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The Jew-hating shame of Scotland and their lazy media

Friday evening. It was in the 72nd minute of a game between Israel and Scotland in the Nation’s League. Israel had a throw-in deep in the Scottish half. There was an quick one-two between the Israeli number seven and their number nine. Goal! And the score was 1:1.

No this is not going to be a post about football, but that move, slicing apart the Scottish defence, is important here. The two players involved were Israel’s Eran Zahavi and Moanes Dabour. Dabour is an Israeli Muslim. The Israeli team captain Bibras Natkho is also from a Muslim family. There are also other Arab Israelis in the squad such as Joel Abu Hanna (who was a substitute). Left back Taleb Tawatha is an Israeli Beduin. Hatem Abu Elhamed is an Israeli Arab. Elhamed also plays for Celtic, alongside another Israeli – Nir Biton.

Outside the ground there was an anti-Israel demonstration shouting about Israeli ‘Apartheid’. A group of Celtic supporters had arrived to protest too. Just one look at the team sheet exposes that disgraceful smear for the antisemitic hate-filled lie that it clearly is. The Muslim and Jewish players in the Israeli team all live in the same country under the same laws. They all vote and have representation in the Middle East’s only democracy. Israel’s Arabs are by a country mile living in the freest nation in the region.

Those people screaming outside are clearly not interested in the truth. They are blinded by hate.

Scotland and blood libels

The day started with extremists vandalising the entrance to the stadium. Activists had smeared red paint across the floor and written the words ‘Palestinian blood’ on the walls.

scotland shame

A Twitter account claiming to be connected to Celtic posted the images. The paint was scrubbed away, and the area cleaned before the Israeli team arrived.

Familiar faces in Scotland

When Scotland played the serial human rights abuser Russia, there was no protest. In 2015 Scotland played Qatar and the Scottish activists made no complaint. Only when the Jewish state sends its football team do Scotland’s ‘human rights’ activists turn up to demonstrate.

There were several different groups holding demonstrations at the ground before the match. We have seen them all before. The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) held one, as did the Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG / FRFI). The SPSC are well known for having many hard-core antisemitic ‘groupies’. As previous research has shown, if you removed the antisemites from the SPSC, they would be unlikely to have enough people left to hold any demonstrations at all. The RCG are no better.

It is impossible to know who exactly attended the event and the masks made identification even more difficult. But we know that Mick Napier was there.

Napier is toxic, head of the SPSC, and has spoken at pro-Hezbollah demonstrations. He has picked up convictions for his obsession and is known to have driven Jewish business out of Scotland. I personally went to research one of the SPSC protests in Aberdeen. I spoke to demonstrators and quickly came across hard-core antisemites and Holocaust deniers. None of this bad publicity helped. A short time afterwards the owner of the business in Aberdeen was finally chased out of Scotland by these SPSC extremists.

Others present included Barry Mulligan and Ishaq Aslam:

Scotland shame 2

Ishaq Aslam and Barry Mulligan both like to share antisemitic conspiracy theories:

ishaq salaambarry mulligan

Saeed Sarwar was also there for the demonstration:

antisemite in Scotland

Sarwar shares material from the most hideous of antisemitic websites, such as Smoloko. His timeline is full of vile antisemitism:

Robert Carter was there. Carter was one of those extremists who joined the Labour Party just to vote for Jeremy Corbyn. He has since quit the party. Carter is a pro-Iranian, Hezbollah sympathiser and works for Iranian propaganda outfit Press TV. It is no surprise Carter was at the demo with his toxic friends, but why is a Scottish Labour Councillor, Baillie Hanif Raja turning up at an event with hard-core antisemites and terrorist supporters:

These are only a few names. Jola Aljakhbir was also at the demonstration. She has several different FB accounts and has also used the name Jolanta Hadzic. To make matters even more twisted, sometimes Jola also pretends to be a ‘Jewish’ voice.

Jola shares lots of antisemitic material, including Holocaust denial.

There were approximately sixty demonstrators in total. Research has shown that this suggests at least forty Holocaust deniers, terrorist supporters and other antisemitic extremists were in the crowd. If the KKK turned up in such concentration levels for a demonstration, would anyone, anywhere, describe that demo as anything but racist? Would our police allow them near a football team from Africa? How would our press report such an event?

With Israel EVERYTHING is different.

A mask of humanitarian action

Each of those participating in the anti-Israel protest will pretend that this was about human rights. This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and it is shameful that anybody allows them to hide behind this clearly false propaganda mask. Both the Pakistani and Iranian flags were on display at this demonstration.

Iranian flag in ScotlandIran and Pakistan are two of the worst human rights abusers on this planet. Both still have the death penalty for blasphemy. There is little need to recount Iran’s horrific human rights record.

Both Iran and Pakistan oppose Israel on religious, antisemitic and sectarian grounds that have absolutely nothing to do with human rights. Iran literally sponsors radical Islamic terror groups. In Pakistan, young Christian children are being kidnapped, raped, forcibly converted and married, and Pakistani local courts support the abusers rather than the victims. You cannot stand with these flags and pretend you support human rights.

A dissident Irish Republican group – ‘linked to the murder of journalist Lyra McKee‘ – was also standing protesting at Hampden Park. Members of the New IRA political front party ‘Saoradh’ stood alongside the SPSC and RCG to protest Israel’s presence. The people those with the banner want to ‘free’, have all literally just been arrested on terrorism charges.

Irish extremism in Scotland

A group called ‘Let Kashmir Decide’ were also co-hosts.

This reinforces the argument that this is religious discrimination and their protest is part of a wider attempt by Islamist groups to tie the Kashmir and Palestinian issues together. The only problem these people really have with Israel is that it is majority Jewish. That makes their action explicitly antisemitic.

Lazy reporting

There is a right to protest and a high level of freedom must be granted. The people who are really letting everyone down on this issue are the media. It takes just a few hours of research into any of the demonstrating groups to realise they are extremists, racists, antisemites, Holocaust deniers and terrorist supporters. Much of this research has already been done and the information is publicly available. Yet media such as the ‘Daily Record’ report it simply as a ‘pro-Palestinian’ protest, even quoting the rancid Mick Napier and having time to introduce an Apartheid comparison.

Heather Carrick in the Glasgow Times put together a montage of pictures for the ‘pro-Palestine protest‘, mentioning criticism of Israel’s record, but failing to point out the relevance of both the Iranian and Pakistani flag captured in her photos. She did make sure however, that ‘black lives matter’ was given a prominent place.

Caitlin Hutchison of the Scottish Herald was probably the worst offender. Her report laid out the extremist case word for word, including the Apartheid smear and a full description of the content of leaflets being handed out. Hutchinson even praised the ‘social distancing’ demands of the organisers. Her readers would not have a clue that she was describing the activity of antisemites, terrorist sympathisers and rancid extremists. She is a hack.

The BBC had the protest as a backdrop to an interview, giving them plenty of unnecessary publicity. It is unlikely the BBC bothered to tell anyone this was a band of extremists.

Only the Scottish Sun, correctly identified the protest as being ‘anti-Israel’ and was responsible enough to balance out their reporting with allegations of antisemitism and criticism of the protestors.

A group of extremists and antisemites gathered outside to protest the arrival of a football team from the Jewish state. That is the news story here. If it should be shared it should be done to show people just what type of people are supporting the boycott Israel movement. That failure to report the truth – the news – is the central reason why anti-Israel hate has been spreading for decades. Instead of being researched and identified, the media is giving these racists and extremists sympathetic publicity. They are openly spreading hate.

Spreading the hate in Scotland

Which is why events such as the raising of the Palestinian flag on a school in Ayr follow demonstrations. If people read media reports that fail to accurately describe these extremists, they can be misled into believing the Palestinian cause is supported by moderates and reasonable activists. It must therefore be justified. This makes supporting the cause blindly, the ‘right thing’ to do.

The report on the flag-hanging event by the Daily Record references the protest and fails to mention extremism or antisemitism once. This despite it being widely known that anti-Israel protests are infested with hard-core antisemites. The reporter Stuart Wilson is either not doing his job properly or he is an idiot.

Ayr Scotland antisemitism

It is the failure of our press to report these events properly that allow for others to be misled. We cannot stop antisemites gathering to protest events connected with the Jewish state although we do have the right to demand that authorities take whatever action is necessary to restrict where and how this Jew-hatred is given voice.

We most certainly can demand of our media that their reporters do the research before they start writing their articles. Jew-hatred should be identified and exposed wherever it stands. Even in Scotland.


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303 thoughts on “The Jew-hating shame of Scotland and their lazy media

      1. … and Israel is a Jewish/Arab/Christian etc. state. So, criticism of Israel is NOT anti-semitic then.

        Thankyou, Shirlee

        ‘It is not anti-Semitic to criticise the Government of Israel, without additional evidence to suggest anti-Semitic intent.’ – IHRA.

        David Collier take note.

        1. Israel is a Jewish state. When Israel is called for out criticism above all others in the region that is antisemitism.

          Clearly you know nothing about Pakistan or about what antisemitism means.

          I get your gist, however it’s a good option to correctly spell what you you are referring to, and I might add, what it means.

          1. “When Israel is called for out criticism above all others in the region that is antisemitism.”

            NO. Israel is a Jewish/Arab/Christian etc, state.

            Criticism above others for the same racism etc. is anti-Israel.

            Nothing to do with Jews, only a minority of whom actually live in Israel.

