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Pete Gregson’s campaigns. Just where are the Scottish police?

A Holocaust denying antisemite created a partnership with a Gazan scammer who has family links to proscribed Islamic terrorist groups. They are still taking £1000s from people in Scotland for increasingly dubious and unbelievable campaigns. Why is it left to an independent Jewish journalist to investigate them? Just where are the Scottish police?

The unfortunate Mohammed Almadhoun

Mohammed Almadhoun is either scamming the people of Scotland or he is the unluckiest man alive.

About 18 months ago his house was bombed, and he ran a campaign to raise funds to rebuild it. The image he used for his ‘bombed-out’ house was a bombed out Hamas bank and had been swiped from the internet:

Mohammed Almadhoun houseTwo years before this he claimed that a school he teaches in was also bombed out – and once again he tried to raise funds to have it fixed. This time Almadhoun used an image of a school in Syria bombed during the Syrian civil war:

school bombed syria

Mohammed also claimed he needed back surgery at the time – and once again ran a fundraising campaign to raise money to help him:

Mohammed Almadhoun, back surgery

None of this was real – but nor did Mohammed succeed in raising much cash. What he lacked was a ‘sponsor’ in the UK so blinded by antisemitic hate – that he would promote every story that Mohammed gave him. Enter Pete Gregson – an antisemite who has bought into almost every conspiracy about Jews that can be found.

So earlier this year Gregson tells everyone that Mohammed would go to jail unless he could pay his debts – raising funds to help him. This despite the fact Almadhoun is a relatively wealthy man from a very powerful clan. Gregson was campaigning for a bogus story – and I told him so. Since then, things have only got worse.

The dead baby

The brain tumour story starts with another alleged family tragedy. Mohammed Almadhoun claimed he had a new baby – (he has one two-year-old girl) – yet only mentioned it after it had died (no pregnancy, no expectation, no birth, no newborn pics, no joyous father). Almadhoun even claims that he named the baby ‘Pete’ in Gregson’s honour. (not too many ‘Pete’s’ wandering around in Gaza).

But then of course, the ‘murderous Israelis’ got involved.

“When his baby son was dying in June, his wife took it to Hebron for surgery. The Israelis took her off the bus and interrogated her for hours in the desert sun about Mohammed; they took her phone and the $300 that I had given and pushed her back on the bus. When she got to Hebron the Palestinian doctors operated immediately but the baby died. (Mohammed and she are still trying to get the phone and money back from Israel; the Israelis are “considering” her claim).”

Except of course – if this story were even partially true it would certainly have made the news – which it didn’t. Not even antisemitic conspiracy websites like Mondoweiss ran it. Nor did the Palestinian NGOs who monitor ‘human rights abuses’ connected to Gaza. Not even those NGOs that explicitly monitor those leaving Gaza for medical reasons. Nada. But then we need to also remember even Almadhoun didn’t mention it until he needed a backstory for his latest ‘save me’ campaign.

And just like his bombed-out house – neither he nor his wife mentioned any of it on their social media pages. In fact, his wife was busy posting happy, luxurious ‘life is good’ posts on Instagram – at the very same time as Gregson wants you to think she was in Hebron losing a child.

This story is sickening for so many reasons. It shows how far Gregson’s image of Israel is from the truth – that he thinks this type of event could just pass by without comment from any of the 1000s of NGOs operating there. But Almadhoun? The loss of a baby? Is there really no red line for him?

The Brain Tumour story

But for the unluckiest man alive, a bombed-out house, a bombed-out school, the threat of prison, back surgery and the loss of a baby just isn’t enough. We have now been told that Mohammed Almadhoun needs urgent treatment for a brain tumour. The story suggests he went to Cairo for expensive treatment. And this campaign has raised £1000s. We are even – as is usual with Almadhoun – presented with photographic evidence.

This image was presented as his hospital bed (left) – except it is an image taken from an online news website (right).

Scottish police Ain shams hospital

Almadhoun also presented an image of an invoice – but the invoice has so many problems it is difficult to know where to begin. It looks nothing like images of the hospital’s invoices available online (right). Nor does the manner of the ‘English only’ section, or the simplistic breakdown of charges make any sense. Incredibly, it even has Almadhoun’s age wrong (he is 28, not 29). Even the unsigned name at the bottom seems to be that of a paediatric doctor.

