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Toxic. BBC journalists as antisemitic trolls and the battle for academia

Toxic. One thing I have firmly understood in my time researching and exposing antisemitism is that haters never stop hating. The dangers posed to Jewish people and society as a whole, may evolve, mutate and even dress up as the benign, but they never go away.

I tend to focus on more intensive research, as I find it more effective to present a larger, well referenced expose than make small individual punches. Detailed reports such as those into Palestine Live, Amnesty International, the Labour Party, the lies of the NGOs, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, school textbooks or false historians stand the test of time and reach the desk of the people that matter in a way that throwaway headlines rarely do.

This does mean there are sometimes relatively quiet periods on this blog. I am currently putting together two large reports and the lack of updates on this website is due to my involvement in these bigger projects. But I never stop watching what the haters are doing and events over the last few days have distracted me somewhat. This is a brief look at some of what is going on.

The sickness of the PSC

This week exposed the weakness and failure of the anti-Israel movements more than most. The deal between the UAE and Israel is a historic one. Whilst the lies of the PSC may persuade a foolish pensioner in Newcastle to stop buying Israeli avocados, the Arab boycott itself is crumbling. So it was no surprise that the latest online event put on by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign was a depressing affair.

The online ‘demonstration’ was hosted by Director Ben Jamal and lasted 90 minutes. Yes, of course Jeremy Corbyn was a keynote speaker. Two other MPs made an appearance, along with a couple of trade unionists. As PSC events go, it was relatively tame. They had a few political propagandists speak from Gaza and coincidentally, there was no problem with Gaza’s electricity supply when they did so.  There were the usual smears but nothing too outlandish. The only surprising thing was that the ageing crowd did not fall asleep.

One of the hardest parts of my research is putting names to faces, so for me an online Zoom event like this which does the work for me, is like receiving an early Chanukah present:

They claimed over 1000 people watching, which is a bit silly when these online apps give an accurate headcount. There were roughly 430 on Zoom and 50 on Facebook. What made it even sadder is that every Zionist activist I know was in the crowd too. What was also clear was the demographic of the online viewers. One of the cases that I have been making for years is that ‘PSC’ people are mainly older, majority female and very white. For most of these sad individuals ‘Palestine’ is the cause they picked up as they would a bridge or chess club. Something that gets them out of the house to meet people at a local coffee evening.

Their online weakness was also exposed. During the event they ran two ‘online’ campaigns using #hashtags. #endthesiege and #stoparmingisrael. They both only received a few dozen tweets and almost all of these were a direct copy and paste comment from empty trolls. The same type of thing we see coming from online Gazan troll factories. This exact comment, word for word, made up over 90% of the tweets made:

toxic 2There was almost no original input whatsoever.

It is time to undress the toxic BBC

Far more worrying is what is taking place elsewhere. Yesterday the news broke that a senior BBC journalist had been running an antisemitic sock account. Nimesh Thaker used the Twitter account ‘Not That Bothered‘ to belittle antisemitism and  promote posts by people such as Jackie Walker and Kerry-Anne Mendoza. The account was also used to ‘support attacks on the organisation’s Jewish presenter Emma Barnett after she spoke out about the personal impact of antisemitism on her life’. By the time I went looking, the journalist appeared to have completely disabled all his social media accounts.

The horror of this should not be understated. This news brutally exposes the mindset we know exists at the BBC – childish, supremacist and Jew-baiting. For years we have complained about the bias and clearly distorted reporting taking place. We don’t need to wonder anymore about why the fringe group JVL were so often given BBC airtime. People like Thaker write the news that millions of people read each day. They’ve been doing so for decades. Nothing in the UK bears more responsibility for the spread of the false anti-Israel narrative than the BBC.

I have never been of the ‘defundthebbc’ bloc, but I am finding it harder and harder to justify that stance. I used to argue it needed reform rather than a complete rebuild, but I no longer oppose those that think the entire structure should be taken down. Pay the license fee – why on earth should I pay for this. BBC journalists have become antisemitic trolls. How do you repair that?

Miller and campus antisemitism

Bristol academic David Miller has been in the news. This academic has been causing trouble for years. Miller was recently suspended by the Labour Party and has been described as a ‘conspiracy theorist‘. Miller has an obsession with ‘Zionist’ money and power. I remember having a run in with him in 2015, when complaints were made about the research of anti-Israel activist Hilary Aked. The complaints were dismissed. Her supervisor at Bath was none other than David Miller.

This linkage needs to be understood. It is certainly were the next real battle must be fought. Academic David Miller is an activist and a troublemaker, just like other academics in Warwick, Exeter, Soas and so on. But each professor who is distorting history or fixating on ‘Zionism’ may also be supervising PhD candidates. Just like Hilary Aked. How many problematic academics has David Miller helped to shape?

In this way those such as Ilan Pappe at Exeter, David Miller at Bristol and Laleh Khalili at QMul become far more troublesome than the sum of their collective output. Each academic produces ‘academic babies’.

Take James Eastwood who tells racist lies about Israel at academic conferences. His supervisor was Khalili. How many ‘Eastwoods’ has Khalili produced? This is an exponential problem and one that we need to get to grips with if we are to contain and fight it. Our campuses are becoming antisemitic environments as much through the activity of the academics, as the students. I have this bookmarked as a major project for 2021. If you want to help financially or logistically – you can donate to the research or get in touch to help me.

Covvid ties the toxic horseshoe

Events at Trafalgar Square over the weekend, quickly exposed the toxic sewer of extremism in which terms such as ‘right’ and ‘left’ no longer make sense. On Saturday there was an ‘anti-lockdown’ protest in Trafalgar Square. A demonstration of people, many of whom think Coronavirus is a global conspiracy that seeks to control us, and the potential vaccine will contain some type of poison or computer code. Unsurprisingly, the lizard-man David Icke was the keynote speaker. A British Union of Fascist’s flag was seen at the event. It soon became painted as a ‘far-right’ protest.

Little does more damage to the fight against extremism than lazily calling the ‘Nazis’ and ‘fascists’ far-right. Nationalism is not the opposite of socialism, conservatism is – capitalist thought and opposition to change. For years I have been researching extremists in the sewers. The extremist ideologies all tout to the same type of people – the disenfranchised, anti-establishment, anarchists and revolutionaries. Some are flag wavers, some are not but they are not opposites of each other. The disenfranchised fascist does not stand opposed to investment in the NHS, education, state ownership and housing for all. The opposite of all these people, flag wavers or not, is the ‘establishment’. In the revolutionary sewer anti-establishment rhetoric and conspiracy flourishes. None of it is ideologically pure because none of it makes sense. I have seen white supremacists, radical Islamists and Marxists all break bread together as they plot the downfall of the ‘Zionist’ run world.

They are competitors within the same sewer. Toxic offshoots of the same branch. They are not polar opposites. In this world, ‘right’ and ‘left’ are relative only within their own paradigm.

But we live in a world where ‘left’ has come to mean ‘progressive’ ‘peaceful’ and ‘ethical’ and ‘right’ has come to mean uncaring and racist and ‘violent’. ‘Right-wing’ is seen as a slur and for many this is the way the political spectrum has become defined. So if something is violent or racist, it must be ‘right wing’. Thus, a demonstration in which a few fascists gather, was clearly a ‘right wing’ demonstration.

Except it wasn’t.

The event was put together by Corbynistas. The key organisers were the brother of Jeremy Corbyn and a Labour activist called Louise May Creffield from Brighton.

toxic horseshoe

Lifelong Labour voter Creffield worked hard for the election of toxic Corbynista MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

And the antisemitic anti-Israel extremists like Elleanne Green were also present with their Palestinian flags.

toxic elleanne green

As was Simon Hindmarsh from Labour against the Witchhunt.

From an online PSC meeting through academia and the media to demonstrations in the street. Haters will always hate. It is our job to be vigilant, determined. And to fight and expose them.

Stay tuned.



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  1. god you are a creep. just as well we have people like Gerard Menuhin to help us understand jew think.

    1. Isn’t he the guy who thinks Jews are an alien, demonic force which seeks to dominate the world. A Holocaust denying Scottish born neo–Nazi with major daddy issues?
      That one?

        1. Why don’t you post under your name
          Are you some form of coward.
          Or are you scared that by revealing your identity you may reveal other information about yourself

          Anonymity is cowardice

          1. Charles Alban, if it makes any difference to you. I’m not trying to hide anything. and I’m certainly not a coward in any way when it comes to the truth. by all means challenge me on the facts, but make sure you refrain from any personal attacks. discuss the facts only.

            1. SHlTlerhead,

              What convinced your furher, at the age of 56, to gather the courage to marry his first female bride on April 29, 1945,

              and then blow his brains out?

              1. What’s the point of this snide comment? And obviously suicide was the sensible way out otherwise he’d have been captured by the Soviets, tortured and executed. AH was very critical of von Paulus for surrendering at Stalingrad rather than commit suicide.

                As for bravery, AH served with distinction in the First World War. He has plenty to say on the subject of courage in Mein Kampf. I suggest you read that book before making any more cheap shots. He was far more the man than you are.

      1. it’s responses like this that cause so-called “antisemitism”. personal attacks, in other words. it’s always impossible to have a rational discussion of the subject because of these constant attacks and evasions of the fundamental causes.

          1. are you an old dear? what’s with this abuse and cynicism all the time? not able to hold a rational discussion on the causes of so-called “antisemitism” because you don’t want to know the real causes?

            1. Shush now Mavis. Doesn’t that nice young man come in with his little organ this morning and do show tunes?

              1. You know Mossad was responsible for 9/11? Of course you do. They made a trillion dollars out of murdering 3000 goy.

                  1. and what? don’t be cryptic. you have a question about 9/11? let me know and I’ll answer it.

            2. Aw, I missed you Sigerico! As vile as Muck Framer and Brutes Leaky are, they’re not 1% as good at advocating for pedophiles as you are! (yes, that is a reference to your previous posts, you bankrupt troll).

              1. not clear on your meaning here. just looks like a typical bunch of abuse without contributing anything meaningful.

      1. This is not something to rejoice over. Hitler’s biggest mistake was failing to destroy the British army at Dunkirk. He had too much respect for the duplicitous British and the drunkard Churchill. Hitler should have invaded Britain and imprisoned Churchill, and chased all the jews out of the City of London. Then the Americans would never have entered the war. The German army could then have easily taken care of the Red army, the true enemy of Europe. Europe would have been a much better place.

        1. There, you see. That’s provocation of a different class. Straight to it. None of the tippy toe sloganising from that Bruce one and the unimaginative pokes from Michael. Balls out unashamed shtick. Makes a nice change here. Well played boychik

    1. ‘Getting to grips with it’? – to me Stephen this means researching, understanding and bringing the information to the public. So for example in this case I could draw a map, highlighting toxic academics and the lies they spin, then attempt to tie them back to their original PhD supervisors and see if a pattern emerges. If there is a correlation between toxic academics and specific universities or supervisors, then it would suggest that given certain circumstances ‘anti-Israel activism’ in academia becomes a predictable occurrence.

      1. It may not be exactly where I am going with it, but you asked a question, so I gave a quick answer to one of the ways of potentially addressing it.

        1. Bellers you fool. It is well known that the students at Ambridge Poly that do the sandwich course on Albanian Basketball and Anti-Israel Activism are very strong on this.

    1. Course not. He self-describes himself as a ‘fighter against antisemitism everywhere’.

      Obviously another of his many lies.

  2. David, thanks for posting the image of the Zoom meeting with the old dears from the PSC. Its given me an idea. After the crushing failure of the Crowdfunding campaign for Michael could we get them to let him call the numbers at their weekly Bingo or even get him a few cards and a fat marker. The monthly accumulator may help him trouser a few sheks.

    Incidentally, where is the old booby? You’ve tweeted a fair bit and that usually gets him crawling out with a slogan or two from the archive.

  3. Collier – ” They silence opposition, lie a lot and make friends with terrorists.

    I know which side I’d rather be on.”

    We know you lobby against pro-Palestinians

    We know you lie a lot

    We know that you lobby for the state that has elected at least 3 terrorists as its PM.

  4. Collier on the WWII Holocaust “It cheapens it and disrespects the victims.”

    that’s what Zionists an Israel and Zionists have done for decades.

  5. Hey Michael, you have to admit I was right.

    I predicted that with your massive efforts in drawing attention to David’s tweets, he would get to 50K followers before Rosh Hashanah. (That’s our New Year in 2 weeks time). He’s on 49.9K now.

    So just a few more little tickles from you and he’s over the line. Well played lad !

    1. I wouldn’t know but for your interest in me, Ian. The Collier the coward blocked me some while ago. Now he can tweet all kinds of fantasies and it’s that bit more difficult to show they’re the product of a sick scheming mind.

      1. Michael, you ninny. How can you be blocked ? You’re talking to me now!

        You seem quite free to report David’s tweets here with the customary “Collier’s a liar for money” sign off. Of course Twitter is a place where you can get much snarkier with your slogans, so perhaps you miss that.

        Ah well…….

  6. Michael

    Are you stupid

    If you have a problem with anyone’s elses names, deal with it yourself

    1. Richard Galber posted “Why don’t you post under your name
      Are you some form of coward.
      Or are you scared that by revealing your identity you may reveal other information about yourself

      Anonymity is cowardice”

      Now posts “If you have a problem with anyone’s elses names, deal with it yourself”

      Richard Galber is strange.

      1. Michael, why have you occassionally posted under the name ‘Maria Farmer’ on Twitter? This seems strange.

            1. Boom!! 50k followers and 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

              Huge thanks to Michael for the “Collier tweets…” routine over the last 12 months that has contributed to this effort.

                1. I’d like to offer free of charge a nom de plume for you to use Muck: retired Royal Army Officer Major Dixon Butts! You’re welcome. Also, you’re still a piece of shit troll. Some things are eternal.

    1. Our Michael’s such a sore loser, Richard. Of course it could always be Maria. I suppose a Rolodex of slogans and an internet account is gender-neutral these days.

      Did you spot that more countries are moving their embassies to our capital, Jerusalem and that Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have opened their airspace to our flights. I think Oman will follow next month. Big stuff for us, this.

      Remember when that nut-job group BDS was a thing?


      1. Shame on Collier for painting it as anti-Jew, but then he’s no morals at all. Typical lies …. it’s how he feeds the family. Nice.

        1. How is it not anti-Jew? The flags that were literally on display – Iran and Pakistan – are of two of the biggest global human rights abusers. It is clearly nothing to do with human rights. And the Kashmiri flags were out too. Which means local Islamic groups have 100% brought a religious flavour to the demonstration – an ‘us’ v ‘them’. And that is before we remember the antisemitism present in abundance in the SPSC.

          As always. When the Palestinian flag is waved in the west – antisemitism is one of the pillars upon which it is waved.

          1. It was a pro-Palestinian demonstration.

            Israel’s flag was also waved. Was it an anti-Arab demonstration? Those with the same irrational hatred that you have for Arabs?

            Truth be told it was a pro-Palestinian demonstration, and no amount of dishonesty, lies and outrageous spinning from an obsessive such as yourself won’t change that.

            Remember that the majority of Jews DON’T live in Israel and seemingly have no desire to. It doesn’t represent world Jewry …. just gives it a foul name.

            1. The majority of people with Irish descent do not live in Ireland. How pathetic you try to reduce the meaning of the Irish in this fashion.

              1. Do all those throughout the world ‘of Irish descent’ have a greater right to live in Ireland than those long resident in Ireland? Course not, yet Israel has such laws.

                To criticise the actions of the Irish gov. is in no way displaying hatred towards Irish descendants who have lived elsewhere for centuries.

                1. Sharmuta, the government of South Ireland decides who can become an Irish citizen.

                  Similarly governments of sovereign nations decide who can become a citizen.

                  How many Black Africans are citizens of Mexico, China, Pakistan, Pal-e-SLIME?

  7. Michael

    Any idiot can post nonsensical drivel which is
    without any context and relevance to the subject at hand

    You aren’t any idiot; you are the idiot

    The only relevance your postings have is to your own personal biases.

    And your previous posts point to your attempts at deJudaising the Holocaust making you a perfect candidate as a Holocaust Denier

    1. Of course the Hitler Holocaust happened. I don’t deny it.

      I do deny that only Jews perished. Are you affirming that only Jews died in the camps? Are YOU denying that others died too?

      New York Holocaust Museum tells that 17 million died. Are YOU denying that figure? Are you attempting to wipe the others from the History of the Holocaust?

  8. Charles Alban

    What ifs are just that; what ifs.

    America joined the war because Japan attacked the USA in a cowardly surprise attack.
    America joined the allied forces after Nazi Germany stupidly declared war on America

    What if Japan never attacked the USA at Pearl Harbour
    What if racist Hitler never declared war on the USA

    What if …..
    What if ……
    The permutations are endless

    1. “America joined the allied forces after Nazi Germany stupidly declared war on America”

      Giving America no choice in the matter.

      1. Michael

        You are a dimwit

        Germany declared war on the USA
        Germany were interfering with US maritime trade.
        When someone declares war on another it is a statement of intent to try damage the other
        There are a multiple reasons that a declaration of war is filled with legal implications to harm the other.

        The only person who can misinterpret that is a dimwit like you

        1. Germany declared war on America … as I said. Did you think I said it didn’t. Duh.

          “When someone declares war on another it is a statement of intent to try damage the other”

          As Israel declaring war on Gaza and the Palestinians.

    2. Indeed. But we’re supposed to be talking about jews here, and “antisemitism”. The jews of New York declared war on Germany. The “Final Solution” was the title of book published in the 1930s by a NY jew calling for the destruction of the German people.

      So everything Hitler did was perfectly justified. The success of the Third Reich proves the correctness of his approach. Germany had the world’s highest standard of living in 1936.

      And of course there was no mass extermination program, as you all well know. Everything displayed at Auschwitz is a fabrication, mainly by the Russians in 1947.

      There was a mass deportation program of German jews, largely at the behest of the Zionists, who had an office in Gestapo HQ for this purpose.

      Total deaths in all the camps was 270,000, of which 20,000 were jews, and all the deaths were due to disease, mainly typhus spread by lice, exacerbated by Allied bombing in the final stages of the war. We the Allies are responsible for most of the deaths in the camps.

      And more German soldiers died in Allied POW camps after the war than in combat due to deliberate starvation and brutality. We’re the murderers, not the SS.

      1. Bruce, Michael, Bellers, are you watching? Absolute masterclass in attempted provocation. Frankly, your team have been missing this level of commitment for ages as you’ve gone through the motions with your ancient copy/pastes from the 90s.

        Let this be a lesson to you lads. If you want to do some baiting this is the sort of stuff you put on your hooks.

        I’m optimistic now. They told me Great Aunty Lotte was murdered by the Nazis in the gas chambers at Dachau. If this guy’s right she may still be alive.

        1. “Charles Alban” is likely a Zio who’ll likely be making another comment to the effect of: “See what antisemitism we Jooos have to deal with? The whole world is against us. Always has been, always will be. That’s why we need a state of our own. Now don’t you feel sorry for us?”

          1. And here I thought Alban was typing his fiction with 1 hand and fingering your asshole with the other. Oh wait, that’s your Saturday night routine:-)

      2. Jeremy Corbyn I presume.

        No wonder LaBOOR earned its worst defeat in 85 years in 2019.

        Happy NAKBA and Happy 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day!

  9. Brucie Brucie

    Some of your comments are so incoherent that they become unintelligible
    But they do tend to be quite amusing in their incoherence

    Go for it baby, go

    1. That’s a new one here Richard. One troll getting mad with another troll for out-trolling them with their trollery.

      If we leave these lads long enough they’ll end up eating their own. Nice spectator sport though.

  10. Charles Alban

    I cannot count the posts like yours that I have read on the internet.
    Wasn’t it one of your Nazi heroes that said that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth; and that lie doesn’t need evidence, just a good dose of conspiracy theory and a gullible audience.

    You raised some points;

    1 – Who is the NY Jew that wrote this book; what is his name?
    Who published it?

    2 – In 1936 Germany had the highest standard of living in the western world.
    In 1945 Germany had one of the lowest standards of living in the western world thanks to your
    idol Hitler and the Nazis

    3 – There was no ‘mass extermination’ programme you claim!
    Please supply some proof without quoting another of your idols ,David Irving?
    He got well and truly trounced by Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin books when he tried to sue
    them when Lipstadt accused him of Holocaust denial!

    4 – You claim there was a Zionist office at Gestapo HQ!!!!!
    Where can I obtain evidence of this?
    What sources can supply me evidence to back this claim?

    5 – You claim only 270 000 people died in the camps.
    Please supply the documentary evidence to support that claim?
    In the early 2000’s the Jerusalem Holocaust Museum, Yad VaShem, began trying to trace and
    name the Jews mass murdered by the Nazis, and by this year has named and referenced nearly
    4 800 000 of those Jews exterminated by your idols, the Nazis and their collaborators.

    6 – You claim concentration camp inmates were killed by Allied bombing during the war.
    One of the interesting complaints raised by survivors of the concentration/death camps was that
    the inmates used to hear the Allied bombers, but that they always bombed other places, but
    never the camps.
    So please supply evidence and sources to back your claims?

