In the beginning there was an Arab with a knife 180 years of excuses (V2)

img381869In just the last few days, the BBC deliberately mistranslated the use of the word ‘Yehud’ as ‘Israeli’ instead of ‘Jew’ and Michigan Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib made comments distorting the history of Arab violence. Both of these recent incidents are connected to a wider movement that excuse and whitewash anti-Jewish violence. In 2015 I wrote an article on the subject. This is version two.

During the height of the second Intifada, the media and politicians in general were adamant, only total desperation could cause one human being to walk onto a bus full of innocent civilians and blow himself up. This twisted logic unashamedly blames the victims for the act of violence that kills them. It removes personal responsibility from the terrorist, a logic that only applies in Israel. We find the same media and the same politicians have no trouble identifying the true cause of the brutal violence when it hits closer to home.

On April 30th 2003, at about 00:45, 22-year-old Asif Muhammad Hanif entered Mike’s Place, a live music tourist pub on the Tel Aviv beachfront. Asif, from London and his friend, Omar Khan Sharif from Derby, had been born, grew up and were educated in the UK. Upon entering the pub, Asif detonated his bomb, killing 3 and injuring 50. One of the fatalities was 29-year-old French born Dominique Haas, a personal friend of mine. It would be difficult to argue that Asif and Omar were any more desperate than you or I. Young, British and university educated, they had their whole lives before them, but simply believed there was more to gain from murdering Jews in Tel Aviv instead.

It is now May 2019 and Jews are again being murdered on the streets of Israel. Just recently hundreds of rockets were fired from Gaza at Israeli communities. Over the past year, western media have been falling over themselves to paint violent demonstrations at the Gaza border as ‘peaceful resistance’. Many of the Arab fatalities were terrorists, armed with guns and knives, who attempted to cross into Israel. The excuse given for the recent murders was the ‘pressure cooker’ that exists in Gaza because of the blockade. Let us embark on an historical exercise and follow this logic to its obvious conclusion.

It is February 7 2019. Arafat Irfaiya, a 29-year-old resident of Hebron has a knife. He sees Israeli teen Ori Ansbacher and decides to murder her. He brutally attacks, rapes and kills her. Many details are withheld because of the sickening nature of the attack. The terrorist explicitly claimed that ‘he looked for a Jewish victim because he wanted to be a martyr’.


Outlets like the BBC didn’t need to make up excuses or mistranslate, they didn’t even bother to report it.

It is October 2015 and Jews are again being murdered on the streets of Israel. Today, we are being told the reason Arabs are murdering innocent Jews is because the ‘status quo’ on the Temple Mount is being threatened. It is a false rumour that has been used before. This video is a compilation of clips from 2015. For those that haven’t watched it, this is highly disturbing viewing.

But logic works a certain way, and in the given argument if we remove the said cause, the effect should just disappear. So let us step back a year.

It is 2014. The status quo on the Temple Mount is not being threatened. This is an attack by a 16-year-old terrorist who began stabbing Jewish customers at the Rami Levy supermarket in Mishor Adumim. *This video contains disturbing images*.

You can read more about the attack here. The reason given by western media and politicians alike for the violence of late 2014, was that the conflict in Gaza earlier in the year had created a feeling of desperation and a need for revenge. If that is the case, let us go further back.

Sunday, March 14, 2004. There’s no blockade on Gaza and so no pressure cooker. It is 16:20pm. Two suicide bombers detonate their explosive devices in Ashdod Port. They kill 10 Israelis. Hamas and Fatah both take responsibility. The reason for this outrage given in the media? Because Gaza is occupied.

A year later, Israel withdrew from Gaza, dismantled settlements & what happened? They received Hamas rockets in return – but anyway, let us look further back

It is October 2000, the conflicts against Hamas in Gaza are still a decade away, but the 2nd Intifada is upon us, Israelis are about to be murdered on the streets of Netanya, Afula, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, anywhere in fact that they can be reached. Two Israelis, Vadim Nurzhitz and Yossi Avrahami having accidently entered Ramallah, were ‘arrested’ by PA policemen and taken to the local Police Station. There they were ‘beaten, stabbed, had their eyes gouged out and were disembowelled’ by a mob of Palestinians.

Aziz Salha, terroristThe picture is of Aziz Salha, one of the ‘lynchers’, waving his blood-stained hands from the police station window. Salha was later arrested by Israel and sentenced to life imprisonment, but was released in 2011 as part of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange. The general consensus amongst politicians and the western media was that this outbreak of brutal violence was the result of Ariel Sharon provoking the Palestinians by stepping foot on Temple Mount. If that is the case, let us go further back.

It is September 1999 and Ariel Sharon’s foot has not yet been placed on Temple Mount. Haifa couple Sharon Steinmetz and Yehiel Finfeter went hiking in the Megiddo region when they were stabbed and murdered by an Israeli Arab, Abdullah Salah Aghbariya. Aghbariya reportedly first attacked Finfeter, 25, with a knife and stabbed him several times in front of his girlfriend, before hitting her with a rock and stabbing her to death. Although the terrorist suggested he had murdered these two ‘because they were Jewish’, the media and politicians of the time were having none of it. Just as the BBC would do twenty years later, media outlets refused to translate ‘yehud’ as ‘Jew’, even when the terrorist was explicit. Instead they suggested the late 1999 tension was caused not by the self-declared hatred of Jews of the terrorist, but by the friction and stagnation of the peace process. If that is the case, let us go further back.

It is late 1993 and the stagnation of the peace process is yet to be seen on the distant horizon. ‘Hope’ is now the keyword as Israelis and Palestinians embark on a mission of mutual recognition that results in the beginning of the Oslo peace process. Within weeks, on 24/9/1993, Yigal Vaknin became the first of many victims of this process, as he was stabbed to death in an orchard near the trailer home where he lived. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

Yigal Vaknin

The violence over the coming years, some of the most brutal seen inside Israel since 1948 was explained away as a ‘side effect’ of the peace process itself. Over 250 Israelis died in the years immediately following the Oslo accord, sacrificed for a peace that never came. Western media and politicians explained away these terrorist actions as the desperate measures of extremists intent on stopping the process. If that is the case, let us go further back.

It is 21st March 1989 and the Oslo Peace Process is not yet even a seed in Yossi Beilin’s mind. The first Intifada has hit its peak and Muhammad Zakut, an Arab construction worker in Tel Aviv began randomly stabbing Israeli civilians in Tel Aviv on the Jewish holiday of Purim. Zakut stabbed three Israelis with a commando knife as he shouted “God is great.” One of the victims, Kurt Moshe Schallinger, 73, was killed as he left his car on a Tel Aviv street full of children in costume.

First Intifada - Rock throwing
First Intifada – Rock throwing

Zakut received a life sentence, but like Aziz Salha from the Ramallah lynching, Zakut was released as part of the Gilad Shalit exchange. Around 160 Israelis were murdered during the first Intifada, with western press and politicians blaming frustration at the ‘occupation’ and the building of settlements for the outbreak of violence. So if that is the case let us go further back.

It is March 9, 1978. A decade before the intifada. Terrorists hijack a bus carrying families on an outing. 38 Israeli civilians, including 13 children, were killed. Another 71 Israelis were wounded. The terrorists killed Jews before they boarded the bus and fired at other motorists as they drove past. They had intended to storm a Tel Aviv hotel but got lost. The excuse? Terrorists killed the Jews to stop peace talks with Egypt. If this is the case, let us go further back.

It is 1966. The entire West Bank and Gaza are in Arab hands and there is no ‘occupation’. Not a single settlement exists.  The situation has been the same for 17 years and because most of the attacks against the Jews in Israel began beyond the border, the terrorists were armed with guns or explosives rather than knives. There were massacres on buses, attacks on trains, archaeologists, cross border shootings and numerous sniper attacks. The knife still made its appearance with an attack against the odd shepherd, kidnap rape and murder of women and various random attacks where specific details have been lost through time. Between 1949 and 1967, when Israel was in existence completely behind the ‘Green Line’, hundreds of Jewish people were murdered in Israel.

1964 Arab Summit
1964 Arab Summit, creation of PLO

Rather than take the available option and declare a Palestinian State, the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organisation) was formed in Cairo in 1964 with the intention of destroying Israel. Through all this violence, western media and the politicians placed the blame on the tensions in the region caused by the status of the refugees created during the War of Independence that followed the birth of the State of Israel. If that is the case, let us go further back.

It is December 2nd 1947. There are no refugees, no occupation and Israel does not yet even exist. The Arabs of the area have not yet even labelled themselves as Palestinians. It is 3 days after the United Nations voted in favour of Partition, pushing a two-state solution that the Arabs totally rejected. The Arabs begin a riot in Jerusalem, with 8 Jews reported as being killed. The New York Times pointed out that it was the knife that was the weapon of choice.

