An industry of antisemitism denial. The American anti-Zionists of Palestine Live

I have just spent several dark weeks back inside Palestine Live. Today I publish a new report that focuses on the activity of American anti-Zionists, many of them Jewish (download link below). It is impossible to do a 262-page report justice in a small blog. The catalyst was the unfolding events in the United States. Jewish life for American Jews is different to the experience of Jews in the UK. Yet there are also similarities. I read an interesting article by Jonathan S Tobin, editor in chief of, that was titled ‘How progressives are destroying the Jewish ‘big tent‘.

The subject matter will be familiar with Jewish people in the UK – Tobin discusses fringe organisations and where you draw the line when deciding which Jewish groups can be allowed in the ‘big tent’. Tobin had written the article because the week before, the Boston Jewish Community Relations Council voted to start a process to by which one of their constituent organizations might be booted out – why? Because they had indicated support for the Boycott movement, BDS.

I see the daily news in the US and it reminds me of the UK a few years ago. There are signs they are on a similar divisive path. Antisemitism rises and Jewish anti-Zionists leap into action, claiming it is about ‘criticism of Israel’. Creating an industry of antisemitism denial that legitmises antisemites. They write articles, they sign petitions, they appear on TV. In the States they have vocal anti-Zionist Jewish activists running organisations such as JVP and Codepink. Did you see the way they ran to protect Ilhan Omar? They create an environment within which antisemitism is given protection. Just like the anti-Zionists of Jewish Voice for Labour did in the UK. Only in the US, both anti-Zionist Jews and antisemites are more numerous.

News outlets such as Mondoweiss push their propaganda at an alarming rate. This air of legitimacy is attracting people. Yet I know the truth.

I know that these people ally themselves with hard-core antisemites. I have watched as they have organised petitions, events and demos with people who share neo-Nazi and white supremacist material.

Ariel Gold, Rebecca Vilkomerson, Medea Benjamin, David Mivasair are just some of the key American activists who have played inside the antisemitic swamp that is Palestine Live. A group that contains other members such as Greta Berlin, Cynthia Mckinney, Miko Peled and Alison Weir. Daniella Ravitzki, Larry Derfner, Ofer Neiman, Pam Bailey, Jonathan Ofir, Jennifer Loewenstein, Mark Levine, Seth Morrison and many more.

I’ve watched people like Codepink’s Ariel Gold deploy her Jewish identity, time after time, just as she aligns with people who push the ideology of the Renegade Tribune in a fight against Israel. Several key JVP figures are inside the group, people from the Rabbinical council, academic council and the JVP Board. Almost the entire front line of Codepink are inside too. Why are Amnesty personnel inside a secret antisemitic Facebook group?

In public they put pretty profile pictures up suggesting they stand ‘together against antisemitism’. They adamantly suggest they fight against it. In private the bitter truth is revealed. Time after time, these actvists are found alongside people who share rabid white supremacist or neo-Nazi material. Not once, not twice, but EVERY time. These people have created an industry of antisemitism denial to protect their precious cause, no matter who they need to align with.

David Mivasair, from the JVP Rabbinical council was in one thread with FIVE people who share material from neo-Nazi or white supremacist websites. FIVE. He conspires with them to weaken Israel, jokes about antisemitism with them and then in public he sings a different tune. Almost NONE of the activists were EVER seen confronting any antisemitism, inside a group that is overburdened with hard-core antisemites. All they did is engage in joint initiatives to attack the Jewish state. The antisemites and the anti-Zionist Jews. Attacking Israel together.

These activists consider me the enemy because I am a Zionist. They align themselves with people who share material from the Renegade Tribune, Rense, Stormfront, Daily Stormer and Whiteresister. Those people are their allies – and I am the enemy?

And Mondoweiss? I lost count of the number of contributors to Mondoweiss I found active in the group. It is the same story. In public they write articles suggesting the allegations of antisemitism are a smear – in secret, knowingly or not, they hold hands with people who share some of the most viciously antisemitic websites on the net.

I also captured an anti-AIPAC demonstration in 2017. Analysed the people present and the findings are truly horrific. When you remove Jewish people and Palestinians from the crowd, what is left is a mob of rabid antisemites. This is what those Jewish activists hold hands with when they attack the Jewish state. These people are their allies.

