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The BBC and Guardian as fake news outlets. Enabling antisemites.

When did the BBC and the Guardian become ‘fake news’ outlets? Last week the Guardian newspaper, published a letter, written by ‘over 200 Jewish members’. It was compiled to belittle the problem of antisemitism in the Labour Party, and in support of Jeremy Corbyn. For some (as yet to be discovered) reason, BBC News even gave airtime to it. The letter is no more than a rehash of the last time the Guardian decided to give this particular rabble a voice. Nor any different from the one before that, nor the one before that. We can follow this line all the way back to 2002, when the Guardian first gave publicity to the movement that was to become BDS.

Who is inside the rabble? People like Naomi Wimborne Idrissi, who have spoken under the flag of the soon to be proscribed Hezbollah and Elleanne Green, founder of the antisemitic Palestine Live Facebook group. Without the antisemites, this group could not gather a regular ‘minyan‘, which is why they never publicly demonstrate. In other words everybody should know, including those at the BBC and the Letters Editor at the Guardian newspaper, that this fringe crowd is not a legitimate ‘Jewish’ voice.

Last September, the Independent also gave publicity to another list of Jewish organisations that upon closer inspection was also not a legitimate Jewish voice. That list even contained the vile group ‘Scottish Jews against Zionism‘. The face of ‘ScottishJAZ’ is Jolanta Hadzic:

bbc Jola SJaz


Jolanta is just another person who spreads rabid antisemitism and Holocaust denial:

Jolanta Hadzic, BBC enabling antisemitism

What do all these letters have in common? That it is always the same names. Some of those involved are not Jewish and some are even publicly outed hard-core antisemites. Both the Independent letter and the Guardian letter have signatories who spread Holocaust Denial. The situation is absurd. There are always people who will stand in opposition to anything. You can find Christians who oppose Christ, people who believe in Santa and Muslims who fast on Yom Kippur. There are more people who believe that they were abducted by aliens, than there are active anti-Zionist Jews in the UK. Would the BBC or Guardian run an article about alien abductees every time they aired a show featuring Brian Cox in order to ‘add balance’?

No of course not, because they would quickly be regarded as fake new junk sites. Which is exactly why we must not let them get away with how they treat Jews.

Deeper connections

This is why the problem is far deeper than just a few Marxist troublemakers.  Those running Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) and ‘ScottishJaz’ both know how small and insignificant their core membership is. In theory these people should be harmless. Yet when I first published my reports into the Palestine Solidarity Campaigns (PSC and SPSC), those in the UK who publicly stepped up to ‘ridicule’ the research, were a group called Free Speech on Israel (FSOI) and a Scottish writer named Sarah Glynn. Those behind FSOI went on to create the pro-Corbyn group JVL. Sarah Glynn was a founding member of ‘Scottish Jews against Zionism’.

Think about this. Sarah Glynn who read a report containing hard-core antisemitism, founded a ‘Jewish’ group in Scotland with a person who had been heavily included in the report. A person who she knows had spread hard-core antisemitism and Holocaust Denial. The same can be said of Mike Cushman, Naomi Wimborne Idrissi and all those in FSOI who after they read the report on the PSC, still chose to hang out with people like Elleanne Green who were included in that report. Even two years later, they are still presenting letters to the Guardian that include Green’s name. Nobody would take these groups seriously. Right?


Even as these people seem to be openly spitting in the face of British Jews, outlets such as the Independent, the Guardian and the BBC, don’t seem to care. This small group of Jewish people, accompanied by self-identifying Jews and the antisemites they all hold hands with, are given a stage far larger than their small number deserves. In Scotland the same rules apply. This is Sarah Glynn boasting about a letter from Scottish JAZ they had published in the ‘National’:


You want evidence of how twisted it can become? Jolanta Hadzic, seems to have signed the letter using the name ‘Jola Litwitz’ in what would appear to be an attempt to make herself ‘sound Jewish’. It seems a bit of a coincidence that the global virtual footprint of ‘Jola Litwitz’ spreads no further than SJAZZ letters and notice how the name Hadzic is not on them.

