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A Jewish life: assaulted in the street, insulted by the BBC

Yesterday I was assaulted. I had been sitting with friends at the cafe inside the Quaker building in Euston. Not long after I left, I felt a sharp and forceful push from behind. I hadn’t been expecting it and the sudden jolt sent me briefly to the ground. I heard the words “Zionist f**k” in a clear London accent. The whole thing took about 3 or 4 seconds and by the time I raised my head – I could just see a white man running away. I never saw his face.

Assaulted in London

It was not a major attack and I have no intention of playing some type of wounded victim. It hurt, briefly, but by the time I got home, only the unsettling nature of the attack remained. The assault is being reported to both the police and CST, these incidents, this type of escalation, needs reporting.

I think it fair to suggest this was both opportunistic and targeted. Nobody knew where I would be, so I imagine I was spotted inside ‘Friends House‘ and whichever coward assaulted me, simply took the opportunity when I left. I would like to say ‘thank you’ to all those who sent messages of support. It really was not that serious. I have faced down Hamas, Hezbollah and Saddam’s scuds and it will take more than pond-scum pushing me in the back to stop me from doing what I do.

Some of the responses were funny. Those from the ‘cult’ took offence and asked how I knew this was an attack from the ‘far-left’. These people spend so much of their time suggesting I am a far-right extremist, it seems somewhat duplicitous when they try to suggest the far-right may also be beating me up in the street. An example of how they always adapt their narrative to suit. As it happens there is no ‘right’ or ‘left’ on this subject, antisemites from across the extremist spectrum have lined up behind Corbyn. Even David Duke is a fan.

Not all were disappointed I was assaulted. Some wanted to buy the attacker a drink:

Assaulted two

Others suggested it was deserved:

assaulted image

There was this disgraceful tweet:

And of course, a lot of denial:

This is what you say to someone who was assaulted? As I said in my tweet about the incident, perhaps this is what they mean when they talk about ‘kinder, gentler politics’.

The BBC goes full rogue

After I was assaulted, I got home to watch a programme on BBC Two called ‘one day in Gaza‘. This issue I wish to address is not one of perception, narrative or bias. We need to talk about media fraud. There is Arabic for the word ‘Jew’: ‘yehud’ ‘yehudi’ ‘al-yahud’ all cover it:

But in the programme the BBC did not translate the word ‘Yehud’ to ‘Jew’ at all, instead they mistranslated it to the word ‘Israeli’.

This is not the first time they have done this either. In 2015 BBC Watch pulled them up. I have heard the argument for doing this. I heard it in a London University during an anti-Israel event as a video was played – ‘they say Jew, but they don’t mean Jew, they mean Israeli’. Nothing but empty excuses and devoid of all reason. This is nothing but BBC Two pushing raw Hamas propaganda. I have two simple questions:

  1. What would Hamas call me?
  2. What would Hamas call a non-Jewish Israeli?

I would be a ‘yehud’ and the non Jewish Israeli wouldn’t be. This does not just expose the lie, but leaves the BBC guilty of pushing a blatant pro-terrorist propaganda as fact on British TV. The Arab who uses this term says ‘Jew’, he means ‘Jew’ and he knows the difference between a ‘Jew’ and a ‘non-Jew’.

Inexcusable BBC bias

There is absolutely no reason to distort the translation at all, other than to buy into false propaganda, deliberately hide raw antisemitism and push a false narrative onto viewers. What the BBC did is deliberate and deceitful. This shielding of the antisemitism pushes poison directly into British public discourse. They hide the racist hate so people cannot see it – this in turn makes any ‘Jewish’ response irrational.

The BBC have a duty to tell the viewers the truth. If they wish to, they can choose to relay to the viewers the propaganda excuse (‘they say that they don’t actually mean Jews’), but they have no right to distort the translation and deceive the viewers in the way they did. It is shameful, disgraceful reporting that misdirects viewers and places British Jews in danger. When those Arabs say ‘Jews’ they mean ‘Jews’ – and they include me in that description. The BBC lied to its viewers. They should not be allowed to get away with it. Yesterday I was assaulted in the street and saw the truth assaulted in the home. One of the attackers is as yet unknown, the other was the BBC.



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66 thoughts on “A Jewish life: assaulted in the street, insulted by the BBC

    1. Stephen, I’ve seen your output on this site from time to time and I have to say that you seem to have so mastered the art of shithousery and pseudo-intellectualism as to have invented a whole new form of sociopathy. Really, we should look for a name for it. Perhaps other readers will be able to do that…

      1. The strange thing is that Comrade Bellamy obviously thinks that he is somehow helping the cause of the Dear Leader and his ‘friends’ in Hamas, but his constant trolling of this and other blogs, FB pages, etc results in exactly the opposite and merely further alienates people from the far-left.

