Doxing minors, intimidation and the toxic hatemongers on the hard left

The smears, lies, fear and intimidation of the hard-left. A Statement:

Those who read this blog or follow me on Twitter or Facebook are well aware that I am used to being harassed and abused online. To be honest, given what I do, there is a certain expectation of a response. But fighting these people is no war of words. My website has been hacked, I have been physically assaulted twice (1,2) and I have lost count of the number of times my social media accounts have been attacked or cloned. None of this has worked to silence me, nor will it, so this week they turned to doxing my children. The twisted desperate action of the weak minded and morally lost.

There were two blogs published independently. I won’t link to them here. Both follow exactly the same formula. They are full of empty smears and are written by people who know that they are spinning lies. You can see by the desperate links they try to build. They are trying to get people to hate and fear me by painting me as a rabid, far-right extremist with ties to Britain’s first, the EDL and neo-Nazis. To set me up as a legitimate target for attack.

Intimidation and images of minors

It wasn’t the words however that was different this time. It was the photographs they had included. In the first there was an image of my son. He is still a minor now but was just twelve when the photo was taken. Who puts an image of the target’s child into an article of hate?

The second attempt at intimidation was even more insidious. A worthless, rambling, conspiratorial article which used my inactive membership of a Facebook group with 24,000 members to label me a hard-core extremist. The person who wrote this should seek urgent help.

Inside the piece was an image of my daughter. I think the photo is from 2017, so my daughter was 15 and also a minor at the time. On this occassion the author took a Facebook post I had published without an image (I don’t upload images of my children for obvious reasons) and deliberately edited it. She photoshopped onto the post an image she had of me and my daughter at an event, to make it look as if she was just sharing a genuine Facebook post of mine.

It is unlikely to be a coincidence they were published within days of each other. Both these smear articles contain images of minors and both have been shared online by an ex-Corbynite MP with 50,000+ followers.

Both of these incidents are now with the CST and the Police.

Not to be silenced

This type of attack is meant to intimidate. To make me feel vulnerable. They also place a target on the back of two children.

The post about my daughter displays even more about the mindset of the author than antisemitic toxic hate. The article suggests that it is because of my influence that she is joining a lone soldiers program in the IDF. What an embarrassing thing to write. My daughter was brought up to be independent, to stand up for herself, express her views and understand her rights. She has a mind and voice of her own and is more than capable of making her own decisions. How belittling, to suggest that young women are incapable of thinking clearly for themselves. ‘It must be daddy’. This is the rancid, archaic misogyny of the modern hard left.

These people do not intimidate me. They only make me more certain of the importance and urgency of the cause that I fight for. As Jews we do not have an option but to fight. Nor do we choose our enemies or decide how toxic they will be. The alternative is not on the table. We know what the price of inactivity can be.

So no, I will not be silenced or intimidated. A new exclusive about antisemitism in a certain seaside town will be proudly published on this website on Sunday.

Stick with me. It is for us to maintain our composure, our resolve, our focus and never lose our nerve. Onwards and upwards.



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257 thoughts on “Doxing minors, intimidation and the toxic hatemongers on the hard left

    1. Today, July 7, 2020, is the 15th anniversary of the 2005 Islamic terrorist attack.

      “The 7 July 2005 London bombings, often referred to as 7/7, were a series of coordinated Islamic terrorist suicide attacks in London, England, that targeted commuters traveling on the city’s public transport system during the morning rush hour. ”

      Target: Public aboard London Underground trains and a bus in Central London

      Attack type: Suicide bombings

      Weapons: IEDs

      Deaths: 56 (including the 4 bombers)

      Injured: 784

      – Hasib Hussain
      – Mohammad Sidique Khan
      – Germaine Lindsay
      – Shehzad Tanweer

      Motive: Islamic terrorism

      1. Today, July 14th, is the fourth anniversary of the 2016 truck ramming attack in Nice France by an Islamic terrorist jihadi

        Target: Crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France

        Weapons: Truck driven into crowd

        Deaths: 87 (including the jihadi driver)

        Injured: 434

        – Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel (a Tunisian living in France)

        Motive: Islamic terrorism

      1. Jonathan’s in bed with the EDL, Britain First and goodness knows who else. If he’s not careful, he might catch something.

      1. Dishonesty like Islam calling itself

        “The Religion of Peace.”.

        See 9/11, London’s 7/7, Pan Am 103, beheading of Lee Rigby, Daniel Pearl and others, girls stoned to death over “family honour”, 500,000+ dead in Syria Civil War, 1,000,000+ dead in 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war, bombing of Boston Marathon, stabbing of 6 (3 dead) in Reading, car rammings on London and Westminster bridges, current day slavery in Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, …

  1. Having been the victim, about three years ago, of anti-Semitism and experienced the same for my daughters when they were young, I totally support the view expressed in this blog. Notwithstanding, and as always, the best way to combat prejudice is education. In this the Jewish Community has failed for at least two generations.

    So, whilst valuable per se, name and shame, the general thrust of these postings has only use.

  2. Pretty desperate tactics David and a sign of complete impotence from your opponents. These tepid attempts at provocation appear here too but are so pantomime in their execution they’re almost polite.

    Both my kids were chayalim bodedim and I assure you that your daughter will not only be a source of tremendous pride to you and your family but will be held in the highest esteem by at least 7 million of us here. She is taking her ideals and passions and acting on them in a really worthwhile manner. Certainly, there will always be a Resistance but its only weapon is writing stuff on the internet. Not a huge worry really.

  3. Despite all this deflection David there is only one pertinent question. Are you or have you ever been a member of the facebook group in question ? I would hate to misrepresent you.

    1. Despite all the copy/pastes Bellers there is only one pertinent question. Was your pre flounce announcement a non flounce or just a temporary flounce? I wouldn’t want to falsely flaunt your flounce

      1. it was a kinda temporay flounce. The thing is now that Pitcairn have reduced their 500 mile social distancing rule me and Gnasher need to move on. Eater Island sounds good. Keep on keeping on.

        I prob will hang around enough to see if David feel able to answer the question. What do you think ?

        1. I’m hanging on the line with Michael for the same reason. I keep asking for his opinion on things he cares about and he keeps refusing. You were right. He’s a total liability.

    2. can’t be bothered to look Stephen. I have 4000+ friends and I am added to groups all the time. Some of my FB friends are also just socks of those like the author of the blog with the capability of adding me to any group they like. Facebook also no longer gives you a fast way of managing your groups or seeing which ones you have been added to. Additionally as any real friend on FB knows, I do not like the platform and rarely use it beyond uploading my blogs. I was told the group has about 24,000 members. I have no idea about its content and couldn’t care less how you represent it.

      1. I am assuming that means you were not in any way active. ….remember the first rule of advocay. Never ask a question the answer to which you don’t already know.

        Remembe also that I have long been pointing out to you that your nefarious associations will be the metaphorical death of you. Anyway me and Gnasher are busy at the moment packing our bagas for the move to Easter Island and putting together our complaint to the Bar Standards Board about Adam Wagner.

        See you later

        1. Oh Stephen, how silly – you think I care what that ever shrinking bubble you work inside thinks, says or does. It’s a bubble Stephen. In the real world they see you now.

          1. I’d add Stephen that the fact you feed off from Sally E’s toxic scraps says more about you than I ever could.

    3. Stephen

      What exactly has your stupid comment got to do with the disgusting use of David’s children by people as weapon against David by people who disagree with him

  4. Disgusting that these ‘lefty liberal neo-fascists’ stoop so low as to attack children.

    Have you also spoken to CAA, because they seem to take a more proactive role in forcing the others to act

        1. That’s not nice Trailer Trash, being that your mother’s name in Hebrew translates into English as ‘Favourite of the Brothel’.

