Beinart - road to ruin

Peter Beinart, a one state solution and the Jewish far-left

Peter Beinart recently wrote an article of Jewish surrender that was published in Jewish Currents. Falling over itself, the New York Times rushed to publish an abbreviated version to ensure the piece was given a much wider audience.


The thrust of the Beinart argument is simple. Beinart used to believe in a Jewish state – he doesn’t anymore, and as he lives in his comfortable home in the US, he believes Israel should dismantle itself and embark upon a utopian one state existence with the Palestinians. Thus ending 100 years of conflict.

There is nothing new inside the article. It is a silly proposition, a notion that the answer to the conflict between Israel and its neighbours is for the Jews to to put away their guns, remove the walls that protect them, surrender their right of self determination – have faith – and create what would eventually become another Muslim majority state in the Middle East.

Beinart and privilege

The article and Beinart’s position is historically and politically illiterate. Beinart pushes a solution with all the privilege of a person sitting under the umbrella of US citizenship, 1000s of miles away from Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran. Or as Benjamin Kerstein put in his response in the Tablet – “Peter Beinart thinks Jews don’t need Zionism. That’s because he’s never needed it himself.”

Beinart, like many of those who dabble in such utopian theory, pushes immature politics. The secular democratic one state solution is a privileged imperialist western answer to a problem they have with ignorant natives in a far-off land. Nobody on the ground wants it – not the Israelis and not the Palestinians.

The simple truth is that Israel looks the way it does – because it reflects the reality of the Middle East. The 1947 partition plan was not written into the British Mandate, but developed as reality took over. The civil war and regional conflict became inevitable. Israel is a natural product of its people, history and neighbourhood. And this simple fact – that Israel is a Middle Eastern nation, is what lies at the heart of the problem.

Beinart and the Israeli dream

For some western Jews, the Israel of reality is not the Israel of their dreams. These people tend to view Israel’s growing religious population with horror, they look down on the ‘arsim‘ of Bat Yam and they are quite derogatory about many aspects of Israeli culture. They don’t like the way many Israelis think or behave and clearly they have no respect for the way Israelis vote. 

Perversely they show understanding for Israel’s enemies, including those like Hamas – but as is frequently pointed out – they never have any empathy for Israelis with different opinions to their own.

They openly display that they are fundamentally disappointed with Israeli people. Beinart’s position can be described thus: – Israelis don’t deserve their state because of the way they have developed and behaved.

So I was unsurprised by the article. Every few months we are presented with a similar article written by someone who says that they have supported Israel all their lives but because those pesky Israelis have just gone and ******* (fill in the blank with whatever has just occurred – with Beinart it is the ‘annexation’) they must now publicly state that Zionism is in tatters and doomsday is coming. Immature virtue signalling that sells out the millions of Jews who live in Israel.

But what interested me most about this episode was not another of the liberal Zionists falling off the ideological cliff. It was how our own Jewish fringe groups responded.

The British Zionist left responds to Beinart

The New York Times running the Beinart article should be of no surprise. Haaretz probably rubbed their hands in glee too. Editors at the Guardian and BBC bookmarked the page, Gideon Levy threw a house party – and journalists at the Independent probably use it as a screensaver. They all love Jews who don’t like Israelis.

On the Jewish Zionist left we have fringe groups that constantly say they support the ‘two state solution’. I don’t believe they really do at all – but that they are simply putting forward the most left wing position they can publicly take whilst still demanding a seat around the mainstream table.

The question I keep hearing them ask is this – “what makes someone a good Jew”. It is meaningless spiritual new-age bunkum – a perverted form of ‘tikkun olum‘. Invariably raised in discussion about Israel, it is the diaspora left’s way of saying that they are the enlightened future of Judaism and Israelis are ‘bad Jews’ who must be shown a more righteous path by those with a higher ethical understanding.

I have said it before, that these fringe groups can be classified as Zionists only in the sense that Israel already exists. If Israel hadn’t been created and Jews were still struggling for a homeland today, these people would not be supporters.

Things to remember

The key lesson Zionists needs to learn is that the fringe Jewish groups on the left – want to be far more critical than they are. We should take note – not of the way Beinart’s utopian Zionism imploded, but rather the way the fringe groups on the ‘Zionist left’ took cover under the Beinart article.

Beinart gave them an opportunity to let the mask slip. If two-states really is their ‘holy grail’, why would they share an article that suggests otherwise? Logically they should be as horrified by Beinart’s article as they would if it were pushing extreme-right ideology. Instead they hold it aloft.

These people are all on the edge of an ideological unstable cliff and they silently celebrate when one of them takes the plunge. This isn’t imaginary. These people often publicly state they feel stifled in what they say and cannot say. There are openly telling us their words are self-censored. So when they say ‘two-states’ – it isn’t really what they mean. Two states is their ‘red line’ to the right – not an absolute position.

So it should be of no surprise that fringe groups like Yachad rushed to share the Beinart article.

The Weisfeld straw man attack

When criticising the Beinart article online I used the term ‘supremacist’ to describe it and this irked Hannah Weisfeld, the founder of the British fringe group Yachad. It bothered her so much that she used it in a tweet as a means of attacking me.

Hannah Weisfeld

Notice the first thing Weisfeld does is create a flimsy straw man – the ever handy tool of hard-left propagandists. Instead of concentrating on my commentary about a specific opinion – Weisfeld takes the Corbynista route – she infers I am talking about *all* opinion.

This is an often used and transparent form of attack. As I have shown above, Beinart’s position clearly contains supremacist thought. I believe I am right to call it such – but at no point can it be said, that I am implying all opinion or criticism can be viewed through the same lens.

When attacking me, Yachadniks often resort to such straw men arguments, so this is as unsurprising as Beinart’s implosion.

Weisfeld’s attack also presents the opportunity to draw attention to who is following, retweeting and liking her posts. What is the make up her of her appreciative audience?

This does not for a minute suggest Weisfeld or Yachad are responsible for who follows them. But if Yachad is the face of Jewish youth – surely this will be reflected in those supporting them online? I often argue that Yachad is an astroturf group with little genuine support. It has a few arrogant people at the front – but behind it lies very little. Simply checking who it is supporting them online is a fair indicator of what type of support is really there.

There were just 5 retweets, 25 likes and 4 comments on Hannah’s tweet. Low numbers for a voice of British Jews. Let us look at what is underneath the hood.

Hannah’s ‘army’

There were a total of 29 accounts who ‘liked’, retweeted or commented on Weisfeld’s tweet. Three were private, which left 26 public accounts I could look at.

The list of those who aligned with Weisfeld’s attack on me makes for depressing reading.

Tom Wainwright retweeted Weisfeld. Wainwright is one of those few people (less than 10 on Twitter), that I currently have blocked. He continually defames me with vile smears. A nice way to treat a person who has spent the last 4 years doing little but fighting antisemitism. Wainwright tweets about me just like a Corbynista:

Beinart - Tom Wainwright

I have been told on several occasions to sue him. Because his profile references ‘depression’ and ‘self harm’ he is one of those who throws stones that you cannot freely respond to. I chose to block him and leave him alone.

There is Vera Lustig. Lustig talks ‘as a Jew’, supports the boycott of Israel and forgets Hanukkah.

beinart article, forgot hanukkah

Lustig recently liked a Jewish Voice for Labour tweet promoting Jackie Walker’s film ‘witch hunt’. No wonder she doesn’t like me.

These are some others:

  • Gary Spedding also commented. Spedding is a twisted ex member of Palestine Live with a long history of hostility to Israel. Spedding was deported from Israel and banned from visiting.
  • Jon Roiser was a key individual at the Kaddish for Hamas event.
  • Sarit Michaeli – is the International Advocacy Officer for the NGO -B’tselem. B’tselem is mostly funded by foreign governments seeking to undermine Israel. They have recently stated the ICC *must* investigate Israel.
  • Amos Schonfield was the Yachad activist who advertised the Kaddish for Hamas event.
  • Brighton BDS – A toxic anti-Israel group that baits Jews and supports the destruction of Israel
  • Palestina Online – Another toxic account that seeks the complete destruction of Israel
  • Joseph Willits – who works for CAABU – the pro-Arab lobby group in Parliament
  • Saba Alfuhaid – A Kuwaiti diplomat at the UN – who vote against Israel 70,000 times a year.
  • Bruce Bassam – who’s profile states he is into ‘Extinction Rebellion’.
  • Harry Weaver – a ‘full time Marx appreciator‘ with a link to ‘’ in his profile.
  • Miranda Pinch –  A BDS supporting antisemitic film producer who shares hard-core antisemitic websites.
  • Mainfesting the Unseen – an anonymous account run by a Pakistani Muslim.
  • Tessa – a new account that is just 3 months old.
  • Filiz – an account with 51 followers whose single tweet referencing ‘Israel’, ‘Corbyn’, ‘Jewish’ or ‘antisemitism’ mentions Israeli ‘Apartheid’.

Then there are the ‘moderates’ – such as Daniel Randall – who supported sanctions against Israel before the issue of the ‘annexation’ or Natalie Sedacca who came out in support of the toxic Human Rights Watch and Omar Shakir.

These people form the majority of Hannah’s active audience. Let us be honest – it is hardly a collection of Jewish youth’s ‘finest’.

The ideologically lost

There is an ideological cliff and the Jewish Zionist left are on the edge of it. The face they show us is the one they know we can tolerate. What we cannot tolerate, they keep hidden.

Take Yachad’s militant arm – ‘Naamod’. The new Jewish ‘anti-occupation’ group that was formed following Yachad’s inability to publicly stand by its own activists following the Kaddish for Hamas event.

Who was a co-founder? Rob Abrams – the person who read out the names of the Hamas terrorists at the Kaddish for Hamas event in Parliament Square.

Abrams is an anti-Zionist who supported anti-Zionist Eran Cohen for UJS president.

rob abrams

Abrams was publicly supporting Jeremy Corbyn in propaganda videos. When you look under the hood you see that Abrams is standing alongside those from Yachad’s core support at every juncture. In this link, aligning with Abrams, you see names such as Em Hilton, Amos Schonfield and Gabriel Kanter-Webber.

  • Amos Schonfield – Yachad Deputy at the Board of Deputies
  • Emily Hilton – Ex Yachad Board member
  • Gabriel Kanter-Webber – ex Yachad activist

There are not enough people in this fringe for them to be anything more than the same faces. Just as JVL, Free Speech on Israel and Jews for Boycotting Israeli goods are just the same people – so are these ‘anti-occupation’ groups like ‘Jews against Boris’, ‘Na’amod’, ‘Yachad’,’Jewish Solidarity Action’, ‘Vashti Media’.

As an anti-Zionist, Rob Abrams was branded into insignificance. Hence the rebrand – ‘anti-occupation activist’. So when Na’amod say they are against ‘the occupation’ – which ‘occupation’ is the anti-Zionist Rob Abrams referring to? Is it Ramallah or Haifa?

Na’amod recently targeted the Jewish National Fund. The image on the left is an anti-Israel protest, the image on the right is from the recent Na’amod action.

jnf beinart

Or this comparison. On the right is the radical Islamist group Inminds, with their hard-core antisemitic spokesperson Sandra Watfa. On the left, Na’amod.  Same tactics, same messaging. ‘Freedom and equality for Palestinians’ is the key message of the BDS movement. Full BDS – seeking the destruction of Israel. What else would an anti-Zionist want to do?

It becomes even clearer that some of those at the Na’amod demos are in reality anti-Zionists – toning down their message to appear more reasonable. We let these hard-left extremists near our children at our peril.

I spent five years fighting against Corbyn and antisemitism. Weisfeld didn’t. I did a simple search for ‘Corbyn’ on Hannah’s Twitter feed. I found just one mention. In 2016 Hannah tweeted a response to Marcus Dysch (then of the Jewish Chronicle) and Jon Sacker that suggested they were being ‘unfair’ in a critical analysis of a Corbyn speech. That’s it. Over 4 years of British Jewry’s darkest fight in decades – and the Yachad leader wasn’t really present.

So Yachad and Weisfeld can take their Caabu affiliated, BDS supporting, anti-Zionist followers and next time – leave me out of it. I have a hard enough time when the antisemites bring flies to swarm over me with insults. I do not need fringe Jewish astroturf groups doing it as well.

One more example

Yesterday, news broke that myself and Rachel Riley won the opening round of a High Court legal battle against Daniel Bennett. The case is related to a highly abusive Twitter troll that used the account name ‘Harry Tuttle’.

This is the response of the former Yachad poster-boy Gabriel Kanter-Webber to the good news that fighters against antisemitism had won against their abuser:

Beinart Gabriel Webber

That tweet could have been written by any of the vile Corbynista trolls I have been fighting for years. I am neither ‘far-right’, nor am I of the opinion that ‘Palestinians don’t exist’. He is just lying to smear my name.