            1. Sharmuta, Here is a nice summary of anti-Semitism endemic to the crash and burn Racist LaBOOR party.


              1 20th century
              1.1 Second Boer War and “Jewish finance”
              1.2 Jewish immigration and the Balfour Declaration
              1.3 Support for Israel
              1.4 Growing sympathy for Palestine
              1.5 Jewish voting intentions
              2 2000–2015
              2.1 Tested election posters
              2.2 Concern over Israel lobby
              2.3 Livingstone’s comments
              2.4 Corbyn’s backbench record
              3 2016
              3.1 Shah, Livingstone and Walker’s comments
              3.2 Inquiries into antisemitism
              3.3 Muslim prejudice
              4 2017
              4.1 Jewish constituencies in the general election
              4.2 Hate speech made a disciplinary offence
              4.3 Authors’ public letter
              5 2018
              5.1 Corbyn’s backbench record
              5.2 Facebook groups
              5.3 Christine Shawcroft resignation
              5.4 Relationship with the Jewish community
              5.5 Working definition of antisemitism
              5.6 Corbyn’s responses
              6 2019
              6.1 Training and education
              6.2 Disciplinary processes, outcomes and staff claims
              6.3 Resignations of MPs and peers
              6.4 External investigations
              6.5 Criticism of Labour Party advocates
              6.6 Response to attack on rabbi
              7 2020
              7.1 Keir Starmer’s statements
              7.2 Internal investigation into Labour’s Governance and Legal Unit
              7.3 Sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey
              7.4 Steve Reed
              7.5 Aftermath of 2019 Panorama programme
              8 Rebuttals
              8.1 Labour movement
              8.2 Jewish activists and organisations
              8.3 Academics and researchers
              8.4 Journalists and authors
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              9.1 General population
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              9.3 Labour Party members
              10 See also
              11 Notes
              12 References
              13 Sources
              14 Bibliography
              15 General references
              16 Further reading
              BTW We’ve seen pictures of the Birmingham knife terrorist – but what is his name? The Facts are being suppressed.

        1. I’d love to see you defend Pakistan’s horrifying human rights and conduct history. But even though you have sometimes been a nimble liar on this board, making Islamabad look even passable in those areas is out of your league. Just lie that Israel’s worse than Pakistan, that’s what you’re good for.

    1. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan was the Safe Space for Islamofascist thug osama bin laden

      until May 2, 2011.

  1. ” although we do have the right to demand that authorities take whatever action is necessary to restrict where and how this Jew-hatred is given voice.”

    The people would be greatly helped if you could expand on this. Where and how should this Jew hate be allowed to be given voice ?

    1. I wouldn’t dream of telling the police the best way to make sure hate crimes do not occur whilst also permitting racists the right to free speech. That’s their field of expertise. I can just demand that they do their best to make sure both issues are considered.

      1. Are you claiming crimes were committed here ? If so why are you making it so complicated ? If crimes are committed let the cops prosecute the perpetrators. Simple.

    2. You see you regularly make demands but rarely is it very clear what exactly you are demanding. Ideally I would want not to misrepresent you but if you don’t make yourself clear it is reasonable for us to assume the worst

      1. Oh Stephen, I am used to being misrepresented. It is something I live with. The issue is complicated and nuanced. We see it played out often on our streets. When the extreme-right seek to march, the police often create obstructions for them. The police are not denying the right to free speech or protest, but they do limit the amount of personal interaction that will occur with those communities who are a target of their racist hate. It is a balancing act between different rights. A group of KKK activists would not be allowed to stand outside a shop in London owned by a black man calling for the public to boycott him. There is no difference in this argument. I am not reinventing the wheel here.

          1. anyone who pretends the issue of competing rights is simple is simple themselves. Anyone who ridicules someone for suggesting it is complex and nuanced is a fool.

              1. Not unlike the ‘Jewish Community’ insisting on the right to vet Labour Party rules and procedures.

                You’d think they wanted to rule everything they weren’t happy with.

              2. Asking you to save anyone is a little like cutting off someone’s legs so their shoes will be undamaged.

    1. you’d need to ask the journalist why she felt it so relevant that half her photos contained black lives matter images. I do not see the connection at all, and certainly do not think it was the important issue to highlight at a demo of extremists and terrorist sympathisers – which is why I mention it as an example of her journalistic laziness. Rather than research a story, she took something from the surface.

      1. “a demo of extremists and terrorist sympathisers –” …. an Israeli flag was being waved, David. That’ll be supporters of the state of terrorist sympathisers , even voting them in as leaders of Israel.

  2. Crazy Collier – “Nobody should be surprised. This is a result of the media not doing their job. They don’t care about antisemitism.”

    Had the media done their job a few years ago they would have torn to pieces your flawed report on the Palestine Live Facebook page.

    Your ‘report’ reported anti-Israel and anti-Zionist postings yet you described them as antisemitic. Very few where.

    You dishonestly(but that’s David Collier 24/7 of course) attempted to brand Jeremy Corbyn as a member of the group and implied that he was taking part in an ‘antisemitic group’.

    YOU have never been able to point out ANY antisemitic action or quote yet you’ve still smeared him as such for years.

    Instead the ‘Jewish'(Zionist) rags and the anti-Corbyn press leapt on the report without checking its validity.

    You no doubt make a tidy living of spreading misinformation for cash donations, paying for jollies to Israel.

    What a sick way to make a living.

    1. Michael, do stop pouting. There’s no use you complaining that David gets paid to lie and you don’t. I did try with your Crowdfunding campaign. You’re just not very engaging. Perhaps if you offered more value than simply rehashing a few tired slogans and put some work into this, you’d get some support too.

  3. In this blag you’ll find :
    “Outside the ground there was an anti-Israel demonstration shouting about Israeli ‘Apartheid’. A group of Celtic supporters had arrived to protest too. Just one look at the team sheet exposes that disgraceful smear for the antisemitic hate-filled lie that it clearly is. The Muslim and Jewish players in the Israeli team all live in the same country under the same laws. They all vote and have representation in the Middle East’s only democracy. Israel’s Arabs are by as country mile living in the freest nation in the region.”

    As he says it is an ANTI-ISRAEL demonstration.

    They are demonstrating against the apartness that exists in Israel. While the Jewish players have statehood and self-determination, the recently passed Nation Law disallows this to the non-Jewish players. treating them as second-class citizens.

    So, firstly an anti-Israel demo. Yet only 27 words later he describes this apartness as an antisemitic lie.

    Israel is a Jewish/Arab/Christian etc state. How on earth can criticism of this multi-ethnic state be described as antisemitic.

    The Palestinians that are under Israel’s control cannot even vote for/against those that rule them. so Israel runs a flawed democracy for those within Israel and subjugation for those under its military control.

    Demonstrating against those things are always described by Collier as ‘antisemitic’. Slimy dishonesty is his trade.

  4. One may be anti zionist and pro Judaism. Enough of the anti semitic lie being wheeled out anytime somebody says something anti Israelli, it is a cowardly WAY TO DISTORT the arguments. It is always used to distract. Most Northern Europeans have ancient semitic ancestors so it is also irrelevant.

    1. Never really got this position. “I do like Jews but wouldn’t have let them be in charge of their own fate in their own country. ” See how it looks like you don’t really mean the first part.

      For clarification I’m an Israeli, a Jew and obviously a Zionist. Luckily I dont need to believe or disbelieve you because I have my country. It’s on our opponents and enemies to try to change that reality. Very long game, that.

      1. “I do like Arabs but wouldn’t have them having self-determination or statehood in the land they lived in before myself and hordes of Jewish immigrants came to their country”

        See how that sounds, Northern England lad?

        1. Sounds like you don’t really like Arabs Michael. Pleased you saw my point.

          You recall my other remark. It doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. I have my country. Your job is to do something about it, like writing things on the internet.

          1. You’re right Ian. It’s simply no one’s fault except his own that Muck is an awful, boring, oft-shrieking gasbad of a troll. It’s on him that he sucks.

  5. In Collier’s blag – “Only when the Jewish state sends its football team do Scotland’s ‘human rights’ activists turn up to demonstrate.”

    Sorry, thought Scotland were playing Israel, and given that there are non-Jews playing it is indeed an ISRAELI team …. not a Jewish team. Again showing criticism is anti-Israel. But then we have more Collier lies and fabrications….. expected.


  6. Farmer seems to have deployed his entire repertoire here.
    The same litany of petty insults directed at David, while at the same time never responding intelligibly to any questions directed at him.

    Add to that attempts to deJudaiise the Holocaust by ignoring the Nazis pathological hate of Jews and their oft stated vows to solve the ‘Jewish Question’. Farmer also ignores the fact that of all the millions of people mass murdered by the Nazis, the Jews were the only group where entire communities (including babies, children, women, men and the elderly) were rounded up en-mass and slaughtered by firing squad, mass starvation and gas chambers. Farmer also ignores the fact that the Jewish population of Europe was decimated, and it has never recovered.

    1. Richard, it was not a Jewish Holocaust. They were a minority of those that died.

      ALL those that died deserve being remembered. You are wiping others from History. For what purpose? Is it another case of us,us and us.

      1. Full Mark’s to you Michael. You have stopped the misuse of the cap- lock when posting this slogan. It was coming across as hysterical frustration.

  7. I admire the Scots. Unlike the English, they tell it like it is and are not afraid to call a spade a spade.

  8. Bruce Levy (whoever he/she/it is)

    You have finally done it.

    A post in plain English, without the usual gibberish and ranting irrational tirades, insults, threats and Holocaust denigration and diminution.

    How did you manage to do it; did you get help?

      1. Sharmuta, “IslamoPHOBIA” is NOT an “irrational” fear.

        9/11 is such an example – as is London’s 7/7, Pan Am 103, Manchester arena bombing, Boston Marathon bombing, …

  9. Surprise, surprise …. another pro-Israel toad.

    “Top pro-Israel lawyer faked vandalism attack at Scots home in plot to frame Palestine group”C


    1. Slogan repetition Michael?

      That reminds me. No Collier research into Tory antisemitism.

      If he did some, would he in your opinion find more, less or the same amount as he did in the UK Labour Party?

      1. Hypothetical question requires a hypothetical answer.

        IF he did he would find more than in the UK Labour Party, but would declare that he had found none of course. i.e. he would lie.

        You really should remember that he has no desire to seek antisemitism anywhere other than the left-wing. In fact he himself attacks non-Zionist Jewish groups.

  10. Ian

    I hope you are counting the posts from this Charles Alban person.

    At this rate they are going to beat Michael Farmer for the sheer volume of output

    1. Why not learn to count and do it yourself, Richard?

      Much more useful than memorising numbers in their millions.