So why does Jolanta Hadzic become Jola Litwitz when it comes to signing letters that need Jewish names? And just as importantly, why are JVL deploying Holocaust deniers when they write open letters to the Board of Deputies:



What is going on? The National should apologise for having published the letter, as should the BBC and Guardian, but of course they never will. How does Sarah Glynn justifying counter-signing such behaviour? For the same reason Idrissi, Cushman and Rosenhead can walk with Elleanne Green and Tony Gratrex. They don’t care a jot, and they know from the fact that they are still being offered a platform, that nobody else cares either. How can either the BBC or Guardian *EVER* give any of these people a microphone?

Topping the cake with viciously insidious icing

16th March is the date for the annual ‘Stand Up To Racism‘ demonstrations. As usual pro-Israeli groups like ‘the Confederation of Friends of Israel‘ may well join the march. Scottish Jews Against Zionism don’t want ‘Zionists’ (read Jews) on the street, so have publicly called for civil disobedience to prevent groups like CoFIS  joining the march:

BBC enabling antisemitism

Which means that a group led by someone who has shared hard-core antisemitic material and Holocaust denial has put on a ‘Jewish hat’ to call for civil disobedience to exclude Jews from marching against racism. It must be hoped that the police in Scotland can see through the disguise and give the Jewish people in Scotland the protection that they clearly desperately need. If they really wanted to do their job properly, they could do worse than have a much closer look at ‘Jola Litwitz’ and those that use her to attack Scottish Jews.


And yet the Guardian, BBC and Independent all give groups like this airtime, legitimacy and allow them to spread poison. This is why things have become so serious.

It is the associations that need exposing. Somewhere inside organisations such as the BBC and the Guardian are people that use Jews for click bait; or perhaps they are antisemites too. The result is that these organisations spread what can only be described as ‘fake news’. Alllowing their viewers to believe the Jewish community is split 50/50, in some type of ‘he said’ ‘she said’ argument. That is the key issue that needs addressing. Engaging the Marxists plays into their hands and legitimises them. All of the anti-Zionist Jewish movements are in bed with hard-core antisemitism. Behind closed doors many of them freely associate with people who spread Holocaust denial and share white-supremacist material. The problem is just as bad in the United States as it is in the UK. We need to expose and shatter the connection between all these antisemites and the gullible audience, whatever the connection is and wherever it is hidden.

Which is where I am today. It is safe to assume that when I am not posting regular blogs, large detailed reports are on their way. Do stay tuned.



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128 thoughts on “The BBC and Guardian as fake news outlets. Enabling antisemites.

  1. “16th March is the date for the annual ‘Stand Up To Racism‘ demonstrations. ”

    Collier then writes “As usual pro-Israeli groups like ‘the Confederation of Friends of Israel‘ may well join the march.”

    Given that Israel has legislated racism into its laws recently with its Nation Law, IF the group DOES attend this year it will do so as a group of hypocrites.

    1. oh please. You don’t know what you are talking about as usual. Stop conflating individual rights with majority rights. Those complaining about the Nation State law are upset that 19% of Arabs (as a minority) don’t enjoy the same status as 75%+ of Jews (the majority). That isn’t what equality means. You may as well say that the celebration of Christmas in the UK as a forced public holiday is racist because Jews don’t celebrate it. Grow up.

      1. No conflation by me, David.

        Denial of self-determination to non-Jewish citizens while granting it to Jewish citizens is of course racism and nothing to do with a democratic result at the ballot box.

        Should Britain decide to allow self-determination to all but Jewish citizens the ‘Jewish Community’, Jewish News and the Jewish Chronicle would unleash a torrent of abuse at the gov.

        1. You really do not know what you are talking about.

          that the thousand years’ struggle of Slovak nation for independence (“self-standing”) has been fulfilled.

          In this historical moment, we declare the natural right of the Slovak nation for self-determination, as embodied by all international agreements and treaties about the right of nations for self-determination.

          Recognizing the right of nations for self-determination, we declare, that we also want to freely create the way and form of national and state life, while respecting the rights of everybody, all citizens, nations, national minorities, ethnic groups, the democratic and humanist legacy of Europe and of the world.