    These are all questions raised without any evidence in your post.
    Please don’t copy Mike Farmer by replying with inane, irrelevant and off topic questions in an attempt to obfuscate the issue.

    Opinion is not fact, so please don’t offer your evidenceless opinion as proof.

    I eagerly await your response

    1. to the first point about the lies being repeated… that’s what Adolf Hitler said about the jewish press in Vienna in Mein Kampf. also about if you tell a big enough lie people will believe it, because while they tell small lies, they never tell really big lies. this applies to the so-called “holocaust”. that’s a really big lie that is widely believed. i recommend you read Mein Kampf if you have not. there is a great deal of wisdom there. by no means is it the rantings of a madman.

      you have asked a lot of questions. i can answer all of them. it will take me a little while to get the links for the references. stay tuned.


      I’d recommend this book as a good starting point. it’s a meticulously researched dissection of the entire “holocaust” myth by Arthur Butz, professor of electrical engineering at university of Chicago. an analytical engineering mind is very useful for pulling apart all the inconsistencies in the official narrative. you’ll find a very detailed analysis of the “gas chambers” story, and how implausible it all is. also all the psychology of the supposed “confessions” of the SS officers, and why they said what they did, the Eichmann show trial being an example. clearly i could write a great deal on these topics, but we have very limited space here.


      here’s the Red Cross figures for deaths in the camps.

      you might also be interested to learn that there was a jewish SS regiment that fought for the Third Reich with distinction. and that also there were jewish camp guards, who were the most brutal. if any camp inmate was harmed by guards the guards were punished, by execution if murder. i think much of this material may be found in Butz’s extensive book. it would really be more fruitful for you to read that book, then maybe continue the discussion.

      and if course you should read Mein Kampf also, because without that you’re just flying blind with no understanding.

      1. It really does not get more desperate and stupid than the post above. Charles seems to be implying that the Nazi’s were open, honest, working closely with the Red Cross, and giving them open access to every camp and details of every death.

        None of that is true.

        Instead these documents are part of a post-war international tracing effort – and the specific piece of paper that is used as evidence – is from the 1970s.

        The RC themselves have debunked the desperate attempt of deniers to use their documents.

        Charles is not even a good troll. He uses weak C&P stuff from empty propaganda sites. At least if you are going to play a denier Charles, you should try and play one that appears to know his stuff.

        1. and obviously the Red Cross is not going to stand by its own figures because then it would be accused of “holocaust denial”. it has to go along with the official narrative.

    4. q6. why did the Allies not bomb the camps? because they were well aware that nothing untoward was happening in the camps. they had the Red Cross reports, which described the conditions in the camps as being better than that of the average German. Auschwitz had a swimming pool, cinema, theatre, children’s school, large modern kitchens, infirmary, where Mengele worked trying to save jews and others from typhus spread by lice, two post offices where inmates received parcels, playing fields, flush toilets, hot showers. it was much more comfortable than most people’s living accommodation, and some chose to stay on after the “liberation” by the Red Army. Allied forces knew of the gas chambers story, but they dismissed it as typical jewish lies and said so in their cables. the story originates from Henry Morgenthau in the US State department. this is in Butz’s book.

      1. another reason the Allies did not bomb the camps is because they had aerial reconnaissance photos showing nothing suspicious. those photos are still available. you cannot hide “millions” of people being led to “gas chambers” from the air. so it was clear nothing in the camps warranted the attention of the Allies. of course the Allies were indirectly responsible for the majority of the deaths in the camps because of their bombing of German infrastructure restricting supplies of food and medical supplies to the camps, allowing the typhus epidemic to get out of control. that was the cause of the majority of camp deaths, such as Anne Frank.

    5. one problem, as I’m sure you’ve encountered, is that due to jewish censorship of Google search, you cannot do normal searches for this material. you have to dig deep, and that takes time. it’s taken me ten years to get to the bottom of this. i have a list of maybe a dozen reliable sites where the truth may be found.

      i may list and post them for your convenience.

    6. Q4. i may have some difficulty recalling where I saw that. again possibly Butz, or possibly Menuhin, who also is a rich vein which anyone interested in this topic should study.

      what i can say is that it ties in with the story of the IBM Hollerith punched cards. these were provided by James Watson of IBM to the Zionists in order to identify every jew in Germany for deportation, first to the camps in Poland, then onward to Palestine. the Zionists gave these cards to the Gestapo to implement the plan, hence their office in Gestapo HQ.

      this is why few human remains can be found at the Polish camps, like Treblinka. a Polish archeologist could only find evidence of around 300 bodies buried there. that’s because these camps… Treblinka, Balzac, Sobidor…. were located at the change of gauge between the European and Russian railway systems. they came in on German trains and left on Russian trains. Stalin had done a deal to accept German jews, so many ended up in cities like Minsk, Kiev, etc.

      Auschwitz of course was a low security labour camp for a Buna synthetic rubber plant, hence the smell and smoking chimneys. why would you exterminate your labour force? skilled labour is hard to find, particularly in wartime.

  11. Michael

    Are you tone dear as well as being a dimwit.

    Here is a quote from a book by an expert witness who gave evidence against David Irving in his defamation trial against Penguin books and Deborah Lipstadt.
    David Irving spectacularly lost his case in the High Court in London.

    ‘The Holocaust differs from other genocides in recent history for one main reason: there is no other example in which a minority was annihilated systematically and as completely as possible on the orders of a head of state and through the apparatus of government’.
    ‘The Unwritten Order’ by Peter Longerich

    1. this is an example of an incompetent historian. as I’ve noted before, David Irving is the only historian who went through the tons of records of the Third Reich held in the US, taking ten years to do it. none of the other so-called historians have done this, so none of them know what they are talking about.

  12. Michael

    You are a dimwit

    Longerich is a professor of modern German history at Royal Holloway , University of London.

    He was an expert witness along with a number of other renowned historians at the trial in London of serial Holocaust denier David Irving. David Irving lost big time. Your arguments about the Jewish Holocaust would not be out of place in the Irving circle.

  13. David Irving did not lose “big time”. read the transcripts of the case. This was a libel trial, which is difficult to prove under British law, particularly when you have the might of jewish Hollywood aligned against you. But he proved there was no mass organised program of extermination of jews or anyone else. David Irving is the only historian who actually went through the archives of the Third Reich held in the US, taking ten years to do it, which none of the official “holocaust” historians have bothered to do. He found Hitler never used a “final solution” order. No order…no program. The two orders Hitler did issue, which are in the records, is that 1) the jews were not to be harmed. let that sink in for a moment. the jews were not to be harmed. and 2) that the field commanders were to make their own decisions as to what to do with the jews in their custody. this means there could not possibly have been an organised mass extermination program. there was a mass deportation program. not the same thing at all.

    1. Wow. I’m actually impressed you were able to type (with 1 finger, no doubt) for that long and plumb the depths of your brain (also the equivalent of 1 finger, in neuron-firing terms) and come up with precisely 0% facts. That’s hard to do, even for someone who is as stupid as you have proven yourself to be. Kudos.

  14. Charles Alban

    I have read and heard military and historical speakers and writers say that we were very lucky to have had Hitler as the ‘supreme leader’ as so many of his military decisions were so wrong that he managed to help Nazi Germany lose the war .

    The evils that he perpetrated resulted in hastening the demise of the European empires and ushering in the progressive human rights oriented world we have today.

    Everything Hitler hated has become the norm.
    You worship a failure.

  15. Charles Alban

    Whoever claimed that Hitler ordered the extermination of the Jews in an unambiguous
    written order. I have never heard that.

    The whole process of Hitler’s process of extermination of the Jews was a slow process that began with verbal hatred, that then progressed to physical violence, that then progressed to mass killings, that then progressed to the gas chambers and crematoria and industrial mass murders

    I wouldn’t try to convince you of the truth of the above, because all your posts point to the fact that you are a Holocaust Denier and an Antisemite and probably also a Racist Bigot.

    David Irving sued Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin books for libel thinking that they would fold and pay up.
    They stood up to the bigoted Irving and he lost his libel action in open public court, and it cost him a fortune financially and reputationally.
    If that’s not losing big time, then you should rewrite the meaning of winning and/or losing

  16. Charles Alban

    The only reason that you can claim that Peter Longerich is a stupid historian is because he, like so many other historians, has proven that the Holocaust of the Jews did occur.

    You are a Holocaust Denier and Antisemitic racist bigot for whom the truth is an inconvenience that needs to be ignored in the pursuit of your racist and bigoted utopia.

    Remember that your idol Hitler was the catalyst that ensured that the European empires would collapse and the human rights era would occur.

    The anti-racist world that exists today arose out of the ashes of the murderous evils perpetrated by Hitler, the Nazis and their allies and collaborators.

    What’s it like to worship the leader who created everything that I assume you hate

  17. wow you are consumed with hatred. I’m so sorry for you. none of this affects my happiness, even your nasty vicious personal attacks. if you were ever to make the effort to research the so-called “holocaust” with an open mind you would soon find it all crumbles to ashes, pun intended. i challenge you to present any evidence for its occurance. I’ll be able to refute anything you present, with references.

      1. no. not hatred. to quote the Bhagavad-Gita…he who is unaffected by happiness and distress is sure to be eligible for liberation. so it doesn’t affect me. i do despise those who lie and exploit others, but that’s not hatred. I pity them, for they know not what they do.

  18. Charles Alban

    Trying to convince you of anything is akin to trying to get a granite slab to do the polka.
    In other words it’s a fools errand.

    When I post here I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to the other sane people who read this blog

    You are a conspiracy theorist, and as with conspiracy theorists, conspiracy theories make it easier to understand the complexities of life and to give order to the uncertainties of our existence on this merry little planet of ours.
    Conspiracy theories feed well into the fevered imaginations of those that are unable to relate to the world.

    1. just stick with the facts and you’ll be fine. simply present evidence and links for your assertions that there was an organised mass murder program of jews and others. I’ve provided the link to the Butz book that supports the contrary view, with copious engineering evidence, and proper and correct translations of German technical terms, which have confused all the non specialist writers.

  19. Charles Alban

    I have tried to read ‘Mein Kampf’, and like Karl Marx’s ‘Communist Manifesto ‘, I found it unreadable.

    It is gobledygook enveloped in hatred; especially hatred of the Jews

    1. Karl Marx is nonsense. I’ll agree with you on that. and so would AH. that’s what he fought against, and in which we should have supported him.

      I found Mein Kampf an easy and inspiring read. perhaps you didn’t have a good translation. I’d suggest trying again.

      and Karl Marx was not very complementary to jews either, in spite of being one himself. he said Christians had adopted jewish behaviour patterns… materialistic behaviour… for which he was accused of antisemitism. confusing, isn’t it?

  20. Charles Alban

    The Holocaust museum in Israel, YadvShem is doing just that

    They have cross referenced and named nearly 4 800 000 of the murdered Jews so far.
    It’s a publicity available information portal so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it.

  21. Charles Alban

    You certainly have all the answers.

    I have no doubt that you could make a stone bleed with your logic. Well not actually bleed, but by using the fevered imaginations of a conspiracy theorist, you could persuade yourself that the colouring you see on the stone is blood

    That is the nature of conspiracy theories

  22. Charles

    Maybe you could tell me where you got this evidence that the IBM cards were supplied to the Zionists to aid deportation.

    IBM, plus many other companies, worked with the Nazis, but most ceased after that goofball Hitler declared war on the USA

  23. Charles

    The Germans and Russians were at war with each other.
    Germany attacked Russia.
    What were Russian trains doing in the Ukraine while it was under Nazi German occupation.

    Methinks you are just making things up as you go along.

    You should reference what you have said previously

    1. Operation Barbarossa was a preemptive strike. Hitler had knowledge Stalin was planning to invade Europe. The German army was far superior to the Red army…one Panzer knocked out fifty Russian tanks. but the duplicitous Churchill, and Roosevelt, were making up the Red army’s losses by supplying military equipment with the infamous Murmansk convoys. why were we supporting the Bolshevik Communists, who later became our enemies, and still are? you have to ask the jews that question. both Churchill and Roosevelt were controlled by jewish interests.

      they had decided the Third Reich had to be destroyed, so Churchill and Roosevelt did what they were told.

      as for Ukraine, it was controlled by Bolshevik Communists. the leadership of the Bolsheviks was entirely jewish, as I’m sure you know, who were unsurpassed in their cruelty and depravity. the trains were emptying out the villagers and transporting the people to the Siberian gulags. the invading German army put a stop to that, and reopened the churches closed by the atheistic Bolsheviks.

      they were welcomed as the liberators they were. they had much higher moral standards than the Bolsheviks.

  24. Charles

    This guide can be read anyway you want.
    All you have to do is ignore all the other evidence and take it as fact.

    As tour dear David Irving found, you can say what you like in public, but when you get to court you require fact based evidence.
    David Irving used to spout his Holocaust Denial in public, but his evidence didn’t stand up to scrutiny in court.
    His evidence, contrary to your plaintive protestations, was found to be wanting and he lost financially and reputationally.

    Also you should not believe every fanciful idea that is written, and so much of the ‘evidence’ you supply is tainted by conspiracy theory

    Incidentally, what have you to say about Buchenwald, liberated by the British.

    1. Buchenwald is the source of all the photos of the naked dead bodies trotted out as evidence of “Nazi atrocities”. those photos were used as evidence of alleged gassings at the Nuremberg trials in relation to other camps.

      but the problem is that none of those bodies showed any evidence of gassing. the bodies were examined by the Red Cross, and the official report says they died of typhus. the typhus was spread by lice. the SS went to heroic efforts to combat it. that was the purpose of the head shaving…to get rid of the lice infested hair. all the camps had professional barbers on the payroll. why would you bother to do that if you were just going to murder them? why bother cutting their hair? and of course the showers also. Eastern European jews are not known for high standards of personal hygiene. General Patton said he could not bear the stink of the synagogues.

      the SS strengthened the rations in the camps to improve resistance to the disease. they ate better than the average German at the time. The SS even installed a microwave device to kill the lice, since it was observed that insects were killed around radars.

  25. Charles

    So you base your evidence on the Holocaust of Jews on the work of an electrical engineer.

    Where is he based; if I’m not mistaken you said he was in America

    What is his qualification and level of expertise to write on the subject of the mass murder of the Jews by the Nazis; or he a political commentator with an opinion

    1. he has engineering qualifications and can interpret German engineering specifications. that’s very important because much of this revolves around the interpretation of German engineering terms relating to gas burners and gas detectors. many of these terms have been confused by non specialists leading to erroneous conclusions. the devil is in the details, and to clear the fog you need a sharp mind. read his book and you will understand.

  26. Charles

    If David Irving didn’t lose, why did he have to pay out a small fortune in court costs for both parties, and suffer a huge reputational hit because of the court judgement.

    Strange way to claim that by losing you win

    Conspiracy theorists at work; beware.
    War is peace.
    Black is white
    The world is flat

  27. ignore what other evidence? there isn’t any. that’s the point.

    David Irving was suing Lipstad for libel. Proving libel in a British court is difficult because you have to demonstrate material damage, which he wasn’t able to do to the satisfaction of the court. that’s a technical issue… nothing to do with the evidence for or against the so-called “holocaust”. he certainly proved its non existence to my satisfaction.

    and as for “conspiracy theories”, it’s the holohoax itself that’s the conspiracy theory. there’s not a shred of tangible evidence to support it anywhere. not. one. piece.

    1. Talking to you is liking to a stupid 12-year old shitposter, but I’ll give this a shot: the burden of proof in UK libel cases (BTW, I’m kind of surprised you noticed that Irving sued Lipstadt, as many commenters with your level of intelligence and rancid beliefs insisted she was suing him; please congratulate whomever filled you in on this fact, as there’s no chance you knew it on your own stead) rests with the defendant and not the plaintiff. That’s the precise opposite of how libel law is set in the U.S, where the burden is on the plaintiff showing how he or she has been harmed by what was written, not on the defendant to show that he or she made accurate claims about the plaintiff. Deborah Lipstadt hit that mark against David Irving, which is why he’s a bankrupt gnome today who runs a shitty website and haunts a decrepit haunted house in Scotland. Kisses.

  28. Charles

    Earlier on you claimed that many, if not most of the casualties came from Allied bombing of the camps.

    Now you claim that the Allies didn’t bomb the camps.

    As with everything else you say you try to fit your personal biases to fit whatever you want to say, cherry picking any facts and evidence that suits you at the time with no care as to their accuracy and veracity

    You are nothing more than a Holocaust denier

  29. Charles

    Most Nazis wound find Mein Kampf to be an inspirational read.

    Finding inspiration in the writings of a war mongering mass murdering racist bigot says much about you and your perceived viewpoints.

    Do you belong to any Nazi or neo-Nazi organisations?????

    1. why do you keep attacking me? have i said anything nasty about you? just keep to the facts. we’re genuinely trying to find the truth, are we not?

  30. i did not say the Allies bombed the camps. that’s exactly what they did not do. I’ve explained why they did not in another post.

    what i said is that the Allies were responsible for most of the deaths in the camps in the final days of the war due to their bombing of the German roads and railways disrupting food and medical supplies to the camps exacerbating the typhus epidemic that caused most of the deaths, including Anne Frank. we caused her death.

    1. Charles

      Point 5 states that the deaths ‘in the camps’ were caused by Allied bombing

      You change/contradict what you say to suit what you are trying to prove

      Charles Alban on September 5, 2020
      Indeed. But we’re supposed to be talking about jews here, and “antisemitism”. The jews of New York declared war on Germany. The “Final Solution” was the title of book published in the 1930s by a NY jew calling for the destruction of the German people.

      So everything Hitler did was perfectly justified. The success of the Third Reich proves the correctness of his approach. Germany had the world’s highest standard of living in 1936.

      And of course there was no mass extermination program, as you all well know. Everything displayed at Auschwitz is a fabrication, mainly by the Russians in 1947.

      There was a mass deportation program of German jews, largely at the behest of the Zionists, who had an office in Gestapo HQ for this purpose.

      Total deaths in all the camps was 270,000, of which 20,000 were jews, and all the deaths were due to disease, mainly typhus spread by lice, exacerbated by Allied bombing in the final stages of the war. We the Allies are responsible for most of the deaths in the camps.

      And more German soldiers died in Allied POW camps after the war than in combat due to deliberate starvation and brutality. We’re the murderers, not the SS.

  31. Charles

    I am interested; and yes I reserve the right to challenge your evidence as you attempt to challenge mine

    That is what you are allowed in a democracy as opposed to the treatment you get in the Nazi, Socialist, Communist and Fascist police states where you get sent to the gulag/concentration camp for thinking freely

  32. Charles

    The mass murder of European Jews was not an electrical experiment

    The methods the Nazis used were very basic blunt killing instruments.

    Gassing of the Jews was just an extension of the way pest controllers exterminate vermin; which is exactly what the Nazis felt they were doing when it came to the Jews.

    Crematoria have been used to incinerate cadavers for a long time.

    The Nazis just perfected the killing so it could be done on a large mass murdering scale.

    Firing squads, starvation clubbing to death are all methods employed by tyrants for centuries.

    Being an electrical engineer is no qualification for writing about mass murder

    1. excuse me, but you have just demonstrated exactly why an engineer is needed, particularly one who can interpret German engineering specifications, which no historian can do.

      the “gassing of jews was just an extension of the way pest controllers exterminate vermin”. that’s the problem right there. humans are not insects. Zyklon-B is a slow acting insecticide that was used to disinfect the clothing of the inmates. it’s most unsuitable for killing humans. it would never work. that’s not its intended purpose. the Germans are the masters of chemistry. if they had intended to gas millions of people they would have constructed an industrial facility to do so. there is no such facility, at Auschwitz or anywhere else.

      six million is the population of greater London. next time you fly into Heathrow take a look out the window and image what size facility it would take to murder all those people and dispose of their remains. then have a look at Auschwitz and see if you can find anything suitable. what is described as the “gas chamber” at Auschwitz is the morgue. it doesn’t have gas tight doors, and the roof hatches were installed by the Russians in 1947. they don’t appear on any of the aerial photos taken by the RAF.

      they only had two cremation ovens at Auschwitz. how long would it take to cremate six million bodies? they’d still be at it today. and you don’t get a neat little pile of ashes when you cremate a body. you get a mass of charred bones and skulls. these are ground in a machine called a cremulator. that’s what the crematorium gives you in the urn… ground bones, not ashes.

      but guess what? Auschwitz didn’t have any cremulators. they were on order but not delivered. so… that means the bones and skulls of the “six million” could not have been ground to powder so must be lurking around Auschwitz somewhere. that many bones and skulls would make quite a nice little mountain that should be pretty easy to find. so where is it? it doesn’t exist because it didn’t happen. simple.

      and so on. obviously I can’t get into all the details here. just read Butz’s book.

  33. Charles

    I said that only Nazis and their sympathizers would find Mein Kampf inspirational.

    And I asked if you belonged to any Nazi or neo-Nazi groups?????????