      1. Dont be crass Michael. In any event this new bloke reckons that we only need to learn to count up to a few hundred thousand. That’s even handier for you than your own accounting methods when discussing dead Jews.

        You guys! Geat Aunty Lotte would have laughed herself silly if she’d known how much a bunch of goyim would still be obsessing over her 76 years after she was gassed in Dachau.

  11. Michael

    If you are so certain about Antisemitism in the Conservative party, why don’t you get off your butt and go and research it yourself.

    Maybe you can then get as successful as David (though I don’t think there is much chance of you achieving that)

      1. Michael

        Considering the amount of time you devote to David’s blog etc, I would say you would have ample time.

        You are just trying to find excuses to avoid having to do any work of your own

        1. Braun, Braun… oh yes.

          That was the name of the war criminal who designed the rockets that fell on civilian London in the blitz killing thousands and thousands. Given sanctuary and a job by the US I believe. Nice.

          Later a bookkeeper from Auschwitz, not a killer was sentenced to 4 years prison on a trumped-up charge of ‘being involved’ in the deaths of the inmates.

          Just saying.

      2. YOU have a family? Honestly surprising. Well, I guess if society could put a man on the moon, they could find a way to put a woman on you (only once, I’m guessing, but that’s more than anyone would have expected).

  12. Michael

    I think you are visiting your own phobias and hang ups on the Jews.
    Jews have every right to investigate and explore issues that pertain to them.
    This is a right available to every citizen and group in a democracy

      1. … and indeed the British people REJECTED the RACIST LaBOOR party and its furher Jeremy Corbyn,

        and elected Boris Johnson Prime Minister.

        Unlike your racist, fascist, Islami HamASS in Gaza.

        Happy Nakba!

  13. Michael

    To be quite honest with you. its really got nothing to do with you what I said to Ian

    Go and do some research on your pet foible; Antisemitism in the Conservative party

    1. My memory regarding Collier’s blags may be fading but I doubt that any of them has included any of the following occurrences. They have appeared in the news yet appear to have been missed by a man who states that he fights antisemitism everywhere.

      I also note that these occurrences involve the Conservative Party whose government is currently appeasing Israel’s crimes and treatment of the Palestinians.

      At the start of April 2018, foreign secretary Boris Johnson was criticised by opposition politicians and campaign groups for congratulating Viktor Orbán on his re-election as Prime Minister of Hungary, in part because of concern about “anti-Semitic undertones” to Orban’s campaign. Later that month, a number of Jewish organisations called on the Conservative government to confront European political parties that had fuelled antisemitism, particularly those the Conservatives were affiliated in the European Conservatives and Reformists group with, like Latvia’s National Alliance, Poland’s Law and Justice Party, and Hungary’s Fidesz Party, with its leader Viktor Orbán. The organisations asked the Conservatives to withdraw their membership from the group until it is free of all racism, including antisemitism.

      In September 2018, British Jewish leaders condemned the Conservatives because, in a vote to remove Hungary’s voting rights at the European Council, the party defended Hungary’s far-right Orbán government despite its ‘vivid antisemitism’. Hungary was accused of corruption, ‘violating press freedoms, undermining judicial independence, and waging an antisemitic campaign against a leading Jewish businessman’ (i.e., George Soros). The Conservatives, who were the only governing conservative party in western Europe to vote against the move were accused by David Hirsh of ‘cosy[ing] up to an antisemitic and racist strong-man regime’, ‘pandering to Jew-hate’. They were seen, including by one of their own politicians, of defending Orbán ‘in a bid for backing in Brexit talks’, of pretending not to recognise antisemitism ‘in the hope of gaining some advantage in return’. According to The Jewish Chronicle, the vote ‘was truly shameful and a dark day for the party led by Mrs May’. Later that month, Orbán wrote to the Conservative Party thanking them for their support in the vote.

      In March 2019, Rees-Mogg retweeted a speech by the leader of the far-right German political party Alternative for Germany (AfD). The AfD marched with neo-Nazis the year before and had been condemned by members of the German Jewish community as “racist and antisemitic”, “no party for Jews”, and a “danger to Jewish life in Germany”. Following criticism, Rees-Mogg defended his decision to promote the AfD leader’s speech.

      In 2017 a Birmingham Conservative council candidate left the Party after abusive tweets from 2013 and 2014 came to light; they included the mentioning of “foreign Jew agents”.[171]

      A few days before the 2018 local elections, three Conservative council candidates were revealed to have made antisemitic comments. The candidate for the Fen Ditton and Fulbourn ward, Cambridgeshire, had commented that he was “Sweating like a Jew in an attic”. The candidate for Stevenage Borough Council referred to the Jewish symbol the Star of David as the “Mark of the Beast”. The candidate for the Barnes ward of Sunderland City Council wrote, “I can honestly say that this morning was the first time I’ve had to scrub off a Hitler tash with a toothbrush after a night out”.[unreliable source?] They were all suspended.After winning his seat, however, the candidate for Sunderland Council – Anthony Mullen – was reinstated.

      In the spring of 2019, when on a parliamentary candidate short list for Hackney North & Stoke Newington and Hackney South & Shoreditch, Councillor Ben Seifert was told by a party member not to run because he is Jewish and “you can have too many Jews”. Seifert left the Conservative party in September 2019.

      In November 2017 Hope not Hate reported that Conservative Party activists were members of a Facebook group called Young Right Society, which was ‘awash with antisemitic, Holocaust denying and racist material’. One of the group’s administrators, Jack Hadfield, was a member of the Warwick Conservative Association.

      At a Plymouth University Conservatives party in October 2018, some society members were pictured, according to the Daily Mirror, wearing clothing with homemade slogans on them, such as “Jude” (German for Jew) with a Star of David, and wearing a Hitler-style moustache. Plymouth’s Students’ Union suspended the society pending an investigation; Conservative Campaign Headquarters launched an investigation and said it would suspend any party members involved.

      During a 3 September (2019) parliamentary debate on Brexit, Jacob Rees-Mogg called two Jewish Conservative MPs, including Oliver Letwin, members of the Illuminati.

  14. Interesting response to the question of Tory antisemitism Michael.

    Like you and Israel, I have no skin in this game being neither a Brit nor politically aligned to a Brit political party so this is just curiosity into your responses.

    You indicate that in your opinion Collier research into antisemitism in the UK Tory Party will uncover more than in the UK Labour Party. (I’ll avoid comment on the customary ‘ Collier’s a liar’ stuff as we can agree that this will always be your default sign-off in your posts )

    Why do you make this assumption in relation to UK Tories?

  15. Yup

    Braun played a part in designing the rocket that put the first man on the moon

    To the best of my knowledge he was not involved in war crimes

    Do tell me if you know differently

  16. Michael

    Accusing David of lying is rather different to proving that he lies

    You fling around accusations like they throw confetti at a wedding, but you are rather short on actual proof.

    Remember that your opinions are just that, opinions. And most, if not all your comments would tend to fall into the category of opinion

  17. Quite a detailed list there Michael and its pretty clear why you composed it. Because of the way that things are done here we could easily have a couple of pointless snarky exchanges and move back to the slogans and piss taking quickly or we could look at these more closely. As I’m bored of the former for now let’s drop out of character for a mo and try something new.

    For transparency I should say that I truly doubt your sincerity in raising this matter and attribute your motives more to an antipathy to Collier than to any real concern for alleged antisemitism in a UK political party.

    Nonetheless I concede that any legitimate example of anti-semitism of this type is worthy of investigation, no ifs or buts from me there. In terms of your examples, I’m not sure about everything on your list. Political parties on every side of the house have always tended to ally themselves with others of a similar shade in Europe and beyond, mostly to serve their own national interests and ensure voting numbers when needed, so I’m not sure I’d support the Hungary connection as part of your case. Similarly all the fancy dress stuff. If a joke uniform and a Hitler ‘tache was the benchmark of antisemitism you’d have had half the Royal Family in the dock years ago. So I’m okay putting that to one side as well.

    The stuff from the local councillors and Rees Mogg warrants closer inspection. I suspect that the Rees Mogg comments on Letwin owe more to his revulsion at a perceived betrayal of his own party by a colleague in the Brexit debates than anything more and he does have a rather idiosyncratic way of expressing himself so the question of antisemitism is moot here, but this is opinion rather than fact.

    In terms of the local government cases, they are problematic but you do say that there was evidence of prompt action at the time and perhaps this is one apparent difference with the UK Labour Party. They seemed intent on mucking it up time after time when they had the chance to nip the whole thing in the bud quickly and decisively. If you were an independent PR consultant working on their behalf you’d have been ripping your hair out watching them get it wrong over and over again with their Jewdas dinners and ‘British irony’ remarks. Was this simple ineptitude and naivety or something more considered? The voters clearly made their decisions.

    Overall you may be have identified some cases of possible antisemitism in the UK Tory Party that are worthy of independent investigation, perhaps by Collier or perhaps by others. The answer to the question,’…more, less or the same amount as in the UK Labour Party?’ is unclear. The difference appears to be that the Tories seem to take prompter, more decisive and more visible action when the accusations arise and work to a play book that satisfies the majority of the voting public.

    There. Unshaded and relatively reasonable response for this place. Happy to continue in this vein on this particular matter if you wish. Equally happy to jump back into character if you prefer.

    1. So, you don’t remember Collier mentioning any of the few examples either?

      Had it been the Labour Party these would have been emblazed of the frontpages of the Chronicle, News and Collier’s Blag.

      Quite obvious he doesn’t seek out antisemitism everywhere.

      1. Michael, I’m not clear whether we are having a normal exchange now or whether you have simply reverted to sloganised response. I will make no assumptions either way.

        Your antipathy to David Collier was evident from your first post several years ago and your tone and remarks have been consistent ever since. So, we can take that as a given.

        One of your main carousel slogans points to a lack of investigation into antisemitism in the UK Tory Party. I was honestly keen to know whether you thought that this would uncover more, less or equal amounts as the UK Labour Party. You thought more and substantiated it with examples and I commented on these.