          By this declaration, the Slovak National Council declares sovereignty of the Slovak Republic as a basis for a sovereign state of the Slovak nation.

          Bratislava, 17 July 1992

          In other words whilst respecting “the rights of everybody, all citizens, nations, national minorities, ethnic groups,”, they withold the natural right of the *Slovak nation* for self-determination.

          Please grow up.

                  1. “Pal-e-STINE” is better known as JORDAN – and Jordan AKA “Pal-e-STINE” OCCUPIES the EAST BANK of the JORDAN River.

                  2. Mr Farmer demonstrates once again, publicly that he is either a clueless, ignoramous or a rabid racist and quite possibly both!!! Farmer boy! Is YOUR Facebook account full of antisemitic racist sh!t, too?? Why don’t you post a link to YOUR FB page, genius, and prove me wrong!!

          1. Look, officer … someone else is doing what I’m doing.

            Again “grow up”.

            For the ‘crime’ of pointing out your hypocritical glaring home goal re. racism I am to be subjected to your arrogant and patronising outbursts?

            1. Poppycock. I am waiting for you to tell everyone how the Slovak’s are practicising Apartheid on the Hungarian minority.

          2. ‘The main religion in Slovakia is Christianity, mainly Roman Catholicism, with others belonging to the Greek Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and a few more churches. Other religions in the country include Islam and Judaism, but these make up less than 1% of the population.’

            Do the Christians and other religions have the same right of Slovakian Nationhood now that they have gained INDEPENDENCE since the break up of Czechoslovakia?

  2. David

    Is this women Jola Jewish in any wat
    I have no idea why you bother with Farmer. his retorts are always antagonistic and detail and evidence free

    1. Richard – my guess is 100% no. Not at all. She certainly was highly active in anti-Israel activity without ever mentioning it to anybody, until self-identity seems to have become a thing at the time of the rise of Jackie Walker. She has deleted her old FB profile to create a new one.

    2. “detail and evidence free”?

      ‘The fulfillment of the right of national self-determination in the State of Israel is UNIQUE to the JEWISH people.’

  3. Self identifying as someone or something else seems to be becoming all the rage these days.
    In the USA it is highly visible, from Elizabeth ‘Poncohontas’ Warren on down; whites pretending to be black, non-Jews pretending to be Jews etc. Its all the fashion these days

  4. The BBC is the most biased news outlet on earth Take the reports about Donald Trump Whether you love Or hate him he still deserves truthful reporting But almost 100% of BBC news reports are very hostile towards him They search high and low for this think tank and that NGO and this professor and that ex military person They present us with a load of unknowns as though they represent the views of the American and British public Nearly all their commentators are anti trump and over here anti Brexit. BBC= BIASED BROADCASTING CORPORATION

    1. I think there are a few things to bear in mind about the BBC as well as other UK media outlets:

      Trump/ Brexit/ Israel…… the BBC has stopped trying to tell the truth on these issues and is now reduced to being a state sponsored political lobbying group that promotes the agenda driven opinions of their editorial team. In particular, we have to look at the catastrophic failure of the BBC and other UK media outlets to investigate properly the implications of the UK’s departure from the EU, before the Brexit vote.

      That, in itself, is a national scandal!

      But anyone watching the BBC’s deeply biased coverage of Israel over the last few decades cannot be surprised by their disgraceful coverage of Trump and Brexit.

      It is also worth pointing out that, in my opinion, the rise of UK antismeitism has been enabled by the BBC and other UK media’s biased reporting of events in Israel. This has facilitated, in turn, the rise of a British Labour Party which is deeply anti Israel and voices that hostility in the most disgraceful antisemitic terms.

    2. Sorry, think the Jewish Chronicle beats the BBC by a mile, almost bereft of truth.

  5. One foul-mouth Jewish Labour MP slanders Jeremy Corbyn by calling him an antisemite.
    The BBC, being a news outlet, reports it.
    The Guardian and the Independent, also news outlets, do the same.

    200 or more Jewish Labour members write a letter in support of Jeremy Corbyn.

    This blog criticises the news outlets for featuring the letter.

    These Jews not in David’s cult then?