This man, Gabriel Kanter-Webber is actually training to be a Rabbi! What future is there for British Jewry if future Rabbis will look from the Jew who has been abused – to his toxic abuser –  and remain unsure of where his sympathies should lie.

As I have been saying for years. If these ideologically twisted people on the left are permitted to edge even further into our mainstream  – there won’t be a future for British Jews at all. Mark my words.



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    1. Dear Hashem, please strike down Jonathan and Harvey with COVID and make them suffer slowly – like all the Palestinians who they have shown no compassion or concern whatsoever for. Once they turn into good Zionists, please flush them down where they belong and sentence them to eternal damnation and torment. Amen.

      1. I’m leaving this up simply to show how sick and vicious the antisemitic trolls on this site can be. The free platform I allow isn’t absolute.

        1. Give him his joooo David. As a dabbler in provocaton, he’s having a go, the old booby.

          Speaking of attempted provocation, a question; Your memory is better than mine. There’s a chap, Gabriel posting below. Some years ago there was a Gabriel that quite publically opposed charitable giving to some of the most vulnerable members of UK society. His opposition centred on the donors being Jews, the donations being food (for those that needed it) and the source of the manufacture was Israel. On all of these bases he argued that it didn’t count as charitable giving becuase all the old dears turning up to the depositories with their tins of soup probably had bad motives. Thoroughly unpleasant character. Is this the same one?

            1. you have no right to complain about inaccuracy Gabriel. You deliberately misrepresent those you cannot deal with in pure debate.

            2. Go lie somewhere else, Gabriel. You aren’t in David’s class and need to find someone with a sub-prime IQ to debate.

              1. “David’s class”? Lol.

                David makes his living by smearing and misrepresenting.

                “Class”? Now that’s funny.

          1. Ian – that’s him. As he is so against charity for political purposes, I think I will go and look for his public opposition to ventures such as the big ride for Palestine. In fact, with 1000s of anti-Israel activists using charitable causes as a means of raising awareness – I won’t be surprised to find blog after blog proving his consistency. After all, perish the thought that the only time Gabriel has voiced such an anti-charity stance was when it came to feeding the poor or elderly.

            1. Yes I thought so. Thanks David. The chaps reply and the helpful link reminded me. Clearly there is a market for this sort of thing in the Wimbledon Reform Community. I’m sure they’ll both be very happy together.

            2. IsrACTIONday wasn’t about feeding the “Jewish elderly”, David. I find it staggering that you didn’t know this. It’s even stated in my blog about it which you claim to have read.

              Yet another inaccuracy…

              1. I edited it long before you responded. What I find staggering is why you think I should be so aware of what it was and wasn’t. Do you buy into the Zionist hive mind theory- where we are all one and the same person, and so knowledge – or action taken by one – is a knowledge or action experienced and retained by us all? Bit antisemitic that Gabriel. Can’t I be an individual, with my own expertise and interests?

                But again – this issue with claiming inaccuracy. Why do you lie about me so often Gabriel? Do you find it soothes your ego when you do it?

                1. You edited it to maintain its reference to “the elderly” despite the fact that IsrACTIONday is nothing to do with the elderly, yes. Give yourself a pat on the back.
                  I’m also not sure it’s anti-Semitic of me to assume that you’d-
                  (i) have some awareness of a major project run by your partner organisation NWFOI, and
                  (ii) read a blog post before condemning the author for what they wrote in it.
                  But hey. Feel free to accuse me of some other ill now as another dead cat?

                2. Lol.

                  There it is again. I first encountered it in your ‘Palestine Live’ fantasy. Labelling Anti-Zionism and Anti-Israel texts as anti-semitic, as you have just done in the reply to your nemesis.

                  Ian’s ‘inaccuracy’.? How kind of Gabriel to describe it so. It’s Ian’s usual misrepresentation. There’s some gene that Ian shares with you. Dishonesty.

                  1. Hi Michael. I’m pleased you mentioned dishonesty. Are you still claiming to be pro Palestinian ? 10 articles, 10 comment sections and you still dare not express 1 opinion on them. Why?

        2. As a Jew, I must inform you that I can’t be antisemitic David.

          Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray.

          Shabbat shalom.

          1. Bruce MooooooooooooooHAMmed,

            You are as Jewish as Jeremy Corbyn eating a HAM sandwich in Tower HAMlets

            Happy Nakba to you and the Fascist LaBOOR Party!!

        3. Thanks for the ‘ kind wishes Bruce but I’m fine and doing well . Hopefully you will benefit from Israeli pharma when a vaccine is produced .
          Levy was one of the regulars outside Ahava . He disappeared following his sudden departure from Asda where he worked as a manager . Apparently they were none too impressed with his tendency to trash other stores selling Israeli products. Bruce comes from a Communist background and while not reason to become a visceral antisemite but it certainly helps in Bruce’s case . A very sad individual .

          1. “Hopefully you will benefit from Israeli pharma when a vaccine is produced”

            Perhaps he can’t wait that long. Best use the Oxford vaccine.

          2. If your intention was to try and bait me TESCO Harv, you’ve sadly failed. Now be a good boi and go back to cleaning your rickshaws.

            1. Not trying to bait you . Just pointing out your sudden departure from Asda. Also terrible to see your appalling traducing of the Asda brand on your Facebook wall . So many posts. Anyone would think you were miffed . Good riddance to a nasty bit of work

      2. My reward comes in the knowledge that not a day goes by without you using Israeli products in various forms. It’s also knowing that I was raised with certain values of morality and common decency which renders it impossible for me to issue such foul curses . Your vapour thin connection to Judaism, which sadly you carry as a stain on your identity, does not provide immunity from being labelled a visceral antisemite and a Shanda to the memory of your predecessors

        1. “My reward comes in the knowledge that not a day goes by without you using Israeli products in various forms.”?

          Very, very unlikely, Harvey.

          Perhaps they make toilet paper.

            1. Zionist Hall of Fame. More to come!

              David Ben-Gurion – Israel’s George Washington commanded the ethnic cleansing of approximately 750,000 Arabs during the destruction of hundreds of Palestinian villages in 1948.

              Levi Eshkol – Eshkol presided over the ethnic cleansing of another 250,000 Palestinians.

              Menachem Begin – Begin was the preeminent terrorist in the Middle East, murdering Arabs, Englishmen and Jews … until Ben-Gurion and Eshkol surpassed him.

              Ariel Sharon – A murderous war hawk, Sharon was responsible for massacres of civilians at Qibya, Sabra and Shatila.

              Benjamin Netanyahu – “Bibi” caused the deaths and mutilations of thousands of children during Operations “Cast Lead,” “Pillar of Defense” and “Protective Edge.”

              Yizhak Shamir – Shamir had British and Swedish nobles murdered for seeking to have Palestinian Arabs treated as equals of Israeli Jews!

              Ehud Barak – A cross-dressing assassin, Barak participated in death squads that killed women, policemen and a poet known as “The Conscience.”

              Golda Meir – Meir threatened to destroy the world with nukes during a BBC interview and more than once insisted that Palestinians “did not exist” as a people.

              Shimon Peres – Peres aggressively pursued nuclear weapons and succeeded in delivering them.

              Yitzhak Rabin – Rabin signed an order for the children of Lydda to be ethnically cleansed “quickly, without attention to age.”

              Yigal Allon – Allon served in Special Night Squads which tortured and killed “without compunction.”

              Ehud Olmert – Olmert presided over the 2006 invasion of Lebanon, which killed 1,300 people and displaced more than a million others.

              Moshe Sharett – Sharett was a staunch proponent of compulsory population transfer (ethnic cleansing).

              Don’t expect any Hollywood films highlighting any of these massacres:

              1. King David Hotel, July 22, 1946.
              2. Sharafat, Feb. 7, 1951.
              3. Deir Yassin, April 10, 1948.
              4. Falameh, April 2, 1951.
              5. Naseruddine, April 14, 1948.
              6. Quibya, Oct. 14, 1953.
              7. Carmel, April 20, 1948.
              8. Nahalin, March, 28, 1954.
              9. Al-Qabu, May 1, 1948.
              10. Gaza, Feb. 28, 1955.
              11. Beit Kiras, May 3, 1948.
              12. Khan Yunis, May 31, 1955.
              13. Beitkhoury, May 5, 1948.
              14. Khan Yunis Again, Aug. 31, 1955
              15. Az-Zaytoun, May 6, 1948.
              16. Tiberia, Dec. 11, 1955.
              17. Wadi Araba, May 13, 1950.
              18. As-Sabha, Nov. 2, 1955.
              19. Gaza Again, April 5, 1956.
              20. Houssan, Sept. 25, 1956.
              21. Rafa, Aug. 16, 1956.
              22. Qalqilyah, Oct. 10, 1956.
              23. Ar-Rahwa, Sept. 12, 1956.
              24. Kahr Kassem, Oct. 29, 1956.
              25. Gharandal, Sept. 13, 1956.
              26. Gaza Strip, Nov. 1956.

              What kind of a god would establish a nation on terror? A god who is as evil as the devil.

        2. “I was raised with certain values of morality and common decency…”

          Who raised you rickshaw puller? Satan?

          1. Unless you’re describing how you perform fellatio on him (and from what I’ve heard, quite badly at that) we don’t need your POV on the Dark Lord, Brutes.

  1. Excellent piece David . You speak for the vast majority of British Jews . Shabbat Shalom

    1. The vast majority of British Jews bla bla …

      ALL British Jews live in a society where Christians, Muslims, Jews etc. all have statehood and the right of self-determination.

      Harvey tells us that the “vast majority” of British Jews, while enjoying this democracy, are of the opinion that others in Israel should be denied the same right that they have.

      Is Harvey saying that the vast majority of British Jews are of the same racist view as David? … the same group that have taken to the streets and Parliament square to protest against a perceived increase in racism against THEM?

      Well, well.

      1. Mike Farmer

        Didn’t take you long to appear here to vent your spleen in your usually negative manner.
        I take it that you sit at your keyboard eagerly waiting for Davids next piece so that you can give yourself some direction in your little bubble.
        Do keep up the good work though, as it helps highlight the mindless hatred directed at Israel by the sundry malcontents who need to air their malign opinions in public

        1. Is Democracy a malign opinion to “the vast majority of British Jews .”, Richard?

          How they must hate the UK system.

          1. Stupid Sharmuta,

            The people who hate “the UK system” bombed London transport on 7/7 2005.

          1. As we know Michael, you endorsed a David Duke fan last week who tweeted that “Jews were counterfeit human beings” I pointed it out to you at the time and several times since thinking you’d delete it. You didn’t. Unfortunately for you, this makes the case against you as a racist and a bigot. You were incriminated by your own keystrokes.

            The prosecution case rests m’lud

      2. Sharmuta, Tell us why are British Terrorist Muslims are murdering Brits on the Underground, a bus, the streets of Woolrich, Raping girls in Rotherham.


        Lee Rigby

        Rotherham rape gangs

        Bomb ing Pan Am 103 – “F” Islamofascist appeasing Scotland

      1. Bruce Mooooooooooohammed,

        You are as Jewish as your prophet (NBUH) Mooooooooooohammed.

        Happy Nakba!

        1. Nakba?

          David claims to “fight antisemitism everywhere”

          David is telling porkies.

          When David was questioned about his claim of’fighting antisemitism everywhere’, which of course is a lie.

          Questioner : David, can you go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

          David : Do you think that’s a point?

          Questioner : David, would you like to go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

          David : I’m not a member of the Tory Party.

          Questioner : Antisemitism exists everywhere, if you are here to fight antisemitism you fight antisemitism everywhere.

          David : I agree

          Questioner : You seem to ‘specialise’ in antisemitism in the Labour Party, Can you tell me what your record is on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

          David : Your question is disingenuous …… I am a member of the Labour Party.

  2. Beinarts article has certainly caused a firestorm, especially in the Jewish community in the USA.
    I read a lot of material from the US and I’m wondering if there is a growing sentiment among the mainstream Jewish community there that has similarities to the Corbyn/Antisemitism in Labour that occured in the Jewish community here; my perception is that it’s both similar and different due to global differences between the two communities.

    I think it’s wonderful how you highlight the anti-Israel non-Jewish ‘left wing’ love for anti-Israel Jews.
    The anti-Israel press and blogosphere seems to be in orgasmic ecstasy over Beinarts article.
    For anyone who has ever followed Beinarts trajectory, they will no doubt find this latest reincarnation of himself to be quite an expected event.

    If Webber is training to be a Rabbi, I’m sure it’s not in the mainstream United Synagogue or Orthodox sector, and probably not even in the Reform movement. He is probably in the Liberal and/or Reconstructionist movement where progressivism trumps religiosity.

    1. What a fucking hate-filled post this is. You’re a real piece of shit Collier.

      The more I read, the more I want to see apartheid Israel wiped off the face of the Earth. Now I know why many Jews convert to Islam.