Arab attack against Jewish commercial area in Jerusalem, December 1947
Arab attack against Jewish commercial area in Jerusalem, December 1947

The killings had begun even earlier with an ambush against buses near Kfar Syrkin on November 30th, and the following months were to see escalating violence as civil war erupted throughout the British Mandate of Palestine. Arabs began to leave the region within weeks, with 100,000 having fled by March. In January irregular Arab armies entered the arena to wipe the Jews out and neighbouring Arab nations declared openly Israel would never be born. It is impossible to calculate precise Jewish losses over each period in a conflict that was to turn from civil to regional war, but in total over 6000 Jews were to be killed in the following 18 months. Proportionally more than the UK lost in the entire 7 years of WW2. According to western politicians and media of the time, this, all because of the ‘understandable’ Arab reaction to resolution 181 and partition. If this is the case, let us go further back.

It is 28 Nov, 1941. There are no refugees, occupation, Israel or partition. Arab leader Haj Amin al-Husseini is officially received by Adolf Hitler. al-Husseini would go on to help form Muslim Waffen SS units and tried to prevent 10000s of Jews escaping. Perhaps this is what Rashida Tlaib was referring to. Western media don’t make excuses for this, they just ignore it. Which means we must look further back:

It is April 19–20, 1936. There is no partition, no Israel, no settlements, no occupation and no refugees. Even the original suggestions of partition first raised by the Peel commission are still some time away. But ‘The Bloody Day in Jaffa’ is upon us and the first day of the ‘Great Arab Uprising’. By the end of the first week, 17 Jews had been murdered.

Jaffa, Palestine: The beginning of the Arab Revolt of 1936
Jaffa, Palestine: The beginning of the Arab Revolt of 1936

The revolt was to last 3 years and led to an almost absolute curb on Jewish immigration into British Palestine. This is Rashida Tlaib’s ‘safe haven’. Violence that rejected Jewish immigration and ultimately trapped untold number of Jews in Europe. The British, and the media placed the blame for the murders and the violence of the revolt on Arab opposition to growing Jewish immigration that was caused by Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany.  If this is the case, let us go further back.

It is 19th August 1929. There is no partition, no Israel, no settlements, no occupation and no refugees. Adolf Hitler is out of jail, but yet to receive major popular support at an election. Zionist immigration is still on the slow dripping 4th Aliyah rather than fast flowing 5th Aliyah. A young Sephardic Jew named Abraham Mizrachi was stabbed to death by an Arab near Mea Shearim. The following Friday, August 23rd, a violent Arab demonstration took place at the Western Wall and that afternoon a massacre of Jews in Jerusalem began (17 Jews murdered). The violence spread across British Palestine and in the coming days, Hebron (65+ massacred) and Safed (18+ massacred) saw the worst of the incidents.

Newspaper report on Hebron Massacre 1929
Newspaper report on Hebron Massacre 1929

The massacres and killings were to lead to the Shaw Commission analysing the cause of tension. It found Arab leaders had created and spread propaganda calculated to incite the trouble. They spread rumours of a Jewish takeover of Temple Mount (sound familiar). The commission believed that the underlying cause was Jewish immigration and the threat that local Arabs felt a Jewish presence in Palestine brought. This is no different than if today, wild mobs streamed into towns in Europe or the US that have large immigrant populations with the intent to carry out bloody massacres against innocent civilians. But for the British, world politicians and the media this was excuse enough for Jews to be killed.  So if this is the case, let us go even further back.

It is 1920. There is no partition, no Israel, no settlements, no occupation, little immigration and no refugees. Even the Mandate has not yet officially begun. San Remo, the conference that was to decide the fate of the Middle East has not yet occurred. We are now back in Jerusalem at the time of the Neba Musa festival. A time that was to see riots that had Arabs murdering Jews in yet another ‘excusable’ massacre in Jerusalem. The knives were out again.

Nabi Musa April 1920 Jerusalem
Nabi Musa April 1920 Jerusalem

Five Jews were murdered and 216 were injured. The Palin Commission of Inquiry (don’t the British love making up excuses for violence against Jews) found that Arab disappointment at the non-fulfilment of the promises of independence was the primary cause. So if this is the case, let us go even further back.

It is the 1800s. We have left British Palestine, because it does not yet exist. There has been no promise of independence to the Arabs, no Balfour declaration, no Mandate, no partition, no Israel, no settlements, no occupation and no refugees. Ariel Sharon’s foot has not even been born. We travel before the modern Zionist movement began. To the Ottoman Mutasarrifate of Jerusalem. The British are flooded with request from Jews to protect them. There are pogroms in Jerusalem in 1870 & 1895 and in Jaffa in 1876. There is no occupation, no wall, no blockade, no Zionism and no Hamas. Yet still Jewish bood flows on Jerusalem’s streets. The excuse is long forgotten. Media outlets such as CNN and the BBC were not yet invented to distort the muderous intentions. Let us look further back.

It is 1834. Sunday June 15 and a day after the Jewish fesitval of Shavuot. Six years before the murder of innocent Jews in the Damascus blood libel. It is the start of what would be a month-long attack on the Jewish community in Tzfat. Jews are killed, raped and looted. Their homes and synagogues are destroyed. The image is of a letter, written by a Tzfat resident to the Jewish community in London – asking for help.

We find contemporary ‘mob attacks on Jewish communities throughout the Middle East’. We find Jews were being murdered throughout the 19th century, just for being Jews, in Aleppo (1850, 1875), in Damascus (1840, 1848, 1890), in Beirut (1862, 1874), in Dayr al-Qamar (1847), in Cairo (1844, 1890), in Mansura (1877), in Alexandria (1870, 1882), and in Damanhur (1871, 1873, 1877, 1891). Each and every one before the first Zionist congress took place in 1897.

Before the partition, before Israel, before the settlements, before the ‘occupation’, before the refugees, before Sharon walked onto Temple Mount, before the ‘wall’, before Hamas in Gaza, before immigration, before the Holocaust, before Balfour and before even Zionism itself. In the beginning there was an Arab with a knife and he murdered a Jew, simply because he was a Jew. It is an absurd logic that attempts to blame Zionism for creating violence against Jews when modern Zionism *only came about* because of relentless violence against Jews; both in Europe and in the Middle East. You cannot place the cart before the horse. Enough with the excuses.



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  1. Excellent. Well put together and well researched. Perhaps one day people will look at reality and not let their innate prejudices and preferences cloud their perception.

  2. This is a brilliant piece of narrative illustrating the point perfectly!

  3. “In just the last few days, the BBC deliberatelymistranslated the use of the word ‘Yehud’ as ‘Israeli’ instead of ‘Jew’….”

    The BBC says it stands by its translation as it is being used to preserve the context. Wasn’t done as another act of ‘antisemitism’, though no doubt you view it as such.

    David, in your previous blog you yourself characterise a push on yourself by an assailant who utters , “Zionist” and “f*ck” as an assault on a Jew. Isn’t that David ‘deliberately mistranslating’ ‘Zionist’ as ‘Jew’ to further his campaign?

    1. The BBC deliberately mistranslated the use of the word ‘Yehud’ because it doesn’t fit their narrative. They had no right to do it. It is a case of the media blatantly distorting the truth. As this blog shows – that story they are trying to sell is an unsupportable lie.

        1. Being an alumini of SOAS, and having seen the way the anti-Israel narrative is played out there, I would expect Wallach to agree to the mis-translation of Yahud to Israeli

          If he translated it any other way, his life at SOAS would slowly become more and more unpleasant, until he would have to leave for his own mental well being

          SOAS is assiduously anti-Israel, and in my opinion bordering on explicit Antisemitism
          To partiality quote McPherson, It is institutionally anti-Israel and Antisemitic
          So to use SOAS for anything pertaining to Israel is a misnomer

            1. Growing up and going to school in France, the Muslim students’ nickname for me was ‘Al Yahud’ – The Jew.
              Any questions?

              1. Just one. Do YOU refer to the ‘state of Israel’ or ‘the Jewish state’?

      1. No comment on my noticing that you characterised ‘Zionist’ as ‘Jew’?

        No apology to your readers?

        1. Assailants yelling “Zionist” do so in a lame attempt to blame their blatant hatred of Jews on Zionism. It’s the whole point of this article.

          1. The whole point of the blog in question was another “lame attempt” by David to have his readers subconciously map ‘anti-Zionism’, a racist endeavour, to ‘anti-semitism’.

            Amazing at how simple and gullible those that fall for it are….. or perhaps they too have picked up the lie and are running with it.

            noun: antisemitism

            hostility to or prejudice against Jews.

            1. ” ‘anti-Zionism’, a racist endeavour”

              Absolutely correct.
              Ant-Zionism is a racist endeavour.

            2. [The whole point of the blog in question was … to have his readers subconciously map ‘anti-Zionism’, a racist endeavour, to ‘anti-semitism’.]

              Well, I must say I am shocked, to see you admit that Anti-Zionism is a racist endeavor! From your other comments, I felt sure you would support Anti-Zionism, and deny the racism inherent in it.

              In fact, you kind of do that, at the end of the sentence, so it’s a bit confusing – you admit anti-ZIonism is racism, but then deny that it is racism against Jews, which is what Antisemitism is.

