Al Quds gets the blue and white treatment

The Al Quds demonstration 2019 gets the blue and white treatment

Al Quds returned to London. This year there were far fewer people attending. They also had to march without their precious Hezbollah flag, as the terrorist group has recently been proscribed by the British Government. Each year their route also gets smaller. The days that these terrorist supporters were allowed to march proudly down Oxford Street have gone. This year they were sent down Marsham Street into Horseferry Road, along to Parliament Square and up towards Whitehall. In total they had permission to walk for less than a mile. Even then, they were not going to be allowed on our streets without opposition. This year Al Quds got the blue and white treatment.

Al Quds

The Al Quds rally is an Islamic invention, that was introduced into the calendar by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979 in ‘opposition to the existence of Israel’. The London branch of the Islamic hate festival is organised by the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC). Other radical Islamist activist organisations such as Inminds have a visible presence. When I view the key activists at these events, I recognise many from my research into hard-core antisemitism. These people have a real problem with Jews. There are also many terrorist supporters amongst them. These are two posts from Sandra Watfa, the ‘face’ of Inminds:

As I stood and watched, a few buses turned up to offload demonstrators. In fact, most of the participants are ‘bused in’ by the main organisers the IHRC, and it shows. Disinterest amongst large sections of the crowd was apparent from the beginning. Yes, local activists were there and making a noise, but far too many people just stood idly by and simply followed instructions. For the most part it looked like ‘rent a crowd’.

Al Quds propaganda

The demonstration spends a great deal of time pretending it is something it is not. They paint themselves as a progressive and inclusive crowd. In reality they are even shunned by most UK Muslims. Throughout the introductory speeches, there were constant references to how the counter-protestors were all right-wing extremists.  Notice how Robert Inlakesh reporting for Press TV, explains away all opposition by creating a simple combination of the ‘far-right’ and ‘Israelis’:

Al QudsWhat happened to all the ‘British Jews’ that were there? This negation of our identity, where every British Jew is called ‘Israeli’ is part of the strategy that smokescreens hard-core antisemitism. If Robert considers all the protesting British Jews as ‘Israelis’, the he can claim he is only being ‘anti-Zionist’ when he attacks them. Inlakesh is another anti-Jewish conspiracy theorist I have dealt with before.

Al Quds gets prepared

The crowd gathered. As usual, at the front of the march they deliberately place the fringe Ultra-Orthodox group Neturei Karta. A small sect of orthodox Jews who promote Holocaust revision, align with the Iranian regime and have been ostracised by all mainstream Jewish groups. This time, these Jewish performers would later please their adoring crowd by publicly burning an Israeli flag.

The rally itself now prefers smaller streets, because it squeezes the crowd into a long tail, presenting a false image of a larger number of demonstrators. The crowd was visibly smaller than last year and would have had a negligible impact had they tried walking down Oxford Street, as they had done just two or three years before. I estimate that approximately 700-800 people in total were involved in the march itself:

The Michael Scott of Al Quds

At times I felt sorry for the pro-Iranian demonstrators. Nazim Ali had the microphone. We know Nazim Ali well. Ali was investigated by police for vile, conspiratorial, antisemitic remarks he had made at the Al Quds 2017 demonstration. Nazim Ali has the self-awareness of Michael Scott. He thinks he is funnier and a lot brighter than he actually is. He tried changing the lyrics to different songs and just would not be quiet, no matter how spectacularly his attempts bombed. The crowd were having trouble following. They clearly knew to respond to only two of the chants – the ever present ‘free free Palestine’ and the genocidal ‘from the river to the sea’.

Eventually after over 90 minutes of Nazim Ali, the police took mercy on the crowd and gave permission for the demonstration to move forward. There was no Hezbollah flag for them to wave this year, but the pro-terrorist message was always on display. This ‘victory to the resistance’ banner was at the very front of the demonstration. There is little mistaking its violent message:

From the perspective of the demo organisers, a more unwelcome element was also at the front of the march. Pro-Israeli demonstrators were there from the beginning.

