Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary and the chaos of anti-truth

Wikipedia might be free and run by volunteers but it is by far the most popular encyclopedia on the planet. Urban dictionary is a crowdsourced dictionary, that has been used as a reference in court cases. Both these sources highlight the problem Jewish people, and the truth, face in an online world.

Last week, antisemitic definitions of Zionism and anti-Zionism were being promoted by Urban dictionary. Other vile phrases were uncovered on the same website. The ‘zio-vermin’ definition reproduced in the image below, blames Jews for the Holocaust. It would not have been out of place on a white supremacist, neo-Nazi website:

urban dictionary, WIKIPEDIA, zio-vermin

This highlights a real problem for Jewish people on the internet. In a world in which ‘up-votes’ dictate reality, write history or define words, Jews will invariably lose. Hard-core antisemites, radical Islamists and the hard-left are numerically capable of creating a distorted and offensive online ‘reality’. New definitions and historical narratives that are then widely accepted and shared around as the ‘truth’.

The Wikipedia massacre affair

Three years ago I made a discovery that rewrote the history of events that took place over Dec 31 1947 / Jan 1 1948 in the disintegrating British Palestine Mandate.

Or it should have done. The event was an alleged ‘massacre’ by Jewish forces in a village called Balad al-Shaykh. Evidence uncovered at the British archives showed clearly that the massacre never happened. Yet despite several attempts it has proven impossible even to remove the word ‘massacre’ from the Wikipedia page.

Wiki editors chose to rely on the self-serving and exaggerated accounts of the participants, rather than official police reports from the scene.

What Wikipedia calls a massacre

Wiki editors responded that ‘massacre’ in Wikipedia can be anything with over five deaths, and then oddly linked to the Kingsmill Massacre as justification. The trouble here is not just in the number of casualties, but the manner of the attack. At Kingsmill, Provisional IRA gunmen stopped a bus load of innocent workmen, lined them up against the wall and shot them.

‘Massacre’ is a highly emotive and loaded term, and I think most reasonable people will accept Kingsmill was a massacre. Balad al -Shaykh is an entirely different scenario. It took place within the context of a bloody civil war. This was a shoot-out between two armed forces. The Jews suffered 25% of the twelve casualties and almost all of the fatalities were men of fighting age – almost certainly engaged in battle.

If this is a ‘massacre’ then the word is rendered absolutely meaningless. It is disingenuous of Wikipedia to disregard the loaded implication behind most people’s understanding of what the word means. When people see the title in the page – it sends a message that negates needing to read the article itself. It is fair to say that the page simply lies to Wikipedia readers. It is raw anti-Israel propaganda.

Online anti-truth terrorism

A better use of the word ‘massacre’ would be as a description of what happens to history and truth on Wiki’s pages. Jews are a tiny minority up against enemies that vastly outnumber them. Jews, nor their allies are capable of policing history. The more time goes on, the more distorted reality becomes.

The example I want to present now, amongst many I found, is a subtle one. It refers to a quote 120 years old made by the former mayor of Jerusalem, Yousef al-Khalidi.

This is how the Wiki page describes it:

“In 1899 he wrote a letter to the Zadok Kahn, the chief rabbi of France in which he stated “Who can deny the rights of the Jews to Palestine? My God, historically it is also your country!”

The source for the quote is ‘Palestine: Une terre, deux peuples’ by Dominique Perrin. Better still, Wikipedia link to an online version of the book, with the quote highlighted for our benefit. And here we run into real trouble.

Because in the source Wiki uses, the Mayor says ‘my god, historically it is your country”. The word ‘also’ clearly missing.

So who added the word ‘also’? It is an addition that clearly carries major political implication.

On 24 Jan 2019, a one-time user entered the page, made the single edit and left. It is highly likely this is the act of a more regular user who sought to make this change anonymously.

An online anti-truth terrorist.

As we know for a fact there are organised online armies on social media platforms using their numerical superiority to manipulate popular thought, isn’t it obvious they would also swarm inside the internet’s primary reference resource?

Outnumbered and outgunned

I am positive that it will take a proper Wikipedia editor about 4 seconds to clean up that quote – but this isn’t the point. It is just another piece of evidence of this endless whack-a-mole game that Jews are left playing.

There are just 15 million of us – perhaps just 10,000s are in some way politically active online. We cannot mobilise an entire people. In the other corner are 100,000s, if not 1,000,000s – some part of online gangs explicitly set up to swarm and distort the truth. In a world of ‘up-votes’, we are both outnumbered and outgunned.

Wikipedia is perverting history

It is difficult to overstate the damage this is doing. Last year I wrote a report on a school text-book. A textbook used to teach our children the modern conflict ‘history’ of Israel.

During the research I was astonished to note the reliance the author had placed on Wikipedia. On several occasions the textbook took direct quotes from  Wikipedia text. Often the information chosen was distorted. Teachers are sharing material uploaded by ‘anti-truth terrorists’ and then using it to brainwash our children.

A teacher can use the Balad Al-Shaykh page to spread the myth of a massacre to young minds. Children who will have their opinions misshaped by lies. All legitimised and financed by the UK government.

Years of ignoring this unfolding disaster has taken a real cost. Which is why we find ourselves engaged in fundamental battles over the nature of the state of Israel. It is so embedded that any attempt to undo this damage will meet resistance at every step of the way.

Free speech

Which is why the ‘free speech’ argument has to be considered carefully. Every vile anti-Zionist who throws out antisemitic slurs can quickly attract 1000s of followers willing to ‘spread the word’. We are battling for a platform in an overcrowded and deliberately noisy neighbourhood.

The chaos of anti-truth is what these people seek. In such an environment, Jewish people (indeed the system as a whole) becomes vulnerable. In such a world, where active truth-tellers are outnumbered by 100-1 and only the most popular of items are seen – then equating all voices becomes suicidal. Truth must never become a popularity contest.

How did the blatantly false ‘Nakba’ narrative become part of accepted mainstream? It has taken just two decades to completely distort, rewrite and misrepresent history. A fictional event that anti-Israel activists sickeningly equate with the Holocaust was disseminated via the internet as gospel truth. So successful has it been, that these days if you deny the Nakba myth, you are considered an extremist.

Wiki, Urban Dictionary and social media platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook are all helping to build fiction, radicalise entire populations and divide communities. They may be doing it in the name of free speech – but the combination of open platforms, social media bubbles and popularity algorithms is swiftly taking the solid ground from under our feet.

If we do not understand the dangers, recognise the damage already done and find a workable solution, we will all find ourselves living in a very hostile environment – one in which we won’t be able to create enough ‘down-votes’ to escape from.



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317 thoughts on “Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary and the chaos of anti-truth

  1. It is pity that no mention is made of more modern distortions. In particular the idea, which has received endorsement from the ULPS, much of the MSM and many Jewish leaders, that Israel has occupied Palestinian territory and plans to annex parts of the Jordan Valley.

    We can and should expect the Government to use its authority to combat anti-Semitism, but we should do a lot more to educate our children, especially to prevent distorted history being taught either via D’var Torah or letters to the JC.

  2. “If you make your happiness conditional on the destruction of the Jewish state, not only are you heartless, antisemitic & stupid, but you are destined to be sad for life”

    Would introducing democracy (which Israel claims to be)for those areas ruled by Israel mean the destruction of Israel? Of course not.

      1. Dead right Bellers. Israel is the Tempur memory foam mattress with extra orthopaedic support of the bedding world with a lovely comfy 10 tog hypo-alergenic duvet for extra comfort. It’s so cosy that even the Arabs want to snuggle in now.

        I’m sure Michael has an appropriate Wiki link for this just to emphasize the point.

    1. Israel is a democracy- all citizens of Israel, Jewish and non Jewish, have equal rights. The Palestinian Joint Party is the third largest in the Knesset. The PA hasn’t held presidential or parliamentary elections in the West Bank for 15 years. Hamas in Gaza doesn’t hold elections. It puzzles me that Pro Palestinian groups do not call to put pressure on the PA and Hamas to hold free elections in the West Bank and Gaza, give the Palestinians a free press and free speech.

  3. I think you’re right to draw a distinction between social channels like Twitter and wiki.

    In the former, the activist swarm was deployed to counter Brexit, Boris and Trump. All failed when it became clear that the medium was just not that influential with most people. Even the anti Jew anti Israel mob are worse off than when they started.

    Wiki is more problematic as you say as it is used more widely as a reference source. That some ninny like our Michael can addend some entry anonymously and then paste the link as source material rather makes your point.

    1. Who was it that got banned by wiki for deliberately editing pages to substitute batshit for substantiated fact ( probably what David means by ” workable solution” ). Oh yeah CAMERA’s Gilead Ini.

  4. “According to your new findings, how many cases of Israeli rape were there in 1948?

    About a dozen. In Acre four soldiers raped a girl and murdered her and her father. In Jaffa, soldiers of the Kiryati Brigade raped one girl and tried to rape several more”

    1. Yes it’s a very interesting interview written by a self-confessed leftist who has a particular viewpoint.

      It is well documented on the Israeli/Jewish side that there were a few ‘massacres’ in the ‘Jewish/Muslim Civil War’ of 1947/8 and the subsequent ‘Arab/Israeli War’ of 1948/9.
      The leader of the Arab League threatened the Jews with another Holocaust, and the Jews defended themselves (sometimes a little to enthusiastically). If you had read the article and interview you would have seen that that point was brought up.

      This appears to have been written during the ‘second intifada’ when Jewish children, women and men were being mercilessly massacred by Arab/Palestinian suicide bombers in restaurants, supermarkets, bus stops buses and any other location that they could find to kill Jews

      During the Israeli War of Independence Israel lost about one percent of its Jewish population in fighting and massacres by the Arabs.
      That figure is enormous in terms of warfare casualties.
      And yes, there were plenty of Jews murdered/massacred by the Arabs (they weren’t called Palestinians then)

      All killing in war is both sad and bad, but it’s the nature of war that people die.
      If you can show me one war anywhere in the world in history where killing didn’t take place you would be deserving of accolades.

  5. Amazing that a textbook would cite Wikipedia. The first thing my sons were told in high school and especially college/university is that Wikipedia is not a source.They cannot use it for research papers. How sad education has fallen.

  6. Anyone that relies on wikipedia for all their information is either stupid or lazy or both.
    Wikipedia has its place as a potential base or starting point to get information, but it can’t be relied on to serve as an unbiased, peer reviewed source of fact

    1. Richard, “relying on wikipedia” will give you the truth much more than reading David’s fabricated scenarios.

      Bad enough that fawning idiots such as yourself encourage him in his fantasies.

      1. And you will always believe any old tosh as long as it’s anti-Israel, anti David, and sometimes even Antisemitic

      2. Coming from you, calling me an idiot translates into a compliment of the highest order.

        Your comments on this blog are invariably trite, often garbled anti Israel conspiracy theory taken from the likes of wikipedia etc.

  7. The Haaretz interview with Shaviz and Morris mentions population displacement

    The Fourth Geneva Convention (1949) in Art 49 acknowledges that people/civilians can be evacuated from certain areas during ongoing hostilities for both military and humanitarian reasons.
    It also states that those people may return to said areas when hostilities are over.
    Lebanon is still in a state or war with Israel.
    Syria is still in a state of war with Israel
    The Palestinian Authority, the PLO, Hamas and all the other Palestinian factions are still in a state conflict with Israel, stating emphatically and forcefully that they will not cease fighting Israel until Israel is destroyed.