      Hope Hamas embraces you with their hospitality.

      1. Alright Mick

        Good for you setting your Provocator-o-meter up a notch. The Bruce shtick is really growing on you.

        As someone that’s trying his hand at provocation I’d be keen on your opinion of that JDL guy that tweeted earlier. He reckoned that Jews were entitled to get fair warning when a rabid Yid-kicker approaches. His suggestion was that goyim were forced to wear a special badge on their jackets with a big letter G and an image of the bloody remains of a freshly circumcised penis.


      2. That’s rich coming from someone who is openly gay . How long do you think you would last in Gaza ? Just don’t go anywhere near tall buildings Bruce

        1. Openly gay? I don’t think my girlfriend would agree.

          Sorry rickshaw puller, there’s no cure for stupidity. You’re been outed Harve!

          1. No shame in homosexuality or rickshaw pulling. It’s the 21st century. We can all respect your preferences and proclivities.

        1. Hey Trailer Trash (who lives in the UK btw – probably London), how many times have you posted that clip?

          Not only are you politically illiterate, but your historically illiterate too, as there’s another clip that you could of posted, but are too thick to find, much less know about.

          1. 2-Digit IQ Sorry Side of the Bell Curve Bruce Mooooooooooooohammed,

            I don’t live in Londonistan.

            Try again you Dumb POS.

        2. What possible connection could the

          – Groveling Grand Mooooooooooooofti of Jerusalem
          – FAUX-Progressive LaBOOR Party
          – Cross-Dressing Sand Nazi Louie FarraKLAN

          have with SOCIALIST SHlTler?

  3. Michael, I imagine that we can agree that this is an important subject but let me ask you this. As a pro Palestinian, how in your opinion should the PA respond when their own people indicate that they would prefer to be Israelis if the opportunity arose?

    1. Whether it’s the double barrel or just Webber, you and your name are still recognisable as one and the same person; so snide comments aren’t worth much

        1. “still, good to be accurate” says the strange and rather sad person who cannot stop lying….
          Why not go back to your ‘army’ and get ready to welcome the Shabbat…you probably need the time to hassle a few strangers on the street to join in- as there aren’t enough in your little crew for a minion.

    2. You should stop posting lies about me my little toxic friend. It is quite sad that a Rabbi in training resorts to smearing those fighting against antisemitism. ‘Far-right’? Shameful and disgraceful falsehood. ‘Doesn’t believe that Palestinians exist’ – outrageous lie. Tut tut.
      Still Gabriel, when you grow up you’ll get to see how wrong you were about absolutely everything. Give it time.

      1. “grow up”?

        Gabriel Kanter-Webber is old enough now and smart enough to put you in your place, David.

    3. It’s OK sock puppet, I’ll just call you Gabriel Asshole-Asshole. That better, fringe dweller?

  4. Bruce Levy

    Davids article was measured and balanced.

    Your comment is the only thing here that is hate filled and malign.

    You definitely need to do a course in anger management

      1. Michael, as a pro Palestinian are you ready to express an opinion on Palestinians, their leaders, their plight in the places that they live, their civil rights, their realistic ambitions, their options to be Israelis or more simply, who you think they are?

        You only seem to express opinions on David, Jews and UK Tories. Why?

        Are you really pro Palestinian?

  5. Great article David, thank you. We know that you’re right when your most ardent and eloquent critics, can only respond with expletives & ad hominem attacks. They always remind me of that Harry Enfield character, Kevin The Teenager. ‘Arh, arh, you expect me to wipe my own arse, that’s so unfair. Why did you have kids if you weren’t prepared to wipe their arses until they’re in their 20s? I hate you.’

  6. Just been rereading my section in your rogues’ gallery David. I notice you say that my tweet (in which I called Tuttle an icky far-left troll who denies the problem of Labour anti-Semitism) could have been written by any Corbynista anti-Semite. Some mishtake shurely? What Corbynista anti-Semite would, er, condemn Tuttle and lament the problem of Labour anti-Semitism?

    1. Seems someone has put some lead in Gabby’s pencil. He usually runs away when someone disagrees with him.

  7. Just to remind everyone that today is the anniversary of the bombing of the Jewish Community Centre in Buenos Aires in which 85 people were murdered
    This bombing was carried out by Hezbollah and the Iranian ayatollah regime

      1. TODAY is the 22nd anniversary of the East African Embassay bombings.

        Injured: More than 4,000
        Attack type: Car bomb
        Total number of deaths: 224 (213 in Nairobi, 11 in Dar es Salaam)
        Perpetrators: Al-Qaeda, Egyptian Islamic Jihad
        Locations: Nairobi, Dar es Salaam

  8. Michael, quick question. Now that your David Duke tweet has clarified you as an antisemite are you still claiming to be pro Palestinian?

  9. Brucie babes

    You are the epitome of an Antisemite.
    Your behaviour on this blog transducers everything good about Judaism into something rather ugly.

    You always talk of praying.
    Would that be to satan at the Beth Springfield Shul as in the Simpsons cartoon series

    Forever yours
    Your favourite Dick ?????

  10. Bruce Levy

    Wishing harm on those you disagree agree with is the epitome of evil.
    You claim you are Jewish, yet you display an attitude of such despicable behaviour, behaviour that goes against all the ethics of Judaism
    And you do this on Shabbat
    Ask the learner rabbi Gabriel for a few lessons in ethics and good manners

    1. “You claim you are Jewish, yet you display an attitude of such despicable behaviour, behaviour that goes against all the ethics of Judaism”

      Do you reckon that David, Edward and Ian display all the ethics of Judaism? Any of them?

      1. Michael, you have hit the nail on the head in mentioning ethics. As a pro Palestinian have the so called PA behaved ethically in your opinion prioritising their finite resources by paying stipends to murderers rather than salaries to the front line medical personnel treating Corona victims?

  11. Strange how the some of the Jewish folk on here don’t know what antisemitism is …… nor will they tell what Zionism means to them.

    1. Michael, I’m pleased you mentioned hiding from questions. You’re definitely not that guy are you ? So, as a pro Palestinian will their civil rights improve or worsen in your opinion when we reassert sovereignty in Judea and Samaria?

  12. Michael you seemed very keen on this Gabriel chap who was identified as a Rabbi yesterday. As a pro Palestinian how, in your opinion, could he be using that position to support your cause?

    1. Alright Bellers. It’s a hoot this thread. Everyone’s playing.

      This Gabriel chap eh! Funny how all these fringe yids are so chippy about being yids.You’d imagine that they’d just fuck off, be what they want to be and get on enjoying life. Are you a fringe yid?

      1. Ted, at least 678,000 children, or almost 9.2 in every 1,000 children in the United States, were abused in 2018,

        Hope you behaved yourself.

      2. Not sure what you are saying here Edward. Are you saying that David does not like Pakistani Muslims !

          1. Hey David. Edward’s bigotry ^^ is your chance to show you oppose incitement to racial and religious hatred?

            1. I can see why you’d say that Gabriel. Sky News got very cross recently when they invited the former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police onto Adam Boulton’s programme to talk about violent crime in London against the backdrop of the BLM protests. He made the mistake of presenting Met statistics on the numbers of black people killed and injured in knife crimes committed by other black people. He compounded this error by showing data that more white people were killed by police in the prosecution of gun crime than black people and was shut off. His testimony simply didn’t fit the editorial agenda.

              Now, you may find Ed’s approach frays your sensibilities and is even rather inconvenient but certainly his full list is growing and the events listed are undeniable. You may prefer that he did not list them here but when simple presentation of events that have happened becomes too problematic and requires muting, you cease to be liberal and become something altogether more sinister as I am sure you are aware.

              The are enough extremists in the global cohort of Rabbis. I am sure that the world can survive without another one.

              1. Perhaps you can explain what Zionism is. Difficult to get an answer from those who claim to be one.

            2. Gabby Of course I oppose incitement to racial and religious hatred.

              That’s why I am against Islamofascism, Socialism, Fascist Iran, Islamofascist Turkey, Al Qada, ISIS, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, MSA, Grand Mufti, Ayatoolas, Louie FarraKLAN, NOI, Racist LaBOOR Party and the rest.

              Happy Nakba you racist old fart.

              1. Nakba?

                David claims to “fight antisemitism everywhere”

                David is telling porkies.

                When David was questioned about his claim of’fighting antisemitism everywhere’, which of course is a lie.

                Questioner : David, can you go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

                David : Do you think that’s a point?

                Questioner : David, would you like to go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

                David : I’m not a member of the Tory Party.

                Questioner : Antisemitism exists everywhere, if you are here to fight antisemitism you fight antisemitism everywhere.

                David : I agree

                Questioner : You seem to ‘specialise’ in antisemitism in the Labour Party, Can you tell me what your record is on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

                David : Your question is disingenuous …… I am a member of the Labour Party.

  13. “..what those naughty Jews living in Israel are doing”

    So, when the innocent are shot, illegal actions undertaken, the homes of innocent parents demolished, all vile sick Israeli actions, it’s the Israel-Jews that are responsible . It’s the Jews living there that are driving the hatred.

    If you admit so, David, and put your hand up to it.

    Perhaps as well there aren’t any more of what you call ‘Jewish” states.

    1. To be charitable Michael, the slogans that you post are now sufficiently time served to stand grammar and spelling scrutiny. However, your last post was gibberish.

      The decontextualised quote leader and the truncated comments that follow, probably written for Twitter dont help you. You don’t translate well as an omnichannel poster.

  14. Bruce Levy

    Any idiot can make any statement they want.
    They stop being an idiot when they supply verifiable proof in an unbiased manner to back their claim.
    So can we have some proof to back your claim; or will you claim the mantle of village idiot as your moniker.

    Try not to repeat your usual tactic of making ever more ridiculous claims coupled with ad hominem personal insults and threats, both verbal and physical, against those with whom you disagree

  15. In a shocking series of coincidences, industrial accidents continue to beset Iran. Over a dozen of these extraordinarily coincidental accidents have hit many of the regimes sites in the last few days including alleged nuclear facilities, chemical and biological weapons centers, arms dumps, oil pipelines and shipping. Spokespeople for the regime have blamed all the incidents on faulty wiring. Local Jewish News Agencies continue to speculate on the whereabouts of popular pro Israel activist and alleged Jewish person, David Collier. This is a breaking story with more to follow.

    1. DUMB Ayatoolas don’t know that you can’t mix copper and aluminum wiring.

      Or Ayatoolas are buying cheap crappy tech from China.

      Boom, Boom, BOOM.

      Ha, Ha, HA!

        1. I’m not sure that this tactic of slogan repetition serves you Michael. As I am keen to remind you at every opportunity, you allege that you are pro Palestinian but are terrified of offering any opinions on them when asked.

          I will keep reminding you of this every time you place one of these slogans here for as long as you keep sloganising. The “Shmearing my Farmers” game is going to run and run.

    2. I think one or more of the Ayatoolas is actually an Israeli asset.

      Maybe the IRGC can play the Hatikva, Israeli National Anthem, and the Ayatoola who stands and has a tear in his eye might be the one.

      Marg Bar Iran.

      1. Michael, I noticed above that you were asking people what Zionism meant for the umpteenth time.

        How can you get so cross about it when you dont know what it means?

        You are such an oddball.

  16. Bruce Levy

    We are all truly thankful that David doesn’t speak for you.

  17. Michael, seriously?

    Tweeting support for a David Duke fan last week and now Louis Farrakhan?

    No pretence from you anymore.

  18. Michael, as a pro Leftist and in your opinion, would an investigation by David into the UK Tory Party reveal more antisemitism than he uncovered in the UK Labour Party or less?

  19. David Collier
    I thought I was on holiday.

    I see over the last few days I’ve been attacked by extremist Jews-

    – who stood with Corbyn
    – said Kaddish for Hamas terrorists – – and the leader of ‘Yachad’.

    We also thought you were on holiday but you’ve just continued to post your usual fantasies, so stop crying.

    Extremist Jews being those less right-wing than yourself.

    who stood with one whom is twice the man that you are, one who has done more for UK Jews over the years than you will ever do.

    says Kaddish not for terrorists but for those victims of the Israeli firing-squads at the fence.

    Nowt wrong with Yachad, you antisemite.

    1. Michael, I see you’re having a dabble at the faux provocation game now.

      Curiously, still no opinions on Palestinians nor on UK Tories, when asked.

      As I said earlier your tweets in support of Duke and Farrakhan fans tell us exactly why you’re here. Very nasty Michael.

  20. David Collier
    Speaking up for #Israel isn’t about agreeing with everything Israel does.

    It is about Jewish rights. Standing up for truth and justice. Fighting back against hate, lies, demonisation & #Antisemitism.

    You need guts because you’ll always be outnumbered – but truth is on your side

    Also Black is White … and the moon made of green cheese.

    p.s. Shouldn’t that be ‘It is about Israeli rights’ You’re a racist, Collier.

