Jeremy Corbyn supporters attack website that exposes antisemitism

Last night, my website fell victim to targeted cyber-crime. It was offline for several hours due to a DDos attack, which is a malicious attempt to disrupt normal traffic by overwhelming a website with a flood of requests.

There was a warning. I was given twenty-four hours to comply with a simple set of demands, or, as my attacker threatened, he would be ‘forced’ to take my website down. The demands were simple, I just had to remove everything on this website that is critical of Jeremy Corbyn.

Why me? Why this website?

My blog is a website that some people do not want online. For several years I have been fighting back against rising antisemitism. My work is diligently researched and carefully argued. I have produced forensic reports that are 100s of pages long and contain mountains of evidence. My writing is balanced, moderate and logical.

I am a key target for one simple reason. I am not what they want me to be. They call me a racist, an extremist and a misogynist. They describe me as someone who disrupts events, seeks to shut down debate and deny platforms. I am labelled a homophobe, an Islamophobe, an anti-Palestinian and most recently, even a paedophile:

Not a single one of the smears is even partially true and if any of these smears had weight, Corbyn’s activists would simply dismiss me. It is because I am none of those things, because I am so effective, that they view me as dangerous. Devoid of arguments against me and unable to counter the evidence, they resort to illegal attacks. These people are antisemitic fascists.

The warning

The warning came at 16:05 on Friday evening, twenty-five minutes after the Jewish Sabbath began.

website attack

The threat is clear and to the point. These people support Jeremy Corbyn, believe I am making up the antisemitism issue and think that I must be silenced. The only question that remained over the threat – was whether or not it was real.

The website is attacked

It appears the attack itself began just after 19:43 on Saturday. That is when I received another message from the same IP address. It contained no content but the letter ‘a’, so I can only assume it is a timestamp of when the attack began:

website attack 2

The first I became aware of the website attack was when I received a ‘site down’ message from an online third-party monitoring client:

And sure enough, when I checked, I received an error notification:

I had friends check the website status and they confirmed it was down. A blog written by a British Jew that fights back against antisemitism, had become a victim of a cyber attack that had successfully taken it offline. Why? Because the website highlights antisemitism and suggests that Jeremy Corbyn is a danger to British Jews (and by extension, everybody else too).

The evidence and fixing it

I spent several hours last night with the website host, trying to defend against the attack. The website required a security upgrade and I am purchasing additional software to protect the site. I normally leave a note at the bottom of each blog asking people to consider making a donation, but in this instance, I feel justified to mention it here. This research (and presenting it) is a full-time role and it can be expensive. There are also unpleasant unforeseen costs. Please consider supporting this work by donating via PayPal or through a new Patreon site I have just set up for this purpose.

The site was restored, but it remains unstable as I write. They are currently configuring the firewall so access has been inconsistent today. When it went back online the first time, I saw that it had been hit with millions of server requests. By professional standards it does not seem to have been massive or prolonged, but I am not a bank. Why on earth would a blogger need to add higher levels of protection? Why? Because I am Jewish and Corbyn’s Labour Party has a clear problem with Jews. Welcome to Corbyn’s Britain:




I cannot repeat this warning often enough. Jeremy Corbyn does not present any real opportunity for positive social change. Like most dangerous ideologies, Corbyn’s is wrapped up in pretty keywords and empty promises. Jeremy Corbyn, those around him and his hard-core support base are a menace and a threat. Look at what has just happened to me. I am ‘free press’ and this attack is what it looks like under Corbyn’s Britain.

I am just a British Jew who refuses to lie down and accept that an institutionally antisemitic party can take control of the British Parliament. Because of my efforts, I have just experienced an illegal cyber-attack, carried out in the name of Jeremy Corbyn. These people are not ‘of the left’ in the sense we understand it. They come from a place where hard-right and hard-left sit shoulder to shoulder. They do not believe in free speech, they do not accept the law and for them, the cause itself sits above all other priorities. This includes all of our freedoms. Beware the red-fascism, because I have seen it and today it waves in the name of Jeremy Corbyn.