Remember this when you see angry crowds outside AIPAC next week. This is a message that must be spread around. These people are either playing with us or have no idea what antisemitism is. Opposition to Israeli policies is legitimate, but Zionism acts as a protective layer around the Jews outside and inside Israel. Once you remove it as a central requirement, by not caring if members support BDS or Israel’s core right to exist, you will inevitably dance with the devil. Just as JVP, Mondoweiss and others such as Codepink have already chosen to do.


There are 262 pages in total. Hundreds of examples and dozens of activists. I found it shocking to write, I have no choice but to show the ugly truth. You can download the report here (DOWNLOAD REPORT)-  Please if you can  – consider contributing something towards the research.


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119 thoughts on “An industry of antisemitism denial. The American anti-Zionists of Palestine Live

  1. “All they did is engage in joint initiatives to attack the Jewish state.”

    David’s euphemism for Israel?

          1. A tour de force David. Kol Hakavod. The intersect between UK and USA Israel deniers , Labour Momentum and the overall umbrella of antisemitism has never been so apparent . I trust this vital dossier will be presented to those who will use to best effect . On both sides of the pond.

  2. Neo Nazis and radical Moslems who, like Hitler, don’t make a difference between normal Jews and these helpful idiots

    1. ‘Normal Jews’?

      What’s a normal Jew, Girsh? One that prefers not to live in Israel … like David? Intrigued.

          1. Lazy lazy activism Bellers. The real Akhbars are blowing themselves up on buses and taking pot shots at us from behind little girls and all you can be arsed with is a 2 second copy/paste from your own blog. Do you get paid the same for repeats?

          2. Clearly, this juvenile nonsense is the best you can manage, Bellend!! Come back when you have actually read the article!

            1. Honestly Norm, old Bellers is as transparent as a piss sandwich on bread-free vegan bread. He can barely muster the usual copy/paste from his own blog these days. I think that the death of his allegorical cat hit him quite hard although Mrs Stephen says its composting down nicely.

    2. Paleo Nazis and radical Moslems.

      That alliance existed in the 1940’s – as documented in the following 30 second newsreel on Youtube showing a meeting, meet and greet, sit down, between Socialist SHlTler and his pal the “Grand Mooofti” of Jerusalem.

  3. Why is there a JVP Jewish Voice for Peace

    but NO MVP Muslim Voice for Peace??????

    Tis a puzzlement.

      1. Strange how there’s no Palestinian Voice for Peace …
        How there’s no Hamass Voice for Peace ….
        How there’s no Hezbola Voice for Peace ….
        How there’s no ISIS Voice for Peace ….
        How there’s no Al Qada Voice for Peace ….
        How there’s no Fascist Iranian Voice for Peace ….

  4. In the beginning there was Palestine Live. I really was expecting something new. 262 pages to bring us face to face with ” dozens” of antisemites. Still someday maybe

    1. “dozens of antisemites” in a membership of over 3,000? (Given that, to David, anti-Zionism is antisemitism).

      Wow, that’s certainly festering with antisemitism …. Lol.

      1. Yes, you are getting it now Farmer-boy (crikey, its taken long enough!!!) anti-Zionism is ALWAYS antisemitism. Advocating for the destruction of the Jewish State is hardly pro-Jewish, is it, genius???!!!

        1. “anti-Zionism is ALWAYS antisemitism”??!?

          You’ve actually swallowed David’s flawed assertion haven’t you?

          Such a weak mind.

  5. “We’ve been Bellers and the Personae. This episode of Paid Activism on a Budget will be repeated at 11.30 this evening on BBC2. So its good night from me and its good night from me.”

  6. David I am not unsympathetic to your fund me efforts. Unfortunately there are not enough Palestine Live addicts in Chalfont St Peter to keep you in the manner to which you hope to become accustomed. You need to spread your wings a lil

    1. Oh Stephen. I am not looking for people to ‘keep me’. I have expenses related to ongoing/upcoming projects I would like help with covering. That’s it. The alternative is ‘bonding’ to an organisation by looking for handouts and I won’t relinquish my independence. Just as importantly – it creates a community feel about the work I produce and adds to its impact. The level of support on that tweet (over 300 retweets and 600 likes) is a sign of support and appreciation.