    On was a statement of fact; the other was a question

    1. Mein Kampf is a book of philosophy. it talks about personal responsibility and high moral standards and courage. it should be required reading in schools and colleges. AH discusses the deficiencies of democracy… how it can be coopted by a small group of people, which is exactly what we see with our so-called “democracies” in the West, which are fradulent. and it allows the evasion of personal responsibility under group decision making.

      Hitler ironically was the only democratically elected leader…neither Churchill, Roosevelt nor Stalin were elected. he was given dictatorial powers by the Reichstag under the Enabling Act of 1933, “for the relief of suffering of the German people”.

      he transformed the German economy in just three years. by 1936 Germany had the world’s highest standard of living. had the duplicitous warmongering Churchill, and Roosevelt, not plotted to destroy the Third Reich, all of Europe could have enjoyed this prosperity.

      we’re still paying the price now for our foolishness, with collapsing economies, huge unpayable debt to jewish banks like Larry Fink’s BlackRock and so on.

      and whether or not i belong to any organizations is neither here nor there. you just want to use that as a weapon to attack me…see… he’s a neo Nazi, or something. well. sorry to disappoint you. I don’t belong to any such organizations.

  34. Charles

    Why would Patton be going into Eastern European Synagogues when he was fighting in the west of Europe.

    And suddenly Buchenwald is the only place that anything bad happened.

    To the best of my knowledge the bodies found at Buchenwald died because of physical abuse, shootings, starvation and typhus.. Under those circumstances it makes sense that there was no trace of gassing.

    I have never read anything about gas chambers at Buchenwald; only that it was a forced labour camp that had thousands of prisoners die as a result of starvation, disease and maltreatment

    1. Patton was in Berlin. somewhere he had contact with eastern European jews. he had no respect for them. he said we’d been fighting the wrong enemy. he said the Americans had more in common with the Germans than the British.

      “to your knowledge”. exactly. you don’t have enough knowledge. actually, now I think about it, I may be confusing Buchenwald with Bergen-Belsen. i think Belsen is where the British took those photos that were used for every purpose.

      but you have to treat everything you think you know about the camps in particular and the war in general with a great deal of skepticism. as i noted elsewhere, more German soldiers died in Allied POW camps as a result of deliberate starvation and brutality than died in combat. that you’re never told.

      German forces were welcomed as liberators in many countries. there are videos of girls giving flowers to the German soldiers in Ukraine. the Germans stopped the trains the Bolsheviks were using to send the villagers to the Siberian gulags, and they reopened the churches. they were described as “angels” by the Ukrainian villagers. that’s not what you’ve been told.

  35. look, my friend, you keep asking questions because you have not done your own research. you have to study the subject and read the books. i can give you a reading list and a list of reliable websites, and a list of videos to watch. but I’m warning you. they are all diametrically opposed to everything you think you know. if you prepared to have your little world turned upside down, then embark on the journey. be prepared to lose your friends and suffer abuse, as I’m being subjected to here. is the truth worth it? only you can decide. are you man enough for the challenge?

    1. Richard, he does like the sight if his own text this bloke, doesn’t he?

      I need to hook up with him. If he’s right then my Great Aunt Lotte wasn’t gassed in Dachau and Uncle Sol’s brother Max, his wife and 4 young kids weren’t murdered in Auschwitz as the Museum records indicate. I need to ask him where they are now.

      Also if so few Jews actually died, do we have to give our country back to the British Empire or the Ottomans or the League of Nations. I need to know as I’ve just paid the house insurance for the year.

  36. well.. since there were NO gas chambers in ANY of the camps, clearly your relatives were not gassed. if they did die in the camps they died of disease, exacerbated by Allied bombing.

    and if you’re talking about giving Israel back to someone, clearly it should be given back to its owners, the Palestinians.

    i suggest the jews in Israel move to Patagonia, where jews have been buying large tracts of land. that would solve all the problems of the Middle East immediately.

    1. Ooh, dont go in for that voodoo mate. I’m agnostic. I’ll leave all the weird shit to you flat earth lads. I need to start learning Welsh if I’m off to Patagonia. Where do we leave the keys?

  37. i don’t think you’ll need Welsh in Patagonia. the land has been purchased by jews. you’ll probably need Hebrew. of course what the native Patagonians think about it i don’t know.

    1. You should read Paul Theroux’s “The Old Patagonia Express”, essential reading for potential immigrants to the region. Apparently the Welsh regard themselves as the indigenous inhabitants of the region with ancient historic claims and their militant wing, the PFLP are very active. It was reported in The Malvinas Mail that 2 Jewish settlers were recently bludgeoned to death on their farms with under ripe leeks. Reminds me. I must speak to my broker about my Life Policies.

      1. well of course I have read the book. I’m not sure if you’re being serious or not. i could imagine jewish settlers being bludgeoned, but the leeks give it away. you sound almost human. what would you be doing on a blog like this?

        1. I have always been fascinated by this place. The contributors fall into very specific categories and write in clear patterns. In time this will serve as a useful archive resource for those researching what online activism looked like in the early part of the 21st century and the tactics and strategies used by the protagonists. You obviously play your part in this.

          1. well great. I’m pleased to be part of history! nice to talk with a reasonable human being, unlike some of the others in this jewish ghetto. but that’s half the fun… getting them to reveal their true colours. they rise to the bait every time.

            1. Well, as I indicated above, all the actors in this space have their ultra personae and their agendas and each will prosecute them as they see fit. We should constantly remind ourselves; it’s only social media and it doesn’t really matter.

              1. I’m not sure that it really doesn’t matter. it’s very corrosive and socially destructive, and that is frequently the intent. there is a lot of maliciousness intended. if it’s not resisted it will lead to further social destruction. Hitler said jews will destroy all human life on this planet. we seem to be well on the way.

                1. I understand your reasons for saying this but I think you’re referring to affects on the person rather than genuine influence on events. Consider the online activism that sought to influence the US elections, the metoo movement, Brexit, the fortunes of the UK Labour party even the anti Zionist storms. None of them achieve their desired outcomes and all completely overestimated their influence. This is mirrored with individuals on social media who mostly exist in very narrow silos perceiving an audience that they would never normally access and which mostly isn’t there. To this extent we can agree that this medium simply promotes self delusion. Of course if the primary objective is to bait two or three opponents then personal gratification is more easily attained.

            2. You’re not really suited to smirking about “true colors” considering the kind of person you are. You’re a trespasser, and a boring one at that.

  38. Charlie boy

    You say Hitler was the only democratically elected leader.
    Are you a historical ignoramus or what????!!!.

    Roosevelt was elected to his 3rd term on 5th November 1940.
    He was elected for his 4th term in November 1944, which resulted in a new law restricting American Presidents to only two terms after his death in April 1945

    Churchill was an elected MP of the British Parliament.
    Political parties in the UK elect their leaders, and if their party holds the majority of seats and becomes the Government, then that leader is Prime Minister.
    British political parties can remove their leaders and replace them according to their rules, and therefore a new party leader can become the new Prime Minister. (see Gordon Brown, Boris Johnson)
    This is what happened when Churchill became PM after Chamberlain.

    Now we all know that Stalin was a murderous dictator that assumed power after Lenin after Lenin.

    History has shown that Hitler, getting only about 30% of the democratic vote, used the Reichstag fire in 1933 to effect a coup and assume dictatorial powers which only came to an end with his suspected death in May 1945.

    Learn history; don’t abuse history.

    Now lets see how you try twist, distort or ignore this little history lesson

    1. ok. maybe i stand corrected here. i admit i didn’t research it. i remember reading it somewhere. there was an explanation i don’t recall. perhaps they took over other people’s positions without being directly elected to the position.

      but the real point is about Hitler. he had wide support of the German people because of how he turned the country around after the degradation of the Weimar Republic and its ruinous inflation. he was given dictatorial powers by the Reichstag under the Enabling Act of 1933, “For the Relief of Suffering of the German People”, which he very ably carried out, Germany having the world’s highest standard of living in 1936, attesting to the success of his policies.

      you would do well to keep a much more open mind about this. try reading Mein Kampf and Gerard Menuhin’s book.

      much of the misery we suffer from now…the rise of the oligarchs, rampant money printing by the Fed ending up in the pockets of the already wealthy, increasing poverty, depression, drug and alcohol addiction, suicide… can be traced to the economic system that has been imposed on us and that Hitler sought to overturn.

      and for a few short years he was successful, which is why the forces responsible for the misery had to have him destroyed, because he exposed their game.

      that’s why it’s so important to study and learn from this period. the ills of the modern world can never be addressed if the fundamental causes are not understood. the Third Reich should be much more closely studied.

      Communism and capitalism were born of the same bitch. Hitler understood that.

  39. Charles

    I said that only Nazis and their sympathizers would find Mein Kampf inspirational.

    And I asked if you belonged to any Nazi or neo-Nazi groups?????????

    On was a statement of fact; the other was a question

    Reply; don’t obfuscate

  40. Charles m’boy

    I only ask questions requesting you to back up some of your spurious questions.

    I tried to read your bible ‘Mein Kampf’ but found that reading unadulterated Jew hatred amongst the generally vitriolic ramblings of a fanatic was an impossible labour.

    I have even tried to read another of yous and Hitler’s bibles, the proven forgery of ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’.
    This book was the ‘Blood Libel’ writ large, claiming Jews did things when a little research would prove that Jews are prohibited from doing certain things that the Jew haters (like yourself) love to lay at the Jews door.

    Your idol David Irving was trounced in the High Court in London when he tried to sue Deborah Lipstadt for saying he was a Holocaust Denier. He lost big time; financially and reputationally and none of your weasel words and twisting and turning will change that fact.

    Again; are you a member of any Nazi and/or neo-Nazi group?

  41. Charlie boy

    What are you threatening and/or challenging me with?

    ‘if you prepared to have your little world turned upside down, then embark on the journey. be prepared to lose your friends and suffer abuse, as I’m being subjected to here. is the truth worth it? only you can decide. are you man enough for the challenge?’

    What are yo trying to say

    Again; are you a member of any Nazi and/or neo-Nazi group?

    1. the truth is antisemitic. you do understand that, don’t you? if you’re a jew and you can’t handle that it’s going to cause a lot of mental distress, which I detect already in your responses. you cannot bear to hear that Hitler was anything but a monster. it just doesn’t fit your worldview. that’s why I’m here…to set the record straight with people who don’t want to hear it.

  42. Charles

    You say; ‘German forces were welcomed as liberators in many countries. there are videos of girls giving flowers to the German soldiers in Ukraine. the Germans stopped the trains the Bolsheviks were using to send the villagers to the Siberian gulags, and they reopened the churches. they were described as “angels” by the Ukrainian villagers. that’s not what you’ve been told’

    Yup! the Germans were welcomed in the beginning by people liberated from Stalin’s dictatorial rule.
    Experience of Nazi Germany’s murderous dictatorial rule soon changed that as evidenced by the growing partisan resistance that developed.

    Hitler was such a stupid ‘commander of his armed forces that he turned potential allies against him with his racist hatreds. Most of Hitlers allies were there only because they opposed Stalin in Eastern Europe, and because they hated the Jews and British in North Africa and the Middle East.
    But Hitlers allies lost big time, just like your fallen idol David Irving lost big time

    Again; are you a member of any Nazi and/or neo-Nazi group?

  43. Charles

    It has taken quite a few posts before you accused Jews of controlling the world. I was almost holding my breath waiting in anticipation for this classic Antisemitic stereotype

    You say;

    ‘Operation Barbarossa was a preemptive strike. Hitler had knowledge Stalin was planning to invade Europe. The German army was far superior to the Red army…one Panzer knocked out fifty Russian tanks. but the duplicitous Churchill, and Roosevelt, were making up the Red army’s losses by supplying military equipment with the infamous Murmansk convoys. why were we supporting the Bolshevik Communists, who later became our enemies, and still are? you have to ask the jews that question. both Churchill and Roosevelt were controlled by jewish interests.

    they had decided the Third Reich had to be destroyed, so Churchill and Roosevelt did what they were told.

    as for Ukraine, it was controlled by Bolshevik Communists. the leadership of the Bolsheviks was entirely jewish,’

    You twist and contradict history until it becomes a scrambled mess.
    Yes Stalin had always said the Communist aim was always world domination; so nothing new.
    Hitler’s Nazi Germany also planned for world domination.
    Two peas in a pod really, Stalin and Hitler.
    But Stalin new his army was no match for Germany (because he had effectively destroyed it), so he went out of his way to prevent a war with the Nazis.
    When the Nazi Germans did attack, they succeeded in the begging but Hitler’s inept military decision making ensured that they lost the war big time. Just like your idol David Irving lost his court case big time.

    In so far as Jews controlling the world, I have always found it a bit bizarre that the Jewish bankers of Europe were unable to stop the destruction of European Jewry. (and now we will get the next Antisemitic trope that it was the Zionists)

    Again; are you a member of any Nazi and/or neo-Nazi group? Your language certainly points in that direction

    1. it’s not correct to say that Hitler’s Germany planned world domination. Hitler was not empire building. his goal was self sufficiency and survival of the German people after the ruinous Versailles Treaty. And as I’ve said, the reason for the defeat of the Wermacht by the Red Army was not due to the incompetence of Hitler and his generals, although he did criticise von Paulus in the end, but due to the duplicitous Churchill and Roosevelt resupplying the Red Army. so it didn’t matter how many Russian tanks the Panzers knocked out, Churchill supplied another shipload. quite why he was supporting the despotic Stalin is one of the tragic twists of history. it was the worst thing he could have done. Churchill is the biggest war criminal of all. it was he who should have hanged at Nuremberg, not the German generals.

      and regarding the “destruction of European jewry”, of course it wasn’t destroyed. The German jews, and others, who were deported from Germany under the collaboration between the Zionists and the Gestapo, first went to the transit camps in Poland… Treblinka, Balzac, Sobidor…then from there went to Russian cities like Minsk, Kiev, etc, under an agreement with Stalin to accept them, or they ultimately found their way to Palestine, some went to America, and some drifted back to Germany.

      it’s extremely difficult to account for the numbers. Arthur Butz explains the difficulties in his book. for one thing the definition of a jew varies from country to country. people who were one quarter jewish did not count as jews in the Third Reich, if I’m correct. Poland as a country shifted bodily since both the eastern and western borders changed, so trying to account for Polish jews is almost impossible. only broad estimates can be made.

      but we know how many pensions the Germans are paying to “holocaust” survivors. i think if you add that up it accounts for pretty much all of the European jews, less the 20,000 who died in the camps from the official Red Cross figures.

      and to answer your question again about my membership of any groups, the answer disappointingly is no. perhaps you’re suggesting i should join one.

  44. Charles

    Why would Jews want to move to Patagonia?
    The Nazi Germans wanted to send the Jews to Madagascar.
    The British at one point suggested Uganda.

    Jewish History is over three thousand five hundred years focused on one small area in the Middle eat, next to the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.

    You are truly an Antisemitic Racist Bigot

    Again; are you a member of any Nazi and/or neo-Nazi group?


    this article explains Israeli interest in Patagonia. obviously it’s a bolt hole if Israel becomes untenable. it could be a good solution if it would defuse the tensions in the Middle East. but of course, as the article says, it would probably just create another Palestine in Patagonia.

    these searches for a homeland were in conjunction with the Zionists. certainly Madagascar was considered a possibility, but the British put a stop to that. the Zionists acknowledged jews had been very troublesome to Europeans over the centuries, so a homeland was the solution agreed upon by everyone…the Zionists, the British, the Americans, and the Germans.

    Palestine of course was always the preferred location for the Zionists. the problem was that when they managed to pursuade some German jews to go there before the war, they took one look at the parched desert and scuttled back to running their brothels in Berlin.

    so they had to be coerced to go, hence the IBM punched cards given by the Zionists to the Gestapo. and this is why neither the British nor the Americans would admit fleeing jews, because they had to go East, not West, first to the transit camps in Poland, then onward to Palestine.

    I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m not a member of any groups. i was a Hare Krishna, if that’s of any interest to you. there are many NY jews in the Hare Krishnas, interestingly.

  46. Charles

    Hundreds, if not thousands of Israelis, travel to South and Central America and the Far East on their post army 6-12 month walkabout. They travel in constantly changing small groups as they meet each other along the way before returning to Israel.
    Only silly/sick minded conspiracy theorists like you could twist that out of context.

    Madagascar was suggested by some Europeans but never considered as viable by the Zionists because Jews have no connection to the Island. Only an Antisemitic Bigot could suggest otherwise.

    The Zionists acknowledged that Jews had suffered centuries of persecution and discrimination from the various states and peoples of Europe, and thus needed to return to the homeland from which they had been exiled by the Romans. Only an Antisemitic racist could deny the persecution and discrimination Jews suffered in Europe.

    There were already Jews in the Ottoman Empire area between the Jordan River and the Med Sea.
    There were Jews coming from Yemen and the Russian Pale of Settlement (where the Russian Empire forced Jews to live). German Jews only started trying to get to Palestine after the Nazi coup and the advent of the anti-Jewish Nazi laws. Only an Antisemitic Racist Bigot could deny the anti-Jewish Nazi laws made Jewish life in Nazi Germany untenable.

    The Jews transformed the parched desert into a verdant oasis in the midst of Middle Eastern poverty and destitution. Israel has developed into one of the modern worlds powerhouses of technology and invention. Only an Only an Antisemitic Racist Bigot could deny how Israel has transformed its landscape.

    There were nearly 3 000 000 Jews in Poland before the Nazi Germans invaded, but only a few thousand survivors after the war. If there were only about 650 000 Jews in the Mandate of Palestine in early 1948, where did those 3 000 000 Jews disappear off to if they were not murdered by your Nazi German friends. Israel opened its doors to Jewish refugees after May 1948 but there were no millions of European Jewish refugees. Only an Antisemitic Racist Bigot could deny that most of European Jewry was destroyed by the Nazi Germans and their accomplices.

    How you claiming to be a member of the Hare Krishna Sect, or that there were Jews there bears no relationship to whether you belong to any Nazi or neo-Nazi groups. Your language points to the fact that you are an Antisemitic Racist Bigot and that even if you don’t belong to any such groups, your sympathies lie with them

  47. Charlie m’boy

    When I reply to your posts I am not talking to you, but to the thousands of followers that read Davids blog. You are just one of the common and garden variety of Antisemitic Racist Bigots that inhabit the nether regions of our wonderful little planet

    So you just carry on posting , and I will keep on responding with the real facts to your conspiracy theories

  48. well.. you’ve made your point. so i guess I’m proud to be an “Antisemitic Racist Bigot”. as I said, and others far more erudite than I, the truth is antisemitic. hard to bear i know. you have my sympathies. it must be very tough being a jew subject to all this hatred. why don’t you try a different religion, as the Hare Krishna jews have done? they seem much happier being Hare Krishnas than being jews. it’s just a religion. you can quit it anytime.

  49. Charlie Charlie Charlie

    You are an historical ignoramus.

    If Hitler wasn’t empire building why did he invade Eastern and Western Europe.

    Hitler helped the Allies win the war because of his military incompetence. The main reason the Allies won the war was they mass produced the weapons of war so could replace their losses, while Hitlers factories were to complicated and individualised to be able to replace the German losses. Its the same reason that the Allies won the First World War and the North beat the South in the American Civil War. Modern mass production won those wars. And Hitler diverted so much manpower and equipment to annihilating the Jews that other areas of the war suffered.

    Quoting your Electrical Engineer as an expert on the Nazi genocide of the Jews again.

    After the war there were less Jews in the Soviet Union and its satellites because of the Nazi Genocide of European Jewry. Only Antisemitic Bigot would say otherwise

    And Hitler said that anyone with even one Jewish grandparent was a Jew and needed to disappear. So even if Judaism didn’t recognise them as Jewish, the Nazi German Third Reich said they were Jews and needed to die. Nazi racial directives decided who was a Jew and who was not.Only an Antisemitic Bigot would say otherwise

    And German post-war reparations to Jews and Israel caused a major conflict in Israel. Many Jews did not want anything to do with the Germans and Germany, but after much internal conflict Israel and the Jews agreed to Germany’s offer of reparations. Germany offered, and eventually the Jews and Israel accepted. Only an Antisemitic Bigot would say otherwise

    Your language points to the fact that you are an Antisemitic Racist Bigot and that even if you don’t belong to any such groups, your sympathies lie with them

  50. Charles

    Has it ever occured to you that the post war progressive human rights world we live in today is a direct result of the evils that Hitler’s Germany, the Third Reich, delivered on our world.

    The collapse of the European Empires, the rise of Human Rights, the liberation of the colonies and the freedom of the second class black people to equality with the rest of the world were all hastened by that great white power supremist, your idol Adolph Hitler. I must confess that whenever I think of this I do have a good laugh. The ‘Laws of Unintended Consequences’. Everything and everyone that Hitler hated and tried to destroy has prospered.

    1. You must be joking. America is in turmoil. It’s verging on civil war. The blacks are rioting and will destroy everything if they’re allowed to. Feminism, gay rights, abortion, etc, are all jewish productions intended to cause a catastrophic collapse of the White birthrate to destroy the White races, the avowed enemies of the jews. Everything Hitler fought against and predicted has come to pass.