        Then you reverted back to type with a snarky response.

        I’ll remain consistent for one more exchange on this matter but noting your preferences will go back into character if that’s what we’re doing.

        To your points, I think that politics mirrors general society insofar as there are probably some perfectly legitimate examples of antisemitism in all parties. The issue then becomes the way that these matters are investigated and managed once they come to light.

        I imagine that even the most hardened supporter of the UK labour Party would struggle to argue that the party managed this issue in an impressive manner and the results were witnessed at the polls. The UK Tories seem to have taken a more decisive, timely and visible approach and again the attitude to this was reflected at the polls. Real or not, it all became a matter of perception to the electorate.

        It should come as little or no surprise to you that Jews are sensitive to perceived antisemitism and even more so when there is a sense that no real action is taken once it is uncovered. People like David were, in my opinion, quite correct to respond to this in the way that they did, but frankly shouldn’t have had to had the party done its job properly. That there has been less need to investigate the UK Tories seems entirely to be down to them visibly and evidently doing a better job of managing their own affairs.

        That’s how I see it but it is only opinion and as I’ve said, you and I have one thing in common; we often rush to comment when we have absolutely no skin in the game; you with Israel, me with Brits and their politics.

        1. “People like David were, in my opinion, quite correct to respond to this in the way that they did, but frankly shouldn’t have had to had the party done its job properly.”

          Do you seriously think that David saw antisemitism within the Labour Party and for that reason personally attacked Jeremy Corbyn?

          David Collier has NEVER been able to pinpoint ANY antisemitism on Corbyn’s part.

          My opinion is that David Collier and the ‘Jewish Community’ baulked at the prospect of a government the supported Palestinian rights, hence the smears and the co-ordinated witch-hunt.

        2. I would have thought that fighting antisemitism “everywhere” would have David spending at least some time during past 5 years ‘researching’ other parties. But then the other Parties don’t seem interested in Palestinian rights.

          1. Our opinions differ Michael. We have our positions and as we know this is neither the place nor the moment to change minds and in all likelihood never will be.

            Anyway, it was a nice change to spend a few moments out of character and presenting some real opinions. Now back to old routine.

  18. Michael

    Is anyone denying that

    You are a dimwit because you always state the obvious as if it is a eureka moment of great discovery

    Get a life

  19. It’s been a while since I last provided an update for this site’s hilarious trolls. While the trolls here have some common characteristics (they all pose as male commentators, they’re all self-righteous, and honestly they’re all pretty stupid and easily torn apart by the non-trolls here), they are individuals with their own quirks and traits. So here’s the latest DC Troll List!
    1. Mike Farmer–Dubbed “Muck Framer” by me, because I wanted to be as insulting towards this fanatic creep as possible. Cares immensely about the very limited Anti-Semitism problem in the Conservative Party, and cares not a whit about the real A-S problem in Labor (when he isn’t calling it a hoax and a smear, without evidence). Has no solidarity for gays, Communists, gypsies, or any other Nazi victims except as a way to lump them all together and make it seem like the primary goal of Third Reich policy was not the mass extermination of European Jewry (spoiler alert: it was). Total Azajew whose work is so forgettable, the only reason I remembered these 2 bullshit main themes of his is due to him posting about 10,000 apiece about each.
    2. Bruce Levy–Dubbed “Brutes Levy”, again intended to be insulting. Kind of a cross between a neo-Nazi and Gilad Atzmon–in other words, he’s Gilad Atzmon. Angriest dork in Whiting.
    3. sigerico–Genuine Nazi type who loves Mehunin (in fairness, they’re equally sick in the head) and advocating for Catholic clergymen to rape kids. Not kidding about the last part.
    4. Stephen Bellamy–Leftist blowhard who isn’t as malignant as the others on this list, but consistently whines that no one listens to him and is mean to him, not taking into account that A) he doesn’t have his facts straight and B) no one here likes his pinchy, holier-than-thou personality.
    There are some assorted genuine Nazis about, but these are the Trolls you will meet on this terrific and fact-based board (they stand out in stark contrast to that). Do not feed them! And happy Tuesday.

    1. I was number one …. I was number one … I was number one …. naa-na-na-na-naa

      “Has no solidarity for gays, Communists, gypsies, or any other Nazi victims except as a way to lump them all together and make it seem like the primary goal of Third Reich policy was not the mass extermination of European Jewry (spoiler alert: it was).”

      What kind of a Jew are you, mentioning that other than Jews were murdered in the Holocaust?

      Letting the side down there, Ben.

          1. And this Michael is why it’s impossible to get funding for you. People simply wont finance slogan repetition so bleating that David gets paid to lie and you dont sounds like a Michael problem, doesn’t it?

  20. Hey Richard, I don’t know if you’re still in touch with that flat earth loon from the previous thread but he’s great value. I’ve been chatting to him for a bit over on the previous thread and he’s one of those that my nan used to say “isn’t all there.” He’s been dead keen to tell me all about how there were never any gas chambers and that my Aunty Lotte and Uncle Max were actually killed by the allies. Now he’s on about us all moving to Patagonia. I don’t know if he knows where Patagonia is but reckons loads of Jews have land there. He also didn’t know about the Welsh connection to the region so maybe he’s mixing it up with somewhere else. I’ve not asked him if he’s friends with David Icke yet.

  21. Ian

    I was mostly otherwise engaged yesterday ,but I’ll be back after clearing my inbox

  22. Collier – “The Palestinians destroyed Lebanon and almost destroyed Jordan.”

    Thought that was Sharon’s ‘War for Peace’ that did that. Israeli blitz on civilians.

  23. Michael you dimwit.

    The Palestinians nearly destroyed Jordan in the early 1970’s until King Hussein kicked them out

    The Palestinians nearly destroyed Lebanon by creating a mini state in South Lebanon and incessantly firing rockets and launching cross border attacks and cross border and sea based terrorist attacks into Israel to kill Jews.

    After Sharon led the attack into South Lebanon, Palestinian terrorism from there stopped

  24. Brucie babes

    If they want a country called Palestine, let them sit down and negotiate one in good faith.

    And if they feel that Israel does not negotiate with honest intention, let them put forward their demands for honest negotiation to see if Israel is bluffing.

    Problem with negotiations is that the Palestinian leadership in Gaza, west bank and internationally make to much money out of the status quo, so to my mind there is very little incentive for the Palestinian leadership to negotiate

    1. Maybe we should offer to give up some of our land to their people if they give up some of the embezzled EU aid funds sitting in their private Swiss bank accounts to their people.

      Seems fair.

      1. If someone stole the keys to your house, would you negotiate? Of course not!

        Palestinians don’t negotiate for STOLEN land.

        Sooner or later boys, “your kind” will be taught a lesson you’ll NEVER forget.

  25. Why should they have to ‘negotiate’ with Israel? It should be with the UN. All Israel wants is not peace …. it wants their land

    ” so to my mind” …. exactly.

    1. Again we agree Michael. We have no need to negotiate with Arabs. We have our victory and we have our country They have military diplomatic and economic failure, piles of rubble and useless leaders. They should come to us on their knees and beg our forgiveness. Then and only then will we consider their position.

      Defeat has consequences

      1. You have a large powerful army. Of course you have no need to negotiate. The world will stand by and appease Israel’s actions.

        This will only change when others in the region acquire defensive weaponry similar to Israel’s. It will happen, despite the dictatorship of the US. Other powers will achieve the power that the US currently has.

        In 30 years there may be no Iran, no Syria , no ‘eternal’ Israel as we know them today.

        1. See the big picture Michael. Dont you ever wonder why weird shit happens to Iranian generals and nuclear researchers and scientists and why all the sand dunes in the Negev desert have hinged lids. We’re miles ahead of the game and our opponents are busy eating their own.

  26. Michael

    Peace is negotiated between warring parties.

    The UN has never negotiated a single successful peace without the involvement of the parties and the USA

    But then history and logic have never been your strong points

  27. Michael, your slogans have got you in a middle.

    When you need to poke at a pro-Zio, you pull out your “Israel is a racist, apartheid endeavour”

    When you try to poke back at someone that says Israel is the Jewish State, it’s the “Israel is a Jewish/Muslim/Christian country”

    See the problem. You must sort out your slogans for brand consistency. At the moment it’s too obvious that you dont have real views and are just baiting.

    Note that I was charitable enough not to suggest that you just don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re welcome.

  28. “Leave this type of fake news to the canary, JVL or skwawkbox.” ….. or to Collier’s ‘BEYOND THE GREAT DIVIDE”.

  29. ollier – “I personally went to research one of the SPSC protests in Aberdeen. I spoke to demonstrators and quickly came across hard-core antisemites and Holocaust deniers. ”

    David wrote this. Must be true. Lol.

  30. Brucie

    The tape recorded parrot is back with the mindless house theft analogy.

    Jews have thousands of years worth of history in Israel which has been stolen countless times by different colonising armies going backwards from

    The British Empire

    The Ottoman Empire

    The Arab/Muslim colonisers

    The Crusaders

    The Arab/Muslim Caliphate builders

    The Romans

    And that’s just in the last two thousand years of theft of Jewish heritage and homeland (there were a few other short term colonisations by the Europeans and Egyptians etc)

  31. Michael
    You have perfected the art of misunderstanding language.

    How can you colonise your own land and history.

    1. Just think, Richard, if the nostalgic adventure of Israel doesn’t eventually work out you have 2,000 years of land and history to indulge in back in Eastern Europe where you can also claim to be indigenous.

      1. Michael you really do underestimate the loveliness of my country. Apparently Croatia and Chad agree with me and are moving their embassies to our capital Jerusalem. I think Australia and Canada will soon follow. Turning out to be a decent year after all

  32. “Ishaq Aslam and Barry Mulligan both like to share antisemitic conspiracy theories:”

    “Sarwar shares material from the most hideous of antisemitic websites, such as Smoloko. His timeline is full of vile antisemitism:”

    ” turning up at an event with hard-core antisemites and terrorist supporters:”

    “The only problem these people really have with Israel is that it is majority Jewish. That makes their action explicitly antisemitic.”