    Therefore Israel in most cases, especially in the Lod and Ramle areas in 1948, was operating within the realm of ‘International Law’

    1. Fourth Geneva Convention (1949) also prohibits the moving of a state’s citizens onto land that it occupies.

  8. Regarding the Haaretz interview with Shaiz and Morris, there is talk of rape.

    I have read quite a number of charges against Israel by multiple Palestinian/Arab/anti-Israel commentators that Jews/Israelis don’t rape Palestinians because Jews/Israelis are racist.
    So what is it Jews/Israelis don’t rape Palestinians because Jew/Israelis are racist.
    Or is it that Jews/Israelis aren’t racist so they rape Palestinians

    The convoluted arguments made against Jews/Israelis are often contradictory conspiracy theory type accusations, often drawing on Antisemitic imagery and allegations drawn from the previous millenia of anti-Jewish Antisemitic hatred

    1. This is a good summation Richard. I am not and have never been an activist. I have nothing to be that stressed about. So I have none of the usual activist fears about concession and vulnerability when talking as a normal rather than as some character-driven troll. For this reason I give zero shits about conceding that it is not and has never been Shangri-fucking-La here. We have been as guilty of inadmirable behaviour towards our enemies as any army in existential conflict and have been on the receiving end of worse. Most of our current crop of politicos are quite shocking and you wouldn’t have many of them getting your chips. Nonetheless I see things improving here for ALL Israelis, less so for those subject to PA or Hamas rule. You do a good job of avoiding the disingenuous nonsense of our resident trolls and maintaining a linear focus on the subject matter. I admire this resolve. Nonetheless, I am happy with my approach and think I’ll stick with it for the time being. Enjoy your weekend.

    2. “I have read quite a number of charges against Israel by multiple Palestinian/Arab/anti-Israel commentators that Jews/Israelis don’t rape Palestinians because Jews/Israelis are racist.
      So what is it Jews/Israelis don’t rape Palestinians because Jew/Israelis are racist.
      Or is it that Jews/Israelis aren’t racist so they rape Palestinians”

      Lol. You really can waffle for Israel.

      So, Morris is lying, Richard?

  9. I’ve never been a believer in black and white.
    Life is full of nuance, and virtually everything is a shade of grey
    Our various trolls and muckrackers on the other hand go for the extreme black and whites

    We have our good and evil among us, as do all other peoples and nations, and anyone trying to say otherwise is basically a downright liar.

    And wikipedia and sundry writings and utterances by various scholars, authors and journalists needs to always be read with scepticism unless there are verifiable sources to confirm those writing and ideas

      1. Michael, as an activist with an obvious agenda is it your opinion that source material from places like Wiki and used to support your argument should be fact checked for accuracy before use. Alternatively is it your opinion that erstwhile contributor Chris Rogers was right when he said “use any stick you can find to hit the Jew over the head”?

  10. Stephen

    Can you explain

    That is a very vague question with multiple dark undertones

    1. Vague?

      “We have our good and evil among us, as do all other peoples and nations, and anyone trying to say otherwise is basically a downright liar.”

      Remember writing that, Richard? No?

      1. Now now Michael don’t get shirty when you don’t get a nibble on your bait.

        Not everyone understands your tactics like I do.

        Were you evil for endorsing the tweet that said “Jews are counterfeit human beings”?

  11. You’re unhappy because you thought “your kind” controls all the media, but it turns out you don’t. All these online platforms call out Zionism and Israel for the cancer that it is – like shining the light of truth on evil. That’s what I like about it. Could you imagine what horrific censorship would take place if those effing satanic Zio b’stards owned the Internet?

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray.

    1. Bruce MoooooooooooooooooooHAMed,

      Your prayers have successfully gotten Israel and the UAE together. 🙂

      Happy Nakba to you and Pal-e-CRIME.

      1. Nakba….

        That remins me Michael. You were asking about research into antisemitism in the UK Tory Party.

        If this was done is it your opinion that it would uncover more, less or the same amount as was uncovered in the UK Labour Party?

        1. Sharmuta, UAE, United Arab Emirates, just crapped on Pal-e-SLIME.

          Is that a Nakba?

          You bet it is.

  12. Brucie Brucie (whoever he/she/it is)

    You always seem to have to pray after Shabbos has been over for hours.

    Why is that?
    Who do you pray to?
    By your intemperate language and unpleasant diction, I would have to assume that it is to Satan.
    So off you go to pray

    Your favourite dick ?????

    1. “Brucie Brucie (whoever he/she/it is)

      You always seem to have to pray after Shabbos has been over for hours.

      Why is that?”

      So, Richard’s God is only awake at certain times? Richard needs an appointment to speak to God?

      A farce.

      1. Michael, you must have legged it before you could consider our interesting question about the definition of evil. How would you define it?

        Were you evil for endorsing the tweet that said “Jews are counterfeit human beings”?

        Am I evil for rejoicing in all our victories over our enemies, for seeing that daft Bruce one squirming at his own impotence or from the sadistic pleasure I gain from your unwitting contribution to David’s following?

    2. Hey YOU DICK, I pray to Hashem – who’s given me the sword of truth to cut the slanders, untruths, lies and Hasbara that spew forth from your vile mind and cursed mouth.

      Hashem told me how could anybody even think that G*d would sanction oppression, genocide, ethnic cleansing, murder, torture, rape, mass executions, violence and lies committed against his Palestinian children — or even support racist arseholes like yourself, Scoffy, Harvey, David, Ian, Trailer Trash, etc…

      1. Appreciate the name check there.

        How come I don’t get a cute nickname though. I’m an unapologetic ultra right wing cutthroat ZioNazi and am feeling oppressed by your neglect. How about The Butcher of Beit Yehoshua or Avi the Eviscerator? Maybe just Yidly Yidderson the Bent Book keeper?

        Come on. All the ancient incidental Yids get one and I want one too.

                1. Yes Michael. You were asking about research into antisemitism in the UK Tory Party.

                  If this was done is it your opinion that it would uncover more, less or the same amount as was uncovered in the UK Labour Party?

                  Or don’t you care one way or the other?

            1. Oooh, I’ll take that Michael. Please be,sure to use that term of address in all future exchanges and references. Pass that on to all your other Pokey pals.

              1. I want my own copy/paste too. I’ll dig something out from 1994 to ensure brand consistency with your other stuff.

                I reckon my chiseled Zio features with hints of racial purity will get you a whole new following amongst the Jew hating mums of a certain age and rems that say Israelist a lot.

                  1. Bit random Bellers. Have those pesky Tory toffs got the Boundary Commission to move Lytham to the Eastern Med?

                    Cant blame them. Big threat to Blue rinse land from the scumbag Trot vote on the Blackpool overspill estates.

    3. Brutes has other reasons that he’s constantly dropping to his knees. I’ll leave it at that 🙂

  13. Stephen

    If being brilliant is your hobby, how does your always trying to play the ‘village idiot’ fit in???

      1. Don’t nark our Bellers, Richard. You’ll get written up in his Magnum Opus wot ‘e’s writing.

        The lad’s got thinner skin than the Miss August centerfold in Anorexia News.

      2. “people underestimate me”

        How does someone ‘underestimate’ a nonentity such as you Stephen?

          1. One of the things that clearly hasn’t arrived yet is your ability to be witty or wise.
            The same as the ‘Titanic’ your wit, wisdom and intellectual ability sank a long time ago, indeed they never arrived.

            Poor Stephen a legend in his own lunchtime.

      3. I think you are properly estimated, ie viewed in direct terms of what you’re good and bad at. That’s not a compliment, dear.

  14. at least you admit to being the ‘pretend village idiot’

    in this day and age though you should add a trigger warning
    the woke ones need to be alerted

  15. and if it’s true he’s been shot down

    but quoting from electronic intifada is halfway to quoting ‘der sturmer’; questionable at best, full on Antisemitic at worst
    it’s also a like referencing wikipedia

    can’t wait for your pithy reply

    I need to work out how to get emojis on my laptop

  16. not pithy at all

    a one off vague question that is interpretable in a million ways

    that aint pithy as they say in the classics, just semi-provocative; do try harder

    1. See what I mean Richard. Speaking as his newly tabloid tagged Quasimodo, there is only room for one of us here to get the hump.

      Peeve Bellers when he’s on the blob and you’ll get a stream of copy/pastes from his 2013 archive and one of his Poly bar put downs.

      More chips than your nan’s Bury market crockery, our Bellers.

  17. Brucie Brucie (whoever he/she/it is)

    Your foul mouthed rants are music to my ears because they go a long way to confirming to all that read this blog that you are a rather unpleasant person with a rather unpleasant way of displaying your ideas.

    as I have said a number of times, your Holocaust denigration and similar make you an Antisemitic Racist Bigot of the first order.

    You haven’t addressed the question about your praying that I asked earlier (included below).
    I wonder why?

    ‘You always seem to have to pray after Shabbos has been over for hours.
    Why is that?
    Who do you pray to?
    By your intemperate language and unpleasant diction, I would have to assume that it is to Satan.
    So off you go to pray’

    Your favourite dick ??

    1. Hey YOU DICK, yesterday I went on an excursion to a shop that sells handmade soap to buy a nice shampoo bar. Then I visited several lamp shops before ending up at Ikea. For some odd reason, I thought of YOU DICK.

      1. I see that that Bruce one has set his Provocator-o-meter to ‘Mild Stun’ again.

        Seriously why try the Shock-Jock shtick and end up being so half hearted about it that we’ve all seen worse in any 10 minute clip of Schindler’s List.

        That’s the problem with these Vanilla Pokers; zero commitment to the part.

  18. How can anyone possibly justify shooting dead Palestinian demonstrators at the fence? … or killing thousands of Palestinian children?

    David has no excuse for it.

    1. How can anyone possibly justify using Palestinian children

      – as expendable slaves to dig tunnels – that often collapse and crush them
      – as expendable Human Shields for palestinian gunmen

      Sharmuta and her Pimps in HamASS have plenty of excuses for palestinian depravity

      1. Go dig some tunnels in Gaza, Trailer Trash. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it’ll collapse on you. Inshallah. I’ll see what I can do about arranging to have an image of your ugly mug on one of the Martyrs Monuments.

        1. Bruce MooooooooooHAMed,

          Your Luck ran out in 1945, 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 2020, …

          Happy Nakba! 😉

  19. David Collier
    Breaking : Sudan FM says there are peace talks with #Israel and there is no reason to continue the conflict.

    It’s one way of earning US dollars.

  20. Weird Michael innit?

    You’ve been poking around here for years now doing the ” ZioNazis slaughter zillions of little Arab kids every day ” toss and rather than people feeling less sympathy for Jews and Israel, everyone wants to make peace with us, work with us, buy our stuff and share our smarts.

    You must have written ” Collier’s a liar, for money ” about ten thousand times now and rather than people shunning him, they follow him, the papers quote his stuff and he even contributed to some wanky old antisemite Trot being batted into the long grass.

    You’ve got to admit, you’re not great at this.

  21. Myth #1 – Jews and Arabs have always been in conflict in the region.
    Although Arabs were a majority in Palestine prior to the creation of the state of Israel, there had always been a Jewish population, as well. For the most part, Jewish Palestinians got along with their Arab neighbours. This began to change with the onset of the Zionist movement, because the Zionists rejected the right of the Palestinians to self-determination and wanted Palestine for their own, to create a “Jewish State” in a region where Arabs were the majority and owned most of the land.

    For instance, after a series of riots in Jaffa in 1921 resulting in the deaths of 47 Jews and 48 Arabs, the occupying British held a commission of inquiry, which reported their finding that “there is no inherent anti-Semitism in the country, racial or religious.” Rather, Arab attacks on Jewish communities were the result of Arab fears about the stated goal of the Zionists to take over the land.