  51. Charles

    ‘ so i guess I’m proud to be an “Antisemitic Racist Bigot”

    You have admitted that you are an Antisemitic Racist Bigot which is what I have said your language pointed to all along.

    Do carry on posting; its good entertainment.

    And the Hare Krishnas I used to know were wonderful people in the main; people that generally espoused peace, love and tolerance to their fellow men and women. I find it very difficult to imagine that they would accept your ideas

  52. Charles

    America is in chaos at the moment.
    This is the work of the Communists/Socialists that wish to destroy American society.

    Its not the first time the US has been here. The late 1960’s were similar in many ways, and you will find some of today’s cheerleaders of this chaos are the same (such as Angela Davis), as is much of the radical political philosophy.

    There are even elements of the chaos of Weimar.

    So all we can hope for is that the November elections restore some form of sanity.

    And in case you are thinking otherwise, I support Trump because he has attempted to repair some of the excess rot that has arisen because of ridiculous Socialist leanings of academia and the ‘left’.
    I don’t support the neo-Nazi fascism of the right or left wings (antifa etc) in America today.

  53. Charles

    Please tell me how the Jews are responsible for what you call ‘Feminism, gay rights, abortion, etc, are all jewish productions intended to cause a catastrophic collapse of the White birthrate to destroy the White races’.

    This is pure conspiracy theory territory. You don’t understand what is going on around you, Your idea of how the world should be is collapsing. So you need a reason. and who is the easiest scapegoat to pin all your fears on; the ‘International Jew’ is your normal scapegoat.

    Your anti-Jewish hatred tas two thousand years of precedent. Your anti-Jewish hatred resulted in millions of Jewish dead; but it has never solved your problems because the Jews are an excuse to satisfy your weaknesses and inadequacies.

    But then as you yourself said earlier; ‘I’m proud to be an “Antisemitic Racist Bigot”.

    1. haha. you make me laugh. just read your fellow jew Gerard Menuhin….Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil. He has pages of quotes from rabbis saying exactly what I’ve said.

      as I said, if you don’t like “antijewish hatred”, then just quit your religion and take up a different one. as I noted, the Hare Krishna jews have quit being jews and have become Hare Krishnas. and they’re much happier for it since now they don’t have to endure antisemitism. why don’t you try it?

    2. Have you ever asked yourself why the world won’t come to rest? Why your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents had to die in wars that never should have occurred in the first place?

      A book of monumental importance for the people of the world today. Many know that something is not right in the world. Nations engage in perpetual war while bankers and armaments makers line their pockets from the carnage. The average citizen of the world has been cut out of the decision-making process of government, whether he lives in a democracy, republic, theocracy or dictatorship.

      All the while, the ruling elite grow stronger and richer as the real producers struggle to survive. Behind the scenes, events are controlled by a coterie of ethnic puppetmasters who work their marionettes in high places out of public view. How did this world get to the dark place it is today? Who could have stopped it and what can we do today?

      The book consists of three sections. The first section concerns Adolf Hitler, his character and intentions, and the real causes leading up to the outbreak of WWII, including the actions of the real culprits and the rejection of the great lie.

      The second section enlarges on the activities of the real culprits, provides a historical overview of their progress, their nature, their power over finance and the media, and the methods by which they achieved it. It includes insights into Freemasonry, the European revolutions, the influence and control of education and foreign policy, the creation of the EU, the New World Order and the evolution of the plan through the same powers and their proxies, since the 17th century up to the present.

      The third section concerns the First and Second World Wars (what the author refers to as “the Second Thirty Years War”), their conception, funding and inescapable continuity; current laws against freedom of expression, and the evolution of the Orwellian state; the importance of U.S. support for the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War, and Communism’s significance in the plan; the true origins of the enemy; Palestine’s occupation and its fate as an example of our common fate; plus much more.

      The text is interspersed with “Memos from Today,” that emphasize its relevance by citing current events. Hundreds of quotes are included from a wide range of authoritative sources, original and translated. The last pages of this manuscript comprise conclusions and predictions.

      The narrative is dense and packed with facts, and backed by expert testimony. At times, the style is personal, even casual, and absolutely non-intellectual. It has been assumed that a personal touch makes the contents more accessible.

      The author is the son of the great American-born violinist Yehudi Menuhin, who, though from a long line of rabbinical ancestors, fiercely criticized the foreign policy of the state of Israel and its repression of the Palestinians in the Holy Land.

      Read it. Think about it. Distribute it to others. This is a book that can make a difference!

      Softcover, 6 x 9, 50 illustrations, over 1,000 sources cited, 457 pages
      Order It Now

    1. Richard, I don’t want to draw unfair and unsubstantiated conclusion from this exchange nor make unreasonable inferences about the identity of a contributor. But cast your mind back a year or so. There was a contributor who enjoyed a short but quite intense sojourn in this place and called himself Chris Rogers. He batted for the opposing team and deployed a style in which very long meandering posts were often de rigeur. The main tactic was to block a conversational thread that was developing and the content often contained some of the most outlandish claims supported with the inevitable untraceable witnesses. There was a good deal of inconsistency in the construct but the chap always insisted on his bona fides. However, he had limited concentration and one day finally uttered the now immortal line that he “would use any stick I can find to beat the Jew over the head.” He then summarily disappeared and has not been seen since.

      Now you may point out to me that Messers Rogers and Alban have never appeared in the same thread at the same time. I could not possibly comment.

  54. At least Charles did try to offer a form of argument. The problem was to much of his argument was based on the dodgy grounds of conspiracy theories and Antisemitism around which he could not offer any realistic evidence.

  55. here’s the evidence old boy….545 pages of it. and this is engineering material. since I’m am engineer i can understand and tolerate the level of detail, but non engineers may be overwhelmed. if you really, truly want to know what happened at Auschwitz it’s all here.

    if you keep saying I’m not presenting evidence, I’ll start quoting from the text. but we don’t have the space here for 545 pages, but that’s what it takes to refute your nonsense.

    On 545 pages of penetrating study and lucid commentary, Dr. Butz gives the reader a graduate course on the subject of the Jews of World War Two Europe. One main focus is on Auschwitz, which during WWII was a strategically important location of German petrochemistry. Information about this location had been available to the Allies for a long time. The fact that the claimed exterminations had to be known to the Allies but obviously were unknow to them, has always been sheer inexplicable for experts in the field. Except if those exterminations simply didn’t happen – and this is exactly Prof. Dr. Butz’s approach.

    Chapter by solidly referenced chapter, Dr. Butz applies the scientist’s rigorous clinical technique to every cornerstone of the legend. He focuses on the post-war crimes trials where the prosecution’s false evidence was secured by coercion and even torture. He re-examines the very German records so long misrepresented; he critiques the European demographics, which do not allow for the loss of the Six Million; he re-evaluates the concept and technical feasibility of the gas chambers with some startling conclusions; and he separates the cold facts from the sheer tonnage of disinformation that has served as a formidable barrier to the truth since the end of WWII.

    The first edition of this book caused unprecedented shockwaves throughout the academic and political world in the 1970s. Its open sale has been banned in an increasing number of countries including Germany and Canada. It is a book violently denounced by those unable to refute its thesis – the most hysterical reactions to it coming from those whose own historical views cannot withstand the light of honest review.

    Now in its fourth edition, five major supplements have been updated to bring the reader up-to-date on the continuing Holocaust controversy and its impact almost everywhere World War Two is discussed. A best-seller by any meaningful standard, yet still ignored and maligned by the people who have known of it but have never even made the effort to read it, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century is a book you must read if you want a clear picture of the scope and magnitude of the historical cover-up of our age, who is behind it, and what can be done to put an end to it.

    4th, corrected and expanded edition, 552 pages.
    Order It Now

  56. Charlie

    You keep quoting your electrical engineer.
    You have a few books and references you quote, as opposed to the plethora of books and historical studies of the Holocaust.
    The German Government has extensive records of events from 1933 to 1945.
    A whole industry of Holocaust denial has grown, as fascist fanatics try to resurrect their bigoted racist ideologies and hero worship of their dead mass murdering idol, Adolf Hitler.

    Your David Irving got well and truly trounced financially and reputationally when he sued Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin books for libel when Lipstadt called him a Holocaust Denier. He was always threatening to sue people, but since his libel trial trouncing he has been remarkably quiet. Probably can’t afford to lose any more court cases.

    By the way, please show me where I can find any mainstream Rabbis calling for feminism and homosexuality. Feminism in a patriarchal society doesn’t feature and homosexuality etc. are rated as taboo in the scriptures but have been broadly accepted across most of Judaism (albeit reluctantly in some quarters). Where does it refer to reducing the ‘white’ birth rate’, other than in the fevered imaginations of conspiracy theorists and followers of the proven hoax/forgery ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ and the Antisemitic followers of Adolf Hitler.

    At least you had the good grace to admit you are an Antisemite; ‘ so i guess I’m proud to be an “Antisemitic Racist Bigot”. At least we know where you are coming from. Personally if you don’t like Jews is your personal choice, but today if you try to harm Jews like the Nazis etc, we do have the means to fight back

    1. I’ve told you where to find quotes from rabbis…in Menuhin. there are also many online sites that provide this information.

      another ex-jew who is very good is Brother Nathaniel. he really knows the mind of the jew. you should check out his extensive video list.

      i suppose you’ll need me to give you the link since you appear to be unable to find anything yourself.

      and you’re repeating yourself about David Irving. i know you want to think it’s a victory for the jews and the holohoax, but i explained that it was a libel trial. clearly you don’t understand the point. to prove libel under British law you have to prove to the satisfaction of the court that you have suffered material damage… lost money, in other words. that’s not easy to do since the British courts set a high bar for this. since the whole of Hollywood was against him, it’s not surprising he lost the libel case. but he absolutely proved the holohoax didn’t happen, which is abundantly clear if you read the transcripts of the case on his website.

      and his supporters took care of the financial costs. last i heard he was living a castle in Scotland. remember, and I’ve told you this several times, but you seem to be a very slow learner, he is the only historian, and I’ll repeat that, the ONLY historian, to go through the tons of records of the Third Reich held in the archives in US. NONE OF THE OFFICIAL HISTORIANS HAVE DONE THIS.

      this is how we know that no “Final Solution” order was ever issued by Hitler. claims that there was have been quietly withdrawn from the current edition of Raul Hilberg’s “official” holohoax history.

      and this is how we know that the two orders that AH did issue, and I’ve told you this more than once, are as follows:


      did you get that?

      do i need to repeat it?


      one more time


      have you got it now?


      2). the field commanders were to make their own decisions as to what to do with the jews and others in their custody.

      what this means of course is that there could never have been any mass murder program. without an order to that effect, and in fact with an order directly to the contrary, no such industrial scale program could have ever been organised.


      do you need to read David Irving’s books? seems like you do.

  57. Charlie boy

    I’m a Jew. I’m proud to be a Jew. I won’t hide my Jewishness because of racist bigots who try to frighten me into renouncing my birthright.

    As an aside Hitler decided who was a Jew or not, and then in his warped racist bigotry condemned those he called Jews to death. Resources of the Nazi Third Reich were squandered on the mass murder of six million Jews who were needlessly slaughtered while the your dear Hitler brought Germany to destruction and defeat in his quest for the master race and world domination

  58. Charlie

    If you have ever studied history you will find that it consists solely on the battles and wars between different tribes, clans, peoples and nations.

    Every war comes to and end and lays the seeds for the next.

    Your darling idol Hitler pulled Germany out of its diabolical financial mess by rearming and preparing for war

    You at least are open about where your sympathies lie; as you yourself said earlier; ‘I’m proud to be an “Antisemitic Racist Bigot”.

  59. Charlie

    So because he is the son of someone famous, here a violinist, does it mean that this connection gives him some secret insight into the world that we poor non-famous mortals are unable to fathom and understand

  60. I’m glad all your stupid comments are public for all to see. i hardly need to waste my time responding to them.

    read something. you’ve done zero research. you know absolutely nothing.

    start with Butz, and don’t give a bunch of stupid reasons why not, and Menuhin. i don’t feel inclined to give you the links yet again. you asked for references. I gave them to you. now follow up and stop whining..

  61. Charles

    Please show me the exact place in the German Nazi orders where it says Jews must not be harmed. It must be in German with all the official Nazi German authorisations for authentication.

    You at least are open about where your sympathies lie; as you yourself said earlier; ‘I’m proud to be an “Antisemitic Racist Bigot”.

    1. I’m not your lacky. i don’t respond to your instructions. even if i found it you’d find some reason to argue. do you read German? i told you it was found by your arch nemesis David Irving, so you’ll find it in his books, on his website, and YouTubes. do yourself and everybody else here a big favour and study the material from the only true historian of this subject. he does read German.

    2. and you can find the “Final Solution” order. and I want to see it in German, with Hitler’s signature and the date. good luck with that.

  62. Charles

    You at least are open about where your sympathies lie; as you yourself said earlier; ‘I’m proud to be an “Antisemitic Racist Bigot”.

    Therefore all your Holocaust denials are understandable.

    You are a Jew hater, which is totally apparent from your posts.
    The more you post the more blatant your Jew hate becomes

    Thanks for your honesty

    1. Richard, I am reluctant to commit to speculative pronouncements in relation to posters here. We remain after all digitized strangers with the freedom to post anything in fact or fiction from the safety of an anonymous algorithm. However, the longer the exchange between you both extends the more I sense that this chap and the above mentioned Rogers are one and the same. The similarities in style and tone are uncanny.

      1. The author, whoever it is, is relying on little more than a amateurish knowledge of the denial arguments and access to flimsy material he doesn’t fully grasp. I spent a good few years around 2000-2004 arguing with well-versed deniers – to learn how to dismantle their case – and he clearly isn’t one.
        He even misquotes Irving and doesn’t quite understand what happened at the trial.

        1. David, it is fascinating that there are still posters here that are prepared to commit to this amount of effort for a wind-up; going way beyond the lazy copy/paste of slogans from the playbook. As I’ve mentioned before and also above it is a useful archive record of what online racism and prejudice looked like during this period and in the case of this contributor a helpful contrast in style and tone to the rather limp and tepid approaches of the other Grande Dames of The Resistance.

        2. Butz’s book is hardly “flimsy material” it’s over 500 pages of meticulously analysed engineering studies, dismantling all the false hypotheses of the holohoax proponents. it requires a detailed knowledge of German technical engineering terms, which none of the official so-called “historians” have any clue about, hence all their false conclusions.

              1. so 2015. From a free PDF you got whilst browsing the web and from a truly problematic website. And which book(s) (and editions) have you read that argue against Holocaust denial?

                1. arguing with jews is like being on a roundabout. you keep going in circles and coming back to where you started, making no forward progress at all. it’s completely irrelevant where I found the pdf, and 2015 is current, so what’s your problem? Unz is a jew, as I’m sure you know, so that should give him credibility in your eyes.

                  just read what Butz says.

                  and have i read any holocaust denial denial books? I mean, all standard texts are holohoax denial denial. jewpedia is full of such unsubstantiated nonsense.

        1. The tactical approach is almost identical. Still, as we’ve already agreed there are around a billion daily users of social media most anonymous, so it is perfectly conceivable that there will be intersections when two contributors with identical agendas, comparable social and cultural biases and specific intents appear on a forum of this type.

    2. not “jew hater”. i told you… it’s “jew despiser”. very different.

      but that’s only people who exhibit “jewish” behaviour. certainly not noble jews, like Gerard Menuhin. Hitler coined the term “noble jew”. his parents’ doctor was a jew, whom he described as a noble jew.

      1. This is quite a topical idea you present, the notion of “Jewish behaviour” as an identifiable characteristic. I assume you connote in the negative for the purposes of your approach and tactics here.

        1. that’s what the jew Karl Marx said…. that Christians were behaving like jews. he meant materialistic behaviour. i think it was Marx who said that Judaism is a materialistic religion because it’s a survival strategy. Judaism is effectively atheistic, which is its fundamental problem.

          and its texts are corrupted. the Talmud is effectively a book of pornography…sex with three year olds is condoned. so any people who use texts like that to guide their philosophy and behaviour will be perverted by definition.

  63. Charles

    Because of your idol, Adolf Hitler, European Jewry was all but destroyed.

    So when you make a stupid claim that Hitler said the Jews must not be harmed, I want to know the sources and to check the evidence.

    A Holocaust Denier like David Irving is not a credible source, even if you worship him.

    If you can’t point to the source of such an illogical and incomprehensible statement, then I can only assume that it’s made up.

    And coming from a self confessed Antisemitic Racist Bigot it is even more likely to be a figment of your fevered imagination.

    1. haha. you’re a laugh a minute. you’ve got a major problem here, because David Irving is the only historian to have gone through the tons of records of the Third Reich held in the archives in Washington DC. i know this is hard to believe, in view of the constant flow of books purporting to be histories of Hitler, the Third Reich, WW2, the holohoax, etc etc.

      it’s unbelievable that not a single one of all these so-called historians bothered to go to DC and check the voluminous records to see what Hitler actually said and what orders he actually issued. but there it is. so people like you have to live with that.

      and of course that’s why David Irving is a so-called “holocaust denier”. because that’s what he found. nothing. nada. big fat zero. no evidence whatsoever for any organised mass murder program.

      and don’t give me any jewish bs about how the Germans “didn’t keep records”, or if they did, they “destroyed” them.

      the Germans are the last people on Earth to accuse of not keeping records. everything was meticulously recorded and none of the records were destroyed. tons and tons of documents were seized by the Allies and crated up and sent to Washington DC, where they remain to this day.

      US authorities are restricting access to them now under jewish pressure. David Irving had his pass revoked. the last thing the jews want is the contents of those records to be released because that will torpedo the entire holohoax extortion racket.

      then the White Races will turn on the jews and finish the job for once and for all. so i suggest you purchase a building plot in Patagonia. you might need it.

  64. Charles

    Everything you understand is tainted by your self confessed Antisemitic Racist Bigotry

  65. Charles

    Going on about your electrical engineer and his 500 odd pages of Holocaust Denial and historical revisionism.

    No doubt he is also an Antisemetic racist bigot.
    People who deny the Holocaust and support the Nazis invariably tend to be Antisemitic Jew haters

    1. no no. we don’t hate jews. we DESPISE them. and we’ve nothing against semites. fine people. it’s the behaviour of jews and people who behave like them that’s the problem.

      Marx said Christians were behaving like jews, for which he was accused of antisemitism, ironically, because he was one himself.

  66. Charles ⁰

    The only Jews you support are those who agree with your Jew hatred.

    Incidentally what is Jewish behaviour.

    I’m Jewish, but people never tell me I display Jewish behaviour.

    This Jewish Jewish behaviour thing is another manifestation of your fevered imagination running riot when it comes to Jews

    But then you have admitted to being an Antisemetic racist bigot, so it all makes sense.

  67. haha. you make me laugh. all your posts are examples of jewish behaviour. you open your mouth and put your foot in it.

    and for the umpteenth time, i don’t “hate” jews, i DESPISE them. got it? you are an incredibly slow learner. or to be more precise, i despise people who exhibit jewish behaviour, whatever religion or ethnicity they may be, jew or otherwise. it’s the behaviour that’s the issue. and if you need a lesson in what constitutes “jewish behaviour”, just study the reasons for the multiple expulsions of the jews over the centuries. it’s always for the same reasons, going back to Jesus throwing the money changers out of the temple.

  68. Charles

    You use a lot of words but say nothing.

    By your own admission you are an ‘Antisemitic racist bigot ‘.

    You can try and waffle your words, but they illustrate quite plainly that your despising of Jews is the same as hating Jews. Just a different word for the same emotion

    1. i don’t think you have a very strong grasp of the English language. there’s a world of difference between hating and despising.

      you don’t seem to be very well educated. there’s no purpose in our continuing this discussion. you are not contributing anything useful or constructive.

    2. to despise someone means you have contempt for them. i have contempt for jews who behave like jews. that’s what you’re doing, so I have contempt for you. are we clear now?

  69. Charles

    Semitic refers to a linguistic group.

    The term Antisemitic was the creation of a German Jew hater in about 1860.

    He wanted to direct his hatred towards Jews as a people, as opposed to Jews as a religion

    Get your facts straight.

    You hate Jews and you have admitted to being an Antisemetic racist bigot

    1. did Jesus hate jews? was he an “antisemitic racist bigot” for throwing the money changers out of the temple?

      and all his biting criticisms of the Pharisees…was that “antisemitic”?

  70. Charles

    As a self declared Antisemite racist bigot your Jew hatred is apparent, whichever words you use to try and dress it up

    Must be rather depressing for you to have one idol that managed to destroy his German Fatherland and help destroy the white ruled world of pre 1939, and another idol who got financially and reputationally trounced when he sued Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin books in the High Court

  71. Charles

    So as a self declared Antisemitic racist bigot you are also an expert on the Talmud, Karl Marx, and Jewish behaviour.

    Your limitless talents are really so so awesome.

    Your Jew hatred is also quite awesome despite your protestations to the contrary

  72. Charles

    What gives you the idea that I’m a teenager.