Scottish police cairo hospital invoice

But trying to do this from afar was not easy. It was decided that the best way would be to turn to help from people in Cairo – so someone hired a PI.

The Private Investigator

A private investigator was hired in Cairo to check on the truth behind the statements. A professional translator was used to present his findings in English. He was provided with all of the information Mohammed Almadhoun or Pete Gregson had made public. The PI contacted the hospital, the doctors and the named surgeon. The findings were clear, and the PI claimed:

  • Mohammed did not have an operation in the Cairo Ain Shams hospital
  • The invoice presented is not real
  • Nobody by that name entered the hospital in the last six months
  • That specific operation has not been performed at the hospital recently
  • The named surgeon has not heard of him

My own discussion with the surgeon

But even this wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to receive something personally so I tracked down the surgeon that Almadhoun claims operated on him. I found her email, and from her FB page obtained her WhatsApp. She is an expert in her field and was both friendly and helpful. Following an intro and explanation – I asked her directly:

And still the Scottish police do nothing

I want to end with a different image. Almadhoun’s wife’s Instagram is a maze of luxurious, decadent imagery. But five weeks ago – the same month that Gregson launched his campaign asking for money to help save Mohammed – she celebrated her birthday. This is the image that she posted on her birthday September 16th. Is there anything here at all that tells you this family needs your cash?


It seems very likely that Pete Gregson is raising funds for something that simply is not true. £1000s are being sent to Gaza to a man was has family ties to both Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

I do not have the resources that the police have – and I believe this is clearly a scam. So just where are Police Scotland – and why are they not looking into this? Do the security services also need to get involved?

My advice to anyone who has donated – is to file a complaint online, or at your local police station. My belief is not just that you were scammed – but that money you wanted to send to help Palestinians in need – is being diverted elsewhere. Think it through. This type of scam doesn’t help Palestinians. Far from it. This type of activity makes everyone wary of giving them any money at all.

Both Pete Gregson and Mohammed Almadhoun were contacted for a response to the suggestion this is all a scam. Neither bothered to respond.

Time after time, a rabid antisemite, Pete Gregson, has raised funds for a man in Gaza with links to terrorist groups. At the very least Police Scotland should have taken at hard look at these campaigns. Instead – it is left to those like me to investigate, raise red flags and sound the warning bell. Do the Scottish police not care at all if someone is scamming the people of Scotland? Isn’t it their duty to take a look?


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  1. There may be method in the Jock Police’s madness, Dave. They may consider that these chaps are providing a valuable public service.

    Think about it. Every Scotch pound spent on scam Arab crims and their bent accomplices is a pound saved on deep fried Mars Bars, 6 packs of McEwan’s and Capstan Filter Tips. This has to benefit wee Jimmy Sturgeon’s NHS in the long run.

  2. As the terrorist interests referred to are threats to Israel, it must interest Israeli police. If they can share, both publicly and to Scottish police, detailed evidence against the Hebron and phone story being true, it would further the case.

    1. I am sick and tired of DC’s weaponising Jewish identity and using false accusations of antisemitism to shield Israel from accountability. Stop it. Just stop it.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to pray 🙏

      1. Our Brucie’s still looking for some Jewish identity.

        Maybe he should team up with this bent Arab and his Jock pals who can crowdfund the search.

      2. A lot of impotent people who are sick and tired of things–and who are mentally deficient losers who write at a 3rd-grade level while claiming to have advanced educational training–ultimately decide to give up the fight. That might sound like a very pointed hint. It is.

        1. “Ben,” you’re the Zio who has an obsession with faeces. Talk about a third-grade level!

  3. Great to see that Israel is set to become one of Europe’s largest suppliers of natural gas….which will add billions of dollars to the country’s gdp….


    Yet another spectacular failure for BDS


  4. Support for Palestinianism is sometimes so unhinged and its supporters so clueless.

    It brings the ‘USEFUL IDIOTS’ comment by Stalin to describe the western ‘lefty liberal neo-fascist’ supporters of uncritical support for the the totalitarian Communist regimes in the name of creating a ‘freer and more liberal world’; an oxymoron to the extreme.

    And many Palestinian supporters fall into this category as well

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