  1. Once again an article that brings back memories
    When I was arrested it was a very similar situation
    I was standing on the side of an anti-Israel demonstration outside Downing Street watching the police trying to control a mob, when I was violently pushed from behind.
    In trying to regain my balance and see if there was further danger, my attacker disappeared into the crowd, and I was arrested and spent the day at Her Majesties pleasure because the police said I was being aggressive.
    Never got charged and got a sort of apology for the incident
    The coward who shoved me slunk off into his own cowardly hole, and I was able to add one more notch to my been there, seen it, done it.

    Your take on the ‘Yahud’ translation by BBC was a glaring example of a bias statement by the media, but unfortunately one that the vast majority of people watching would not even be aware of.

    Hope you are okay
    Don’t let the cowards get to you.
    Too many images of the 1930s’ there

    1. On the other hand they did refer to Israel several times as “the Jewish State” when it is in fact Israel.

      1. Farmer are you stupid and can’t read your own posts, or are your posts so poor that you do not want to read them yourself?

        The proof of your anti-Semitism is PUBLSHED right in front of your eyes in the content and intent of your ‘posts’ here and on other websites.
        Your lack of ability to express a cogent thought, the same.
        Your shameful ignorance of history, the same.
        Your disconnection from the truth and, it has to be said, sanity the same.

        The evidence that you are a complete waste of genetic material is left wherever you go, like the trail of slime left by a slug.

        1. Task for you, Gerald.

          Show me your proof that I am ‘antisemitic’ i.e. that I am antagonistic towards Jews just because they are Jews.

          1. Farmer your ‘question’ has already been answered in my post above.
            There is no need for me to add anything further.

            While you are here I am still waiting for a plausible explanation why you find it necessary to post under different fictitious names.
            Of course the obvious answer is that as you are a proven anti-Semitic liar you cannot help yourself lying about your own identity.

            1. Gerald CANNOT complete the task set him. No surprise.

              Just another parrot.

              1. Farmer,
                You are still demanding that other people prove about you that which you prove about yourself continually, i.e., that you are an antisemite.
                Now you want Gerald to prove it, but Gerald is not responsible for your antisemitism. You are.

      2. Yeah, Farmer, let’s keep pretending that Israel hasn’t been the Jewish State since 1948, and that the international community hadn’t approved of its establishment as such long before that. This way you can come hear and push a phony issue. It’s part of what antisemites such as yourself do.

        1. But now that self-declared means apartheid and the denying its non-Jewish citizens the state of Nationhood.

  2. Pay no heed Bellers. You have worked so hard for so long, blog after blog on this tack. Articles about antisemitism, prejudice, racism doesn’t matter. You’re first to your keyboard as ever tapping out your blocker. No Impact ? Who cares? To re-hash my favourite Bellers quote “It’s the taking part that counts” and who could argue eh?

      1. Stephen so the ‘gruesome twosome’ has an identity crisis.
        ‘Mike’ Farmer pretends he is a woman called ‘Marie’.
        And you think you are George Galloway.

        I don’t know which of you is the weirder.

          1. Yes Farmer.
            I am happy to state unequivocally that I do not know whether you or Stephen is the weirder.

            Farmer if you asked me in my opinion who between you and Stephen who is the most stupid, you would win that Farmer by a country mile.

              1. Farmer that you think winning the most stupid person posting on this website is something to be proud of, clearly shows what a sad loser you are.

                1. Farmer while you are here I am still waiting for a plausible explanation why you find it necessary to post under different fictitious names.
                  Of course the obvious answer is that as you are a proven anti-Semitic liar you cannot help yourself lying about your own identity.

                    1. I asked you, Gerald, to show HOW I am antisemitic given that you constantly accuse me of such.
                      You are unable to do so, parrotting that it’s obvious’ .. nothing more.
                      Given that you’ve failed to provide anything I don’t see any point in acknowledging your rubbish.

                    2. Sharmuta, Islam is “The Religion of Peace”.

                      All who disagree will be beheaded and the video posted on the Internet to prove the naysayers WRONG.


                    3. Tut, tut, ‘Mike’ or is it ‘Marie’ you are throwing a little temper tantrum because you have clearly been exposed for what you are.

                      If you scream and scream until you’re sick your Mummy will have to put you back in your playpen.

  3. “The assault is being reported to both the police and CST, these incidents, this type of escalation, needs reporting…”

    Of course it needs reporting, but it needs reported honestly, David.

    The Police will hopefully class it as an assault. CST, being a Jewish org. could well class it as an antisemitic assault.

    What is obvious is that the one who pushed you knew you as he uttered the words “Zionist” and “f*ck”.

    p.s. you weren’t wearing a Medic vest were you? Might explain.

