Fake Jews, the Scottish PSC and anti-Jewish hostility in Scotland

In Scotland they have antisemites who pretend to be Jews. The fake ‘Jewish’ activist is then promoted by the antisemites in the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC). In turn the SPSC has access to the heart of the Scottish Government and Justice system. In Scotland Jews can be stalked and have their complaints fall on deaf ears. Jewish business has already been chased out of the country. When they eventually try to defend themselves, Jews end up being smeared by a hostile press. Nobody can fairly say that Scotland is safe for Jews.

The ‘Jewish’ activist at the football match.

Last week I reported on a vile demonstration that took place in Glasgow, when a few extremist groups protested about Scotland playing against a football team from the Jewish state. My article focussed on the presence of several notable antisemites. A recent video from the pro-Iranian Press TV brought to light something even more sinister. Their reporter Robert Carter tweeted a video of an interview that took place during the demonstration. Carter introduces the person as a ‘Jewish activist’. The footage went viral.


The person in the video is called Jola AlJakhbeer. In 2018 she married a Palestinian from Gaza, Younis Al Jakhbeer. Her name on Facebook is currently AlJakhbeer Jola but the Facebook URL suggests she may also have used Lola Hazel at some point.

In the interview AlJakhbeer says she is there representing ‘Scottish Jews against Zionism’. It is worth watching the interview and listening to her talk about ‘us’ and ‘we’ and ‘Jewish values’.

Jola is a key campaigner for the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC). She appears to have used many aliases, such as Daria Krysta and Daria Auerman.

After the invention of ‘Scottish Jews against Zionism’, the name ‘Jola Litwitz’ began to appear on letters from Scottish Jewish anti-Zionists. I found occurrences in the National, IJAN and on posts belonging to the SPSC and JVL. It is possible that there are two women with the name Jola in Glasgow that are running Scottish Jews Against Zionism, but it is highly unlikely. Far more logical is that Jola AlJakhbeer has used a surname that sounds more Jewish.

For about three years, Jola went by the name of Jolanta Hadzic. She claimed she was the wife of Bosnian Muslim Muhammed Hadz. At the time this is what Hadz had to say about Jews – that we are all ‘Khazars‘.

And she ‘liked’ her partner’s suggestion that Jews ‘invented’ racism:

Note the mention of Trotsky in the post and the homophobic inference. This is part of the white-genocide ideology copied from a neo-Nazi website such as Stormfront (link – NSFW).

But Jolanta was in Scotland, normally waving banners for the local solidarity group. Here is Jola at her ‘second home’ – the SPSC.

Hadzic AlJakhbeer

Jola is a frequent agitator on the streets. If you find an image of an anti-Israel protest in Scotland, Jola is likely to be there. She is one of those few whose obsession drives street activity:

jolanta hadzic AlJakhbeer 3

When you see anti-Israel stickers plastered around a Scottish city, they may carry Jolanta’s fingerprints:

Jolanta Hadzic

The ‘Jewish’ hard core antisemite

When ‘Scottish Jews against Zionism’ was founded, Jolanta was the public face. Their first appearance was at a demonstration in Edinburgh in May 2018. She was introduced by her long-time fellow activist, SPSC head honcho Mick Napier.

The key problem here is that Jola is not Jewish. Jola has even uploaded images of her DNA to Facebook, proving she is 86% Eastern European / Russian. According to her DNA there may possibly be a Jewish great-grandparent somewhere – or at 8-11% it could be a statistical error. Hadzic / AlJakhbeer clearly does not understand how all this works and she has uploaded the DNA specifically to suggest Jews are not Semites. This is part of the well-known ‘Khazar’ trope she had ‘liked’ in the post about ‘Jews inventing racism’.

In fact she is a non-Jewish activist who shares Holocaust denial and other antisemitic material. There is nothing that Hadzic appears unwilling to share with her friends. Here are examples of Holocaust denial:

jolanta holocaust

Here are some examples of antisemitic conspiracy, such as 9/11. Israel as ISIS, and Jews being linked to the Islamist suicide bombs in Europe:

Hadzic has posted many antisemitic conspiracy posts. In the next image she shares the age-old trope about Jews kidnapping children to harvest organs:


So Jolanta is a non-Jew who shares Holocaust denial and other hard-core antisemitic material. She is married to a Palestinian and she pretends to be Jewish so as to silence the voice of Jews in Scotland. Mick Napier of the SPSC has known her for years. The SPSC is her ‘second home’. How can Napier not know that Hadzic is not a voice of Scottish Jews? Just as troubling is the fact that I had previously highlighted Hadzic’s Holocaust denial and antisemitic posts in the report I produced on antisemitism in the SPSC in 2017. Hadzic had a prominent place in the report. Napier publicly responded in detail to my report, showing that he had clearly read it.