    “they are extremists, racists, antisemites, Holocaust deniers and terrorist supporters.”

    “This despite it being widely known that anti-Israel protests are infested with hard-core antisemites.”

    Here we have Collier again smearing others as antisemitic with NO evidence whatsoever. He shows pictures of demonstrations NONE OF WHICH are attacking Jews.

    That he can be so oily, so much a toad, so much a liar that he deliberately uses the slur against a background of pictures that give a lie to his words.

    Collier has a twisted mind devoid of truth, morals and decency
    …. and on this page he has support. How were these people brought up. I can only suggest, wrongly.

  33. To show the idiocy of Collier …

    “The only problem these people really have with Israel is that it is majority Jewish.
    That makes their action explicitly antisemitic.”

    What a crazy neurotic.

  34. And here you go on complaining about David without any evidence other than your anti-Israel fixation.

    As Ian says, you mindlessly sloganeer with an incoherent repetitiousness.

    1. Without any evidence??!?

      “The only problem these people really have with Israel is that it is majority Jewish.
      That makes their action explicitly antisemitic.”

      How can anybody sensibly conclude that? …unless of course it’s another of his thrown out lies.

  35. “Furthermore, I am told that LOTO’s attempt to reinstate Livingstone came from Jeremy Corbyn himself — and that it failed because the party’s General Secretary Iain McNicol refused to go along with it.”

    “Furthermore, I am told that …”

    There you are …. absolute proof!!!!

    1. Michael, I’m going to help you do better.

      I didnt manage to get you any donations from the Crowdfunding Campaign so I have another idea.

      Around 90% of your posts start with a Collier quote from a tweet or an article and end with your standard close where you say that he’s a liar for money. This has been your main theme for 6 years.

      To help you, I’m now going to send out an online petition to all the readers here asking them both to acknowledge that they know that you feel this way. Hopefully with this in the bag you can save yourself some time and perhaps use some of the less frequently aired slogans from the Roladex in future comments.

      Your welcome.

  36. Collier jokes …”This week I am dealing with

    The anti-Israel bias @BBC
    Antisemitism at the University of Warwick
    Antisemitism in Scotland
    Antisemitism in Ireland

    I am drowning in evidence. It is a task just to decide which horrific story is more pressing. ”

    Well, you certainly haven’t presented any in this blog. You tease.

    What you ARE drowning is is your own neurosis and imaginings, David.

  37. “What you ARE drowning is is your own neurosis and imaginings, David.”

    Definition of irony…..right there…..

      1. Michael, let us remind ourselves that you endorsed a tweet from a David Duke fan that said “Jews are counterfeit human beings” then you come here, bleating that there’s no proof of antisemitism.

        Lol !

  38. David, a Jewish friend has asked me if there’s a merchant in Scotland where one could purchase a bit of the red stuff for the high holy days? Details please.

    1. I think a super absorbent tampon may be advised here. Maybe try Boots on the High Street for all your on-the-blob needs.

  39. ““The only problem these people really have with Israel is that it is majority Jewish.
    That makes their action explicitly antisemitic.” – Collier

    Nothing to do with illegal annexation.

    Nothing to do with Israel sniper squads shooting Gazans dead through a wire fence.

    Nothing to do with bulldozing the homes of innocent families to punish others.

    Collier’s ‘logic’ is that it’s because Jews dominate the Knesset criticising Israel’s actions are antisemitic.


    1. um no Mike, try to keep up…

      In Pakistan and Iran – there are some of the world’s worst human rights abuses. They oppress anyone different, they oppress women, gays. In Pakistan children are stolen from the street, raped, married off and forcibly converted. In Iran you can be sentenced to death for saying the wrong thing.
      So if people waves these flags at a demonstration – it is logical to say human rights is not an issue for them.
      As they stand with Islamic despotic regimes and ignore all of the human rights abuses in Islamic despotic regmimes it becomes logical to suggest that if Israel was a despotic Islamic regime they would not have a problem with it.
      Therefore it is logical to conclude that what bothers these flag wavers about Israel is its Jewishness.

      Or in other words their actions are explicitly antisemitic.

      1. I assume when David says ” logical” he has in mind classical Aristotelian logic whose cornerstone is the syllogism. We can only conclude that logic is not his strong point

          1. > honesty, truth etc.

            Two things absent from Fascist Socialists and Terrorist Pal-e-SLIMIANS.

            Remember 9/11

            Remember US Senator Robert F. Kennedy who as assassinated by a Pal-e-SLIMIAN in 1968.

            “F” socialist scotland

  40. Collier – “Zionism is the national liberation movement of a much persecuted people.”

    Strange. When asked some time ago what Zionism was you declined to do so, saying it was many things to many people.

    Now you say “It becomes clearer when we see it this way that antizionism = antisemitism”

    Not all Zionists are Jewish AND not all Jews are Zionists so your words are foolish and illogical.

    But you’re a professional propagandist and your family needs food on the table so you will persist with the deceit and untruths.

    1. “Zionism is the national liberation movement of a much persecuted people.”

      This is hopeless mumbo jumbo. Impossible to figure out what it even means, so the issue of truth and falsehood doesn’t even arise.

      David what the fuck are you on about

      1. I mean it’s quite reasonable poetry. I can see that it is capable of stirring the blood. But it is no more sensible to ask whether it is true or false as is it is to ask that of any poem or any work of art

        1. I’ve got my country
          Which lights Michael’s fuse
          It’s like Bellers’ Cuntry
          But run by the Jews.

          Reasonable poetry that.

            1. Surely you meant to say “Zionist Israeli standards ” Michael

              Concentrate or you’ll slip up again.

          1. Ian I know that the remedial class in Bootle secondary modern is not the last word in education but even the alumni of the education department in Her Majestys Slammer Exeter know the difference betwwen poetry and nursery rhymes. Don’t they Simon ?

    2. There are also a lot of Zionists who are not Jews…
      Funny that you forgot to mention them in your comment?
      I’m sure it was a genuine oversight…ahem

      1. “Not all Zionists are Jewish” was contained in my comment, Ken.

        Quick, boil a kettle with that blushing face.


  41. And Michael you are a professional dimwit who tries to be clever by asking nonsensical questions and criticisms without contributing an iota to the conversation

  42. Stephen

    You have an issue with Jews and Israel, so you are going to be incapable of understanding the meaning of what David said.

    It’s the same type of misunderstanding of what Antisemitism is and why six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust.

    In a way it could be called clueless

    You are playing out of character at the moment instead of being the pretend village idiot. Why?

  43. Stephen, you could have fooled me.

    Although you’re hung up about Israel, to often the hang up about Israel touches on the fact that it is the only Jewish country in the world and receives an inordinately large amount of opprobrium, far in excess of its size and importance in the world.

    The only connection I can find to this obsession with Israel is its Jewishness

    I know you will disagree, so please give me a logical reason as to why I am supposedly not correct.

    Please leave out the smart allecky village idiot type reply for a change and give a straight answer

    1. You know the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that Zionists were behind 9-11. There’s some very compelling evidence to support it.

      1. For an absolute masterclass in baiting the line to get a nibble, check out the previous thread and the contributor that goes as Charles. Proper effort put in there. None of this tippy toe dross. Just scroll after scroll of proud Jew hate. If he sees youre on the same team he may let you copy/ paste his stuff. Its proper provocative.

    2. “Stephen, you could have fooled me.”

      Not as readily as David has.

      I notice that Palestinian flags are on sale via Ebay. Pure ‘rabid’, ‘hardcore’ ‘antisemitism’ by Ebay, eh, David?

      1. You were searching for Arab flags on Ebay Michael. How come?

        Celebrating the latest peace deal between us and Bahrain?

      2. isn’t it about time you grew up Mike. Surely you have something better to do with your time that just twist my words or lie about what I say. I do worry about your state of mind with your obsession and bad reasoning. I am out there – doing research and spreading the word. I have been told by those that would know that my research – especially in 2017/18 -‘changed the entire public narrative’. And you really feel this can be countered by WORTHLESSLY sniping at me on my blogsite. Is your reasoning so faulty and life so empty?

        1. Your blogsite is dedicated to untruths and painting falsehoods, all for Israel. not UK Jews.

          I refute your deceit using the blogsite. I can’t do this on twitter because you have blocked me. Afraid of my countering your narratives there too?

          I’ll leave the faulty reasoning(if it isn’t lies) to you. From your efforts so far you have a long way to go.

    3. ” The only connection I can find to this obsession with Israel is its Jewishness”

      Richard it could have something to do with Israel being uniquely a crappy racist kleptomaniacal basket case.

        1. You know why you are so crap at this game Ian ? I’ll tell you. It’s because you don’t even have the remotest fucking clue what the game is.

          He knew all the words and he sang all the notes but he never quite learned the song. I can tell by the sadness in his eyes that he never quite learned the song.

  44. Brucie

    The more you post your comments the more convinced we are that you are a conspiracy theorist

    My cousin died on one of the planes on his way home to California from seeing family in New York

    1. Isn’t it amazing you Zionist pos, that you have relatives who died in the so-called “Holocaust” and relatives who died on 9/11. What a coincidence!

      Come to think of it, if I found out I was related to you, I’d want to die too.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray. To Hashem.

      1. Now now. Don’t be putting your inverted commas around Holocaust. You’ll have Michael getting his accounting spreadsheets out hysterically reminding you how many people, and most importantly, non Jews were killed by the Nazis.

        Personally, I couldn’t give a shit where you put your inverted commas. I’m a National Liberator.

  45. Michael

    David is more likely bored with you than upset

    Your posts tend to be repetitive, incoherent and meaningless in the main; but overall they are just boring because they say nothing.

    1. David’s attempts to depict Corbyn as antisemitic were dishonest and repetitive.

      “Zionism is the national liberation movement of a much persecuted people.” is incoherent.

      David’s accusations of antisemism are meaningless.

      1. Quite like being a National Liberator. Think we’ll go with that. Reminds me how times changed from then til now. Poke a Jew then and he rolled on his back and died a little. Poke a Jew now and he slots you through the border fence. Yup, National Liberator it is.