    1. And “Islam is The Religion of Peace”.

      Anyone who disagrees will be stoned to death.

      1. Approach the fence, or touch it, and the Israeli firing squads will shoot you.

        How like the camps is that?

        1. The people who paint slogans and pictures (banksy) on the anti-Islamofascist wall prove your idiotic claim FALSE.

          HamASS should STOP using CHILDREN to dig tunnels, tunnels that sometimes collapse and kill CHILDREN.

          HamASS kills more “pal-e-slimians” than anyone else.

          HamASS also kills gays, people they charge with aiding Israel by supplying information of impending attacks.

          “F” HamASS and you ShamutASS.

  21. David Collier
    Dear all

    Nope – I do not run the world, media, banks, @GnasherJew or control governments.

    I am just a guy with a keyboard – a knack for research – and a determination to stand up to & expose the lies of haters and antisemites.

    Just thought I’d set the record straight.

    A knack for lying and smearing.

    “straight” isn’t a word that you should be associated with.

    1. Ah Michael, all these years of effort pretending to be a pro Palestinian, pretending to be leftist. All the slogans, the blocks, the deflections and the copy/pastes you’ve posted here, and for what?

      It’s all unravelling around you and you must know it’s definitely going to get worse.

      Ah well…….

      1. Yeerse Bellers. As tired slogans go, that was one.

        The game’s up though as you know. The dark lords of the evil Zio lobby have taken your hard won freedoms and inserted them firmly up your conspiratorial rectums.

        The “Shmearing my Farmers” game just became loads funnier.

  22. David Collier
    I am hearing Greg Hadfield has been suspended from @uklabour for a 3rd (!!) time.

    Each time I researched #antisemitism in #Brighton – his name kept popping up.

    There is clearly a new broom sweeping through Brighton now taking all the rubbish out.

    Keep sweeping – keep sweeping.

    The things Starmer will do to stop getting earache from his Jewish wife.

  23. ‘#antisemitism’ = bogus accusations of antisemitism. A David speciality.

    1. #islamoFAUXbia

      The greatest enemy of Muslims are fellow Muslims.

      Fascist Iran threatens to destroy Saudi Arabia and take over Mecca.

      British Muslims attack Brits within the UK.

      French Muslims attack people within France (Paris and Nice)

      Invading Muslims attack Americans within the US – see the Boston Marathon bombing, 9/11, Pulse nightclub

  24. David Collier
    Replying to @mishtal
    Nothing is their fault. Not the wars they started, deals they rejected or bombs they planted.
    Palestine isn’t on the map because simply – it doesn’t yet exist. Only Palestinians – not Google or Apple – can change that. By calling for peace & ending the call to destroy Israel. End

    “Only Palestinians – not Google or Apple – can change that.”??

    No. The Palestinians can do nothing. Israel and the US are unilaterally doing as they please.

    Continued theft and abuse of the Palestinians and the lying Collier will go to sleep with a contented smile on his face. Just the person he is.

    1. Oh Michael. It’s all gone so horribly wrong for you. 5 years of playing the “poke David Collier” game and you are still empty handed. Meanwhile the nasty Zio lobby brings down your political party. The evil Israelis continue to enjoy their total victory over the Arabs and the UK Tories that you hate will be governing you for the foreseeable future. Being you must be like supporting Scotland in sport.

      1. Fascist Jeremy Corbyn and his friends in Hezbola effectively destroyed the Fascist LaBOOR party in 2019.

        Keep up the good work comrades! LOL!

  25. “whistleblowers who had shed light on anti-Jewish racism.”

    But they hadn’t. They had grumbled about process.

    There was no “anti-Jewish racism”.

    1. #islamoFAUXbia? Really?

      9/11, London’s 7/7, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Pan Am 10, Rotherham rape gangs, Lee Rigby, Illan Halimi, SarahHalimi, Daniel Pearl, Pope John Paul II, Boston Marathon, Robert F. Kennedy assassinated by a Pal-e-SWINIAN who is serving a LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE sentence, Bastille Day truck attack in Nice France, Mumbai India massacre, Nairobi Kenya massacre, Moscow subway massacre, Beslan elementary school massacre, WMD/poison gas attack on Halabja Iraq, ..

      taking a flight somewhere and need to go through security – thank IslamoFASCISM.

  26. “Corbyn’s statement today was unforgivable.”

    David in his own fantasy world with his own alternative ‘truth’.

    1. Michael, you poor soul. Total commie chaos all around you. Old Jew hating Jezzer and chums running for cover and reliable old Michael still chuntering away here doing his ‘Collier’s a liar’ lines.

      I don’t even reckon you’re a liability anymore as Bellers said. Just that daft twat in the corner of the pub that’s constantly muttering about alien abduction.

  27. “Benjamin Kerstein put in his response in the Tablet – “Peter Beinart thinks Jews don’t need Zionism. That’s because he’s never needed it himself.”

    Course Jews don’t need Zionism. The majority of them prefer to live elsewhere.

    Zionism is racism.

  28. Wares decision to sue Corbyn(money, money, money) is confirmation of Ware’s personal animosity towards Jeremy Corbyn.

    1. Silly Michael, you never read a word if the article did you? Maybe best before posting next time. It will prevent you from looking like this again.

        1. Michael, as you have now had chance to read the article a further question. You preposterously characterise the actions of the BBC Journalist as a money grab and a personal issue. What in your opinion are the motives behind the other 32 party members including former general secretary lord McNichol for instructing actions in libel?

  29. David Collier
    Those who stood on the front line in the fight against Corbyn’s antisemitism spent 5 years being smeared in every way imaginable. We’ve been called everything from ‘racists’ to ‘spies’ to ‘paedos’.

    We cannot undo what was done but there is satisfaction in watching it unravel.

    Collier is against smearing? ho ho ho. Stitch my sides. Let catch my breath. Unbelievable. 5 years of daily Collier lies. How’s the bank balance now?

    Give us ONE example of Corbyn’s “antisemitism”.

    You can’t.

    1. Michael, you endorsed a tweet by a David Duke fan who wrote “Jews are counterfeit human beings” so we know your views of antisemitism are horribly skewed. It doesn’t matter though. The electorate made up their minds and now so has the Labour party. The matter has got away from you now and all the “Collier’s a liar” shtick won’t change anything for you.

      You and the Arabs; accept defeat graciously and move in.

    2. Sharmuta, Your Taqiyya ain’t working any more.

      That’s why the Fascist LaBOOR Party lost so decisively.

      Happy Nakba Mubarak!

  30. Collier – “Ethno-state? Israel is the only democracy in the ME & has large non Jewish minorities.”

    But it isn’t, David, is it?

    Only the Jewish-Israelis may have statehood and are a part of Israel. Bibi tould you.

    Only the Jewish-Israelis can have self-determination in the racist state of Israel.

    The Nation Law says so.

    Why do you constantly lie and misrepresent the truth? It’s become a habit for you.

    You have now for 5 years smeared Corbyn as antisemitic.

    You’ve NEVER provided any evidence at all of this but have fed your family on the proceeds of your hateful smears.

    A low-life.

  31. Collier – “Ethno-state? Israel is the only democracy in the ME & has large non Jewish minorities.”

    Only because Jewish militia thugs didn’t manage to drive out ALL those that lived there before hordes of Eastern European Jews and other assorted descended on the region.

  32. Collier – “Jeremy Corbyn wasn’t just inside the toxic antisemitic FB group Palestine Live.”

    Yep, remember your smearing report.

    You attempted to portray the group as an antisemitic one.

    You listed trace occurrences of anti-zionist and anti-Israel posts.

    You then attempted to paint those trace occurrences as antisemitic, either through ignorance of what antisemitism is and what antiZionism is, ….. or because it serves your twisted campaign to discourage criticism of Israel and Zionism.

    You attempted to convince that Corbyn was a regular member by implied links. All you ever do.

    The antiLabour UK press jump on crap such as you write to blacken Labour.

    You wouldn’t dare to write the truth about Palestine Live. Just wouldn’t serve your dishonest agenda.

  33. Matthews was one of the Labour figures interviewed for Panorama by Ware and one who brought an action against the Party
    From 1 April 2017 to 19 February 2018, a period of over ten months, there was not a single antisemitism case handled by Matthews’ team without prompting by other staff, the report says.

    The report suggests Matthews’ lack of action was partly due to his preoccupation with factional politics. Matthews’ staff “were bitterly opposed to the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, and seem to have been demotivated, or largely interested in work that could advance a factional agenda,” it says.

    Noted that the action action Labour and Corbyn is being handled by Lewis who appeared on a BBC morning program with his wife a year or two ago. Both appeared attempting to be afraid and stating that they were emmigrating because of labour antisemitism. The pretence was sickening to watch, as was his wife’s avoidance of admitting her involvement in Zionism.

    Seems he has now list his fear of working in the UK.

  34. “Sitting in Eilat by the pool.”

    All funded by those gullibles taken in by your dishonesty and smearings. Simple souls.

    Better being here in Cheshire, won’t stink as Israel does.

  35. David Collier
    Wiley posts non stop, blatant and horrific racism against Jews –

    And from 99% of those leftists who claim to be lifelong anti-racists

    There is just silence.

    Make of that what you will.

    When ‘Wolf’ is cried every hour of every day folk tend to be suspicious of you, David.

    Any examples yet?

    1. Michael endorses tweets by David Duke fans that say ” Jews are counterfeit humans.” That makes Michael sn antisemite.

      Michael then comes here to play ” Poke David Collier” That makes Michael an antisemite and a cretin.

      Keep chuntering Michael.

  36. Rachel Riley – “I don’t look like a Jew”

    That’s an anti-Semitic trope isn’t it?

    Should be Racist Riley surely.

  37. So, now the UK Zionist gang want to shut down free speech and opinion?

    Surprise surprise.

    Works both ways.

  38. Still, 48 Hasbara-free hours starting Monday can’t be bad.

    Can David take it? Will his money be down?

    1. Michael is a fan of twitter. He is also a fan of antisemites that use it. He recently endorsed a tweet from a David Duke fan who said “Jews are counterfeit human beings” That makes Michael an antisemite

      Michael comes here just to play “Poke David Collier” That makes Michael an antisemite and a idiot.

      Keep chuntering Michael.

  39. Stephen

    And all the Antisemites are celebrating with you

    I’m sure you have seen the tweets etc. from willey, and the question is; do you agree with them?????
    YES or NO?????

    So, are you an Antisemite, or not????????
    Any answer other than NO means that you are an Antisemetic racist bigot.

    1. Here is something I learned from Scoffie Scoffman. ( yes he does have his uses ). Any answer to a stupid question is likely to be a stupid one. Stupid questions are best just ignored. This is why I rarely if ever, answer Ian’s questions. It is ptobably why Mike doesn’t either.

      1. Dead right Bellers. Imagine where we’d be if either of us started taking this toss seriously!

        I am keen to know why you let Michael endorse the David Duke tweet. Massive loss of concentration that one, no?

  40. Stephen

    You made a comment about Isralists (your codeword for Jews) boycotting twitter for 48hrs
    I asked you a specific question about that.
    In your inimitable ‘village idiot’ style reply you obfuscate and waffle to avoid answering the question.

    So what relevance has Jonathan Hoffman got to the question????
    Are you an Antisemite, or not????

    A very simple question; your failure to answer in the context of the question says much about you and your little acolyte

    1. I don’t have any codeword for Jews. When I mean Jews I say Jews.

      For what it’s worth, Jews are your thing. I don’t think about Jews from one day to the next. Get over yourself.

          1. What have we said about you thinking Bellers? It doesn’t work with your poking and baiting.

    2. Me, Miss. Me, Miss

      I’ll answer the question.

      I’m not an antisemite.

      p.s. Israel is a racist endeavour, as shown by its Nation Law differentiating between its Jewish and non-Jewish citizens.

      How did I do, Richard?

      1. Michael says he’s not an antisemite but Michael endorses tweets by David Duke fans that say ” Jews are counterfeit humans.” That makes Michael sn antisemite.

        Michael then comes here to play ” Poke David Collier” That makes Michael an antisemite and a cretin.

        Keep chuntering Michael

    3. JAQ, Richard.

      Why would ISRAELISTS be a codeword for Jews when the majority of Jews live and prefer to live elsewhere and Israel is actually a Jewish/Arab/Christian etc. state?