              I’m guessing, given your other comments, that you are one of those morons who thinks that Jews having a right to self-determine, in their own indigenous homeland, is somehow “racist”, but Arabs having 23 states where minorities have few if any rights is somehow “not racist”. Typical hypocritical Jew-hater.

            1. Anti-Semitism, and hence anti-Zionism, is a racist endeavour

              Farmer you are a proven anti-Semitic liar and fraud.

        2. So you’re spewing this garbage on a blog actually explaining how Jew-hate has been perpetrated long before ZIonism was even a concept. Do you realize how stupid you look?

      2. ….. and likewise David, a push on a Zionist doesn’t fit your narrative, much better to spin it as a push on a Jew?

        1. Farmer the anti-Semitic liar and fraud, once again proving how appropriate the following quote from Voltaire is;

          “I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: ‘O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.’ And God granted it.”

          They do not come more ridiculous than the clown Farmer.

    2. Why do the Palestinians refuse to call Israelies Israelies
      There is no mistake.
      They refuse to recognise the existence of Israel.
      If they refuse to recognise Israel, then they can’t recognise that there are Israelies.
      So as there are no Israelies, there are only Jews
      So when they call a Jew a Jew, they do it intention

      That the BBC mistranslates the term Yahud to Israeli, they do it intentionally, as that is their narrative

      1. The PLO(PA) recognised Israel, and its right to exist, wwwaaaaayyyy back in ’93. Israel has refused to reciprocate with a Palestinian state.

        Next ‘foot in mouth’ please?

        “That the BBC mistranslates the term Yahud to Israeli, they do it intentionally, as that is their narrative”? … and David’s narrative that it was an attack on a ‘Jew’?

        1. Then why do they still refer to it as the Zionist entity when they talk in Arabic and amongst themselves

          They have a whole vocabulary dedicated to concealing what they are actually saying, and thereby pulling the wool over the eyes of gullible lefty liberal neo-fascist Jew hating racist bigots

          1. Because it’s governed by ZIONISTS!

            THEY’VE got a vocabulary?? Lol. You have your own … Zionist read as Jew….. Israel read as Jewish state ….

    3. On May 5, Ziad Al-Hamamda, a Muslim Arab Israeli, was murdered by a Hamas rocket. I challenge the BBC to produce anything from the Gaza media that referred to the victim as a, “Yahud”. If “Yahud” were simply a synonym for Israeli then they should have no problem finding examples.

  4. I guarantee that our resident ‘Gruesome twosome’ Stephen and the proven anti-Semitic liar and fraud Farmer will try one or more of the following tactics.

    1) “Who us?”- ‘If I’m anti-Semitic where is the proof?’
    They will ignore the glaringly obvious proof staring them in the face contained in the content, and intent, of their own posts and/or any links they provide.

    2) “Whataboutism”- An attempt to change the subject when they are clearly losing the argument.

    3) “Hahaganda”- They apply the ‘haha’ approach frequently, when confronted with compelling evidence or arguments, they joke. One of Stephen’s favourite tactics. Sadly for Stephen he is not the ‘shining wit’ he mistakenly believes himself to be.

    4) “Just keep going”- They will carry on pumping out their fact and logic free anti-Semitic effluent in spite of any reasoned argument, or incontrovertible proof put in front of them. They have a fixed agenda and will cling to it, much the same as shit to the proverbial blanket.

    1. Gnasher said……..” Do Ian and Gerald ever fall out when they are competing for your attention ?”

      I said ” Dunno but I am handing them over to you I can’t be arsed anymore ”

      He said ” does this mean I now get to shit in their stereo headphones ”

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            1. In fact, the shitting in the headphones slogan is #13 in a series. It first had an outing about 16 blogs ago. That’s when Bellers first came up with the wheeze of introducing a cat, brilliantly named after that Yid tweeting site. He’s blown hot and cold with it and mostly pushes the shtick with that old twat activist that he hates. He’s desperate for that one to stick and to be honest I just leave the daft booby to it. Have you seen his links? He may as well be saying “Look, my nan reckons…..”

              Mike/Maria are loads more fun to play with these days.

                1. The proven amti-Semitic liar and fraud Farmer making a weak attempt at Tactic No. 3

              1. Although I agree with you Ian.
                I have to say that a part of me feels sorrow when I see Stephen trying to perform.
                It is a bit like watching a punch-drunk old boxer who is well past his better days, getting battered around the boxing ring.

      1. The Holocaust , in which 17 million died, people of many countries and races, people targetted by the Nazis for many reasons.

        1. Farmer the proven anti-Semite, liar and fraud has gone for Tactic No. 4 again.

        2. The Holocaust where the Jews were targeted for extermination, because they were Jews, Farmer. Not for “many reasons,” Farmer, but to make them extinct.
          Farmer, like many other “anti-Zionists” chooses holocaust minimization. It’s denial in weasel words, and used by garden variety antisemitic weasels such as Farmer.

  5. Here is a link to a 30 second Youtube of a newsreel documenting a meeting between National SOCIALIST SHlTler and his Islamofascist ally, the Grand MOOOOOfti of Jerusalem.

    This video is where the above still image of the two fascist allies are shown sitting across from each other.

  6. If Israel, Zionism, was the problem, then Arabs/Muslims would be living in peace with NON-Israelis, NON-Zionists. But they’re not.

    See 9/11, London’s 7/7 transport attacks, Pan Am 103, assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan massacres, Bastille Day truck ramming in Nice France, London and Westminster bridges car ramming attacks, Manhattan bike path car ramming attacks, 500,000 dead in Syrian Civil war, 1,000,000 dead in 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war, Pulse nightclub in Orlando Florida massacre, Manchester arena bombing, Muimbai India massacre, Nairobi mall massacre, Sadaam Husseins poison gas attack on the Kurds of Halabja, ISIS beheading videos, HamASS and Fascist Iran executing gays, HamASS cynically using Human Shields, Boston Marathon bombing, beheading of Lee Rigby and journalist Daniel Pearl and James Foley, thwarted sneaker and underwear bomber, DC Beltway snipers, Fascist Iran calling for death to America, Fascist Iran stoning girls to death over “family honor” issues, …

  7. Excellent piece David

    Problem is the BBC is not in their view Antisemitic; I mean we should all know that shouldn’t we
    The reality is that they don’t really like Jews, especially if they have any form of connection to (dare I say it) Israel

    1. Well, Richard, there’s Jews and there’s Jews, as there are Arabs and there are Arabs. Nasty ones, murderous ones, lying ones, thieving ones, decent ones etc. ….. each with their own flaws.

      Wasn’t ‘antisemitic’ that, was it?

  8. Gerald, twice in consecutive blogs now! Firstly, calling out Mike/Maria for their identity choices and now demeaning Bellers and his approach to the fulfillment of his duties. Must I remind you of his response to this several blogs ago when he limply admitted that for him “It’s the taking part that counts”. Still slays me that.

    1. Tell you what Ian, how about a game of ‘Bellend Bingo’?
      The first one to notice that one of the ‘Gruesome Twosome’ has used all four Tactics on the same thread, calls out ‘Bellend Bingo’ and wins a suitable prize

  9. How about extending your observations back 1400+yrs…. when Mohammed beheaded 800 Jews himself in Medina? Remove the “palistinian” label and you have muslim….. just as the media “mistranslated” Yehud” as Israeli you, the media, politicians have been mislabeling muslims as saracens, Arab, Asian, Moores, Ottoman, etc.
    Followers of islam have been aggressively attacking the kafir for over 1400yrs…. murdering, castrating/enslaving, taking sex slaves, destroying cultures, destroying churches/Synagogues, desecrating non-muslim religious artifacts. So these Muslim on Jew attacks are not unique to the Jewish community….. it is just part of over 225 million killed by muslims in their ‘jihad’ to impose sharia over everyone in the world.

  10. Youre a racist clown david, just end yourself like your idol Adolf you far-right BNP loving idiot

    1. Comrade Joe, Your Ultra Right-Wing, Homophobic, Misogynist, Anti-Semitic Islamofascist heroes (HamASS, Hezbola, Fascist Iran, Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram)

      will end up like your fellow Fascist Socialist hitler.

    2. My my
      We are being clever today
      Your parents must be so proud of you now that you can finally progress to junior school
      Giggle giggle

      1. Joe did at least attempt some punctuation, so HE’s ready for junior school, You’ll have to stay in the infants.

  11. Great stuff, David. I enjoyed the original and the update. I will be posting links to this fine piece of writing about real history. The general public deserves to be informed about the past 180 years, and the past 14 centuries of Arab contempt for the mideast’s Jewish minority.

    1. Michael, you have already noted that I regard your presence and contributions here as a joke. True enough. But when you are careless enough to get rumbled for posting under different names, male and female is it really any wonder?

      1. Was it the identical Surname and initial that gave it away, Ian.

        My, you’re one smart cookie.

        1. Just between us, I’d ask Mrs Mike about this. After a couple of Goldstars in the Eurovision village, she was a little indiscreet about your ‘Marie’ proclivities. But unlike Bellers, I never kick a chap/chapess when they’re down.