    After major violence again erupted in 1929, the British Shaw Commission report noted that “In less than 10 years three serious attacks have been made by Arabs on Jews. For 80 years before the first of these attacks there is no recorded instance of any similar incidents.” Representatives from all sides of the emerging conflict testified to the commission that prior to the First World War, “the Jews and Arabs lived side by side if not in amity, at least with tolerance, a quality which today is almost unknown in Palestine.” The problem was that “The Arab people of Palestine are today united in their demand for representative government”, but were being denied that right by the Zionists and their British benefactors.

    The British Hope-Simpson report of 1930 similarly noted that Jewish residents of non-Zionist communities in Palestine enjoyed friendship with their Arab neighbours. “It is quite a common sight to see an Arab sitting in the veranda of a Jewish house”, the report noted. “The position is entirely different in the Zionist colonies.”

    1. You really don’t know what the word “incredulous” means, do you? You certainly don’t apply it in your boilerplate, revisionist history, defending the Nazis posts. I think you’ve written 900 posts in the past year and none of them were worth remembering.

  22. Good boy Michael. I told you that nobody opens your frequent non-contextual Wiki links. Far better to do a massive copy/paste. Still no readers, but at least you’ll know it’s there.

    6 years+ and you’re finally grasping this lark.

  23. Brucie Brucie (whoever he/she/it is)

    You claim to be Jewish
    Yet you continuously denigrate and diminish the murders of six million Jews who were gassed, shot, clubbed and starved to death by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

    You often remark that you have to pray.
    Have you not spoken to the learner Rabbi that sometimes graces these pages about the religious requirements of empathy and compassion that are an integral part of Judaism and other religions?
    Is it perhaps not to G-d that you pray, but to some other idol or cause that accepts and encourages intemperate language and unpleasant imagery that seems to be your stock in trade.

    You are the perfect example of an Antisemetic racist bigot

    Your favourite dick ???
    Or is

    1. It’s the daft booby’s idea of provocation that fascinates me, Richard. It’s what you get when someone’s impersonating a Jew Hater without really knowing what’s going on. It’s all a bit underwhelming and very contrived. I quite enjoy it though to be honest.

  24. Brucie Brucie

    To clarify your Holocaust denigration and attempts at subtlety at suggesting that you would like me dead, I just need to describe the connection between soap,shampoo and lampshades in connection to the six million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis and their accomplices.

    In certain Concentration Camps, the fat and skin of the murdered Jewish inmates was converted into soaps and lampshades.

    Anyone that can make light of the depravity and death that occurred in the Concentration Camps must be a truly sick individual.

    Keep up the good work though.
    It is so much easier when you prove yourself to be a Antisemitic racist bigot

    1. Hey YOU DICK, soap and lampshades made out of humans is a MYTH. No doubt started by putrid Zios to scare Jews and encourage their emigration to the wretched apartheid state. Irony is that so-called “Holocaust” survivors are treated like human garbage by the Zionist government and most live in dire poverty.

      If I made soap out of YOU DICK. I’d call it ‘stinky!’

    2. “It’s a general conception that the Nazis manufactured soap,” says Michael Berenbaum, who was project manager for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) before it opened in 1993 and headed the museum’s research institute until 1997. “But those of us working in this area have not used it as an example [of Nazi atrocity] in the last 10 to 15 years. We don’t have any evidence that the Nazis actually manufactured soap with human bodies.”

      When Berenbaum began putting the museum exhibits together, even he believed “it was obviously the case” that the Nazis produced soap from fat. “There was a question as to whether we would use soap in the exhibition,” he says. But after a thorough search, he adds, “I didn’t find any evidence of it. I found evidence for everything else that … the Nazis did and worse.”

      He says the evidence that would prove it conclusively would include shipping bills, physical evidence from a manufacturing plant, or receipts for economic transactions – none of which has been found.

      Aaron Breitbart, a senior researcher at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, agreed that the evidence is thin. “The leading scholars of the Holocaust are of the opinion that the Nazis did not make soap,” he says. “It was a cruel rumor at the camps.”

      Andrew Hollinger, a spokesman at the USHMM department of media relations, provided a document written by the museum’s historian that concludes: “Available documentary evidence and eyewitness accounts have been unable to corroborate in a conclusive manner reports that the National Socialists and their collaborators used human fat from their victims in the manufacture of soap.” It goes on to say: “rumors that Germans made soap from human remains originated in French propaganda from the First World War.”

      Breitbart explains why it is that the scholars must be so careful. “The importance is not to give the Holocaust deniers any opportunity,” he says. “The view of the Holocaust revisionists is, if you can prove something is wrong, then everything is wrong. It gives them an opportunity to cast doubt on the general historical veracity of the Holocaust.”

      The scholars’ view is based in -part on analysis of the small blue-green cakes of soap that Holocaust survivors have presented over the years, claiming that they were made from human fat. Breitbart says the bars are stamped “R.I.F.,” for Reich Industry Fat, but in the camps some Jews believed that the I was a J and that the acronym stood for “Jewish Fat.” When analyzed, however, the bars turned up no evidence of human DNA.

      By 1990, Yad Vashem, had unequivocally determined that the manufacture of soap was no more than a “mere rumor.” Holocaust scholar Yehuda Bauer told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency at that time, “The Nazis did enough horrible things during the Holocaust. We do not have to go on believing untrue stories.”

      The myth was revisited in 2020. In response to a query from Haaretz, a spokesperson from Yad Vashem wrote that “Despite the persistence of these rumors … which began even during the Holocaust, there is no evidence that soap was mass produced from the bodies of Jews.”

      Sources: Moment Magazine (June 2000);
      Eetta Prince-Gibson, “Did the Nazis Really Use Bodies of Murdered Jews to Make Soap?” Haaretz, (February 11, 2020).

      1. Bruce the Levy (or whatever)

        I once asked if you were functionally illiterate or just stupid; and I ask again; are you functionally illiterate?

        I never said the Nazis manufactured soap from human fat; I said ‘In certain Concentration Camps, the fat and skin of the murdered Jewish inmates was converted into soaps and lampshades’.
        There is a big difference between manufacturing and converting; the one implies mass production, the other implies a localised cottage industry that could be making individual items for whatever reason

        And the Nazis were not limited in their perversity and cruelty
        No group and/or nation has ever vowed to wipe out a particular group of people solely because of who they are and then invested great effort, time, resources and capital to achieve their aim, except for the Nazis who diligently exterminated six million Jews solely because they were Jews.

        And the Nazis also perpetrated the most horrific medical experiments on live Jews.
        Individual Nazis also performed acts of extreme evil, such as a guard at one of the camps fashioning lampshade(s) out of human skin

        So once again I say that you brought up the lampshades and soap knowing that many who read this blog would understand it as a reference to the Holocaust
        You also brought up the tattooing of inmates in the same vein.
        You are not a Holocaust denier, you are a Holocaust denigrator

        You are an Antisemitic racist bigot because of the above

    3. Dear Elie

      Now, I’m no Holocaust denier. I firmly believe the Holocaust occurred and the Nazis committed great atrocities during WWII. What I have a hard time believing is the accusation that Nazis made lampshades from human skin. Genocide is repulsive, but making lampshades out of human skin is more in line with what crazy serial killers do. I can see Nazis experimenting on Jews for their research and stealing their gold teeth for money, but what would they do with a lampshade made from human skin? Bring it back home as a gift to the hausfrau? Is this just an urban legend born out of Allied propaganda, or is there any truth to this?

      Bruce, via e-mail

      Elie replies:

      At first I was skeptical about your skepticism, Bruce. You’re saying that methodically exterminating five to six million people, performing bizarre experiments on them, and plundering their bodies is, at some level, comprehensible, but making lampshades out of their skin — now that’s crazy. Personally I wasn’t seeing any great leap, depravity wise. However, on investigation, I think you may be right. While the Nazis kept many grisly mementos of their victims, including tattooed skin, the lampshade claim may be a myth.

      By far the best-known account of human souvenirs comes from the camp at Buchenwald. Here’s the story as best I can piece it together:

      (1) Even by Nazi standards, Buchenwald was out of control. Its original commandant, Karl Koch, was by all accounts corrupt and cruel. Inmates loathed him and his apparently sadistic wife, Ilse, whom they dubbed “the Witch of Buchenwald.” Meanwhile, medical personnel were keeping human souvenirs — in 1942 SS higher-ups ordered them to quit making “gifts” such as shrunken heads. A story arose that Ilse had had tattooed prisoners killed so lampshades and other articles could be made from their skin.

      2) In 1943 the SS conducted an internal investigation and tried the Kochs on charges including embezzlement and incitement to murder. (Karl had arranged for the shooting of two inmates who knew he’d contracted syphilis — the SS brass, if not necessarily the rank and file, paid at least lip service to the notion that prisoners weren’t to be killed frivolously.) The SS judge, Konrad Morgen, found Karl guilty and ordered his execution, but acquitted Ilse. Later at her war crimes trial Morgen testified that a thorough search of her home found no human-skin lampshades or the like. Ilse didn’t live at Buchenwald after 1943.

      (3) Shortly after U.S. troops liberated Buchenwald in 1945, director Billy Wilder made a documentary about the camp to publicize Nazi atrocities. A widely circulated still photo from the film showed a table covered with preserved human remains, including two shrunken heads; several pieces of what appears to be tattooed skin; and an ordinary-looking table lamp. The film’s narration says that among the items found was “a lampshade, made of human skin, made at the request of an SS officer’s wife.” The press went nuts, and soon the lampshade became emblematic of Nazi barbarism.

      (4) Ilse Koch and others from Buchenwald were tried in 1947 for war crimes. Prosecutors submitted as evidence a shrunken head and three pieces of tattooed human skin but apparently no lampshade. Much of the testimony against Koch was hearsay, although at least one former inmate said he’d seen a tattooed-skin lampshade. Koch was convicted, but her life sentence was commuted on review, in part because of doubts about the witnesses’ credibility. She was later tried by a German court, again sentenced to life, and committed suicide in prison in 1967.

      (5) Five pieces of tattooed skin are kept at the National Museum of Health and Medicine (NMHM) and one at the National Archives (NA), both federal facilities in the D.C. area. All six items are from Buchenwald; three have been positively identified as human, and another is now being tested. The NA item was once labeled “human skin lampshade,” but an archivist there says it has no perforations or other indications of such use. Two of the NMHM items have holes on the left side as though from a hole punch. A third, which is large and irregularly shaped, has pinholes around the perimeter at one- to three-centimeter intervals. How the holes got there is unknown, but a photo shows the skins stuck up on an exhibit board at Ilse Koch’s 1947 trial. The NMHM curator reserves judgment, but to me nothing suggests these items were part of a lampshade. The lamp from the movie still has vanished; however, as photographed it doesn’t match the lamp described by witnesses at the trial — it has no visible markings at all.

      Absent compelling evidence to the contrary, I tend to the view that appalled liberation forces heard the survivors’ tales, found the tattooed-skin souvenirs, and thought: Whoa, lampshades. In short, the story may be a legend. Deniers will now claim: That proves the Holocaust didn’t happen! No, it doesn’t, losers. All it means is that, even in a gamy business like this, it’s still possible to separate fiction from fact.

      Late addition
      Occasionally you hear about human-skin lampshades in private collections. I won’t claim to have surveyed the field, but I did speak to Norm Sauer, a professor of forensic anthropology at Michigan State University. Professor Sauer was part of a team of experts that a few years ago examined a number of alleged human souvenirs that had been donated to the Holocaust Memorial Center, now located in Farmington Hills, MI. Among the items were a lampshade (and it really was a lampshade, consisting of panels on a wire frame), two chess sets, and a bar of soap, along with some collections of ashes, bone fragments, and so on. Although some of the bone fragments did appear to be human, most and possibly all of the household objects were not. The chess sets were made of animal but not human bone; the lampshade possibly was deer or goat but not human skin. Tests of the soap were inconclusive. (The alleged practice of rendering human fat into soap is a story unto itself; the common opinion now seems to be that while it may have been made experimentally once, human soap was never produced in quantity.) You never know what will turn up, but without tests, don’t assume that just because a lampshade or other item is claimed to be of human origin, it is.