  5. David Collier
    “No Zionists allowed”

    It is back to the days of ‘no dogs or Jews’.

    We are hearing this messaging frequently – in hard-left spaces – such as in unions, at demos and on campus.

    This anti-Jewish racism must be faced down and sent back to the toxic sewers where it belongs.

    Again and again David’s dishonesty rides out to deceive one and all.

    His tweet begins with Zionists and as if by magic, smoke, mirrors, and the constant dishonesty, this loathing of that racist ideology, Zionism, is misrepresented as a hatred of the Jewish people.

    David has a serious problem. He is unable to put poison pen to paper without lie after lie after lie.

    Whether that is because of his Zionism(or using David’s equivalence) his Jewishness we can only guess.

  6. Despite the fact David that you actively use your family as part of your nefarious activities, including bringing your child along to Palestine Expo when you knew you would be unwelcome, I have blanked out his face in order that your pathetic whinging can be seen for what it is.

    I also note that ‘daddy Zionist’ is proud of having sent his daughter to fight with the terrorist Israeli army. Your position is no different from someone who encourages their child to fight with ISIS.

    1. Move to Gaza and demonstrate how tolerant HamASS is of Jews.

      You won’t last long without constant protection.

      Happy Nakba JINO!

    1. … as is claiming antisemitism for every comment without explaining your rationale for doing so.

      On that point, Richard, what was antisemitic in Peake’s interview?

      1. Are you asking people for their opinions Michael?

        As a pro Palestinian, do you have any on Palestinians, their leaders or their plight?

        Why have you been so reluctant to express them over the last 7 articles?

  7. David, you fiend. I reported you to social services for forcing your daughter into joining an organisation that commits terrorist acts against innocent men, women and children.

    1. Alright Mick.

      Good news. Just got a reply from FerBrent Social Services. A nice lady called Miriam Goldberg- Masood wrote saying that the Zio Lobby had crushed the local Trots and were in complete control of local government affairs. As such, her hands were tied but at least they got nice bagels at the weekly case review meetings.

      Lessons to learn here. We are all powerful. You lack influence.

      1. In your dreams.

        You’ll eat your words (again) when PALESTINIAN LIVES MATTER protests are held throughout North London later this year.

        We know how to deal with your kind.

        1. Alright Mick.

          You must ask Michael if, in his opinion Palestinian lives matter. He is terrified to express any opinions on them even though he says he’s pro Palestinian.

          Good luck with your rally. A nice Kaddish at the end for all the Arabs we’ve slotted will really catch the eye.

          Zios for the win.

          1. It was a blessing to say Kaddish for Yasser Arafat when I was in Ramallah.

            Say it loud, say it proud:


  8. David Collier
    I was working in a corporate office in London in 2009. Something happened in Cast Lead (Gaza conflict) that brought media criticism

    I walk into work. My boss says to me in a loud void across the room

    “what you people are doing is disgusting”.

    All I did was commute to work!

    It WAS disgusting, David.

    Did Israel have your support?

  9. “Criticising some actions of Israel is not antisemitic.”??!?

    Criticising actions of Israel is NEVER antisemitic.

    It is criticism of Israel, NOT Jews, the majority of whom prefer to live elsewhere

    Fabricating #Antisemitism really is this simple.

    1. The majority of Irish prefer to live OUTSIDE of Ireland.

      Happy Nakba!

      Fabricating #Islamophobia really is this simple.

  10. “understand her rights. “?

    Her right to assist an occupying foreign power in denying self-determination to Palestinian and Israeli Arabs?

    That is NOT her right.

    1. Michael, your reference to Palestinians reminds me that you claim to be pro Palestinian. In your opinion are their ambitions likely to be achieved with their current leadership?

  11. “They are full of empty smears and are written by people who know that they are spinning lies.”

    Classic. You must have blushed as you were writing that line, David.

  12. Michael you’ve been going crazy on Twitter and here today offering your opinions on what is and isn’t antisemitism, what Israel is and isn’t and our old favourite, “Collier’s a liar”

    No opinions though on Palestinians, their leaders or their plight, even though you claim to be pro Palestinian. Why?

  13. Brucie babes

    So you are back with the antagonist jibing to prove your hatred of Jews
    Aren’t you supposed be a follower the new progressive religion of ‘tikkun olam’ about saving the world and protecting lives, including Jews, even if you disagree with them

    ‘Tikkun Olam’ means ‘All Lives Matter’

    1. Hey Dick,

      We’ll deal with your kind in due course.

      Tikkun Olam in Hebrew: תיקון עולם‎, literally means ‘Repair of the World’. You can get that tattooed on your arm, so you won’t forget. Dick.

  14. UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – The 193-nation U.N. General Assembly on Thursday overwhelmingly approved the de facto recognition of a sovereign Palestinian state after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called on the world body to issue its long overdue “birth certificate.”

    ‘The assembly approved the upgrade despite THREATS by the United States and Israel to punish the Palestinians by withholding funds for the West Bank government. U.N. envoys said Israel might avoid harsh retaliation as long as the Palestinians did not seek to join the International Criminal Court.’

    How sick and evil of the US and Israel. Scum of the earth.

  15. “Being a Zionist means you are on the right side of justice and history.”

    But you don’t know what Zionism is David, That’s what you told me when asked

      1. …..deafening silence Michael. You don’t know what Zionism means but cant stop expressing opinions about it. But as a pro Palestinian you know all about them but won’t say a word about them. Curious!

  16. David Collier
    And this is exactly how you prove you aren’t about anti-black racism at all – but part of a rancid hard-left antisemitic sewer.

    We should thank you for making it so obvious.

    It shows that BLM are against ANY racism at all, which can’t be said for yourself and the cesspit of Zionism.

  17. Zionism anyone?

    Israel claims to be a Zionist state.

    Israel is racist, and flouts laws and conventions having no respect for non-Jewish lives.

    Is that Zionism or is it just Israel being Israel?

    1. Michael, you keep asking what Zionism means whilst still expressing opinions about it. I dont want to be completely uncharitable but this does make you look a bit daft.

  18. George Floyd was a supporter of Palestine and today we honour him by fighting for the freedom of another oppressed people who’ve had heavy knee of Israeli apartheid on their necks for decades.

    The monsters and ghouls who are the Israeli police have taught terror tactics to American police forces by inviting them to apartheid Israel and practicing on live Palestinian prisoners.

    F^ck Israel, F^ck Zionism and all who support it.



    1. Bruce Moooooooooooohammed,

      “FCUK” Pal-e-CRIME, Pal-e-SLIME, IslamoFAUXbia and all who support it.



      Happy Nakba! 🙂

      1. Nakba?

        David claims to “fight antisemitism everywhere”

        David is telling porkies.

        When David was questioned about his claim of’fighting antisemitism everywhere’, which of course is a lie.

        Questioner : David, can you go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

        David : Do you think that’s a point?

        Questioner : David, would you like to go through your record on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

        David : I’m not a member of the Tory Party.

        Questioner : Antisemitism exists everywhere, if you are here to fight antisemitism you fight antisemitism everywhere.

        David : I agree

        Questioner : You seem to ‘specialise’ in antisemitism in the Labour Party, Can you tell me what your record is on exposing antisemitism in the Tory Party?

        David : Your question is disingenuous …… I am a member of the Labour Party.

  19. Bruce Levy

    So you are back with your Holocaust denigrating, Holocaust minimising, anti-Jewish insults towards the memory of the six million Jews mass murdered by Nazi firing squads and gas chambers.

    You are forever conjuring up Nazi imagery against Jews you disagree with
    Your latest incarnation of vile imagery is to tell me to go and get something ‘TATTOOED’ on my arm.
    This is a direct reference to the tattoos that the Nazis forcibly inflicted on the Jews to further dehumanise and demean them before murdering them,
    Are suggesting that this tattooing was good practise and that by implication I should be tattooed before being murdered.