      I know you wish I was batting for the other team, but they are full of antisemites, imbeciles, supremacists and liars. This blog has come a long way and will continue to develop and the support I receive ensures I’ll be annoying you for a while yet. Shabbat shalom

        1. So, you are Oh,Stephen now. Is that ’cause you’re Irish? Think it’s spelled wrong.

      1. You have firmly announced in the past that you are against racism of any kind(nation Law??!?). Your next mission, should you choose to accept it, would be to do a cloak and dagger job on the Conservative party.

      1. Certainly not Bellers. I clicked the link and was taken to #FreeMarisPipers. A bloke in a keffiyeh made a long speech about the potato patches being the historic homeland of the Palestinians and we should boycott all produce grown in these occupied territories. Sorry, I cannot support the weaponizing of root vegetables.

          1. No Bellers. I remember all too well Saddam’s Spud missiles fired at us. This is just inviting a repetition.

              1. I’ve noticed this new tactic. You’ve used it 4 or 5 times recently. Did you make it up yourself or was it your fictitious activist mentor, Sally from down the pub?

  7. Should be called ’41 Thoughts on How to Keep a Non Issue Alive’.
    Would any of this nascent “anti-Semitism crisis in the Labour Party” have anything to do with the £1m campaign financed by the Israeli Embassy to vilify Corbyn and paint him as an anti-Semite?
    Asking for a friend.
    #BDS #FreePalestine

    1. The chips about yids as financiers is antisemite gold, as is the smear gambit but seriously; do the online desperados still say “asking for a friend” ? It’s on a par with the paid responders here going all camp with their oopses and tut tuts. All very John Inman.

      Let’s do this activism with some balls lads.


      1. Yids don’t finance anything … though The Lobby showed it to be so?

        it’s antisemitic to recognise the attack on Corbyn as baseless and merely a smear?

        Is antisemitism as low as deceit?

        Funny old world you propose.

  8. Thank you, David, for the extensive work. A fear though is that the “Pro-Palestinian” movement won’t be re-assessed, but instead its halo effect will cause outrages like even Holocaust denial to be re-classified as “not antisemitic.” We are trending to a climate in which nothing is or can be antisemitic.

    I think this is because Jews are still viewed literally as the devil. Seriously, if you do a thought experiment and swap in “devil” for “Jew” or “Zionist,” everything makes sense. However things appear superficially, the devil is behind it all: 9/11, ISIS, all wars. The devil also has no “case,” never has a pure motive, and certainly doesn’t have human needs. This is exactly what we see with Israel/Zionists/Jews. I bet if you surveyed the world with just one question: “Are Jews biologically human like non-Jews?” you would get interesting results. That is why defining “antisemitism” is so headache-y: people think, “how can one be anti-Devil”?! It is also why it’s a “trick” to call someone antisemitic.

    So “antisemitism” and “anti-Zionism” can never be defined until “Jew” is defined as a human with human motives.

    As for anti-Zionist Jews, these are sad cases. Just as antisemites have delusions that The Jews are after them, they have delusions that the world loves Jews just fine. What a set-up.

    1. What a fucking half wit.

      We are trending to a climate in which nothing is or can be antisemitic.

      Idiot we are trending to a climate ( whatever trending to means ) in which ” the cat sat on the mat ” is antisemitic

      1. Ooh look at Mr Stephen and his personae getting their little activist balls out to round on the new guy. They took my advice I see.

        Hey new guy! Fearsome stuff eh? This is their stab at range-finding to see if you bite. If you keep on topic they hate it. Nobody loves a damp smelly hole like Mr Stephen and his personae. ( rabbit hole – come on now. This is serious business. )

    2. Given that not only Jews perished in the Holocaust ( yes, really) might ‘Holocaust Denial'( that misnomer) also be classified as antiRoma, antiHomosexual, antiMentally Impaired, antiPhysically Impaired etc.
      That’s some ‘crime’.