          1. “But unlike Bellers, I never kick a chap/chapess when they’re down.”
            Ian you’re just one big soft hearted liberal.

            Unlike you I would. Not only that, I’d be happy to put him down first then perform ‘Riverdance’ on his head. Particularly if it is a lying, anti-Semitic fraud, such as one of the ‘Gruesome Twosome’.

  12. Boom ! When all else fails, Bellers plays the daft, shouty old Yid card for explosive impact.

    If anyone that thought that 200 years of Arabs slaughtering Jews was bad, they’ll think again now, right?

      1. One more thing Stephen, can you tell your cat Nadgers that if he goes anywhere near my headphones I will take great delight in neutering him with an old rusty ‘Fray Bentos’ tin.
        Then he will be No Nadgers.

    1. Poor old Stephen. His mental degeneration due to all the blows to the head he received in the boxing ring is much worse than first anticipated.

      He is now suffering from “Captain Queeg Syndrome” (from the book and film ‘The Caine Mutiny’) At the mention, or thought, of Jonathan Hoffman poor Stephen starts foaming at the mouth, clicking his balls in his pocket, and going on and on ad nauseam about Jonathan Hoffman.

          1. “”Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned,”
            William Congreve.

            Is that what causes your ‘Captain Queeg Sybdrome’ Stephen?

    2. I’d wager that Ian’s “Yids” have slaughtered more Arabs than vice-versa, with far more devastating undiscriminating weaponry than knives.

      1. Sharmuta, In Iraq, Arabs/Muslims killed 500,000 Arabs/Muslims.

        From 1980-1988 1,000,000 Arabs/Muslims died in the Iraq/Fascist Iran war.

        Arabs/Muslims blow up each others mosques, murder gays, murder girls over “family honour”, fund terrorist gangs who murder people in the US, Eurabia, Asia.

        1. Because of US sanctions on Iraq approx. one million Iraqi children died ov malnutrition. When asked whether she thought it was worth it, white-house’sMadeline Albright (US) replied Yes.

            1. Two sentences from the Report I wish to highlight are these;

              “For the north, the U5MR rose from 72 to 128 per 1000 between 1987 and 1991. With its onset well before 1991, however, this rise mainly reflected Saddam Hussein’s persecution of the Kurds—recall in this context that the poison gas attack on the Kurdish town of Halabja took place in 1988.”

      1. Stephen what would you know about having friends, best or any other kind?

        You have already confirmed, on another thread, that you did not have any friends in Dublin because you are a gobshite.

  13. You must have a hot spot for Jonathan.
    He seems to have a dominant position in your life, because you are forever posting about him.
    Love comes in many forms
    Giggle giggle

  14. Back to peddling a story read in one newspaper article, that as based on research that states the theory that 17 million died in the Nazi genocide

    6 million Jews (approximately) were murdered in the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews

    6 million non-Jews (approximately) were additionally murdered in the Nazi genocide

    Approximately 12million people died in the Nazi genocide
    As I said , 1article in 1newspaper about some research does not alter the historical knowledge we have to date
    When more research is undertaken to verify the facts, the information can be looked at differently

    You are entitled to your own opinions,
    You are not entitled to your own facts

    As Stalin was puported to have said ‘If you repeat a lie often enough, then eventually it will become the truth ‘
    Your mindless repetition of the same unsubstantiated story falls well within Stalins’ ideas on truth

  15. Another unsubstantiated allegation

    Proof of Jews killing more Arabs , than Arabs killing Jews

    Start from 1880, or even earlier.
    Please don’t do your normal obfuscation of facts by using data out of context and using carefully selected time frames to distort reality

    1. Didn’t notice in the blog a number for the number of Jews or Arabs killed in the conflict, but that would have been unbiased writing.

  16. “In the beginning there was an Arab with a knife …”

    In the beginning wasn’t there a Jew writing that God had given them someone else’s land to live on and that to butcher and slaughter them man, woman and child, to take it over was OK by Him? … or Is that just a fairy story?

    1. The repugnant, and retarded, anti-Semitic liar and fraud Farmer is running out of steam and stuck on Tactic No. 2.

  17. This blog, opening on ‘mistranslations’, must be the best ‘people in glass-houses’ examples I’ve seen in quite a while.

    1. “People in glasshouses..”

      An example of that Farmer would be a proven anti-Semitic liar and fraud such as you, complaining on another blog that that blog is dishonest but that this blog is even more dishonest.
      But you are stupid enough to have done that Farmer.
      “Dishonest blog, though much less dishonest that the Collier blog where he maps Israel to ‘the Jews’ and antiZionism to antisemitism. Habitual wolf cryer. Dishonest.”

    1. Stephen I can give you an honest reply.
      I have not watched the Eurovision Song Contest since the late Terry Wogan stopped presenting it.
      So frankly I don’t care who wins.
      One of the films that is on tonight the same time as the Song Contest is “BlacKkKlansman” and I will be watching that.

        1. Stephen so what you are telling us all is, that to support Munster you have to be either Stephen Bellamy or Adolf Hitler.

          I can understand that, you think alike so it is logical you would both support Munster.

            1. Nadgers you’ve been warned about your behaviour.
              Carry on and you’ll end up like Stephen without any nadgers.

      1. Next blog’s spin possibly accusing the world of ‘antisemitism’ for NOT voting for Israel, David?

          1. “Davids I mean”

            No, no Stephen. It is bad enough that you attempt to mangle and twist the truth, do not mangle the English language as well.

            It should be “David’s I mean’
            Perhaps as well as talking to your cat Nadgers you should ask him to type your posts for you.

  18. Slightly more than a Zionist being pushed in the back. The world’s most moral conscripts?

    1. The following video comes with this health warning.


    1. Another poor attempt by Farmer, the proven anti-Semitic liar and fraud, at Tactic No. 2.

      “2) “Whataboutism”- An attempt to change the subject when they are clearly losing the argument.”

  19. The occupants of the car probably thought they were Russians. Many more Russians than Jews died as a result of Hitler’s occupations, annexations and lust for land and control, Ian.

    Report say there were 4 in the car.

    1. I just assumed you were the driver, out of sympathy and to keep costs down.

      If it’s Russians you’re looking to wind up next for not dying in sufficient numbers, you’re best off driving up to Tower Heights where they hang out. I’d say put it into Waze……..

        1. Not a pleasant euphemism for a NY Jewish neighborhood Michael. Are you prejudiced towards all Jews or just the orthodox ones?

          1. Euph. for the US of course.

            Not prejudiced against any of the many religious cults, Ian.

            It’s Israel’s fruits that taint it.

  20. Guardian HR Exec; “ So Michael/Marie. You’ve applied for the role of Guest Reviewer at our online channel. Just a few questions. You do a lot of twittering about Israel. Which particular attractions would you recommend to our readers?”

    Michael/Marie: “Well, it’s like this. I’ve never actually been there.”

    Guardian HR Exec; “No problem. What about the people? Our readers love diversity and inclusivity. How would you characterise the ones that you’ve met?”

    Michael/Marie: “Never actually met any.”

    Guardian HR Exec; “ I see. So, moving on to the US; very popular destination for us and your posts have a lot to say about it. What have been your top 5 ‘must-dos’ on your travels there?”

    Michael/Marie “Never been there either. Seems like you’re oppressing me with your attitude. Why should I have been to places and met people to know what they’re like? I’ve read books”

    Guardian HR Exec; (speaking into phone, Soto voce) “Security. Code Lima. Lunatic on the premises. Gender indeterminate. May be a risk to themselves and others.”

  21. Guardian HR Exec; “ Mmm. I understand that you support the Labour Party and hope to see it in government in the future to end the blight of austerity on the less able and to end the appeasement of Israel by the current government. Isn’t that a Party riddled with antisemitism? Didn’t its leader approve of an anti-oligarch mural that others claimed to have been antisemitic?

    Michael/Marie “You’ve probably been reading the various pro-Israel blogs that constantly fuel the witchhunt against the Party and its leader. I doubt if these bloggers have ever been members of the Labour Party or have any evidence that the Party or its leader have any animosity towards Jewish people. They’ve just read books and listened to professional lobbiers. Like the war and the Holocaust, we can only get a sense of what happened from books.

  22. Michael, flattered as I am that you’re copying my shtick, you do need a couple of gags. You don’t want to end up looking like the Bruno Kirby character from Good Morning Vietnam who said “Sir, in my heart I know I am funny.” You may want to just stick to doing you.

      1. No Farmer what you are clearly demonstrating is, that it is a feat for you.

        A proven anti-Semitic liar and fraud such as you Farmer has clearly demonstrated that not only has a sense of history, logic and truth passed you by, but a sense of humour has also passed you by.

        I would not expect someone as clearly retarded as you are Farmer to possess a sense of wit.

      2. A group of people standing on a subway platform — an American, a Russian, and an Israeli. A reporter approaches and says, “Excuse me, can I get your opinion about the meat shortage?”