    Another of your insidious ploys is that of introducing the ‘Blood Libel’ by calling your ‘Synagogue’ magazine ‘Blood and Matza’. (Do you belong to a Synagogue or is this just one more of your vile claims)
    The ‘Blood Libel’ against the Jews is the ridiculous and ignorant claim that Jews kill Christian children to use their blood in the baking of matzah for the Jewish holydays of ‘Passover’.
    This ‘Blood Libel’ is based on the ignorance of Jewish practise as Jewish dietary law PROHIBITS Jews from imbibing any form of blood in foodstuffs.
    Kosher Law (Kashrut) requires that meat must be totally drained of blood before consumption.

    Another of your Antisemitic rants is your claim that only a fraction of the amount of Jews were murdered in the Holocaust than that claimed by most historians and widely accepted around most of the civilized world.
    The Holocaust museum Yad vaShem began a research project in the last century trying to name and record the history of the Jews murdered in the Holocaust
    In 2004 they had named and recorded the deaths of approximately 2.8 million of those murder victims.
    By 2020 that number has risen to approximately 4.8 million names and histories of those murdered by the Nazis.
    The research is ongoing

    I have previously requested of you evidence to back your claims of the numbers of the Jews murdered being a fraction of the accepted six million murdered.
    I am still waiting. Do you have evidence, or are you just a windbag throwing out meaningless statements that you never substantiate.

    Because of your negative and vile comments on this blog you are richly deserving of being called an Antisemitic Racist Bigot in similar vein to Farrakhan in the USA

    1. Hey Dick, enough of your libelous slander. You’re turning my brown eyes blue. If you were a real mensch, you’d apologise. Get over your hatred of tattoos. Lots of people have them and you can even find tattoo parlours in the apartheid state. I have a tattoos on my arm that says ‘Free Palestine’ and ‘Fight Like a Palestinian’ – and I’m 100% Jew.

      Our synagogue magazine really is called ‘Blood and Matzo’ (spell it right). Tough if you have a problem with that Dick. We don’t need lessons about the blood libel from the likes of you. ‘Your kind’ loves to play the victim card.

      Yad Vashem is a Disneyland-type tourist attraction for people who suffer from victim mentality. It’s also a place that the Israeli government funds to justify the miserable existence of the apartheid state. That’s why foreign VIP’s are taken there.

      Yad Vashem will claim any number of Jews were killed to satisfy their paymasters. As they say, ‘He who pays the piper calls the tune’.

      An early estimate by Zios of Jews killed by the 1933-45 German regime was several BILLION, but was reduced after it was realised that statistic would of eliminated every single Jew on Earth.

      When I was in the apartheid State, I saw a tourist(?) wearing a yellow t-shirt with the obligatory Israeli flag and the words: ‘My Rabbi visited Yad Vashem and all I got was this lousy t-shirt’. That T-shirt perfectly sums up Yad Vashem.

      There is lots of evidence that the total number of Jews lost in the Holocaust were fewer than six million, which the highly respected and esteemed Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi discusses here: and here: I know you don’t often understand English Dick, but if you’re illiterate in Hebrew as well, I’d suggest you use the video subtitle function. I get the feeling you won’t be satisfied no matter how strong the evidence.

      Go play your violin elsewhere. Dick.

      1. Could have saved space and oxygen by just writing “I love Nazis and want them to fuck me in the ass”, Brutes. Get succinct, you git.

      2. The ‘as a jew’ Bruce Levy

        I watched the ‘you tube’ video you offered up as justification as to why you claim that only a fraction of the amount of the six million Jews claimed to be murdered in the Holocaust were Jews.

        Firstly this is video is from one person offering his pedantic views of ‘who is a Jew’ to try diminish the number of six million murdered Jews.
        It is an opinion, and it is an opinion offered with anecdotal, self serving evidence used to bolster a personal theory
        And it could even be called a racist opinion because it is trying to define who is or isn’t a Jew

        What both you and this ‘illustrious’ Rabbi of yours claims is that most of the Jews murdered by the Nazis were not Jews.

        What both you and your ‘illustrious’ Rabbi ignore is that Hitler and his henchman designated them Jews, rounded them up as Jews, executed them by firing squads as Jews, transported them to concentration camps as Jews, worked and starved them to death as slaves because they were Jews, and gassed and burned their bodies because they were Jews.

        All these Jews were murdered because they were Jews in the eyes of the Nazis; they were murdered for no other reason but that they were Jews.

        So Bruce ‘as a jew’ Levy; you continue denigrating and minimising the Holocaust and I will continue to call you an Antisemitic Racist Bigot

        Best (or worst) regards

    2. Our Mick (when in Bruce mode) is a such a white bread, middle aged, middle class agitator. Desperate to be provocative but with can’t even bring himself to spell out FUCK in a comment section of an opponent’s blog.

      Grow and pair lad and lets see some proper action direct. Andreas Baader would be pissing himself over his Frosties.

    1. Michael, you are as predictable as a poorly programmed bot. Lot’s of questions but an total fear of answering questions here.

      Now worries. Let’s make this one so gentle that even you won’ t feel threatened or intimidated by it. As a pro Palestinian, would you support a campaign that proclaimed that Palestinian Lives Matter ?

  20. Very surprised at you Michael. I put up a nice gentle full toss for you to smash out of the ground and you didn’t even offer a stroke. You just won’t express an opinion on Palestinians at all, only David, Tories and Jews.

    Fair enough. With this in mind, here’s another very tame underarm for you. In your opinion, are some Palestinians also Jews?

  21. David Collier
    For much of the last 5 years Jews have been lectured to about what is and is not antisemitism, been told the meaning of Jewishness & had Zionism defined for us – all by people who know nothing about #Jews, #Zionism or #Israel

    They’re like a broken, antisemitic, record

    1) For someone to be antisemitic the intention has to be there in the mind of the accused.

    2) Given that someone from a line of Chinese ancestors stretching back over 5 millennia can convert to the Jewish religion and be recognised as ‘Jewish’ the concept of Jewishness is on shady ground.

    3) YOU yourself are unable to define Zionism. You were asked years ago to define it and replied that it was many things to many people. Care to define Zionism to me now, or what it means to David?

    “know nothing about #Jews, #Zionism or #Israel”?

    By their fruits shall you know them.

  22. The bruce levy (whoever he/she/it is)

    You accuse me of libelous slander.
    Please give me one example of me slandering you.

    I accuse you of being an Antisemitic racist bigot, and I would defend that by using your postings as proof

    I accuse you of denigrating and minimising the Holocaust, and your posts on this blog prove the point.

    You on the other hand resort to ad hominem insult and personal attack on myself any anyone who disagrees with your vile use of language and terminology.

    In so far as reference to tattoos go, your attempted weak justification for telling me to get tattooed is disgusting to say the least.
    When you brought up the tattoo issue it was in connection with a discussion on a Jewish term, and in context with references to the Holocaust.
    By telling me I should have something tattooed on my arm in that context can be taken as suggesting that I should also be one of those condemned to death because I am a Jew.

    Lastly, if you think that I worry that you try to use the term ‘dick’ as an insult, it truly fits in with your generally unpleasant demeanor that you display when posting on this blog.
    I do find that quite funny ; it is definitely less malicious than your intimation that I should be tattooed and am thus a condemned Jew

  23. Alright Mick. Saw your Bruce shtick and bless you, you really had a go at the provocation. It’s still very inhibited though. I can’t work out if you’re restricted by your own imagination or are genuinely scared on crossing a line. Probably a combo of the two and it just leaves your stuff in that meh-zone. I’d actually give you more credit if you did something that was genuinely original You’re just not shocking enough.