      1. That’s between themselves and God surely, David. I did say “200 or more” . Is 200 a minimum for a letter to have meaning?

        You really think Trump is a Christian?

        1. You really think that Islam is the Religion of Peace?

          Now Muslim Pakistan is warring with Hindu India – ANOTHER dispute over land.

          I see a pattern.

  6. This list of 200 “as-a-Jews” is simply part of the rubber-stamp brigade that signs any of the monthly anti-Israeli letters the Guardian loves to publish.

    1. Yet Israel can house a minority of world Jewry and still claim to represent the whole of Jews? Yeah, right.

      1. Fascist Iran/ISIS/Taliban/Muslim Brotherhood represents a fanatical numerical minority of Muslims and still claim to represent the whole of Islam.

        Islam, “the Religion of Peace”? Yeah, right.

        See 9/11, London’s 7/7, Mumbai, Nairobi, 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war (1,000,000 dead), 500,000 dead in the Syria “civil war”, Manchester arena, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Bastille Day in Nice France, Pan Am 103, threats of 9/11 scale attacks in London for mocking “the prophet”, …

  7. This site has always provided a useful means to observe the behaviour of people on social media whether as legitimate opponents or paid responders. On the whole it has been fairly straightforward to see which one was which although both shared a basic transparency. Time seems to be running out for both now and where there was once a dash to deflect and demean, there remains little more than an insipid heckle from the back of the stalls. Perhaps the money has run out.

      1. Ooh look. Ian calls out the paid responders and they wheel out the money-grabbing Jew accusations. Prejudice? Tut tut !

        1. Ian introduces the accusations of pay-for-comments.

          Mike reminds Ian that the Shekel is Israel’s currency.

          Ian gets an attack of nobody-loves-us, everybody-is-against-us, and goes into a huff.

          Poor Ian.

  8. “And yet the Guardian, BBC and Independent all give groups like this airtime, legitimacy and allow them to spread poison.”?

    The BBC has given enough airtime this past year to actresses Ellman and Smeeth to badmouth thd Labour Party with their deceit, even giving free reign to two members of a Zionist movement onaa morning show some months ago, allowing one of them to remain silent when challenged on their Zionist connections.

    If only David controlled the BBC.

    1. jeremy corbyn and his fellow goosestepping Socialists will be the death of the Laboor Party.

      The Laboor party has so many people being suspended for anti-semitism, it’s like a circular firing squad. Soon there will be nobody left – not that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

      Happy Nakba!

      1. … and the ones firing the bullets are the members of the ‘Friends of Israel’ group within who care not a jot for those in the UK who need an end to crippling austerity.

        1. Farmer! “members of the ‘Friends of Israel’ group within who care not a jot for those in the UK who need an end to crippling austerity.” So what you are saying is “If you are a Zionist Labour supporter you don’t care about austerity and poverty in the UK”. Total antisemitc racist bollocks – and you wonder why we think you are a gormless, cretinous, twat (amongst other things)!

          1. Antisemitic? Learn to read, Norm. These people are determined to prevent Corbyn and his policies at all costs .. even if it means the Israel appeasing Conservatives remain in power.

            1. Mike – more simplistic political analysis!!! Corbyn should be unelectable given that he and his racist followers use antisemitic invective to abuse Israel and the Jews in the UK who support Israel’s right to exist!

              Sadly he is poised to take power and god help us all when THAT happens!!!

              Shame on you for supporting Labour’s antisemitic acts!
              Shame on you for endorsing Labour criticism of the victims of Labour antisemitism!
              Shame on you for dismissing the feelings of Jews who object being abused, claiming that they are part of some worldwide ‘Zionist’ (you mean Jewish) conspiracy.

              And one other thing!!! I was Labour until Corbyn. Tory austerity is criminal! But I have no one to vote for now – so you can fu-k right off with your racist Corbynista bollocks!

      1. The political wing has been proscribed, yes.

        Talks with Sinn Fein, the political wing of the IRA, ended the violence in Northern Ireland. But then the UK is much more politically mature than adolescent Israel.