      In The Lampshade: A Holocaust Detective Story from Buchenwald to New Orleans (2010), New York magazine contributing editor Mark Jacobson tells of a lampshade discovered in the wreckage of post-Katrina New Orleans that testing showed to be made of human skin. (Here’s an excerpt.) According to a Publishers Weekly review quoted on Amazon, “evidence linking it to famous allegations that Nazis made lampshades from concentration camp victims is scanty, and Holocaust museum curators dismiss such claims.”


      1. Bruce the Levy (or whatever)

        Who is Elie by the way; to the best of my knowledge there are thousands of Elies.

        Most Jewish Concentration Camp inmates died in the camps.
        The few Jewish inmates who survived were not privileged to see the Nazis in any setting other than the confines of the camps; so its highly unlikely that much testimony about the Nazis private lives would be available from that source

        I once asked if you were functionally illiterate or just stupid; and I ask again; are you functionally illiterate?

        I never said the Nazis manufactured soap from human fat; I said ‘In certain Concentration Camps, the fat and skin of the murdered Jewish inmates was converted into soaps and lampshades’.
        There is a big difference between manufacturing and converting; the one implies mass production, the other implies a localised cottage industry that could be making individual items for whatever reason

        The Nazis were not limited in their perversity and cruelty
        No group and/or nation has ever vowed to wipe out a particular group of people solely because of who they are and then invested great effort, time, resources and capital to achieve their aim, except for the Nazis who diligently exterminated six million Jews solely because they were Jews.

        And the Nazis also perpetrated the most horrific medical experiments on live Jews.
        Individual Nazis also performed acts of extreme evil, such as a guard at one of the camps fashioning lampshade(s) out of human skin

        So once again I say that you brought up the lampshades and soap knowing that many who read this blog would understand it as a reference to the Holocaust
        You also brought up the tattooing of inmates in the same vein.
        You are not a Holocaust denier, you are a Holocaust denigrator

        You are an Antisemitic racist bigot because of the above

        1. Elie was he who exploited those who had a victim mentality and made a lucrative career out of the Holocaust industry.

          Now if you excuse me, I have to pray.

          1. Bruce MooooooooooHAMed doesn’t pray.

            He BRAYS.

            Hee Haw, you DUMB Sack of Socialist SHlTler!

  25. Ian

    I know and agree

    But as I have said before, I’m not speaking to them, only to the audience

    Also with lockdown, it’s an opportunity to keep the skills intact

    1. Oh I’m on side with your approach Richard and you carry on doing you.

      I’m very happy with my character and you may have spotted that our Michael has had to make a couple of small adjustments to his approach in response. This makes me happy too. Amateurs!!

  26. Hey YOU DICK, Antisemitic? Racist? it’s so easy to label people who you disagree with, but don’t let bother you.

    Turning those imprisoned by the 1933-45 National Socialist regime into lampshades and soap? Are you kidding me? Both of those have turned out to be disproven MYTHS – no doubt to scaremonger and encourage immigration to the racist, apartheid state.

    MYTH Soap:
    MYTH Lampshades:

    One wonders what other things you are mistaken or purposely lie about? YOU DICK. Now go sliver back under your decomposing log.

    PS: I’m enjoying my shampoo bar and Ikea lamp – thank you very much.

  27. Collier – “It MUST NOT BE FORGOTTEN all Israel’s neighbours – the nations Israel MUST make peace with are all massive human rights abusers.”

    …. as Israel itself is!

    1. Sharmuta, Why do Muslims kill Fellow Muslims (men, women and CHILDREN) in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Fascist Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Algeria, Sudan, Somalia, …?

      When Muslims can’t co-exist with Fellow Muslims, how can anyone claim that Muslims can get along with NON-MUSLIMS?

  28. 2014 Amnesty International said the crippling of the power station amounted to “collective punishment of Palestinians”. The strike on the plant will worsen already severe problems with Gaza’s water supply, sewage treatment and power supplies to medical facilities.

    So, is this why David seethes with hate towards Amnesty International?

    1. You’re such a ninny Michael.

      As a pro Amnesty person, Is it your opinion that an independent human rights charity should employ a regional director for Gaza who posts pro Hamas content on her social media channels?

      David had an opinion on this. Do you?

      1. Michael, you silly man. When you tweet, “I’m certain that’s less than the munitions dropped on Gaza today by Israel” you must know you sound mental.

        I remember you once telling Bellers you didnt care what people thought of your posts. You prove this point every day.

  29. Collier -“What Wikipedia calls a massacre” Here’s what Wiki calls a massacre, David … and it was.

    The Deir Yassin massacre took place on April 9, 1948, when around 120 fighters from the Far-right wing Zionist paramilitary groups Irgun and Lehi killed at least 107 Palestinian Arabs in Deir Yassin, a village of roughly 600 people near Jerusalem. The assault occurred as Jewish militia sought to relieve the blockade of Jerusalem during the civil war that preceded the end of British rule in Palestine.

    According to Irgun sources, the village guards felt surprised by “the Jews” entering their village at night and opened fire on the Irgun force. The village fell after fierce house-to-house fighting. During and after the battle for the village, at least 107 Palestinians were killed, including women and children—some were shot, while others died when hand grenades were thrown into their homes. Despite an original boast by the victors that 254 had been killed, Aref al-Aref counted 117 victims, seven in combat and the rest in their homes. According to a count conducted by International Red Cross representative Jacques de Reynier, apart from bodies left lying in the streets, 150 corpses were found in one cistern alone, among them people who had been either decapitated or disembowelled. Israeli historian Benny Morris wrote that there were also cases of mutilation and rape. Several villagers were taken prisoner and may have been killed after being paraded through the streets of West Jerusalem. Four of the attackers were killed, with around 35 injured.

    1. Sharmuta,

      9/11, London’s 7/7, Pan Am 103, Ukraine passenger plane, Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, Boston Marathon, London bridge stabbings, Charlie Hebdo magazine offices, Manchester arena, Bataclan music hall, Bastille Day in Nice, France, Mumbai, Nairobi, Pulse nightclub, Brussels airport, Beslan school massacre, Moscow subway bombings,WMD poison gas attack on Kurds of Halabja Iraq, Fascist Iran and Fascist HamAss executing gays, Rotherham rape gangs, DC Beltway, Bali, London and Westminster bridge car ramming attacks, beheading of Lee Rigby and journalist Daniel Pearl, ISiS beheading videos, torture and murder of Illan Halimi, assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Fort Hood massacre, Pensacola Navy base, destruction of two 1,500 year old Buddah statues in Bamiyan, …

    2. Michael, as an anti- Massacre-ist you will note that the 150 corpses you mention is identical to the number of Jews massacred in York in 1190 by the English. Is it your opinion that we as humans are all a massive bunch of shits all of whom have done and will continue to do shit things to each other?

  30. The US suffered a humiliating defeat at the Security Council last week when it failed to muster support for a resolution to extend a conventional arms embargo on Iran.

    So, it was good news week.

    Now for the usual US Blondie lunacy.

    1. Very good news Michael. We are in full agreement.

      We are very happy to see a sanction- ravaged Iran continuing to prioritize its expenditure on conventional weapons at the expense of it’s own domestic infrastructure.

      How else are our fantastic IAF pilots going to get target practice as the mad .mullahs move their munitions across Iraq, Syria and Lebanon?

      We are very much on the same page here.

  31. Myth #2 – The United Nations created Israel.

    The U.N. became involved when the British sought to wash its hands of the volatile situation its policies had helped to create, and to extricate itself from Palestine. To that end, they requested that the U.N. take up the matter.

    As a result, a U.N. Special Commission on Palestine (UNSCOP) was created to examine the issue and offer its recommendation on how to resolve the conflict. UNSCOP contained no representatives from any Arab country and in the end issued a report that explicitly rejected the right of the Palestinians to self-determination. Rejecting the democratic solution to the conflict, UNSCOP instead proposed that Palestine be partitioned into two states: one Arab and one Jewish.

    The U.N. General Assembly endorsed UNSCOP’s in its Resolution 181. It is often claimed that this resolution “partitioned” Palestine, or that it provided Zionist leaders with a legal mandate for their subsequent declaration of the existence of the state of Israel, or some other similar variation on the theme. All such claims are absolutely false.

    Resolution 181 merely endorsed UNSCOP’s report and conclusions as a recommendation. Needless to say, for Palestine to have been officially partitioned, this recommendation would have had to have been accepted by both Jews and Arabs, which it was not.

    Moreover, General Assembly resolutions are not considered legally binding (only Security Council resolutions are). And, furthermore, the U.N. would have had no authority to take land from one people and hand it over to another, and any such resolution seeking to so partition Palestine would have been null and void, anyway.

    1. Michael, as a pro copy/paste-ist, would your wordy revelation carry more weight if anyone in the world had the vaguest idea who you were, obviously in your opinion.

  32. Imshin
    1/ @TheMendozaWoman claims #Gaza is being blown to bits. So I showed her this video, uploaded to YouTube on 20 Aug 2020 (today) by Gaza journalist Osama Alkahlout
    It’s Sharm Park water amusement park, just south of Gaza City. #TheGazaYouDontSee

    Wow … seems some children survived the Israeli attrition on Gaza in 2014 when Israel killed over 500 young children.

    Never mind, Inshit. Israel will get them the next time it invades Gaza.

  33. Brucie babes

    Probably the stupidest thing you have said.
    You are calling me a liar!

    What have I said that is untrue
    Your comments and arguments tend towards petty and petulant rants

    But please continue as your generally malevolent demeanor is apparent to all.

    And your anti-Jewish Holocaust deminuation and denigration still makes you into a Antisemitic racist bigot

    1. Hey ‘Stinky’ DICK, you’ve been exposed for the LIAR that you are. Spreading lies about Jews turned into soap and lampshades. What else do you lie about? PLENTY I bet. You ought to be ashamed of yourself ‘Stinky’ DICK.

        1. I have to give full marks to that Bruce one here. Unashamedly writing ‘stinky Dick’ on the internet may not be a particularly crushing put-down but it does show a podium class lack of embarrassment.

          Anyway Richard the main reason for the post is this. Now you and he have become close, could you ask him whether he plans to donate to our Crowdfunding campaign for Michael. I’ll see if Bellers will do a monthly direct debit too. I think there’s an option to pay using Bit as well.

        2. Hey Stinky Dick, your attempt to divert attention from the fact that you’re a LIAR and a Zio propagandist that spins the truth, is obvious to all.

    2. Richard, it pleases me no end that this Bruce one now has to put a proper shift in here rather than just park a few mild soundbites in the road. These part time pokers are lazy. Still, when you haven’t got a gribenes worth of skin in the game why bother?

      Speaking of ‘sans gribenes’ you will have noted that our Michael has been at his eccentric best this week. He declared that he doesn’t support peace and also gets cross when Gazan children AREN’T killed by Israel. You couldn’t write a character like Michael.

      I’ve finally sussed him out though. In 6 years of writing he has done nothing but moan that David thinks Israel and Jews are great and gets paid to say so, whereas he thinks Israel and Jews and shit but doesn’t get a penny.

      I reckon we could start a Crowdfunding campaign for Michael. If he was getting paid too, maybe he’d be happier. What do you think?