  46. Stephen

    You use the word unique to describe Israel.

    In terms of the evils that a nation can commit, Israel doesn’t even come close to any of its neighbor’s, and most countries of the world.
    Can you tell me anything that makes Israel uniquely evil and/or bad. Remember that being unique implies that it has singularly outperformed anyone else in the field you have raised.

    But in terms of uniqueness in building a thriving, energetic and inspiring country from scratch in 70 years, there are not many countries that can beat Israel.

    Do try and surprise us by answering the question without obfuscation or by attempting to play the village idiot as is your wont on occasions like this

    1. Yep, it’s not like any rich US Zionists have done anything for Israel, and no countries have appeased them, no-one acquired nuclear weaponry for them and the neutral US is not siding with them in unliteral actions in the region.


      1. Countries do tend to stick up for their allies…..that’s how it works….
        Where do you think Hamas gets all it’s Iranian made long range missiles from ?

  47. Stephen

    A few years ago you called Israel a basket case.

    Then I asked you for some examples of why you claimed this.

    You still haven’t answered that simple question, and yet here you are again making the same baseless statement that you couldn’t substantiate then.

    Your answer to the question then was to play the village idiot, so I can assume that you will try to repeat yourself again now

  48. Michael

    I don’t have to prove my point, you prove it every time you put finger to keyboard.

    Your inane comments come thick and fast

    1. As David and his parrots don’t have to show any antisemitism on Corbyn’s part, just repeat the lies and the deceit. .. kerching.

      Remember this hate-filled rant from Mr. Obsessive?
      David Collier
      Apr 5

      Lying, antisemitic, anti-west, terrorist loving, NATO hating, Jew-baiting, IRA supporting, community splitting, economy wrecking – Corbyn

      A useful idiot for despotic regimes, terrorists and all our other enemies

      Supporting Corbyn is not just stupid

      It’s dangerous

      1. Michael, let us remind ourselves that you endorsed a tweet from a David Duke fan that said “Jews are counterfeit human beings” then you come here, bleating that there’s no proof of antisemitism.

        Lol !

  49. Stephen

    You used ‘unique’ in a particular way to imply that Israel is/was in a negative way. Unique is a word that implies that this is something done by no one else or to someone or something else.

    Your answer is nonsense, because what you said is not unique to Israel, and can be applied to any number of countries with minor differences.

    Your animus towards Israel is unique in that you do not apply similar criteria to other countries when you denigrate Israel.

  50. Brucie Brucie

    I hope you have seen the addition of another Holocaust denying Antisemitic racist bigot to the comments section.

    Charles at least has the good grace to admit that he is an Antisemetic racist bigot.

    You on the other hand pretend to be a jew while trying to denigrate Jews who have the temerity to host different ideas and beliefs to you.
    Your latest post referring to the ‘holohoax’ confirms that in addition to denigration and diminution of the Holocaust, you are actually a Holocaust Denier

    Enjoy your new friend Charles. You can swop stories and tactics

    And now you can go to worship your satan in your Beth Springfield Shul with Homer Simpson and the clan in the cartoon

  51. Good work David…
    PSC has never been about Palestinian human rights.
    PSC is basically just a front for left wing fascists and Islamofascists and holocaust deniers and Jewish nakba deniers to push their own poisoned agendas and espouse their hatred of the world’s only Jewish state (and every Jew in it)

    1. …. but not the majority of Jews that don’t care to live there.

      Can’t be be antisemitism then. Must be antiZionism then, Ken .i.e antiRacism

      1. There you go again Farmboy – trying (and failing) to hide your obvious Jew hatred by dressing it up as anti Zionism ?
        Anyway…..calling Zionism racism = antisemirism
        According to Doctor King anyway….but what would he know about racism ?
        Right Farmboy ?
        Besides – most diaspora Jews are also Zionists – and why wouldn’t they be ?
        Israel is their lifeboat – and people like you are living proof that they need it…..

      2. DUMB Sharmuta doesn’t know that the majority of Irish don’t live in Socialist Ireland.

        They’d rather live somewhere else.

        Happy Nakba!

        1. Poor Ted.

          In Ireland ALL have self-determination and are a part of the state. Catholics, Protestants, Jedi, Jews, Hindus ….

          In Israel ALL Jews are allowed those ….. by legislation. THAT is apartness .. Apartheid.

          Nakba? That reminds me.

          No ‘Collier research’ into Tory antisemitism. He’s a fraud.

          Doesn’t fight antisemitism … he only smears Labour … for money.

          1. On the slogans nice and early this morning Michael.

            Let us remind ourselves that you endorsed a tweet from a David Duke fan that said “Jews are counterfeit human beings” then you come here, bleating that there’s no proof of antisemitism.

            Yesterday I asked you if you denied it. You refused to answer

            Lol !

          2. Yes it must be a living hell for the non Jewish citizens of Israel huh ?
            It’s not like they are able to openly follow any religion they want to and not get persecuted for it ?
            It’s not like they have the freedom to live as openly gay men or women if they choose to do so ?
            It’s not like they actually get the opportunity to vote for who represents them in the Knesset ?
            And it’s not like their numbers have grown by TEN TIMES despite the fact that they are not actually imprisoned in this “living hell” and have always been free to escape it at any time ?
            The Islamic Republics of Iran and Pakistan make no secret of being Islamic countries and Israel makes no secret about being a Jewish country (the clue is in it’s flag Sherlock).

            1. Psst. it’s a Jewish/Arab/Christian etc. state where Jews are the majority due to a demographic engineering by Jewish militia in the 40s.

              Sounds much better for the Arabs there than it is for Jews in the UK. David tells us that many find life so bad and antisemitism is so rife that they go to bed at night with their suitcases packed ready to escape to Israel. David is going to stay until the last, cajoling and organising emigration to Israel… as Mossad and Zionist groups did to assist emigration to Israel from MENA countries several years after the Palestinian Nakba.

              1. Hey Ken. You’ve met our Michael then?

                As you can see the old booby’s a harmless soul with a set of stock slogans and a main gripe that David gets money to lie and he doesn’t.

                The internet is full of Michaels and most people say you shouldn’t feed them. But I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for him or indeed or her ( he sometimes tweets as Maria) Enjoy them both.

                1. Thanks Ian….
                  He’s not the brightest is he ?
                  But that seems to be a standard thing for the anti Israel lot….
                  I just got banned from The Guardian after posting there for the last 14 years…..which is why I’m now here….
                  Thanks for the welcome anyway

                  1. Welcome..

                    I might not be the brightest but with you here, Ken, I certainly won’t be the dumbest! 🙂

                    1. Now now Michael. Manners please.

                      Daddy may have brought you up a Jew hater but that doesn’t excuse rudeness.

                    2. Dumbest is “Dumb Bellamy”.

                      You win for the most Sharmuta-est of them all.

                      Happy Nakba to you and your furher jeremy corbyn and his racist LaBOOR party!

                    3. Well I’m looking forward to you demonstrating your intelligence Farmboy….
                      Not actually seen any evidence of it yet….
                      Let me know when you intend to kick things off….
                      And thanks for the welcome…..v much appreciated….

              2. Well I think you will find that the Jewish majority of Israel was boosted very considerably in the 1940’s and 1950’s when all the surrounding Arab countries decided to simultaneously expel their own Jewish populations ?
                A 1m populous of Arab Jews reduced to less than 10k ?
                That is ethnic cleansing with a 99% success rate….
                Even Hitler only managed around 60% with Europe – so a big WELL DONE to the Arabs for being so thorough….

                1. ‘Like most Arab League states, Iraq initially forbade the emigration of its Jews after the 1948 war on the grounds that allowing them to go to Israel would strengthen that state; however, by 1949 the Iraqi Zionist underground was smuggling Jews out of the country to Iran at about a rate of 1,000 a month, from where they were flown to Israel’

                  Hardly ethnic cleansing, Ken

                  1. Also Ken, Michael likes to use accounting to justify opinions that he doesn’t really hold. Look out, in future episodes for his spreadsheets that he uses to show that people shouldn’t be sympathetic to Jews because lots of non-Jews were murdered by Nazis too. It’s that sort of disingenuous toss that you’ll see a fair bit of here.

                    I’m a right wing Zionist Israeli and Michael isn’t keen on that either but doesn’t actually know where Israel is. He says he has a book on it though.

                    1. Israel? Somewhere in Palestine, as per the Mandate.

                      Difficult to pinpoint. The borders are movable according to Bibi.

                2. ‘Between April 1950 and June 1951, Jewish targets in Baghdad were struck five times. Iraqi authorities then arrested 3 Jews, claiming they were Zionist activists, and sentenced two — Shalom Salah Shalom and Yosef Ibrahim Basri—to death. The third man, Yehuda Tajar, was sentenced to 10 years in prison. In May and June 1951, arms caches were discovered that allegedly belonged to the Zionist underground, allegedly supplied by the Yishuv after the Farhud of 1941. There has been much debate as to whether the bombs were planted by the Mossad to encourage Iraqi Jews to emigrate to Israel or if they were planted by Muslim extremists to help drive out the Jews. This has been the subject of lawsuits and inquiries in Israel.’

                  Perhaps Mossad was doing the ethnic cleansing, Ken

                3. In March 1951, the Israeli government organized an airlift operation. Waiting in Baghdad was a tense and difficult period. Some 50,000 Jews signed up in one month, and two months later there were 90,000 on the list. This mass movement stunned the Iraqi Government, which had not expected the number of immigrants to exceed 8,000, and feared that administrative institutions run by Jews might collapse. At the same time, the Zionist movement issued a manifesto calling on the Jews to sign up for immigration. It started with the following: “O, Zion, flee, daughter of Babylon,” and concluded thus: “Jews! Israel is calling you — come out of Babylon!”.

                  Again, Ken, hardly ethnic cleansing …. more like ethnic tours inc.

                4. The number of Jews in Baghdad decreased from 100,000 to 77,000 and after the mass exodus to Israel (Operation Ezra and Nehemiah) only about 5,000 Jews remained. In 1968 there were only 2,000 Jews left.