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75 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn supporters attack website that exposes antisemitism

  1. okay. comments seem to be working again. If anyone is having difficulty. please use the contact form on the contact page

  2. “Because of my efforts, I have just experienced an illegal cyber-attack, carried out in the name of Jeremy Corbyn.”

    Jeremy Corbyn had nothjng to do with the attack on your site. Someone has grown heartily sick of your futile attempts to paint him as z danger to the Jewish Community. You have attempted tk slur his name by linking him to all things evil. You should be ashamed of the deceit.

    You were targetted for the constant misguided unfounded bad-mouthing that is your m.o. Hilarious that the heroic, knight in shining armour Collier puts it all down to being Jewish.
    It’s down to your being an abusive spreader of hatred with everg blog.

    What a martyr!

    1. ““Because of my efforts, I have just experienced an illegal cyber-attack, carried out in the name of Jeremy Corbyn.”

      That sentence is accurate. However you try to deflect from it.

      1. “Jeremy Corbyn had nothing to do with the attack on your site.”

        Can David bring himself to agree that the above sentence is also accurate? David?

                1. Farmer attacks website that exposes antisemitism, and true to form insists that defamation of Israel is mere ‘criticism’.

        1. I think that’s not strictly true Mike, so it depends on what you mean. Do I think Corbyn personally initiated, knew of, or approved the attack – certainly not. I am however, pretty sure that the atmosphere his team have created (which IMHO is a deliberate move on their part) most certainly played its part. Take the venom out of the situation, stop pretending that the accusations of antisemitism are merely a Tory plot to unseat Corbyn, and my site would not have been attacked. So to say Corbyn had ‘nothing to do with the attack’ is letting him off a little lightly.

          1. “Do I think Corbyn personally initiated, knew of, or approved the attack – certainly not.” – David Collier 26/12/2018

            Readers of this blog take note of the above!

          2. David, I don’t think that the recent witchhunt against Corbyn is a Tory plot. IMHO it is a campaign by Israelists to make a Corbyn election win less likely.

            Of course the Tory press will use anything that you, the ‘Jewish Community, the Jewish tabloids and even ‘Friends of Israel’ Labour MPs publish to help them achieve their aim.

            Over the years you have consistently exaggerated instances of ‘antisemitism’. Since Corbyn was elected and his attitude to Israel highlighted you have waged a sickening capaign against him personally.
            You have even included the words ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ in recent blogs ghat were unrelated to him.

            During these years you have ALWAYS been Jewish. Unwarranted bad-mouthing of Corbyn ix relatively recent … as is this attack on your site.

            I’m sceptical that you seriously believe that your being Jewish is the trigger for the attack …. however much you push it

            1. Oh bless Mike. Your lack of self-awareness is something to behold.

              Imagine this. Someone shouting down black people who had complained of racism. ‘They’ve made it up’ you yell at them. ‘The press will use anything the Black community publish to help them achieve their aim’. And you are skeptical that attacks on that community have anything to do with those people not being white. That wouldn’t be an acceptable argument and nor is yours.

              It isn’t me or the Jewish community that have made a Corbyn win less likely. It is the way he and his team have dealt with allegations of antisemitism. It is also down in no small measure to people like yourself who suggest it is all a smear, imagined by 90%+ of the Jews in the UK as a way to protect Israel. You are incapable of looking in the mirror and seeing what most normal people can see. Shocking.

              1. Yes, imagine.

                Of course a large membership will produce instances of antisemitism. That within Labour is trace.

                The anti-oligarch mural, Ken Livinston’s comments, members confrontations with Jewish MPs, all have been falsely touted as instances of antisemitism in order to topple Corbyn.

                1. Ignorant sow, it’s not just that a set of members of the Fascist Laboor Party are racists, it’s that the LEADERS of the Fascist Laboor Partry are racists.

  3. David your website was attacked because you love to post crap about Jeremy that isn’t true not because you are Jewish. I have no issue with any race or religion.

    1. well that’s poppycock. It was attacked because some people do not see antisemitism where it clearly exists. This means whoever did it absolutely has an issue with Jews. Hardly a matter for dispute.

      1. WTF there is no dispute with Jews the dispute is with your fake news.

        Would you like some more data packets sent to your server?