      Still less heinous than shooting dead Protesting Gazans on their own land, that really is the work of the Devil.

      1. So m’lud, the defendant declares that the industrial genocide of 6 million Jews as well as Roma, homosexuals and the mentally ill, is ‘less heinous’ than when a Jew kills an Arab who is attacking a militarised border with grenades and incendiary devices.

        Members of the jury, when presenting your verdict the defendant would like two previous admissions of Actual Jew Baiting to be taken into consideration.

        The prosecution case rests m’lud.

        1. I’m obviously referring to the charge of Holocaust Denial(that misnomer) that David so carelessly employs.

          The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), the country’s official memorial to the Holocaust, “The Holocaust was the murder of six million Jews and millions of others by the Nazis and their collaborators during World War II.” The museum puts the total number of murdered during the Holocaust at 17 million: 6 million Jews and 11 million others.

          Is the above ‘Holocaust Denial’, Ian?

          The prosecution should learn to read. Seems a private education can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.

          1. It was always a pleasure to have Muck dropping his mask and trying to turn the Nazi Holocaust into an occasion to feel sad (to the extent his dead soul could feel any emotion other than bland-eyed spite) for first Nazi collaborators who were betrayed and murdered by Hitler’s armies, then for Russian soldiers who suffered a similar betrayal (ever hear of the Ribbentrop agreement with Moscow, Muck, you deeply stupid sod?), and THEN for Jews–but only insofar as he can pretend to cry over the fates of Gypsies, Gays, Communists, other political prisoners, and dissidents whom the Third Reich murdered. It was a tired song, but hearing Muck screech it almost makes me sad that he was flushed down the toilet.
            Almost. 🙂

  9. Just before you launch your deflection Bellers let’s just come back to the admission above by the member for Belsen Central. Its extraordinary and deserves to he addressed before you attempt to intervene. In his post above he indicates that the industrial genocide of millions of men women and children; Jews, Roma, homosexuals and the mentally I’ll is “still far less heinous” than when Jews kill Arabs attacking a militarized border armed with grenades and incendiary devices. Do you think he meant to say that or was this just another case of his Jew baiting?

      1. No, I want to focus on the remarks from your known associate above. Pretty dangerous slip up there and despite both of your attempts at back-tracking and deflection it is crystal clear what was being said.

        So, did he mean to say it and did he mean it? Does he really think that the industrial genocide of millions of men women and children; Jews, Roma, homosexuals and the mentally I’ll is “still far less heinous” than when Jews kill Arabs attacking a militarized border armed with grenades and incendiary devices? If this is his sincere view then he is clearly struggling to human properly and you may need to get him some professional help.

        If, as is more likely he did mean to say it, just to ruffle feathers then he is simply having a go at baiting Jews in his own clunky and rather obvious way and we can leave him to your expert handling.

        Are you getting paid enough to deal with this aggravation?

        1. My Post
          Given that not only Jews perished in the Holocaust ( yes, really) might ‘Holocaust Denial'( that misnomer) also be classified as antiRoma, antiHomosexual, antiMentally Impaired, antiPhysically Impaired etc.
          That’s some ‘crime’.

          Still less heinous than shooting dead Protesting Gazans on their own land, that really is the work of the Devil.

          “Might ‘Holocaust Denial’ also be …..”
          “That’s some ‘crime’ …..”

          Obviously the reference is to the ‘crime’ of ‘Holocaust Denial’.

          Are we seeing Ian taking things seriously having taken off the red-nose and longated shoes?

          ps. Go on, Bellers …. continue re. Scoffie’s probs.

        2. I don’t have any associates Ian and I am not experiencing anything as aggravation. But I will take the opportunity to remind Harv that shielding a fugitive is a very serious offence.

          1. Lots of deflection, lots of fairly obvious activist tactics and some clumsy back-tracking but still no denial of the point from either the representative from Zyklon B or his handler. In fact just a helpful restatement of the original post, just in case it was missed the first, second or third time, stated with crystal clarity; genocide of millions of civilians may be a crime but is ‘still far less heinous’ than a Jew killing a armed Arab attacking his border.

            I can see why you’d want to talk about anything but this Bellers. Even you must find this stuff from your protege rather embarrassing.