    1. “CST, being a Jewish org. could well class it as an antisemitic assault.”
      Farmer what, in your twisted anti-Semitic tiny mind, is the relevance of ‘CST, being a Jewish org.’?

      “p.s. you weren’t wearing a Medic vest were you? Might explain.”
      Farmer might explain what exactly?

        1. Stephen ask your pet poodle ‘Mike’ or ‘Marie’* Farmer he raised it.

          * He only calls himself ‘Marie’ when his Mummy has gone out and he is wearing her clothes.

          1. Was referencing the possible classification, not the value, which is negligible.

            Not lusting for me are you, Gerald? Quite unsettling. Rainbow warrior?

            1. No Farmer.

              While you are here I am still waiting for a plausible explanation why you find it necessary to post under different fictitious names.
              Of course the obvious answer is that as you are a proven anti-Semitic liar you cannot help yourself lying about your own identity.

            2. Farmer I refrained from replying straight away to your nonsensical remark about “Rainbow Warrior”.
              To give some background detail about the “Rainbow Warrior” here is a link;

              Farmer, the other day Ian picked you up on your use of physical disability for what you, mistakenly, consider humour.
              Today you think you are ‘clever and funny’ to use the term “Rainbow Warrior” without knowing what the term refers to.
              Farmer you are neither clever nor funny.
              You insult the memories of very brave people who had their ship bombed by agents of French Intelligence, one of whom was killed by the bomb.
              Farmer you are, without any shadow of a doubt, a despicable piece of scum, and devoid of any decency or humanity.

              1. It’s common knowledge that there was also a Greenpeace activists’ boat of that name that was attacked.

                My phrase wasn’t referencing that. Think, Gerald, think.

                1. Farmer your mealy-mouthed attempt to weasel your way out of your comments, shows that my post above is exactly correct about your lack of any moral fibre or basic human decency.

                  1. By the way Farmer while you are here I am still waiting for a plausible explanation why you find it necessary to post under different fictitious names.
                    Of course the obvious answer is that as you are a proven anti-Semitic liar you cannot help yourself lying about your own identity.

                    1. Well Farmer the only other possibility is that it was meant as some kind of homophobic slur.

                      Is there any group you are not prejudiced against?

                      So among your prejudices are;
                      people who are disabled,
                      the LGBT community.

                      Have you ever thought of joining Hamas you have the qualifications.

      1. They’d probably put a Jewish victim slant on it, David always does.

        Might explain why he was targetted.

        1. “They’d probably put a Jewish victim slant on it, David always does.”
          Farmer how does that explain the relevance of ‘CST, being a Jewish org.’?

          “Might explain why he was targetted.(sic)”
          Farmer what possible explanation is there that David was targeted because he might have been a medic?

    2. Lend him your stunt wheelchair next time Mike. You reckon that’s good publicity.

  4. For the benefit of Red Ken, BBC, UK Media and fellow gutter snipes (Sharmuta “Mike Farmer”),

    here is a link to a 30 second Youtube of a newsreel documenting a meeting between National SOCIALIST SHlTler and his fellow fascist, Islamofascist ally, the Grand Mooooofti of Jerusalem.

  5. David, I notice that you’re mentioning the name of Jeremy Corbyn. Why? Is that another dishonest attempt to suggest Jeremy Corbyn is partly to blame? More of your smearing against him?

    Your hate continues.

    Titled “A Jewish life: assaulted in the street, insulted by the BBC”

    Were you honest it would read “A Zionist’s life: assaulted in the street, insulted by the BBC”

  6. Avi from the Ministry; “ Bolloxty bollox. More bad news. “

    Zvi from the Ministry; “ ‘sup fam. You’ve got a face like a wet weekend in Wadi Rum.”

    Avi from the Ministry; “ it’s all going tits-up bled. I’ve got to show my figure to his nibs in an hour and look; Project Genocide – failing. Arabs are breeding faster than Charedim on blueys. Baby-Slaughtering Quotas – dropping. The ragheads have admitted that they’ve been ‘offing’ their own nippers. Targeted Assassinations – on their arse. That fridge shortage is really starting to bite and we’re struggling for reliable 5th floor street-view balconies. I’m gonna be lackeying for Lieberman at this rate.”

    Zvi from the Ministry; “Chill yer beans bro. I have good news. Reports are in from our deep cover team; Agent Belhami and his ‘wife’ Marie Farmer (wink wink). Their legends are secure and they continue to write their tweets and such like proper Jew haters. They were nearly blown when someone spotted Marie’s beard but it was just assumed, she was from the North. They’re doing great work. They’ve managed to strike the perfect tone between pig ignorance and conspiratorial paranoia. Our approval ratings are going through the roof. We’ve renewed their gig for another 12 months at least.”