The blue and white counter protest

A few counter demonstrators had taken a position directly opposite the Al Quds crowd. Some waved the Israeli flag:

As the demonstration moved, these pro-Israelis started to march in front of them. From this point on, the first anyone saw of yesterday’s demonstration, were Israeli flags, accompanied by pro-Israeli activists singing and dancing. Their small number was ridiculed by the crowd. That derision was not going to last long – reinforcements were coming.

There were two main counter protest groups. The static counter protest, organised by the Zionist Federation, was waiting at Whitehall, near the endpoint of the Al Quds demo. However, the days of passive Jewish opposition are behind us. Sitting and playing ‘polite’, resulted in a loss of the narrative and Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader. Today’s activists are refusing to make the mistakes of the past. A second counter protest group intended to take the protest directly to the demonstrators, making their presence felt. This type of action had worked quite successfully over the last three years – and this year they had doubled their size. About 150 counter protestors waited along the route.

The Israeli flag is flying

As the demonstration reached Millbank and turned towards Westminster, the blue and white flag began to fill the street:

The pro-Israelis did not come unprepared. At a certain point, blue and white smoke filled the air:

Al Quds blue and white

My favourite image of the day came as the Israeli flag was marched past the Houses of Parliament. The flag of the only democracy in the Middle East, flying alongside that stunning symbol of British democracy:

Al Quds 2019

This ‘us’ vs ‘them’ theme is not imaginary. Look at this ‘partners in war crimes’ Inminds poster from the demonstration:

Al Quds us v them

Linking the UK and Israeli flag together. This isn’t just an antisemitic demonstration, nor a pro-Iranian one. It is anti-British, anti-western and stands against all those values and freedoms both Israel and the UK cherish. For this reason, there was added poignancy to the sight of the Israeli flag flying alongside the British Parliament buildings. The entire main part of the procession was overtaken by the counter-protest. The pace, the image, the street – all visibly belonged to the pro-Israelis. The Al Quds demonstration became subdued, many of the participants looked as if they didn’t even want to be there.

The ‘occupation’ of this demonstration by the pro-Israelis did not go unnoticed:

Al QudsThe Party in Whitehall

As the route was short, the groups soon reached the Whitehall destination. The police directed the pro-Israelis towards what they called the ‘Jewish’ group – which is the way they described the Zionist Federation static gathering. Somebody needs to talk to the police about conflation. Those in the ZF demo began to cheer as they saw the other group of Israeli flags approaching. And as the two groups came together, the entire pro-Israeli section turned into a party.

Whether it was ‘halleluyah’, last year’s Eurovision winner ‘Toy’, Kol Ha’Olam Kulo or other well-known Israeli songs – the crowd was dancing and singing along. Typical Zionist defiance in the face of unaccommodating hate.

Hate not peace

Whilst the Israeli side was singing and dancing, the other side heard speeches pushing the only messages they know – hate and anti-Jewish conspiracy. Nazim Ali began by attacking British Muslim MPs, calling them ‘munafiq’ (religious hypocrites) to the tune of ‘Old MacDonald’. Haim Bresheeth entirely distorted history when he said that ‘until the establishment of Israel, Jews had *NEVER* suffered from oppression or antisemitism. When Mick Napier, who is head of the deeply antisemitic Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign addressed the crowd, he even went as far as suggesting the Israeli embassy runs ‘workshops’ nationally teaching people how to concoct false antisemitism claims.

And then it was time to go home.

We have travelled far

We must remain aware of how far we have come. In Toronto, they can still see signs publicly calling for a massacre of Jews. This image which references the massacre of Jews at Khayber, (h/t Arutz Sheva) is from this year’s Toronto Al Quds:

Al Quds Toronto

Not in the UK. Here, the rise of Jeremy Corbyn had an unforeseen side-effect – it galvanised and united British Jews, mobilising the community. Just three of four years ago, the entire discussion took place on ‘their turf’ -not anymore. We have come to understand that there is no point talking about settlements with someone who denies the Holocaust. Nor any reason to entertain discussion over a partial Israeli withdrawal with someone who seeks to destroy Israel. We have learnt that there is no point negotiating anything at all with antisemites and we recognise that often, when they say ‘Zionist’, they actually mean ‘Jew’. Those who have been fighting against the haters have successfully shifted the discussion to where it needs to be – talking about and rejecting the message of hate. We still have much work to do, but it is clear that those people don’t own the streets anymore.