This leaves a glaring question. If Napier had already known Hadzic for years and he had read a report and seen the evidence of her sharing Holocaust denial and other antisemitic material, how on earth could he introduce her as the voice of Scottish Jews in 2018?

Twitter blue ticks share an antisemitic non-Jew as the voice of Scottish Jews:

It is no surprise that the pro-Hezbollah, pro-Iranian Press TV would run a propaganda piece suggesting that Jola AlJakhbeer is Jewish, in order to distort the voice of Scottish Jews. It is far more troubling when others do it. So when former Labour MP Chris Williamson and MPACUK retweeted Robert Carter’s Press TV post, they are sharing some truly dark antisemitic messaging.

The image on the right above is of MPACUK, the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, using an antisemite and pretend Jew to spread anti-Jewish hate amongst the UK Muslim community.

Hadzic’s Jewish anti-Zionist partner

What takes place in Scotland would never pass without comment south of the border. This is what makes it so scary. The extremists and deception is here in the south, but our press is far more critical, diverse and rigorous. How is it possible that the self-described ‘anti-Zionist Jewish’ group in Scotland has a spokesperson who pretends to be Jewish and shares Holocaust denial and nobody notices? Perhaps it is more a case of ‘nobody cares’. The Scottish press are shamefully complicit.

When SJAZ was founded in 2018, the other central figure was Sarah Glynn. She describes herself as an ‘academic, activist and architect’. When in 2017 I released the report on antisemitism in the SPSC, most of the press coverage was extremely favourable as regards the depth and integrity of my research. However one Scottish outlet, Bella Caledonia, published an article dismissing the work.  The author? Sarah Glynn. 

In Glynn’s rather pathetic response (my fisking of her article), she went to great lengths to tell everyone why I was wrong. But here is the catch again – Jolanta Hadzic is on many pages of that report. If, (and we have no reason to doubt it) Glynn actually read the report properly so as to write the response, then how on earth is the public face of the group she co-founded – a Holocaust denying antisemite included in its pages? When Glynn is one of the five names from SJAZ signed at the bottom of a letter published in the National, does she really know the ‘Jola Litwitz’ whose name appears alongside hers? Because ‘Jola Litwitz’ has absolutely NO internet footprint beyond signing letters for Scottish Jews against Zionism. The name of Jola AlJakhbeer, the face of SJLAZ, is mysteriously absent from these letters.

The SPSC connection in the Scottish Parliament

My 2017 report evidenced ‘off the scale’ levels of antisemites at SPSC gatherings. The exercise in quantifying antisemitic activism in Scotland was repeated at various events through 2017 and 2018. In 2018 I also first exposed the antisemite who was the face of Scottish Jews against Zionism. If anyone in Scotland cared about Jews and antisemitism, the Scottish press would have been all over it and the SPSC would have immediately been rendered beyond the pale. Unfortunately, that is simply is not the case.

The image below is of Scottish MSP Sandra White at an anti-Israel demonstration in Glasgow in July 2017.

The person on the stage with White who is holding the Palestinian flag, is none other than Jolanta Hadzic / AlJakhbeer – the pretend Jew who shares Holocaust denial material. The photo suggests ‘all’ the people involved are part of the SPSC.

In 2017 the SPSC held an event outside the Scottish Parliament to protest at the arrival of the Israeli Ambassador. According to their own Facebook post, MSPs from all parties (except the Conservatives) spoke at the SPSC event. MSP Claudia Beamish even shared a photo of the SPSC demonstration on her own page.

MSP John Finnie openly has Mick Napier as a Facebook friend.

In the Register of Interests in the Scottish Parliament, Finnie has himself listed as a member of the SPSC. So does MSP Ross Greer.

Just last week the SPSC had another petition heard at the Scottish Parliament. There is a whole record of references to the SPSC on the Scottish Parliament website. Can you imagine the outrage if the UK Government in Westminster spent its time listening to the arguments put forward by the BNP?

Scotland has adopted the IHRA in full. No politician anywhere has any business linking themselves to an organisation as toxic as the SPSC.

The plot that wasn’t

As a further sign of hostility in Scotland, we can look at the media. This week the Daily Record broke a story about what they describe as a false flag plot to discredit the SPSC.