    Avi from the Ministry; “Love it boychik and the old gal siding with the lads that said Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin’ Jews was a masterstroke. We’re clean and green. Round of golf?”

    Zvi from the Ministry; “Jobs a good ‘un”

  7. The best fun on twitter at the mo is Scoffie having one of those melt downs he has when he is REALLY rattled. Reminiscent of his reaction when the Roberta Moore thing broke.


    “Go forth and multiply treacherous vermin. Fink and Greenstein you are welcome to join the buycott but don’t hold out your hopes. You are beyond cosmetics. Face transplants maybe but Ahava don’t sell those.”


    1. Know what Bellers, I thought I’d check this. I looked at the twitter analytics for the hashtag and associated tags and then compared impressions and actions across the other trending topics at that time. It may surprise you to know that the content you mentioned did not feature in the top 14.33 million postings in that window. So to say it’s the most fun on twitter is probably a bit of a stretch wouldn’t you say?

      Then again I think we agreed that one of your other posts was less interesting than those YouTube films where the guy has a huge zit squeezed on his shoulder.

      Still, Its the taking part that counts isn’t it?

  8. What relevance has the posting of this stupid blog got to do with the subject at hand on Davids blog

    You have an issue with Jonathan Hoffman; then use your own blog to spread this meaningless drivel

  9. Bellers is working really really hard at this one and has invested tons of time using all his emailing and such, trying to make it stick. You’ve got to admire the commitment to these sorts of tactics. But if you’re only pretending to have opinions, you’ve got to stick to a rigid script or you constantly trip yourself up like Mike (or Maria) has been doing so often of late.

    1. Ian please stop being unkind to Farmer.
      He has run away in a tantrum to a different website and is throwing all his toys out of his playpen over there.

      “Mike Farmer
      May 15, 2019 at 8:38 am

      Jews out of Gaza? Shouldn’t that read ‘Israelis out of Gaza’?

      Actually Israeli soldiers AREN’T out of Gaza. They still occupy its skies and control its waters, even preventing Gaza s fro leaving for treatment in Cyprus.

      Dishonest blog, though much less dishonest that the Collier blog where he maps Israel to ‘the Jews’ and antiZionism to antisemitism. Habitual wolf cryer. Dishonest.”

      1. Stephen as you seem to be determined to entertain us all with your marvellous cat impressions. To save your poor wife having to clean up after you spray everywhere.
        Have you been neutered YET?

  10. David,
    I am sorry to hear about your incident with the antisemitic coward.
    What a coincidence, but I was just writing about the BBC’s “translation problems,” aka its sympathetic coverage of Hamas’ antisemitic propaganda on another blog a short time ago. Now I stop in over hear only to find out that the BBC is at it again. It’s shameful and the BBC needs to be called out for it.
    They seem to have no trouble insinuating racist motives to Israel, however. It turns out that the BBC is quite a biased outfit. They really ought to stop.

    1. BBC’s “translation problems,”?

      Seems Jeff himself has translation problems,”. He’s translated “Zionist f**k” as “Jewish f**k”.

      Re. the BBC, they did say ‘Jewish state’ several times intead of ‘Israel’, its correct title.

      1. Farmer before you stamp your little feet again and run away and throw another temper tantrum. I am still waiting for a plausible explanation why you find it necessary to post under different fictitious names.
        Of course, and it is becoming increasingly clearer by your inability, or reluctance, to answer the obvious answer is that as you are a proven anti-Semitic liar you cannot help yourself lying about your own identity.

        1. This is a complex matter Gerald. In these PC times we’re encouraged towards acceptance of gender neutrality and toleration. Are we falling foul of this in judging Mike/Maria? ‘They’ have made their life choices and are entitled to be recognised for what they are, even here. Terms like Jew- hater and Jew – hatress are unnecessary obstacles to us seeing what may be a beautiful soul inside.

          BTW – I checked that it wasn’t just Mrs Mike getting in on the fun but she’s still over here with Mrs Stephen for Eurovision. They love it.

          1. The ‘music’ not their cup of tea I’d guess.

            Knew a chap once who reckoned that Classical music will die out soon. 🙂

      2. Farmer,
        Just because I said something, that in itself shouldn’t make you feel compelled to write something back. You ought, first, to have something to say.
        Your pedantry regarding Israel, the Jewish State and the Jewish People is not having the effect you theorize it should. It’s not so much the technique as it is the terms you’ve chosen to work with. For far more enlightening results try working with the following:
        Palestine, Palestinian. There you’ll find all the bad faith arguments one could hope for in terms of a purposeful attempt to confuse people for some raw and quite unwholesome political ends.

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