              1. Moving away from the latest deflection, let’s return to what is really shocking, namely the diminution of mass slaughter; the flippant dismissal of industrial genocide of millions of men, women and children. Then, a furious attempt to backtrack and deflect when rumbled.

                As I said, either a deeply fractured soul or a malicious Jew baiter, certainly one or the other. Either way you’re not getting much help from your handler on this one.

                1. Don’t need anyone’s help dealing with your falsehoods and misrepresentations, Ian.

                  I’ll just wait till you realise your foolishness.

              1. Whilst this may be a handy deflection for you both you’ll find it quite a challenge to unwrite what was written by your protege Bellers. You obviously need to put in a shift to switch the focus elsewhere; tactics are tactics after all but this is a blog about antisemitism and it is far more helpful to observe how the real Jew haters go about their business here. You must be pleased with the way that your associate’s training’s going.

      2. do you have any evidence whatsoever to suggest there is any truth in this latest attack? I get propaganda is involved – but in general there is sometimes a grain of a grain of a half grain of truth upon which the smear is built. Westminster magistrates court yesterday – apparently had no listing whatsoever for either of them.

        1. @leftworks1
          Follow Follow @leftworks1
          Replying to @AsaWinstanley @jhoffman1
          I just telephoned the Courts Service on 0300 303 0645 to enquire about this matter. I have been informed that warrants for arrest without bail have been issued for Mr Hoffman and Mr Lenszner. Anyone who thinks I am lying is welcome to do the same.

          4:33 AM – 26 Mar 2019

          Instead of encouraging him to keep on lying David, he would be better served by handing himself in before it all gets worse

                1. he hasn’t. I am not sure yet of all the details. I do know about the event itself and the empty allegations. What I didn’t know (nor does it seem did Jonathan or Damen) is that a hearing was set for yesterday. Why there was a cock-up is anyone’s guess – but it hasn’t absolutely nothing to do with the actual allegations, which remain poppycock regardless of how I view the optics of Jonathan or Damen’s activities on the day.

    1. Your desperate efforts to deflect from the embarrassment of your associate are to be expected Bellers. Was the double post another tactic you thought up yourself ?

      Did you congratulate your oppo for his Jew baiting earlier or are you still claiming to work alone?

        1. My link shows David conversing with Hoffman. A lucky escape there for our host.

          Heaven knows what he could have been subjected to.

  10. Seriously Bellers, this is your very best tactic ?

    Your student writes a damaging post that trivialises mass genocide scoring a huge own goal. (Still up there to read btw.) Then you try to create cover for him by comparing the industrial extermination of millions to an amateur sports story. Really? When did you get this careless?. You’re supposed to be the opposition, deflecting and demeaning, not helping David to make his case against the antisemites.

    Can’t imagine your student will be pleased having the rug pulled from under him like this !!

  11. Just so we don’t let Bellers and his associates down by focusing on the wrong things, here’s the “Heinous Hit-Parade” according to them. Pay attention now.

    Number One – Jewish Activist shouting at opposing Activist. THE MOST HEINOUS

    Number Two – Jewish Border Guard killing armed Arab terrorist. STILL VERY HEINOUS

    Number Three – Industrial genocide of millions of Jews, Roma, Homosexuals – “FAR LESS HEINOUS”

    Always helpful to establish priorities.

    1. “(Still up there to read btw.)” …. and still there to be read correctly, Ian.

      The murder of thousands, whether by Israel by the Nazis OR by Islamists is of course to be condemned IN ALL CASES. Does Ian agree?

      1. Still waiting to hear why #3 on the Heinous Hit Parade is “Far less heinous” than #2, just to clarify priorities. Please advise.

          1. Look, you’ve already done the damage. You can’t unwrite your words and as much as you and your mentor would love to keep deflecting away from them with acres of copy/pastes, they remain crystal clear. You’ve unwittingly outed yourself with your careless post and all that remains is to determine whether you are in fact a Jew hater, a Jew baiter or a combination of the two.

            Bellers should have taught you better. It’s dangerous breaking cover and expressing your real views. This is the mess you can get yourself into.