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  1. ” The police directed the pro-Israelis towards what they called the ‘Jewish’ group – which is the way they described the Zionist Federation static gathering. Somebody needs to talk to the police about CONFLATION.”

    Something that David strives to do with each blog! Hypocrite.

  2. Thanks once again to David for this article and a huge thanks to all who took part. I’m sorry I was unable to be there.

  3. I’m so glad to hear this. I salute all the people that came to counter the march. What a great job!

  4. I am so pleased to hear this. I salute all the people that came to the counter march.

  5. “My favourite image of the day came as the Israeli flag was marched past the Houses of Parliament. The flag of the only democracy in the Middle East, flying alongside that stunning symbol of British democracy:”

    David really shouldn’t draw a parallel between the Israeli flag and the flag of the UK.

    In the UK ALL its citizens are afforded Nationhood. It’s a true democracy. The Israeli flag symbolises a state where this is denied to all except its Jewish citizens, a state with a dubious human rights record, a state that continues to fight against the creation of a Palestinian state denying those people the right to a state of their own, yet bleating that these marchers deny the right of Israel to exist. Hypocrisy!

    He would do well to remember that it was Jewish terrorism itself that enabled the creation of Israel, and to remember that two of its terrorists were rewarded for their crimes by being lauded as heroes and given PMships of Israel. They weren’t heroes they were hateful killers.

    1. “…the flag of the UK.”

      Is that correct Farmer.
      So tell me genius where, exactly, on that flag is Wales represented?
      Wales a nation of one of the indigenous peoples of these islands.

      Or does your concern for indigenous peoples only extend as far as countries other than the one you claim to live in.

      1. The Union Jack, shown flying on Parliament, is the national flag of the UK.

        1. Farmer wrong as always.

          “The Union Jack, shown flying on Parliament..”
          The Union Jack is NEVER shown flying on Parliament.
          If you are British as you claim you will know why.

          I will ask you again where exactly on the flag in question is Wales represented?

          1. Still no reply from the proven anti-Semitic liar and fraud Farmer.

            Not surprisingly Farmer your ignorance about the subject of Israel is only exceeded by your ignorance about every other subject!

        1. What in the name of blazes is the “Alqyds-4” and why would anyone want to witness them?

          1. I think that’s the Middle Eastern Branch of The Mike Farmer 3 Gerald (VAT added) with the slogan “Arabs didn’t kill no fuckin’ Jews”

            1. Ahhh I see Ian.
              When you referred to the ‘Mike Farmer 3’ I didn’t know you were referring to a group. I thought you were referring to Mike Farmer’s 3 Brain Cells! Which to be honest I thought was an overestimation on your part, by at least 1.

            2. The “Alqyds-4 picture above” is of course David’s title for his photo of THE UNION JACK FLYING OVER THE HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT
              which Gerald insists never happens.

              1. Farmer if you lived in Britain or had been born in Britain you would know that it is the Union Flag, not the Union Jack, that flies over the Palace of Westminster.

                I am still waiting for you to inform me where on this flag Wales is represented?

            3. Non-UK Gerald doesn’t know that when the Flag was created Wales was a Principality, hence NOT represented. Gerald is ignorant.

              1. Wrong as usual Farmer. Try reading the question I put to you again.

                Never mind everyone who reads your risible ‘posts’ are already used to your, ignorance and stupidity.
                No doubt it is your ignorance and stupidity that in part fuels your proven anti-Semitism.
                Thanks for proving that your ignorance about Israel is on a par with your ignorance about Britain and its indigenous peoples.

              2. Mike suggests that Ted goes online to confirm that Mike is correct. Ted can then blush …. and sob.

              3. Farmer now that you have finally confirmed that the Union Flag is indeed a slap in the face for one of the indigenous nations, let us look at what it does represent.
                St. George of England
                St. Andrew of Scotland
                St. Patrick of Ireland

                When I think of St. George I think of Lod in Israel.
                When I think of St. Andrew well he was born in Galilee, Israel
                St. Patrick was Romano-British.

                As two thirds of the Union Flag represents people born and or buried in Israel, then the two flags flying together is appropriate.