        “What’s a shortage?” says the American.

        “What’s meat?” says the Russian.

        “What’s excuse me?” says the Israeli.

        1. Farmer resorting to crude, and ridiculous, national stereotypes indicates bigotry not a sense of humour.
          But, anyone who has looked at the effluent you pump out in your ‘posts’ is already aware that you are an anti-Semitic liar and fraud who has already made stupid and bigoted remarks about disabled people as well as the LGBT community.

    1. Ian, how’s the ‘What I say Mike said’ : ‘What Mike actually said’ comedy sheet coming along?

      1. Oh really well thanks . I’m doing a section on the multiple personalities of the Jew hating tweeterer entitled “Hows yer Farmers?”

        1. It’s the ‘What I say Mike said’ : ‘What Mike actually said’ section I’m looking forward to most of all, Ian.

          1. Glad I’ve got you on the edge of your seat Michael. You’ll really like the section that lists your pretend views; plastic opinions if you will. I’ve called it “The Vinyl Solution”.

              1. Certainly. I’ll mark it 604112. Uncle Leopold’s number.

                I don’t get British irony but you will.

  23. David proclaims “In the beginning there was an Arab with a knife 180 years of excuses “.

    Shouldn’t it be ‘In the beginning there was a Jew with a lust for the land of others Millenia of Hasbara’

  24. “Shouldn’t it be….”

    No it shouldn’t.

    By the way Farmer you illiterate, anti-Semitic, fraud. It is MilleNNia not MilleNia.

  25. David proclaims “In the beginning there was an Arab with a knife 180 years of excuses “.

    Shouldn’t it be ‘In the beginning there was a JEW with a LUST for the LAND OF OTHERS MillenNIa of Hasbara’

  26. Gerald, I’m sure you’ve already spotted Michael’s carelessness. Not being able to resist the bait of the article and its historical context he’s now having to use the word “Jew” in his posts rather than his preferred “Zionist”. He has no choice and this must rankle a little with him as he goes off message. This is how that idiot Chris fell foul of the activists code. They all do in the end.

    BTW Mike. What does the ‘P’ stand for? Your 2 followers have been asking.

    1. Ian it is not a matter of ‘carelessness’. It is a matter that the thin veneer they attempt to hide their anti-Semitism with is thinner with some, and cracks sooner.
      Farmer being one of the more stupid of his ilk, his thin veneer cracks quickly and his anti-Semitic nature is exposed for all to see.

      I do not know who this ‘Chris’ person is.

    2. Very charitable Michael but the threads are still live for reference.

      Chris was an idiosyncratic activist, Gerald, the sort of transient here today gone tomorrow cove that often features here.

      His shtick was the long meandering filibuster post. He mostly stuck to rule 1 of the code and never got into the issues nor answered direct questions but preferred to tap out any old shite to block the road. His downfall was a combination of narcissism and basic ineptitude. You see, unlike Michael P Farmer and old Bellers, he wanted to engage deep down. When he did it was really rather feeble and he disappeared soon after one of his less successful forays. Typical 2nd gear activist to be honest.

  27. Deliberate following of David’s context of “In the beginning … “, Ian. Zionism is a more recent creation. Hence Jew for Arab.

    p.s. Chris was no idiot. He certainly had the measure of David, who refused to debate with him.

    1. Chris, like you Ignorant sow, was and IS an idiot.

      Simply put, if Israel/Zionism was “the problem”, then Muslims would be living in Peace and tolerance with NON-Israelis, NON-Zionists…

      but as the Easter Sunday church bombings in Sri Lanka demonstrate,

      that AIN’T the case.

      1. Ted, in the UK and in the US Jews and Muslims DO live together in peace and tolerance.

        Must be Israel/Zionism that is the problem in the region. See.

        1. Edward, you must listen to Michael P Farmer. He’ll give you a good review on Muslim tolerance to Jews, just before admitting that he’s never actually met either. He reads books you know.

          BTW Michael, how come only 2 of “The Mike Farmer 3” follow you on your twittering site?

            1. What’s the update Michael? Has the third member signed up now too? Have you ever met these guys or just read about them?


            1. The most cherished fairy stoires are the ones of Islam is “The Religion of Peace” and Socialism is “Progressive”.

        2. Thus scribbled Sharmuta…

          > in the UK and in the US Jews and Muslims DO live together in peace and tolerance.

          Hence 9/11, London’s 7/7, Boston Marathon, Pan Am 103, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, DC Beltway, London and Westminster bridges, Bastille Day in Nice France, Manchester arena, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Louie FarraKLAN, Mentally ILLhan Omar, Ratshita TaLabia, Keith Ellison, 1993 truck bombing of the WTC, ….

          Sharmuta, you must have an STD that’s given you brain damage.

    1. How jaw-dropping is the effort Bellers? As jaw dropping as watching a little Korean kid doing 3 Rubik cubes at the same time or more so?

    2. What effort Stephen?

      It is no effort at all to put a friendless gobshite like yourself, and your retarded, lying anti-Semitic friend Farmer in your places.
      No effort at all. Just the same as shooting fish in a barrel, gets too easy and let’s face it neither you nor Farmer are overburdened with intelligence or wit.

  28. Date……………………..Perpetrators…………………………. Victims.

    November 14, 1937 Jewish militants (Irgun) 10 10 Arabs killed by Irgun units launching attacks around Jerusalem, (“Black Sunday”)[16][17]
    April 12, 1938 Jewish militants (Irgun) 4 2 Arabs and 2 British policemen were killed by a bomb in a train in Haifa.[17]
    May 24, 1938 Jewish militants (Irgun) 3 3 Arabs were shot and killed in Haifa.[17]
    June 26, 1938 Jewish militants (Irgun) 7 7 Arabs were killed by a bomb in Jaffa.[17]
    June (late), 1938 Jewish militants (Irgun) ? Unknown number of Arabs killed by a bomb that was thrown into a crowded Arab market place in Jerusalem.[19]
    July 5, 1938 Jewish militants (Irgun) 7 7 Arabs were killed in several shooting attacks in Tel-Aviv.[17]
    July 5, 1938 Jewish militants (Irgun) 3 3 Arabs were killed by a bomb detonated in a bus in Jerusalem. Further Arab killed in another attack in Jerusalem[17]
    July 6, 1938 Jewish militants (Irgun) 23 18 Arabs and 5 Jews were killed by two simultaneous bombs in the Arab melon market in Haifa. More than 60 people were wounded.[17][20][21]
    July 8, 1938 Jewish militants (Irgun) 4 4 Arabs were killed by a bomb in Jerusalem.[17]
    July 16, 1938 Jewish militants (Irgun) 10 10 Arabs were killed by a bomb at a marketplace in Jerusalem.[17]
    July 25, 1938 Jewish militants (Irgun) 43 43 Arabs were killed by a bomb at a marketplace in Haifa.[17][22]
    August 26, 1938 Jewish militants (Irgun) 24 24 Arabs were killed by a bomb at a marketplace in Jaffa.[17]
    February 27, 1939 Jewish militants (Irgun) 33 33 Arabs were killed in multiple attacks, incl. 24 by bomb in Arab market in Suk Quarter of Haifa and 4 by bomb in Arab vegetable market in Jerusalem.[27]
    May 29, 1939 Jewish militants (Irgun) 5 5 Arabs were killed by a mine detonated at the Rex cinema in Jerusalem.[17]
    May 29, 1939 Jewish militants (Irgun) 5 5 Arabs were shot and killed during a raid on the village of Biyar ‘Adas.[17]
    June 2, 1939 Jewish militants (Irgun) 5 5 Arabs were killed by a bomb at the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem.[17][28]
    June 16, 1939 Jewish Militants (Irgun) 6 6 Arabs were killed in several attacks in Jerusalem.[17]
    June 19, 1939 Jewish Militants (Irgun) 20 20 Arabs were killed by explosives mounted on a donkey at a marketplace in Haifa.[17][29]
    June 29, 1939 Jewish Militants (Irgun) 13 13 Arabs were killed in several shooting attacks around Jaffa during a one-hour period.[17][30]
    July 20, 1939 Jewish Militants (Irgun) 6 6 Arabs were killed in several attacks in Tel-Aviv.[17]
    July 20, 1939 Jewish Militants (Irgun) 3 3 Arabs were killed in Rehovot.[17]
    September 27, 1944 Jewish militants (Irgun) 0 Unknown number of casualties, around 150 Irgun members attacked four British police stations[32]
    November 1, 1945 Jewish militants (Irgun) 0 5 locomotives destroyed in Lydda station. Two staff, one soldier and one policeman killed.[33]
    December 27, 1945 Jewish militants (Irgun) 7 3 British policemen and 4 Basuto soldiers killed during the bombing of British CID headquarters in Jerusalem; 1 British soldier killed during attack of British army camp in north Tel Aviv[34][35]
    King David Hotel bombing July 22, 1946 Jewish militants (Irgun) 91 91 killed, including 41 Arabs, 28 Britons, and 17 Jews; 40-45 wounded[36][37]
    January 12, 1947 Jewish militants (Irgun) 4 4 killed in bombing of British headquarters.[38]
    March 1, 1947 Jewish militants (Irgun) 17 17 British officers killed, during raid and explosion.[39]
    September 26, 1947 Jewish militants (Irgun) 4 4 British policemen killed in Irgun bank robbery.[38]
    September 29, 1947 Jewish militants (Irgun) 13 13 killed, 53 wounded in attack on British police station.[38]
    al-Tira December 12, 1947 Jewish militants 13 13 Arabs killed, 10 wounded[42][43]
    December 12, 1947 Jewish militants (Irgun) 20 20 killed, 5 wounded by barrel bomb at Damascus Gate.[44]
    December 13, 1947 Jewish militants (Irgun) 16 16 Arabs killed; 67 Arabs wounded from bombings in Jerusalem and Jaffa; Irgun also burns down 100 Arab homes in Jaffa[1]
    December 16, 1947 Jewish militants (Irgun) 10 10 killed by bomb at Noga Cinema in Jaffa.[45]
    al-Khisas massacre December 18, 1947 Jewish militants (Haganah) 10 10 Arabs killed[1]
    Bomb thrown on Damascus Gate Café in Jerusalem December 29, 1947 Jewish militants (Irgun) 13 11 Arabs, 2 Britons killed[1][47] Uri Milstein reported 15 casualties from the bombing in the Palestine Post.[48]
    Haifa Oil Refinery massacre December 30, 1947 Jewish militants (Irgun),
    Balad al-Shaykh massacre January 1, 1948 Jewish militants (Palmach) 50 17–70 Arabs killed in Haifa[1]
    Bombing of Arab National Committee HQ January 4, 1948 Jewish militants (Stern Gang) 14 14 Arabs killed; 100 Arabs wounded[47]
    Semiramis Hotel bombing January 5, 1948 Jewish militants (Haganah) 20 20 Arabs killed in Jerusalem[49]