Except there was no plot to frame anyone and there was certainly no vandalism attack. A relatively unknown activist with a sock account, attempted a ‘sting’ to expose anti-Israel haters. The target was one hater in particular and much of the other side of this story will soon come out. Beyond a silly remark posted in a backwater fake FB profile that was trying to get a reaction from the target- there seems to be nothing to this angle of the story.

It shows the hostility in Scotland, that this was taken all out of proportion and turned into something it clearly was not. The National ran it as a headline on their website, suggesting that there had been a detailed and sinister attempt to actually frame an organisation.

Because of the way the story was told in the media, everyone with whom I have discussed it believes that the man actually vandalised his own house to point the finger at the SPSC.

It is a simple matter to prove. Matthew Berlow made a comment on a Facebook post in January 2019 but was only exposed much later. Where is the plot? Was there graffiti? No. Was there a complaint made? No. Was this information spread in order to frame anyone? No. Was it reported to the police? No.

There is just one ill-judged comment on a personal Facebook page. That isn’t a plot. This is the way that a story about one silly Facebook comment went viral.

Seeking balance I looked at the archive of the Daily Record.

Where is the criticism of the antisemites?

Having seen the Daily Record jump into exaggerated and deceptive action over a single Facebook comment, I searched their website to see how they deal with the endless stream of antisemitic posts and actions of anti-Israel activists in Scotland. I found nothing.

I searched for Mick Napier and found only quotes or positive and sympathetic comments. There was no link between his name and antisemitism, his convictions, or the fact his organisation chased a Jewish business out of Scotland.

I then searched for the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign and found more of the same.

The question is why? How is it possible that one worthless FB comment can be turned into headline news, but there is nothing about the years of antisemitic agitation by a key anti-Israel group in Scotland.

A plot? The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign introduced a non-Jewish antisemitic activist as a voice of the Jews in Scotland in order to silence and discredit the real voices of the Jews in Scotland. That sure sounds like a sinister antisemitic plot to me. Just a shame the politicians and media in Scotland are all too busy defending the antisemites to worry about the Scottish Jews.



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  1. Such great work as usual – you are a credit to our tiny Jewish community. If and when the time comes to fight in the streets I will do my bit. We cannot let these revamped Nazis persecutes us ever again.

  2. David, the activist that you refer to in the regard to the Daily Record story about the ” vandalism ” is not Jewish

  3. David

    This is as bad as the experience that I had at SOAS university where the ‘Israel Society’ had been taken over by two totally anti-Israel fanatics (both from Pakistan).

      1. Except when someone jumps in my face and screams JEWS !!!!!! Hard not to in those circumstances. You would be great on University challenge. You would just anser JEWS !!! to every question. Sorted.

        I will grant you that that happens quite a lot. But that isn’t my fault is it ?

        1. Jumping in your face screaming JEWS! Classic.

          The settings on your Jew-dar sounds like a you problem Bellers.

                1. How rude Bellers.

                  You could definitely charge for slogans. You’ve got shelves of them although some are well past their ‘sell-by’. Stick em in the aisle end bargain bucket. Michael’s not fussy.

  4. For Ian and the rest of the educationally challenged, SCOJEC, led by Bowski, is the uk mainstream’s and the Scot nats favoured Jewish org. Borowski did a survey that showed that 99.99999% recurring of Scottish Jews, or something close, were planning to do a runner to Israel cuz of antisemitism which is virtually non existent in Scotland. Borowski forgot to mention that the population surveyed was Borowski’s own mailing list !!!!

    Two horrified prominent members of the Glasgow rep council, about as mainstream as it gets, wrote to that pillar of the Jewish gutter press, the Jewish Chronicle, pointing out that Borowski was as nuts as a bunch of frogs in a bag, and was in no way representative of Scottish Jews.

    Needless to say the radid racist Pollard did not publish it.

  5. Stephen

    We understand that you suffer a severe animus towards Israel and the Jewish community, but why is the JC the ‘gutter press’. I’ll guarantee that you don’t have a coherent answer to that because you are driven by your animus

    Methinks your animus is becoming a serious problem. I suppose it doesn’t help with Israel and the Arabs making peace, not war; that must be pissing you off big time. Almost as much as Charles gets pissed off when I remind him that David Irving lost his libel case about Holocaust Denial big time

    Maybe if you ask nicely, Charles will let you cry on his shoulders

    I know you suffer a serious character flaw that renders you unable to answer simple questions in simple intelligible English, but please give it a try. I would so appreciate it. (I wish I knew how to add emojis to my posts)

    1. “why is the JC the ‘gutter press’.” Because it’s dedicated to smearing Corbyn and the Labour Party.