      1. STOOPID Sharmuta, TERRORISM is a code word for ISLAMOFASCISM as in …

        9/11, Al Qada,ISIS, Taliban, HamASS, Hezbola, Boko Haram, London’s 7/7, Pan Am 103 bombing, Boston Marathon bombing, beheading of Lee Rigby, Daniel Pearl, James Foley, Charlie Hebdo massacre, Bataclan massacre, Bastille Day in Nice, Moscow subway bombing, Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando, Nairobi Kenya mall massacre, Mumbai India massacre by Pakistani Muslims, Rotherham rape gangs, Brussels airport bombing, Manchester arena bombing, kidnapping and torture to death of Illan Halimi, Luxor massacre of tourists, Bali bombing, Halabja WMD (poison gas) attack, destruction of two 1,500 year old Buddahs in Bamiyan, Fascist Iran stoning girls to death over “family honour”, Fascist Iran and Islamofascist Gaza executing gays, HamASS using children as human shields, HamASS using children to dig tunnels, 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war where poison gas was used, Buenos Aires bombing, overpriced Oil from OPEC,

        the CHECKPOINTS/SCREENING we and our luggage have to go through at airports to prevent another passenger plane hijacking as on 9/11, …

  41. Absolutely against Twitter hate and venom, Richard?

    Remember this Corbyn-hate fest from mishy-mashy?

    David Collier
    Apr 5

    Lying, antisemitic, anti-west, terrorist loving, NATO hating, Jew-baiting, IRA supporting, community splitting, economy wrecking – Corbyn

    A useful idiot for despotic regimes, terrorists and all our other enemies

    Supporting Corbyn is not just stupid

    It’s dangerous


    Wrong side of the bed that day? or had his missus complained about the time he spent typing in the loft?

  42. “There is a global anti-racist movement that at 9am starts 48 hours silence askingsocial media platforms to stop giving #Antisemitism a free pass.”

    Typically us, us, us from Collier.

    ALL racism should be called out. Couldn’t be better placed now he’s in Israel.

    He’s spent at least the last 5 years spitting hate and misrepresenting day after day on Twitter.

    What a hypocrite.

    1. Michael, Bellers thinks it’s silly to ask a pro Palestinian for his or her opinion on Palestinians, their leaders, their civil rights and their plight. Do you agree with him?

      Also Michael, Bellers thinks it’s silly to ask a person that is keen to see research into antisemitism in the UK Tory Party, for their opinion on what this may uncover. Do you agree with him?

      Finally Michael, Bellers thinks it’s silly to ask a person who claims not to be an antisemite, why he endorsed a tweet from a David Duke fan that said “Jews are counterfeit human beings” Do you agree with him?

      I tend to sympathise with Bellers’s old pal Sid Applebaum who told me that you don’t always ask a question to get an answer when a reaction can reveal far more. He’s bang on with you guys.

    2. If Muslims could get along with Fellow Muslims (sunni, shiite, salifi, wahabbi, farraKLANish)

      then MAYBE, Muslims could get along with NON-MUSLIMS, AKA Infidels/Kaffirs.

      Happy Nakba Mubarak!

      Marg Bar Islamofascist Iran!

      1. Nakba?

        David claims to “fight antisemitism everywhere”

        David is telling porkies.

        When David was questioned about his claim of ‘fighting antisemitism everywhere’, which of course is a lie.

        Questioner : David, can you go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

        David : Do you think that’s a point?

        Questioner : David, would you like to go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

        David : I’m not a member of the Tory Party.

        Questioner : Antisemitism exists everywhere, if you are here to fight antisemitism you fight antisemitism everywhere.

        David : I agree

        Questioner : You seem to ‘specialise’ in antisemitism in the Labour Party, Can you tell me what your record is on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

        David : Your question is disingenuous …… I am a member of the Labour Party.

      1. Michael’s gone missing.

        No tweets from David means limited poke-ability factor. Must leave a real hole in his day.

        Never mind. The game restarts on Wednesday and he can poke his hole to his hearts content.

    1. ” Tracy is, of course, a quite decent actress but she is no Ruth Smeeth.”

      Now THAT is funny.

      1. Aaah, now you guys are poking in stereo.

        Good job my duties as the self appointed secretary include hoovering up the sychofancy stains off the Axminster.

        A Zios work is never done

  43. Well, so far ‘the sulk’ is working.

    No hate-filled tweets, no misrepresenting tweets. Will it last?

  44. That sound we can hear is Michael, panting with anticipation like an emphysemic miner on payday. Slogans primed and loaded, grubby fingers on the keyboard. Desperate to recommence The Poke.

    See you shortly Michael.

  45. Collier – “There is one tiny Jewish state in the world – and guess what – antisemites don’t like it very much. Israel is bullied in world forums – the way the Jewish kid used to be bullied in the street.”

    Was David bullied?

    A racist Israel isn’t a right.

    See grown men being bullied by Israel’s troopers.

  46. ONE tiny ‘Jewish state’ .. and look at the blood that’s been spilt just so a bunch of right wing colonisers can have a nostalgia adventure.

    The only Jewish majority state. Given its violations of many laws and Conventions, and its aggressiveness perhaps it’s as well.

    1. It would actually be very, very easy for me to be Muck Framer 2.0, if I was mentally disabled and self-hating enough to do something that noxious. All I’d need to do is:
      1. Constantly declare myself to be a martyr, sans evidence
      2. Be completely credulous about everything the Left has to say, no matter how asinine
      3. Have very strong sympathies for Nazis, and only occasionally conceal them
      4. Anoint myself as a voice of the people despite being an empty suit troll
      That’s all Muck has to offer, and all he’ll ever have to offer.

  47. Looks like David might be well advised to dump the nut job Mark Lewis and get himself some decent lawers

    Crém-LaCommunardeMasquée? ✋?

        1. I’ve never been on Twitter and don’t really know how to use it
          Any other suggestions

              1. Interesting.

                Seems they should have gone for the original blogger as opposed to the retweeter

                But if you retweet a libel, then are you guilty or not if you repeat that libel.
                That is the question?

    1. Good lad, Mark.

      Imagine if you had any real opinions here Bellers, you daft booby.

          1. Come on Bellers. You’re gonna have to work to get your smiley face from Michael.

            1. Instant gratification all the way for me. Hence the deep joy from playing Shmearing my Farmers everyday.

                1. Quite right Bellers. Instantly gratified at your rush to comment on any old shite I post.

  48. Collier – “The recent upsurge in antisemitism just underlines Israel’s importance.”

    David, seems the majority of Jews who live comfortably elsewhere don’t read your scaremongering fantasies week after week and don’t suffer the hell that you dishonestly paint of the world. They’ll continue to live happily with the majority elsewhere, as you yourself do funnily enough.

    You really do need therapy for your illusions and your hatred.

    1. Silly Michael. You’re one of the antisemites he’s talking about.

      Seriously, when you carelessly endorse tweets by David Duke fans that say “Jews are counterfeit human beings” you’re outed.

      Now, you’ve only got yourself to blame when we write you off as a bigoted nutcase that only comes to poke.

  49. Michael, was it you or another antisemite that was doing his provocation and asked ” can you show any examples of when that rapper bloke was antisemitic”

    Now, I know you couldn’t give 2 shits either way but for anyone that is bothered this is a good ‘un to start with.

    ” if you think the holocaust is real your crazy, they invented that shit so they could get away with all they’re doing now”

    11:56 am jul 24 20.

    Does that count ?

  50. David Collier Retweeted

    Auschwitz Memorial

    30 July 1911 | Czech Jewish woman Alice Donathová was born in Jistebník.

    She was deported to #Auschwitz from #Theresienstadt Ghetto on 20 January 1943. She did not survive.

    All the fault of Jeremy Corbyn, David … or is that next week’s blog?

    1. Honestly Michael you do my job for me. You’re now trivializing posts about murdered Jews and joking about them. Classy!

      Which was the moment when you went “Fuck it. They’ve sussed I hate Jews. Why not just own it?”

  51. A Wiley Tweet
    ” if you think the holocaust is real your crazy, they invented that shit so they could get away with all they’re doing now”

    Tracy-Ann Oberman tweets about that Wiley tweet

    Im no longer angry outraged or even surprised . Just so sad that a respected hugely famous man can post this, have it amplified & be supported for it. Want to go back to my acting/writing but this is always in my mind if others look the other way I can’t . #NoSafeSpaceForJewHate

    She obviously frowns on questioning an historical narrative … but ‘antisemitic’?

    In 2016 one David Collier wrote of the Palestinian Nakba ..
    ” It is a total fictional narrative. A place where the enemy is so demonised, so over-stated and the story so ridiculous – that they are discussion the devil or the bogey man – not actual historical events. ”

    Will Tracy frown on Collier’s questioning an historical narrative?

    1. Michael re.endorment of David Duke fan tweet “Jews are counterfeit human beings”

      Anti jew?

        1. Careful Michael. You know Bellers doesn’t like you talking to me.

          Don’t want you coming across as a total liability again do we?

  52. Collier – “Racists who think Jews are devious and evil, simply project this on Israel.”

    Nope. It is YOU that equates Israel with Jews, day after day, for your own deceptive purposes.

    1. Hey it’s Summer! Let’s take off our kippahs, let our hair down and have some laughs!

      How can you tell a “Zio” ship in a harbor?
      Its the only ship that doesn’t have any seagulls flying around it.

      The “Zios” have an infallible cure for sea-sickness. They lean over the side of the ship with a 1 NIS coin in their teeth.

      Scoffy broke the habit of a lifetime and bought two tickets for a raffle. One of his tickets won a 10,000 NIS prize. He was asked how he felt about his big win. “Disappointed” said Scoffy. “My other ticket didn’t win anything”

      You should be careful about stereotyping “Zios” as cheap. There was a recent letter to a newspaper from an Israeli which said “If you print any more jokes about mean” Zios” I shall stop borrowing your paper.”

      Have you heard the rumour that the Grand Canyon was started by a “Zio” who lost a coin in a ditch?

      Trailer Trash Ted called in to see his mate TESCO Harv to find he was stripping the wallpaper from the walls. Rather obviously, he remarked “You’re decorating, I see.” to which TESCO Harv replied “Naw. I’m moving house.”

      You’re welcome!

  53. Collier laments basement kids @GnasherJew. “Unmatched in fighting @uklabour #Antisemitism”

    Actually unmatched in contrived #Antisemitism.

    Probably recently discovered computer games, experiencing puberty or converted to Christianity (hence can lie no more).

    1. Oops Michael, you careless dolt.

      Did you just say “contrived antisemitism” in the same post as you said Christian’s lie less than Jews?

      Read what you write before you post man!!

        1. You didn’t mean that though in your silly post, Michael. Converting from atheism? Brilliant!

          You’ve slammed the door on yourself again and I certainly can’t see you being stupid enough in the future to do your ” where’s your evidence I’m an antisemite” nonsense.

          Why are you so scared to own it? Nobody likes everybody

            1. Ah Michael. I was charitable enough to say that you wouldn’t be stupid enough to ask. You are.

  54. Brucie babes or Bruce Levy (whoever he/she/it is)

    I’m wondering; is this an attempt at humour or is this proof that you have sunk to your lowest level of personal intelligence

    Your favourite Dick ??????????

          1. Bruce Levy (whoever he/she/it is)

            What an intelligent reply
            Curses and insults.
            Is this the sum total of your vocabulary and ability to use the English language

            1. Apologies Dick. I’ve deleted the curses/insults.

              I’ll choose the time and place, you fucking bastard.

              1. Bruce Levy (whoever he/she/it is)

                You are priceless, even though you appear to be semi- literate.
                Do keep up the good work

                What an intelligent reply
                Curses and insults.
                Is this the sum total of your vocabulary and ability to use the English language

                1. Hey Dick I saw someone wearing a yellow face mask today and somehow I thought it might be an appropriate fashion statement for you. Play the eternal victim. Dick.

      1. Hey Bruce Moooooooooooooohammed,

        Can’t wait to show you what a Hellfire missile can do.

        Say Hi to General Solemani for me.

        Happy Nakba!

        1. My bullwhip is registered as a LETHAL weapon by the Met. Will be happy to demonstrate Trailer Trash, you Zio POS. You’ll suffer in hell like all the other Zios.

          Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray.

          1. Bruce Mooooooooooohammed,

            I’ll have Dorothy dump a bucket of water on you, and you’ll just m.e..l…t away.

            Happy Nakba!

            1. And I’ll have the scarecrow p!$$ on you and flush you down the toilet into the sewer. Oh I forgot, you’re already there Trailer Trash.

  55. Collier – “Our university spaces are radicalising our children. We must take action.”

    One of yours has already been radicalised at home and has volunteered to join a foreign army which occupies and abuses those outside of its own borders.

    1. Not a fan of our army Michael. They are terrific. If you’re a young mum or a nana about to be stabbed by an Arab terrorist outside the library or an old guy at a bus stop about to be ploughed into by an Arab rammer, our brilliant IDF will have the Arab neutralized faster than a Bellers response to one of my wanky posts.

      Huge pride in David’s daughter. Better behind the gun than in front of it.

    2. > a foreign army which occupies and abuses those outside of its own borders.