        Actually nah I’ll wait until you post your 2018 roundup! it gives me time to finish my other projects so my botnet can be 100% dedicated to its target.

        I like your new server ” upgrades ” lol Sucuri isn’t hard to bypass at all its just an expensive firewall ( which your twitter chums probably paid for )

        1. Oh please. Threats like this do not scare me. I have fought against fascists of one sort or another my whole life. You are nothing new.

        2. JSMARMY, Go ahead arrogant Fascist. Make our day.

          The more you try, the more you fail and the Authorities get hot on your trail.

          1. The more I fail? it took about 30 seconds to get the site down for several hours and now the Corbyn hater had to pay out of pocket for protection just to keep his site up. I’d count that as a success.

            1. JSMARMY, Try again virus. Antibodies against your anti-Free Speech, anti-Democratic, pro-Fascist antics are Active.

              Corbyn is Pro-Islamofascism, Pro-Terrorism. The people see who Corbyn honours with wreaths.

              Happy Nakba, Comrade!

              1. Zaobi was excluded from the Knesset for her speech, Israel legislates against Democracy and imposes military law against Muslim citizens, yet you accuse others of Fascism?

                Seems you are ignorant of Israel, Ted.

                1. Ignorant SOW, Can Gay people live openly in Gaza??? – or are they sentenced to DEATH and executed by pushing them off rooftops to their death in Islamofascist Gaza?

                  Are opponents of the Ham-Ass regime EXECUTED and their bodies dragged through the streets of Gaza as a warning to other mal-contents???

                  Ignorant sow, Are you are ignorant of murderous Islamofascism in Gaza?

                  Are you ignorant of murderous Islamofascism in Fascist Iran?

                  Are you ignorant of murderous Islamofascism in the Assad clans Fascist Syria?

                  Are you ignorant of murderous Islamofascism in Iraq?

  4. Emotive word that … ‘Fascist’, Mr Licken. Conjures up heavily armed abusive occupiers.

    1. That isn’t what fascism is. For example an armed guard around a heavily fortified prison isn’t fascism, although visibly you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Beyond freedom and the rule of law, forcible suppression of opposition is a key element of fascism. So its roots can be found in minor events when in its early stages a movement imposes and protects itself through intimidation, fear or forcible suppression. An abusive husband / wife relationship is always a good example to use of how minimal early threat can sometimes ensure a lifetime of obedience. So yes Mike, it is fascism, it can be seen sometimes in just a slap, and whether intentional or not, you are here supporting it.

      1. “protects itself through intimidation, fear or forcible suppression.”? Israel?

        “how minimal early threat can sometimes ensure a lifetime of obedience.” Israel’s collective punishments?

        1. Oh, here we go again. Yes, you are certainly unaware. Your obsession with a tiny democratic state whose very existence has been under assault for the entirety of its existence by bad actors militarily, with terror, and bad faith propaganda arguments painting it as something it isn’t, is completely sick as is the constant attempts at reversing cause and effect in its struggle for survival.

          1. A tiny state imposed on those that already lived there.

            A tiny state that has turned its back on democracy with ghe passing of its Nation Law.

            Its struggle is to control the region on behalf of its patron America.

                1. Allergic to “truth”, like Islam is “The Religion of Peace”.

                  See “truth” in 9/11, London’s 7/7, beheading of Lee Rigby, Daniel Pearl, Manchester arena, Charlie Hebdo, Pan Am 103, 500,000 dead in Syrian Civil War, 1,000,000 in 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war, Bastille day truck attack, Pan Am 103, thwarted sneaker and underwear bombers, ISIS beheading videos, Boston Marathon bombing, …

  5. Were they to include in their manifesto that only non-Jewish citizens could have self-determination in the UK they would be racists.

    Whoops, hint of Israel there … David must think me ‘antisemitic’.

  6. “The high levels of racism among Israelis towards non-Jews is highlighted in every poll. According to one this month, more than half of Israeli Jews – or those willing to admit it – believed that “most Jews are better than most non-Jews because they were born Jews”. Only a fifth rejected the statement outright. Some 74 per cent were disturbed by hearing Arabic, the mother tongue of the fifth of the country’s population who are Palestinian citizens. And a further 88 per cent did not want their son to befriend an Arab girl.”