                  Ethnic cleansing, Ken?

                5. Economic straits as their traditional role was whittled away, famine, disease, growing political persecution, and increased public hostility, the state of anarchy after the murder of Yahya, often a desire to be reunited with family members, incitement and encouragement to leave from Zionist agents who played on their religious sensibilities, promises that their passage would be paid to Israel and that their material difficulties would be cared for by the Jewish state, a sense that the Land of Israel was a veritable Eldorado, a sense of history being fulfilled, a fear of missing the boat, a sense that living wretchedly as dhimmis in an Islamic state was no longer God-ordained, a sense that as a people, they had been flayed by history long enough: All these played a role. … Purely religious, messianic sentiment, too, had its part, but by and large , this has been over-emphasised.

                  Cleansing, Ken or Zionist encouragement?

                  1. Ooooops….
                    I do seem to have triggered a little bit of a tantrum here don’t I ?
                    Yes ethnic cleansing Farmboy….
                    There was as much of a Jewish nakba as there was an Arab one….
                    To quote your words…..
                    “a sense that living wretchedly as dhimmis in an Islamic state was no longer God-ordained”
                    YOUR words Farmboy…..not mine
                    But I 100% agree with you. Who would want to live life as a dhimmi ?
                    Oh….and in future you really ought to proof read before you cut and paste….
                    You really are embarrassing….but I’m still looking forward to reading another 5 of your mostly incoherent cut & paste replies….
                    This is the most fun I’ve had since I got banned from The Guardian….

                    1. “I’m still looking forward to reading another 5 of your mostly incoherent cut & paste replies.” – Dobbin.

                      As you say, Ken, I’ve presented you with information written in English.
                      If you find it incoherent perhaps you yourself need lessons in comprehension.

                    2. I understand the English words you have typed just fine Farmboy , But it seems you have only succeeded in proving my point and not yours ? I’m guessing that was not your intention ?

    1. Anger due to NAKBA (being the failure of 5 attacking Arab armies, NONE of which was the army of an existing “palestine” to defeat the Jews of Israel just 3 years after the end of WW2).

      Happy Nakba to All!

      1. Nakba?

        David claims to “fight antisemitism everywhere”

        David is telling porkies.

        When David was questioned about his claim of ‘fighting antisemitism everywhere’, which of course is a lie.

        Questioner : David, can you go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

        David : Do you think that’s a point?

        Questioner : David, would you like to go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

        David : I’m not a member of the Tory Party.

        Questioner : Antisemitism exists everywhere, if you are here to fight antisemitism you fight antisemitism everywhere.

        David : I agree

        Questioner : You seem to ‘specialise’ in antisemitism in the Labour Party, Can you tell me what your record is on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

        David : Your question is disingenuous …… I am a member of the Labour Party.

  52. Michael

    The Iraqis may have banned emigration, but they also restricted Jews from moving around the country, restricted work opportunities, and stopped Jews working for government departments that they may have been in for years.

    The Farhud anti-Jewish rioting in the early 1940’s was driven by Nazi sentiments.

    The Jews that left Iraq either by ethnic cleansing or flight left without any possessions etc, and ended up living in refugee type camps until they could be properly resettled. It was a hard slog rather than a tea party

    1. Kinda scotches the tales of massive ethnic cleansing from Arab countries, doesn’t it, Richard?

  53. Michael

    Has it ever occurred to you that Israel was near enough bankrupt in 1948/9.

    Jewish survivors of the European Jewish Holocaust were pouring in without assets, but requiring settlement.

    Israel had just fought a civil war that morphed into a war against a number of Arab armies on four fronts and had lost 1%of her population killed in the war, Israel wasn’t in a position to do anything of note outside the armistice lines of her new borders

    You are either unaware of how war affects your economy, and how difficult it is to resettle refugees that almost doubled her population. And there were no UN handouts or millions of dollars from foreign countries like the Palestinians receive.

    Sitting in the comfort and safety of peaceful England, makes rational thinking very difficult in what was a very serious matter for Jews

    1. “And there were no UN handouts or millions of dollars from foreign countries like the Palestinians receive.”??!?

      You are of course sneakily comparing two different times, Richard.

      Yes, the Palestinians now receive money. Given that Israel is crippling their economy, Israel’s occupation of them puts the onus of their care on Israel as a signatory(amazingly) to the Geneva Conventions.

      Remember Israel currently receives more welfare from US taxpayers than any other country on the planet, an enormous over $3,500,000,000 year upon year upon year upon year

      1. Michael, let us remind ourselves that you endorsed a tweet from a David Duke fan that said “Jews are counterfeit human beings” then you come here, bleating that there’s no proof of antisemitism.

        Yesterday I asked you whether you deny this and you vanished rather quickly. Have you recalled the tweet yet?

        1. Perhaps you’re confusing it with the thread here in which you defended the 3 Irish lads in the film on Twitter who said “Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin Jews”

          Surely you remember that moment of Michael magic?

          1. Oh dear me…..did he/she really do that ?
            A genuine racist bleating about a racism that doesn’t exist….
            You couldn’t make it up……

              1. Michael’s old school Ken. He hasn’t sussed out that things that he writes on the internet stay on a permanent record in the ether.

                He doesn’t proof read his stuff either. This got him into bother here a while back with team mate and Grand Dame of the site Mr. Bellamy. The crushing aside was that Michael was “a complete liability in the Poke David Collier game”. You can conclude the bona fides of the contributors here from that remark.

                These are the sorts of 2nd Gear Provocateurs your dealing with here. Not quite the carpet – bagging commies of the Toynbee Tribune and certainly less challenging.

                1. Thanks again Ian
                  The commies at the Guardian were not much of a challenge either in fact. The biggest problem I had there was around half of my comments were deleted by their moderators. Free speech does not exist there. It was I miracle that I lasted so long there before getting banned…

                  Still…..election night was a lot of fun on there….hehehe

  54. Look at this! Fucking Jooooos give R E A L Jews like me a bad name! These subhuman vermin in Jew York think they’re above the law and can do as they please like in apartheid Israel. No doubt this entire post would be dismissed as anti-Semitic by David and his sycophants.

    Hopefully COVID will choose wisely…

    Video shows hundreds of men defying social distancing restrictions by crowding into a Crown Heights synagogue for prayer services ahead of the Jewish High Holy Days—against state health regulations amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

    A journalist for an Israeli radio station published the video on Twitter, showing crowds praying in Slichot services at the synagogue:

    ניו יורק. אמירת סליחות ברוב עם במעמד אלפי חסידים בבית המדרש המרכזי של חב״ד ב-770

    — ישראל כהן (@Israelcohen911) September 13, 2020
    Crowds with little-to-no mask wearing gathered at the Chabad-Lubavitch World Headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway on Sunday, according to a livestream.

    COLlive, a news website for the Orthodox community, reported on Saturday that masks were supposed to be worn “at all times” inside at the headquarters, often referred to as 770. The news outlet published photographs of blue surgical masks being distributed to those attending.

    The Gedaliah Society, a group of Orthodox Jewish healthcare professionals, cautioned the community of a rise in coronavirus cases in Crown Heights in recent days.

    “It is critical that those at risk for serious illness remain protected,” the group wrote in a statement on Sunday. They recommended holding services outdoors and on porches. Additional services should be held indoors to “allow for increased distancing, and everyone should be wearing masks.”

    The group said on Friday that many positive cases “are associated with 770.”

    New York’s guidelines for regions in Phase 4 of the reopening plan, which includes NYC, require religious services held inside to include no more than 33 percent of the maximum occupancy, or no more than 50 people for outdoor services. Worshipers must remain at least six feet apart, or 12 feet apart during singing, the guidelines say.

    The guidelines also say “face coverings are required at all times except while seated, provided all individuals are 6 ft. apart except for immediate household members.”

    “We’ve worked closely with the Jewish community to make sure the rules are clear on worshipping safely while we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Mitch Schwartz, a spokesperson for Mayor Bill de Blasio. “We know this is an especially meaningful time of year and we’ll keep the conversation going throughout the holiday.”

    The Hasidic community has faced devastating impacts from the pandemic since March. The Chabad headquarters closed for more than three months due to coronavirus, quickly leading to crowded services again.

    The Chabad-Lubavitch World Headquarters did not respond to an email or phone call, and’s media director, Motti Seligson, a spokesperson for the organization, did not respond to an emailed inquiry. The Sheriff’s office, which leads social distancing enforcement, did not respond our inquiries.

    This article has been updated with a comment from City Hall.



      1. “These subhuman vermin in Jew York”

        Classic comment…..even the Guardian mods would have probably deleted this one…..probably !

  55. ‘Bruce’. I think I may have got you a mentor, seriously!

    There’s a contributor here that posts as Charles. I like to engage with him and offer him notes and pointers from time to time and I mentioned you to him. You may already be acquainted in your virtual ecosystem.

    I mentioned that you’ve been attempting to be provocative here but it has been clumsy and unsophisticated. I referred to your early work where you were contented to simply write apartheid, genocide, child-murder, baby-slaughter, ZioNazi, loads of times in the same post but that was all a bit meh! Then you pivoted onto a sort of story-telling routine but it was simply a variant on the theme and isn’t really hitting the spot.

    This Charles one is a far more sophisticated baiter and someone that actually puts a shift in to get the results. I suggested he make contact with you and the two of you talked directly. You will forgive me for my presumption but I really think he can help you. I should add that I have the strongest sense that he is our erstwhile contributor and your fellow Jew baiter, Chris Rogers and i think that even a dullard of your limited imagination will see the startling similarities in style, tone, content and motivation.

    He says he despises Jews and I reassured him that this wouldn’t be an issue with you.

    Anyway good luck with ‘Charles’ and happy to have been the source of the connection. BTW, I didn’t discuss fees. That’s between you and him. i know you guys get touchy about money.