        1. oh you are so full of empty slogans. At no point did the IRA, or any part of it, say they wanted to destroy the UK. Nor did they suggest that all ex-pats everywhere should move to England, so they would be able to wipe them all out in one place. Had the IRA created in Ireland a fortress simply to launch rockets on every major UK city and kill all the Brits, Ireland would no longer exist.

          1. So intent on fabricating falsehoods you have lost all grip on reality.

            Talking led to peace. The difference is that Israel is avoiding peace like the plague, it still has land to take, demonstrators to butcher.

            Are you drinking? Your post was confused.

              1. It beggars belief that anyone falls for David’s flawed connections between antisemitism and Zionism, his assertion that Labour is full of antisemitism, that the famous mural is antisemitic and those Jews that don’t bay at the moon whenever Corbyn appears are fake Jews.

                Unbelievable naivety……. or deliberately deceitful.

                1. Mike! Anti-Zionism = Anti-Semitism always has, always will! – It beggars belief that you don’t make the connection! Is this YOUR unbelievable naivety……. or are YOU deliberately deceitful? Well, you don’t fool us!!! Show us YOUR Facebook page, donkey.

                  1. Norm, it’s well known that all Jews are not Zionists, and that àll Zionists are not Jews. Your contention that AS is AZ is therefore invalid.

                    I haven’t fooled you and caused your ignorance. THAT is down to your ‘mentors’.

                    1. It’s well-known that Israel is the Jewish state and that the overwhelming majority of Jews support its existence. The organization of politics against the Jews is called antisemitism. The obsessive campaign to delegitimize Israel, the world’s only Jewish state and one of the more truly progressive countries in the world and a net plus for humanity by any objective measure, is antisemitic. Anti-zionism denies the Jewish people a right it declares peoples have. Israel is the indigenous name. It comes from Hebrew.
                      Less well-known is what “Palestine” means in classical ‘palestinian’. Maybe you could help out and tell us, Farmer.

                    2. Jeff,
                      It’s well known that Israel is a Jewish-

                      majority state.

                      It’s also well known that the majority of

                      Jews prefer NOT to live there.

                      The land on which Israel sits was given to

                      them that Jews may live there.
                      The name of the state was chosen from a

                      prepared list, Israel was chosen to convey

                      Many Jews, and others, support its existance

                      though not all supporters support it’s


                      The organization of politics against ALL

                      world Jewry would indeed be antisemitism. The

                      organization of politics against Zionism

                      would of course not be, given its racist


                      “The obsessive campaign to delegitimize

                      Israel”? There are some campaigns that seek

                      to remove Israel from the region. More

                      campaigns oppose its actions and its racist

                      endeavours. That it is the only Jewish-

                      majority state in no way condemns those that

                      criticise it for those.

                      “one of the more truly progressive countries

                      in the world and a net plus for humanity”??

                      While the world seeks to tackle racism in all

                      its forms it seems this ‘progressive country”

                      is moving in the opposite direction,

                      embedding racism into its constitution by

                      passing the Nation Law. That it is a net plus

                      for humanity is very questionable given its

                      abuse of human rights and the gusto with

                      which it dispatches non-Jewish lives at the

                      slightest excuse.
                      Had Germany been the only Fascist state in

                      existence that would not have meant criticism

                      of it was wrong.

                      “Israel is the indigenous name.”? Be careful

                      with that term. Neither the Jews nor the

                      Arabs are indigenous to the region.

                  2. I don’t make the connection because it’s untrue.

                    I suggest that when someone tells you to parrot a statement you pause a little and think about it, using common sense …. all it takes, Norm.

                    1. Lets make this simple, even for YOU, Mikey! Calling for the destruction of the planet’s only Jewish state is antisemitic. Which part of that do you not understand? Crikey, its like talking to an idiot!!!

                2. Farmer,
                  Butchers use knives and cleavers as do your pets. Coincidence? I think not.

                  1. A land hungry regime in the 30/40s used occupation, annexation, planes, tanks to push forward their ethnic segregation plans.

                    YOUR pets also do that. Coincidence? I think not.

    1. Given a mention? You should be honoured David.

      I agree Stephen and thanks for posting. WitchHunt IS brilliant and should be given as much publicity and airtime as possible.