      Foreign armies like Al Qada, ISIS, HamASS, Hezbola, Fascist Iran’s IRGC, Taliban, Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood, MSA, Fascist Socialist LaBOOR Party, PLO, PFLP, …

      That’s some “Religion of Peace” ya got there Sharmuta.

      Happy Nakba!

  56. David Collier
    To all those who propped up Corbyn and are now trying to rewrite history by pretending they ‘fought #Antisemitism’

    – it’s pathetic and won’t work – we remember and we see you.

    To everyone out there who really fights against Jew hate

    Corbyn has done more to fight real UK antisemitism that you have, David.

    You have spent years blackening his name with smears and deception to prevent a Labour government on Israel’s behalf.

    We know now that you are a deceitful, dishonest piece of work.

    You STILL can’t point out ANY antisemitism on his part.

  57. David Collier Retweeted

    Auschwitz Memorial

    31 July 1923 | Czech Jewish woman Alžběta Pohnertová was born in Prague.

    She was deported to #Auschwitz from #Theresienstadt Ghetto on 26 January 1943. She did not survive.

    Another Corbyn victim, David?

    1. You really dont think before you post Michael. Trivializing the industrial murder of Jews to poke another Jew on the internet.

      Barely need to remind the jury about your David Duke endorsements on Twitter. Seriously, you really aren’t obliged to help me make the case against you.

      No further questions m’lud.

      1. I have one.

        Why did David use, without her permission, the memory of a girl who was the victim of racist designs to push his own racist Zionist ones?

        It is David who trivializes her memory, second time he has used a Holocaust victim for his own propaganda.

        1. Michael you ninny. You must address these disingenuous questions to the original poster, The Auschwitz Museum. Are you claiming that they are propagandists?

          And you have the stupidity to ask why you are considered an antisemite.

  58. Collier – “..and our only state was a tiny piece of land”

    How many racist, military, occupying, convention-flouting, Jewish majority states do you want David?

    You don’t need the one you have. Most Jews live safely and happily elsewhere.

    Not sure US taxpayers would take kindly to having to support yet another welfare begging Zionist adventure.

    1. Poking hard today Michael.

      Let’s see..Accusing the Auschwitz Museum of propaganda, delegitimizing Israel, trivializing the murder of Jews and pasting some random and possibly infected links. Quite a shift for a Saturday. Back in isolation?

        1. Just another of Ian’s misrepresentations of real posts.

          A Zionist trait it seems, following in David’s fraudulent footsteps.

    1. why on earth would Gnasher be named in the EHRC report. It is about the Labour Party and antisemitism.

      1. Presumably because Gnasher is about the Labour Party and semitiism. Anyway something has scared them shitless, bunch of snivelling cowards that they are. Anyway it’s just the word on the street and words on the street are just that.

        We will see

        1. Hearing reports that Bellers may be under investigation as part of the bungs for baskets scandal in the 4th division of the Albanian Basketball League. Only rumours at this stage but it has been one of his obsessions over the last 6 years so we will see.

  59. Collier – “and as he lives in his comfortable home in the US, he believes Israel should dismantle itself and embark upon a utopian one state existence with the Palestinians. Thus ending 100 years of conflict.”

    Not something a right-wing racist like David would be happy with it seems.

    1. Another 300 posts lads. Good work. The 177 pokes from Michael saying “Collier tweets……Collier’s a liar” very strong activism.

      The Ant ‘n Dec shtick with Bellers was a quirky new twist too. Bit surprised how readily old Michael let the mask slip on his Jew hate. Even the inevitable “evidence?” was asked as a joke.

      Not much from that guy that does the ‘Bruce’ routine on this one. I warned him that he’d pushed his limits on the faux provocation too soon and left himself nowhere to go.

      Anyway, I’m bored of you now. Time to rewatch Cast a Giant Shadow…….

      1. Just spotted Michael on a Twitter thread attempting some desperate defensive tactics. 9 frenzied posts in all. The subject was a Tim Sebastian interview where he is slaughtering one of the Arab leaders from Ramallah for corruption, embezzlement and negligence. Obviously Michael, who pretends to be pro Palestinian uses every tweet to squeal ” Its all Israel…” What a fraud.

  60. Encouraging that fringe quarters of British Jewry undermined a global smear campaign over #fake-antisemitism on @twitter.

    1. When you do this Michael, posting half a quote from somewhere else and then adding a couple of words of your own and a hashtag it looks mad; like those old biddys on the bus that have half a conversation in their heads and then ejaculate the other half out loud.

      At least give us a clue next time or its just more chuntering.

  61. Collier – “So when you buy into the Palestinian cause you swallow so many falsehoods – you are almost inevitably standing on the edge of an antisemitic cliff.”
    So, pro-Palestinian is anti-semitic now? You’re a neurotic joke, David.

    “you’ve fallen into a Web of lies that will blind you completely to the truth.” …. like the mindless easily-led rent-a-mob that waved “enough is enough” accessories in Trafalgar Square?

    1. Michael, as a pro Palestinian was was your opinion of the interview given by Saeb Erekat ( he’s one of their leaders) to Tim Sebastien in which he was challenged on the fiscal competence of the PA?

      (Hint. Remember, Bellers thinks it’s silly to ask a Pro Palestinian for an opinion on Palestinians so be careful.)

  62. Calling any pro Palestinians here.

    Today, the Jordanian government demanded of Israel that Temple Mount be used only for Muslim worship. In your opinion is this fair and reasonable?

  63. Collier – “How can anyone still fall for this victim crap?”

    I’ve thought that for years when David has pretended that UK Jews are clamouring to leave the UK.

    1. Not responding to my question to pro Palestinians Michael? Knew you wouldn’t. No sense in exposing your vulnerabilities again.

  64. David Collier
    I am tired of seeing Jews bullied on a UK campus.

    Which UK campus has old David been sniffing around then?

    Here’s some of your brave heroes bullying, watch the poison dwarf now he has the backing of his mates. Bit of neck-kneeling thrown in. Scum of the earth.

    1. Not a fan of our brilliant soldiers Michael? I’m sure they’ll learn to live with the disappointment.

      We think they’re terrific. Zero tolerance for the stabbers, the rammers, the rocket launchers, the infiltrators or any defeated enemy that thinks they can dictate to us the terms of peace.

      Doesn’t fit with your vision? Never mind…


      1. ” a week” !!!

        As if our amazing 18 year old elite fighters with at least 10 years of experience under their belts, genociding Arab stabbers and tunnellers could do without their iPhones for a whole week.

        Honestly Bellers. That’s not even close to proper provocation.

          1. Lucky for you that you couldn’t give a gnats knacker about it one way or the other.

            Nice to support our Michael though.

              1. I’m very satisfied with the lines I write for myself in our Panto Bellers.

                Now, Michael on the other hand would really benefit from a pinch more shithousery. All this “Collier tweets…Collier’s a liar” is all a bit meh. Still, I suppose he’s operating within his limits.

  65. wonder if gnasher doing a runner has anything to do with further developments on this

    1. Been threatening your hard won freedoms again Bellers? You could write them up on your inter blog. I bet you know them better than their own wives. That’ll get you a nice smiley face from Michael too.

        1. I refer you to your earlier remark about asking stupid questions Bellers. Like you, I tend to avoid answering these.

            1. My RE teacher, Jackie Bison stood me and the other 3 yids up on Day 1 Year 1 and announced to the gentile boys ” These are Jewish boys. They killed our Lord Jesus Christ”

              I got a board duster thrown at me when I denied it was me because I’m terrible at woodwork.

              Try telling the kids of today that eh!

              1. Did she tell em that our Lord Jesus Christ had the last laugh and he didn’t waste much time getting it ?

                I once asked a bunch of kids…

                Do you think I just sailed up the Lea on a banana boat ?

                they said …….yeah

                I said…..right I want 600 words on ” could an omnipotent God create a round square ? ” on my desk by Monday morning

                This kid said ……but sir God can’t be impotent cuz he banged Mary up

                I said……make that 1200 words

              2. I had an RE teacher like that for three years.
                About a quarter of the class were Jews and she hated us, and she never ceased to remind us of the fact that Jews killed Jesus.
                But we gave as good as we got, though I did spend a good many times queuing outside the headmasters office waiting to be caned

                1. “I did spend a good many times queuing outside the headmasters office waiting to be caned”

                  Even when you hadn’t been sent there, Richard?

                  Suppose you have to pay for it these days.

                  Madame Corvid?

                  Ah well.

                  1. Bruce Levy

                    So you take one comment by one shop assistant mentioned in a blog by a dodo called Greenslime, sorry I meant Greenstein, to prove what?
                    Surely you attempt to get some form of verifiable evidence to back up a claim, rather than mindless articles that say nothing about nothing.

                    I really can think of no other way of describing you other than as an Antisemitic racist bigot.
                    And it’s irrelevant as to whether you call yourself a Jew, or not

              1. Oh dear. You’re so fixed in your format Michael that when you try the normal stuff you come across as weird.

                For clarification, did you beat up a Catholic or get beaten up as one?

  66. David Collier
    Last time I was here in 2018, the #kinneret was at a low and dangerous level. How different now. Haven’t seen it like this for almost 20 years. Full! The Sea of Galilee is full. You’re neck deep by your third step. So good to see it like this. Even better to swim in it ?

    How lovely to be able to swim in the sea without being shot at by the military of a neighbour. That’ll be Israeli privilege.

    1. Certainly is Israeli priviledge Michael. As I tell you many times, this is what victory looks like.

      We have no responsibility to reward defeated enemies.That appears to be your job.

  67. Bruce Levy

    First you practised a form of Holocaust denial and denigration by querying the amount of Jews mass murdered by Nazi Germany and their acolytes by firing squads and in their gas chambers

    Then you alluded to the ‘Blood Libel’ which saw millions of Jews slaughtered in Europe by the claim that Jews murder Christians for their blood in Passover Matzah, despite the fact that Jewish Law prohibits the consumption of blood for any reason

    Then you brought up tattooing (as a threat to me), in the knowledge that most Jews relate tattooing to the practise the Nazis employed of tattooing arrivals at the death camp with a number on their arms

    Now you ‘randomly’ bring up the colour yellow in the knowledge that this was the colour of the badge the Jews in the Nazi ghettos had to wear.

    Your constantly invoking and alluding to the Nazis Jew hating Antisemitic imagery proves without a doubt that you do this with the intention of ‘Jew baiting’ and trying to be offensive Jews.
    Your claim to be Jewish is irrelevant in the circumstances.
    Some of your claims border dangerously close to charges of ‘incitement to violence and harm to others’

    Therefore I once again call you an Antisemitic Racist Bigot

    1. “you practised a form of Holocaust denial and denigration by querying the amount ”

      Wow. At last. Not ‘Holocaust denial’ … but ‘a form of Holocaust denial’ You’re letting the side down by NOT screaming ‘Holocaust denial’.

      Now do YOU accept the numbers of Arabs driven out by Jewish militia in the Nakba or are YOU guilty of Nakba Denial?

    2. As long as he doesn’t bring being Jewish into disrepute as much as David and his Gnasher troupe.

    3. Dick: “Then you brought up tattooing (as a threat to me), in the knowledge that most Jews relate tattooing to the practise the Nazis employed of tattooing arrivals at the death camp with a number on their arms”

      Obviously you never heard of Bizzart Studios in Al Quds: The next time I go there serving with an international humanitarian organisation, I shall get another Handala tattoo.

      Oh how you love to play the victim. That’s the problem with your kind. You and your AWB mates are known quantities. Dick.

      1. Bruce Levy

        Not only do you mangle language to suit your distortion of reality, you misunderstand and/or distort what others say.

        There are dozens of tattoo parlours and suchlike in Israel, and lots of Jews and Israelis have tattoos.
        Your specific reference to tattoos in your previous comments on this blog allude to the way tattoos were used to mark concentration camp inmates of the Nazis, to dehumanise degrade those inmates.
        You also linked tattoos to be used as threats and punishment against those you disagree with.

        Do keep posting though, if for no other reason than to confirm that some anti-Israel sentiment is driven by Antisemitic racist sentiment and bigotry

        1. That accusation doesn’t work Dick. I’m 1,000% Kosher Jewish!! And I certainly don’t hate myself!

            1. Palestinians are RACIST, Homophobic, Misogynist, ULTRA RIGHT-WING, Death Worshiping, Terrorist.

  68. Collier – “Finlay (Jewdas) and many from the Na’amod crew publicly said Kaddish for Hamas terrorists.”

    As usual David lies (what’s new). They said Kaddish for those gunned down at the fence protests. Hamas had said many were its members. Hamas were democratically elected to rule Gaza i.e. run the schools, hospitals and other infrastructure and so were members of the elected government. Not terrorists any more than the IDF well-dug-in sniper squads.
    But then when has David ever been truthful in his blogs. Just smears and untruths. Itsthat his Zionism or just a way he makes his shekels.