  12. It is going to be all very interesting. There will be the incontrovertible video evidence versus the ” she had it coming ” defence. The political equivalent of ” she shouldn’t have been wearing so short a skirt ” defence . Then there will be the string of defence witnesses saying how its all an antisemitic show trial versus all the video evidence of Scoffie’s previous exploits, getting thrown out of numerous venues, including the HoC and the Albert Hall , for hooliganism and his far right sympathies and dalliances, his homophobia etc. Doubtless Palestine Live will feature. Doubtless also the Crown Prosecution Service are confident of their case following the Anna Soubry thing which was far less serious.

    The outcome is not really important because Scoffie is no more regardless.

  13. Apparently Scoff and tother fella surrendered themselves yesterday afternoon and case rescheduled for today. I have not been able to confirm this but it is my present understanding.

      1. Ignorant sow, Enemies of the UK?

        – bomb London transport on 7/7 2005
        – behead British soldier Lee Rigby
        – bomb Pan Am 103 whose wreckage crashed on Lockerbie
        – openly threaten the UK with 9/11 scale attacks for insulting their “perfect” prophet
        – operate Rape Gangs in Rotherham
        – run people over walking on London and Westminster bridges
        – failed car bomb an airport in Glasgow
        – bomb Manchester arena
        – flood into London to the extent that for a while now the most popular name for a new born baby boy is, with its variants, Muhammed
        – ex-MP’s (george gallowsway) have regular shows on Fascist Irans PressTV

  14. Massive shift from you here Bellers. It’s not helping your associate much and he’s stuck in the “I’ve been misquoted” mire and hasn’t really got anywhere else to go since you compounded his problems with your own careless post.

    Honestly; suggesting people shouting at each other is worse than mass extermination. How does that help your mate out of a jam?

      1. So catty Bellers. Your apprentice will be crying himself to sleep tonight. Kick the old booby when he’s down why dont you?

    1. No misquoting whatsoever, Ian. My words are plain, yet you still insist.

      P.s. what did the school say?

      1. Couldn’t be plainer and this is the point. When the words written say that mass extermination of millions of men, women and children is “far less heinous” than a Jew killing an armed terrorist there isn’t any scope for misinterpretation. I have offered the benefit if the doubt and conceded that this was disingenuous and that the intention was simply to bait Jews. You may accept this as a lesser offence to trivializing genocide.

        1. The words written say nothing of the sort, the reason for your misrepresenting my plain text puzzling.

          Ian plays his game … amatuerishly.

          1. Unfortunately for you they say exactly that. Are you actually denying the “far less heinous” remark ? Bellers would certainly counsel against this and he’d be right. You clumsily let the cat out of the bag and your limp attempts to project, deflect and back-track have failed.

            So by all means keep up with all the camp “Ian says..” and “oops matron” posts for the next umpteen dozen threads but you have outed yourself here and it’s way too late to do anything about it now.

            Anyway, even if you are guilty of Jew baiting as charged, what do you care?

              1. So with this in mind, are you honest enough to accept the “far less heinous” remark that you wrote clearly and visibly above, or are you still deflecting from it with your silly projections.

                You can see your problem. You become so wrapped up in rehashing your half dozen slogans like Bellers does, that when you reluctantly break cover to offer real opinions they aren’t strong enough to stand scrutiny and you get rumbled like this.

                Don’t worry. Loads of paid activists fall into this trap when they deviate from the script and carelessly start saying things they really believe.

                1. Still the tantrum continues ….

                  Bellers has the more interesting line.

                  p.s. The School can help you.

                  1. Still sticking rigidly to the playbook. It’s no use running back to Bellers now. He couldn’t help you with your cock-up yesterday and he certainly doesn’t seem keen to help you now.

                    Just as you sought to trivialise industrial genocide in your post above, he’s back to comparing people shouting at each other to a terror incident in which 2996 innocent people died.

                    At least he regularly admits that he’s “not arsed” about anything here. Why won’t you do the same?

  15. But anyway the good news is that whatever the eventual outcome, the judge has confined Scoffie to barracks for three months and will never be the same ” man ” again. Is this the beginning of the end for Israel ?

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