      Don’t think that the Ministry of Lies (BBC) would broadcast it, but hopefully Channel 4 might.

      Regardless, it’ll soon be available online.

      My only disappointment was that this clip of when Ms Walker utterly DESTROYED a certain pro-Zio (Scoffy) was not included in the film:

      1. “brilliant”.

        “brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant”.

        Everything is “brilliant” to pro-Pali cretins like you.

        Happy Nakba!

        1. Eddie
          Your favourite video is a fake that was produced by Mossad on a set near Tel Aviv using Israeli actors to discredit the Palestinian independence movement.

    1. Yep, John Murphy will appear in court.

      Good Muslim name that .. ‘John Murphy’. Whereas ‘Ian Kay’ is certainly middle-eastern…. obviously from the region.

    2. This teacher ( serious) once said to me………Bellamy native wit will only get you so far in life. And I was and am witty. Fuck only knows what she would have made of Ian

  9. This teacher (RE) once said in the first lesson of my first day at school…..” Would the Jewish boys stand up” 4 of us stood. He continued by addressing the non Jews, ” these are the Jews that killed our lord Jesus Christ”. Anxious to impress my new classmates I raised my hand and replied ” Not me sir . I’m hopeless at woodwork.”

    Your teacher would have loved me Bellers.

  10. Can’t say what went down at your comp Bellers. Over in the private sector they could get away with all sorts. Back in the 70s it was a badge of honour for a Methodist Minister to be an antisemite. The local squireachy expected no less and years later at his trial he even invoked the ‘Derby North Defence’ – ” everyone was doing it m’lud”.

    Simpler times eh cocker?

    1. Private? Woooo.

      Well, did the once Pig’s Ear turn out to be a Silk Purse lookalike?

  11. Dunno Bellers. What was the connection with antisemitism in British public schools in the 70s? They reluctantly gave my RE teacher his marching orders but then again being close to Pendle Hill those lads knew a thing or two about Witch-hunts.

    1. You don’t know what you think? Maybe I should have started you off on something easier. What day is it ?

      I went up Pendle Hill when I went on the Foxtrot. Interesting. On a good day you can see Ireland from up there. Best thing I can say about it

  12. Yeah my Uncle Harold was also keen on dancing but mainly at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom. You could walk to Ireland from there without getting your feet wet. Wonder why the Micks and the Nazis didn’t think of that when they were planning to invade in 1940.

        1. Hey, you asked me Bellers!! Are you cooling on the idea of cutting a rug with genocidal ZioNazi like me or are you just inhibited by your two left feet?

            1. The 1967 “The Producers” was better.

              Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder, Dick Shawn were better than the new guys.

              Glad to still hear Mel Brooks’ voice at the same point.

              A limited budget, like limits to bad taste, result in a better product/movie.

              Now HERE is an EDUCATIONAL movie. It’s a 30 second newsreel showing a meeting between Socialist Shitler and the Islamofascist Grand (aren’t they all “Grand”?) Mufti of Jerusalem.


              1. Ah, the one that had to be terminated because Ishtak Shamir had rung with a deal for Hitler despite the death camps……. and they even let him be PM later. Funny ‘ole world.

                1. Stupid cow, Do you have any newsreel footage produced and narrated by National Socialist Germany, documenting your claim?

                  Happy Nakba!

                  1. Harsh Ed! It’s well known that local Afula shwarma stall owner and prominent Balad member ‘Ishtak’ Shamir tried to sign a franchise deal to use the Nazi brand on his business at the bus station. Equally well known is that our PM at the time, Yitzhak Shamir personally intervened to veto it. Good lad, our Yitzhak!

                  2. So I could post and post and post and the same ol’ clip to satisfy a craving?

                    Bet you’ve seen ‘Sound of Music’ thousands of times, Ted

                    1. Ignorant cow, You need to watch
                      “The Sound of Eternal Nakba”.

                      It’s VERY GOOD.

                      Two-Thumbs Up!

                  1. “You look like the piss boy”
                    “And you look like a bucket of shit”

                    Quality activism fam.