  34. I agree

    Our ‘dear Michael ‘ can’t seem to get it right.
    His entire argument seems to be about being contrary.
    His need to comment at any cost seems to override his ability to have any continuity in his line of thinking
    But then it takes all kinds to make up this glorious world of ours

  35. Collier – “The simple truth – if Hamas stop attacking Israel – everything will be quiet.”

    If Israel would stop occupying the Palestinians and stop blocking many of their imports and stop preventing its fishermen from fishing in their own waters everything will be quiet.

    1. Okay Michael. We’ve agreed that after 6+ years of fruitless endeavour, you need help and as you’re always moaning that David lies for money we think that you should be able to lie for money in your own right.

      I’m going to set up a Crowd Funding page to raise you some much needed funds to sustain you as you plough your lonely furrow. I’m sure that Bellers and that Bruce one will be pleased to contribute. I’ll even reach out to that nutcase Chris Activist of blessed memory. He seemed well connected. Not sure about that trainee cleric Gabriel though. He sounded a bit chippy.

      Let’s see what comes in. I imagine a few bob in your sky rocket would not go amiss.

  36. Collier – “So many raw haters spreading lies about what’s happening.”

    And you, David, have been one all your adult life.

    1. More silliness Michael. Only last week you were suggesting that there are only about 6 of us here; probably true.

      So as a pre- repetitionist is it your opinion that a comment that starts with a Collier quote and ends with a bleat about him being a liar, remains an effective way to poke David?

  37. Brucie Brucie (whoever he/she/it is)

    Our resident adolescent Antisemitic racist bigot spewing its usual vitriol

    Keep up the good work

    Your favourite dick ????

    1. Richard, did he mention whether he’d be contributing to our crowd funding campaign for Michael.?

      I’ve put the message on all the usual channels but so far support has been thinner than Bellers’s skin.

      Weird isn’t it that people are keen to support David but a far more reluctant to support Michael. Early days though.

  38. Balad al -Shaykh

    According to Israeli historian Aryeh Yitzhaki, the attack was carried out by a combination of Palmach and Haganah forces who entered the town and fought mostly inside the houses, resulting in mostly non-combatant casualties. Following the attack, on January 7, 1948, part of the residents of the village left and were replaced by Arab volunteers who came from Haifa to defend the village.

  39. David Collier
    Sirens in Israel.

    As Israelis settle down for shabbat, the sirens have just gone off in the Sderot area. Parents have just a few seconds to grab their children and run down to the shelter.

    A Shabbat shalom is just a dream for those living near the Hamas run terrorist enclave..

    Gaza is NOT terrorist run. Hamas was elected democratically to run the enclave and, like Israel, has a political wing and a military wing.

    The rockets are protest at Israel’s 14 year blockade and suppression on Gaza. Families are affected by the blockade, some of which send balloons to burn Israeli crops. Not for them the choice of fighting with over $3,500,000,000 worth of FREE US weaponry that Israel receives year after year after year.

    p.s. S’derot is an Israeli town built on the land that once contained the Arab village of Najd, one of the villages destroyed by Jewish militia during the Nakba ethnic cleansing.

    1. Such a busy lad Michael. In this thread alone you’re not keen on peace between Jews and Arabs, get peeved when Arab kids aren’t killed by Jews and are okay with Jews being fired on with rockets from another country.

      Now, you like to say “not Jews, zios” so you can pretend that this is about being pro Arab but thats just your silly bollox innit?

      When you endorsed a tweet saying “Jews are counterfeit human beings” the mask slipped and your scaley antisemite lizard face was lit up like a Hamas terror camp under an IDF flare storm.

      Not to worry though. If the Crowdfunding works, at least you’ll be getting paid for this.

        1. Michael posts “Israel occupies and blockades those of another country”

          No idea what he’s on about and soon he’ll be getting paid to spout this toss.


        2. Both Israel AND EGYPT blockade Islamofascist Terrorist HamASS ruled Gaza.


          – executes gays (pushes them off rooftops)
          – executes opponents and drags their bodies through the streets of Gaza as a warning to all
          – uses CHILDREN to dig tunnels which often collapse during construction
          – uses CHILDREN as HUMAN SHIELDS for HamASS gunmen
          – indoctrinates CHILDREN to aspire to DIE for Allah/MooooHAMed/HamASS
          – uses CIVILIAN spaces (schools/mosques/hospitals) as weapons depots
          – dresses armed JIHADIS as CIVILIANS – a violation of Geneva conventions

  40. Brucie Brucie Brucie (whoever it is)

    Another kindergarten reply to a perfectly normal question.
    Who is Elie?
    You quoted her extensively; but who is Elie?
    It could even be you using an alias.

    You never replied to my question as to whom you prayed to, and if perchance it could be Satan, as I cannot see any other deity finding your foul mouthed intemperate rants acceptable

    Your Holocaust denigration and diminution still leaves you being Antisemitic racist bigot.

    1. Elie was he who exploited those who had a victim mentality and made a lucrative career out of the Holocaust industry. Now if you excuse me, I have to pray.

      1. This is more like it. Michael and that Bruce one could learn a lot about provocation; the proper stuff rather than the timid brand that they peddle here from Heshmat Khalifa. He was the Director of Islamic Relief Worldwide, Uks largest Muslim charity. He was forced to resign for posting on his Facebook page that Jews were the “grandchildren of monkeys and pigs” and called Egypt’s president the “pimp son of Jews”.

        No messing from this guy and Michael, he was on £85k per annum for being an antisemite. This could be you.


  41. Collier lies “#Hamas -the real cause of the misery of Gazans.”

    Meanwhile Israel, beloved of Collier, occupies Gazan waters limiting their fishing in their own waters, shooting at Gazan fisherman, limiting their imports and their economy.

    Yet unsound of mind Collier blames Hamas, and continues to trumpet “THE TRUTH MATTERS”

    It certainly doesn’t to Collier and his Zionist cult.

  42. Brucie Brucie

    Haven’t you realised yet there are Jews today who defend themselves against their enemies.
    When Hamas shoots at us, we defend ourselves by returning the fire.
    I’m very happy to see that it infuriates you when Jews defend themselves, but most Jews are rather pleased to know that they are no longer at the mercy of and two bit Antisemite.

    Now go and pray to your idols, or whatever, because it is a beautiful day

    Your favourite dick ????

    1. “I’m very happy to see that it infuriates you when Jews defend themselves”

      Shouldn’t that be ‘when Israelis defend themselves’, Richard?

      Seems you have a thing about Jews.

        1. Nakba….

          That reminds me Michael. If David were to investigate antisemitism in the UK Tory Party would he, in your opinion find more, less or the same amount as in UK Labour?

      1. Shouldn’t that be ‘when Zionists defend themselves’, Sharmuta?

        Payback is a Sharmuta.

  43. Brucie Brucie (whoever it is)

    Another trite comment from the adolescent.

    Who is Elie?
    You used a long bit of script trying to prove a point and ascribed to ‘Elie’, yet you are incapable of identifying this person.
    Are you Elie?

    Are you going to pray with Homer Simpson in the cartoon synagogue of Beth Springfield.

    Who is it you pray to, because I cannot imagine G-d being to impressed with your intemperate rants that are your hallmark

    And your Holocaust denigration and diminution are still the signature of an Antisemetic racist bigot

    1. Farmer posts “Seems you have a thing about Jews.”

      The same Michael Farmer that endorsed a tweet that said “Jews are counterfeit human beings”

      Nasty antisemite Michael, but at least you’ll be doing your hobby for a living soon.


    2. For your information Stinky Dick, Jews CANNOT be antisemites. It usually the biggest ones who project their traits on others.

  44. The problem with Farmer is that I never found any consistency or originality to what he posted.
    It was always a reaction to someone else, often convoluted with contradictions and generally uninformative.

  45. Hey Stinky Dick – Do I have to spell it out for you? It’s that skunk Elie the Weasel.

    1. Anyone got a clue why that Bruce one is going on about Toad of Toad Hall characters?

      Is this a new subtle tilt at provocation?

      We may have to do another Crowd funding project when we’ve finished with Michael.


  46. Collier tweets, “The face of anti-Israel activism in 2020” followed by some dippy old nutter with what looks like an exploding chair on her head and a Paly slogan in her hand; straight from central casting.

    It’s the same in this virtual space. After more than 6 years of armchair activism the guilty remnant are just about clinging on, but barely going through the motions. Michael is too intimidated to do anything but post David’s tweets with the comment ‘Collier’s a liar for money’ That Bruce barn-pot is reduced to daft name calling and mild provocation and old Bellers is still doing massive copy/pastes of incidental yids from his 2013/4 archive…..oh and still making the annual promise of his Magnum Opus.

    This is what Marginal Resistance looks like in 2020.

    1. ICYMI Michael, you can learn a lot about provocation from Heshmat Khalifa. He was the Director of Islamic Relief Worldwide, Uks largest Muslim charity. He was forced to resign for posting on his Facebook page that Jews were the “grandchildren of monkeys and pigs” and called Egypt’s president the “pimp son of Jews”.

      No messing from this guy and Michael, he was on £85k per annum for being an antisemite. This could be you.


      1. Does Ian have a quote or a link to his alleged words?

        I understand that he labelled Israeli authorities as “grandchildren of monkeys and pigs”.

        1. Read the article then Michael, good lad.

          As someone who endorses prejudice on social media, were these in your opinion, appropriate remarks from a director of the UKs largest Muslim Charity?

            1. You indicated you’d read the piece and gained an ‘understanding’ Michael. From that understanding, what was your opinion of the remarks made by the individual ?

  47. Brucie Brucie (whoever it is)

    You never cease to amaze
    How low can you sink?

    Now you are insulting Elie Wiesel.
    Not satisfied with trying to insult and denigrate the living, you have now sunk to insulting and denigrating the dead.

    The saddest thing about this is that I don’t expect anything different from you

    Because you claim to be Jewish doesn’t prevent you from being an Antisemetic racist bigot.
    Your constant Holocaust denigration and diminution and hatred of the majority of Jews who support Israel includes you in the world of Antisemitic racist bigots.

    Do go pray to those idols or whatever else it is you pray to

    Your favourite dick ????

  48. Brucie Brucie

    Of course Jews can be Antisemitic.
    You are the living proof of this fact.

    Your constant Holocaust denigration and diminution and vicious and intolerant hatred leveled at the Jewish majority that support Israel is proof enough of your Antisemitic racist bigotry.

    1. I think I’m an occasional and highly selective antisemite Richard. Certainly not keen on the fringe elements like this Bruce one reckons to be. Way too chippy for my tastes. The Shtisels at the other end of the spectrum are as bad in their own way but they have to wear suits in 40 degree heat so I’m less disparaging.

  49. Denigrating a Jewish majority is not at all antisemitic if that majority supports that which the denigrator sees as reprehensible, rather it suggests that only that majority itself is seen as reprehensible.

    “intolerant hatred!? You’d be better talking to David about such an affliction, Richard.

    1. Relatively unintelligible post that Michael. Your writing style is so affected by your fears and inhibitions that it’s just become gibberish now.

      You have neither awareness, experience nor real opinions on your subject matter so I feel disinclined to share any of my mine with you in normal exchange. Neither of us is here to do that as you know.

      My team won 66 years before you started playing the game so you continue to do your thing and I’ll watch you do it and comment accordingly. Those will always be our roles.

      1. It’s English, Ian. I notice that you struggle with it and generally misrepresent that which is written in it, either by design or lack of ability.

        1. Your much used activist slogans do not mask your poor writing style Michael. A lack of clarity is a result of you reticence to express clear opinions for fear they will be twisted by opponents and used to demean you. Common activist anxiety. Really makes no odds to me either way.

          You and I both know our roles here as I said above. Now I just watch you do your thing here and comment accordingly. It’s going to be a very long game for both of us but I already know the result. We won 6 decades before you even started playing the game. Never mind.

