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Antisemitism and anti-Zionism. Performing the duck test

Is it antisemitism or anti-Zionism? Everyday, semantics are used to deflect what is obvious. When people argue over this it protects antisemitism. It does not matter whether in theory anti-Zionism and antisemitism are the same thing or not. It is a straw man argument. When you perform the duck test on anti-Zionist activity across the board, it soon becomes clear that antisemitism overflows in every corner of the anti-Israel movement. The duck test highlights just how seamlessly, blatant antisemitism has renamed itself.

I am in the middle of writing a large report that will hopefully meet my self-imposed end-of-February deadline. This particular post is not part of that and was never planned. It came about because in preparation for a talk I gave last night to students at KCL I needed to spend some time gathering examples of the similarity between anti-Zionism and classic antisemitism. This is what I found:

The duck test

What are examples of antisemitism? What are the tropes? I needed to work from a check-list, so turned to Wiki to find one. They have a page titled ‘antisemitic canards‘. It provides a list of different types of canards used to foster and legitimise hate against Jewish people throughout the ages. There are 20 classic types listed. They added the 9/11 conspiracy, which I ignored because I believe it captured in the essence of all the others.

Below are the results from the twenty I worked with. In those cases where the accusation predates Zionism (such as the killing of Christ), I have only used posts by people who ‘coincidentally’ are also anti-Israel activists:

Duck test 1 & 2

Guilt for the death of Jesus and host desecration. Both of these are active in anti-Zionism, with the idea of ‘host desecration’ transferable into desecration of the ‘Holy land’ and threats against Al Aqsa:

duck test 1 jesus and host desecration

Duck test 3 & 4

Ritual murder, Blood libel and anti Christian bias. More common themes in anti-Zionist activism:

duck test two Ritual murder, Blood libel and anti Christian bias

Duck test 5 & 6

Demonisation, impurity and accusations of well poisoning. Along with well poisoning, we can also add the well worn accusation that each year – Zionists’ open dams (that don’t exist) to flood Gaza. ‘Olive trees as water wells’ opens up another means of attack thats resembles accusations of poisoning and desecration:

Duck test 5 & 6 poisoning wells

Duck test 7 & 8

Plotting to control the world and causing wars and revolutions. The underlying logic behind all Rothschild Conspiracy:

Duck test 7 and 8 controlling the world

Duck test 9 & 10

Accusations of causing antisemitism. Usury and profiteering:

Duck test 9 & 10 Accusations of causing antisemitism. Usury and profiteering:

Duck test 11 & 12

Kosher tax and accusations of a Pogrom against Native Americans. Clearly to contextualise, we turn it to accusations of a Pogrom against Palestinians. Given the general claims of Genocide, there was no need to refer to individual myths, like the false claim of a massacre in Jenin:

Duck test 11 & 12 Kosher tax and accusations of a Pogrom against Native Americans

Duck test 13 & 14

Dual loyalty, cowardice and lack of patriotism. Very topical at the moment. Both in the United Kingdom and United States:

Duck test 13 & 14 Dual loyalty, cowardice and lack of patriotism

Duck test 15 & 16

Accusations of racism and Holocaust denial. Even the UN engaged in this one:

Duck test 15 & 16 - Accusations of racism. Holocaust denial.

Duck test 17 & 18

Accusations of controlling the media and the world financial system.

Duck test 17 & 18 Accusations of controlling the media and the world financial system.

Duck test 19 & 20

Accusations of playing a major role in the slave trade. Organ harvesting:

duck test 19 & 20 Accusations of playing a major role in the slave trade. Organ harvesting.

Every single canard on the list has been deployed in the demonisation of Israel. Some of them, like accusations of racism and Genocide are at the forefront of anti-Zionist ideology, and banners that promote these myths are waved at every single demonstration. Not one canard failed to make the list. Not even ‘Kosher tax’. You have to be blind, or acting with deliberate sinister intent not to see it. It looks like a duck, it swims exactly like a duck and it sure quacks like a duck. It is time for everyone to stop pretending. We are dealing with an updated version of the oldest hatred.



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49 thoughts on “Antisemitism and anti-Zionism. Performing the duck test

  1. Fine work as usual and thank you, but sadly the “descration” of the 1,000 year-old Muslim cemetery to build the nonsense Museum of Tolerance is in fact correct.

      1. Mikey, I’d class you as a blatant Jew hater who should be ashamed to be peddling your usual antsemitic bull shit here.

    1. The land the Museum of Tolerance is being built on was formerly a multistory parking garage. In 1945 the “Supreme Muslim Council” wanted to use the space for an office complex including a 4-storey hotel, a college and a factory, at which time most of the bodies were moved.

      Apparently a few skeletons were found, dating to the 16th century, and they were moved and reinterred.

      If the Supreme Muslim Council could re-purpose the site there should not be a problem with anyone else.

  2. “Everyday, semantics are used to deflect what is obvious.”

    Your stock-in-trade, David …. on EVERY one of your blogs.

        1. you think the word ‘hate’ is misplaced in the blog above? Really. What word do you think best describes all those examples of antisemitism?

          1. The majority of your ‘examples’ are anti-Israel only.

            There are some that are anti-Israel AND anti-Jew.

            There are some that are anti-Israel AND anti-Jewish-Israelis.

            The vast majority of those posts are criticism. Hate is a dishonest accusation of the vast majority.