    Because you are a self declared Antisemite and I don’t subscribe to your warped Jew hating philosophy has no bearing on my age.

    Your hatred of Jews is also irrelevant to your age

    Your idol David Irving m

    1. your ill informed and juvenile responses is what made me think you might be a young person.

      and if I’ve told you once I’ve told you a dozen times, i don’t hate jews, i DESPISE them. and I particularly despise jews who keep repeating the same mantra and pay no attention to what they’re told.

  73. Your idol David Irving must rue the day he decided to sue Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin books for Libel. He got totally trounced financially and reputationally.

    But hey,who cares other than the Nazis and neoNazis

    1. what is it with you and David Irving? you keep bringing him up. why don’t you read his books and learn something from a true historian….the ONLY ONE TO GO THROUGH THE ACTUAL RECORDS OF THE THIRD REICH, remember?

      and i told you his supporters took care of him financially and the last i heard he was living in a castle in Scotland.

      your responses are becoming more and more desperate. you have nothing to say except call me names. that’s typical jewish tactics. attack the individual…ad hominem attacks. it’s what jews always do. that’s why I have no respect for them.

  74. Charles

    There never was a written order for the Final Solution to the Jewish Problem.

    Nobody ever claimed there was.

    The proof of the Final Solution is in the evidence of the near destruction of the European Jewish community that found itself under Nazi German occupation

    You as a self declared Antisemitic racist bigot will do all in your power to deny the Holocaust, despite all the catalogued evidencial proof.
    But then hey, you are a self declared Antisemite, so we shouldn’t expect anything else

    1. I wonder the extent to which any of this matters. Consider the efforts here to project these ideas. To what end if the outcome is the engagement with a single Jew through anonymized textual medium the objective of which is a tepid wind-up. To quote Vrginia Wolf “a snatched moment of fleeting pleasure” for the author; a few seconds of ire for the recipient. Its not exactly Baader Meinhoff is it. But of course they believed in more direct action and measurable outcomes. Have you ever considered blowing up a synagogue packed with worshipers, all displaying Jewish behaviours? Could you imagine acting on those thoughts? Would the outcomes provide the solutions you seek? How would you feel afterwards? If you did it once and felt satisfied with your actions could you imagine doing it again?

      1. are you addressing this to me? would i feel good blowing up a bunch of jews in a synagogue? what a bizzare question. i harbour no hatred. i can control my emotions. I’m just looking for the truth and to see justice done.

        1. I thought it was an obvious question and perfectly legitimate to address to you. You write in a clear and unambiguous style but you have also clarified your motives; namely to bait others. This somewhat blurs the lines of sincerity and so I thought that it may be helpful to explore the matter further. Hence the questions. Many come to social media with an agenda and are mainly harmless souls seeking an audience or a target from whom they can prompt a “gotcha” moment. A very tiny minority take it further and prosecute direct action in support of their biases. I think it is fair to measure your own bona fides by determining the side of the fence on which you fall. I am naturally content to engage with a tame virtualista, far less so a potential mass murderer. These days we can never be sure who’s who.

          1. I’m a retired civil engineer. that’s why I can think clearly, similarly to Arthur Butz. engineering training is very useful to cut through this thicket of lies and evidence-free mythology.

            I’m only concerned with the truth. i have no axes to grind, anymore than Jesus did. he called the Sanhedrin vipers. i think there are people on this blog whom Jesus would describe as vipers.

              1. David you have always shown incredible largesse towards contributors here of every shade and this is to your great credit. The internet is a tsunami of posters like this and always will be. As I anticipated this one is really quite tame insofar as it is quite straightforward to predict his missives and motives and is just a slightly harder working version of the chap that posts as Bruce. For this reason he presents a further opportunity to record the types of online opponents that did their thing here at this time. As the Nazis may never have said “live and let live.”

    2. Raul Hilberg certainly claimed there was a “Final Solution” order. it’s in earlier editions of his book. but you won’t find it in current editions. it’s been quietly withdrawn due to exposure by true historians like David Irving.

      and if there were no order, how could there have been an organised industrial scale mass murder program?

      things like that don’t just spontaneously appear. there has to be an official order, plans have to be made, funding has to be obtained, there has to be an organisational structure, buildings have to be designed and built, the extermination equipment…”gas chambers”, cremation ovens, cremulators, ash disposal pits, and so on and so forth.

      none of that is possible without an official order. if you agree yourself that no such order was ever issued, then the whole mass extermination hypothesis is a myth.

      and the evidence of the non destruction of European jewry is in the pensions paid by Germany to holohoax survivors and their descendants. they number in the millions. no significant loss of population there.

      and of course there’s no physical evidence at all, as I’ve said several times. the single “gas chamber” shown to tourists at Auschwitz was the morgue. it doesn’t have gas tight doors. a ten year old could tell you you couldn’t gas people there. plus it’s supposed to be the entire population of Greater London…six million. all through that one little room. it’s a joke. they would have died of old age waiting in line.

      and the mountain of charred bones and skulls… where is it? i told you Auschwitz had no cremulators to grind the bones and skulls. so they’re still there. not.

      you’d have to be a fool to believe the official story, or you’re trying to run an extortion racket, which is the real story.

  75. The Charles’ of this world matter only in so far as that when challenging their ideas you are not speaking to them, but rather to the surrounding audience.

    His ideas and theories might be extremely unpleasant and hateful, but they are still a whole lot more coherent than our dear Michael Farmer

  76. Charles

    Stop trying to reinvent the wheel.

    So someone said there was an order, and your expert electrical engineer said this and your Holocaust denying hero/idol David Irving said this.

    There is no evidence a specific order to create the mass murders of six million Jews existed.
    It was not a spontaneous happening either.
    It was a process that began germinating in the minds of the many Antisemites that were in Germany after the First World War.
    It occurred first as a verbal assault on the Jews, followed by low levels of violence that slowly spread. The anti Jewish laws from 1933, the Nuremberg laws of 1935, Krystal Nagt and on into the Second World War were all incremental steps. Wannsee in 1943 was an important milestone in making a genocide of the Jews into what we now know as the Holocaust.

    David Irving got solidly trounced financially and reputationally when he tried to sue Deborah Lipstadt for Libel when she accused him of Holocaust Denial. Your idol lost big time.

    Both you and he are Holocaust Denyers .
    You are a self declared Antisemitic racist bigot

    1. where is your evidence for the six million figure? written documentary evidence, plus physical evidence of their remains?

      WHERE IS IT?

  77. Charles you can call it what you will, you are still a Jew hater and a self declared Antisemitic racist bigot

  78. Charles

    I refer to David Irving constantly because you do. Your entire philosophy seems to be based on David Irving’s Holocaust Denial

    David Irving may be living in a castle or a cave for all I care

    Your dear idol, David Irving, still lost financially and reputationally when he tried to sue Deborah Lipstadt for Libel when she accused him of Holocaust Denial. He lost big time and he is not quite as noisy as he once was

    Have you introduced yourself to Bruce Levy, a jew that seems to share many of your ideas. You to should get on like a flaming crematorium

  79. Charles

    There may be a difference between the words ‘hate’ and’despise” in the dictionary.

    But as far as the meaning of the words pertains to you, I think they mean the same thing.

    I suppose one could say that because you despise Jews, you also hate Jews.

    By your own admission you have admitted to being a Antisemitic racist bigot, which implies that you have a big problem with Jews.

    You still haven’t clarified and what you meant when you talked about ‘Jewish behaviour’.. it is such a generalised term that it could mean anything, which is why I assume you won’t explain it

    So off you trot with your Antisemitic racist bigotry and go and join Brucie babes in the twilight; or even in his Beth Springfield Shul with Homer Simpson in the cartoons

  80. Charles

    I thought you said you were going to leave this conversation. But I doubt you could do that. Where else are you going to find a forum that will allow you to spew your Antisemitic hatred.

    Admit it, you’re addicted to the banter on this site, even if you feel that you aren’t progressing anywhere

    I’m rather enjoying it

    1. well I’m enjoying it too. it’s called jew baiting. you people are so predictable. it’s so easy to get you to take the bait. you fall for it every time. jews claim to be so intelligent. i think they’re the stupidest people on Earth. intelligence and wisdom don’t correlate.

  81. Charles

    You do know that Jesus was a Jew. He was a practising Jew. I like to think of him as a teacher, a religious teacher, a Rabbi.

    The wonderful, and sometimes problematic thing about Judaism is that it’s a broad church that allows a multitude of interpretations,as well as creating a pretty questioning and argumentative people. Maybe it’s that that has enabled us to survive as a people despite the violence and hatred that have been directed towards us over millennia.

    Aren’t you a little jealous Charles. Or does your self confessed Antisemitic racist bigotry completely overwhelm your mind.

  82. Charles Alban

    Please please, I beg of you; please tell me how Jews behave.

    Most of the Jews I know are pretty indistinguishable from the rest of the population, except for the ultra Orthodox who wear distinctive clothing but compromise only a small portion of general Jewry

    1. how do jews behave? this is the weirdest question, coming from a jew. do you really not know? is this why you cannot understand what you call “antisemitism”? this could explain a lot. are you completely unable to see how gentiles see you? if that’s the case the problem will never be solved.

      my only suggestion would be to study the subject. read history books on the numerous expulsions of the jews and try to discern the real reasons. try to find books written by non jews to avoid bias, although some jews, like Gerard Menuhin, can be reliable.

      Jesus’s accusations of the Pharisees is a good place to start.

      few books are truly objective on this subject. i find the best books are not on Amazon. if it’s banned by Amazon that’s a recommendation. you have to go to independent websites to find them.

      i would suggest reading Gerard Menuhin’s Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil. that will tell you everything you need to know about the behaviour of jews.

  83. Charles

    I think Jesus would agree that you are an Antisemetic Jew hating racist bigot.

    How being an electrical engineer has any bearing on whether you are an Antisemetic Jew hating racist bigot, or not.

    You are a self declared Antisemitic racist bigot, and I assume Butz feels the same way as you do. I’m sure that his being an electrical engineer has had any influence on his personal biases

    1. well… Jesus would fall into that category too, so I’m in good company. and try to be consistent with your spelling of “antisemitic”. at least spell your insults correctly.

  84. I’m rather enjoying reading his baseless hatreds. We sometimes need to remind ourselves of the filth and hatred that exists only a keyboard stroke away from us.

    But if he goes, he goes . It’s no loss either way

    1. by the way, I’m copying your comments like this to others, just so we know what we’re dealing with.

  85. Charles

    The 6000000 Jews murdered by the Nazis.

    It is the commonly accepted figure that has been arrived at by taking the appropriate number of Jews that resided in the areas occupied by the mass murdering Nazi Germans and their accomplices, and the approximate numbers of Jews from those areas that survived.

    YadvShem, the Israeli Holocaust museum is cross referencing and cataloguing the names, families and lives of the murdered Jews, and so far has listed approximately 4800000 people on this register.

    It is publicly available on their website.

    Very easy to find, even for a self confessed Antisemitic racist bigot like you who hates Jews.

    Now where will I find this order that the mass murdering Hitler was supposed to have given saying ‘Jews are not to be harmed’

    1. duh. “commonly accepted figure?”. by whom? not by me. it’s total fiction. in case you didn’t know it, “six million” is a jewish sacred number. it was mentioned in the First World War, and in the nineteenth century. it’s always “six million” whatever it is. it’s just jewish rhetoric, hyperbole.

      and bodies don’t just disappear without trace.



      1. and by the way, the sign at Auschwitz does not read “six million” any more. it says “one million”.

        that’s a result of historical revisionism. they realised the lie was not standing up to scrutiny. and of course one million is equally bogus. the true number of murders is zero. a big fat zero.

        in fact, if any of the inmates of the camps were harmed by the guards, the guards were punished, by execution if murder. that is in the records.

        there were jewish camp guards, who were the most brutal.

  86. Charles

    Of course you think I’m ‘demented’. You think that because I refuse to agree with your conspiracy theories, and because I refuse to worship your racist idols Adolf Hitler and David Irving (mustn’t forget the electrical engineer and the violinist son).

    Remember that David Irving lost his libel action against Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin books when he tried to sue them for calling him a Holocaust Denier. And he lost big time; financially and reputationally

    1. how many times have you repeated this story about David Irving losing the libel trial. it has no bearing on the veracity or otherwise of the holohoax. it was a libel trial, not a trial to determine whether or not the holohoax occurred.

      this method of argument… constant repetition of the same thing even though it’s refuted or irrelevant…is a jewish tactic discussed by AH, and i think Menuhin said something similar. Martin Luther discussed this sort of thing in his “Lies of the Jews”.

      you asked me about jewish behaviour. this is jewish behaviour.

  87. Charles

    You are a jewel

    First you confessed to being an Antisemetic racist bigot.

    Then you said you despise Jews.

    Now you admit to ‘Jew Baiting’.

    I do appreciate your honesty. Most Antisemites try to hide their racist bigotry.

  88. Charles

    Jesus was a Jew, he lived as a Jew and he died as a Jew.

    What he said or didn’t say to the Pharisees is totally irrelevant as to the fact that he was Jewish.

    What we do know is that you are a self confessed Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot who despises Jews.

    1. it’s pretty clear that the jew Jesus despised the jewish Pharisees. does that make him an “antisemitic jewish bigot”?

  89. Charles

    I asked you a simple question, ‘how do Jews behave ‘?

    You will obfuscate and try to avoid the question because you know that there are so many Jews with different attributes and mannerisms that it’s an impossible question to answer.

    These types of questions are the stock in trade of the racist bigot and racist supremacists. How does it go; they all look the same, they all act the same, I can’t tell the difference between them and on and on.

    But then you are a self confessed Antisemitic racist bigot and Jew baiter so we can accept nothing more of you

    1. jews behave exactly the way you are behaving. you are a textbook example. just read what you have written. it’s obviously written by a jew.

      1. and by no means are they “all the same”. Noble jews certainly do not fall in that category. Hitler recognised noble jews. I’ve told you that but you are deliberately ignoring what I’m saying.

        That’s also jewish behaviour.

  90. Charles

    You lose me.

    What category would Jesus fall into.

    The Jewish one I assume you mean

    Despite the odd spelling error you are still a self confessed Antisemitic Racist Bigot and Jew Baiter

    1. well you’re a sucker if you keep rising to the bait. I’m playing with you to draw out your vitriol. i want to see your true colours, which you are demonstrating abundantly.

  91. Charles

    I have asked you a number of times about your claim that Jews behave in a particular manner.

    I wasn’t asking the violinist son, or anyone else for that matter; I was asking you.

    You voiced an opinion about how Jews behave, and I’m asking how Jews are supposed to behave in your opinion.

    If you voice an opinion then you should be able to explain it; and claiming that all Jews behave in a particular manner is your opinion

    I do realise that you, being a self confessed Jew Baiting Antisemitic racist bigot may make this a difficult question to answer

    1. every one of your responses demonstrates jewish behaviour. I don’t believe i can explain it to you because you clearly have some kind of mental block. you are living in a world of your own…a world of myths and demons. that must be part of jewish culture. the whole world is your enemy, and it will be if you make it so.

  92. Charles

    You are a self confessed Antisemitic racist bigot and Jew baiter and Holocaust Denier

    I would be surprised if you believed anything I said about Jews and/or the Holocaust.

    The only thing you believe in is conspiracy theories and your racist ideology.

    I’m still awaiting your reply as to what ‘Jewish behaviour ‘ is. Your opinion is what is required

  93. Charles

    You say the sign at Auschwitz says one million.
    I haven’t been to Auschwitz, so I’m unable to comment on what it says.

    About one and a half million were murdered there , so the sign would be right (depending on the wording, which l haven’t seen)

    Have you as a self confessed Antisemitic racist bigot and Jew baiter and Holocaust Denier been to Auschwitz.

    Please, please tell me about Jewish behaviour in your own opinion

  94. Play ‘on words then Charles.

    Jesus was a Jew. Whether he liked other Jews or not was I’m sure a personal opinion.

    As a self confessed Antisemitic racist bigot, Jew baiter and Holocaust Denier, could you please explain what you mean when you talk about ‘Jewish behaviour’

  95. Charles

    There you go again ; at this rate we will able to award you the crown for obfuscation.

    You brought up the issue of ‘Jewish behaviour’, and I have asked you to enlighten me as to what ‘Jewish behaviour’ is.

    And all you can say is that I’m an example of ‘Jewish behaviour’, which still does not answer the question.

    As a self confessed Antisemitic racist bigot, Jew baiter and Holocaust Denier, are you having trouble answering the question or don’t you understand the question

    1. i doubt you’d be able to understand the explanation of jewish behaviour if i told you.

      it involves constant repetition, for one, which is what you are doing.

      repeating the same thing over and over when you’ve been told it’s false. Martin Luther says jews do that, and it’s what you are doing.

      ad hominem attacks (do you understand what that means?) are another jewish characteristic, which is precisely what you are doing in every one of your posts.

      and these are not my “opinions”. these are facts as demonstrated by you.

      i could think of a lot more, but the point is made. Menuhin, AH and Martin Luther discuss this in their books.

  96. I’ve just told you the correct figure is zero state sanctioned murders. what murders there were were perpetrated by other inmates or the guards, who were punished by execution. did you not read what i said?

    i plan to visit Disneywitz in the next year or so. when I go, i shall ask the tour guide to show me the swimming pool, the cinema, the theatre, the children’s school, the large modern kitchens, the infirmary, the flush toilets (not common at the time), the playing fields, the two post offices where inmates could send and receive mail.

    i will also ask them to show me the remains of the “six million”, now “one million” bodies. since Auschwitz had no cremulators, the charred bones and skulls will still be on the property. should be pretty easy to find. I’ll post pix of them when I go.

  97. Charles

    I have asked you a simple question; please explain to me what ‘Jewish behaviour’ is.

    You have come back with a lot of meaningless statements, but at no time have you answered the question.

    The Longmans Dictionary of the English Language defines the word “behaviour” as ‘the way in which a person conduct him/herself in a specified manner’.

    So within this definition can you explain to me what constitutes, ‘Jewish behaviour’

    I do accept that you, as a self confessed Antisemitic racist bigot, Jew baiter and Holocaust Denier might find answering this question a little problematic .
    But do attempt to answer it please.

  98. Charles

    Please just answer the question; what constitutes ‘Jewish behaviour’

    You are a self confessed Antisemitic racist bigot,Jew baiter and Holocaust Denier so you must have some idea about what you call ‘Jewish power’

    I’m beginning to think that your hatred towards Jews is an irrational emotion that you don’t fully understand

  99. Charles

    In what way do my answers explain or describe ‘Jewish behaviour’

    You are really not making a very good job of explaining what this ‘Jewish behaviour’ is.

    Maybe you should ask David Irving, who lost his Libel action against Deborah Lipstadt big time, whether he could help you define this nebulous phenomena that you call ‘Jewish behaviour’

    As I keep saying, you as a self confessed Antisemitic racist bigot,Jew baiter and Holocaust Denier seem to be having great difficulty explaining what you mean by ‘Jewish behaviour’

  100. Charles

    Go to Auschwitz and view it as you will. I would never waste my time in an attempt to
    change your mind about the Holocaust or any other issue.

    You are a self declared Antisemitic racist bigot, Jew baiter and Holocaust Denier whose mind is made up. So go indulge your fantasies

    But you still haven’t explained to me what’Jewish behaviour’ is.

    I truly need enlightening as to what this ‘Jewish behaviour’ is because it is such a nebulous concept as to be meaningless.

  101. Charles

    I truly can’t understand your explanation of
    ‘Jewish behaviour’ because you haven’t given one.

    If asking a question about an issue you raised is an ad hominem attack on you, then it would appear that you may be a little over sensitive, and not really the right person to be involved in attempted public debate.

  102. Charles

    You can think whatever you like

    But please, please answer the question; what constitutes ‘Jewish behaviour’.

    As a self confessed Antisemitic racist bigot, Jew baiter and Holocaust Denier you must have some idea/opinion on what it means

    1. argumentativeness is another well known jewish characteristic, which you are certainly displaying. instead of discussing the topic, and offering evidence to support your position, you simply contradict and insult me.

      yes you did. no i didn’t. remember the Monty Python argument sketch. that’s you old boy. ding… time’s up.

  103. here’s another example of jewish behaviour…lack of humanity. you are like some kind of robot, or a mindless computer, just spewing out the same stuff all the time.

    and what’s interesting about that is that the jewish texts regard non jews as being subhuman. but as seems to be the case with much of Judaism…. what the jews accuse others of is what they do or are themselves.

    so I’d say lack of humanity and compassion is definitely a jewish characteristic, which you are certainly demonstrating. the behaviour of the jewish Bolsheviks during and after the Russian Revolution is a good example. utterly unspeakable cruelty and depravity. and there are plenty of other examples of this behaviour to non jews.

    so far from non jews being subhuman, it’s jews themselves who are subhuman.

  104. Charles

    A very interesting attempt at trying to define ‘Jewish behaviour’.

    1) you say spewing out the same stuff over and over again is an example of ‘Jewish behaviour’. If you look at your recent output you will find that that’s a pretty much what you have been doing. So if that is what is ‘Jewish behaviour’ then, god forbid, you might be Jewish.