    Maybe just play Michael’s game and stick to a carousel of slogans. Its repetitive but at least he has no pretensions of anything more than taking part.

  24. Breaking from character for a moment to make a proper post.

    This article appeared on one of the Twitter feeds and is such an insightful and interesting read. It offers a perspective on antisemites, their behaviours and motivations that is quite fascinating. It is easy to look at some of our old friends here and shoe them into some of the holes that this piece constructs, but that would be too narrow a lens through which to view things. It’s well worth a read.

  25. Stephen

    What a bizzare, mindless and absolutely stupid reply you made to Ian about the Eva Gerrard article.

    Did you not understand the article?
    Did you not agree with the article?
    Did you even read the article?
    Did you just do an autopilot reply to be silly/appear stupid?
    Do you have a problem with Jews and/or Israel and/or Zionism, and if you do, why don’t you just come out and say it!

    A while ago you claimed that the Chief Rabbi and his predecessor were racist.
    I asked for some evidence to back this up (at least a couple of years ago).
    I’m still waiting for even an attempt of answer from you.

    Do you make these stupid, baseless comments on Davids blog because your own blog is so vacuously empty?

  26. Stephen

    You are the ‘supreme master’ of the hyperbolically meaningless statement.

    Bicoms stuff is all ‘crap’! WHY is it all ‘crap?
    Any idiotic moron can make a statement like that.
    In the article in question, what particular point/s do you disagree on?
    Are your views so vacuous that you don’t have any opinions on anything because you are unable to dissect and discuss anything?
    Do you have a point of view on anything? If you do have apoint of view, why don’t you display it?And if you don’t have a point of view on what is in this blog, why are you here?

    1. You want comments on this blog, Richard. Here’s one.

      David wrote ..
      “They are full of empty smears and are written by people who know that they are spinning lies. You can see by the desperate links they try to build. They are trying to get people to hate and fear me by painting me as a rabid, far-right extremist with ties to Britain’s first, the EDL and neo-Nazis. To set me up as a legitimate target for attack.”

      Exactly what David has done for the past 4/5 years against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party.

      Amazing that he actually wrote it without a flicker of recognition that it is his own method.

      … and YOU can’t see it? There’s no hope for you.

      p.s. “he Chief Rabbi and his predecessor were racist.”

      They claim to be Zionist I think. Isn’t that pro-Jewish racism. Asking for a fiend.

      1. The fact that you can see little green men going down on each other on your desk, doesn’t mean they’re actually doing that. I actually have some sympathy for you at this point, because it’s clear your mental process has parts on long-delayed back order. Your delusions are ultimately sad, boring, treatable (but you’re not treating them) and not anyone else’s issue to solve.

      2. I am a Zionist Michael and if you still haven’t found out what it means by weekend, I’ll put you out of your misery.

        As a matter of interest, why do you want to know?

    1. Same question as above Michael. Why do you want to know what Zionism means? Are you considering becoming one?

  27. David Collier
    If 150 years ago everyone in the world was asked to hold up their hands if they were ‘Palestinians’ –
    not a single hand would have been raised. Not anywhere.

    Similarly for ‘Israelis’ But there are Israelis today.

    Yet Israelis now work feverishly to prevent there being ‘Palestinians’

    Lovely, decent, fair-minded, salt of the earth ‘Israelis’ ….. with help from Trump of course.

  28. “they end up constantly backing extremists & defending the indefensible”

    … as David has with Israel.

    1. “they end up constantly backing extremists & defending the indefensible”

      As the racist LaBOOR Party has with fascist Pal-e-STINE.

        1. Michael, if he said he was a Zionist would you know what it meant?

          I will keep my promise to you. I am a Zionist and if you still haven’t found out what it means by the weekend, I’m happy to put you out of your misery.

  29. Nic Rowan
    It was only a matter of time before the DC protests turned anti-Semitic.


    Silly Nic thinks holding Israel to account is ‘antisemitic’.

    Silly Nic. He should ask his teacher to explain why it isn’t.

    1. Silly Michael. Posting on a site about Zionism when you keep having to ask what it means.

      Silly Michael. I’m a Zionist. If you still want to know at the weekend, I’ll be your teacher.

  30. David Collier
    Movements like #blacklivesmatter that end up dragging Israel into it –
    do so because of the antisemitic myths of Jewish evilness, control, influence and power.

    If you follow any cause and you see it take a diversion to include & attack Israel – it is infected with antisemitism


    Yet ANOTHER deceiful attampt to equate Israel to the Jews and paint all Jews as victims.

    You’e shameless …. devoid of morals.

    ” However, criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as antisemitic.”

  31. Michael, you silly dolt. Not only don’t you read your own stuff before you post. You don’t read other peoples stuff before you endorse it.

    You’ve just given your support to a post by a David Duke fan who calls Jews “counterfeit human beings”, you nutcase.

    You really don’t do yourself any favours.

  32. Ian

    Don’t tell Michael what Zionism is as he may be forced to stop asking stupid questions,and we’d be forced to concede about a third of the comments on this blog.

    Michael posts so continuously, and often, that he may suffer withdrawal symptoms if he can’t continue with his vacuous and mundane comments and questions

    With the sheer volume of comments on this, and no doubt other platforms, his life must be dedicated to this; don’t disappoint the lad

    1. Strange that those who claim to be Zionists cannot explain what they mean by Zionist..

      Perhaps they’re embarrassed …. or only make that claim to avoid being called antisemitic by such as rabid trolls Gnasher and David.

      1. Michael you ninny. You know I’m a Zionist and am more than happy to help you out with your inquiries. I’m fascinated to know why it’s taken you so long to find out what it means when you’ve spent so long expressing opinions about it.

        Go on. I’ll tell you what it is if you tell me why you’re asking.

  33. The police and the CST are the ones doing this. The doxers are all counterterrorism contractors following government CVE policy, and if you follow their network it leads back to the Golden Chain of al-Qaeda. The CST, ADL, Amadeu Antonio, and Union of Reform Judaism insisted that these specific people be put in charge of counterterrorism. Thereafter, support for Israel is considered violent extremism by government policy as Melanie Phillips and Ezra Levant have discovered.

    The chans have been discussing this, which is why there is so much effort – by our own governments – to shut them down. post #327942

      1. Musilms are the most rabid anti-Islam activists.

        See the 500,000+ dead in Syrian Civil war, 1,000,000+ dead in 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war, Al Qada, ISIS, HamASS, Hezbola, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Fascist Iran,…

        1. Russia alone lost over 25 million in a conflict between non-Muslims barely a century ago.

          Skipped school that year? … or did you have a Jewish ‘education’?

          1. So Michael, are saying that the number of dead Jews you had in mind that would be enough to engender sympathy for them and Israel is 25 million ?

          2. Sharmuta, When Muslims can’t get along, live in Peace, with fellow Muslims,

            how can Muslims ever get along, live in Peace, with NON-Muslims AKA Infidels?

            Happy Nakba you Dumb Bitch!

  34. Nearly the weekend Michael and my offer still stands. You keep asking what Zionism means and I am a Zionist who can help you with this. If you still haven’t found out before the end of the day and are still anxious to find out, let me know and we can sort this once and for all.

    BTW, I hope you removed your tweet that endorsed that David Duke supporter. He was very antisemitic and now the sense is that you are too, right?

    1. No response to my offer then Michael. It makes me think you’re happier not knowing what Zionism means and prefer to express opinions from blissful ignorance.

      Speaking of opinions, I saw you tweeting about our former PM Menachem Begin. Were you aware that he won the Nobel Peace Prize? Another winner was former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. As a pro Palestinian was he, in your opinion, a worthy recipient?