            1. Thank you for saying you find

              the majority

              of examples are ‘anti-Israel’ only Mike – it highlights how you really do not have a clue about a subject you simply cannot stop talking about.

              1. David, I have looked through your examples and tagged them as antisemitic as distinct from antiIsrael/antiZionist.
                Those worded Zionist-Jews I’ve classed as antisemitic though the criticism may be against Jewish-Israelis and not intended against Jews in general.

                I found 20 possibly antisemitic examples …… 92 antiZionist/antiIsrael.

                To me, a majority.

                You seem to be reading antiZionist and antiIsrael as antisemitic using your own wishful thinking.

                1. Nothing, absolutely nothing, in this blog shows that antiZionism or antiIsraelism is the same as Antisemitism.

                  The blog is busy on rhetoric , claims and patchwork but bereft of truth (which matters).

                2. Mike you are a feral classic antisemic animal who is deliberately denying the antisemitism that David has so clearly exposed. When I said on a previous post that you have stuffed you moral compass up your as THIS comment proves how right I was!!!

                    1. But he hasn’t, he has shown several examples of antisemitism and many times more of anti-Zionism/AntiIsraelism but NOT show how there isa link between them. Can you, other than ‘oh yes’. It’s a modern ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ rewrite.

                  1. > It’s a modern ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ rewrite.

                    – The Emperor’s New Clothes are the finest in the world!
                    – Islam is “The Religion of Peace” !

                    – The Emperor is butt naked.
                    – Islam is at War with Bahais, Buddhists, Christians, Hindu’s, Jews, Animists, Atheists, the wrong kind of Islam (sunni v shiite v salifi), ISIS beheading videos, Mumbai, Nairobi, Bastille day in Nice France….

                    It took a child to see and speak the truth about the Emperors clothing and it will take someone else to speak the plain truth that Islam and its various malign arms are NOT Peaceful but Barbaric, Savage, Terroristic..

                    See 9/11, London’s 7/7, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan, Manchester arena, Boston Marathon, Lee Rigby, Daniel Pearl, Theo van Gogh, London and Westminster bridges, Pan Am 103, Pulse nightclub, for evidence of Islams Jihad on the entire world.

  3. If it occupies like a duck, if it annexes like a duck, if it ascribes Nationhood only to those of kindred blood …………

      1. Israel occupies.

        Israel annexes.

        Israel ascribes nationhood only to Jews.

        No lies, just ignorance of the part of Jeff21st.

          1. I’m British … the greatest nationality to have. Why seek another?

            Those unhappy with the nationality of their father, grandfather etc. could always ditch any loyalty and choose another.

            1. Mikey flaunts the supremacy of his ‘British Nationality’, sides wholehartedly with Arab Nationalism and denies the Jews their own state. Wonders why we think he is a feral bigot.

              1. We? You feel emboldened as part of a Zionist group, Norm?

                You think I’m a feral bigot because you don’t understand the diff. between a British state and a Jewish state.

                  1. Understandable. Do they support it’s occupation, it’s seeking to expand and the flouting of humanitarian laws?

                    1. Do Pro-Palis support Jihad, Terrorism, ISIS, Al Qada, Boko Haram, Fascist Iran, Muslim Brotherhood, Rotherham rape gangs?

                      If not, where have they demo’d against the above?

        1. “Israel ascribes nationhood only to Jews” WTF does that mean??? Are there no Muslims Israelis, then?? Its like arguing with an idiot 🙁

          1. So, in 50 years if Muslms are the majority in Israel are you ok with it ceasing to be a “Jewish State” and becoming a “Muslim State”?

            1. Mikey! So, in 50 years if Muslms are the majority in Britain are you ok with it ceasing to be a “British State” and becoming a “Muslim State”? Answer the question – none of your nonsense now!!

              1. ‘British’ encompasses Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Jedi etc.i.e. NOT racist.

                Israel refutes that with the National Law giving only Jewish-Israelis Nationhood.

                1. Mikey! Typical! I said NONE OF YOUR NONSENSE – and you just gave me more BS! Answer the question, are you OK with the UK ceasing to be a “British State” and becoming a “Muslim State”? Its not a hard question, even for you! Yes or No?

                  1. No! The UK is a democracy where ALL have nationhood whether Jedi, Muslim, Jewish, Christian etc.

                    Contrast that with Israel which CLAIMS to be democratic but has just passed the Nation Law that bestows Nationhood only on Jewish-Israelis. i.e. NOT a democracy.

                    Wasn’t hard to answer at all.

  4. If it walks like duck and looks like a duck, it could be a Mallard, a Canvasback, Alabio, Marbled etc. …… so many different types of duck …

      1. Ooh look. Not only the Jewish lobby but also the French lobby out to smear Jezzer. No wonder he supports Brexit. Everyone, everywhere is out to get him. Do the trolls get paid for the anti-yid AND the anti-frog posts?

  5. Collier’s problem is his endless tribalism. but if you take off your yamulka and put on your ‘universal human’ hat for just a few minutes, you’ll realize that, despite all of its good, creating modern Israel still displaced hundreds of thousands of people. And we have to address that. And Israeli policies that dont address it, deny it, ignore it or worsen it for whatever reason are bad. full stop. That’s not anti semitic…’s just human. Cuz at the end of the day, there is no bronze age mythological sky god to justify any tribe on earth ruling over anyone else, whether muslim, jew or christian.

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