    2) another example you give is ‘a lack of humanity and compassion’. I must confess I find this one rather strange after seeing the behaviour of the Nazi Germans and their collaborators during the Second World War where they mass murdered near enough 17 million people (ask Michael Farmer, he’ll be drooling at the mouth to confirm) which included the six million Jews as Hitler tried to rid Europe of its Jews. These are traits that have been displayed by every civilisation, nation, clan and family in some way or another since the beginning of time

    3) Can’t really speak about the religious texts as I don’t know enough to commit myself; but there is a learner Rabbi that sometimes visits these pages who if he sees this may care to offer his tuppence worth as to the authenticity of Charles’ claim .

    I’m afraid Charles that your examples are so generalised and generic that they apply to everyone and no one.

    If there is a particular ‘Jewish behaviour’ it needs to be unique to the Jewish people and not displayed by any other group anywhere and at anytime. If it is not unique to the Jewish people it cannot be classed as ‘Jewish Behavior’

    As a self confessed Antisemitic racist bigot, Jew baiter and Holocaust Denier you must have some idea/opinion on some unique traits that are not shared with anyone else. Please ignore the amount of Jews that have won Nobel Prizes in Science, Medicine, the Arts and Research

    1. so tell me why jews have been evicted from 109 jurisdictions over the centuries.

      that’s ONE HUNDRED & NINE TIMES. get it? 109.

      is this something inexplicable to you? do you really pretend not to know why they were expelled, and that it was always for the same reasons?

      do you need me to tell you?

  105. ‘Charles’. I think I may have got you a mentoring gig, seriously!

    There’s a contributor here that posts as Bruce Levy. I like to engage with him and offer him notes and pointers from time to time and I mentioned you to him. You may already be acquainted in your virtual ecosystem.

    He has been attempting to be provocative towards his targets here but is clumsy and unsophisticated. Initially he contented himself simply by writing apartheid, genocide, child-murder, baby-slaughter, ZioNazi, loads of times in the same post and that was all a bit meh! Then he pivoted onto a sort of story-telling routine but it was simply a variant on the theme and isn’t really hitting the spot.

    So I’ve told him about your approach as a far more sophisticated baiter and someone that actually puts a shift in to get the results. I suggested he make contact with you and the two of you talked directly. You will forgive me for my presumption but I did infer my strongest sense that you were erstwhile contributor and fellow Jew baiter, Chris Rogers and i think that even a dullard of his limited imagination will see the startling similarities in style, tone, content and motivation.

    Anyway good luck with ‘Bruce’ and happy to have been the source of the connection. Proper Yid conduct that !

  106. Bruce Levy and Charles should get on like a house on fire.

    They are both Antisemitic racist bigots who deny the Holocaust

  107. there seems to be a problem here with the Akismet spam filter. I’m trying to post links to references to substantiate my allegations, since you’ve asked for them, but they’re not posting.

  108. i posted links both to Menuhin’s book and Butz’s for your convenience but i don’t see them.

  109. Bitchute: Europa: The Last Battle. all ten videos

    this will put you straight on a lot of disinformation to which you’ve been subjected. you rank and file jews are just as much victims as we goy. we’re in the same boat together.

  110. Charles

    Has it ever occured to you that bullies choose the weakest as their victims.

    Jews have always been the least protected and most vulnerable minority in Christian Europe and the Muslim Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and as such were picked on incessantly by those polities.

    Now that Jews have their own country, Jews are far safer, and but for the Ethnic Cleansing of Jews from the MENA, there have been no more expulsions of Jews.

    On a different note; have you noticed the expulsion/ethnic cleansing of Christians and other minorities in the Middle East over the last ten years. And none of those minorities were Jews

  111. Charles

    I saw links to both the electrical engineer and the violinists son.

    I have read, or tried to read so many Antisemitic and anti-Israel books, and reading there publicity blurbs these are just more of the same.

  112. Charles

    Bitchute sounds lie a’Patriots Today’ , ‘Stormfront’ , ‘The Elders of the Protocols of Zion’ and similar type of publication.

    Why would you expect us to believe them? If you do, then it’s the heights of stupidity!!

  113. haha. you do make me laugh. where do you get your information…jewtube? jewpedia? those sources are all controlled by jews so they’re totally unreliable. that’s why you have to go to Bitchute, Unz report (who’s a jew, btw), etc.

    and that’s yet another jewish behavioural characteristic to add to the several I’ve given you already, and that’s trying to smear the source.

    you just keep quoting this mantra…”antisemitic holohoax denier” or some such nonsense hoping that will silence any opposition. well as you can see in my case it doesn’t work.

    you are not the slightest bit interested in determining the causes of so-called “antisemitism”.

    in fact, i think it’s your reason for living. it’s how you define yourself… someone who’s hated by goy.

    if the goy didn’t hate you you’d have no identity. you’d just disappear. your life would have no purpose. pathetic, and very sad. i have a lot of compassion for you. it must be terrible and miserable to labour under this burden of hatred all the time.


    here’s a good site for you. Brother Nathaniel is an ex-jew who converted to Orthodox Christianity. he has very sharp insights into the mind and behaviour of the jew. since you seem somewhat ignorant of this, in spite of, or perhaps because of, being a jew yourself, you can learn a lot here.

  115. I’ve decide to look into this whole Jooo thing idea that this bloke that posts as Charles is peddling. Today I’m going to do do some avarice down the bank, some full on greed at brunch and cap off the day with the an over-indulgent lack of humanity on my irritating neighbour; a full on Yid-Out.

    If it turns out to be a pleasant experience I may book in for another session next Tuesday and bring a friend.

    As old granny Kay used to say “If your going to dip your hand into the hamisha pickle barrel, go right up to the elbow!”

    Full report to follow ‘Charles’.

    1. your feeble attempts at humour fall completely flat, I’m sorry to say. but you at least seem to show at least a spark of humanity. keep trying, and maybe you can become fully human. I don’t hold out much hope for anyone else here.

      1. Everyone’s a critique eh?

        I did click on one of your links. I wanted to fact check the stuff you mentioned about Jews making fruit jam out of good Catholic babies. The site, I think it was , seemed pretty reliable and I’ll certainly be changing over my gas supplier with the discount they offered for one time members. I may give you an update later but as they said to Aunty Lotte as she entered the showers in Dachau, “Don’t hold your breath”.

  116. Charles

    Do keep up the good work

    You gave another example here of ‘Jewish
    behaviour’; smearing the source.

    If “smearing the source” is ‘Jewish behaviour’, then god-forbid you must be Jewish considering that you were trying to smear the sources that David uses in the first paragraph.

    I’m still waiting for you to give me examples of ‘Jewish behaviour’ that are unique only to Jews. Every example you have offered so far is of very generalised behaviour by most people/nations at some point during their existence.

    You are implying that Jews display a particular type of behaviour that is unique to Jews alone, yet you seem to floundering in a morass of generalizations

    1. i told you to educate yourself on the reasons for the 109 expulsions of the jews over the centuries. study that and see if you can determine a pattern of behaviour that led to their expulsions.

      there is obviously a common thread to the expulsions since it’s happened so many times. no other group of people has been expelled like this, so clearly there is something specific about the behaviour of jews that leads to these expulsions.

      why don’t you research the subject and report your findings here? I’m sure we would all be very interested to know. i certainly would.

  117. Charles

    I think that your using of a conspiracy theorist like brother Nathaniel as a source and justification for your ideas says much about the negativity and vacuousness of your philosophy.

    The little I read of his is a litany of wild allegations, and he complains that most Jews vote for the Democrats/Biden and that that’s not good. He sounds as though he has an axe to grind

    So you go and follow him and the electrical engineer and the violinist son and David Irving if that’s what gets you off

    1. you know you’re very offensive. you are clearly trapped in mental prison of your own making.

      some words of advice… you need to stop calling people names, you need to stop trying to smear sources, and you need to get the words “antisemitism” and “holohoax denier” out of your head because all these things are preventing you from learning anything.

      your knowledge is abysmal, and this is why.

  118. and here’s another point. I’m British, and nominally Christian. i don’t take offence if somebody criticises the British or Christianity. I’d agree with them if the criticisms are well founded. so there’s no need for you to try to defend jews and Judaism all the time, and to call people names who have valid criticisms.

    you can join in the criticisms too, as i would criticise the British. i particularly criticise Winston Churchill, for example, as a warmonger who should have hanged for the murderous and unwarranted incendiary bombing of Dresden, the second worst crime of WW2 after the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan.

    1. As Brother Deuteronomy of Gath said in his letter to the Vegimites 6:13 “Jews don’t smear. They schmear.”

      I know my scriptures too ‘Charles’

  119. Charles

    A perfectly reasonable post, then you spoil it with your self confessed Holocaust denial, by ignoring it with your silly comments on the atomic bomb and Dresden.

    Remember it was your idol, der feuhrer uncle Adolf, that introduced the concept of carpet bombing cities

    1. i hoped you would rise to the Dresden bait. gotcha. haha. you jews are so predictable.

      jews claim to be so intelligent but I see little evidence of it here.

  120. entirely wrong. demonstrating your ignorance as usual. it was Churchill and Air Marshal Arthur Harris, the infamous “Bomber” Harris, who instigated bombing of densely packed German working class districts in order to force Hitler to retaliate.

    that was directly in contravention of the Geneva Conventions, and was a war crime of the first order. Hitler would never have bombed British cities had he not been forced to by the war criminal Churchill.

    you really need to do your homework and get your facts straight.

    I’ve given you references to follow up on.

  121. Charles

    As I said before, bullies always attack the weakest, and Jews were the weakest and were thus bullied by the Nazi’s and others.

    Also part of problem is conspiracy theorists who need answers to their problems and insecurities and blame Jews because they perceive them to be different, and thus easy targets

  122. jews are weak? where did you get that idea? is that part of your mythology….the eternal victim?

    jews are six percent of the US population but 40% of the billionaires. what’s weak about that? Wall Street is entirely controlled by jewish firms… Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street, KKR, etc. what’s weak about that?

    one hundred percent of US media is owned and controlled by jews. what’s weak about that?

    the US Congress is controlled by three billionaire jews
    and a fourth, Sheldon Adelson, controls the president. what’s weak about that?

    Weimar Germany was completely controlled by jews. they controlled all the professions…law, medicine, education, finance, media. engineering may be the only profession they did not control, since jews rarely become engineers since they have little interest in productive occupations.

    native Germans were being kept out of these professions since the jews controlled the hiring process.

    Hitler had to act. the jews had to be purged for the good of the country. and the miraculous transformation that took Germany from near bankruptcy in 1933 to the world’s highest standard of living in 1936 attests to the efficacy of his policies. it was a great success. that was why he had to be destroyed.

    so we can learn from this. much of the problems we are currently suffering from are due to the fact that the jews have control.

    as one jew said, i forget whom, jews are like women and fire. very useful when they’re kept under control, but disastrous when they’re in control.

    and this is what we see now. excessive money printing, which just ends up in the pockets of jews like Larry Fink of BlackRock, will ultimately destroy the economy and bring Weimar style inflation. we need another Hitler to solve the problem.

    1. Thanks for sharing this one Charles.

      I had a quick romp through the eCommerce section looking for some nice Rosh Hashana gifts for my gentile staff. I couldn’t see the chutneys that you mentioned made in Sderot from the spleens and colons of eviscerated Arab babies so I opted for socks instead. Got to keep the troops happy. As they say, ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’

  123. the link doesn’t work.

    your attempts at humour are going right over my head. i don’t understand any of your terminology.

      1. i guess you’re trying to be deliberately offensive. are you intentionally giving me reasons to not like you…to be “antisemitic”, in other words?

      1. if you’ve ever wondered about the reasons for what you call “antisemitism” , just look at how you are treating me on this blog. every single one of you is throughly offensive. you are giving me plenty of reasons to dislike you.

        for the causes of “antisemitism”, look in the mirror.

  124. Charles

    The Nazi Germans started the idea of bombing civilian areas during the Spanish civil war.

    Your insane hero, the mass murderer uncle Adolf, got very cross when the British bombed Berlin in retaliation for a bombing of London, so he instituted the Blitz

    Methinks it was the first of many military blunders made by the militarily incompetent Hitler throughout the war.

    He wanted to be the leader of the master race, and ended up destroying ‘white supremacy’. One day you Antisemitic racistly bigoted ‘white supremacists’ will realise that the Nazi’s were the cause of your demise

    1. no. the British did not bomb Berlin in retaliation for the London Blitz. that may have been the ostensible reason, but Churchill and Air Marshal “Bomber” Harris initiated bombing of German civilian populations, in direct contravention of the Geneva Conventions, as I’ve already told you.

      you accused me of repetition. this is why. because you do not pay attention to what I am telling you.

      as for the Spanish Civil War, I’d have to research that so I’m in no position to comment. what i can say is that the Germans scrupulously adhered to the rules of war, unlike we the Allies, as demonstrated by our illegal bombing of German civilian targets.

      the only real military error Hitler made was to restrain his forces from destroying the British Army at Dunkirk, which they could easily have done. he had too much misplaced respect for the duplicitous British and did not wish to fight them. had he destroyed their army, invaded Britain and imprisoned Churchill, the Americans would never have entered the war, millions of lives would have been saved, and all of Europe could have enjoyed the prosperity of 1936 Germany with the world’s highest standard of living.

      we are still paying the price for this failure, with jewish control of the banking system, leading to huge unpayable debts, rampant money printing, ever increasing wealth of the oligarchs, and debt enslavement of the people.

    2. and re your last paragraph. i take it that you do not consider yourself White? i understand jews do not consider themselves part of the “White races”, and that the “White races” are the enemies of the jews. would that be correct?

      if so, it would explain a great deal.

  125. Charles

    We don’t have to accuse you of being an Antisemetic racist bigot.

    You are a self confessed Holocaust Denying Antisemitic Racist Bigot.

    1. you have a very limited vocabulary. try learning some new words. you’re are not exposing your ignorance and lack of education.

  126. Interestingly ‘Charles’ I’d place you in the same silo as those with any form of religious faith. Once these folk out themselves in this form, I tend to take a polite but dismissive view of everything that follows.

    Similarly with you. Once your motives for attendance and publication here became apparent, everything is just content. No doubt you will find fertile waters in which to dip your baited hook here and elsewhere and I suppose every chap needs a hobby.

  127. sure. it’s been good fun while it lasted. jew baiting certainly is my favourite sport. so easy to reel them in. thanks for that.

    it’s the sheer ignorance of jews that makes it so easy. because you dismiss all the sources as “antisemitic holohoax deniers” you don’t read them so you end up with no knowledge at all.

    you’re just reduced to name calling like the ignorant children you are.

    and while you may dismiss the revisionist material, believe me modern White teenagers do not. they know what’s on Bitchute if you in your stupidity do not. that’s why when they go to Disneywitz they treat it as a joke.

    and when they learn that the holohoax is nothing but a jewish extortion racket, and that 9/11 was committed by the same people, cruelly murdering 3000 goy in the process, you had better watch out because when they grow up they’ll be coming for you.

    it’ll be the 110th eviction of the jews, from USA, if you’re lucky and they don’t decide to do what Hitler is accused of but didn’t. you might get your precious “holocaust” after all.

    I’d make sure you have some land in Patagonia if I were you.

    or better yet, here’s another idea. why don’t you all get on the jew Elon Musk’s spaceship to Mars, then you could have an entire planet as your “homeland” and stop bothering us.

    1. No problem ‘Charles’ You put a shift in with this stuff and when all’s said and done, aren’t we all just filling our days before we croak it. Faced with the options of hamster breeding, masturbation to tranny porn or golf you’ve certainly made your own choice. May it bring you everything you seek from it and may the end come, quickly and quietly at the appropriate time.

  128. Hare Krishna to that. fortunately I have a viable religious philosophy, unlike morally bankrupt atheistic Judaism. may your nasty jealous god have mercy on you. slim hope of that.

    1. Gods, Charles!! You can leave your voodoo at the door with the rest of your baggage.

      I take my atheistic moral bankruptcy very seriously and I’ll thank you to remember that young man.

  129. Charles

    If you have such a fascination with Patagonia, why don’t you decamp from wherever you have created your lair and go and live there. Ii’s not the Jews Promised Land, so you will find it relatively Jew free (Judenfrei Lebensraum your idol , uncle Adolph used to say [do excuse the Nazi spelling if its slightly wrong)

    We must never forget that you are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot

    1. nonsense. Patagonia is not “jew free”. i posted a link to an article that describes IDF survey teams in Patagonia in preparation for moving jews there. wealthy jews have been buying large tracts of land for this purpose. as I said, I’d recommend you buy a plot while the price is still low before your fellow tribesmen push up the price.

      i don’t need to go. nobody is after me for sins I’ve committed. I’m living very comfortably in an Italian mountain village.

  130. Charles

    What is this ‘ I have a viable religious philosophy’ that you mention? You mentioned Hare Krishna in the past tense and that you were/are a nominal Christian. A bit of a vague rambling, or is there more?

    You complain about how you are badly treated on this site and you list what you call ‘Jewish Behaviour’ traits, yet you insult people on this site, you insult the Jewish religion and you actually practise/evidence all the traits that you claim are ‘Jewish Behaviour’. I hope that you aren’t a closet Jew or something like that – it would leave me in a state of near helpless hysterics (as in Laughter)

    We must never forget that you are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot

  131. i was brought up Church of England so that makes me a nominal Christian. i don’t really believe in Christianity. it’s much too passive and sentimental. Savitri Devi said Christianity is a jewish plot to emasculate the Aryan. i could believe that.

    Himmler said “we must get rid of this Christianity”. AH and Himmler planned to replace Christianity with a revived version of the Nordic religion, which in essence is Buddhism/Vedism/Druidism, the original religion of prechristian Europe.

    they sent teams to Tibet looking for the source in Bon, the pre Buddhist religion of Tibet.

    i was a Hare Krishna for six years. that’s where I learned about religious philosophy, and where i learned that neither Judaism nor Christianity have any. and that’s our fundamental problem in the West….no religious philosophy.

    Judaism is nothing but a bunch of rules…how many paces you can walk on the Sabbath, and similar nonsense. quite useless as a religion. and the Talmud is full of the most twisted pornographic nonsense from demented rabbis…sex with three year olds is condoned, eg.

    so AH and Himmler were on the right track. Europe needs to resuscitate its original and true religious philosophy and discard this jewish middle eastern import we call Christianity. camels and palm trees have nothing to do with Europe.

  132. Charles

    You said; ‘nonsense. Patagonia is not “jew free”. i posted a link to an article that describes IDF survey teams in Patagonia in preparation for moving jews there.’

    We Jews have our promised land; we as a people are not looking to move anywhere other than Israel. Lots of post-army Israelis love to travel to South America and the Far East. Try not to let your fevered anti-Jew emotions overwhelm you.

    And let us never forget that you are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot

  133. Charles

    I’m a bit confused about this little piece of yours; ‘Himmler said “we must get rid of this Christianity”. AH and Himmler planned to replace Christianity with a revived version of the Nordic religion, which in essence is Buddhism/Vedism/Druidism, the original religion of prechristian Europe.

    You talk of a Nordic religion, ‘original religion of prechristian Europe.’ and Buddhism as part of it.

    Buddhism is from the Far East and the Nordic people are from North Western Europe.

    How is possible for ‘prechristian Europe.’ to have had any influence of this religion/philosophy at that time; travel was by foot and horse (if you were lucky) and travel from Europe to the fFar East and back would have taken a lifetime.

    Do you ever think before you put finger to keyboard.

    We must never forget that you are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot

  134. well… you’re just exposing your ignorance. but you’re not alone. this is the nonsense we’re all taught in schools.

    the culture of Western Europe was indeed influenced from the East. the concept of reincarnation, absent from both Judaism and Christianity, and also Islam, appears in Druidism, as recorded by Roman chroniclers.

    the teachings are exactly the same as found in Buddhism, and Vedism, the religious philosophy derived from the Vedas, on which the Hare Krishna religious philosophy is based.

    there is plenty of evidence of the culture of these people remaining in Europe. for instance, “Thames”, a meaningless word in English, and mispronounced, in fact is the Sanskrit word “tamas”, meaning dark, dirty, or muddy. it’s a muddy river.

    similarly Canterbury can be deconstructed into Shankapuri, or Shiva’s town.

    thousands of years ago people were divided into followers of the lingham and followers of the yoni. hence all the islands named Iona surrounding the British Isles. they had shrines of the yoni followers. the jews were followers of the lingham.

    and furthermore, the jews are the Yadus, or Yaduvas, Krishna’s clan, from 5000 years ago, hence yid, juden, etc.

    they were supposed to have been annihilated for some transgression following Krishna’s departure after the battle of Kuruksetra, but for some reason it didn’t happen. we’ve been suffering the consequences ever since.

    Abram and Sarah are “A-brama and Sara-svati”, who sailed from a port on the west coast of India near present day Dwarka and went to present day Iraq, to Babylon.