    February 10, 1948 Jewish militants (Irgun) 7 7 Arabs killed near Ras el Ain after selling cows in Tel Aviv[53]

    Sa’sa’ village ambush in the Safad district February 14, 1948 Jewish militants (Palmach) 11 11 Arabs killed[54]
    Ramla vegetable market bombing February 18, 1948 Jewish militants (Irgun) 12 12 killed, 43 wounded[55]

    February 21, 1948 Jewish militants 4 4 Arabs killed in Haifa[1]
    Rehovot Train bombing March 1, 1948 Jewish militants 28 28 Britons killed[1]
    Bevingrad Officers Club bombing March 1, 1948 Jewish militants (Irgun) 20 20 Britons killed; 30 Britons wounded[2]
    March 24, 1948 Jewish militants 36 36 Arabs killed near Tulkarem[1]
    Cairo-Haifa train bombing March 31, 1948 Jewish militants (Lehi) 40 40 Arabs killed; 60 Arabs wounded[1]
    Massacre in an orange grove in Lydda April 1, 1948 Jewish militias 11 11 Arab laborers killed[56]
    Deir Yassin massacre April 9, 1948 Jewish militants (Irgun) 100-250 100-254 Arabs killed[57][58][59]
    Ein al Zeitun massacre May 3, 1948 Jewish militants (Palmach) 55 37–70 Arab prisoners
    Abu Shusha May 14, 1948 Israeli

    1. Is this ‘patchwork quilt’ of lies and gibberish supposed to signify something?

      If you must ‘post’ figures in a tabular form at least make the effort to post them in a fashion that is intelligible.

      1. I think it illustrates very well my point at the beginning of these posts that you can paint any picture you want with a string of anecdotes. Well done Mike.

          1. Quite right Farmer.
            Your ‘posts’ are always NOTHING!

            Nothing to do with the truth.
            Nothing to do with history.
            Nothing to do with facts.
            Nothing to do with logic.

            But who would realistically expect anything different from you Farmer a proven anti-Semitic liar and fraud.

        1. Stephen so you are claiming that to illustrate your heap of meaningless bullshit, you need a very poorly presented and unintelligible heap of bullshit from the lying anti-Semitic fraud Farmer.

            1. Stephen is that the best response you can think of?

              Neither original nor pertinent.

              Your obsessive compulsion disorder about Jonathan Hoffman needs urgent treatment and medication. I hope for the sake of the cleanliness of your keyboard and screen you will wipe them clean as soon as you have stopped frothing at the mouth.

                1. Congratulations Stephen another original response.

                  I don’t believe I’ve seen you post cat impressions before.

    2. Ignorant sow,

      500,000 Arabs/Muslims killed by Arabs/Muslim in Iraq
      1,000,000 Arabs Muslims killed by Arabs/Muslims during the 8 year war between Iraq and Fascist Iran.

      When Arabs/Muslims can’t get along with FELLOW Arabs/Muslims, how can any IGNORANT SOW expect Arabs/Muslims to get along with NON-Arabs/Muslims????

      HamASS murders Gay Arabs/Muslims in Gaza by pushing them off rooftops.
      Fascist Iran murders Gay Arabs/Muslims in Gaza by hanging them from construction cranes.

      Happy Nakba Fascist Sow!

  29. How interesting Bellers? As interesting as that picture of Keir Starmer blowing his nose and then looking at the bogeys in his handkerchief ?

    1. Still not as interesting as Dr. Pimple Popper popping pimples on people’s posteriors.

  30. And therin lies the rub
    Jews and Israelis admit their mistakes
    Jew haters and others never admit when they are wrong

    1. Notice the different mannerisms in the film. How polite the houseowner was in contrast the mob below?

      1. Bellers, Michael, I’m grateful for your collaboration. Compiling your best bits is fun and I do have time on my hands. But when you chip in like this, it really helps.

        The Michael P Farmer massive revelation that some Arabs have died in the conflict with us certainly warrants a mention in the section “Mike’s Bigguns.” But the effort expended to find and post links less interesting than pimple popping is gold.

        I just did what you did and put “straggly old yid nicking flag from Arabs” into the YouTube search engine. Got at least 4 hits more interesting than yours that would certainly give Keir Starmer’s bogeys a run for their money.

  31. Suspect that Arabs dying in the conflict is a massive revelation to David too, Ian, unless it was a secret he was hiding from his contributors/funders.

  32. Talking to me rather than about me Michael? Poor activism. Bellers’s fictitious mentor down the pub would be turning in her inverted commas.

    1. The PA(PLO) recognised Israel and its right to exist back in ’93, Ian.

      1. Some may wonder then what all that “From the river to the sea ..” chanting is all about when your lot get together. Did you miss the memo Michael?

        Is the P in Michael P Farmer for Pally?

        1. “From the river to the sea ..” ?

          That’s Israel’s plan, surely ….. denying a Palestinian State!

          As I said, recognised The Israeli State, whereas Israel hasn’t reciprocated and refuses to recognise a Palestjne.

          1. Ignorant Sow,

            Israel and Jordan are “The Two-State Solution”.

            And Jordan is “Pal-e-STINE” which Israel already recognizes.

  33. Michael, if we can just put your “seems like/bit like..” aside for a moment and address your remark.

    You refer to the PLO and allege its acceptance of the State of Israel.When its supporters chant “From the river to the sea..” do they take a different view? Do you?

      1. Farmer interesting second letter in the link you provided, it states this,

        “September 9, 1993
        His Excellency: Johan Jorgen Holst
        Foreign Minister of Norway.

        Dear Minister Holst,I would like to confirm to you that, upon the signing of the Declaration of Principles, the PLO encourages and calls upon the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to take part in the steps leading to the normalization of life, rejecting violence and terrorism, contributing to peace and stability and participating actively in shaping reconstruction, economic development and cooperation.

        Yasser Arafat.Chairman: The Palestine Liberation Organization.”

        So Farmer when will the Palestinian people be ‘rejecting violence and terrorism’ ,as this letter of 26 years ago calls for?

    1. The word “allege” always attaches to you Michael as I do not regard any of your posts as serious. You’ve shat in your own airing cupboard far to often here for any other conclusion to be drawn. For this reason we will never discuss any issues as you have no lens through which to view an opposing position objectively. Our relative roles will remain the scoring of cheap and totally meaningless points from each other and you using a lot of inverted commas. I may take the piss now and again but will try to avoid direct abuse.

        1. Farmer what is there to discuss with a proven anti-Semitic liar and fraud such as you?

          Your role here is to be our very own ‘village idiot’, someone to be laughed at and mocked. But, never taken seriously.

  34. Michael, now setting aside your “seems like/bit like” and your wiki links, let’s address the original question. If you allege that the PLO has recognized the State of Israel why do its supporters chant “from the river to the sea..” Are they actually all one state-ists? Are you?

    1. Now that I’ve disproved your “allege” I’ll answer your question.

      No doubt it’s supporters would prefer that Palestine stretched from the river to the sea, as Israel’s Zionists are working towards Israel stretching from the river to the sea.