    An excerpt from ….

  7. I don’t know this Farmer guy But if he represents Labour under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn then he and all like him has made Labour a no go area for me and millions like me This idiot whose ignorance and hatred especially the state of Israel take ones breath away Every breath he takes poisons his psyche with more hatred Eventually his rankings will destroy him and his messiah Jeremy Corbyn and May that day come speedily make no doubt Corbyn is the most dangerous politician ever to inhabit parliament To all out their
    Beware of this lying imposter Dint be fooled by his kind softly spoken niceties
    Behind this disguise is a wolf in sheep’s clothing Don’t believe his lies

    1. Raymond, I no more represent Labour than David represents world Jewry.

      You write of ‘hatred’. Examples my ‘hatred’ please. Hatred would be the consistent vilifying of one who has shown himself to be against racism of any kind. Such is constantly penned by David. His name is woven into every blog. Examples are scarce indeed. All is implied, nothing more.

      Seems that you also vilify him. Is that Raymond parrotting others?

    2. There are no lies for David to believe, Raymond. If you can create some let me refute them. Off you go.

      1. oh Mike please. You’re tolerated here only because I hold freedom of speech & historicity over and above the desire to silence vile trolls or uphold the quality of the comment section through moderation. At some point I’ll go back, do a ‘top ten’ of your most ridiculous, sinister or sickening comments, upload them in an image and simply post it after you comment. For now, don’t confuse my ‘David can’t be bothered with me’ attitude for anything else.

        1. Your tolerance of anyone who questions or refutes your accusations is low indeed, David.

          “ridiculous, sinister or sickening comments,” Your labels. You haven’t noticed comments from others(including the writer) that could be characterised as such?

          1. Ignorant Sow, AKA “Mike Farmer”, How do you explain that your many idiotic posts are NOT deleted??? Why hasn’t David deleted them – if as you claim David has a low tolerance for counter arguments?

            Happy Nakba Sow!

            1. Ted, David has suspended me several times. Others that have disagreed with him have disappeared.

              He has ‘tolerated’ your unrelated outbursts and gloating re. the ethnic cleansing of the Arabs. Puzzling? Course not.

              1. yawn. This site has been here for four years and there is not a single poster in the ‘blacklist’. Not one.

              2. Stupid Sow, you complain about David’s supposed low tolerance for idiotic, racist comments from yourself,

                yet I count 27 visible comments from you just on this post.

                Have a Nakba filled 2019!

    1. Haven’t you see that already Stephen, it is two and a half months old? Unpleasant video. Although (as you know because I keep publicly repeating it to you) I oppose this behaviour (for several reasons), the person they are shouting down here is Sandra Watfa. Watfa uses hashtags such as #jewnitedstates, has spread more antisemitic images that I care to upload and has also pushed Holocaust Denial. So I can be annoyed that Jonathan and Damen lost their rag at a rabid antisemite, but shouting at a racist isn’t as bad as being one.

      1. “shouting at a racist isn’t as bad as being one.”

        Your views on “The right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.” please?

        1. I said I tolerate you, not that I will come out to play with you. Far too many questions you have left unanswered here (running or deflecting every time it gets uncomfortable) for you to have any credit with me whatsoever.

          1. I’ve NEVER felt uncomfortable with any of your questions. Neither of us has fully answered questions, David….. for whatever reasons.

            I comment on what i read and what I think I know. Do all of us on here.

            My comments are aimed at rebuffing much of the propaganda and hate that this site pushes.

    2. Relative peaceniks, Stephen. In Israel they use firing squads on them. Well dug-in of course.

  8. Mr Corbyn’s followers are a strange, unpleasant lot, are they not?
    They insist on backing Mr Corbyn on everything, and yet he himself admits that, as in society, there is an anti-Semitism problem in Labour, which he is against.
    To paraphrase the saying: Dear Mr Corbyn, protect me from your followers!

    1. Not strange enough to consider labelling the racist state of Israel ‘a racist endeavour’ as antisemitic, Sarah.

      Most of world Jewry prefer to live elsewhere.

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