  35. Israeli Troops Disperse Muslim Worshipers On Threatened Palestinian Land
    July 3, 2020 3:31 PM IMEMC Staff Israeli attacks, Israeli Settlement, Nablus, News Report, West Bank 0

    Israeli troops forcibly dispersed, on Friday afternoon, dozens of Palestinian Muslim worshipers, while performing the Friday sermon on Palestinian-owned land in the Aseera Al-Shamaliya village, north of Nablus city, in northern West Bank.

    Local Palestinian media sources and witnesses said that the piece of land, on which dozens of locals wanted to perform the Friday prayer and sermon, has recently been threatened by illegal Israeli colonists.

    The sources added that last week, several armed colonialist settlers, placed two mobile caravans on the hilltop of Ebal mountain in the area number 37 of Aseera Al-Sahamaliya village, known as the Khalat Aldaliya neighborhood.

    According to the sources, dozens of the villagers set their Friday prayer on the land, threatened by illegal colonists.

    Witnesses noted that as soon as the local worshipers began their Friday sermon, Israeli troops opened fire with rubber-coated steel rounds and tear-gas canisters, towards the crowd, causing many of them to suffocate and disrupting the prayer.

    Noteworthy, a number of illegal Israeli colonies have been erected on Palestinian-owned lands in the Nablus city.

    Recently, armed colonist settlers have carried out a series of provocative actions, including placement of mobile caravans, and breaking into Palestinian-owned farm lands, under the full protection of Israeli soldiers.

    Such measures by illegal settlers, come at a time when the Israeli government has declared its intentions to annex at least 30 percent of the West Bank region.

    This week, Israel seemingly delayed the expropriation, given international pressure and Washington’s discussions with Tel-Aviv over such a highly-controversial plans.

    According to United Nations Security Council resolution of 1967, the West Bank is an occupied Palestinian territory, which Israel occupied in June, 1967, and later filled with internationally-dubbed illegal settlement blocks.

    Currently, there are around 200 of such Israeli colonial settlements, inhabited by more than 600,000 illegal Israeli colonists, across the West Bank.

    1. I see Michael. Keener to copy and paste stories than to find out what Zionism means. At least as a pro Palestinian you were posting about Arabs. In your opinion, has their lot got worse over the last 5 years?

          1. But Bellers, you were chattin’ some bollox above about only asking a question when you already know the answer.

            Michael’s been asking for ages but he’s just thick.

          1. Michael you are not allowed to say Master anymore. Those BLM nutcases will be all over you as a racist. You aren’t one of those are you?

  36. “Israel was built from marshland & desert through blood, toil & tears.” you forgot Jewish terrorism and murder. Silly David.

    1. This reminds me Michael. In your opinion as a pro Palestinian, will their civil rights be better or worse when we reestablish our sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.

  37. “#Israel is the only free & democratic society in the Middle East.”

    6.6 million Arabs under Israel’s control have no self-determination.

    1. Michael you dope. This is what victory looks like. We have no responsibility for rewarding failure.

  38. Michael Farmer, you big girls blouse. I saw you reaching for your CAP-LOCKS over on twitter, getting all cross about Israel, Jews and Zionism again. Bit rich when you’re still having to ask people what Zionism means.

    Also, did you go back and delete your tweet in support of the David Duke fan who called Jews “counterfeit human beings” or did you actually support it?

    1. Michael, I trust you are using the time productively to get the party line on this and rehearse your slogans for when the shitstorm starts landing on your head.

      I wouldn’t be you for anything. For 5 years now you’ve been the Forlorn Hope of online activism with zero chance of getting anything more done than you achieved on your first minute of your first day and all the while having to look on at everything you hate, continuing to flourish and prosper.

      You do give me some moments of interest during the day though so it’s not all wasted effort.

  39. Looks like David isn’t going to make it to the beach. He should have joined me and Gnash on Easter Island. No quarantine, freely accessible shoreline. Knocks seven bells out of the ” Jewish State “.

    1. Alright Bellers. You with your inverted commas key. Michael with his Cap-Locks. Powerful resistance lads.

      Bella Ciao.

      1. Michael, you use this silly line quite often and if you don’t want to appear discriminatory, please give the Druze and the Bahia the courtesy of inclusion. Like the Muslims and the Christians. they are also a minority group here. Tut tut….so ignorant.

  40. Jewish Chronicle – Former Israeli negotiator Daniel Levy has told the annual Palestine Expo conference that “the accusation of antisemitism is being weaponised and abused and used illegitimately to try to silence Palestinian political consciousness and a Palestinian struggle for justice”.

    False? That’ll be David, The Gnasher Bunch and various other fantasists.

    1. Michael, Michael. A perfect opportunity for you, as a pro Palestinian to express an opinion on the people that you claim to support and their plight. Do you take this opportunity? Of course not. You only talk about David and Jews. What a fraud !

      What, in your opinion is the “Palestinian struggle for justice” ?

  41. Ian

    I think we should ask what the definition of Palestinian democracy and human rights is and how it’s applied to Palestinians by Palestinians

    1. Good questions Richard. Unhappily for Michael, an anti-Zionist who is still asking what Zionism means, he is terrified of expressing opinions on anything other than David, Jews and UK Tories. Such a fraud !

      I’ve even asked the simplest of questions to him; who, in his opinion as a pro Palestinian are Palestinians, and he won’t even touch that one.

      He does like tweeting his one-liners though but rarely looks at what he’s replying to in his dash to block threads. Last week the daft booby endorsed some tweet from a David Duke fan that said Jews were “counterfeit human beings”. Says it all really.

    2. When Palestinian democracy elected Hamas Israel ditched democracy and imposed restriction on Hamas representatives. Bit iffy a pro-Israeli talking democracy.

      Perhaps you dare divulge what Zionism means to you.

      Ian and David won’t. But they say they’re members of the club.

      1. Michael, as a pro Palestinian, was it right in your opinion for the UK and EU to designate Hamas as a terrorist organisation?

  42. Michael, as a pro Palestinian, what in your opinion is the reason that you and they have never achieved anything since 1964?

  43. SussexFriendsofIsrael
    Clearly one of the worlds greatest ever cyclists didn’t get the memo from the @BDSmovement….

    “Chris Froome to leave Team Ineos and join #Israel Start-Up Nation”

    After Team Ineos put him out to pasture.

    Team Ineos – “Given his achievements in the sport, Chris is understandably keen to have sole team leadership in the next chapter of his career – which is not something we are able to guarantee him at this point.”

    So, Israel buys UK ability.

  44. David Collier
    Peter Beinart is just another naive do-gooder without a clue about the history and nature of the Middle East.

    He doesn’t seem to mind if millions of Israeli Jews are put in serious danger as long as his neighbours in the west tell him what a good upstanding Jew he is.


    A reply then from a ..

    Stephen T
    Replying to
    Why do people keep referring to him as an “intellectual”? Anyone with the slightest knowledge of Jewish history and the current Middle East and world could not have made this argument.


    Well, he’s obviously more of a thinker than David who can’t understand that, if all Jews aren’t Zionists and all Zionists are not Jews, then drawing an equivalence is flawed logic or, more likely, deliberately deceitful lies.

    1. Michael, my Zio lobby handlers do demand that I demean you at every opportunity with pithy and dismissive posts but sometimes you do my work for me.

    2. Michael, I see your tweet supporting the David Duke fan is still there. He said that “Jews were counterfeit human beings” and you endorsed it with one of your silly remarks. Did you mean to?

  45. A series of mysterious explosions at several R&D facilities across Iran are reported to have devastated the country’s nuclear programme setting it back years. At the same time, known pro Israel activist and alleged Jewish person, David Collier is abroad at locations unknown and may or may not be in contact with his Mossad handlers. Can these events be related and has Michael Farmer been alerted ?