                    1. The Grand Mufti is clearly played by ex-Zio Defense Monster Avigdor Lieberman. Guess he needed to eat after quitting his job.

  13. Dave, I would like to point out few things in a friendly manner i hope you don’t mind.I am not surprised by hearing about this new Jewish group. Taking into account the popularity of JVP, Boycott From Within, Breaking the Silence, Code Pink et cetera it was just a matter of time to see disturbed individuals forming as a group in Scotland. We need to be very careful about how we approach them. So far you are focusing on one person only and seems to miss out the bigger picture. This girl-Hadzic-You are asking if she is Jewish?I did watch this video and if she is Polish[and she indeed sound Polish]than[Taking into account that Poland use to have one of the biggest Jewish diasporas in Europe]she might indeed have some Jewish heritage. Lets don’t forget that most of Israelis comes from Easter European background and if you do question her Jewishness it will open the door to others to question Jewishness of Israelis of the same background. You need to play it well. You are saying she became Jewish all of the sudden but my theory is different.I think she was already but the toxic SPSC [and I believe it’s true]is filled with antisemitism-so she might get out and now when she found others who think like her she spread her wings and felt more confident. If she had half of a brain she would expose them as antisemites instead. The reasons can be plenty. Even if by some miracle she converted-you have to be aware that by questioning her Jewishness you might be seen as the one who questions Jewishness of all converts. So yet again-friendly advice-play it well. It’s not wise to focus on fake accounts she might be using considering that you have been using them in the past[which you did admit on this very blog]to expose people behind bds. That might be pointed out and used against you. In my humble opinion, she is not the brain of the group. Not smart enough and barely speaks English.I don’t believe she is writing press releases or group statements. To tackle the group we need to find who leads it.I did my own research and i assume it might be Naomi Junnor or Sarah Glynn. Both profiles are public.Junnor posts a lot and if you are patient to get trough leftist nonsense you could even find materials which in closer look might be antisemitic[blood libel-organ harvesting by Israel or conspiracy theories]. But who got my attention the most was Sarah Glynn-Shes been behind the scenes long enough to know what she’s doing. Always very active and outspoken.I noticed she is meeting very often with Kurds in Syria.It’s worth to check any terrorist organization ties. But at the same time Dave-be aware that if you go too far -by many it might be seen as Jew bashing. They are clearly very disturbed individuals but they might be still Jews. Like the one,, black sheep,, in the family who always embarrass you but cant be treated seriously. My advice is to treat them as we treat fx Neturei Karta -as an unimportant minority who don’t speak for the majority. If you treat them with no remorse this might give them even more strength, case people tend to sympathize with bullied minorities. You have to be careful.I am looking forward to your talk in Glasgow and to reading your rapport.I would hope it will be more accurate than the previous one -about SPSC.I dared to follow your research just to find out that the vast majority of the people you mentioned are in fact not members of SPSC. You did put members of at least 7 groups into one basket which was the dangerous thing to do, case while you keep ignoring them -they grew up in strenght.-just to mention few-Revolutionary Communist, GFRFI,Antifa, West Dunbartonshire, Celtic friends of Palestine. The last two seems to be connected by one person-Martin Milligan.Is he supplying those masked thugs at SUTR marches?Do we have new Napier to worry about?

    1. Love the friendly advice to David. It will of course be wasted on him, can’t help himself … as if controlled in his vitriol.

    1. “There are legitimate questions to be asked about someone who has contributed to Palestine Live”??

      Does Ian have any info on such questions, or any answers? Can Ian enlighten us as to the said contribution (s)?

      Didn’t David make an attempt to blacken Corbyn by the ‘secret antisemitic facebook site’ yarn?

      1. Gentle advice; These days you don’t want to be saying “blacken” without incurring the wrath of the PC brigade. They will have you down as a vicious racist and with some of the stuff you write here in the public domain there’s plenty of evidence to support a case against you.

        Moreover, unlike the Arabs with their murderers, I can’t see Mr C paying your family a stipend whilst you’re in chokey.

        1. The ‘stipend’ could be seen as compensation for the vindictive wilful destruction of the home of an innocent family whose son has been accused of terrorism.