    Ur of the Chaldees is a village on the Yamuna river downstream from the Agra, where is the Taj Mahal, and Vrindavan, Krishna’s holy city.

    traces of the Ramayana can be found in German/Nordic mythology, according to the book “Hamlet’s Mill”.

    so you can see this was all intertwined over many millennia. modern historians are ignorant of all this. but it was well known to eighteenth and nineteenth century researchers, who were much more broadly educated and had knowledge of Latin, Greek and Sanskrit.

    when they went to India in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries they could see parallels between Indian and Greek culture.

    nearly every name of features in the landscape in Classical Greece… mountain ranges, rivers, seas, lakes, towns, etc… can be directly traced to still existing places in north west India, Punjab, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, Tibet, Ladakh, etc… proving that the people came from there. this is found in a nineteenth century book called “India in Greece”, by Pococke.

    the word “nile” in Sanskrit means “blue”. so when we speak of the “Blue Nile”, it’s a redundancy.

    these people had ocean going ships constructed to the same pattern to this day in Kerala, in south India, and they could navigate across oceans out of sight of land.

    they reached as far as Mexico, Central America and Peru, hence the similarities of massive masonry construction… pyramids, temples, and so forth.

    and so on. we do not know our own history. the jews particularly do not know their true history. everything in the texts is legend, myth and allegory.

  135. Charles

    There are many similarities in many things, but that does not mean one is a copy of the other.

    Farming was developed by tribal communities in isolation from each other, yet are remarkably similar because that is the way humans develop.

    No doubt the early tribal system that existed in the UK millenia ago is remarkably similar to the tribal systems that existed in the Americas, Africa. the East because that is the way humans develop even though most developed in isolation from one another

    Travel prior to the 19th century was a hard slog by boat, foot or horse (if you were wealthy or lucky) and thus very few people travelled long distances, and even fewer came back. Most people never left their villages and towns because of the difficulty in travel

    I have neither the time or interest in trying to verify your statements, but taking into account your Holocaust denial and conspiracy theory outlook, I am highly dubious of the veracity of most of your claims.

  136. well.. just continue in your ignorance. people traveled a lot more than you think in earlier times. the Wife of Bath in the Canterbury tales had been to Jerusalem three times. the Pardoner had just come back from Rome with indulgences to sell. the Ship’s Captain knew every port from the Baltic to the Bay of Biscay.

    i hike on the via Francigena pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome. that’s 2000 km on foot, and was well travelled a thousand years ago. the pilgrims went on to Brindisi, then took a ship to the Holy Land via Cyprus.

    there’s evidence Jesus went to Kashmir. his tomb is reputed to be in Srinagar, and he’s mentioned in the king lists.

    even the people who built Stonehenge came from all over Europe, as evidenced by their skeletons.

    so for people from India with their high level of stoneworking skills to have sailed the world with ships they still build to this day in Kerala and build pyramids in Egypt, Mexico, Central America, Peru, is entirely plausible.

    and for India to be the original homeland of the jews is also entirely plausible.

    as I’m sure you know, both the swastika and the six pointed star (the so-called “star of david”) are Vedic symbols.

  137. Charles

    You have given so many examples, but not one single iota of proof for any of them.

    The best is that Jesus is buried in Kashmir. Please give me proof of this, backed by scientific and archaeological and historical evidence from experts in their fields. Please exclude electrical engineers and violinists sons and similar such people

  138. please provide written documentary evidence, in German, for your claimed murder of “six million” jews. haha.

    well…the Jesus in Kashmir story can be found online. you’ve only got to search for it. obviously there are no “experts” in these subjects. that’s a stupid thing to say.

    the author of the book i read, an American woman, which i suppose immediately disqualifies her in your eyes, went to Kashmir. she was shown not only the tomb of Jesus, but also Mary, Adam and Noah.

    which ties in with the idea of the original homeland of the Yadus, jews, being India. makes good sense to me.

    so you guys are in the wrong place. good luck with moving to Kashmir though.

  139. Charles

    So the story about Jesus being buried in Kashmir is a lot of nudge nudge, wink wink and he said this, she said that. But no proof or evidence

    In other words another conspiracy theory of sorts.

    I was waiting to see how long it was before you took my question to you and twisted it into a question of proof about the six million Jews who were mass murdered by the Nazi’s and your idol Adolf Hitler.

    I shall marshal the evidence during this coming week for you

  140. well sure. what may be convincing evidence to me may not be convincing to you. I’m not saying i necessarily believe in the Jesus in Kashmir story, but it ties in with other evidence so it has a certain logic. i don’t even necessarily believe in the existence of Jesus himself. he may be an amalgam of several personalities.

    incidentally, the source of the stories of A-brama and Sara-svati, and Ur of the Chaldees, is Godfrey Higgins’ magisterial ‘Anacalypsis’, published 1849. by all means try to smear him too.

    and I’m eagerly anticipating your ‘evidence’ for the ‘six million’. you won’t be offended I’m sure if I smear the source. and it better not be any jewish sources because obviously that will be unreliable. it has to be German sources.

  141. Charles

    I don’t believe in most of what you say and lm I’m totally sceptical of your sources.

    I think that you are very much the perfect example of a conspiracy theorist. But that is you. At least your mass murdering idol, the racist adoolphus Hitler got well and truly trounced even though it resulted in the destruction of Germany.

    As to whether you believe me, or not, is irrelevant. I think you would disbelieve everything I say because I’m a Jew and my beliefs are so at odds with yours.

    At least you self confessed to being a Holocaust Denying Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot

    1. yes. you’re right. i wouldn’t believe anything you say because you’re a jew. your tribe has built up such a reputation for lying, going back to Martin Luther’s ‘Lies of the Jews’ that nothing a jew says can be trusted.

      your own religious texts…the Talmud etc….say that lying to goy is condoned. just as the property of the goy belongs to the jew, killing goy is not murder, and so on and so forth.

      this is where your corruption has come from. when the NSDAP were burning books, they were burning jewish pornography and these pornographic religious texts that condone sex with three year olds.

      you should burn them yourself and free yourself from the shackles of the Law, which is what Jesus came to do…free you from the Law.

  142. Galatians 5.1

    Contemporary English Version
    Christ has set us free! This means we are really free. Now hold on to your freedom and don’t ever become slaves of the Law again.

    this is the problem with Judaism. it’s not a religion, it’s a rule book. Jesus came to free us, and you, from the rules.

  143. Charles

    You say the Talmud says things

    I certainly don’t have such a deep knowledge of the Talmud as you, so could you please let me have the section numbers etc. so that I can read these texts for myself. Please also let me have the edition and printing information so I can be sure to be using the same edition as you.

    On the other hand, if you are only using second hand information from one of your Nazi oriented sources that will always skew things towards Jew hatred, please let me know those sources.

    You are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot. Each of your posts confirms this

    1. why should I give you references to your own religious texts? are you crazy? why would you expect a goy like me to do that? look in your own sources. you just want to smear the sources anyway, like you always do.

      you’re not the first jew who’s told me he doesn’t know what’s in the Talmud. the depth of the ignorance of you people is astounding.

      it’s a way for you to deny the perverted material in the books, by simply feigning ignorance. I don’t buy it.

  144. Charles

    One minute you are claiming to be a ‘nominal Christian’, then the next you are quoting Christian texts.

    You claim great knowledge of the Talmud, and now Christian texts, to justify your Jew hatred.

    But then you are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot who worships at the altar of the mass murdering Nazi German Adolf Hitler

  145. Charles

    Very illuminating of you to mention the Nazi book burnings

    I’m sure you have heard of the age old adage that ‘WHEN THEY START TO BURN BOOKS, THEY WILL SOON START TO BURN PEOPLE ‘.
    The wording may be slightly different in different versions, but the sentiment is always the same.

    The Nazi’s started burning books, and finished by burning people

    1. well.. the pornography definitely needed burning, and the Talmud should also be burned, so maybe those responsible should have been burned too. maybe not burning them was AH’s biggest mistake.

  146. you are definitely demented. you’re just ranting nonsense. are you foaming at the mouth too?

  147. Charles

    I have already told you that I’m not that familiar with the Talmud, therefore I need your help in sourcing this information

    If you fail to supply the sources I can only assume that your sources are dodgy and thus you need to keep them hidden.

    Most of your sources I would assume come from dodgy Antisemitic sites that are an ‘echo chamber’ that reinforces your biases; no doubt the likes of the electrical engineer and the violinists son with a touch of the loser David Irving thrown in for good measure are major information sources .

    You and Farmer and Bellamy all share a particular trait; none of you ever answer a question without trying to frame your answer as another question, and if that fails you bluster and obfuscate

    But what other should we expect from a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot; you are always true to form

    1. and I’ve told you I’m not revealing my sources on the Talmud just so you can smear them like you’ve done with my other references above.

      you’re a jew. go to your synagogue and ask the rabbi to point you to the relevant texts where it says lying to goy is not lying, the property of goy belongs to the jew, killing goy is not murder, sex with three year olds is permissible, male or female (I’m not sure if this limits itself to goy children or includes jewish children. there was an article in Atlantic magazine in the past year… unfortunately I didn’t save the link and now cannot find it… that described a rabbi sodomizing a seven year old boy in the Turkish baths in Jerusalem).

      Europeans knew these texts were the source of the problems with European jewry and forced them to reveal the contents. that’s how we know what’s in them. I’m not responsible for your ignorance. you’ll have to do your own research.

  148. Charles

    This is what you said earlier
    ‘Charles Alban on September 20, 2020
    arguing with jews is like being on a roundabout. you keep going in circles and coming back to where you started, making no forward progress at all.’

    I’m now going to make some small changes
    ‘arguing with Charles is like being on a roundabout. you keep going in circles and coming back to where you started, making no forward progress at all.’

    Now you argue incessantly, changing your argument as one point after another is refuted. You offer the same sources every time (the electrical engineer, and the violinists son), or you refuse to reveal your sources. You make outlandish claims about the roots of Judaism, and the burial place of Christ; but nary a piece of information/evidence to support your statements

    Earlier I asked you where I could find information to back this ludicrous claim of yours, and I’m still waiting. You said Hitler posted this order. Show me where

    1) THE JEWS ARE NOT TO BE HARMED. did you get that? do i need to repeat it?

    THE JEWS ARE NOT TO BE HARMED. one more time

    THE JEWS ARE NOT TO BE HARMED. have you got it now?

    This is a very emphatic statement. If you are reluctant to reveal your source I can only assume it is just another one of your conspiratorial fantasies

    But then we know you are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot who worships at the altar of the mass murdering Nazi German Adolf Hitler, so we should not expect mucho, and from you

  149. duh. if I’ve told you once I’ve told you a dozen times. the order THAT THE JEWS WERE NOT TO BE HARMED was found by your arch nemesis David Irving, the only true historian to search through the tons of records of the Third Reich held in the archives in Washington DC.

    so you’ll have to hold your nose and read his books to find it. he mentions it in at least one jewtube. just search for David Irving jewtubes and watch them and you’ll find it. that would be a very good exercise for you.

    and you can assume what you want. it has no bearing on the facts.

  150. and talking of lack of evidence, of course I’m waiting for your evidence for the ‘six million’ that you promised, so I can smear the source. fair’s fair, after all.

    i know you will provide the evidence, since a jew’s word is his bond. everyone knows that.

  151. Charles

    You will not reveal your sources for these Talmud texts because you know that they will not stand up to scrutiny

    Your presence on this blog is totally dishonest because you do things in bad faith and revel in the fact that you are allowed to insult and demean Jews in public

    But then we know you are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot who worships at the altar of the mass murdering Nazi German Adolf Hitler, so we should not expect mucho, and from you

  152. Charles

    Earlier I asked you where I could find information to back this ludicrous claim of yours, and I’m still waiting. You said Hitler posted this order. Show me where

    1) THE JEWS ARE NOT TO BE HARMED. did you get that? do i need to repeat it?

    THE JEWS ARE NOT TO BE HARMED. one more time

    THE JEWS ARE NOT TO BE HARMED. have you got it now?

    You refuse to supply evidence for this order because you know the order doesn’t exist.

    Most of your information is from conspiracy theorists and serial legal losers like David Irving who lost his libel trial against Deborah Lipstadt when she accused him of being a Holocaust Denier. He lost his case against her big time, financially and reputationaly. Now he sits quietly somewhere minding his own business. David Irving is a fraud.

    But then we know you are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot who worships at the altar of the mass murdering Nazi German Adolf Hitler, so we should not expect mucho, and from you

  153. Charles , or should I say ‘Mr self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot

    I said I would reply with the evidence about the six million mass murdered Jews later in the week. Do you not read the posts or do you not understand the posts and the English language

    You are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot who worships at the altar of the mass murdering Nazi German Adolf Hitler, so we should not expect much from you

  154. Charles , ‘Mr self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot’

    Jewish sources are acceptable because they mostly come well researched in academia , with provable sources and evidence to back them up.

    Jewish sources don’t rely on ‘a electrical engineer and a violinists son, and conspiracy theories’ as their main source of information.

    But then we know you are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot who worships at the altar of the mass murdering Nazi German Adolf Hitler, so we should not expect mucho, and from you

  155. i must say your mindless rantings are very amusing, and very enlightening as to how the jewish mind works, or doesn’t work more like it.

    I’ve lost what little respect i may have had for jews reading your stupid juvenile repetitious responses.

    clearly the so-called intelligence of jews is highly overrated.

    I’m on this blog to educate you ignorant and bigoted people. you need me to relieve you of your incestuous myths and superstitions. you should thank me for my efforts. you’ve learned things you would never have learned but for me.

  156. Charles, ‘Mr self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot’

    A very interesting article, but please notice thart throughout the piece the Rabbi that wrote it reiterates time and again that the killing/murder of Gentiles is prohibited.

    The entire piece is almost a legal document to be presented in a case of law which the ‘Beth Din’ is

    Nowhere does it legitimise the killing of a Gentile (except in self defence)

    It was also authored by one Rabbi.

    There is a popular adage about Jews that ‘ when you get two Jews together you will always have three opinions’, which highlights the fact that Jews debate everything, including the way they interpret and understand the words of the Torah.

    we know you are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot who worships at the altar of the mass murdering Nazi German Adolf Hitler, so we should not expect much from you

  157. Charles, ‘Mr self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot’

    To educate you need unbiased proof of things.Your statements appear to be unverified and unverifiable because you fail to supply sources

    You refuse to supply proof and evidence to back your statements, and when asked for your sources you obfuscate and insult

    I do not require or want your respect,because in your own words you ‘detest’ Jews.

    That you would imagine that anyone on this blog would take your insults etc against Jews seriously is a bit much considering you have self confessed to being a Jew Baiting, Holocaust Denying Antisemitic Racist Bigot.

    You show no respect towards Jews, so please don’t expect any respect from Jews

  158. Wow! Fair play to you lads for keeping this one going. I think I last dropped in on around 320 comments. Prolific stuff.

    Richard, this chap that posts as Charles; has he issued any demands yet? You know the type of thing “Release the ashes of Adolf Eichmann or the kid gets it.”

    I fucking love his approach. I have this vision of him sat in his little room out in Pigsnuckle Arkansas, doing his thing when his missus thinks he’s buying socks and sending one of his posts. Then he sits back in his chair, nodding to himself in that super-chuffed way that blokes on the internet do and says out loud ” Yeah, gotcha !” Who’s not been that guy?

    1. actually, I’m a retired British civil engineer living in a small village in the Piemonte region of northern Italy in the pre Alps. plenty of jewish connections in the region. the largest building in Turin was built as a synagogue…the Mole Antonella.

      the jewish Venetian bankers, as in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, went to London and founded that den of thieves known as the City of London.

      the Medicis were jews.

      Fortunately Italy now has less than 0.1% jews so their pernicious influence is much less than AngloZionist countries like UK and US.

    1. So much like that Chris Rogers bloke it is really uncanny. Style of response is identical. Construct and tone is identical. The long “down our way” meanderings, identical. Old Chris even used to invoke the untraceable mate, always a lapsed Jew who now hated Jews. I think we may be due a bit of that soon too.

      The character development is obviously apparent from then til now but he’s had time.

      I’m well into this. It’s like watching a new episode of Hannibal and wondering how much more imaginative the screenwriters can get to keep things fresh…..and there are no Netflix subs for this. Free viewing. Proper Yid behaviour that.

  159. Charles

    You celebrate the dearth of Jews in Italy. There used to be many Jews in Italy before the German Nazis under your uncle Adolf arrived. Well, where are those Jews today? Did they just disappear into thin air between 1939 to 1945?

    So where are all those Jews; you apologist for mass murder/genocide, where are those Jews?

    The USA, UK and other countries were still refusing entry to Jewish refugees during this period.
    The British were refusing entry to Jewish refugees to Palestine.
    Jewish refugees from Italy had nowhere to go.
    So where did the Jews of Italy disappear between 1939 to 1045?

    So mister self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot who worships at the altar of the mass murdering Nazi German Adolf Hitler; where did those Italian Jews disappear?

  160. where are the jews of Italy? probably in Israel or US. if they were deported to the transit camps in Poland… Treblinka, Balzac and Sobibor…then they would have been dissipated the same as all the people who went through those transit camps.

    the reason those camps were located in Poland is because that’s the break of gauge between the European and Russian railway systems. they came in on German trains and left on Russian trains.

    Stalin had done a deal to accept German and other jews. they went to cities like Minsk, Kiev, etc, where they lost touch with their relatives, assuming they’d perished in the “gas chambers”, when none of them had.

    there was a recent case of two brothers recently reunited. both had assumed the other had perished, but neither had. that story is repeated a million times.

    the jews in the transit camps were supposed to go to Palestine under the plan of the Zionists.

    that’s why jews fleeing Germany were not admitted by either the British or Americans, because they had to go east, not west. everybody was in on this plan….the Zionists, the British, the Americans, and the Germans.

    that’s why the Zionists had an office in Gestapo headquarters….to administer the deportation of the German jews to the Polish camps, using the IBM Hollerith punched cards provided by James Watson of IBM.

    but there were a lot of disagreements. the British tried to stop the movement of jews to Palestine.

    you cannot simply assume they were murdered because you don’t know where they went, German, Italian, French jews and so on.

    since there is zero physical or documentary evidence for any mass murder program, clearly that’s not what happened.

    Butz discusses the extreme difficulty of accounting for the final destination of the displaced people. he figured many ultimately did go to Palestine, others went to Russia, drifted back to Germany, or went to US, Canada, Australia, etc.

    being relatively jew-free is what makes Italy such a much nicer place to live than either UK, where I’m from, or US, where I lived 38 years.

    and with the rise of ‘antisemitism’, fifty percent of the remaining jews are thinking of leaving Europe, fortunately for us. so Europe will be down to very few jews soon and AH’s goals of a jew-free Europe are in sight of being achieved, I’m pleased to say. a jew-free Europe finally.

  161. Charles

    Did you get the word ‘cohabitation’. That does not mean ‘consummation’

    ‘Cohabitation’ means sharing a place of residence. ‘Consummation’ entails having sexual relations.

    Two thousand years ago , children being married off when they were babies was a common practise in many societies, and was certainly common in the time of Muhammed when he married Aisha at the age of 6. Consummation of the marriage was prohibited until puberty, which varied from tribe to tribe. In your hatred towards Jews you fail to recognise that situations like that are prohibited by law in most countries of the world.

    You are so busy trying to denigrate Jews that you are incapable from separating fact from fiction and reality from esoteric theory.

    Where did all those Italian Jews disappear during 1939 to 1945, so that today Italy’s once thriving Jewish community has now become negligible (as you so rightly pointed out)

    So mister self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot who worships at the altar of the mass murdering Nazi German Adolf Hitler; where did those Italian Jews disappear?
    You are a white supremist and if you are not a Nazi supporter, you are probably a neo-Nazi supporter

  162. Charles

    There were nearly three million Jews in Poland. Where did they go, because there are virtually no Jews in Poland today. Your stupid, mass murdering Fuhrer attacked Russia, and Russia estimates that nearly twenty million Russians died during the war. Why would Stalin be taking Jews into Russia from Germany while they were at war. And Stalin in his paranoia hated, and didn’t hate Jews depending on the seasons.

    In your fervent imagination you imagine things happening in the way you would want them to, and resent the fact that things don’t/didn’t pan out the way you wanted, so you need a scapegoat and thus blame the Jews for your own inadequacies.
    You hate Jews so much that any wild conspiracy theory that buttresses your warped beliefs is true

    You are self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot
    You are a white supremist and if you are not a Nazi supporter, you are probably a neo-Nazi supporter

    1. you think i make this stuff up? I’m an engineer. engineers are not known for their imagination, unlike jews, who have very vivid imaginations.

      ” the blood was up to the horses’ nostrils”,eg. typical hyperbole from a jewish text.

      and of course the lampshades and soap mythology, throughly disproven as jewish lies by reputable researchers, who I’m not going to mention since all you would do is trash them.

      see… I’m wise to your jewish tricks. i learn quickly. you asked about jewish behaviour… that’s jewish behaviour…. trashing the source.

      so no more sources from me. you’ll just have to believe me. i don’t lie, unlike jews. i don’t behave the way you do.