                By the way Farmer your ignorance, and lack of concern, about the shocking discrimination against one of the indigenous nations of the country in which you claim to live is noted.
                What a disgusting, ignorant hypocrite you are Farmer.

                1. I can see that being proved amazingly ignorant has upset you.

                  Nurse will mix you something, Ted.

                  1. “Nurse will mix you something, Ted.”

                    Thank you ‘Marie’.
                    But if the Nurse wants to give me the same medication you are supposed to take, then it is thanks but no thanks.
                    Look at the mess it has made of your obviously scrambled brain and demented anti-Semitic personality

                    1. Are you becoming obsessive about Edward? Is he the subject of some homo-erotic desire you have for him?
                      Much the same as your ‘bestie’ Stephen has for Jonathan Hoffman.

                      Only that is twice that you have in replying to me called me Ted.
                      The other explanation is that yo have pre-senile dementia and can no longer remember who you are trying to reply to.

                    2. So which is it Farmer.

                      The onset of pre-senile dementia?
                      Do you have the ‘hots’ for Edward and think of him while you are dressed up in your Mummy’s clothes?

    2. You are writing on the wrong website sonny! This is a website that supports the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel.
      Why don’t you toddle off and spew your lies elsewhere, perhaps would be a good place, you’ll find lots of like minded antisemites there all supporting Iranian funded “Palestinian” terrorism, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, all “friends” of your leader, Jezza.

    3. Ignorant cow, Winston Churchill killed your fellow na zi filth in WW2. You got a problem with that????

  6. What matters here is the excellent report and many pictures of this fantastic day. I have never seen so many Zionists, black, white, Asian, Christian, attend to support us. I stress again. we are winning.

        1. You think I’m a winner Hooty? Ta!

          But anyway, It’s the taking part that counts. ( titter.)


    See 9/11, London’s 7/7 2005, Boston Marathon, Pan Am 103, 1972 attack on the Olympics, checkpoints at every airport in the world, beheading of Lee Rigby, London and Westminster bridge car ramming attacks, Manchester arena bombing, Mumbai India massacre, Nairobi Kenya massacre, Paris’ Charlie Hebdo massacre, Bataclan, Bastille Day in Nice France, Fort Hood, Pulse nightclub in Orlando, thwarted sneaker and underwear bombings,

    1. PRO-Haganah = PRO-TERRORISM


      PRO-Israel = PRO-TERRORISM

      p.s. how’s the new brain, Ted? Any better than the one you were suffering from for so long?

      1. Silly cow, I dearly hope that the Haganah, Irgun and the IDF, IAF, Mossad “TERRORIZE” you and your fellow swine.

        Justice for the “Zionists” of Khayber!

  8. Michael just to pinch your inverted commas for a sec, I like your use of the expression “afforded Nationhood” What do you mean?

    1. “The fulfillment of the right of national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.” – Nation Law.

      1. No Michael, I meant in the context of the UK as you used it. You said “In the UK ALL its citizens are afforded Nationhood.” What do you mean?

        1. “Israel is not a state of all its citizens, According to the basic nationality law we passed, Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people – and only it.” – Netanyahu.

          British citizens are all part of the state…. even the Jewish ones. David must be so proud.

          1. Sorry to press you Michael. I first asked you what you meant by “afforded nationhood ” when talking about people in the UK. You replied by quoting Israel’s Nation Law, specifically the right of national self determination. You are relying on quotes about Israel to make a point about the UK so waht do you mean when you say that people in the UK have a right of national self determination? I assure you this is not a trickster question.

  9. UK citizens are equal members of the state, unlike Israel where its racism discriminates against non-Jewish citizens.

    “Israel is not a state of all its citizens, According to the basic nationality law we passed, Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people – and only it.” – Netanyahu.

    1. “UK citizens are equal members of the state..”

      So Farmer are you claiming that ALL U.K. citizens have an equal right to vote?

  10. ” A small sect of orthodox Jews who promote Holocaust revision, align with the Iranian regime and have been ostracised by all mainstream Jewish groups. ”

    …. and what sect of Jew is David? … a sect who’s view is ‘valid’?

    1. Vicious attacks on your hard won freedoms Hooty!

      Repel the enemy! Weapon of choice; YouTube links. Give them shit.

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