  50. Hey Stinky Dick Galber, I bet you felt much at home in apartheid South Africa now that you’ve exposed yourself as a Zio defender of genocide, apartheid and much worse committed upon the Palestinian people by your overt support of the apartheid Zionist state and attempting to do, as many of your kind do; claiming that those who criticise the satanic state, even Jews, are antisemitic, the unspeakable acts of cruelty committed on a defenseless people are somehow connected to Judaism and that Jews support apartheid Israel. A vastly growing number of Jews are horrified outraged and sickened about what Israel and Zionism represents. So it is not me who is antisemitic, but creatures like yourself who are, by associating Jews with a vile, racist, apartheid regime. Judaism represents everything Israel isn’t. Now sliver back under your rock you vile, racist and antisemitic creature.

    1. Richard, when you ask your Bruce mate if he fancies tipping up for Michael in our Crowdfunding scheme, you will let him know that we won the game about 70 odd years ago. The daft booby seems to think that saying apartheid a lot and behaving like an 11 year old girl sort of settled the score for his team. What a sore loser.


  51. Wacko Brucie

    Such an incoherent rant
    Adolescence is normally the time for the mind to explore new ideas, rather than regurgitating tired old slogans which seems to be your stock in trade.

    Funny how this charge of genocide keeps coming up.
    In 1948 there were about 160 000 Muslims living in Israel (remember they didn’t call themselves Palestinians then)
    Today there are about 1 800 000 Muslims in Israel
    The Jews must be the most inefficient genocidists; but then facts and truth have never really been the strong point of the anti-Israel hordes, or you just like the sound of your own incoherent ramblings

    In the second intifada the palestinians managed to murder over a thousand Israelis by suicide bombings, knifings and shootings in/on buses ,discoes, supermarkets, restaurants etc; doesn’t quite strike me as defenceless.
    And Hamas and their various allies are not exactly defenceless either; but hey, why let facts interfere with your twisted reality.

    And yes, I do call you out as an Antisemitic Racist Bigot for your Holocaust denigration, and your unrealistic conspiracy driven obsession with the only Jewish State in the world.

    As an exercise could you offer a realistic solution to the situation that exists between the Jews and Muslims in this tiny land area between the river and the sea??????
    Or are you just full of bombastic accusations and wild rhetoric and not really interested in a solution

    1. Richard, will you explain how questioning or ‘denigrating’ the Holocaust is antisemitic bearing in mind that the New York Holocaust Museum declares that Jewish deaths were a minority of the 17 million it puts as the total victims.

      Unless you wish to question that Holocaust figure?

      1. Michael, you silly old Antisemitic sausage. Remember when old Bellers scolded you for being an unreliable player in the game of Poke David Collier?

        That was you and your daft tactics outed and I get a lot of pleasure in playing along with you lads.

        You can never do more than this because just like the lovely Cevapi sausages, you have zero skin in this game.


  52. Michael

    Our dear Brucie Levy is a functional illiterate because he doesn’t read or seem to understand basic English

    I think you are functionally stupid because you seem to repeat yourself ad infinitum, and also don’t seem to accept certain facts no matter how many times they are discussed

    You constantly repeat the 17 000 000 murdered by the Nazis.
    You are incapable of understanding that six million Jews were murdered for the sole reason they were Jews
    Of your 17 000 000 that were mass murdered by the Nazis how many were children.
    Of the six million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis, 1 500 000 were Jewish children.
    That is approximately a quarter of all the Jews murdered were children.
    Now what proportion of the 17 000 000 were children
    The only family groups as a matter of policy that were taken to their slaughter were Jews.

    Hitler’s intention was to eradicate/destroy/annihilate the Jewish race.
    Hitler wanted to solve the Jewish problem.
    He and his acolytes stated this frequently from well before the war started.
    Never in human history has anyone tried to eradicate an entire people as a matter of policy.
    Never in human history has anyone used modern industrial methods of production to try and wipe out an entire people.
    The Nazis constructed human abbatoirs to murder the Jews and to solve the Jewish Problem

    All your waffling and excuses to try minimize the Jewish Holocaust for whatever reason make you the perfect example of a Holocaust Denier, and possibly more

    1. Richard, I have just pointed out that 17 million died in the Holocaust.

      YOU are only concerned with the 6 million Jews figure and yet you term me ‘Holocaust Denier’, an obvious misnomer that David and such as yourself throw out at regular intervals. It is now a worthless phrase.

      Others were subjected to “modern industrial methods of production”.

      Why do you attempt to wipe others from History?

    2. Hey Stinky Dick, it wasn’t six million. We’ve been through this before.. Answer this question: How many children were murdered by the neo-Nazi IOF?

      Not only are you poisoning the minds of the readers of this blog and of the Jewish faith, but you’re a liar and an antisemitic skunk to boot.

      1. Bruce MoooooooooooHAMed,

        WHY are Muslims KILLING Muslims?

        500,000+ dead in Syria.
        1,000,000 over 8 years in the (1980-1988) Iraq/Fascist Iran War?

        If Muslims can’t get along with Muslims, How can AHoles like you claim that Muslims can get along with NON-Muslims????

        1. Non-Muslims killed over 50 million non-Muslims not too long ago.

          Miss that period of History did you, Ted?

  53. David Collier
    Replying to @SebastianEPayne
    Breaking news:
    Jeremy Corbyn thought Jews were priviledged and rich and powerful …..

    Basically a classic antisemitic stereotype

    quelle surprise

    Another example of David’s obsession with Jeremy Corbyn.

    David has NEVER been able to give an example of antisemitism on the part of Jeremy Corbyn who has done much more for the Jewish community in London than David has ever done.

    1. Wozdisshitnow Bellers. Since when did we answer direct question from each other. We agreed our roles here long ago. Talk about the man, not to him. You dope.

        1. Always.

          Antway, you gonna support Micharl with our crowdfunding effort to get some Shekels into his sky rocket? He’s always bleating that David gets paid to lie and he doesn’t.

  54. Collier – “Jeremy Corbyn thought Jews were priviledged(privileged) and rich and powerful …..”

    Hodge is rich and certainly privileged … attacked the leader with a foul-mouthed rant and there was no action whatsoever was taken against her.

    1. A small part of me (not that part, cheeky) does pity you Michael. You’re always on the losing side and have to circle the wagons so often it must be hard to stand up straight.

      Ah well….

  55. Michael

    Are you functionally illiterate.
    Did you not read my post
    17 000 000 people were mass murdered by the Nazis.
    The Nazis expressly stated that they were going to solve the JEWISH PROBLEM.
    They never expressed their desire to solve any other peoples/nations problems in the same way.
    Hitler ranted in Mein Kampf about the Jewish problem.
    Hitler hated Jews with a passion reserved solely against the Jews

    The Nazis set out to wipeout/annihilate/exterminate the Jewish people
    They did not do this in the same way with any other group of people.
    The Holocaust is a uniquely evil crime that was perpetrated exclusively against the Jews.

    The other millions of people killed by the Nazis were a despicable genocide, but there was no system set up with the same intention as the one set up at the Wannsee Conference on 20th January 1942 to totally annihilate the Jewish people.

    Your continuous attempts to deJudaise the Holocaust is an extreme form of Holocaust denial.

  56. Michael

    Six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis.
    Approximately 1 500 000 of that numbe were children.

    17 000 000 people overall were mass murdered by the Nazis
    How many children were included in that 17million total.

    You will find that the majority of children murdered by the Nazis were Jews.
    That is because the Nazis wanted to annihilate the Jews, and killing the children went a long way to realising that goal
    If you have any evidence to the contrary please let me have it

    1. “You will find that the majority of children murdered by the Nazis were Jews.”

      If you have any evidence of this please let me have it.

  57. Michael

    Are you a dodo or something

    I asked you if you have any evidence on the deaths of Jewish and other children murdered by the Nazis to counter what I posited.

    And in your inimitably stupid manner you reply by asking me for evidence.

    Grow a brain

  58. Michael

    Once again a half-baked riposte that says absolutely nothing about the subject in question, other than to show your inability to offer any form of intelligible argument to counter mine.

    What is ‘Lol. ‘Holocaust Denial’ …. more farce and trickery ‘ mean?.
    Are you saying the Holocaust is a farce?
    Are you saying that the Nazis did not particularly target Jews?
    Are you denying that six million Jews were exterminated by the Nazis?

    Bellamy plays the ‘village idiot’ to avoid answering questions.
    Levy doesn’t read or understand what he does read, and resorts to cursing, threats and insult instead of argument.
    How do you reply to questions,other than by obfuscation and/or trying to reverse the question?

  59. Richard : You will find that the majority of children murdered by the Nazis were Jews….. If you have any evidence to the contrary please let me have it.

    Michael : If you have any evidence of this please let me have it.

    Richard : you reply by asking me for evidence.


    Richard : What is ‘Lol. ‘Holocaust Denial’ …. more farce and trickery ‘ mean?.

    It means ‘Holocaust Denial’ is a misnomer.

  60. Don’t get too excited, I’m not a Democratic Socialist, but the DSA certainly taught your fucking kind (Zio’s) a lesson or two since apartheid Israel’s paid-for buddies tried to use the old trick of accusing the DSA of antisemitism to intimidate and silence them.

    Guess what? It didn’t work!! Read on….

    “Unable to contest the Democratic Socialists of America’s progressive agenda on issues like affordable housing, the New York Democratic Party has resorted to the absurd smearing of socialists as antisemitic. Unfortunately for them, it’s not going to work.

    he New York City chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America is under attack from local Democratic lawmakers. The charge is a favorite one for liberals to lob against the Left lately: antisemitism.

    New York state Democrats have organized a denunciation of the group’s questionnaire for city council candidates seeking DSA backing, asking if they would refrain from traveling to Israel while in office and whether they support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement.

    The questionnaire reads, “Do you pledge not to travel to Israel if elected to City Council in solidarity with Palestinians living under occupation,” and, “Do you support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement? If not, why.” In response, state Democratic leaders went apoplectic.

    A letter signed by fifty-three legislators said that DSA’s question “is offensive, antisemitic, and dangerous. […] No political organization that embeds antisemitism into its platform should be welcome in the halls of our legislature.” Sen. Brad Hoylman was quoted as saying, “This is repugnant and should be withdrawn.” Former city councilman David Greenfield called it “Antisemitism. Plain and simple.”

    NYC-DSA’s question didn’t come out of nowhere — trips to Israel are common even for state politicians. Governor Andrew Cuomo led a trip to Israel in 2014, and City Comptroller Scott Stringer led one in 2016 that included the head of one of the city’s largest public-sector unions.

    Critics have often seen these junkets as propaganda tours, a way for the government of Israel to instill a positive (and often victimized) image of the nation to politicians at all levels of government, not just Congress and the White House. New York City is central to the Jewish political world, so the Israel Lobby doesn’t underestimate the importance of its local politicians and activists.

    The backlash isn’t a surprise, either. All of New York City DSA’s state legislative candidates won their races this year, including incumbent Senator Julia Salazar, and DSA-backed congressional candidate Jamaal Bowman, who ousted pro-Israel stalwart Rep. Eliot Engel. All four members of the “squad” in Congress easily won their primaries, despite well-funded challenges from the center (and despite, unsurprisingly, facing spurious claims of antisemitism of their own.

    We can expect more pro-Israel money to fund centrist challengers and more breathless cries in the press about “left antisemitism.” But DSA activists shouldn’t be scared. The fiasco is a sign of the political establishment’s weakness — both in the face of the DSA’s success at the ballot box, and in the shifting tides in American opinion on Israel in recent years in support of Palestinians, especially among young American Jews.