    1. Zero tolerance Michael. That’s how the cookie crumbles over here.

      They to stab our grannies or young mums, try to ram our citizens with cars and trucks, try to target our homes and schools with rockets or try to attack our sovereign border with bad intent and you’re gonna be neutralized.

      Or you can live in Wokesville UK and get on your knees to every crank and crim in the village where Farmers lives count for fuck all

        1. Dont be a berk Bellers. We’ve discussedxstupid questions above. We agreed a long time ago what our roles are here. Anyway you couldn’t give a baboons bollock about our sovereign borders.

            1. When you get round to giving a nomad’s gonad about something and choose to write about it here, I’m sure I’ll give it the attention it deserves at that time.

              Until then Bellers we’ll do the Panto.

                  1. Sshhhhh Michael. Bellers says you’re not allowed to talk to me in case you put your foot in it again.

  69. Avi Mayer

    The Washington Post has published a lie.

    Israel isn’t “ethnically exclusive” (whatever that means)

    Israel’s Nation Law says “the right to exercise national self-determination there is “unique to the Jewish people”.”

    Now that, Avi, is “ethnically exclusive”.

    Say thankyou.

    1. Nichael, I did predict that David would reach 50,000 followers this year and thanks to your tireless re-publication he is well on course.

      As his entirely self appointed and unapproved secretary let me say thank you on his behalf.

    1. You’re an Israeli Michael?

      You said you’d never been there or ever met one. Have you been one of those chippy fringe Jews all along?

  70. David Collier
    One of the most disgraceful post Corbyn events has been the recent attacks on key fighters (heroes) against #Antisemitism, both Jewish & non Jewish.

    Worse than the familiar extremists engaging in the attack has been some of the soft Jewish left actually supporting it.


    Not attacks on those against antisemitism.

    Attacks on those falsely claiming antisemitism, attacks on those such as David who constantly falsifies instances of ‘antisemitism’, shouting ‘wolf’ as a Tourette’s style outburst.

    Not very specific, David. Spell out these ‘heinous’ attacks with examples, not vague waffle.

    1. Michael, as a pro Palestinian is it your opinion that the people of Lebanon are being as well served by their democratically elected representatives in Hezbollah as the people of Gaza are from Hamas?

    1. But Bellers, you couldn’t give a single shit what Beirut looks like now nor at any time previously. So I’ll just take the question as you saying ” that’s my Poke Quota for the morning. Kettle on.”

  71. After his 48 hour sulk because a prominent figure gave his opinion on Jews from his own perspective David tweets an emotional ..

    David Collier
    The biggest mistake anti-Zionists, antisemites or anti-Israel activists make is believing what they think matters.

    Which is it David? It upsets you, or water off a duck’s back?

    Good job Corbyn is more of an man than you are.

    1. Michael, as a pro leftist please remind us. This Corbyn of whom you speak. Is this the same cove that used to be in politics?

  72. Brucie Brucie the Levy

    Your arguments are so bereft of any depth and gravitas that you can only seem to resort to meaningless generalisation and ad hominem insults and personal attacks

    But please do continue, so that all that follow this blog can see you for what you are; an Antisemetic racist bigot

    Your favourite dick ???????

    1. “Your arguments are so bereft of any depth and gravitas that you can only seem to resort to meaningless generalisation and ad hominem insults and personal attacks”

      Don’t knock it, Richard, that’s all that David’s been doing for years.

  73. Brucie Brucie the Levy (whoever he/she/it is)

    Whoever claimed you hated yourself; that is strictly in your fevered imagination.
    Conspiracy theories and all that ?.

    And as I’ve said before; it’s really rather irrelevant whether you are Jewish or not, some of your rather demented ravings all point in the direction of Antisemitic racist bigotry on your part

    Your favourite dick ???????

    1. Hey Dick, you’re very, very paranoid and must really love to play the victim.

      More power to you. Dick.

      1. Hey Bruce MooooooooHAMed,

        May ALL your Jihads turn into personal NAKBAS!

        May ALL your plots blow up on your head like the Ammonium Nitrate dump in Beirut.

        Happy Nakba Piglet!

        1. Sharmuta,

          It ain’t a “smear” when it’s True.

          The Voters gave your Fascist/Islamofascist friendly LaBOOR Party the boot – their worst licking in 80+ years.

          Happy Nakba Fascist Sow!

          1. “It ain’t a “smear” when it’s True.”

            When it’s true it also isn’t a trope 🙂

  74. Another tweet – “I now view the UK – the country of my birth – as a battlefield.”

    Well worth it for you.

    You’re making a good living by your tilting at imaginary windmills.

    1. The imaginary windmill of

      “Islam as the Religion of Peace”.


      When Muslims can’t even get along with Muslims,
      how can anyone claim that Muslims can get along with NON-Muslims?

  75. David Collier
    Awful to see identity politics and intersectionality being used to create divides in the Jewish community.

    Hardly a surprise those responsible were busy defending Corbyn not to long ago.

    Corbynism has NO place in our community. It is destructive.

    Yet again David’s neurosis concerning Corbyn rears its head from Gnasherville.

    Davis has NEVER been able to show ANY antisemitism on Corbyn’s part.

    This pro-Israeli blagger has lied and smeared for years, all for Israel.

    Comically he accuses others of creating divides in the Jewish community. He attacks Jews who aren’t Zionists.

    1. Michael, as someone who is not pro anything except posting your slogans for poking purposes, will we, in your opinion get to 500 posts on this thread?

      As you have contributed 209 of 392 so far, the poker is in your hands.

        1. Oh, I wasn’t really counting Ed. These threads are so boring after the 5th comment that I have to invent new ways to amuse myself with Michael. I give as many shits about the issues as he does but I draw the line at lazy unimaginative trollery.

  76. Hey David, I heard that female IOF terrorist soldiers have to prostitute themselves for a few NIS by the bus stations because they can’t live on the pay they receive.

    HInt, hint.

    1. Now, that was impressive provocation. I’ve been quite critical of all the previous stuff with its tepid and somewhat inhibited Nazi imagery and tippy toe approaches to demeaning dead Jews. Who’s not seen worse on the telly?

      Now though, you’re having a go at a personal attack on Dave’s kid. Quite subtle too. Took some working out. Admittedly you’re still not quite there yet with a full on direct slur. Still teating the water I’d imagine. But full marks for trying something new to get a ride. You’re growing into this activism.

      1. Personal attack on “Dave’s kid?” Nah. I’m Jewish!!

        More info: They even earn extra cash ‘servicing’ Arab clients in kinky massage parlors.

        An edited abridgement of an article in the Jerusalem Post, containing additional commentary by Lasha Darkmoon and an extended footnote called “Sex Slavery in Israel”.

        “The situation is enough to make you cry in despair, or vomit from shame.” — Jewish author David Weinberg in an article quoted below.

        They say she was 20 years old and was in the country for 2 years.

        This 20-year-old British-born IDF soldier had worked for a year and two months at a brothel in Tel Aviv, not far from where another prostitute had committed suicide. On condition that we not reveal where she works, “Jenny” ( not her real name) agreed to sit down and discuss Israel’s sex industry with us.

        “Some days I only have two customers, others as many as 10,” Jenny reveals. Many are Arabs, many are Haredi.

        Along with four other IDF female soldiers, all in their early to mid-20s, “Jenny” works from 10am to 7pm a 9-hour day. (Sometimes from 11am to 8 pm). The women watch English – language BBC TV and smoke cigarettes on a small patio.

        Many female IDF soldiers supplement their meager stipends working as prostitutes. Especially so-called ‘Lone Soldiers’ without families.

        Another woman works the phones, providing details to the johns: “NIS 200 (US$57) for half an hour, erotic massage, shared shower.” She advertises the prostitutes’ supposed attributes: “Young girl, hard but large breasts.”

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray.

        1. “I’m Jewish” Brilliant !!

          Much more imaginative provocation. I take some credit for this having constructively critiqued previous attempts. You’re really evolving now from that rather insipid Blood and Matzo nonsense to something altogether more directed.

          The references to female British Lone Soldiers was an obvious touch but don’t neglect your research when building your stories if you intend to stay in this lane for a while.

          For now it’s a solid 5.5 out of 10 from me. Not bad after a tentative start.

        2. Bruce MoooooooooooooHAMmed,

          You are as Jewish as your namesake prophet of Satan AKA MoooooooooooooHAMmed.

            1. Bruce MoooooooooooooooooHAMed,

              I SHlT on your namesake prophet of Satan (SBUH).

              Happy Nakba!

              1. Nakba?

                David claims to “fight antisemitism everywhere”

                David is telling porkies.

                When David was questioned about his claim of ‘fighting antisemitism everywhere’, which of course is a lie.

                Questioner : David, can you go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

                David : Do you think that’s a point?

                Questioner : David, would you like to go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

                David : I’m not a member of the Tory Party.

                Questioner : Antisemitism exists everywhere, if you are here to fight antisemitism you fight antisemitism everywhere.

                David : I agree

                Questioner : You seem to ‘specialise’ in antisemitism in the Labour Party, Can you tell me what your record is on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

                David : Your question is disingenuous …… I am a member of the Labour Party.

      2. You know full well it wasn’t just the Joooos who lost their lives at the hands of the Zionists bedfellows, the Nazis.

        Remember Ian, EVERY LIFE is valuable and no human life is more valuable than another; Jew or Gentile. I know that goes against what’s taught in apartheid Israel, but try to wrap your head around it.

        1. Now then, I just marked your latest provocation a solid 5.5 out of 10 with some helpful notes for future efforts.
          After the relative success of your new and more imaginative approach poking David and his teenage daughter, I am disappointed to see the regression back to the tepid tippy toe nonsense that marked your earlier stuff.

          Look, by all means keep the apartheid, ZioNazi, genocide stuff in if it works for you. But do try to mix it up or you’re just another troll with a slogan Rolodex.

        2. More non-Jews than Jews died through Hitler’s madness.

          You wouldn’t think so listening to them.

          1. Michael you daft ninny, if Mrs Farmer dies of excruciating pancreatic cancer causing you to mourn her loss, be prepared to be told to stop whining. Lots of other people die of cancer every day so think about them too.

          2. I’ve been looking through this blog for the many, MANY posts that Muck Framer surely must have made that outline AND express outrage at the brutal, homicidal treatment of the mentally handicapped, gypsies, Communists, human rights advocates, and the LGBQT+ by Nazi Germany. Funny thing: he doesn’t seem to have made any. Hmmm, that would make Muck something of a hypocrite who only mentions these atrocities in order to make Jews look worse; unfortunately for him, “hypocrite” is the nicest word I can think of to describe Muck.

            1. Keep looking, Ben. they’re there.

              I pointed out that, surprise, surprise, not only Jews were targeted by the Nazis. In fact they were a minority of the estimated 17 million that the New York Holocaust Museum say perished in the Holocaust.

              While you’re trawling this blog take note of how many times David has highlighted the plight of non-Jews in his crusades. You won’t need to be good with numbers.

    1. Michael, as a pro Poker of people on the internet, what in your opinion is the natural life span of an internet Poker?

  77. David Collier
    Palestine Live was a toxic secret FB Group full of antisemites & Holocaust denial.

    I exposed it.

    Of course it wasn’t.

    Of course you didn’t.

    Just antiZionism and anti-Israelism that you dishonestly smeared as antisemitic.

    Even lied about Corbyn’s involvement in it.

    Is there a Turner prize for Fiction?

    1. Michael as a pro Poker of people on the internet are anti Zionism and anti-Israelism in your opinion the same thing or different?

  78. D avid “So many emotions – but none stronger than immense pride.”

    You have no moral compass, David.

    1. Michael, I told you I take a very dim view of lazy trolls.

      If you’re only coming to poke then at least poke with some imagination.

    1. Hey Collier

      Since your looking to monetize antisemitism for personal gain, why not compile a victim mentality book based on your perceived antisemitic persecution throughout the UK from Scotland to Brighton and call it THE DIARY OF DAVID COLLIER.

      You could also set up a Zoom seminar and have special guest Scoffie and the rickshaw puller rant and then try to provide coherent answers to questions. I’m sure lots of people would enjoy seeing that from the comfort of their own homes. Better than a night out at the comedy club!

    2. Michael, this is new.

      Taking a break from the customary poke at David and now trolling a teenage girl?

      Interesting approach.

        1. “Bungs for baskets” again Bellers?

          Which of you two came up with the wheeze of poking teenage girls?

          Michael doesn’t have the imagination for that certainly.

        2. Not at all interesting till David decided to use his daughter as a prop

          Thought Miss would grumble.

          1. Michael, no complaints from me. I rebuked you lacking imagination in your little pokes and you rose to the challenge using the novel approach of harassing teenage girls on the internet. Good for you.

            In terms of effective poking this could be a real turning point for you after so long at it.

  79. Bruce Levy

    After reading some of your posts the question arises; are you ‘functionally illiterate’ or similar?