  46. (((GnasherJew®גנאשר))) #LabourAntisemitism ?
    We’re hearing credible reports that Richard Millett the Jewish activist who @jeremycorbyn said had “no sense of irony” has won the first round of his defamation case against Corbyn. If true this is massive. ”

    The Guido Fakes blog said ” ……. it is a measure of Corbyn’s fall-out with the Jewish community that Richard Millett has raised the backing for this case.”

    Corbyn didn’t fall out with the Jewish Community, he has worked for and supported them for decades.

    It was Zionist groups and tabloids posing as ‘the Jewish Community’ that has ‘fallen out’ with Corbyn and his party spreading lies and smears for his support for Palestinians.

    1. Odd they didn’t consider calling you as a character witness for the defence then Michael?

      Maybe they saw your tweets supporting David Duke fans and agreed with Bellers that you’d be a total liability.

          1. Bellers, you just sounded like that dopey twot that posts as Bruce. He’s alway going on about what he could do or will do and then obviously does fuck all. Michael sets the bar here. Thick as a brick but absolutely zero pretensions. Take note.

  47. Stephen

    You are shameless
    You are forever trying to get people to read your under attended blog, by trying to drum up business on David’s blog
    Quite sad really

    Looks like you have an issue with Adam Wagner, like you have an issue with Jonathan Hoffman.
    Adam Wagner’s blog is hugely successful.
    Yours isn’t
    Don’t be jealous, or at least don’t show it

    1. Not at all Richard. In the unlikely event that this comes to court I will be there every day. Can’t wait. Given Milletts track recorde e.g disrupting memorial meetings, for starters, he will get torn to pieces by a half decent brief.

      Ir will be very bloody

      1. In these uncertain times Richard, it is reassuring to know that you can still count on a decades old copy/paste from Bellers when things are going tits up for The Resistance again.

  48. “Western leaders also sit in silence”

    They certainly appease Israel’s villainy … sickening.

    So much for the parades and ‘never again’.

    1. Michael, as a pro Palestinian how, in your opinion are your efforts helping to make their lives better?

  49. Its the one he started for human rights
    its expanded and uses other legal contributors now
    UK HUMAN RIGHTS or something similar; I get it daily but never look at the name

      1. Michael, as a pro Palestinian is it your opinion that our reassertion of sovereignty over Judea and Samaria will make the civil rights of Arabs there better or worse?

    1. In the battle for your hard won civil liberties Bellers, is this Millett bloke your Eichmann or your Demjanjuk ?

  50. Stephen

    I’m always battling to get my computer to do what I want without having to try work out how to post a link

    So do it yourself because you’re such a computer whizz

  51. Stephen

    As you are posting nasty little things, I think I’m allowed to do so occasionally.

    Why don’t you do what all nasty little boys do and go and rinse your mouth (and mind) with vinegar

    1. Remember when youd get a few sad old dears and a florid faced jock in a kagool manning a pro Palestinian stand with a few dozen pamphlets on a decorators table outside Mark’s? They’d always be a couple of doughty yids that’d turn up just give them the needle and they’d end up drowning out each others bollox.for a few hours. The civilian punters would walk by with faint bemusement and bustle off to buy pants.

      That’s these threads.

  52. “population of Jews in Arab lands” plummeted because Israel had been established and begged for Jews to come and populate it further.

    Mossad/Jewish groups based in MENA countries worked hard to encourage, assist and at times cajole their Jews to emigrate to Israel.

    In fact several MENA countries pleaded with them to stay, forbidding them to leave.
    This was years after Jewish militia had ethnically cleansed Arabs from their razed homes and villages, killing and raping unchecked.

    1. What a fascinating insight Michael
      Last week you were endorsing antisemitic David Duke fans on Twitter. Now you’re supporting restrictive movement of citizens. Very Soviet of you.

      Our host is right. There is barely a hairs breadth between the extreme left and the far right. You appear to be the proof.

    1. Speaking of hiding Michael, are you ready to express an opinion as a pro Palestinian on their people, their leaders or their plight?

      Are you intimidated by me or the questions?

  53. “Don’t underestimate the effect the rise of Corbynism had on young British Jews.”

    Any effect on young British Jews will be the result of the smearing witch-hunt that yourself, the Zionist institutions and the ‘Jewish tabloids’ have ferociously waged against Jeremy Corbyn and his party.

    You’re probably responsible for your own daughter’s distorted view of the UK and her abandoning the important university phase of her life.

    You’ve twisted her view and let her down, David. A result of your rabid lobbying for a state you’d rather not live in.

    1. Michael, odd isn’t it that like you I’ve never met David or his family but like you, can easily express a view on them. His daughter sounds amazing and admirable and I’m as proud for him as I was when both my kids forsook Uni in a shithole like the UK, forty grands worth of student debt and a poxy Social Studies degree or some such bollox to join the IDF. Proper stuff that and always better to behind the gun than in front of it.

      Rather than harassing children on the internet you could express some opinions as a pro Palestinian, on Palestinians and their plight instead. You don’t want to be known as an antisemite and a kiddy-botherer do you?

      1. #JewishPrivilege is REAL.

        #JewishPrivilege is the foundation in which the apartheid state was founded.

        If a gentile got into a dispute with a Joo, who do you think the police/court/government will believe? #JewishPrivilege

        Hey Dick, you can get ‘#JewishPrivilege’ tattooed on your other arm. Eh? 😉

        1. Don’t forget that Margaret Hodge had nothing brought against her for her foul-mouth tirade against the leader of her party yet others who have merely argued with Jewish MPs have been expelled.

          Yep, # JewishPrivilege.

          They even insist on forming the Labour Party’s rules.

  54. “On Tuesday she emigrates (makes aliyah) to #Israel & is going to serve in the IDF.”

    Tell her to send a big ‘Shalom’ to Ron Arad.

    1. Alright Mick,

      You and your provocations eh! Cute.

      You’re right about Joooo Privilege. It’s very real and I feel it every day in our brilliant country. Whether it’s destroying Iranian weapons dumps, neutralising the Arab terrorists that try to stab our nans and young mums or just turning some Hamas top dog into a Joooo asset. We are privileged to be far too smart for our enemies.

      You’re smart too though. You get to do your thing with maximum energy conservation and not even that little bit of skin on the end of your willy in the game. Proper privilege that.

      Anyway, must dash. Having my Meir Kahane tattoo updated this morning to show him doing his famous guitar solo from November Rain. Pip pip.

      1. “On Tuesday she emigrates (makes aliyah) to #Israel & is going to serve in the IDF.”

        …and then kidnapped (for years), gang raped, tortured and killed.

  55. Collier tweets
    David Collier
    My #JewishPrivilege is having so many missing branches on the family tree. Entire families, even communities, completely wiped out – lost forever as whilst the Nazi menace began to crush them – not a single nation in the world was prepared to open its doors to save them.


    Hadassah Goldberg replied
    Replying to
    Respectfully, I admire the work you do, at the Evian conference the Dominican Republic agreed to take in 100,000 Jews….the only nation that did.


    Collier snides

    David Collier
    Replying to
    I appreciate that and factually you are correct, but it was a tweet, not a thesis.


    Lanny, Duke of Zhou rightly replies ..
    Replying to
    Aren’t you grateful many branches of your family tree are alive and well, flourishing even, among the wealthiest and most privileged classes of all those countries now?

    You’re here in part because a Kansas kid from a good ole American family died on the way to defeating Hitler.

    Down expect truth from Collier …. tweet or thesis.What nasty hateful piece of work.