    Attacks against DSA’s success have taken a number of forms over the years, of which antisemitism is only the latest. One common attack is to denounce DSA candidates as gentrification agents, framing socialism as something only appealing to white, well-educated youngsters — even though the DSA’s winning candidates in the city are black, Latina, and South Asian, winning contests all over the city while running on explicitly anti-gentrification platforms.

    The charge is also meant to deflect the clear class divide between mainstream Democrats and DSA candidates: the latter do not accept donations from real estate, the business sector that is centrally responsible for driving up housing prices.

    These attacks haven’t worked at holding DSA back, so centrist Democrats are reaching for a new weapon: Israel. Like the similar, absurd attacks in the UK on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, centrist Democrats would have liked to roll these attacks out against Sen. Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign (and even floated a few trial balloons), but there were some obvious barriers to that strategy. Post-Bernie, they’re going all-in on it.

    Unfortunately for DSA’s attackers, pro-Israel attacks aren’t the death blow they were once thought to be. The pro-Israel publication Tablet devoted an enormous amount of editorial resources to dive into New York State Senator Julia Salazar’s record of support for Palestinians when she was still an insurgent candidate in 2018. She won her race and, recently, her primary.

    Jessica Ramos also drew attacks when she expressed sympathy with Palestinians when she was a Democratic Party official (she’s a progressive, but not backed by DSA). She was elected to the state senate along with Salazar anyway, and also won her recent primary.

    There’s a good reason for this change. The average American voter, especially in local elections, isn’t thinking first and foremost about Israel. In fact, DSA’s electoral success has centered on economic inequality, in particular the high cost of housing, a bread-and-butter issue that frames the real estate industry’s influence in local politics as a major corrupting force. Rather than try to convince voters to turn against DSA’s economic message, the organization’s political opponents would rather change the subject to something that has no real immediate impact in a city council or state legislative race.

    And the mood about Israel in American politics is changing. The extremism of the Trump administration on Israel, as well as the extremism in the Israeli government, has moved some American Jewish opinion to the left on the subject. In 2013, the Pew Research Center found that “many American Jews express reservations about Israel’s approach to the peace process. Just 38% say the Israeli government is making a sincere effort to establish peace with the Palestinians.” More recently, Pew found that while most American sympathize with Israeli people, they are less sympathetic with the Israeli government.

    While the attacks aren’t landing, DSA members should probably be prepared for more of them. “For the past few years, national media coverage of DSA largely fell into three categories: ridicule, neutral, and human interest,” David Duhalde, vice chair of the DSA Fund, said in an email. “As the socialist organization has gained influence, especially at municipal levels, the news will flame attacks on DSA that serve the agendas of the powerful. This is a natural progression for left-wing groups as they grow stronger, and one that we need to be ready for. History shows the news stories will only get more unfair and more hostile.”

    Still, the attacks on DSA from the Democrats and in the press are still painful to hear. For one thing, it’s an insult to Jewish members like me. We often fear very real and violent right-wing antisemitism; to hear that our support for Palestinian self-determination is based in self-hatred is salt in the wound.

    But such attacks aren’t going to end anytime soon. New York City’s traditional power brokers are seeing their power undermined by recent DSA wins. They’re flailing, and they think the old charge that criticism of Israel makes DSA hostile to Jews will get them out of this mess. It won’t work.”

      1. Hey Trailer Trash, Hope you had a nervous breakdown after reading it. If your blood pressure shot up too, so much the better.

    1. I alternately laugh at and groan at the far-Left mix of screeching and excuse-making that comprises Jacobin’s online reporting, but the notion that something (you’re not a someone, Brutes) like you is a fan of theirs made me feel something in regard to Jacobin I hadn’t felt before and don’t expect to feel again any time soon…

  61. Hey Stinky Dick, rumour has it that Hell is now controlled by the Zios. There were so many of them there, they accused Satan of being antisemitic for allowing the Nazis in and killed him. Please confirm.

    1. Yes, yes all very provocative and that. But I’ve not seen your contribution to our Crowdfunding for Michael yet. Are you on his team or what?

      This is a real dud. Not a carrot in the coffers yet and Michael’s still bleating that David gets paid to lie and he doesn’t.

      Can’t work this out. David gets loads of sympathy and support but when it’s one of your own……nada.

      Come on. Spread the word with the lads down the Zyklon Bee. There’s a deadline here.


      1. The real mystery is just how did David Collier become so influential.

        More influential than Der Guardian, its sister rag Der Independent, Der BBC, SkyNews and even Al Arabiya, Al Jazzera and the rest..

        So influential that even Jeremy Corbyn and his goosestepping fanbois were soundly defeated.

        1. Because the UK ‘Jewish Community’ care not for truth but will even jump on a smearing bandwagon to protect Zionism?

          1. Sharmuta, It ain’t a “smear” when it’s True.

            Again, explain how a little blog run by ONE guy can be more influential than Der BBC, Der Guardian, Der Independent, SLYNews, Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya and Corbyns pals in Hezbola – a recognized terrorist organization in the UK..

            1. Beccause it’s full of lies that can be propagated ad infinitum by anyone seeking to damage the same target, whereas the BBC has a history and reputation for presenting the truth …. much less exciting of course.

              1. I’m kind of impressed that you are that off the mark about both David and the BBC in just a few sentences. You’re like brevity wrapped in stupidity, which makes your asinine missives easy to read, then easy to forget.

              2. Sharmuta, While you’re on your back, or knees, per your clients mood,

                Please explain how little ‘ol

                David Collier,

                with a Facebook and a Twitter account,

                can be MORE INFLUENTGIAL than

                Der BBC, Der Guardian, Der Independent, Al Arabiya, SLYnews.Der Hezbola,

                such that your Fascist LaBOOR Party suffered its WORST DEFEAT at the Polls, WORST in 85 years.

                How does David do it???

                Happy Nakba! 🙂

  62. Michael

    And the Chinese murdered about 50million of their own in their glorious Communist revolution.

    And the Soviet Russian revolution killed probably 40-50 millions in their glorious Communist revolution

    And Pol Pot killed about 2millions in his glorious revolution

    And in Rwanda nearly a million died in a few months

    And about a million died in the Iraq/Iran war

    And untold millions died in the Congo wars

    And Hitler’s war killed about 50 million
    But this was the only war where they bureaucrized the mass murders and built special abbatoirs to facilitate the mass murders.
    And this was the only war where the future leader, years before he came to power, said he had a Jewish Problem that he had to solve.
    And he tried to solve this Jewish Problem of his by mass murdering six million Jews in his abbatoirs which were specifically built for the purpose of solving the Jewish Problem

    1. I can understand that, as a Jews, you view Hitler’s antagonism towards the Jews as more important than the other Holocausts.

      But, as you say, many more lives have been lost through others.

      ALL of these Holocausts must be marked.

      p.s. Jews were initially not the first group to be targeted for destruction.

  63. @Yair_Rosenberg
    Richard Spencer is a racist troll who purposely adopts his opponents’ causes and pretends to back them in order to undermine them and get attention. That’s what he did when he pretended to support “Zionism” (when he actually hates Israel & Jews). Folks should stop falling for it!

    If Yair is concerned about racism I suggest that he lobby against Israel’s Nation Law which denies self-determination and statehood to its non-Jewish citizens….

    1.c.The right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.

  64. Michael

    Please explain how self determination for Jews in Israel is racist, and how it prevents non-Jews from practicing their rights and freedom in Israel.

    Try not answer this question with one of your mindless question responses

    Read the question first before reacting

    1. Ready for the answer, Richard?

      Self-determination for Jewish citizens is not racism IF Muslim citizens, Christian citizens etc. are also afforded it within Israel.

      Legislating that self-determination is only applicable to Jews certainly is racism.

      Do you agree?

      Doh … I asked you a question. My bad.

  65. Michael

    The Holocaust is a unpleasantly unique Jewish tragedy

    If you want to give a name to any other genocide , then do so.

    But stop trying to appropriate a uniquely Jewish tragedy in your attempts to deJudaise the Holocaust to feed your anti-Israel biases

    You are a Holocaust Denier

    1. Shouldn’t that be ‘Holocaust Denier’, Richard? … the inverted commas denoting that the words within are a common phrase that is used regularly whose true meaning is at odds with the phrase.

      Think I learned it from the Jewish Chronicle or News. They had so many articles implying widespread antisemitism from Corbyn, the Labour Party and anyone else those rags wanted to dishonour and smear.

      p.s. don’t tell Ian.

  66. Brucie Brucie

    Do you think that trying to give me silly names will make me feel threatened.
    You have already intimated that I should have been sent to a concentration camp to get myself tattooed with a number
    You have also intimated that lampshades and soaps make you think of me invoking the claims from the Holocaust that the guards used human skin and fat to make lampshades and soaps

  67. Brucie babes

    YadvShem has named about 4 800 000 Jewish victims of the Holocaust by cross reference and indexing

    Because your one Rabbe said the majority of Jews murdered in the Holocaust were assimilated non-practicing and/or not recognized Halachically as Jews is irrelevant, as the Nazis said they were Jews and murdered them as Jews

    Therefore about six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis whether you and your ilk agree with it, or not

    Your Holocaust denigration and diminution make you the epitome of an Antisemetic racist bigot

  68. Michael. You have unwittingly helped me this morning with your carelessness.

    You do that weird activist thing where you write Jewish Community in inverted commas. I think you copied Bellers on this. It seemed like another one of your crass tactics but then I realised. It’s a perfect fit with your endorsement of that tweet saying “Jews are counterfeit human beings”.

    It would be great to go back in time to The Farmer Origin Story and the source of all this Jew hatred from you. Was it your dad?

      1. Indeed Bellers. I remembered he’d cribbed it from you. Not an original thinker, our Michael.

  69. David Collier
    So US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo flies directly from Israel ?? to Sudan ??

    Are we going to see another historic agreement?

    Wow, Trump is certainly splashing the cash in this ‘promotion’.

    1. Hmmm..maybe he’ll splash a few bucks to your Crowdfunding campaign.


        1. You lads get a script?

          I knew it.

          Hmmm. Which government though?

          Bet its just that Bruce one handing out flyers down the Zyklon Bee, over a round of black and tans

  70. vid Collier Retweeted

    Secretary Pompeo

    Israel has long been America’s most reliable partner in the Middle East.

    Israel has long been America’s most expensive dependant in the Middle East.

  71. David Collier
    When you see someone complaining that ‘Israel is bombing Gaza’ they are lying to you. Israel *IS NOT* bombing Gaza.#Israel is attacking specific #Hamas targets.

    You need to ask why these people are so upset Israel is bombing a radical Islamic terror group.

    Do they like Hamas?

    …and when incendiary balloons are sent into Israel they are not attacking Israel, they are attacking the crops in Israel.

  72. Collier – “Yet many on the left want to paint #Israel as the aggressor.

    How stupid must you be to believe them?”

    Israel is illegally encouraging, subsidising and protecting the movement of its citizens onto land in the West Bank outside of its own borders.

    THAT is aggression.

    1. Full Mark’s for bravery Michael. There isn’t even a pretence of posting proper comments anymore, just the old Chris Activist approach of “using any stick I can find to hit the Jew pver the head with”

      Your dad would be proud.

  73. Stephen

    I couldn’t imagine them reading the JC even if they got it for free

    They hate anything Jewish; I’m surprised you didn’t know

    Maybe you should stop pretending to be the ‘village idiot’ so that you can become more aware

    1. (Ian addressing Michael in the 3rd person to maintain brand consistency and activist rules)

      Wonder if Michael was asking a serious question yesterday or simply placing the customary bad faith blocker in the road. Most likely to be the latter. Pity. It was a question which, had it arisen in normal discourse between normal people, would have prompted a useful conversation.