    Your posts/tirades consist of ad hominem unsubstantiated attacks and insults against those you disagree with

    There is no attempt to offer any form of substantive argument to back up your arguments, just insult and the occasional threat and a substantial dose of Holocaust denigration
    Do you not have anything constructive to offer (I’m not holding my breath to find out)

    You seem to be a rather sad person driven by the negative emotion of hate, rather than any positive emotions such as tolerance and love.
    But then it takes all sorts to make this wonderful world of ours

    1. “Your posts/tirades consist of ad hominem unsubstantiated attacks and insults against those you disagree with”

      David to a T.

    2. “Your posts/tirades consist of ad hominem unsubstantiated attacks and insults against those you disagree with” – T

      1. Ooh look. I didnt see that one coming. Are Michael and Bruce the same person?

        Probably just ‘Bruce’ being too thick to do a proper copy/paste from the instruction sheet. Amateurs.

  80. Hey Dick

    “Your posts/tirades consist of ad hominem unsubstantiated attacks and insults against those you disagree with”

    The post calling the kettle black, Richard ‘Dick’ Galber. Hypocrite. Typical Zio.

    1. Bruceie Brucie

      In that single line contribution of yours you confirm everything I have said about your lack of engagement and any form of intelligent argument

      I repeat what I said again; Your posts/tirades consist of ad hominem unsubstantiated attacks and insults against those you disagree with

    2. Boys, boys. I gave you both credit recently for a more imaginative and provocative tone to your posts, even scoring ‘Bruce ‘ a sold 5.5 out of ten.

      Now look. Straight back to the formulaic slogans and crass pokey. Wiki pastes Michael. Seriously? Nobody opens that shit. And Bruce schoolboy errors with the copy/pastes. Concentrate boys. We’re playing a long game here.

  81. “Probably just ‘Bruce’ being too thick to do a proper copy/paste from the instruction sheet. Amateurs.”

    Amateurs? Nonsense. It was a typo you grammar ZioNazi.

    1. Not an amateur. You mean you get paid for this? Thought you lads poked David for this type of thing. Bit hypocritical innit?

    1. Michael, seeing as you use this as one of your Rolodex of slogans, let’s talk about it.

      In the past when you have placed this one in the road, I have invited your opinion on whether a similar research process by David will reveal more, less or the same amount of antisemitism in the UK Tory party as in the UK Labour party.

      I appreciate that Bellers doesn’t want you to address this directly but it seems daft to make a point and then have no opinion on it, right.

  82. “Julia Hartley-Brewer

    Stupid people are claiming this is a racist tweet. It isn’t. It’s a joke and it’s not aimed at Indian people. Anyone who thinks it is racist is an idiot.

    AntiZionism Anyone who thinks it is antiSemitism is an idiot.

    1. Yes yes Michael but what about the other question you raised above about the lack of research by David into Tory antisemitism?

      Do you want to express an opinion on whether this may uncover more or less than in the UK Labour party or about the same?

      1. Come on Michael. Your supposed to firstly to inform us of the Collier re-tweet complete with lots of inverted commas. Then we need to read your scene lander normally some punchy slogan like “Collier’s a liar for money.”

        Bless you, you’ve really taken my pointers to heart and broken from your normal ejaculations. You’re dabbling with enigmatic as a style choice. It could work for you. At least you steered clear of the turgid faux indignation to get your poke in. But seriously. Our Rach is sensational

          1. Yes Michael and I see you used your ‘no research into Tory antisemitism’ copy/paste again last night.

            Again I invite you to express your opinion on whether a similar research process by David will reveal more, less or the same amount of antisemitism in the UK Tory party as in the UK Labour party.

            You keep pasting the same slogan but refuse to follow it up when the opportunity is presented, similar to your reticence regarding Palestinians, their leaders, their rights and their plight. It feels like you don’t really have opinions on these issues and come here with very different motives. Can this be the case?

  83. David Collier
    Can you imagine an ISIS stronghold along the UK coast firing rockets on Portsmouth and setting fire to the New Forest? Think of British children in bomb shelters.

    Can you imagine if the UK Parliament decreed that Martians could have half of Wales as a Martian state…. and that Martian state was supplied with free weaponry by the powerful Tory party.

    In addition some of the Martians regularly went outside its borders and set fire to Welsh crops while Martian troops watched on. The Welsh would of course retaliate but be criticised by those that had installed them in the first place. Not only that but a blockade was imposed on the Welsh and their lives were controlled totally by the Martians who ignored any democratic vote by the Welsh.

    Just imagine……

    1. Dont be silly Michael . The damp Welsh climate cannot support Martian life and anyway, they dont need human weapons. They have Ray Guns.

        1. There you go Michael. A very solid attempt at humour. This really could work for you.

          Now whilst I have you, what about this research into Tory antisemitism? What in your opinion would it uncover; more or less than in the UK labour party or perhaps the same amount?

          Go on. Whilst you’re exploring the new you

  84. Stephen

    Are you trying to get readers for your blog

    What is your following on your blog anyway

      1. Bellers, your marketing drive is being hampered by Michael and his enthusiastic copy/pastes of vague wiki links.

        I’ve told you that the company you keep will be your undoing.

      1. Absolutely Michael and if you Bellers and that ninny that does the Bruce shtick are about half the crew, I really appreciate all the effort you go to for my benefit.

        I’ll be here as long as you guys are, so let me know when you need a break

          1. I’ll do my lines Bellers. You do yours (and Michael’s)

            And Yes. You’re my whole world poppet !!

            1. Just as I thought. Anyway now I have got Wagner stuff out of the way I can get on with the David stuff. Will take a few weeks and then I will put you out of your misery.

              1. Ah yes the “gonna write David up” slogan. A whine of the 2015 vintage.

                As I said at my COVID test ” I’m not holding my breath”.

  85. David Collier
    Anti-Zionism is for anti-Jewish racists and idiots..

    nope ….. it’s for anti-racists, David. Not that you’re one.

    1. Michael, as an anti-racist was the recent tweet by the David Duke fan racist when it suggested that “Jews were counterfeit human beings”?

      It’s okay to answer because even though you endorsed it, there are only 6 of us here as you say.

  86. “There is nothing funny about this.

    No ifs or buts..

    This is a neo-Nazi website peddling neo-Nazi hate.”

    What’s with this neo-Nazi crap, David?

    What on earth has being against the racism of Zionism got to do with the Nazis?

    You have a neurosis. Seek help.

  87. David Collier
    It takes just a few minutes walking around any city in Israel to see the mix of people on the streets.


    among that ‘mix’ ONLY Jews have self-determination.

    among that ‘mix’ ONLY Jews have its statehood.

    among that ‘mix’ ONLY Jews are referenced in its national anthem.

    More equal then others then, David.

    1. Top stuff Michael. You are literally re-posting every one of David’s tweets. Is he paying you for the SEO services from his wedge?

      My prediction of him having 50K followers by Rosh Hashana wasn’t far out. Thank you for your efforts.

  88. Michael, “Collier tweets” and retweets alert !!!

    Noting your new approach of poking teenage girls on the internet and being more open about your antisemitism I think there is some useful.material for your morning shift. One tweet is from the Auschwitz Museum. You know how you hate their stuff.

    Let’s get to 500 comments and 50k followers.

  89. Another retweet from the Auschwitz Museum.

    David seems to by pushing that only Jews died in the Holocaust.

    New York Holocaust Museum point out that the majority of those that died in the Holocaust were not Jewish.

    This majority appears to have been wiped from History in more ways than one.

    1. It’s the victim mentality kicking in. David, Ian, Dick, Trailer Trash and their ilk like to think that their kind is deserving of some kind of special preferential treatment. After all, who wouldn’t like to get something for nothing? Greedy b’stards.

      Also, it’s a good excuse to justify the horrific actions and the sorry existence of the apartheid state: ‘We suffered, therefore we’re entitled.’

    2. Good boy Michael. Very responsive to my nudge.

      I’d suggest taking up your accounting issues with the original poster at the Museum. I am sure they will be pleased to addend future posts with the message “other Holocausts are available”.

      I am encouraged to see you practicing what you preach though and being far more honest about your antisemitism.

      1. This Bruce one is like a yoyo dieter

        He sets his Provocator to stun and sometimes it’s a fair attempt, other times it’s barely a tummy tickle. Still, inconsistency can provide it’s own points of interest.

        On balance I’d say this investment had paid off.

      2. Same Holocaust … just no special interest groupings, Ian.

        There are of course other Holocausts that we seldom hear about as you say.

        1. Michael, after your recent endorsement of the tweets by the David Duke fan it is my honest and sincerely held view that you are an unapologetic antisemite, a condition that is probably long standing and likely to have been passed down by your father, your local priest and your RE teacher.

          I can hear the line from old Papi Farmer as he takes infant Michael on his knee and paraphrases from Mississippi Burning. “Remember, if you’re not better than a joooo son, who are you better than? ”

          Are well. Fathers and sons eh?

        1. Imaginative tactic, the old multiple repetition of the same slogan Michael. Who saw that coming?

          Speaking of repetition, you’re still copy/pasting your ” no Collier research into Tory antisemitism” slogan. In your opinion would the results be as damaging to the UK Tories as they were to the UK Labour Party?

    1. But Michael, you claim to be pro Palestinian. In your opinion would the re establishment of our sovereignty in Judea and Samaria improve their civil rights or worsen them?

  90. In the course of my studies I stumbled across this. An oldie but a goldie

    For this reason, an event held yesterday, 06/11/2016, by grassroots organisation Campaign4truth that discussed the ethics of war was particularly ‘nail on head’. This organisation, headed by Sharon Klaff and Ambrosine Shitrit, have a way of pulling together first class events that cut straight to the chase in the fight against the anti-Israel narrative.

  91. Stephen

    Are not enough people visiting your blog so you are introduciing nonsensical studies here

    My my

    1. It’s all in his Magnum Opus wot he is writing Richard.

      Very keen to see this. It will mean I’m celebrating my 100th birthday.

  92. David – “We are all Israel now”

    Nope, Israel is only for the Jewish …. Nation Law of Israel.

    1. Ah yes Michael. As someone that is very keen on sloganising on this, how in your opinion are the civil rights, liberties and freedoms of Israeli Christians, Druze, Bahai, Bedouin and Israeli Arabs affected by this?

  93. Stephen

    Exactly what are you whinging about concerning that meeting.

    Do you have issues with the participants?
    Do you have issues with the content?
    Have you heard the discussion?
    Or are you suffering from the Bellamy knee jerk

    You are funny ????

      1. Richard, Sid Applebaum knows Bellers and says his problems with Shazzer began when he got stuck in Angry Ostrich position in one of her yoga classes and all the mums laughed.

        Skin thinner than a Bolton Bulemic, our Bellers.

        1. Oh and Michael.Given this any thought yet,

          As someone that is very keen on sloganising on the Jewish Nation State Law,, how in your opinion are the civil rights, liberties and freedoms of Israeli Christians, Druze, Bahai, Bedouin and Israeli Arabs affected by this?

          1. Confirms that citizens “Israeli Christians, Druze, Bahai, Bedouin and Israeli Arabs” can not have the statehood and self-determination.

            That’s reserved for ONLY the Jews.

            What’s the word ….. apartness.

            1. Obviously all bollox Michael as you know but you cant create your slogans around a lack of contradiction of our Basic Law can you ? As you know this clarifies the equality of the non-Jewish minority. Still you dont have real opinions on this so I won’t waste time here.

      1. 2 more wanky pokes and we’re at 500 comments.

        Come on Michael. Right up your alley this one. Tell us about some “Collier tweets” and what a liar you think he is, for money.

        Ooh and tell me why I’m not entitled to be sad that my Aunty Lotte was murdered at Dachau because she was a Jew when loads of people that weren’t my aunty Lotte and weren’t Jews were also murdered. In fact any of your slogans will do. As Bellers says “it’s the taking part that counts” ( Classic Bellers that).

  94. David Collier Retweeted

    David Collier
    Replying to @amnesty
    This is Amnesty not welcoming a peace deal.

    If there is still anyone around foolish enough not to realise today’s Amnesty is just a morally bankrupt version of a once great organisation, this should finally wake them up.

    Lobbyer for the right-wing racist state of Israel Collier has the cheek to label Amnesty “morally bankrupt”.

    A madman.

    1. Boom!

      And with that stellar contribution from Michael we knock out another 500+ comments.

      Absolutely nailing the fact that you can fill social media comment sections with any old shite if you think there’s the slightest chance of at least one other tosser reading it.

      That’s my excuse anyway and reading Michael above, he feels the same.

      Played everyone.

      1. Collier tweets……..”If you make your happiness conditional on the destruction of the Jewish state, not only are you heartless, antisemitic & stupid, but you are destined to be sad for life”

        That’s you that, Michael.

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