    2. Why bother engaging with this antisemite. He craves recognition and gets his rocks off by incessant baiting . In reality he’s a nothing that no one outside of a few blogs has heard of. He’s only here courtesy of David’s generous spirit of free speech . Don’t engage with him and he will eventually disappear back to the gutters from whence he came.

  6. Stephen

    You are quite capable of bringing up the case of ‘fake jews’ yourself.

    You could even attempt an intelligent conversation about it rather than playing the village idiot

    1. No when I want to scare my daughter ( and I often do even though she is 32 ) I don’t hide in a cupboard and jump out and shout BOO HOO.

      I hide in a cupboard and jump out and shout BOO !!!

  7. Stephen

    I would assume it’s your favourite organisation , the BoD, that represents the Jews of Scotland (but don’t hold me to that, even though it is quite irrelevant)

    1. These Arabs still stand for a 2-state solution based on ’67 lines, Richard.All that’s happened is that Trump has promised them something or threatened their economies to have them smile at Israel.

      It is election year for Trump.

  8. To The Editor of The Jerusalem Post

    Story about Matthew Berlow fake vandalism “plot”

    I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about the recent news article that was published in the Jerusalem Post about me which contained misleading and incomplete information , information which would have put a substantially different perspective on the story and information that would have been provided by me and made available to the Jerusalem Post had it bothered to make contact with me and given me the right of reply.

    The false Daily Record story talks of a plot by me and another man to smear a group and also implies that I physically staged a vandalism of my own property as part of this plot.

    There was NO ACTUAL VANDALISM OF MY PROPERTY but merely private discussion between two people of a FALSE PLAN to vandalise my property.

    One person knew it was a false plan and the other believed it to be a true plan.

    The story as printed in the Jerusalem Post is extremely damaging to my reputation and has resulted in death threats against me.

    At no time did I “confess” to staging an attack on my own home in order to discredit the SPSC.

    If the Jerusalem post had bothered to read the Scottish Law Society report into the matter and bothered to contact me then they would have realised that and not printed inaccurate information about me and about the circumstances of this case.

    The story has also caused me untold anxiety and hurt and upset as I have devoted my life to defending The State of Israel and Israel advocacy .

    The TRUE story which was omitted is as follows:

    There is an organisation in Glasgow called Glasgow Friends of Israel. (GFI)

    GFI have a regular street stall in the city centre which hands out leaflets which promote Israel and counter the usual anti Israel propaganda that is prevalent on the streets of any European capital .

    The stall sometimes attracts staunch anti Israel activists and indeed bona fide anti semites who wish to cause trouble or disruption activities .

    A number of years ago a member of GFI unilaterally took it upon himself to set up a fake persona on Facebook purporting to be an anti Israel activist in order to gather intelligence about the various intentions of certain groups vis a vis the street stall .

    This was therefore the purpose of the fake profile BUT NOT in any way linked to a plot to smear any group or individual and at no time have I confessed to this .

    Edward Sutherland , a religious studies teacher set up a profile called “Stevie Harrison”

    I was unaware of the existence of this fake persona until current events unfolded .

    Separately, for many years I have had a dangerous stalker who has been harassing me over those years and sending me sinister threats and anti Semitic abuse and also made a host of false allegations against me which have of course transpired to be completely false.

    This stalker believed the fake persona of “Stevie” to be a real person who disliked me because I am a Zionist and the stalker INITIATED CONTACT with “Stevie”.

    Edward , who was aware of the issue with my anti Semitic stalker advised me of this contact and we came up with a plan to expose the stalker.

    In making contact with “Stevie” the stalker revealed his true identity and criminal intentions towards me. He is a FELLOW LAWYER called Neil McPherson whose son I had previously reported to the police for sending me abusive and racist and threatening messages.

    “Stevie” pretended to Neil McPherson (the anti Semitic stalker) that he wanted to vandalise my house but purported to not know where I lived. “Stevie” asked Neil McPherson for assistance in this regard.

    Neil McPherson not only gave him my address but also a description of my property and my car details , wife’s car registration plate and also OFFERED TO ASSIST !

    At this point we decided to report matters to the Police and the Law society.

    I have documented proof of this whole conversation between Neil McPherson and Stevie and also copies of emails that passed between them , emails from Neil McPherson’s own law firm email account.

    The evidence is insurmountable and I can provide the Jerusalem Post with everything and would have done so if I had been given the opportunity.