      Unhappily it arose between an unapologetic antisemitic troll and a Zionistic, piss-taking twat.

      So that’s that then.

    1. Michael, you had your chance to get that approach at the ballot box. Lamentably you and your team lost again ( how many time is that now?) and now you’re stuck with the policies of the other side.

      Never mind. There’s always next time.

  74. Found this by blogger @CleavisNowell, from 5 months ago

    “Only Israel has a vaccine for COVID-19 which is an offshoot of a coronavirus infecting chickens which should be in testing and available in about a month…”

    The world awaits Israel, saviour of the world … Lol.

    1. Found this guy on Twitter months ago that posted a film of 3 Irish lads in a boozer saying “Hitler didn’t kill no fuckin’ Jews”

      I await the return of my Aunty Lotte allegedly murdered in Dachau…

  75. “Anti-Israel activism isn’t just antisemitic it is also linked with terrorism.”

    Given that Israel was created through terrorism, that was a silly tweet by David.

    1. Michael. I see your obvious antipathy to terror. Good to know. So, in your opinion was the so called Palestinian Authority created from terrorism?

  76. David Collier
    A Jewish centre on campus was burnt down, a religious Jew was murdered, a synagogue was vandalised..

    All in the last day or two. We are in a real battle here and it is a question of when, not if, things get a whole lot worse.

    Yet still the antisemitism deniers are out in force.

    Wow ….. 3 instances from a population of 15 million. Indeed, it seems that to be Jewish is to be more at risk than any other group, except of course for the black community in ‘the land of the free’.

    No doubt the Labour Party are prime suspects, David

    p.s. “things get a whole lot worse.” … I’m sure they will in your blog narratives … ka-ching, ka-ching.

    1. Michael, as a matter of interest, if one murdered rabbi and one place of Jewish worship razed to the ground is insufficient to warrant sympathy, what number did you have in mind?

      1. BTW, I spotted your gripe above that David gets paid to lie but you don’t.

        Not great news on the Crowdfunding campaign I’m afraid. Seems even Bellers and that Bruce one have mugged you off.


  77. Stephen

    Going to jewdas parties is not a sign of awareness; it does show where your sympathies lie (if anyone didn’t know by now)

    Despite you trying to play the ‘village idiot’, I have no doubt that you have noticed the word play on their name
    jewdas – Judas

    Remember, if you can, that it was Judas that BETRAYED Jesus (I normally try to avoid uppercase, but I think the emphasis in this case is an excusable exception)

    I have always found their name and its connotations very very illuminating

    1. Saw you sneaking around the Twitter feeds again Michael. Condoning arson on synagogues this time. Nailing the antizionism there. Lol.

  78. Collier – “The latest news makes our campuses and unions look like Nazi spaces.”

    David obviously didn’t live through that period.

    OUR campuses? …. OUR unions?

    YOU have no link to either. YOUR world is Israel.

          1. So no link at all then Michael.

            Lying on the internet for no money. Think that makes this a Michael problem really.

  79. Confirmation (as I stated months ago) that COVID-19 is anti-Semitic; the newspaper of the vile capitalist, media-controlling bankers, the Wall Street Journal, reports that American coronavirus cases are nearing SIX MILLION (there’s that figure again folks), mocking the Zionist-created number of exclusively Jewish victims of the so-called “Holocaust.” What would Elie the Weasel say?

    1. Of course we control everything you silly sausage. We’re the chosen people for goodness sake. What’s the point in that if we weren’t in charge of it all?

      Our plasma treatments have now had a 100% success rate on critical patients in Israel. As a matter of record, if you were wheezing out your last attempted provocation, would you want to be injected with Zio antibodies if it meant you’d be walking home 48 hours later? We need this for your DNR notes.

        1. Michael, Collier retweet alert.

          Another post from the Auschwitz Memorial site mentioning the anniversary of the death of a Jewish child murdered in a Nazi gas chamber.

          Time to get your abacus out and do some accounting so you can tell us which non Jewish children were murdered to solve Hitlers Jewish Problem.

          I know you like this tactic.

          1. Given that the New York Holocaust Museum puts the total number of Holocaust victims at 17 million(6 million Jewish) we can estimate
            that it would be 11/6 i.e 1.8333 of the number of Jewish ones that David shows us in his tweets.

            But then we should remember ALL victims of the Holocaust, not obsess over special interest groups.

            1. Michael, I think you’re being a teeny weeny bit mischievous here and probably don’t really care very much about dead Jews at all.

              Last week you were dismissive of arson attacks on synagogues. Before that you supported a statement that “Jews were counterfeit human beings” and of course our old favourite, the defence of the remark “Hitler didn’t kill no fucking Jews”

              Being this guy may appeal to your 11 followers on Twitter but it hasn’t got you any support from our Crowdfunding campaign. You constantly moan that David lies for money but you’ll have to carry on doing it gratis.

              Never mind.


  80. Boris Johnson is facing a showdown with furious Conservative MPs over his government’s chaotic handling of Covid-19, as a new poll shows the Tories have surrendered a massive lead over Labour in just five months.

    As MPs prepare to return to Westminster on Tuesday, Charles Walker, who is vice-chair of the 1922 committee of Conservative backbenchers, told the Observer that a recent string of U-turns had left many colleagues in despair, with some struggling to support and defend their government to constituents. Governing by U-turn in this way, he said, was unsustainable.

  81. Yes Michael, we live in a Parliamentary democracy

    This is how Parliamentary democracies work

    Anyone who hasn’t worked that out is either an idiot or a moron

    1. Exactly … and one way of claiming power is to manufacture an altered demographic by ethic cleansing and then smilingly claiming yourself to be ‘democratic’.

      Agree, Richard?

  82. Brucie Brucie

    You didn’t finish as you normally do about going off to pray to someone in the Simpsons cartoon synagogue of Beth Springfield

    Are you losing it

    This must be one of your most incoherent postings yet

    Pure unadulterated gibberish trying to connect Holocaust death figures with the Covid virus.
    Your concepts in this regard are so divorced from reality and logic that it puts your entire attempt at offering an argument into the category of ‘silly humour ‘ as in trying to unsuccessfully emulate the ‘Monty Python ‘ genre.

    Don’t you think think that possibly you should go and see someone about your seriously delusional commentary.

    Your favourite dick ???????

  83. Naff Tali tweets “”Israeli Muslims are defending Israel shoulder to shoulder with their Jewish brothers.”

    … such deceit.

    Strange that as “brothers” one sibling(Jewish) can have self-determination and statehood while the other(non-Jewish) now cannot because of the Nation Law passed by Knesset.”

    1. Michael thanks for drawing this to my attention. I’d have missed it if you hadn’t linked in. Very considerate

      Huge pride in seeing new IDF recruits end tironut this way, swearing allegiance to their country on the Tanaka, the Koran or the bible and joining the units that will defend our country. Brilliant for me. Not your sort of thing though.

  84. Michael

    The term ‘mindless buffoonery’ comes to mind when reading your posts.

    Disconnected,irrelevant, stupid is your general level of attainment

    At least Stephen tries to be amusing. You appear to be trying to be stupid

    Do keep it up; just remember that volume doesn’t equal quality

  85. Michael

    The Holocaust is a unpleasantly unique Jewish tragedy

    If you want to give a name to any other genocide , then do so.

    But stop trying to appropriate a uniquely Jewish tragedy in your attempts to deJudaise the Holocaust to feed your anti-Israel biases

    You are a Holocaust Denier

      1. Michael, you dopey draws. As a contributor that probably has more creditors than followers you play a daft game here and I doubt that even you take you seriously .

        Nonetheless after 6 years you have a familiarity and predictability that is quite reassuring, like a wonky toilet seat in the guest loo. You know it’s there but its harmless so you just leave it be.

  86. Michael

    What is it I’m not supposed to know

    Now don’t do your normal stupid by replying with an inane and inappropriate question.

    Just answer the question of what I’m not supposed to know

    Try not to show yourself up as a dimwit

    1. Richard, I have previously said that the Holocaust carried out by Nazi Germany did indeed take place as corroborated by the New York Holocaust Museum’s statement that 17 million souls perished in it.

      What were you saying?

      You are questioning the Holocaust? really?

      1. Michael, as a pro-semanticist, when Hitler spoke of a final solution to the Jewish problem what, in your opinion were the problems he was chatacterising and with whom when the Nazis were murdering everyone else?

        You seem very keen to raise awareness of the fact that The Jewish Problem was not his only problem and that The Final Solution applied to other of his peeves. Can you help us out here ?

      2. Michael

        You dumb dodo; read what I said

        The Holocaust is a unpleasantly unique Jewish tragedy

        If you want to give a name to any other genocide , then do so.

        But stop trying to appropriate a uniquely Jewish tragedy in your attempts to deJudaise the Holocaust to feed your anti-Israel biases

        You are a Holocaust Denier

          1. Michael

            The intellectual depth that you display with that last reply certainly shows your debating abilities

            anyway, do answer the question

            ‘What is it I’m not supposed to know

            Now don’t do your normal stupid by replying with an inane and inappropriate question.

            Just answer the question of what I’m not supposed to know’

            Try not to show yourself up as a dimwit

  87. Michael

    Once again a stupid meaningless reply/comment

    But being the dimwit that you are , why not try to answer the question.
    I realise it will tax you to the limits to give an answer that vaguely fits the facts; but do try

    ‘What is it I’m not supposed to know

    Now don’t do your normal stupid by replying with an inane and inappropriate question.

    Just answer the question of what I’m not supposed to know’

    Try not to show yourself up as a dimwit

    1. Richard, you have exhausted our Michael’s activist range today. I like to challenge myself to change some of his posting behaviours from time to time and so far I’m quite happy with the results.

      Bless the old booby, there’s only so much he can do with the cards in his hand but it amuses me watching him play them.

  88. Ian, it’s been one of those days, a rather betwixt and between day, and Michael has been a rather pleasant distraction to while away the time

  89. Aw, c’mon, lads. Don’t be rotten. You’re going to make me feel as if I’m being played by the world’s greatest minds.

    1. Flattering Michael but too subtle for me. You know full well I’m only here ridicule you. Who has the energy to commit to any more than that?

    1. Michael, you ninny. With this sort of nonsense it’s only a small step away from emailing people saying you’re a Nigerian prince and have $100 million to give them if they just click the link and send you their bank details.

      I know that the crowdfunding campaign drew a blank for you but there are better ways of getting yourself a few shekels for doing this. Do you want me to ask David if he’ll do a sponsored featurette on you for a revenue share? You’ve done so much to promote his stuff and grow his following. Seems fair that he should send a little back your way.

  90. Collier – “They think left = good and right = bad.

    Yes they are that silly.

    It is how they became infested with antisemitism & act like fascists because they disown or deny everything negative.”

    It’s Israel that is extreme right and its soldiers boot their way around land outside their border as did the Nazis.

    You have a cheek.

  91. ‘Conflating time-honoured, human-rights-based boycotts of Israel’s violations of international law with anti-Jewish racism is not only false, it is a racist attempt to put all Jews into one basket and to implicate them in Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians.

    Israel’s charge of racism against the BDS movement is akin to the Ku Klux Klan accusing Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks of racism! It is so blatantly propagandistic.

  92. Collier -“…The extremists must be held to account for what they did to the Labour Party.”


    Extreme right-winger Collier smears and lies about the Labour Party and inspires the mentally challenged, many of them Zionist Jew, to crowd into Parliament square chanting idiocy.

    … must be held to account …. yep.

  93. Jewish Chronicle – “In posts from the account, the BBC reporter also suggested Israel was a “racist” and “white supremacist state””

    It is.

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