  56. Michael

    You are a dimwit

    The Arabs who fled in 1948/9 were getting money from the UN beginning 1950 onwards.
    And also from many other countries who hoped that Israel could be destroyed (just like you Michael)

    The US supplies Israel about three billion dollars a year in military aid. All that money is required to be spent in the US on US manufactured goods and is in effect an indirect subsidy to American industry.

    There are some in Israel who say that this money is damaging Israeli military industry and technology and want it stopped.

    1. ” hoped that Israel could be destroyed (just like you Michael)”??!?

      Yet again the stupid assertion that those who wish to see an apartheid free Israel where all enjoy the same rights, privileges and TREATMENT are intent on its destruction. Another example of the Zionist mind’s total lack of logic.

      It matters to the US where this money is spent of course. From Israel’s viewpoint it is the GIFT OF OVER $3.5 BILLION EVERY YEAR!

      Of course some in Israel would like to receive the charity in shekels and spend it developing their own killing industries.

      1. Some more Michael magic from the slogan archive here Ken. I guess you’ll have seen this sort of toss a thousand times from the trolls elsewhere and it’s no different here.

        As you can see our lad, who has been at this for around 6 years here is simply going through the motions. I’m guessing that now more than ever with peace breaking out in the region, the local Arab rejectionists being left behind and diasporan opponents on their knees, this becomes a sort of virtual drop-in centre during lock-down for the guilty remnant.

        Wonder if the artists known as Bruce and Charles hooked up.

      2. Israel is apartheid free already Farmboy…..

        I have visited Israel several times myself and never seen any evidence of apartheid….
        I have seen Jews and Arabs mixing together on beaches and on busses and in supermarkets and in restaurants and in public parks. That is what I have witnessed with my own eyes…..
        Never once did I see any evidence of apartheid….

        The Palestinian “plight” is a bogus one. It is bogus because it is 99% self inflicted and therefore not worthy of the attention or sympathy of any intelligent person.
        The world is waking up to this now….hence the recent peace agreements between Israel and UAE and now Bahrain.

        Nobody cares anymore….

    2. In effect, Israel has imposed a blockade on Gaza to stop the import of weaponry to those it has declared war on.

      Meanwhile Israel itself imports over $3.5 billion of FREE military equipment from the US.

      That should bring peace.

  57. Brucie babes

    The more I read your posts the more convinced I become that you are a fraud.

    Hitler described Jews as ‘sub-human vermin’, as you have done in your post.

    Every time you post you manage to confirm your crude Antisemitic racism

    So please please continue, lest we forget about our enemies from within

    1. Enemies within? You sound just like Thatcher there, Richard. Likewise Bruce will view yourself and your Zionist ilk as enemies within Judaism.

      p.s. I note that you confirm Jews as a race, also confirming that Israel is indeed a racist endeavour.

  58. Michael

    If you try to kill me I will defend myself.

    You and your ilk have been killing Jews for centuries.

    Now we stand up and defend ourselves, you whinge and complain.

    Much better you whinge and complain and Jews don’t die.

    If people try to kill Jews, and while defending ourselves our attackers get hurt or worse then so be it.

    1. Of course, anyone will defend themselves and their land if others take it away.

      I haven’t been killling Jews for centuries. Wasn’t born then.

      If thievestry to take land and the thieves get hurt or worse, so be it.

  59. Michael

    You talk of Israel’s ‘killing industry’.

    As a matter of interest how many people are victims of this ‘killing industry’, and who are you comparing it to.

    If you are comparing it to the Nazi ‘killing industry’, then one can only assume that you are a raging Antisemite, because I can think of no other connection other than that comparison as Israel has none of the trappings of such an industry.

    A ‘killing industry’ is one which is designed with the sole purpose of killing people. A defense and/or military industry is for making weapons for defense and war and exist in most countries

    So either you used the wrong term, or you’re an Antisemetic racist bigot in the same league Charles

    1. The weapons industry is an industry aimed at producing products that kill people or destroy structures.

      As to the number of victims of this ‘killing industry’ the Palestinians have had many, many times more of them that Israel has, probable due to the imbalance in the type and amount of weaponry that each possesses.

      Yes, most countries do have a weapons industry for defence. In this case the Palestinians are starved of them by Israel/Us while Israel receives US weaponry by the skip full absolutely free.

  60. Michael

    Margaret Thatcher was an incredible woman and leader who saved this country from financial disaster

    That she still riles the socialist progressives is just another feather in her cap

    1. Margaret Thatcher was a strong woman devoid of the normal emotions such as pity and empathy.

      Her policies caused widespread unemployment and the destruction of some of the UK’s major industries. She totally destroyed the coal industry using illegal use of the UK law courts. Only 5 or so years ago more coal was being used in energy production that in Thatcher’s day.

      She was responsible for the crime of killing over 500 crew of the Belgrano and the withdrawal of EU milk for primary children.

  61. Michael

    I truly don’t understand the point you are trying to make; everything you say is so glaringly obvious and available to find with the most cursory of searches.

    Israel has had a blockade on Gaza Ever since the genocidally minded Hamas seized power in Gaza. So!!!!!!

    And Israel receives military aid from the US, as it has since the early 1970’s. So!!!!!

    1. Thankyou Richard for confirming the information contained in my posts is indeed correct.

      Hamas won a democratic vote to rule and Israel and the US did not accept the result. To ‘persuade’ the voters to withdraw their support of Hamas they introduced sanctions on the Gazan people(illegal collective punishment).

      I have already covered the massive military welfare lavished on Israel by an ‘neutral’ US administration.

      1. Yes Hamas were indeed democratically elected…… 2006
        When will the next election be ?
        Who knows ?
        Makes you think about what kind of a future the Gazans have let themselves in for…..
        But like you rightly say…..they voted for it…… be it…..

  62. Michael

    Virtually all the people I used to work with in Israel were either Jewish refugees or children of Jewish refugees that were ethnically cleansed from Iraq, Syria and Libya. I didn’t come into much contact with Jewish refugees that were ethnically cleansed from other MENA countries.

    They all talked of having to live very quietly to avoid being targeted for being Jews by the government and Arab/Muslim majority.

    They talked of restrictions on movement, restrictions on jobs (especially government jobs), they talked of the constant low level harassment that happened all the time, some of the girls/women spoke of having to avoid certain areas to avoid being groped and mocked/harassed because they were Jewish.

    And most of the near one million Jews who fled the Middle East and North Africa lost all their possessions by having to leave them when they left/fled.

    Most of the Jewish refugees from the Arab/Muslim lands were housed in refugee type camps (ma’abarot). until they could successfully be rehoused elsewhere

    1. Richard, I have already debunked the myth that nearly one million Jews were ethnically cleansed from Mena countries and showed that most of them left for Israel with the encouragement and assistance of Mossad and Zionist groups.

      1. “I have already debunked the myth that nearly one million Jews were ethnically cleansed from Mena countries”

        When did you do that exactly ?

  63. Michael

    You are insinuating that the Jews stole the land..

    Please tell me from whom they supposedly stole it from and their claim to the land.

    You may use the New Testament as a historical reference

  64. Michael

    You are a dimwit

    I said that the ‘killing industry’ was something set up with the sole purpose of killing people.
    The Nazi’s created a ‘killing industry’.

    A defense industry is different.

    When you insinuate that Israel has a’killing industry’, what are you saying? Be more specific, or if you got it wrong, apologise

    1. Richard, I posted “Of course some in Israel would like to receive the charity in shekels and spend it developing their own killing industries.”

      I did not state that Israel already has a weapons industry which is an industry producing instruments of killing.

      What do you think the squads at the fence are? They are in the business of shooting people dead.

  65. No, the Jews did not initially steal it, that is what they are currently attempting to do. The powers that be gave away to Jewish organisations areas of Palestine an area with an Arab majority. Pure vandalism.

  66. Michael

    If the Argentinians hadn’t attacked the Falklands, the Belgrano wouldn’t have been sunk and no Argentinians would have died.

    In war soldiers and sailors get killed; it’s the nature of warfare

    If you can’t work that one out,you you are a bigger dimwit than I thought.

  67. Michael

    Read the Hamas charter before you go shooting your mouth off. They have stated plainly that they want to destroy Israel and get rid of the Jews

    And the changes they said they made amount to nothing.

    Blockade is legal in warfare.

    And you can take your collective punishment nonsense and ask what the Israeli civilians suffer when rockets and missiles are fired at their towns; but then again you don’t believe Jews, sorry I meant Israelis have any rights.

  68. Michael

    In your fevered imagination you can do anything and prove anything you want.
    You have debunked nothing and just repeated your same old mantra like a parrot

    No refugee crisis has ever resulted in the entire population leaving unless it was an ethnic cleansing.

    You continuously witter away about the fact that there are more Jews living outside Israel.
    Now just try and use your brain for a change and think why there are virtually no Jews left in the Arab/Muslim lands, but there are still Zionist Jews living in the west.
    In the west Jews are free and mostly safe and can make a choice, whereas in the Arab/Muslim lands they were neither free nor safe and were either expelled or the situation was so bad they had to leave.

    But you will never accept that because you always believe the Jews have an agenda

    1. Yes, his ‘debunking’ of the ethnic cleansing of Jews is part of a fevered imagination. As you correctly point out entire populations across a region didn’t just up and leave because Israel was allegedly (another false and generalised statement anyway) encouraging them.
      There are NO Jews left. 99% of the population fled. 99%. How is that anything other than ethnic cleansing.

  69. The land was stolen from the Jews over a two thousand year period.

    We fought for it and won it back much to the chagrin of people like you who think that Jews should always be victims.

  70. “Almost a quarter of young adults in America (23%) said they believed the Holocaust was a myth or had been exaggerated or weren’t sure. One in eight (12%) said they had definitely not heard, or didn’t think they had heard, about the Holocaust.” according to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) which commissioned the survey.

    Of course. With more and more American Jews abandoning the Zionist experiment, the reason why the United Snakes supports racist, apartheid Israel must be accelerated in classrooms across the country. Holocaust education must take priority over American History.

    And don’t forget, if it wasn’t for apartheid Israel, the world would still be living in the stone age.

    Yeah right.

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