    As can be seen there was no PLOT to smear the SPSC but this was an offer by a friend to help expose an anti Semitic stalker who has put me through hell and back.

    There was no vandalism and this was not a plot/ false flag by me and Edward to frame anyone but this crooked lawyer and anti Semitic stalker.

    The story that the Jerusalem Post has run is basically a copy of a story from a Scottish newspaper called the Daily Record with whom I suspect has connections with my stalker who has fed them this skewed story in a malign way to deflect from his own culpability.

    The Daily record printed nothing about the TRUE circumstances here which puts this story into context and sheds a whole new light on it.

    I wish to enter into discussions about the Jerusalem Post printing a story which conceded that the original story was missing a crucial element and that makes this element clear and also makes clear (unlike the original article) that there was no actual fake vandalism of my own property.

    I am in a position to provide the irrefutable evidence of all I have stated above and look forward to hearing from you with your comments and proposals within the next 7 days

    I remain able to assist with a story which demonstrated that the previous story was inaccurate and led to false assumptions and that the Jerusalem post has since come into possession of previously unknown evidence etc

    I would go as far as to say that the previous “plot” story played to anti Semitic tropes.

    Matthew Berlow

  9. Michael

    Is your name Stephen Bellamy. I didn’t ask you for one of your nonsensically irrelevant comments

  10. Hamas refuses to accept Israel’s existence and is fighting for a single state

    Abbas turned down Olmerts state solution in 2007/8 which included East Jerusalem and virtually the entire West Bank.

    They do want 2 states; two Palestinian states and no Israel

    1. scotland LUVs paleswinians?

      Then scotland should cede land to palestinians – with oil rich North Sea drilling income.

      1. Almost as many Jews in the US as live in Israel, plus there’s much more room. More sense for the US to cede land to the Jews . They can form a racist state which treats Jews much better than the non-Jews… calling it the state of Israel.

        Would also save the US over $3.5 billion annually in welfare costs.

    2. PA(PLO) recognised Israel w-a-y back in ’93. Don’t remember any benefit from it or any reciprocal recognition.

    1. Repetitious sloganising…..

      That reminds me. No denial yet from Michael that he endorsed a tweet from a David Duke fan sayings “Jews are counterfeit human beings ” Asked 4.times. Avoided 4 times.

      Michael’s an antisemite. Don’t be like Michael.

  11. Michael

    I asked Stephen a question and you stupidly replied. If I wanted to ask you a question I would have done that.

    Or have you taken on Stephen’s persona.

  12. David Collier
    Replying to @mishtal
    Early reports suggest rockets over Ashdod and Ashkelon. Two people have suffered injuries with damage in Ashdod’s industrial estate. .

    Well, Israel did declare war on Gaza.

  13. David Collier
    Replying to @mishtal
    Early reports suggest rockets over Ashdod and Ashkelon. Two people have suffered injuries with damage in Ashdod’s industrial estate. .

    Well, Israel’s first target is always Gazan infrastructure.

    1. Were you listening to our Prine Minister at the White House just now Michael?

      You are really going to have to double down on your slogans from now. As an individual you have always been an irrelevance. Now your whole team is disappearing from view.

  14. Where do you lads go from here Michael?

    You whined about smearing that old Trot that ran UK labour and he got crushed.
    You squeal that there should be no sympathy for Jews and Israel and there is.
    You support a boycott of Israel but the Arab states don’t
    You bleat about Trump and US support for Israel but he’ll probably win the Nobel Peace Prize
    You scream that David is a liar for money and his support has grown 1000% since you began.
    You say it’s not about Jews and then you endorse tweets that say “Jews are counterfeit human beings”

    You’re either the worlds worst activist or this has never been about any of these things. It’s just about you.

    That kinda fits, doesn’t it?

    1. Likewise these Arab states ‘making peace’ with Israel haven’t changed their insistence on a Palestinian state or their opposition to the proposed annexation they just said what the US dimwit wanted to hear. I’m sure they’re being rewarded by the US.

  15. Don’t you remember a Labour politician made exactly the same Antisemitic racist remarks as you a few years ago. Didn’t do her political future much good. She had some form of value,so it cost her. You are valueless, so your racist statements will just be forgotten

    You are a dimwit

  16. Michael

    What is it about you and your postings.

    You state the glaringly obvious as if it is a revelation, you repeat yourself constantly, you contradict yourself periodically; and if that’s not enough, many of your comments are nonsensically incoherent and irrelevant

    But I suppose it keeps you out of mischief

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