    1. I think the nastiness and hatefulness quotient on this board goes 99% to yourself and Brutes Levy. I understand how a very little man like you would be totally useless and also demand perfection from someone you hate, but it doesn’t change that David is a steel-plated resource and you’re a failed pro-Nazi conspiracy theorist. PS: Not surprised you chose the decidedly ugly final quote as an example of your righteousness, since it further shows what an asshole you are.

  56. The Bruce Levy (whoever he/she/it is)

    So back to Holocaust minimilisation with your allegories about tattoos.
    In this conversation talk of ordinary tattoos is irrelevant, other than in reference to the tattoos that were inscribed on the arms of the inmates of the Nazi German concentration camps.
    By inference I can only conclude that you you wish that I should have been a Nazi concentration camp inmate and victim, and that you wish me harmed or dead

    As far as I am aware it’s a crime to wish violence and harm on anyone even if only through inference,
    As I said above, there can be no other reason to reference tattoos on a blog like this unless it references the Holocaust and the six million Jews murdered solely because they were Jews.
    This blog is by a Jew about Jews, and Jewish and Israeli affairs

    Your least favourite

    1. “By inference I can only conclude that you you wish that I should have been a Nazi concentration camp inmate and victim, and that you wish me harmed or dead

      As far as I am aware it’s a crime to wish violence and harm on anyone even if only through inference,”

      Utter drivel. What wild ramblings. As fake a link as David’;s “antizionism = antisemitism”

  57. The Bruce Levy (whoever he/she/it is)

    Wanted to ask you about the six million Jews who were mass by the Nazis for the sole reason that they were Jews;
    Did they also benefit from Jewish Privilege.

    Wanted to ask you about the almost one million Jews who were Ethnically Cleansed from the Arab/Muslim lands because they were Jews, and they were being punished for being Jews because Israel won a war against the Arabs.
    They lost their possessions, they lost their property, they lost their cultural community life and property.
    Did they also benefit from Jewish Privilege

    Just asking as you mentioned Jewish Privilege in a previous post.

    Your historical posts on this blog again make me call you an Antisemetic racist bigot

    1. Jewish Privilege meant that hundreds of thousands of Jews were helped by Mossad and Zionist groups to emigrate to the state of Israel that the UN had given them …. without being ethnically cleansed … many also being helped to emigrate to the US and the UK.

      Arab privilege led to ‘almost one million’ of them being ethnically cleansed from Palestine by Jewish militia before Israel was even created, some raped, some losing their lives.

      1. Richard, you cant fault Michael’s connections knowing all the secret stuff from one of the secretest secret services in the world. That’s definitely how it works. Think he’s a bit giddy with all these secrets though, reckoning that a secret op to get Jews to Israel would see them ending up in the US and UK by mistake. Maybe that’s another secret they told him. Wish I knew more Mossad secrets like Michael.

      2. Yes Michael, Jewish priviledge comes from victory. We have no responsibility to confer priviledge onto defeated Arabs.

        Just as our Zio lobbyists are better than yours, you have to get better to earn privileges. After all this time though, your limitations are known

  58. Ian

    I’m sure he also knows about all the restrictions limiting the ability of the Jews to work in their professions and practise their culture/religion in the Arab lands either by law, but more often in practise

    What happened to Christians and the Yazidis and other minorities under ISIS in only a few years is the same as what has been the lot of minorities in the entire Arab/Muslim world over centuries.

    The Quran deemed any non-Muslim a Dhimmi (second class citizen) with limited choices;
    1) People of ”The Book”, Jews and Christians, were allowed to follow their faiths as second class citizens (dhimmis) with limited rights of worship and paying the special dhimmi Jizya tax which often differed from area to area.
    2) All other non muslims had the choice of converting to Islam or
    3) Being put to death as unbelievers

    But then why would anyone who hates Israel, and by inference Israeli Jews, be interested in the truth other than their own warped ideas

    1. Knowing the truth about Israel is why Israel is hated.

      Not MORE inference, Richard … you really have low comprehension.

      Israel isn’t the Jews. It’s the Jews/Arabs/Christians/US welfare etc.

      1. Good boy Michael. Resisted reaching for the Cap Locks to give us your opinion of what Israel is. Of course we agree. The Jewish State does happily accommodate all of its minority groups whether Arab, Christian, Druze, Bahai, or Bedouin.

        In your opinion as a pro Palestinian, does this create a safer and more inclusive society for them than, say Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Oman or the UAE?

  59. Don’t underestimate the effect the lies of Collier had on gullible and brainwashed young British Jews.

    1. Naughty, naughty Michael. We both know you’ve never met any young British Jews. Doing your restaurant reviews for places where you’ve never eaten, again? Dirty pool old man !

      And speaking of people you’ve never met, in your opinion as a pro Palestinian would you say that they were gullible and brainwashed by their leadership into thinking that the £39m in weekly EU aid was designated for their health and welfare?

  60. David tweets of Yemen ” …. As I write it seems Yemen’s last remaining Jews are being ethnically cleansed.”


    ‘Further, according to UN figures, some 545, 719 people have been displaced because of the destruction of their homes and at least 12 million people are food insecure. The Najdi Bedouins have prevented any humanitarian aid from being delivered to Yemen. Iran’s humanitarian aid through cargo planes have been turned back twice despite the fact that the aircrafts had clearance from Omani as well as Yemeni air traffic control.’

    David was implying that ONLY Jews were being displaced … never truthful is he?

    1. Michael, you scamp. You and I both know that you’ve just made that last line up.

      Very poor form.

  61. “And another Jew returns home to #Israel”

    No, a youngster leaves home to help a foreign government subdue, occupy and abuse a people.

    Hope no harm comes to her and those she helps to control.

    1. And speaking of your habit of expressing opinions on things you know absolutely nothing about, you must have missed my question to you yesterday.

      When you talk about abusing people, in your opinion as a pro Palestinian, is it right that Palestinians should be arrested and detained by the PA for expressing a wish to be Israelis once we reaffirm our sovereignty over Judea and Samaria?

    1. That the game today Bellers?

      I’ll see your Asa Winstanley and raise you a Douglas Murray.

      You’ll need at least an Omar Barghouti to see me.

    2. You are in a sorry state indeed if you’re using Asshole Wistanley as a reference. Even in the cesspool of pro-Pal activism, he’s both virulent and really bad at writing and analysis. But any whore works for a john like yourself, I suppose.

  62. ‘By comparison, even polling commissioned by the Campaign Against Antisemitism confirms that the Labour Party is one of the least likely to have members with any anti-Semitic views.’

    But David says …..

    1. Yes Michael, but according to research carried out by the Farmer Trust, Michael Farmers are 86% less likely to be liars and antisemites than other Farmers engaged in online activism so this must be true, right?

  63. Stephen

    I’m not sure if you’re trying to play the village idiot again, but you’re posting of this ‘electronic intifada’ article on the Labour Antisemitic inquiry is the same concept as referencing ‘Der Sturmer’ about discussing Antisemitism in the Nazi party (I’m NOT in any way accusing the Labour party of being Nazis in any form or manner, just pointing out the absurdity of referencing electronic intifada to a balanced discussion about the Antisemitism inquiry)

      1. Dumb Bellamy , The bit(s) about Islam being “The Religion of Peace”.

        9/11, London’s 7/7, Bastille Day in Nice France, Boston Marathon, Pan Am 103, ..

  64. Stephen

    Stop pretending you’re the village idiot

    By both omission and commission you can tell the truth, but still lie by emphasising and de-emphasing text to suit your own malign agenda.

    Truth shows both sides in all their beautiful and ugly realities.

    The electronic intifada does lie by manipulation of the truth to suit its agenda

      1. Richard, in the Bellers game of “Poke David Collier” it is only about turning up and depositing the load. I do the same when I play “Shmearing my Farmers” but with far more wit.