          The IDF firing-squads shooting Gazans dead on their own land also receive a ‘stipend’ surely, Ian.

          1. Sounds lucrative. Wonder what we could come up with; a grand a month for slotting a pretend ambulance driver, two for pretend journo and a big five for mum and the triplets. If you’re claiming it for just being a racist, this has got to be on a par. We could get a grant from the UNHCR. They shell out for the Arabs so it’s only fair. Its brilliant. It could save the state a fortune in army pensions.

  14. Bloody apartheid Israel !! (Hint to resident fuck-wits. That’s the bit you put in inverted commas in the snarky reply)

    Went for a long overdue session with my Arab dentist in Netanya yesterday – see earlier posts on this guy.

    He’s managed to get top seat for the Eurovision and I can’t get my hands on a view from the kitchens. He swans straight into Ottolenghi’s new place and I have to wait 4 weeks for a cancellation and get’s speedy boarding and seat upgrades on El Al to LHR while I get crushed up with the Octogenarian Rebbe with the fish sandwiches in economy. I am oppressed.

    1. Wouldn’t look good for Israel’s inclusivity image to have nothing but row upon row of kippa-clad attendees now would it, Ian?

      1. “Inclusivity”

        Yup we agree on that. Dr. Hadani, a gay man will indeed be sitting alongside kippot and all sorts. Even an old ultra right cut throat like me has to admire the tolerance.

        Hope the Arab girl wins. Love to see the show from Ramallah next year although I doubt the doc will be attending. Getting stoned there means something very different to those lads.

  15. (((Jonathan Hoffman)))

    17 hours ago

    Sickening news this morning. Another Anders Breivik. Thinking of the victims and the bereaved. #ChristchurchMosque #NewZealand
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    This is just too funny. From a ” man ” that cheerfully hung out with UK far right characters that hung out with Brevik. No doubt I will be hearing from @mlewislawyer. If only.Pretty please

      1. “We’ve been Bellers and the Personae. Join us next week for another fun filled episode of Activism On A Budget. It’s good night from me and it’s good night from him.”

        1. Great link above readers!

          As a benchmark of credibility note the bit that mentions how us dastardly yids have been stealing the fish from the Dead Sea from those oppressed Arabs. Hilarious.

          Why put a shift in when the paid responders load up and shoot themselves in the knackers?

          1. Yep, why put a shift in when Ian exhorts his fellow yids to read what Israel is doing in their name? Top lad.

                1. Yes Roger Waters was furious. He has demanded a boycott of the Royal Society Of Ichthyologists for failing to censure the Jewish State for depleting the fish stocks in the Dead Sea. Local Bedouin brickie Diwhan Belhami agreed ” … used to be loads of chippies round here. But since them Zios came and nicked all da cod it’s just Mackie Dees now, innit”

                  1. Don’t forget too that being heavily restricted in the fishing that Gazans can do in their own waters also closes chippies, Ian.

                    Isn’t Israel’s occupation a bugger?

                    1. “their own waters also closes chippies, Ian.”

                      Dead right. Complete twat old Roge. Ruining the fish supper since 1967.

                    2. There’s being a ‘twat’ and there’s shooting live fire at unarmed Gazan fishermen earning a living.

                      Think Roger is the less heinous.

  16. Progress! It has been agreed that Roger Waters is in fact a twat but also ‘ less heinous’ than an Arab terrorist. Tomorrow we’ll agree that the Jewish State is fab, Caroline Glick will be the best addition to the Knesset since dress-down Thursday and Rachel Riley should be the Miss April centrefold in Zio-Babes News.

    Yids for the win. Booyak.

  17. The joke is: BBC director Lord Hall says ‘mainstream media’ has become ‘term of abuse’ in wider assault on free expression

    And now we have the media having to face their delusions about Trump/ Russia. The won’t.

    MSM/ CNN (Crap Network News) has been at it for too long. Delusional alternative facts, projection. In bed with Obama, Clinton, Hamas, Hezbollah. Bush= Nazi, Reagan= Nazi, McCain= Nazi, Palin= Nazi, Romney= Nazi………..

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