      Myself, I think that it would be better if two states, Israel and Palestine existed along the ’67 lines., but with both being democratic states.
      Israel is no longer so and it doesn’t seem as if an Abbas state would be either.

        1. “RAMALLAH, May 4, 2018 (WAFA) – The 23rd ordinary meeting of the Palestinian National Council (PNC), Palestine’s parliament in exile, ordered the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee on Thursday to suspend its recognition of Israel pending the latter’s recognition of the State of Palestine based on the 1967 borders.”

    1. Farmer I am still waiting for your reply to the question I put to you above.
      “Farmer if as you allege the PLO recognises Israel, how do you explain this item from the WAFA News Agency?” (Link above in the original post)

    2. Farmer and I am also waiting for your reply to a different question I put to you.

      ““September 9, 1993
      His Excellency: Johan Jorgen Holst
      Foreign Minister of Norway.

      Dear Minister Holst,I would like to confirm to you that, upon the signing of the Declaration of Principles, the PLO encourages and calls upon the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to take part in the steps leading to the normalization of life, rejecting violence and terrorism, contributing to peace and stability and participating actively in shaping reconstruction, economic development and cooperation.

      Yasser Arafat.Chairman: The Palestine Liberation Organization.”

      So Farmer when will the Palestinian people be ‘rejecting violence and terrorism’ ,as this letter of 26 years ago calls for?

  35. Michael, your tactics are very one-dimensional. You’re obviously putting a fair old shift in on the search engines looking for films of nasty Jews doing horrid things that you can post. You’ve decided that posting films of nasty Jews doing horrid things works for you here just as Bellers has decided that re-posting his 4 films of that weird old Yid bloke that he hates works for him. I suppose that if all you’re after is a minor roadblock, then any old shit will do, hence the straggly Jew trying to nick a flag the other day.

    I know Bellers says “It’s the taking part that counts” – (snigger) – but he’s well past the stage of making any effort.

    Wonder how long we can keep this up. How old are you?

    1. I think that it’s David that puts a fair shift in attempting to fabricate widespread antisemitism and denigrate Arabs. But then that’s how he puts bagels on his table.

      My posts show that it’s deceitful rhetoric to the gullible. Remember, The Truth Matters.

      1. Farmer still waiting for you to reply to the questions I put to you.

        Either you are unable to reply because you only post set scripts that have been written for you, or you do not want to reply because the truth is inconvenient to your pre-set agenda?

        Of course it could be a combination of both. Whatever the reason is, your continued silence speaks volumes. It also hammers further nails into the coffin of your credibility.

        1. Ooh excellent Michael. You want to discuss the article. Good. Which of the 23 events noted by David do you regard as fabrications and which of their atrocities denegrate the Arabs?

          1. This blog itself attempts to give the impression that Arabs alone are a violent bunch. My earlier listing of Jewish terrorism (which enabled the creation of Israel) clearly shows that they too are equally violent. No clean hands here.

            On his previous blog David weakly attempted to characterise a push on him by an unknown assailant as as a targetted antisemitic attack, despite an indication that it was for his Zionist attacks on others.

            Many of these blogs vilify others with false accusations. A professional lobbier for the racist state of Israel.

            1. Farmer still not replying to the questions I put to you.

              Remember Farmer that my questions followed on from your dubious, and since been proven to be false, claim in your post above “Now that I’ve disproved your “allege” ”

              No Farmer your claim was, inevitably, false and proven to be so. You can try to run and hide like a naughty child, but in your case the truth has caught up with you and exposed you for all to see.

              You are an anti-Semitic liar and fraud who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you on your arse as you walked by.

      2. Michael, let’s return to your accusation of fabrication by David and my question to you asking which of the 23 events listed in this article you regard as fabricated. Your response only comprised some name-calling and some attempts at creating equivalence. These may have been your instructions from Bellers but it does leave you open to the call of bullshit on your accusation….unless you have something to add. Do you?

        1. Ian, my post said “attempting to fabricate widespread antisemitism and denigrate Arabs.”

          In several of these examples, which I don’t deny happened, the attacks were on Israelis, yet characterised by David as antisemitic attacks. There is your fabrication, by his usual weasel words when he flip-flops the terms Israelis and Jews. As I have shown, neither Jews nor Arabs have clean hands.

          1. Michael, I have always understood your absolute needs here but there are times like now where the contortions in which you tie yourself are misplaced and clearly redundant. The Israeli/Jew thing is a case in point. it is obviously the main card that your side needs to play to justify your positions but it is a flawed tactic. How do you see it as Arabs attacking Israelis and not Jews, decades before there was an Israel?

            1. Ian, approx half of the 23 events occurred AFTER Israel was created.
              As I said, I have no doubt that these events occurred(as did the listed events I presented earlier), it is the misrepresentation of them by David that I am pointing out.

              Yes, no clean hands.

              1. Still waiting for a reply Farmer.
                You made a claim, and much the same as the overwhelming majority of your claims, it was shown to be incorrect.

                Your silence speaks volumes about your lack of integrity, decency, morality.
                Farmer you are a ‘poster boy’ for all the lying anti-Semitic frauds with no backbone or intellectual integrity everywhere.

              2. Look Michael, I do see what you have to do here. David is your target and to quote your predecessor you have to “find any stick you can to beat him.” Old Chris tried, failed and vanished because it didn’t work. Vague countering rarely does because it just reduces down to name-calling and limp unsupported accusations. As an example the article here refers to the horrific murder of Ori Ansbacher in February.. The Arab that murdered her confessed to targeting a Jewish victim. Please note, not an Israeli . If your counter is to focus on discrediting the author rather than address the horror of the event you may want to reflect whether your time here serves to benefit anyone other than yourself.

                You may if course just take the Bellers route and demean this vile act as ‘anecdote’

                  1. Bellers wrote that reply for you didn’t he? Did he also advise you it would be dangerous for you to address the case of “Arab confesses to targeting a Jew, not an Israeli” ?

                    He’d be right of course. It sets the cards falling on your whole position.

                    1. If she lived in a settlement of course she was a Jew and hence was targetted by him for being so. Those shot by the IDF when launching fire balloons are targetted by the IDF for them being Arabs, while Jewish settlers firing Arab crops are NOT targetted, merely observed.

                      You previously wrote that David is my target. Wrong. I am targetting his deceitful blogging.

                    2. Farmer apart from being a proven anti-Semitic liar and fraud, your attempts to twist logic and reason to fit your pre set agenda are something to behold.

                      “Those shot by the IDF when launching fire balloons are targetted (sic) by the IDF for them being Arabs, ”

                      So are you suggesting that if they weren’t Arabs even though they are launching fire balloons towards Israel the IDF would not shoot them?

                      Do they make it easier for the IDF by walking around carrying big signs saying, “I am an Arab about to launch a fire balloon towards Israel please shoot me” ?

  36. oops

    Replying to @DAJOZ072129 @DPJHodges

    Actually that chart is a misleading joke, I’ve deleted it, apologies
    2:57 AM – 27 May 2019

    1. Stephen as yesterday was Sunday I told my cat I was going back to bed, so he would have to cook my breakfast.
      He just looked at me and said, “Me owww?”

      Now that was a hoot.

    2. Is this the pretend yid you hate or the old twat yid that you hate hooty? Massive effort by you here after 206 posts, still “its the taking part that counts (snort).

        1. Look at Hooty playing the “I’m not arsed more than you’re not arsed” game. It took him 214 posts to be not arsed enough to invent that one. Such a hoot, Hooty!!

            1. Stephen that is the funniest thing you have ever written on this or any other website.

              ” Trust me ”

              I bet even you had a laugh as you wrote that.

    3. Michael, you just justified the brutal rape murilation and murder of a teenage girl on the grounds that she was Jewish. I’m not too concerned at your grotesque inhumanity. That’s just you being you. It’s the fact that you’ve finally dropped the falsehood of anti Zionism being different to antisemitism. You were always onto a loser with that one.

      1. Ian, you have the comprehension and logic of a gnat. Seem to be prevalent flaws among you Zionists. Misidentifying antisemitism and thinking that all Jews are Zionists and all Zionists are Jews. Sad.

        1. Michael, I’m only repeating your own words back to you as always. If you have nothing more than name calling and the customary “Bit like/seems like” that’s your problem not mine.

          Think we can get to 300 posts with this? I’m up for it. I’m a Mike – Baiter. Who are you baiting today?

          1. That you think that confirms your poor comprehension, Ian, or …. just a hint that you’re painting with colours you’ve mixed yourself.

            1. I’m lucky Michael. You supply all the paints and splosh them on the canvas yourself. I take no responsibility for your brush strokes. Are you now claiming exclusive rights on your “Bit like/Seems like” game?

              Only 70 posts until target. i reckon I can get you defending Ted Bundy in that time. He raped and murdered Lisa Levy and 2 other Jewish girls in the 70s. Go on. Have a go. You’re on a roll…..

                1. “ seem to have a bit of a thing about Jews.”

                  Why Stephen were you looking in the mirror and talking to yourself when you wrote that?