  163. are you frothing at the mouth today? you seem beside yourself with hatred. that’s why Europe is much better off without people like you.

    I’m hopeful that in the not too distant future the population of jews in Europe will be negligible and we will finally be left in peace. I’m hoping the jew Soros will die soon so his meddling in European affairs and encouragement of non-White non-Christian immigration to Europe will cease.

      1. far too cryptic. I’m sorry I’m just a simple engineer and do not understand your jewish cleverness.

          1. well you said it. it’s because you live in fear that the goy will see your jewish tricks and rise up and finish the job AH started. the risk is always there. you will never be safe.

            1. Aaah, don’t swear it cockle. We’ve got what we want and are pretty chilled. Its up to your team to stress yourselves about it now and plan what to do next.

  164. you got what you want? Israel you mean? sure, for now. but you wouldn’t have IDF survey teams in Patagonia if you felt nice and secure in Israel. clearly some of you are feeling nervous. and so they should. modern young people are very knowledgeable about the truth of the holohoax and 9/11, and they’ll be coming for you when they grow up. better make sure you have some land in Patagonia.

  165. Sex with dogs ok. eligible to marry high priest. haha. this is one of your “religious” texts. more like pornography than religion.

    Rulings of the “sages” follow: “A woman who had intercourse with a beast is eligible to marry a priest — even a High Priest.” Unless specifically warned in advance and the act seen by two witnesses, she is acceptable also.

    If she had intercourse with a dog while sweeping the floor, she is likewise reckoned to be pure, and suitable.

    For, “The result of such intercourse being regarded as a mere wound, and the opinion that does not regard an accidentally injured hymen as a disqualification does not regard such as intercourse either.” (See Exhibit 158)

    from the Talmud book of Yabamoth.

    1. What you chattin’ Charles? You’re never ‘avin’ a go at baiting me ? Still, if it’s your nature, and you can’t help yourself, come at me bled.

      To be fair I’m okay with all the biblical baby buggery and other voodoo toss and I can give or take your Nazi shtick. I do have a thing about buttery hands though if you’re looking for an Achilles heel.

      Anyway, night night from Jerusalem, eternal undivided capital of our fantastic Jewish State.

    1. Baths, no. Like you I prefer showers.

      Ever watch the movie Spotlight. Its good. I learnt that yids dont have the monopoly on their clerics slipping a length to unwilling toddlers. The left footers are mad for it too.

      We may have got it trending but these bashing bishops have become the real pros. They’re fucking prolific

      1. how about the sex with dogs? did you like that? do women in Jerusalem have sex with dogs? it’s ok if they do. they can still marry the high priest.

        i can find some more juicy Talmudic quotes like that.

        1. What sort of dogs? I’m a huge fan of Samoyeds. The chosen people are not going to be seen fettling any old mongrel.

          You reckon Catherine the Great was a yid? Now, she had an appetite and must have had a vag like an old council bin. You could have got your whole head in and used it as your alternative echo chamber.

  166. Charles

    You have an unpleasantly depraved and perverted mind. Because you have fantasies of depravity and perversions against children, don’t try to transfer them to Jews.

    Insofar as the six million Jews mass murdered as a result of the depravity, sadism and hatred of the Nazi Germans and their collaborators and acolytes throughout the occupied territories during the Second World War, the information can be found at; and then go to Digital Collection > Shoah Names Database > About the Database > Names Recovery Project (explaining how they gather and verify the authenticity of the names of names, histories etc. is done)

    I have no doubt that you will try to deride YadvaShem and its work, but that is of no consequence to me because you are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot
    You are a white supremist and if you are not a Nazi supporter, you are probably a neo-Nazi supporter

  167. Charles

    In your conspiracy laced vivid imagination, you imagine Jews are all up to plotting and scheming various nefarious schemes.

    Well, sorry to disappoint you, but we Jews have got to many things to do in the natural order of living to have time to live down to your depraved and perverted imagination.

    As far as Israel trying to do whatever it is your bizarre imaginations can conjure up, Patagonia is one of many destinations that young Israelis travel to after their compulsory army service, before they return home for university or work. Israel has more than enough to worry about and deal with in the normal running of a country to try to realise the fantasies of a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot.

    Is it not time that you developed some interest other than trying to bait Jews and attempting to spread your vile white supremist views of the world

    You are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot.
    Need more be said

  168. Charles

    You said this;

    “fear that the goy will see your jewish tricks and rise up and finish the job AH started. ”

    Now what precisely is this job that your idol, AH, started

    Please give details

    And let us not forget that you are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot.
    Need more be said

  169. what did AH start? the recognition that jews are the source of our misery, and theirs, since jews are not happy people, and it’s much better for both of us, that is, goy and jew, to live apart, as demonstrated by the success of jew-free Germany in 1936.

    Jews don’t belong in Europe. now you have a “homeland”, at least for now, you should all go there and get out of our countries. you can see you are not welcome with the rise of what you call “antisemitism”, which is the entire basis for this blog. you can be free from “antisemitism” by removing yourselves from countries where it’s prevalent.

  170. Charlie charlie

    I’ve just seen this earlier load of your normal detritus.

    No I’m not foaming at the mouth; in fact I’m smiling

    By the way things are going in Europe, it will will one day be ‘Judenfrei’; but as history so adequately shows us, when the Jews leave or are evicted, those countries tend to enter a mini ‘dark age’;

    I don’t’ particularly like Soros; but I never wish my enemies dead as I’ve always thought that people that think like that are barbarians and pagans.

    In so far as non- white and non-Christian emigration to Europe is concerned, I have always attributed it to the reaction to the mass murder and mayhem unleashed by your hero , the megalomaniac Adolf Hitler.

    Let us not forget that you are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot.

    1. The Third Reich in 1936 had the world’s highest standard of living in 1936 as a direct result of evicting the jews.

      and personally, I’d rather be poor and jew-free than rich with jews.

  171. Charles

    I can’t see what being an engineer has got to do with either you and your imagination or Jews.

    I’m very proud and happy that Jews have vivid imaginations while having their feet firmly on the ground; which is more than be said for yourself.

    You keep on talking about ‘Jewish Behaviour’; this current bit about Jews ‘trashing the source”.
    Funnily enough you seem to trash my sources so you are then again displaying ‘Jewish Behaviour’.
    You really don’t seem to be able to remember what you have said, or are incapable of understanding what you do write.

    Earlier I asked you to supply the source for these ridiculous comments of yours that I have included below.
    I’m still waiting, so I’m sure you haven’t found it. Or perhaps it’s among the writings and musings of that ‘Libel Case Losing’ failure called David Irving. He really lost big time, financially and reputationally as a result of his loss in that case????

    This is your quote

    THE JEWS ARE NOT TO BE HARMED. did you get that? do i need to repeat it?

    THE JEWS ARE NOT TO BE HARMED. one more time

    THE JEWS ARE NOT TO BE HARMED. have you got it now?

    This is a very emphatic statement. If you are reluctant to reveal your source I can only assume it is just another one of your conspiratorial fantasies

    But then we know you are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot who worships at the altar of the mass murdering Nazi German Adolf Hitler, so we should not expect much from you

  172. if I’ve told you once I’ve told you a dozen times, those two orders issued by AH were found by DAVID IRVING. got it now? DAVID IRVING.


    you will find the actual references by READING HIS BOOKS and WATCHING HIS VIDEOS ON BITCHUTE.

    if you refuse to do that because he “lost a libel trial”, then I’m sorry i can’t help you.

    i may search for a video where he discusses it, but i suspect the likelihood of you watching it is slim to none.

  173. and btw, did you like the “sex with dogs” quote? pretty good, don’t you think? or are you going to trash the source?

    1. Specifics on the doggy duet please Cockle.

      Is it the fucker or the fuckee or is it required to take a large consignment of Israeli skinless sausage. We need details.

    2. the details can be found here. this is the chapter contents. I’ll pick out some of the more salacious quotes. this looks too much fun.

      Talmudic Immorality, Asininity and Pornography: The Reprobate Mind

      From a Roof
      Incest with Lot
      Harlots and Dogs
      Permissible Adultery and Intercourse With the Dead
      The Jewish Talmud and Legally Murdering Your Neighbor
      Ten “Innocent” Murderers
      “Mercy” Killings Approved
      Cursing and Striking Parents
      The Talmud Book of Gittin and Some Health Remedies
      Use of the Bible for Asininity and Obscenity
      Farming Inferior for Jews
      Talmud Instructions for the Sabbath
      Moving a Door Key
      The Sabbath Louse-Hunt
      Sabbath Intercourse
      Talmud — Juvenile Birth Control and the “Two Hairs” Test for Puberty
      More Talmudic “Wisdom”
      Virginity on a Monetary Scale
      Sodomy Approved
      The Talmud Today

      1. Very good, but I was asking for more clarification on Bedtime with Bonzo. Links to schematics or anyfink?

  174. Charlie m’boy

    Your grasp of German Antisemitism is rather poor.

    Your darling AH, aka as de fuhrer ??? , didn’t start Antisemitism; in fact it was another Jew hater by the name of Marr who coined the term in the 1860’s.

    Germany wasn’t Judenfrei in 1936 as you mistakenly claim; otherwise how could that event called Kristallnacht ever have happened. Thousands of Jews were rounded up by those cowards in th SS and taken to Buchenwald and other camps. The SS were specialists in bullying and murdering unarmed children, women and men.

    By the time all the Jews have left Europe , whites will probably be a minority.
    You do realise that the Human Rights antiracist world we live in today is a reaction to the hate filled, racist world that Hitler, aka de kleiner feurer ??, tried to achieve. Your Adolf Hitler was such a loser as he managed to achieve exactly the opposite of what he wanted

    But then we know you are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot who worships at the altar of the mass murdering Nazi German Adolf Hitler, so we should not expect much from you

    1. this is revealing..”when the jews have left Europe Whites will be a minority”. that’s what you want, isn’t it? that’s the whole purpose of mass non White non Christian immigration to Europe promoted by the jew Soros, and the promotion of homosexuality, feminism and abortion by jews to destroy White families and collapse the White birthrate.

      the White Christian Europeans are your avowed enemies and you are doing all you can to destroy them. time will tell who wins this war. the rise of antisemitism suggests White Christian Europeans are waking up to the threat, largely due to the truth disseminated on websites like Bitchute that so far have escaped jewish control.

      if i were you i would spend some time on Bitchute browsing the many videos. that way you will learn what modern White European teenagers are learning. the first rule of war is know your enemy. those well informed teenagers are your future enemy.

      i would be very nervous if i were a jew. I’d definitely take an option on some land in Patagonia.

  175. Charlie charles

    Instead of whinging and whining about all the reasons you won’t, or can’t send me the source of your comment, just send it.
    If it’s a video I would appreciate if you could give me a rough idea whereabout it is, and if it’s the book, then the title and page (as in citations in normal academic works)

    I have included the relevant quote of yours below.
    I’m still waiting, so I’m sure you haven’t found it. Or perhaps it’s among the writings and musings of that ‘Libel Case Losing’ failure called David Irving. He really lost big time, financially and reputationally as a result of his loss in that case????

    This is your quote

    THE JEWS ARE NOT TO BE HARMED. did you get that? do i need to repeat it?

    THE JEWS ARE NOT TO BE HARMED. one more time

    THE JEWS ARE NOT TO BE HARMED. have you got it now?

    1. since I’ve already told you a dozen times it’s from David Irving, and since you dismiss him because he lost a libel trial, clearly I’d be wasting my time looking for it for you.

      I’ve told you to look in his books and Bitchute videos. although, actually I think it was a YouTube video where I saw it, but since YouTube is subject to increasing jewish censorship good luck with finding it there.

      you’ll just have to take my word for it old boy, from an honest goy like me.

      would I make up something like that? i don’t have that much imagination.

  176. Charles

    One of the reasons I will never quote religious text is that I am not familiar enough with the whole body of work to give a definitive interpretation of said text.
    Religious text by its very nature is contradictory and vague, and is thus open to misinterpretation and abuse.
    I have never opened, let alone read the Talmud; and at this stage of my life I have no intention of doing so.

    When I did Islamic Law, the lecturer went to great lengths to emphasise that unless you were versed in the entire body of the work in question , in the language it was written, you could never be totally clear that you would understand and correctly interpret said book.
    He said that a verse in one part could be contradicted by a verse in another part because of context.
    One of the easiest examples is “you must not kill”; a simple easy command emphatically given. Yet in other parts of the text it is ‘permissible to kill in self defence’.

    A perfect example was your copy of a Rabbi’s text on killing of gentiles which was totally misinterpreted by you as the entire text was about the ‘prohibition on killing anyone’; fullstop.

    So you can quote/misquote as many religious texts as you like; without a knowledgeable scolar to confirm their context and validity, I will look at your contributions with absolute skepticism.

    As you are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot who worships at the altar of the mass murdering Nazi German Adolf Hitler, we should not expect much from you

  177. Charles

    by the amount of time and effort you are devoting to the ‘Talmud’ I assume you have read it from cover to cover; or are you just quoting second hand from some other Antisemite/s who are looking for a way to besmirch Jews

    You are a self confessed Holocaust Denying, Jew Baiting Antisemitic Racist Bigot so I do not expect anything else from you

  178. Charles

    You are a historical ignoramus. The Jews Of Germany still existed in Germany until the beginning of the war when their ‘transportation’ east began.

    As far as I am aware, there were still Jews living in Germany in 1941, although the nimbers were decreasing all the time

  179. they were removed from positions of authority. that’s the real point. Germany functioned just fine without them. they had monopolised all the professions by controlling the hiring process excluding native Germans, so Hitler had to act.

    it’s not too dissimilar to the situation in USA today, with heavy jewish influence in academia, media, finance, pharmaceutical industry, etc. you could justify a purge of jews from USA.

  180. Charles

    The way you answer gives an insight into your warped, hate ridden mind.

    you can spew out your unpleasant thoughts and ideas; but thankfully the total destruction of the third reich and old Adolf the Hitler and his minions , you are relatively powerless

  181. Charles

    There were still Jews in Germany until well into the war.

    Germany lost the valuable input of incredible Jewish minds, and in the end Germany was trounced and nearly destroyed by the Allies

    Hitler devoted so much time and effort to destroy the Jews that in the end his hatred destroyed Germany

  182. the fact is that jews don’t belong in Europe. this whole blog is about antisemitism. Europeans don’t like jews. it’s that simple. Europe functions better without them.

    you have a homeland. go there so you won’t be subject to antisemitism.

    1. Very solid advice. I can confirm it’s lovely here. Now about that Doggie bothering. Why mention it if you’re not going to follow through?

      Hey. Is following through the root of your problem? As a fellow retiree I can sympathize with these nocturnal unpredictabilities. It can ruin the day after. Have you tried Imodium?

  183. what do you want to know about the sex with dogs? it’s only when cleaning the floor. or maybe you’re interested in sex with the dead? or maybe the approval of sodomy? that you can find in the Turkish baths in Jerusalem, and I read that Tel Aviv is the sodomy capital of the world. been there lately?

    1. I can understand the high propensity of sodomites.Tel Aviv hosts one of the largest Pride Festivals in the world, with visitors numbering over 500k. It generates huge shekel revenue each year from the pink economy and as you will no doubt be aware, taking it up the Hershey Highway appears to be fundamental to the recreational experience. Statistically that is a potential 250k couplings of the Fudge Packers in just over a week. Not unimpressive but the AGM of the Grand Order of Catholic Priests still gets bigger numbers

  184. All in all Berben’s Dachau, 1933-1945: The Official History is fascinating.

    The book tells us that the prisoners had a brothel, a canteen, Sundays off, church services, plays, lectures, a library, newspapers, concerts, and movies.

    It tells us that they were given regular meals, some even receiving a second breakfast, that food came in from the Red Cross, that food parcels were sent in by relatives and that prisoners could purchase food at the canteen. It tells us they had a modern hospital with doctors and nurses who made every effort to help the prisoners, until they were finally overwhelmed by disease near the end of the war.

    It tells us that disease was the primary cause of death at Dachau, and that even the American liberators lost thousands of prisoners to disease.

    While speaking of “the tens of thousand of deportees who were exterminated in the death camp,” Dachau: The Official History establishes that no such extermination took place.

    In the face of continuing propaganda efforts to represent Dachau and other German concentration camps to the public at large as centers of annihilation, Berben’s official history if anything gives authoritative support to the revisionist position.

    1. Ha! I knew it. Great Uncle Leopold told us that he’d been separated from Aunty Lotte when they arrived at the camp at Dachau and watched her being led to the showers with my 2 cousins, Rudi and Lenke, never to be seen again. What a big fat liar. Still, wonder where they ended up. Maybe Patagonia.

      1. probably died of typhus like most of the others. they have the death certificates. why don’t you look for them? maybe in the archives in Washington DC.

        1. Poor old Uncle Leopold never knew that the incubation period for healthy people to contract and die from typhus was the time it took them to enter a shower building never to emerge from it, possibly no more than 4 or 5 minutes. He and all the other survivors always assumed that it was mass extermination. He must have been wrong about the huge lime pit mass graves filled with bullet riddled Jewish men women and children that he was ordered to fill on the colest winter days wearing only camp pjs.. Probably mercy killings to spare the victims of typhus from further suffering. Does that fit with your view?

          1. no. it doesn’t. read the review of the official history of Dachau. everything you are coming coming up with is myth and conjecture. the eastern European jews were riddled with body lice because of their poor hygiene. remember the recent case of a jewish family thrown off a flight in US because of their stink? that’s why they were sent to the showers. would have been their first ever shower.

            their lice infested clothes were disinfected in special retorts using the slow acting Zyklon-B insecticide, which would have been most unsuitable for killing humans.

            the Germans are the masters of chemistry. if they had actually planned to murder millions of people they would have designed and built an efficient industrial facility to do so. no such facility ever existed.

            1. Gotcha, Great Uncle Leopold was just a myth and the red peddle racing car with the big number 7 on the bonnet that he bought me for my 7th birthday was just a dream. So too I imagine his stories about my aunt and cousins, how they died on arrival at Dachau and how he was forced to fill mass graves with thousands of murdered Jews wearing pjs so thin you could piss through them without splashing them. Reckon he made it all up for the bants?

                1. No, I’ve definitely got pictures of my Uncle and my racing car. They’re very real and all my family remember his testimonies. In fact he spoke to groups of schoolkids about it for many the UK and Europe. There are even films of him doing it and news clippings and everything.. How come a total stranger on the internet reckons that none of that is true? Seems a bit weird, no?

  185. you just want to trash it, don’t you? guess you’re going to have to find out on your own what it is.

    just read the review of the official history of Dachau. that’s all you have to do.

    torpedoes the whole ‘mass murder gas chambers’ myth. and that’s from an author who believes in it. that’s the definition of cognitive dissonance.

  186. This is what passes for jewish ‘philosophy’.

    Sanhedrin 54b

    Our Rabbis taught: In the case of a male child, a young one is not regarded as on a par with an old one; but a young beast is treated as an old one.23

    What is meant by this? — Rab said: Pederasty with a child below nine years of age is not deemed as pederasty with a child above that. Samuel said: Pederasty with a child below three years is not treated as with a child above that.24

    What is the basis of their dispute? — Rab maintains that only he who is able to engage in sexual intercourse, may, as the passive subject of pederasty throw guilt [upon the active offender]; whilst he who is unable to engage in sexual intercourse cannot be a passive subject of pederasty [in that respect].25

    But Samuel maintains: Scripture writes, [And thou shalt not lie with mankind] as with the lyings of a woman.26

  187. Juden dürfen nicht liquidiert werden.

    this is what Hitler actually said. but you’ll have to take my word for it. sorry about that.

    1. to Ian Kay

      following on from your above comment about your uncle. I’m starting a fresh thread because its becoming unreadable on my phone.

      it’s because everyone goes along with the official narrative for fear of retribution and ostracism. the SS officers’ so-called ‘confessions’ fit in this category, because if they said it was all lies and fabrication they would be immediately executed. the Eichmann show trial is an example.

      similarly there is a bizarre story of a Polish barber who was employed at Treblinka to cut the inmates’ lice infested hair. he described the so-called ‘gassing’ of the inmates in his barber’s room. he said he would cut their hair, then he would go and stand in the corridor for ‘a few minutes’ while ’20’ people were gassed in his barber’s room, then when they were all dead and the bodies removed, he would step back in and continue cutting hair.

      he had emigrated to US, and he’s on camera relating this ridiculous story in his broken English. you can see he’s lying from his body language.

      so this is the point. nobody dare speak out and tell the truth.

      and eye witness reports are notoriously unreliable, 9/11 being a good example. many people swear they saw planes hitting the towers, when there were no planes at all. they were all dubbed onto the TV footage.

      people are very suggestable and memories can be easily manipulated.

      1. So, you’re saying Uncle Leopold was a holographic special effect superimposed on my life by the producers in the technical gallery to create false memories about my past? What about the red racing car he bought me, also a virtual memory?

        If everything has been faked how can I be sure that you’re real or that this exchange is even taking place ? Maybe someone else has created you and you don’t even know it yet. Bet you’re a fan of Westworld.

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