    Was anyone really stupid or naive enough to think Boris Johnson would make a difference?
    This announcement today from the Minister at the FCO

    Published 7 January 2020

    From: Foreign & Commonwealth Office and The Rt Hon Dr Andrew Murrison MP
    Commenting on Israel’s announcement of plans for new housing units across the West Bank, Dr Andrew Murrison, Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, said:

    “The UK condemns the Israeli government’s advancement of yet more plans for over 1,900 housing units across the West Bank.

    “It is the UK’s longstanding position that settlements are illegal under international law and undermine the viability of the two-state solution.

    “We call on Israel to halt settlement expansion immediately.”

    The first ‘wake-up’ call to those who thought BoJo would be wonderful and change long standing policy at the FCO.

    1. It’s all blather and appeasement of the state of Isràel … continued.

      UK will still trade with this state … will not impose sanctions on it … pathetic.

      Israel is the most appeased state in the world.

      1. “UK will still trade with this state…”
        Yes Farmer it will and many others as well.
        If you think there is anything ‘ethical’ or ‘moral’ about trade or foreign policy, then you must be living on a fluffy pink cloud floating high above the planet Earth.
        Lord Palmerston’s dictum is an honest and practical approach to both foreign policy and trade.

    2. > The first ‘wake-up’ call to those who thought BoJo would be wonderful and change long standing policy at the FCO.

      So there’s no difference between Boris or Jeremy?

      The voters believed and acted otherwise.

      Yes, the UK has a Swamp – just as the US does.

      1. Trailer Trash Ted the voters in the USA believed that Senator Clinton would be a better President than Doofus and several MILLION more voted for Senator Clinton than Doofus.

        Yes there is a swamp in the UK and the USA, they are both infested with right-wing retards like you Ted.

        Happy Snack Bar.

        1. Eurotrash Gerry,

          Are Hezbola, HamAss, Taliban, Islamic Republic of Iran, “Right-Wing”?

          1. Trailer Trash Ted in answer to your question,
            “Are Hezbola, HamAss, Taliban, Islamic Republic of Iran, “Right-Wing”?”

            I don’t know, and I don’t care.

            1. You just provided the punchline to the joke about a professor asking a worthless student if he was “ignorant or apathetic”. 🙂

              1. Ben a stupid question from a stupid person, such as Trailer Trash Ted, does not deserve a serious answer.

                Ted is to stupid to understand how stupid he is.

                1. Eurotrash Gerry said:

                  > Ted is >to< stupid

                  to? LOL!

                  And Eurotrash calls others Stupid, you Dumb Sack of Socialist SHlT. LOL!

            2. >> “Are Hezbola, HamAss, Taliban, Islamic Republic of Iran, “Right-Wing”?”

              > I don’t know, and I don’t care.

              Afraid to take a stand comrade?

              Hoo Baby Gerry! This is a keeper. This is going to hound you for the rest of your miserable life.

        2. Eurotrash Gerry, the voters in the UK believed that Boris Johnson would be a better Prime Mister than Comrade Corbyn and several MILLION more voted for Senator Johson than Comrade Corbyn.

          Happy Nakba Eurotrash!.

          1. Trailer Trash Ted who is “Senator Johson” ?
            Even for a right-wing retard Ted you really are ignorant ad thick.

            1. Didn’t you know that Trailer Trash Ted is a noted Zio authority on world affairs.

              1. Bruce, no I didn’t know.
                The only ability I thought Ted had is the ability to count to 12 by counting the fingers on both hands.

                1. Eurotrash can only count to 5 using all the fingers on his hand.

                  And Islamofascist CaptainHook AKA Abu Hamza can’t count at all – his hands are now hooks.

  23. Collier tweets “Just spent a day in the archives researching for a book I am writing.”

    Another one for the Fiction section.

    1. no room in the fiction section. Ilan Pappe, Ben White and co have it overflowing. It is why I opted to go to the archives and write something factual.

  24. Collier retweets “BREAKING: Ilhan “Israel hypnotizes the world” Omar admits that when she seeks sanctions against Israel it’s really “economic warfare.”

    Ilhan, your antisemitism is showing.”

    Another fool who thinks Israel is ‘the Jews’.

    Israel is a law-breaking, convention flouting state.

    Israel has only a MINORITY of world Jewry.

  25. In a previous article the trolls were bleating about how unfair it was that we had all of our advanced defence systems, meaning that even when the Arabs lobbed 10,000 rockets at our civilian communities they couldn’t kill us. Someone even suggested we should share our tech with them, to make it a fairer fight. I imagine this is going to make them even angrier;-


    Not a bad addition for the export sales pipeline.

    1. And the US didn’t give National Socialist Germany or Imperialist Japan nuclear weapons – other than the two used on Imperialist Japan.

      Meanwhile Arabs kill Arabs, Muslims kill Muslims (see the 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war) – it’s the way of the beast.

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