                  Anyone who reads your posts here and on other websites, including your own hysterical BumBitersRuS
                  website, might very well think so

                    1. “Nah I don’t think about Jews from one day to the next”

                      Of course you don’t Stephen.

                      Those venomous posts of yours directed at certain individuals, it is just a complete coincidence that the individuals you vent your spleen at happen to be Jews.

              1. “He raped and murdered Lisa Levy and 2 other Jewish girls in the 70s. ”

                Think you’ll find find that he murdered many, many others, Ian, at least 30. Because you don’t remember them I’ll assume that they were less worthy of mention and not Jewish.

                There those that would assume from your post that care only care for other Jews. I couldn’t possibly comment.

                1. “There those that would assume from your post that care only care for other Jews”

                  Really Farmer to a sick and twisted anti-Semitic mind like yours that may make sense

                  ” I couldn’t possibly comment.”
                  No Farmer you couldn’t possibly write a post in coherent English either.

                1. Wow, Bellers & Mike dash to the barricades. Brilliant. Defenders of the Mike Farmer 3, rapists and murderers of Israeli teenage girls and now Ted Bundy.

                  We should do this more often.

                  1. BIG apology to gnats everywhere. I’m sorry.

                    Ian, you have the comprehension and logic of a Gerald.

                    1. Better the comprehension and logic of a Gerald than the illogical and incomprehensible ‘talents’ of a retard such as Farmer the anti-Semite.

  37. Stephen

    I had forgotten about your other obsessions

    1. Simon Cobb from Sussex Friends of Israel

    2 the Jewish Leadership Council and it’s membership

    3 the Jewish Board of Deputies and its leadership and membership

    4 and of course the obsession that really drives you

    What your blog be without them
    You would die of boredom
    So many words, so little said by you


  38. Hi David,

    My family were Perushim of the Vilna Gaon, and they migrated to Jerusalem in 1811.

    Their lives in Eretz Yisroel weren’t easy.

    The Perushim were subject to all manner of extortion and beatings from the local Arabs and Turks.
    In 1861, one of my Jerusalem relatives was stabbed to death by an Arab.


  39. Wonder where that Oxfam Director, Ben Phillips is now. Remember, the guy on Newsnight who said he’d sooner see Arab families in poverty than working for SodaStream on salaries, benefits and opportunities identical to the Israeli workers. Clearly, the locals that he and all the other activists pretend to care about disagreed.

    What about you Michael? How’s your pretending to care about Arabs going?

    1. Oh yes. The this will hurt the blacks more than it hurts us argument. Where did I last hear that one.. Next up will be ” we have the happiest blacks in Africa”.

      1. You used that slogan the first time this story broke a couple of years ago Bellers.. Pretending to be arsed about Arabs is a real commitment for you isn’t it ?

        Anyway we’re nearly 250 posts in. The minimum target is 300. That’s 10 “meowws”, 3 “eeks” 4 massive copy/pastes about those wanky yids you hate and half a dozen “hoots”. That should get us over the line. I reckon I can nudge Michael in a few more directions too.

        This has been a great thread.

          1. Wrong again Bellers. The Oxfam “we prefer starving Arabs” scoop was Feb 2014 when you first pretended to be arsed. The harmonious Jew/Arab collaboration follow-up yesterday saw you reprise the slogan and the pretence. You’re cute when you lie Hooty.

            50 posts to go. Got some great Mike-bait for tomorrow. We may do it in the day.

    2. More to the point, Ian. How’s Israel’s pretending to care for all its citizens going?

      1. Even more to the point Farmer, when are you going to answer the questions I put to you several days ago?

  40. Michael, why ask me questions about Israel when you’ve got all your books to read. I only live here and you wouldn’t be at all keen on my first hand view. You’d have your inverted commas out faster than you could say “bit like/seems like”

    Anyway Bellers is the expert you know. He did a shift as a Bedouin brickie during his gap year ( minus 3 months)

    1. “Anyway Bellers is the expert you know. He did a shift as a Bedouin brickie during his gap year ( minus 3 months)”

      Ian in fairness to Stephen I think his claim was that he made bricks not laid them.

      And I believe Stephen deserves a round of applause for his efforts.
      It cannot be easy spending 27 hours every day slaving away making bricks under the hot sun. Fortunately Stephen has his own plentiful supply of Bullshit to help make the bricks. Before he rode home through Bedouin villages on a Unicorn accompanied by the tooth fairy.

  41. Oh look Ian, over on UK Media Watch today.
    The return of ‘Marie’ Farmer.

    “Marie Farmer
    May 30, 2019 at 2:45 pm
    … and US welfare helps Israel kill with impunity!”

    The fraud and liar is still swapping his first name.

    1. I’ll be checking the footage of the Al Quds March at the weekend, looking out for a beardy bloke in a frock telling the 2 or 3 Arabs there all about a place neither of them have ever been to. Do we remind him not to take his Hamas flag this year?

      It’s the taking part that counts you know (guffaw!!)

        1. Before you go, ‘Chicken’ Farmer why don’t you answer the questions I put to you several days ago.

        2. Michael, is this Gerald bloke right? How come you pretend to be a woman when you post on other sites?

            1. No really Michael. Your only tactic here is name-calling and accusations of deception and then you use different names to post on different sites. Why the deceit?

              1. “Your only tactic here is name-calling and accusations of deception ”

                My tactic here is to show that David paints deceptive pictures … I also have fun with Gerald ‘Rose’. He’s a … what’s the word …. hoot.

                1. ‘Chicken’ Farmer when are you going to answer the questions I put to you several days ago?

                  Farmer your lack of credibility and backbone is becoming increasingly obvious as the days pass.

                2. “My tactic here is to show that David paints deceptive pictures”

                  That remark is the closest thing you have ever written that is anywhere near being humorous.
                  It would be humorous if it didn’t demonstrate how you are deluding yourself by believing that writing ‘posts’ that are full of lies, half-truths and distortion of historical fact, logic and reality show anything other than you Farmer are a proven anti-Semitic liar and fraud.

              2. “accusations of deception”?

                EXAMPLE of deception, by David as he spins a push on himself coupled with “Zionist” & “f..k” as an ‘attack on a Jew’.

                  1. Wouldn’t think of it, Ian. That’d result in David’s next blog bleating the UK was antisemitic.

                    I’m saying that it’s his racist Zionism and his personality that made him vulnerable to the push.

  42. “US welfare helps Israel kill with impunity!”

    Seems Marie speaks the truth 😉

  43. Michael you have written 101 posts in this thread. If anyone outside this echo chamber has bothered to read them they will draw the same conclusion; for Jews to establish a state free from people like you is a really good thing. I imagine that there are non Jews that have met you/ Marie that feel the same.

    1. Ian, they will have come to the conclusion that one sect of Jews wishes not to mix with others for whom they have no tolerance, exhibiting an almost neurotic sense of sainthood and unable to rationalise beyond that.

      1. Didn’t get any of that Michael. But as you realise it doesn’t matter. I have what I want; a lovely Jewish State. This makes me very happy. Unfortunately, for reasons of your own this causes you real consternation, so much so that you have to come and vent your irritations on social media every day. That, old son is entirely your problem. You backed the wrong side.

        1. Yep, David, Ian, Gerald, Ted ….. all content.Ne’er a care or complaint in the world.

          1. Dead right Michael. I commend happiness to you. I guess it’s harder to find in Britain because you don’t know what or who you are anymore and any tiny expression of identity is rounded on as nationalist or fascist. No such problems for us. We have our state and we love it. Your anger at this is entirely your your problem. Rage on my boy. I’m off to the beach.

            1. So, no angry posts from David, Ian, Gerald, Ted today. But why would there be?

            2. Yes Ian it is a lovely sunny day here as well.
              And we are celebrating “Festa Della Repubblica”

              Enjoy the beach.

              1. “..this green and pleasant land.”

                It would be much more pleasant for everyone if you were 6ft under the land ‘Marie’ or Mike or whoever else you are pretending to be today.

                  1. Chicken Farmer instead of asking questions when are you going to answer the questions I put to you several days ago?

                    By the way your English is risible.

  44. You say “There are pogroms in Jerusalem in 1870 & 1895 and in Jaffa in 1876. ”

    I posted your this in an antizionist blog by Jeremy Hammond

    and got this reply

    “Your Wikipedia sources does provide two references, but they’re books that I do not presently have access to in order to verify that such organized massacres of Jews occurred. The evident fact that the British investigators were unaware of them would seem to cast some doubt, and it could very well be that the primary source (Yossef Bodansky. Islamic Anti-Semitism as a Political Instrument Co-Produced by The Ariel Center for Policy Research and The Freeman Center for Strategic Studies, 1999) is an avid Zionist who defends the ethnic cleansing of Palestine just like your other source, David Collier.

    (1) Would you be able to give more details about these massacres as he casts doubt upon it. Partly because the Shaw comission seemed unaware of it.?
    (2)He slurs you as someone who defends the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

    So can you respond on his blog to clear your name?

    Thank you


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