  65. Stephen

    The pretend ‘village idiot, speaks

    You need to vary your script Stephen; don’t you know that variety is the spice of life

      1. On this point Michaek, let’s return to my earlier question.

        We seem to agree that the Jewish State does happily accommodate all of its minority groups whether Arab, Christian, Druze, Bahai, or Bedouin.

        In your opinion as a pro Palestinian, does this create a safer and more inclusive society for them than, say Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Oman or the UAE?

  66. And the Jewish State of Israel is the only state in the entire Middle East/North Artica that protects a growing minority population of different ethnic and religious persuasions.

    It would be interesting if any posters on this site could show any country in this area who offers this mix of ‘democracy and human rights’ to all its citizens (JackT, I haven’t forgotten about you; am just wading through the link to a Palestinian Solidarity Campaign lookalike website that you included in your last post)

  67. Serious question Michael. As we know you endorsed a post last week by a David Duke fan who said that “Jews are counterfeit human beings”.

    Will you also be endorsing US BDS spokesperson Naveen Ayesh who tweets “Crimes worthy of the rope. Being Jewish” ?

    1. Michael you are such a fraud. We are seeing more and more subjects on which you dare not comment. Odd that a pro Palestinian is terrified to comment on Palestinians, their leaders and their plight. More curious that someone who is pro BDS won’t express opinions on BDS. It’s as if you aren’t really pro Palestinian or pro BDS at all, just anti Jew. Doesn’t help when you’re mixing with David Duke fans I suppose.

  68. Collier – “So the next time someone tells you they are ‘pro-Palestinian’ think about what they are doing. Think about the hate that drives them, the lies they push and who they align with. You’ll see that the term ‘pro-Palestinian’ is probably the most misused term in the English Language.”

    Nope , the most misused term in the English Language is “holocaust denial”.

        1. Serious question Michael. As we know you endorsed a post last week by a David Duke fan who said that “Jews are counterfeit human beings”.

          Will you also be endorsing US BDS spokesperson Naveen Ayesh who tweets “Crimes worthy of the rope. Being Jewish” ?

  69. Michael, you say that you are pro Palestinian, right? How come you are terrified of expressing your opinion about Palestinians? Over the last 9 articles i have asked you for our opinion in these comment sections about the Palestinian people, their leaders, their plight in the places that they live, their civil rights, their ambitions, some really simple and straightforward questions, none of which were designed to trip you up or trick you into blowing your cover. I’ve even asked the simplest question; “Who are the Palestinians?” You have not responded a single time. Why?

    Are you really pro Palestinian?

  70. Hey Dick, it’s YOUR KIND who are responsible for all COVID19 deaths and YOUR KIND who are responsible for the obscene level of police violence. YOUR KIND fantasizes the entire world will bow down and accept the heavy-handed methods YOUR KIND uses in that apartheid shithole Israel.

    YOUR KIND who supports you-know-what is also responsible for all the misery, suffering and death in the region. Think about it if you’re able to.

    From today, I’m calling for others to encourage HM Government to require that YOUR KIND be required to wear some form of identification to identify which country YOUR traitorous KIND choose to support over all others. Maybe the flag of that vile apartheid state?

    And speaking of tattoos, a fellow Beth Israel congregant suggested YOUR KIND gets a yellow Star of David tattoo which is keeping with the victim mentality of YOUR KIND. Maybe Collier would want one too?

    I keep my bull whip well-oiled should we ever meet to teach you a few lessons that will remain with YOUR KIND for the rest of your life.

    Now you and Jonathan can return to enjoying your collection of Holocaust Porn.

    Anti-Zionism is pro-Judaism.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pray. Dick.

  71. Bruce Levy
    My my

    What a string of ad hominem attacks on anything, everything and nothing.

    Your semi-literate ramblings illustrate nothing more than a hate filled rant from what appears to be an extremely unpleasant person

    You also seem to be threatening physical violence against me
    This fact is noted

    Please do continue with these obscene postings so that more and more people can become acquainted with your unhinged nastiness

    Your favourite Dick ???????

    1. Hey Dick, you’re an effin Zio K-A-P-O b’stard. Yeah that’s right. The word YOUR KIND likes call anti-Zio Jewish human rights campaigners and advocates. Well I’m taking that word and throwing it right back at you and YOUR KIND. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Dick.

    2. Richard, I really do piss my sides reading some of the dopes that post here. Such half hearted provocation that’s little more than excessive use of Cap Locks and some mild Nazi analogy.

      They remind me of Dastardly from the Whacky Races who would always end an episode whinging “I’ll get you Penelope Pitstop!” as he lost another race. Of course he never did get her and he always lost the race. That’s these nutcases here.

      Still tomorrow’s another day and another round of ” Shmearing my Farmers” to enjoy. Shabbat shalom.

  72. Collier – “The reality is there is no place called Palestine.”

    Almost 70 years ago there was no Israel.

    1. Good boy Michael. A sensible remark for a change rather than a silly slogan. We can agree your point that there is an Israel and there is not a Palestine. In your opinion as a pro Palestinian what should happen to all the Arabs in Judea and Samaria with Jordanian passports?

  73. Bruce Levy

    You and your nasty mouth are the gift that keeps giving

    Your inability to offer argument is prized; discussion and debate are the losers when all you can do is offer ad hominem insult, capitalise words and curse
    I assume you attended school, but were left rather untouched by any form of tuition

    Carry on the good work; I’m ‘proud’ of you

    1. Nasty mouth? Your hero David leads the way …


      David Collier
      Apr 5

      Lying, antisemitic, anti-west, terrorist loving, NATO hating, Jew-baiting, IRA supporting, community splitting, economy wrecking – Corbyn

      A useful idiot for despotic regimes, terrorists and all our other enemies

      Supporting Corbyn is not just stupid

      It’s dangerous

    2. There is going to be an event in Trafalgar Square next year, similar to the one in America that was held recently, that will bring Palestinians and Zionists together. It’s a public display of forgiveness.

      The plan is for the Zionists to get on their knees before the standing Palestinians and beg and pray for forgiveness to Hashem and Allah for the untold number of crimes that were committed in the name of their professed religion (Judaism) and state (apartheid Israel). There will be music and a march. The JC and the other two Zio rags can sponsor it, as will Mayor Sadiq. The BBC and Channel 4 will cover it.

      David, can I count on you to provide a generous contribution and publicity? This may be the event of the century.

      I’m sure people in other cities throughout England, Scotland and Wales and perhaps in Al Quds will embrace the idea as well.

      1. Alright Mick

        Good for you setting your Provocator-o-meter up a notch. The Bruce shtick is really growing on you.

        Did you see the tweet from the JDL guy yesterday. Some interesting stuff in there. He was talking about Jewish privilege and their entitlement to see a yid hating goy coming from 100 yards in order to avoid the inconvenience. Suggestions included all goyim wearing a special badge on their coats showing the eviscerated remains of a newly circumcised penis, public scalping for repeat offenders (I think he pinched this from Inglorious Bastards) compulsory sterilisation of the female goy to prevent further social infection and the mandatory chipping of all goyim on the Jew hate register for track and trace. This last one seems unnecessary as most goyim can easily be found when your UK boozers are open. There was something else about the possible removal and slaughter of your first born but I can’t recall the precise details.

        It all seemed a bit much but knowing that you’re dabbling in provocation I wondered what you thought.

  74. David Collier
    59k followers and a blue tick. Another antisemite with an audience – officially legitimised by a social media platform.

    … says a hard right-wing Arab-hating Zionist earning a good living from his encouragers – officially legitimised by a social median platform. 🙂

    1. Michael, as a pro Palestinian, what in your opinion is the best way for you to promote useful outcomes for the Palestinians?

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